That Other Birth Certificate Again


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You all know how confusing things have been lately. Sheriff Joe in Arizona and that birth certificate and selective service fraud, Andrew Breitbart’s questionable death the same day and all the other little stories in between such as zip code issues on  an address in Hawaii and bank execuitive resignations one after the other.We read that Tim Geithner was detained, there are certificate fraud stories blowing about and Derrick Bell is a new film star. Let’s start here by looking at one of these first, and we will comment on the others later on. That birth certificate in Africa that Smith found, and a name in it that just keeps bothering me. Kwame. John Kwame. Let me post a story someone else wrote on this bc first.

Now I am quite sure that Kwame is quite a popular name in Africa since Kwame was also the first president of Ghana, so no surprise there but Kwame of Ghana and his wife from Egypt were best friends with W.E.B. DuBois and his wife Shirley Graham DuBois. Kwame’s wife Helena Fathia Rizk was related to Gamal Naser of Egypt and her brother married into a British family in England I believe.

That does not sound so interesting on it’s own but then I keep thinking of this birth certificate and four years of finding all of the connections listed above over and over so I thought you all may find something more. Let’s look again.

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    • trying to find where to post to your Kwame comments Renee. There’s much in common with Kwame Nkrumah and other leaders at that time that go to Malcolm x and Stokley Carmihael……Kwame N. went in Exile to French Guinea with Amed Sekou Toure(who had taken over in a coup and had previously benn involved in Leopoldville during the Lumumba take over. Kwame was an invited guest of Toure’s and both these men were afraid of assasination by CIA . These two leader’s (and another one who’s name I can’t think of right now) names are both associated with where Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael took their names from because of the movements they were involved with. Just like the Forbes leader who died in a hospital from a simple throat surgery, Toure died in a Cleveland hospital in the states complications from surgeries. All these leaders had other various things in common ….all gaining independence around 1957-60, or were overthrown, or died around the timeframe of Kennedy’s death,just before or soon after. Patrice lamumba, Kwame Nekrumah,Amed Toure……just like Sukarno they liked president Kennedy (so they say) and thought they could work with him. All mineral or diamond rich countries with Communist,socialist, or Marxist/leninist ties.

  1. This post btw is dedicated to Leza who did alot of the Africa work and is healing now. I hope we all can continue this for her here until she returns.
    Leza and I work in perfect harmony when we look about. She is an amazing commenter and researcher. Get well soon Leza. I am now posting some of the work on Africa here now for background if you wish to read more.

  2. Football Proves Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A Fake

  3. Where is previous work Miri and Bridgette did on the Smith bc ? We probably need to add it in too. I did little work on it but I remember the name Lavender I looked into on one. I want to introduce you all to another name I have work on across the hall, and no, it is not mentioned above. That name is Shanley. There are other versions of it too.

  4. Frances Shand Kydd – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Title, The Honourable Frances Ruth Roche (1936-1954) Viscountess Althorp ( 1954-1969) The Honourable Frances Shand Kydd (1969-2004). Spouse, John …

  5. Obituary: Frances Shand Kydd | UK news | The Guardian
    Jun 4, 2004 … Frances Ruth Burke Roche Shand Kydd, born January 20 1936; died June 3 2004.


    • What do you think Rob ?

      • The one thing i like about the The Daily Pen is they do great research, and it’s not what i think it should be the job of those in DC, they should start opening their eyes and tell us what they think. Year after year more and more evidence come out showing Obama is not eligible to be President ….what more evidences do those idiots in DC need?

    • Rob, I’ve FINALLY digested that entire article and have come to the conclusion that they misunderstand statistics. This is interesting reading, but they haven’t discovered that if a child was born outside of the statistical area where his mother usually resided, that means that they put on the birth certificate the location where she resided instead of the location where he was born. It means that, when they CODED the birth for purposes of compiling STATISTICAL REPORTS, they coded the birth to be COUNTED in the statistical area where his mother usually resided. So say a kid was born in Canada and spent 3 days of his life there, but then flew to Honolulu to live there permanently. They would put his correct birth location on the birth certificate in the box labeled “birth place” but they would code the birth so that it would be counted in the birth STATISTICS for Honolulu, because that’s where his mother resided on a “usual” basis and this was how they kept their stats from getting skewed so they could collect what they thought was their “fair share” of federal money.

      • Their previous article, however, about the meaning of the keypunch codes that are visible in the bend of the LFCOLB, on the left hand side of the so-called “document”, DOES seem to indicate that he was NOT born in Honolulu.

        The presence of the “6” next to the “Place of Birth” item is most troubling. As the second digit of the number 56, the 1961 VSIM uses the number 56 to code the location of births which occur outside of the United States but which are processed “in conjunction with” the county of registration. The states and the District of Columbia are numbered in alphabetical order from 01 to 51 while Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Panama Canal Zone were 52 through 55, respectively. This left the number 56 as the code for classifying “Remainder of the World”. This can be found in the 1961, 1962, 1968, 1977, 1993 and 1999 versions of the VSIM.”

        Daily Pen seems to think that the LFCOLB said Honolulu as the place of birth but that code on the left side means he actually was born somewhere in the “remainder of the world.” I interpret it this way: Perhaps Judith Corley actually did bring a certified copy of his original LFCOLB back from Hawaii in April 2011. They took that document, scanned it, and then used a computer to generate, fabricate, copy and paste the data elements that Barry DOES NOT WANT US TO SEE. This could include the place of birth. Perhaps it originally said Kenya. Perhaps Canada. Who knows? But one thing they didn’t realize is that those keypunch codes would give away all. That’s the smoking gun. UNLESS the original they used for a template was NOT Barry’s birth certificate but belonged to someone else who just happened to be born in another country. In any case, it still is evidence of fraud, because the birth certificate clearly says “Honolulu” as the birth PLACE but the record seems to be coded as a foreign birth.

        That being said, it’s ENTIRELY possible, given the corruption in Hawaii, that they simply lied and DID put the place of birth as Honolulu, when they knew it was a foreign birth. But then why would they have accurately CODED it as a foreign birth?

  7. Alfy,
    Rubbers Hit The Road ! | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | March 13, 2012 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    Renee | March 13, 2012 at 4:37 pm | Reply
    Yeah, I’m hanging on to this like a pitbull with a chew toy. This is in reference to the post I did last week about [Chair of the Senate’s Veteran Affairs Committee, Democrat-Washington] Patty Murray’s response to one of her constituents in Washington State. The constituent asked Murray why there are so many illegitimate recipients of VA benefits for being POWs. Murray responded that on July 7, 2009, she asked Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Shinseki to look into the situation. Then she said that on May 14, 2010 Shinseki responded that DVA had completed a scrub of the records and had found only two such phonies.

    Our insurgent on Capital Hill could find no such communication from Shinseki

    *More at link above*

  8. Trying to come up to speed. You all have put a lot of time and effort into this. Kudos. Most of the time I have no clue what you all are talking about; example, the name Kwame. No idea what it means. Heck, the only time I ever heard of the name has been the Detroit Mayor who went to prison.

    So much stuff to read hear and had never came across before. The article/report out of Africa about Barry’s visits there, before he was a senator, was a strange read. Read like fiction mixed up with bits of reality here and there. One thing that struck out in all the mix ups is the name given his mother — Anna Toots. Even I recognized the last name. “Toots” is what we have been told Barry called Grandma Dunham. Easy to understand how this article transferred a grandmother’s name to the daughter if no other surname given. The article makes weird reading…One minute Barry is the “Son of Sara” because she had to step in and raise him; the next Barry has only made two trips to his village? Did Sara always live there? I am sure I will find this has all been discussed before here in the archives and will find my answers as I continue reading here.

    Stay encouraged.

    • the only time I ever heard of the name has been the Detroit Mayor who went to prison.
      I had not known of him before. TU. Add him in.

      • Full name Kwame Malik Kilpatrick

        • Great catch Hootie. Let me look there. Kilpatrick fits too.

          • I am trying to figure out the name-roll game as I have come to call it while reading through here. Slow learner, but only sometimes! Wonder if he changed his first and middle names in adulthood and if ever really made legal if did so???

          • Evidently Hootie, there is this combo of the elite names. It can be changed with the marriage and boy it sure looks like those were mixed well. I have found also lots of different spellings of same names over and over so I have a friend now called Soundex. It is what the pros use. Due to global location, language variations, person writing the info or intentional alterations I always find this. It is amazing to me. I never would have dreamed…

        • MALIK ? oh boy….

      • what’s the detroit mayor’s name. what year?

        • I just googled Kwame Detroit Mayor and up came the stuff. Had only remembered the “Kwame” part from all the news on him and his scandals.

        • Kwame Malik Kilpatrick
          Alf, This MALIK name goes to Pakistan….

          • Wow, not sure what you mean ,I’ve come across the Malik name so much.But would you look at that….Kwame—Malik—Kilpatrick .What about Pakistan? I’ll be back later….hope I find everything so I can catch up. Ya’ll are finding more and more that’s starting to consolidate better with old info….Some things just might finally fall into place… part thanks to Breitbart ….lets not forget…..but also everyone here.

    • Here’s a clue, What a Hoot. If you go to the front page, on the right side, there’s a sidebar that categorizes posts. So, if you want to know about Barry’s eligibility, there’s a category for that. If you click that, it will show you all the posts that we’ve stuck into that category. That might help you sort things out. You can read the posts that interest you. Don’t feel bad if you get lost because we do, too. We’ve been researching this so long. We try to be organized, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I will remember reading something or even writing about something, but can’t even find it myself again. You can also use the search function on the front page to search for certain topics. That might help, too.

  9. Tim Geithner was detained ?
    Let’s look there too for a bit.

      • Geithner was born in Brooklyn, New York City, the son of Deborah (née Moore) and Peter Franz Geithner. His father was the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York in the 1990s. Geithner’s father is of German descent, and Geithner’s paternal grandfather, Paul Herman Geithner (1902–1972), emigrated with his parents from the German town of Zeulenroda to Philadelphia in 1908. Geithner’s mother, a Mayflower descendant, is from a New England family.[5] Geithner’s maternal grandfather, Charles Frederick Moore, Jr., was an adviser to President Dwight D. Eisenhower and served as Vice President of Public Relations from 1952 to 1964 for Ford Motor Company.[6]

        Geithner spent most of his childhood in other countries, including present-day Zimbabwe, Zambia, India, and Thailand where he completed high school at the International School Bangkok.[7] He attended Dartmouth College, in the tradition of his father and paternal grandfather, graduating with an A.B. in government and Asian studies in 1983.[7] In the process, he studied Mandarin at Peking University in 1981 and at Beijing Normal University in 1982.[8] He earned an M.A. in international economics and East Asian studies from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in 1985.[7][9] He has studied Mandarin[7] and Japanese.[10]

        Geithner married Carole Sonnenfeld on June 8, 1985, at his parents’ summer home in Orleans, Massachusetts.[11] They have two children, a daughter and a son.[12]

        During the early 1980s, Geithner’s father Peter oversaw the Ford Foundation’s microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro, President Barack Obama’s mother, and they met in person at least once.[13]

        [edit] Early careerGeithner worked for Kissinger Associates in Washington for three years and then joined the International Affairs division of the U.S. Treasury Department in 1988. He went on to serve as an attaché at the Embassy of the United States in Tokyo. He was deputy assistant secretary for international monetary and financial policy (1995–1996), senior deputy assistant secretary for international affairs (1996–1997), assistant secretary for international affairs (1997–1998).[9]

        He was Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (1998–2001) under Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.[9] Summers was his mentor,[14][15] but other sources call him a Rubin protégé

        • Deborah (née Moore) *NOTE*

          • Don’t quite know what all to make of anything yet…but you notice I mentioned(because Renee had mentioned the Alexander Graham Bell stuff) the Graham dude…..I started not to because it’s slightly exposing ,but so funny now you mention Kerr, because I was going to elaborate on that name and how my family associates….its’ quite close to family associates…….My mothers good friend growing up was a Julian Kerr. I’ll say no more on that, but his grandfather would have had to do with Charlie Soong…..the imfamous Sun Yat Sen (sp)….he has more than one name. Now there were Kerrs also during the Johnson administration and connections to Kennedy time and before…..I found also a pastor Kerr person who was writing letters about investigations of his son’s death/murder.Is there a Bryan Kerr maybe? Anyway it ties with Arkansas, Texas . I know this is vague,but when I read the stuff a few years ago it was so long I chose not to post any of it and didn’t understand all the connections.

        • hmmm….that’s a loaded bit of info. there.

          • You bet Alfy….you bet there is..
            Alf, Remember the Deborah that married the royal Arab dude that they had connections to 9-11-Atta and Saudi Royals ? Khourey-Gazia etc.. ? This Deborah name keeps popping like KERR and Kerr Magee. Deb Goeldner etc… Like that same old Nestle-Maggi spice connection… again, like Joan Guiness and Iran marriage. Luck of the Irish..St Patricks day is near.

          • For you Alf, MOORE*** and more…
            Rachel Lambert Mellon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
   – Similarto Rachel Lambert Mellon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Rachel “Bunny” Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon (born August 9, 1910) is an American horticulturalist, gardener, philanthropist, fine arts collector, member of the


            Painting here…Alf, I am using Kelly Moore in a nice shade of blue….

          • And the Easter bunny likes Blue Bell and Blue Bunny ice cream too doesn’t he Miri ?

        • NOTE*JOHNS Hopkins****
          JOHN family-see link for post called Go Ask Alice for more there


      and this from a message forum “Timothy Geithner was detained for questioning by New York police on February 24th and was released after giving evidence about many high level financial criminals, according to New York police sources. “In most cases we have to slap people to get them to talk but in his case we had to slap him to shut him up,” one of the interrogators joked. Geithner has been released but is accompanied at all times by an armed deputy to make sure he does not leave the country.”

  10. Barack Obama mother and Timothy Geithner’s Father – Similarto Barack Obama mother and Timothy Geithner’s Father

    Dec 6, 2009 … Stanley Ann Dunham worked for Peter F. Geithner. The turbo-tax kids father Peter was the director of the Ford Foundation. Obama’s mother Ann …

  11. Gaither B Thompson II Charges Dismissed Ford Shelley Still not …

    Jan 23, 2012 … It appears it was a very happy holiday season for the Thompson Family. On January 20, 2012 all felony charges were dismissed by the court at …

  12. Connection ?
    Gaither Thompson And Melanie Thompson | Rose speaks …

    Sep 11, 2008 … Ford Shelley, Gina Shelley, G. Ben Thompson, Gaither Thompson and Melanie Thompson, or known as the Shelley and Thompson Clan of …

  13. Ford Shelley of Anna Nicole Smith Fame is Heading to …

    Oct 30, 2011 … Wonder what the patriarch, G. Ben Thompson, thinks of Ford Shelley taking down some of the Thompson family with him, like Gaither B …

  14. Ford Shelley of Anna Nicole Smith Fame is Heading to Federal …

    Oct 30, 2011 … Ford Shelley and father-in-law G. Ben Thompson … family with him, like Gaither B Thompson, II who is to be arraigned on November 9, 2011 at …. model for a brief time and later allowed her to move into his Bahamas home.

    • As a child I used to go to a giant house with my parents….then later as an adult one of my family’s best friends and their son (my on and off boyfriend) stayed in the house to watch it…..the owners had died….there was lots to make sure no one ransacked the house… from Ambassadors from places like China,Japan ect…….It was Alexander Graham’s home. His law partner was my dads best friend…small world. People called him Sandy for short. My great grandfather( a sheriff) called him Sandy. He was either Lt. Governor or Governor. THe house was bought by Some Goodwins….my brother backed into their antique Porsche while they were parked in our drive one day…as they were looking to by our old homeplace before they bought Alexander Graham’s home….his first law office was a separate house in the yard…..His ancestery(haven’t looked) must also go back in government pretty far as there is much history just concerning the home there.

  15. 1959, the year the twins die…..that’s the year we Stanley Anne get a social security number in what state….it wasn’t Kansa I don’t think.

  16. DuBois Hootie. Means WOOD in French. Like Robert WOOD Johnson (Johnson and Johnson) Natalie Wood, Wood Foundation-Fund etc….
    Types of trees…Alfy knows alot on those trees don’t you Alf ?

    • Oh well, I think I do….Also Webb…..did I ever tell you about the Webb name? Many Webbs were actually Hoggs….had their names changed.Where I come from the Webbs and Grahams are related too. Webbs at one time owned land all over and many, many , many slaves.

  17. Renee | March 14, 2012 at 12:03 pm | Reply
    Obama’s Mama Had a Fraudulent Social Security Number Too! | We the People of the United States | August 31, 2011 at 12:14 pm | Reply
    Obama’s Relatives Commit Crimes Against America…Now What About Him?
    by Sharon Rondeau Snips
    Aug. 30
    On August 30, 2011, Judge Royce Lamberth of the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC dismissed a case alleging that Barack Hussein Obama is using a stolen social security number which included the statement of a licensed private investigator asserting such. The first page of Lamberth’s opinion reads, in part:
    “Ever persistent, plaintiff has once again come before this Court in an effort to uncover “the biggest cover up in the history of this nation…She believes that the President is using a “fraudulently obtained” social security number and that the Social Security Administration — among other agencies — is involved in a scheme to “cover[] up social security fraud, IRS fraud, elections fraud and possibly treason” committed by the President…As her numerous filings with the Court demonstrate, plaintiff will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this alleged conspiracy. Unfortunately for plaintiff, today is not her lucky day.”
    Where did Lamberth obtain his legal training? Since when is a judge’s opinion based on his perception of the “luck” or lack thereof of one of the parties to the case? Is his sarcasm enough to show that he is not impartial?
    Where was Lamberth when the defendants’ allotted time to respond had elapsed and the plaintiff had requested a default judgment?
    His biography states, in part: “Judge Lamberth is also former Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Federal Bar Association. The Federal Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct for Federal Lawyers, finally approved in October 1990, were drafted by Judge Lamberth’s Committee.”
    But has Lamberth acted ethically in this instance? The plaintiff, Orly Taitz, did not seek the social security number of a living person, but rather, had requested a copy of the application filed by the original holder of the number which is now reportedly being used by Obama. Private investigator Susan Daniels has stated that the number has been used by Obama since 1977 but was not assigned to him.
    Was Lamberth’s opinion issued in a professional and ethical manner? Is he following all of the rules of judicial ethics? Are his sarcastic tone and character judgments about the plaintiff normal procedure? Is Lamberth using Saul Alinsky tactics to dismiss a case of identity fraud committed at the highest levels of government?
    On page 2 of his opinion, Lamberth stated that the Social Security Administration could not release Form SS-5 because the number in question belonged to a living individual. However, Susan Daniels, the licensed private investigator whose sworn affidavit stated that the number had been assigned to a person born in 1890 from the state of Connecticut, had stated that social security numbers are never reissued and therefore Obama was using it fraudulently. Why did Lamberth ignore this evidence of a crime?

    Renee | March 14, 2012 at 12:01 pm | Reply
    Lamberth ? Like Lambert ? Bunny Mellon ?

    Miri | March 14, 2012 at 9:37 am | Reply
    If I didn’t point this out on this thread, I’ll do it now. If I did, it’s worth repeating: Look at the SAD signature on the SS# application. How is it possible for a person to write so straight on an invisible line? It appears that the entire signature was imported and positioned on that line, but floating too far above it. Show me a person who can write that straight, but not ON the line. See this post for 14 examples of “her” handwriting. There’s a comment early on where I show her name, written either by one of her parents or a hospital employee, yet the handwriting looks very much like SAD’s herself. A miracle!

  18. Marshall…STERN…Guess-Gust-Gus family of Africa..cherries..drupes; /watch?v=iuMDLGHnjKI

    • J. Howard Marshall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia J. Howard Marshall II in 1954
      Born James Howard Marshall II
      January 24, 1905(1905-01-24)
      Germantown, Pennsylvania, US
      Died August 4, 1995(1995-08-04) (aged 90)
      Harris County, Texas, US
      Alma mater Haverford College
      Yale Law School

      Spouse Anna Nicole Smith (m. 1994–1995) «start: (1994)–end+1: (1996)»”Marriage: Anna Nicole Smith to J. Howard Marshall” Location: (linkback://
      Bettye Bohannon (m. 1961–1991) «start: (1961)–end+1: (1992)»”Marriage: Bettye Bohannon to J. Howard Marshall” Location: (linkback://

      Eleanor M. Pierce (m. 1931–1961) «start: (1931)–end+1: (1962)»”Marriage: Eleanor M. Pierce to J. Howard Marshall” Location: (linkback://
      Children J. Howard Marshall III
      E. Pierce Marshall

  19. See, this other Graham stuff bugs me too. This group. Coca Cola again (Graham Chandler families and the LA newspaper Chandlers) It goes way back. See my work on Kathryn Graham, but this part is a cover up of questionable student loans.

    • Katharine Bouchage Weymouth[1] (b. 1966) is the publisher of The Washington Post[2] and chief executive officer of Washington Post Media.

      Contents [show]
      1 Early life and education
      2 Career
      2.1 Private dinner salon initiative
      3 Family
      4 References

      [edit] Early life and educationWeymouth grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan[3] and attended The Brearley School, Harvard College, Oxford University, and Stanford Law School.[4]

      [edit] CareerWhile an associate at Williams & Connolly, a prominent law firm in Washington, D.C.,[4] Weymouth went to work as an assistant counsel of the Post in 1996.[3] She later became the head of advertising.[4]

      Weymouth was named publisher of the Post and chief executive officer of Washington Post Media on 7 February 2008, succeeding Boisfeuillet Jones, Jr.[2] It has been presumed that she will succeed her uncle Donald E. Graham, currently the chairman of The Washington Post Company, when he retires. According to The New York Times in 2008 she was then the “palpable heir.”[2]

      Among her first actions as publisher was hiring Marcus Brauchli as executive editor and placing him in charge of both newspaper and the website (the previous editor had not been in charge of the website). The hire from outside the organization “surprised the newsroom. … Brauchli … had accepted a large payout and resigned from his previous job, running The Wall Street Journal under its new owner, Rupert Murdoch”, as a 2012 Times account put it. The 2012 account outlined signs and reports that more recently her relationship with Brauchli may have “cooled” and noted that Raju Narisetti, whom Brauchli had brought with him from the Journal as a close partner “in the digital reinvention of the newsroom”, had left the Post in January. However, the Times also said that “[b]y one important measure, The Post’s efforts are paying off. Recently, it has averaged 19.6 million unique visitors a month, according to comScore, making it the second-most-visited American newspaper Web site, behind that of The New York Times.” [3]

      [edit] Private dinner salon initiativeOn July 3, 2009, The Politico website uncovered the story that Weymouth had planned a series of exclusive dinner parties or “salons” at her private residence, to which she had invited prominent lobbyists, trade group members, politicians and business people.[5] The cost of attendance to the parties was up to $250,000 per individual, with the events being closed to the press and the public. Politico’s revelation sparked controversy in Washington, as it gave the impression the parties’ sole purpose was to allow a select group of Washington insiders and business people to purchase face time with Post reporters.[6]

      Almost immediately following the story Weymouth cancelled the salons and blamed the entire incident on the Post’s marketing department.[7] The backlash also prompted David G. Bradley, publisher of The Atlantic, to admit that he hosts similar off-the-record discussions at his home and office at the Watergate[citation needed] and in 2012, looking back on the incident, the Times said that “magazines host similar conferences all the time”.[3]

      [edit] FamilyA granddaughter and namesake of long-time Washington Post chairwoman and publisher Katharine Graham (d. 2001), Weymouth is a daughter of political columnist and publishing heiress Lally Weymouth and the architect Yann R. Weymouth. Her mother’s family has owned the newspaper since 1933, when it was purchased by her great-grandfather Eugene Meyer,[8] and she is the fifth member of her family to have held the publisher position.[3]

      Weymouth married lawyer Richard Alan Scully on 25 July 1998.[1] The couple had three children, Madeleine, Beckett, and Bridget, and later divorced.[4]

      Weymouth is a niece of Tina Weymouth, a former member of the band Talking Heads

  20. Washington Post Continues Kaplan Cover-up

    1 day ago … The Post article is based on a report entitled, “The Student Loan ‘Debt … Rusty Weiss, who wrote the AIM investigative piece, “Scandal at The Washington Post: … Journalism and can be contacted at

  21. Oh Miri…
    This is essentially the same line that has been taken by Post chairman Graham, who is trying to protect his profits while claiming to crack down on questionable practices at Kaplan. The company hired former Obama aide Anita Dunn to lobby on its behalf.

  22. Miri, recently worked on Cecil and his connections…Daughter married an Arab and moved to middle east-Debbie.

  23. Overlook the first paragraph mentioning The fictional charachter Bari Malik Shabazz (by the way Malik Zulu Shabazz is the name of N*w Bla-k Pan–er Leader) and read the rest of how connections surmised between NBP, Holder, Ayers, Obama, Odinga, etc., Could be interesting or jar a clogged mind…
    “If the current POTUS is indeed Bari Shabazz and spent time in East Elmshurst with Eric Holder who grew up there, then my previous thoughts that the POTUS was involved with the Black Panthers and the Weathermen may be true. Read about the Brink’s robbery in 1981: Dohrn and Ayers were allegedly maybe involved.

    Sekou Odinga aka Nathaniel Burns was one of those arrested. Burns changed his name to Sekou Odinga. He was a Black Panther.
    How did Sekou Odinga, previously known as Nathaniel Burns, come to adopt the name Odinga in the early 1980s?

    Remember Odinga is the name of Obama’s cousin in Kenya.
    Raila Odinga is a Marxist, Islamist Kenyan politician that Obama campaigned for IN KENYA(in contravention of the Logan Act) while he was a Chicago senator.
    HOW could Burns have known the name Odinga otherwise?

    Remember the Brink’s robbery went down in the early 1980s with many (?all) of the Weathermen/Black Panthers/Black Liberation Army involved.

    I posit that Nathaniel Burns aka Sekou Odinga HAD TO HAVE KNOWN OBAMA in order to adopt this East African name. He could not have known it otherwise as this was in PRE-INTERNET DAYS. The name Odinga is from East Africa.

    AND: Moochelle Obama hosted the rapper Common to the WH recently.

    He rapped about Assata Shakur, arrested in May 1973. Assata Shakur was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike, during which New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and BLA member Zayd Malik Shakur were killed and Shakur and Trooper James Harper were wounded. She was sentenced ? to life but escaped in 1979 to Cuba.

    Her brother Mutulu Shakur, stepfather to Tupac Shakur, a teenage communist rapper who was killed by ? gangs aided her escape AND was involved in the Brinks robbery too. He is in jail until 2016. Watch Obama give him a pardon as well as some of the others not yet released.

    They are all interconnected.They all know/knew each other.All Commie Marxist thugs.

    Was Obama a member of the Weathermen under one of the names Bari Shabazz/ Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Soebarkah/Barak Mounir Ubayd/Harrison Bounel (whatever) with his buddies Ayers and Dohrn?The FBI did not have enough evidence to convict Dohrn even though they knew she was guilty.
    I think Obama HAD TO HAVE BEEN either a member of the Weathermen or he knew them in the 80s. He may even have been involved in the Brink’s robbery as there were several people they never caught. Also explains why Eric Holder declined to prosecute the Black Panthers for interfering with voters.
    Brink’s robbery (1981) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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