RINOS, Missing Obama Transcripts, and a New Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS January 18, 2012

So a story in today’s paper reads,

Newt Gingrich, who has emerged of late as [Mitt] Romney’s top agitator, still wanted to see Romney’s full tax return now.

“Either there’s nothing there, so why isn’t he releasing them, or there’s something there, so why is he hiding them?” Gingrich told reporters.

“What is he saying to the people of South Carolina? You’re not important enough for me to release my taxes? Nor are the people of Florida?”

South Carolina Republicans vote Saturday; Floridians on Jan. 31. Gingrich warned that if Romney’s tax returns contain some problem, President Barack Obama’s campaign would exploit it in the fall.

“You do not want a nominee who blows up in September, because in September you have no choice,” Gingrich said.

Let’s play a game and change some of the words.  Let’s imagine a story that says,

Mitt Romney, who has emerged of late as Obama’s top opponent, still wanted to see Obama’s original, certified, three-dimensional birth certificate and his college transcripts.

“Either there’s nothing there, so why isn’t he releasing them, or there’s something there, so why is he hiding them?” Romney told reporters.

“What is he saying to We the People of the United States of America? You’re not important enough for me to release my proof of eligibility for the presidency?

Americans vote soon.  Romney warned that if Obama’s birth documents or college transcripts contain some problem, Romney plans to exploit it.

“Those DemocRATS don’t want a nominee who blows up in September, because in September they have no choice,” Romney said.

If only!  But We the People can dream, can’t we? 

Based upon a question to Obama’s press secretary recently, about why Obama has never released his college transcripts (unlike many Republicans, including Bush and Romney) one blogger speculated,

Kind of awkward to release college records that show aka Obama receiving aid as an Indonesian student! 

Of course, it could have been as a Kenyan or British student!

Not surprisingly, Jay Carney dodged the question and referred reporters to “the campaign.”  Now, what are the odds that any reporter will ask the Obama campaign for those transcripts?  If any reporter has the guts of Woodward or Bernstein and does ask, what are the odds that the Obama campaign will release the transcripts? 

They can’t.  It would be “embarrassing.” 

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  1. Thanks, Cynic. That’s exactly what was swimming in my head. Just another tidbit shoved under the carpet.

  2. oooooh, the debates! I would love to see Newt crack up laughing hysterically in that creep’s face.

    it’d be like Laurel and Hardy! Newt would annihilate that commie fraud.

  3. April 11, 2011 – with no date established for the actual death


    “… For more than a quarter century, Kuwata worked as a political strategist for top Democratic elected officials. He started with former United States Sen. Alan Cranston, and counted U.S Sen. Dianne Feinstein and former Gov. Gray Davis among his clients….”

    funny that Kam Kuwata doesn’t link to anyone on muckety.

    when did Trump start to speak up about barky being an unknown person with no records?

    • Powerlines: The Era of Bad Feelings

      Jim Hahn sets a city against itself, and comes out on top

      June 8, 2001

      II. You Can Take the Boy out of Carolina . . .

      James Kenneth Hahn is not a race-baiting demagogue, but for the past 10 days, he’s played one on television. Well, not Hahn himself, heaven forfend; his image and voice were scrupulously absent from his campaign’s climactic attack ad on Villaraigosa. But it was the hit ad that turned the
      campaign around in its last fortnight, and, indeed, it was the hit ad on which the Hahn campaign was always premised. All this year, Hahn’s two consultants, Kam Kuwata and Bill Carrick, expressed confidence that Villaraigosa was supremely vulnerable to the charge that he was untrustworthy as a result of his letter on behalf of Carlos Vignali.

      The irony is that Bill Carrick, the ad’s producer, was always the Good South Carolinian among political consultants, just as the late Lee Atwater
      was the Bad South Carolinian. Carrick started out working for Ted Kennedy and Richard Gephardt, then moved to L.A., where, with Kuwata, he’s been Dianne Feinstein’s consultant, and by himself has done a brilliant job over the years for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Now, alas, we know that while you can take the boy out of Carolina, you can’t take Carolina out of the boy: Carrick has produced an ad that, in the innuendo of its imagery, is worthy of Atwater.


      “All this year, Hahn’s two consultants, Kam Kuwata and Bill Carrick,”

      “Carrick started out working for Ted Kennedy and Richard Gephardt, then moved to L.A., where, with Kuwata, he’s been Dianne Feinstein’s consultant,”
      Bill Carrick
      Ted Kennedy
      Kam Kuwata


    • Barack Obama’s 2008 Iowa New Media Director was arrested Friday for attempting to use the identities of Secretary of State Matt Schultz, and/or his brother Thomas, with the intent to falsely implicate the Secretary Schultz in illegal or unethical behavior. Zach Edwards, 29, of Des Moines, currently works for Link Strategies, a Democrat-affiliated organization with ties to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. Edwards is the Director of New Media for Link Strategies.

      The Secretary of State’s office discovered the alleged crime and reported it to authorities. Edwards turned himself in to the Iowa DCI agents Friday afternoon. He was charged with identity theft, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Polk County jail. Edwards posted $2,000 bail and was released later on Friday. He faces up to two years in prison.

    • Former Obama staffer Zachary Edwards arrested in false ID scheme.
      Excerpts ……

      You will recall that ACORN and other Democratic satelites organized a campaign a couple of years back to install their allies in Secretary of State offices in as many key states as possible. Such officials are responsible for enforcing – or not enforcing – state election laws. ……..

      Powerline’s John Hinderaker sums it all up:

      So on its face, Edwards’s identity theft appears to be part of a coordinated effort by the Iowa Democratic Party to bring down the Republican Secretary of State so he can be replaced with a Democrat. We hope that Edwards will get the long jail term that he deserves, but the more important question is, from whom was he taking instructions? Circumstantially, one would guess from his boss, Jeff Link. But if so, who was instructing (and paying?) Link’s firm? The White House? Tom Harkin? Iowa’s Democratic Party?”

      So here we have what looks like the potential beginning of a significant election campaign scandal and I am sure editors at the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News and, especially, MSNBC and CNN are at this very moment lining up their top investigative reporters to dig into the story.

      What you doubt that?


      • I’ve seen absolutely NO mention of this far-worse-than-Watergate scandal in the lamestream media. I looked for it today, specifically, because it seems so pertinent. NOTHING.

        The bias of the lamestream is so obvious that nobody can possibly wonder why Gingrich gets standing ovations for attacking the media for their corruption.

        Recently, there was a story about a supposed “hate crime” committed when someone (not identified, no known motive, no perp) painted “KKK” on a highway sign that honors Rosa Parks.

        A story today talks about another “hate crime” and “threat” committed when someone (not identified, no known motive, no perp) placed stickers that look like a target with crosshairs on it on or near the doors of some DemocRAT congresspersons at the state capital in Jefferson City, MO (and at least one Republican’s door.) The person complaining the loudest to the media about being “targeted” is a black female representative. The MO state congress was that day debating whether or not to comply with provisions of Obamacare. Both incidents sound staged to me. The reporters didn’t even mention or seem to consider that possibility. It reads more like the return of the Journolist.

        Remembering what happened in Iowa and the typical DemocRAT dirty tricks over the past decades, I immediately came to the conclusion that rather than a hate crime or any threat, BOTH incidents are more likely political stunts designed to create the impression that racism is alive and well in this country, to stir up white guilt, to stir up the black/minority base, AND to capitalize on the Gabby Giffords/Sarah Palin “targeting” meme.

        If they do catch anyone and it turns out that it’s a DemocRAT or progressive dirty trick, they WILL NOT report it.

        This is like how they hype incidents of hate crimes on campus, such as when somebody paints the n-word on a black person’s dorm room door but then it turns out the person put the sign on the door herself. They either don’t report the truth or they bury it on the back page.

        They hide that the person was trying to create a false impression of another race. Imho, this is as much of a hate crime as if it truly were a person of another race painting the n-word on a black person’s door.

        When someone creates a false impression designed to “paint” another group of people, as a whole, as racist, that, to me, is a hate crime, too.

        • Here’s the background on that Zach Edwards, who tried to steal the Iowa Sec. of State’s identity:

          “Zach Edwards got started in web-based research while based in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006 . After a stint as a part-time political blogger and local democratic volunteer, he joined the Obama campaign in early 2007 as an intern organizing North-West Las Vegas. In September 2007, Zach joined the Obama New Media department as co-director of the Nevada New Media team and then moved on to direct New Media operations in five other primary states (New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota).

          During the 2008 General Election, Zach was the Iowa Director of New Media. In this capacity, he worked closely with communications, research and field operations to provide cutting-edge organizing tools and new media-based opposition research; which was emulated in battleground states across the country. After the election, Zach began working at Link Strategies as the Director of New Media, where he provides innovative web-based research tools, video analysis and production, and web-based communication tools to assist our clients.”
          http://web.archive.org/web/20100824060425/http://www.linkstrategies.com/bios.html h/t Glenn Reynolds

          • More bios from that strategy company:

            Jeff Link works as an Iowa-based political and public affairs consultant with a deep background in government and politics at the state and federal levels in the U.S. and abroad. Link’s experience in government, paid media strategy, research and crisis communications and offers a strong background for clients.

            Link’s work in campaigns has dovetailed with his experience in government. After successfully managing Sen. Tom Harkin’s 1996 reelection campaign, Link served in Washington, D.C. as Sen. Harkin’s Chief of Staff from 1997 until 1999. In 1999 Link returned to Iowa to obtain his law degree from Drake University. He graduated in 2002 with honors and won the National Moot Court Championship in New York City in 2001.

            During law school, Link founded Link Strategies, ran the Gore-Lieberman 2000 campaign in Iowa and began managing Senator Harkin’s 2002 reelection campaign. Senator Harkin was reelected to a fourth term in November 2002 and Link’s work in the campaign was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants with a Pollie Award for combining technology with grassroots organizing.

            Link recently served as a media consultant to the Obama for President Campaign, coordinating branding, all paid media and polling in 25 states, including seven battleground states (VA, NC, FL, CO, NM, NV, MT), and directed Sen. Harkin’s 2008 reelection campaign.

            Link has experience with state government having served as executive assistant to Speaker Robert W. O’Donnell of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1991 until 1994. In 1995, Link successfully directed the Speaker and Majority Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates efforts to retain their majority in 1995.

            Link’s political work has also taken him to Aruba, where he managed the opposition party in Aruba’s parliamentary elections. The election, saw the opposition party, the Aruba Volks Party, win a plurality, form a government and elect Henny Eman as Prime Minister.
            Matt Paul has more than ten years experience working in public affairs at the local and state level. Paul began his career as a reporter in television and radio in Cedar Rapids. In 1994, he joined the staff of Mayor Larry Serbousek, serving as the city’s primary spokesperson. He was asked to continue in that role after the election of Mayor Lee R. Clancey in 1996. Paul dramatically increased the exposure and understanding of city government by producing the first citizen’s annual report, negotiated a new telecommunications franchise and spearheaded what would become the city’s first website. Voters in Cedar Rapids retained the city’s unique form of government in 1997 and re-elected Mayor Clancey.

            In 1998, Paul was asked to serve on the transition team of Governor-elect Tom Vilsack. After inaugural activities, he joined the Administration and served in several key positions including Press Secretary, Communications Director and Senior Advisor. Paul authored and implemented the strategic communications plan of the Iowa Values Fund, which resulted in passage of the largest and most successful economic development program in the state’s history. Paul also led Governor Vilsack’s successful bid to host the 2005 National Governors Association meeting in Des Moines.

            Paul also has experience in state and national politics. He served as Assistant to Governor Tom Vilsack in his successful 2002 reelection campaign, directing advance and press across the state. In 2004, Paul was tapped to serve as Deputy State Director for Governor Howard Dean’s groundbreaking presidential campaign. Paul served as Campaign Manager for Mike Blouin’s gubernatorial campaign in 2006, raising nearly $2 million dollars and securing a majority of the labor and newspaper endorsements.
            Brad Anderson got his start doing research on Sen. John Edwards’ 1998 successful run for U.S. Senate.

            Following the Edwards campaign, Brad moved to Washington, D.C. to help lead the Bush-Cheney business and ethics research operation at the Democratic National Committee, as well as lead the Cheney vice-presidential nomination rapid response. The response was praised by the national media:

            “The Democratic opposition research was far superior to the Bush campaign’s preparation to respond.” – Cal Jillson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University. [Houston Chronicle, 7/29/00]

            “Now, the Democrats seem to have got themselves quite well organized and have clearly done some serious opposition research.” – FoxNews commentator Brit Hume after Cheney was picked [FoxNews, 7/26/00]

            “The Democrats went after [Cheney] hard on all these controversial votes. They had the research ready. The fed it to the press. The press naturally repeated it.” — CNN Media correspondent Howard Kurtz – [CNN Reliable Source, 8/12/00]

            Following the 2000 campaign, Brad became U.S. Senator Tom Harkin’s research director on his successful 2002 re-election campaign. From there, he began working with Jeff Link at Link Strategies as a research and communications consultant on several successful local and statewide races throughout the country.

            In August 2004, Brad returned to Washington, D.C. to once again do self-research for Sen. Edwards as he was chosen as candidate for Vice President. Following the 2004 election, Brad returned to Link Strategies, and in August 2006 became Communications Director for then-Secretary of State Chet Culver’s successful campaign for Governor of Iowa. Brad served as Governor Culver’s Communications Director and chief spokesperson from August 2006 through May 2008, when he returned to Link Strategies as a partner in the firm. Following Brad’s return, he has since handled several research projects and served as President Barack Obama’s Iowa Communications Director for the General Election of the presidential campaign.
            Molly Scherrman is originally from Farley, Iowa (home of the Palace of Speed). Scherrman began work in Iowa politics during the 2002 election as a canvasser and later became the campus organizer for Iowa State University. Upon graduation in 2004 she became part of Iowans for Vilsack/Pederson and began fundraising. In 2005 Scherrman became the Finance Director for the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) and the Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign, working closely with the Chair to raise over $3.5 million.

            In 2006 Scherrman left the IDP to work on Senator Tom Harkin’s successful 2008 re-election campaign as the Iowa Finance Director. Molly’s expertise in political management extends beyond development and fundraising, and she continues to advise clients on a range of issues important to running a successful organization.
            Alissa Brammer,a Des Moines native, graduated from Connecticut College in 2006 and has worked in government politics ever since. After two summers with EMILY’s List in Washington D.C., Brammer returned to Iowa to work in research on Chet Culver’s successful 2006 gubernatorial campaign.

            Following the election, Brammer worked in the press department of the Culver/Judge Transition Office and then as the Communications Assistant in Governor Culver’s Administration. Brammer joined Link Strategies as a researcher in May 2008 and took a brief hiatus to work on Senator Tom Harkin’s 2008 re-election campaign before returning to Link Strategies.
            Here’s who they are with my emphasis added:
            “LinkStrategies winning formula is simple:
            Fuse campaign management and organizing with research and communications to get a firm with the skills and creativity that helps campaigns win and organizations succeed.

            In this business one thing is certain, experience counts. Our formula would not work without the hands-on experience necessary to make it work. Our team has worked on successful projects dating back to 1990, ranging from local referendums to statewide and presidential campaigns.

            With years of experience managing campaigns, directing research, grassroots lobbying and government relations, we work together to come up with creative strategies and sensible solutions to suit your needs.”

            Isn’t grassroots lobbying an oxymoron?

            • It gets better!
              “Goal: LinkStrategies provides thorough, user-friendly research to help your campaign win and your company or organization succeed.

              Record: Our record speaks for itself. Since 2006, Link Strategies handled research for the several successful campaigns including Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH), Governor Chet Culver (D-IA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN), Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND), and several other U.S. Senate, gubernatorial and congressional candidates. We have also provided research to several labor unions, non-profit and corporations across the country.

              Experience: What sets LinkStrategies apart from other research firms is our experience. While most research firms are made up of only researchers, our experience managing campaigns allows us to work with our clients and help them use the research. In short, it is likely we have been in your shoes. We can work with you, your pollster, your media firm, or any party necessary to help use the research to craft a message or strategy to help you succeed.

              Product: Our style of product is simple…thorough and user-friendly research. What good is a 200 page research book which nobody has the time or desire to read? Our research includes summary pages, top 10 lists, charts, graphs…whatever helps our clients read and quickly decipher the content of the research.”

              They also helped America Coming Together (ACT). From Wikipedia:
              America Coming Together (ACT) was a liberal, political action, 527 group dedicated to get-out-the-vote activities. ACT did not specifically endorse any political party, but mostly worked on behalf of Democratic candidates. It was the largest 527 group in 2004 and was planning to be involved in future races. The group was primarily funded by Peter Lewis, George Soros, and labor unions, especially the Service Employees International Union, and was led by Steve Rosenthal, a former political director of the AFL-CIO.

              In the last three weeks before the 2004 presidential and congressional elections, ACT planned on funding over 12 million phone calls to targeted voters and having canvassers hand-deliver 11 million pieces of literature at targeted doorsteps. On Election Day, ACT had projected to have 45,000 paid canvassers in the battleground states and spent over $10 million on Election Day. It had 86 offices open every day, a staff of 4000 and a goal of reinforcing the army of 45,000 paid canvassers with 25,000 volunteers.

              In the fall of 2004, ACT was featured in the Frontline Documentary, The Persuaders, which described ACT’s use of narrowcasting.

              In 2005 ACT was in the process of being wound down.[1] Its website was not renewed and is no longer operational.

              The Federal Election Commission announced on August 29, 2007, that it had reached a settlement agreement with ACT for violations of various federal campaign finance laws during the 2004 US presidential campaign. ACT has agreed to pay $775,000 in fines.”

  4. FOX announced that “Gingrich wins South Carolina Primary.”

    So isn’t the score now – 1- 1 -1 for the three top runners.

    They are showing these percentages
    Gingrich 37%
    Romney 36%
    Paul 11%
    Santorum 6%

    • I am watching Romney’s speech and seeing all the kids acting as cheerleaders that are behind him as he is standing at the podium. I think that is so great because that is exactly what Mitt did for republican candidates when he was in high school. There is a whole group of Mitt teenage cheerleaders.

  5. Gingrich 40%!!
    Romney 27%
    Santorum 17%
    Paul 13%

    He slaughtered them.

    • He slaughtered them.


      Gingrich, even though I’m not a “huge” fan is the only one that I think we can take the win with. Gingrich / Palin 🙂

  6. Does anyone remember hearing this in the 2008 SC campaign? Any truth??

    One of the most famous examples she cites is a whisper campaign during the 2000 presidential primary that falsely claimed then-candidate John McCain of fathering an illegitimate child with a black prostitute.


    • I remember that story. I don’t remember that the alleged mother was a prostitute but I remember that he supposedly had an illegitimate child with a black woman. Of course, turned out to be totally false. He and his wife actually adopted a baby from India who is now a grown woman – she looks like she could be of mixed race and I think they were trying to spin that out. It was so absurd, it never got any traction

    • I agree with what Hayden, said, same story that I remember. It was a really evil tale to tell, and I can’t imagine how their adopted daughter felt if she was hearing that. Pathetic. Wasn’t the NY Times involved in one of those stories. Then there was that slimebag Andrew Sullivan with the Sarah wasn’t the mother of Trig story that went on and on and on. But Zero’s background about being gay didn’t get any traction and that was more than likely true.

  7. Class, I just found this.

    Let’s read it together.


    reminds me of Primary Colors by Joe Klein the Anonymous.

    funnny, same peops; different day

    rings a bell, I hear.

  8. I’ve been reading over at FR and the buzz is that the DNC campaign is putting obo out there as being born to a single mother. Could this be true? If they are putting this out there to avoid the NBC issue then I still say he is toast. There is a question as to whether this is a legit campaign slogan. It also says he was raised in Kansas. Seems like with every new election there is a new life story.

    • Single mother angle may be tdr, but that is a different story then his own. It would be all lies ? Not good

      • “I’ve been reading over at FR and the buzz is that the DNC campaign is putting obo out there as being born to a single mother.”

        tdr, I saw that the other day from the FR link I posted JUDGE ORDERS OBAMA to APPEAR to Testify. A newbie? I believe from FR was the first to link the image….trust but verify!

        Here’s the image from the FR link –

        Comment 215 –


        What do you make of it Bridgette? I think it’s a photo shop, maybe a bad rumor being spread? hopefully.

        Even if he goes with this, I myself do not think he will be able to get away with it. What about the divorce degree for one?

        • Ha, “I am the American Dream!” Isn’t that sentence a dead giveaway? I was born in Kansas? Give me a break. I think it is supposed to be satire. I don’t think it was really put out by the campaign. They wouldn’t be using a photo of him (allegedly from Harvard) when he is 30 years older.

          I can’t believe Freepers would be taking that seriously. I didn’t read their thread to see, but I can’t imagine they would. Someone did an excellent job of making that banner or whatever it is supposed to represent.

          • Right Bridgett, I think Freepers is getting desparate for some new stuff, anything, it looks like. Poor Obama , he was so big and so tall his senior year in highschool, but here the poor dude has shrunk again, I guess all that book learning, and no exercise;and he only has that one shirt all his years of college like his leather jacket.If this story were true, every American could call for Impeachment for lying to all of America and most the world. No such Luck.

          • “That’s the short guy. You have to chant to make him grow.”



      • People use the term “single mother” to mean a woman who’s a mother and never been married, as well as a woman who has children but is divorced or widowed and has to raise the kids alone. So he can cleverly “truthfully” say his mom was at times a “single” mother, if she’s SADOS.

    • a-hmm, remember what I said. I brought this up again just about a week ago. So I’m not suprised. The past comments and comments from his book gave him the opening. In fact I think I’ve brought this up since the beginning but no one wanted to hear it, mainly I guess because (myself included) we have been using the lies as our guide to the truth. That never works. We sort of know it but we’ve had so little to go on that all their fiction we’ve tried over and over again to make something hold true that just simply has been flawed from the start. So now when he says he’s from Kansas or Georgia, Connecticut,or Louisiana, he was illigitimate , or that he just found this out after seeing the original bc, we have every right to say SCREW YOU. We don’t need a lier for a president. I don’t care if his father was a frozen embryo from China’s Chairman Mao Zedong, he’s a lying sack of —- . Maybe he did the whole Obama Sr. thing so he could run around over their and play politics with Kenya’s screwballs. This is going to unravel and it’s not going to go down so good with the dems either.We’ve been lied to either way, and most people don’t FEEL so good when they see they’ve been lied to. We’ve not just been lied to by O. It’s the DNC, Nancy Pitrotsky,Governor Abercrombie, Most the Senate on both sides who know something we’ve not been privy to. When’s it going to stop. Voters got to put a stop to this, both parties. When you can’t trust your own party you should be scared . When are people going to wake up.

      • OK, the thread at FR is that the campaign is putting this out now because they are separating themselves from the NBC issue…i.e the BNA only recognizes the british citizenship from the father on legitimate offspring. Since senior was married, supposedly, to Kezia, that makes marraige to SAD invalid, besides there was marraige certificate. Anyway Butter is worried that they will try this tatic. See comment below:

        The only attorney who is arguing the birth certificate issue is ORly Taitz. The other 2 challenges are based sheerly on the NBC issue. As seizethecarp has been saying for quite a while, the NBC argument could fall apart if Obama argues that BHO’s marriage to Ann is null because he was already married to Kezia and the US doesn’t allow bigamy. If Obama argued that – and actually if that is true – then if what seizethecarp is saying about Britain’s laws is correct, Obama would not have been born a British subject or citizen or whatever it is because Britain does not confer citizenship on illegitimate children born on foreign soil to British fathers.

        And a recent Facebook ad suggests that this may well be the route that Obama’s people are going to take. A head-fake.

        I’ve always said that we should not put all our eggs in either the birthplace or the NBC basket. As it stands right now, for better or for worse, Orly is the only person who is willing to take on Obama’s forgery and perjury and WHY he forged those BC’s. Her plate is very, very full and she’s had difficulty getting all the technical legal points taken care of – which is understandable given all that she’s been doing.

        I have something that Judge Malihi DEFINITELY needs to see. But I need to make sure it is acceptable to the court, and that means I need a GA attorney who can be trusted to do this right. I’ve already tried contacting Van Irion and Hatfield; they are not interested. Their eggs are all in the NBC basket. More power to them and I hope they win. But I fear that Obama’s people have done a massive head-fake on them and I don’t want to risk that.

        Anybody who can help me will be my friend for life!


        • But then there’s the issue of his marriage to Kezia being “tribal” only and not legally registered in what was then a British colony. I don’t know the truth of this; it’s just what various biographers have said. Then there’s the similar “tribal” divorce where all he had to do to divorce her is to tell her that she’s divorced, which he claimed that he did, WHEN HE FOUND OUT THAT KEZIA WAS PREGNANT BY ANOTHER MAN. Before he married Ann. Ann claimed BHO Sr. as the legal father when she divorced him. If he claimed Barry as his son in 1971, then isn’t he his son? Biological fathers have rights in the USA.

          It’s all so complex and deliberately so. He’s muddied the waters deliberately. We can’t know what’s true. We don’t know:

          1. who his parents are
          2. where he was born
          3. what citizenship he had at birth

          NOBODY KNOWS except dead people and everybody who’s hiding all his records.

        • It was a quick search I admit, but the ONLY place I can find reference to that campaign ad is on freerepublic

          • Yeah, me, too. I looked for it elsewhere the day that was posted, but there was nothing anywhere but at Free Republic, so I figured somebody was hoaxing or it’s satire. It is interesting about the two photos of Barry at the library. Which is the REAL Barry? They both can’t be real so either one of them is photoshopped, or both are. He has more heads than Mr. Potato Head.

      • this post looks like I am commenting on the born in Kansas poster. I’m not, but now I can’t find where I tried to post this. It would make more sense why I would be ranting so. Sorry you guys. Feel free to move it if it doent’ read right. I think I was referring to the comment about someone saying the Dems. were now saying Obama’s mother wasn’t married. I can’t remember the rest ,but that’s what I was alluding to.

    • I saw that yesterday and nobody answered the question whether it’s a joke or not. It says he was raised in Kansas by his grandparents. I doubt seriously that they would deign to say he’s not a radical or a muslim terrorist. The website has blank forms people can use, so I suspect somebody is playing around, in response to the attempt by obots to hijack the identity of a Republican Sec. of State and cause mayhem.

      But, speaking of that, what’s wrong with this picture?

      Supposed to be Ann, Barry, and some guy in KANSAS.

      • Where did this photo come from Miri?

        • The same Free Republic thread with the bogus flyer about Barry being raised in Kansas by his grandparents. What struck me is the timing. How old does Barry look there? About the same age as when he showed up in Hawai, maybe a little older. So right about the same time that Maya was born. Maybe when little Maya was a toddler. How did Ann appear when little Maya was a babe in arms? Remember the photo of the loving family on the couch? After having that baby, Ann was slim (as she ever was). Now, in Kansas, not long afterwards, she’s fat. So when did she get fat? Unless, this is a pregnant-with-Maya Ann, but then Barry doesn’t look correct. He doesn’t look like the chubby boy on the couch with Ann, Lolo, and pinhead Maya. Who’s the dude, btw? Anybody recognize him? Is that the good-looking journalist lover that Ann took? OMG, this gets so freaking old. But you know what, this is one photo that actually looks real. I could kick myself big time because when I first saw that photo yesterday, the poster had a link to a photobucket with over 500 pictures in it. Now, he/she only links to that one photo. I didn’t have time yesterday to page through all the photos. I don’t know whose photobucket it is or how that poster got access to it. He has another photo on the thread of Barry, in a boat, with a purse. (It’s really a straw tote. I have one just like it!)

          • Miri,You are pretty much verbatum saying what I tried to post, but was knocked offline.I’ll try not to stretch this out too much,but it would be great to have about three photos of around that time,put side by side.I was thinking all the same. Remember the christmas photo with sorta chubby Barry and his Mom on the floor and Obama exchanging christmans gifts. Supposed to be 1971-72 when she comes back? That would be after Maya. And yes she’s a little thing with Maya as a babe on her lab on the loveseat thingy.But rememer the photo of O, Mama,Maya,about 2 years old, and grandpa? I call it the ‘grassy knole” picture. She is not that large ,so she had to have gotten large after at least 1972 or 73 or after, so Barry would be at least older than both the other two photos. How do you go that fast to this size, but Barry doesn’t grow up. Rembember little Maya ,granddad and Ann at the airport with Obama standing up front’ Barry has started to thicken up and grow up about right for 11 or 12; so this photo has to be older, but Barry isn’t really.Maybe that’s a brother or a real husband, school friend,anything.Mybe theyre in seattle even.

            • Yes, I was looking at that Christmas photo, too. But Ann was sorta chubby and no way did that fat, ugly kid look like the kid in this new photo of Ann and Barry with some unidentified “meathead-looking” guy in Kansas.

              Sorry, whoever you are, but you remind me of Archie Bunker’s Meathead.

              Now remember, too, the totally bogus photo of Ann in the white dress, supposedly at the airport with BHO Sr., on the same day she and Barry met BHO Sr. as he arrived in Hawaii? She was skinny there. In her white dress. And Barry looked somewhat like the Barry in Kansas with Meathead and mom.

              How DO you get that large so fast? Well, some people manage to. But look at her after giving birth to Maya. Lost all that pregnancy fat already but then she gains more for no reason? She actually looks sort of pregnant in that Kansas pic, but with whom? If it’s Maya, then Barry is too old!

              Ok, I forgot about the Barry, Maya, Stan, and SAD at the airport but I know which photo you mean. I don’t have time today to put it all together, but I’ll try to do it some time, unless somebody else volunteers.

          • Miri, can you give a link to that thread?

          • Yeah, the white dress too. That ‘s Christmas too. And Barry doesn’t look like the same child to me as his other Christmas photo, does he? Anyway she sure looks different in that last photo. Can’t figure out the time difference really because of Barry.

          • Miri, I don’t believe this child is the present day barky. There’s no resemblance at all. I don’t think the current day person is this little guy.

            Who is barky? he doesn’t look like Stan the man, Madelyn, Big Dreamy Dadio or Stan the Ann. The little kid we are so accustomed to seeing at the airport and elsewhere at least resembled dirty Pop. but not anymore, that’s for sure.

            current day barky is always wears pan make-up and that’s just coloring.

            this little boy did not grow up to have a pin head. no way.

      • Both Ann and Barry are really chunky. This kid has that same snarly way of holding his mouth.

        • The jutting chin. I swear there are two of them.

        • Wonder if he wears his hair short now because he doesn’t favor these other photos if his hair grew out. I think I am a pretty good study on features ,bones,form ect, but I’ve never been abe to tell who it is B. favors. He can look so different sometimes.

  9. Any ideas what this is?

    What’s Up? Watsonville, CA Jan 20th 2012

    Posted on January 22, 2012 by lowtechgrannie | 13 Comments


  10. This was such a great comment that I found ar FR that I hope you dont mind that I posted it…it is pretty long.

    We know that his mother removed him from her passport because he was an Indonesian citizen. So the state department probably had some document with this data.

    He needs to exit Indonesia, but he legally can’t.

    Either the family comes up with the idea to affirm his kenyan citizenship or a lawyer insists it must be done to get him back to the USA. So they call Obama Sr. and he gets the boy a Kenyan passport and possibly a court order from a Kenyan court. He wants his Kenyan boy out of Indonesia, and legally demands it.


    I have read the Indonesian law on this. A woman married to a Indonesian citizen and her children became citizens of Indonesia under their law. Since the DAD and Lolo were married for 2 years prior to going to Indonesia they probably go everything taken care of before leaving to ensure the family would be properly papered in Indonesia. And thus the US probably recognized the entire Soetoro clan as Indonesian citizens in 1967 before they left.

    Now in 1971 things are getting real unstable in Indonesia and its time get Obama II out of there for his own safety. But he is an Indonesian Citizen and his mother is still considered an Indonesian Citizen by Indonesia law AND she is planning on staying in Indonesia for now. So though Indonesia would not recognize her US citizenship she could invoke after being stateside – but her and Lolo had to get Obama declared as an indonesian citizen in 1967 or earlier.

    Now, there is always the claim that a child’s parents can not forsake their child’s US citizenship. THAT IS WRONG.

    A parent can do such a thing. HOWEVER, a child can reclaim their citizenship if they have not done anything that would nullify their citizenship in the US.

    The Nationality Act of 1940, revised 1952, Section 318(a) “A former citizen of the United States expatriated through the expatriation of such person’s parent or parents and who has not acquired the nationality of another country by any affirmative act other than the expatriation of his parent or parents may be naturalized upon filing a petition for naturalization before reaching age of twenty-five years and upon compliance with all requirements of the naturalization laws with the following exceptions:

    (b) No former citizen of the United States, expatriated through the expatriation of such person’s parent or parents shall be obliged to comply with the requirements of the immigration laws, if he has not not acquired the nationality of another country by any affirmative act other than the expatriation of his parent or parents, and if he has come or shall come to the United States before reaching the age of twenty-five years.

    (c) After his naturalization such person shall have the same citizenship status as if he had not been expatriated.”

    So in reality a parent CAN renounce their child’s citizenship, HOWEVER, the child can get it back – AFTER naturalization – resulting the ‘same citizenship status’.

    Notice that (c) creates a problem for those who say only two status – natural born and naturalized. (c) certainly shows that there are multiple types of citizen status.

    So to clean up the recognized and valid and legal adoption of Obama by Soetoro Obama Senior is needed. Indonesia will nullify the adoption and citizenship of an adopted child whose natural father claims him. And that is what was likely done. And at that point Obama is Kenyan, 100% Kenyan, not Indonesian, not American – Kenyan citizenship. It must be this way to completely and cleanly nullify Indonesia’s claim on Obama II.

    Now the question is – how does a child who is considered a Kenyan citizen legally immigrate to the US? Probably through a refugee sponsorship. Obama Senior does not want the kid and just wants to dump him after he is used to spring him from Indonesia. So the child is registered as a refugee with a Catholic organization – based in…..CONNECTICUT! Gran and Granddad are the sponsors. But the process takes time. So when he needs a SS Card – he gets through the refugee function based in Connecticut. This ties into some posters (I am sorry forget right now who that is) that indicates the SS number came from a refugee function in Connecticut.

    Then he finds out he can get a good scholarship as a foreign refugee. It has been documented by the LA Times that he was at Oxy “on a full scholarship.” So he leverages that for Oxy. This ties into Huckabee’s comments about attending college as a foreign student.

    But now he has problems when he decides or needs to stay in the US and be recognized as a US citizen.

    From above:

    “…if he has not not acquired the nationality of another country by any affirmative act other than the expatriation of his parent or parents, and if he has come or shall come to the United States before reaching the age of twenty-five years.”

    He did acquire his Kenyan nationality through an action other than expatriation of his parent or parents. So it is probably problematic. And he has probably leveraged his ‘foreignness’ to get a scholarship to a US University after the age of 18 – essentially declaring he is not a US Citizen.

    Maybe he later fully naturalized – properly and legally – maybe he did not. The records show that……oh, yeah – no records….

    ‘natural born Citizen’????

    If half of this scenario is correct this is a case study of international citizenship laws, allegiances, identities and naturalization requirements. Not a very clean situation to meet the simple criteria of being a ‘natural born Citizen’.

    So in summary:
    1961 – Born in – who cares. I go with Washington, Canada or Hawaii. Citizenship – US.
    1964 – Divorce and Obama Senior INS filing acknowledge birth child of Obama II. Establishing him as a UK Overseas Citizen – from birth.
    1965 – Mother marries Lolo Soetoro.
    1967 – Family moves to Indonesia. Between 1965 and 1967 Obama is considered Lolo Soetoro’s child by Indonesia AND the US. Citizenship – Indonesian (only)
    1971 – Obama Senior legally claimes Obama II. Thus, Indonesia recognizes birth father claim and terminates Obama II’s Indonesian citizenship. Citizenship – Kenyan (note: NOT UK at this point).
    After 1971 – US Citizenship gained through naturalization (????) If so when, where, how?

    546 posted on Saturday, January 21, 2012 9:58:32 AM by bluecat6

    • I think this is a pretty good theory.

      I know the statement of Indonesian Law is accurate- He was considered Indonesian (as shown by school enrollment record). Good thought on how BHO re-enetered the picture. It would explain how they came up with the birth certificate abstract. His original Birth Certificate was sealed and a new one issue once the adoption by Lolo went through. Then it was changed again -back to the original info when BHO II “reclaims” him to get him out of Indonesia. So, he can’t release the original, but Hawaii can say the thing they released is a valid abstract or record or whatever their story is. Of course, there’s the issue of the complete lack of corroborating evidence of his birth at Kapiolani – who knows where he was born. his birth was probably claimed by family under Hawaii’s lax laws at the time, but it doesn’t really matter where he was born because he gave up any claims of U.S. citizenship he might have once had.

      I hadn’t heard about the Catholic Charity-Connecticut angle before

      Anyway, he could reclaim U.S. citizenship once 18, but he decides to claim foreign status for college, an affirmative action and he is no longer able to reclaim U.S. citizenship. So he was not a natural born, native, or naturalized citizen and could not regain any U.S. citizenship status. He was an alien – until he makes some friends in Chicago.

      College records would have the answers and proof that he knew and chose not to be a U.S. citizen- no way to cover for him on that with oh it doesn’t matter where his father was born, you’re just a racist crazy “birther”, it wasn’t his choice, he’s a victim of an absent father, single mother, etc., blah blah. And the college transcripts are what everybody’s buzzin on lately. I can’t believe there’s not someone at Occidental or Columbia that has access, knows, and will not leak them. Yes, there are privacy laws that they are bound by not to break, but that doesn’t extend to knowingly wittholding evidence of an ongoing felony. if they haven’t already, Someone (not Orly puuuleeease) subpoena those records, his APPLICATION, scholarship, student account records and financial aid records.

      • They are all mulling over the catholic refugee thing as being plausible but maybe not likely. Most likely his grandparents became his legal guardian. The whole citizenship thing is the issue. From everything that has been reported and as we try to piece together the scenario, it appears he has an issue producing a BC from Hawaii and I now think showing evidence of citizenship.

        • Dont forget that he took that trip to Kenya in 1983 or so, before his 23rd birthday when some claimed he was reinstating his Kenyan citizenship.

        • According to that scenario, wouldn’t all be in order if all he showed was a copy of his ORIGINAL birth certificate? (Other than that it should be, according to their laws, marked up showing all the amendments.) That scenario assumes he was born in Hawaii to SADOS and BHO Sr. I still have my doubts.

          Thinking about the WH Insider’s tale of the shorter guy who went into a room, a bunch of chanting, and voila! A taller guy comes out. We’ve noted before that shorter guy who was entering Siddiqi’s apartment in NYC.

          • No, all wouldn’t be in order if all he showed was his original birth certificate because he made an affirmative action to give up his U.S. citizenship when he claimed he was a foreign student – either Indonesian or Kenyan – and went to school as such and took scholarship money as such AND then did not attempt to get U.S. citizenship back before age 25. So he would not currently be a U.S. citizen of any type.

            If he had not gone to school as a foreign student and before age 25 tried to get it back, then all would be in order because he would get the citizenship he would have had if his mother had not expatriated.

            It does not assume Hawaii birth per se, but it does assume some type of original record in Hawaii of the birth – but Hawaii had those lax laws that allowed registration of a birth up to a year afterwards no matter where the birth actually took place.

            • I meant that tongue-in-cheek. IF his original bc shows what he has claimed all along–that he was born in Hawaii to SADOS and BHO SR.–then all would be in order so all he has to do is cough it up. (Well, except for the two citizen parents issue.)

              There’s no logical reason not to and that’s something that all his avid obots cannot explain and which they studiously avoid even thinking about. They must be having a huge case of painful cognitive dissonance at the moment.

              Since they are true believers, then why, oh, why doesn’t Barry just ask Corley to deliver the real thing to the court? Even the infamous fogblowers are getting nervous and beginning, in their hearts of hearts, to DOUBT. Doubting Thomases. Oh, my!

      • sorry but this is is quite that possible or likely. If anything like this were to occur it would take more than a couple pieces of paper to get your reclaimed son from an Indonesian citizen in his own country where his so called is now residing. That’s an awful lot of wrangling with assumptions.
        My brain is now a noodle,so I have forgotten the dates Sotoro goes, and then Ann and B. go to Indonesia. would somebody refresh the dates. Just a short date summary,because it is important. Even FR can get things wrong you know and then there will more on this nonsense to dispell. If FR thinks Obama needed to come home in 1970, just on the guess that it must have been a bad time over there for B. then why the heck wouldn’t anyone think that it would have been a far worse time to take a wife and a small child over there in the first place when it was one of the worst times in history. Would somebody post …..date of requests to go to Indo. and date of actual passports agin. Ann’es last passports, and was there ever a passport for an individual child who is likely in the midst of severing ties with his adoptive father (who by Indo law has more rights than his AMErican citizen wife ,not a dual cit. or likely never an Indo cit.) , a passport for a child to leave the country unaccompanied by either parent in 1970 or 71?

      • A child cannot give up his citizenship!

        • In the sense that a child can reclaim original citizenship once reaching the age of majority, you are correct.

          But that does not preclude parents from seeking recognition from another country of naturalized citizenship for their child in that country.

          And once reaching the age of majority the child must reclaim the original status and not reject it by his actions

          • Exactly! And somehow I believe his lawyer when he does stipulate that Barry was never a naturalized citizen.

          • Not trying to argue this point but make it a little clearer/or foggier perhaps, but somewhere I pointed out this is true in he natural legal progression of things, but history proves things don’t happen this simply and there are tons of cases where this reclaiming of citizenship did not occur so the court has to go back to the original set of circumstances and documents if there are any and start from there and there are too many cases where this did not happen, every instance has different sets of circumstances and they would be much more than people would want to hear, but often times not until many years after the opportunity to reclaim citizenship has passed and something comes up (like this and many other situations). It is much more work on the part of the courts and authorities and the alias/citizen/national, natural born to wait after time has passed because you may have not kept up any documents or bits of information that proves you never left the country illegally all the years. You many not have proof that you were a resident in the countryand existed for x number of years,theres tons of things that could be used but you may not have those pieces of the puzzle over time that may help you . You may lose your citizenship, in the place you assumed you were a citizen, but the courts try to rectify this and grant you proper judgement . Sometimes people have to go thru years to rectify their citizenship ,sometimes losing inheritance or pensions , insurances after the death of a family member; lots of stuff .And as we see Obamas got some major circumstances.

      • There’s one person at Free Republic who’s been pushing that CT refugee status thing for a loooooong time. He speaks as if he KNOWS but of course no proof is ever forthcoming.

    • Interesting speculation. The thing is, he was a Kenyan citizen as soon as the country became an independent nation. So does this scenario mean that Ann expatriated him from America, Britain, AND Kenya by making him an Indonesian citizen? He did return to the USA before age 25, so he didn’t have to “naturalize” SO LONG as he didn’t do any other affirmative act acquiring another nationality. This scenario would conform with the stipulations that his lawyer made: Born in Hawaii; never naturalized in the USA. BUT if he attended college after the age of majority as a foreign citizen, that would seem to me to be an “affirmative action” acknowledging foreign citizenship. So this may be true because it explains a lot. WHY BHO SR. suddenly showed up 10 years after. In Hawaii, with the kid, at the airport. Mom nowhere to be seen. Delivering the goods, so to speak. It also explains why the Columbia and Oxy records are hidden. Especially Columbia, because when he was there, he was an adult. After age 21. If he was there as a foreigner, that’s a huge problem for him. No matter what the law would eventually rule. Would he have been elected if people knew he went to college as a foreigner AND that he had all those different citizenships?

      • In 1954 Chinese /Indonesian citiizens were told that they would need to declare whether they were Indo. citizens or Chinese but could not longer be both (dual citizens). They would have until 1962 to take care of this matter. Then they would be subject to deportation. The same went for other citizens later on. Indonesis had more than one constitution at times, from the old 1945(or 49) first constitution and at times by the Jakarta papers (it had other names) and many laws were protracted and enacted during about 1954-1067.The whole time you had the communist part of gov. making charges and laws, you had the rebels, Malya,Malaysia involvemnt ,the Dutch, the Brittish, trying to gain territories,Sukarno changing ,both the commies and different people in the regime trying to Nationalize power, and the Us. trying to influence more than one faction.and they were trying to gain loads of Dutch territory back. It was not a pretty time……. I was trying to locate dates when the family members actually would have gone or planned to have gone to Indo. Also when Ann came back. I always thought, if true that Ann came back to states around 1971-72, she was possibly waiting till time for renewing her (5 YR) old passport , but not before then as she could likely lose her citizenship in Indo. Even after marriage to Sotoro there is some descrepancy here as to her becoming a Indo. Cit. Either she was fraudulently playing both sides of the system, or she was never and Indo. cit. and had possibly been giving a special provision to leave the US. Obama would not have become an Indo. citizen until when and if he ever became a son thru marriage to Ann and was on Indonesian soil. The US has no legal authority to grant the child Indo. citizenship. If O. was a cit. some how of Indo. in the 1960’s the mother did not have the authority to take Obama from the country either. There is only a little wiggle room for a few other things to happen unless, again both countries agreed to something we aren’t aware of. While Obama may have left the country and been citi. of Indo as a child,thru no fault of his own, he is still recognized as a citizen if that what his original papers show. These cases have come up before in many different ways. ….Obama say, at the age of 28 years old got in trouble with the law he may try to say the courts have no jurisdiction on him because he is still a Indo. citizen. The courts would then seek further inquiry to his citizenship to show otherwise. They may show that he never lost his citizenship,but that he would be still have to be prosecuted by the rules of our courts, but he then could lose his us citizenship if the court saw good reason to do so,because he was claiming Indo. citizenship giving further proof of his lack of care or responsibility to Us. cit, . and be deported after surving time. This has happened to people.There’s a word for it but it can become as though they are neither a citizen of either country. Usually the court remedies it but it is possible to lose ones citizenship in various scenerios like this. There are the cases where the Supreme court weighs in and Congress has enacted new statutes because of the weird circumstances of citizenship. There are only about 200 variables in O’s. case and as far as we know many of the variables are not even real so good Luck Mr. Honorale Malihi Sir.

        • And, forgot you had the Russians heavily involve and by the time Ann or Lolo go there you had Chinese giving weapons to the peasants, and the Russians doing it, and you had citizens training for new army factions. This is why I think If Ann was there she had a lot of cover or protection to be their,whether a citizen or not. There were probably hundreds of US(I don’t know how many) there running operations. This would not have been a time for just anyone to waltz into a country and set up “good Housekeeping” with a 5 or 6 year old. Obama had to have been protected as well. The question is why. This would have been the REAL time that Mad. and Stan would have said, Ann, if you’ve got to go, then leave little Obiwonkinobi with US. Barack mentions something about someone with the Rolls Royce car in his book. Doesn’t anybody remember that? There is a guy who was known because of his car who had been a Colonel. His name Ibnu Sotowo; had a big floating blue or green “Cloud” they called it, unless I am getting my history from a propaganda site. But Ibnu was head of Pertamini’s Nationaize Oil from 1963, giving most percentage of profits to Indo. till long after everyone in this clan was long gone.In 1966 All the Oil Companies were beholding to Indonesia. The head honchos, don’t appear to have all totally left, but became involved in bigger and better money making schemes in the Indo. government. They were all close friends to the famous original money hedgemons of the day and remained that way in some facet of Indo.s riches. All this time Nelson and David Rockefeller are making deals for the largest copper and diamond mines in Guiana, and they use those old oil guys to help em whether with supplying the big machinery , banking areas,partnering with some of the ones still the richest powerbrokers of today.

      • Miri, there are some cases in a book I have and I’ve tried to find the book online. I can find the book but no exerps,just how to order it. It is no longer in print , but like I said before this book was used , I should say written about 1972, by a highly arthoritative lawyer on family law, and it covers children, parentage, parents and claimants rights, and citizenship. That’s where I found that an iligitimate child was the citizenship of the mother. There’s a little more on that issue. There were a few cases on thesse issues and citizenship rights for the children and father that were similar in parts to O.,but no case in it’s intirety that would simply be a consise winner. That’s just it all circumstances vary. I’ll see when I get time if there’s anything. I haven’t looked at it in awhile.

        • This was a judges or lawyers reference and presented short scenerios of actual occurances in order to show what the law says and why is says it. The Wong Ark case, for instance is in there, but they are not long in depth, because this is a reference, then one exploring a paticular case would look further at the law. Man, this was a time when birth control issues were just getting cranked up and there are some amazing difference than today , even between husband and wife.

          • The book also shows how the laws developed or acts passed after occurances…like one of the citizenship laws pertaining to the time when the House on Unamerican whatyoucallit Activities was causing some to lose their citizenship for having communists affiliations or activities . Paul Robeson and Jack Hall (trying to remember) were the reason congress inacted a law that said the courts could not denie someone his citizenship because of his beliefs derogatory to the government. (That’s a terrible version of the actual Act but I can’t remember it anymore). This was major though.

          • Seems to me, what with sperm donation, in vitro fertilization, illegitimacy on a massive scale, international adoptions, etc., that it’s long past time for Congress and the courts to address these issues. The way I look at it, the Founders envisioned two citizen parents and that’s the meaning in the Constitution. When it was written, illegitimacy was not anywhere near as common as today; but even though illegitimate, children have biological fathers. If a biological father can be dunned for child support, then certainly his citizenship can be considered when deciding if his kid is a natural born citizen. An illegitimate kid can have his mother’s citizenship. But is he a natural born citizen? How about those foundlings mentioned in Hawaiian law? Found in Hawaii, no known parents, they give them a birth certificate. How can they be natural born citizens when nobody knows who their parents are or where they were born? How about all those Russian and Chinese kids being adopted nowadays? Are Laura Ingraham’s Russian adopted sons “natural born citizens” of the USA? How about those little Chinese girls? Are they considered “natural born citizens” if they get a new birth certificate, say in Hawaii, that says their adoptive American parents are their parents? Even if the birth place remains China, they’re born abroad “of” citizen parents. You and I know that they’re not natural born citizens, but how would progressive judges “rule”? I can guess. That’s why there should be an amendment to the Constitution. LET “WE THE PEOPLE” DECIDE.

  11. I am reminded that I once read how Marina Oswald was able to come into this country after Oswald who had tried to defect (short versioN)and then come back into the country with his new wife. This would have not an easy task given the circustances of Oswald himself and the fact that Communist sympathizers were being questioned ,threatened and scrutinized heavily at this time,but, A Senator and some people with the CIA and Immigration consulted and gave her preferential treatment at their discression, which by the way this country can do under many different circumstances, they have the authority. So what’s not to say (and this I have thought all along, but can’t find anything to prove it)Ann requested special circustances especially if she offered to help the gov. or CIA or the many factions that were active in Indo at the time. She may have gotten special permission by both countries to go. Do remember Ann siting by what looks to me like a bag of grain or maybe rice, which is what we sent them around 1966, tons of it, that is once we got them where we wanted them. Jakarta was also rationing rice by 1964 or 1965. So was that what Ann was doing in that capacity by way of our Government or CIA?
    Kennedy pulled out military aid in 1963 before he was asassinated but it doesn’t look like he stopped other humanitarian aid. Lyndon Johnson stopped all aid soon as he was sworn in and Sukarno had already by 1963 demanded the World Bank and the IMF get out, so by 1964 the people were starving with food being rationed and food prices went up 50% in a matter of days. I remember as soon as the coup was over Lyndon Johnson and his Ambassador (2 dif. ones, can’t remember names) were brokering a deal for rice or grain back to Suarto’s regime and the IMF and World Bank were back in the game.What part did Ann have in this. She ‘s made out to be this great humanitarian,maybe so much so she would risk her son and her own life to go to a country where there were so many dead bodies they were stopping up waterways and the stench so horrid people were sick from it.Sukarno made peas for the military to give people proper burials, but that didn’t happen. A place where not just two groups of people were fighting each other but at least 6 or more factions fighting.By 1963 Sukarno and the PKI faction had nationalized the oil producion facilities almost intirely. So Sotoro wasn’t going over to work for Mobile Oil, unless Rockefeller sent him and it wasn’t Mobile Oil in Indo, it was Stan-vac. Sukarno was saying to Hell with America literally. So this is false. By the time Sukarno had given Suarto total presidential powers Shell had signed over the rest of its oil shares to the Suarto regime in Dec of 1965. So if Sotoro was working for somebody ,then WHO? This is all a washed over story. Suarto ordered all PKI literature or books banished and other books had to be checked before they could be published so even their own people, and certainly not the American people will know really what went on in Indonesia, so to think that we are suddently going to get a true story from Obama, or our own Government , the chances of that are slim to none. This family’s(if you can call it one)story is a fiction even if they tell us the truth, it’s the truth of a fiction.

    • And from all the stories, the only stories we know About Ann and Obama is that they seemed and seem to run in the communist circles. So why , if Ann had so much campassion would she never mention the sadness felt for the thousands and thousands of communist that were killed, and why wouldn’t she be afraid for her OWN LIFE since she was born and bred in the Little Red Church by commie seeming parents with Frank M. Davis , Paul Robeson and the lilke as her mentors. This story is not even a good fiction. You know how you hear all the time “Truth is weirder than FICTION” Well this is how we should judge that i’ts not real, cause this story sucks, it’ nothing weird about it, only stupid lilttl antedotes to support out of touch and misplaced lies, dates that don’t match up, family members that can’t get the story straight, and add ons to the story to polish up the areas that don’t seem so belileveable. It’s like one of those B rated movies, where every scene tries to repeat the last to hammer home a weak theme. You want to just turn it off cause you already know what the end is like . It sucks!

    • Wonder why it is that if someone went to all the trouble to photoshop or fix old pictures, they never show a newborn little obama in his mother’s arm or arm in arm with Obama and baby? Seems like they could pull that off, given the other crap they’ve given us? Wonder why?

      • the only bably photo looks like a studio photo. Would really love to see the studio’s stamp on the back, wouldn’t that be enlightening? I think who ever brought little O. and handed him over brought along that one baby photo for posterity(if it’s really him), because he was already maybe walking age by the time someone recieved the little bundle. That’s why we have no pictures of the little druling ,funny , awkward photos like there are of most precious loved ones. We see him in one photo with the hose by the side of a house at walking age, and we see him in a fancy sailer suit and hat at the beach in Hawaii. Is that the first time little O ever saw Hawaii?

  12. Miri, I just wrote you a rather long question about that photo you found. It was so long,guess it’s good it got lost…but the sizes and ages don’t jibe with me in comparison to other photos. Wish we had about three photos right beside each other to compare with this one.

    • Nope. They don’t match. Remember the photo of Ann sitting on the lawn with Stan, toddler Maya, and Barry? Again, she’s RELATIVELY skinny.

      Check out the difference between Barry at Harvard in the old photo and the new one supplied by that (probably fake) flyer. Will the real Barry please stand up? Could it be possible that both the twins went to Harvard Law?

      • Hey Miri, anybody mind my long posts about Indo . I do not give it proper fullness or justice. This was a real mess. I have some Old Malaysian friends, he’s a neurology,brain surgeon and was from a somewhat well off family. They were not allowed to pass freely anywhere and were scared for their lives. It was a bloody time.Needless to say they left with their children during this awful time. I don’t know how they got here.(I was their babysitter).They love America ,but for a long time they were afraid to be free.

        • alfy, you make a lot of good points about what was happening in Indonesia right at the time we’re supposed to believe that Barry and his new father traipsed on over into the middle of a hotbed of unrest. Anybody see the movie “The Year of Living Dangerously”? Well, they didn’t name it that for nothing. She took her child over there right into the middle of it. As you rightly pointed out, by the time he “returned” to Hawaii, it was settled down. Somewhat.

  13. ulsterman updated his article – Cali AG Kamala Harris has a brother in law who Obama put in DOJ AND who helped him raise campaign funds in CA


  14. Illinois GOP Senator Mark Kirk, who won Obama’s former seat in 2010, suffers stroke!

    He’s young and was in good health. Former Navy Intel (still in reserves), also former State Department.


    • Gosh, he is only 52. He drove himself to the hospital too. The doctors think he will recover, but may have some physical disability, but not diminished mental ability.

    • KIRK. Oh Kathy, add this one to the list. Remember when we had the post with flies ?

  15. Who clocked this asshat?

  16. Is the leader telling his puppets what to do? Warning…Soros is planning to do to the US what he has done before. Is there any question that is/was the intent of them in the first place?

    Occupy to turn violent, says George Soros
    Billionaire George Soros is predicting protests by Occupy Wall Street will turn violent, while warning the U.S. financial system may collapse.

    January 23, 2012 – Aaron Klein

    In an interview with Newsweek writer John Arlidge, Soros reportedly said riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “‘Yes, yes, yes,’ he says, almost gleefully,” when asked about the prospect of Occupy turning violent, writes Arlidge.

    Soros claimed the riots will “be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

    “At times like these, survival is the most important thing,” Soros continued. “I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros said. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse,” he said. “The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

    In the interview, Soros claimed the Occupy Wall Street movement “is an inchoate, leaderless manifestation of protest.” However, WND has repeatedly documented the billionaire’s many ties to Occupy, including how the group’s reported nerve center is staffed by professional agitators deeply linked to organizations funded by Soros.


  17. Alfy, the picture you posted of Ann months ago (wearing sandals in the mud, workers wearing white) and we could no idea wear the picture was from? I just found it again – Bali 1990’s (bottom of page) –

    Ann Dunham at Tanaha, Bali 1990s


    Mystery solved! I believe it was Bridgette that had originally guessed Bali?

    • Bali, oh OK. Man she sure got around didn’t she. Like I said long ago—Death by Jet Lag. 1990’s? when did she die? 1995,and she was in Indo. Jakarta, Hawaii and Bali. Wow! Thanks

  18. I can’t imagine why this isn’t in the news?

    Longest-serving Pennsylvania [DEMOCRAT] lawmaker goes on trial

    Jan 25, 2012

    A sitting, Democratic state lawmaker is on trial in Harrisburg accused of using tax dollars to help himself get re-elected. State Rep. Bill Deweese, 61, is in Dauphin County court for opening arguments in his public corruption trial. He has been a state lawmaker for 35 years. Deweese is from Greene County in western Pennsylvania and a former speaker of the Pennsylvania House.

    The case is all part of the corruption investigation at the state Capitol that’s been unfolding for years.

    Prosecutors with the attorney general’s office said Deweese abused his power as an elected official by forcing taxpayer-paid staff to perform campaign work on state time. WGAL.com


    • He is a DAUPHIN ? hummm…
      State Rep. Bill Deweese
      Weese. Say it. LOL !
      Interesting. Funny how these names give me pause now after almost 4 years of really looking at them…

  19. I put it on the goose post by accident but needs to be here. We need all of our old work across the hall on Acorn and Shore Bank if anyone has time.

  20. oh well, as i live and breathe.
    poor stan the ann was a single mother who rode the bus to her job at a bank… ho hum… what a shame. that’s awful….
    what ? he inherited $500,000 in bank stock when granny passed …oh, that’s wonderful.
    and per her Passport records state stan the man had a mailing address at the Bank of Hawaii… geebs.

    • I think we were hot on the trail of those inheritance records. Weren’t we? I remember perusing their IRS returns for the year they would have collected. So, it was a cool half a million from his “poor” relations, huh? That poor woman who happened to be a bank VICE PRESIDENT, who owned all that stock and lived in that penthouse , I mean, that small two-bedroom condo in pricey, I mean, rundown, Honolulu, Hawaii.

      What a crock. Ann hit the glass ceiling? She was never even on the elevator. She started at the top in government, the Ford Foundation, UN connections, Indonesian banking, and the Indonesian government. She was NEVER taking any bus to work at a bank. What bank? In Hawaii? She was driven in limos to her bank jobs in Indonesia.

      Did Michelle get mixed up and meant that Madelyn rode the bus to the bank? I can understand her confusion, since she likely never knew these women who supposedly birthed and raised her husband. Remember how she and the girls didn’t even bother to go see Madelyn when she was dying?

      • Madelyn traveled by bus the couple blocks to the bank? Wasn’t it Ann that traveled by rickshaw from her 5 star hotel to bilk some unsuspecting Indonesian? Or was that how Barry got to school? They were po’. We must understand the Left’s newly defined words. Bus = limo, bike, or rickshaw. A crock is right!

        • You know, I was thinking of Sen. Kirk and his carotid dissection last night, and then I was thinking of poor Lia, may she rest in peace. A similar thing, wasn’t it? Something in her neck burst, THEY SAID. It makes my blood run cold to think about what happened to her. So sad for that poor, old widower of hers. So clueless to the evil that lurked. RIP, Lia. Bad karma for someone.

          • yes, and exactly what happened to Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones on August 20th 2008?

            and Tim Russert in his office upon arriving home from Rome on June 13th, 2008 – a Friday, and one week after the secret meeting at Feinstein’s DC home?

          • Uh, huh. Exactly. Enquiring minds want to know.

          • That Tubbs Jones one is what really started me thinking along time ago. Just so unusual to me when the first photo I think I ever found of O. was with her in a news article related to Gamaliel and Acorn..
            And Russert……………..but wonder what possibly could have happened to that Jack Wheeler guy. Guess case closed when they dumped the trash.

          • John Wheeler-DuPont connection…KIRK ? Like Kirk- Mooney ?
            JONES ? Like the house in Hawaii and Thelma JONES Lefforge Young ? Donald YOUNG ? President of Poland’s plane, etc.. where is that list of flies ?
            So sad.

        • Just thought of something when you said they all traveled via public transportation…….Is that cause if you ran a license check for either of em they wouldn’t be in the database? Wonder if either of em really had any real credentials on em EVER.

          • Wasn’t Barry’s bogus tale that smeared his granny as a racist about her standing at a bus stop and being approach by a black man and she was terrified? So maybe Madelyn did ride the bus. Many older women didn’t drive cars. If Stan didn’t drive himself or wouldn’t take her to work, then I suppose she did have to ride the bus. But what the hell does that mean, anyway? Millions of people in big cities commute by bus, train, or subways and it says nothing about their income level. This story of Michelle’s says more about her than anyone else. SHE’S the one who wouldn’t dare rub elbows with the hoi polloi. She’s “her excellency”. She should ALWAYS be chauffeured about by servants, as if she’s “her ladyship” at Downton Abbey.

          • Tourists use public transportation too Alf. If they have drivers license I would think that they would be under a completely different name and ID.

          • thanks Renee,Wheeler- dupont…Kirk-Mooney…Yound jones wow..!Thought there had to be something DUPONT!

  21. Anyone hear this on the news yet? Oh, I see, it probably won’t be mentioned because he was Obama fanatic!

    MCSO: Obama fanatic threatens to kill Arpaio
    January 27, 2012 at 3:36 PM Updated today at 5:30 PM

    PHOENIX — A “fanatical supporter” of President Barack Obama is the prime suspect in an investigation into an Internet death threat against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Adam Eugene Cox, 33, was arrested in Tennessee Friday on an unrelated warrant for assault. Working with MCSO, deputies in Knoxville, Tenn., served a search warrant and seized evidence from Cox’s home on Friday after an investigation into the death threat came to light in October.

    In that threat, Cox stated Arpaio and his family would be killed, according to MCSO. His postings read, in part: “I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t [expletive] with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.”

    The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect’s postings indicate he is an avid supporter of Obama and that Arpaio’s ongoing investigation into the legitimacy of the president’s birth certificate may be behind the death threat.
    Cox’s mother confirmed her son is a fanatical supporter of Obama, according to MCSO officials.

    Knoxville deputies said Cox has a history of assault.

    “I will not be intimated against pursuing this investigation into Obama’s eligibility to serve as the president of the United States,” Arpaio said.

    Arpaio has faced numerous death threats while in office, including several different Mexican drug cartels which have threatened the sheriff’s life and placed a contract nearing $4 million for his execution. Officials said this death threat is the first involving the Obama investigation.

    At Google’s headquarters in California, deputies served a separate search warrant involving a different threat against Arpaio related to the recent shooting death of Maricopa County sheriff’s deputy William Coleman.


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