Give Obama a Break; He was Abused

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Believe Her or Not?


Martha Trowbridge’s creatively written stories about Barack being the son of white, living Jo Ann Newman and her deceased secret lover, Malcolm X, seem to be another fabrication about Obama’s history. Trowbridge, a creative writer herself, has spun another familial background for Obama. Scant, seldom cited documentation gives no more credence to the credibility of her stories than the one already told by Bill Ayers in Obama’s “autobiography,” Dreams of My Father.

More telling of Trowbridge’s intent was found in her latest blog entitled, “The Most Courageous Step.”   In it she combines the spirit of Christmas, a reference to abused children thereby  insinuating that Obama was abused,  with a plea for us to look at Obama as a regretful soul. Yes, she believes and wants us to think that if the con man were given a second chance, he wouldn’t do the same things again and that he has a soul.

In the spirit of Christmas, I am asking you, America, to consider that “Barack Obama”, for all his great accomplishments, has greatly suffered; and in his suffering, chose paths he now regrets.

I truly believe that if he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t do it.

Great accomplishments, Martha? Oh do name them! He has suffered? Show us the suffering! Does he suffer while on the golf course or when he is occupying the White House? Is his silent suffering done as he does the bidding of his puppet masters, instills class warfare across our nation, blames whomever or whatever for his failures, craves the power of a dictator, praises Islam but not Christianity? His background and the baggage he carries is something for which we should feel sympathy? Exactly which background are we to feel empathy?

Check the following statement where Trowbridge invokes the “Spirit of Christmas” and therefore the majority of Americans with Christianity’s understanding of forgiveness to see Obama as a changed, transformed man of integrity.  If only we pray for him, there is a miracle waiting! If only we give up our anger at his Marxist ways, his intent to destroy our economy and transform our nation, his attempts to eliminate our Constitution and ignore this nation’s laws, he will be saved. Well, gag me with a stick, Martha! Our country with its traditions, values, and aspirations along with our known freedoms will become non-existent if we follow Martha’s fanciful suggestion. To follow Martha, we would have to think that Obama knows not what he does and that he will suddenly have an epiphany.

America, in honor of The Sacred Birth Of Jesus Christ, let us lay down our anger, and find it within our hearts to genuinely welcome “Barack Obama” as he steps forth in Integrity. I sense you’d agree: it will not be an easy step.

Yet, it will be the most courageous step any American, in all our great history, has ever taken.

Welcome Obama to the world of the righteous and just? He, along with his fawning minions, malcontents, and various anti-American factions personify what most normally well-adjusted, law-abiding citizens identify as evil. They are the radicals, degenerates, maladjusted, sick, and psychotic personalities dressed up and presented as normal, well-adjusted humans. Instead they are the dregs of society. They are the morally bankrupt and corrupt. They are the liars, cheats and thieves who have made their way into power by hook or crook. Crook, being the key word. They are in no way the people we would want our children to emulate nor will they ever be held in high esteem except by their mindless peers.

Inside true blue Americans, there is a deep pride and love for our nation. Inside Obama and his ilk, there is a deep hatred of our country and its countrymen. Our culture was built on the courage, honor, honesty, and integrity of all those that populated our great country, and those that have fought in wars to keep our nation safe and secure from the likes of those who adhere to the Obamanation. To Obama these are foreign concepts and all references and adherence to American’s principles should be swept aside to make room for Obama and his benefactor’s sick policies, ideas, and concepts.

Unlike you Martha, I won’t be taking any steps to lay down my anger nor welcome Obama to the land of the free and the brave. I will do the very opposite to ensure that he and his supporters’ voices are squelched and that they are driven back to the sewers from whence they came. We are taking all steps necessary to make sure that this Obamic blight upon America never, ever gets another chance to bow to another tyrant, apologize for our magnificent country, or embarrass us throughout the world.

The courageous among us will continue to thwart the Marxists, communists and socialists as long as we live. Evil lives and is in the heart of those anti-Americans who are willing to overthrow the greatest country in the world. God will judge them in the end, and I pray he will judge them harshly. God led and inspired our founders and for over 235 years their words of wisdom still ring true. They warned us of enemies who would try to subvert our Constitution and bring us down. The enemies are  here now and we have observed them in action.  We are  taking whatever steps we can to  expose and dislodge the corrupt,  radical Marxists and their cohorts.

Speaking of cohorts, my suspicions about Martha were heightened with her latest blog entry and her plea to look at the usurper in a Christian way.   The Progressive’s way is to get you to feel sympathy as they turn their story about a perpetrator of a crime into its victim.   Do you feel it?  Do you feel Obama’s pain and suffering?  I didn’t think so.

We now must question how  Martha found a person named Bari Shabazz in the first place.   She then traced him to streets close to where Malcolm X lived in New York, found a video showing a gal she has identified as Bari’s mother,  purported to know that the child was brought up in a presidential palace, and then found obscure traffic tickets in  Hawaii.  Oh Martha, please  show us the documents that you base your stories upon…you know the ones where you  proved that Barack Obama was really Bâri′ M. Shabazz.  Show us the documents that prove he was sent to live with  Indonesia’s President Sukarno.

The person we really want to have identified is Jo Ann Newman  and her whereabouts!  Do you have some hospital documents in your possession as proof of your findings?  We do so want to welcome Bâri′ Shabazz into the fray of Obama’s convoluted history as the pride and joy of the hateful, convicted felon, radical revolutionary,  and anti-American,  Malcolm X.

Has Martha been testing the waters for a reaction to what might be the truth of Obama’s background?    Is Martha an Obot who is trying to further muddy the murky waters of Obama’s history?  Did  Martha help raise an enemy of the state?   Is it you, Martha,  that chose a path for little Bâri′ and yourself that you now regret? So many questions, so few definitive answers.

It’s time for Martha to get a reality check or to fess up!  Is Martha the keeper of the real terrible truth?  The Terrible Truth might set you free.

Who are you really, Martha?  Is your name, Jo Ann?


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129 responses to “Give Obama a Break; He was Abused

  1. Bwahahahahahahaha! What a fricken crock. “Welcome Barack obama”.

    I have my suspicion on who Martha is – which I will keep to myself. Suffice it to saw that it is a person who is happy to screw with everyone to cause them to look foolish. I have known that since the blog first emerged. Lots of you have been very suspicious – rightfully so. Expect that blog to disappear soon.

    • Happy Holidays Ladys ! I hope you are having a good one.
      I think you are right too…

    • No doubt, all the great tyrants of history “greatly suffered” in their childhoods, too. Such is the stuff of sociopaths, megalomaniacs, magical thinkers, dictators, paranoid narcissists, etc. Yes, Martha is a creative writer. Her sympathy is misplaced. It ought to be with the millions who have suffered far more from Obama’s policies than he ever “suffered” from his cushy, privileged, elite upbringing. I feel sorry for the poor little rich girl, Gloria, and her poor little rich son, Anderson, too. Don’t you? NOT. Do they want to see suffering? Visit the unemployment office.

      • It is impossible for Barry to “step forth in Integrity.” He has none. The only integrity possible is a full confession, begging for forgiveness, immediate resignation, and then happily serving the jail time that is due, after giving every red cent of his money as reparations to those he harmed.

        WTF is this woman’s game? Is this phase two? The Rehabilitation of Barry Soetoro? NOT POSSIBLE.

    • We’ve posted in comments links about the Martha Trowbridge who some imply is this author. Whether she is or not, is anyone’s guess. Just as we don’t know for SURE who Barry is. She might have glommed onto another person’s identity. But her cohort, Erik, is a writer for World Net Daily, which in itself is rather astounding.

      There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that Barry is ready, willing, or able to come clean. He NEVER regrets anything. He NEVER admits to any failing, despite the ample evidence all around. It’s part of the syndrome.

      Who is Martha and what is her game?

  2. we were on to this from word one.

    the purpose is to influence certain people to believe that if there is a problem with eligibility then with him being the son of X, then its a good thing and very understandable. absolute abusers. low, despicable slave masters.

    it just makes me believe even more that he’s hiding some very terrible truth.

    bogus potus and his minions strike again.

    I cannot believe that some of the people we have placed a lot of faith and trust in actually promote this bunk. unless they are pretending, for some reason.

  3. I think Martha is full of baloney. She’s wanting it to be peace, love and just forget that someone has committed crimes, which actually will be hurting that person who committed the crimes in the long run. BO could do better if he’d fess up, then he’d gain some integrity and character, then say to America, I have to pay for my crimes, but will you forgive me?

    Note: Forgiveness in the Scriptures never means that we don’t pay for the crimes that we committed, or the sins that we have committed, but we can be forgiven for them nonetheless. Just like an unruly child that has disobeyed their parents, they deserve a spanking, or some form of discipline like taking something away from them, grounding them, but they can also be forgiven. If you don’t give them the punishment, it will hurt them in the long run. Showing them discipline shows that you love them. Even in the Scriptures, Yahweh says, and it’s in the NT also, that if you want to be my child, you must endure your discipline, or you will be a bastard child.

    So that Martha’s writings are as false as can be.

    • Forgiveness requires TRUE contrition. Would anyone in his or her right mind EVER believe that Barry recognizes his errors much less is truly contrite?

  4. Will the real Martha Trowbridge Please Stand Up

    • From Papoose’s link above.

      Imagine that..Harvard. Who would have guessed? Oh, the ties that bind.

      A stage name, perhaps?

      Investigative Researcher, Reporter, Columnist, Executive Producer & Host
      Demographic info: Burlington, Vermont Area | Writing and Editing
      Current: Columnist at print and online media, Investigative Researcher, Reporter at Terrible Truth, CEO, Executive Producer & Host at Martha Trowbridge…
      Education: Harvard University, Bentley University, Harvard University

      • Nice job Bridgette.

        Martha T. : Vermont, Harvard, wordsmith. Bullshit artist, liberal. Expert rabbit hole digger.

        • yes ,Expert rabbit hole digger.
          I haven’t given much energy to ms. Trollbridge,but just to help lend a bit more discredit to her wonderful fiction I need to refer to a reality of Malcolm’s. In the 1960’s Malcolm seems quite audible on the topic of his one time Mentor I. Mohammad, and in public speeches he outwardly relates how the NOI leader has had relations with underage women(I think also with white women) and had fathered 6 illigitimate children. Now whatever you may think of Malcolm, this area seems to be an immoral act for Malcolm…… Malcolm makes mention in his public speeches, on more than one occasion, how this is morally wrong. This would seem to indicate he had a problem with this. I find it slightly hard to believe he would be so public about someones illigitimate children,while living , in 1964-1965, under the danger and scrutiny he was living under, if he had fathered an iligitimate child himself,while ridiculing that very action by possibly the very group of people trying to get rid of him. DON’T yA Think?

          • Exactly. Of course, they’ll probably tell you that this is exactly why he hid the truth. He wouldn’t be the first “progressive” AMORAL, lying, cheating husband. They seem to make a habit of it–JFK, Roosevelt, Edwards, Clinton, etc. On and on. Not that Republicans are any better. What is amazing, though, is how the media EXCUSE it in the progressives but excoriate any conservatives. Thinking of Gingrich. Since when is it a crime to get a divorce? Are all DemocRATS still married to their one and only? Hardly. They lied about Gingrich’s wife. I truly did think that the woman died, because of that media lie about him asking for a divorce when she was on her death bed. They have NO SHAME.

            His papers suddenly turning up remind me of those records that suddenly appeared on a table in the WH. Remember that, Hillary?

      • Is that her real name, Trobridge ? YOU know Malcolm got a ticket for speeding once on Triborough Bridge. Did she just grab her name from reading his bio? I know that’s a longshot, but with the looks of thinks anything is possible.

  5. Note these verses and you will understand:

    Heb_12:7 If you endure discipline, the deity is dealing with you as with sons; for who is the son whom a father does not discipline?
    Think carefully about what it is saying. This part: for who is the son whom a father does not discipline?

    I.e., if he’s a son, he’s going to be disciplined?

    See, next verse answers the question of those without discipline:
    Heb_12:8 But if you are without discipline, of which all have become sharers, then you are bastards, and not sons.


    Heb_12:11 And ALL DISCIPLINE for the present indeed does not seem to be joyous, but grievous; but afterward it gives back peaceable fruit of righteousness to the ones having been exercised by it.

    This is all taken from the OT, meaning the discipline issue:

    Pro_15:10 Discipline is grievous to him who forsakes the way, he who hates reproof shall die.

    Eph_6:4 And fathers, do not provoke your children, but nurture them in the DISCIPLINE and admonition of the Sovereign.

    Note these verses:

    Jer_30:11 For I am with you, says Yahweh, to save you. Though I make a full end among all nations where I have scattered you, yet I will not make a full end with you. But I will correct you justly, and I will not leave you unpunished.
    Jer_46:28 You shall not fear, O Jacob My servant, says Yahweh, for I am with you. For I will make a full end of all the nations there where I have driven you. But I will not make a full end of you, but I will correct you justly, and I will not leave you unpunished.

    Note that they will be corrected “justly,” and they will not be left unpunished. There are references to where Yahweh (the son because he inherited his father’s name, also the father) forgives us, but we still have to be punished for our sins. It’s just the way it is IF we are to become his children.

    Another thing I have found with the understanding of forgiveness, Martha wants to forgive BO. Wait a second, the only rule to forgiveness in the Scriptures that is told to us is to forgive someone IF THEY ASK US! I hear people all the time, which sounds in self-righteousness tone, Oh, I forgive him. Wait a second, did that person ask your forgiveness, and if they didn’t, what kind of character are you allowing them to set up in themselves? Actually you’re hurting the person big time. A person has to ask forgiveness.

    And what if they don’t want to be forgiven, i.e., can’t humble themselves to be forgiven, then do you forgive them point blank?

    Scriptures say NO WAY if you put them all together like they’re supposed to be. It’s if your brother and/or sister ASKS your forgiveness.

    • Kittycat, that’s the bone they are throwing to get you (me) to buy in, it has nothing to do with forgiveness. it’s a ruse meant to rent space in your head.

      it has a plan and purpose; plant seeds.

      its a lead balloon.

  6. I do not buy it. Martha is putting forth baloney and no truth or is she putting forth any EVIDENCE. We must have the evidence to prove this. Since she’s been writing, and from what I can see, she’s just putting out a story. Might make a good novel, a fiction, but nothing in the way of the truth!

    • It was incredibly frustrating to follow her story line from the beginning, since she offered up fantasies with absolutely NO evidence to back them up, plus I find her “creative” writing style obnoxious. I kept waiting for the “proof” to appear, but it doesn’t appear that is where she was ever heading.
      For the sake of accuracy in journalism however, I would point out that she did not find the “obscure traffic tickets”, I did. Perhaps it was the only actual research in her stories? 🙂 But there was nothing in that ticket record (that we know of) that would link BMS to BHO, except circumstantial evidence/coincidences.

      • Oh, I am sorry SEO, I didn’t realize that it was your research and that you were the one that found that ticket. I didn’t mean to attribute your work to her.

        • Oh, no, don’t worry, that wasn’t my point! I had remained “anonymous” about it until now intentionally; I just wanted to clarify that one of the only “documented” items about bari shabazz wasn’t even anything she found. If she has any documented evidence she is keeping it hidden.
          Also, does anyone else wonder why Erik Rush is involved with that website?

          • SEO, I cannot get a pulse on the whole thing. Do you think she is somehow giving clues we do not understand in ANY way ? Like wiki leaks or something ? It just feels…I don’t know, like very odd to me. Like there is a deeper story inside only some know. Something twisted in like a riddle. Teasing.

          • Renee, I can’t either. It is hard to find even a shred of anything other than pure speculation and “creative” fiction in Trowbridge’s “articles”. I wanted to..when I read the first one I hoped the proof was there, and coming soon, and we were just being teased. So far, there is nothing concrete…not even anything that is mushy wet cement…just flowery suggestive writings that, as far as I can tell, say or mean nothing at all. After reading it, I took the name Bari Shabazz, and just for the hell of it put it into the Hawaii courts data base. I didn’t expect to find anything at all.

          • SEO, I do not know what website yu are referring to that Erik rush is with Ms. Trowbridge, but this one for example has one unusual quality. When
            you click on almost all headers/story lines below, the only one that pops up through my internet explorer is the one tht says Erik Rush. So perhaps she has just chosen Erik to Ride along on her blog,so she looks legit. All the other things she has here are just copies of stories and headlines you can get anywhere else, put into her format. I’d say Ms. Trowbridge is a “Suethsayer” of sorts, just conjuring up a fiction for the gullibly inclined, who are begging for anything.

      • That’s typical obotic behavior. Stating something as fact but, upon being questioned, never giving sources and/or changing the subject. Never responding to logical assertions. Never participating in any debate. Just putting out unsubstantiated statements as if they were facts. Her supposed links to Fred and Sanford Newman, if true, are interesting. But without anything to BACK UP these supposed connections, they mean nothing. That’s also typical obotic behavior–sending people off on wild goose chases in order to later on ridicule them for their gullibility.

        It all may be a set up. A false flag operation that has several goals: to continue lamestream ridicule of “birthers”, to muddy the waters (like how they repeatedly and falsely say “birthers” don’t believe Obama is a citizen OR that they believe he was born in Kenya), and to create a distraction. To make a bunch of NOISE to help prevent curious people from learning the reality of this situation. They don’t want curious people to learn how he has presented NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT PROVES HIS SELF-PROCLAIMED LIFE HISTORY. We don’t know WHO HE IS.

        SEO, that’s also typical WND behavior. I’m sorry, but they continually have “exclusives” that are NOT.

        • sculpts bullpuckies

        • I think I’ll go back to Ms. Trbrg’s site and have a look at the source? Maybe something there.

        • It all may be a set up. A false flag operation that has several goals: to continue lamestream ridicule of “birthers”,

          Exactly Miri, to discredit birthers, a set up.

          Excellent write up Bridgette, bravo to you! job well done. Like Miri and I said about when Trowbridge first came out with her speculations, wheres the beef? where’s Trowbridge’s proof to back up ANYTHING she is saying, or putting out there. And forgive to barry, give me a freaking break!!

        • I thought it would be obvious when I went back to the Terrible Truth website, but I had to search for the Erik Rush connection. At least this one posting lists him in the copyright for research.

          However, I also remember a message posted to Sharon at P&E, from Erik Rush, thanking her for giving their blog so much coverage.

          • SEO, Do you have any ideas on where the fake ends and the real begins ?
            Seems never ending sometimes no ?

          • There’re articles by Erik Rush on Trowbridge’s blog. Whether she just cross-posted them, I don’t know. There’s one about Churchill’s bust in October and another that mentions Malcolm X in November. She has his blog in her blog roll. He’s had articles at WND, too. I remember reading something he wrote, saying that he grew up in that same area of NYC where the Shabazzes lived. If so and if this is TRUE, then one would expect Erik to know something that would SAVE OUR COUNTRY. Or perhaps does he idolize Malcolm and thus his “son”?

  7. Just a thought…….Martha Trowbridge has made public accusations that Malcolm X is Barrack Obama’s father. Would one of the Shabazz children or grandchildren be able to sue MT for slander if the accusations are proven to be false? However, I seriously doubt that BO would give a sample of his DNA.

    • Shabaz probably would, but she is in deep now for id fraud and using credit cards of others me thinks…she has her hands full at the moment….

  8. okay who spiked martha’s egg-nog with LSD?

    • harvey g, I think it may have been Alice…

      • renee, remember my long ago stanely ann story where she literally falls into a hospital about to deliver, needs a name,so the janitor B. Sr. lets her use his name…..blah,blablabla? Wonder where my old story got to? I like my story much better and it’s still almost believable,because nothing new has been proven about him except, without a shadow of a doubt, that he is a FRAUDSTER! I think there’s plenty of evidence ,circumstantial maybe,but plenty to point up his smokin evil charlatan ways.

  9. Fabulous Family, FAZE two. Are they fixing to run with a new set of LIES for 2012? So, which set of lies are we to believe? The 1995, Ayers-invented set? Or this new set?

    Great post, Bridgette. Tell us how you really feel! 🙂

    I can’t agree with you more. You have his number. And hers.

  10. give me a break. so was I.

    • Papoose, So were you what? Did this comment end up in the wrong place?

      • no, i just answered the title. it cracks me up. give barky a break, he was abused. you can’t make this stuff up …

        like a poor person can’t vote because they’ll be saddled with having to prove who they are and that is more important than one possible vote fraud… coming from the DOJ. ??? talk about abuse.. i think they are worried. Demand ID. it would skewer their numbers from the get-go

  11. All I know is she bores me….there is no “creative” in her writing.

  12. More lies……….It’s all one big lie……..

  13. So if Barry was abused, wouldn’t that disqualify him from being POTUS? Atleast that’s the way I see it.

    Thanks Martha! Thanks for confirming what we all knew…… That Barry is unqualified to be POTUS because he was abused. You are 4yrs too late. You see Martha, we believe you that he was abused it’s just that we believe he was abused by communist marxist.
    Frank Marshall Davis type of abuse!!!!!

    • Yep. We predicted that 3 or more years ago. It explains so much about his personality. Dissociation from reality being top of the list. And reenacting the abuse via encounters with guys like Larry Sinclair.

  14. Martha Trowbridge signed on Feb 18, 2010
    3737 Elm Drive – 20706 Lanham (MD) (US) 310,152

    I SUPPORT OBAMA!!! 311

  15. Background

    After growing up in Phoenix, Keith Bagwell earned degrees from the University of Arizona and became a dedicated Tusconan. He spent 23 years working in newspaper journalism, primarily as the environmental reporter for the Arizona Daily Star. In 2007 he was the executive assistant to the Pima County Board of Supervisors Chairman and co-chair of the
    Tucson Chapter of the National Writers Union, AFL-CIO.
    He is married to Communist Party USA member Carolyn Trowbridge. Together, they have a grown daughter and three granddaughters.

    Hmmm, I wonder if Carolyn Trowbridge. is any relation to Martha Trowbridge.

  16. excellent Red Pill. There must be much,much more of this sort of thing, like you said,and finding information contributing to the citizenship issues are probably found within some of the early states archives. Trouble is, much of the article or archives won’t necessarily all be like this article, but there is plenty of evidence to support WHY this issue of citizenship,. was so important. While there may be argument that before 1811 and earlier there were no laws on citizenship….this could be a fallacy. Whether there were proclamations or laws they were issued by the King. up into the late 1700s many were still foreign born settlers,French, German,Scotland, Wales ,Engish ,Dutch,ect.. Don’t forget most all Governors of the early territories were foreignors. Like Pennsylvania 1600’s, North Carolina with Gov. Tryon.1700’s….who later (after causing havoc in NC) was sent to New York. Many of the early officers of the Courts ,the clerks of courts,sheriffs of NC. who were the tax collectors( just like they had been in England , and many usurped their infuence on the settlers), were all foreignors.You might look at the ” King’s Charter”,the “Magna Carta” which held most the rule of law, common law infuence, and see what it had to say about Europes Citizenry. It would be interesting to compare, or see where Madison, Hamilton, and John Jay may have been infuenced by this “Rule of Law” Bible”. You also might find information in NC by looking up the history of the Regulators(earliest tax revolts) in Hillsbororugh NC.(the Battle of Alamance). and South Carolina. North Carolina’s Clerk of court back then became Governor of either New Zeland or Nova Scotia. You will find much to support why becoming a real full fledged citizen probably became one of the biggest issues of the day . Citizenship, in everyway that severs us from the foreign infuences during that time had to be the utmost,and devine symbol of being free from tyranny and foreign infuence. It had to be clear. So there’s got to be a body of work somewhere to support this….
    Thomas Paine comes to mind. Seems he was a citizen many places and while many make the case he was a good soul…….he may have been a wolf in sheeps clothing and may have been an instrument for the usurpers of power,propaganda, and the jewish money lenders.Are there any articles of his on citizenship of this fine country?

  17. At Martha’s site, she has “selected” comments and responses. Two of the three are below.

    Comment 2: Although I understand the reason you want to hold information on Obama’s Mother, JoAnn Newman, don’t you think ‘We the people’ deserve to know? We have been lied to long enough. We need to know who this man is who ‘occupies’ OUR White House. Nothing will shock us. We can handle the TRUTH.

    Response: TT could not agree more! America absolutely deserves to know the Truth. America can handle the Truth. We have for the moment refrained from exposing “Obama’s” mother for the sake of decency – not having evidence that she participated in this heinous crime against America. As decent Americans, we sense you will respect this decision. Be assured, however, that investigators are in possession of all the information they need to pursue and prosecute.

    Comment 3: “Maybe its a good Idea to let Obama know this information so he can be relieved of the hidden truth.”

    Response: “Obama” has been following TT as closely as TT has been following him.

    • For the moment. Ha! For the sake of decency? When you place her so-called “decency” on one side of the scale and the fate of our entire Republic on the other, which way would you think a patriot would decide to tilt the scale for JUSTICE? Huh, Martha? We don’t “respect” your decision. If the lamestream media reports leaked information that damages individuals (in some cases leads to their death), then I believe that the good that will come from exposing his LIES to the WORLD will far outweigh any embarrassment to his “mother”.

      It can’t happen here? Is that where you got your pseudonym? Cute. Walt Trowbridge. Who’s Martha?

      • How do we explain that the truth has come out? HAS IT COME OUT? I think not.

        Those who have argued for YEARS that Malcolm X is his true father have presented far more convincing circumstantial evidence. And I still don’t believe it. It’s way too pat. To convenient. Something for the true believers to hang on to. Something to “endear” him once again to blacks who consider Malcolm to be a folk hero.

        And then there’s precedent for courts to accept the CLAIMED parents (even adoptive parents) rather than the actual biological parents. So, he’s still ineligible. Worse, he lied to America and was fraudulently elected, if what Martha claims is true.

    • The evidence that she “participated” is her silence. It’s a CRIME to have knowledge of fraud and NOT to speak out. If she is his mother, then she MUST KNOW about the crime. Did she report it? Ask a lawyer, Martha. See what the law says about her innocence.

  18. Yeah, just imagine…
    They or she have done “Thousands of hours” of research!

    Request For Prayer And Compassion

    America, please join us in prayer.

    In heartfelt prayer for ”Barack Hussein Obama” to have the courage to step forth in sincerity, and acknowledge his deceit.

    Imagine! A world leader standing up and stating “I was wrong. Don’t do what I did.”
    Imagine what a truly historical role model he would become!
    Imagine the wonderful man he could grow into becoming. The man he really was born to be.

    From our thousands of hours of research and analysis, we can assure you: Barack Obama possesses great strength, and discipline.

    • Trolling other blogs to cop information. Such as independently-obtained-BY-US photos of newspaper articles. Copied and posted without attribution. A Terrible Truth “exclusive”, no doubt. Oh, but you are FORBIDDEN to even paraphrase her writing. Did you know? Sorry, Martha. Fair use for the purpose of EDUCATION. SEO, how did they come by your information about the traffic tickets?

      • I sent it to someone, kind of hoping he/she would quietly investigate, and it was published as a story.

        • Really ? Truly amazing. SEO, Maybe you should clue in Mario. This is so strange. It’s like people took your info, snapped it into something and made it into something else. Wala. I hate to hear this. Sad. Like I said before, so hard to know where drama ends and reality begins. Too many fakes for my taste.

    • Forgive me for bordering on blasphemy, but this is also typical obotic behavior. To ridicule the religious by aping their lingo. To attempt to fool them by using their own philosophy against them. Who else does this? Jihadists. Taqiyya practitioners.

      Show us the money. Speak the TRUTH, if you know it.

  19. Oops, I meant the King john’s Charter. For instance in article or chapter 51 of the Kings charter says; “as soon as peace is restored we will banish from the kingdom, all foreign born knights,crossbowmen, seargents, and mercenary soldiers who have come with horses and arms to the kingdoms hurt.”
    Remember, the eras of fiefdom were from whence the new settlers came out of. Foreign born to the Europeans takes on multiple meanings. Kingdoms relatives stretched their tentacles with cousins, aunts ,uncles and wives from every country for the purpose of spreading their control and infuence. Surely Madison , Hamilton and Jay and others wanted to differentiate what citizenship in this country meant.


    Could it be that they are playing a game using Alinsky’s rules?

    • not “could it Be” . They are… doing the Alinsky jig.The Hegel Dialectic medicine is being poured down our throats . No question about it.I’ll grant you sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s sincere and what’s for the Jig though.

    • Do any of you have the photo mentioned below? I’ve heard about it for some time, but have never seen it.


      Indeed, one little-known fact is the photograph on a beach, cited time and again, allegedly showing Stanley Ann Dunham in a bikini, which is generally used to display the fact that she was not pregnant, and is in fact a photograph of none other than BARBARA BUSH in her younger days!. The original may be seen in the Reagan Library!

      • I never saw this pic Kathy, and I thought we had seen most. I read of it, but it was never SHOWN. The pic I saw was a back shot nude and looked like Princess Anne to me. (jazz records and Christmas decor in the background)

        • I saw the same photo you are describing Renee. I think it was supposed to be one of Frank Davis’s photos. I have never seen the one people have been talking about of her in a bikini on a beach.

          • I remember many people talking about that supposed photo of Ann on the beach in the summer of ’61, not pregnant. This was as far back as 2008. I NEVER saw that photo. Anytime anybody brought it up, they couldn’t supply the photo. They just talked about it. It’s like an urban legend. Such a photo would be proof positive, wouldn’t it? Although then they’d just say it was a different summer.

  21. ladysforest, here is the link to all of the articles on World Net Daily written by Erik Rush, who I assume is the same person as ‘Martha Trowbridge’

    so what happened to what I wrote? it disappeared before my eyes….before I had a chance to try and log in.

    acknowledges on SOME of her articles on the Terrible Truth website:

    From the moment I read her first entry, I sensed she was nothing but a fake, but what I can’t understand is why Erik Rush allows his name to be associated with hers.

    • Welcome, aussieone. Thanks for that link. Makes it easy!

      I can’t understand his connection to Martha OR Mario Apuzzo’s, either. Hey! I checked out the first article, about communism, and our own Dr. P. was the first commenter. What a coinkidink.

  22. alinsky the vote.
    disenfranchised blah, blah, blah.

    Demand ID; skewer their numbers. prevent fraud. don’t let them cancel your vote. They are freaking if people need to verify their RIGHTto vote as a vested Amerian citizen/ taxpayer… the numbers will surely deplete…

    since when was the DOJ in charge of poor people and anybody’s voting rights? how about guns, drugs and money for a change? like its your job to uphold the law faithfully. you swore. what a racket.

  23. I guess that my post didn’t go in. Let me try again.

    This is to SEO:

    Right, SEO, she (Martha) is showing no proof, just a story. Kind of strange if you ask me. I don’t know what she’s up to yet. If she’s got proof of something, she should just spit it out. Otherwise, just write her book or whatever she’s doing.

    I’m having a difficult time posting anything because of my Internet tonight, but something is going on with that Martha person. I’m thinking that she’s an obot?

  24. its a set up. there a sticky web out there.

    the old throw it on the wall and see if it sticks trick, Agent 99.

    distraction; notion; 5 days to fundamentally transform America. fair share.

    we know. clowns to the left of him and jokers to the right,
    here we are,
    diluting America’s Terrain, Treasure and Traditions,

    step by step. inch by inch.

    In 40 years white Americanas are going to be demanding reparations for being persecuted under the discriminating Non Discrimination laws due to your European ancestry.

  25. Possible Relative Of President Listed In Slave Records
    December 29, 2011 6:00 pm

    Scholars want help identifying slaves’ origins
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Almost two centuries before there was a man named Obama in the White House, there was a man named Obama shackled in the bowels of a slave ship. There is no proof that the unidentified Obama has ties to President Barack Obama.

    All they share is a name. But that is exactly the commonality that Emory University researchers hope to build upon as they delve into the origins of Africans who were taken up and sold.

    They have built an online database around those names, and welcome input from people who may share a name that’s in the database, or have such names as part of their family lore. “The whole point of the project is to ask the African diaspora, people with any African background, to help us identify the names because the names are so ethno-linguistically specific, we can actually locate the region in Africa to which the individual belonged on the basis of the name,” said David Eltis, an Emory University history professor who heads the database research team.

    So far, two men named Obama sit among some 9,500 captured Africans whose names were written on line after line in the registries of obscure, 19th century slave trafficking courts. The courts processed the human chattel freed from ships that were intercepted and detoured to Havana, Cuba or Freetown, Sierra Leone. Most of the millions of Africans enslaved before 1807 were known only by numbers, said James Walvin, an expert on the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Once bought by slave owners, the Africans’ names were lost. Africans captured by the Portuguese were baptized and given “Christian” names aboard the ships that were taking them into slavery.

    But original African names — surnames were uncommon for Africans in the 19th century — are rich with information. Some reveal the day of the week an individual was born or whether that individual was the oldest, youngest or middle child or a twin. They can also reveal ethnic or linguistic groups.

    The president’s father was from Kenya, on the eastern coast of Africa, and Eltis said it was rare for captives to hail from areas far from the port where their ships set sail. The unidentified Obamas on the slave ships sailed from west Africa. Walvin, author of “The Zong,” a book about the slave trade, said there were Africans who had been brought great distances before they were forced onto ships.

    “Often their enslavement had begun much earlier, deep in the African interior, most of them captured through acts of violence, warfare or kidnap, or for criminal activity …” Walvin said in his book, which chronicles the true story of a captain who ordered a third of the slaves aboard his ship thrown overboard due to a shortage of drinking water.

    Obama’s ancestors, a nomadic people known as the River Lake Nilotes, migrated from Bahr-el-Ghazal Province in Sudan toward Uganda and into Western Kenya
    , according to Sally Jacobs, author of “The Other Barack”, a book about the president’s father. They were part of several clans and subclans that eventually became the Luo people of Kenya, Jacobs writes.The president’s great-grandfather’s name was Obama. Obama is derived from the word “bam”, meaning crooked or indirect, she said in her book.But it’s also possible that Obama was a name used by other cultural groups in Africa and for whom the name had a different meaning. [Bam means Crooked…it fits!]


    • Let’s see if this upcoming story will stick! New story line..database identifying African slaves…and one might be an Obama relative. Emory University probably got a grant to study this. They cite the work of Ms. Jacobs, the author who traveled 75,000 miles to get all of the correct and documented information for her book!

      We happen to know a few Obama’s who didn’t come over on slave fact, we don’t know how they got here. How about researching them first? Renee Albena Obama? I know some Obama’s whose names changed too…how about you?

      All those of African origin are invited to assist them. Yet they didn’t list a contact number or show the database of names or information. So how do they expect people to contact them? Perhaps they don’t.

      • It’s just a case of them using any possible media limelight to promote Barry’s reelection. I do think a fatwa went out: For all academics and lamestream people everywhere, at any opportunity, connect ANY story to Dear Leader, but especially if it somehow puts him in a good light or lends sympathy to him or even his ancestors.

        All to promote the lie that he’s just another American black with a life history that’s similar to most American blacks.

        NOT TRUE. If he’s even half-black, he’s not an AMERICAN black. His father was from AFRICA. He’s NOT descended from slaves. His family weren’t enslaved here or in Africa.

        He’s descended from slave owners, if SAD was his mother, which is also not proven.

        But he IS a child of privilege. He has been coddled all his life. First in Hawaii, then Indonesia, then back in Hawaii. Everywhere. All the best schools. Driven to school in a limo. Had a nanny and servants. Went to one of the MOST EXPENSIVE prep schools in the country. Went to the best colleges in the country. Never had a REAL JOB.

        He’s got less in common with a typical black American than I do.

      • No read the stories of the largest slave port on the coast Newport.The jews who sold slaves.Or the blacks that sold slaves. This is an abolitionists version of the slave trade.You should check out Emory college itself, lots of interesting weird people and endowments there. I can relate Obama to anything consistant with slaves except he doesn’t mind making the people including his own slaves today.

    • Everything always has to be about him. This is ridiculous. It’s known already that Luo don’t have “surnames”. It wasn’t a name that goes back even for more than a few generations. Within Sarah’s memory. So there’s likely absolutely no connection. If there is one, it’s more likely that his ancestors were the captors of the slaves SOLD to other blacks on the west coast, who in turn SOLD them to “whites”. I do notice they leave out that when “their enslavement had begun much earlier” and they were “captured through acts of violence, warfare or kidnap, or for criminal activitiy,” the quote is truncated and there’s NO MENTION that the CAPTORS who ENSLAVED these people were FELLOW BLACKS. PC on steroids.

  26. Give Obama a Break; He was Abused

    Posted on December 27, 2011 by Bridgette
    © Bridgette WTPOTUS

    This is an awesome post. Thank you for writing it!


    The comments are illustrative of something many feel. The first one speaks to something I hinted at as a possibility. That this is Alinsky ridicule OF Barry. Is it? “The importance of Ms Trowbridge’s work is that it well may be fiction but is no less factual in it’s content than the state of HI’s “proof” that BHO was even born there. Her bits and pieces put together resemble the document presented as “proof” of Hawaiian birth.”

  28. Listen, I researched this CREEP before and in this one instance, Trowbridge does have some good information. It just might be Fred Newman in that video with who she claims is “Jo Ann Newman” (the boyish girl). I didn’t know that Sotomayor had ANY connection with that pervert Fred Newman, but just the idea of it is frightening.
    It still doesn’t hang together with her previous tales, but there IS a lot of truth in this one. And the Bloomberg connection is true, too. Talk about from the inside. He’s the biggest RINO ever. Or is he independent now?

    • Well do you believe that..she wants donations now!

      Bloomie was a Lifelong Democrat who went Republican to win the mayoral election. Then imagine that, he had a falling out with the Republicans over policies, and decided he was an independent. Then he bought himself another term in office. The only thing he has done that resembles republican policies is to make money in a capitalistic society! Anyone think he wants to redistribute his wealth? No, he believes his wealth will keep the serfs at bay and he will continue to play with the big dogs. I wonder how he and Soros get along and how their wealth compares.

      • Oh, yeah. I noticed that, too. What is she, destitute? Out there on her many acres, in her Victorian manse, in beautiful Vermont? Say, what does land cost in the White Mountains of Vermont these days? A pretty penny, I’d think. Land rich but cash poor? Awwww.

  29. Bloomie is a King. He has a kingdom. He’s sitting on the Wall.

    Its expensive to keep.

    • Yuppers. My memory stinks lately, but I’m thinking of him and the Poopstockers and how he basically collaborated with them. Isn’t he somehow connected to the owners of that Zucotti Park, too? I can’t get over the Newman connection, though. That guy was disgusting. These progressives sicken me. It’s no surprise that after Clinton, with the disgusting ornaments they had on the WH Christmas tree, that we end up with yet another disgusting crew there, the next time DemocRATS take over. They wallow in being perverse. We’re in for a real fight with evil.

  30. Martha’s got another post up about Bari. Here’s the thing on the DC, I have downloaded both of my parents’ death certs. and neither one have a BC number on them. They do have their date of birth on them.
    And I do think just that little bit of the so-called “death cert.” of Virginia, is a bit weird.

    • omigosh, this is getting interesting.

      when i look at that DC strip i see the truth staring back at me. just like that phony LFCOLB does. they are so busted!

      i hope i live to see the trial and of course, the blockbuster movie. who will play barky? who will wear the purple lipstick and carry the communist flag?

    • I looked at my mom’s death certificate from Michigan too and there is no birth certificate number on it. It has CF up in the corner with a couple handwritten numbers next to it. I don’t know what CF means. I noticed the DC doesn’t have the Copy of the Hawaiian Seal at the top. It is blank.

      Can’t wait to read Martha’s latest version of the Truth from her perspective!

      Oh will be a historically documented version, no doubt. May the ending be his walking, walking, walking…into prison.

      • its all coming together no matter how they try to distract.

        collusion at it finest. obviously, and then we have obstruction of justice to all those told to go pound sand, because they have no “standing”

        this Daley thing is very interesting too. Valerie Jarrett was never Mayor of Chicago, but she ran everything. Operation Board Games will surely come into play during the depositions. resumes.

  31. Do we know for sure that some places have the birth certificate number on them? The reason that I’m asking is this, let’s say someone is out in a car somewhere and gets in a wreck, then the only thing that can be found on them is their driver’s license, which lists their date of birth. And they are DOA at the hospital, which they’re out of town anyway working or something. They would not have the BC number. I have looked on my parents’ death certs, and my dad died in 1971, my mom in 1976. Neither one had a BC number on it, although both had their date of birth. If anyone would have had a birth certificate handy, it would have been with my mom who passed away in the hospital. She was living with my aunt, her sister, at the time.

    • There must be government regulations for them just like there were for the birth certificate. I don’t know where to find you? I think Ladys may know.

      • Notice on The Sunahara(sp) death certificate the birth no is typed, but it seems if I recall the number is written. This coud likely be on their forms. The fact that she died in a hospital as an infant with the birth certificate still “fresh” as it were,still in hand , they wrote this number in at the time of her death. It makes for no mistake for the records. I wish I could rememer the site I once had for old death certificate records. I could compare. I just expect that some records provide a place for this and some do not.

    • kittycat, do you have the actual death certificate or a white piece of paper with typed statistics on them,and original signatures or does it look like the transfer copy from an original? Also, if you went to the county where your parents certificate of death or birth was you may see something different than what you have. What you have may be an official facimilie of one from a county registry. Your copy or facimilie can officially probably be used to verify for most purposes that your parents are deceased. You could show that ,say at a bank or a place where your parents may have paid a bill. You could use it to show proof that they are in fact dead.The documented death at the registry may have a bit more identifying information on it. I am not saying this is the case, I’m saying it is possible. If your mom passed away at a hospital , they would not have her birth cert. on hand. Hospitals record her death, time of death ,and a witness of death, and probably a signature from a doctor or attendant. If that person was from somewhere else, most likely her death would get sent to a county clerk’s office (differs in some areas). A local sheriff’s office can even hold it till someone can verify who or where the person is from and they notify the sheriff or proper authority in the respective county, state, country.
      I am filling out for the first time forms for my passport. My husband is renewing his. I am wondering what, if anything, is different on these forms than forms from earlier. They are pretty straight forward. I can’t see anything on them that probably wasn’t on earlier ones. Here’s what they ask for. I can see where Obama’s passport file would be very illuminating. It asks these questions: Full name, date of birth and county you were born in,sex, your ss# if you have one. If you have not been issued a soc. sec. # enter zeros in the box.If you are residing abroad when you fill this out you must enter the name of the foreign country in which you are residing.If you fail to provide this info. you are subject to a $500.00 penalty(this is by the IRS).
      Enter both parents names and their birth dates You must give your description, height , weight, eye color,hair color. Then you must enter a name for contacting someone in case of emergency It asks you if you have ever applied for a passport or been issued one before and when THE BIG ONE is to list all other names you have ever used.(This of course would also apply to married people,so their maiden name, and all other married names, but also nick names or legally changed names,or any previous names!!!
      I just thought this may be helpful.There are some important conditions which I shall list if anyone is interested. Such as if there are any unusual circumstances on must submit a supplementary to this form explaining under OATH (or affirmation) and be attached to this form. …..Says; I have not, since acquiring US citizenship/nationality, been naturalized as a citizen of a foreign state, taken an oath, or made an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state,entered or served in the armed forces of a foreign state,accepted or performed the duties of any office,post or employment under the government of a foreign state or political division thereof;made a formal renunciation of nationality either in the US,or before a diplomatic or consular officer of the US in a foreign state, or been convicted by a court martial of cempetent jurisdiction of committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against the US, or conspiring to overthrow,put down, or to destroy by force, the gov. of the US………….Whew………I just thought these conditions were important here,because as we know, we’re not so sure,on Barry, Barrack, Barak,Soebarkah’s part, just what has taken place..

      • alfy,
        i downloaded my mom’s DC and dad’s DC from Sometimes they have them on certain people, and sometimes they don’t. However, just take my mom’s DC, it has my sig on it when I had to sign it. It’s mostly typewritten, but also has handwriting of the doc stating the cause of death, his sig and the registrar’s sig. That type of thing. Pardon my typing tonight. I’m extremely tired from work on …….computers!

        Anyway, looks legit to me. I signed it as the informant. That is definitely my signature.

        My dad’s is pretty much the same, except different city, different county. He was a DOA. My mom didn’t sign it because she wasn’t at the hospital when they brought his body in from work. He passed out completely and was gone from heart. Probably died before he hit the floor at work from witnesses who saw him. Anyway, they have her typed in as the informant, not my mom’s signature. The rest is typed. With doc’s sig, the funeral home’s sig and probably the registrar’s sig.

        I also downloaded my mom’s dad, my grandfather, who passed away in 1966. His is totally handwritten, mostly in print, then signatures. He passed away in the same county and city as my mom, but she died in 1976. His is totally printed, yet neat enough to read it.

        • Sorry your parents are gone.At least quickly for your dad.
          As you see some are typed, some written. There are some little differences but pretty consistent with same info. I don’t think it would be unusual to have the birth no. on the top like Sunahara’s. I think we might be getting too analytical.These descrepancies are most likely going to make a difference how we read . It’s the ability to get the information, that seems to be more of the problem , like who is able to get these papers and who isn’t and how to obtain them. I posted the legalities for Hawaii’s retrieval for records. There state doesn’t allow all records to be made public unless the records are I think at least 50 years old (so we may be able to get her records soon. Even a family member must show and verify who they are to get her records it looks like.However that shouldn’t be that hard, unless there’s something to hide.

      • I know of someone who died in Indonesia just a year or so ago. My relative had to go to retrieve the body for the person’s family and fly with it back home. It’s a long gruesome story, because of Indonesia’s sordid history, but the papers were with the body at a morgue……and when I say morgure , I mean a concrete little bloody, nasty building with blood all over the place. The body bag was old with a rusty zipper . No autopsy was to be performed on the body. When the person arrived he asked that no one accompany him to see the body(that they leave the premises). The authorities waited outside. The deceased’s body had a long incision from their neck down to about their chest. He closed the rusty zipper back up, came out ,they handed him the papers, he signed some papers to release the body…..he said nothing. They put the body on a plane and that was that. It was horrible. Indonesia is notorious for stealing body parts and organs and selling them on the bl. market.

  32. I don’t think BO is as dark as he’s usually shown. I have some family members whose father was black, mother was white, and you’d never tell by looking at them that they were anything but white, except for their hair. That’s the only thing. Otherwise, their skin is light-colored. I think that BO’s is too, but he wants people to think he’s darker than he is because he has to because he played the race card. I’ve seen some pictures of him that makes me really question what his skin color is, which he appears lighter skinned.

  33. Ndesandjo’s are big fans of Brown. bleecchh

    what a shame about that institution. re-educational warming.

    i hear they are really big into brain science, there.

    watch your head.

    • BROWN….lovely how that circle goes. Princess…Drupes. The great brain food…like blueberries.

    • Born Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr.
      April 7, 1938 (1938-04-07) (age 73)
      San Francisco, California
      Political party Democratic
      Spouse(s) Anne Gust

      Just GUESS ? about that Guess-Guest-Gust family in Africa I have been searching for …..long, long time…
      Just blue jeans and cherries ya know…

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