Iranian Plot to Bomb Embassies and Assassinate Ambassadors

By Bridgette

Iranian Government Implicated in

Terrorist Plots on U.S. Soil!

Targeted: His Excellency, Adel A. Al-Jubeir is the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S.


The plot was foiled!  FOX news reported that Iranian terrorists plotted to blow up the Saudi Arabian and Israeli embassies in the US.    Part of the plot was to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador, His Excellency, Adel A. Al-JubeirThe plot was uncovered in June and is only being reported today as one of the terrorists is arraigned.   This was an international  murder for hire that was to occur in the Washington, D.C.

The Iranian thought he was in contact with the Zeta group out of Mexico instead he was speaking and meeting with a  DEA agent out of Houston. The terrorist wired $100,000 into a federal bank account for the assistance in the terrorist act.  Part of the plan was to enlist the help of four others.

From a Fox News analyst, this is an act of war by the Iranians against the US. For this person to set this up, and then to make the payoff,  he had to have the Iranian government’s support.

One terrorist  is an -American with a U.S. and Iranian passport.  He was  born in Iran but is  a U.S.  citizen.   He was Mirandized and through interrogation revealed and implicated the Iranian government.  One of the men is jailed, and the other is reportedly back in Iran.   One of these men was a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (the  Quds Force) that is the equivalent of our US. Navy Seals.   One man was arrested  September 29th at JFK Airport when he thought the plot was underway.   His arraignment is to be today  in the  Federal Court in New York  City.

Holder says that Iran will be held accountable.  What will Obama do? Slap hands again?   Is this what they have been waiting for to report…to take the news off Holder?  Is this the crisis they need?  Will  Obama turn our troops on Iran?

As expected, the Iranian Government has responded and said the story is a total fabrication.

From ABC News:

Two men, Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri, have been charged with conspiracy to assassinate the Saudi Arabian diplomat Adel Al-Jubeir.


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  1. Caution needed here.
    Pamela Geller reports the same and I do trust her.
    I look for the follow up.
    This is an act of war, if true.
    Will Obama unleash war or if he is too much the coward; at least unleash israel?
    Or is this just more Soros BS, like the occupy wall street rent a mob
    LC says this,
    Obama determined not to have a 2012 election.
    Miri says “is an EMP event near”
    All of the above.

  2. Yes, what a coincidence! And they’re attacking through Mexico! Of course, Barry would never think of SEALING THE BORDER. Would he? No, instead he’s sending assault weapons (and RPGs) TO the cartels. Wag the dog?

  3. from Pat Dollard:

    ACT OF WAR: Official Iranian Government Plot For Military Strike Against Washington, D.C. Thwarted – With Video -UPDATED
    October 11th, 2011

    By any definition this is an act of war. Obama must recognize it as such, or risk impeachment and charges of treason which could result in his conviction, death sentence, and execution.

    This is not a thwarted “terror plot”, it’s a thwarted military strike. The military, in this case, the Iranian Republican Guard, can use whatever troops or weapons it chooses. The use of cartel members, their weapons and bombs, makes this no less a military strike.

    Holder, in classic fashion that will be probably be mimicked by Obama, is considering an act of war to be merely a criminal matter.

    And let us not forget that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard IS the highest echelons of the Iranian government.

    Holder just announced that this DC terror plot was an official Iranian government operation headed by the Iranian Republican Guards. He also said Iran was willing to pay the Zeta Mexican drug cartel $1 million to help. Holder also said “We will hold the Iranian government fully accountable.” Chickenshit Holder just literally ran away when “Fast And Furious” came up, ending the press conference.

    Nice to see how Obama’s coddling of Iran has paid off. How will he handle this?

  4. October 11th, 2011
    03:53 PM ET

    BREAKING: Treasury announces sanctions against five in terror plot

    The Treasury Department sanctioned five people for their alleged involvement in the plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. Here is the announcement –

    Snip ~
    Manssor Arbabsiar

    Arbabsiar met on a number of occasions with senior IRGC-QF officials regarding this plot and acted on behalf of senior Qods Force officials – including his cousin Abdul Reza Shahlai and Shahlai’s deputy Gholam Shakuri – to execute the plot. During one such meeting, a $100,000 payment for the murder of the Saudi ambassador was approved by the IRGC-QF. After this meeting, Arbabsiar arranged for approximately $100,000 to be sent from a non-Iranian foreign bank to the United States, to the account of the person he recruited to carry out the assassination.

    Qasem Soleimani

    As IRGC-QF Commander, Qasem Soleimani oversees the IRGC-QF officers who were involved in this plot. Soleimani was previously designated by the Treasury Department under E.O. 13382 based on his relationship to the IRGC. He was also designated in May 2011 pursuant to E.O. 13572, which targets human rights abuses in Syria, for his role as the Commander of the IRGC-QF, the primary conduit for Iran’s support to the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate (GID).

    Hamed Abdollahi

    Abdollahi is also a senior IRGC-QF officer who coordinated aspects of this operation. Abdollahi oversees other Qods Force officials – including Shahlai – who were responsible for coordinating and planning this operation.

    Abdul Reza Shahlai
    Shahlai is an IRGC-QF official who coordinated the plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir, while he was in the United States and to carry out follow-on attacks against other countries’ interests inside the United States and in another country. Shahlai worked through his cousin, Mansour Arbabsiar, who was named in the criminal complaint for conspiring to bring the IRGC-QF’s plot to fruition. Shahlai approved financial allotments to Arbabsiar to help recruit other individuals for the plot, approving $5 million dollars as payment for all of the operations discussed.

    Shahlai was designated by Treasury in September 2008 pursuant to E.O. 13438 for threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and the Government of Iraq.

    Ali Gholam Shakuri
    Shakuri is an IRGC-QF officer and deputy to Abdul Reza Shahlai who acted on behalf of Shahlai in support of this plot. Shakuri provided financial support to Arbabsiar and met with Arbabsiar several times to discuss the planned assassination and other attacks. With Shakuri’s approval, Arbabsiar arranged for the $100,000 down payment to be sent from a non-Iranian foreign bank to the United States.

    Background on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force

    The IRGC-QF is the Government of Iran’s primary foreign action arm for executing its policy of supporting terrorist organizations and extremist groups around the world. The IRGC-QF provides training, logistical assistance and material and financial support to militants and terrorist operatives, including the Taliban, Lebanese Hizballah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.

    IRGC-QF officers and their associates have supported attacks against U.S. and allied troops and diplomatic missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The IRGC-QF continues to train, equip and fund Iraqi Shia militant groups – such as Kata’ib and Hizballah – and elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan to prevent an increase in Western influence in the region. In the Levant, the IRGC-QF supports terrorist groups such as Lebanese Hizballah and Hamas, which it views as integral to its efforts to challenge U.S. influence in the Middle East.

    The Government of Iran also uses the IRGC and IRGC-QF to implement its foreign policy goals, including, but not limited to, seemingly legitimate activities that provide cover for intelligence operations and support to terrorist and insurgent groups. These activities include economic investment, reconstruction, and other types of aid to Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, implemented by companies and institutions that act for or on behalf of, or are owned or controlled by, the IRGC and the Iranian government.

    The IRGC-QF was designated by Treasury pursuant to E.O. 13224 in October 2007 for its support for terrorism, and was listed in the Annex to E.O. 13572 of April 2011 as the conduit for Iran’s support to Syria’s GID, the overarching civilian intelligence service in Syria which has been involved in human rights abuses in Syria.

    Identifying Information:

    Individual: Manssor Arbabsiar
    AKA: Mansour Arbabsiar
    Location: 805 Cisco Valley CV, Round Rock, TX, 78664
    Alt. Location: 5403 Everhardt Road, Corpus Christi, TX, 78411
    DOB: March 15, 1955
    Alt. DOB: March 6, 1955
    POB: Iran
    Citizenship: United Staes
    Driver’s License: 07442833 (United States); expires March 15, 2016
    Passport: C2002515 (Iran)
    Alt. Passport: 477845448 (United States)

    Individual: Ali Gholam Shakuri
    DOB: 1964
    Alt. DOB: 1965
    Alt. DOB 2: 1966
    Location: Tehran, Iran
    Individual: Abdul Reza Shahlai
    AKA: Abdol Reza Shala’i
    AKA: Abd-al Reza Shalai
    AKA: ‘Abdorreza Shahlai
    AKA: Abdolreza Shahla’i
    AKA: Abdul-Reza Shahlaee
    AKA: Hajj Yusef
    AKA: Haji Yusif
    AKA: Hajji Yasir
    AKA: Hajji Yusif
    AKA: ‘Yusuf Abu-al-Karkh’
    DOB: Circa 1957
    Location: Kermanshah, Iran
    Alt. Location: Mehran Military Base, Ilam Province, Iran

    Individual: Hamed Abdollahi
    AKA: Mustafa Abdullahi
    DOB: August 11, 1960
    Passport: D9004878
    Citizenship: Iran
    Individual: Qasem Soleimani
    AKA: Ghasem Soleymani
    AKA: Qasmi Sulayman
    AKA: Qasem Soleymani
    AKA: Qasem Solaimani
    AKA: Qasem Salimani
    AKA: Qasem Solemani
    AKA: Qasem Sulaimani
    AKA: Qasem Sulemani
    DOB: March 11, 1957
    POB: Qom, Iran
    Passport: 1999 Diplomatic Passport 008827 (Iran)

    • If only CNN could get as much identifying information on Barry.

      My jury is still out on this one. There are lots of red flags here, especially: WHY NOW? This was known in June. Right? Why now, on the day Holder got that incendiary letter from Issa? So he can get his face out there on TV, distracting from other “news” about our illustrious Atty. Gen.?

      Los Zetas were involved? A DEA informer “turned” when charges were dropped? Both players (informers and gangsters) involved in Fast and Furious. Who did guns get funneled to? Los Zetas, among others.

      Are they setting it up to say Fast and Furious was part of the plan to interdict not only guns but also potential terror plots, using the cartels?

      I watched this on NBC news last night. Several times, they talked about how it sounds like a plot from a cheap novel. Something to that effect. Even Mueller said something like that. Then the paper today says, “if true.” IF TRUE? The lamestream DOUBTS the credibility of the report? WHY? Why doesn’t this appear to pass even their smell test?

      Haven’t read Pam Geller’s take. I will. I also trust her and her instincts.

      IF it’s true that they planned to hit a restaurant right on Capitol Hill, where senators go, and if this plotter said no problem if senators are collateral damage, then that begs so many questions it’s not even funny.

      Wouldn’t a potential terrorist pick a less secure place for the attack? Wouldn’t you expect a lot of security around Capitol Hill locations? This target individual never went anywhere less secure?

      Is this a set up for a potential upcoming event? All I can say is that I hope and pray that the CONSERVATIVE members of the SCOTUS take care.

      Fishy, fishy. But that’s just me. 3 years of the Obamanation makes one doubt ANYTHING that comes from this administration.

  5. Does anyone know who this guy’s parents are? I have looked and have not been able to find. He does not really look Arab.

  6. Oh my. What a ‘coincidence.’ indeed… especially considering the fact that this story just came out yesterday:

    ‘Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker’

  7. John Bolton: Iranian Bomb Plot Is a ‘Reality Check’
    12 Oct 2011 snips

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says the Iranian bombing plot should be a “reality check” for anyone in the Obama administration or Congress that still believes it is possible to negotiate with the government of Iran over
    its nuclear weapons program. Bolton also told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday that Pentagon reports of a non-military response to the plot is what Tehran expected.

    “The government of Iran has been a state sponsor of terrorism for decades . . . it’s engaged in assassination for decades as a matter of policy, and its conflict with Saudi Arabia is well known,” Bolton said. “What is startling — and what ought to be a red flag to everybody who thinks it’s possible to negotiate with the government of Iran — is they planned to carry out this assassination on American soil.

    “I think that’s what the Iranians already believe — they think that our response if this was uncovered was likely to be so weak that they were prepared to take the risk of killing foreign diplomats on American soil,”
    Bolton said.

  8. Iran Assassination Plot Just Doesn’t Make Sense
    12 Oct 2011 11:45 AM
    By Judith Miller snips

    Michael V. Hayden, a former director of both the CIA and the National Security Agency under President Bush, called the alleged plot as outlined Tuesday by Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI director Robert Mueller “a puzzlement.”

    Urging caution about jumping to conclusions, Hayden said it raised questions about which senior Iranian officials would have authorized such a risky mission and Iran’s motive. “There appears a lot more to be learned here,” Hayden said in an email exchange.

    Robert Baer, a CIA agent who has written several books about terrorism and intelligence, including Iran’s intelligence services, went further. He said the plot was unlike any of the sophisticated bombings and assassinations that Iran’s intelligence services have previously conducted, adding that the plot as described so far “does not fit any of the parameters.”

  9. The terrorist previously was a used car salesman.

  10. The Mexican government released a statement saying that they were informed and involved in this plot. They had refused the terrorist entry into their country and they were the ones to put the guy on a plane to New York where he was arrested.

  11. And, Obama armed the drug cartels with AK 47s. Drug cartels, and Hamas, Hezbolla, and Iran, are all one in the same. Oh I forgot, Valerie Jarret is Iranian, any connection, who knows?

    Obama, arming the enemy, with thousands of AK 47s, as a plot to trace guns to drug cartels is an act of treason against the American people

    Now, we find out those guns were to be used in an act of war, in our Country, to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States.

  12. A prediction: Holder will use the counter-terrorism aspects of Fast and Furious as the “national security” excuse to avoid answering Issa’s subpoena in full.

  13. Texas informant foiled death plot
    By Dane Schiller, Houston Chronicle Snips

    Oct. 12–The money to hire a would-be assassin was wired to New York; the hit was supposed to take place in Washington, D.C., but the plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador first unraveled in Texas with a trusted U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration informant working for Houston-based agents.

    The informant, identified only as “CS-1” — Confidential Source One alerted agents assigned to the DEA’s Houston Division in May that he was approached by a man with ties to Corpus Christi about a wild murder-for-hire plot, according to a document filed in federal court in New York and made public Tuesday.

    The informant has long aided Texas federal agents in seizing narcotics and arresting traffickers and is known to have strong ties to the rival Gulf and Zeta cartels.

    Manssor Arbabsiar, 56, a naturalized U.S. citizen who holds an Iranian passport and owns property in Corpus Christi, allegedly represented Iranians who wanted cartel criminals to set off a bomb or do whatever it would take to kill the ambassador. “They want that guy done,” Arbabsiar said in one of their secretly recorded meetings, some of which were in person, others on the phone, according to a detailed 21-page complaint signed by FBI Special Agent O. Robert Woloszyn. “If the hundred go with him, (expletive) ’em,” Arbabsiar continued.

    They discussed the use of C-4, a plastic explosive with devastating power and the prospects of attacking the Saudi Embassy, but later settled on a restaurant the ambassador frequented, according to the complaint, which was filed in federal court in New York.

    At the end of a July meeting, which was secretly recorded, the informant allegedly told Arbabsiar, “We are going to start doing the guy,” which was understood to mean that the plot was in motion. As part of his ploy, the informant explained that the cartel would deploy at least a four-man team to do the hit and was already conducting surveillance on the ambassador.He also said a cartel advance man learned the ambassador traveled with about eight bodyguards and that he liked to eat at least twice a week in a restaurant that was frequented by U.S. senators and draws crowds of up to about 150 people. He was cautioned there could be a lot of bystanders killed. “No big deal,” Arbabsiar responded.”

    The FBI document does not specify which cartel the informant was associated with, and it skirts around his previous criminal history and track record of providing information. It does note that he once faced drug charges in the United States but that the charges were dropped in exchange for his cooperation with law enforcement.

    Paid for informing

    He has a history of providing reliable and independently confirmed information and previously has been paid by federal officials for his work, according to the document. It is unclear how Arbabsiar met the cartel operative-turned informant.

  14. Iran, who is defying Obama because of his weakness as a leader, sent a message stating their support for the Occupy Wallstreet protesters…believing that they will be able to Topple the US government.

    This comes along as Obama, Biden, and Pelosi support the mobsters. Thanks to the miserable Soros and his creeps that are attempting to destabilize our government.

    • Do they realize at this moment, they are the government? I’m for destabilizing Obama, Biden, and Pelosi–at the ballot box.

    • Ayatollah: Wall St. protests toppling capitalism
      October 12, 2011 11:41 AM (CBS/AP) Snips

      NEW YORK – The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spawned grass-roots activities around the U.S. and prompted comments from President Barack Obama, is now drawing political remarks from overseas.

      Iran’s top leader said Wednesday that the wave of protests reflects a serious crisis that will ultimately topple capitalism in America. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the United States is now in a full-blown crisis because its “corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people.” “They (U.S. government) may crack down on this movement but cannot uproot it,” Khamenei said. “Ultimately, it will grow so that it will bring down the capitalist system and the West.”

      The remarks came a day after U.S. officials said the Obama administration plans to leverage charges that Iran plotted to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador into a new global campaign to isolate the Islamic republic.

  15. Iran rejects U.S. plot claim as “childish”!

    U.S. aims to “unite the world” against Iran [Can you see this happening? The administration’s crew has done such a fine job of uniting us with other countries so far..what a record of accomplishment! Wait, have there been any accomplishments so far? Yo Obama or Hillary…name a couple for us! ]

    • It is very odd that so many in our media seem to agree with Iran. I read today that Mexican cartels would NEVER get involved in terrorism like this out of fear of reprisal, such as came down on the Taliban and others after 9/11. Military action would shut them DOWN, as far as making their billions off the drug trade. (Not much of a worry in the Obamanation, but something to consider.) Also that the Mexican government would NEVER want Mexico to be a staging area for terrorism against the US for the same reason–they value their sovereignty and would NOT want our military doing there what is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially Pakistan. It doesn’t make sense and it does sound too much like an Obama distraction/Kabuki theater. Bolton made me wonder, but he’s not in the loop so much anymore. If he or anyone like him, or anybody on the intelligence committees who we can trust, backs up this so-called plot, then we shall see. Will there be a trial? That will be interesting to see. OR, will they plead guilty like the underwear bomber, so no trial, no open evidence?

  16. Iran,your days are coming sooner than you think.Your latest plot of murder and terrorism shows an act of war in the eyes of american people.Therefore why should we not incenerate you with tthermo-nuclear weapon ? Our people are begging our congress to let them fly.And as before,the world will soon forget what we did to Nagasaki & Hiroshima.please pass THIS on to your ayatola and the rest of your shortsighted fanatics will soon become extinct. The Press dosen’t report it but thats what America is pushing for. So I suggest you stop your path to your own destruction and stay in your own stoneage.OR FACE THE CONCEQUENCES ! The missles are coming buddy and you will loose !!!

    To divert attention away from the Fast & Furious Scandal that will bring down the Soebarkah/Soetoro/Obama & Soros & Holder’s Domestic Terrorist Attack of Foreign and Domestic Enemy Coup De-tat war on the USA, foreign usurpation of the USA government, and Attempted overthrow of the USA Government.

    Kurt Nimmo
    October 13, 2011

    “Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, former State Department official Steve Pieczenik said Israel and the United States will use the cartoonish terror plot invented by the DEA and the FBI now dominating headlines as a false flag pretext to wage war on Iran.”

    “Moreover, the remarkably incompetent Obama administration is using the fallacious plot to divert attention from its involvement in the criminal Fast and Furious gun-running operation and Obama’s rapidly falling popularity rating as the election approaches. A growing number of Democrats are now talking about running a candidate other than Obama.

    Like his predecessor, Obama will use the rally ’round the flag tactic to prop up his sagging popularity rating. Bush realized a boost after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    “Alex Jones issues war alert.”


    • From the video. This is a Maximum Alert! It is a cover for the Fast and Furious subpoenas that were being issued by Issa.

      Lt. Schaffer.. knows there was no plot in the FBI system!
      Alex’s family member, an officer, is being sent to Kuwait immediately and is tight lipped.

      Shaffer has been talking to the Pentagon and it is on. There will be an Israeli strike within two weeks on Iran… there is going to be a strike! US Kuwaiti forces building up right now!

      The cover stories are exploding in their faces right now.
      To distract people, they [Obama] are using these other plots.

      Shaffer is talking because there are those that don’t want this to happen and on are on the right side.


    “No information about plot exists within FBI channels
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 13, 2011

    “It has also served as a useful distraction for Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently under investigation for his role in the infamous Fast and Furious program, which saw the federal government deliver thousands of military-grade weapons to leaders of Mexican drug gangs.

    “That the current “alleged” plot pinned on Iran revolves around yet another undercover federal agency conducting a long-term sting operation defies belief,” writes Tony Cartalucci. That we are expected to believe one of Iran’s most elite military forces left such a sensitive, potentially war-starting operation to a used-car salesman and a drug gang reported in the papers daily for its involvement with US government agencies (and who turns out to actually be undercover DEA agents) is so ridiculous it can only be “made up” as Secretary Clinton puts it.

    More accurately, it is the result of an impotent US intelligence community incapable of contriving anything more convincing in the face of an ever awakening American public, to bolster its morally destitute agenda. The cartoonish nature of the plot and the arms’ length even its proponents treat it with to maintain plausible deniability is indicative of a dangerously out of control ruling elite and an utterly incompetent, criminally insane government.”

    Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious
    Judge Napolitano On Freedom Watch:

  19. Napolitano calls it a curious announcement about this threat by the Iranian to assassinate the ambassador from Saudi.

    Lt. Col. Shaffer re alleged terror plot involving Iran. He has interrogated lots of Iranians. These Iranians love being here after they get here, and it is hard to imagine that he would go against what he has done for the last 15 years. It does not spell correctly to him.

    This is Red meat to a bunch of lions. Shaffer talked to his Inside guy at the FBI who can’t find anything in their files …Nothing on it in their files? An FBI guy that is an inside investigator with clearance and he can’t find anything about it? They imply that this was set up to divert attention away from the Fast & Furious Scandal.

    Did the FBI/Obama administration concoct this whole thing?

    Shaffer said there is “No intel to justify military action besides what has been put out there.” We need to look at this deeper!

    • Yes, and they made a good point about we need to reexamine that OPEN BORDER that Barry won’t CLOSE.


      This guy has challenged Barry before, iirc. Barry’s snarky to him when he asked about Romney and the leadership angle, on the Iranian situation. Barry probably doesn’t like how this most recent wag the dog effort is failing. I do think it’s wagging the dog. Didn’t know this guy was in custody since Sept. SO WHY WAIT TO ANNOUNCE NOW? They save these things (or create the Kabuki plotline) to dump whenever a distraction is needed. Waiting for them to say this informant is the same who was targeted (unbeknownst to the FBI) by Fast and Furious and now because of “national security” and the NEED for DHS to stop terrorism, they can’t answer those subpoenas. I hope they subpoenaed the guy who said in the email that the gun that killed Terry was disappeared.

      Barry also played the race card while speaking to Latinos. He says Republicans don’t care if people of any color get jopssss because they won’t support his jopssss bill. Well, he needs to tell the Latinos, if they don’t know already, that the Republicans don’t control the Senate and that Harry Reid does and he’s the one and the Democrats are the ones who won’t pass his stupid stimulus II, aka jopss bill.

    • Where’s Joe Wilson when you need him? 🙂

      No yellowcake? No real INTEL to JUSTIFY action?

  20. If they did this intentionally…isn’t this treasonous? If Congress finds out it is a set-up…will they finally do something about this cabal running our government?

    • I would say that the intelligence committees need to KNOW all the facts, but will they ask for them and if they do, will they get facts or lies? They apparently arrested SOMEONE, so he needs to go to trial and be cross-examined, but will he? Or will this one be sent to Guantanamo, so he can’t talk?

      Interesting that Napolitano brings up the question of attacking Iran.

  21. Brett Bairer just said that Obama will speak on the Iranian affair at 6 pm tonight. Military action has not been taken off the table according to the WH.

    • Yeah, I heard that, too. About military action and the table. Barry is so freaking lame. Does he really think starting another war will boost his poll numbers? How’d that work out for GWB? Of course, it will help Israel, no thanks to Barry and his peeps for putting them in the situation where they’re now SURROUNDED by enemies where some formerly were at least nominal “friends”.

      I read that I’m-a-nutjob wouldn’t have known about this plot, that it would have been the Ayatollah pulling the trigger, if he did. If it’s real. If the UN and the world went crazy over Iraq, what will they say about Iran? What will an attack do to the world economy, considering that so much oil comes from Iran? Of course, that’s good for Barry, too. Helps hurt US economy more. Makes the Poopstockers more upset. Incites more unrest at home and around the world. NWO, here it comes.

    • Also I forgot that Hannidy said two that Obama had apologized to Iran. I don’t remember that happening.

      The other thing was that we have had absolutely no dialogue with Iran and no diplomatic relations. The hikers that were released was done by the Swiss who acted for the US in those negotiations.

      Now all of a sudden today, the WH announces they are in direct conversation with Iran. Who? Unknown. Who is in contact? Unknown. The WH says this shows how important the issue is. So how did they get a direct conversation going when there hasn’t been any direct conversations between the two countries in years unless those were conducted through other diplomatic sources. They have made the point of saying “direct.”

      I am so sick of the lies of this administration!

  22. Barry said about the Iranian situation:

    “President Obama, making his first public comments on the accusations Thursday, did not go quite as far. But at a news conference with the visiting president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, in Washington, Mr. Obama said in response to a question about Iran: “We believe that even if at the highest levels there was not detailed operational knowledge, there has to be accountability.” ”

    Gee, We the People agree 100%. Even if at the highest levels there was not DETAILED OPERATIONAL KNOWLEDGE of Fast and Furious, there HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY.

  23. He’s speaking in response to Romney calling him a weak leader. That’s why it’s so FREAKING dangerous to have an immature narcissist with his hand on the nuclear button. He will react to anything that challenges his sensitive ego and his self-image. Like all egomaniacal such individuals. That’s why it’s so disgusting that members of Congress, KNOWING there’s something wrong with his “papers”, let it go rather than challenge him to prove his eligibility because THEY’RE afraid of the media. It’s “not worth it” an aide to one member of Congress says, to get beat up in the media for two weeks. Not worth it to be ridiculed or character assassinated by the media. Not worth it to SAVE the USA. Now what will they have wrought? WWIII? Don’t forget that Iranian fleet on its way, if not here already. What type of weapons are on those missiles? Martial law? Suspended elections?

    This, however, IS a Republic. We don’t need no freaking federal government. We have 10th amendment rights. I hope state governors are ready, willing, and able to assert them.

    Will this be yet another war he doesn’t ask Congress to approve?

    It’s sad when you have to question your own government and pay heed to what our enemies say. Isn’t it? This is what the RINOs have wrought. Pray for America.

  24. Developing Information:


    “Scatterbrained used car salesman selected as patsy by Feds”

    Steve Watson
    October 13, 2011


    “The already dubious “Iranian” terror plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador and blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, continues to unravel into farce with the revelation that the so called “mastermind” behind the plot is a failed used car salesman described by those who know him as a “joke”.

    While The Justice Department is hyping the notion that 56-year-old Iranian-born U.S. citizen Manssor Arbabsiar was participating in a dastardly Iranian plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s U.S. ambassador, details have emerged that make the already farcical case look like a badly scripted comedy.”

    Read More Here:

    Obama Gets ‘Right’ Cover from Iranian Terror Hoax: Paul Watson Reports

  25. Rick Perry Calls for Invasion of Mexico: Nightly News Report

    * * * *

    Big Sis is Tracking You Everywhere: Nightly News Report

    * * * *

    Exposing The Fed is Key: Danny Panzella Reports

  26. The Alex Jones Show – 10/13/2011 – 1/12

  27. It’s apparent that Barry’s coming out last night to defend his actions regarding Iran was exactly that–spin and defense AGAINST the many voices who doubt that this plot went down they way they said. Now the lamestream is trying to blame BUSH. Seriously. (Which sounds like more Obamanation SPIN and distributed talking points to the Cabalist.)

    They say nobody around the world believes what our intelligence services say after the WMD “fiasco” (THAT WASN’T, BTW. THERE WERE WMD’s. THEY STILL DENY REALITY.)

    IF the Saudi ambassador was truly at risk, if this plot went down the way Barry’s peeps want us to believe, no hype, THEN who’s the most injured party here? Saudi Arabia. Watch what THEY DO. If it was an act of war, it was against Saudi Arabia. So what are they going to do?

  28. Assassination plot: US seeks to label Iran an international outlaw
    As US diplomats show allies evidence that Iran was behind an assassination plot, they are also laying the groundwork for pursuing Iran as an international outlaw that violated a treaty.
    By Howard LaFranchi, Washington
    October 13, 2011

    Plotting to assassinate a diplomat on foreign soil is an international crime, says the White House, and could land the Iranian government in the World Court.The Obama administration is building support for its case against Iran over the alleged plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Washington, and appears to be laying the groundwork for pursuing Iran in either the UN Security Council or even the International Court of Justice.

    President Obama, appearing at a press conference Thursday with visiting South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, said Iran’s “dangerous and reckless behavior” is outside all norms of international conduct, and “there has to be accountability with respect to anybody in the Iranian government engaging in this kind of activity.”

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and others in the State Department are taking evidence they say supports punishing Iran to those whom Secretary Clinton calls “our friends and partners in the international community.”

    The US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has met with numerous delegation heads at the UN, and some diplomats have said on the condition of anonymity that the evidence Ambassador Rice presented is “convincing.”

    The administration’s goal is to build international support for its bid to isolate Iran over the terror plot.

    But the Obama administration also believes the planned assassination violated international law against targeting diplomats – including a treaty that lists Iran among its signatories.

    By labeling the Iranian regime an international outlaw, the administration is thus drumming up support for pursuing Iran in the Security Council or the International Court of Justice in the Hague, the UN’s principal court of law.


      Synchronicity, Bridgette. I was just reading that article at Christian Science Monitor. It says Saudi Arabia is not “fingering” Iran. What’s interesting to me is this part:

      “But an adviser to the Saudi government said that Gholam Shakuri, named in the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal complaint as the Iranian official supporting the plot, was already known to the Saudi government as one of the officers who directed Iranian support to Shiite Muslims in Bahrain when they rose up in February to demand political rights from the minority Sunni regime.

      “The officer does exist, and we have known him for a while,” said the adviser, Nawaf Obeid. He said that based on telephone intercepts and other intelligence, the Bahraini and Saudi governments believe that Shakuri, a colonel, had urged protesters to go to the Saudi embassy and backed a plan to take control of Bahrain’s state television. … Among the ideas said to be under discussion here are a boost in oil production, which would lead to lower prices and a weakening of the Iranian economy, already battered by international sanctions over its nuclear development program; a tougher Saudi stance on Syria, where Iran backs the government, which is dominated by the minority Alawite sect, which is related to Shiite Islam, and Saudi Arabia has been supporting the anti-government protesters, who are primarily from the Sunni majority; and a new drive to further isolate Iran throughout the Middle East.

      Saudi-Iranian relations have grown increasingly tense since May 2008, when Shiite militants, backed by Iran, took over Beirut and were reported to have attacked the Saudi embassy and the living quarters of its then-ambassador, Abdulaziz Khoja, a poet and writer who’s now the country’s information minister. Khoja was forced to flee for his life, first to Christian East Beirut and then to Cyprus, by boat, according to Obeid.”

      Hmmmm. Who’s funding and promoting these guys trying to create “Arab Springs” all over the Mideast, including Saudi Arabia? A plan gone sideways?

    • If you overlook the anti-Semitism and the “neo-con” wisecracks, the guy makes some sense. We MUST examine all points of view because otherwise, we won’t ever learn the truth. Interesting that he’s using the “Fast and Furious” name and seems to imply that this is part of that.

      This guy is FOR the “Arab Spring”. Of COURSE Saudi Arabia would be against the Arab Spring, IF it comes to Saudi Arabia. His argument about how Barry has to do something about Iran before the next election doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. “Industrial-military complex?” When this POTUS HATES the so-called “industrial military complex?” I think not.

      It’s a shame that we have to disbelieve our own government, the way we USED to disbelieve everything that ever came out of Russia. Hard to sift the wheat from the chaff, the truth from all the lies.

      It stinks to high heaven, though, when you consider what’s going on with HOLDER and Fast and Furious. And now, hearings today on Solyndra.

    • He also said there was a leak from the FBI…what leak? As Lt. Schaffer said earlier that he spoke to a guy at the FBI and could find no records about this plot.

      Another article says evidence is being presented to diplomats that is convincing. What are they (Hillary and Rice) showing to other nations?

  29. The left is skeptical..and from Eric Schmitt a provocateur from the Bush years, unusual.

    U.S. Challenged to Explain Accusations of Iran Plot in the Face of Skepticism
    October 12, 2011 Snips

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Wednesday sought to reconcile what it said was solid evidence of an Iranian plot to murder Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States with a wave of puzzlement and skepticism from some foreign leaders and outside experts.

    Senior American officials themselves were struggling to explain why the Quds Force, an elite international operations unit within Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, would orchestrate such a risky attack in so amateurish a manner.

    The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, would not go further than to say the plot “clearly involved senior levels of the Quds Force.” But other American officials, armed with evidence such as bank transfers and intercepted telephone calls and with knowledge of how the covert unit operated in the past,said they believed that Iran’s senior leaders were likely complicit in the plot.

    American officials offered no specific evidence linking the plot to Iran’s most senior leaders. But they said it was inconceivable in Iran’s hierarchy that the leader of the shadowy Quds Force, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, was not directly involved, and that the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was not aware of such a plan.

    • Hard to know which voices to believe. Let’s see the evidence. When will this guy go on trial? If he was indicted, is the indictment public?


    By Robert Baer
    Wednesday, Oct. 12, 201

    Read More Here:,8599,2096747,00.html

    * * * *


    “Fabricated terror plot provides pretext for intervention following Panetta’s October 3 Tel Aviv visit”

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 13, 2011


    “The Obama administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones.”

    Read More Here:,8599,2096747,00.html#ixzz1amgjBmL4

    * * * *

  31. Who’s on First?
    Who’s up to what?
    The grand plan

    Debka: Iranian radicals look for a limited armed clash with the US
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 14, 2011, 2:17 PM
    Tags: US Iran IRGC’s Al Qods Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Saudi ambassador Cafe Milano – intended assassination scene

    The motivation for the foiled Iranian-instigated plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to Washington at his favorite eatery, Café Milano in Georgetown, is revealed by debkafile’s Iranian sources as a bid by a super-radical faction at the top of the Iranian regime to draw the United States into a limited military clash. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei approved the plot when his son and heir Mojtaba, 42, and the Al Qods Brigades commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani presented him with their “grand plan.”

    US President Barack Obama said Thursday, Oct. 13 that a person charged with plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s US ambassador “had direct links, was paid by” and “directed by individuals in the Iranian government. He also said he would not take any options off the table in dealing with Tehran.

    The American UN ambassador Susan Rice later met with her Iranian counterpart about the plot. The contents of their conversation were not revealed.

    debkafile’s Iranian sources disclose how the “grand plan” was intended to unfold. The first stage was kicked off last week with the flare-up of new Shiite-led riots in Bahrain which Iranian agents helped to expand into the neighboring Qatif oil region of eastern Saudi Arabia.

    This week, Revolutionary Guards and Al Qods experts in mayhem organized pilgrims heading for the Umrah, the little pilgrimage, in Mecca starting on Nov. 4, as agents provocateur for stirring up riots among the massed pilgrims. The first batch of 20,000 Iranian pilgrims is already in the shrine cities of Mecca and Medina.

    Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir’s assassination was planned to coincide with riots in the holy cities and disturbances in the oil regions and so cause a breakdown in national security and shake the throne to its foundations.

    The Americans would then come running to save the kingdom, Mojtaba (picture on the left) and Soleimani figured, and head straight into a limited armed clash with Iran. This is what the pair was aiming for to further the following objectives:

    1. To head off the spread of unrest in Syria into the Iranian Republic. The downtrodden ethnic and religious minorities which make up 60 percent of the population would not venture to rise up against the minority Persian rulers at a time of war for fear of being punished as traitors.

    2. To push the controversial Iranian nuclear program down to the bottom of the international agenda and stop in its tracks the US-led campaign to halt its development.
    3. To win international Muslim acclaim for diverting the military focus of the West away from Syria and saving President Bashar Assad’s regime.

    4. By sacrificing a few of Iran’s warships and planes in a limited clash, Tehran would win support from Russia and China, which are both strongly opposed to Western military intervention in Syria or any other part of the Middle East.

    5. They would produce a Tehran-led anti-American Muslim military line-up to stand up against the pro-American Sunni Muslim military bloc sponsored by the West, which Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is assembling.

    debkafile’s intelligence sources say there is nothing paradoxical about the super-efficient professional Al-Qods Brigades enlisting a Mexican drug cartel for a hit squad to assassinate Ambassador al-Jubeir. For at least 20 years, Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hizballah has kept itself in funds by drug trafficking, gunrunning and fencing stolen goods and today controls entire networks in Latin America and Africa.This fact is well known, fully recorded and easily available to anyone interested.

    The most competent clandestine organizations often use inept losers like the Iranian-born New York American Mansour Arbabsiar for “dirty operations.” They tend to be a far cry from the high-IQ superspies of film and fiction. In this case, he may have been the best foot soldier available. Al Qods maintains small sleeper cells among the 900,000 Iranian expatriates living in the United States, more than half of them in California and Texas. But its active agents are by and large of the same substandard caliber as Arbabsiar.

    There is another possibility: His Al Qods controllers expected the plot to be foiled. They knew Arbabsiar was under FBI surveillance after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the drug market, and watched him walk into a trap when he tried to hire a DEA agent posing as a member of the Mexican drug cartel.

    Had the assassination taken place, it would have been treated as an act of war by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel. (The Saudi and Israeli embassies were to be bombed at the same time in Buenos Aires.)

    Mojtaba and Soleimani did not intend to go that far or provoke a full-blown war. A foiled plot was to be the cue for a limited armed confrontation which was all their “grand plan” required – and that result appears to be building up.

    Ain’t that amazing how it all comes together?But what about that Cain guy?
    Don’t think the Builderburgers figured on him.

  32. Iran’s Khamenei warns US over assassination claims.
    Supreme leader cautions against ‘any unsuitable act’
    October 16, 2011 AP Snips

    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s supreme leader warned the United States on Sunday that any measures taken against Tehran over an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington would elicit a “resolute” response. “If U.S. officials have some delusions, (they must) know that any unsuitable act, whether political or security, will meet a resolute response from the Iranian nation,” state TV quoted Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying. Khamenei’s comments may reflect Iranian concerns that Washington would use the Al-Jubeir case to ratchet up sanctions and recruit international allies to try to further isolate Tehran.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been blunt in saying the United States would use the allegations as leverage with other countries that have been reluctant to apply harsh sanctions or penalties against Iran. President Barack Obama said Thursday that the U.S. will be able to support all of its allegations that Iran was directly involved in the alleged plot.

    But Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters in Iran, said that the U.S. accused Iran of terror in order to divert attention from its economic woes and from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. “By attributing an absurd and meaningless accusation to a few Iranians, they tried … to show that Iran is a supporter of terrorism. … This conspiracy didn’t work and won’t work,” he said.

    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his part, dismissed the U.S. accusations as a fabricated “scenario.” “Iran is a civilized nation and doesn’t need to resort to assassination,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying Sunday by the official IRNA news agency. “The culture of terror belongs to you,” he said, addressing the United States.


    tHIS SOMEWHAT LESS CONTROVERSIAL Lame Cherry ARTICLE SUGGESTS THE REASON: This blog has deliberately silent on Iran for two reasons

    It informed the world long ago about the Obama game there and I do not chew vomit, just because Alex Jones comes up with a build up is taking place in Kuwait.

    I deal with the unknown, of the over the horizon point. Anything other than this is wasted energy, as everyone can see a set up, most can see a prelude to war, and most figure out that murdering Sheik bin Laden only got Obama 1 point for a week in the polls, so his need at this point is to murder an Islamocommunist nation. That being the Persian communists.

    I will relate a projection from the oracles as it is relevant in this and as astute of scenario as any.

    It was exclusively outed here that Obama fully intended to murder US Soldiers in Afnamistan as a “pay back” for his tribe of Islam. Yes just like Obama gave unions GM and just like Obama gave the European cartel several trillion, the reality is Obama chucked up piles of dead Americans as a kickback to his militant Muslims in that theater.

    Obama has always had good terrorists and bad terrorists. The bad get missiles and the good communists get nations.

    Project what Obama intends in striking Iran……the same Iran which when Bush43 was looking at the situation had reams of Mockingbird dispatches screaming about Iran is not Iraq! Iran is huge, Iran sh*ts danger and p*sses America’s end……….note now the complete and abject silence of the New York Times when it comes to Obama implementing a phased hit on Iran.

    Thee only solution in Iran is to as this blog noted, is to back the millions of Iranian ex patriots, and overthrow the regime and install a Constitutional Monarchy with the Shah’s family as the English monarchy is an example.
    Obama though is not interested in such. His policy has two objectives and they are simple.

    Objective 1: Cripple Iran as a force which would be a problem for his Neo Roman Empire, but keep Iran active enough to retaliate to blow New York off the map, but be blamed on some other monster of fiction in case Obama needs another news event to cover up his crimes.

    Object 2: The bloodying and humiliation of America, so the European empire can run things from Jordan to Spain.

    This last part must be examined as the oracle speak of a war in the Middle East where it goes bad for America, as Russia gets involved.
    See this is the rub in this as Russia is a military player, with might, and has treaty with Iran to intervene and protect her.
    This plays out exactly as Obama’s Europeans would intend and Putin would be rewarded in this by the cartel in dividing up the Mideast.

    Obama ignites a shooting war, and Putin in his Eurasian Empire of Moscow scoots in with air cover and things get exchanged as his tanks deployed in the Stans roll down into Kuwait.

    American air power checked, the tanks have a lovely flat invasion route as long as they do not go into Iran which is rugged country.

    That means in 36 hours, the Russians would be sitting in the US Naval bases and be in control of the US ammo dump in Saudi Arabia, and there is not one thing America could do as this is how this is intended to bloody America and humiliate her in a new hope and change Eurasia.
    This accomplished a new order arises and the entire feudal world structure changes as the Bolshevik Manifesto, this blog featured long ago is at last implemented in putting America behind her ocean walls to be dispatched at the cartel’s leisure.

    Israel would be secure being nuclear, but the new division would be the golden dream of Catherine the Great in the warm water ports for Russia. The entire Gulf Mideast would become a Soviet port with Putin being stuck managing the Islamic hordes, Indian in check, China now under the complete oil control of Russia, so she will take Alaska when it is deemed necessary, and the central Europeans thinking they will then invade their little peaceful heart’s content to domination over the Holy Land, as this is what this has always been about.

    It requires stating again, that Barack Hussein Obama desires the cropping of America, the humiliation of “colonial” America, and his every policy has been the undoing of Bush 43 and the great Ronald Reagan to take the world back to 1970 Soviet control and a transfer of American power to China in the east and the Roman system in the west.
    This is where Obama’s loyalties lie and it is beyond disgraceful the way John Boehner and that Rovian GOP ilk have enabled it all as Obama has more wars and assassins prowling the planet than a James Bond movie staring Obama Fingering Dr. O.

    This would seem an exclusive and far more valuable than some alarmist headline about Kuwait or wag the Holder in Iranian assassins.

    Personally, this blog has great grief in this for the sons of Ishmael led by the Saudi Kingdom, as I have deep affection for these sons of Abraham as much as the Persian brothers, as they both have been treated badly and used even worse.
    They deserve better, but then so do my beloved Slavs, and they will in time be ploughed like Prague as these Obama realignment wars spiral to Armageddon literally.

    America is ruled by patricians and it does not make a difference right or left, as a Romney is an Obama. America cries out for Sarah Palin……..and if you do not comprehend why all of these GOP types are flashes in the pan is because she is the part designed for this and nothing else is going to “feel” right.

    That though is another matter, as this is about Iran and Obama planning a humiliation for America.

    nuff said.
    agtG 228

  34. Obama administration has released dozens of Iranian fugitives inside the U.S.
    Dave Gibson

    Through a Freedom of Information Act request, has just reported that during fiscal years 2009 and 2010, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended and released “at least 28 Iranian nationals inside the United States.” As is all-too common with the federal government’s practice of ‘catch and release,’ they all became fugitives when they failed to show for their immigration court hearings.

    Obama’s Homeland Security Department not only released the two dozen Iranians caught under their watch, but also two who had been detained while George Bush was president. Twenty-one of the Iranian fugitives were originally caught in the border states of Texas, Arizona and California. has attempted to find out if any of those fugitives have since been caught, but ICE refused to answer.

    The feds released these individuals back into the interior of this country, even though the U.S. State Department has designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.

    Of course, last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the reporters that the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States was orchestrated by elements within the Iranian government after two men were taken into custody in New York federal for reportedly trying to hire a Mexican drug cartel operative to carry-out the hit.

  35. What do the Iranians know that the Democrats pretend not to know?

    Iran Says 2.5 Million Students Will Protest In Support Of Occupy Wall Street
    Oct. 25 Snips

    TEHRAN (FNA) — Millions of Iranian students are due to stage nationwide rallies on November 4 to voice their strong support for the Wall Street protests which have now overwhelmed all the western countries ruled by the capitalist system.

    November the 4 marks three important events in Iranian history: the takeover of the former US embassy in Tehran by Muslim students following the late Imam Khomeini’s line in 1979 and the exile of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini by the deposed Shah in 1964.

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