February 3, 2012 – The Day the Republic Died! (Open)


There are No Words to Describe What We are Feeling.

No Words.



This Dog Has Got it Right!



The judge still has his kneecaps!


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  1. The Russians print what the MSM in the US won’t. He isn’t mincing words in this article.

    Georgia Judge Michael Malihi is a cowardly traitor

    February 6, 2012
    Mark S. McGrew

    Friday, February 3, 2012, for some kind of a bribe or because he was threatened, Georgia Judge Michael Malihi sold out his country and defecated on the constitution of The United States of America.

    As an Administrative law judge in the State of Georgia, a case was presented to him to have Barack Obama removed from the ballot to run for President in the State of Georgia.

    His actions have set precedence in American law that if a person is charged with a crime, the best defense, is to not show up for court. Law schools may now offer a course in “The Obama Defense”.

    Three separate legal teams presented evidence and witnesses to show that Obama is not eligible to run for President because he is not a natural born citizen. Obama produced no evidence, no witnesses and both he and his lawyer failed to show up for court in violation of a subpoena to do so.

    Forget about what we think, whether he is, or is not a natural born citizen. Opinions don’t count. Only evidence and witnesses count. But we’re not dealing with rational minds in this case. We never have.

    Judge Michael Malihi violated a basic rule of legal interpretation in his ruling. He violated our earliest Supreme Court ruling on how to interpret the Constitution. He ignored evidence. He ignored witnesses. He ignored earlier Supreme Court rulings establishing that the term “natural born citizen” means, one who is born in America to two American citizen parents.

    The most telling sign that he was either bribed or threatened shows up in his own actions, of violating his own rulings, just four weeks apart, on the same case.
    In other words, he claimed one thing on January 3, 2012 and on February 3, 2012 he wrote the exact opposite. Why would any sane man do such a thing?


  2. Oh, my word! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_are_the_presidential_electors_in_Georgia#ixzz1lSq79J9O

    Type in find for the name Jablonski. Is that BO’s attorney that’s an elector in GA?

  3. Y’all already know he’s an elector…..sorry! But isn’t that something?

  4. Honestly, Bridgette, I read most of it early today, but then I got sidetracked and didn’t get to finish it. That’s why I didn’t get the elector thing. I was sidetracked and helping someone with their work, meaning my husband who works with me. Then I didn’t get back to the rest of it.

  5. Sheriff Joe sets D-Day on Obama’s eligibility!
    Arpaio won’t release any of Cold-Case Posse’s conclusions in advance

    Feb. 6 2 hrs. ago

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told WND today his office has scheduled a news conference in Phoenix for March 1 to release findings of the Cold Case Posse that has been investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be president.

    Arpaio declined to release to WND any of the posse’s conclusions in advance of the press conference, although he is on record saying the findings may be “shocking” to many.

    In a separate matter, Arpaio told WND that a group of Department of Justice officials from Washington, D.C., began meeting with officials of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office regarding the DOJ’s allegation of systematic violations of the federal civil rights of Hispanics.

    • Whoooo Hoooo! Praying really hard that his information will make Georgia court ruling and Malihi’s decision moot!

      He is the only one not intimidated by the Obama thugs! And they sure are trying to do so!

      Showdown in Arizona!

      • okay, I’m going on a tangent here and I don’t really believe Obama is the antichrist (he’s just not smart enough) but doesn’t it say the antichrist would be allowed to rule for 42 months? that’s 6 months short of a presidential term, which would be July. just sayin…

    • Well, I sure hope that he doesn’t move it past March 1. I expected sometime this month. It’s making me nervous. Hope he remains safe.

      • Maybe he is waiting for the Posse to complete their work because he isn’t the one doing the investigating. So they might be the ones giving the date that the report will be ready.

  6. Mansour Cyrus & Krista Sue Malihi
    sale date 2/22/1994
    estate sale 12/03/2002
    city-data.com/king-county/3/32nd Avenue-10.html

  7. Mirmoham M Malihi
    Krista Sue Griswold Malihi
    married 8/30/80

    • Mirmoham M Malihi…a good one to look into Zenway. I do not think Malihi’s first name is Michael, not born with the name Michael anyway. Not many, not many at all, if any Iranians name their kid Michael. Not that I’ve found anyway. Unless Malihi was born in the U.S. but has that been established yet? we know his parents were from Iran, but do we know yet where Michael was born? in the states or Iran?

      • Do we KNOW his parents were from Iran? I didn’t see that the person on that other blog said HOW he or she knows where his family is from. Who are his parents? I didn’t find anything yet and I looked.

  8. Think he’s a bot? See his BIO. “Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a former Washington, D.C. prosecutor who served on U.S. Senator John F. Kerry’s legal team during the 2004 presidential election, studied under Governor Michael Dukakis and interned for President Clinton in the White House. He is an investigative journalist who has worked on high profile criminal cases for CBS News, TIME magazine and Gannett News Co., and now investigates news stories for Breitbart.com. Jeffrey practices law in California, Florida and Washington, D.C.,

    How did a Obot get on Big Government? Leave a comment at BG to wake up those friggin’ editors who allowed this piece of misinformation!

    WND’s Birther Case Against Rubio Relies on Repealed Slavery Law
    by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro
    Feb. 6, 2012

    World Net Daily is citing an outdated post-Revolutionary War act repealed by Congress that only recognized “free white persons” as citizens to make its case that Miami born Marco Rubio is not a “natural born citizen.” WND’s argument comes in the wake of several 2011 articles, which make a birther argument that recently elected U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is not natural born because his parents were alien residents at the time he was born in Miami in 1971.

    WND’s editor Joseph Farah pushed that theory on FOX News with Sean Hannity last week, an interview that was quickly picked up by The Hill and the Daily Caller. The birther movement’s attention turned to Rubio last year when rumors began surfacing that he was a potential candidate for the vice-presidential position on the 2012 Republican ticket, despite his assertion that he was not interested in the position. Since the 12th Amendment requires that the vice-president possess all the necessary constitutional requirements to serve as president, Rubio’s citizenship came into play.
    There are significant problems which each one of these three flawed arguments.
    1. Vattel’s Law of Nations has zero binding power on any interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
    2. WND relies on Minor v. Happersett, a binding U.S. Supreme Court case from 1875. Not surprisingly, the case doesn’t actually say what WND says it does.
    3. Finally, there’s the “Naturalization Act of 1790,” which was passed by Congress but only recognized “free white persons” as citizens and was repealed and superseded by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which did not mention the phrase “natural born citizen.”


    • My comment left there.

      Since when is Big Government pandering to the Left? These are all of the Left’s talking points to take down our Constitution. There are so many lies in this piece by Shapiro, that it is pathetic. The Marxists have blurred the meaning of natural born citizen just to make it appear that Obama is a qualified president. Obama may be a citizen, but he can’t even produce an authentic document that states his alleged background. His father disqualifies him immediately by not having been a citizen of the U.S. This article is an outrage to all knowledgeable people on the subject. The Democrats tried to change the Natural Born Citizen requirement 8 times leading up to Obama’s nomination. Everyone in Congress knows he isn’t qualified according to the Constitution, including Obama who qualified John McCain – who had TWO US. Citizen parents. Rubio is not an NBC because his parents weren’t naturalized by the time he was born. There are excellent treatises on this subject by Mario Apuzzo and Leo Donofrio – read them before you give this writer any credence. Shapiro’s work should appear on Daily Kos and Not Big Government!

      • Since they want to use the precedent of a usurper in the WH to push for Rubio as VP and sometime (they hope) First Hispanic POTUS.

      • More:
        “Andrew Breitbart Presents

        Big Journalism”
        “Get Over It: ‘Birtherism’ Is Not Journalism”

        Posted by Kurt Schlichter Feb 8th 2010

        “The birthers remind me of the freaks who occasionally show up in court with long diatribes …

        … You can point out facts like the birth announcement from 1961, but that won’t help. Nor does his birth certificate – oh, I’m sorry, “Certificate of Live Birth,” which is supposed to somehow be different.

        We need to stand up and say, “No.” The whole issue is substantively false – the President has always been a citizen and eligible to serve. That’s just a fact – and facts are supposed to be our currency. If there was ever a question, the voters answered it in 2008. …

        We need to say “No” because this whole discussion hurts our country. …”

        Published: 04/22/2011

        “Breitbart: Obama story has ‘Swiss cheese holes'”

        “Affirming his stance that questions about the president’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office will not make a winning strategy and should not be pursued by opponents, he told radio host Hugh Hewitt that the president has “invited” the controversy over his qualifications by refusing to provide basic information.

        Hewitt said he rejects “birtherism” completely.

        Breitbart responds, “I have not looked at the facts because I’ve said even it were true, it would be a losing battle. It would split the country. When we for the first time ever – as fiscal conservatives and constitutional-minded citizens – have a winning argument for what we stand for. And I do not want to divide the country. So I honestly haven’t read the information.”


        • So I honestly haven’t read the information……

          • Excuuuse me!, the country is split and is splitting even further if Obama has anything to do with it, so how is doing the right thing,like getting to the truth,whether thru the courts,electors,federal courts, national democratic chairman,Nancy Pilosi,…whatever avenue works…….the truth cannot split or break up something which is already suffering and broken. This is a stupid argument. The truth might cause a huge uproar, but setting matters straight will help the country rethink,realign where ever that may go, and then MOVE ON!

        • I am so sick of that term birther since it negates the truth of the matter. Those that have the facts know what is going on. It is the Constitution, Stupid! Another person with a megaphone and he doesn’t use it! They with access to the airwaves and the mega readers are a disgrace to this country and they call themselves patriots. Ha, A donkey’s behind they are!

          Two years later for those articles, and they still haven’t figured it out!

        • See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see. TRUTH matters. LIES do not matter, except to those who willingly wish to believe them.

          Andrew, you lose all credibility when you admit that you dismiss the issue and reject the arguments based upon NOTHING. You are as willfully blind as Judge Malihi.

          If you haven’t even read the arguments, and you admit that you haven’t, then how can you know they’re wrong? Well, I see. It’s a losing “strategy”. No, it’s the LAW and respect for the CONSTITUTION.

          But you people who are totally POLITICAL can’t fairly judge. By refusing to SEE, you ADMIT (you and Hugh Hewitt) that you are BIASED. You, who pretend otherwise. Who pretend to be unbiased “journalists”. You are AS BAD AND AS CORRUPT AS THE JOURNOLISTERS.

          Those who say the “discussion hurts our country” play right into the hands of the Alinsky-followers. Into the hands of the progressive communists who RELY UPON YOUR FEAR AND YOUR WHITE GUILT. WHAT FOOLS YOU ARE, TO THE DETRIMENT OF OUR ONCE-GREAT NATION.

    • Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a former Washington, D.C. prosecutor who served on U.S. Senator John F. Kerry’s legal team during the 2004 presidential election, studied under Governor Michael Dukakis and interned for President Clinton in the White House.

      Says it all…..

  9. Another one by this Shapiro guy…Breitbart can’t find a conservative writer? He had to hire a known lefty? Of course he could get interviews – he sides with them!

    EXCLUSIVE: #Occupy Plans Cross-Country Marches for Mayday: ‘We’ll Quarter Our Troops in Homes Across America!’
    by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

    Big Government has learned that a new Occupy strategy emerging across the country is to mobilize cross-country marches through mid-size cities where the movement has been absent, and reach out to sympathetic Americans by occupying their homes.

    These protests are scheduled to end up in their destination cities on Mayday, May 1–the International Workers’ Day, which was officially celebrated as a holiday in the former Soviet Union.

    In an exclusive interview with Bo Han, an Occupy Wall Street activist and Atlanta native, Big Government uncovered the strategy during a demonstration being held in front of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Change this past weekend.

    • May Day, the communists’ favorite day. As all dictators love to march and act militant on May Day. Quarter their troops? What will they do, occupy foreclosed homes? Oh, I shouldn’t give them ideas, except that’s one of ACORN’S strategies.

  10. The money laundering and bilking of America’s taxpayer coffers continues! Cooke explains how they are doing it now..skirting the laws; rebranding and using other organizations who funnel them money. Corruption continues! Same people doing the same old things. When will Congress indict these shysters? I’ll answer my question, probably about the same time they indict Holder and Obama.

    ACORN Is Up to Its Old Tricks
    February 6, 2012 10:00 A.M.
    By Charles C. W. Cooke


    • don’t leave out that Good Government International that you found and types of partnership/gov./nongov. outfits.. .these are all just new forms of USAID that are infiltrating every thing imaginable that gets dollars in everyway imaiginable. It’s part of the corruption machine too.

  11. “How did a Obot get on Big Government? Leave a comment at BG to wake up those friggin’ editors who allowed this piece of misinformation!”

    “Another one by this Shapiro guy…Breitbart can’t find a conservative writer? He had to hire a known lefty? Of course he could get interviews – he sides with them!”

    Im not sure whats going on, but Breitbart himself was once a big lib. journalist, then he saw the light… maybe they have too?

  12. For those who have time and inclination, there’s a lot of information about Ali Malihi and pals here: http://www.masslandrecords.com/Suffolk/Default.aspx

    Just search on the surname Malihi. He’s definitely connected to Mahmood. You’ll see it on the “details” of each transaction.

  13. Renee, over on the research blog, has found a connection between Ann Malihi McWhorter and the Siemens Corp.

    • Miri, It is a bit more complicated then that. I will post this info here so you all can get a glimpse of what I mean…
      The Shores Of Lake Wanderlust | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | February 6, 2012 at 4:30 pm | Reply
      Thomas Holcombe of Connecticut – Person Page 673

      She was the daughter of Major Eliphalet Ariel McWhorter and Anna Gore Shepherd. Elizabeth Ellen McWhorter died on 26 November 1933 at Savannah, …

      Renee | February 6, 2012 at 4:31 pm | Reply
      Anna Gore Shepherd was born in 1835 at Athens, Brandord Co., PA. She was the daughter of Job Shepherd and Abigail Sage Ellsworth. Anna Gore Shepherd married Major Eliphalet Ariel McWhorter. Anna Gore Shepherd died in 1901. She was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Marys, Camden Co., GA.
      Children of Anna Gore Shepherd and Major Eliphalet Ariel McWhorter
      Lyman Ellsworth McWhorter b. 1 Sep 1854, d. 12 Sep 1905
      Elizabeth Ellen McWhorter b. 24 Sep 1857, d. 26 Nov 1933
      Henry Shepard McWhorter b. 5 Oct 1859, d. 19 Apr 1931
      Alexander Burnett McWhorter b. 22 Jan 1862, d. 26 Aug 1900
      Eldred Ellsworth McWhorter b. 26 Mar 1864, d. 1888
      Cornelia Shepard McWhorter b. 12 Aug 1876, d. 22 Dec 1885
      William H. Holcombe1
      b. November 1852, d. 17 January 1931

      William H. Holcombe|b. Nov 1852\nd. 17 Jan 1931|p673.htm#i33602|James Holcombe|b. c 1817|p671.htm#i33546|Nancy Catherine Hughes|b. c 1829|p670.htm#i33495|Ethan A. Holcombe|b. c 1789|p99.htm#i4924|Susan Hughes|b. c 1793\nd. 1862|p99.htm#i4925|||||||
      William H. Holcombe was born in November 1852 at VA.1,2 He was the son of James Holcombe and Nancy Catherine Hughes.1 William H. Holcombe married Mary Ann Chapman on 12 April 1871.3 William H. Holcombe died on 17 January 1931 at age 78.3

      William and Polly A. were enumerated in the 1880 Buffalo, Clay Co., WV, federal census. He ws a farmer agae 32, she was 25. Children in the household were Llewellyn 8, James H. 7, Daniel W. 2, and Sherman M. 3 months.
      Children of William H. Holcombe and Mary Ann Chapman
      Christine Holcombe3 b. 13 May 1872, d. 30 May 1872
      Llewellyn Holcombe3 b. 25 Mar 1873
      James Henry Holcombe3 b. 1 Sep 1875
      Daniel Webster Holcombe+3 b. 2 Dec 1877, d. 7 Jun 1934
      Sherman Holcombe+3 b. Mar 1880

      Renee | February 7, 2012 at 9:39 am | Reply
      Mary Ann Chapman ? CHAPMAN again ???

    • Great catch Renee! I just now had time to look into Ann Malihi McWhorter and the Siemens Corp. connection also, McWhorter is connected through Siemens Applied Automation, Inc.

      Siemens Applied Automation, Inc. Siemens Applied Automation, Inc. has a location in Bartlesville, OK. Active officers include Thomas J Malott, Shan
      Linn, Michael S Williamson, Gary Gabriel, Gary Waugh and Ann M McWhorter.

      Filings: Foreign for Profit Corporation (FL – Inactive)
      Source: Florida Department of State last refreshed 1/30/2012


      • View profile for Ann M McWhorter Ann M McWhorter is associated with Siemens Applied Automation, Inc. with the role of Secretary. Ann M McWhorter has 5 known relationships including Shan Linn, Thomas J Malott and Gary Waugh and is located in Alpharetta, GA.
        Source: Florida Department of State last refreshed 1/30/2012


        • Don’t you love it, Leza? Siemens and GE. Siemens is the “smart grid” and the “sustainable cities” company. We all know about GE. What a bunch of coinkidinks! I guess they have no stake in making sure Barry stays in “power”. Pun intended.

          • Something smells in Alpharetta, GA Miri.

            Fraud Digest – Online Fraud Magazine

            Location: Alpharetta, GA Linda Green was employed for many years in the … Alpharetta, GA offices of Lender Processing Services. She signed many … Docx, LLC. Linda Green. Lender Processing Services. Action Date: September


            • Wow. If only Koster were as adamant about other types of forgery. 🙂 I saw him on TV this morning and wondered what he was grandstanding about. Then I saw a snippet on one of the home pages about how they’re going to settle with these companies for BILLIONS. Let me guess where those billions will go? Back to the people? Nah! To offset some of Barry’s deficits or for him to spend, spend, spend, and buy more votes. Ya think? NAH!

              “These practices will be a significant part of the examination to be conducted by the mortgage securitization fraud task force, announced by President Obama during the State of the Union address. … These practices will be a significant part of the examination to be conducted by the mortgage securitization fraud task force, announced by President Obama during the State of the Union address. The taskforce will be co-chaired by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who filed a lawsuit against MERS and three major banks on February 3, 2012. The New York lawsuit was similar to the lawsuits filed by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden on October 27, 2011 and by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in December, 2011.

              According to the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Biden, “MERS engaged and continues to engage in a range of deceptive trade practices that sow confusion among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders in the mortgage finance system, damage the integrity of Delaware’s land records, and lead to unlawful foreclosure practices.””

              Beau Biden, son of VP Biden, who helped Barry with that inconvenient Larry Sinclair problem.

              I remember Linda Green and that 60 Minutes expose. Unbelievable. She’s located in Alpharetta? Good catch. Yes, something very rotten in Alpharetta.

          • Yes, something very rotten in Alpharetta.
            Very rotten….too much that we’ve connected out of Alpharetta, and are still connecting from there. I’ll talk to Renee, maybe we can start a research thread to keep everything together for all things rotten in Alpharetta.

  14. One thing that the Pravda article pointed out, which bears repeating: Judge Malihi tossed all of Orly’s evidence as not probative. Then he relied on nothing to conclude that Barry was born in the USA. He couldn’t have relied upon the WH blog LFCOLB BECAUSE he’d already tossed it out as non-probative.

    • Miri, I bet that PRAVDA knowing Russian stories knows the real story on Anna CHAPMAN and the Russian Spy Ring too..I bet they know about that swap. Anna has pretty nail polish. A silver violet purple color. She is very pretty.

  15. So what if you give a press conference and no one comes?

    Meanwhile, they’re into dates:

    this from Israelnationalnews

    Khameini recently referred to Ahmadinejad as the leader of a ‘deviant movement’ after the Iranian president reportedly said he believed the 12th Imam – the final Imam and final savior of mankind – would reveal himself on June 5.

    While some 85% of Iranian Shiite muslims are “twelvers” – adherents of the 12th Imam doctrine – most, including Khameini, object to ascribing a specific date to the event and instead maintain the 12th Imam is ‘occluded.’

    June 5th marks the day Israel launched its pre-emptive air strike in the 1967 ‘Six Day War” as Arab army’s massed for the attack, which ultimately resulted in Israel’s liberation of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

  16. Why do I post all this Israel stuff?

    Why am I not surprised about judge malihi cave in?

    Small individuals cannot withstand the bloody horse head in their bed moment,but Mossad has the actual kenyan birth certificate of the fake prezodent. They cannot be scared off because they are already under Obama’s nuclear gun.

    This has beeen known for a couple of years since a prominent Israeli news source published it and then withdrew it.

    The blackmail that works in America will not work against the Mossad.

    May – June

    Something is going to happen.

    And the fake prezodent cannot stop it.

  17. I love your cologne for men Karl, but saying MO’s face is magical, really? You’ve been sniffing something besides perfume!

    Lagerfeld called out for misquoting first lady
    2/7/12 1:20 PM EST Snips

    Scratch Karl Lagerfeld’s name off any future State Dinner guest lists. The famed fashion designer may be in hot water with the East Wing for an embarrassing quote that he incorrectly attributed to first lady Michelle Obama in a recent interview.


  18. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/clint-eastwood-super-bowl-ad-im-not-obamas-013422964.html

    Poor Clint Eastwood is being piled onto (rightfully so and in another context, I wouldn’t mind piling on Clint myself). People see his pro-Chrysler Super Bowl ad as pro-Barry. Well, in my opinion, how else do you interpret “half time in America” if not as half time in Barry’s term? Clint probably didn’t write the spot and the implication probably didn’t enter into HIS head, but you can bet that the symbolism did not escape the thankful obots and UAW workers at Chrysler. That Italian company that builds cars in Mexico and Canada, I mean. That Italian company that took our money in a bailout. Did they pay us back yet? I didn’t see the ad, but they say it actually, in a quite un-American way, made an attack on Ford, which, btw, did NOT take a red cent of our money in bailouts. Big mistake Clint, but we know where your heart really is. You was duped, like many. Word up! 🙂

    • Clint Eastwood: ‘I am Certainly Not Affiliated with Mr. Obama’

      Following the fall out over the controversial Chrysler Super Bowl halftime ad, Clint Eastwood spoke exclusively with O’Reilly Factor producer Ron Mitchell…

      “I just want to say that the spin stops with you guys, and there is no spin in that ad. On this I am certain.

      l am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. It was meant to be a message about just about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK.

      I am not supporting any politician at this time.

      Chrysler to their credit didn’t even have cars in the ad.

      Anything they gave me for it went for charity.

      If any Obama or any other politician wants to run with the spirit of that ad, go for it.”

      Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod tweeted his support for the ad last night. When asked about it on Fox News today, former GW Bush advisor Karl Rove said he was “offended” by the ad and accused the Obama’s “political minions” of “using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising.” White House spokesman Jay Carney insisted at today’s briefing there was “no” involvement by the administration.

      Rove called out Obama wow I’m impressed! you know “offended” and “political minions” are fight’en words 😉

    • I just know that if we did a little digging, we would find out that the White House is linked to that commercial. Isn’t it interesting that a Wisconsin protest was featured in it? http://althouse.blogspot.com/2012/02/clint-eastwoods-halftime-in-america.html

      • I didn’t watch the game cynic so I did not see the commercial. No kidding they had a Wisconsin protest in the commercial? and Clint didn’t get it huh? rigggght!

        • What better way to influence conservatives than to use a guy like Clint Eastwood like this? He did the narration. Did he know what images they would show? I bet not. What a coup for them. As usual, the subliminal messages. The NLP will be back again. Masters of propaganda. Use an American icon against us. Clint still doesn’t seem to understand that he was used. He still thinks he was just touting the American spirit of people working hard to pull themselves out of this recession.

      • No coinkidink at all. As I said, I think Clint was punked and, being somewhat conservative himself, he’s probably a little angry at the moment. How hard would it be for an Italian company, bailed out by our tax dollars, to be leaned upon by the likes of Barry’s czars, maybe even handed the script? “Half time in America?” It’s an obvious subliminally planted idea.

        Here’s another one. Got a solicitation in the mail, asking me to subscribe to a local paper. It said “Occupy the News”. Cute. Get it? Inside, there was the image of a newspaper page showing (of course) a photo of Obama at some event. Next to it, an image of a newspaper page showing an Occupy protest. Next to it, another newspaper page, with Michele Bachmann, with some derogatory headline about her and the Tea Party. The usual smears.

        These were probably all actual pages from their paper. They said something like, “For election 2012, keep up with all the news” by subscribing to their rag (not their word, of course)!

        But here it is again. Like 2008. EVERY chance they get. In EVERY way they can. Insert Barry into everything. Every ad. Every news story. Even turn a solicitation for newspaper subscribers into a campaign ad for Barry.

      • no way.

        way? i saw some bits and pieces and I felt like i was in a war zone.
        “half-time”. yeah, and i’m stupid, too. hyuk hyuk. bad bye, clint.

  19. Is anybody wondering if Red Pill is unfortunate enough to be on his first cruise and it’s one of those ships with norovirus? 😦

  20. Great, Red Pill is alive and well…I missed U 2
    Now a heads up from Lamecherry? I worry about us all.
    Shoot us a high 5 LC… please….
    Miss the bullet and run into a tree.
    WOW!…. to have… MICHAEL M Malihi & BRIAN P. Kemp’s JOBS!
    Getting paid $$$$$ to F**K OVER $$$$$ the USA and all it’s people?
    Shame on their ” MOTHERS ”
    Disgusting and tragic, smallest of men… the swamp is infested….
    What to do????…
    Put one foot in front of the other…. as always!
    WE ARE AMERICAN’S and defined by true grit and will never sit still
    while injustice is done to the America we knew and loved and will fight
    for her till the end.

  21. February 07, 2012

    Obama Blames Founding Fathers

    Pres. Obama: “Our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.”

    Uh, that’s because the Founders were trying to prevent exactly what you are trying to do, Mr. President. They did not want the Federal Government to dominate the life of every citizen from cradle to grave. They wanted people to be free – to earn their own keep and keep what they earn. What a concept.


    petebertuglia under comments

    For me, this November’s un selection of the food stamp president is not enough, I want to see him thrown out of the WH on his a$$, I want to see him frisked before he leaves the WH grounds,just to make sure he’s not stealing any more then he already has. I want to see him face the American people as he leaves, I want to see fear in his eyes, I want him to look over his shoulder, never feeling safe, no matter where he lands, for the rest of his life. I want him to know he fukked with the wrong country and picked a fight with the American people and LOST! I will exercise my right to vote in a big way, and I want all you patriots to do the same!!

    Ditto petebertuglia 🙂

    • Free Elections.
      Fraud Free.

      ID required. no exceptions.

      yo, Carter, remember your Fellow Americans? Do we need purple thumbs?

      that’s what’s going on right now as we blog and bemoan. its appalling.

      we need to stand up for our Voting Rights. now. its all we have left.

  22. I was thinking about all this this morning, and I recalled something, research we did awhile back. And thought hummm, it certainly is worth posting the research again here anyway.


    Leza | February 9, 2011 at 7:21 am | Reply

    Alfy cross referencing your information above I found this –

    Name -Kelley, Shirley Ann (Stanley)
    Sex – F
    Date of Death – May 21, 1999
    Place of Death – Gainesville, Hall Co, GA W
    026993 June 17, 1999
    Whitlock Mortuary, Toccoa GA
    Roselane Cemetery, Toccoa, Stephens Co, GA


  23. This is just a little story, probably not even that interesting, though, that I just thought about while the TV is on. I’m waiting for my night work again. Just relaxing and thinking before it comes.

    I was thinking back to when I was a little kid. I’m 58 now, so this is many, many years ago. My dad was Methodist; my mom, Baptist, but she would go with him to church whenever they went, which wasn’t much. I usually went with various friends all the time. I don’t think that they just necessarily agreed on church things at all.

    Regardless, they had me reading the Bible when I was very small, teaching me the ten commandments, reading me the Psalms and various NT books.

    Anyway, we lived next door to a family that was Pentecostal, and they didn’t go to church much either. But I remember them badgering me one day, meaning their kids, which the eldest was like 2 years young than I was, about watching TV, that is was evil and was called a one-eyed Devil.

    Well, back then, my mom and dad would say, no, that’s incorrect. It’s false. Turns out one month or two, they would have a TV also, watch it for a while, then get rid of it, then get it again. It was always an on-and-off thing with them.

    So thinking back on them, which I don’t follow that religious system anyway, never have, I sometimes think in today’s time, they were 100 percent on the mark: the one-eyed Devil.

    But I can define that even better: The MSM, or should we say, the LSM, lame-stream media. However, maybe it should really be called the “one-eyed Devil.” Maybe for letters: OED, or maybe OEDM. The one-eyed Devil media.

    What say you guys? Funny how certain things can take your mind back to whenever and think about strange things.

    • Yeah one eyed devil ,,,,full of D@#@heads…. get it….Sorrry, a wee bit filthy.

    • Funny you mention that Kitty. I’m told that a woman we called Aunt Esther was a Seventh-Day-Adventist. This is way back when TV’s first came out. They refused to have them in their homes, because the Seventh-Day-Adventist Churches thought that TV’s were of the Devil. They also refused to eat pork.

      • Well, I’m not a 7th-day Adventist, and I don’t eat pork either, though. But I do keep Sabbaths. You might say we are as the early orthodox Christians, which not to confuse with the Eastern Orthodox as of today.

        I don’t eat pork, not because I think that I’ll suffer some kind of damnation, but because, number one, it’s unhealthy to eat unclean meats, and even when doctors can be honest, they know this fact; and number two, because of the higher meaning of the Scriptures, unclean meat means taking in unclean knowledge, i.e., sin.

        Eating clean meat means taking in clean knowledge from the Scriptures, as in the higher meat of the Scriptures=clean knowledge.

        • are you referring to something from the old testament or what.?
          You can still get trichonosis and it’s very bad. Effects your brain. My friend from Mexico had it and it was a long time til famous hospital in the states diagnosed her symptoms . Basically not so much from unclean meat (as most all meat has nasty microorganisms, and worms, ect., so does fish). She got it from undercooked pork. You can get parasites from undercooked chicken and fish, so does all meat fall into this unclean scripture meat thingy? Like Oyters, shellfish,bottom feeders. Some of the cleanest meats come from creatures that eat the scumm,and bottom feeders. Go figure. This unclean meat stuff is from the Jewish ideas written about further in the Talmud. It even has something to do with circumcision.

          • Well, what books of the Scriptures did Yahushua (aka Jesus) the messiah read? What books did Paul and others in the NT have and teach the glad tidings (gospel) by?

          • Circumcision has nothing to do with the dietary practices of not eating pork or milk with meat ( it curdles in your stomach ) Changing dishes between wooden ones of milk and meat so that the food won’t rot.

  24. If you’re referring to the Essenes,they may have been one of the first small sect of christian jews and there are many arguments Jesus was of this group, but there is much written to disprove this. I think Paul/Saul was a Sadduce? anyway neither had practiced what Jesus was teaching. They had their old handed down(word of mouth)not written scripture that they lived by and practiced with many pagan and mystical beliefs mixed in. The Essenes were the first group to sometimes be thought of as a secret society. They wrote some of the dead sea scrolls( it is thought).But most of the practices in Jesus’s time were handed down throught councils of elders mostly through word of mouth. There are claims that the Cabala was a written work somewhere,but for the most part it’s thought it was rules to live by thru the Sanhedrin.

    • Seems ,I remember, the Essenes did not believe in marriage ceremonies either ,nor did they believe in drinking alcohol, but Jesus of course turned water to wine and performed a wedding so it’s just possible there were many other practices, like eating or not eating certain animals,that jesus differed on in jewish practices.

      • Well, we don’t follow the Pharisee religion, which the Essenes are similar. And there is nothing in Scriptures against cheese and meat. Even Abraham served a meal to the angel Yahweh with curds (which is a milk, cheese) and meat.

        Gen 18:8 And he took curds and milk and the son of the herd which he had prepared, and he set before them. And he stood by them under the tree. And they ate.
        The word for the curds there is:

        chem’âh chêmâh
        khem-aw’, khay-maw’
        From the same root as H2346; curdled milk or cheese: – butter.

        The issue of the kosher thing comes from here, which it’s actually speaking about a pagan practice:

        Exo_23:19 The first, the firstfruits of your ground you shall bring to the house of Yahweh your eloahi. You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.

      • Alfy,
        Can you show me where Yahushua (aka Jesus) ate unclean meat? If he ate it and said it was good to eat, you would definitely find it.

        Also, no one has answered me yet on what Scriptures that Yahushua and Saul (Paul) went by. Can you answer me?
        BTW, where do I get that the messiah’s name was Yahushua?
        Simple, and you can find it out too!

        If you are privy to an LXX interlinear, both Greek and English, then look up the book of Joshua in it. Then compare Joshua son of Nun’s name to Jesus in the Greek NT.
        Next, and also important, we have a testimony of Eusebius. It’s in Eus., D.E. 4:17:23. He states that Yahushua’s name was Iao soteria, which in his language means Yahu saves.
        And even more importantly, if you start to learn to read the Hebrew in the book of Joshua, you’ll see that Joshua’s name was Yahushua. (although forget the Judaism [pharisaism] method. They have false vowels that were added late, very late, to hide the name.

        Yahushua’s name is pronounced as below:

        The Yah-u carries the sound of Yah-oo in the English. Not like yahoo.com
        The “u” carries the long u sound, or the oo sound like in too, then the long u like in true.

        And there’s other proofs on this, like in Professor Anson Rainey, who passed away in like 2011. He was a linguistics expert many times over. So brilliant. I had e-mail conversations with him several years ago. He was born in TX, not too far from me, but he studied in Israel and taught Hebrew and studied languages, etc.

        He was such a kind man, and he also loved cats. Like my kittycats.

  25. Miri, I came across this…thought it quite interesting. Give me a few days, looking into what you asked about last night.

    Comments #12.

    Snip ~

    Kenyatta soldiered on with his grabbing. He concurrently went ahead with the help of Tom Mboya to change the constitution to give immense imperial powers to the Presidency. He further began using such powers to allocate more land to his cronies and sycophants. His salivating appetite for Rift Valley land largely motivated his choice of Rift Valley natives as Vice President after Oginga Odinga.

    First he chose a Maasai, Joseph Murumbi, who read the scheme of land-betrayal on his people and resigned in a huff. Then Kenyatta selected Daniel Arap Moi, a Tugen not drawn in the Nandi and Kipsigis land battles, as his next loyal VP. He then descended upon grabbing Rift Valley and Coastal land in a business as usual and “mtafanya nini”attitude that Kibaki is trying to emulate today. Kenyatta cronies including Mbiyu Koinange, Njoroge Mungai and others devised a clever scheme to further benefit themselves from the land transferred from the colonialists. They formed land-buying companies through loans which were actually funded with tax-payer money.

    At the height of land buying companies, most of the power brokers acquired huge chunks of land at the expense of the landless, who were meant to be the initial beneficiaries of the scheme. According to Widner (in her book), by 1971, more than 60% large-scale farms around Nakuru and 40% of small scale settler farms, were held by Kikuyu,who fared very well from this arrangement, at the expense of other Kenyan communities.


  26. I am sorry but it is hilarious. First I see a deep fried chicken face and then I see Stanley Ann’s Baby…look at that pic too…

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