The Ultimate Lawn Sign! (Open Thread)

Posted by Bridgette

A Great Lawn Sign!

Overheard…a unemployed guy set-up a roadside business off a major highway and next to an exit.   He started a new business..Removing “Obama 2008” and “Obama for President”  bumper stickers from cars!  Now that is ingenuity!

After two days work, he had to hire two additional employees!    It might be considered a people-oriented, private sector  business!  It  definitely is not one that is government sponsored!   

  Get  Ready for 2012!    Rid Your Bumper of Obama in 5 Minutes! 

36 responses to “The Ultimate Lawn Sign! (Open Thread)

  1. Good yard sign. I want one! No, on second thought, I’ll pass. The obots would egg my house.

    I’m partial to that bumpersticker that says, “A Village in Kenya Has Lost Its Idiot.” But I wouldn’t want my car vandalized, so will pass on that, too.

    So much for valuing free speech as far as obots are concerned. They don’t take kindly to dissent or anyone varying from their groupthink ideology.

    Say, I like that guy’s entrepreneurial spirit. Who says Barry didn’t create jopssss?

  2. Miri,
    This is so funny. I came here to tell you that I’ve seen the sign above, and it’s a good one. However, the Village in Kenya one was the one that I came to tell you about. Also, one time we were driving through a little Texas town, and on a bank it had that “Village in Kenya” sign on the bank’s door, which it took up the whole door. It was like a banner. So it’s obvious that they didn’t like Barky either.

  3. Since this is an open thread, I thought I’d post this “wake-up” call information here:

    HomeLand Security Plans to Kill USA Citizens

    “HR 8791 – Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill”

    Listen at the 1:38 mark: “[…] a new BILL OF RIGHTS shall be drafted and approved by – CLASSIFIED. Having now reviewed the bill, I ask you to please cast your votes.”

    A Comment Under This Video:

    “Did you hear that at the end? “A new BILL OF RIGHTS shall be drafted and approved by classified.” IOW your right to bear arms will end, your freedom of speech will end, search and siezure only with a GJ indictment will end, the right not to incriminate yourself will end, soldiers could occupy your home without consent of lawmakers, trial by jury of peers will end, etc. etc. – signalrambo 1 year ago”

    * * * *

    Barack Obama’s Martial Law Plans Revealed!!

    * * * *

    Michael Savage – Martial Law Will Likely Be Declared Soon in America – (August 14, 2009)

    * * * *

    Martial Law Coming and Checkpoints are in play!

    * * * *




    “Why did the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), whose Chairman was Stephen Friedman (a Goldman Sachs board member who resigned from the New York Fed earlier this year when it was revealed that he had made $5 million by purchasing shares in GS with the knowledge that AIG would be paying counterparties at par and that Goldman would be getting a $13 billion windfall — when no one else had this information) and whose President was none other than current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, why did this New York Fed choose to pay AIG’s counterparties 100 cents on the dollar when AIG itself had been negotiating for steep haircuts with claimants, AND why did they then pressure AIG executives to keep quiet about the decision even discouraging AIG from disclosing the ‘par-payments’ to its shareholders in required SEC filings?

    We’ll leave the decision itself (which was fraudulent, borderline criminal, and the reasoning given – a complete joke), for another post and focus on the cover-up. Certainly it riled up Congressman Darrell Issa who fired off an angry letter last Friday to AIG management and the New York Fed, demanding the following from both:”

    Read More Here:

  5. Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

    * * * *

    Fema camp locations in the US

  6. Obama World War 3 Martial Law FEMA Extermination Camps Exposed!

    * * * *

    Top Secret Obama 2012 World War 3 Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy!

    * * * *

    Depopulation Plans Exposed! Hal Lindsey

    * * * *

  7. Depopulation Plans Exposed! Hal Lindsey

        • now just remember what that black african man said were the three things that the West needed to get rid of Gadaffi were and watch the last two vids I posted. Make Sense? Now go study who the real Zionists/Kazharians/false jews are. If you do, you will understand who’s behind the lead up to a WW111, and you will be enlightened that the Orthodox jews are not in this ballgame.Oh < and then follow Mark Ndesandjo again and his trip to Israel to visit the (questionable/not recognized as a true authority on the Torah) chief Rabbi Yuna Metzger(Ashkenazi Jewish Rabbi,indeited for taking bribes). Folks need to follow Mark more closely.

          • Alf, I have posted many times over and over on connecting names to RUTH as well as RUS name and the Duchy of Luthania area.

            Khazars – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            The Khazars succeeded in holding off the Arabs, but a young, expanding Rus’ state vanquished the Khazar empire in the late 10th century. Medieval Ruthenian epic poems mention Ruthenian warriors fighting the Jewish Giant (Богатырь Жидовин).[17]

            Between 965 and 969, Khazar sovereignty was broken by Sviatoslav I of Kiev. They became a subject people of Kievan Rus’. Gradually displaced by the Rus’, the Kipchaks, and later the conquering Mongol Golden Horde, the Khazars largely disappeared as a culturally distinct people.

          • Don’t trust Wicki to give you any indepth information on this . There will have to be more digging and I know it’s hard to go off in another direction,but the Kazhars (yes, possibly, reddish hair, features) ,thought to be also of Nordic decendencey inCaspasus mountain ranges, what was once part of Asia Minor (Istanbul, Turkey). A people very barbaric, but politically savy, controling much of the trade routes and controling certain factions from warring with one another as well. After modeling themselves after the jews there and taking on their religious ideologies and practices as well, which worked in their favor to gain vast amount of wealth and control…..The Kazhar empire…..There is dispute about different times of their rule and appearance in relation to other events in history and the bible. Anyway, they slowly devolved and warred and broke apart aroung time of Roman Byzantine empires and many went to German areas eastern european areas ,Ireland, some back into, the balkans and also into areas,migrating or escaping along with other groups to Jerusalem, seria Jordon ,Asian countries as well.Dna shows there are two distinct groups of people claiming to be of Jewish (a word not in the early testament) ancestery. This group belonging to the group of what’s called “round headed jews (like the ashkenazi) as opposed to Long headed. The main thing is whether they were hebrew or not, they were claiming jewish heretiage and still todaY THE MYTH that we’ve all been fed is that all the jews are going back to their promised land to wait for the messiah.The Rothschilds fall into this group of jews who personally I think are evil , as we see them show up in Germany, even though they can probably be traced much further, this is where we see the destruction through the banks today in our country. You’ll note, I’ve skipped alot of documented history, biblically and historically, but everyone should look into the Zionists history. It’s Lord Rothschild that Balfour is writing to about the jews and a place to give all jews a homeland , this is just after the Bolshevick (jewish) revolution and creating a pauper’s Russia. This is after much work of one Zionist Jew Hershel. Here, before I totally botch what I am trying to tell you read some of this, even if you just skim it for now, you’ll be enriched. The Anti’defamation league is one of largest propaganda organizations there is with huge amounts of money to keep anti-jewish fire going so we keep the guilt and fund what is necessary for their Zionist plans. Don’t be fooled, this is not what many orthodox jews wish for. Think about it why would GOD give a false government like the UN the power to set up his kingdom? These Zionist jews will use Moslems, Arabs , and the Christians ,whoever to fight their wars for them, (just like the Kazhars did 1500 years ago). They are the ones when all is said and done will help bring about the Wars of destruction and set up a false religion and one world religion and gov. Think I’m looney, you can just start asking yourself any question you please about the jews and then study history, the talmud, Noahide laws, (Mormons will have their place in history)-notice who seems to be highest in the polls even if they are controversial ). Notice who they are trying to keep down despite the attention they are drawing…..Ron Paul…..who doesn’t belong to Trilateral Commision…is Somewhat carefully anti-zionist. Cain who does not make a distinction between any jewish people (most common) is a maleable candidate,because he says he will protect the jews ……A little scarey when I think , OK his 999 plan…….could it work so well, that it becomes 666, and now all candidates seem to want to minimize our tax paperwork to a simple post card…………..

            just a taste of this and then get your bible out, things will never look the same. You’ll notice when jesus has his biggest anger fit, it’s over the Pharicees and there money lending practices in the temple. See what he tells them…..that they are not his chosen people….they are counterfitters…..what is one of the biggest no’s throughout the bible…’s about usury (loaning money) charging interest…..making the borrower slave to the lender. Next look up how many times throughout history (though much is covered up) Jews were allowed to own slaves, from biblical times up to Christopher Columbus’s jewish partners, and even the Dutch Jews owning, shipping slaves along with their Moslem business partners…….I know I am on a rant, but this must be explored. Keeping racial tensions works to zionists favor, but blacks are finally realizing the lies of the false peace profits . Even the whole idea of antisemitism is a hoax and we’ve fallen for it.So many of our Christian leaders have collaborated or fallen for it as well. We must find out for ourselves…..God will protect his chosen people no matter if they are in jerusalem or not, they are a nation unto him, and many as early as 70 a.d.(more people saved than anytime in history combined, along with many of his chosen people of the tribe of Judah…..Christian Jews.



    “On 10/25/11 Liberty Legal Foundation filed two simultaneous lawsuits against the Democratic Party. Both lawsuits request injunctions prohibiting the Party from certifying that Obama is Constitutionally qualified to run for the office of President in the 2012 election. Without such a certification from the Party, Obama will not appear on any ballot in the 2012 general election. (TN Complaint) (Federal Complaint)

    Neither lawsuit discuss Obama’s place of birth or his birth certificate. These issues are completely irrelevant to our argument. LLF’s lawsuit simply points out that the Supreme Court has defined “natural-born citizen” as a person born to two parents who were both U.S. citizens at the time of the natural-born citizen’s birth. Obama’s father was never a U.S. citizen. Therefore, Obama can never be a natural-born citizen. His place of birth is irrelevant.

    Despite numerous legal challenges, no case to date has been able to get a hearing on the merits related to Obama’s natural-born status. We have studied all of these cases in order learn from the rulings and avoid the pitfalls that stopped those lawsuits. We learned that the only entity remaining that can be held responsible for vetting a candidate’s qualifications to hold office, is the political party that nominates the candidate. All states rely upon the truthfulness of representations by the political parties, that their candidates are qualified to hold the federal office for which they are nominated. By naming the National Democratic Party as the defendant we not only target the entity responsible for vetting their candidate, we also avoid taking on any state or federal government.
    The Democratic Party is a private entity, without any government immunities or government procedural advantages.

    We also learned that Presidential candidates that are registered with the Federal Election Commission have standing to ask a court to keep another candidate off the ballot. That’s why two of our lead plaintiffs are FEC-registered Presidential Candidates.

    Because we have lead plaintiffs that are Presidential Candidates, and because those plaintiffs are also Liberty Legal members, Liberty Legal has standing to sue as well. If one plaintiff has standing to sue, all plaintiffs have standing to sue.

    **** You can join our lawsuit as a class member and be part of this challenge! We have a class for all people that object to having a Presidential candidate appear on the ballot who is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office. If you agree that the Constitution should be followed, please add your voice to ours. Please join our class action lawsuit to protect the legitimacy of the ballot.


    Get to know our Presidential Candidate Lead Plaintiff
    John Albert Dummett Jr.”

  9. Do you believe this one? They claim they found that missing $6.6 billion from Iraq!

    “”The mystery of $6 billion that seemed to go missing in the early days of the Iraq war has been resolved, according to a new report,” CNN national security producer Charles Keyes reported Wednesday. “New evidence shows most of that money, $6.6 billion, did not go astray in that chaotic period, but ended up where it was supposed to be, under the control of the Iraqi government, according to a report from the office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction or SIGIR.”… After the Coalition Provision Authority dissolved in 2004, however, it wasn’t clear where the funds had gone, the previous SIGIR report said. But apparently, the money was properly transferred to accounts held at the Central Bank of Iraq, the new SIGIR report found.

    “But the inspector general’s new report says almost all the $6.6 billion was properly handed over to Iraq and its Central Bank,” Keyes writes. “‘SIGIR was able to account for the unexpected [Development Fund of Iraq] funds remaining in DFI accounts when the [Coalition Provisional Authority] dissolved in June 2004,’ the new report says. ‘Sufficient evidence exists showing that almost all of the remaining $6.6 billion remaining was transferred to actual and legal [Central Bank of Iraq] control.'””

    SURE! I believe it. NOT!

    “Enough is enough. Congress must assert its responsibility under Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. It is Congress, not the president, that is vested by the people with legislative power. The Senate must do what the House has repeatedly done and stand up to this administration – or voters must elect a Senate that will.”

    The Congress-Optional POTUS! Exactly. Congress is allowing themselves to be steamrolled. We the People are the losers.


    The mob mentality post has been updated twice with more instances of racially motivated crimes perpetrated against whites by mobs of blacks.


    This is a very explosive story about a Muslim guy Napolitano gave security clearance to who then accessed official intelligence databases, took records, and tried to sell them to a left-leaning media outfit, hoping to prove Islamophobia in TEXAS. She was grilled in a hearing about this, pretended not to know about this, and said she’d investigate. I saw the video of her on Atlas Shrugs. She’s so smug at the end, when the congressman’s time ran out, that I would have loved to be there to smack her smarmy face. This woman is not only incompetent, she’s a danger to this country. Why the attitude, Janet?
    Is it just me, or does she remind you of that other incompetent Janet: Reno? Where do they dig these “gals” up, anyway?

  13. I have to share with you some things I heard a radio host say about Obama this morning. His name is Jamie Allman. He said (paraphrasing) that Obama seems to be a sociopath or perhaps a psychopath, based upon how he behaves, how he will not take responsibility for anything he does, and even blames the victims of his policies. He said it’s like Munchausen by proxy, where Obama deliberately harms the country so he can then ride in on a white horse to “save” the country.

    He also said that you can see people who behave exactly like Obama by going to any prison and interviewing the inmates. To a one, they are innocent of the crimes they committed, blame their victims for making them do it, lie, cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for their actions, and always say that someone or something else MADE them do it.

    He kept going back to the sociopath theme. (Of course, we pointed this out before the 2008 election. He’s a narcissist, too.) He used the analogy of how a bully will take a smaller child’s hand and hit the kid in the face with his own hand and then ask him, “Why do you keep hitting yourself?”

    FINALLY someone with a voice is calling it like it is. Not that Beck and Limbaugh haven’t, and others. But this is somewhat of a breakthrough because this guy was in the lamestream media before he got his relatively middle-of-the-road radio show.

    • RIYADH – A Saudi royal offered a $900,000 reward to anyone who captures an Israeli soldier, on Saturday. Prince Khaled bin Talal, the brother of business tycoon and Fox News co-owner Walid bin Talal, told the Saudi-based broadcaster Al Daleel that the captive would then be released in exchange for Arabs held in Israeli prisons.

      Khaled’s offer comes days after the prominent Saudi cleric, Awad al-Qarni, put $100,000 on the head of every Israeli soldier.

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