A Failing Obama (Open Thread)

Posted by Bridgette


How’s that Hopey, Changey Thing Workin’ For Ya, Obama?


Impotent Obama    H/T  Lame Cherry

No Rise in the Polls!


H/T Lame Cherry


91 responses to “A Failing Obama (Open Thread)

  1. http://money.cnn.com/2011/10/05/news/economy/bank_of_america_moynihan/index.htm

    The Bank of America CEO asserts what we all SHOULD know to be true: They have a RIGHT to make a profit. He says the Dodd-Frank bill will cost his bank BILLIONS. Of course, that’s probably the plan or at least another example of the unintended consequences of progressive meddling via big government. 30,000 people laid off. 30,000 LOST their jopsss on account of this stupid bill. Everybody predicted this result, and here it is. Then we have asshats like Durbin telling people to take their money out of BofA. How’s that going to work for the economy and investors? Where do people have money invested? Where do unions? Where are those pension funds, AFL-CIO? Keep on making war on private enterprise and there will BE none. Then who will you tax into submission? When the “wealthy” are as poor as everyone else, who will foot the bill for Barry’s NWO?

    • Why do these bankers continue to kowtow to Barry, though? Because like the Chicago thug that he is, he holds threats of “regulation” and “nationalization” over their heads? Have they ever heard of cojones and the COURTS? Stand up for capitalism NOW or it’s communism and the USSA.

    • I read an article yesterday or today that Durbin should be indicted for his calling out the Bank of America. Apparently there are laws that you can’t do that for fear of a run on banks. It is a bank regulation of some kind. If you recall they were hush hush about banks who needed TARP funding and that was for the same reason. I will try to locate it.

      • Ouch! Good one, Dick. He should be indicted. Can we swear out a warrant? A citizen’s arrest? These guys are skating so close to it. How in the world did it come to this, that we have a party of jerks that use their positions to WAGE WAR against the very people they’re supposed to represent? These guys have to be breaking some law. Can you imagine GWB or actually any POTUS until this one behaving like these Democrats, including Barry, behave? We all laughed when Maxine Waters talked about socialism, uh, “taking over” companies and having the government run them. When they make war on Wall Street, they make war on the economy and by extension on WE the PEOPLE. Because we ARE the economy. That’s where our pension funds are. That’s where our 401k’s are invested. They’re stealing our investments as surely as if they broke into our homes and swiped the bills hidden in our mattresses. Besides which, they’re also devaluing our dollars. This is their last gasp. That kid interviewed yesterday, on the Gateway Pundit article, said as much. This is their last chance to IMPOSE communism (in his warped naive mind, “UTOPIA”).

        I hope the Republicans take them to task for this UN-AMERICAN activity. Durbin is an embarrassment. Long past time for Dick to RETIRE.

  2. Harry Reid Invokes Nuclear Option
    October 6, 2011

    Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ changes rules, ends repeat filibusters
    By Alexander Bolton – 10/06/11 07:01 PM ET

    In a shocking development Thursday evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) triggered a rarely used procedural option informally called the “nuclear option” to change the Senate rules.The Democratic leader had become fed up with Republican demands for votes on motions to suspend the rules after the Senate had voted to end a filibuster.

    Reid said these motions, which do not need unanimous consent, amount to a second-round filibuster after the Senate has voted to move to final passage of a measure. The Senate voted 51-48 to back Reid and overturn the Senate precedent. Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.) was the only Democrat to vote against his leader. Republicans that VOTED FOR this:

    Brown – R – Mass
    Chambliss – R GA
    Isakson – R GA
    Graham – R – SC
    Snowe – R – Maine
    Cochran – R – MS
    Portman – R – Ohio
    Collins – R – Maine
    Shelby – R – AL
    Sessions – R – AL
    plus 2 more


    • But, but, but… They’re the party of compromise and bipartisanship. It’s the Republicans who are unilateralists and uncompromising. This simply can’t be.

      We’ll solve the problem next year, when the Republicans get back the ENTIRE government. When the shoe is on the other foot, then watch how THEY fume, fuss, whine, holler, cry like babies.

      • It is simply time for someone to knock this guy down a peg. This story says Obama threatened Congress to do what he says or “get run out of town” by his mobs, I suppose he means. Where does HE GET OFF THREATENING THE REPRESENTATIVES OF WE THE PEOPLE? THE PEOPLE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE SEVERAL STATES TO REPRESENT US IN CONGRESS? He is NOT Hugo Chavez and this is NOT Venezuela. He is NOT Raila Odinga, and this is NOT Kenya. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_OBAMA_JOBS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2011-10-06-19-12-10

        I am beyond outraged. The people in Congress, every damned on of them, Democrats included, ought to be outraged by this tinpot dictator wannabe. As should the media, IF they have a shred of integrity left in them.

        Lamenting political gamesmanship, Obama defended his own tactic of campaigning for a jobs bill that appears to have no chance of passing as it is. When asked about his willingness to negotiate to help the millions of unemployed, he said he had gone out of his way every time with Republicans, to little avail.”

        How the media can keep straight faces when he lies like that is beyond me. He thinks THEY’RE stupid; he thinks WE’RE stupid; he thinks EVERYONE but himself is STUPID. They know, we know, everybody knows (which is why Reid pulled his recent stunt) that EVEN THE DEMS ARE AGAINST HIS JOPSSSSS BILL. He doesn’t compromise. He’s NEVER compromised on anything. He orders. He wants to rule, like his childhood idol Suharto.

        Get this part: “At one point Obama even told his media questioners to accept a “little homework assignment” and “go ask Republicans what their jobs plan is.”

        Do you think he’s beginning to get under THEIR skin, too? His arrogance? How does that play when he talks down to them AS IF THEY’RE CHILDREN?

        • From that same AP story: “About 392,000 households would get hit by the Senate Democrats’ proposed 5.6 percent tax on income above $1 million, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank. In 2013, the first year the tax would take effect, those households would see their taxes increase by an average of $110,500, according to the analysis.”

          Now think about what those households do with that “extra” $110,500 per year. Do you think they invest it? Do you think maybe they HIRE people? Like maids, valets, chauffeurs? If so, bye bye to their jopssss. Or maybe they’ll pass that loss off to their household employees by cutting their salaries or benefits. If it’s a business, they’ll lay people off. Bye bye to those jopsss, too.

          Even so, it certainly doesn’t sound as if it’s going to offset the $447 BILLION Barry’s going to SPEND on his jopsss for his peeps program. It’s MATH, Barry. DO IT.

    • From Sen. Demint

      Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) fundamentally weakened the United States Senate yesterday in a desperate attempt to block a vote on the President’s stimulus bill.

      Using a simple majority vote, Reid used the “Nuclear Option” to change the rules of the Senate so senators cannot offer amendments. In the future, senators will only be able to modify legislation if Harry Reid agrees to it.

      Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate because Republicans planned to force a vote on President Obama’s stimulus plan. The plan is so unpopular that it was going to be defeated by Republicans and Democrats when it came up for a vote. This would have embarrassed the president so Reid and the Democrats just changed the longstanding rules of the Senate to block it. You can learn more at RedState.com.

      The Senate is supposed to be the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”. That means debating, amending, and voting on legislation — all things Harry Reid has sought to avoid during his tenure as Senate Majority Leader.

      Folks, we’re teetering on tyranny. We must elect a conservative majority in 2012 to stop this madness.

      This latest attempt to ignore the rules and force bad legislation on the American people is alarming, but it’s not that surprising. Democrats have been ignoring the U.S. Constitution and blowing through its stop signs for years.

      Republicans can protect their rights in the Senate but it requires 41 Republican votes to keep the Democrats from cutting off debate. Unfortunately, too many Republicans lack the courage to stand together for the principles of freedom.

  3. Bridgette, you wished for a little levity. Here’s something for you:


    “Woody Allen has confessed he’d love to cast America’s First Lady Michelle Obama in his next movie – if he can write the perfect role for her.”

    A remake of Star Wars? There’s a perfect role for her …

  4. Interesting story about the effects of loud-mouth political rants by actors on their movies’ bottom lines: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/politics-box-office-democrats-republicans-244741

    See if you hate the same actors/actresses that I do. 🙂

  5. Running on instinct here
    (well done on the researchblog extension)

    The same hidden forces that are funding the take down Wall Street protests, ie soros-obama, are also orchestrating the european banking failure.

    These two connected events are bringing in the worst fears of two years ago, mass civil disobedience, saved only by an american totalitarian dictatorship

    Just because you call it a conspiracy theory, doesn’t make it false,I’m staying here in England,though I know that is not safe either,but Obama has no direct tentacles here.

    The next three weeks are extremely dangerous.

  6. IMF advisor: ‘In The Absence Of A Credible Plan We Will Have A Global Financial Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks’
    October 7, 2011 Snips

    If this statement had come from some hedge fund flunkie or cable business news jock, it could safely be dismissed as an attempt to get attention and ratings.Instead, it comes from bail out expert Robert Shapiro who works as an advisor to the International Monetary Fund.Shapiro, according to Business Insider, is no financial gadfly

    If you’ve been reading a lot of business news from Europe lately, you have probably learned to read between the lines of what officials the European Central Bank, principles in government, and other experts have been hinting at. And that is, we are heading for a major league meltdown unless the euro states can come up with a plan to settle the Greek default situation, recapitalize big banks who are hanging by a thread at this point, and find a way to refinance the debt of Italy, and Spain.


  7. Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from National Labor Relations Board Concerning Boeing Lawsuit

    NLRB Attorney Cheers Union Attack on Boeing: “Hooray for the red, white and blue”
    Washington, DC — October 5, 2011 Snips

    Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has received documents from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concerning the NLRB’s decision to file a lawsuit against Seattle-based Boeing for opening a $750 million non-union assembly plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, to manufacture its Dreamliner plane (Judicial Watch v. National Labor Relations Board (No. 11-1470)).

    The documents, obtained pursuant to Judicial Watch’s original July 14, 2011, Freedom of Information Act request and subsequent lawsuit include internal correspondence amongst NLRB attorneys discussing the Boeing lawsuit. Among the highlights:

    # A July 12, 2011, email from NLRB Regional Director Richard Ahearn to NLRB hearing officer Peter Finch, responding to an article in The Hill newspaper about a request from Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, seeking documents related to the NLRB Boeing lawsuit: “We will politely decline.” (Mr. Ahearn signed the NRLB complaint against Boeing.)

    # A May 5, 2011, email from NLRB attorney Miriam Szapiro warning an unknown recipient (name blacked out) about reading a Wall Street Journal article supporting Boeing and criticizing compulsory unionism: “don’t look at yesterday’s WSJ; you’ll puke.”

    “The NLRB is supposed to be a neutral arbiter of labor disputes, not a cheerleader for unions,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents confirm that the Obama NLRB is abusing its power on behalf of a powerful union to attack a major U.S. corporation. No wonder Judicial Watch had to sue the Obama administration to obtain these records.”


  8. Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Detailing the Cost to Taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s Family Trip to Africa

    Charges for the Aircraft and Crew Alone Amount to $424,142


    Obama White House Targets JW over Michelle Obama Travel

    Last week I reported to you that Judicial Watch had received mission expense records and passenger manifests for Michelle Obama’s family vacation to Africa. Per the documents, we calculated that the total cost to American taxpayers was $424,142 for the flight and crew alone. Other expenses, such as off-flight food, transportation, security, etc. were not included.

    Well, shortly after our documents were splashed all over the news, the Obama White House responded. As you might expect, they did not concede the cost of the trip. In fact, they said we got it wrong. “The number stated is misconstrued and out of context,” said an unnamed White House senior official.

    That is utter disinformation. We came up with our number based on specific directions given to us by the United States Air Force!

    As I said in my response to ABC News, which printed the anonymous White House rebuttal, “Once again the White House is trying to play the American people for fools.” And, true to form, White House fronts on the Internet began attacking Judicial Watch and me personally for doing our watchdog work.

    We won’t be intimidated by the Obama gang.

    The White House can dissemble all it wants, but the fact remains this trip was an expensive junket for the Obama family that wasted valuable military resources.

    Snips from Email from judicial watch..

  9. The U.S. Can Become the ‘Saudi Arabia of Oil’ by 2020, Entrepreneur Says…But Is Obama Listening?
    October 3, 2011

    Harold Hamm is more than a little disappointed in President Obama. The founder and CEO of Continental Resources—the 14th-largest U.S. oil company—had a few minutes of exclusive face time with the president at the White House recently, where he told Obama that America had enough oil within its borders to “replace OPEC.”

    Obama was unmoved.

    “Oil and gas will be important for the next few years,” Hamm recalls the president telling him. “But we need to go on to green and alternative energy. [Energy] Secretary [Steven] Chu has assured me that within five years, we can have a battery developed that will make a car with the equivalent of 130 miles per gallon.”

    “Even if you believed that, why would you want to stop oil and gas development?” Hamm asks in a Wall Street Journal interview. “It was pretty disappointing…President Obama is riding the wrong horse on energy.” Hamm adds that the U.S. could be “completely energy independent by the end of the decade. We can be the Saudi Arabia of oil and natural gas in the 21st century.”

    But the gatekeepers are keeping those gates shut

    • WE know why Obama doesn’t want the US to become energy independent via OUR fossil fuels. Can these guys EVER wake up and smell the coffee?

  10. I need information please. I seem to remember info we turned up last year about Lolo. It was a connection to a map maker he worked for. Does anyone else remember this ?

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