Obama Mystery Theater: His Ever-Morphing Face (updated)

1979, graduation from Punahou High in Hawaii:Wide, open-lipped smile.  Good teeth. Slim lips. Below is another from the very same day:

Below, at Occidental, circa 1980:  Smiles with his lips closed, sometimes.  A wide nose and a slimmer nose.  Slim lips and fuller lips.



He looks younger than he did at his high school graduation.  Effect of marijuana? Below, during his first trip to Africa, after his father’s death, 1982/3:Smiles with his lips closed.  Again, he looks younger than he did at high school graduation.  Below is supposed to be the same trip. 

This is the infamous pasted-on head photo with Granny Sarah: 

 How can he look so much older than he did in the photo above, when it’s supposed to be the same trip?  Note the clothing.

Below, at Columbia, circa 1982, so around the same time as the two photos above: 

Here he keeps his lips closed, and has a narrow nose.  Below is supposed to be in NYC, the same timeframe.  Smiling wide with straight teeth and there’s that wider nose again.

1987 (allegedly):My how Granny has aged.  Smiling with those tightly closed lips again. Downturned nose.  A dimple? 

Updated 11/29/11: Now below is another (h/t tdr) supposedly from that same visit to Kenya, circa 1987. Barry with half-brothers Samson Nyandega (aka Abo) on left and Bernard on right:

Compare his face to the face in the man in the previous photo. Same person? Same summer?  Is it likely? (Who was cropped out on the far left?  David?)

Update 11/30/2011: by request, for Kathy, the full image:

Some of the same individuals, wearing the same clothing, from a 2007 Sun Times article that gave no date for the photo:

Front row: Auma Rita (Kezia’s daughter), Kezia, Sarah, unknown; back row: Said (son of Sarah), Barry, Malik, probably Malik’s American wife, Samson (Abo), Bernard.  Wikipedia identifies woman on far right in front row as Zeituni, but it’s not Zeituni. It may be Auma Marie, Obama’s first cousin.  More photos here for comparison.

In 1991:Open lips, looks older.  This comes from a recently released video that is supposed to be from 1991–Obama at the Harvard Law Review, speaking for Black History Month on TBS.  Below, the same timeframe, while at Harvard Law, circa 1991:

Directly above is from a newspaper story that was PUBLISHED when he was at Harvard.  There are those straight teeth and the wide nose, again.

His wedding, Oct. 1992:

Straight teeth, not such a wide nose.  Now it gets interesting.  From 1995, after the release of his book, Dreams From My Father:Isn’t that curious?  Now he looks younger than he did in the 1991 video.  His teeth are anything but straight and even, and he’s got a widow’s peak. His nose is wider than at his wedding. Below, 1996, according to Ulsterman:


Back to smiling with closed lips.  Look at that odd hairline and wide, downturned nose. He looks more like that person in the 1987 photo with Granny Sarah.  Did he get a “Marcel“?

May 1998:

This post came about because of the recently released 1991 video that looks like one of those videos of talking babies, where a moving mouth is cloned onto the baby’s face.  Click the image below for a larger side-by-side comparison. 

If the 1991 video (the image on the right) is legitimate, how can it be that four years later (the image on the left), he looks younger, his teeth are uneven, and his hairline is different?

We have another post of Obama “mug shots”.  What are we dealing with here?  Obviously, even to an amateur, some of these photos and videos have been modified.  Is it because we’re dealing with a vain person who once had bad teeth and so made sure that his smile was “corrected” on all early photos? 

What’s the solution to this mystery?

Update 12/06/11:  Hayden, one of our new commenters, provided these photos; click to enlarge:

Hayden explains:

The mysterious disappearing wedding ring. Compare Obama’s left hand in the two pictures outside the photoshop… Figure 1: Cropped image of Obama’s left hand from the large group picture taken outside of the photoshop. Figure 2: same image as Figure 1 with increased Contrast, from normal to +30% Figure 3: same image as Figure 1 with decreased contrast. I actually had to bring the contrast down from Normal to -20% and Brightness down to -20% to more closely match the coloring of figure 1 to the figure 4. Figure 4: cropped image of Obama’s left hand taken from the smaller picture of only the 3 guys taken outside the photoshop. Notice the shadow under Obama’s hand is darker in this image and he looks to be wearing a gold ring on his left ring finger! Figure 5: The same image as figure 4 with increased contrast to +30% Figures 1 and 4 side by side – supposedly the same picture but he has a ring on in one and not the other. Additional notes: It looks like Obama was/is holding a cigarette in his right hand which was cut off. The area between Obama’s right side and the guy next to him blurs abnormally. The black line in the background running down the window of the photoshop should go directly into and behind the man in the blue t-shirt’s arm. Instead, a blurry line forms where it meets his arm, as well as in the area where it meets Obama’s jacket. everything else in the background is clear with relatively crisp lines. The blurring is inconsistent with the rest of the photo.

Please refer to the complete source images in the post, above.  I agree that it does appear as if he had a ring on and then it was “blurred” out of the image.  If you look closely at the photo where he’s sitting next to Granny in Kenya, and her hand is up near his face, you’ll see that he appears to wear a wedding ring in that photo, too. It’s blurry, though. 

As for the right hand in the brothers group photo, it almost looks as if he has that finger in a splint or bandage. Or as if they removed a gloved hand and replaced it with Barry’s hand, and forgot to smudge out a few of the white-gloved fingers. Maybe Michael Jackson was there?

Update 12/19/11:  Because of a recent article by Martha Trowbridge, it behooves us to place an excerpt here that shows the pertinent part of the 1990 article that was shown earlier, above:

This is no huge revelation. We’ve discussed this anomaly for several years now. Do note that Obama himself had not “uttered” the words. The reporter wrote it, without attribution. It is interesting that this “mistake” was made in 1990, though. It’s arguable, certainly, that the AP interviewer got the information from somewhere. But where? The reporter doesn’t say. It’s mere inference to assume that Barry uttered these words. Harvard Law might have provided a “biography” on background. The mistake may have been made there. His parents did divorce when he was 2 (if you accept his fab bio). He subsequently moved to Indonesia. Somebody else may have mixed up the facts.  It would also behoove people to acknowledge sources.

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  1. No offense to you, I’m In the same boat. These past four years have been wasted on speculating the non-entity of BHO.

    • Maybe so. We do what we can. Maybe we’re like Cassandra. Ya think?

      • the photo with B with Granny sarah in 1987. In his light shirt and sunglasses. Now is that a fairly recent picture ya’ll aquired? Looks like Malcolm X’s sunglasses. He had some big ones and some little ones.

        • It is a recent photo. I think Leza found it, but I could be wrong.

        • Alfy, I found the 1987 photo of “B” and his granny at Free Republic and originally posted it on the Thanksgiving thread –


          1987 photo @ comment 90 – FR


          • TY, Leza. It slipped my mind to look for it.

          • http://siasaduni.blogspot.com/2008/06/why-obama-wept-for-his-father.html

            That’s the source of the photo and the contention that it was 1987. IMPLIED 1987. The caption just says “during a visit to Kogelo village.” And he’s named as “Barack Obama JR.” His name is NOT Barack Obama Jr. It’s Barack Obama II. Many times, I’ve mentioned the difference. Already pointed out, but note this:

            “By the time he arrived in Kenya in 1987 for a month-long visit prior to moving to Boston to begin law school, Barack Obama had already learned some surprising truths about his father from his half sister Auma.

            During an earlier visit to Chicago, she had told Obama that she and her brother Roy were born before their father left for Hawaii in 1959 and were living with their mother in Kogelo when he returned from America with a new wife, a white woman named Ruth.

            Auma and Roy went to live in Nairobi with their father — who was working for an American oil company — and Ruth, who eventually bore him two more children. “The Old Man,” as his African children called Obama’s father, owned a large house in Nairobi, drove a big car, and enjoyed high status and privileges thanks to friends in the highest reaches of the new Government of independent Kenya. … Ruth left him while he was recovering in the hospital for nearly a year after a car accident in which the other driver, a white farmer, had been killed. (It was after he was released from the hospital that Obama’s father visited Hawaii, to spend Christmas with his then 10-year-old son.)”

            So that makes two deaths chalked up for his bad karma. His friend and the white farmer.

          • Miri, for sure save that story, as it’s a new twist . These look to be one of their fabrications to put B. timeline more on target for late 1980’s. The new twis is Ruth leaves him at this time while he recovers in the hospital, but that’s where Keshia says she met Ruth.and realized B. Sr. had another wife. This is such a Bull—- story isn’t it? I figure from the looks of that photo with the big sunglasses, that the forgerers are reading your posts and ones like em, so they created this photo to look like ole Malcolm.

    • Maybe the truth is written in the stars. Or maybe he just made a deal with Hanuman. Ya think?

      • Miri, do you have more examples of him that show bad teeth? The one in the article, in my opinion anyway, is too “shadowy” to be conclusive as to what his teeth looked like. I agree they don’t look as nice and straight as in the other pictures, I just don’t think it’s conclusive given that you can barely see anything in his mouth.

        • SEO, there are a bunch of videos on You Tube. His teeth don’t look terribly bad but they are uneven, unlike those straight choppers in the earlier photos. Which is weird. How does someone’s teeth go from being perfectly straight and even to looking more like most people’s do? Not straight across at the bottom. His two front teeth look as if they are projected further out than the others. I’m reminded of Ollie:

          • I had another screen shot. Here it is after a bunch of lightening and contrast changes:

            The only reason I can think to explain why it looks like his incisor is missing is if the front teeth project that much further out than they do, so the incisors are in shadow. Much different from those straight, even, level-across-the-bottom teeth we see in earlier and later photos. It even seems to change within the videos, so one wonders if he had some kind of appliance that he could put in and take out at will. I think his lisp is explained by the teeth and whatever he has that makes them look so even. Veneers? Unless it’s because English is his second language.

          • That crooked front tooth. Just like Evelyn Nesbitt.

          • woa, that’s good! This particular vid. looks like he was dubbed over somebody else, so maybe that’s why the teethe change thru- out the vid. That is a queer video , isn’t it? Is the picture to the left of your first showing of the vid…what was that one? He sure had the widows peak thing happening there>

            • alfy, the photo on the left (above in the post, showing screenshots from videos) comes from one of the 5 (iirc) videos on You Tube that’s of some woman interviewing Barry back in the mid-90s when “his” book came out. The one on the right is from that “recently discovered” TBS ad for Black History Month. It’s supposedly is from 1991, so 4 years BEFORE the one on the left, but he looks older in the earlier one and his teeth are perfectly even. If anybody wants to see the other videos, just search You Tube for Obama and Dreams From My Father. They’ll pop up on the right side in a list.

          • I remember Ollie and Punch and Judy, too.

            we even had Birdie the Bunyap in Philly. Sunday Mornings.


            • And the infamous Jack Maskell has taken note of Leo Donofrio’s argument about Minor v. Happersett and has written ANOTHER lying, obfuscation report on the meaning of natural born citizen, for Congress. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=373085

              I do hope that Leo writes a critique of this travesty:

              More lies and disinformation supposedly to “inform” and “educate” our heads-in-the-sand representatives.

              • From WND: “Shortly after Obama took office, it was CRS staffer Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group, who wrote a memo titled “Qualifications of Barack Obama to Be President of the United States” that seemed aimed at providing talking points for members of Congress whose constituents who were questioning the absence of documentation for Obama.

                Now comes the new campaign from CRS Legislative Attorney Jack Maskell, which seems to redefine eligibility, equating “native born” with the constitutional “natural born” citizen.

                He cites the questions that have plagued Obama from before his 2008 election – the location of his birth and the status of his parents. The Constitution requires a president to be a “natural born citizen,” and a common definition at the time the Constitution was written was an offspring of two citizen parents. …
                The definition of the status was addressed in 1875 in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Minor v. Happersett, which concluded it was a child born of two U.S. citizens – regardless of location of the birth.

                That decision said: “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” …
                In Obama’s case, he says, “there is currently no requirement under federal law … for any federal candidate, that is, candidates to the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, of the office of president, to publish, produce, or release an official ‘birth certificate.'”

                He writes, “The initial burden of proof is always upon those who challenge a candidate’s eligibility, and not on a candidate to ‘prove’ eligibility.”

                He continues by noting that “no official record” … is around that places “President Obama’s mother in a foreign country at the time of the president’s birth.””

                Of course, that might be WHY her pre-1965 passport records are just MISSING. Just like BHO Sr.’s transcript is NOW MISSING. Just like every specific document that would PROVE the TRUTH about Barry is MISSING or HIDDEN, DESTROYED (eaten by bugs), SEALED, or “CAUTERIZED.”

                No, sir, Mr. Maskell. The applicant for the job is required to PROVE his eligibility. It’s not up to the employer to disprove his lies.

            • I didn’t have time yet to read that Maskell memo, but I did read the quote cited in this comment from Free Republic:
              “The Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett, in ruling in 1875 that women did not have the constitutional right to vote in federal or state elections (as a privilege or immunity of citizenship), raised and discussed the question in dicta as to whether one would be a “natural born” citizen if born to only one citizen-parent or to no citizen-parents, noting specifically that“some authorities” hold so.
              This is an out and out lie. That dog won’t hunt any longer. The opinion, not the dicta, lays out the answer.
              This is even proven further in the article…
              In dicta, that is, in a discussion not directly relevant to or part of the holding in the case, the Court explained:

              The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that.
              Yet, as one can plainly see, the opinion isn’t dicta.
              Minor v. Happersett
              The CHIEF JUSTICE delivered the opinion of the court.

              And low and behold, the very quote from above is from the opinion, not the dicta.”



              • Here’s a Free Republic post that does the work for us: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2814722/posts OH! It’s by Leo! Just check his blog. 🙂

                • OMG! Look what Leo noticed in the Maskell memo. A case where “It was alleged that the petitioner had obtained a false identity and that the citizen parents were not his real parents. But the Supreme Court rejected the State’s secret evidence on this point and conducted their citizenship analysis based upon an assumption these were petitioner’s real parents.

                  Having been born in the US of parents who were citizens, petitioner was indeed a natural-born citizen. But Maskell’s frightening quotation surgery makes it appear as if the petitioner was born of alien parents. The Supreme Court rejected that contention. And Maskell’s ruse highlights the depravity of lies being shoved down the nation’s throat on this issue. I can imagine Mini-Me sitting on his lap while this was being prepared.”

                  Is this some kind of a sick joke? Maskell misquotes a case where the person in question had a FALSE IDENTITY AND WAS CLAIMING CITIZEN PARENTS WHO WEREN’T HIS PARENTS. But the court proceeded with the case upon the ASSUMPTION that the people he CLAIMED as his parents were his parents. This is amusingly ironic.

                  About Maskell and his lie: Didn’t he do this last time, too? Wasn’t there an issue of him excising a specific phrase from a quote, which did the same thing–made a person who was born to citizens appear as if he was born to aliens? I’ll have to search the blog for the exact comment. It had to do with the quote not containing an ellipsis indicating that the quote was not word for word.

                  • GUILTY AGAIN, AS FREAKING CHARGED! Here’s our discussion of the last time Maskell DELIBERATELY misquoted a case to confuse the Congress about the law, the Constitution, and precedent. In the previous CRS memo, he deleted words to the effect that the father of the person in question was a NATURALIZED CITIZEN at the time of the person’s birth. He did NOT use ellipsis to show the ommission. That, in itself, is evidence of a potential intent to DECEIVE. Exactly how We the People expect LAWYERS ON OUR PAYROLL TO BEHAVE. NOT!


                    If you follow the comments below the link to the quoted article, you’ll see that Bridgette and I noticed the ommission before it was widely reported. Alas, we didn’t realize the significance and so were “scooped.”

                    It’s already reported at Post & Email that Wikipedia has picked up and started to propagate Maskell’s deliberate lies. An attempt to correct the entry was deleted in 25 minutes! Be ready for round two of insulting letters from your “representatives” if you dare to question them once again about why they are allowing this CRIME to continue. They will cut and paste from Maskell’s disingenuous, unethical “opinion” to stonewall We the People once again. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/12/01/presidential-candidate-john-a-dummett-what-defines-natural-born-citizen/

                    When they cite Maskell’s analysis, send them Leo’s back, which proves how Maskell lied: http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/

                    “Maskell never mentions that the father and mother were US citizens at the time of petitioner’s birth in California.

                    This deceitful exercise alone strips the entire memo of all credibility.

                    Had Maskell simply offered his arguments fairly, using real quotes instead of Frankensteining this crap, I would not have attacked him personally. But such deceptive behavior deserves no respect whatsoever. The memo is pure propaganda, and it’s not even shy about it.”

                    • An update on the on-going CRIMINAL shenanigans in Hawaii and elsewhere:

                      This sums it up. Taitz said, “I feel as if I’m back in the Soviet Union.”

                      Miki Booth gave her summary:

                      “The hearing on Wednesday was stunning, surreal even. Two sets of pleadings that were sent by certified mail and confirmed received by the Circuit Court disappeared. Since they did not make it into the judge’s docket, Orly was not allowed to plead BO’s other fraudulent records, Social Security number and Selective Service. AAG Jill Nagamine set a tyrannical tone by demanding a reporter’s camera not be allowed in the court. She questioned the reporter’s credentials and said Orly was a leader in the “birther” movement and this was a “frivolous lawsuit” and should not get attention when there are too many other important things going on.

                      The judge allowed the camera to be turned back on when Orly argued that the case did not involve family and children and was a very important case the public needs to know about.

                      Nagamine’s insulting and inappropriate remarks were made off-camera. Her conduct in court clearly showed she is definitely unfit for her position.

                      Every time Orly tried to bring up the evidence contained in the lost pleadings, it was objected to and ultimately she had no other recourse than to ask for a rehearing. The judge allowed Orly to file an amended motion. Several supporters were there including Jeff LaFrance, who was filming the proceedings for cable Channel 8 News, which will go into production on Monday, airing on PBS. Mr. LaFrance joined Orly’s Complaint and Request for Hearing at the Hawai’i Elections Commission located in Pearl City along with other supporters. Scott Nago, Elections Commissioner, and his legal counsel were both MIA. Orly joked they might have gone into the “Russian underground.””

  2. As strange and wild as it may seem, I’ve thought for awhile that he is a planted clone. What you are observing here are variations between the clones.

    • We lean more towards twins. Changeling. OR somebody’s messing with all the photos to deliberately mess with everyone’s minds. Just for kicks because, if nothing else, we’ve learned over the past few years how immature many true believers are. OR something important is being hidden/obfuscated. Timeframes deliberately messed with. Could be simple vanity. Could be something worse. We know that they didn’t “cauterize” his passport files for nothing.

      • I appreciate your opinion. However considering the lack of proper or even typical documentation about Obama or his family and how everything has been shrouded in legal secrecy I still lean toward him/it being a clone(s). The kicker for me was when it was discovered his mother’s SSAN application was forged (signed in 1959 but using a form modified in 1965?) At some point you realize everything about this guy is fake.

  3. Well, one could always say that he had a nose job, lips done, but that doesn’t work either. They could be messing around with touch-ups on pics. But why? Seems like a lot of trouble and effort to me.

    Also, the widow’s peak in some pictures and not in others. Can’t really hide that very well. If you shaved it, you’d have to put tons of makeup on it. Some of his pictures honestly look like two different people.

    • I know, KC. It might be that when he was getting ready to run for the Senate (state or federal), he got the nose bob and the teeth capped. But it doesn’t work because in some early photos, there are the pearly whites with or without the fat schnozz. If you remember the photo of David with Mark, you’ll recognize that hairline. David Opiyo. David, the elder of twins. The photo I’m talking about is probably on the photo tab. Yep. It’s there. Mark’s little brother. Bridgette put the pictures side by side, so it’s very apparent. Who is this person? Good question.

      • David has that widow peak hairline, yes.

        • And look at the odd hair at the temple. Like only some of it is receding but the blank spot is sparsely hairy. And look at the curly hair. Like a Marcel. Remember those hairstyles? Flappers used those weird hair clips to make their hair wavy like that. Barry’s Afro doesn’t look wavy. It doesn’t look wavy at all. So either that was a perm or …

          • miri, I sent you guys something . I put it in your Contact Us Box, so check for it. It says you don’t check it often, but check for it. I could never get this to send any other way. I have one other one to send you if you get this. Let me know.

            • alfy, that doesn’t work. The photo needs to be on the web somewhere. OR if you know how to attach a file to an email, then send it to wtpotus. Yahoo. Sorry we weren’t moderating.

          • Finally Alfy 🙂 not sure what you sent, odds are its good. I hope!

          • I put it on the web somewhere. That didn’t work? how did you know it was a photo? I tried sending it in an email too. There is something about this photo. I’ve copied it numerous ways and tried to send it, post it ect. Sorry.
            I’ll try the other one.

            • alfy, what you sent me was the “address” of that photo on your computer. If you put it on the Web somewhere, then I need the url (address) of the photo on the Web. You can either attach it to an email or put it into a place on one of the free photo-sharing sites (Photobucket, Flicker, etc.) and then send us the link in the contact us box. We WILL NOT publish the name of your photobucket or the address. Once we have the photo, then you can immediately delete that photo account, if you want. We’ll copy the photo into a new format, get rid of all the identifying properties (if there are any), and then put it somewhere where it won’t have any connection to you.

              I knew it was a photo because within the address you sent, it said “jpg”. I know it was an address from your computer because it said, C:
              which makes it a location on the C drive of your computer. A Web address would begin with http://www

              I learned yesterday (again, because I forgot) that you have to have a log-on at WordPress in order to be able to put photos in comments. Remember when I sent you a link to how to do that? By using html language? That will work ONLY if you create a WordPress account, with a password, and if you’re logged on when you try to do it. Sorry about that.

          • Need to find another way Alf.

  4. Miri, the picture of the supposed BHO you have posted above standing in the hallway, notice his height? I estimate about 5″8. Look at the lawn chair behind him and only how high the lawn chair comes up to him. I’m 5’5 and a folded lawn chair comes up to me only slightly higher.

    Also the picture we found yesterday of the supposed BHO with his grandmother Sarah, this picture was supposedly taken in 1987. The guy in the picture does not look a day under 35! but could pass for Jr’s daddy more than Jr. btw, does that say MOM on his grandma Sarah’s dress/blouse?

    Something else I keep noticing is the eye brows, and how they change from each picture, full in some pictures then narrow in others. And then there’s the teeth, nose, ears, mole, scares, lips, etc. as you have mentioned that also are constantly changing.

    • Is that what that is? A lawn chair? I noticed discrepancies in height, too. Doesn’t Granny Sarah look pretty tall, standing next to her “grandson” who’s holding her sack of turnips (or whatever)? Supposedly, that was taken in 1986 or 87. Supposedly AFTER David died. But that would make that boy a MAN of 25. He looks more like he would look at age 21/22, when his father died.

      Moles, eyebrows, teeth, lips. All of them. Ever morphing.

      I keep thinking back to that one Kenyan reporter who said, when Barry first went to the villages, everybody thought he was David and they had to be told, “No, that’s Barry.” Why would he look so much like David that people thought he was David? I also keep thinking about how many of them came here to the USA so early. Malik, especially, who Barry allegedly met in 1985. Malik was David’s mentor. Did David come here, too? Mark did. Malik did. Omar did. Zeituni did. Joseph did. Why not David?
      That photo from yesterdaywith Granny Sarah and her ugly “mom” dress (looks like some kind of ugly paisley to me)–he does look much older than he would be if it were 1987. He should be only 26 then. And Granny certainly aged, didn’t she? I am sorry that I didn’t source all these photos. I don’t remember where I got some of them.

      The photo where he’s putting the key in the door, that came from his alleged roommate when he was at Columbia. Phil Boerner. He did look short. Remember the photo of him on the couch with Siddiqi? (sp?) That guy was short and Barry didn’t look much taller.

      • That one of him in the hallway looks like his image was cut out and pasted in a photo that could be traced to an apt in ny. That photo does not look right to me.

        • I think you’re right, tdr. I never noticed before, but it looks like a halo all around him. Somebody, maybe Dr. P., said that pixels should gradually fade into the other color, so it shouldn’t be so sharp around his outline.

          • I just looked again at the photo to see if I could notice a halo, hard to tell. But I agree, the photo just doesn’t look right. I just noticed he’s wearing work greens! O never worked a real job his entire life, except maybe serving ice cream, and that’s if that’s even true! I wonder if wearing a work uniform was just a popular thing with the kids back then? nice shoes and a work uniform? weird.

    • Now ya got me thinking like Columbo! Aren’t doorknobs a standard height from the floor? In the pic where Barry’s putting the key in the door, look where the doorknob hits him–near his waist. A little above mid-height. So that should make that person less than six feet tall, especially if you subtract the few inches of the Afro. About what you estimated, about 5’8″ or 5’9″ but certainly less than six feet.

      • Eeeexactly! also look at him sitting on the white couch above, how high the back of the couch comes up to him. If that person sitting on the couch was 6 feet tall they would be sitting much higher/taller on the couch.

        • Very good point! So true. My hubby is tall and his head would be well above the top of any couch, even when he’s slouching. The Occidental kid was small. The Columbia kid was small. Suddenly, the Harvard kid is tall. Late 20s growth spurt? 🙂

  5. ahhh David, why did David not come here? didn’t he? remember David Obama did contributed to Obama’s 08 campaign…proof I believe I posted on the fabricated thread months ago.

    • Found it!

      The media’s “omerta” (code of silence) on Obama’s past
      coachisright.com ^ | NOVEMBER 21ST, 2010 | Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer
      Posted on Sunday, November 21, 2010 7:59:26 AM by jmaroneps37

      In 2010, a donation of $450 was given to Democrat causes by one person, David Obama, according to the Huffington Post’s Fundrace website. He is President Barack Obama’s half brother by Barack Obama, Sr. and third wife Ruth.

      Fundrace reveals five people having an Obama surname gave $11,399 to Democrats, namely Michelle, Barack, Susan, Martha, and Kenneth, a “university professor.” Nevertheless, this total differs from the total arrived at by adding: $450 from David Obama; $6,900 identified as last name Obama donors; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Barack Obama; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Michelle Obama. These numbers add up to $11,950.


      I saved it to read later and now the article is gone from the website. I did go to The Huffington Post’s FundRace and it does show as follows –

      $450 was given by people who identified their last name as “Obama” and first name as “David”.


      $450 to
      From 1 person
      An exact match on that address wasn’t found. Displaying all results for zip code:
      David Obama

      4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
      Olney, MD
      $200 donation to gray for mayor
      David Obama
      Donation of $200 to gray for mayor
      David Obama

      4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
      Olney, MD
      $100 donation to gray for mayor
      David Obama
      Donation of $100 to gray for mayor
      David Obama
      self employed
      4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
      Olney, MD
      $100 donation to dnc services corp./dem. nat’l co
      David Obama
      Donation of $100 to dnc services corp./dem. nat’l co
      David Obama

      4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
      Olney, MD
      $50 donation to gray for mayor


      If David Obama is dead why would he / how could he be contributing to Obama’s champaign and the democratic party….just who are Susan, Martha, and Kenneth Obama? Seem’s we have “another” case of fraud and fabrication going on within the Obama family.



      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Found it! (link) David Obama contributed 2010 not 2008, my mistake.

        • Reading back over some of our old comments @ the same link that is still in moderation (supper time, jezz, some people have time to eat? lol)

          I came across this old post –

          Leza | November 22, 2010 at 1:40 pm

          Friday, 25 December, 2009: Tripoli – The third wife of the grandfather of US President Barack Obama was in ‘good health’ after undergoing medical checkups in the Libyan capital Tripoli, state-run television reported Thursday. Kenyan citizen Sarah Ogwel Obama, aged 87, arrived in Tripoli earlier this week and was received by Libyan leader Moammer Gaddafi, who holds the rotating position of chairman of the African Union. The US president is not a blood relation of his grandfather’s spouse. [M & C] More –


          Notice that they were sure to add in the article – The US president is not a blood relation of his grandfather’s spouse.

          Maybe not, but his grandmother Sarah was certainly on good terms with Moammer Gaddafi. Why would she be going to Libya for medical care anyway? teatment and a personal visit to Gaddafi?

        • Thanks, Leza. I was going to go looking for it.

      • From the O Timeline:
        1992 David E. Obama listed at 6508 Tower Drive, Alexandria, VA, relationship unknown but darned suspicious

        1993 Roy A. Obama, born 3/15/58, listed at 7507 Mandan Road, Greenbelt, MD; also 8623 Flame Ave., Silver Spring, MD; Abongo Malik Obama listed at 9012 Breezewood Terrace, Greenbelt MD; Susie Kay Saul Obama listed at 25 Saber Drive, Kings Park, NY (again, relationship unknown); [David] Edjoa Obama listed at 3332 Lockheed Blvd, Alexandria, VA, relationship unknown

        1994 David Edjoa Obama listed at 4510 Commons Drive, Annandale, VA, relationship unknown

        Sheree Wood, Malik’s American ex-wife, also donated to Barry. Sometimes I think they just use any name they know and donate in that person’s name, if you know what I mean.

        There are more Obamas listed in the O Timeline. No Kenneth that I can remember. Or Martha, but Susan could be Susie Kay Saul Obama. Whoever she is.

        • It took me years to figure out that Sheree Wood was Malik’s wife. I connected some of the other Obamas to each other, but not to any of the WH crew (yet). I think that the woman who’s hugging Malik in that family photo is probably Sheree.

          • 4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
            Olney, MD
            $200 donation to gray for mayor
            David Obama
            Donation of $200 to gray for mayor
            David Obama
            1994 David Edjoa Obama listed at 4510 Commons Drive, Annandale, VA, relationship unknown

            Addresses are different. Could be one of the same, maybe moved? I will run some search’s when I have a chance.

            relationship unknown but darned suspicious, that’s defendant!!

            • That’s the problem with people searches. But the older ones came from city directories and phone books. The ones I put in the O Timeline, I mean. Sure they all could have moved since 1990s. Malik went back to Kenya! I was particularly interested in where they were living back then because of the type of “business” that goes on in those areas. Remember how Malik lived in DC. WHY? And that’s where Barry visited him. I’m not that familiar with the East Coast, but parts of MD and VA are the metro DC area. The story went that Malik “found” David living on the street, after he “ran away” from home over his disagreements with his mother, and then David went to live with Malik and became mentored by him in African-ness and Islam. So when Malik moved to the USA in the mid-80s, where did David go? Did he really die or was he just “dead” to them because he came to the USA with Malik? Isn’t it one of their cultural things, that when somebody goes away, they call them “dead”? Didn’t they supposedly say that to Barry, when he returned to Kenya? Why did David die? Where? Where’s his grave?

          • GRAY ? Sheree WOOD ?

          • Sheree Wood
            Focus here. Wood-Woud

      • 4630 BRIGHTWOOD RD.
        Olney, MD
        $50 donation to gray for mayor


    • I know there was a David Edjoa Obama. I wonder if it’s the same guy?

  6. Makes me think that we definitely have two different men playing the part as president in the WH. Maybe this gives one a vacation while the other works (or appears to work). Then the other one takes off.

    Which is gonna bring me to my next discussion about the Fort Hood massacre. I’ll explain later using different names.

  7. Here’s the story, which I’ll change the names.

    My daughter has a good friend that works (or worked) at Ft. Hood in the building where the shooter murdered those people. This girl is one of my daughter’s best friends. She was a civilian working there when the massacre happened, and she was told to go and hide in a designated area for civilians, which was under a desk in a lower level area or something. It was most horrible for her. Jane, I’ll call her, was texting the whole time back and forth to my daughter. She heard all kinds of shooting going on and couldn’t do a thing about it. The whole time, also, she thought she was going to be shot, and Jane has children and a mother who worked there, but had left earlier. Her staying under this specific desk lasted for hours. I’m only telling you this to get the mind-set, Jane’s mind-set of what happened. She currently suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of this.

    When she was finally allowed to go to her car, there was blood all over it outside from people getting shot. Before this Jane saw the blood all over the place in the building. She couldn’t get in her car, and then after this and having it cleaned up, she had to get a newer car. Couldn’t bear to get into that car and especially because one of her friends got shot trying to kill the shooter, and was against her car when he got killed.

    Anyway, advance yourselves a couple of months ahead, don’t remember the time frame on this. Could have been longer. Jane voted for Obama and thought that he’d be great. Well, BO and MO came to visit Ft. Hood a while after the shooting, the massacre, and she had the “privilege” of seeing them behind the scenes. Jane was in a area before they went onto the stage at Ft. Hood, and saw the two of them alone, together.

    Jane stated, I’ll never vote for him ever again after what I saw, and I can’t stand him. He was there with his so-called wife, Michelle, and they were both cold as ice towards each other, never really looked at each other. It was like two strangers. She said, he’s a cold fish. Maybe MO was too, but not as bad as he was. No way that he has human feelings. Then after the cold stuff, she said that they walked towards the curtain or whatever, then just grabbed hands and put on a show like they loved each other. Jane had thought that maybe BO would have feeling for the Ft. Hood people who witnessed this horrible experience like she witnessed it and was trying to heal from it. Which really may take a long time for her because she didn’t have a way to defend herself and wished that she could have helped others. That’s part of her stress disorder, not being able to help others. That in itself was difficult for her to overcome.

    But if he, Obama, doesn’t have feeling even for his wife, she said, so how can he have feeling for what happened at Ft. Hood?

    • Chilling KC. I can’t image you daughters friends grief. She said, no way that he (Obama) has human feelings, exactly. The man shows absolutely no emotion except for when he ridicules, pure evil. I saw, as many saw this when he was running for the presidency. Cold as ice. Nothings changed, he only gets worse, more cold and evil. Scary, so much about him reminds me of a man that once ran Germany.

      Concerning his and Michelle’s relationship as being cold towards each other, I have no doubt, for many reasons.

      I hope your friend recovers, I’m sure she may never heal from such a traumatic experience. Do the at least offer her counseling?

      • I think that her friend, Jane, is doing better, and she has been to counseling and had to go on antidepressants for at least a time. I doubt that she will ever forget it. Basically she had to go to counseling. It was horrible to live through, then to walk out through there and see blood all over the place. I remember that she said that they had that building taped off forever and not allowing anyone to go in there. And she has a different type of job now.

        I know that she was making decent money at that place, but now she’s doing better and able to support her children better. It was just so bad. I only posted this to show how cold the Obamas were to each other. She stated it was like they were not even any kind of friends, much less married, which is a huge difference from how she witnessed the Bushes were. It was a shocker to her being as she voted for him. When they went on stage at Ft. Hood, it was just a facade.

    • That is a horrible thing for her to have to go through. Will keep her in my prayers.

      I’m not surprised about the two of them. It’s one of those political marriages. Arranged by Valerie Jarrett. A confirmed bachelor until he needed the wife and two kids. Cold fish. Part of the syndrome.

      • The “cold fish” personality could be an aspect of these entities. I recall reading an article from a guy who had the “privilege” of sitting next to former President Carter at a music performance. This guy was shocked at how cold and vacuous Carter was.
        I still think they are clones. Would explain the complete lack of decency, ethics and morality – not to mention just plain old human feelings.

        • Another thing Obama has in common with Carter–lowest presidential ratings in history. HA! Jimmie is so happy that Barry came along because NOW he’ll never again be called the worst president in American history. I have to say: African-Americans deserved better than this. It’s a shame. They were duped as well as (or maybe better than) everyone else who was taken in by the fraud.

  8. Putting this one up again. Wiki has changed the original pic now. He got scrubbed on old pictures in Russia also. There used to be a much better pic at wiki.

    • Renee, did you keep those old photos you had of Nikolai Yezhov? It was amazing how he looked so much like Obama in his younger years (Nikolai). I know Miri had posted the pic’s on one of the threads, just not sure which thread. I’m sure anon would like seeing those pic’s.

      • This was in our library:

        • TY much Miri.

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Is this a photoshopped pic on the right? If not, who is this? I recall having seen this photo (probably here @ wtpotus.

          The hairline could have been cut that way (widow’s peak photo). I’ve not seen a close up w/ crooked teeth, but the nose morphs from wider to thinner. Sometimes with mole, sometimes without.

        • It is amazing how photos can be decieving as much as they can exude the truth. This guy Nickolai may look like him here, but that’s where they part. In real life he is a very small dude, only reaching about five feet with coal heavy black hair, fatty hard jawed and more squarish features with his hat off. But here, well if someone said they had found B’s father you would surely look twice.

  9. By the way, great post Miri.

  10. I am wondering if you can pull the picture from this site:


    ““Barack Obama with his brothers Samson and Ben in 1987 in Nairobi” ????

    Sorry, I am not up on the whole family but I do not remember these names. The picture is interesting like all the others.

    • tdr, that photo you are referring to with the brothers is like the one I am trying to send and put up on here too, only my photo is the whole photo with the women that are in the wicki family photo. If you could see the whole photo Auma who wore a black jacket—–her hand and arm is in the left corner of the photo stopping and holding these people back so someone can get the photo. It looks as if they were just stopped on the street , then a photo was snapped of them, then Obama was inserted later. the photo I have has Obama’s whole right side(the side with something in his hand) was dropped into the photo and then moved over and a complete double image of him is all the way down to the bottom of his trousers. Long ago I had three of these photos…….they are standing in front of a photo matt type store. One of the photos, which I can’t find now, showed inside the store better so you could tell it was a photo place where you go in and take photos. It has been blacked out now,with only the sign out front that says photos. You could tell by what I had gotten accidently, that there are several of these photos floating around,but the obvious photoshopped picture without corrections wasn’t meant to get used. I’ve looked all over the place trying to find this photo again to show you guys. There would be no question whether this was photoshopped,which would lead one to believe with certainty of the con that’s going on.

      • hey, where’s those photos of B. as a basketball player, in a team photo, and going for a layup shot. Wasn’t he number 23. Turns out no. 23 was a star in 1974. Mosiula Tatutpa who dies Februrary 23, 2010….Hmmm.
        I remember thinking B. sure had some big legs in that layup shot, unlike his skinny legs and ankles today. Then notice that graduation photo, which is one of the weirdest photos of B. His face looks so altered and notice how his thighs come up to the commencement speaker’s (Dr. Roderick McPhee) chest. Now could it be there are some more good shots of Mosi T. going up for a layup which just happen to look like B.

        Notice in this photo in Mosi’s Obit. where the photo is only half a photo. Notice the guys kinky hair. Wish I could get some more of the real number 23. Wonder what mysterious death he died of????http://punahou74.wordpress.com/2010/03/03/mosi-tatupu-the-passing-of-a-big-gentleman-both-on-campus-and-in-our-punahou-74-hearts/#more-3320

        • I see this address doen’t open. I’ll get it.

            • I can’t keep up with you all! Ok. Here’s the link to the Honolulu paper that alleges that’s Barry playing basketball. FABULOUS catch, alfy:
              http://archives.starbulletin.com/2007/02/08/news/story02.html Of course, they can always claim that they recycled the star’s number. He was class of ’74 and Barry supposedly class of ’79. In the team photo, also photoshopped, they put a basketball in front of Barry’s shirt so nobody could see the number.

              That’s supposed to be Barry.

              Here’s the other 23:

              Gee, what a coinkidink. If they did recycle the number, they happened to use the number of a guy who resembles Barry. Note all the whites on the team.

          • And by the way. Obama was number 23, which of course Michael Jordon, he alludes to, who wore the number 23, but never in all the “hoopla” about Barack as a basketball star at Punahou (and there are tons of stories and websites about his basketball days and his blackness problems), does he mention that five years earlier at Punahou , that “Mosi”, as everyone knew him was a basketball star with that number. YOu would think he would have been a mentor of sorts, because everyone remembers Mosi in all his sports endeavers. Do you not think if Obama was five years behind Mosi at Punahou, he would have been an eager 7th grader wanting to emulate number 23, or would have at least seen some of his games. He certainly would have known that Mosi wore number 23. If we ever hear any stories about Mosi as number 23 it will be only after Nov. 2011 folks.

          • That’s just it Miri, you’re right , they could always claim he used the star ‘s number , but in none of the 20some stories I’ve read on this does he ever refer to that number and any significance to the 1974 star player at Punahou. so I was saying if any stories come out now, he may use that line, but it’s too late.

          • http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/01/us/politics/01hoops.html
            this site on Obamas B ball talents has a short video with Craig Robinson/

          • John Kamana ? or his brother Carter ?

          • good morning all. Just to be thorough,as all here love to be, this morning as I was looking , I just thought——there is at least one more picture of Obama in his b.ball uniform that we don’t have. Does anybody remember? I recall they are outdoors sitting on some bleachers or something in their uniforms and Barry is near the coach on your right top again, I believe. I think the Ron fellow who did the early videos of B. and his families ever changing faces. I bet you guys have the photo.There may be another where they are standing outside,but it’s the same venue as this one I am talking about. It would be great to put it here with the other MORPH photos.

        • that guy is actually John Kamana, III, professional NFL player donning some version of barky’s head.


          (probably where he got the II to add on to his new and improved name)

          • alfy, my response above was with respect to the high school pics of barky, not Mosi.

          • During his family Christmas vacation on Oahu, Obama and several Chicago friends met up with a handful of the President-elect’s high school buddies and Coach Mac at the Punahou gym. Over nearly two hours they squeezed in four games. Obama dished out no-look passes and finished off a spin in the lane with a finger roll. He sank several shots from deep. Twice he crossed over former Punahou teammate and NFL player John Kamana, the best athlete on the floor. McLachlin, having bought into Craig Robinson’s analogy, yelled “Lenny!” from the sidelines a half-dozen times.

            Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/alexander_wolff/01/13/obama/3.html#ixzz1f6yYYnEA

            ~~~~~ the actual article ~~~~~~~~~~~
            hmmm, look at this load of crap from January 2009

            I cannot wait to read this article so to get more bull on the record.

            ~~ also there is a high school picture of John Kamana making a shot in mid air (#25, iirc) wearing the barky’s head.

            • I think I put that Kamana photo in comments. He was number 25, in that one team photo. You can see him in the front. The only other dark-skinned guy. Those are hoop “dreams” alright.

          • Maybe so Papoose, the thing is it could easily be either John Kamana, or Musi,going for those layups, and not Barack with his skinny limp wristed left hand. I found a short video with Barack’s brother in law, Robinson and Robinson makes it a point to say something about Baracks left handed layup. Now was either of these other guys lefties? Robinson even remarks about B. being skinny, but these photos show a guy with a muscle butt, and nice arms, no skinny wrists.
            And you guys note that photo of teamates with B. in the center. Many guys have their number covered. Note the blonde beside him on the right….now look at his possibly photoshopped arm in front of his jersy……look at his knee next to B. ……..now look between his legs . Is that another face and body in there? or what…

          • John is royal family Papoose;
            Renee | November 29, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Reply
            From Hawaii post across the hall. I think he relates too.
            There is a CARTER brother too. Like the middle name of one of Nordyke twins…..

          • An heres on with another photo of a number 23 with an article on Obamas basketball forays. It is fuzzy but, Miri see if you can blow this one up. Now to put this photo with this particular article about the great one, it is certainly insinuating this is him,right? So was this in college or Punahou. His hair has grown considerably, or is this one of MISU or The John Kamana III with BARACK’s famous jersey,no 23 on. I would suspect that Punahou has Musi’s jersey in a sports case somewhere, seeing as how he has passed away and he was one of their most famous sports stars, going on to play football and coaching,can’t remember where, but that’s who made the number 23 famous, by 1980 this guy had 100’s of colleges and professionals looking at him….Doesn’t Barack remember that? He should have been thrilled to wear that guy’s jersey, yet no mention of him. Too bad he’s convieniently dead now, or he could have reminded Barack of that after three years of Baracks touting the number 23.

          • http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=3082803&page=1
            Oops forgot to post the article with the new photo of him. try to blow it up Miri….fo shizzle, it’s not Barrack! that’s why it’s fuzzy probably.

          • Wow, there’s alot been said today on these photo’s . TY Miri for trying to post that blurry photo. If anyone wants to see what you blew up check the site with my last post up above. I had hoped making it larger would help, but the smaller one , and even here you can see the larger hair, and large bicep, and keep in mind this photo was with a big Barry story, like it’s supposed to be him. Not for one minute do I believe it’s him (In His DREAMS)..

          • Exacto Papoose.

        • (Alfy) Notice in this photo in Mosi’s Obit. where the photo is only half a photo.

          Here is Mosi’s full photo – up close

          Alfy, this is a very good catch btw. I’m leaning towards your theory on this, now if it can only be proved.

      • alfy, we would really love to see that entire photo. I don’t remember ever seeing a wider shot. Was it on the Web somewhere? If you can find ANY way to send it, we’d appreciate it. I just now noticed (before I read this comment by you) that there was someone standing on the left. Looks like a man’s arm, but maybe not. I asked in the update to the post: who that was.

        • We got your message via email but the address is the wrong one. As I said, it’s just the location on your computer where you have the photo stored, but we can’t access your computer (thank goodness, I bet you’re saying). Anyway, if you can send an email, then you can send it in an attachment. Just use the “attach file” option on the email message screen. Then you select that location in your computer and the email software will copy the image into the email and then send it. Alternately, IF WE’RE LUCKY, and your software allows it, you can cut and paste the image from your computer right into the message. Just right click on the photo, select copy, then put your cursor in the email message you’re writing, right click and hit paste. (If you know this already, sorry. I just want to be sure it comes through.) See if that works.

          • alfy, forgot to say that whatever you put in the contact us box gets sent to the email, anyway. So if you separately sent a message to email (besides what you wrote in the contact us box), then we didn’t get that message at all. Can you try again?

          • I don’t think we’re lucky. I don’t think your email allows to cut and paste photos, but you can hit “attachments” and then select the image from the display (from your computer) and it will attach.

          • I have an idea, but it may be awhile before I can get to it, and by the time I do we will probably have forgotten about this photo….neverthe less, when all my stuff is up and running again from my wipeout, I may print the photo, then, scan it back as an attachment , and maybe then it will just copy and send. It shouldn’t change it any, but at least it would be from a different format so maybe it will go. Any way, I’ll try soon as things are all back together. It’s been really something restoring all my stuff from the major crash. Someone else mentioned it happened to them.

    • tdr, thanks for linking us to that photo. We have seen it before and it’s probably on our blog somewhere, but it’s not in our library. Or wasn’t until now. TY. I am going to update the post with that photo because it fits in nicely with the conundrum. It’s supposed to be the same time/same visit to Kenya as that photo from 1987 where he’s with Granny. The contrast is striking. They’re lying, fo shizzle, about when he first went to Kenya. WHY? I’m convinced that he did go there right after his father died. Early 1983, at the latest. (Putting aside that he probably was there also, as a child, since Malik (iirc) said they grew up together and Granny Sarah said he passed through her hands as a child.) Samson is one brother, aka Abo, and Bernard is the other one, both of whom were born AFTER BHO Sr. returned to Kenya and was married to Ruth. Both of them were supposedly born after BHO Sr. stepped out on Ruth with Kezia (who he never did divorce). But the family never believed they were really BHO Sr.’s kids, probably because Kezia got pregnant by another man while BHO Sr. was in the USA, so she was not particularly particular, if you get my drift. Nor was her “husband”, so what’s good for the goose…

      I’ll find the other photos we have of those two, as adults. I can’t remember if either was at the WH for the Inauguration, but being the fo shizzle sons of Kezia, it may be that they’re close to Malik and therefore to Barry. Imagine, if you will, that Abo and Bernard AREN’T BHO Sr.’s sons. Then why did Barry hang with them in Kenya INSTEAD OF with Ruth’s kids, who were known to be the sons of BHO Sr.?

      • tdr, I updated the post, see above. Also, this link has a lot of the photos and explanations of who they are and Bridgette’s analysis of some of the photoshopping and irregularities: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/the-obama-family-saga-continues/

        Pay attention to that photo of Ruth holding a baby. That baby DOES resemble the David Ndesandjo whose photo as a LIVING ADULT is shown above it.

        • Well, if I still had my apple computor I could have probably sent dozens of stuff by now. I tried all those things you guys and thanks for the help. I’m not too savy, but I do no how to email and drop in attachments and such. This one just won’t go anywhere. Something will come to me how to send it.
          just looked over those old photos of Ruth and baby and all the stuff you have compiled. Isn’t it interesting to go back and the photos still don’t resonate as truthful?

          There is also the year 1980 at Punahou, which supposedly was their great year in sports. I haven’t checked, but I wonder if any of the players in that year resemble Barack’s beautiful layup shots.

          • And by the way one of the coaches who coached their since the fifties to 1991, is dead now convient again. huh? Dave Eldridge died Oct. 19 2009, now when were all those stories about B. and basketball written with Eldridge making remarks about B.’s basketball skills. Must have been from about 2007-till near his death in 2009.

            • Here’s a pic of Eldredge, on the right:

            • David “Dave” Pinkham Ka’iana Eldredge III, 77, of Mililani, died Oct. 19, 2009. Born in Lahaina, Maui. Retired Punahou School teacher and coach, and Holoku Pageant originator and director. Survived by wife, Jean Matsukage Eldredge; daughter, Cynthie Keeno; sons, David “Boy” IV and Duane; 13 grandchildren; brother, H.J. “Pal”; sisters, Bertha Lima and Hattie Phillips. Reception 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Punahou School, Dole Hall, cafeteria; memorial service 3:15 p.m., Hemmeter Fieldhouse gym. No flowers. Aloha attire. Arrangements by Hosoi Garden Mortuary.


              I think he was in school with Mabel Hefty. http://www.punahou.edu/page.cfm?p=1556 There’s a treasure trove for you.

              From this page: http://www.punahou.edu/page.cfm?p=1561

              “’79 Shines at Pa‘ina

              On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, about 160 Punahou alumni, friends and family ditched their fancy clothes and gathered at Yaku Restaurant in Arlington, Va., to celebrate their fellow alumnus, talk story, flip through old Oahuans and dance hula.

              Obama’s fifth-grade and high school homeroom teachers Pal Eldredge ’64 and Eric Kusunoki joined musician Jacques “Leokane” Pryor ’82 in strumming island songs as attendees reminisced about their days at Punahou and celebrated the accomplishments of their now most famous classmate.

              Beadie Kanahele ’47 Dawson, an advocate for Hawaiian rights, remembered her daughter Donne ’79, playing kickball with Obama at Punahou. Donne is now Hawai‘i state film commissioner and Obama is president. “We have such a love for each other at Punahou,” Dawson said. “It’s like we’re all blood relatives. And Barack reflects the Hawaiian spirit in everything he does. He’s totally inclusive and nonpartisan. And that’s how we are in Hawai‘i.”

              Honolulu physician Laurie Tom ’79, who organized the event, concurred: “There’s a deep sense of pride in what Obama has accomplished. He will do his best to lead the country.”

              The event, which grew from a simple notion of a ’79 reunion dinner, brought together guests from all over the United States, including 32 of Obama’s ’79 classmates, his basketball buddies, several trustees, Punahou President Jim Scott ’70, and even a rival or two: Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, an ‘Iolani graduate who coached their junior varsity basketball team against Obama’s Punahou junior varsity team; and Kaua‘i Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr., a Kapa‘a High School graduate who played center against Obama when Obama was a forward. “Forget the Punahou-‘Iolani rivalry,” Hannemann said. “We’re very, very proud of him.”

              Perhaps none was more proud than Obama’s class dean, Paula Kurashige: “He’s energizing us to be respectful of each other and be really thoughtful. I feel exhilarated, proud, honored and thankful that the people in this country elected him president.”

              While they came together to celebrate another newsmaker, they became a media event in their own right, drawing Honolulu newspapers and TV stations, The Washington Post and even an Italian TV station that posted footage on its Web site.

              Though thousands of miles from home, it could have been any backyard party. “The crowd went wild when Kikilia Fordham ’82 Schaefer, Boy Eldredge ’79 and Pryor danced hula to “Ulupalakua,” Tom said. And the group went on to rally everyone with “Cheer Boys Cheer” and “On O‘ahu,” finishing with “Oahu wa” and “Strawberry Shortcake.”

              “It had all the elements of a perfect alumni event. The enthusiasm was contagious and could not be contained on this magical evening,” said Schaefer. “Alumni and friends from across the globe were laughing, reminiscing and celebrating the gift we share – our Punahou ‘ohana.””


          • A little birdie suggested that you post the photo on Flicker and then post the link here. Also said alfy “could even take a photo of her computer screen showing whatever it is that she wants to share. I’ve done this sometimes with a coupon I want to use and my printer was out of ink so I just had the photo of it on screen printed at a developer and used that. The photo looks just about as good as the original.”

            But I think you have the photo on your computer, right? So our problem is getting it on to one of OUR screens. Any suggestions, anybody?

            The only way I know is to email it to somebody as an attachment OR to put it on a photo sharing site and send us the link in the contact us box. Then we could see it there. Is there ANY other way?

          • Alfy, would love to see the pic also. Most newer versions of windows allow right click/ send to/ mail for easy attachment. You might try that to email it to Miri.
            BTW Love the site guys…have been lurking for awhile. Overwhelmed by the amount of research you guys have done. Have to admit I get a little lost at times though LOL Keep up the good work!

          • Bo Latham, welcome here! Miri must have missed your comment. Glad your here and hope you comment more often, nice to have you, even if you prefer to just lurk. Thank you from all here for your nice comments there greatly appreciated by all.

          • Thanks again for advice, but I have done all those things everyone has suggested. It’s as though what ever it was created in doesn’t let it . If I hadn’t saved it how I saved it, I might have been better off. I’m always learning the hard way. I’ve screen shotted lots of stuff, doesn’t work. I’ve copied it to other programs, it still doesn’t go. I’ve copied, drug it, abused it and so on but still not luck. One time I thought I had lost it. Still got it though. Like I said….if I print it out, then scan it back in to another program it should work, just haven’t had time to get printer back up and going. Will though. Thanks

  11. Miri–I also have courted the ‘twin’ concept.
    His hairline; the nose; the scars; hair color at times which can be attributed to coloring.
    But the lines in the face are what gets me–if the fraud can get hollywood before one ‘performance’, why not all??
    And yes, photoshopping can be the answer, but the teeth and nose can’t change every two weeks for the camera.
    I always thought he was ‘invented’ by an agency and all the life was fabricated–still do.


  12. Sometimes I note that a photo looks like Mo and BO morphed together.
    that plug under the bottom lip and part of the chin is the distinguishing mark. I’ll find an example.

      • another example


        btw, i am convinced this is the baby photo of barky. to me, its a spitting image.

        • Very strange, Papoose. What’s up with that chin? Look at the scar (?) on the left!

          That’s the baby photo of that man in the photo with Granny Sarah, in 1987. Whoever he is, he wasn’t dead in 1987 and he was older than Barry, imho. Or older than Barry should have been then. Or else they lie about when the photo was taken. It’s a relative of Malia’s. I think so because of the smile and the upper lip. Remember, also, how Malik goes out of his way to constantly assert that he’s Barry’s brother and NOT his uncle. Given known proclivities and cold fish marriage–sperm donor? Who is that younger boy with Mark? Remember, too, that Mark goes out of his way to assert that Barry is his “brother” whenever anyone calls him his “half-brother”. It’s very bizarre.

          Malik and David Edjoa lived in/around DC. Obama Hustle ran a story about Barry being a KGB agent. Could they all be? Or could they all be double agents? Why did Malik settle in DC? Given his father’s connections, anything’s possible. Why not go to Boston, where Omar and Zeituni lived? What was in DC that drew Malik?

          • and barky, is definitely related to this guy. absolutely.

            cover one side of the face and look and then do the other side

            no relation, yeah, right.

            the discovery of this guy is what drove us to the nidesandjo wedge back in early 2009.

    • Like Stanley Ann’s photos often look like Maya,maybe using different photos of her so there’s a family resemblance.

  13. Bernard:


    The WH guests for the Inauguration:

  14. Miri your update above, the photo Kenya, circa 1987. We did have the entire photo way back, the link is posted somewhere, maybe the fabricated thread? not sure, but do know it was posted way back. Bridgette had analyzed the photo and determined Barry was added to that photo.

    Also, I found something last night, Miri can you capture it after I post it? or should I send the link?

    • Whichever you want. Are you afraid it will be scrubbed? If so, then send the link in the contact us box.

      I remember somebody saying that the photo of Barry with his brothers was larger. I don’t remember seeing the entire photo, but I may have. Would love to see it again. Don’t have it. It’s not in our media library, so far as I know.

      • I’ll send it to the contact us box. I found something else also but it has already been captured. I’ll post it here after you post the captured one, as not to let on what it is.

        Yes the photo with Barry was larger, I remember it pretty much the same as Alfy describes it. I’m not sure if Bridgette saved it or not, but I know it was posted, I’ll try looking for the link later.

          • That dude next to Samson, whose arm you see in the cropped photo, is “Uncle” Said.

          • Good job Miri on finding the pic. see how easy it is just on a visual to see that Barry was “set” into the picture.

            • I only found it on our blog because you said that it was here! I searched on Samson and found a comment with the link. Good show. Are the women recognizable? They don’t look like Auma. Hawa Auma, the aunt?

          • so what are ya’ll looking at? What do you do in the way back machine? wait thirty minutes or what? And the other saved site . I get nothing. So where’s the photo?

          • Good job everyone. I do remember this photo. Does anyone know who the black man photo’s is in the window behind BO? Also, the partial of the white woman under his?

        • Saved it, Leza. Screen prints and text and link. Thanks. Interesting.

          • Good TY Miri. Here’s the other that has already been captured –


          • OK, that is like the photo I was trying to send, only I have the doozy with a big photoshop glitch …..with Obama’s entire side diplicated ,not cleaned up, I guess you could say. I tried along time ago to see who the people in the posters on the wall behind them were, but no luck.
            The sign out front says photos. Might that be the photo studio they all went in an had their family photo done? They are wearing the exact same clothes as in the family photo that Wicki and others have used since 2007.
            That’s Kentucky race horses on the guys purple shirt. I wish I could tell what’s on the other one’s red shirt. Maybe they are Kentucky U. Scholars???
            Notice the hand with black sleeve, Just recently it dawned on me that that was Auma’s coat sleeve. One only needs to look at the other family photo and see Auma’s hands and her black coat with loose sleeves, just like in this photo. That is not Said. That guy is a stranger who looks puzzled as to why they are being stopped for this photo, as are all the rest of them. Maybe not the lady in back…..She’s the one with her arms around Barack’s big brother in the family photo. Notice the lady in front with her sunglasses. Well, they’re still in her lap in the family photo. This is a complete hoaxed family . They were stopped ,or snagged right here in front of the photo place for a reason.
            One photo I did have, but can’t find anymore was this photo with a much clearer background. You could see inside the building and read more photo signs, but they are now more blacked out. Barack doesn’t fit in this photo. Maybe Auma got this photo and the family photo and called Barack and told him we left a spot for you B. If I could send that photo of this that I have you would clearly the manipulation of Barack. He was copied and pasted in, then pasted in again, but the first image of him didn’t get moved or removed. This photo I have was meant to be thrown away, I am sure. That’s why no one will find it…..at least not in the normal way. Course, thank goodness you finally found this one.

            • Can anybody read the caption on the photo at that link from the Wayback Machine? I can’t make it out but I can see part of it. Says something like Barack Obama ..visiting a photography shop… 1987. It’s very blurry and doesn’t help to enlarge it. As I said, they scrubbed the underlying story. It’s not available via the WayBack Machine. Says it wasn’t archived.

              • Trying again to make it out: “… pictures of presidential … Barack Obama with his family in Africa…picture above a young Barack Obama in Nairobi Kenya in 1987 before (?) going to … his father had died in 1982.”

            • Good catch, alfy. I didn’t notice they wore the same clothes as in that bogus family photo that he’s also photoshopped into. The thing is, where was Malik and where were the rest of the family, especially that American wife who’s hugging Malik in the family portrait?

          • Thanks for finding this one so I could explain.,….but just wish you could see this one. I didn’t even notice it at first when I snagged it. It was only after I printed it out…I saw it. I thought …did my printer do that, then I checked and now I see it plain as day. That’s how I think it got accidently posted. It doesn’t stand out till once you see it, it’s then a whopper. Pictures Do Speak a Thousand Words!

          • Oh Alfy, you are sooooo correct! GREAT CATCH! I do remember too the photo you are talking about where the photo shopping was so bad that you could see two of him….one on top of the other.

            Miri….Great post…..Can you add the photo you found above and the family photo Alfy is talking about to the top of this post, side by side? Here is a link to the photo.

            What a great find. FRAUD IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  15. There’s a photo of Barky playing basketball, which looks like a newspaper photo. Here’s the caption that you wrote underneath it:

    “Gee, what a coinkidink. If they did recycle the number, they happened to use the number of a guy who resembles Barry. Note all the whites on the team.”

    But look at the legs and the muscles on that guy. That can’t be Barky, can it? That person looks like they have more muscles than he does.

    • Sure. He was very buff. That other guy was more lanky like Barry. The numbers change around. I don’t know why. In the photo that’s supposed to be Barry doing a jump shot, that guy is scrawny.

      • the photo of 23 Mosi is only one of him. His position and angle of that shot in 1974 is somewhat decieving. But any shots of the layups can be better decieving depending on the distance from the person.
        Hey , maybe Barry was enrolled in Punahou for a short period of time. You know, I have friends that went away/actually sent away to military schoos in virginia during parts of their high shchool years. Now I remember some of them that went, but because I had seen them the year before or remember them on playing sports, some of them, unless they told me later, it’s like they never left….the years run together .
        Remember Barry throwing the ball out at the Baseball game? He’s about as limp ,pansy wristed as they come. Someone probably told Barry ,he had to learn to play basketball,so he wouldn’t look so feminine. He probably said” OK, you mean I get to have contact with men?, I’ll learn to play!”

    • where to reply……That American wife is dressed in the same clothes in both photos too. She is standing behind everyone on the street. She’s partly covered by the man(not Said) in the white shirt, who looks confused. You got to remember someone is in front of them (who or how many?) taking their picture. Even if these people are not strangers…which I think at least some of them are, they are being stopped and approached. The lady in front, was she just about to step off the curb ? Had they just come out of the photo place? Are they random people ? or did Auma call em up to meet em? Don’t think so…Why would she need to hold them up for this photo, she could have easily said, wait a minute so they could pose for this photo.Notice the guy on the end has his arms crossed. That’s a contemplative stance in this situation. The lady in front isn’t smiling. If this were her family together, why not take a more candid shot? See where I am leading ? Why not get some more photos of your family together chumming it up? because they are not family in the real sense anyway. Wonder what they paid them? Even in the family photo, Auma doesn’t have the look of enjoying being together with he family. Wouldn’t you at least smile….not this was a serious business photo. The guy in the white shirt in the family photo still looks apprehensive, and the other guys are naively smiling. Maybe the only one who looks gushy are Malik and the lady, because maybe….you would laugh it up too if you had to hug a complete stranger.

      • I know I may be over analyzing, but isn’t that what we need to do? Another point on my analyzing fervor (these were things I considered way back ); the young lady with the sunglasses on. In the family portrait she has them in her lap. This may seem like a trite point, but I don’t really believe so. Let’s say this is a once in a lifetime nice family photo with their brother they hardly know.They trail into the photo place behind them. The lady with her coat and pocket book puts them somewhere for safe keeping while they sit pristinely together for this lovely photo……but wait….maybe if she had had her wits about her she would have thought to put her sunglasses away in her pocket book….but she doesn’t seem to have time….she is not thinking to do that because more than likely she is not being given a leisure amount of time to think about it.

        • Wikipedia says that lady in front, far right is Zeituni! Can you believe it? If it is her, then WTF happened to her? She looks quite like Omar now. Enuf said. I don’t know who she is but to me she resembles Valerie Jarrett with her Cheshire Cat smile.

      • One of the main points is…..they wore the same clothes, so it’s almost impossible not to conclude somewhat how this family portrait was composed. If it weren’t for this photo we would just assume some of family members seriously got together and met for a loving family get together….Instead it looks like they were snatched off the street. It could even be that they know the two guys in the student t-shirts, but the other three were stopped near them ,so that’s why the abrubt hand thwarts them to snap them into the family with the other two guys. Notice the distance from each other. Is the guy in the white shirt perplexed, because he was walking with the other two ladies and sees a person or people in front of them with cameras,and Auma walking up to his lady friend(maybe wife) and stopps her. The position of the man in the white shirt and the two ladies is different….they could have been approaching and the other two guys were already standing there…..Am I making my point? Look at the photo again. Now Auma has more than one photo that can verify these people together as a family with the magic of the camera.

        • Miri, did you show Said to imply I was wrong about the family photo. They do look very much alike, but there are a couple videos of Said somewhere and he is not the same stature as the guy in the street and family photo. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. He looks very similar, but Said in the videos (is older of course) looks taller and slimmer. I need to go back and look.

          • I showed Said so people could see what he looked like. Bridgette labeled that guy as Said in the family photo post. And Wikipedia labels him as “Sayid” in that family group photo, iirc, although the newspaper doesn’t label any of them except Barry. Wikipedia says the “family” provided the photo. I bet they did. Wikipedia doesn’t even give a timeframe for the pic.

            I’m not implying anything. I’m giving people links so they can help with the identification. We already know Wikipedia doesn’t label things right because they say the lady in the front row, far right is Zeituni. No way that’s Zeituni, unless (as Bridgette joked) Omar dressed in drag and went to court pretending to be Zeituni. With these people, anything’s possible.

            Somewhere recently I posted a link to a video that has Said speaking about how wonderful Barry is. I think it’s in that news story that you asked for the link to, when you said, “what video?” I’ll try to find it again. The thing about these photos and stature is if they’re picking and choosing images of certain people and then photoshopping them together to create family group photos, then they could be mixing and matching proportions. If you know what I mean. Depends upon the size of the originals that they crop the people out of.

            My guess is that that family did go somewhere to have a group photo taken, but the person who was standing where Barry was inserted was removed. Was he David? Might be. Might have been Malik. Or somebody else altogether. I keep thinking about that guy (whose name escapes me at the moment) who was an Obama relative but who was relegated to living in the servant’s quarters at Ruth and BHO Sr.’s estate. Could that fellow be the baby that Kezia had by someone other than her husband?

          • guess it was the timing when you posted that picture of Sayid/Said. I just thought because I keep saying, when people refer to him in the family photo,….I just keep saying I don’t think thats him….and then I saw this picture. They do look very similar. No problem….like you said, we could be looking at photos of mixed and matched bodies ect.. We could be looking at people who are dead now! How will we know? Yeah, I tried to find that video of the family with him and Keshia or Sarah . Sayid talks about O.Sr and O.III near the grave and then he walks around and sits under a tree with Keshi. You get to see him pretty well. Couldn’t find it.Don’t remember how I found it.

            • https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/obama-mystery-theater-ruth-nidesand/comment-page-1/#comment-67371

              Check it out. 1:07 into the video, right after the rooster crows, they show a snapshot. Only some of the folks in the larger family group are in it: Kezia and all her kids, plus Barry (inserted or is he her non-BHO-Sr. son?). I keep remembering how Barry has ALWAYS favored Kezia and her kids. He seems fonder of Kezia than of Ann (his “real” mother) and especially fonder of Kezia than of the woman who actually raised him, his supposed grandmother Madelyn. Why is that?

              He’s not fond of BHO Sr’s other family. He distances himself from Ruth, David (?), Mark. Why?

              Why such a strong instantaneous love for Auma, when they first met? Why such a distance between himself and Mark? No feeling AT ALL for George, although George is supposed to be as much a brother to him as Malik and Kezia’s OTHER kids.

              I’ll tell you this: That snapshot looks like it was taken in the late 70s/early 80s (of course, Kenya could have been behind the times on photography equipment). Why do I say that? ALL of my photos from the late 70s are faded exactly like that. Exactly like that. It has something to do with the chemicals used to develop back then. All the blues and greens faded to yellows. No way was that photo taken in 1987.

          • I just had a thought……not a complete one ,but anyway, about that video….it is a fairly recent video and they go inside with granny sarah and she talks . I remember looking, as I always do at the photos she has on her wall and the picture of an American or European American women is on the wall…..Obama references his grandfather met some high society lady, that’s around the time Onyango took on the name Johnson fo a bit. I don’t remember all the story, but anyway the picture is different from one I had seen before on her wall, there was another but it was always barely visible. The picture looks like those Gibson Girl era prints).Just thought if anyone found the video they might be interested……..But, But, But , what I noticed also in the house were all those white bags with something lumpy in them…..Keepe in mind this video is recent. If you find it see what you think are in them. I thought maybe mashed aluminum cans. It doesn’t look like clothes. It isn’t grain, or food. Then look at the supposedly OLD photo of B. supposedly his early days with Sarah(you have it above). The bag B. is carrying over his shouler looks the same as those recent bags in the vid. Boy Barack’s face in that photo with the bag over his shoulder….his face looks like a little chipmonk doesn’t it?

  16. Punahou High 1979 photo top of page ? yes, dark back round, but?
    1/2 of O’s right ear is covered with hair not a bit of top or edge shows ?
    and we all know how them ears stick out! weird to me… as fro’s
    don’t move around much.
    #2 photo.. O’s hair exposes his ear from the side
    it would also show if facing camera (i think)
    afros that are full did not cut out the ear area.
    Check ear in photo with hat and cig… did the hair just get smashed?
    one with jacket covers all top part of ear… no hat?
    But they made his TIE the same…
    still use Google ? ….. then type in: (anything…. be creative….)
    O grad photos with lei (hugging madeline the same day) ….
    grad photos O … youth photos of O any other combo then on left….hit
    “Images” … and see tons of photos of any one.
    Check his teeth, lips, hair line, scars, Maya and him hugging, his dad/mom
    stanley/madelyn crack in scalp they try not to show it. Reverse
    or flip a photo and his mole is on the right side.
    Lamecherry on h cain… today is funny…as always
    Thanks for keeping the light on….. the cradle is really rock~in
    I feel fired up…. and you?

    • Good points about his ear. The hair should cover the ears on graduation day, or not; but not both covered and uncovered the same day. That photo of him and Maya hugging is also so bogus.

  17. There’s one team picture with this caption: “Here, he’s number 21, in 1979”
    It actually looks like there’s two 21s. There’s one, it looks like, and in looking at the computer on the left-hand side, he’s the 3rd person in. Is he a 21? Then Barky at the end looks like a 21, but part of his number is hidden more than the guy in the so-called middle that looks like 21 too.

    • It does look like they switched numbers from year to year. In the one photo, it does look like there are two 21’s. Makes no sense. From one team to the other, I can’t even match up the kids. Did the teams change players that much?

      Look closely at the color photo where Barry’s in the middle and looks like he’s holding a ball to block the view of his shirt. His left arm is oddly bent but not around ANYTHING. And the “ball” doesn’t even look like a ball. Just a brownish blob.

      • Miri,

        Another thing about that team photo that you’re talking about with Barky in the middle, he looks to be squeezed into it too. Something is definitely not right about that photo. To me it looks like he’s older than the rest of the kids, but notice how he’s squeezed in.

  18. okay, wait, didn’t David – as far as the info is available – die in a motorcycle accident in Kenya in 1987? And didn’t O visit Kenya in 1987? David was 20? What was David doing up until then. His brother Mark was in the U.S. attending an Ivy league school and became a physicist/pianist/teacher -what have you, basically a smart guy. I would assume David would have a similar intellectual capacity – why wasn’t he going to school in the U.S. like his bro, dad and mom did?

    I mean what if he wasn’t the one that died in Kenya in 1987? He looks just like O – who already had a degree from Columbia and is about to start Harvard Law….has this been explored?

    • Hayden, we’ve kicked that theory around forever. David supposedly died, but there’s no grave ever seen. Why didn’t they bury him in the family cemetery, next to his father? It’s said that Barry went to Kenya first in 1987, but there’re news articles and books that say he was there right after his father died, which would be about 1983. David was supposedly still alive. “Died” in the motorcycle accident in the mid-1980s or later, but they slipped up when they said that when BHO Sr.’s estate was probated, only Ruth had the proper evidence to show that BHO Sr. was MARK’S father. But since David was still alive, why not David, too? We’ve said before that David Opiyo’s name means, in Luo, the elder of twins. Opiyo. That’s what it means. Elder of twins. It makes perfect sense that David should have come to the USA for school, too. So why didn’t he? Mark won’t tell his true age. David is supposedly younger than Mark. Mark was born (allegedly) about 1965. Villagers in Kogelo mistook Barry for David when Barry first went to Kenya. Malik mentored David. He supposedly found him living on the streets, after having run away from home. So Malik supposedly took him in to live with him in his apartment. David was a teen then, or so the story goes. They confuse the stories. Obama’s book admits that timelines are mixed up, characters are composites, and conversations are invented. So we really can’t pay a lot of attention to it, but what else is there? Has anybody ever seen a news story about David’s death? Has Ruth ever said anything about David? Exactly. What if he wasn’t the one who died?

      • Recently, I read a story that Malik was drunk one night and he gave David the keys to his motorcycle so David could go home without Malik and David crashed and that’s how he died and that’s why supposedly there’s a rift between Mark and Ruth and the rest of the family. It might be on my Malik post. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/meet-malik-obamas-oldest-brother/

      • gosh Miri, I have never even thought about where in the heck David , who everyone seems to love so much and include in their family saga, Is BuRIED! Mark loved him so he used David in his semi autobiography. Auma loved him so much, she called Obama to tell him his brother, who he didn’t know had died. Ruth loved him so much he ran away from home. And the poor guy never got all the perks that Mark, Obama, Joseph, got what with being a minority African American , the only one who never left Africa. Maybe he ran away from home because he was so grief stricken over his father’s death, and he didn’t want to be Americanized like the rest of his family. Geesh!!!! You’d think he’d get a special burial right beside his father and grandfather. I hadn’t even thought about it, his burial site????

        But I have wondered why Mark, even though he seems to always include David some way, he never says when He left Africa and was educated in America ; he doesn’t say my brother and I left. It’s so weird how this dead guy seems to never leave the picture . Then of course why doesn’t Mark or any of them know they have a brother Richard???? Ruth said it ,not me.

        • OF course! You sort of WOULD expect them to KNOW they have a brother Richard. 😉 Good point.

          You would also expect dear beloved David to be buried right there, by Granny Sarah’s house, with Onyango and BHO Sr. Place of honor. It’s not like they were Catholic and he committed suicide, so couldn’t be buried in hallowed ground. BHO Sr.’s right there by Granny Sarah. Why not David, who EVERYBODY loved? So curious.

  19. All,
    I am not sure if all of you are familiar with Don Nicoloff’s work. I admit he is out there but he has done some good work analyzing Obama related photos. Here is the link if you are not already familiar:

  20. This seems to confirn that there is an FBI investigation on presidential candidates:


    “In the suit, filed on November 16 in the District of Columbia, Archibald alleges that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that he filed with the FBI’s Winchester, Virginia office on April 15, 2011 asking for information produced during the FBI’s background check of presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama II was improperly rejected.”

    “Archibald’s request is based on President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10450, “Security Requirements for Government Employment,” issued in 1953. Under the Eisenhower directive, the FBI conducts background checks on all presidential candidates.”

    • Archibald believes that the FBI may be holding information related to Mr. Obama’s eligibility to stand for the office of President of the United States according to the stated qualifications of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 of the Constitution of the United States.

      “The FBI responded to my request by saying that it generally cannot release these types of personal documents without the authorization and consent of the third party unless the public interest in disclosure outweighs the personal privacy interest and that significant public benefit would result from the disclosure of the requested records,” Archibald said. “In this situation I think that the public interest would be served from a full disclosure by President Obama.”

    • Good one, tdr. This should be right up Red Pill’s alley because it’s like those I-9 forms all federal employees have to sign. If they didn’t do a background check on him, then what? Were they breaking the law?

      ““The FBI responded to my request by saying that it generally cannot release these types of personal documents without the authorization and consent of the third party unless the public interest in disclosure outweighs the personal privacy interest and that significant public benefit would result from the disclosure of the requested records,” Archibald said. “In this situation I think that the public interest would be served from a full disclosure by President Obama.” … “As a career news reporter and book author with credentialed Congressional and the House experience over many years, I have faced stonewalling and cover-up by many presidential administrations and politicians of all persuasions,” Archibald said. “It doesn’t work.””

      That seems to indicate that they did do some kind of investigation. I remember we said the same thing–that certainly public interest outweighs his right to privacy, when we’re talking about the most powerful position in the world.

      • Miri, there was always the question of why isnt the president run through a security check. I am going to sound really crazy here but could it be possible that obo really isnt the president but they are allowing him to fake it…I mean think of the retaking of the oath. Could you imagine? Maybe we have entered the matrix.

  21. this from LC:

    There have been now numerous murders of Iranian communists. The latest as Joseph Farah reported involved massive explosions which took out a top Iranian and might have been aimed at sanctioning the big turban head himself, in Khamenei.

    The Islamocommunists are blaming the Jews, who probably have been about this, but they would not have been about this if Obama and Brzezinski had not been coddling their Marxist friends.

    Farah states now openly that the Iranians have two operational Dr. Khan warheads and will have them mounted on rockets within 30 days.
    I have always stated that the Iranians have dozens of “heavies” like the early American bombs, but no delivery system except ships, and they have more operational cones than the two, but what little difference does this make now in the reality that they have bombs a decade ago or today as this muddled policy of love thy Marxist Muslim now has a nuclear eyesore involved.

    The Persians are notorious for revenge. TWA Flight 800 being one of their trademarks in America and the Jewish landscape is littered with their proxy rockets to Hezbollah.

    So Iran garners intelligence outing CIA agents, and then follows massive terror strikes in Iran, and now Iran is threatening again something big, along with explosions in the Jewish state


    out of time for fake controversy

  22. The picture posted at this time with 6 people, is it, standing outside some store or something?
    Bo is there with a jacket on, some guy next to him has a sweater on, there’s also a guy in a T-shirt, then the woman in front with the sunglasses on, has her jacket or something on her arm. Why, if the others are kind of cold or whatever, does she not have her jacket on? That’s a strange picture.

  23. Sorry, forgot to paste the time, it was here: November 29, 2011 at 8:58 pm

  24. Back to that picture that I just mentioned with the lady in a short-sleeve dress, then sunglasses on, and Barky there in a jacket, alone with others there. Notice her dress, kind of peachy colored.

    Then look at the family picture here, and notice the lady looking on the far right sitting down, and to me looks like the same dress:

    Front row: Auma Rita (Kezia’s daughter), Kezia, Sarah, unknown; back row: Said (son of Sarah), Barry, Malik, probably Malik’s American wife, Samson (Abo), Bernard. Wikipedia identifies woman on far right in front row as Zeituni, but it’s not Zeituni. It may be Auma Marie, Obama’s first cousin. More photos here for comparison.

    • If you look at the guy with the checkered sweater, you’ll see how they distorted the colors on the two photos, so it’s hard to be sure from color, but that sunglass lady IS in both photos and I’m not sure who she is.

  25. Left and Wright | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | December 1, 2011 at 12:55 pm | Reply
    Now, another WRIGHT pops up too. h/t to a commenter across the hall;

    The Honolulu Star-Bulletin Thursday, March 18, 1999 Obituary listing for the mother of the wife of Gary Maunakea-Forth.
    Gary’s wife, commonly called Kukui Maunakea-Forth married name is Jornal (first name) Kuualoha Kukuiolamekanaauao (middle name) Maunakea-Forth (last name). Kukui was born in Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii.
    The following 1999 obituary is for her mother.
    Yvonne K. Maunakea-Velles, 60, of Waianae, an education assistant for Nanaikapono Elementary and Waianae Intermediate schools, died Friday at home. She was born in Nanakuli. She is survived by husband Alexander Auna; sons Iopa and Kapoli Maunakea; hanai son Ernest Keinath; daughters Marie Paresa, Alexis Maunakea and Jornal Maunakea-Kanehailua; brother Edwin Maunakea; sisters Katherine Stang and Merry N. Wright; hanai sister Emma Hoohuli, and 15 grandchildren. Memorial services: 5 p.m. Monday at Bishop Memorial Chapel, Kamehameha Schools. Call from 4 to 7 p.m. Inurnment: 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at Sunset Memorial Park. Aloha attire

  26. Why 8 attempts in 22 months to alter Article II Presidential citizenry requirements?


    Who are these people who initiated the movement (2003-2008) and worked so hard to eliminate Article II’s Section 1; Clause V?


    • 8 ????? really…

        • yeah, he was on to it years ago.

          a few tidbits:

          Bingham didn’t pursue re-election when, in 1982, his district essentially disappeared as a result of yet another post-census re-districting. While in the House, Bingham served on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee and chaired the Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade. He was particularly dedicated to nuclear non-proliferation and environmental protection.

          On leaving congress he took up the practice of law as special counsel with Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn.

          He also lectured at Columbia University School of Law.

          During his lifetime Bingham contributed articles to various publications. He also authored of Shirt Sleeve Diplomacy-Point 4 in Action (1954) and Violence and Democracy (1970).[citation needed]

        • NOTE – PAYNE

          His father – Hiram Bingham III


          Bingham was thrilled by the prospect of unexplored Inca cities, and in 1911 returned to the Andes with the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1911.[1] On July 24, 1911, Melchor Arteaga led Bingham to Machu Picchu, which had been largely forgotten by everybody except the small number of people living in the immediate valley (possibly including two local missionaries named Thomas Payne and Stuart McNairn whose descendants claim that they had already climbed to the ruins in 1906). Also the Cusco explorers Enrique Palma, Gabino Sanchez and Agustín Lizarraga are said to have arrived at the site in 1901.

          Bingham returned to Peru in 1912 and 1915 with the support of Yale and the National Geographic Society.


          Prior discoverers of Machu Picchu

          Soon after Bingham announced the existence of Machu Picchu others came forward claiming to have seen the city first, such as the British missionary Thomas Payne and a German engineer named J. M. von Hassel.[6] Recent discoveries have put forth a new claimant, a German named Augusto Berns who bought land opposite the Machu Picchu mountain in the 1860s and then tried to raise money from investors to plunder nearby Incan ruins. An 1874 map shows the site of Machu Picchu.[7]


          • ooh..good catch…

          • The NAMES…

            United States Senator
            from Connecticut
            In office
            December 17, 1924 – March 3, 1933
            Preceded by Frank Bosworth Brandegee
            Succeeded by Augustine Lonergan
            69th Governor of Connecticut
            In office
            January 7 – January 8, 1925
            Lieutenant John H. Trumbull
            Preceded by Charles A. Templeton
            Succeeded by John H. Trumbull
            58th Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut
            In office
            Governor Charles A. Templeton
            Preceded by Charles A. Templeton
            Succeeded by John H. Trumbull
            Personal details
            Born November 19, 1875(1875-11-19)
            Honolulu, Hawaii
            Died June 6, 1956(1956-06-06) (aged 80)
            Washington, D.C.
            Nationality American U.S.
            Political party Republican
            Spouse(s) 1) Alfreda Mitchell (div.)

            2) Suzanne Carroll Hill

            Children Jonathan Brewster Bingham
            Hiram Bingham IV
            Charles Tiffany Bingham
            Brewster Bingham
            Mitchell Bingham
            Woodbridge Bingham
            Alfred Mitchell Bingham
            Alma mater Yale University
            University of California-Berkeley
            Harvard University
            Religion Protestant Christian
            Military service
            Service/branch United States National Guard
            United States Army Signal Corps Aviation Section
            United States Army Air Service
            Rank Captain
            Lieutenant Colonel

          • Spouse(s) 1) Alfreda Mitchell (div.)
            Mitchell is part of the FORBES family. Ruth Forbes, Ruth Paine, Michael Paine, John Kerry, Marina Oswald, Arthur Young etc…

  27. Connaugh, Richard Bingham;
    Grace O’Malley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ní Mháille was married in 1546 to Dónal an Chogaidh Ó Flaithbheartaigh (Donal of the Battle), tánaiste or heir to the Ó Flaithbheartaigh (O’Flaherty) title, which would have been a good political match for the daughter of the O’Mháille chieftain. As O’Flaherty tánaiste, Dónal an Chogaidh one day expected to rule Iar Connacht, the area roughly equivalent to modern Conamara.[8]

    She bore three children during her marriage to Dónal an Chogaidh:

    Owen:[9] The eldest child and son, known to be extremely kind and forgiving. When Owen was in his late twenties, or early thirties, Richard Bingham tricked him and, as a result, Owen was murdered and Bingham and his troops took over Owen’s castle.
    Margaret:[9] Sometimes called ‘Maeve’, Margaret was much like Ní Mháille herself. She married and had several children. Ní Mháille and Margaret’s husband[who?] were supposedly very close, and more than once Ní Mháille’s son-in-law saved her from death.
    Murrough:[9] Murrough was said to take after his father, Dónal, as he enjoyed warfare. He was also sexist, many times beating up his sister, Margaret, and refusing to listen to his mother because of her gender. Many sources report that Murrough, who seems to have had no sense of loyalty, betrayed his family and joined forces with Richard Bingham after the murder of Owen. When Ní Mháille heard of this, she swore she’d never speak to Murrough again for the rest of her life, though she would often insult him.
    Later, the warring Dónal was killed in battle, and Ní Mháille recaptured a castle from the Joyces that had been his (now Hen’s Castle in Lough Corrib). She returned, afterwards, to Mayo and took up residence at the family castle or tower-house on Clare Island.

    After Dónal’s death, Gráinne left Iar-Connacht and returned to O’Mháille territory, taking with her many O’Flaherty followers who were loyal to her.

  28. Yep, this is the photo that proves to me that the person in the image is the real Barry Dunham Soetoro Soebarkah.

    makes ya wonder, then, who’s this barky guy?

  29. Ears are very distinctive. Why do the ears look very different on so many photos?? It is not just the size, shape and the fact that they stick out in some photos, in others are close to the skull. . It is also the site on the head where they are located. Any ear experts out there??

  30. Hello, folks – I haven’t read all of the comments on this thread but did scan them to see if anyone has previously posted this link.

    Here is someone who has taken many of the stories out there about Zero’s existence and woven them together, along with pictures (some of which you have previously posted), and has come up with some interesting conclusions. Never before, other than on your site, have I read about the strong possibility of there being two Zeros.

    It is a rather long read but holds your attention. Put it into the “mix” and see what you think:

  31. couldn’t find a better place to post this on Ann Dunham Sutoro . Here some work of hers on Microfinance. She is listed once on page 156 of this, then again at the end on page 167. To control the scroll hold it on the button to go down. works better. She is listed as Sutoro (1990)on page 156 , the as Sutoro,A.D.(1990) ON PAGE 167 WITH A LITTLE MORE DISCRIPTION OF IN iNDONESIA. The reason I found her however was that I had read that Lolo was not Indonesian, but Malaysian from Kumpua lampur (sp). I found her first in anothr similar thing in Malaysia, kept looking and found her in Indonesia also. So this is what whe was doing, this Ann Dunham…..still Sutoro in 1990…..Interesting ???? hmmm. PROOF?????

      • And by the way it’s certainly aprapo that they call this report Micrcredit “SCHEMES” , isn’t it. Like every country it has been in , the banks are sucking every human piece of capital they can. Were we complicit in ruining Indonesia’s economy too?

      • Malaysia ? Hummmm…fits. Good catch Alf

      • Alfy from your docstoc Re; Ann Sutoro – KUPEDES

        KUPEDES which is what Ann was involved in according to your doc, was considered a micro-credit scheme according to this article written by a man that was in Indonesia during this time period working with BRI and micro-credit.

        Thursday, November 01, 2007

        Don’t mess up micro-credit

        Snip –

        One of the most successful micro-credit schemes in the world has been KUPEDES in Indonesia. When I was working in Jakarta for the World Bank in the 1980s and early 90s, KUPEDES was charging about 33% nominal rates (20% real). Their surveys showed that their borrowers were much better off, and get this: KUPEDES was also the biggest money maker for the bank involved, BRI. It was a real win-win.

        Few people have heard about KUPEDES. You know why? BRI’s management hated the limelight. They intentionally did not brag about their success because there would have been pressure on them to lower their interest rates. BRI’s management understood that, in order to be sustainable, the program had to be run on market principles.

        I know this first hand: in the late 1980s I tried to lend BRI several hundred million dollars at subsidized rates, and the president told me no. I was shocked! Who would turn down cheap money? He said they would rather raise the money from deposits, since that was healthier. I asked him where they were going to get the deposits, and he pulled out a ledger showing me that their branches were mobilizing a lot of savings from the same communities they were lending money into.

        That taught me a lesson about microcredit I have never forgotten.


        • I’m getting a headace, already!

          KUPEDES: Indonesia’s Model Small Credit Program

          Snip –

          World Bank loan

          The World Bank provided the program with a major boost in 1987 through a $102 million loan, of which $97 million was for on lending and the rest for technical assistance and training. The loan had three objectives: (1) to support BRI’s efforts to develop the unit desas (village banks) into a financially viable network of full-service subdistrict branches; (2) to encourage BRI to improve its resource mobilization to fund KUPEDES, thus reducing its reliance on central bank credits; and (3) to improve the institutional capacity of both BRI and KUPEDES. The onlending portion of the loan was disbursed by September 1989, 31 months ahead of schedule.


          • A lot to read at this link, but scanning through it I happened to catch this – South Shore Bank in Chicago……….!!!!

            “the KUPEDES and SIMPEDES programs of the
            government-owned Bank Rakyat in Indonesia (BRI); the Rural Development Fund of the government-owned Banco Industrial del Peru; and the private South Shore Bank in Chicago.”

            These programs usually are specialized operations within larger commercial financial institutions. 20 Examples include the small-artisan lending program operated by Banco del Pacifico (a private bank) in Guayaquil, Ecuador; the KUPEDES and SIMPEDES programs of the
            government-owned Bank Rakyat in Indonesia (BRI); the Rural Development Fund of the government-owned Banco Industrial del Peru; and the private South Shore Bank in Chicago. Most of these programs still receive financial support from governments (Banco del Pacifico) or are government- owned, but they have successfully merged commercial and social banking objectives. KUPEDES’ net income exceeded $20 million in 1989 (World Bank 1990b) and the South Shore Bank’s profits reached $1.5 million — representing about 1.5 percent on assets (Taub 1988:1)


          • desas (village banks)

          • Caught that Papooski ?

          • As in “It takes a village” ????

          • As in desi Kathy.

          • O M G………..Here we go again.

          • haven’t checked yet, but I got a feeling about this. I’ll bet when I was finding some info. from an article written by someone studying an anthropologist’s archives at Columbia university, it was so odd that this author was from Brazil, but her expertise was microcredit lending to the poor in Brazil, rio De Janeiro. Just wondering if KUPEDES and World Bank involved here too?

          • KUPEDES ?
            I bet your feeling is right Alf….
            hummm…gotta chew it a while….BRI…………..

          • Oh Leza…..

            South Shore Bank in Chicago……….!!!!

            “the KUPEDES and SIMPEDES programs of the
            government-owned Bank Rakyat in Indonesia (BRI); the Rural Development Fund of the government-owned Banco Industrial del Peru; and the private South Shore Bank in Chicago.”

            Oh Leza, Do you know what you found ?

  32. Has anyone ever noticed how much Ann Dunham and Polosi look alike?? Compare pictures,notice the distance between the eyes of both, both have the same lazy eye,same nose. Check it out.

  33. which reminds me ~~ Ever notice barky and lavaughn morped.

    Here it is. Defy it ain’t so.

    a ruby slippers moment.

    btw, Hi Bridgette!

  34. I have updated this post with some photos that Hayden created, which show anomalies in the “outside the photo shop” in Kenya images. Specifically, Barry’s wearing a wedding ring. Also, some weird things going on with his right hand.

    • Great catch’s Hayden. I also noticed with the cropped pictures of the wrist, the wrist looks deformed, the bent angle of the wrist. Also the clear line at the wrist, like it was sliced.

  35. he’s clearly plopped in there.

    photoshopping the potus should be against the law.
    anybody know if we’re going to have another world tour for the 2012 US general elections?

    • Hi there…long time no see Dr. P! We have missed your input. I haven’t viewed the three videos yet, but I will. I think I’ve seen the second one you posted before.

      the last videos I watched of yours were the ones where you showed how the forged BC was put together. What tedious work you went through to dissect that. It was impressive.

      • miri,Bridgette…at 4:30 in that bottom video is the photo of Basketball star Barry with his coach. That was the other photo I was looking for so yu could post it with B.’s other basketball ones. Thanks Ron. Incredibly convincing .

      • The videos are excellent, Dr. P. TY for sharing them. We noticed those anomalies, too, but you are expert enough to go the extra step to show how it’s done. Amazing. In the last video, the photo from SAD’s high school–when you zoom in, it’s SO obvious that her face is completely distorted. Anybody who had such mismatched eyes would be considered a freak. And the nose! Who has mismatched nostrils like that? What a joke.

        But what, in the end, is their GAME? That’s the truth we want (NEED) to know.

    • I love this vid Ron. Great job. Merry Christmas !

  36. I’ve just been through this entire thread and am thrilled to see others out there that have the same thoughts on phony Barry that I do.
    As to his height, if you notice the picture if Barry with his mom standing outside, they are the same height. Ann was actually only 5’10” where Barry is 6’2″. Then look at the wedding picture. He towers over her.
    I believe we have two Barry’s.

  37. Thanks, Miri, for the welcome!

    • Thank you for noticing that! Here’s a still shot so you can see what Ele is talking about:

      I wanted a wider view so you could see that it’s not an illusion because they’re standing on any slope. It doesn’t appear so to me. This conforms to what Leza noticed in that photo where he’s putting a key into a door, in the apartment he shared with Phil Boerner. He’s smaller/shorter on that photo, too. Yet his marriage photo AND the photo where his “mother” hugs him at his graduation–both show him much taller than she. Taller than his “grandmother”, too. So not only do his teeth morph, his height does, too.

      • Another Great comparison Miri. And as you said the picture you have linked is not an illusion because of the slope behind them…

        If you look to the right of the picture there is a metal hand rail, below that a concrete landing which lines up to where Barry and SAD are standing, so they are standing on a flat solid surface.

        Either there are two Barry’s or Barry has stolen someones identity.

        My guess….is #2

        I believe he has a double or stand in currently, but it does not explain the past differences.

        • I think it all makes sense if you realize that all of the photos are fake photoshops. Ann (if it is Ann) may be standing with a person, a man, in an original photo, and the creator of the photo removes the person’s head and replaces it with Obama’s. In most of them you can’t see anything else that is identifying, other than his head. Heads connected to necks can usually be seen as blackened, shadowed, or a whitish line appears where they try to make the head/neck connection.

        • I think #2, also. Perhaps the real Barry Soetoro. Or the real Barack Hussein Obama JR. It would explain the height difference and the teeth. But why morph his mother’s face, too? Just to make her look more like the person who’s alleged to be her son?

      • Do any of you know where this picture was taken? What bridge is that?

        • I’ve heard different answers. Is that NYC or Boston? Don’t remember if that’s supposed to be when he was at Columbia or Harvard. Maybe somebody familiar with those cities would know.

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