BrightSource Energy Lights the Way to More Obama Scandals

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More Solar Scams for the Obama Administration!


Solar Power Panels Source:


In the following  article by WND, “Thought it couldn’t get any worse than Solyndra?”  there are just too many connections to radical organizations and people we have discussed in the last three years to ignore.  So it is being printed in full.   Knowing where your tax monies from Obama’s failed Stimulus Plan have gone and to whom is important.

The communist linked Apollo Alliance inspired Stimulus Plan was never meant to increase jobs, it was meant to pay back the Democratic pay-to-play cronies for their support.  It matters not that these “green” companies will not survive, the money was given as a “freebie”  from Obama off the backs of hard-working, tax paying Americans.   It was their idea of redistributing the wealth of the country to the chosen few associated with the radical and corrupt Left for their visions of how our world should be.   The  “old-fashioned” ethical  way of doing the work and letting it pay off by following  rules and laws is not their way.  Their way is devious, conniving, cunning, and corrupt.

The “World According to the Obama Marxists”  is played by taking your money without asking, and giving it to their chosen recipients with few or  no strings attached.  They will take what isn’t theirs and say it belongs to them,  and dare you or anyone else to do anything about it.    It is a few in power deciding where monies should be spent, and to whom the monies should be given.  It is theft, plain and simple.   Theft is a crime.   But the Left wants it to sound good to the uninformed, deluded masses they control with their rhetoric; so they redefine THEFT as “redistributing the wealth.”   Either way you look at it,  they are thieves and  are committing crimes.

Their stealing isn’t for the good of the country, quite the opposite. They believe their vision is what is best for the country, and they shouldn’t be hindered from producing what they “know” is best.  The fact that these companies who received government handouts  needed to take taxpayer monies instead of applying for normal scrutinized bank loans or by enticing  investors into their venture  is a good indicator of the risk involved in their undertaking.   The banks weren’t buying their business plans, so they chose to dupe the public instead.  Since when did our government get into the investment business that is primarily a public sector business?

Some things that occur in the Obama administration  pass our notice and are  just a blip on our scale of importance, but Obama’s nominations should always be investigated.

John E. Bryson

One man, John E. Bryson,  was nominated in June, 2011 as the Commerce Secretary.   He sits on the boards of Boeing, Disney and a  Santa Monica electric car start-up company (clean technology)
called  Coda Automotive.   He is also an adviser to New York private equity and buyout giant Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

While lauded by the Left for his vision,  Oklahoma’s  Republican Senator James Inhofe,  the senior Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, released a statement where “he declared his intention to trounce Bryson’s nomination because of his environmental background” and support of cap-and-trade.  Inhofe said,

“It is understandable that President Obama would select John Bryson as his nominee: he is a founder of a radical environmental organization and a member of a United Nations advisory group on climate change.”

That was a pretty good indicator of what was to come with Bryson in charge of a governmental agency.

Not until we get an Attorney General worth his salt and who abides by the law, will we be able to prosecute all of these criminals involved in the various scams concocted by the Democratic Party, associated communist/socialist/Marxist organizations, and their allies.   Attorney General Holder and his Department of Injustice are the most corrupt in the history of the United States, and their days are numbered.    Count on that!

Let’s take a look at the latest company, BrightSource Energy, that is coming under the microscope of We the People and note its connections to Obama and the corrupt Left.  The Tangled Web of Criminality and Corruption will be evident.  Hey, what’s another billion or two given away to Obama’s radical supporters?


Thought it couldn’t get any worse than Solyndra?

Obama Commerce pick awarded $1.37 Billion in ‘stimulus funds’ for another risky solar plant!

World Net Daily
September 26, 2011

President Obama’s nominee for Commerce secretary served as chairman of the board of a solar energy company that recently received a $1.37 billion federal loan guarantee – the largest the Department of Energy has ever given for a solar power project.

Now that company, BrightSource Energy, is attempting to build the world’s largest solar power plant amid concerns such ventures may be too risky an investment for the federal government.

In June, BrightSource Chairman John Bryson was nominated by Obama to head the Commerce Department.

WND reported in June that Bryson co-founded an environmental activist group that is a member and funder of the controversial Apollo Alliance.

Apollo is run by a slew of socialists and radicals, including Jeff Jones, a founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization. Jones himself boasts of doing work for the environmental group founded by Bryson, the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Bryson served until June as co-chairman of the Pacific Council on International Policy, a globalist organization whose members can be found throughout the Obama administration.

The massive loan guarantee to BrightSource is meant to build an expensive California desert solar plant known as the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.

The system will feature mirrors that reflect sun toward a massive central tower that is in turn heated to produce steam meant to spin turbines to produce electricity.   The size of the BrightSource plant is thought to produce enough power to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of Californians.

During a national address last October, Obama mentioned the possible benefits of BrightSource Energy’s “revolutionary new type of solar power plant.”

However, some have doubted that the massive solar plant will actually work.

The Bay Citizen quoted Michael Boyd, president of the nonprofit Californians for Renewable Energy, as saying there is “no evidence” BrightSource’s project will succeed. Boyd complained most of the equipment used at the plant would be manufactured in China and Germany. “Stimulus money isn’t going to jobs here in the U.S. It’s going to jobs overseas,” he said.

Boyd’s group last year reportedly filed an administrative complaint seeking to block the U.S. loan guarantee, alleging in the complaint the solar project “could have the unintended consequences of killing innovation if these projects fail.”

In a briefing last month, BrightSource CEO John Woolard was confident his plant would significantly lower the costs of energy.   “We were able to drop costs down significantly,” he said. “Ivanpah is the culmination of two and a half decades of work and thinking around solar.”

However, the entire solar energy enterprise is now being questioned as overseas manufacturers, particularly China and Taiwan, have produced similar products and services at much lower prices.  Already, the cost of generating power with panels plunged about 37 percent in the past year, Bloomberg reported yesterday, as Chinese factories cut prices. The price slashes pushed three U.S. makers, including Solyndra, into bankruptcy protection in the past quarter.

The news media and lawmaker focus on the Obama administration’s use of funds for solar energy could draw focus to Bryson himself, since he chaired the company that received the largest amount of funds.

Globalist, CO2 activist

Besides his position at BrightSource, which he vacated when he was selected as Obama’s Commerce pick, Bryson is the former chairman, chief executive officer and president of Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison.

He serves on the U.N. secretary-general’s advisory group on energy and climate change and as co-chairman of the globalist PCIP, a partner of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In 1970, Bryson co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council, or NRDC, with a $400,000 seed grant from the Ford Foundation.

The group is also funded by the Tides Foundation, to which philanthropist George Soros has donated more than $7 million over the years. Tides itself is a major funder of leftist causes, including ACORN, whose founder and former chief organizer, Wade Rathke, is a Tides board member.

The NRDC is a major proponent of fighting so-called global warming. It recently endorsed a document called the Earth Charter, which, Discover the Networks notes, blames capitalism for many of the world’s environmental, social and economic problems.

The charter maintains that “the dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species. The benefits of development are not shared equitably and the gap between rich and poor is widening.”

The NRDC is a member of the Apollo Alliance. NRDC’s president, Frances Beinecke, is on Apollo’s board. The NRDC is also listed by Apollo as a funder of the group, having donated between $1,200 to $2,999 to become an Apollo “clean energy benefactor.”  The NRDC endorses many Apollo initiatives.

Apollo’s New York office is run by Jeff Jones, who founded the Weather Underground with terrorists Bill Ayers and radical Mark Rudd when the three signed an infamous statement calling for a revolution against the American government inside and outside the country to fight and defeat what the group called U.S. imperialism.   Jones currently boasts on his personal website that he has done consulting work for the NRDC.

Apollo has been credited by the Obama administration with helping craft portions of the $787-billion “stimulus” bill signed into law.

The Apollo Alliance has boasted in promotional material that it was behind several of the Obama administration’s “green” initiatives, in addition to crafting “green” sections of the stimulus bill.

Among Apollo’s board members are a group of Leftist extremists including:

  • Van Jones, President Obama’s controversial former “green jobs czar”who resigned in September 2009 after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization and signed a statement that accused the Bush administration of possible involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Jones also called for “resistance” against the U.S.   Jones himself described the Apollo Alliance’s mission as “sort of a grand unified field theory for progressive left causes.”
  • Joel Rogers, a founder of the Socialist New Party. WND reported evidence indicating Obama was a New Party member. In an interview with WND, New Party co-founder and Marxist activist Carl Davidson previously recounted Obama’s participation with the New Party.

Following publicity of Apollo’s radicalism, including scores of articles by WND and investigations by the Fox News Channel, Apollo announced it will merge with the BlueGreen Alliance, a collaboration of large environmental groups and unions.


Meanwhile, Bryson is co-chairman of the PCIP, which was founded in 1995 in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations.

The group says it is the “premier international affairs organization focused on policy issues of special resonance to the West Coast.”  Its goals include “building our network of globally oriented business, civic, and government leaders.” Also, the group aims to convene exchanges with global policy makers and opinion leaders while partnering with organizations around the world to “promote mutual understanding and coordinated action.”

The PCIP is funded by the Ford Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Obama’s ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin, is a member of the PCIP. Last October, he invited a 29-member delegation from the PCIP to a conference in France for the stated purpose of discussing Arab and Islamic relations in the country.

Rivkin was at the center of a scandal when WikiLeaks released a cable in which he proposed the U.S. Embassy in France initiate a multipronged effort to “engage” and help to “empower” France’s Muslim minorities.  Rivkin called the effort a “Minority Engagement Strategy,” which was largely directed at Muslims in France.

Other PCIP members abound through the Obama administration, WND has learned.

James B. Steinberg, deputy secretary of state, serves on the PICP board of directors. He also serves on the science and security board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, a journal that argued during the Cold War for the U.S. to hand its nuclear weapons to an international organization.

The Bulletin, as WND reported, was founded by scientists who were long accused of spying for the Soviets and passing along vital nuclear secrets.

Vilma S. Martinez, U.S. ambassador to Argentina, is the chairman of the PCIP’s Mexico Study Group.

Former Utah Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr., a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was appointed by Obama as ambassador to China in August 2009. He is a PCIP founding director.

Jeffrey L. Bleich, Obama’s appointment for U.S. ambassador to Australia, is a PCIP member.

Diana Farrell, deputy director of the National Economic Council, is a member of the PCIP as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bretton Woods Committee. She is a frequent speaker on U.S. global engagement.

Byron Auguste, a member of Obama’s White House Council for Community Solutions, serves on the PCIP board. He is also on the board of trustees of the Center for American Progress, which is funded by Soros and led by John Podesta, who served as co-chairman of Obama’s transition team.

Last year, PCIP member Steven Myers joined the State Department’s advisory committee on international economic policy.

John B. Emerson, appointee for Obama’s advisory committee for trade policy and negotiations, is a member of both the PCIP and CFR.

In April, Obama nominated PCIP member Janet Yellen to serve as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.

PCIP member Alan D. Bersin was appointed commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Last March, Obama appointed PCIP member Michael Camuñez to the position of assistant secretary for market access and compliance in the Department of Commerce.

Ernest James Wilson, a member of the PCIP board, was elected chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in September 2009. He served as a policy advisor on Obama’s presidential transition team on matters of communication technology and public diplomacy.

Also on Obama’s transition team was Jonathan Greenblat, chairman of the PCIP’s energy and environment committee.

The PCIP has some ties to billionaire activist George Soros. Among PCIP fellows is Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani journalist and writer who is a member of the advisory board of Eurasia Net of the Soros Foundation. He is also a scholar of the Davos World Economic Forum and a consultant for Human Rights Watch.   At the invitation of the then-U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, he became the first journalist to address the U.N. General Assembly in New York in September 2002 and the first journalist to address NATO ambassadors in Brussels in September 2003.


Don’t you wish we could round-up all of these criminals at one time?   Would you ever have believed that so many corrupt individuals were operating in full sight and are all associated with one another?   The  same people are involved over and over again.  We’d have enough of their vision, and we aren’t buying it!  Well, I should say, “We aren’t buying it, ANYMORE.”

If there is any money left in the Stimulus Bill, Defund it!  Make those who were reckless  with our money pay from their own estates.   When the elections come, let’s get these radicals out of our government and prosecute each and every one.  Locate those responsible and prosecute them.   Get them before they go overseas to spread their wealth they’ve made by scamming the public.

We are using natural, bright, sunlight to expose these corrupt organizations, their many criminals, and associations.  We will be the Bright Lights shining down on them until they are all brought to JUSTICE!


76 responses to “BrightSource Energy Lights the Way to More Obama Scandals

  1. Great post, Bridgette! Thanks for adding context and insight, which help people realize how far this corruption goes. Obama’s administration raises “conflict of interest” to such a higher level that we need a new phrase to define it. Words fail!

    How long will the media and Congress allow this rape and pillage of our country to continue? Why do they allow it? Political correctness? Fear? Are they that afraid to “cause” the failure of the “first African-American POTUS”? Are they so politically correct, so afraid of the race card, that they will allow corruption so severe that it makes Watergate look nickel-and-dime?

    What did Watergate cost We the People other than the price of the PROLONGED hearings? When will we see even ONE Congressional hearing into this outrageous corruption that’s televised live, simultaneously on EVERY broadcast and cable network? You think there’s bias in the media? Nah! Who’d think that?

    The media and Congress are complicit in EVERYTHING that’s afflicting our country and our economy by NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. The media pretend to be watchdogs for the People. They’re poodles when we need pit bulls. Congress pretends to represent us. They’re only out for power and reelection.

    Standing by, complicit, while this unconstitutional POTUS wreaks his Marxist/communist will upon America. Redistributing revenues (read: TAXES) from the American people to his selected peeps. You’re so correct when you say that it doesn’t matter if these businesses succeed or not because THAT’S NOT THE MAIN GOAL.

    The GOAL, as we’ve written about many times, is to USE the false theory of “MAN-CAUSED” global warming as AN EXCUSE to “level” the USA in a communist sense–to bring her down to the level of every other nation on Earth, because these global communists have a warped idea of “fairness.” In their minds, it means everybody (with the exception of themselves–the elites) should be EQUAL. If that means everybody on Earth (with noted exceptions) is EQUALLY POOR, then so be it, so long as it’s “equal”. “Fair”.

    Not only are they communists, they’re also elitists. They believe in the caste system. A system with two castes: Caste One–The Elites, the chosen ones, those who by RIGHT SHOULD RULE EVERYONE ELSE, BECAUSE THEY’RE SMARTER. Who should HAVE and ENJOY WEALTH. Caste Two: Everybody else, those intellectually inferior beings. The worker bees. These are the people who MUST have income equality. But NEVER wealth.

    This isn’t communism, exactly. But that’s how they sell it. This is pseudo-neo-communism. Or maybe it’s not that “neo”. It’s what has resulted everywhere true communism has been tried, because IT’S AGAINST HUMAN NATURE. They tried it when they got off the Mayflower. They soon learned better.

    When WILL they ever learn that the reason America is a shining beacon on that hill is FREEDOM?

    MERIT-BASED upward mobility. With help VOLUNTARILY given to those who, for whatever reason BEYOND THEIR CONTROL, need help, but not a handout!

  2. When you think you can’t be astounded anymore by what you read about this administration, a piece like WND’s article comes out to show more connections and organizations founded and funded by the same people. That so many have been given positions of power over our money and how it is spent is unbelievable. “Crony communism” is now in full view. Raping our country is their goal.

    The Tides Foundation is the one that takes funder’s money in secret so they won’t be associated with the programs meant to bring down capitalism. If they were so proud of their ideology, why hide? Is it because they don’t want their names sullied or their positions in society ruined?

    • It reminds me of that connected media organization that I found yesterday. They say twice on their “about us” page that they have been working behind the scenes for over 70 years. It’s frightening to realize the extent of their infiltration into every facet of our society. More so when you consider their infiltration in academia, where they can (AND DO) propagandize and brainwash our children. They have created a tangled web but we have one new thing on our side that’s helping to shine light into the dark corners of their web–THE WEB! Without the Internet, how hard would it be to connect these dots? That’s what’s great about FREEDOM. And the 21st century version of the public square. What they use to community organize their flash mobs, we can use to show the world who they are and what they’re up to and how they do it. How they LIE. How they HIDE their lies. Sneaking deceivers. Like Thuggees. Deceivers. Crony Communism. Good term!

      Huns and Vandals. Raping and pillaging. STEALING what is not theirs. Make no mistake, either. They’re no Robin Hoods. They’re thieves. Stealing for themselves, to enrich themselves. What they do give, to fund their so-called philanthropy, is all designed to MAKE THEM MORE MONEY AND BRING THEM MORE POWER.

      Does anyone REALLY think Soros is a philanthropist? He doesn’t think so. He thinks he’s a god. And he plays with people’s lives like Greek gods. Remember how, in the old Hercules movies, Zeus and cohorts moved people around like pawns on a chessboard. That’s George and company.

  3. I guess we don’t need to ask Jon Huntsman if he will defund the UN if he became the presidential nominee! He is a full participant in the world global warming scam. His taking a job as the Ambassador to China under the Obama regime is telling now that we see his other connections to the PCIP and realize he is a globalist as well. How he passes himself off as a Republican is amazing.

    His father, a true patriot, has a totally different view than his son, and has made his money and been a real philanthropist for our country.

    • Speaking of the UN, energy, and the usual suspects:

      “Congressman Russ Carnahan has been selected by the president to attend the meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

      President Barack Obama named Carnahan and a Republican congresswoman from New York to be representatives for the U.S. The appointment is not a job that would require either of the lawmakers to leave their positions in the U.S. House.

      Carnahan was to attend the U.N. General Assembly meeting Monday and Tuesday. He planned to meet with various countries’ delegations about the Middle East peace process, energy and women’s rights.”

      And his brother Tom owns a stimulus-funded “wind farm”. And Russ’s district is being re-districted away. And Tom is hosting a $25,000 a plate fundraiser for the POTUS soon.


    * Progressive alliance between labor and environmentalism
    * Partner of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection

    Established in 2006, the Blue Green Alliance (BGA) was created by the Sierra Club and the United Steelworkers union. It quickly grew to include also the Natural Resources Defense Council; the SEIU; the American Federation of Teachers;the Laborers’ International Union of North America; the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association; and three AFL-CIO unions — the Communications Workers of America, the Amalgamated Transit Union, and the Utility Workers Union of America.

    The political nature of BGA’s endeavor is reflected in the organization’s name: “Blue” refers to the Democratic Party; “Green” refers to environmentalism.

    With its national offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and additional offices in Washington DC, BGA has expanded its operations into 7 other states — Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. With 1.3 million members, BGA aims to “transform” the American economy through greater reliance on renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass); increased energy efficiency; an expansion of mass transit and rail transportation; a new smart grid; residential weatherization and commercial retrofitting of buildings; and other “green” solutions to what it characterizes as the climate crisis. BGA’s four principal goals reflect its labor/environmental origins:

    * “Pass comprehensive clean energy and climate change legislation [most notably, Cap and Trade]

    BGA is home to the Blue Green Alliance Foundation (BGAF), which works in partnership with Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection (ACP) on the Labor Climate Project to expand anti-global warming initiatives through the new labor movement. BGAF also works with cities and states throughout America to implement green-jobs strategies.

    BGA champions a “fundamental transformation of the [American] economy.” According to David Foster, combating global warning means rebuilding America’s manufacturing sector: “If we’re talking about this massive rebuilding of American cities around the adoption of energy-efficient technologies,

    • Rebuilding American cities and forcing everyone into them. Making us all live in energy-efficient high-rises so we don’t have to commute and burn that horrible fossil fuel. They want to run EVERYBODY’S life because they know better. They HATE FREEDOM. They want to RULE.

      Man-caused global warming is the MYTH they’re using to brainwash our kids and as THE rationale for why we MUST do what they say. It’s a faux generated crisis. A SCHEME to STEAL AMERICA’S WEALTH AND FREEDOM.

      It’s only FAIR, you see.

  5. Did You Forget to Pay the Google Bill? We Got Another Disconnection Notice.
    January 8, 2010 at 5:00 am PT

    Google has a long and storied history of insisting it has no plans whatsoever to do something that it ultimately ends up doing. So the company’s claims this week that it doesn’t plan to enter the speculative energy trading business even though it has established a new Google Energy LLC subsidiary that would allow it to do just that, are certainly an eyebrow raiser.

    You see, Google (GOOG), through Google Energy LLC, applied last month to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for approval to buy and sell power much as utilities do.

    “In addition to engaging in sales of electricity that are unregulated by the commission, applicant proposes to act as a power marketer, purchasing electricity and reselling it to wholesale customers,” Google’s Google Energy LLC subsidiary said in its application.


    Google Invests $168 Million in Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System
    Daily Tech
    April 12, 2011 10:03 PM
    Tiffany Kaiser

    Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will be world’s largest solar power tower plant

    Google announced yesterday that it has invested a large sum of money into a new solar energy power tower plant that will be located in the Mojave Desert in California.

    Google is catching a lot of heat lately between the FTC’s possible antitrust investigation into the web search giant’s internet dominance and Microsoft’s problem with Google’s “misleading security claims to the government.” But with this latest project, Google is investing in a project that is sure to have some positive reviews.

    The project is the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS), and Google has invested $168 million toward the cause. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which is being developed by BrightSource Energy, is 450 feet tall and began construction in October 2010 by the engineering firm Bechtel. It will be the world’s largest solar power tower plant.

    “We need smart capital to transform our energy sector and build a clean energy future,” said The Official Google Blog. “This is our largest investment to date, and we’ve now invested over $250 million in the clean energy sector [total]. We’re excited about Ivanpah because our investment will help deploy a compelling solar energy technology that provides reliable clean energy, with the potential to significantly reduce costs on future projects.”

    The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System project is expected to be completed in 2013, and will be funded by clean energy technology guarantees offered by the U.S. Department of Energy and by NRG.

    The government gives Google the money to invest, If there are any profits, or if they go bankrupt, Google wins, and if not, Google still wins.

    Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is being built on federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, free land courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

    • Oh my gosh…the hole gets deeper and deeper. This would explain a lot about the Federal government buying up all of the land in the west too. Now we see another arm of influence by Google…and who was the leftist guy from Google that was in bed with Obama..Eric Schmidt? He refused to be a Obama’s Tech Czar. He has now left the administration, but was he there to put this into place?

    • It boggles the mind. Google. We should have known and expected it. No crony communism there. Nope. Amazing, Leza.

      Remind me–Isn’t Barry the one who hates big business, fat cats, the rich, capitalists like GOOGLE?

      Bechtel. That rings a bell. With its subsidiary, the Bechtel Group, it has ties to Akin, Gump et al, Vernon Jordan’s lawfirm, which if you recall, did once employ the lovely Savannah Guthrie–sole visitor to the Obama LFCOLB.

      How many golden eagles, hawks, owls, hummingbirds, migratory birds will be FRIED by this thing? Have you read how they IMAGINE this thing is going to work? What is wrong with these people?

      BLM land. All there for Barry to steal and give (redistribute) to his peeps. SURELY, SURELY there’s a megaton of “minority” hind teat in here somewhere. What Native American tribe is/was in the Mojave? Aren’t deserts delicate ecosystems? Where’s PETA? Where’re the environmental whackos, as Rush likes to call them?

  6. Larry Page: Google Is Its Own Biggest Threat
    By Adario Strange
    September 28, 2011

    Just one week after Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt faced a barrage of difficult questions related to antitrust concerns in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the company’s co-founder and new CEO Larry Page joined Schmidt on stage of Google Zeitgeist to talk about the search giant’s future.,2817,2393755,00.asp#fbid=1zTw-CMl0VC

    Eric Schmidt

    He is also a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended the Swiss 2011 Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

    Schmidt “was a campaign advisor and major donor to Barack Obama...
    After Obama won, Schmidt was a member of President Obama’s transition advisory board. He proposed that the easiest way to solve all of the problems of the United States at once, at least in the domestic policy, is by a stimulus program that rewards renewable energy and, over time, attempts to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.

    He has since become a new member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology PCAST.

  7. Obama admin approves 2 solar loans worth $1B

    The Energy Department on Wednesday approved two loan guarantees worth more than $1 billion for solar energy projects in Nevada and Arizona, two days before the expiration date of a program that has become a rallying cry for Republican critics of the Obama administration’s green energy program.

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the department has completed a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar Energy for a 110 megawatt solar tower on federal land near Tonopah, Nev., and a $337 million guarantee for Mesquite Solar 1 to develop a 150 megawatt solar plant near Phoenix.

    The loans were approved under the same program that paid for a $528 million loan to Solyndra Inc., a California solar panel maker that went bankrupt after receiving the money and laid off 1,100 workers. Solyndra is under investigation by the FBI and is the focal point of House hearings on the program.

    • Is Tonapah in Harry Reid’s district? Who are the investors? Or is the USA taking all of the risk?

      Tonopah Solar Energy, LLC, (TSE) a wholly owned subsidiary of SolarReserve, LLC, proposes to construct, own, and operate the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.

      Up to 450 construction jobs over 30-month construction period.

      The BLM must provide authorization to allow the project to be constructed on public land. In order to grant authorization, the BLM, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, requires preparation of a detailed environmental impact statement (EIS). The EIS will assess the environmental impacts of the project and all associated linear facilities and/or connected facilities (such as new access roads, new transmission lines and/or upgraded utility transmission lines).

      A solar project such as this with a large area of disturbance will require preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) in which all potential project impacts to land, water, air, and biological species will be evaluated as well as alternatives, social, cultural, and economic factors.

      September 7, 2010

      Kevin Smith, CEO of SolarReserve, speaks at National Clean Energy Summit 3.0, hosted by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. High-level industry leaders, policy experts, investors, and public officials, along with citizens and the media gather at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to discuss our nation’s clean energy future.

      • SolarReserve, backed by a strong portfolio of top tier financial firms and supported by an exclusive worldwide license from United Technologies, builds utility-scale solar power plants to deliver clean and renewable energy.

        United Technologies’ subsidiary, Rocketdyne, demonstrated the technology at the Solar One and Solar Two power plants in Southern California. United Technologies has granted SolarReserve the proprietary technology know-how and an exclusive worldwide license to develop power plants using this proven technology.

        SolarReserve’s other founding partner is US Renewables Group, a $575 million private equity firm exclusively focused on renewable power and clean fuel projects.

          08 Apr 2011 / Solar / VC / PRIVATE EQUITY / United States / Alert: organisation – US Renewables Group LLC

          SolarReserve Inc.
          , a closely held developer of solar-thermal power plants, received $20 million in a sale of Series C preferred stock. The funding was provided by all eight of SolarReserve’s existing investors, according to Kevin Smith, the company’s chief executive officer.

          The Santa Monica, California-based company disclosed the investments in a filing Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

          SolarReserve is backed by U.S. Renewables Group LLC, Good Energies Inc., Citigroup Inc., PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund LLC, Nazarian Enterprises, CalPERS Clean Energy and Technology Fund, Argonaut Private Equity and Credit Suisse Group AG.

          Click to access press_release_040811.pdf

          • “It’s great that banksters Credit Suisse have been fined for their wrongdoings – but why has no-one gone to jail? A bank is a financial institution so fining them means nothing; they can get the fine back in many ways from their clients. Imprison them and it’ll actually cause them genuine grief. We need to see punishment that means something to the banks, for all our sakes.”

            Above is a comment from someone whose message was sent to spam. Might be from a spammer, but since the comment is on point, I’m copying it here for her/him.

        • Nazarian Enterprises
          Los Angeles-based sbe continues to raise the bar in the worlds of luxury hospitality and real estate development. As a privately-held company established in 2002 and led by CEO and Founder Sam Nazarian, sbe acquires, develops and manages relevant projects through its specialized operating groups—Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife and Real Estate.

          David Nazarian is the Chief Executive Officer of Nazarian Enterprises, a family office that concentrates in the fields of private equity, real estate and venture capital and leverages the operational expertise and capital of its principals.

          Sam Nazarian (Persian: born 1975 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian-American entrepreneur. Nazarian is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SBE, a Los Angeles based luxury hospitality, real estate development and lifestyle company which includes hotel, restaurant, nightlife, and real estate divisions

          Born in Tehran, Iran to Iranian Jewish parents, Nazarian’s family immigrated to the United States following the Iranian Revolution. Son of wealthy Qualcomm co-founder Younes Nazarian, Sam was raised in Los Angeles, California. Sam attended Beverly Hills High School and later studied at New York University and the University of Southern California.

          • Think he’s a pal of Valerie Jarrett? Also Iranian born. He’s much younger, though, and Jewish.

            “Nazarian is one of those people who inspire a certain amount of awe. He is CEO of SBE, the Los Angeles-based restaurant-hotel-nightclub-and-film company he created that is fast becoming a real-estate empire. He also comes from one of the most prominent Persian Jewish families in the world — his father, Younes Nazarian, is a co-founder of Qualcomm, making Sam one of the heirs to a fortune estimated at as much as $2 billion. … You might say he’s poised to become the next Conrad Hilton. … Crisis, notably the economic one, is something Nazarian has deftly avoided. In the past year, as pretty much everyone — wealthy or working class — has been pinching their pennies, Nazarian has been snatching up a variety of new properties. For him, the lousy economy presents opportunities for profit, and sure enough, his business is booming beautifully while less resilient, or less talented, businessmen crash and burn beside him. [Story is from 2 years ago!] … Nazarian was born in 1975 in Tehran, the youngest of four siblings. With the eruption of the revolution in Iran, his family moved briefly to Israel, then came to Los Angeles when Sam was 3. Younes had grown up poor in Tehran’s Jewish ghetto, worked in Israel in the 1950s, and then returned to Iran, where he and his brother, Parvis, made a fortune importing construction equipment. In Los Angeles, using money from their savings accounts in Israel, the Nazarian brothers purchased Standard Tool & Die. But their big break came when they invested in a communications company called Omninet, which later merged with the technology outfit Qualcomm. When Qualcomm went public in 1991, the Nazarian brothers, Qualcomm’s fifth and sixth largest shareholders, became billionaires. … His mother, Soraya, is a sculptor who studied art at the University of Judaism and in Italy. She is the family matriarch, beloved by her children — David, who works in private equity, Shulamit, an art gallery owner, and Sharon, a political science professor at UCLA as well as the president of the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation. Sam is close with his siblings and feels a particular pride in mentoring his eight nieces and nephews, though he is the only sibling without children of his own. … In May [2009] he was invited by the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) to speak at their annual leadership training conference at UCLA, in front of thousands of young Iranian Americans. He was in good company: Omid Kordestani, a vice president of Google, was there, along with Hamid Biglari, the Princeton nuclear physicist turned vice chairman of Citicorp and Parisa Khosravi, a vice president at CNN, among others. Backstage, Nazarian sat nervously in a corner, dressed impeccably in his custom-made Italian threads. It was a rare moment of humility; he was the “nightclub king” in a room full of the most well-educated and powerful Iranian Americans in the world. He was also the only Jewish speaker, yet, even here, the crowd belonged to him.”

            Very well connected. Seems to identify more with the “Persian community” than with the Jewish one. Seems very much like Barry’s kind of guy. Drives a Bugatti.

  8. SolarReserve’s other founding partner is US Renewables Group, a $575 million private equity firm exclusively focused on renewable power and clean fuel projects. US Renewables Group has extensive experience developing successful renewable power projects, such as the Bottle Rock geothermal power plant and the Niagara biomass power plant. US Renewables Group will provide SolarReserve with the financing and
    development expertise to successfully implement this revolutionary technology worldwide.

    US Renewables Group

    Jim McDermott is CEO of US Renewables Group, a developer and investor in renewable energy and clean fuel technology, including methane energy systems and biomass

    • James Adelbert “Jim” McDermott (born December 28, 1936) is the U.S. Representative for Washington’s 7th congressional district, serving since 1989. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The 7th District includes most of Seattle and Vashon Island, and portions of Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Tukwila, SeaTac, and Burien.

      He serves on the House Ways and Means Committee and is a member of the House Progressive Caucus. He was formerly the committee chairman, then in 1995, ranking minority member on the House Ethics Committee.

      • I never would have guessed a Dem Rep. and member of the PROGRESSIVE caucus (commies!) would be involved. 🙂 Good work, Leza. Finding the spiders, one creepy crawley at a time.

        • You know what? They’re touting this new technology so much that I suspect that We the People paid for the research and development of that, too, somehow. And then turned over to these crony communists, along with OUR LAND (probably rent/lease FREE) to further redistribution and maybe even (who wouldn’t suspect?) reparations of some kind or another.

          Why is there always this nexus: California, Washington state, Barry?

      • Is he the father of this Jim McDermott? Because the one I found is not with the US House of Reps. He works full time at US Renewable Group.

        Jim McDermott is CEO of US Renewables Group

        Mr. McDermott is a Managing Director based in Los Angeles and one of the firm’s two Managing Partners. Mr. McDermott has operational control of the firm’s day-to-day activities. Prior to forming USRG, Mr. McDermott started his career as a public power banker with First Boston’s Municipal Finance Group in New York.

        Mr. McDermott is active in the management of Fulcrum BioEnergy, General Compression, Novo Development Company, Oski Energy and SolarReserve. Mr. McDermott holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and a BA in Philosophy from Colorado College.


        I swear, you can’t make this stuff up! “It’s as if Solyndra never happened. The Obama Administration is giving $737 million to a Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve. PCG is an investment partner with SolarReserve. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law happens to be the number two man at PCG.

        • Leza September 28, 2011 at 10:24 pm already reported it. The EPA had only a couple days to approve these loans so they are moving them out quickly. I have a chart I found showing the companies that requested loans, but having a computer problem, so I can’t post it.

          One of these solar loans is connected to Nancy Pelosi…I was walking though the room, so missed it.

  9. $1.1 BILLION for 45 permanent jopssss. That’s what I call STIMULUS!

    “However, the government is blocking the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to carry crude oil from Western Canada to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast would create some 13,000 union jobs and around 118,000 “spin-off” jobs and taxpayers wouldn’t have to risk a dime.

    The “green” jobs may end up like the one’s created but not saved at Solyndra. Keystone XL is making money, creating jobs in Canada and the US indirectly and the projections are that Keystone is viable, making profits and is waiting for the US government to approve movement into the US project.

    Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) chairman of a House energy subcommittee that is investigating Solyndra, said the impending deadline was no reason to complete loans before they are ready. …Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve and Pacific Corporate Group is an investment partner with SolarReserve. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ronald Pelosi, happens to be the number two man at PCG. Analyzing Mr. Pelosi’s qualifications, how he came to PCG and the history of PCG is a mystery in connecting the dots.

    It doesn’t stop here. A Daily Caller investigation has found that in addition to the failed company Solyndra, at least four other solar panel manufacturing companies receiving in excess of $500 million in loan guarantees from the Obama administration employ executives or board members who have donated large sums of money to Democratic campaigns. Questions were being deflected by the White House to the Democratic National Committee.

    This could end up being the Watergate for Barack Obama and possibly the whole Democrat party. While funding these “green” job companies with federal tax dollars the Obama Department of Justice and US Attorney for North Dakota hauled seven oil and natural gas companies into federal court for killing 28 migratory birds that were found dead near oil waste lagoons. You may not be surprised to learn that the Administration isn’t prosecuting wind companies for similar offenses. Unemployment is 3-percent in North Dakota and business is booming.

    Corruption for green jobs and prosecution for companies producing jobs and creating economy. This is the anti-business, anti-job growth Obama way.”

    It’s the crony communist, destroy America, redistribute their wealth, subjugate the oppressors way.

    • It is being held up because the way the pipeline is planned it is to go right through an aqua-fir that serves about 8 states. They are afraid if the pipeline breaks all the water would be contaminated thus affecting or harming millions of people’s water supply. I don’t know why they can’t go around it instead of straight through it.

    • Will birds be blinded by these mirrored solar panels? Just wondering how many blind birds will be attributed to solar panel companies and how much they will pay in fines.

      I wouldn’t put it past those environmental whack jobs to kill a bird and put it near an oil puddle and then accuse the oil company of killing the bird. Big fines!

      Nice to see what Holder considers important..going after oil companies for a bird death. How are they supposed to keep birds away from a dangerous area? Loss of common sense? Perhaps it was the natural time for the bird to pass on. Perhaps they chose that area to join their other departed winged pals.

      • Seems like they’ll inevitably make the desert HOTTER.

        Map of some of the pipelines already in existence. The aquifer is actually running out of water AND it’s huge, so probably impossible to go around. Already lots of pipelines that potentially could contaminate it. Look at all the ground water at risk already.

        The government maps that show all pipelines, obviously, have controlled access, so it’s nearly impossible to know where all the pipelines are and how many there are. A LOT, surely.

        We already know that the environmentalists pick and choose what they’ll complain about because mostly they have another agenda besides being “stewards of Creation.” Windmills kill thousands of migratory birds, especially endangered eagles, as well as endangered bats. I don’t see them protesting wind farms.

  10. DOE Trying to Use $6.5 Billion in Loans to Create 283 Jobs
    Sept. 29

    Repeatedly throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama made the claim that he would “create 5 million ‘green jobs; will invest $150 billion over ten years to deploy clean technologies, protect our existing manufacturing base and create millions of new jobs.”

    The growing Solyndra scandal focused renewed attention on Obama’s go-green obsession, and has sparked at least five high-profile investigations, including the FBI.

    If there is any good news, it would be that thus far Obama hasn’t blown through $150 billion – yet. But, he’s also well short of creating 5 million green jobs.

    According to Investor’s Business Daily, about $10 billion has been committed. The Department of Energy says just over 2300 permanent jobs are or will be created as a result. That amounts to about $4.3 million per job. In fairness, a number of construction jobs also benefitted from the funding, but are temporary, rather than permanent funding.

    The program that has funded green loans like Solyndra and others expires on September 30, so the DOE is scrambling to get billions more out the door. As the following graphic represents, the DOE is busy processing nine more applications totaling $6.5 billion. Estimated numbers of permanent jobs to be created are required from applicants as part of the application program. As the chart shows, just 283 permanent jobs would result – at an average of nearly $23 million per job.

    Gang Green Chart – List of companies on the dole! See at URL



    That person has a good take on Solyndra execs taking the Fifth.

    “Thugs in suits, I was thinking. What did they do with over half a billion bucks of taxpayer money?

    With that kind of score, why would some dumb criminal even think of robbing a liquor store, a drug store, or even a bank? The real money is in white-collar capers, with special treatment and little chance of arrest.

    All you’ve got to do is send a team of grifters to the offices of Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett and the bucks will be delivered to your bank account with thanks from a grateful administration. … Doesn’t the RICO Act apply to federal agencies?

    Criminal charges have not followed from the FBI raid that hauled boxes of documents from Solyndra’s California headquarters. So why won’t the Solyndra executives explain?”

    That’s why they won’t explain. They don’t have to. Like the gun that killed Agent Terry on the border, the evidence has disappeared. Hasn’t it?

  12. “On September 14, 2011, Jonathan Silver, Executive Director Loan Programs Office, U.S. Department of Energy warned the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Committee on Energy and Commerce that we cannot allow China to dominate the solar industry. This came after US company Solyndra went bankrupt despite blowing $537 million in US stimulus cash. … Suntech, the Chinese solar giant, has won a contract to supply photovoltaic panels for a 150-megawatt project in Arizona, marking China’s entry into a lucrative United States power-plant market dominated by American companies.

    The project is the first phase of a planned 700-megawatt project called Mesquite Solar to be built about 40 miles west of Phoenix and operated by Sempra Generation, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy. A California utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, will buy the electricity produced by the power plant’s first phase, called Mesquite Solar 1.

    … While Chinese companies like Suntech, Yingli Green Energy and Trina Solar have grabbed a significant percentage of the American residential solar market — supplying nearly 40 percent of panels in California — they had shied away from huge utility-scale projects.

    And this week the Obama Administration awarded a $337 million loan guarantee to Sempra Energy’s Mesquite Solar I project in Arizona, about 45 miles west of Phoenix.

    That 150-megawatt facility will use solar panels made in Arizona by Suntech Power, which is based in China.”

    By Guy Benson
    September 29, 2011

  14. Obama administration filled with activists for globalism
    Seeking ‘climate change adaption,’ crackdown on firearms, gun sellers
    October 01, 2011 Snips

    The newly appointed chief of President Obama’s Social Innovation and Civic Participation Council is a member of a globalist organization whose activists can be found throughout the Obama administration. Jonathan Greenblatt was appointed the new head of Obama’s Social Innovation Unit earlier this month.

    Greenblatt is the founder of a civic service company that works in partnership with Google and the Huffington Post. He has several ties to Google.…until his appointment to the Obama administration, Greenblatt served as the director of a social justice group funded by George Soros. The organization, the Aspen Institute, works closely with Soros and even was reportedly used by the billionaire in a failed attempt to engineer the defeat of President Bush in the 2004 elections.

    Now it has emerged that Greenblatt is a member of the globalist group Pacific Council on International Policy, or PCIP. He previously chaired PCIP’s energy and environment committee and served on its globalization committee. PCIP last year released a major report on U.S.-Mexico border security that recommended the U.S. government crackdown on gun sellers.

    The report says: “The United States should intensify efforts to curtail the smuggling of firearms, ammunition and bulk cash into Mexico by aggressively investigating gun sellers, regulating gun shows, reinstituting the Clinton-era ban on assault weapons, conducting targeted inspections of southbound traffic and providing leads to a more robust Mexican Customs authority.”

  15. Another bellyup “green” recipient of our money:

    “In a remote desert spot in northern Nevada, there is a geothermal plant run by a politically connected clean energy start-up that has relied heavily on an Obama administration loan guarantee and is now facing financial turmoil.

    The company is Nevada Geothermal Power, which like Solyndra, the now-famous California solar company, is struggling with debt after encountering problems at its only operating plant.

    After a series of technical missteps that are draining Nevada Geothermal’s cash reserves, its own auditor concluded in a filing released last week that there was “significant doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

    It is a description that echoes the warning issued in 2010 by auditors hired by Solyndra, which benefited from the same Energy Department loan guarantee before its collapse in August caused the Obama administration great embarrassment.”

    Another story about Obama being WARNED:

    ““A number of us are concerned that the president is visiting Solyndra,” California investor and Obama fundraiser Steve Westly wrote to Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett in May 2010. “Many of us believe the company’s cost structure will make it difficult for them to survive long term. . . . I just want to help protect the president from anything that could result in negative or unfair press.” The warning, which did not convince the White House to drop the Obama factory visit, was detailed in e-mails released Monday by the Democratic minority on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The panel is investigating a $535 million government-backed loan to the now-shuttered company.

    Democrats said the e-mails demonstrate that there was no political favoritism for Solyndra or for the Obama fundraiser whose family foundation held an interest in the company. But the internal messages revealed for the first time the high level of White House interest in the startup and its faltering finances after the Energy Department backed it with $535 million in loans.”

    Yesterday, Barry blew off the loss of half a billion of our dollars via Solyndra, saying there will be successes and failures. What’s it to him, so long as our economy is hurt and wealth is redistributed to his peeps?

    It figures that today there’s a front page story about Solyndra. In the story, they repeat the Dem lies that there’s nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

    These memos prove Republicans are just on a witchhunt, you see. It’s simply an “embarrassment” for Obama, nothing criminal. Of course not! Embarrassment. That’s the talking point word of the day. Like “sloppy” when Sandy Burglar raided the National Archives. Like “gravitas” whenever they want to smear any non-Dem for lacking substance, in their partisan opinion. And the robots in the lamestream willingly and giddily take up the chant.

    Asshats in the media, like Dana Milbank and pundits on MSNBC (aka American Pravda), are spinning it to blame Bush! Seriously. They say the program began under Bush. True, as with Fast and Furious. But left out of the story is that GWB’s administration TURNED DOWN Solyndra because of its shaky situation AND that Obama has used it to promote his crony communism/capitalism/corruption, as he’s done with EVERYTHING he finds at his disposal now that he’s stolen the presidency, illegally, because he’s ineligible. To the victor (no matter how he “won”) go the spoils. SPOILS. LOOTING. RAIDING. VANDALIZING. That’s it in a nutshell.

    The Post-Dispatch also declined to mention that the loan was restructured just in time to put Obama’s cronies ahead of We the People as creditors, so we’re left holding the bag. And they’re made whole.

    But it’s only an “embarrassment.” You see how the lamestream waits until the Dems send them the talking points, then like parrots, they repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie.

  16. Fast and furiously, the green jopsssss disappear, taking our “stimulus” money with them:

    “President Barack Obama’s “green jobs” initiatives suffered another major blow late Monday, as the nonprofit National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, announced a plan to lay off roughly 10 percent of its staff through a voluntary buy-out plan.

    According to the Denver Post, the lab plans to eliminate between 100 and 150 of its 1,350 jobs. The Obama administration supported the NREL in 2009 with roughly $200 million in stimulus grants. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu visited Golden in May 2009 to promote the NREL as a beneficiary of those funds. … NREL spokesman Bob Noun blames Congress for the organization’s failures. The Denver Post reports that he believes the gridlocked U.S. Congress forced the NREL to find $8 million in new budgetary savings.”

    You have learned well, Grasshopper Bob Noun. If you can’t blame BUSH, blame CONGRESS.


    By Neil W. McCabe
    October 11, 2011

  18. Solyndra had a $2.4 million attorney bill that they paid using taxpayer money. Greta tried to get a copy of the bill believing it to be excessive, and they refused.
    She has a problem with the charges and wondered what the attorneys did to have a bill of that amount in such a short time.

    Solyndra paid the attorneys from the loan they got from the U.S. Government, yet we don’t know what they did with the money to have lost all of it and needed to claim bankruptcy..

    Perhaps the FBI will find out. Who works in the firm that represents Solyndra? I didn’t catch the name of the firm, but perhaps it is mentioned in another article.

  19. Perhaps Solyndra is a piece of fly poop in a scoop of pepper.

    That’s what I think. the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

    Taxpayer’s earnings funneled deliberately, calculated and cold and down to the last RED cent.

    The jopps bill is essentially critical because they’ve fallen short on their indebtedness and need it quick to make good. or else.

    • So you think a little more money laundering might help them?

      Sun Power is another Solyndra green energy company – solar power company – they got $1.2 BILLION in guaranteed loans. Sun Power only has 15 employees! They are located in S. California and they make solar panels like Solyndra. Their stock was over $100 per share in 2007 and went down to $8.00 and yet our government gave them a loan. How fast can Sun Power go through and launder $1.2 billion?

      In comparison, Solyndra received a measly $537 MILLION.

      The head of the EPA, Stephen Chu, an academic…pretended he was a hedge fund manager and was picking and choosing Alternative energy companies to fund with taxpayer cash. Instead of picking winners in the proven fossil fuel industries, he made some major errors, and I hope he goes to jail along with the other guys that were pushing the winners. (I think Spinner or a name like that was also responsible.) The Green Buck stops there!

      • rumor has it that jopps went to Mexico in this case

      • It makes the measly $5.5 million that I read they’re giving to some scientists to develop a biofuel (from some plant related to canola) look like chicken feed. But when I read about that grant, I thought: Even IF from plants, doesn’t it produce CO2? If so, then WHY are they funding “evil” biofuels? The only difference between fossil fuels and biofuels is time.

        It’s time for ALL this to STOP. All of it. Free market. NO government subsidies from money STOLEN out of the wallets of the middle class. Taken by the elites and handed off to be wasted by them on their ridiculous schemes.

        In the Obamanation, it was always meant to be wasted. Alternative energy is like global warming. Just an EXCUSE to bankrupt the USA and redistribute her wealth to others.

        It’s all good for Obama. He doesn’t care what they do with the money. So long as it goes out of the federal coffers and helps sink our government. Alinsky all the way.

  20. Another payout to another connected person. Relative of PODESTA. Also a connection to the site of Poopstock and the mayor of NYC:

    The sister-in-law of John Podesta, President Obama’s influential White House transition director, served as the lobbyist for a wind power firm that was just awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

    The company is Brookfield Asset Management. It boasts a board of nine directors, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s long-term girlfriend.

    The Energy Department’s promise to Brookfield marks the latest in controversial massive alternative energy loans to companies with strong ties to the Obama White House and to top Democrat lawmakers. … Heather Podesta and her husband this past July topped the FEC’s lobbyist bundler database, raising more money in the six months prior than any other lobbyist by far. Their fund raising was largely for Democrats.

    According to White House visitor logs, Heather Podesta visited the White House eight times in Obama’s first six months alone.

    Brookfield, meanwhile, is a Toronto, Ontario-based asset management company that manages a global portfolio of assets valued at over $120 billion. The firm’s assets include not only renewable power generation but also real estate, including some of Manhattan’s most famous skyline buildings.

    Brookfield also happens to own Zuccotti Park, the park where the Occupy Wall Street protesters are currently holed up. The protesters have reportedly been making a mess of the park, which is named after Brookfield’s co-chairman, John Zuccotti.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Brookfield wanted the protesters removed, but Bloomberg’s New York Police Department urged the private company to allow the protests to stay in the park. … Earlier this week, WND was first to report that Mayor Bloomberg’s long-term girlfriend, Dianna L. Taylor, serves as one of nine members of Brookfield’s board of directors.”

  21. Solyndra news. Now they report that they were in line to get a NAVY contract, too. Reminds me of Ndesandjo’s connections.

    “A major investor in Solyndra LLC was instrumental in helping the troubled solar-power firm compete for a potentially lucrative U.S. Navy deal, a previously unreported connection that will likely fuel controversy surrounding the company.

    WSJ’s Peter Landers has exclusive details of one of Solyndra’s investors assisting the solar-power company land a lucrative U.S. Navy contract. Solyndra was promoted to the Navy by RockPort Capital, one of the firm’s largest investors and board members, which has a seat on a Pentagon panel that helps the government find emerging technologies.

    RockPort recommended Solyndra to the military, along with four other companies. In the end, the negotiations for Solyndra’s inclusion in a $1 million pilot program fell apart when the Navy learned about the company’s pending bankruptcy filing.

    The role of RockPort Capital is a new twist in the Solyndra tale, which has focused largely on whether another Solyndra investor, the family foundation of billionaire George Kaiser, helped the firm secure a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.”

    Apparently they didn’t disclose their conflict of interest, although apparently they weren’t technically required to, if I read this correctly.

    “WASHINGTON (AP) – A House hearing on a solar panel manufacturer that went broke after receiving a half-billion dollar federal loan erupted in a partisan skirmish before any witnesses had testified Friday. Rep. Henry Waxman called the hearing “a rigged proceeding.” Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee criticized Republicans for not allowing the Energy Department to testify and for blocking the release of an Energy Department memo that outlined the legal basis for its decision to restructure the $535 million loan to Solyndra.

    “We are going to get only one side of the story. That’s no way to run an investigation,” said Waxman, D-Calif., a former chairman of the energy committee.

    Democrats’ protests temporarily stopped the hearing. But Republicans quieted the complaints by agreeing to enter the Energy Department memo into the record and to allow the department’s officials to testify at a later hearing.

    Democrats say they want “to get the facts on the table,” Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, said. “That’s what we’re trying to do.”

    The hearing Friday was focused on newly released emails that show that the Treasury Department was concerned that the loan restructuring, approved earlier this year, could violate federal law.”… “Today we’re here to talk to the Treasury Department because they’re the department that actually financed the loan,” Barton said. “It’s not really a loan guarantee. And apparently they’re the department that raised a lot of red flags about it that nobody at DOE or the White House paid any attention to.”

    The lawmakers cite emails showing that Mary Miller, an assistant treasury secretary, said the deal could violate the law because it put investors’ interests ahead of taxpayers. Miller told a top White House budget official that she had advised that any proposed restructuring be reviewed by the Justice Department before it was approved.

    “To our knowledge that has never happened,” Miller wrote in an Aug. 17 memo to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

    Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., called Miller’s memo “startling” and said it appears that DOE violated “the plain letter of the law” in approving the restructuring.”

    Reading the rest, it appears that the Obamadministration is going to play the Clintonesque word game: It all depends upon what the meanings of “loan guarantee” and “loan compromise” are.


    ““I thought the White House might want to take advantage of this event to highlight a highly successful public/private partnership.”

    Obama adviser David Prend in an email to a White House aide encouraging the president to publicly embrace Solyndra, a solar-panel manufacturer that Prend’s investment firm partly owned.

    The latest figure to emerge in Solyndra green-jobs scandal is David Prend, a co-founder of the Boston-based venture capital firm Rockport Capital, who used his role as a green energy adviser to the Obama administration to push for a half-billion-dollar subsidized loan for Solyndra even though his company was a major investor in the solar-panel manufacturer.

    Emails obtained by congressional investigators show that Prend was perhaps the first to push for Solyndra inside the administration, touting the company in a February 2009 meeting with Carol Browner, President Obama’s former global warming and energy czar. At the time, Prend’s firm held a 7.5 percent stake in Solyndra.

    Prend also pushed for Solyndra to be included in a Navy contract as part of the administration’s plan to switch the military to green energy. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Navy effort came in the spring of this year, long after it was clear that the company was kaput. The Navy seemed to be on the cusp of including Solyndra in the $1 million pilot project, but had to drop the well-connected firm as bankruptcy approached in September.

    The Navy deal came after Rockport and other investors agreed to a $75 million rescue loan package to keep Solyndra afloat after the firm’s initial violation of the federal loan agreement at the end of last year.

    The other inside man on the Solyndra loan was Steve Spinner, a former NBC executive who became a green energy guru who helped steer energy and environmental policy for the administration starting in the 2008 transition team. Spinner pushed for Solyndra to get the loan even though his wife was the lawyer for the now defunct solar firm.

    But the best friend Solyndra had was George Kaiser, whose family foundation was the largest investor in the firm. Kaiser made 16 trips to the White House between March 2009 and April 2011 to consult with officials. Kaiser, a billionaire devoted to liberal causes who donated $53,500 to Obama’s 2008 campaign and raised may times more, has said that he didn’t lobby for the government loan. But the frequent presence of such an important patron who was visibly attached to Solyndra would have been an encouragement of its own.”

    Too many connected guys to keep track of. Are these wise guys or made men, do you think? They all sound like mob members, whatever the case. Or Chicago thugs. Is there a difference?

  23. Will Obama’s BLACKberry bring him down? The sucker is refusing to turn over his blackberry messages regarding Solyndra. They are Claiming his blackberry is covered by Executive Privilege. Did he seal these communications too? No suspicion here. Is there a backup of his blackberry in case it gets accidentally stomped upon or tossed into the nearest river or ocean? He is as clean and pure as his white side. Can he along with his Blackberry be subpoened? Gosh, don’t you love the level of transparency in this corrupt government?

    White House Refuses To Hand Over Obama BlackBerry Messages On Solyndra…
    October 14, 2011 Snips

    .. Obama won’t be sharing his BlackBerry messages with House investigators seeking communications about Solyndra, the White House told Hill Republicans on Friday.

    White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler …said the investigators’ request for all internal White House communications about Solyndra — dating back to the first day of the Obama administration — “implicates long-standing and significant institutional Executive Branch confidentiality interests.”

    Speaking to CNBC earlier Friday, White House chief of staff Bill Daley signaled that the GOP probably wouldn’t succeed in its request for Obama’s BlackBerry messages.

    • If I remember right didn’t Obama have to fight to keep his blackberry when he was selected into office?

    • They probably will succeed about as well as we’ve succeeded in getting his birth certificate. He will run out the clock. He will NEVER give up anything. He thinks his revolution will happen to save him and then he will be a tyrant answerable to NO ONE. (Except Soros and Michelle and Valerie.)

      He has no respect for the Constitution and the LAW. He has NEVER had respect for the Constitution or the LAW. This is what happens when idiots allow a unvetted usurper with no loyalty to the USA into power. He has a Blackberry SO he never would have to let the American people know what he’s doing and so it can’t be subpoenaed. I have no idea whether any records are kept anywhere of what’s said or done via his Blackberry. They should never have allowed him to have it.

      Look at how Europe is burning again. Following the “peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement,” according to the lamestream news tonight. This is what he hopes comes to the USA. This is what Al Gore LONGED FOR months ago. Even his artist is helping the Poopstockers, drawing their invitation to today’s riots.

      Don’t you love it that Al Sharpton made an appearance? I hope the idiots in the “center” who put Obama over the top in 2008 take notice. All we need now is Farrakhan and the Black Panthers.

      NOW we have to be treated to the lying results of so-called polls saying that a majority of Americans AGREE with the Poopstockers. Well, if they do, it’s ONLY because the lamestream hasn’t covered the pooping on cop cars, the arrests, the riots, the drugs, the anti-semitism, the racism, the misogyny, or the bare breasts and public sex acts. Or the trash.

      Obama doesn’t care what these people do; he WANTS CHAOS. They’re giving it to him.

      What’s ridiculous is that in Europe, the people are rioting BECAUSE their SOCIALIST economies are collapsing because COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM DO NOT WORK. (And neither do their people, which is the problem.)

      But here, the idiots in the Poopstock “movement”, seeing the collapse of socialism in Europe, are trying to implement a SOCIALIST SYSTEM HERE! Talk about going through the looking glass.

    • “Ruemmler, however, argued in her letter that any GOP charges of political cronyism related to Solyndra don’t stick.

      “There is nothing in the documents produced by DOE, OMB, Treasury or the White House that indicates the White House intervened in the Solyndra loan guarantee to benefit a campaign contributor,” she wrote.”

      Clintonesque. OF COURSE there’s nothing in the DOCUMENTS produced because (1) they don’t hand over documents that prove what Issa knows and what WE know and (2) that’s WHY he uses the Blackberry–no trail. NOTICE she doesn’t say that the WH DIDN’T intervene. She just says there’s nothing in the documents to prove it. This is like when Hillary said there’s no “EVIDENCE” that Bill had a thing with Monica (until there WAS evidence. But she didn’t deny it; she just said there’s no EVIDENCE. So she thought.)

      Read more:

  24. Treasury Department officials were grilled before the US Congress. One official was asked if a loan was ever given out that put the Investors ahead of the federal government in case of default of the loan. A loan like this was never made that he knows about in his 26-27 years. None, zero.

  25. Busted: DOE Altered Solyndra-Related Documents
    Andrew Stiles

    It appears as though the Obama administration has been caught red-handed trying to cover up evidence in relation to the “green” loans programs that helped finance Solyndra. CNBC reports that a number of press releases posted by the Department of Energy have been retroactively altered to remove the name a solar company thought by many to be the next “green” failure:

    The changes occurred in two press releases from the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program — the same program that has been the center of controversy surrounding the failed solar company Solyndra.

    Both were changed to remove the name of a company that has received negative press attention in recent days, SunPower, and replace it with the name of another company, NRG Energy.

    In the April case, the Department of Energy loan programs office announced in a press release on April 12 “conditional commitment” to a $1.187 billion loan guarantee to support the California Valley Solar Ranch project, which it said was “sponsored by SunPower Corporation.”

    But that release was later changed on one website to say the project was “sponsored by NRG Energy.” The date on the release remained “April 12, 2011.”

    The name substitution is not completely random. NRG recently finalized its acquisition of the California Valley Solar Ranch project from SunPower in September. However, at the time of the press release in April, SunPower still controlled the project.

    • Conveniently, the clever scrubbers appear to have opted out of being archived in the WayBack Machine. That’s what I call transparency.

  26. LightSquared refuses to release communications with White House

    The Hill
    20 October, 2011
    Brendan Sasso

    Wireless company LightSquared has refused a request from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to release its communications with the White House and the Federal Communications Commission.

    Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested the documents earlier this month to probe whether the company benefited from improper influence in its effort to secure regulatory approval. LightSquared told Grassley it would “respectfully decline” his request in a letter Wednesday night.

    LightSquared plans to launch a wholesale wireless broadband service, but tests earlier this year revealed its network interferes with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. The company is currently undergoing a new round of testing to determine if technical modifications have addressed the interference problem.

    FCC officials have said they will not allow the company to move forward until the GPS issues are resolved.

    Republican lawmakers began calling for an investigation of the company’s lobbying efforts after emails revealed LightSquared had communicated with senior White House aides. The administration also reportedly asked an Air Force general to change his testimony in a congressional briefing to make it more supportive of the company.

    The White House and LightSquared deny any improper influence.

    Cont’s @ Link

    Controversy and Congressional committee investigation

    Following the collapse of Solyndra, a solar-cell company which was the beneficiary of a large government loan, Republicans in the U.S. House began looking for evidence of political malfeasance on the part of the Obama Administration related to Solyndra and other companies.

    In this process they raised questions about the treatment of LightSquared. On September 20, 2011, Rep. Darrell Issa(R-California) , chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, announced plans to investigate government loan guarantees for private industry in light of allegations surrounding Solyndra and LightSquared.[41] Among the issues being raised is if political contributors received favorable treatment by the Obama administration. A key investor in LightSquared, Phil Falcone, is also a substantive contributor to the Democratic Party. President Barack Obama has also been identified as an early investor in LightSquared[42] Additionally, multiple media sources have reported that an Air Force General claimed that he had received political pressure to change his testimony regarding the negative effects of LightSquared technology. [43] [44]

    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking minority member on the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary has also asked Falcone and Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO of LightSquared, to disclose their contacts with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), White House, and other government agencies.[45]

    • So they’re against shining LIGHT on what they do with our money. Is the next step subpoenas, either for the documents or testimony? It should be.

      • Did you catch this part –

        President Barack Obama has also been identified as an early investor in LightSquared

        Obama – making MILLIONS/BILLIONS? off American poor folk’s. pos/

        • I missed it! Seriously?

          • SERIOUSLY!


            “•Several major Democratic campaign contributors and longtime Obama supporters have held investments in the company and its affiliates during its tangled decade of existence. They include Obama’s good friend and political donor Donald Gips, his former White House personnel chief, who now serves as U.S. ambassador to South Africa. Records show that Gips maintained an interest, worth as much as $500,000, as the FCC was weighing LightSquared’s request.

            Obama himself was an early investor and came to the presidency a firm believer in expanding broadband. He remains close to other early investors, like Gips and investment manager George W. Haywood, inviting some to luxe social events at the White House and more intimate gatherings like a night of poker and beer.

            •Obama installed one of his biggest fundraisers, Julius Genachowski, a campaign “bundler” and broadband cheerleader, as chairman of the FCC, whose staff granted LightSquared a special waiver to operate.

            •LightSquared’s current majority owner, hedge fund manager Philip Falcone, made large donations to the Democratic Party while his broadband request was pending before the FCC. He and LightSquared executives met with White House officials. Neither Falcone nor the White House would comment on what was discussed.

            •LightSquared employs lobbying firms that wield formidable Democratic firepower: Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and onetime chair of the Democratic National Committee, as well as the firm of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt.

            Jeffrey J. Carlisle, the company’s vice president for regulatory affairs, served with Genachowski and Gips on Obama’s transition team.”

            Four pages to that story. It’s damning.

  27. Here’s another failed energy company that we funded. I’m beginning to think that none of these were ever expected to work. That they are merely fronts for a way to swipe money from the taxpayers. To spirit it away, like happened with Gaddafi and other tinpot dictators.

    “Another green energy company that was awarded stimulus cash for its survival went belly up this past week. The Obama Administration awarded $43 million in conditional loan guarantees from the Department of Energy to Beacon Power in June 2009. Now it’s bankrupt.

    Yahoo Finance reported, via Free Republic:

    Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, just a year after the energy storage company received a $43 million loan guarantee from a controversial Department of Energy program.

    The bankruptcy comes about two months after Solyndra — a solar panel maker with a $535 million loan guarantee — also filed for Chapter 11, creating a political embarrassment for the administration of President Barack Obama, which has championed the loans as a way to create “green energy” jobs.

    Beacon Power drew down $39 million of its government-guaranteed loan to fund a portion of a $69 million, 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant in Stephentown, New York.”

  28. This one just figures. Who’ve thought the Kennedys were feeding at the “green energy” trough, especially with their opposition to that wind farm in sight of their posh compound?

    “President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy, Jr., netted a $1.4 billion bailout for his company, BrightSource, through a loan guarantee issued by a former employee-turned Department of Energy official.

    It’s just one more in a string of eye-opening revelations by investigative journalist and Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer in his explosive new book, Throw Them All Out. The details of how BrightSource managed to land its ten-figure taxpayer bailout have yet to emerge fully. However, one clue might be found in the person of Sanjay Wagle.

    Wagle was one of the principals in Kennedy’s firm who raised money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. When Obama won the White House, Wagle was installed at the Department of Energy (DOE), advising on energy grants.

    From an objective vantage point, investing taxpayer monies in BrightSource was a risky proposition at the time. In 2010, BrightSource, whose largest shareholder is Kennedy’s VantagePoint Partners, was up to its eyes in $1.8 billion of debt obligations and had lost $71.6 million on its paltry $13.5 million of revenue.

    Even before BrightSource rattled its tin cup in front of Obama’s DOE, the company made it known publicly that its survival hinged on successfully completing the Ivanpah Solar Electrical System, which would become the largest solar plant in the world, on federal lands in California.”

    • An interesting tidbit found within the various media reports regarding former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley’s rather sudden departure from the Obama White House – just two months earlier Daley had ordered a comprehensive review of all Department of Energy loan guarantees following the Solyndra scandal. Coincidence?

      • One of yu has said he ordered a review, which wouldn’t mean an actual investigation. You know the Rooster guarding the hen house trick. Maybe that’s what that was.

    • I didn’t know that he had that power to order an investigation. I thought it would be Congress or the AG’s office, but not the Chief of Staff’s responsibility.

  29. Friday night doc dump: WH knew before Solyndra workers flew
    January 14, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

    Two months ago, Congressional investigators discovered that the Department of Energy urged the now-defunct Solyndra in late October 2010 to delay the announcement of hundreds of layoffs to just after the midterm elections. Last night, the Obama administration conducted a Friday-night document dump in a long-awaited response to a demand for documentation on communications related to Solyndra, and it turns out that the White House knew about the layoffs in advance, too:

    The Obama administration knew before the 2010 election that Solyndra LLC, a solar-panel maker that received a $535 million U.S. loan guarantee, planned to fire workers, according to e-mails released today. The messages don’t indicate that anyone from the White House directed Solyndra to delay announcing the layoffs until after the vote. Previously released e-mails, indicating the Energy Department urged Solyndra to postpone the cuts, have been cited by House Republicans who say politics influenced Solyndra’s award and last-ditch rescue bid that put taxpayers behind $75 million in private investment.

    Perhaps the messages don’t indicate direction from the White House to Solyndra, but the dates on those messages certainly suggest it. This is what — and more importantly, when — an Obama adviser on climate change wrote on October 27, 2010:

    “Here’s the deal — Solyndra is going to announce they are laying off 200 of their 1200 workers,”Heather Zichal, a White House adviser, wrote to Carol Browner, then director of the office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, and other officials on Oct. 27, 2010. “No es bueno.”

    Here’s what transpired on the DoE/Solyndra end:

    Solyndra’s chief executive warned the Energy Department on Oct. 25, 2010, that he intended to announce worker layoffs Oct. 28. He said he was spurred by numerous calls from reporters and potential investors about rumors the firm was in financial trouble and was planning to lay off workers and close one of its two plants.

    But in an Oct. 30, 2010, e-mail, advisers to Solyndra’s primary investor, Argonaut Equity, explain that the Energy Department had strongly urged the company to put off the layoff announcement until Nov. 3. The midterm elections were held Nov. 2, and led to Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    “DOE continues to be cooperative and have indicated that they will fund the November draw on our loan (app. $40 million) but have not committed to December yet,” a Solyndra investor adviser wrote Oct. 30. “They did push very hard for us to hold our announcement of the consolidation to employees and vendors to Nov. 3rd – oddly they didn’t give a reason for that date.”

    Let’s straighten out that timeline and connect a couple of dots, shall we?

    1. 10/25/2010 — Solyndra CEO writes to the DoE that he will announce worker layoffs on 10/28.
    2. 10/27/2010 — In the White House, climate change adviser Zichal sent out an e-mail to Obama adviser Browner and several other officials warning of a layoff announcement in very specific terms — “200 of their 1200 workers” — and added, “No es bueno,” which is Spanish for “not good.”
    3. 10/28/2010 — No announcement comes forth from Solyndra on layoffs.
    4. 10/30/2010 — Solyndra investor explains that the DoE “push[ed] very hard” for a delay on the announcement until November 3rd, the day after the election, even remarking that the DoE “oddly they didn’t give a reason for that date.”

    One does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to see the game afoot in this sequence. The DoE alerted the White House to the “no es bueno” situation at Solyndra, which would have undermined Democratic arguments that their spending spree in 2009 created real jobs rather than unbearable risk for borrowed taxpayer funds. After the White House got alerted to the situation, suddenly the Solyndra announcement never takes place, and two days later the primary investor has to explain internally that the DoE pressured them to delay the announcement.

    Something smells very badly. It’s clear that the Obama administration at some level used taxpayer funds as leverage to manipulate a private enterprise for purely electoral benefit to the President, and it seems clear that the direction to do this came from the White House. I’ll bet we have a few more Friday night document dumps to go in this scandal.

    • Greta reported this while interviewing Rep. Issa on Friday. I posted the document dump information then. In total this equals about $6.5 Billion of taxpayer funds that Obama and company have “invested” in 11 or 12 Green companies. Were they intentionally supposed to fail? Where is all of the money and can these companies account for it going out the door? Why a Friday dump? SLOW news days over the weekend and plus Monday is a holiday! Issa said his people were pouring over the documents.

      Greta kept saying she couldn’t believe the incompetence! Incompetence Greta? Criminals! 11 or 12 Companies going bankrupt within 3 years??? Call in the FBI and get these thieves both at the companies and in the White House! Follow the money or lack thereof! Can we be more than outraged?

    • Harry Reid was the push behind Geo Thermal!

      BOMBSHELL CBS REPORT: 11 More Solyndras In Obama Energy Program, 5 Going Bankrupt
      Jan. 15, 2012

      Obama’s energy department didn’t stop with the failed crony company Solyndra. In total; the failing/failed ‘clean energy’ companies were collectively approved for $6.5 BILLION in federal (taxpayer) assistance.

      Five have filed for bankruptcy. The junk bond rated Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, AES (a subsidiary of ‘Eastern Energy) and of course Solyndra.

      The others are not far behind; Nevada Geo Thermo (NGP) personally endorsed by Harry Reid, the recipient of $98.5 MILLION in loan guarantees, warns of multiple potential defaults, Sun Power received a $1.5 BILLION loan guarantee after a French oil company took it over, now owes more than it is worth, First Solar (the biggest S&P 500 loser in 2011) even though the CEO was forced out, taxpayers were forced to pony up $3 BILLION in loans.

      CBS News takes a look at 11 more Solyndras that were part of Obama’s Energy Program (January 13, 2012).

  30. GREEN SCAM: 80% of Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Donors – 19 Companies Went Bust (Video)
    June 2, 2012

    The FOX News analyst says 70% in the video but actually 80% of DOE dollars went to Obama backers. 19 of these green energy companies went bust.

    And, it’s expensive. Solar power is 35¢ per kilowatt compared to coal, gas and oil that costs 5¢ per kilowatt.

    Here’s a list of the green companies that have gone belly-up since receiving Obama dollars.

    Heritage reported:

    For those who only hear about these failing companies one by one, the following is a list of all the clean energy companies supported by President Obama’s stimulus that are now failing or have filed for bankruptcy. The liberal media hopes you’ve forgotten about all of them except Solyndra, but we haven’t.

    Evergreen Solar
    Solyndra (received $535 million)
    Beacon Power (received $43 million)
    AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy
    Nevada Geothermal (received $98.5 million)
    SunPower (received $1.5 billion)
    First Solar (received $1.46 billion)
    Babcock & Brown (an Australian company which received $178 million)
    Ener1 (subsidiary EnerDel received $118.5 million)
    Amonix (received 5.9 million)
    The National Renewable Energy Lab
    Fisker Automotive
    Abound Solar (received $400 million)
    Chevy Volt (taxpayers basically own GM)
    Solar Trust of America
    A123 Systems (received $279 million)
    Willard & Kelsey Solar Group (received $6 million)
    Johnson Controls (received $299 million)
    Schneider Electric (received $86 million)

    That’s 19 (that we know of so far). We also know that loans went to foreign clean energy companies (Fisker sent money to their overseas plant to develop an electric car), and that 80% of these loans went to President Obama’s campaign donors.

    • 19 and counting! I can’t imagine why the press isn’t talking about these, can you? Money to burn thanks to Obama! I wonder how many jobs were created with the billions spent, and then how many were lost. Not worth reporting by the mainstream media.

      Anyone with a calculator to add up the monies shown? 7 aren’t showing how much they received.

      How many are being investigated?

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