MoveOn Co-opts OWS. Organizes Run On Banks? To What End?

© Miri WTPOTUS October 23, 2011 is an organization with a long history of “progressive” political activism, beginning with the campaign to prevent the impeachment of President Clinton over the Lewinsky affair.  More recently, MoveOn was famously behind the despicable “General Betray Us” ad. Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation.  As such, it enjoys tax breaks and is supposed to conform to this description:

501(c)(4) organizations are generally civic leagues and other corporations operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, or local associations of employees with membership limited to a designated company or people in a particular municipality or neighborhood, and with net earnings devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes.

How is it in the interest of the US government to give tax exempt status to an organization that currently plots to damage the U.S. economy?  How does deliberately damaging the economy serve to promote “social welfare?”  How is it “charitable” to do so? 

It’s important to comprehend the connection between MoveOn and the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) astroturfed “movement”, and then to recognize the connection both groups have to Barack Hussein Obama II and his professed desire to “fundamentally transform America.”

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones report:

We are now seeing the ‘Occupy’ movement advocate Americans withdraw all their money simultaneously, in an effort to cause a run on the banks. The first such campaign is labeled “Bank Transfer Day,” and will take place on November 5. Banks are already preventing people from closing their accounts, and there were arrests made at a branch of Citibank in New York this past weekend.

Should the White House’s support for the demonstrators embolden them to initiate a successful nationwide campaign for a run on the banks, the subsequent collapse of the banking system would make Lehman Brothers look like a walk in the park. Obama could then blame the demonstrators for the collapse and thereby disguise the fact that it was precipitated by the Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing, which has been fully supported by his administration at every turn. … With Obama lobbying group now moving to completely infiltrate and direct the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Obama campaign will increasingly attempt to align itself with the protesters in a bid to isolate Obama’s political opposition.

Paul Joseph Watson further elucidates:

The front page of the [the Occupy Wall Street webpage] proudly announces … “Together we will protest this great injustice. We stand in solidarity with the honest workers of…” …

What is is a lobbying organization that routinely backs Democratic candidates. The group aggressively supported Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign and is now “Perhaps the lead lobby organization for his policies….apart from Obama’s own Organizing for America,” reports Source Watch.

When MoveOn organized an online donation drive for Obama which raised $320,000, the Obama campaign responded in kind with the legally dubious action of paying MoveOn $18,000 in “credit card processing fees”.

The group also received a $5 million dollar donation from George Soros, who is a keen supporter.

Notable is that this slogan appears on the OWS webpage:

the only solution is WorldRevolution

So have no doubt about their goal, which is to destroy the government of the USA, to incite a “revolution”, by bringing down the US economy.  This very plan has been espoused by communist “thinkers” for decades, including Bill Ayers.

While it’s true that MoveOn campaigns for Obama, there are actually two entities that comprise MoveOn, according to Wikipedia: Political Action is a federal political action committee, and was formerly known as MoveOn PAC. It contributes to the campaigns of many candidates across the country. MoveOn calls the legal structure of MoveOn Civic Action that of “a California nonprofit public benefit corporation” and Political Action that of “a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation,” and refers to both corporations collectively as “MoveOn”.

Last March, Scott Baker of The Blaze wrote about a campaign of “economic terrorism” proposed by Stephen Lerner, a community organizer associated with SEIU and now credited by Wikipedia with founding the OWS movement. 

In March 2011 Lerner told an audience at Pace University in Manhattan of his five-point plan to undermine the entire U.S. economy, a campaign to be led by the SEIU and other unions, with selected community groups serving as fronts. At the meeting he explained the beginning moment for what would become the Occupy Wall Street movement: “So, a bunch of us around the country are thinking about who would be a really good company to hate? We decided that would be JPMorgan Chase.”

Scott Baker wrote,

As we reported this week, [Stephen] Lerner — a hero among progressives — was caught on tape discussing a planned “mortgage strike” against the country’s largest banking institutions, specifically including JP Morgan Chase. In a recording uncovered from a leftist conference last weekend in New York, Lerner describes how homeowners “strategically defaulting” on home loans would force banks to negotiate in a redistribution of wealth scheme with far-reaching economic consequences.

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck labeled Lerner’s plan “economic terrorism” and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the potential threat.

Baker went on to report an interchange between MSNBC reporter Dylan Ratigan and Lerner:

RATIGAN: The one thing that strikes me that you could run into in trying to organize a larger group of people around this, is very explicit banking law, unique law that applies explicitly only to banks that effectively makes it illegal to do any form of organizing or work that could directly result, for instance, in a run on the banks. And is there not a risk that a large collection of mortgage holders refusing to pay could run a foul of that law?

LERNER: It would be a terrific irony because since nobody’s been prosecuted in the massive run of the banks and all the hedge funds and all the deals where people bet against and tripled down on different bets, it would sure be ironic if people interpreted homeowners exerting their right to be causing a run on the bank; that’s not the goal at all. In fact, but going backwards, I think it would be great if people investigated and prosecuted for all the things the banks did that most normal people would consider a form of the run on the bank. I’m not worried about that because what we’re talking about is perfectly legal, it’s perfectly lawful.

BUT IS IT?  Even if he’s correct, if it’s technically legal, is it not, all the same, morally reprehensible?  Now we come back to and their “support” for OWS.  Here’s the text of an email currently making the rounds:

From: Lenore Palladino, Civic Action

 Subject: Plan to Make Wall Street Pay in ***Redacted***

Can you step up to organize a meeting in ***Redacted*** to Make Wall Street Pay?

Organize a Meeting

I can’t organize a meeting this time, but keep me informed.  

Dear MoveOn member,

Have you felt the energy that’s sweeping the country? People are frustrated with a system that only works for the top 1%. And, thanks to the brave protesters at Occupy Wall Street and around the world, more people than ever are talking about how we can Make Wall Street Pay to get an economy that works for everyone.1

All that energy means we have an opportunity to be a part of new ambitious campaigns across the country, including in ***Redacted***, to hold the big Wall Street banks accountable. That’s why, as we continue to support occupations nationwide, we’re also organizing Make Wall Street Pay meetings from October 23-26. The idea is to set a time in each community when MoveOn members and others can come together to determine how to Make Wall Street Pay in our communities—from stopping illegal foreclosures, to forcing the big banks to pay their fair share in taxes, to closing our personal accounts at the big Wall Street banks and urging our schools, municipalities, and other institutions to do the same.

There are plenty more folks in ***Redacted*** who are inspired and will join in if given the opportunity, but only if someone volunteers to set up this meeting. Can you?

Yes, I can organize a meeting to help plan the best ways to Make Wall Street Pay in ***Redacted***.

I can’t organize a meeting this time, but keep me informed.
November is full of opportunities to keep the momentum growing to Make Wall Street Pay. But every community is different, which is why it’s so essential that someone step up to lead people in ***Redacted*** to plan the best ways to take action.

Your group could plan a November 5 Make Wall Street Pay action against big banks, a solidarity action with the Occupy Wall Street movement, or focus on local campaigning to move our money from the big banks. This may be a chance to launch new campaigns, or bring more people into campaigns that are already in motion. What happens in ***Redacted*** is up to you.

Can you organize a campaign planning meeting in ***Redacted***?

Yes, I can organize a meeting to help plan the best ways to Make Wall Street Pay in ***Redacted***.

I can’t organize a meeting this time, but keep me informed.

Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Ryan, Joan, Laura, and the rest of the team


1. “Thousands join NYC protest against corporate greed,” The San Francisco Chronicle, October 16, 2011

MoveOn blog has multiple versions of this form letter, aimed at communities across the country.  The blog states:

In addition to providing all the support we can to #OccupyWallStreet, at MoveOn we’re scrambling to launch a huge campaign to make Wall Street pay. We’re organizing mass meetings in hundreds of cities. We’ve hired filmmakers to tell the stories that the mainstream media are ignoring. We’re turning up the heat on the banks by helping people move their money. And we’re helping organize two major national days of protest in November.

Together, we can make sure this momentum keeps building. But this all takes money—for materials, coordination, tech, and supporting thousands of volunteers. This is the moment. Can you chip in $5? …

Here are just a few of the things we’re doing:

Building tools to help you, along with cities, pension funds, and universities, take money out of the banks that crashed our economy and keep profiting by hurting the 99%

•Participating in a massive “Make Wall Street Pay” global day of action for November 5, where we all put those tools to move our money to use.

WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN CONSPIRING TO CREATE A RUN ON BANKS?  A run on banks that MoveOn claims crashed the economy in 2008?  TALK ABOUT HURTING THE 99%!!!  Why would they punish the banks by crashing the economy again, thereby WIPING OUT THE SAVINGS, ONCE AGAIN, OF HARD-WORKING AMERICANS? 

When banks are damaged by these actions, what happens to the savings of middle class people across the country

What happens to the value of their pension funds?  Their IRAs?  Their 401(k)s?

What happens to the jobs of those employed by the banks? 

Where’s the logic of bailing out those banks–something that was supported BY BARACK OBAMA–just to turn around and deliberately attempt to damage those same banks, destroying the economy once again, three years after the fact and after the banks have repaid taxpayers’ money?  

What exactly do they mean when they say they’re developing “tools” to help people move their money?  Cyberattack-type tools?  Something similar to using computerized trading to crash the stock market, as Rep. Kanjorski suggested was done in 2008, deliberately? 

This is blatant. Out there for all to see. What is Congress doing to prevent the deliberate destruction of our economy by communist wannabes?

I am outraged that citizens of this country would even consider deliberately taking such actions to harm their fellow citizens.

I call upon all Americans, regardless of political party.  Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Independents, Greens:  Oppose this destructive campaign.  On Nov.  5, deposit money in the targeted banks.  Report this outrage to your senators and representatives.  Ask them what they’re doing to prevent this economic terrorism from happening.  Ask Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, to once again call upon Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate this potential threat. 

MoveOn should answer for their un-American activities.  They profess to care about the 99% who aren’t wealthy.  If so, why are they trying to damage the 99% by throwing the country into a DEPRESSION that rivals the Great Depression? 

I think we know the answer:  Fundamental transformation of America, by any means necessary.  The dream of George Soros. 

Barack Hussein Obama II has been connected with most of these players for most of his political career.  Bill Ayers, MoveOn, SEIU, Saul Alinsky, socialists, communists.  His radical associations were studiously avoided by the media during the campaign of 2008, so enamored were they of the thought of the “first black president.”  We can only hope that he won’t be our “last” president, because these radicals achieve their long-dreamed-of goal to destroy the USA.

Do not fall for this bogus class warfare. These people are not on YOUR side, America.

98 responses to “MoveOn Co-opts OWS. Organizes Run On Banks? To What End?

  1. Giuliani: “Obama Owns Occupy Wall Street”
    by Nick Kalman November 04, 2011

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says responsibility for the Occupy Wall Street movement rests squarely on the shoulders of President Obama.

    “This is a very dangerous movement, and it’s ironic it’s happening under a president who promised to unify us,” Giuliani said. “Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement, it would not have happened but for his class warfare.”

    The Occupy Wall Street protests broke out in cities all over the country shortly after president Obama called for tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans. Some of the protests have turned violent. In Oakland, California, more than 100 people were arrested and eight were seriously injured Thursday, with protesters leaving stores in flames, and streets littered with broken glass and debris. A week earlier a former Marine suffered a fractured skull in a confrontation with Oakland police.

    Giuliani’s words Friday charged up the crowd at the Defending the American Dream Summit, sponsored by the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

    The 2008 Republican presidential candidate also predicted the movement will eventually lead to the end of Obama’s presidency. “Barack Obama praised it, sympathizes with it,” he said. “As it gets worse and worse, I believe this will be the millstone around Barack Obama’s neck that will take his presidency down.”

    • “Barack Obama praised it, sympathizes with it,” he said. “As it gets worse and worse, I believe this will be the millstone around Barack Obama’s neck that will take his presidency down.”
      This person is probably right.


    How much the Poopstockers care about the little people. They got mad when hotdog vendors stopped giving them free hotdogs, so they threw pee and BLOOD on their cart. Sympathetic people organized a fundraiser for them, and the vendors (a man and wife) needed a POLICE ESCORT to the event because they got DEATH THREATS!

  3. Murders, death, drug overdoses, rapes, violence, lack of sanitation, living like animals, and now disease. Now T will mean something far different! T for Tuberculosis! Congrats to the Democrats for supporting the lawlessness of OWS…they own both the infectious disease of Marxism and TB! How many more will contract TB?

    Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base
    November 10, 2011 Snips

    ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

    The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

    • I was just composing a comment about that on the other Poopstock thread, when (once again) I hit the wrong key and wiped out my entire comment. So, to recap quickly: I said we may as well tell everybody to check Gateway Pundit daily for Poopstock news because he has it all.

      Joan Baez is going to sing today at the NYC Poopstock, on veterans day, but certainly NOT to honor all those who fought to defend us FROM RED COMMUNISM over the last 60 years. Certainly not. Commie Joan. TY, Joanie. Retire already.

      A murder within the Poopstock nation in Oakland, where they fought over a bag of marijuana. GP says the media is defending them. Of course.

      An update on Poopstock: Ordered to disband. Got their 24 hours notice yesterday. Cops to remove tents starting this afternoon. They claim they won’t leave. Cops to enforce the 10 p.m. curfew starting tonight. Told them they can stay on the public sidewalks, but not sleep or go into the parks. They threatened to move to beneath the Arch. So, if they do, will the National Parks Service let them stay?

      Did you hear about Mario Batali, the celebrity chef, who’s bff with uber-lib and idiot, ex-pat Gwyneth Paltrow? She who recently made the news:

      “Hollywood liberal bimbo Gwyneth Paltrow said she would not raise her child in the United States because America is too dangerous for her. The blond liberal bimbo, who lives with her husband Chris Martin in London, is pregnant.

      ‘I worry about bringing up a child in America,’ she said, according to the World Entertainment News Network.

      ‘At the moment there’s a weird, over-patriotic atmosphere over there, like, ‘We’re number one and the rest of the world doesn’t matter,” Paltrow said.

      She added: ‘And the guns in school – it’s not great.'”

      What guns in school, Gwyneth? There’re laws against going within 1000 ft. of ANY school with a gun.
      Don’t the the door hit you in the bum …

      Anyway, Mario Batali wins today’s shoot-yourself-in-the-foot award:

      “Mr. Batali, the celebrity chef famed for his orange Crocs, red pony tail and bold ragus, has long been one of the premier restaurateurs to the New York financial elite. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and other finance giants hold events at his restaurants in downtown Manhattan. Bankers often fill the coveted tables at Babbo and Del Posto, where the seven-course “tradizionale” menu goes for $145 and features dishes like Apician Spiced Ostrich with Date Conserva, Lovage and Barley Crisps. Customers frequently book a month in advance for a table at Babbo.

      Now, however, those bankers may be buying their truffles elsewhere. …

      [Mario said]

      “I would have to say that…who’s had the largest effect on the whole planet without us really paying attention across the board and everywhere is the entire banking industry and their disregard of the people they’re supposed to be working for,” according to a Time magazine video of the event. [Bankers work for the people? Who knew?]

      He added that, “the way the bankers have kind of toppled the way money is distributed and taken most of it into their own hands is as…as good as Stalin or Hitler and the evil guys that you guys…have. They’re not heroes, they’re just people who have really had a huge effect on the way the world is operating.” [“THE WAY MONEY IS DISTRIBUTED!” “TAKEN MOST OF IT!” DOES THIS GUY HAVE A CLUE?]

      News of the comments, earlier reported by Forbes, quickly lit up the trading terminals on Wall Street and momentarily overshadowed talk of Italian bond spreads. Coming amid the Occupy Wall Street protests and war on the 1%, many bankers said the tirade from one of their favorite chefs was a step too far. Two bankers interviewed Wednesday said they canceled reservations at Batali establishments and several said they would never book a Batali table again.”

      But, after financiers and others from the banking industry expressed outrage and threatened a boycott, Batali apologized. Too little, too late. He’s still an idiot.

      • Ooooops…support OWS and bite the hands that really feed you…watch your clientele disappear Mario Batali! Stupid, stupid, dumb, dumb, dumb. How many restaurants are there to choose from in NY where the bankers can take their money?

    • It sounds like the place to be! What did they expect? Now will the city get to pay for their medical care?

      Protesters Coming Down With the “Zuccotti Lung”
      Park conditions put demonstrators at risk for variety of sicknesses, officials say.

      Friday, Nov 11, 2011 Snips

      With wintry weather poised to swoop into the cramped outdoor quarters of Occupy Wall Street protesters, it may not be long before more campers catch what’s being called “Zuccotti lung.”

      That’s what demonstrators have dubbed the sickness that seems to be spreading among them at an unpleasantly high rate these days: “It’s a real thing,” Willie Carey, 28, told the New York Times.

      With little sleep in cold conditions, cigarettes and drinks being passed from mouth to mouth, and few opportunities to wash hands, Zuccotti Park may now just be the best place to catch respiratory viruses, norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting virus) and tuberculosis, according to one doctor

      • They won’t be suing Soros. But they should. And Barry. And SEIU. All of them. Nope, the city will be liable, thanks to misguided decisions by Bloomberg.

        I heard a high-powered lawyer on TV yesterday saying that it is CONSTITUTIONAL to remove these people from anywhere that they’re breaking ordinances. There is a SCOTUS precedent, set back in the 1980s, concerning people who were staying in Lafayette Park, across from the WH. In addition, it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL for certain groups to get special privileges and consideration from the local governments. That means they ARE DISCRIMINATING and SCOTUS rulings hold that any laws, policies, procedures MUST BE “CONTENT NEUTRAL”, which means if they let Poopstock evade laws, then they MUST let all other protest groups evade the same laws. Despite that FACT, the mayor’s representative laughed when asked if the Tea Partiers would get THEIR money back. The most important thing said, though, which is exactly what I said in the beginning: IF the cities decide NOT to enforce the laws, then they become LIABLE for anything that happens. So the family of those murdered could sue Oakland, and the taxpayers would be on the hook. The people who got sick in Atlanta, could sue Atlanta, and the taxpayers would be on the hook. The Tea Partiers could sue the city for discrimination. If they won, then the taxpayers would be on the hook. It’s outrageous.

  4. Salt Lake City Controls OWS Protester Mayhem With Bulldozer
    Nov. 13

    Police evicted the Occupy Salt Lake City protesters who had made Utah’s Pioneer Park their campsite, arresting 19 people Saturday who refused to comply.

    Despite the arrests, the protesters’ removal was peaceful and no incidents of violence were reported, and city sanitation crews arrived to clear debris from the park — with a bulldozer. [Sounds like a clean teaparty group!]

    Protesters were ordered to vacate after a man was found dead in his tent at the encampment Friday, apparently due to carbon monoxide poisoning and a drug overdose.

    About 5:30 p.m., a massive fleet of police vehicles arrived at the south end of the park, carrying more than 70 officers from the city as well as from the county’s Unified Police Department. About an hour later, as an officer addressed the crowd through a bullhorn, other officers waving flashlights began shaking down tents, which looked like deflating balloons. [Cost of 70 officers who could be elsewhere protecting citizens?]

    • Know what? It’s almost astroturfed how suddenly all the cities are cracking down and clearing out.
      I’m getting very sick of these celebs jumping on board:

      “A popular Hawaiian recording artist turned a top-security dinner of Pacific Rim leaders hosted by President Barack Obama into a subtle protest with a song in support of the “Occupy” movement. Makana, who goes by one name, was enlisted to play a luau, or Hawaiian feast, Saturday night for leaders assembled in Obama’s birthplace Honolulu for an annual summit that is formulating plans for a Pacific free-trade pact. But in the midst of the dinner on the resort strip Waikiki Beach, he pulled open his jacket to reveal a T-shirt that read “Occupy with Aloha,” using the Hawaiian word whose various meanings include love and peace. He then sang a marathon version of his new song “We Are The Many.”

      “I was pretty nervous. In fact I was terrified. I kept thinking ‘what are the consequences going to be?'” Makana, 33, told AFP. “It was incredibly comical. I was terrified but also enjoying it,” he said.

      Makana, who was born Matthew Swalinkavich, said the song prompted awkward stares from a few of those present but the Obamas appeared too absorbed with their guests to notice what was happening.The performance occurred at a dinner for summit participants from 21 economies around the Asia-Pacific, including Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, amid a security lockdown in Waikiki. As Makana sang, about 400 protesters including anti-globalization and native Hawaiian rights activists staged a protest march toward the dinner site but turned back after encountering the smothering security.”

      No “smothering security” for Michele Bachmann on the USS Yorktown, though. Remember how the Secret Service was protecting Barry during the campaign of 2008? Doesn’t Michele warrant equal protection? It’s the progressives who are violent. Not the conservatives.

  5. Demanding a NEW Constitution because the one we have isn’t good enough! OWS Wants Government Mandated Jobs!

    Constitution? Bah! We demand jobs!
    Occupy joins Obama czar in effort to rewrite America

    November 13, 2011 snips

    A partner of Occupy Wall Street has launched a massive push for a public works program under the banner of “Occupy the Jobs” in which the government would be required to provide jobs at union wages for more than 30 million unemployed and underemployed workers. The concept bears a striking resemblance to proposals by Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s regulatory czar, who has sought a new Bill of Rights in which the government is constitutionally required to offer each citizen a “useful” job.

    Another major Occupy goal, a new U.S. Constitution, is similar to a Sunstein-initiated effort – involving other senior White House officials and funded by billionaire George Soros – to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution.

    According to the group’s literature, the Occupy the Jobs movement will serve as “an exciting fight-back program for jobs, against racism and for the rights of workers and poor people to unions, food, healthcare and public education.” [SOCIALISM!]

    • OWS ? They want something ? The same people that pooped and peed in bank lobbies ? Nerve. We want something too. Decent, human behavior. Let’s see who gets what they want.

      • Good one, Renee! Decent human behavior would be SO NICE but I wonder if they know what that is? Do they bother to teach manners in schools anymore? These kids think the world revolves around them. Cyberbullying is their hobby, so it’s no surprise that they take the same mean girl/mean boy behavior out into society. They want banks regulated, but THEY don’t want ANY regulations on themselves, not even voluntary regulations that most societies expect from their members.

    • to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution.

      I’ve been saying for the last 3.5+ years that:

      The Communists in the USA have a game plan and a new constitution that they would like to use to replace our Constitution…

    • IF you gave them jopsss, they wouldn’t do them. The rights of poor people to unions. I love that one.

  6. h/t Renee. Had to share this photo!

    A Poopstocker being evicted by a former Marine.


    Poopstockers threaten a day of rage after being evicted and one of them even boasts about their rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails.

    • City braces for ‘tens of thousands’ of protesters set to march on Financial District [Most likely an EXAGGERATION]
      November 16, 2011

      “We will shut down Wall Street,” a post on the movement’s Facebook page said. “We will ring the People’s Bell, and initiate a street carnival in which we rebuild and celebrate the neighborhoods that the Wall Street economy has destroyed.”

      The march on Wall Street is slated to start at 7 a.m.

      Other events scheduled for the day include “Occupy the Subways” in all five boroughs at 3 p.m., a takeover of Foley Square at 5 p.m. and another march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

      The group promises a “a block party the 1 percent will never forget.”

      Today the jerks are trying to close down the financial district ..and getting arrested for their trouble. I read earlier that the arrest count was over 4,000 (nationwide, I think) prior to this. I lost the page where it gave number of deaths or murders and rapes to go along with those statistics. Something like 7 rapes, 5 – 6 deaths. It will be interesting to see how many are really prosecuted or who signs up to defend them. Paid protesters by multiple organizations …so they must be getting their tickets paid by those organizations if they were so “employed.”

  8. How gross is this! OWS = Animals in human clothing.

    Conditions just ‘offal’
    November 16, 2011 Snips

    City sanitation workers yesterday were forced to pick through a filthy pile of property seized from Zuccotti Park including dirty hypodermic needles, moldy food and glass-littered, broken gadgets.

    “I pick up garbage [for a living], and these were some of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced,’’ one worker grumbled to The Post.

    About 150 trashmen stuffed the massive pile of soiled tents, old bikes and spoiling food into dump trucks — 26 loads in all — and hauled it to a West 57th Street Sanitation facility so that workers could begin sorting the personal goods from garbage.

  9. Rush said yesterday that he thinks the Obama administration contacted city mayors and told them to close down all of the protest “cities.” I guess they haven’t gone the way the administration planned. That would explain the democratically controlled cities finally taking action against their occupiers.

    It appears this was the revolution that wasn’t!

    • Oh, I think so, too. I mentioned that the other day. It’s like they’re “astroturfing” the shutdowns BECAUSE the polls show that a VAST MAJORITY of the people OPPOSE Poopstock and the truth about them was seeping out, despite the lies told by the lamestream. The most ridiculous meme they have going now is that ALL the disgusting, illegal, and violent activities are caused by “anarchists” or “splinter groups” NOT the regular old, astroturfed, Obamabotic, union thug Poopstockers. It actually was reported in my newspaper, a couple days ago, that mayors (probably ALL DemocRATS) had a conference call to share tips about how to do it. Today, even after Bill O’Reilly declared Poopstock dead, as did others, the paper says that yesterday, Poopstock “pushed back.” That’s what the American people like to hear–that jerks like these anarchist, amoral Poopstockers are pushing back AGAINST THE LEGITIMATE AUTHORITIES. The America people SUPPORT OUR FIRST RESPONDERS AND OUR POLICE. The Poopstockers LITERALLY spit in their faces, when they’re not pooping on their cars.


    More proof of SOROS organizing Poopstock.

    Aaron Klein is organizing a network to watch Poopstock:

  11. If anybody wonders why Gateway Pundit (and we) call it POOPSTOCK:

    200 POUNDS of POOP cleaned up in Santa Cruz OWS camp, hopefully by hazmat-suit wearing workers. Don’t these sanitation workers have a union? HOw’s that working out for ya, huh?

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