440 Days

Renee Copyright 2011

In 1979 The U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran was siezed by radical students that held 52 Americans hostage for 440 days.

440 days….

Today, in Iran, radical students attacked the U.K. Embassy. They captured 6 diplomats for 6 hours until the diplomats were rescued by police. London gave the Iranian diplomats there 48 hours to leave the country.

Not a good situation. We will follow it in comments.

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  1. The British government Wednesday, Nov. 30, gave Iran’s diplomatic staff 48 hours to leave London after closing the UK embassy in Tehran in protest over Monday’s attack on the UK embassy by an Iranian student mob. However, debkafile’s Middle East sources note, the apparently tough British steps stopped well short of painful punishment for the Iranian government’s action in loosing a Basij student mob against the embassy.Had UK Prime Minister David Cameron really meant trouble, he would have shut down Iran’s English-language Press TV and the London office of the World Office of Islamic Guidance.

    Press TV is the Islamic Republic’s primary propaganda organ for disseminating its doctrine to foreign audiences. This station, which also uses You Tube, is registered at Companies House, London and enjoys the same press freedoms as the British media although its primary mission is to vilify Western policies towards Iran and spread the message of revolutionary Shiite Islam.

    The World Office, which has an annual budget of $6 million, is an outlet of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s bureau, through which he maintains ties with Islamic institutions and bodies in Europe.

    By shutting down Press TV and this office, Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague would have cut down Iran’s most influential global propaganda machines in the English language and their influence in Muslim communities in Europe.

    Iran’s leaders are locked in fierce dispute over the wisdom of the attack on the British embassy – especially since Germany, France and Holland recalled their ambassadors for consultations in solidarity with Britain over Tehran’s violation of the Vienna pact guaranteeing the safety of guest diplomats. Italy too is considering this step.

    President Ahmadinejad is reported by our Iranian sources as having authorized the student demonstration at the British embassy – but not the violent break-in and certainly not the six-hour capture of six diplomats as hostages until they were rescued by the Tehran police.

    He condemned the students’ violent behavior and warned the Supreme Leader’s staff that it would harm the Islamic Republic’s reputation in the long term.
    More at link http://www.debka.com/article/21527/

  2. Leo’s got a new one.

    Debunking The New Natural Born Citizen Congressional Research Propaganda.

  3. Ruth Baker’s parents were Russian?


    It says her father was born in Russia and her mother was naturalized in 1943 so she must have been born elsewhere also – Russia? What was their original name – Baker doesn’t sound Russian.lol.

    Any evidence that Ruth and Ann, or their parents, knew each other in 1960-61?

    • Well aint this one for the LIE factory. you can put this Roots Web one to rest. Just wonder who created that one. Guess they’ll have to inform Ruth that’s she no longer Lithuanian….yeah, tell that To Mark Ndesandjo the Ashkenazi ,lithuanain jew too. Poor Ruth Baker, she doesn’t even know how many children she has and now she has just learned of her Russian roots, guess that happened when she found out she wasn’t a NiDesand, But was a Baker…..

    • Yes Hayden, I have posted the same Dowling tree alot before. Makes you think of Harry Potter…This is where the connections are. I will move this across the hall too.

    • Hayden, it all depends upon what timeframe you’re talking about. Lithuania was part of the Russian/Prussian empire, before these states got independence. Parts of Poland were also occupied by Russia, so sometimes you’ll see Polish people on census records who say they were from “Germany” (western Poland) or “Russia” or “Prussia” (eastern Poland). Ethnically, Ruth’s family are supposed to be Lithuanian Jews, possibly ethnically Russian. White Russians? I have their early census records somewhere. IF the Bakers were her parents, maybe they Anglicized the name from the Lithuanian/Russian equivalent of “Baker”.

      • Rusk, Rusky was a place there too I have found.
        Duchy of Luthania

      • It looks like Marcele came to the U.S. before Lithuania became independent in 1913, so it was part of the Russian empire. I guess you can say Russia just as well as Lithuania. I wonder if they were Communists like SAD’s parents?

        Marcele is not a Russian/lithuanian name – it is French (Marcus comes from same root Marcellus i think).
        Even more interesting, I knwo you guys have talked about the Ann Burak classmate of Ruth’s. Burak seems to have been a common name in Mass. But, A lithuanian form is Burok, so if I were going through Ellis and wanted to Americanize my name: switch the k and r and you have Bukor – what does that sound like?Baker? and if you’re going to name one son after your father, Marcus for Marcele – why not another – some form of Burok? Just a theory though…

        • Hayden, that’s some good sluething but it still doesn’t match the original story , that Ruth was born here of Lithuanian immigrants. many Russians and others migrated , were expelled, and immigrated to Lithuania, but it’s not their original storyline. They said they were Ashkenazi, Lithuanian…..from the Nides name which is Lithuanian. I know the story has morphed, but that’s the original, form the family, not from journalist /fact doctors. I am not trying to debunk your efforts, but it’s easy to bend and stretch to try to get to a truth(if there really is one).I’ve done it so much I look like a dope smokin pretzle.

        • Hayden, try Burke too. I have found it alot. Also Bakkar. Russian names also go by trade.

        • Hayden, Don’t let the countries-names stump you. They are global. They marry from country to country. Royal lineage and all of that.The names are redone in combinations, as well as changed spellings.

        • His name is given as Maurice, I thought.

          • Yeah, it is, i guess. Everything says Maurice, but I swear I saw Marcele somewhere – with that wierd spelling. maybe my eyes got crossed reading so much. lol. but wierdly, while there are a million Maurice bakers – there are only 2 Marcel Bakers that I came up with (with my limited resources at least) and one died in Seattle Washington in 1973, born 1910, ssn issued in new hampshire.

            Do you have any info on the whereabouts of Maurice and Ida just before and after 1960 and until they died. what state did they die in? they were supposedly wealthy and prominent, what did they do? any Seattle connections? and where was Ruth between 1958 and 1962??

            • Hayden, we researched them back when this new Ruth identity came out. I don’t have time this evening, but I’ll try to find the conversation tomorrow. If we didn’t put it on the blog, then I might still have the info somewhere. I’ll try to find it.

            • Naturalization information at Footnote for what appears to be Ruth’s parents. They didn’t naturalize until 5 years after she was born (if she really was born in the USA in 1937).

              Ida Ethel Baker 5555913 (her naturalization number 47 (or 17) Winchester Street
              Brookline, Massachusetts
              Born April 21, 1908
              Age 34
              Naturalized August 31, 1942 at Boston, Massachusetts

              Maurice Joseph Baker 5555914
              47 Winchester Street
              Born February 12, 1909
              Age 33
              Naturalized August 31, 1942 at Boston, Massachusetts

              Search on this page for Baker, Ida and Baker, Maurice:

              There’s also an obituary for a guy named Myer Sherman, who died in 2011. He was from Brookline, Massachusetts. It said he was the brother-in-law of Ruth Baker. It said his wife’s name was Esther Baker Sherman.

              SHERMAN, Myer Late of Brookline. Entered into rest March 8, 2011. Beloved husband of the late Esther (Baker) Sherman. Devoted father of Stephen Sherman of Allston and the late Joyce Linda Norris. Loving brother of the late Janet Sherman, Joseph Sherman, Ada Kotock, Harry Sherman, Benjamin Sherman, David Sherman and brother-in-law to Ruth Baker. Cherished grandfather of Jennifer Sherman, Jessica Sherman and Jodi Cummings. Dear great grandfather to Hala Sherman, Emily Gardner and Alex Cummings as well as many nieces and nephews. Devoted friend Elaine Hyland of Holbrook. Services will be at Stanetsky Memorial Chapel, 1668 Beacon Street, BROOKLINE on Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 12:00 Noon. Interment will follow at Sharon Memorial Park, Sharon, MA. Memorial observance will be private at the request of the family. Donations may be sent to the charity of your choice. Stanetsky Memorial Chapels 617-232-9300 http://www.stanetsky.com Published in The Boston Globe on March 9, 2011

              http://books.google.com/books?id=EHw1Jy4ZvcYC&pg=PA146-IA11&lpg=PA146-IA11&dq=%22ruth+beatrice+baker%22+christmas+eve&source=bl&ots=E9rTItNsjy&sig=arATlC1tQA4FZhHXieqU6dJ3DAc&hl=en&ei=opwcTpvsMMnq0gGzv7D0Bw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQ6AEwAA#v=snippet&q=maurice&f=false Check out that page from the BHO Sr. bio. It says Maurice Joseph Baker “grew up” over his parents’ corner store in MALDEN. If so, why did Maurice Joseph and Ida Ethel not naturalize before 1942? He was known as “Joe”. Joe had an auto parts business when Ruthie graduated. They were orthodox Jews. It may be of note that Mary Toutonghi, the babysitter of pink Barry Obama in Seattle, back in August 1961, whose ex-husband Joseph had a lot of his own interesting connections, is of Lithuanian descent and, iirc, from the East Coast, originally.

              From the SSDI:
              Ida BAKER
              Birth Date: 21 Apr 1908
              Death Date: Jul 1987
              Social Security Number: 019-30-3399
              State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts
              Death Residence Localities
              ZIP Code: 02159
              Localities: Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts

              Maurice BAKER
              Birth Date: 12 Feb 1909
              Death Date: Jul 1976
              Social Security Number: 028-16-6136
              State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts
              Death Residence Localities
              ZIP Code: 02159
              Localities: Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts

              Mine this one for some interesting “facts”: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/09/barack-obama-s-father-s-tragic-life-excerpt-from-the-other-barack.html

            • Hayden, if you intended to send us a link, you forgot it. You can email the pics to wtpotus (hushmail.com) if you want.

          • Ruth would have likely been in college if the story is true, or if she is as old as they claim she is.I’d say she is roughly 69-71 years old.

          • Marcel B Gegati through Marcel Bizoui
            Marcel Baker at Mason International Oil Field Supply

          • Mason International Oilfield Supply, Inc. Company Profile – …
            Nov 16, 2011 … Active officers include Marcel Baker, Joyce Baker and Marcel Bakker. Mason International Oilfield Supply, Inc. filed as a Domestic For-Profit …


          • Marcel Bakker – Executive Profile
            Marcel Bakker is associated with Wsbb Holdings, Inc. and holds several roles such … Updated 3/30/2011 – This profile of Marcel Bakker was created using data …


          • [PDF]
            Thong Thing Construction
            http://www.wsbb.com.au – Western Sydney Bream & Bass … into a drill and holding your wire approximately in the middle of your required length with a pair of …


          • Marcel Bakker – Owner of Mason International Oil Field Supply …
            So far, Manta has 3 contacts for Mason International Oil Field Supply in Houston, TX. Do you work … President of Schooner Petroleum Service Inc Houston, TX …


          • Now someone has created a birth date for Ruth, since early on in her first interview she says , she won’t be telling you how old she is, but she was born circa 1940/1941
            All one needs to do to create a family of Lithuanians is just use some old Lithuanian jewish archives and they can keep creating fond memories for us and Ruth from now on. I Don’t buy any of this .

          • Miri, just emailed you something.

    • For those of you with access fo Ancestry.com, here is a link to their 1920 census. Interesting list of neighbors names as well.


      Name:Maurice Baker
      Birth Year:abt 1910
      Home in 1920:
      Malden Ward 7, Middlesex, Massachusetts
      Immigration Year:1912
      Relation to Head of House:Son
      Marital Status:Single
      Father’s Name:Louis Baker
      Father’s Birthplace:Russia
      Mother’s Name:Bertha Baker
      Mothher’s Birthplace:Russia
      Able to Read:Yes
      Able to Write:Yes
      Household Members:

      Name Age
      Louis Baker51
      Bertha Baker45
      David J Baker25
      Abraham Baker19
      Esther Baker16
      Samuel Baker12
      Maurice Baker10

      • So, they say Russia, not Lithuania, even though Lithuania is independent by this time. Seems to indicate self-identification with Russia (white Russians?). They probably spoke Russian, right? Sr. liked those Russia-loving young white American girls !

        interesting…Ruth had an Uncle David J (David James??)

        • but unless you follow the history of the catholic church…or the rosicrutians, the history of the Rosi Cross, the Davidic line perhaps, the early empires,Babyonian,Chalean, Roman, Persian,Austrian Empire and the mix of early jewish kabbalic catholic roots , which of course will take several years to put it all together. I have enjoyed the posts as they coincide somewhat with other history I am looking into. Renee, you make like to know, since Cohen is one of your names and all its various spellings…….that John Calvin..of the protestant doctines……was of jewish origin. The oldest jewish group, the B’nai B’rith pays homage to their jewish brother. His name was Cohen in Geneva. Later when he went from Geneva to France with his doctrine, he became known as Cauin./Cauvin. In Engand he became Calvin. The B’nai B’rith claimed Calvin as one of their children. It was Calvin, by the way who claimed it was o.k. for Christians to charge usary like the jews.

      • The 1920 census record says they were from Volina, Russia, and spoke Yiddish. Louis was a retail grocer.

    • Interesting the mother…..What was her maiden name? Also, I wonder about spouse names of the rest of this family.

      Ida Ethel
      B: 21 APR 1908
      D: 3 JUL 1987
      P: Newton, Middlesex Co., MA

    • Because this post got majorly OFF TOPIC, then I’m copying a link to this thread of the conversation to the Ruth post, so at least there’s some link back to the information here. We don’t need to move or cut and paste, repeating the information. The link will be sufficient to point us back here for more information.

        • Nope! It won’t do it.

          anyhoo, the 1940 census says all three were born in Massachusetts.

          Funny when I paste it into a new tab, it comes up with the right Maurice (1908) and Ida (1908) and Ruth (1937).


          • https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1971-27878-4438-72?cc=2000219&wc=M9Q8-4PT:n1855973775

            Name: Maurice Baker
            Titles and Terms:
            Event Type: Census
            Event Date: 1940
            Event Place: Brookline Town, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
            Gender: Male
            Age: 32
            Marital Status: Married
            Race (Original): White
            Race: White
            Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
            Relationship to Head of Household: Head
            Birthplace: Massachusetts
            Birth Year (Estimated): 1908
            Last Place of Residence: Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts
            District: 11-34
            Family Number: 126
            Sheet Number and Letter: 7A
            Line Number: 1
            Affiliate Publication Number: T627
            Affiliate Film Number: 1625
            Digital Folder Number: 005460897
            Image Number: 00170
            Household Gender Age Birthplace
            Head Maurice Baker M 32 Massachusetts
            Wife Ida Baker F 32 Massachusetts
            Daughter Ruth Baker F 3 Massachusetts

            • Not all have an identity at Ancestry. BTW, it’s one of the sites that “follows” you with cookies and shares information with others (like Facebook) so watch it. Anyway, the Mormons may, too, but at least we can see the info without logging on. This Maurice also says he manages a gas station. Is that correct from what we’ve been told?

              • I didn’t know that! I actually have an account.
                Should I dump it?

                • You must have at some time registered with them. Do you sign in to search? When I click your links, it tells me I have to register to see what you found. Maybe there’s a cookie on your computer? Actually, familysearch has a lot of what’s at Ancestry. You don’t have to be logged in to see search results at Ancestry, but unless you have a subscription (which is different from just being registered), you can’t see the extended results–like the documents themselves. When I did have an Ancestry subscription, I was careful to clear cookies, do Ancestry, and then sign out and clear cookies again, before I did anything else. Not that it probably helps us at all. They will spy and follow us.

            • https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/KL22-CP4

              “Name: Ida E Baker
              Residence Date: 01 Feb 1985
              Residence Place: Newton, Massachusetts, United States
              Address: 16 Hartman Rd
              Address Continued: Newton, Massachusetts 02459
              Address Date: 01 Feb 1985
              Possible Relatives: Maurice J Baker
              Record Number: 15776245”

            • https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XQP8-M34

              Name: Morris Baker
              Titles and Terms:
              Event Type: Census
              Event Year: 1930
              Event Place: Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
              District: 0290
              Gender: Male
              Age: 21
              Marital Status: Single
              Race: White
              Race (Original): White
              Relationship to Head of Household: Son
              Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Son
              Birth Year (Estimated): 1909
              Birthplace: Russia
              Immigration Year: 1914
              Father’s Birthplace: Poland
              Mother’s Birthplace: Russia
              Sheet Number and Letter: 5A
              Household ID: 99
              Line Number: 25
              Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
              Affiliate Publication Number: T626
              Affiliate Film Number: 923
              GS Film number: 2340658
              Digital Folder Number: 004607659
              Image Number: 00677
              Household Gender Age Birthplace
              Head Louis Baker M 60 Poland
              Wife Bertha Baker F 52 Russia
              Son Abraham Baker M 27 Russia
              Son Samuel Baker M 22 Russia
              Son Morris Baker M 21 Russia

              • What brought Ruth back up?

                • Papoose, I think. She kept trying to post an Ancestry link but it wouldn’t work, so I found the similar info at the LDS site.

                  alfy! We miss you, btw. 🙂

                • There was some mention on another thread about her and I went back to this one as I recalled the Russian immigration chat. It reminded me that the subject family all claimed to have been born in Massachusetts on the 1940 census. I had the link open in three separate tabs but every time I tried to post the link, a different family was showing up in the link. It was a real mess and I asked Miri to clean it up for me.

                  Thanks Miri.

                  Now why did they claim to have been born in Massachusetts?

                  Name: Maurice Baker
                  Respondent: Yes
                  Age: 32
                  Estimated birth year: abt 1908
                  Gender: Male
                  Race: White
                  Birthplace: Massachusetts
                  Marital Status: Married
                  Relation to Head of House: Head
                  Home in 1940: Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts
                  Map of Home in 1940: View Map
                  Street: Coolidge
                  House Number: 26
                  Farm: No
                  Inferred Residence in 1935: Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts
                  Residence in 1935: Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts
                  Sheet Number: 7A
                  Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 126
                  Occupation: Manager – Gas Station
                  House Owned or Rented: Rented
                  Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 43
                  Attended School or College: No
                  Highest Grade Completed: High School, 4th year
                  Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 65
                  Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work
                  Weeks Worked in 1939: 52
                  Income: 1560
                  Income Other Sources: Yes
                  Neighbors: View others on page
                  Household Members:
                  Name Age
                  Maurice Baker 32
                  Ida Baker 32
                  Ruth Baker 3

                  View image

  4. check this out … http://www.kenyalaw.org/klr/index.php?id=666&volumeid=cg093byH8MoC&pg=1037&q=notice+no.+2387+year:1980#viewer

    from 1980, notice no. 2387: name change of a David Owoko to David James Woka, but the interesting part is who gave notice, an “advocate” named S. Opoyo Arum from Onyango Otieno and Company. The names David, Opoyo, Onyango, and Otieno in one paragraph? maybe nothing but ….

  5. Opiyo, not Opoyo (Loco)

    • there will be no end to the study of the Baker name. Now what a nice name to sudenly show up…..as Baker is one of the most used names . I think it’s one of the top most used names in America. We could spend endless hours on a ficticious name. One thing for sure if any of these folks is connected with the ole Underground, they even used names of existing popular people, not just dead baby names. I know one in particular that used many names of all living existing activist and of course some dead ones. There may be a tribute to the use of the Baker name,but it’s possible it’s simply a wonderful ruse so we spend the rest of time till election 2012 is passed , and not get to the bottom or top of the Baker name and why suddenly Ruth has so graciously changed her name, or that ms. Jacobs did for her, or why Ruth would she even bother to mention her Dead son David yet never mentioned a living son Richard till the end of 2010 in a magazine (maybe even a ficticious magazine as I have never found anymore publications except that one.) It’s even possible that Ruth’s middle name Beatrice is one of those names they commonly use in their make believe stories and the B. in her name really stands for something else, and I don’t mean Baker either.

  6. Baker, Pekurovskij, Blumin Family Tree | Minsk Gubernia Maps
    ZAGS Provincial Archives: (literally from Russian and Belarusian meaning … by any combination of SURNAME, GIVEN NAME, TOWN, UYEZD (district), …


    • Baker, in Lithuanian (and Polish), is kepėjas. In Russian, it’s пекарь. (No idea how to pronounce that.) In Hebrew, אופה

  7. Ellis Island Ship Manifests: 1906-1923 (Baker, …
    July 21, 1906 (family sailing from Liverpool, July 14, 1906 to NY, Name of Ship: …. Pekurowsky, Morduch M 17y S Russia, Hebrew Choniki, Russia (Max Baker) …


  8. Grigori Rasputin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    He had two known siblings, a sister called Maria and an older brother named Dmitri. …. He did not fit in with the royal family, and he and the Russian Orthodox ….. a b c Colin Wilson, Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs, Arthur Baker Limited, …


    With Morgan and the circus family !

  9. Patronymic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    They are common as middle names in Russia, and in Iceland surnames are an …. Others chose their profession or habitat as family names: Bakker (baker), …


  10. Russia | Locations | Baker & McKenzie
    Welcome to Baker & McKenzie in Russia … Baker & McKenzie was the first international law firm to open an office in Moscow in …. Alphabetical by Last Name …


  11. German Last Names – German Surnames Meanings – Nachnamen …
    By 1500 the use of family names such as Schmidt (smith), Petersen (son of Peter) , and Bäcker (baker) was …. a Slavic name) into today’s Poland and Russia, and northward into Pomerania (Pommern, and another dog breed: Pomeranian). …


    • With the information you’ve given us and the names that you found, your ancestors are probably Ruthenians. Galicia was a huge area encompassing almost 1/2 of the current country of Poland, plus parts of the Ukraine, Lithuania, etc. When Poland was partitioned, Austria-Hungary took the region of Galicia. The Ruthenians were a group living in the SE part of what we now know as Poland, which overlapped the Russian partition of East Prussia and the Austrian partition of Galicia. FWIW that’s considered Central Europe, not Eastern Europe, so when you’re looking up records don’t look just in Eastern Europe or you may miss a huge section.

      The name Baker is an English name so the one thing I can guarantee is that it was changed somewhere between the time she left Europe and the time she learned to speak English. You’re probably looking for some version of the word “PIEKARZ”. Just as a slew of Kowalskis became Smiths in the US, a number of Piekarzic, Piechowiaks, etc became “Bakers”.

      • that last part, Renee, that’s right. Found that somewhere along time ago.
        I personally think Ruth is from a catholic or christian family from Texas, and if not then she has been fooling people since about 1967-70. And that her last name is not Nides, Nidesand, Ndesandjo, or Baker, but names she stole while hiding her real name.

  12. http://www.wrongways.com/polish-russian-lithuanian-or-maybe-white-ruthenia

    I wonder what their first language was? Did RUTH (of ruthenia?) learn it? BHO met SAD in a Russian language class.

    • Tehran quickly latched onto US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s warning Friday, Dec. 2 that an Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities would cause unpredictable results. Sunday, Iran issued two threats: to hit back beyond its borders for a US reconnaissance drone which its military claimed to have shot down near the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan and that an oil embargo on its exports would boost the price of oil to $250 a barrel.
      This was another way of threatening a tit for tat in the form of a blockade on the Strait of Hormuz, the most important oil channel in the world, and the transit of Saudi and Gulf oil. This was a reference to another of the US defense secretary’s warning Friday that: “…any disruption of the free flow of commerce through the Persian Gulf is a very grave threat to all of us” and a red line for the US.”
      The unmanned aerial vehicle the Iranian military claimed in a report on English language Press TV to have shot down Sunday over the eastern part of the country was described in Tehran’s statement was an RQ-170.

      Iranian sources in Tehran report it was flying over the underground Fordo facility near Qom, where debkafile’s military and intelligence sources uranium is being covertly enriched from 20 to 60 percent.

      In their first statement, the Iranians did not say when the incident happened. However, some confusion set in when NATO command in Afghanistan later said a US unarmed reconnaissance aircraft flying over western Afghanistan had been missing since late last week and a US official source said there was no proof of the Iranian claim.

      The US RQ-170 drone is an unarmed, unmanned stealth aircraft equipped with the most advanced reconnaissance instruments for detecting nuclear weapons systems.

      Our sources report that these spy planes operate over Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Turkey as well as Iran and Afghanistan.

      The Iranian news agencies quoted senior Iranian officers as claiming the seized the drone which was downed with minimum damage. Their threat to retaliate outside Iran’s borders for its alleged intrusion was not specific. It may well extend to embattled Syria to demonstrate that Iran keeps faith with its allies. Some Middle East military sources suggest that Iran might try to shoot down US drones over Turkey to warn Ankara to keep its hands off Syria. In the past week, Turkish leaders were again saying they had lost patience with Bashar Assad’s brutality and intransigence and were close to sending troops across the border to establish a buffer zone in northern Syria for refugees and rebels.

      Iran might also use its Lebanese pawn, Hizballah, to shoot down Israeli spy planes over that country’s air space.
      The foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast in Tehran said Sunday that as soon as the United State and the West propose imposing an embargo on Iranian oil exports, “the price of oil will soar above $250 a barrel. Therefore, any attempt to strangle the Iranian economy by choking off its oil exports will be met by retaliation in kind, the blockage of the Strait of Hormuz to Saudi and Gulf oil.

  13. I like to look for little tidbits in those census entries (one thing about seeing the actual documents that you don’t get with the index entries) and noticed that Maurice and Ida’s neighbor’s name was Beatrice. It actually appears they lived in the same building, and she was about the same age as Ida and had a 2 year old when Ruth was 3, so I imagine them as best friends and that is why Ruth’s middle name is Beatrice.

    • It could be, SEO. I was researching them again, after Papoose brought up the 1940 census, and there were a lot of little discrepancies and strange things–what Papoose caught, for example. That they said they were born in Massachusetts. Could the census taker have been mistaken? How? I imagine they probably still had an accent. Remember when we were told that Ruth was from a “prominent” family in New England? That was story number one, when we didn’t know her real last name (if we know it now). His name is sometimes Morris. I lost my subscriptions to a lot of these online databases. I need to re-up so I can see the actual documents, because there IS a lot of interesting stuff if you read every line.

    • I caught that, too, SEO, and thought the same exact thing!

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