Obama’s Pseudo-Neo-Marxism

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Since 2008, even before, we’ve speculated about Barack Obama’s possible connections to the Soviet Union and its communist ideology.  We know that Obama’s father, mother, and maternal grandparents were sympathetic to communism, as were many of his friends from Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis (aka “Uncle Frank”) perhaps chief among them. 

Obama himself belonged to or associated with Communist or Marxist organizations throughout his early years in politics, although these facts were carefully kept from the American people during the 2008 campaign.

Because there’s scanty evidence to back up his self-admitted fictional biography, some speculate that Obama may have trained at the Midwest Academy or traveled to Russia during his college years to study as a foreign exchange student at Patrice Lumumba University.

Others have speculated that Obama was a CIA agent, maybe a double agent, because his mother worked for organizations allegedly connected to the CIA or because he took that mysterious, still unexplained trip to Pakistan in 1981, where his mother later, in 1986, worked for the Asian Development bank.

There’s his association with Van Jones, who resigned his position as the “green jobs czar” when his own communist ties were revealed. Let’s not forget Anita Dunn, wife of chief ineligibility defender Robert Bauer, herself an admirer of Chairman Mao.  Or Valerie Jarrett.  The agency for which Obama worked after graduating from Columbia, Business International Corportaion in New York, has been called a known CIA front.

Then there’s the curiosity of John O. Brennan, former CIA bigwig,  who owned a private company that did contract work for the State Department passport office during the 2008 campaign.  Simultaneously, Brennan worked for Obama’s campaign; he is currently Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President.

In March, 2008, the passport files belonging to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain were illegally broken into by one of Brennan’s employees.  An anonymous source with inside information about the subsequent State Dept. investigation into the breach told Newmax reporter Ken Timmerman that the Clinton and McCain files were peeked at as a smoke screen to cover for the (successful?) attempt to “cauterize” Obama’s files of “embarrassing” information.

What could that embarrassing information have been?  Was it his original birth certificate?  Or was there other embarrassing information besides whatever he’s hiding on his birth documents

Might there have also been paperwork that explained the who, what, when, where, why, and how of that most unusual trip to Pakistan

Obama’s actions since becoming president, and the obviously socialistic themes that run throughout his (far too) many “major” speeches, make it easy to conclude that Obama is a communist, or at least a Marxist socialist, if indeed there is a difference. But does his ideology closely conform to Soviet-style communism?

Not long ago, Vladimir Putin, current prime minister of Russia, soon to be its next president (although the election hasn’t been held yet) referred to America as a “parasite.”

“They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy,” Putin told the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi while touring its lakeside summer camp some five hours drive north of Moscow.

“They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar,” Putin said at the open-air meeting with admiring young Russians in what looked like early campaigning before  parliamentary and presidential polls.

(Note: Any resemblance between that lakeside summer camp for pro-Kremlin youths and the island-in-a-lake summer camp for progressive youths at Utoya, Norway, is purely coincidental.  Or is it? Read about Heather Booth.)

The Wall Street Journal helpfully supplied some background about the symbolically loaded word “parasite”, as used historically in the Soviet Union:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called the U.S. “a parasite” because of its huge debt load, evoking a term used by Soviet leaders to demonize people who didn’t work, study or serve the Communist state. … Charges of parasitism frequently applied to Soviet dissidents and refuseniks, many of whom were intellectuals. Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin used the term after the 1917 revolution to describe the czarist bureaucracy and army, which he targeted for liquidation. Under Joseph Stalin, who himself was denounced as a parasite by his doomed rival Leon Trotsky, parasitism became a crime punished by imprisonment, banishment to remote regions or death, a practice that continued until the Soviet Union’s final years.

So Obama’s ideology MUST differ from Soviet-style communism.  Obama loves the elites.  He hangs out every Wednesday night with the glitterati, whom he invites to entertain him, his wife, and his particular friends at the White House.  He courts their support and admiration. He vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii, staying at the lavish estates of wealthy “friends” or renting them out for $55,000 a week. 

Obama prefers to live the high life, as often as possible, using other people’s money. His longest and best friends, like himself, are children of privilege, radical children of wealthy and/or politically connected parentsValerie Jarrett, Timothy Geithner, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, to name the most infamous. 

Although he pretends to be “authentically black”, Obama has less in common with underprivileged, inner city blacks than does white rapper Eminem

Obama hides the truth about his real background, while speaking in many voices. When he speaks to elites, he speaks LIKE the elite that he is, like those of the elite class from which he came.

When he speaks to blacks, however, he’s a parody of Martin Luther King, combined with Malcolm X, and with a little “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright thrown in. He uses black slang, drops his final g’s, puts on a southern black accent, and speaks with a southern black cadence. 

When has he ever lived below the Mason Dixon line? (Is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue considered the South?)  It’s a wonder black folk fall for it, instead of being completely insulted. 

Obama loves intellectuals so much that he imagines that he is one.

He also loves czarist-style bureaucracy, anathema to Lenin and Stalin, so much so that he has imitated it in his own regime.  Witness his shadow government of “czars”, an additional bureaucracy that takes the place of the constitutional and traditional cabinet, which is an executive branch composed of Senate-confirmed appointees

In effect, the entire executive branch suffers from top-heavy “feather bedding”–duplication of effort and expense, all to evade oversight by the representatives of the people, to avoid the very transparency he promised during the campaign of 2008. 

In addition to the regular army, Obama wants his own private army–a

civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded

as the regular Army.  A personal Republican Guard?  His own private army, like a Third World dictator? 

Are the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters around the country the beginning of his longed-for civilian ARMY?  An army of disaffected youths hoping to overthrow capitalism?  Violently, if need be?  (A poll of OWS protesters recently showed that as many as a third of them would consider violence as a means to achieve their ends.)

Obama currently presides over a country in which fully half of its citizens pay NO income taxes, with a sizable proportion of them (including ILLEGAL ALIENS) getting “back” from the common coffers a “refund” of taxes NEVER “invested.”

Many of these “folks” seem to fit the old Soviet definition of parasitesthose who don’t “work, study or serve the state,” but instead TAKE from the state, feed off it, refuse to contribute to it.

But these are the very people who make up Obama’s “base”. 

Witness the Occupiers currently demonstrating across the nation.  They are Obama’s base.  “Poopstockers” (h/t Gateway Pundit) who sit around in their tent cities, with Blackberries and Ipods in hand, trying to figure out after the fact exactly what it is that they’re protesting, besides not having everything handed to them on a silver platter, courtesy of the 1% of the population they believe has stolen all the wealth from them. Scott Adams , in a recent Dilbert comic, recognized that such people are dupes. Parasites is a perfect word because they want to live off this imaginary host:  the “rich”. 

Obama insists that the new New Deal yet to be worked out by the Congress (after the failure of the “Super Congress”) must not balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the middle class.  He insists that new revenue (aka increased TAXES) must be “fair”. But in his ideal world, what’s fair is that ONLY the “rich” pay taxes, or at least that they pay a disproportionate amount of taxes. But he’s NOT talking about the “rich” who support him, like Warren Buffet, George Soros, or any of the empty-headed but extremely wealthy “celebrities” who shill for him.

Obama has no intention of seeing to it that EVERYONE pays taxes, which in the minds of most people would seem quite “fair.” 

How fair is it for half the population to let the other half pay all the income taxes that fund the government, which in turn hands other people’s money to the half who don’t contribute? Or “invest?”

Money flows TO these “parasites” who contribute nothing to the State, or to use their word, to the collective.

Obama and those who support him want as many people as possible on the government dole, because then they will be dependent upon him. 

Dependent upon Obama.  He doesn’t perceive these people as parasites, even if they don’t work, even if they don’t go to school, even if they contribute nothing to the American “state.”

His supporters in the OWS “movement” proposed giving a “living wage” of $20 per hour to everyone, regardless of whether or not they WORK!  Paid simply for living. By whom? The “rich”.

As for liberal elites, Obama also gives them a pass when it comes to shared “sacrifice”. Friend Jeffrey Immelt’s company, GE, paid no taxes last year.  How fair is that? 

Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, similarly dodged paying his fair share of taxes, as has friend and rabid supporter Senator Claire McCaskill. How fair is that? 

We learned recently that Obama’s dear friend and ardent supporter Warren Buffett’s company owes millions in back taxes. How fair is that? 

This is the same Buffett who, on cue, called for “the rich” like himself to pay more taxes, just in time for Obama to use Buffett’s “self sacrifice” in a campaign speech.

(But wait!  That was during a taxpayer-funded “listening tour” of the Midwest, during which Obama rolled out his Canadian-built, $1 million plus, taxpayer-purchased, gas-hogging armored bus.  But we’re assured that was NOT a campaign event.) 

The “Buffett rule” is praised by the OWS protesters.  Yet the Buffett rule would seem to be:

Avoid paying taxes, by any loophole necessary.

Compare Obama’s ideology to the Soviet Union, where people who “didn’t work, study or serve the Communist state” were called parasites. In this country, we have many who neither work nor study.

Generation after generation, despite welfare “reform”, far too many continue to live off of “the state”, in other words, off of other people who are FORCED by “the state” to support these others who will NOT fend for themselves, even though they are blessed to live in the United States–where DREAMS come true, for those who pursue them.

What do such policies contribute to the common good?  Obama’s policies have exploded the dependent class because his policies are intended to make ever more people dependent upon the government.  Obama wants redistribution as a form of reparations and retribution.  Thus, his pandering to the New Black Panthers.

Saul Alinsky was the darling of the radical progressive left, as is his acolyte Frances Fox PivenWe see their idealogy followed in everything Obama and his czars have done, and in these communist-organized “Occupations” currently taking place across the country, funded by unions and George Soros Fox Piven herself has shown up to speak at their rallies.   Soros’s MoveOn.org has organized meetings across the country, plotting how to “make Wall Street pay.”  Pay?  For what? 

Alinsky, however, was not a Russian-style Marxist:

Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of  Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes.

Like Alinsky, Mikhail Gorbachev followed Gramsci, not Lenin. In fact, Gramsci aroused Stalins’s wrath by suggesting that Lenin’s revolutionary plan wouldn’t work in the West. Instead the primary assault would be on Biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish.

Anyone who’s followed the trajectory of Obama’s administration–particularly its connections and his appointees–over the past few years recognizes the

gradualism, infiltration, and the dialectic process

to which we were heretofore relatively blind. 

Who knew how far into our culture, our bureaucracy, our schools, our businesses, our government, our NGO community (for lack of a better phrase), these Alinskyites had tunneled, where they existed as parasites, waiting to explode out of America’s gut, like the Alien, as soon as they managed to get one of their own into the White House?

As Obama said,

Now is the time.

For what? For the Neo-Marxist

fundamental transformation of America.

For the tearing down so that America may be rebuilt (transformationally, gradually, subtlely) into the Neo-Marxist image of what America SHOULD BE. As Gramsci said,

All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.

We see Gramsci’s goal of disorganization in the actions of these Occupiers.  We see it, certainly, in their amoral behavior–drug use, drug dealing, Internet hacking, sexual perversion, racism, anti-Semitism, praise of bestiality, misogyny, even satanism.  (Bill Ayers dedicated his book to Satan.) 

We see it even more certainly in the recent attempt by MoveOn.org to create, in effect, a run on the banks, trying to throw the economy back into a deeper recession or even a depression.  All the better to fundamentally transform America. 

All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.

What is Barack Hussein Obama II BUT a “community ORGANIZER”?

I suspect, however, that the Neo-Marxists themselves have been deceived by Obama.  They were as taken in by an infiltrator as the rest of us. Obama is not a Neo-Marxist. He’s a huckster.  He’s not a Neo-Marxist. He’s a Pseudo-Neo-Marxist.

The progressives who so fervently support him had better take a closer look at his background and his beliefs. Does he truly believe in their socialist utopia? 

Or does he instead believe in a Kenyan-style dictatorship (like his cousin Raila Odinga longed for) with Obama himself as president for life

On the other hand, perhaps Obama’s vision is closer to an Indonesian-style dictatorship, like Suharto’s.  Suharto was Obama’s role-model, when he was a child.  How do we know this? 

As a child in Indonesia, Obama spent hours re-enacting Suharto’s speeches, forcing his adopted sister Lia to play the role of his bodyguard/henchman:

Barry very happy listening to Suharto’s speeches on television. “When President Suharto’s speech, Barry wrote it down neatly. After that, he practiced the speech of President Suharto in front of the house, “says Lia. … When listening to speeches, Lia had to stand behind Barry, and should not be allowed to leave the place…

Since we don’t really know exactly who Obama is or what his ancestry is (African or Indonesian), we can’t be certain what his goal is, other than that he longs to be an autocrat like Hugo Chavez.  We know this because he said so recently, when he spoke to La Raza

 Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. (Applause.) And believe me, right now dealing with Congress —

AUDIENCE: Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can!

THE PRESIDENT: Believe me — believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. (Laughter.) I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. (Laughter.) But that’s not how — that’s not how our system works.


To borrow Obama’s phrase, “Now is the time.”  Time for us to correct the mistake of 2008.  Time for us to do all we can to ensure that Obama does NOT “win” a second term.  The future of our Republic depends upon it.  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  December 7, 1941.  A day that lives “in infamy.” 

That was another time when our country was under attack.  So today, remember our honored dead and thank every one of our veterans to whom we owe so much. 

And pray for the United States of America.

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  1. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_OBAMA_HANUKKAH?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2011-12-08-18-44-18

    Barry “celebrates” Hanukkah at the WH. Two weeks too soon. But he’ll be in Hawaii on the 20th, so he didn’t want to miss it.

  2. http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterferrara/2011/12/08/obama-channels-hugo-chavez-shows-why-he-cant-lead-on-the-economy/

    ” drew a picture of America as a struggling third world nation, saying at stake today “is whether this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, and secure a retirement.” He explained America before his coming as “Those at the very top grew wealthier from their incomes and investments than ever before. But everyone else struggled with costs that were growing and paychecks that weren’t.”

    This sounds more like Indonesia, or Venezuela, or Nicaragua. But it is not America “long before the recession hit.” … Before Barack Obama as President, the rest of the world looked to America as the example for the economic model that works to achieve prosperity. But today Obama tells America “It doesn’t work. It’s never worked. It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar boom of the 50s and 60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade.”

    Instead he tells us to look at the basic infrastructure spending of other countries as the model that works. But American economic growth is not suffering because of a lack of basic infrastructure like a third world country. It is suffering because Obama is so doggedly pursuing the opposite of every policy that would free the economy to produce and boom. Under such Obamanomics, soon enough America will be suffering from the lack of a reliable energy grid like a third world country.

    And of course, essential to that essential infrastructure spending, Obama tutors us, is to increase tax rates on the nation’s investors and job creators.
    … So there you have the Obama formula for an economic growth. After the greatest runaway spending spree in American history during the Obama Administration, the answer is for government to increase spending even more, financed by increasing tax rates even more on the very investors and job creators that produce the jobs for the middle class and working people in America’s economic system. That is a perfect prescription for another recession, not the long, long overdue recovery America is still waiting for under Obamanomics.

    Obama tells us, “It is wrong that in the United States of America, a teacher or a nurse or a construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay a higher tax rate than somebody pulling in $50 million.” That would be wrong if it was true. But it is not.”

    Truth does not matter to Barry. NLP is all that matters.

    • the Truth is a figment of his imagination; actually, his Truth is a form of brainwashing. words.

      Just words.


      steal the “Wealth” meaning wages, investments, rights. you will be his slave, got it. and you will feel really good and happy about it. OK.
      or else.

      Pentagon dumps war heroes on independent for profit contractors.
      Only In America. trash heap the dead American Defenders. whoops. I knew nothing about this landfill congressional hearings coming up real soon.

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  4. Leza,

    He is the only son of Jewel Lafontant and John Rogers, Sr.[6] His mother Jewel was the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School in 1946.[13] She became a prominent Republican lawyer,[6] and she nominated Richard Nixon, who won the Republican Party Presidential Nomination, at the 1960 Republican National Convention.[11] His father was a Tuskegee airman…

    Genesis of Infiltration.

    who was Gail Glapion? Wonder if she knew Valerie’s Mom, Mrs Bowman.
    Glapion: New Oleans School founded by Martinez.

    Hiya Ruth!!! Happy Day Care!
    ~~ Ever Notice ? Department ~~
    wow, everybody went to Harvard but me. I feel disenfranchised. discriminated against, disregarded and uncared for… I am a minority.
    I feel very badly about the poor black people in America who have never had an opportunity to be educated. its such a shame. its all my fault.

    • Mine, too, Papoose. We should be SO ashamed.

    • lol Papoose, just saw you comment down here…I will look into her.

      Gail Moore Glapion

      Known Addresses
      New Orleans, LA

      Todd A Glapion
      John Marvin Glapion
      Thomas Donna Glapion
      Randy Steven Glapion
      Donna Glapion
      Joyce Glapion



      NORD’s first black director, John Glapion, dies at age 68

      And his wife, Gail Moore Glapion, who served on the Orleans Parish School Board for almost 20 years.


      • 138 F.3d 173 – bulk.resource.org

        124 Ed. Law Rep. 801, 13 IER Cases 1623. Carlos SAMUEL, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Morris HOLMES, Maudelle Davis-Cade, J. Berengher Brechtel, Gail Moore Glapion, Carolyn …


        • 138 F.3d 173

          124 Ed. Law Rep. 801, 13 IER Cases 1623

          Carlos SAMUEL, Plaintiff-Appellee,

          Morris HOLMES, Maudelle Davis-Cade, J. Berengher Brechtel,
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          Q. Cramer, Defendants-Appellants.

          No. 97-30284.

          United States Court of Appeals,
          Fifth Circuit.

          March 31, 1998.

          I. Background


          Samuel had worked as an internal auditor for OPSD. During the course of his employment, he discovered what he considered to be accounting irregularities by OPSD’s Financing Department, leading him to conclude that OPSD had overcharged the federal government. Samuel reported his findings to William Garibaldi, the head of the Internal Audit Department.

          Samuel and Garibaldi then prepared an audit report that identified the apparent irregularities and concluded that the overcharges may have violated the Federal False Claims Act (FCA).1 They submitted their report to Holmes.

          The report was disputed by the Finance Department, and Holmes requested an outside auditor’s opinion. The auditor’s report stated that Samuel’s report was unfounded. Holmes prepared a letter recommending that the board fire Samuel. The letter accused Samuel of demonstrating a lack of due care in conducting the audit and characterized his charges of FCA violations as baseless. The board accepted Holmes’ recommendation and terminated Samuel in January of 1996.2

          Holmes had notified Samuel of the discharge proceedings approximately twenty minutes before they began. Samuel was not permitted to present evidence, call witnesses, or appear on his own behalf.

          Cont’s @ link


          • St.Augustine High School Purple Knights

            1972 Mr.John Glapion 1973 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR


          • files.usgwarchives.org

            Bowman; Five Grandchildren; And Six Great-Grandchildren. A Mass Will Be Said Thursday At 10 A.M. At. … One Son, Webster John Glapion Iii; One Daughter, Dione K.


          • ?????
            Morris HOLMES, Maudelle Davis-Cade, J. Berengher Brechtel,
            Gail Moore Glapion, Carolyn Green Ford



            … in secret to the swampland on Bayou St. John, near what is now New … Glapion stayed together … Marvin Johnson’s study …


            Marie Laveau – She later became mistress to Christophe Glapion

            When you hear the word Voodoo, what comes to mind first? For many people they say the name Marie Laveau. She is referred to as the Queen of Voodoo. She was born in 1783, to Marguerite Darcantel, a slave from Haiti and Mistress of a wealthy plantation owner, a Frenchman, Charles Laveau. She bore her father’s name and was a free woman of color. She was raised within the strict guidelines of the Catholic Church. A devout Catholic, she went to mass everyday of her life.

            She was a dark skinned woman with long black hair that she frequently wore in a single braid making her look much like an Indian or a Gypsy, probably adding to her mystique. In 1819, she married Jacques Paris, a native of Santo Domingo. He died a short time later and she was to be referred to as the “Widow Paris”. She later became mistress to Christophe Glapion with whom she had numerous children. Some accounts speak of her having as many as 15 children, it is believed however that she actually only had three daughters, one of which was
            also named Marie.

            Marie Laveau was a hairdresser who, in 1826 became intrigued with the first New Orleans Voodoo Queen, Sanite DeDe. She began to study herbs and the secrets of the Voodoo religion. In spite of her attraction to Voodoo, she never abandoned her Catholic roots. She saw similarities between the two, particularly, between the Voodoo Loas and the Saints. Both demi-gods under one Supreme Being, each having a specific purpose. She incorporated the use of candles and Holy Water in Voodoo rituals. It was because of this “blending” of religions that the White Creole Catholics began to find Voodoo a bit more palatable. Actually, the church was conned into believing that the Voodouns had converted to Catholicism! By the 1830’s, Marie Laveau was the Queen of Voodoo and Voodoo once again was practiced inside the city limits.

            Marie Laveau went on to become one of the city’s great humanitarians. She worked beside Pere Antoine caring for the sick during the yellow fever epidemics. She ministered to prisoners on death row. She helped anyone who needed her regardless of race or ability to pay. In spite of continual acts of kindness, Marie Laveau was feared among the populace. Countless tales are told of Marie manipulating and intmidating the public

            She retired as Queen in 1875. Although throughout her reign she was feared by many a New Orleanian, when she died at the age of 98 in 1881, many people believed she was a saint. She is buried in St. Louis Cemetery # 1. Thousands of visitors flock to her grave site each year to make a wish or give thanks for wishes granted. Offerings of food, money, cigarettes or anything else that someone might deem of value can be found place at the foot of the grave. Many stories have arisen of paranormal expeeriences at the site. Beverly Taylor of the Amatur Spectral Society of Lousisan heard a voice at the tomb speak to her as she photograph the tomb. She later submitted her photograph showing an entity in front of the tomb.




            Click to access 1d1f3150-766d-4c75-a682-cc38fd0872b2.pdf

          • Two board members who opposed bringing in outside auditors — longtime board member Gail Moore Glapion and Cheryl E. Mills — did not respond to phone messages seeking comment.

            New Orleans schools probed for alleged misspending

            Sunday, June 22, 2003
            By Brett Martel, The Associated Press

            NEW ORLEANS — Suddenly, no one wants to claim hundreds of paychecks issued by the city’s public school system.

            To some outraged school board members and their auditor, it’s a sign that fraud likely accounted for a good portion of misspending estimated in a report released during the past week at around $20 million a year.

            “People don’t let their checks just sit there. If there’s a problem with somebody’s check, we hear about it 10 minutes later,” said school board member Jimmy Fahrenholtz.

            The paychecks were being cashed regularly until a few weeks ago, when employees were required to provide identification to pick them up. Since then, checks made out to more than 300 names have not been picked up, and the names have not been verified as school employees.

            Together, they add up to at least $7 million a year, school board consultant Stuart Piltch said.

            Piltch said he isn’t sure yet if the payees’ names were real or made up, but U.S. Attorney Jim Letten is eager to find out. On Friday, Piltch was helping the school district respond to a federal subpoena.

            “If people are stealing from the school system, we’re going after them,” Letten said. He also has been investigating some school system insurance and construction contracts, though he wouldn’t elaborate.

            Forged annuities

            Piltch also has found apparently forged documents creating annuities to be charged to the system on behalf of more ghost employees, but he said he caught those before the money could be withdrawn. Meanwhile, genuine employees were routinely receiving handwritten checks with no backup documentation explaining why, and a number of former employees continued to receive an array of benefits after leaving their jobs.

            “The level of mismanagement that existed was so extreme,” said Piltch, managing director for Compensation & Benefits Consulting Services in Pennsylvania. “There were basic business practices thrown out the door, apparently consciously, because it’s just common sense, a lot of this stuff.”

            Piltch said the school system had no credible internal auditing or compliance function; compliance officers couldn’t obtain some documents without permission from the people they were auditing.

            The misspending Piltch has uncovered would be enough to build three new schools a year in the district where the annual budget is around $500 million, school board members said.

            “Our buildings are in deplorable condition and it’s a sin that people have misused any appropriation of funds,” said school board president Ellenese Brooks-Simms.

            It’s not clear how long the school system, with Louisiana’s lowest standardized testing scores, has been bilked. The audit wasn’t ordered until turnover on the seven-member school board during the past four years pushed the balance in favor of those who wanted to hire an outside consultant.

            Initially, Piltch was hired on a 4-3 vote. A fifth board member has since joined the majority.

            “The previous administration and some of my fellow board members did not want to proceed very aggressively for whatever reason,” Fahrenholtz said. “It was either collusion, willful ignorance or stupidity, and I can’t put up with any of those.”

            Two board members who opposed bringing in outside auditors — longtime board member Gail Moore Glapion and Cheryl E. Mills — did not respond to phone messages seeking comment.


          • George Washington Carver High School
            Booker T. Washington High School

            Gail Glapion

            Click to access Section3c~City%20of%20New%20Orleans%20Health%20Department.pdf

          • Again, but from page 1

            Valerie Jarrett & Desirée Rogers

            (page 1 of 2)

            Valerie Jarrett, Desirée Rogers, and Linda Johnson Rice
            Jarrett, Rogers, Rice. Photograph by Tom Maday, as appears in The Sisterhood from the August 2000 issue of Chicago magazine

            When Desirée Rogers returned to her native New Orleans to be Queen Zulu 2000 of Mardi Gras this past spring, her friends Linda Johnson Rice and Valerie Jarrett went with her. It was a difficult time for Rogers—her father, Roy Glapion, a famous New Orleans city councilman who was supposed to have been King Zulu of Mardi Gras, had died a few months before. Chicago’s power quotient plummeted when the three women traveled out of town. But Rice and Jarrett were there for Rogers—that’s what friends are for.

            Each of the three is accomplished and successful: Rogers, 40, the former director of the Illinois Lottery, is the vice-president of corporate communications for Peoples Energy, a diversified energy company; Rice, 42, is the president and chief operating officer of the Johnson Publishing empire, which includes Ebony and Jet; and Jarrett, 43, the former commissioner of the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, is now the executive vice-president of The Habitat Company, a real estate development firm and management company. But as close and long-standing friends, they are usually together—the three form a juggernaut of brains, beauty, and connections, proving that sisterhood is indeed powerful.


          • Again (re-cap) –

            Gail Moore Glapion

            Known Addresses
            New Orleans, LA

            Todd A Glapion
            John Marvin Glapion
            Thomas Donna Glapion
            Randy Steven Glapion
            Donna Glapion
            Joyce Glapion



            Desirée Glapion Rogers

            White House Social Secretary

            Businesswoman Desiree Glapion Rogers was born on June 16, 1959 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Roy and Joyce Glapion. Rogers graduated from New Orleans’ Sacred Heart High School in 1977 and earned her
            B.A. degree in political science from Wellesley College in 1981.


            (Roy and Joyce Glapion)

            Joyce Smith Glapion

            Known Addresses
            New Orleans, LA

            Inez Romain Glapion
            Roy Anthony Glapion
            Gr Glapio Glapion
            Jr Roye Glapion
            Oy E Glapion


          • I was searching on Charles Laveau and came across this. I can’t read french, but check out that signature on the picture of the map on this link. Who’s does that look like to you? Could one of you post a copy of the map sig. here? It’s at the top under Plano.


            This names reminds me of a man who was beatten and killed in Federal Prison in OK suposedly wrongly connected with the OKC bombing. Hmmmm………………….

  5. Valerie Jarrett & Desirée Rogers

    (page 2 of 2)


    When she first got the idea, back in 1987, Valerie Jarrett was considered crazy by everyone who knew her. She had a law degree from the University of Michigan and was working at Sonnenschein, Carlin, Nath & Rosenthal, where she specialized in commercial real estate. Her beautiful office, on the 79th floor of the Sears Tower, had a view looking east. Yet she was unfulfilled.

    “I thought, There has to be something better for me than this,” recalls Jarrett. She decided to go to work for the city of Chicago. Harold Washington had been re-elected mayor, and two close friends of hers had left big law firms to work in local government. “They said, ‘Try it for a year—you are obviously bored to tears where you are.’” She started as the deputy corporation counsel for finance and development and then, two years after Washington died and Richard M. Daley won a special election for mayor, she was named deputy chief of staff. Finally, she ran the Department of Planning and Development for four years. She quickly got over any shyness; there just wasn’t time. Besides, as she learned to say at frequent speaking engagements, government service is not for the faint of heart.

    Snip ~

    That would be ensconced in the executive vice-president’s office of The Habitat Company, a premier developer and manager of residential
    apartments, primarily in the Chicago area. Sitting in her River North office, Jarrett is poised, soft-spoken, and intense. Dressed in an impeccably cut navy pantsuit, a white shirt with French cuffs, and a string of pearls, she looks fresh and delicate. But her friends say there is an underlying strength to Jarrett. “She was always very smart and very thoughtful,” says John Rogers, who grew up with her. One woman friend tells a story about Jarrett dropping her daughter off for a birthday party. “Valerie was obviously going to go shopping, but she took one look at the situation—there I was with a bunch of overexcited kids and the only other adult was the husband I was newly separated from—and she just stayed to smooth out the situation.”

    Veryyyyy long article, Cont’s @ link –


  6. On voodoo, and Rogers again Miri, let me show you this group again, starting here;

  7. Then we have Shirley, and the CLARK name again.
    Gabriella Clark are you in there ?


    Like Candy, and Roy. And Kenny Rogers ( The Gambler Gambier)

  8. Maya takes us back to the Kraft- oops craft.
    Like Kovenhoven-Kowenhoven
    Haven. Cowen-Kohen-Cohen again.

  9. There are all types of dances, and music to study. Note connections and names to those above also.

  10. Kathy , your French post on Charles Laveau Trudeau is about him being the 5th mayor of New Orleans from May 1812-Oct. of 1812 and he is buried in the cemetary in Lafayette Square . He was also known as Don Carlos. That’s all I can remember. The other names were all the Mayors of New Orleans. Is that what you couldn’t read.

    • Alfy, there is a map on the link. It says Plano at the top. Look at the signature at the bottom of it. The O resembles the current occupier’s of the WH sig..

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