Obama Apologizes to Japan for the Atomic Bomb!

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World War II Veterans are Turning Over in their Graves!

Obama bows to Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko (AP)


Remember Obama bowing to the Japanese in his now renown international apology tour?   His first breach of protocol occurred in April ,2009  when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Then on November 16, 2009, we were aghast to learn and see a photo of Barack Obama bowing a second time, this time to Japan’s emperor.  Reports said that first President Obama first shook the hand of Emperor Akihito and then he gave a “deep” bow.  To the world, our president’s bowing was perceived as the USA being submissive to the Japanese.  While the Leftists were proud of their elected leader,  others were ashamed and humiliated by his actions, and questioned his motives and allegiance.

Today,  an article reveals that prior to that submissive posture that Obama took for the USA,   Obama’s State Department under the direction of Hillary Clinton,  sent the Japanese  a letter saying that Obama wanted to apologize in person for the USA’s  World War II actions when we dropped an atom bomb on Japan!   Yes,  Obama wanted to present his apology from the USA in person.   Japanese officials said NO.  No doubt they were astounded at this overture so they politely declined, stating fear of exploitation by other anti-nuclear groups if they did so.

This faux president wanted the Japanese to accept “our” apologies knowing that the Japanese were the ones that  attacked us at Pearl Harbor!  Was this not the beginning of WWII or have the Marxists changed the historical events to say otherwise?    Did Japan  ever apologize to the United States for starting the war?  In the  Marxist’s historical revision, it must be that the U.S. did something to provoke them, therefore we needed to apologize for defending ourselves and our nation.

Where was Obama educated that he thinks our country is ” imperialistic” and  that we need to apologize for historical foreign policies and actions?   We developed a weapon and used it against an enemy that attacked us.  Where was he educated that he believes we  need to transform our nation by presenting us as weak and non-responsive to those who disagree with our ideals?  Obama’s  “I’m Sorry” campaign and wanting to have enemies unclench their fists has gone to far!

In the same article, the Obama administration’s  Department of State also apologized to a family for killing their terrorist son!  Why would we be sorry for killing someone who was intent on killing our own citizens?    Apologize to a Yemeni family who are no doubt supportive of their son’s activities?   What kind  of diplomatic corp is Hillary running?  Who in the State Department is responsible for this?

What is worse?  The embarrassment of knowing that  Japan refused the apology from this unconstitutional man who occupies the office of president or that Hillary’s  State Department’s ambassador John Roos sent the letter in the first place?

Note that the Japanese were not pleased with the nominee that Obama chose  to represent the USA because he lacked diplomatic experience and had no ties to Japan.

The California-based lawyer reportedly collected at least $500,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign but was relatively unknown outside fundraising and legal circles.

His selection drew fire from some in Japan who doubt his qualifications at a time when North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats are major sources of concern.

Yet even with criticism from the Japanese,  the Democratic  U.S. Senate confirmed him anyway by unanimous consent on August 7, 2009.   Was John Roos intentionally  nominated because he had no diplomatic experience and because  he could be used as a pawn by this administration?

These people who are misleading our nation are an albatross around the neck of the United States of America.   They  have damaged our country internally and externally in both foreign and domestic relations.    In the eyes of those in our country who fought during WWII, this  knowledge of apologizing to Japan would have them standing up in their graves!

These are blatant signs of anti-American sentiment that runs throughout this corrupt Obama administration.   Our country doesn’t need to apologize for its actions to anyone.  We are still the defenders of freedom and democracy here and abroad and leaving our country defenseless isn’t going to happen.

Veterans of all our armed forces,  take this information with you to Washington when you gather to oust and demand the current administration leave peacefully and that Obama get the hell out of our White House.

Apologies Not Accepted
October 11, 2011

Leadership: Leaked cables show Japan nixed a presidential apology to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for using nukes to end the overseas contingency operation known as World War II. Will the next president apologize for the current one?

The obsessive need of this president to apologize for American exceptionalism and our defense of freedom continued recently when Barack Obama’s State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) contacted the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to “express its condolences” to his family.

Khan, a right-hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with Awlaki in an airstrike in Yemen on Sept. 30.   We apologized for killing a terrorist before he could help kill any more of us.

It’s yet another part of the world apology tour that began with Obama taking the oath of office to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, something he immediately felt sorry for.

One stop on his tour was Prague in August 2009. There he spoke of “America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,” ignoring that before 1945 we lived in such a world and it was neither peaceful nor secure.

Another stop on the tour was in Japan, where Obama in November 2009 bowed to the emperor, something no American president had ever done. It could have been worse if plans to visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima to apologize for winning the war with the atom bombs had come to pass.

A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks.   Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan’s Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that

“the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a ‘nonstarter.'”

The Japanese feared the apology would be exploited by anti-nuclear groups and those opposed to the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S.

Whatever Tokyo’s motive, Obama’s motive was to once again apologize for defending freedom, this time for winning with devastating finality the war Japan started.

While Obama envisions a world without nuclear weapons, and moves steadily toward unilateral disarmament of our nuclear arsenal, we envision a world without tyrants and thugs willing to use them against us. We do not fear nuclear weapons in the hands of Britain or France, countries that share our love of freedom and democracy.


The leaked cable  shows that it was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in advance of  Obama’s visit to Japan.  Following is the section where Ambassador Roos refers to a conversation with  Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka:

VFM Yabunaka pointed out that the Japanese public will have high expectations toward President Obama’s visit to Japan in November, as the President enjoys a historic level of popularity among the Japanese people.

Anti-nuclear groups, in particular, will speculate whether the President would visit Hiroshima in light of his April 5 Prague speech on non-proliferation.

He underscored, however, that both governments must temper the public’s expectations on such issues, as the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a “non-starter.” While a simple visit to Hiroshima without fanfare is sufficiently symbolic to convey the right message, it is premature to include such program in the November visit.


18 responses to “Obama Apologizes to Japan for the Atomic Bomb!

  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? What’s ironic is that he thinks he can apologize for America when he acts AS IF he’s not even American himself. One has to wonder if he is. Seriously. This man is a cipher. NOBODY knows who or what he is. Is he American? Is he Indonesian? Is he Kenyan? Is he something else? He sat in a church that espoused HATRED of America and all she stands for, for over 20 years.

    What of the lives of OUR people that were SAVED by that atom bomb? That weapon didn’t need to be developed except for the insanity of the Japanese who would NOT be stopped any other way. Like all fanatics, only overwhelming force got their attention.

    Yes, it was horrible. But so were the hundreds of thousands of deaths CAUSED BY JAPAN during WWII. Young men who heroically gave their lives for US, to save US. Now they’re dissed by a usurper who [WANTS TO] apologize to the very people who caused their deaths.

    It’s disgusting. I do hope vets of WWII take notice, but of course so few of them are left TO notice. So it’s up to their children to take notice. They owe US and our dead an apology.

    Investor’s Business Daily does great work, once again. They were the ones who reported on Malik Obama’s radical Muslim connections during the campaign. They seem to be one of the few unbiased outfits out there in the mainstream.

    10/14/11: I updated my comment in light of a commenter who noted that Fox and Friends “corrected” a previous story they did about this apology that didn’t happen, after all. Fox says now that there was “never a plan” for Obama to apologize. That sounds like typical Obamadministration parsing to me. As in, “there’s no evidence that there was a PLAN.” However, there was likely very much DESIRE to apologize. Just consider the circumstantial evidence of Obama writing about and decrying nuclear proliferation in college (in a disappeared article?) and his desire for the USA to UNILATERALLY disarm herself of nuclear-deterrant weapons.

    Whatever the case, it’s CLEAR that he did BOW to the Japanese royals (WHY?) and that he so WANTED to apologize. No doubt about that, given the Obamadministration’s kneejerk desire to apologize to ANY and ALL comers for the actions of “imperial USA”. The Japanese apparently felt the need to warn off Obama and Roos, just in case they planned TO apologize.

    Why would that statement be in the memo if not from their fear that’s exactly what would happen? A sensible fear, given that Obama and his peeps have many times derided the USA for dropping the bomb (forgetting whose administration made that call. A Democrat.)

    Thanks to “human” for the clarification from FOX, but if you notice, Bridgette’s story doesn’t reference FOX. We haven’t a clue what their story said, which they now backtrack upon, because it’s not cited here. This post was based upon the Investor’s Business Daily article, linked above, as well as the TEXT of the memo from Japan.

    How, “human“, do you explain the apology to the family of a KNOWN TERRORIST who was killed in Yemen, while working to MURDER his fellow Americans? Why in God’s name (not allah’s) would our president apologize to the family of a terrorist, when it is they who should apologize to their compatriots for raising such a son?

    Sorry, human. Since we don’t know you, you won’t get through moderation. And we’re NOT going to link to the partisan, complicit, obot website Media Lies. (Whoops. I mean, Matters.)

  2. what a disgusting piece of crap.

    and to think this bogus potus was supposedly born in Hawaii; the supposed descendant of American WWII defenders.

    lying sack of crap proclaims his European-American grandfather, Pop and Slop, lies eternally in Punchbowl Cemetery.

    What more do you need to know, Troops?

  3. What?!! Tell me that everyone who voted for Obama did not see this coming!

  4. This man is a disgrace to America in every way! If he is re-elected, that will be the end of America as we know it. Any person that can’t see his left, Islamic, socialist agenda is brain dead. Islam infiltrates a society from the inside and what better way to do it then to get their # 1 puppet into the White House. Wake up America and see where this country is heading!

    • Welcome Bryan! I totally agreed with you…except for the brain dead part. If progressive teachers weren’t teaching the pitfalls of the tyrants and despots nor schools providing adequate history courses, people don’t realize the danger of Obama and the significance of his radical associations. I didn’t realize until the last couple years how the progressives had reinterpreted historical facts and that they also were changing and editing major facts that they intentionally slipped into textbooks.

      We have now seen how they operate, up close and personal. We watched their “scientific” global warming scam be exposed for altering facts, the media intentionally twists the truth and slant of any story, and the most recent is trying to erase total Supreme Court cases so they would disappear from history.

      Those that side with Obama and his cohorts are all anti-American scum. And I think the term scum is elevating them above what I believe they really are.

      They have an agenda and are trying their darnedest to get it all into place before the next election when many of their policies will be reversed. Hopefully, we will see many of them follow in the footsteps of hundreds of Chicago politicians and go straight to jail. Except these people can be tried for treason among other crimes i.e., fraud, money laundering, and racketeering. They are dirty. Period.

  5. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Our president APOLOGIZING for us bombing them!! GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE!!

    • This was later debunked, if you believe the spin. The Japanese anticipated and feared that he would apologize, so they warned him off. That’s my read of the situation, anyway. But I agree we must vote him out of office. Or see him impeached. Our Republic depends upon it.

  6. Obummer the sell out selling Americans out again. Why am I not surprised.

  7. And now a word to Sarah in the UK: Why don’t you “pipe down” and mind your own beeswax? You really and truly “need to.”

    In case you don’t know, that’s a “redneck” expression, which we can freely translate as “bugger off” or perhaps, to liberally invent expressions, “bum out”.

    We in this country have something called “free speech” so there’s no need for us to pipe down. Since you’re in the UK, then our politics is actually not your business.

    If you think Obama is worth ten of us, then would you like to have him? You’re welcome. I think you will find that you very much don’t like him, unless you enjoy goosestepping.

    Of course, you probably didn’t experience that threat very closely last time, seeing as how our brave men came over and saved your sorry bums.

    Lest you think it’s ironic that I talk about free speech and yet send you to the trashbin, we have comment rules. You broke them. No ad hominem attacks. This is OUR HOUSE. You wouldn’t let us waltz into your home and call you a “cacker”, would you? So …

  8. I can’t believe this article and the comments on it. Take a look at the bigger picture people. There is nothing wrong with opologizing. Humans died in hiroshima, lives were affected, read some of the survival stories. And to those who say the bombings were ok because it saved the lives of many Americans, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS KILLING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO SAVE ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE. Maybe it did save a few Americans, but it killed so many people in Japan. We’re all human. We all experience pain and suffering in the same way. The reality is that two governments or countries fighting destroyed the lives of millions of people, who the people were is besides the point. The atomic bomb should have never been created.Some might see this comment as a biased or one sided response, others will see it as human, empathetic. Empathy is what was missing during the war, and empathy is what is missing across the globe right now.

    We truly do live in a sphychopathic society if one person doesn’t care about the death of another person simply because they live in another country, or are of a different nationality.

    I often feel like there is nothing good in this world anymore.

    • Shani, I approved your comment to illustrate for our regular readers the type of comments that are typical on this post. Most of the comments attack us personally, so they are not approved because they break our comment rules of no ad hominem attacks. [If you’re not approved, take note. This is WHY.]

      Please do not feel that there is nothing good in this world anymore. There is much joy to be found in God’s Creation, including in the hearts of most human beings. I’m SURE that most human beings, upon contemplating the horrors of the atomic bombing of Japan, feel compassion and empathy. That, however, does not preclude also considering the inevitability of the event, all things considered.

      We do not, unfortunately, live in an ideal world. We can’t go through life like Tinkerbell. We have to live in the real world, where tyrannical dictators, who believe they’re on a messianic mission, do crazy things (like attacking Pearl Harbor). (See the role of State Shinto with regard to emperor worship, for more information.)

      When you say “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS KILLING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO SAVE ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE.” Well, apparently there is. Suppose that your entire family was attacked, unprovoked, and some were killed. Suppose then that the attackers made it clear that they intended to continue to attack your family. You know that your family can defend itself via hand-to-hand combat, but in the process, more members of YOUR BELOVED FAMILY will die. And after they kill your family, your attackers will go on to attack others. You have a weapon to use against the attackers that will ASSURE that all attacks will cease and everyone in your family will continue live. Better yet, you will stop the threat altogether against everyone else. What would you do? If you choose to use the weapon to save the lives of your innocent family members, would you still feel empathy for those who died as a result? Using the weapon to save your family and feeling empathy for those who suffered as a result are not mutually exclusive.

      You see, it’s not so easy. You say, “maybe it did save A FEW Americans, but …” A FEW? It saved more than a few. Estimates were that if the USA had to stop Japan via invasion, hundreds of thousands of US troops would die (and how many Japanese troops and civilians)? How many more would have died had Hirohito not been stopped?

      I agree with you that the atomic bomb should never have been created. Fortunately for those whose lives were SAVED by the bomb, it was created. Fortunately also, for the entire world, America did NOT use this weapon to dominate the world, as many other countries would have done, given the same position at the same point in history. Despite what too many say, America is NOT an imperialistic nation.

  9. Clearly the author of this post needs some history lesson ;p. WWII was started in 1939 by Germans/Russians and not by Japan. You can’t say that dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japan is justified just because maybe more american soliders would have died. US just as any other country cares only about their freedom, which they showed after WWII when they sold out their allies in Eastern Europe to Stalin. And saying that Britain which conquered and enslaved so many nations loves freedom is quite funny as well.

    • Clearly you could use some history lessons, too. I’m sure the writer meant to say that Pearl Harbor was the beginning of the USA’s efforts in “World War II”, which wasn’t TRULY a WORLD war until the USA joined up, was it? Of course, Germany invaded Poland, but prior to that, Japan was already in a war with China, so it’s a matter of opinion WHEN the “world” war began. In any case, you focus upon that the USA used the atom bomb, your opinion being it wasn’t justified “just” to save the lives of American soldiers. Do you IGNORE the deaths caused by Japan in 1940–coincidentally nearly the same number killed by the atom bomb–when Japan used biological weapons? Those victims of biological weapons (cholera, plague and anthrax) were Chinese CIVILIANS. For what purpose were they killed, these CIVILIANS?

      I don’t think there’s anything “FUNNY” about war, conquest, or enslavement. But the reality is that when a country is attacked, ordinarily its people respond in kind. It’s the history of the world.

  10. I’m not defending Japan here, or any other country, because every country old enough has done some bad things to other countries, but using atom bombs not on military objects but on big cities where it will be mostly innocent civilians who will suffer terribly is clearly evil, and there is no justification. It’s one thing to kill soldiers during war and another thing to kill civilians in terrible way. That’s why You have international laws against using some weapons like mustard gas and so on. To me saying that dropping those bombs is justified is like saying that 9/11 is justified because it was horrible crime against innocent people and I’m sure those terrorists believe that it was justified to save lives of their soldiers just as deeply.

    • It is beyond the pale for you to compare what happened in WWII to 9/11. You’re “sure” that the jihadist terrorists believed it was “justified to save lives of their soldiers?” Seriously? What soldiers’ lives were saved by incinerating 3000 people on 9/11? What soldiers were being attacked by the USA before 9/11?

      You say that “any country old enough has done some bad things to other countries” and yet you seem to single out the USA for special disapprobation. I gave you an example of Japan killing hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians with biological weapons (they also used chemical weapons against civilians) and yet you seem to brush THAT off and return to your special critique of our country.

      Did I not earlier say that it’s a nuanced situation? I agree that it was horrible, but weren’t the actions taken by Japan earlier as horrible and were they NOT stopped by the actions of the USA?

      What is the appropriate response to terror and unprovoked attack? To cower? To allow oneself, one’s family, one’s society, one’s country to be terrorized and then annihilated? To accede to and live under tyranny? To accept dhimmitude as a condition to continue living? As for WWII, how many MORE would have died had the war not been ended?

  11. You never addressed the point about attacking a military installation(pearl harbour) and a city full of innocent men, women and children. There’s a distinct difference in my eyes. Your thoughts? And please don’t use other comparisons, do we fundamentally agree or disagree on what I have stated above? Stephen, Ireland.

    • Are there any military installations in Ireland? If a country bombs any of them, at any time, when there’s no state of declared war between that country and Ireland, is that okay because it’s a military installation?

      Cities in Ireland, although that country declared neutrality, were bombed by our enemy during WWII, which I find interesting. Just an fyi for readers.

      Civilians died at Pearl Harbor, too, btw. Via a surprise attack. By your logic, any military installation and by extension, then, any soldier, can be attacked and killed, simply for existing.

      I don’t know what you “stated above” with which you expect me to “fundamentally agree or disagree.” If you’re asking whether it’s ever justified to attack a city full of arguably innocent men, women, and children, I’ll tell you that, imho, it would have to be a very high bar to jump for me to agree it’s justified.

      I wasn’t alive then. I have no idea WHY those targets were chosen versus military targets. I haven’t made a study of WWII.

      http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/mp06.asp That link provides some indication of the strategic MILITARY importance of the two cities. Some cities were ruled out as targets on account of their cultural significance or their greater population (casualties were NOT the goal, apparently. The goal was to force Japan to surrender to end the war and save lives, by shocking them.)

      Even today, “command and control” and “military infrastructure” are targets in any warfare, as can be seen in the Middle East.

      Of course, there’s a “distinct difference” between attacking military targets versus deliberately targeting civilians. However, as in MOST ISSUES IN REALITY AND LIFE, there are nuances and many, many factors to consider.

  12. Yeah I doubt they will apologize any time soon.
    I’m pretty sure they don’t teach Japanese students about Pearl Harbour, although they would teach them about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    As someone from neither country I personally have to say they should apologize to each other although both sides would probably see this as outrageous unless one actually apologized first.
    The way I see it though Japan should apologize for how the government/military attacked Pearl Harbour.
    The US should apologize for retaliating in such a brutal manner targeting major cities & killing civilians as the majority rather than military installations etc,
    But all is fair in love and war right..