Obama’s Friends: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, Domestic Terrorists. Open Thread

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Where has this video been for the past few years?  So far, only about 211,000 people have watched it.  Let’s remedy that! 

Watch closely and you’ll see a young Barack Obama.  Later, Robert Bauer’s lovely wife, Anita Dunn, defends Obama for appearing at his “coming out” party at the home of unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers

This would be the coming out party that the Obama campaign spokesperson Robert Gibbs vehemently denied happened, even though Anderson Cooper, not exactly an Obama opponent, has documented that it did, indeed, happen.  Note especially the reference to Dr. Quentin Young, on record as saying that Obama did have that fund raiser, his first political foray, at the Chicago home of his friends and neighbors Weather Underground alumnae Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

See this article  at Townhall for in-depth coverage of the topic.  Within that article is a video that contains Gibbs’s denial.  At the very end, there’s a clip of Bill Ayers ADMITTING that he hosted the fundraiser for Obama. 

An earlier article at Townhall broke the news that Bill Ayers couldn’t resist bragging about his role in jump-starting Barry Obama’s political career:

Bill Ayers recently appeared before a group of activist teachers to encourage them to keep up the fight. He told them about the assistance he provided in getting the very radical Bob Peterson elected president of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.

Hoping to wow his friendly audience, he also gushed about another leader he helped.

Ayers admitted he hosted a fundraiser at his home for Barack Obama in the 1990s. “I thought he wanted to be mayor of Chicago – that’s the limit of my imagination,” he told the audience in a video released exclusively by Education Action Group.

This is likely the first time Ayers has been caught on tape discussing his connection to Obama. Their relationship has been routinely been downplayed by Ayers, Obama and his associates, since the national media took a glancing look into their ties during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ayers’ impact on America cannot be underestimated. While many have exposed and condemned his leadership in the radical and violent Weather Underground – and the group’s efforts to terrorize the country in the 1960s and ’70s – he has done far more damage to our students’ minds.

Ayers, a retired college professor, and his progressive comrades have come to the conclusion that shaping young minds in the liberal direction will have more impact than blowing up a few buildings.

Thus, we have Occupy Wall Street!

This time around, will the media do more to allow the TRUTH to be told?  Or will they, like last time, be lapdogs for the Obama campaign?  Pravda West.

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  1. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/happy-fathers-day-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-57410

    Remember this? “One analyst actually said, “While not an indicator of deception in itself, the person who chooses a symbolic signature normally does so because of excess demands for his signature (salesperson, department head, politician, and celebrity). People who choose a symbolic signature tend to have a cluster of traits in common: excessive ego, secretiveness, need for privacy, arrogance, and high self-confidence in their area of expertise.” “

  2. This one, too:


    Here’s a fun little exercise. Look at these images…compare them…and find the symbols they each share (if any).

    Symbols Exercise. Please provide your input!

    The first pic is Obama’s signature (only today recorded), the second is “Chi Xi Stigma” as shown in the Codex Vaticanus (the Greek words John of Patmos actually recorded as the symbol of the AntiChrist–translated as “666″ in English versions of “The Book of Revelation”), the third is Arabic for “Allah” and the last is a circular rendition of the “Bismillah” (actually, just the name of Allah in a circle, but entitled Bismillah at an Islamic website)!”

    Go to that link to see the symbols Newssleuth was talking about.

  3. ok, itsa LC rant

    The saddest thing for me personally in 44 Obama is the reality that he has turned America into an old Soviet joke in his regime is the Kremlin and the puppy press is Pravda.

    Not since Al Gore claimed invention of the internet has such a lying scoundrel been propped up by the press in B. Hussein Obama. The reality is you do not matter any more as Obama and his lap dog press simply manufacture propaganda to suit the regime’s rose colored dogma.

    Reuters can claim that over 400,000 jobs claims were filed on Thursday and by Friday the regime puts out a false number of 8.6 unemployment as 315,000 just gave up looking for work.. It is all lies and the Obama press simply repeats the lies without one bit of self worth. This is Kremlin 1960 and I fully expect soon that Obama will lay claim to founding America in 1492, being a founding pilgrim in 1776 and having walked on the moon in 1970.

    You no longer matter Americans, because Obama can say that sick people are no longer sick, because they do not see a doctor due to being turned away, that people who gave up looking for work are employed as they no longer are applying for jobs, that wars are not being waged, because someone else is dying and that Obama is an American with forged documents.

    The entire world has been shattered by B. Hussein Obama, and the entire press just keeps putting out the propaganda that all is well, as piles of people die, piles of their assets are wiped out and nations are being rubbed out of sovereign existence.

    That all saddens me, because without Truth, there is nothing in this world. There can be nothing built, because lies will shatter the efforts of good people trying to work, build homes, make families and construct futures.
    Lies, national lies, shatter all of that as much as if it comes from Berlin in 1935, Moscow in 1950, Tehran in 2000 or Barack Hussein Obama in 2011.

    Mr. Obama has effectively coordinated a mass homicide of the Truth. It is so flagrant that it is discounted immediately in the Citizen no longer believes anything coming out of the press at any glance. This is the Red Square and Forbidden City utopia now constructed at West 57th in New York and 1600 Penn in Washington DC.

    Barack Obama is the destroyer of dreams, the destroyer of lives, the destroyer of Truth. The reality is he pounds on his chest this peace recipient in murdering bin Laden and Khadaffi and then pictures hisself with Santa Claus murdering the American Dream as Americans no longer matter in not having work to build their own destiny manifested from sea to shining sea.

    America is the waters of Obama soiled from his staged Midwest floods to the oil tarred Gulf in his oil rig sabotage. It is dirty oil pipelines and dirty oil pits on aquifers and ponds in Republican lands, all set up by Warren Buffett.

    It is all bah Obama, as he as made all Americans into Tiny Tim, taken our lump of coal to keep warm, given our goose to the Mexicans to eat and broken our crutch and told us to use that to fuel our last fire before our homes become our grave.

    America under Barack Hussein Obama is not a shining city on a hill, but a grave opened and beckoning to the 300 million dying inhabitants in Obama’s land of the shackled and the home of the slave.



    • A worthy rant written as only Lame Cherry can do it! Thanks for sharing, Dave. It’s frightening. I think we really do need to pray as we’ve never prayed before. http://pjmedia.com/blog/fbi-criminal-informant-complicit-in-brian-terrys-death-pjm-exclusive/?singlepage=true

      “[In] the growing Fast and Furious scandal, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death in Peck Canyon, Arizona was previously described as a chance meeting that led to a firefight: an illegal alien “rip crew” working for the Sinaloa cartel was hoping to find other illegal aliens and to rob them at gunpoint. Instead, they stumbled across a Border Patrol unit and murdered Agent Terry.

      Last week, the Washington Times offered a new version of the encounter: they reported that the rip crew was not hunting illegals, but Border Patrol teams — with the intention of engaging them in combat.

      Sources now tell PJ Media that neither version of events is accurate: the rip crew was not waiting for a chance encounter with other illegals, nor did the members intend to engage American law enforcement agents.

      The rip crew was in Peck Canyon that evening with the intention of stealing money and drugs from a specific shipment of which they had prior knowledge.

      Sources claim the Department of Justice has been trying for almost a year to hide the key information — how the rip crew knew the shipment was coming through that night.

      Criminal informants (CIs) are a common tool of law enforcement agencies. When agencies apprehend criminals, agencies often reduce or drop charges in exchange for information leading to the arrests of higher-ranking criminals. Earlier this year, reports claimed that Operation Fast and Furious weapons smuggled over the border were actually chosen by an FBI informant, and paid for with money provided by the federal government.

      The rip crew knew to be in Peck Canyon that December evening because a CI working for the FBI found out about a smuggling run — from the FBI.

      It is not clear if the information was provided intentionally, but a possible motivation for the FBI to provide the information is known to exist: the CI had previously lost a shipment of drugs, and wanted to regain the trust of the cartel with an offering of drugs or money. The other possibility is that the FBI mistakenly allowed the CI to discover the information.

      The CI used this information to organize an ambush of the drug convoy. A source tells PJM that the FBI knew from wiretaps that the CI was using their information to set up an ambush.

      The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) — through its own CIs and communications intercepts — was also aware of the planned assault.

      Neither the DEA nor FBI warned Border Patrol about the expected criminal activity.

      The federal government will still not reveal if one of the two WASR-10 AK-pattern semi-automatic rifles located near the scene — provided to the Sinaloa cartel via Operation Fast and Furious — was the weapon that put a bullet through Brian Terry’s heart. The existence of a third recovered gun, an SKS carbine, has been disputed by the FBI despite the fact it had been talked about openly in the beginning of the investigation among federal agents.

      Multiple sources tell PJM that this third weapon “disappeared” because it was the weapon carried by the FBI CI who ran the rip crew. When it was recovered near the scene of the murder and subsequently traced by the ATF, it traced back to the FBI CI via the gun shop in Texas where it was purchased.”

      This is WHY the WH sealed the records. It’s crunch time for Congress. Will they stand for this corruption?

  4. My head is spinning

    • http://www.marthatrowbridgeradio.org/blog/about-martha-trowbridge-radio/

      “… Martha holds an A.B. in The Classics [Greek and Latin] from Radcliffe College. Her graduate work includes creative writing at Radcliffe Seminars and at Emerson College; graduate work in business, and more than two decades of study in psychology…. As often as she can, Martha quilts, sews, gardens, cooks, writes fiction, reads, paints with watercolor, and songwrites [ASCAP]. A strict environmentalist, she is a devotee of American Classic Films — in particular, those of the 1930’s and 1940’s. The proud, passionate mother of three German Shepherd dogs and ooodles of cats and kittens, she is hopelessly in love with The Land. A native and longtime resident of Cambridge Massachusetts, Martha and her family presently live in an antique farm house on forty-two splendid acres in the Vermont hills.”

      The writer of that article at ORYR sings high praise for Martha’s research ability and her evidence. One problem–WHAT EVIDENCE? What we’ve seen is far less evidence than we find and showcase on our blog. She has a hypothesis, but the little evidence she has shown does more to disprove the hypothesis than to prove it. (And she doesn’t present it as a potential. As speculation. As hypothesis. She presents it as fact. But then the very next post disproves her previous fact.)

      Particularly silly, imho, is the claim about the eyeglasses.

      A feminist, an environmentalist, a person who can afford to own an antique home in the Vermont hills on over 40 acres of doubtless extremely pricey real estate, and a graduate of creative writing at RADCLIFFE. Also attended Harvard, circa Barry’s time, and lived in Cambridge (as did Barry, close to Zeituni and Omar).

      Starting to sound like a Hillary supporter?

      Of course, the ORYR writer is all over the place with the theories. Interesting particulars, too. Interesting, the analysis of the faces and teeth, something we’ve been stressing for over 3 years. Huh?

      Could have done a better job showcasing the differences between “Indonesian” versus “Hawaiian” Barry. Whatever. I’m not convinced. Show us the money. I am ever suspicious of people who CLAIM to have evidence but who don’t show it. What is this, now? Usurpation of the “birther” movement? Just sayin’.

      Her linkedin profile now touts that she’s a “reporter” at terribletruth: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marthatrowbridge

      You know, while ANYTHING is possible with a man who has no known concrete identity, if someone is going to make a specific claim that something is TRUE, then we need to see the proof. If Martha has the proof, and since Maskell and company expect US to DISPROVE Barry’s claim to be a natural born citizen, then Martha owes it to the COUNTRY to show us and especially the courts, the TRUTH.

      Thanks to Maskell, we now know that there’s a precedent for a court accepting the parents a person CLAIMED from an assumed identity, instead of his “real” biological parents.

      Barry is in deep doo-doo no matter how you look at it.

      IF his parents are SAD and BHO Sr., then he’s NOT eligible for the presidency.

      IF the parents listed on his BC are SAD and BHO Sr., then he’s NOT eligible, because those are his LEGAL parents.

      IF his biological parents are Malcolm X and Jo Ann Newman or any other US citizen, then he’s not eligible unless they were listed on his original birth certificate and ARE his LEGAL parents.

      Even so, then he’s still guilty of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of this country. THAT alone makes him ineligible and impeachable. Possibly criminally liable. You’d almost think that those Pakistanis recently killed in the drone strike would take this up in the international court.

      Wouldn’t that be delicious irony? If our “enemies” manage to get a court to dig up his papers?

      • http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/11/03/who-is-malcolm-x/

        Sharon carefully and rightfully qualifies her statements. As do we. Or at least we try hard to.

        Malcolm and Betty had SIX DAUGHTERS. SIX. No known sons. Anybody with a modicum of knowledge of biology knows that it’s the male who determines the sex of the offspring. What are the odds?

      • I did find it odd that they went into the photos after you guys have posted it three or four times now. These are people delegitamizing the good reporting done by others by twisting lies around evidence. This is really pathetic attempt at trying to hijack all the incriminating evidense. So far not many have fallen for trowbridge so I guess she needed a little help. Nothing posted at freeper since the first article so not much traction.

        • True, tdr, and my feeling is that Trowbridge needs to post some evidence. No evidence has been posted yet. It’s not like it was yesterday that we already heard of Barry’s and Malcolm’s connection. Atlas Shrugs had a huge story up back a couple of years ago, and so did Israel Insider. The problem is about the Jo Ann Newman stuff.

          • They keep hinting that Jo Ann Newman lives and is still involved in working on Mx’s goals. So where is she? If she’s around, you’d think with all this publicity that somebody would have outed her by now. I read a comment somewhere. I think on a blog that just repeated the Trowbridge story. The person claimed that Jo Ann Newman went to school with Colin Powell. No clue if that’s true or not. I believe there was such a person, since it’s in that newspaper that she wrote a eulogy for him. But where is ANY evidence that this person was in the front row of the audience on the day he was murdered?

            Hijacking. Diverting. TRYING to divert. IMHO.

          • http://www.jewishbookweek.com/2010/history-revisioned.php
            there are many sites with her at different jewish bookweek places , often with edward kritzler of NY but I think now in kingston Jamacia. there is an article with her there as well. I am speaking of a Joanne/joanna newman.

          • Yep. Pam Geller picked up that theory, iirc, from Dr. P. I remember way back then, when there were two competing SFCOLB analysts. “TechDude” and “Polarik”. I do think Dr. P. favored the Malcolm X theory, but I could be misremembering.

            What evidence Trowbridge has posted is contradictory. That’s problem one. She writes her journalistic reports the way Barry writes his “memoirs”. Creative.

            The SYMPATHETIC way they write also seems suspicious. I cannot fathom ANY person who was taken in by this fraud who would understand and forgive this on-going, years-long FRAUD. It’s insulting to the intelligence of the American people AND he’s been deliberately lying, in cold-blooded calculation, for years. THAT’S insulting. What else is insulting is to have a potus who INSULTS openly the people who logically question him. The people for WHOM HE WORKS. He’s NOT a ruler. He’s NOT a messiah. He’s NOT a god. He’s OUR EMPLOYEE. Our EQUAL, NOTHING MORE. And his wife is NOTHING MORE, EITHER. She’s not even our employee, except that she takes our money and answers to nobody.

          • Shaking my head here….nothing here so far…nothing real…

          • Robert H. Patton, author of Patriot Pirates and The Pattons, A Personal History of An American Family:

            PATTON-PARTON is in my digs alot too. Look there.

        • Oh,ho,ho,ho, ho, ….I have decided that Trowbride writes for Soros. This is so cool. Shine a little light friends. Somebody doesn’t know their history. they are beginning to be delusional themselves and think that they have got the us people waiting for every bit of crap that’s put out now is worthy. Ah, it won’t be too long before someone will say B’s the illegitimate son of Dick Cheny. He claims he’s kin to Dick. And McCain could never quite lay a finger on him.
          Let’s see ms. Trowbridge say that on TV. Sort of like a Herman Cain moment….wouldn’t that be nice. Where is she….tell is Sister, TELL IT. I’m waiting….

        • Yeah. We discussed the strangeness of all that somewhere today. On another thread. It doesn’t hang together does it? Scratching my head here.

        • Redpill, What do YOU think ? Merry Christmas to you also.

          • I have long thought that Barry looks more like Malcolm X than Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

            But I don’t know about any of what Martha Trowbridge writes, and it could be a trap to eventually discredit those who buy into what she says.

            And Merry Christmas to you, too! We’re three days shy of the 30th anniversary of this Christmas Message:

  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2069471/President-Obama-jet-Hawaii-SEVENTEEN-DAY-Christmas-holiday.html

    There’s another story we need to go overseas to read.

    “While most Americans are lucky to get a few weeks of holiday every year, it seems the country’s leader gets a little more freedom in the matter.

    President Barack Obama has announced his Christmas vacation to Hawaii – for a staggering 17-day trip.

    Obama, who visited the island just two weeks ago for an economic summit, will head to Honolulu on Saturday December 17 until Monday January 2. The president, who was raised in Hawaii until he was six, will be joined by his wife Michelle and their daughters, Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10.

    The White House travel office announced the president has no public events scheduled for the trip. The President’s family covers the cost of a private beach front residence in Kailua, Oahu, for their vacation – a ‘Winter White House’ that costs up to $3,500 a day, or $75,000 a month.
    But the local and federal taxpayers help pay the bill for travel and security.”

    Recently, Obama ordered Congress to stay in session until they renew that tax cut that’s soon to expire. While he plans a looooooong “vacation” in Hawaii. I wonder if it has ANYTHING to do with the recent developments, where the judge allowed Orly to reschedule her case because the court employees DELIBERATELY “lost” her paperwork AND where the judge ordered them to turn on the TV cameras again. Ya think? I bet. See here for more about it: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/obama-mystery-theater-his-ever-morphing-face/comment-page-1/#comment-68199

    I’d like to ask new readers and commenters to please TRY to stay on topic on posts that are NOT marked “open thread”. We have found over the years that it helps if all information dug up on certain topics are confined to threads about that topic. It makes it easier for us to go back and find what our failing memories can’t recall. We try hard to ALWAYS have an open thread on the front page of the blog. So please, when you have a comment that’s not pertinent to the topic of the post, try to find the open thread. I have recently been guilty of responding to comments that are on the wrong thread, so I’m trying now to go back and link back to the correct thread, to keep everything in order.

    If you want to comment about something and you can’t find an appropriate thread, then use the “categories” on the right hand side of the front page. Click one that seems close to what your topic is, and you’ll get a list of all posts that fit that category. Thanks.

    • http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=28449

      “I demanded to strike from the record demeaning name calling made by the Deputy Attorney General. I continued by stating, that this case is not frivolous, as it deals with the legitimacy of the President of the United States. If the public is not granted transparency here, where and when will it be granted transparency? The judge ruled in my favor and ordered to let the cameras rolling. Nagamine was not a happy camper. This decision can be used in other states to allow media in the courtroom.

      Next we got to the case, and it is shocking. Nobody can find the pleadings, that I submitted twice. I presented the judge with two certified mail receipts signed by the clerk of the court. Her name looks like Marlene N. Kazai, she works in the mail, records department, she was nowhere to be found. I submitted my amended complaint on November 15, it was received and signed by this clerk on 21st, but was never docketed and never given to the judge. It was heartbreaking. I spent over a $1,000, flew to HI, spent sleepless nights, but the documents disappeared.”

    • How many times did the Royal Family travel for vacations to HI before the presidency? And, a more interesting question would be “Who purchased the tickets? The Couple? Stannie Annie? Granny Maddy? How often did he go “home”?



    “The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, recently told a conference hosted by the European Jewish Union that Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of Muslim faith.

    “A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians,” Gutman reportedly said, according to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. “He also argued that an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim anti-Semitism.”

    According to the account in the Israeli paper, “The legal experts at the event were visibly stunned by Gutman’s words, and the next speaker offered a scathing rebuttal to the envoy’s remarks.””

  7. “DR. RON POLLAND, author of ALIAS BARACK OBAMA “A lie is Born”, the man who has forged Obama’s short-form birth certificate.”

    “Long Live America, KCEO Radio, 12-01-2011”



    [audio src="http://longliveamerica.com/downloads/shows/LLA_120111.mp3" /]

    [begins at 9:50 mark]

  8. Family portraits
    Strong personalities shaped a future senator, Barack Obama

    By Tim Jones, Tribune national correspondent.
    Tribune correspondents Kirsten Scharnberg and Laurie Goering
    contributed to this report
    March 27, 2007 MERCER ISLAND, Wash. —


    ‘Anarchy alley’

    The Dunhams that Gilkeson saw after the war moved from El Dorado to a bigger opportunity in 1955 — a large store in downtown Seattle called Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street. “First in Furniture, Second at Pine,” read the Yellow Pages ad in the Seattle telephone directory. Seattle in the 1950s had no Space Needle, no Microsoft, no Starbucks. Mercer Island, now a pricey home to corporate luminaries such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, was then “a rural, idyllic place,” said Elaine Johnson, who remembered summers with “sleepovers along the water in sleeping bags. It was so safe.” The island was quiet, politically conservative and all white. But consistent with the 1950s, there were undercurrents of turmoil. In 1955, the chairman of the Mercer Island school board, John Stenhouse, testified before the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party.

    At Mercer High School, two teachers — Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman –– generated regular parental thunderstorms by teaching their students to challenge societal norms and question all manner of authority. Foubert, who died recently, taught English. His texts were cutting edge: “Atlas Shrugged,” “The Organization Man,” “The Hidden Persuaders,” “1984” and the acerbic writings of H.L. Mencken.

    Val Foubert in 1960 [ photo inserted only in this PDF edition of story]
    Wichterman taught philosophy. The hallway between the two classes was known as “anarchy alley,” and students pondered the challenging notions of Wichterman’s teachings, including such philosophers as Sartre and Kierkegaard. He also touched the societal third rail of the 1950s: He questioned the existence of God. And he didn’t stop there. “I had them read ‘The Communist Manifesto,‘ and the parents went nuts,” said Wichterman, adding that parents also didn’t want any discussions about “anything to do with sex,” religion and theology. The parental protests were known as “mothers’ marches.”

    “The kids started questioning things that their folks thought shouldn’t be questioned — religion, politics, parental authority,” said John Hunt, a classmate. “And a lot of parents didn’t like that, and they tried to get them [Wichterman and Foubert] fired.” The Dunhams did not join the uproar. Madelyn and Stanley shed their Methodist and Baptist upbringing and began attending Sunday services at the East Shore Unitarian Church in nearby Bellevue. “In the 1950s, this was sometimes known as ‘the little Red church on the hill,’ ” said Peter Luton, the church’s senior minister, referring to the effects of McCarthyism.

    Skepticism, the kind that Stanley embraced and passed on to his daughter, was welcomed here. For Stanley Ann, the teachings of Foubert and Wichterman provided an intellectual stimulant and an affirmation that there indeed was an interesting life beyond high school dances, football games and all-night slumber party chatter. Their high school class was an in-between generation. The Beat generation had passed, and the 1960s era of protest was yet to begin. Classmates of Dunham — Wall, Blake, Hunt –– felt they were on the cusp of societal change, the distant early warning of the ’60s struggles over civil rights, women’s rights and war. “If you were concerned about something going wrong in the world,

    Cont’s @ Link (PDF)

    Click to access Strong%20Personalities%20Shaped%20a%20Future%20Senator.pdf

    • Full text of “Investigation of Communist activities in Seattle, Wash., area.


      About 1949 and 1950, the last year that I was in Seattle — a youth committee was set up which I worked with, controlled, and guided all of its activities and tried to train the youth along Couuimnist Party lines; and on that youth committee I remember a young man named Al Gumming, Robert Krahl, Calvin Harris.

      Cont’s @ Link


      • Thursday, July 5, 2001
        Irene Hull: 60-plus years of avid political activism

        By Sheryll Poe Seattle Times staff reporter

        She lives on the eighth floor of a retirement community on Capitol Hill with sweeping views of downtown and the comfort of a recreation room with a library corner, an organ and stationary bikes. But Irene Hull doesn’t spend much time on stationary bikes.

        For more than 60 years, she has lived life on her own terms as a political and social activist.

        At 4 feet 10 inches and 115 pounds, Hull is as fiery as her red hair. She’s a crusader of the senior activist movement and an emblem of the long-standing tradition toward protest in a town steeped in labor history.

        “I spend three-fourths of my time on my activities,” she said, sipping decaf. “My housework has had to take second place to my work.”

        She belongs to the Communist Party – a membership she has held since World War II – and was named by the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s. She will be a delegate at the party’s 27th national convention in Wisconsin tomorrow.

        At 88, Hull is still involved in the local chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, which she helped found in 1974. And while back surgery kept her from participating in the World Trade Organization protests in late 1999, Hull joined recent community rallies to protest the police shooting death of black motorist Aaron Roberts in Seattle’s Central Area.

        http://www.community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20010705 &slug=irenehull05m

        • This story ran in The Seattle Times on July 28, 1996

          BY MID-CENTURY, WASHINGTON’S LONG ACTIVIST TRADITION — Populists to Wobblies to the Unemployed Citizens League — prompted Postmaster General James Farley’s famous quip about “the 47 states and the Soviet of Washington.” Spurred by hard times, many Washington people had joined organizations that promised to cure a sick society. Asked in 1954 who had drawn him to join the Communist Party, Professor Abraham Keller of the University of Washington mused, “I was recruited by the Depression.”

          But in the wake of the United States’ “losses” of China, its nuclear monopoly and its wartime primacy, only a conspiracy directed by a ruthless enemy seemed to explain the Cold War “retreat from victory.” Theatrical efforts to ferret out the conspirators at home and track them back to Moscow held center stage in American politics.

          In Washington state, the 1947 Legislature created the Un-American Activities Committee, chaired by Rep. Albert Canwell, R-Spokane. Its purpose was to investigate local Communist subversion and “seek facts upon which to base remedial legislation,” as a Seattle Times editorial put it. Canwell’s initial hearings focused on the Washington Pension Union, but the committee’s real target was the UW.

          State Sen. Thomas Bienz of Spokane charged that 150 Communists or sympathizers taught at the UW in 1948. The Board of Regents president promised to recommend dismissal of anyone “found by the Canwell Committee to be engaged in subversive activities.”

          The Committee opened its UW inquiry in Seattle on July 19, 1948. Reminding witnesses “this is a legislative hearing, not a trial,” Canwell insisted that rules of cross-examination and admissible evidence did not apply. Accused of Communist activities by unchallenged testimony, some “witnesses” refused to testify altogether, some admitted affiliation but refused to name their associates, and some hotly denied party membership.


          In July 1948, a state legislative committee set out to see how far Communism had infiltrated the UW faculty. Any accused of violating their loyalty oaths as state employees risked loss of their positions. At left, UW veterans’ counselor Ted Astley angrily refused to answer questions, was ejected from the hearing and later fired. Photo Credit: Seattle Times.



          Four years later, in April 1953, trial opened in U.S. District Court in Seattle for seven people charged with conspiring to overthrow the government by force — a violation of the Smith Act. The defendants were Henry Huff, state chairman of the Communist Party; William Pennock, president of the Washington Pension Union; Terry Pettus, Pacific Northwest editor of The People’s World newspaper; Paul Bowen, former party organizer in Seattle; John Daschbach, chairman of the State Civil Rights Congress; Karly Larsen, local official of the International Woodworkers of America; and Barbara Hartle, described by the FBI as “Washington’s top woman Communist.

          Except for Larsen, the defendants “proudly affirmed” their party membership. Pettus and Daschbach were cited for contempt after their testimony. Pennock died during the trial. His death was ruled a suicide, though his attorney and friends maintained it was an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets.

          Larsen was acquitted; the remaining five were found guilty and sentenced to five years. A strike kept The Times from publishing during most of the Smith Act trial, but the newspaper did send the stellar reporting team of Guthman, Dwight Schear and Georg Meyers to cover the 1954 U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee hearings in Seattle.

          While Sen. Joseph McCarthy hunted for Reds in Washington, D.C., U.S. Rep. Harold Velde, R-Ill., hunted them here. Barbara Hartle was Velde’s star witness. Surrounded by television cameras and radio microphones, she named names, describing the Communist involvement of more than 300 Washington residents.


        • HULL**NOTE**

        • Hull is a hot one Leza. Irene is across the hall. We need to look more into IRENE.

    • Leza, I read your post here. I may have missed it in there but, the CPUSA com. party headquarters was supposed to be just down the street or across the street from Grunbaum furniture store. Has anyone delved into why it was called Standard/Grunbaum when Grunbaum sold out sometime much earlier? I remember looking at this. The Grunbaum name is quite intriguing. and the Standard name begs some questions….don’t you think. Some Rockefeller money maybe???? This was a many, many storied furniture store, not your everyday mom and pop furniture store.. Even the architecture seemed to have no expense spared.

      • Alfy, I have read that the CPUSA was the next block over from Grunbaum Furniture store, directly behind the furniture store, I do not know this as fact. I myself have not yet looked into the name and a possible connection to Rockefeller.

        • It was a very high end store Leza. I have some on this too. I will look for it when I get a bit of time.
          Only the Wizard of Oz knows for sure…..

      • Alfy, Rachman, Rachfellowes, Rachschild, Rachshan…etc…
        Candy for Christmas Alf ?
        Like Almond Rocha ?
        Like LACY Rocha Leza ?

  9. The video talks about strange parallels between Barack Obama and a largely forgotten presidential candidate, Henry Wallace. Both, it turned out, had secret backing and influence from individuals uncovered later.

    Now we find out, the connection between Wallace and Obama comes through more than just coincidences. Read the story below about the CIA appointee of Obama, Leon Panetta, and his indirect connection to the campaign of Henry Wallace!
    If you have been depending on the mainstream media for your news the past few days, you are probably learning here for the first time that CIA Director Leon Panetta has been called out for his links to an important open member of the Communist Party.

    When this writer first arrived in Washington, D.C., as a reporter in 1968, one of my assignments was to cover the congressional delegation from Washington State.

    Occasionally, both Democrat and Republican members of Congress from the Evergreen State would obliquely mention the name of Hugh DeLacy â either with a knowing snicker or muffled sound of disapproval.

    It was as if they were shamefacedly acknowledging their state’s dirty little secret.

    This much I gathered: Hugh DeLacy was a Communist who entered Democrat politics in Seattle and served in Congress, later to be defeated because of his pro-Red affiliations.

    That name â stashed away for years in a reporter’s mental file â re-emerged in 2011 when (not for the first time) intrepid researchers did the work the mainstream media should have been doing.

    It seems that the late Communist Hugh DeLacy and the man who now heads this nation’s spy agency were good buddies.

    An oldie in the files re-emerges

    Although hearings were held last Thursday on Panetta’s nomination (by President Obama) to become Secretary of Defense, not one word appeared in any major newspaper or TV news channel about the allegations.

    The June 9 morning hearings by the Senate Armed Services Committee did not elicit any mention of the newly revealed information of the Panetta/DeLacy connection. That afternoon, the senators scheduled an executive session behind closed doors. No information as to whether the issue was brought up then.
    Researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid have documented the following:

    Cont’s @ Link –


    • Hugh DeLacy
      Early activism

      While teaching English at the University of Washington from 1933 to 1937, DeLacy helped organize Local 410 of the American Federation of Teachers and served as its delegate to the Seattle Central Labor Council.

      In 1937, DeLacy ran for a seat on the Seattle City Council. Denied a leave of absence from the university, DeLacy resigned in order to pursue a political career. Delacy received labor movement and Communist Party USA backing for his campaign. He won the election and served until 1940.

      In the 1940’s, DeLacy was active in the Democratic Party and the Washington Commonwealth Federation, a coalition of left-wing political organizations[1], which included the Communist Party USA. Though initially excluded the communists insinuated themselves into the Federation, eventually coming to dominate[2]the organization.

      Congressman DeLacy

      In 1944 DeLacy ran successfully as a New Deal Democrat for the First District Congressional seat vacated by Warren Magnuson. During the 79th Congress (January 3, 1945 to January 3, 1947), DeLacy was an outspoken and active member of the left wing of the Democratic Party. He was a member of the Naval Affairs committee and took an interest in labor legislation, public housing, and U.S. foreign policy, particularly in regard to China. His activity was allegedly instrumental in the resignation of the China Ambassador Patrick J Hurley.

      On Feb. 27, 1971, Hugh DeLacy, Former Congressmen California, was listed as an initiating sponsor of the American-Korean Friendship and Information Center. The Center, a front for the Communist Party USA, was established to promote the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea and Vietnam.[9]

      Relationship with Leon Panetta

      In 1983 Leon Panetta placed a tribute to life long communists Hugh DeLacy and his wife Dorothy DeLacy in the Congressional Record celebrating them as “lifelong activists for social justice”. It read in part “the causes to which they have dedicated their lives – peace, jobs, an end to race and sex discrimination, a halt to the costly and dangerous arms race, are causes for which we are still working today…

      On September 6 1986 a memorial for Hugh DeLacy was held at the Louden Nelson Center, Santa Cruz, California.

      Mardi Wormhoudt was the presenter, speakers included Margaret DeLacy, Jack Berman, Hon. Leon Panetta, John McTernan, Gary Patton, songs by Mike Rotkin, readings by Leon Papernow and Linda Bergholdt, a letter from Dorothy…by Greta Davis and songs by Steve Turner and Terry Turner[17].


    • Wallace…such a lively clan name..In the movie, the brave HEART name then sat on the throne quietly…. who would guess ? Want to river dance Leza ? Let me look for music. Maybe we could invite ROBIN HOOD.

    • also not to forget that Stanley Ann had some connections to Adele Stevenson, who died in London near his dear mistress who was a Peabody descendent of the Morton Stanley Peabodys.
      In looking at the Grunbaum connections, I just found lots of Grunbaums associated with Rockefellers many foundations,Rockefeller institutions of old and new.
      When I see the Delacy name…..although I haven’t looked, I think of Franklin DELANO Roosevelt (jewish descendents on both sides) of Spanish,Italian descent and whose mother was Kazharian jew.
      Another intriguing bit,perhaps Renee has already found the early groups of lawyers,later judges and other sorted positions of office in the early days of Hawaii…….like C. Dudley Pratt, Charles L. Carter,A.L Stanlely, Cassidy,Roy Vitousek, FrankE. Thompson, B.F. Johnson,Alex Young,and a woman associated with adoptions and family court,Betty Vitousek(that name especcially interesting. This is just a few, but some of them have ties to Chicago and Seattle (why Seattle and Chicago all the time). Another woman of interest by the name of Orpah Starratt whose family lived on Poki Street in Honolulu….seems Orpah Starratt married a Chicagoan named Albert Leander HALL…..Her nickname was “Tootsie”. All these people seem to have early ties to the BIG FIVE corporations of Hawaii that pretty much ran Hawaii…..their descendents seem to still be there involved in the same sort of things. I forgot what my point was……dang it.One thing is Hugh Delacy is not the only Commie traitors related person that we have paid tribute to…. Koji Ariyoshi around 1978, is one that comes to mind…..and in 200something Biden did a long ,long spill on Ralph Bunch….yes he was loved by many, but his connections to commie, socialist,progressive,anti-americans runs very deep and have been considered contraversial. There are quite a few(can’t think of em right now). Like they say we must rewrite history,so its people like Hugh Delacy ,Ariyoshi that get praise and skip over their misdeeds for the history books. I am sure you’ve noticed that in your reading of people like Katherine Dunham who married a Pratt,by the wasy;Thelma Johnson Street ,famous artist,not one mention of her communist associations or leanings or that she was in the same places at the same time as Paul Robeson and Frank Marshall Davis.I feel certain now after seeing all the ties to Coms and Obama,that Michelles red and black dress was a choice as a salute to all of their communist mentors and heros out there.

  10. Quentin D. Young is a Chicago based retired medical practicioner and prominent socialist activist. He has been a close personal friend an mentor to Barack Obama. Quentin Young was married to Ruth Young who died in 2007 and is the father of Ethan Young and Polly Young.

    YCL member

    Quentin Young was a member of the Young Communist League USA in pre-WW2 Chicago – while attending Hyde Park High School.[1]

    Quentin Young “fought fascism”, with his friend Bernice Weissbourd in the pre-War period[2]. Support for peace movement

    In 1962 Dr Quentin D Young served[3]on the Advisory Council of the Hyde Park Community Peace Centre, with Sidney Lens and Timuel Black.



    Sidney Lens, Author And Labor Organizer
    June 21, 1986

    Snip ~

    In 1980, Mr. Lens was the Citizens Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, when scientist Barry Commoner was the party`s presidential candidate.

    For many years Mr. Lens, a veteran labor union organizer, headed Local 329 of the United Service Employees Union in Chicago.

    Mr. Lens was born Sidney Okun on Jan. 12, 1912, in Newark, N.J., to parents who had emigrated from Minsk, Russia. He changed his last name to Lens in the early 1930s.

    He organized his first labor strike in 1930 at age 18 when he led fellow waiters at a resort in the Adirondacks in a walkout over wages and working conditions. Over the years he sought to organize department store employees in New York and cabdrivers in Washington.

    In the 1930s and 1940s, Mr. Lens was active in the Revolutionary Workers League, serving as its acting national secretary in 1945 shortly before it disbanded. The U.S. Justice Department listed the league as a subversive organization. Tribune columnist Jack Mabley once said the league “was so far left it considered Stalinists as rightists and Trotskyites as the center.“

    Mr. Lens is survived by his wife, Shirley.

    http://www.articles.chicagotribune.com/1986-06-21/ news/8602140344_1_sidney-lens-chicago-historical-society-tribune

    The Loss of Shirley Lens
    By Matthew Rothschild
    November 3, 2005

    Throughout her life, she fearlessly stood up for the cause of social justice, whether in Oakland or Chicago.
    She helped to organize teachers in Chicago, and as a teacher, she spoke out against McCarthyism. For this, she was blacklisted, but she kept on.

    With her beloved husband, Sidney, Shirley Lens lived her life at the frontlines, marching for civil rights and opposing the Vietnam War. (Sid, who wrote for The Progressive for three decades, was himself a radical agitator for labor rights, for socialism, and for the abolition of nuclear weapons.)

    Portraits of Gandhi, A. J. Muste, and Martin Luther King hung in their Chicago apartment.


    • Timuel Black** NOTE*

    • Hey Leza, After we found him, I found additional Young names. Let me find the other one that I found interesting. They may not relate at all but you never know. If you want to see more on the name try the Hawaii post. Big name in Hawaii.

    • Here is another that I think connects and I have another too;

      • Andrew Jackson Young (born March 12, 1932) is an American politician, diplomat, activist and pastor from Georgia. He has served as Mayor of Atlanta, a Congressman from the 5th district, and United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He served as President of the National Council of Churches USA, was a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and was a supporter and friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

        Since leaving political office in 1989, Young has founded or served in a large number of organizations founded on public policy, political lobbying and international relations, with a special focus on Africa.

          • NOTE***George W. Percy**PERCY**Like PERCY SUTTON**
            The Alexander Young Building was a building in Honolulu, Hawaii built during 1900-1903 by Alexander Young (1833–1910), a Honolulu mechanical engineer and businessman from Scotland.

            [edit] BuildingThe Young building was designed by California architect George W. Percy; it was his last major project before he died on December 14, 1900. It cost US$2 million to build, and opened as a 192 room hotel in 1903.[2] Based on this hotel, on his later ownership of the Moana Hotel and the original Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Alexander Young “became known as the father of the hotel industry in Hawaii.”[3]

            During 1917 the United States Army used the second floor while Fort Shafter was completed. The original Royal Hawaiian Hotel was purchased by the Army in 1917. The interwar years saw the hotel’s Roof Garden become one of Honolulu’s most fashionable social venues. During World War II the military occupied most of the hotel. The building was converted to offices in 1964. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places August 5, 1980. As of 2009[update] it was still listed. The building was demolished, however, in 1981.

          • Muna SUTTON, Gardner, family=King of Jordan’s wife.
            Percy Sutton involved in a word for Harvard. Backed by Saudi Royalty money.(who is buying into Twitter now ?)
            Joseph Sutton-Northern Trust-Enron
            Ava Gardner
            Grace Kelly
            Doris Duke
            Katherine Dunham-Rubirosa
            Hutton too.
            Ali Khan-Aga Kahn-Iran
            Dominique France Picard-Egypt
            Let’s play Which Princess ?
            The house in Hawaii again.
            Orland SCOTT Le Forge and Thelma JONES Lefforge Young.

          • ALEXANDER family pics online in the WEB DuBois library w/ the Cullen-Collin family also.(DuBois=WOOD) Like Natalie-Nestle-Nathalie

          • I get it now. Parker.
            Gazi family-Gaza.
            Pay KAR
            Caravans abound. Pretenders. crystal Balls.
            Who does deals with them ?

          • yes, that’s the Alex Young(alex young hotel) I was referring to. Sorry I hadn’t seen your post on him when I ranted so long on some names.

          • So Alf, Is it the pink hotel you mentioned in the picture ? You mentioned this a while back.

  11. Morpheus: [to Neo who is choosing the red pill] Remember… all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

    A Different “9/11 Truth”

    As always, I challenge anyone to disprove even a single one of the TRUTH statements in that post.

    Connect the dots…

    If there is any U.S. citizen who had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and may have even helped plan them, in my opinion it appears that Bill Ayers is one of the most likely suspects.

    • Missed you Redpill, happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Good choice. Excellent choice, actually. Too bad he’s a citizen. For what he did, he certainly deserved to lose his citizenship. He and his not-so-lovely wife. Instead, in this Matrix, they end up educators who are applauded for their “work”.

    • That’s a really excellent post, Red Pill. Were any modifications made to that Flight 93 memorial?

      I read this morning that although Putin’s party lost ground in their last election, he still expects to win the presidency again. It’s a done deal, of course. You know what the reporter said? Something like “Putin has systematically eliminated all opponents.”

      This is EXACTLY how Barry has won nearly every election. And he and his supporters are working on the Republican field, as we speak. Cain is down so they’re working on Newt now.

      As for Cain, I still fail to see how it can disqualify him, even if true. From what I see, his wife is standing behind him. As Hillary supported her husband, when Bill’s “crime” was far worse, imho. THAT involved sexual harassment in the work place. The “power” difference.

      If libs were fine with Clinton’s infidelity, then why is it a big deal if any conservative is unfaithful (so long as HIS or HER spouse is fine with it)?

      I can totally see Cain, because of his personality, being taken in by these needy women. I saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” over the weekend. When George gave Vi money, I thought of Cain.

      Whatever THAT truth is, it’s between him and his wife. I can’t imagine how these reporters look themselves in the mirror, after what they’ve put that poor woman through. These are the same people who argue that it’s not the business of We the People to SEE Barry’s birth certificate to determine his CONSTITUTIONAL eligibility for the job he has, BUT somehow, they think it’s our business to know the private sexual lives of CONSERVATIVE candidates.

      Where’s a similar expose of Barney Frank or Barack Obama? How about exploring THEIR affairs? Larry Sinclair gave a press conference and NOBODY reported that in the lamestream, did they? Nor did they report Biden’s role in his detention.

      • When Democrats accused Republicans of “the politics of personal destruction”, that was standard fare Democratic PROJECTION. They alway accuse us of that of which they themselves are guilty.

        Clinton himself left his DNA on a blue dress. And if not for the DNA evidence, he would have kept up the fascade of lies. Yet, even when impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice (NOT for infidelity!), he was acquitted because Democrats supported and defended their party instead of supporting and defending the Constitutional Republic and the Rule of Law.

        We see “the politics of personal destruction” when DemonRats and their allies in the media do everything in their power to personally destroy anyone who stands in their way.

    • Redpill, I just found another of that name you may find interesting. Let me find him.

      • Note Redpill the David LYNCH foundation also. Into the trans things, like Ralph Waldo Emerson*
        The House Of Soup And Crackers | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | December 19, 2011 at 10:07 pm | Reply
        Ramani Ayer
        Born India
        Education Indian Institute of Technology
        Drexel University
        Employer The Hartford
        Title CEO
        Term 1991-2009
        Predecessor Donald R. Frahm
        Successor Liam McGee
        Board member of American Insurance Association

  12. take note


    Israel and Syria brace for regional war between mid-Dec. 2011 and mid-Jan 2012
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 5, 2011, 2:41 PM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Binyamin Netanyahu Bashar Assad Israel Syria US aircraft carriers Russian warships
    Multiple Launch Rocket System in action

    The actions and words of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Syrian ruler Bashar Assad in the last 72 hours indicate they are poised for a regional war, including an attack on Iran, for some time between December 2011 and January 2012.

    In their different ways, both have posted road signs to the fast-approaching conflict as debkafile’s Middle East sources disclose:

    1. Saturday, Dec. 3, Syria staged a large-scale military exercise in the eastern town of Palmyra, which was interpreted by Western and Israeli pundits as notice to its neighbors, primarily Turkey and Israel, that the uprising against the Assad regime had not fractured its sophisticated missile capabilities.

    debkafile’s military sources advise attaching more credibility to the official Damascus statement of Sunday, Dec. 4: “The Syrian army has staged a live-fire drill in the eastern part of the country under war-like circumstances with the aim of testing its missile weaponry in confronting any attack.”
    Videotapes of the exercise, briefly carried on the Internet early Monday before they were removed by an unseen hand, support this statement. They showed a four-stage exercise, in which missile fire was a minor feature. Its focus was on the massive firing of self-propelled 120mm cannon, brigade-strength practice of 600mm and 300mm multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), offensive movements of Syrian armored brigades backed by ground-to-ground missiles with short 150-200 kilometer ranges. They drilled tactics for repelling enemy reinforcements rushed to combat arenas.
    All this added up to is an impressive Syrian demonstration of its ability to ward off an attack on Syrian soil by turning a defensive array into an offensive push for taking the battle over into the aggressor’s territory, whether the Turkish or Israeli armies or a combined Arab League force backed by NATO.

    2. Israel made its rejoinder to the Syrian war message 24 hours later.

    Addressing a ceremony honoring the memory of for Israel’s founding father David Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu recalled how 63 years ago, Ben-Gurion declared the foundation of the State of Israel in defiance of pressures from most of Western leaders and a majority of his own party. They warned him that he would trigger a combined Arab attack to destroy the fledgling state just three years after the end of World War II.

    But fortunately for us, said the prime minister, Ben-Gurion stood up to the pressure and went through with his decision, otherwise Israel would not be here today.

    “There are times,” said Netanyahu, “when a decision may carry a heavy price, but the price for not deciding would be heavier.”

    “I want to believe,” he said, “we will always have the courage and resolve for the right decisions to safeguard our future and security.”

    Although he did not mention Iran, it was not hard to infer that the prime minister was referring to a decision to exercise Israel’s military option against Iran’s nuclear program in the face of crushing pressure from Washington and insistent advice of certain Israeli security veterans.

    Defense minister Ehud Barak, who was standing behind the prime minister’s shoulder, was as tense as a coiled spring.

    3. Six hours later, Netanyahu dropped a bombshell on the domestic political scene: He announced his Likud party would hold elections, including primaries, before January 31, 2012 – two years before schedule and a year before Israel’s next general election. As head of one of the most stable and long-lived coalition governments ever to have ruled Israel, he is under no pressing domestic need of a demonstration of leadership at this time.
    4. In the last two weeks, the Netanyahu government has been subjected to acerbic criticism on the part of one Obama administration official after another. They have presented Israel as having fallen into the hands of right-wing extremists who are engaged in a mad race to suppress the judiciary and diminish the civil rights of women and children – not to mention Palestinians.

    Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton went to unimaginable lengths when she likened Israel to Iran because fringe ultraorthodox group’s in a couple of suburbs in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak were fighting for gender segregation on public transport against the government and the courts.

    She was clearly aiming to undermine the Netanyahu government’s democratic credentials – and therefore his moral legitimacy – for going to war to halt Iran’s attainment of a nuclear weapon.
    4. The unusually powerful US and Russian naval buildups in the waters around Syria and Iran.
    Washington sought in late November to give the impression that the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group was anchored off Marseilles, when it was spotted in the eastern Mediterranean opposite Syria.

    Moscowthen rushed to Syria’s defense by airlifting 72 anti-ship Yakhont missiles (Western-coded SSN-26) to Damascus. These water-skimming weapons can hit naval targets at a distance of 300 kilometers.

    After that the Bush, whose freedom to approach Syrian or Lebanese shores, had been curtailed by the new weapon reaching Syria, departed to an unknown destination, while the USS Carl Vinson strike group took up position opposite Iran.

    Moscowis also playing hide and seek with its only air carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. It was announced that the vessel would set sail for the Mediterranean on Dec. 6. But on Nov. 25, it was sighted passing Malta and chugging past Cyprus four days later on its way to join the flotilla of three Russian guided missile destroyers already anchored off Syria.

    Neither the United States nor Russia would have concentrated two powerful fleets in the proximity of Syria and Iran unless they were certain a military conflagration was imminent. While any of the prime movers, Washington, Moscow, Tehran, Israel or Bashar Assad, may at the last moment step back from the brink of a regional war, at the moment, there is no sign of this happening.

  13. Breaking Capital USA News Underground and DNCC HQ


    They actually think they are going to get away with this.

    Operations: Board Game and even RBO/RW goes silent.

  14. is the democratic national committee corporation a non profit organization?

  15. Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyy! PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!


    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER ON OBAMA: I’d Kick His Ass Into The F-cking Dirt…


    2012 isn’t about Democrat vs Republican for me – for a lot of us. It’s about…I’m gonna come off as a bit off the rocker here…it’s about good vs evil. America vs something else. Barack Obama ain’t evil…he’s too stupid to be called that. But the ideas behind Barack Obama…the ones who created Barack Obama…I think they just might be.

  16. what’s up with the Alec Baldwin comment regarding Romney?

    how much did NBC get paid for it?

    who asked ya? like Rove, too? get going, washed up and boring~

    Tim Russert. June 16th, 2008.

    RIP News Media, double rainbow and all. Mika.

  17. America died with Russert. Don’t ever forget The Week That Was.
    June 2nd 2008 through June 10th 2008.

    then Tim, dropped dead. It started with the Imus’ firing…the usurpation of NBC, et al. Glad to know we still have GE bringing good things to life, too.

    the Disney crash. doa

  18. oh, and i guess we weren’t witnesses to the Rules and ByLaws Committe meeting in Florida – were we?

    and I guess we didn’t get shut out at the dNC convention at NY like Lady Rodham Clinton took it upon herself to shut down the votes of the States as if she had the right…

    lest we forget the beginning of the end. 2008 RFK dead 40 years and the anniversary was besmirched and exploited. Dianne Feinstin’s DC house while reporters sit on the stinky obarky plane with the risong moon and pepsi stripes. Lest we forget.

    Bill Clinton needs to be investigated. Global Initiative? right. sure.
    Ever hear of Appalachia? yeah, neither did Oprah.

  19. how did a governor of Arkansas and executive presider of the United States, his wife and child never ever hear of Appalachia?

    Where’s the Black Caucus caring for these People? The Poverty Blood Suckers? Angelina, Brad, Alec? pencils for the poor. tires for their busses, please. yo, LaVaughan…. skinny is deathly.

  20. SNIP

    Arpaio said the investigation was progressing and stated, “I’ve got a gut feeling there’s a little cover-up … We’re not out to hang anybody. I’m just doing my job.”

    Noting MCSO may be the only law enforcement agency in the country looking into the issue Arpaio said even the Republicans don’t like what he’s doing.

    He asked, “Why wouldn’t they want to get to the bottom of this?”

    While he’s doing the investigation at the behest of the people of Maricopa County, Arpaio said, “If it affects the whole nation, that’s not my fault. I think people deserve to know the real story. Maybe there’s nothing to it. But, I don’t know. It doesn’t look good.”


    Questioning why Congress wasn’t looking into the issue, he asked, “Who are you going to bring in, the FBI, the justice department? (met with laughter) I just want to get to the bottom of this to get the truth out.”

    He stated what the posse was doing was interesting and said, “My guys are pretty good. Forget the birth certificate. We’re looking at other things. We’re going to do something – I promise you.”

    Alluding Obama could conceivably be an illegal alien, which he said was “not that far off,” Arpaio chided the mainstream media for ignoring the issue and said, “I know what I’ll do; I’ll get on Twitter tomorrow and Facebook.”


  21. Arpaio gets death threats over Obama investigation
    Warned he ‘will be filled with thousand bullet holes’

    Read more: Arpaio gets death threats over Obama investigation http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=375329#ixzz1fvM860F6

    • He’s used to it, isn’t he? Bad enough he’s got illegal aliens and their supporters and the drug cartel, but now what? Obots after him? May God bless and watch over Sheriff Arpaio.

  22. Arpaio says Cold Case Posse’s investigation ‘will not disappoint’

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Liberty Legal Foundation serves DNC with Obama eligibility complaint – Phoenix Crime | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/crime-in-phoenix/liberty-legal-foundation-serves-dnc-with-obama-eligibility-complaint#ixzz1fvMQRNZI

  23. WND is going to become a new site: America’s Independent News Network. January 12. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=379025

    “WASHINGTON – After nearly 15 years, the oldest name in independent news on the Internet is being retired.

    Come New Year’s Day 2012, “America’s Independent News Network” is getting a new name, a new look and a whole new attitude as WND replaces the familiar WorldNetDaily logo.

    “We don’t want to shock our audience, so we’re letting everyone know what’s coming,” explains Joseph Farah, editor, co-founder and chief executive officer of the first independent online news agency begun in 1997. “What we’re launching the first of the year is so radically different in design from what we have been for the last 15 years, we think it’s important to give everyone a head’s-up. It’s going to be fresh, contemporary, cutting edge, more video, with easier navigation and expanded coverage.”

    There will even be a new name – a new corporate identity.

    “About the only thing that will remain is the mission and the founding commitment to independent investigative reporting that is second to none in exposing fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in government and other powerful institutions in need of watchdogging,” says Farah. “We’ll definitely maintain the same fiercely independent commitment to the truth – maybe even step it up a notch or two.”

    When visitors go to the site as of Jan. 1, the familiar WorldNetDaily logo will be gone in favor of the new WND logo you can see right now at the bottom of every page.”

  24. Sources now tell PJ Media that neither version of events is accurate: the rip crew was not waiting for a chance encounter with other illegals, nor did the members intend to engage American law enforcement agents.

    The rip crew was in Peck Canyon that evening with the intention of stealing money and drugs from a specific shipment of which they had prior knowledge.
    PECK Canyon*

  25. Historical Background:

    Bread and Roses was a group that emerged from various New Left movement groups–Students for a Democratic Society; the draft resistance movement (we had a women’s caucus in the New England Resistance that formally emerged early in 1969; it because a consciousness-raising group
    and joined with other groups to form Bread and Roses); activists who had been in civil rights movement groups in the South and moved back North. Thus, Bread and Roses was one of the “younger branch” founding groups of the contemporary women’s movement, as analyzed by Jo Freeman in THE POLITICS OF WOMEN’S LIBERATION. There are two dissertations on Bread and Roses: one by Ann Popkin, written for Brandeis University Sociology Department (she has an article on the group in THEY SHOULD HAVE SERVED THAT CUP OF COFFEE, edited by Dick Cluster), and one by Kris Rosenthal, I think for Harvard University. They were both Bread and Roses members, and some years after the demise of the group (which was in 1971), they interviewed former members, and Ann also did a questionnaire. Maren Lockwood Carden interviewed some Bread & Roses members and observed some of our meetings for THE NEW FEMINIST MOVEMENT (Russell Sage).

    As I recall, Bread and Roses was formally named fall of 1969, but meetings that led up to it were held as early as February 1969 (see early pamphlet). Various newsletters are here, a membership list (by consciousness-raising groups; we laughing said it was like sororities at the time, and some of the groups, e.g. the one which Linda Gordon was a member of–she had high movement status we more prestigeful than others), and many position papers. In retrospect, it seems to me that all the writing; the sharing of ideas and debates about various issues (e.g. about women’s culture; about the politics of racism in relation to women’s liberation; about whether health should be defined as a women’s liberation issue), the valuing of poetry (see the anthology enclosed) was a remarkable feature of the group. Many of the members were graduate students in Boston area universities, perhaps one reason for all the writing (among those who have gone on to become writers and scholars: Linda Gordon, Lillian Robison, Meredith Tax, Jean Tepperman–also a founder of 9 to 5 and an active organizer of secretaries, Priscilla Irons, Diane Balser–still a feminist activist in Boston, Nancy Chodorow, Lise Vogel, Ann Popkin, Wini Breines, Shelley Rosaldo, Kris Rosenthal, Phyllis MacEwen. Bread and Roses overlapped a variety of other groups, e.g. radical teachers (Adria Reich among them, and Phyllis Ewen; they founded the journal, RADICAL TEACHER, with others); the journal, RADICAL AMERICA. OUR BODIES, OURSELVES was the eventual result of one of the task forces, on women and health. There were also many classes taught under the aegis of Bread and Roses, including ones on carpentry, auto mechanics, law, self-defense. The politics of the group were distinctively socialist-feminist (although note that the word “feminist” was not in widespread use at the time). The group folded in 1971–the January 27, 1971 memo from “Some Crumbs and Petals” signaled that demise.

    2. FROM CELL 16 and FEMALE LIBERATION. A radical feminist group (Dana Densmore and Abby Rockefeller were among the members) in Boston at about the same time–formed earlier than Bread & Roses, as I recall. I subscribed to the newsletter (enclosed), which indicates that in 1971 there was a split in that group when Young Socialists Alliance infiltrated it.
    Mss. 153 Thorne, Barrie Bread and Roses: Documents from the Women’s Liberation Movement in Boston, 1968-1971


  26. Did we know that Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is back?? I didn’t.

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006
    Blast from the Past: Students for a Democratic Society!
    Find below my proposed Statement of Principles for a new Yale chapter of the revived Students of a Democratic Society:

    In 1962, the original Students for a Democratic Society adopted the Port Huron Statement, with its famous opening, “We are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit,” as their statement of principles and of resistance to an increasingly undemocratic country and world. Four decades later, a new generation of students – our generation – has awakened to the realization that we too look uncomfortably to the world beyond our universities, a world defined by poverty, discrimination, and war. But we believe, like those who struggled before us, that, starting in our own communities and our own countries, we have the power to change that world, to build a truly democratic society. Today is our day to fight; this is our statement of principles and of resistance.

    Link on request

  27. Here is a Private Eye’s account of the link between Ayers, Dohrn, & Obama, and the New York days.


    It’s such a coincidence that Megan Kelly has an interview with Ayers, and now this article. What’s with all the interest all of a sudden. Does it have to do with Sheriff Joe’s announcement?

    • “Dohrn was never charged in that case, it appears Dohrn was the “forger” for Weatherman bogus ID’s.”

      Very interesting, huh? Especially with regard to the sheriff homing in on the forger and somebody, iirc, saying the forger is a “she”.

    • The second video talks about the Brinks robbery. Let’s not forget Sekou ODINGA. Funny how Nathaniel Burns (aka Sekou Odinga) is seldom ever mentioned. The complicit black fellow. Any of these white women could be his squeeze and maybe there was a son. Let’s also not forget that it was a feature of these groups to have promiscuous group sex with lots of partner swapping.

    • He’s so repulsive and his smirk, when he applauds Bernardine for wanting to STILL defeat the American empire, reminds me too, too much of his friend Barry. Unrepentant both, all. There’re terms in the APA’s DSM to describe them. Watch his face at about 9 minutes into the second video, when he hears the names of the policemen and the security guard murdered by the people he’s “still” close to–Boudin and Gilbert. He looks down and shakes his head as if in sorrow but also agreement, as if they were just casualties of war. Can’t be helped. The devil made them do it. One gets the feeling he believes the Brinks robbery was a “horrible” action that they “paid the price” for only because it FAILED, not because 3 men were MURDERED. Why does he specify that Gilbert is the “biological” father of Chesa? Oh, I see. Because he’s Chesa’s “adopted” father. Hmm. Who else was adopted, one wonders. Why should his wife care about the grand jury if she wasn’t part of this “terrible, terrible crime?” He mentions that Bernardine wouldn’t cooperate because she wasn’t told if she was a target. Well, if she’s not complicit, then why not help find the murderers? He believes grand juries “should be resisted.” One has to wonder how justice would be served in an Ayers-run nation. No juries at all? No citizen input? Just Dear Leader doing a thumbs up or down? Believe it or not, he DENIES that his wife praised the Manson killings and said “dig” it. He denies that they debated whether all good revolutionaries should kill all “white babies.” Just denies it. Of course, maybe he wasn’t in that particular meeting of the conference when that was said, right? But he doesn’t allow for that; he just laughs and denies everything. It’s Megyn who’s a nutty conspiracy theorist. Sound familiar? As for Barry, Ayers claims he knew Barry as well as Barry knew 10,000 other people. RIGHT. He says “we live in the most violent society around.” I would invite him to go to Kenya or the Middle East or Nigeria. Check it out, Bill. Well, since he lives in Chicago, maybe HE does live in a violent society.

  28. http://cheatersflorida.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/bill-ayers-and-bernardine-dohrn-cop-killers-in-weather-underground-precursor-to-black-bloc-faction-of-occupy-movement/

    I don’t know if we’ve seen that link before, but it appears, at first glance, to be comprehensive and may contain some interesting tidbits.

  29. Black Bloc rang a bell for me, so I had to reread some of my old notes. Names that ‘stick out’ are David Graeber (who’s father, Kenneth was in the Youth Communist League.) My notes say that he was an Anarchist since the age of 16, and did his PhD thesis on Magic, Slavery & Politics in Madagascar. A member of the Industrial Workers of the World, and gave Occupy Wall Street the theme, “We Are the 99%”.

  30. More notes of mine: Eric Holder instrumental in “Stealth Pardons” for the Weather Underground.

    Susan Rosenberg – 11-3-84 – Caught by Police – Hiding 740# explosives, hundreds of phony ID’s – Was a member of the May 19 Communist organization (M19CO)


  31. Occupy WallStreet – Adbusters – John Zerzan (1943) American Anarchist, friend of Ken Kesey – Merry Pranksters

    A “Marxist-Leninist-Maoist” Organized a Social Workers’ Union (SSEU)

    Kathan Zerzan, his cousin, SDS & Weather Underground

    Friend & Confidant – Theodore Kaczynski – Unabomber

    Editor of “Green Anarchy”
    Contributing Editor – Anarchy Magazine
    Published in Adbusters

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