Where’s Her Birth Certificate? A Double Standard. OPEN THREAD

Barack Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate - Lucas Smith

© Miri WTPOTUS December 21, 2011

Why the double standard? Why does our government treat an ordinary white woman differently than the president of the United States?

For most of her 65 years, Karin Whorton thought herself as American as apple pie.

She grew up in Blair, Neb., graduated from high school in Council Bluffs, Iowa, married, then moved to St. Louis in 1972. Seven years later, she divorced, went back to school and has since built airplanes. At one point, she said, she carried a secret government clearance to help work on a stealth fighter jet.

In December 2004, Whorton said, her employer, GKN Aerospace, notified her that to continue to work on government contracts, she needed to prove she was a U.S. citizen.

“I said, ‘I am,'” said Whorton, who lives with her husband in Maryland Heights.

“They said, ‘You need to get some proof of that.’ I had to have a piece of paper that said that.”

Whorton arrived in the United States in April 1948, the 16-month-old child of a war bride married to an American who had served overseas and who raised Whorton as his daughter. Whorton’s Austrian-born mother was naturalized in 1952 and her mother told Whorton that she had been as well.

After being approached by GKN, where she helps assemble the F-18 Super Hornet, Whorton provided the company with a copy of her Austrian birth certificate and her mother’s naturalization papers.

That seemed sufficient until July 2005, when she said company officials told her she needed a U.S. government-issued proof of citizenship.

She applied for a passport but was denied. She said she spent more than a year calling the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ toll-free telephone number trying to sort things out. …

In 2008, Whorton applied for certification of citizenship from Citizenship and Immigration Services.

That September, the agency notified her that no immigration files could be found for her or her mother and she would need to provide additional information, including the originals of her birth certificate and her mother’s naturalization papers. Whorton said, to her knowledge, those documents do not exist.

In January 2010, Whorton went to the agency’s office … Whorton said an office worker gave her a list of documents she needed to submit and directed her to Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office for help in obtaining them.

As months went by with no progress, Whorton again met with a local agency official, who she said suggested that her mother might have smuggled her into the country. The official asked for proof she wasn’t in the U.S. illegally, she said….

She hired a private investigator. Within 24 hours, the investigator located a Pan Am flight manifest and evidence of Whorton’s lawful entry, she said. She took the information to the agency’s St. Louis office where she said she was told her mother’s file had been found, sent to the St. Louis office and returned, but would be requested again. She said she was told she would be notified when it arrived.

On a subsequent visit, Whorton recalled, officials told her they had found her birth father’s file, which she was allowed to view.

About a year ago, Whorton went to renew her drivers license and was asked for proof of citizenship, she said. During her efforts to get that resolved, she learned from a Missouri Department of Revenue official in Jefferson City that her mother’s immigration file was sitting in the local Citizenship and Immigration office. Whorton said local Citizenship and Immigration officials denied her request to see the file, even though, she pointed out, they had allowed her to look at her birth father’s immigration file and even gave her photographs from it. At that point, she said they denied ever giving her access to her father’s file or photographs. She’s still not certain why.

Here we have a case of a person who is possibly not even a citizen, but who WAS given a “secret government clearance” to work on stealth technology.  How did that happen?

What interested me most about this story was the fact that suddenly, after they allowed Ms. Whorton to see her birth father’s immigration file, they denied her access about a year ago.

Is it mere coincidence that this was around the same time that some citizens were asking for access under the Freedom of Information Act to the immigration files of the father and step-father of our current president?  Or to the passport files of all his parents?

This very administration, which is headed by a man who still will not present to his employers a three-dimensional original birth certificate or even his passport (as “U.S. government-issued proof of citizenship”), demands that Karin Whorton prove her background or lose her job and everything that she’s paid into Social Security over the past decades. Quite a double standard.

Was it racism that last year this administration implied that Ms. Whorton’s mother smuggled her into the country?

Was it racism that they even ASKED her to prove that she’s not in this country illegally?

Any time anyone asks the same of Barack Obama, that’s what his administration and its many supporters, especially the governor of Hawaii, cry:


Consider that this is the same administration that currently is SUING states over their election laws and persecuting Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for his alleged discrimination against Hispanics, when all Arpaio does is to enforce the LAW and the Constitution in his state. That’s his sworn duty.

It’s not discrimination or racism when the truth remains that a disproportionate number of the scofflaws he encounters in the course of doing his duty are “Hispanic”. It’s Arizona, after all. It’s simple demographics and sociological reality.

But this white woman from Austria? Her mother is smeared and accused of smuggling her into the country. Did anyone from this administration come to her defense? No. Nice double standard there.

Let’s not even go into the cases of illegal aliens Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar. Obama’s relatives. Another example of the double standard.

(Say, could that private detective get Pan Am flight manifests from 1959 through 1962?)

This is the same administration whose Justice Department, led by Eric Holder, is prepared to act AGAINST local election boards who seek only to ENFORCE the law to prevent INELIGIBLE people from voting.

Holder seems to believe that certain people, those from “protected classes”, have the “civil right” to vote illegally. Backwards once again.

This federal government wants the courts to allow them to NOT enforce the law. They want courts to order law enforcement officers in the independent states of our REPUBLIC to stand down and to NOT enforce the law. This, they argue, is the prerogative of the federal government: To decide unilaterally which laws will NOT be enforced.

Have we gone through the looking glass? If so, then I know who is the grinning Cheshire Cat.

The Obama administration is especially miffed that states have passed laws intended to ensure that only legal votes are cast. In particular, they dislike requirements that voters prove their identity, citizenship, and residency at the polls.

Of course, we can guess why:  This administration and its political party have benefited in the past from most illegally cast votes. To tighten up access means that illegal voters won’t be allowed to vote. That will hurt the “progressives” who believe in open borders as well as open polls, apparently.

Despite that a huge majority of the citizens of the United States WANT voters to be identified at the polls–lest their own legal votes be canceled out by ineligible voters, such as illegal aliens, felons, non-citizens, double voters, dead people, cartoon characters, and dogs–this administration and the Democrat Party vehemently oppose state voter identification laws. They argue that it’s an imposition and even discrimination to make people identify themselves. The NAACP is currently in the process of asking the United Nations to intervene!

I was recently required to show picture ID at the post office, when I wanted to use a credit card to pay for stamps.

I was recently required to show picture ID when I bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store.

In order to renew my driver’s license, I was required to provide (get ready):

A U.S. birth certificate plus my marriage certificate (because my name changed upon marriage);

my Social Security number;

proof of residency (such as a utility bill); and

proof that I’d paid my taxes last year. The notice also informed me that “additional documentation” might be REQUIRED.

Why the double standard?

Where’s your original birth certificate, Barack?

Why shouldn’t ALL voters be required to prove their eligibility?

Mr. President, why must Ms. Wharton prove to your administration that she’s not an illegal alien, when you yourself won’t do the same for YOUR EMPLOYERS?  Instead, you have your lawyers challenge us to prove that you’re NOT an illegal alien.  And then your peeps call us racist for even expecting you to submit to the requirements of the Constitution that you, yourself, have SWORN many times to uphold. 

We the People have asked you, Mr. President, to prove your eligibility for YOUR JOB many times. We’re still waiting.

Nearly four years, and counting.



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  1. Children are still the targets, whether it is in textbooks, religion/church, high school, or college..now they are going after traditional organizations! Warping of innocents! Do they earn badges for this? Parents show your outrage! Communist infiltrators at the top of this organization?

    US Girl Scouts Book Refers Readers to Liberal Group Media Matters to Clear Up ‘Media Misinformation’
    December 27, 2011 Snips

    In 2010, the Girl Scouts of the USA published a book called “MEdia.” The publication, designed for girls in grades six through eight, is a guide that apparently offers insight into how young people should process and understand the media messages surrounding them.

    Considering the pervasive nature of popular media, this seems like a viable tool. However, there’s a problem — the book refers young readers to Media Matters for America as one of the primary sources for debunking lies and deceit.

    Under the headline, “Consider the Source,” text encourages girls to go to the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America web site to clear up any media misinformation they might encounter.

    Considering Media Matters’ far-left attachments and its less-than-objective views, one wonders why the book’s authors, Wendy Thomas Russell and Sarah Goodman, would include this as the sole source for getting “the word out about media misinformation.”

    • Wendy Thomas Russell Bio

      I grew up in a farming town in Northwest Missouri — the daughter of a banker and a librarian, which may or may not explain why I can’t balance my checkbook and always forget to return my library books on time. I attended college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and, after a brief stint in Colorado, landed in Southern California. Although I’ve worked for a variety of publications, I spent the longest stretch of my news career at the Long Beach Press-Telegram covering criminal justice and special projects.

      Since leaving newspapers in 2008, most of my work has focused on writing for and about children. I authored three books for the Girl Scouts of the USA – including MEdia and BLISS — which advocate media literacy while keying teenage girls into their own strengths and aspirations. The books were published in December 2010.

      My latest nonfiction project, Relax, It’s Just God, centers on my personal experience as a nonreligious mom trying to introduce my daughter to religion in a healthy, open-minded and honest way.


      She is an atheist and disparages both Christianity and Hanukkah in her writing.

      Quick! What the Hell is Hanukkah? | Wendy Thomas Russell

  2. Pentagon Responds to Iranian Blockade Threat
    Dec 28, 2011

    Threat in response to tough new sanctions against Iran
    Iran threatens to block all key oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz
    Iranian navy going through exercises now as intimidation tactic against Obama.
    Trying to increase the perception of their ability to enact military action.


  3. Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love,” Dallas, TX July 26 – 28th, 2012

    Tickets – Pre-register for the July 28th event at the Cowboys Stadium. Pre-register Today to be in line to get tickets to be sold in February.

    Our Mission: “To inspire, organize and mobilize individuals to improve the human condition physically, emotionally and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all.” http://www.mercuryone.org/our-mission


  4. Donald Trump slams Barack Obama’s Hawaii vacation
    December 28, 2011 Snips

    Now he is criticizing the president for his Hawaii Christmas vacation. After signing the two month extension of the reduced payroll tax rate into law on Friday, the president flew to Hawaii to spend the holidays with his family. Mr. Trump is critical of that move, which is he alleged is being paid for by taxpayers during a time of high unemployment and an economic downturn in the U.S.

    The habitual vacationer, @BarackObama, is now in Hawaii,” Mr. Trump tweeted Tuesday.

    This vacation is costing taxpayers $4 milion +++ while there is 20% unemployment,” the “Apprentice” star added.


    There was citing of the sham Gallup Poll that shows his approval rating increasing in the article.

    • At least Donald brings attention to Obama’s excesses.

      What’s another measly #4 Million of taxpayers money mean to Obama…zilch. Just another way to empty the USA’s coffers. Isn’t Obama one of those nasty millionaires that he so hates…the 1%? It is all okay as long as we are paying for his frolicking. No money off his “hard working” back! Do you think he cares…? He leapt off the plane and hit the links within a couple hours of touching down in Hawaii. But he is all for the middle class while he spits in their eyes and rubs their noses in his abject hypocrisy. What a guy. What a family.

    • Obama kicks back with ‘FOB#1’ (Friend of Barack): First Family enjoys Hawaiian vacation with President’s best buddy [Oh cute, FOB#1…how hip!]
      Dec. 28 Snips

      Barack Obama and his family enjoyed their festive getaway in Hawaii at a popular snorkelling spot with the President’s best friend and long-time supporter.

      The President, First Lady Michelle Obama and their girls Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, were joined on their annual trip by Marty Nesbitt – President Obama’s best friend and his 2008 campaign treasurer.

      President Obama, his wife and daughters were seen relaxing with Mr Nesbitt, who himself was joined by his wife Anita Blanchard and their young children, including Alex and Roxanne.


      • From across the pond…and with some photos that show the heights of the girls that were talked about earlier when Ulsterman found an old photo of the Obama’s being used in a new Christmas post.

        The Nesbitt’s and Valerie are along on the family vacation. I wonder if Air Force One detoured and picked them up in Chicago land? MO is absent in the family photos. I guess she didn’t want to snorkel or she had better things to do. The Nesbitt’s are getting to be very familiar on vacations and trips..Martha’s vineyard. Did Ann go to Africa or was it the Mid-East too? Wouldn’t you like to see the expense reports?

        How many secret service cars were flown out to Hawaii this time and how many followed them to the links?

        • Pelosi is in Hawaii also staying in $10,000 a night suite. Also the Obamas are staying in a different home this trip to Hawaii which they are renting from Hawaiian real estate agent David Dunham….hmmm, relation?

          • David Dunham ? Didn’t we find him before long ago ? Name rings a bell.

          • Hey Renee, waving hi 🙂 yes we have researched David Dunham in the past.

          • Renee, I found the article again over at FR. Re: David Dunham Realtor for the Obamas Hawaiian vacation home.

            The new Winter White House

            12/24/11 | JENNIFER EPSTEIN

            HONOLULU — The Obamas are spending their Christmas vacation in a posh beachfront home overlooking Kailua Bay, though it’s not the same one where they’ve spent their last three holiday visits since the 2008 election.

            With the owner of the Kailuana Place home they’d rented in the past
            choosing to host his own family there this year, the Obamas are renting another home on the same street on the windward side of Oahu.

            Local realtor David Dunham is managing the rental, which is a 6,000 square-foot home with interiors designed by Jay Gorsia in deep koa wood with Asian accents.


          • Leza, It was a gift shop or something in Hawaii right ? Shirley and David relatives there right ? Kelly ? I will look here tomorrow. I am sure it is here but is old.

          • Kailuana
            Say it.

          • Nesbitt…

          • Whoa! That’s interesting, innit? Different homes, even. Not just different beds. Hmmm. Is she having that rumored affair? Is he, for that matter? Reggie is gone bye bye. But the usual suspects are all in attendance. Pelosi?!!! Is she there to sign that candidacy paper?

            • http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/29/us/politics/obama-gains-reputation-as-distant-in-washington.html?_r=1

              “WASHINGTON — Air Force One had just landed in Manchester, N.H., on a brisk Tuesday morning last month when President Obama made an admission to Valerie B. Jarrett, his close friend and senior adviser.

              “I just called Reggie,” Mr. Obama said. It was his first domestic trip without Reggie Love, the former Duke University basketball player who had been his constant companion and presidential “body man” until he left in November to study for his M.B.A. full time. “I miss him,” the president confessed.”

              But did he miss Michelle?

    • [No jobs for 3 years, but he will give you a fair shot to find one! He’ll be thinking of you every day from the moment he gets up in the morning to when he takes his first fair shot on the golf course. We can’t wait for more commie class division rhetoric ad nauseum.]

      It’s Official: Obama Reelection Campaign Will Highlight his ‘Defense of the Middle Class’
      Dec. 26

      Therefore, because the Obama administration would like to see a repeat of the 2008 election, don’t expect to see feel-good messages like “Hope and Change.” Get ready for the dawn of “Fair Shot.”


  5. where’s the let’s blow their minds thread?

    palin/ west 2012

    palin cleans house first term and then West takes over in 2016.

    we need an American Party, first and foremost.

  6. it would definitely eliminate racism and sexism. wow, that’s a biggie.

    and it would strengthen our Military. raise Them up.

    and it would be a steady course. plus sarah will spill the beans, DOJ.


  7. ever notice how the Department of Energy just funnels bucks?

    hmmm. now there’s some gravy.

    • There’s something to say for blowin’ wind and bucks! Lots of money was spent to try to pass those cap and trade bills, regulate coal industries out of business, and to promote and build the environmental scams nationally and internationally, and they don’t want to lose their billions. They have too much invested to allow truth to out their lies. Best thing that could happen would be for all of them to go belly up and end up in jail for deceiving investors. How is Al doin’ these days? How many of those corrupt scientists are facing trial and the rejection by their peers? I hope they are feeling lots of heat…from that global warming they predicted.

      • The local Fox channel did a year-end retrospective on scandals of 2011. Believe it or not, they featured Solyndra AND Fast and Furious, in addition to Weiner and Edwards.

  8. Barack Obama’s Always ‘Helpful’ Never ‘Hurtful’ Lies
    By Jeannie DeAngelis
    December 28, 2011

    For those Americans who were still unsure whether Barack Obama really does lack authenticity, the President has finally come clean and confirmed that he does indeed have a tendency to lie.

    Prior to Christmas, courtesy of Barbara Walters and the ABC News program 20/20, President Obama presented the nation with an important pre-2012 election gift. Answering questions from the probing “Proust Questionnaire,” the President admitted that in addition to how he views the rest of America, he too is “a little bit lazy,” and on occasion exhibits a predisposition to fudge the truth.


  9. http://www.moneyteachers.org/Rockefeller.htm
    Has anyone ever seen this? Or has anyone come across two other people associated with the Rockefellers company’s that have died since 2009? I came across at least three I think. Hmmm….?
    One on Sept. 15th,2009, a James McDonald found shot to death in his home, was a CEO for a Rockefeller Co……….Another on around Sept. 10th 2009 ,found with funshot to head.He was another CEO(don’t remember name).Both were ruled suicideds by police. Then yu have this guy I gave a post for. Wonder if he is really another Rockefeller. It’s a short read for this Rockefeller guy, but interesting. Creepy people, odd connections….I wonder..????

    • Wow Alfy………..Renee, have you read the article at the link?……the names………..Even a Baker in the family…………..

      Alfy, can you remember the name of the other with the “funshot”? LOL

      • Kathy, Where is the Baker ? I missed it.

        • Sorry Renee……I ment Baker as profession instead of name on this one. This is the segment I was referring to under #2. Also, Brewery connection!

          1. Mr Rockefeller is a Harvard graduate and was initially identified as a former director of Carlton and United Breweries. Now Foster’s is denying any connection to the man.

          2. This Rockefeller family came from Akron, Ohio, where they owned a bakery. The US Rockefellers lived in and operated from Cleveland, Ohio (which was the headquarters for Standard Oil until the company was sold to British Petroleum), a mere 45 minutes away. Purportedly, Herman’s father made a decision to move to Australia in the early 1960s and “struck it rich”.

          3. Even more interesting is the influence this man and his family had in New Zealand:

          “Just last month one of the family’s investment companies, Burnie Hospital Limited, agreed to a $52 million deal to sell the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie to the Tasmanian Government.

          • Kathy, rather titilating information isn’t it. Only too bad we’ll never know the truth reguarding this Rockefeller guy,Herman.
            I think personally, these deaths, or the odd things that happen with and to the Rockefellers (which could fill volumes), is just at the surface of something very corrupt and creepy…..and we’ll never get to view the real motives and dealings in a well lit place. In one article alone, while trying to find the other dead guys name, I see where Rockefeller’s companies have sold some office building for $200 million, merged with some company, bought up several companies and are building some new tall, several hundred million dollar building, restructuring several buyouts..moving several billion dollars around……all in a days work. There’s got to be more than just a couple dead guys, when you’re talking this busy.Rockefellers are just one of the visible ones that is considered to be the one percent of the wealthiest that John Perkins is talking about in his video. I just keep trying to figure where the Dunham and Payne and African patsys fit into this scheme. Madelyn,the banker at one of the main places where CIA money was flowing . Then S.Ann. Why would Ann be involved with the world Bank, the Jakharta bank and microlending, if Anthropology was her love? In that one article I found where Ann Sutoro was one of the authors of ,was all on the economic studies of Indonesian and the Malaysian,Java people, just like John Perkins’ expertise. Ya’ll get what I’m saying??? Please watch the video.
            Again, referring to the video, did you know that China is building Africa’s latest super highways. It’s not their first indeavor for highway infustructure either. You don’t think Obama doesn’t know. What exactly is Mark doing from China to Africa,with a business degree from Emory, and Physics education,yet is in love with China’s orphans, teaching them music,who speaks Mandarin,and preaches volounteerism,worrying about domestic violence,involved with Harley Seyedin of the AMCHAM,who seems to be involved in everything from import/export, perhaps cattle/hogs for his barbecue,the South China sea is a major trade route…..sure he knows that since his first busines we see is Ndesandjo Enterprises llc. issued out Winter Haven, Forida. I saw a beautiful college/school in Kenya, a state of the Arts structure with music as a premeir imphasis,built with Emory College philanthropy. Wonder if Mark knows about that. A guy who acts like Gandhi, who is a vegan or vegetarian with a barbecue restaurant chain,just has to be up to something,wouldn’t you say so…..????!!!!!!! Then of course theres sweet Joseph and Dora………!!!!****

          • For a minute, I thought this was the guy who impersonated a Rockefeller, but that one’s name was Christopher: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/10/03/nyregion/hunted-man-is-no-rockefeller-but-plays-one-in-hamptons-the-police-say.html?pagewanted=all

          • I think that one is really connected too Miri.

          • Some say Mr. Rocancourt (pronounced ROH-can-court)**Rocan**

          • Again, looking at ALL names here too;
            Christian Gerhartsreiter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            Using the false name Clark Rockefeller, he married a Harvard Business School … 4 Prosecution; 5 Charged with murder; 6 “Clark Rockefeller” in popular culture …

            Early life – Travel to the USA and marriages – Alleged abduction and apprehension

          • Look at ALL names;
            Michael Rockefeller – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            Michael Clark Rockefeller (born 1938 – presumed dead November 17, 1961), was the youngest son of New York Governor (later Vice President) Nelson Aldrich …

            Early life – Disappearance – Speculation – Asmat artifacts and photographs

      • No, the last very, very long article made mention of the two, one being the Macdonald dude and the other’s name not mentioned. the long article was on the whole money ponzi scheme stuff and they were just a side note really. But I have read this before. Prabably take me a bit to find who he was. Yeah, the Baker name too.
        But what I was looking for when I found this again, was an article on Rothschilds, Paul Warburg, Morgan Stanley type stuff and the was a Jordan person in their cabal midst. I meant to go back and save it after ,but the article was so long ,I forgot. I wanted to persue who that Jordan person was. I am still looking for that article with the Jordan name.
        Macdonald was a Harvard grad. Another guy,found shot in the head around sept 5th who may possibly be related witha Rockefeller subsidiary was CEO or pres. of Benfield Corp.. Finn M.W. Casperson. He was also a Harvaard and Brown grad. I’ll see what I can find.

        • If you guys are going to bed, be sure tomorrow to get you a large cup of fresh coffe for this though. Now many of you may have seen John Perkins before. The guy who wrote “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, but this 53 minute video is worth watching to the end because he alludes to some very important pieces of what many be a similar puzzle that we have been looking at. He was in Indonesia also what would have been same time as Ann Dunham, in Java, Jakarta, and Bandoom. They had to have crossed paths. But the end of this video may also answer how it was that Barack Sr. came here on his scholarships and not with the air lift. Just some very nutritious food for thought. We need to think extremely hard what this guy is explaining. I have seen John Perkins before, but not this ln depth. Please comment on what yu get from it. I think it’s quite important. All the players in Baracks so called family have the tell tell signs of being aligned with something on this order. My brain is ticking away on all the people involved here. Who are the people behind the scenes that are benefiting from Baracks families endeavors. NGO’s and private corporate government partnerships is the latest fad . This is a theme that runs through all the family members..
          Something I’ve toyed with a little was the fact that Mboya’s father was a sisal farmer(but later I find he worked at a sisal farm). I checked and Rockefeller (who helped to outlaw hemp growing in this country) has the largest sisal Hemp research center in kenya. That always had me wondering the connections.

          • Vernon Eulion Jordan, Jr. (born August 15, 1935) is a lawyer and business executive in the United States. He served as a close adviser to President Bill Clinton and has become known as an influential figure in American politics. An African American, Jordan has been a leading figure in the civil rights movement.

            [edit] Early life and educationJordan lived in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1950s, where he earned money for college as chauffeur to former mayor Robert Maddox. He was an honor graduate of David Tobias Howard High School. He graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1957.[1] He earned a law degree at Howard University School of Law in 1960. He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi and Sigma Pi Phi fraternities.

            [edit] Legal career and activismJordan then returned to Atlanta to join the law office of Donald L. Hollowell, a civil rights activist. The firm, including Constance Motley, sued the University of Georgia for racist admission policies. The suit ended in 1961 with a Federal Court order demanding the admission of two African Americans, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton E. Holmes. Jordan personally escorted Hunter past a group of angry white protesters to the university admissions office.

            After leaving private law practice in the early 1960s, Jordan served as the Georgia field director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. From the NAACP he moved to the Southern Regional Council and then to the Voter Education Project.

            In 1970, Jordan became executive director of the United Negro College Fund[2] and was president of the National Urban League from 1971 to 1981.

            [edit] Murder attempt On May 29, 1980, he was shot and seriously wounded outside the Marriott Inn in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was accompanied by Martha Coleman at the time.[3] Joseph Paul Franklin was acquitted in 1982 of charges of attempted murder, but in 1996 Franklin admitted to having committed the shooting. Then-president Jimmy Carter visited Jordan while he was recovering, an event that became the first story covered by the new network CNN.[4]

            Jordan resigned from the National Urban League, and he took a position as legal counsel with the Washington, D.C. office of the Dallas law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld.

          • no Renee, not Vernon Jr., I may have found a vernon Jordon or a Jarret with Eleanor Roosevelt one time as a personal friend of hers during UN human rights stuff. But I know it was a Jordon name associated with early Banking , the Federal Reserve and CFR. There wasn’t a first name if I remember correctly. I thought maybe Vernon E. Jordon Sr. Too much stuff on Vernon Jr. to get any hits.

          • But the NAMES connecting Alf…did you note ?
            Also follow this along a bit too…

  10. Ouch! I meant gunshot, not funshot! Sorry.

    • Renee, I have a hunch. John perkins is a Huge anticapitalist.He’s sort of a William Ayers type in drag. I get his scenerio and some of what he says is almost accurate, yet I’ve listened to him now enough to see,that he’s using part truths to lead people towards a goal and thats…….the same old social justice goals that all the activists are aiming towards as well. He had me sort of hooked for a lilttle, but I noticed he repeats the same(word for word, like rehearsed) stats, and history and leaves lots of gaps. Young people are very influenced by him……it’s the typical Christianlike persona (psuedochristian) personality out to change the world, help the poor and so on. What I did get from him was something I had already been thinking, established a little better. I’ll thank him for that if I ever see him, but I don’t like him already. His other books are the same dose of information you could find yourself if you look. I don’t know how much John Perkins really ever did himself, but don’t worry, he’s already not practicing what he’s preaching.I just wonder how well he knows William Ayers and his type. He obviously avoided the draft if his story is true. Like I say , I got a hunch.

      He also made a point to include some names (some obvious ones), but other names he never uses…..I think he has an agenda.And…it doesn’t look right to me. I think come New Years , the heats going to be turned up , I’m already getting some real weird (I think bogus) sites connecting dots too perfectly. I think the conspiracy is somebody got together to produce volumns of false crap. What do you think.

      • I get more here Alf. I am trying to work on it across the hall in Wonderland. My brain is connecting something here too Alf, but just not sure yet. The connections are reminding me of something from when we all started together but I cannot piece it all together into the right places yet. I am trying to remember now. Maybe as I look, something will connect for others here.So much we worked on years ago is circling around again. It is so much to remember.

        • Wouldn’t you say we need to simplify? So much, like you say to remember. call me “dumb” or call me Alfy, but I am never sure where you go when you go across the hall to Wonderland. You guys are great at capturing pieces that are pretty informative and there’s lots of profound input.It’s probably time to weed out ,clear out some of the Trowbridge and other type cobwebs and start the new year off FRESH,huh?

          • alfy, Renee is talking about the “research blog” when she says, “across the hall”. Click on the logo on the top right-hand side of the front page of this blog and you’ll go to that blog to see what Renee has found on any particular topic.

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