Scandals Could Bring Down Obama’s Regime! (Open Thread)

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Government Scandals Galore!

Let the Indictments Begin!


October 3rd Edition


The October 3rd, 2011 issue of Globe  magazine features the cover story “Cops’ Secret Obama File.”   Their teaser says, ” President Obama is panicking over a secret police file loaded with evidence proving that his birth certificate – is a PHONY!    Read all about what’s in the file, now in the hands of two police departments, and why it’s driving the fearful President to drink!”

As always, the Globe keeps the  information alive to those who aren’t getting their news through Obama’s propaganda arms in the MSM,  or via the internet.

How much pressure is Obama and the White House under right now?  Let’s look at a few notable issues they are facing this September.   Which one will bring indictments?

  • “Fast and Furious”  or Gun Runner that involves multiple agencies including the Department of Justice,  Eric Holder, and ATF.
  • Obama Can’t Pass E-Verify
  • Obama’s Use of a Fraudulent Social Security Card
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio rounds up a Posse to investigate Obama’s phony, photo-shopped Birth Certificate
  • Rep. King is calling for an investigation into Omar Onyango Obama’s immigration status and release as well as the backdoor amnesty that involves  ICE not upholding the law regarding illegal aliens, and instead prioritizing deportation and arrests in accordance with the failed and never passed ” Dream Act.”
  • Rep. Darrell Issa‘s newly launched investigation into Solyndra and their subsequent  bankruptcy after being given $535 million in taxpayer funds through the Stimulus Fund.  Shortly thereafter they applied for more money.
  • Another company is coming under scrutiny and investigation by Rep. Issa.  It is a satellite broadband company in Virginia called LightSquared, whose majority owner is an investment fund run by Democratic donor Philip Falcone .
  • Associated with the LightSquared investigation, a four-star Air Force general who oversees U.S. Space Command, Gen. William Shelton, said the White House tried to pressure him to change his testimony to make it more favorable to the company.   This was an attempt by the WH to bias testimony and intentionally mislead Congress.
  • Democrats are calling for anyone to oppose or challenge Obama
  • Progressive democrats are abandoning Obama as a presidential candidate and calling for challengers.  A Chicago Tribune columnist, Steve Chapman, titled his article,  “Why Obama Should Withdraw,” and suggested that Hillary take his place.  Former NY major, Ed Koch said he won’t vote for Obama because of his stance on Israel.  Democratic consultant, James Carville, had one word of advice for Obama: “Panic.”

We hope there is “Panic”  at the corrupt White House these days, James, but not because of the threat of a challenger to Obama.   We want the fraud that has usurped the presidency to be very concerned about moving out of the White House into the Big House. We want the administration and all those complicit in a multitude of crimes, corruption, conspiracy, and cover-up to really feel the panic and get the justice they deserve.  May one or another or all of the above bring this regime to an end.    That’s our brand of hope and change.


“Attack Watch” These, Obama!

A scandal or two might have been missed.  Just let us  know and we will add it to the GROWING list!    Perhaps one of the above will become an “October surprise!”

105 responses to “Scandals Could Bring Down Obama’s Regime! (Open Thread)


    Over the weekend, it was reported that the IMF is running out of funds to help prop up the failing socialist regimes throughout the world, particularly Europe. We could have seen this one coming from a mile away! Will Barry fall and scrape his knees whilst running to sign on?

    “The World Bank and IMF are proposing global carbon taxes on aviation and ship fuels in developed economies to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, according to a draft proposal seen by AFP today. [More like to help them fund their socialist schemes AND to redistribute the wealth of “developed” nations to the rest of the world. When you’ve sucked dry the Golden Goose, then what?]

    The proposal suggests an international charge on aviation and maritime bunker fuels of $US25 per ton of CO2, which it said would “reduce CO2 emissions from each sector by around five to 10 per cent”.

    Such a charge, if implemented well, could also bring in $US250 billion ($256.86 billion) in taxes in 2020, according to the report, which focuses on how funds to fight climate change can be mobilised.

    The report recommends the plan for the “Annex II Countries” of the UN Climate Change Convention, including most developed economies. [MOST? Which developed countries would be exempt?]

    The report stressed the difficulty of coordinating such a global tax, especially for bunker fuel, which ship operators can easily source in countries that would not be covered by any such agreement.”


    There’s no way Barry can do an end run around Congress on this one, but he will try. He will try.

    • Georgie Porgie is in on this one, too:

      “European policy makers faced mounting pressure from foreign counterparts and investors to step up efforts to prevent their sovereign debt crisis from further roiling the world’s financial markets and economy.

      U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner set the tone at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington by warning that failure to combat the Greek-led turmoil threatened “cascading default, bank runs and catastrophic risk.” Billionaire investor George Soros said “something needs to be done” to safeguard Europe’s banks because Greece may be unable to avoid default.”

  2. On Gretchen’s show, it was just said that today the Department of Energy just approved TWO MORE SOLAR COMPANY LOANS on the west coast to the tune of $1 Billion!There are a couple more waiting for approval!

  3. Also on Gretchen’s show re Solyndra, New emails reveal Obama was notified ONE year ago about the problems and expected demise of Solyndra. It was discussed as to whether they should take the political damage then or now. People from the Office of Management and Budget discussed the problem and whether they should take the hit now or later. They still thought they had a chance to succeed. This is when the new loan agreement with the US was discussed. Last December they told Solyndra they needed to cough up an additional $5 million. (They were in default at that time). They also had to get additional investment capital. The Department of Energy then changed the terms of the loan and the loan was restructured at that time. (February). That is when the US Government took a backseat to the investors that put up an additional $75 Million. Some investors were George Kaiser’s group, Walmart, and Argonne (I think it was Argonne).

    • Who heads up the Department of Energy? Do you remember Steven Chu? He is the Secretary of Energy. Being a leftist scholar or scientist, Nobel prize winner, doesn’t give one the ability to manage an agency. But it sure puts him in the position to pass out loads of cash!

      Chu has been a vocal advocate for more research into alternative energy and nuclear power, arguing that a shift away from fossil fuels is essential to combat global warming. He also spoke at the 2009 and 2011 National Science Bowl about the importance of America’s science students, emphasizing their future role in environmental planning and global initiative. Chu said that a typical coal power plant emits 100 times more radiation than a nuclear power plant.

      Chu warns that global warming could wipe out California farms within the century.

      He has joined the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international collaboration between business and science, established to create momentum for the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

    • Yup. How in the world the media isn’t all over this story is beyond me. In the local paper? Zilch. The OMB politicized. They’re worrying about Barry’s reelection and how it will hit the fan, and when. NOT doing the job they’re SUPPOSED TO BE DOING FOR WE THE PEOPLE. This is FAR WORSE than ANYTHING Nixon did. And we get nothing from the lamestream media. Crickets. Theft and corruption beyond Woodward’s and Bernstein’s wildest imaginations. Where is OUR Deep Throat? Hmmm?

  4. Miri | October 5, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Here’s a new and developing scandal. Didn’t know where to put it. Not exactly a “green” scandal. Not sure yet what it is:

    “Two U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees and two businessmen were arrested in what prosecutors say may be the largest kickback and bribery scheme in the history of federal contracting. The conspirators steered no-bid contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to favored businesses and lined their pockets with $20 million in taxpayer money paid to them or promised by contractors, according to prosecutors. They were scheming to steer a nearly $800 million contract to a favored contractor when they were arrested, according to the charges.

    “This scheme is staggering in scope,” said Ronald C. Machen Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. “I think it surprised all of us.”

    Prosecutors said the conspirators took advantage of a law designed to help stimulate Alaska’s economy and to settle land disputes by granting no-bid federal contracts to Alaskan native-owned businesses regardless of the size of the contract.

    More than 100 federal agents executed search warrants on Tuesday throughout the capital region, including the headquarters of the Army Corps of Engineers at 441 G St. NW in downtown D.C.

    Arrested Tuesday morning were Army Corps contracting employees Kerry F. Khan, 53, of Alexandria and Michael A. Alexander, 55, of Woodbridge. The other two men arrested were Khan’s son, Lee A. Khan, 30, of Fairfax, and Harold F. Babb, 60, of Sterling. Babb is director of contracts for EyakTek, an Alaska Native-owned small business based in Dulles.

    The foursome bought more than a dozen properties from Florida to South Korea, Porsches, BMWs, Audis, a $21,000 Cartier watch, and paid $383,000 in hush money to a family member who threatened to alert authorities to the scheme, prosecutors said.

    According to the 42-page indictment, Kerry Khan was promised or paid more than $18 million over the past five years, and received wire transfers of $1.2 million and $3.3 million, prosecutors said. He and his son also agreed to wire money to a relative imprisoned for a drug trafficking crime to prevent him from snitching on them to law enforcement, according to the indictment.

    Alexander received more than $185,000 in cash and checks and $1 million to purchase a coffee shop called Seven Monkeys in a wealthy area of Seoul, South Korea.

    Babb received nearly $700,000 in payments and was promised a new job.”

    Now this comprehensive press release by the DOJ makes me suspicious. Is this a distraction from Holder’s problems? Suddenly pulling the trigger on this to get Fast and Furious out of the news pages and give the IMPRESSION that he’s a fiscal watchdog and working for the “folks”? They seem almost to feign outrage and certainly toot their own horn. No photos of the perps yet, that I can find.

    Miri | October 5, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Reply | Edit
    DHS and “cloud computing”. Redistribution and reparations part of these schemes? Eyak gets special treatment in contracting?

  5. Hi everyone!

    I wrote the article about the AJA (American Jobs Acts) that has been mentioned in this blog thread, and had a discussion with Bridgette about it. She mentioned I should maybe put what I explained here, so, here I am:

    “The original article was embraced by other bloggers on the basis of the sovereign immunity clause issue. However, that’s not the big deal, though, technically an illegal alien could seek a U.S. attorney investigation of even a Governor for enforcing their own immigration laws under 376 (d), if, there is a way for the attorney to argue it violates the AJA [American Jobs Act].

    “The original article suggests people get the law and search the term “Civil Rights” to see this isn’t a stimulus package, but, a new entitlement, making unemployment an activity subject to protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, (meaning Title 42 lawsuit for not being hired after you tell an employer you are unemployed), And I wrote a new article in effort to help people understand the legal consequences, intended or not, that passage of the AJA will accomplish in the eyes of, for instance, the ACLU,”

    I hope this helps understand that the AJA is likely going to stifle jobs further. Look at this provision, under section 374, and ask yourself if you believe any business will be hiring if the AJA is passed as it is:

    (a) Employers- It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to–

    (1) publish in print, on the Internet, or in any other medium, an advertisement or announcement for an employee for any job that includes-

    (A) any provision stating or indicating that an individual’s status as unemployed disqualifies the individual for any employment opportunity; or
    (B) any provision stating or indicating that an employer will not consider or hire an individual for any employment opportunity based on that individual’s status as unemployed; or
    (2) fail or refuse to consider for employment, or fail or refuse to hire, an individual as an employee because of the individual’s status as unemployed;
    (3) direct or request that an employment agency take an individual’s status as unemployed into account to disqualify an applicant for consideration, screening, or referral for employment as an employee.
    (b) Employment Agencies- It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employment agency to—
    (1) publish, in print or on the Internet or in any other medium, an advertisement or announcement for any vacancy in a job, as an employee, that includes–
    (A) any provision stating or indicating that an individual’s status as unemployed disqualifies the individual for any employment opportunity; or
    (B) any provision stating or indicating that the employment agency or an employer will not consider or hire an individual for any employment opportunity based on that individual’s status as unemployed.
    (2) screen, fail or refuse to consider, or fail or refuse to refer an individual for employment as an employee because of the individual’s status as unemployed;
    (3) limit, segregate, or classify any individual in any manner that would limit or tend to limit the individual’s access to information about jobs, or consideration, screening, or referral for jobs, as employees, solely because of an individual’s status as unemployed.
    (c) Interference With Rights, Proceedings or Inquiries- It shall be unlawful for any employer or employment agency to–
    (1) interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of or the attempt to exercise, any right provided under this Act; or
    (2) fail or refuse to hire, to discharge, or in any other manner to discriminate against any individual, as an employee, because such individual–
    (A) opposed any practice made unlawful by this Act;
    (B) has asserted any right, filed any charge, or has instituted or caused to be instituted any proceeding, under or related to this Act;
    (C) has given, or is about to give, any information in connection with any inquiry or proceeding relating to any right provided under this Act; or
    (D) has testified, or is about to testify, in any inquiry or proceeding relating to any right provided under this Act.
    (d) Construction – Nothing in this Act is intended to preclude an employer or employment agency from considering an individual’s employment history, or from examining the reasons underlying an individual’s status as unemployed, in assessing an individual’s ability to perform a job or in otherwise making employment decisions about that individual. Such consideration or examination may include an assessment of whether an individual’s employment in a similar or related job for a period of time reasonably proximate to the consideration of such individual for employment is job-related or consistent with business necessity.”

    Subsection (d) seems to negate all of what is previous, however, that the fact this provision, under Section 374, exists at all means that the Federal Government, upon a complaint, can come in and review your applicants and hires to determine if you discriminated against anyone for their being unemployed. This means, another regulation, another hammer available to the Department of Labor to interfere in a business and how it is running, another means of revenue by assessing you for violations, or being the agency to bring suit on the complainant’s behalf (similar to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in California) to foist a form of “affirmative action, upon businesses based on unemployment.

    This is why Obama doesn’t want any tinkering or negotiation, just to “pass this bill now,” or the act, once tinkered and negotiated, will not be creating a legal regime to cause unemployment to be subject to protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which has been key to the Progressive growth and cost of government.

    Thank you for reading,

    Toddy Littman

    • Welcome, Toddy. Thanks so much for the clarification and the new information.

      It does read like a solution looking for a problem, doesn’t it? I had the same thought–that last section seems to negate everything that went before! You must be right that all they want is that camel’s nose under the tent, so they can come in whenever they want to intimidate (shall we say, NUDGE) companies along their preferred progressive path. It’s also a handout to tort lawyers. What would they do without government inventing plaintiffs?

    • I like your website. “Observational Rant!” Love it. I’m prone to those myself. Thank you so much for putting us in your blog roll. You write like a lawyer or at least someone who can decipher legalese. We try, but too often fail. Maybe when we have questions about legalities, you could provide us some insight? (Not asking for a LEGAL opinion. Just insight and analysis.) So many times over the past few years, we could have used expert opinion. Thanks again for all. And welcome!

    • Thanks so much Todd. I think others will appreciate your information, so I am glad you shared it.

      We added your site to our Blogroll too.

  6. Well thank you very much and I’d be honored to take a look. And thank you for adding to the blog roll. I need to update audio blogs, just had a cold and stuff moving so fast, way behind now.

    Just an old researcher whose worked on a few of these situations, when I was on the dark side (I was living in California and didn’t realize there was a bright side, the conservative side.) Just about everyone in California wants to be the victim, and often are just looking for a way out of something. I just wanted to help so started researching and, well, never stopped.

    Currently more limited capabilities as I am in a small town in Arizona now, but I’d still do what I can, and yes, the “nose under the tent” analogy is perfect. If you go to the law library some time, assuming you aren’t one of those people with a Lexis/Nexis subscription online, snoop around Title 42 annotated and Shepardize the laws and cases thereunder, you’ll see your intuition is accurate, that this is the means by which they start it all.

    Obamacare is their way to start the single payer option in America, another keen example, and I’ll share an article about it too,


    Toddy Littman

    P.S. Toddy Littman is a nom de plum. A friend wrote some novels (who is my editor for articles too), and one of the characters was based on me, so when it came to making a website that would also be in the books, they asked me to play the part and I figured it’d be fun so here I am. Now gotta work on helping save America from the tyranny of a Communist, the “Oracle of TOTUS” our illustrios “Commander-In-Thief.”

    • Toddy, here’s the kind of “legal” question that I sometimes would like to ask someone who knows more than I do:

      How can it be legal to pass a law that waives a Constitutional immunity (like a state’s sovereign immunity)? That sounds unconstitutional. Can Congress pass a law that in effect forces anyone or any state to give up a Constitutional right?

  7. I noticed after the fact a missing piece of the puzzle of things that Obama easily could be pressured over the “Chicago Way” handling of: Rezko

    I been looking for info on his sentencing, but haven’t found it. Anyone else has it, would be great to find (but even better if it never happened and this idea this guy disappeared, not even in prison inventories, seems ripe for Issa :p).

    • You know, I hadn’t thought of that…that he may have been let go or put into a program and given a new identity even. I wonder if there is incarceration information online for Illinois .I don’t know if anyone has bothered to check. We just knew he wasn’t sent to prison and wondered what hotel they had him in, or if it was jail. We thought he’d give up the rest of the hooligans for his freedom. Maybe he did and the Feds are sitting on the information, and let him go back to whatever country he is from. I thought he was being held as a witness in Blago’s trial for something.

  8. He could be dead…. That’s why I’d like to know where he is, he’s no one special, or anything, but if he’s dead, well, that sure would be interesting now wouldn’t it? Just saying, ANYTHING is possible, and when someone isn’t showing in the prison inventories, it makes you wonder.

    • Disappeared? Or spirited out of the country while nobody was looking? So long as he keeps his mouth shut, lest he end up conveniently dead, like so many others? Or he could be in a compound somewhere, watched 24/7, like Granny Sarah. Like Granny Madelyn before she “died”.

  9. What is the origin of the name Ahuja? Who is this guy?

    LightSquared CEO resigns amid revelations of company’s proximity to Obama White House [He remains the Chairman! So he isn’t running operations? Really! ]
    2/28/2012 Snips

    LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday amid revelations of his company’s political proximity — and his own closeness — to the White House and Obama administration officials.

    The Daily Caller first reported one week ago on emails and documents that indicate political ties and numerous meetings between LightSquared and Obama administration officials as the company was undergoing regulatory review.

    Ahuja’s resignation comes after Obama’s FCC suspended conditional approval of a waiver LightSquared needed to complete its high-speed broadband network. Until two weeks ago, the company’s final approval appeared imminent.

    Ahuja, who had never donated to Democrats before and has not since, gave the maximum allowable $30,400 contribution to the Democratic National Committee on the same day his lawyers were trying to arrange a meeting for him at the White House with top Obama technology adviser Aneesh Chopra and other officials. In emails between Ahuja’s lawyers and White House officials Ahuja wanted to meet with, his lawyers pointed out that he would attend an Obama fundraiser on or about the same day he wanted the meeting. [Say, pay to play!]

    In a statement accompanying the company’s announcement of Ahuja’s resignation, he made no mention of those revelations.
    [Why would he?]

    According to the release, Ahuja will remain LightSquared’s chairman.

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