Spring Offensive for the Obama Campaign: Fight State Laws That Ensure Fair Elections

© Miri WTPOTUS November 04, 2011

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has published a very interesting article about what Robert Bauer is up to lately. You remember Bob, don’t you? 

Former White House (WH) counsel.  He who introduced the world to the real, authentic, three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate.  He who’s married to the lovely and mysterious, I-have-no-backstory, Mao-loving, former WH director of communications Anita Dunn.  He who belongs to that law firm, Perkins-Coie, that also employs as a partner Barack Hussein Obama II’s personal lawyer, Judith Corley, who is the only person [outside the HDOH staff] known to have actually possibly seen whatever it was that the Hawaiian Department of Health produced in April, which later on Bauer and other WH flunkies implied was scanned and placed on the White House blog as Obama’s birth certificate.  Yeah, that guy. Bob.

Well, he’s got a brand new gig. 

CHICAGO—The Obama re-election campaign has quietly opened a counteroffensive against Republican-backed changes to election laws that Democrats say will suppress votes for their candidates and limit their get-out-the-vote drives.

The effort, led by former White House counsel Robert Bauer, prompted the suspension of an Ohio law limiting early voting. Campaign officials produced educational materials to counter a Wisconsin law that requires voters to produce photo I.D.s—but disallows those used by Wisconsin colleges.

By this spring, the Obama re-election campaign will mount what Mr. Bauer called an unprecedented “voter protection” effort, fielding thousands of volunteers in battleground states to help navigate new election laws, months earlier than past efforts.

“We will look at what the state has done, look for ways to counter it, through litigation sometimes, through administrative interpretation sometimes. But beyond that, you have to have a program that actually goes out and shows voters what they need to do,” a senior Obama campaign official said.

Republicans see no precedent for a presidential re-election campaign to go this far to counter laws passed by state legislatures and signed by governors.

“It’s somewhat concerning that the president’s own team is seeking to undermine laws that ensure only registered voters actually vote,” said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

It’s VERY concerning. 

Despite that progressives believe that they speak for 99% of the population and that they also pretend to prefer pure democracy (the will of the majority), in this instance, they don’t care one whit what We the People want.  Recent polls show that three-fourths of the people WANT voter identification laws and believe sincerely that vote FRAUD is a greater danger than “suppressing” the votes of people without identification.

 Yet that doesn’t happen because in every case, these state laws allow for the casting of provisional ballots, so these undocumented voters are allowed to cast their ballots. The only difference, which must be what the progressives don’t like, is that those ballots are then subject to VERIFICATION that the voter is ELIGIBLE to vote. That is, no felons, no ILLEGAL aliens, no non-citizens, no dogs, no duplicate voters, no cartoon characters are allowed to cast ballots that cancel out legitimate votes of legitimate voters.

But that’s EXACTLY what progressives like Obama and Bauer want–to allow all those ineligible people to vote, because they overwhelmingly vote Democrat and thus swing elections, ILLEGALLY.  Unfairly. Undemocratically. Unconstitutionally.  

This should be no surprise, really. We already know what progressives believe about ELIGIBILITY.  It’s unfair that laws and the Constitution lay out RULES to which all must conform. This is a global community after all. Kumbaya.  When you have 20 million illegal aliens in the USA and they are prevented from illegally voting, what’s a progressive to do?

Does the reference to “litigation” remind you of the election of 2000? It should. 

How about “administrative interpretation?”  Now that should remind you of the George Soros Secretary of State Project.  That project is designed to place into these state offices George’s hand-picked candidates.  Soros uses his vast ill-gotten wealth to buy any Secretary of State office that he can.  All throughout the United States, his people will “interpret” state election laws in the way that George and other progressives want them to be interpreted, thus overriding the will of those who wrote the laws–the representatives of the People of the free and independent states. 

Does that remind you of unelected progressive judges reading into the “penumbra” of the Constitution their own ideas instead of recognizing the clear intent of the Founders? It should. 

In most states, the Secretary of State oversees the election process.  If Soros controls all Secretary of State offices, then Soros controls all U.S. elections.  If Soros, Bauer, and Obama tell them how to “interpret”, then you can bet that’s how these minions will interpret. And if anyone objects, why they’ll run out the clock past the election, and any subsequent court ruling, if it should go against them, will make the issue moot. Just as with Obama’s ineligibility. 

By the way, the aforementioned Judith Corley, disinterested Obama personal lawyer, recently wrote an article about that disastrous (to progressives) Supreme Court ruling that Obama SO HATES, urging Congress to enact a “fix” to get corporate money [but not Soros non-profit money] out of elections.  This just happens to be one of the gripes of the Poopstock Nation (otherwise known as OWS).  What a coincidence.

But Bauer isn’t the only one pressing this campaign to ensure vote fraud, by any means necessary.  We also have the reconstituted ACORN out there working to register “voters”. And we have Democrats in the House of Representatives piling on.  Is this a coordinated effort?  Pshaw!

House Democrats asked secretaries of state in all 50 states to oppose new voter identification laws because they threaten the right to vote for many Americans.

“Today we are witnessing a concerted effort by Republican lawmakers across several states to place a new obstacle in front of minorities, low-income families and young people who seek to exercise their right to vote,” said Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, said in a news conference Thursday. [11/3/2011]

The Democrats made the plea in a letter in which they ask the secretaries of state to put aside partisan considerations and be vigilant against fraud and protect access to the polls for all citizens. The letter had 196 House supporters Thursday, including delegates to U.S. territories.

Hoyer said states are trying to make it harder to vote through recently passed laws that require specific types of photo identification to cast ballots, reductions in the number of early voting days and tougher laws on collecting registrations.

Several states passed such laws over the past year and other states have considered them, saying they are targeting voter fraud. …

Many, though not all, of the recently passed laws have been sponsored and supported by Republicans. Democrats, whose constituencies include large numbers of minorities, students and some elderly, have decried the laws as throwbacks to the Jim Crow era.

Isn’t it special that our representatives in the U.S. Congress are interfering in the activities of elected officials in the free and INDEPENDENT states in this Republic?  It should be obvious that there are reasons why progressives MUST push back on these STATE laws:

1. Voter registration, formerly done by ACORN, is now under stricter scrutiny.  The new laws help ensure that there are no duplicate voters, voters registered at vacant lots, dogs on the voter rolls, and no Mickey Mouses or Donald Ducks, either. 

2. Early voting and absentee ballot restrictions help to ensure that we don’t see people, like STUDENTS, voting in one state in person and by absentee in another state.  Or early voting once and then voting again, in another location.

3. Voter identification ensures that people who have registered via motor voter (another travesty of justice) prove at the polls that they are ELIGIBLE to vote.  That is, prove they’re not non-citizens, illegal aliens, or felons. Or too young to vote!  A picture ID ensures that the person presenting at the polls is the person who’s legally registered to vote:  to ensure that nobody is casting votes in someone else’s name. 

Their argument that the “poor” don’t have identification doesn’t hold water because nearly all “poor” get government benefits, which require identification. The “elderly” tend to be on Medicare. Thus they, too, have identification.  Students should not be able to use school ID cards because they don’t prove that a student is eligible to vote. Non-citizens go to our schools, too.  More from the WSJ story:

Rod Smith, chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, said his office coordinates daily with the Obama campaign on how to encourage older voters, college students and African Americans to vote by absentee ballot.

Why?  So there’s less scrutiny?  Why should the elderly vote absentee?  So staffers in nursing homes can fill out the ballots for every client, voting for the Obama of the staffers’ choice? 

Let me repeat that a vast majority of the PEOPLE of the United States want these voter identification laws to be passed and enforced.  Just as the majority of the People want our immigration laws enforced.  We have an administration, a candidate for reelection, and a political party that not only do not want laws enforced but also want to interfere in the business of states in how they go about enforcing laws.  As officers of the court, lawyers who engage in such counteroffensives should be ashamed.  Consider that word:  Counteroffensive.  Deliberately creating an offensive strike AGAINST election laws in the 50 (not 57) states.  Aren’t officers of the court sworn to uphold the LAW?

Of course, after the LFCOLB debacle, nothing should surprise us. 

By any means necessary.  Their mantra. 

Note:  My imprecise, sarcastic language was corrected, in red, on 11/5/11 as a result of a comment by astute reader azgo who pointed out that Judith Corley picked up the copies, but they may have been in a sealed envelope. h/t azgo.

27 responses to “Spring Offensive for the Obama Campaign: Fight State Laws That Ensure Fair Elections

  1. Sorry, want you guys to see this: WH rejects subpoena request for Solyndra docs…

    Yep, they’re above the law, meaning the WH, aren’t they?


    • I read that this morning. Ruemmler, his new WH counsel, claims that the 85,000 pages of stuff they did supply prove that Barry is innocent. Well, of course! Do we really expect them to willingly turn over ANYTHING without first scrub-a-dub-dubbing the hell out of every page, and maybe even making other pages up, to ensure that there’s “NO EVIDENCE” that Barry did anything wrong?

      Where is it written in the Constitution that the potus can ignore subpoenas if issued on “party line votes?” Gee, Nixon would have loved to know that rule. I’m sure had Nixon tried to use that excuse, Hillary and company would have just said, “Ok. Nevermind.”

      Ruemmler and Barry decide it’s not “responsible” to get to the bottom of how Barry’s administration LOST HALF A BILLION OF OUR DOLLARS ON THIS DEBACLE. We the People think it’s perfectly reasonable for OUR EMPLOYEES to BE RESPONSIBLE (by RESPONDING) and to ACCOUNT to us for EVERY PENNY THEY SPEND.

      They don’t want to have to spend any time reviewing the documents? Ok, so just hand them all over and let Congress review them. Or, since this administration loves transparency and the Internet, let them put them ALL ONLINE, transparently, and We the People will be more than happy to volunteer our time to pore over them and find the TRUTH.

      I notice that Ruemmler cites NO CASE LAW to explain her belief that she can decide what’s the legitimate role of our representatives or how the WH can decide how a Congressional committee should go about fulfilling their constitutionally authorized oversight responsibilities. She apparently just thinks they can assert that they are above the law. Because they just are. Because Barry just is imperial, or royal, or doesn’t have to REPORT TO HIS EMPLOYERS, THE PEOPLE AND THEIR DULY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.

      • Notice how Ruemmler wants to only hand over correspondence between the Dept. of Energy and the WH? That’s so they don’t have to hand over emails or Blackberry records between the peeps at Solyndra, their go-betweens, their lobbyists, and Barry or any of his peeps at the WH. THAT’S why they use Blackberries and personal email and meet off public property–to DELIBERATELY EVADE THE PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS LAWS.

        • Notice how Ruemmler wants to only hand over correspondence between the Dept. of Energy and the WH?

          Probably scripts from the get go… part of the plan

          We The People have an innate right to see / hear everything upon demand. everything. period.

          That’s just the way it is. in America.


  2. Well done Miri! You got to the heart of the coming election and what the non-progressives are up to. Where is our side’s Bob Bauer to counteract him and his activities? Also remember Bauer was the one going after anyone that said anything negative about Obama prior to the previous lopsided, star-studded election. He filed lawsuit after lawsuit to prevent any negative advertising of Obama’s background and agenda. I assume the media and its lefties were bought and sold as well as threatened last time too.

    I am sure Anita “Mao Loving ” Dunn Bauer is involved somehow as well. The DemocRats are beyond pathetic at this point. Hopefully, Soros will spend all his money and he will get the same results he got when he tried to buy the election where George Bush won!

    In George and Obama’s world…third world type elections are necessary to win when the people like us can’t think for ourselves. Corruption, fraud, and bribes are the way to win in their twisted minds. They see that as the only way to ensure they don’t lose. They are so myopic they can’t see that they are already total losers.

    • TY. I was thinking more about this last night. About how FAR BACK in time these tactics go. All the way back, certainly, to Gore versus Bush in 2000. They sent cadres of lawyers to every state, but especially closely contested swing states. The goals were to contest it every time an ineligible voter was turned away from the polls, to accuse election officials of voting rights violations, to intimidate them into accepting votes from people they KNEW weren’t eligible (all the illegal aliens and felons) and to get complicit progressive-leaning judges to address their false complaints about “voter intimidation” or registered voters not being able to vote. In DemocRAT-leaning districts, especially, they filed emergency lawsuits to keep the polls open LONG PAST the legally set times for polls to close. Just so THEIR voters would unfairly have longer to get rounded up and bused to the polls by ACORN. They also tried every way they could to make sure military ballots weren’t counted.

      Remember how Gore conceded and then, suddenly, the legal eagles got involved and we ended up with the hanging chad fiasco? All these thuggish tactics are endemic to the DemocRAT party, although Barry raised them to a new level back in Chicago. This plan has been in effect for over a decade, if not longer. They can’t WIN fair and square, so they cheat any way they can. It’s like with Poopstock. THEY don’t have to obey the laws. Only Tea Partiers must get permits, buy insurance, supply porta-potties, obey health laws, put up security deposits, leave at dark, not camp in public parks, etc. It’s ideological discrimination and most certainly MUST BE ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And yet, it goes on and the complicit media praise the Poopstockers and condemn the elected officials who are only doing what the people elected them to do. Enforce the law, FAIRLY, but ENFORCE IT!

      This Bauer tactic is so much like how Obama got elected every time, back in Illinois. Every campaign, some thuggish tactic was used. He’s never won fair and square. He got the complicit media to get hold of SEALED divorce papers and expose false accusations in the media, destroying Jack Ryan’s candidacy, no matter that Ryan’s KIDS were hurt, probably forever, by that thuggish tactic.

      By any means necessary. Search and destroy. Collateral damage allowed for the “greater good”, which is electing Zero. Still waiting for the media to expose on the front pages, ad nauseum, the Larry Sinclair accusations against Obama. And look into the death of the witness to Barry’s ILLEGAL activities–USING COCAINE. I could not care less about his BJs, although MO may care. May. Maybe not. Accessory to murder? That would be something well worth investigating, should the media care to get out of Sarah Palin’s trash and Herman Cain’s past.

      Obama’s entire political career has depended upon these thug tactics. Exactly like Soros’s Secretary of State project and this new campaign of intimidation of STATE elected officials. As you said, Bridgette, like the Obama Truth Squads. It’s back to the future! Over three years ago, wasn’t it, when we were writing, outraged about that travesty of justice?!

      They co-opted OUR elected officials, sheriffs and prosecutors, across the country and basically ordered them to “push back” against anybody claiming that Obama’s not a citizen or is a Muslim (both of which just may be true).

      OUR officials in LOCAL governments, complicit in these “truth squads”. Thugs. And they sent lawyers (and probably still send them) to intimidate the media. Remember the claim that FOX News got a Godfather-like “visit” from Barry’s lawyers, warning them off reporting the “birther” issue?

      What I liked most was that first sentence about how Bauer’s “quietly” planning this counteroffensive. Quietly. Behind the scenes. Making everybody an offer they can’t refuse.

      We need to shine the light on all of these cockroaches. Time for them to crawl back into the baseboards, where they belong.

    • This is going to make a great Lifetime Movie.

      hmmm, an HBO miniseries Blockbuster!


  3. Voting without photo ID pushed for all 50 states
    Just walk into a polling location, register, cast ballot immediately

    November 04, 2011 9:10 pm Eastern Snips

    A Minnesota congressman has proposed federal legislation that would impose his state’s type of voter registration – which leads the nation in voter fraud cases – on the other 49 states, according to critics who have launched online campaigns to make people are aware of the dangers of Rep. Keith Ellison’s [Muslim, Progressive DemocRat) H.R. 3316 and its companion H.R. 3317.

    “Our votes control trillions of public dollars, yet Ellison would have us believe nobody would ever steal them. We can trust everybody, right?” said a commentary posted on the Election Integrity Watch site.

    In a commentary promoting his H.R. 3316, which would banish all photo identification requirements, and H.R. 3317, which would allow people to walk into a polling location, register and vote immediately, Ellison said his intent is to curb “voter suppression.”

    “The Same Day Registration Act would require states to provide for same day voter registration for a federal election. The Voter Access Protection Act would make sure election officials cannot require photo identification in order to cast a vote or register to vote,” he said.

    Ellison, whose schemes are being cosponsored by Reps. Yvette Clarke of New York, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, Raul Grijalva of Arizona, Alcee Hastings of Florida, Barbara Lee of California, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and Jose Serrano of New York, noted that such “fraud” “seems to be occurring only within historically Democratic voting blocs like minorities and students.”

    Also posting comments on the issue was the We Want Voter ID site, which carried an image of Ellison “holding” a sign stating “Voter Fraud For All!”

    “The net effect of Ellison’s two bills is to allow anyone and everyone to cast a ballot on Election Day without any mechanism to verify their identity, citizenship, eligibility, or that they live in the state and precinct they are voting in,” it said.


    • So sad that Ellison didn’t try to get this gem passed while there was a democratically controlled House…guess they were to busy getting the rest of their radical agenda passed by Nancy! Minnesota has a couple real snakes that they voted into Congress… Franken by fraud and a result of Soros SOS, and Ellison. Aren’t you proud Minnesota?

    • I can see those ACORN buses coming across both borders now, loaded down with Mexican, Canadian, and who knows what other kind of citizens. What an idiot! But they want open borders, too, so what else could we expect? I’m actually FOR voter suppression. I want the vote of EVERY INELIGIBLE PERSON SUPPRESSED! Let’s take a guess at how many of the sponsors are communists! I guess, every damned one of them. Am I right?

    • “A more recent effort by the U.S. Department of Justice that encompassed five years resulted in just 53 convictions, the group said.

      “It’s mind-boggling to me that as a tiny non-profit corporation, we netted more than double the number of convictions in one year than the U.S. Department of Justice was able to find in five,” said Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis in a statement on the results.

      The group identified a wide range of illegal votes, including incapacitated patients at a mental health home who have guardians and are not eligible to vote to “upwards of 2,800 ineligible felons believed to have unlawfully voted in Minnesota’s 2008 general election.”

      “These convictions are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Davis. “The actual number of illegal votes cast was in the thousands. Most unlawful voters were never charged with a crime because they simply pled ignorance. We have evidence of these people casting illegal ballots, but in Minnesota, ignorance of election law is considered to be an acceptable defense.””

      That reminds me that it was the felons who voted ILLEGALLY and whose votes were counted, that put Franken over the top. He’s ILLEGALLY in the Senate and NOTHING happens now because they seated him when he LOST the damned election. It’s a travesty.

      Found a list at Gateway Pundit of “socialists” in Congress, members of DSA: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2010/08/american-socialists-release-names-of-70-congressional-democrats-in-their-caucus/

      ALL except Hastings listed, but one commenter said he WAS formerly a member. Once a commie, always a commie (I said that).

    • Yo Jimmy Carter

      phone home


  4. Look how ridiculous Ellison’s proposal is. ANYBODY who shows up can just register then and there and then get to vote.

    How, during the election, will the officials be able to VERIFY that the person is ELIGIBLE? That’s the purpose of registration. That’s why people are SUPPOSED to register in advance. Is it too much to ask, if people REALLY want to vote, that they register in time?

    Election administrators need time to verify a person’s eligibility. For one thing, they send paperwork back to the address the person gives, to ENSURE that the person really lives in the district.

    How will they make sure of this on election day? How will they check the person’s citizenship on election day? (Maybe ACORN will supply them all with digital images on a WH blog!)

    How will they crosscheck with other districts and even other STATES to make sure that the person isn’t voting multiple times, in multiple districts?

    They won’t be able to, which is exactly Ellison’s goal. ACORN can load buses full of people and take them from place to place, have them register there and then vote there.

    THEN the lawyers will show up, threatening and hollering, “Count every vote!” Then the lawsuits will fly. Then time will pass.

    As with Franken, UNELECTED people will get seated before the election is settled because they’ll litigate for months over which votes to count and which to throw out.

    Ellison wants to be able to see how an election’s going and then round up and bus to polls however many people they need to swing the election illegally in their favor.

    These people have NO SHAME. They’re snakes. I can’t believe they’re allowed in Congress.

    Of what use is Ellison’s oath to uphold the law? He has no honor, does he? It’s part of his religion, btw. Is that insensitive? I don’t care. It’s TRUE.

  5. I just found this story, over a week old, at 24th State, which documents much of what I was talking about above, how the DemocRATS have long used these thug tactics and also co-opted LOCAL officials for their schemes:

    “On presidential election night 2000 I was working the 3rd district and responded to an auto accident at Jefferson and Arsenal after polling times had closed. The driver advised she was driving in a hurry to vote and she was just contacted by Jessie Jackson to vote and that the polls were open all night. I remember laughing at her statements when an all points bulletin was broadcast over the police radio that the polling places in the City of St. Louis were being kept open by a court order issued by Judge Evelyn Baker. … When I returned home after my tour of duty I too received the ROBO call from Jesse Jackson on my voicemail imploring me to vote after the polls had closed. I also learned the next day that Al Gore had called KMOX radio and he requested the radio station to broadcast that voting had been extended in St. Louis City. The ROBO calls, the phony disenfranchised voters and Al Gore’s attempt to get out the vote was all staged to alter the presidential election. Forget the rules.”

  6. After all the obvious actions of this Marxist government, my questions are:
    What can we do if fraud is present in the 2012 elections?
    Who’s in our government has the authority to abolish this Marxist President and his administration of Anti-Americans?
    I refuse to believe that not a single Military Force in our Nation will come up and remove this Marxist fraud to save our Country from a complete dictatorship! Tell me that there’s hope in America!

    • Texas, I believe there’s ALWAYS hope. What can we do to prevent fraud? Push back. We can make it clear to ALL our representatives, locally, at the state level, at the federal level, that We the People WANT voter identification (with photos) at the polls on election day and that ONLY registered, LEGAL voters should be allowed to cast ballots. We are the 75%. By the DemocRAT’s standard, that more than makes us the majority, and to them, the majority RULES. We also need to push back and make our voices heard, yet again, about illegal immigration. ENFORCE the laws now. Never again should ANY illegal alien be allowed to vote in our elections.

    • If there wasn’t hope we wouldn’t have seen the shellacking of Democrats in 2010! I believe things have gotten worse and their demise is imminent for 2012. Hopefully, we will start seeing the corrupt ones being indicted..and ending up in prison where so many belong. They can hide now under the Obama – Holder umbrella…but it doesn’t really appear to be working, does it? It is one scandal after another, and although the mainstream doesn’t want to report accurately, truthfully, or fairly….people are getting and spreading the information about treason, racketeering, corruption,theft, fraud, etc. It is way past time for the patriotic adults to put our nation in order, and shove the communists back into the sewers. Free speech laws do not mean that people can try to deliberately destroy our country through their anti-American rhetoric, and I, for one, am sick of it!

      The information the mainstream ignores is picked up by blogs, like ours, and publishes the facts that people should know about their “elected” anti-Americans in Congress, and the corruption of the hijacked, anti-American DemocRatic party.

      As the election draws nearer, expect to see many playing the CYA game..when they begin to see the once Silent Majority is silent no more. They will be running scared, and the desperate will try to achieve their goals no matter how they do it.

      It would be great to start hearing from the Republicans what they plan to do with the Leftists once they are in power. Newt did say that he knows how to get rid of them and to deal with them. Now it is up to the people in the polls to show their disdain and rejection of the Marxists/Communists who infiltrated our government on all levels. It is also time to put an end to the Soros organizations that are getting taxpayer money to sustain themselves…illegally obtained money by claiming they aren’t a political organization..i.e., Moveon.org.

      • You said a mouthful in that last sentence! Agree totally. Why doesn’t MoveOn.org pay its FAIR SHARE? Why do they evade taxes by lying about being a political organization? Same for all of Soros’s progressive think tanks and “charities”. ACORN? We saw how they acted when the TRUTH came out about their illegal funding of Poopstock. Still wondering if anybody in Congress took note. Surely it’s illegal to collect money on the pretense of using it for charity and then spend it instead on anarchists. Fraud? Why don’t all those descendants of ACORN pay their “fair share” of taxes?

  7. Hi Miri,
    Just wanted wanted to make a quick comment about the beginning part of your article (second paragraph).

    “He who introduced the world to the real, authentic, three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate.”

    I think you are being somewhat ridiculing with this statement and no blame, but I will have to say, the real, authentic, three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate, as stated, can only be “purported” as there is no conclusive evidence that the actual genuine document was at the WH Gaggle event.

    Even Samantha Guthrie’s photograph is no conclusive evidence of anything as no photos were allowed at the Gaggle and we don’t know exactly when or even exactly where the photo was taken, besides, does her touch and feel authenticate what she photographed as being knowledgeable on [HI] document authentication knowing the two and three dimensional security features as prescribed by HI laws/rules? If she does, she sure didn’t explain those features to us as any sort of informed reporter. She may have ‘snuck’ the photo against usual WH Gaggle rules, per say, (off camera and only pen and pad, not for audio.), and this may be why the photo was not featured on her MSNBC news report as compiled and updated 4/27/2011 7:28:36 PM ET. (Her photos are only hidden in her file on a photo archive web site.)

    “well, i was actually given an opportunity to look at this birth certificate today. i felt the raised seal, i saw the names, the date, the place of birth.”
    (See the transcript below the video.)

    “Judith Corley, who is the only person known to have actually seen whatever it was that the Hawaiian Department of Health produced in April,…”

    We don’t know if Judith Corley actually saw the purported documents as her job was to pick up and carry them to DC. The documents could have been sealed in an envelope.

    As for electronic document image production as released to us, that could have happened here: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Area+51,+NV&hl=en&ll=37.236889,-115.810318&spn=0.430224,0.666046&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=56.506174,85.253906&vpsrc=1&hq=Area+51,+NV&t=h&z=11

    • azgo, if you know anything about me, you know I’m always being “somewhat ridiculing.” I might prefer to call it ironic. Tongue-in-cheek. Sarcastic. Irreverent?

      Of course I’m ridiculing them. It’s the only way that I can deal with the Obamanation–return the favor, Alinsky style.

      I don’t believe for a NY minute that there is any three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate from Hawaii that looks EXACTLY like what’s been presented to the world. Not in Hawaii. Not in DC. Not at Perkins-Coie. Nowhere. It doesn’t exist, just as Abercommie told us.

      When I wrote, “real, authentic, three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate”, I was alluding to what they want the world to believe it is. Unfortunately, either a good part of the world believes it or else they’re pretending to, for whatever reason. I wrote an entire post about Ms. Savannah’s visit with the supposed LFCOLB: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/a-tangled-web-tales-of-obamas-lfcolb-part-one/ Asked some questions that I was hoping somebody would be able to answer. So far, don’t think anyone has. Even tried to figure out which room in the WH those photos were purportedly taken in. Think it was Barry’s private office which is considered part of the residence and therefore not “public” property, per se. According to tradition. We gave you some background on Ms. Savannah and HER connections to these Obamabots. She didn’t sneak any photos; she was chosen to have an audience with it. And what looked to me like a stack of similar documents, right next to it on the table. But, I may be wrong. Unlike Barry, I am mortal and do make mistakes. He, as you know, has always done everything right and every choice he’s made over the last three years has been the right one. He recently told us so.

      Here’s another post about the LFCOLB: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/blackberry-brambles-tales-of-obamas-lfcolb-part-two/
      And I linked to the story about the Gaggle in this post, but here’s the link again: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/obama-long-form-gaggledygook/
      I even wrote one about the SFCOLB: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/jeepers-freepers-tales-of-obamas-sfcolb/ Be sure to read the comments where Dr. P. explains all. btw, noticed the other day that he has a new video about my “favorite” folks at FactCheck: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/11/dr-ron-polland-slam-dunk-evidence.html

      RIGHT YOU ARE, AZGO. We don’t know if Corley saw the purported documents. They might have been in a sealed envelope that’s now sitting in a vault at Perkins-Coie. Or in the bowels of the WH. I told you I can be wrong!

      I do believe, however, that she picked up SOMETHING. That was Kabuki theater to create a bogus “provenance” for the Gaggle “document” AND to get the HDOH off the hook. Or so they thought.

      They might be copies of his original bc: maybe created in 2008 based upon an affidavit submitted by his “grandmother”. Or maybe copies of his sealed amended bc–the one showing his adoption by whomever. Or maybe one of those Hawaiian certifications of live birth with his real name or his real birth parents on it. One with all that embarrassing information that had to be “cauterized”. Or maybe even a certificate of Hawaiian birth!

      Area 51! Good one, azgo. Welcome back.

  8. Hi Miri,
    “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Savannah “Samantha” Guthrie could only have been bewitched by her own magic to produce those photos from somewhere at sometime out of nothing shown at the local gaggle and briefing, but most definitely silly-poly-tics. (Sorry about the misname in my earlier comment.)

    The whole April 27th event was a quick scandalous 66 minute, done, over, no issue, no more questions, no more answers, officeholder is real, see you again in 2013, Mr. Bauer we got ’em, fiasco. Funny how our government officials work!

    Great reporting in regard to your article. I think I understand it correctly, but does an allegedly eligible (unproven) candidate’s campaign want to overturn state laws to gain votes? Funny how our politicians work!

    Thanks for the welcome back and article reminders …I’ll be back after I try to get jopps at Area 51! (p.s. – I hope ya didn’t look at Area 51 too long, cuz, ya know, …they’ll come after ya.)

    • azgo, I didn’t even notice that you mistakenly called her Samantha. I can understand the error, though, because she was hoping we’d be bewitched into believing those photos are real. Or maybe that her sexiness in the city of DC would distract enquiring minds. 🙂

      Since we know nothing about Barry’s “provenance”, maybe he was recently thawed from a storage locker at Area 51. He does resemble the descriptions–tall, skinny, creepy long fingers, coconut head. Also, since alien is his first language, he needs that brain implant connected to TOTUS to speak smoothly.


    By Larry Klayman
    WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary
    © 2011
    November 04, 2011


    “The left continues its attack on Wall Street, and not without cause. While several conservative commentators have denounced it, as I have written in recent columns, “We the People” are more than fed up; we are at the end of a long line of failed leadership and unanswered grievances. Indeed, reports today are that the so-called budget deal – long pushed down the road by both Democrats and Republicans – is yet another sham, with paltry cuts to our over-bloated budget. This is just one example of the failed leadership that has brought our nation to its knees.”


    “It’s time for conservatives, libertarians, people of faith and other concerned citizens to also take to the streets. Gandhi, a man not just of conviction but also faith, used civil disobedience to effectively challenge despotic governments in South Africa and India. We can do the same. It’s not a left or right issue. It’s called survival – before our nation collapses totally under the weight not only of political and judicial corruption, but the lack of morality, ethics and spirituality in our general populace.”


    “Our Founding Fathers recognized in 1776, even before they declared the colonies’ independence from Great Britain, that no form of government would survive if the people themselves were as corrupt and irreligious as the politicians and kings they despised. Founding Father and second American president, John Adams, forecast just 13 days before signing the Declaration of Independence that we can change our rulers and forms of government many times, but without ethics, morality and religion there would be no lasting liberty. He later emphasized, after our country won its freedom and ratified our Constitution, that “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. … Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. … We have no constitution which functions in the absence of a moral people.”

    “We must rise up, stop our corrupt government and its enablers in their tracks, peacefully and with the force of our Lord, and rebuild with the vision of our Founding Fathers. This will not be easy. With each successive generation, our nation has grown more corrupt. But we need to make a start and take strong action and do so forcefully as “One Nation Under God,” because the end is otherwise not far off.

    Let us once again occupy Washington with God!”

    Read The Full Outstanding Exclusive Commentary & Article Here: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=364193

  10. I don’t know if I can read Leo’s blog anymore. He has found out very good things, but the stance that he’s taking, I just don’t understand after seeing the nation go down. If he wants to take that route, then that’s his route. I wrote to him talking about a lady, Dr. Laurie Roth, that is a talk show host and is a conservative and is not afraid to take a stand on BO. I can’t call BO my president. Leo is asking too much to say to us to respectfully call BO a president. Can you guys call BO president? I can’t. I take the P&E’s stand on that one.

    Also, I don’t hate Obama, I just don’t think that he’s legit to be a president, he’s against our constitution and, well, he could make a good used car salesman, I guess.

  11. How you guys read the stuff about Dr. Laurie Roth? She’s an amazing lady.
    I have never heard of her before. You must research her, please. http://therothshow.com/home07.htm

    There are stories out about her from Canada Free Press too. Like when she almost died in a fatal accident, was like 2 minutes away from dying and was messed up. She’s a strong and brilliant lady, it seems.


    So I wrote to her explaining Leo’s work and the 25 sabotaged cases, etc., and for her to research them. Now I don’t know if I should write her back and say, oh, never mind.

  12. Correction, typo: So I wrote to you explaining
    I meant, so I wrote to HER…
    Also, I explained his work and all the links, etc. I gave your link, as well as the Examiner and some other link about the Justiagate issue.
    When you go and read Leo’s last comment, do you think that I should write her back and say never mind?

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