Happy New Year – 2012! (Open Thread)

Happy New Year Everyone!

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

~ Author Unknown

New Year’s Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.

~ Mark Twain

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

~ Bill Vaughan

New Year’s Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot.  Unless, of course, those tests come back positive.

~ Jay Leno

A happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I’ve played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.

~ Edgar Guest

New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.

~ James Agate

The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot!

~ Michael Altshuler


Counting the Days Until November!


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  1. My Predictions for 2012. We’ll get rid of Marxist Obama, eliminate the unconstitutional Czars, and defeat the progressive machine with a landslide “shellacking” never before seen! All cartons of Obama mugs will be bull dozed and used as landfill. Eric Holder will finally be removed from office. All those involved in the “green” deals like Solyndra will be prosecuted, along with those involved in Fast and Furious. Al Gore will go through a global cooling when it all starts heating up. A few states will remove Obama from the ballot for ineligibility! Sheriff Joe’s Posse will exonerate the Constitutional birthers and prove Obama and his birth certificate a fraud. What a Happy New Year to Come in 2012!

  2. Top Obama Administration Predictions for 2012
    Dec. 31 Snips

    It’s time to pull out the crystal ball and make some predictions about the non-stop sitcom that’s known as the Obama Administration.

    The first three years of the Obama administration has largely been a re-make of that American television classic Happy Days with Obama starring in the role of the Fonz.

    What’s in store for the coming year? Well don’t change that dial.

    10) Tim Geithner will leave the administration, forcibly if need be, likely in February…..

    8) Barney Frank will get married and Obama will be there, likely in July

    Obama’s running out of ways to pander to gays, but there’s nothing like an historic wedding to bring out the media coverage.

    It will be the first time a sitting African American, Left-Handed president will attend the wedding ceremony of the first openly gay, almost ex-congressman, who according to the pictures from the House floor, had breast implants many decades ago.

    This historic first will make the cover of Time Magazine as: Wedding of the Year and will feature Mike Ditka standing next to Barney Frank in a wedding dress.

    5) Obama will take more vacations than he will get votes for his budget

    After complaining of exhaustion following a two-week trip to Tahiti to discuss the human rights implications of Ken Salazar’s haircut with a historic panel of left-handed journalism interns sponsored by the Soros Progressive Journalism Fund, Obama will leave for a two-week vacation on the French Riviera.

    Newsweek will be quick to point out that George W. Bush spent far more time at his ranch in Texas than Obama has on the French Riviera.

    1) Michelle Obama will never be proud of her country again

    But, everyone else will breathe a sigh of relief.


  3. Top Ten: Most politically contentious terms of 2011
    Dec. 30 Snips

    WASHINGTON, December 30, 2011 ― The year 2011 was tumultuous for politics. With both ends of the political spectrum deeply committed to their ideologies, the rhetoric and vitriol each used to attack the other side’s priorities have been more contentious and polarizing than ever….

    Below are the ten most often used and abused words of 2011 that became part of the political lexicon this year.

    1. Obamacare:
    2. Job Creators:
    3. Taxes (and “tax payer,” “tax hike,” “tax cut,” etc.):
    4. Class warfare/ Class-Middle Class:
    5. Stimulus:
    6. Social and entitlement programs:
    7. Amnesty:
    8. Wall Street:
    9. Bailouts:


    • Interesting that they left out “occupy”, which happened to be one of the words that another list said should be BANNED from the common lexicon. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Gotta LOVE number 10;
    Lobbying – Wikipedia

    For the South Korean TV series, see Lobbyist (TV series). Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made …

    Lobbying in the United States – Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal

  5. Happy New Year!!!

    Christmas & New Year 2012

  6. Happy New Year ~

    American Resolution #1.

    Demand Voter ID at your voting booth.
    its all we have left.

    They are “counting” on our apathy and complacency,
    its all they have left.

    • So is that good news or bad news? Oh, I see. Good news because the purpose is to inform the public about Barry’s ineligibility (or that he “may be” ineligible). But will any of the press cover it? If they do, how will they report it? In NH? I can hazard a guess.

  7. Did you all notice that the photography retrospectives in the national papers (picked up by local papers) include that photoshopped “situation room” picture with the peanut-headed Barry, just off the links? The foreign press debunked it as bogus, but our complicit media can’t miss a chance to tout that one again. Barry’s big score. HE personally took out OBL. Right.

  8. After Struggle on Detainees, Obama Signs Defense Bill
    December 31, 2011

    HONOLULU — President Obama, after objecting to provisions of a military spending bill that would have forced him to try terrorism suspects in military courts and impose strict sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, signed the bill on Saturday.

    Snip ~

    The White House had said that the legislation could lead to an improper military role in overseeing detention and court proceedings and could infringe on the president’s authority in dealing with terrorism suspects. But it said that Mr. Obama could interpret the statute in a way that would preserve his authority.

    The president, for example, said that he would never authorize the indefinite military detention of American citizens, because “doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation.” He also said he would reject a “rigid across-the-board requirement” that suspects be tried in military courts rather than civilian courts.

    Congress dropped a provision in the House version of the bill that would have banned using civilian courts to prosecute those suspected of having ties to Al Qaeda. It also dropped a new authorization to use military force against Al Qaeda and its allies.

    Civil liberties groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, still oppose the law, in part because of its authorization of military detention camps overseas. But Mr. Obama’s signature is likely to settle, at least for now, the battle between the White House and Congress over executive authority in the treatment of detainees.



    • Proof Obama will sign NDAA (S.1867) 1031 “American Citizen Indefinite Detention Law”

      Dec 14, 2011

      Senator Levin told Congress recently that under the original wording of the National Defense Authorization Act, American citizens were excluded from the provision that allowed for detention. Once Obama’s officials saw the text though, says Levin, “the administration asked us to remove the language which says that US citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section.”

      Specifically, the section that Obama asked to be reworded was Section 1031 of the NDAA FY2012, which says that “any person who has committed a belligerent act” could be held indefinitely.

      “It was the administration that asked us to remove the very language which we had in the bill which passed the committee…we removed it at the request of the administration,” said Levin. “It was the administration which asked us to remove the very language the absence of which is now objected to.”

    • This is an update on the NDAA law, Senate Bill 1867, that Obama signed and the Rhode Island Republican who is writing legislation to remove Rhode Island citizens from adherence to it.

      Single state defies Obama detention plan
      January 15, 2012 Snips

      When Congress adopted and Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, alarms were raised over the possibility that it would allow the indefinite and rights-free detention of those who are called “belligerents,” even if they are American citizens.

      While the argument over those provisions rages, one state lawmaker in Rhode Island has jumped into action to protect the danger he sees for residents of his state, proposing a resolution to exempt his constituents from sections of the federal law.

      Rep. Daniel P. Gordon Jr. [R] today told WND he has drafted a resolution, which is being circulated among the lawmakers even now, to express opposition to the sections of the NDAA “that suspend habeas corpus and civil liberties.”

      “Sections 1021 and 1022 of the act, signed into law on New Years Eve of 2011, provide for the indefinite detention of American citizens by the military on American soil, without charge, and without right to legal counsel and right to trial,” he explained.

      “Given the fact that the constitutions of Rhode Island and that of the United States are replete with guarantees of individual liberties, right to habeas corpus, and right to freedom of speech, the offending sections of that law are repugnant to the sensibilities of anyone that has a basic understanding of the foundation of this country,” he said.

      The opinions on the legislation signed by Obama vary. Commentator Chuck Baldwin, who himself has been the target of smears by the Department of Homeland Security-related apparatus, explained the law, “for all intents and purposes, completely nullifies a good portion of the Bill of Rights, turns the United States into a war zone, and places U.S. citizens under military rule.

      New law is ‘repugnant to sensibilities’ of founding principles

  9. What will happen with Iran?

    • Fill up your vehicle’s fuel tank’s Dave.

      Obama signs new Iran sanctions into law

      Dec 31, 2011
      Stephen Collinson

      US President Barack Obama Saturday signed into law tough new sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank and financial sector, in a move that could intensify a brewing Gulf showdown.

      The measures, meant to punish Iran for its nuclear program, were contained in a mammoth $662 billion defense bill, which Obama signed despite having reservations that it ties his hands on setting foreign policy.

      The sanctions are meant to hit Iran’s crucial oil sector and require foreign firms to make a choice between doing business with Tehran’s financial sector and central bank or the mighty US economy and financial sector.

      Foreign central banks which deal with the Iranian central bank on oil transactions could also face restrictions, sparking fears of damage to US ties with key nations such as Russia and China which trade with Iran.

      Obama signed the bill in Hawaii where he is on vacation, at a time of rising tension with Tehran, which has threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz — through which more than a third of the world’s tanker-borne oil passes.

      The United States has warned it will “not tolerate” such an interruption. In comments reported Saturday, Tehran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili warned that Iran would “give a resounding and many-pronged response to any threat” made against it.


  10. Happy New Year Everybody!
    Regardless of Iran.

  11. Happy new year, and I hope you all have many more.

    My prediction is, Obama is going to have a hard time getting on the ballot in Georgia.

    This is as good as it get’s people. I don’t see how they can put Obama on the Georgia ballot after this. This is an excerpt.

    F. Substantive Question for this Court

    Despite all of his attempts to misdirect this Court from the one substantive issue presented, the Defendant has failed to present grounds for dismissal. The Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court consider his simple yet critically important grounds to prohibit the Defendant from appearing on the Georgia ballot:

    It is undisputed that President Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen. To Plaintiffs’ knowledge Mr. Obama has never denied the fact that his father was not a U.S. Citizen, nor has he ever made any statements contrary to this fact.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has defined “natural-born citizens” as “all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens.” See Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 167 (1875).


  12. Obama-Endorsed #Occupy Criminals Start Off New Year By Stabbing Cop
    Jim Hoft on Sunday, January 1, 2012, 11:52 AM

    The Occupy thugs tore down the barricades at Zuccotti Park last night and surrounded the police until reinforcements were called in.

    It didn’t take the Obama-endorsed #Occupy criminals to take up where they left off.

    The #Occupy Wall Street goons opened the year by stabbing a cop.
    The New York Post reported, via JWF:

    Some 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters began the new year by trying to retake Zuccotti Park last night, starting a massive clash with police in which one officer was stabbed in the hand with a pair of scissors.


  13. L.A. arson wave grows to about 40 fires; most since 1992 riots
    January 1, 2012 8:41 am

    With about 40 arson fires across Los Angeles in the last three days, the wave of intentional blazes that started in Hollywood on Friday is the worst since the 1992 riots, officials said.

    Authorities said they remained unsure whether the fires were the work of one arsonist or several people, perhaps including copycats. Although the majority of the fires have occurred in the Hollywood area, some also were reported in the San Fernando Valley, Westside and as far south as Lennox near the 105 Freeway.

    At least four new fires were reported on New Year’s Eve, including one caught on tape at the Hollywood & Highland shopping center on Hollywood Boulevard.


    They are saying it is It is OWS doing this, from what Ive been reading regarding the arsons in LA, saying they are hitting wealthy areas.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Poopstockers. The media will no doubt cover it up, just as they cover for jihadists. And “honor” killers.

  14. I’m starting to like Gingrich 🙂

    Gingrich: Justice Dept wants to ‘steal elections’
    By SHANNON McCAFFREY Published: 3:13 PM 12/31/2011 | Updated: 5:28 PM 12/31/2011

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich blasted the Justice Department for blocking a South Carolina voter identification law and suggested the Obama administration wants to “steal elections.”

    During a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the former House speaker questioned why Attorney General Eric Holder is “so determined not to identify if people are not eligible to vote”

    Gingrich went on to say that, “you have to ask, why is it that they are desperate to retain the ability to steal elections and I think that’s what it comes down to.”

    The Justice Department recently rejected South Carolina’s law requiring voters to show photo ID at polling places as discriminatory against minorities. Republicans argue stricter voter ID laws are needed to avert voter fraud.

    The South Carolina primary is Jan. 21.


  15. “Stinky” Omar Working on another DUI, this one for 2012.
    Stop The Presses!

    Happy New Year from Uncle Omar!

    Yes, it’s the president’s beloved Uncle Omar, chilling out Friday night at the Chicken Bone in Framingham, the same bar outside of which he was arrested for drunk driving last summer.

    Snip ~

    Guess who was there the whole time we were there — and the service was nice and slow. That’s right….UNKLE OMAR!! STINKY himself. He’s grown a beard, his hair has gotten more gray, and all he did for over an hour was wander around The Bone talking to himself, stopping in front of the juke box, then the front door, then the side door for several minutes at each stop. BTW he likes Motown tunes on the juke box, as he put in several coins. All the time with a glass of scotch or whiskey in his hand. We took a couple of incognito pics while he was standing behind [redacted], but my flash doesn’t go that far across a room. [redacted name] swears it was just like Norm from Cheers. At one point a waitress gave him a hug as he walked past the bar. Now we can say we had a “brush with fame.” [redacted name]


    Picture of “Stinky” Omar at the Chicken Bone the Friday before New Years 2012.

  16. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Happy New Year to the intrepid researchers/reporters/REAL journalists at WTPOTUS.

    I, too, like Gingrich, Leza. I like Santorum as well as Bachmann but it looks as if Bachmann is toast, sad to say. She’s the victim of another leftist media hit job: Bachmann and Cain, and they “ain’t” done yet!

    Let’s hope the Georgia initiative isn’t overruled by some federal judge.

    • Hi Rosemary (waving) I hope you had good holidays. Missed you.

    • Happy New Year, Rosemary! That was a great statement by Gingrich. He was getting on my nerves until that one! He and Mitt’s son are climbing in my esteem. At least somebody’s telling truth. And Bachman! She at least calls a socialist a socialist.

  17. Moving this conversation to the discussion about Skippy on the other thread!

    Question, ……so now noticing the Israel yukelele dude and his brother Skippy….
    Where exactly was Barry in 1982? Why would he go to Skippy’s funeral ? I don’t quite get the relationship to Skippy with Barry. I think I missed something intirely…..Skippy was older than his brother Israel…
    Sorry if someone doesn’t mind clearing this up for me, it would be great.

    • 1982..hummm…

      • In a bio of Israel his brother Skippy is said to be older. He dies in 1982 age 28 so he’s born roughly 1954. So what does he have to do with Obama…..and besides I thought Obama would have been at Occidental or just going off to Columbia by this time. How and why would he need to go to Skippy’s funeral? I am definately lost here.

        • It’s a possible Barry sighting, in Hawaii, in 1982. That’s the connection, if it was him. He was supposed to be on his way to Columbia. But he likely went “home” during school holidays and the summers, although in 1981, he went to Pakistan.

        • No, in 1982 his family would have called to tell him his father O. sr. passed away, so he was in New York, Right?

      • Renee, I “assume” the information Alfy is referencing I just posted @ this link –


        IZ Will always be The revered isle singer, beset with respiratory and other medical problems, dies at 38

        By Catherine Kekoa Enomoto and
        Gregg K. Kakesako


        Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and his brother Skippy are together in a better place today, a family member said.

        Kamakawiwo’ole, the singer and musician who was known as “Iz” and who drew the respect of music lovers and the Hawaiian community, died at 12:18 a.m. today at Queen’s Medical Center. The 38-year-old performer had had problems with his weight and related illnesses and had been under care at the hospital for respiratory ailments.

        He is survived by his wife, Marlene, and daughter, Ceslieanne “Wehi,” 14.

        Leialoha Lim Amina, the widow of Skippy, who died at age 28 in 1982, and who is now married to his cousin, Melvin Amina, said this morning that the two brothers have been reunited.

        “Oh, we know that. We definitely know that,” Amina said. “We (family members) are laughing, ‘Oh gosh, the two brothers — that is a dangerous combination,’” she said of the members of the seminal musical group, Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau.

        Snip ~

        Key points in the life of ‘Iz’

        #3 – Izzy’s brother Skippy Kamakawiwo’ole dies of a heart attack at age 28 in 1982.


    • It’s hard to clear up, alfy, because the original source has been scrubbed. There was a photo of Barry on the beach at that funeral, if it was Barry. But if it wasn’t Barry, then why the need to scrub the article? It did resemble the Barry that used to be at Punahou. Not necessarily the person occupying the WH.

      • maybe the real person in the photograph as well as the attendants,caught it and there is chat the potus’ lackies are claiming it.

        its pretty bad when a Nation’s People do not know where their presider was at a particular time in his life. its way bad.

        is the deceased Skippy being used?

        • It may be that’s why they took the site down. The thing is, it’s very odd how much he does look like SO MANY Hawaiians and they look like him, too. And he looks like so many Indonesians, too. Maybe because Polynesians and Indonesians share ancestral genes, but BARRY? A half-Kenyan, half-WASP? How is it that high-yellow Barry looks so Southeast Asian/Papuan/Indonesian/Polynesian?


  18. I mean, it cost money to run home to Hawaii just to go to a funeral. He didn’t get home for his Mom’s funeral but he skirt on over for Skippy’s. I have definately probably missed something here.

  19. 2011: The Year Obama Lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon and Most of the Middle East
    Jim Hoft on Sunday, January 1, 2012 Snips

    Thanks to Barack Obama, 2011 will be remembered as the year of the Islamist. Obama watched as we lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen and most of the Middle East to the Islamists.

    The Hindu reported this week that the Obama administration has turned to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, to mediate secret negotiations between the United States and the Taliban.
    Time Magazine declared that 2011 was the Year of the Protester, they might have more honestly called it the Year of the Islamist. In 2010 the Taliban were still hiding in caves. In 2012 they are set to be in power from Tunisia to Afghanistan and from Egypt to Yemen. They won’t go by that name of course. Most of them will have elaborate names with the words “Justice” or “Community” in them, but they will for the most part be minor variations on the Muslim Brotherhood theme.

    2011 will indeed be remembered, but not because of any Arab Spring or OWS nonsense. It will be a pivotal year in the rise of the next Caliphate. A rise disguised by angry protesters waving cell phones and flags. And clueless media coverage that treated Tahrir Square as the new fall of the Berlin Wall.

    This was the year that Obama helped topple several regimes that served as the obstacles to Islamist takeovers.


    • every move barky makes is planned.

      why is he cherry picking countries to force his agenda? what was the deal with Egypt, Libya? oh, I see we’ll do the Israeli perimeter first and once we have that down, then we’ll go after the butchers in Syria and Iran,

      why did barky and clinton ignore the uprisings due to the atrocities occurring in Iran and make statements that the world couldn’t interfere. They then “liberated” 2 countries out of the blue and let the world watch people screaming for help at the top of their lungs bleeding in the streets.

      hmmmm sounds like strategy to me. what’s the plan? They know the Iranians are mostly 40 and younger and are laying flat in hiding holding their breath waiting for the American Flag to appear on the mountaintop. The Iranians want to be a part of the western world. They remember what it was like when they had a shah. yea, being ripped off maybe, but so are we. The Iranians are being held hostage by their insane whatever you call it government.

      Amadinajabber is one of the students (with the 2 Marys) who took our 52 hostages on November 4th, 1979. wonder where he got his idea?

      • The best spin I can put on it (instead of the reason that we only too well suspect and fear) might be that, now that the Soviet Union no longer exists to counterbalance the might of the USA, then progressive leftists who fear America think we NEED another “power” to keep the US in check. A nuclear armed one, like an Iranian caliphate, so that their threat will keep America from running amok in the world, conquering all the other countries. Ya think? I don’t believe it, but it would be like something their warped minds might think up.

        Hating the USA and all she stands for, as they do. Believing in the existence of a US “empire” that oppresses everyone else, instead of being the one force for good in this sorry world.

    • Caliph in Chief! Must remember that. It’s so apt. And scary.

    • That blog has 163 “likes”. Something to aim for. 🙂

      This is amazing: “The ugliest part of this story isn’t what Obama did. It’s when he did it. If he really had no interest in winning Afghanistan, and if as he had said, the Taliban are not our enemy, then why did we stay for so long and lose so many lives fighting a war that the White House had no intention of winning? The ugly conclusion that must be drawn from the timing of the Iraq and Afghanistan withdrawals is that the wars were being played out to draw down around the time of the next election.

      What that means is Obama sacrificed the thousands of Americans killed and wounded in the conflict as an election strategy. The idea that American soldiers were fighting and dying for no reason until the time when maximum political advantage could be gained from pulling them out is horrifying, it’s a crime beyond redemption, an act worse than treason– and yet there is no other rational conclusion to be drawn from the timetable. … There are only two possible explanations. Either we lost the war or Obama never intended to win it and was allowing the Taliban to murder American soldiers until the next election. If so we’re not just looking at a bad man at the teleprompter, we are looking into the face of an evil so amoral that it defies description.”

      It is what he says it is. It was a twofer because not only political advantage was gained, but revenge in the form of delight at the losses of the “enemy”.

  20. This can’t be…just heard on the radio… and then saw this!

    Trump Supporters File Papers Paving Way for 3rd-Party Candidacy in TX — Trump Acknowledges

    January 2, 2012 by Cowboy Byte

    If Trump is sincere as a candidate, he would have the standing to sue over Obama’s Constitutional eligibility in every state Trump registered in.

    Donald Trump supporters have met an official ballot deadline in Texas, paving the way for the business mogul to become a third-party candidate there, a source close to Trump tells The Blaze. Trump himself acknowledged the filing in a statement.

    According to an email sent by the source to The Blaze on Sunday night, Trump supporters filed paperwork on Friday to create the “Make America Great Again Party,” giving Trump the opportunity — should he take advantage of it — to be on the primary ballot.


    • Exclusive: Trump Supporters File Papers Paving Way for 3rd-Party Candidacy in TX — Trump Acknowledges
      January 1, 2012 at 10:19pm

      Texas State law requires the paperwork to be notarized and filed by Jan 2, the source told The Blaze. At least one other Trump supporter had contacted the Texas Secretary of State’s office to accept the paperwork on Monday despite it being an official holiday, the source added, but that became unnecessary once the paperwork was filed on Friday.

      “I am aware and flattered by this filing by my supporters in Texas,” Trump said in a statement. “I have not authorized anyone to act on my behalf and am not a candidate for president at this time. I will not, however, rule out a third-party candidacy if the Republicans nominate a candidate who cannot defeat Obama and I recently changed my party registration in New York state to preserve my legal option to appear on the ballot in all 50 states if I do decide to run.”

      The news comes on the heels of another Blaze exclusive last week, which noted that Trump supporters were mounting a third-party charge in the Lone Star state


  21. The Left saw no scandals…if they don’t report it …it hasn’t happened!

    The Year in Obama Scandals — And Scandal Deniers
    By Michelle Malkin | January 01, 2012


  22. Molotov cocktails were thrown into mosques in New York..some injured, CAIR was reporting. No more details..I heard the ending of the radio news. Should we blame Bush or the Tea Party?

    This goes along with the OWS protestors trying to take Zuccotti Park again, and whoever is burning up homes in LA.

    LA made a deal with OWS to allow them in the Rose Bowl Parade…now that is a really good deal don’t ya think? Their float is to be made of plastic bags. I don’t see any problem here do you? No worries, national TV will allow them to really show themselves. Who sponsors many of the Rose Parade floats…bankers. How much damage to the city was already done by OWS and the cost? No doubt they will make a splash with their plastic bags among the flowers! Gosh, maybe they will win first prize for the most original float too. Crowds beware…there will be trouble. Stay safe and watch it on TV.

  23. Why would a German guy drive a van from Canada in order to set so many fires in California (yet he’s a Hollywood resident)? http://news.yahoo.com/hollywood-man-arrested-rash-l-arson-fires-040003946.html

  24. FEMA camp news. Did someone link this yet?


    Chock full of mind-numbing details. What do you think? Are they prepping for an EMP event?

  25. Republicans worry about Poopstockers disrupting the caucuses and possibly hacking the votes, although the Poopstockers claim they would NEVER mess with the voting. Right.


    “But Ed Fallon, a former Democratic state representative who’s helping lead Occupy protests, said they’ve made clear that disrupting the caucusing itself isn’t a goal, and accused Iowa Republicans of purposefully stoking fears.

    “The people expressing concerns are mostly partisan Republicans trying to use any opportunity they can to dismiss the concerns of the Occupy movement,” Fallon said. “The voting itself we regard as sacrosanct.”

    Fallon said he and other Occupy leaders would condemn any disruptions, especially those that tilt into violence.

    “That would be contrary to what we’ve all agreed to – I can’t promise you that there’s not some lone wolf or loose cannon who goes out and does something,” Fallon said. “But we have been adamant about people’s rights to vote.”

    In fact, Fallon said that he and other Iowa resident Occupiers are planning to join the voting by registering as Republicans at their local caucus sites on Tuesday night. He hasn’t decided whom he’ll be voting for, but he knows there’s sizable support for Ron Paul that he expects will give the Texas congressman a few extra votes from a constituency he hasn’t exactly been courting.”

    The voting is so sacrosanct that they see nothing ethically or morally wrong with trying to keep real Republicans from choosing THEIR OWN candidate. They see nothing wrong with what they’re doing. It’s amazing. Such moral people. And they admit it. By any means necessary. No wonder they welcome votes by dogs, Mickey Mouse, felons, and illegal aliens.

  26. Yeah this is the ticket! Negotiating with the terrorists! How commendable. How friggin’ dangerous! Release their LEADERS! Let’s get them back on the battlefield to lead their warriors so they can kill our soldiers!

    Obama Agrees to Release Taliban Leaders From Gitmo

    January 3, 2012, 5:03 PM

    On Wednesday December 28 the Taliban blew up 3 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

    On Thursday December 29 the Taliban blew up 10 Afghan soldiers with a roadside bomb.

    So how does the Obama Adminstration respond to the continued attacks by the Taliban? They step up surrender talks.

    The Obama Administration has agreed to release Taliban leaders from Gitmo.

    The Guardian reported, via FOX Nation:

    The US has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in return for the Afghan insurgents’ agreement to open a political office for peace negotiations in Qatar, the Guardian has learned.

    According to sources familiar with the talks in the US and in Afghanistan, the handful of Taliban figures will include Mullah Khair Khowa, a former interior minister, and Noorullah Noori, a former governor in northern Afghanistan. More controversially, the Taliban are demanding the release of the former army commander Mullah Fazl Akhund. Washington is reported to be considering formally handing him over to the custody of another country, possibly Qatar.


    January 03, 2012

    Why should my taxpayer dollars be used to advance sharia finance? Goldman Sachs, one of the largest recipients of Obama’s redistribution of taxpayer money, is going Islamic. Many of Obama’s cabinet and appointed czars are directly connected to Goldman Sachs. The Muslim Brotherhood is dictating Obama’s foreign policy, and now its financial policy as well.

    Sharia finance prohibits investments in whole American sectors — tobacco, pork, alcohol and some forms of entertainment. Further, 2.5% must go to zakat (Islamic charity aka jihad).I do not want my money going to advance jihad and starve American business.

    Where is the separation of mosque and state?

    We need hearings on taxpayer dollars being used to fund Islamic finance (thereby funding jihad and prohibition on whole American business sectors).

  28. 1:44 AM CT – Romney Wins Iowa Caucuses. 30,015 votes! Rick Santorum 30,007 votes and came in 2nd! Ron Paul was 3rd. Mitt and Rick were 4 points apart while holding at 99% of the ballots counted. Rick came from single digits a week ago to winning 25% of the votes almost tying Mitt who also had 25% Mitt won by only 8 votes! Gingrich was 4th, Perry 5th, and Bachman 6th. Herman got 58 votes and Huntsman 700+ .

    • Drudge is reporting that McCain plans to endorse Romney. If I were Romney, I’d BEG HIM NOT TO!

      Drudge also reports that Carter is giving Obama advice–don’t alienate voters with controversial positions. TOO LATE!

    • Yay Santorum! The “victory” speech he gave (he was ahead before the last 1% reported) was awesome – really made me think of Reagan. It was BY FAR the best of the night. Then Mitt came out and gave the boring stump speech he gave earlier that day. Meghan on Fox said they set up a teleprompter for Mitt but once Santorum started speaking off the cuff and doing it so well, they took down the teleprompter. lol.

    Probe reveals feds pressuring agents to rush immigrant visas – even if fraud is feared

    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    (THE DAILY) — Higher-ups within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are pressuring rank-and-file officers to rubber-stamp immigrants’ visa applications, sometimes against the officers’ will, >according to a Homeland Security report and internal documents exclusively obtained by The Daily.

    A 40-page report, drafted by the Office of Inspector General in September but not publicly released, details the immense pressure immigration service officers are under to approve visa applications quickly, sometimes while overlooking concerns about fraud, eligibility or security.

    One-quarter of the 254 officers surveyed said they have been pressured to approve questionable cases, sometimes “against their will.”

    But high-ranking USCIS officials said the pressure has heightened after the Obama administration appointed Alejandro Mayorkas as director in August 2009 during an effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform, bringing with him a mantra of “get to yes.”

    At least five agency veterans seen as being too tough on applicants were either demoted, or given the choice between a demotion or a relocation from Southern California — where their families were — to San Francisco and Nebraska, according to sources and letters of reassignment provided to The Daily.


  30. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v34/n01/jackson-lears/a-history-of-disappointment

    I’m going to put this on the O Timeline, too, because of the biographical data in it, but this article also shows you how BLIND people are to the TRUTH across the Pond. I cannot believe how this person (obviously a leftist) can be SO WRONG about Obama. So wrong. Seems to actually believe that Obama is changing his policies to respond to the Tea Party! Insane. But what can we expect? They hear their “news” from the likes of CNN and other lamestream, in-the-tank “journalist” organizations.

    We can discuss the biographical data he cadges from the BHO Sr. bios on this thread: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/its-all-in-the-obama-family-or-as-the-boughs-break/comment-page-1/#comment-70607

    • How about putting it on the thread..”Where the bough breaks” the one with the family tree.

      • I’ll put my notes from the article there, but the problem remains that when we put things on old threads, people don’t see it or go there to comment because it’s not long before the comment drops off the sidebar. I’m going to link back to the comment on the Bough Breaks post, so people can go there to discuss, if they want to.

  31. Hypocrite! http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jan/4/obama-unprecedented-recess-appointment/

    “Congressional officials said President Obama used his recess appointment powers Wednesday to name a head for the controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a move Republican lawmakers said amounted to an unconstitutional power grab.

    The president acted just a day after the Senate held a session — a move that breaks with at least three different precedents that said the Senate must be in recess for at least three days. Mr. Obama himself was part of two of those precedents, both during his own time in the Senate and again in 2010 when one of his administration’s top constitutional lawyers made the three-day argument to the Supreme Court.

    The appointment in question is former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, whom Mr. Obama tapped to head the CFPB. The board was set up under the new Wall Street regulation bill Democrats powered through in 2010, just before losing their majority in the House.

    Using sharp language, congressional Republicans said the Senate considers itself still in session for purposes of recess appointments, and said Mr. Obama’s move is a declaration of battle against Congress.

    “Although the Senate is not in recess, President Obama, in an unprecedented move, has arrogantly circumvented the American people,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

    GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner called the move “an extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab by President Obama that defies centuries of practice and the legal advice of his own Justice Department.”

    “The precedent that would be set by this cavalier action would have a devastating effect on the checks and balances that are enshrined in our Constitution,” the Ohio Republican said in a statement.

    The White House, though, argues Republican senators stonewalled the nominee so long that Mr. Obama had no choice but to circumvent them.”


    • Miri, Is congress this weak ? Letting him stomp all over them shamelessly ? Really ? How is that ?

      • We’ll see if they’re that weak. If they don’t stand up to him, then we’re doomed. He’s NOT an imperial potus. He’s NOT a dictator.

    • Do remember that Soros and Podesta told him to RULE BY executive order. It was reported a couple weeks ago that this is exactly what he was going to do. Dictator in Chief.

      A woman had that position before when they invented the new agency and she was extremely controversial. It was Elizabeth Warren. I know nothing about this guy, Richard Cordray.

      At the University of Chicago Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor with honors in 1986, he served as editor-in-chief of the University of Chicago Law Review.

      Cordray began his career clerking for Supreme Court associate justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. After clerking for White in 1987–1988, he was hired by the international law firm Jones Day to work in their Cleveland office.


    • http://biggovernment.com/capitolconfidential/2012/01/03/red-alert-new-unconstitutional-presidential-power-grab-may-be-eminent/

      “We have been hearing consistently from the Senate offices that the President is considering a recess appointment of Richard Cordray along with a slew of other controversial nominees in the brief period between the two sessions of Congress,” a key Senate source said. “Now we are hearing from Senior Democrat staffers that something big is coming tomorrow [Jan 4].”

      Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution provides the president with the power to “fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate.” The problem for the president and his liberal allies is that the Senate has not recessed and technically remains in session. However, liberal groups are pressing the White House to invoke the “Roosevelt Option” to stack key government positions with radicals ready to carry out an anti-business, pro-big labor regulatory agenda. The Roosevelt Option is coined from the actions of Teddy Roosevelt who in 1903, in a split-second between two congressional sessions of Congress, made more than 100 recess appointments. In 2012, Congress will need to move from the First Session of this current Congress to the Second Session. Liberals claim the fraction of a second between the sessions is enough to trigger presidential power.

      Others are more brazenly calling for the president to invoke presidential powers never before contemplated. Some have even suggested the president declare the Congress in recess, like a tinhorn dictator from a Third World country.

      But even invoking the so-called “Roosevelt Option” may not solve the liberals’ conundrum. Sources tell Capitol Confidential that the statute creating the CFPB demands that the director be confirmed by the Senate—not installed via recess appointmentto trigger the agency’s shift from Treasury to the Fed and empower the Director.

      But none of the legal or constitutional arguments may matter much. Liberals and the Obama administration appear poised to forge ahead with an outrageous and unconstitutional power grab. And by the time the courts work it out, so much damage will already be done.

      So, let’s be clear about what is happening here: The President of the United States is planning to use an obscure precedent to claim that a split second in time empowers him to go around Congress to appoint a director to an agency that has broad unchecked, almost dictatorial powers to regulate business in America with little or no oversight from the peoples’ representatives in Congress.

      Such actions by the president would be an open declaration of war on constitutional principles and completely undermine our system of checks and balances. These kinds of power grabs are exactly how Banana Republics are born.

      • Obama admin taken to court for recess appointments
        January 13, 2012

        A right-to-work organization is taking the White House to court over the president’s controversial decision to install three new members on the National Board Relations board without Senate approval.

        The legal challenge came after the three new members approved a legal response in an existing lawsuit. The plaintiffs asked the judge on Friday to rule that their participation is invalid because President Barack Obama did not have the authority to appoint them. “We asked [the judge] to consider the question of whether they are constitutionally seated,” said Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Foundation.

        Without legitimate appointments, they can’t participate in the lawsuit, Mix told The Daily Caller. And without their participation the board does have the quorum needed to implement the new regulations that the foundation opposes.
        If not struck down by a court, “that is a dramatic endangerment of the checks and balances in our constitution,” Mix told TheDC. When the president installed the three officials on Jan. 4, he justified his move by saying the Senate was in recess.

        The U.S. Constitution allows the president to bypass the usual Senate debate and vote to appoint officials when the Senate is in recess.But “the Senate was never in recess, notwithstanding what the justice department has said,” Mix said.


        • It seems that these appointments must be struck down because the Constitution (apparently) says that the House must approve the Senate being in recess. The House didn’t, so the Senate wasn’t in recess. IF they were in recess, then how the heck did they pass (and Barry signed) the extension of the payroll tax cut? If, as Barry’s lawyers argue, the Senate was officially in recess, then the payroll tax cut CAN’T be legal. He can’t have it both ways, but he tries. btw, what is wrong with all the DemocRAT senators? Are they happy to cede all their power to Obama? If THEY don’t speak out, and soon, they will go down in history as little more than rubber stampers. Why should We the People pay for a Senate and House when they are useless? Shams. Nothing more. For that matter, why do we STILL have an ICE bureaucracy when they don’t do their jobs on order from the potus? Disband them and save us a bunch of money. Only this dude thought the Senate was in recess: http://keywiki.org/index.php/Tom_Carper
          “Thomas Carper is a Democratic member of the United States Senate, representing Delaware. He was elected to his seat in 2000, originally. He is serving as Deputy Whip. … The Council for a Livable World, founded in 1962 by long-time socialist activist and alleged Soviet agent, Leo Szilard, is a non-profit advocacy organization that seeks to “reduce the danger of nuclear weapons and increase national security”, primarily through supporting progressive, congressional candidates who support their policies. The Council supported Thomas Carper in his successful Senate run as candidate for Delaware.”

          • Rather than try to explain this Miri ,I found this so you can see the difference in a recess and an ajournment. Recess is sort of like saying that congress is still about there business with a break. They are not formally adjourned from there work from for that scheduled day. So when Obama makes appointments, it’s sort of like saying in a figurative way that while they were out on their coffee break he dropped some papers off by their desk to sign. Now this is a simplified version of course, but it’s like saying to the cleaning lady while she was in the bathroom ,you dropped some shirts off to be pressed while she stepped out. You might even leave a note that says have these back to me by Friday.
            The Daily Order of Business

            Each time the Senate convenes after an adjournment, a new legislative day begins. On each new legislative day, Senate rules provide for a “Morning Hour” during which routine “morning business” can occur, such as introducing bills and submitting committee reports. During this period, the Senate may also be able to take up bills on the calendar by nondebatable motions.

            In practice, the Senate often recesses at the end of the day, rather than adjourning. Party leaders sometimes prefer a recess because it gives them greater flexibility in shaping the Senate’s daily business. Since there is then no Morning Hour when the Senate next convenes, the majority leader usually obtains unanimous consent for “a period for routine morning business,” such as bill introductions. Senators often make brief speeches during this period.

            After the Morning Hour or the period for routine morning business, the Senate normally resumes consideration of the business previously before it. This business may be set aside, temporarily or indefinitely, in favor of other business through motions or unanimous consent requests by the majority leader. At any point in the day, noncontroversial business also may be conducted by unanimous consent.

  32. http://news.yahoo.com/bachmann-quits-race-says-shell-fight-issues-164135368.html 😦

    “Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday that she has “decided to stand aside” and is ending her bid for Republican presidential nomination after her last-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

    The conservative Minnesota congresswoman’s decision, widely expected following her dismal Iowa showing, leaves her supporters up for grabs by the other candidates in the race, particularly former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

    “I have decided to stand aside,” Bachmann said at a hastily arranged news conference in Des Moines, hours after the caucus results were announced. “I will not be continuing in this race for the presidency.””

    • With a last place showing, the money would dry up. Better not to go into political debt. She made a valiant attempt and will still be a voice for the people. If she really wanted to do something, she could question Obama’s eligibility in Congress. To bad she didn’t do it on the stump. She could do it now…nothing stopping her. Being slapped as a birther while running might have helped her.

  33. Actually she was not in last place,
    That position belongs to Jon Huntsman,
    and what about that O welcoming the moslum brotherhoodys in egypt

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