Will Law and Order Prevail?

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The Verdict is Still Out !



Today, Orly Taitz  released a  transcript of the  lawsuit,  Farrar v Obama, as well as 208 pages of cumulative evidence that were presented to  Judge Malihi in the hearing last Thursday, January 26, 2012.   Witness  affidavits and their supporting documentation are also included as evidence.   The hearing was video recorded and can be viewed.   All of this information is now on record.

It is also on record that Barack Obama did not appear in court nor did his attorney.    According to Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski,  and his client, Barack Hussein Obama, they didn’t want to.  In words written in their  Motion to Quash, the attorney for Obama, said plainly that Obama was elected in 2008 so he doesn’t have to prove his eligibility!   He had other things to do such as campaign fund-raising for the job of president.   By not appearing, he and his attorney chose to show contempt for Georgia’s election laws, Georgia’s judge, our judicial system, and our nation’s Rule of Law.    The person calling himself president of the United States believes he is above the law in this country, and his absence proved his belief beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Perhaps you will  remember that both former Presidents Nixon and Clinton were called to testify in court for different reasons, but they did show up.   This con man did not.

Suspicions about Obama are greater now that he poked his finger in the eyes of the nation.   The self anointed one  has finally exposed himself in court by his absence.  There can be no denial of the facts.  The man was not eligible to run for office, the Democratic Party filed false documents stating he was a natural born citizen, the media has covered for him, as have our elected senators and representatives.

The man of  multiple identities and multiple fake documents  usurped the office of our nation by not only presenting a forged birth certificate, but by taking the office knowing full well he was not a natural born citizen.  There is no mistake here.  Do you really think he was a constitutional lawyer who didn’t understand what Article II, Section 1 meant?

In 2003, Democrats in  Congress  unsuccessfully tried to change the presidential requirements at least 8 times within a time span of 22 months.   They were trying to change the natural born citizen requirement or eliminate it altogether.   Congressmen that heard those arguments are still “serving” the people, so they are fully aware of the definition and presidential requirements.  Do you think they didn’t know Obama  was ineligible?  Did they rely on the lies from the Congressional Records Office memos for their misinformation they used in their form letters to complaining constituents?

Obama refused to submit an authentic document for examination.  This should be easily provable by merely showing up with the same document that was waved at the press corp and put on the government website.    He didn’t because he couldn’t.   His cover was already blown.   His release of his birth document doesn’t match what the DOH said they had.   Fraud is indicated in just knowing that the real one was  partially hand-written.  The evidence proving his birth certificate presented to the people via a government website was a forgery was submitted to the judge.

Another attorney, Van Irion,  in another lawsuit, presented arguments proving Obama was not and is not eligible to serve as president because he is not a natural born citizen.   The Supreme Court ruling of Minor v Happersett was explained in historical context.  “The court should recognize that the term ‘citizen’ is not ‘natural born citizen,’ ”  Irion explained.  “The Minor court’s definition of ‘natural born citizen’ says ‘parents.’”   They then showed documents that Barack Obama’s father was an alien according to his immigration records and from passages in Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father.  This information was presented to the court on the same day in the same courtroom with the same judge.

Witnesses provided additional testimony and evidence:  Obama didn’t pass the government’s E-verify system; he lied to the Illinois State bar when applying for a law license when they asked if he was known by any other name;  he and Michelle have more than one social security number;  Obama uses a social security number assigned to a person born in 1890; the birth certificate online was a computer generated forgery;  and he used the fraudulent social security number on his tax forms.

If that isn’t enough to absorb, do read the evidence file that  includes documents from the investigators database showing the unusual name of Barack Obama and the addresses he has used.  There are not 3 or 4 addresses, there are pages of them listed all over the country.   What are the Obama’s up to anyway?  Whatever it is,  it isn’t legal.

Evidence points to multiple acts of fraud and deceit, questions over his legal name, identity theft, social security theft,  and  multiple citizenships.    This is incredible, isn’t it?  This is the man who is sitting in the People’s House under worse than false pretenses.   Yet Congress has done nothing.  The people yell and scream.  The media are silent.  The people send thousands of letters to Congress, to the FBI, to sheriff’s, they plead, they demand.  Nothing.

Well now,  perhaps there is a real judge that believes in the Constitution and lives by it.   Even better, there will be a judgment that can prevent this con man from being on their states presidential ballot.    Better than that, perhaps this information will give others the courage to stand up for our country,  and put those that perpetrated this fraud in the place they belong.  Jail.

Following is  Orly’s  summarized list of evidence that was presented to the judge and that is now in the record. The documents submitted are available for you to peruse here.    If you have followed this Obama drama for the last three years, you will recognize many of the exhibits presented as evidence.

1. Affidavit and testimony of Chris Strunk in regards to Obama’s use of the name Soebarkah.

2. Affidavit and testimony by Linda Jordan that the Social Security number 042-68-4425 used by Obama does not pass the governments E-verify.

3. Affidavit and testimony by licensed detective Susan Daniels, showing that the SSN used by Obama was issued to another individual, who was born in 1890 and who resided in CT in 1977.

4. Affidavit and testimony by Felicito Papa, Information Technology expert, who showed that Obama’s alleged birth certificate on-line, is a computer generated forgery.  He also showed evidence that on Obama’s tax returns in 2009 he used the same SSN 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him.

5. Affidavit and testimony by scanning and typesetting expert, Douglas Vogt, that Obama’s alleged birth certificate     on-line is a computer generated forgery and not a scan of a single document.

6. Affidavit and testimony of retired deportation officer, John Sampson, testifying to evidence of fraud in Obama’s birth certificate and social security number, as well as evidence that Obama possibly immigrated to US together with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro.   Mr. Sampson testified, that in cases like this he would seek a warrant for an arrest and deportation.

7.  My [Orly’s] own testimony, that I downloaded Obama’s law license application from on-line records, which showed him committing perjury and fraud and hiding his prior last names Soetoro and Soebarkah.  I testified, that after I complained to IL bar, Obama changed his record from inactive to not eligible to practice law. I presented it to the judge to show a modus operandi. When I filed a complaint with the Illinois bar, Obama chose to forfeit his law license based on an expensive Harvard degree in order to hide his identity.

Now, when I served Obama with a subpoena to appear in court and provide certified copies of his long form birth certificate, redacted application for the Social Security card, immigration and naturalization records, Obama chose not to appear in court.  He forfeited the whole state of GA with millions of votes, 17 electoral votes and possibly 4 more years of presidency, if other states  follow GA.   He did it to hide his identity under the last names Soetoro and Soebarkah and hide evidence of Social Security fraud and forgery.


The evidence is no longer suppressed.  Send the details out to your friends.  Let them read the witnesses testimonies.  If there is any decency left in the media journalists, they will start reporting.  Okay, okay, so we won’t count on it!  But the voters out number those media jokers…remember that!

We are now waiting for the judge’s decision and that of  Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp.    The nation’s fate is squarely on their shoulders.    May they be protected from the Obama thugs and their known tactics of fear,  intimidation and threats.   May God guide them in their decisions.

May this be the Calm Before the Storm!



H/T Charlene

Below are URL’s to the 8 Attempts by the Democrats to change the Constitutional requirement of NBC for President.

Pastor Carl Gallups


127 responses to “Will Law and Order Prevail?

  1. My bad. This is from obamasgarden. Wow, this is really worth going back over.

    “Recently, I closed my blog out-of-the-blue and without a clear stated reason. However, I did have a compelling reason for my decision to close shop, and it fit the dramatic blog entry I left announcing that decision. The truth is, I emailed Loretta Fuddy, Acting Director for the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) earlier the same day I announced that I was closing my blog; and I felt (and still feel) that the content of that email led to the event which prompted me and my husband to have a conversation about the future of this blog and my ‘hobby.’ In that email to Ms. Fuddy, I demonstrated that the document alleged to have been President Obama’s ‘Certification of Live Birth’ (COLB), which was photographed by Factcheck.org, in 2008, was not a legally certified copy of a vital record issued by the Hawaii Department of Health. I also pointed out to Ms. Fuddy that there was really no arguing this fact, and no way to effectively bury the kind of proof I had accumulated. I also bluntly suggested she was foolish for having gotten involved in this controversy. And, I asked one remaining question of Ms. Fuddy, but I didn’t honestly expect her to answer it – and it didn’t matter to me if she did.

    Shortly after I sent this email, I received an email through my blog’s former ‘Contact Me’ feature from an individual completely unknown to me. The email was sent from an IP address that traced back to an organization in Atlanta, Georgia, called the “Center for Progressive Training.” I don’t know anything about this organization beyond what you see at the link provided, and it appears at first glance to be an entirely nonpolitical kind of organization. But, the name of this organization struck a chord with me for obvious reasons and in light of the email I received (not to mention the fact that I personally don’t see the connection between the organization’s name and the kind of curriculum the website indicates this ‘school’ offers). [UPDATE: *Poof* ‘The Center for Progressive Training’ website has vanished within 12 hours of posting this.]

    On the surface, the email I received was friendly enough – wishing me a happy belated birthday and mentioning my preschooler by first name. *PAUSE* Yes, my very sweet, very young child’s first name was staring back at me in an email from an unknown thug.

    Understand that in the two years I’ve investigated the Obama birth certificate controversy, I have never received an email that I could say with certainty was meant to terrify me. I have had some emails that scared me because they referred to violence allegedly perpetrated against other people, but nothing I could say with complete confidence was intentionally threatening.

    However, whether or not a direct threat was made by this person doesn’t really matter – this particular email was from a terrorist. This email named a sweet, innocent, bubbly little kid by first name to scare the shit out of me. And it did. Threats or not, this sick person wanted me to fear for my child’s safety. Needless to say, this is what led to the recent decision to close my blog.

    But there was more to this email….written between the lines. This email gave me the visceral impression that I had finally put my hands on ‘the goods.’ It’s not that I didn’t already understand that I had the goods when I emailed Ms. Fuddy that day, I did; but the timing and intent of the email told me that my note to Ms. Fuddy hit a nerve. Now, I am not suggesting she asked someone to email me, but I do believe the content of the email that I sent to Ms. Fuddy is directly responsible for the content in the email that came an hour or so later from the unknown terrorist. That was my gut reaction and that was my husband’s gut reaction. In fact, my last few emails to several people at both the HDOH and OIP, in hindsight, have clearly been building up to the final one I sent to Ms. Fuddy that day. Surely anyone paying attention in those agencies saw what was coming…..”

  2. Obama shows contempt for judicial process
    While awaiting Malihi’s ruling, Irion stated, ‘The world should be holding its breath.’


    ATLANTA – Last Thursday marked an interesting day in history; one in which three attorneys Van Irion, Mark Hatfield (r), who is also a Republican Georgia State Representative, and Dr. Orly Taitz presented their cases before Georgia Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi regarding Barack Obama’s constitutional ineligibility and their respective requests to have him stricken from the Georgia primary ballot.

    In fact, after a failed attempt to have the subpoena quashed, Obama’s attorney Michael Jablonski sent a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on Jan. 25, the day before the hearing, requesting Kemp withdraw the hearing request.
    Irion speculates Obama was anticipating a default judgment rather than a ruling on the merits, which would have allowed him to, once again, avoid the constitutional eligibility question. He could then appeal the default judgment, get the appellate court to suspend the default judgment pending appeal and then delay the appeal until after the primary.

    Irion urged citizens to tell everyone they know about Obama’s contempt of the judicial branch and explain what it means.

    He said, “Even those that agree with Obama politically and disagree with our ballot challenge should be shocked, appalled and scared of Obama’s contempt for the judicial system.”

    While awaiting Malihi’s ruling, Irion stated, “The world should be holding its breath.”


  3. Obama Got Served
    February 1, 2012 Snips

    I noted last week that Obama was not scheduled to be anywhere near Atlanta on the date of the hearing, although I had wondered if still, perhaps, Georgia might be on his mind. According to reports in the blogosphere, the president’s schedule on the morning of the 26th was open, and according to an unnamed source, Obama watched the live feed of the hearings.

    Perhaps Obama, as well as the several mainstream media news outlets I spotted at the hearing, were merely watching in hopes that the “crazy birthers” would really do something…well, crazy. Or unlawful. In fact, though, it was the president himself and his defense team who were the ones defying the rule of law.

    The mainstream media, in lockstep with Obama, reported nothing of the events, in a stunning blackout on a truly historic hearing — one that discussed the eligibility of a sitting president to run for a second term. And more troubling was the fact that the media failed to acknowledge the even more sensational news — that the president and his defense attorney snubbed an official subpoena.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/02/obama_got_served.html#ixzz1lD0osGgP

    • He watched the hearings after he told the judge through his attorney that he was too busy with presidential duties to attend? I hope somehow Judge Malihi is apprised of that fact. My, oh, my. This potus must be a little worried, huh? Why would that be, we wonders?

      • I would think that the attorney is in a bind also and wonder how 3 contempt charges by his peers will look on his record. Did he realize that he was going to take a fall for this guy called Obama? Was he really that willing to give up his reputation (if he even had a good one) to protect Obama? I found his brand of writing and handling of his arguments very unprofessional, but perhaps that is his normal modus operandi and why he was chosen.

        Would like to know who the anonymous person was that let it be known that Obama was watching the hearing. Were all his minions out hushing up the journalists and media too? Complicit media. It isn’t a story that the president of the US refused to participate in a hearing to prove he was eligible for the seat he was now holding? Where the hell are the real reporters?

        • Some at the infamous blowing fog obot websites even opine that Jablonski didn’t write the letter. It was handed to him or dictated to him from “above”. That makes sense because the “tone” sounds mighty familiar.

      • I almost missed that lamestream media people were there. So why didn’t they REPORT the story?

  4. Georgia Ruling Coming Soon
    Van Irion
    Feb. 1 2012

    Judge Malihi moved the deadline for filing our legal briefs up to today, so today we filed two documents with Georgia’s Office of State Administrative Hearings. We expect Judge Malihi to rule promptly on this matter. As soon as he does, we will let you know both what his ruling is and what it means.

    The first filing was our Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. This is written as a proposed order in the Judge’s voice, but it is not his order. This filing is written in this way to show how we would like the Judge to rule on the evidence and arguments we presented last Thursday in Atlanta. We showed that Obama’s father was never a citizen via several documents. We then showed Supreme Court precedent that “natural born citizen” requires two citizen parents at the time the candidate was born. We therefore propose a ruling that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be on the Georgia ballot for the office of President.

    The second filing today was a Motion for Finding of Contempt against Obama. My message last week, Is the Judicial Branch Dead?, covered the implications of Obama’s actions last week. Never before in our history have we had a President simply ignore a court order. We have had Presidents subject to a court order more than once, but in every one of those instances, the President in question followed lawful procedure in dealing with those orders. We now have a sitting President that has openly declared that he is not subject to the Judicial Branch of our government. This is dangerous territory and our Motion urges Judge Malihi to recommend “that the Superior Court find the Defendant in willful contempt of Court, and that the Superior Court impose sanctions commensurate with an act that threatens the foundations of our Constitutional Republic.”


  5. Georgia Ballot Challenge Exclusive: Plaintiff Kevin Powell
    February 2


    As a Plaintiff sitting in the front of the courtroom on January 26th, 2012, I had a very unique vantage point from which to experience the day’s proceedings as they unfolded in the momentous Georgia Ballot Challenge hearing in Atlanta. However, in the days preceding the hearing; a flurry of activities transpired and in this update I will share a few of them from a first hand perspective. I intend to publish a comprehensive chronological account in meticulous detail, although for now on the eve of Judge Malihi’s findings of fact and law.

    I give you these:
    Friday 30 December 2011
    Even after becoming a Plaintiff, I was still researching and found this very relevant entry in the Congressional Globe:

    Rep. George R. Latham
    March 9th, 1866
    Page 1296

    “Let us consider that the liberty of the people is the liberty of ourselves and our posterity, and that its preservation demands the exercise of ‘eternal vigilance’ by the people, not only with regard to invasions from without, but also with regard to usurpations within the government”


    Tuesday 10 January 2012
    I went to the Secretary of State’s Office to personally obtain CERTIFIED copies of the Certificate of Nominations from 2008 for the Presidential Preference Primary:

    Wednesday 11 January 2012
    I went to the Secretary of State’s Office to personally obtain CERTIFIED copies of the Certificate of Nominations from 2008 for the general election:


    • The Republican Certificate of Nominations for the general election in Georgia for the Republicans say that the nominees meet the constitutional requirements for president and vice president, but the democratic forms do not say that.

      • Didn’t they point that out in the hearing? I missed so much because of the crummy sound, but seems they did manage to work that in. It’s incriminating that their own applications won’t even STATE that he’s eligible.

  6. but the democratic forms do not say that.

    Because they are special, and do not have to follow the rules ?

  7. hummm…
    Obama Blagojevich News, Notice of Motion, Judge James Zagel, February 2, 2012 | Citizen WElls LD | February 2, 2012 at 1:31 pm |
    Just saw this tweet from Chalice Jackson.
    patriotsheart Patriots Heart
    I’m at #Illinois eligibility hearing for Obama. As expected Jackson v Obama is dismissed- we have video! #phnm @birtherreport
    59 minutes ago

  8. Want To Read The Transcripts Of The Obama Eligibility Proceedings?
    February 2, 2012

    Here are the links to each of the three separate eligibility cases brought against Obama. Or you can read them at the Western Journalism link. The scribd seems to work well there.

    In the first case, the plaintiffs are Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell
    Georgia – Swensson|Powell v Obama – Certified Transcript 1-26-12 Hearing tfb

    In the second case, the plaintiffs are David Farrar, Leah Lax, Cody Judy, Thomas Malaren, and Laurie Roth
    Georgia – Farrar, et al. v Obama – Certified Transcript 1-26-12 Hearing tfb

    In the third and final case, the plaintiff is David P Welden
    Georgia – Welden v Obama – Certified Transcript 1-26-12 Hearing tfb


  9. What did anyone think would happen ?
    It’s over. Get along lil doggie…


    • Judge Malihi Rules Against Plaintiffs:Says Obama Born In Hawaii Therefore Natural Born CitizenWe just spoke with plaintiff Kevin Powell and he reports Judge Malihi has ruled against the Plaintiffs and….

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