“Picket Across America” and Left’s “Days of Rage” Same Day! (Open Thread)

Lunatic Left’s “Days of Rage” Scheduled for the Same Day!

Patriots Unite!


 By Lloyd Marcus

Hi Patriots.   Please meet Tina Sims, a true patriot living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.   Tina wrote me the following note.

I started PICKET ACROSS AMERICA because I am scared. I am a 47 year old female, unemployed for a year and a half. I am so angry I feel like I’m screaming on the inside. I love this great country and feel an overwhelming desire to defend her.

I am asking every American Citizen of all political parties to stop what they are doing at 9 am on Saturday, Sept 17th

Step outside and hold a picket sign that reads, “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW.”

The idea is to line the streets of America.”

Upon reading Tina’s heartfelt note, I thought, “Her idea of patriots across America holding signs together is nice. However, the media will not cover our protest and it will not effect one bit of legislation in DC.   So what would be the point? What difference will it make?”

Then I thought, “It will make a difference to Tina and other fellow patriots. Tina’s fear and frustration represents the feelings of millions. By holding a sign outside 9:00 am, Sept.17th, we are sending a message to each other that we are all in this together. We have each others backs in solidarity fighting to save our country.”

In that regard, PICKET ACROSS AMERICA is a brilliant idea; inexpensive and a minimal time investment while sending a powerful message of unity. I LOVE it!

Tea party groups and organizations across America are responding to Tina’s call to action. She has made it extremely easy to participate. All you need is a sign.

As I said, the media probably will not care. But, this is not about the media. And, it will not directly effect the craziness going on in Washington DC.

PICKET ACROSS AMERICA is about us, We The People, taking a moment to say we support each other.

In my travels attending over 200 tea parties nationwide including Alaska, I am blown away by you, the American people; your love for our great country and willingness to do your part to save her. You’re awesome and I love you.

So, I made a sign as Tina requested.   September 17th at 9am, I am going to stand on the busiest intersection in my town and display it.

Patriots, please join us.    Sign up for Tina’s picket line on Facebook at PICKET ACROSS AMERICA.

Our ultimate goal is to end the tyrannous reign of Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.   The Obama media is relentless in their efforts to discourage and dishearten us. Staying encouraged, diligent and united in our efforts is crucial to our victory.

Let’s exhibit our solidarity.   Let’s PICKET ACROSS AMERICA.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Vice Chair:   Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama
Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

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132 responses to ““Picket Across America” and Left’s “Days of Rage” Same Day! (Open Thread)

  1. A progressive astroturfed event would not be complete without Kabuki theater. We knew it was coming. Gateway Pundit has the video and the logic that proves the guy “run over” by a cop WASN’T. It was a pratfall. Typical. I suspected it as soon as I saw the photos: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/10/good-grief-occupy-wall-street-protester-being-run-over-by-cop-was-totally-staged-video/

    If you watch the video closely, you can see the guy’s on the ground already, with photographers ready to snap the photos. The cop rolls by and Poopstocker sticks his foot UNDER the wheel. Clearly, his foot is not under the wheel when he’s already on the ground, writhing in mock pain BEFORE the cop even gets next to him. Then the cop stops when the Poopstocker’s foot IS under the wheel, but he had to put it there on purpose. btw, the cops ARRESTED Poopstocker when he shoved the bike over. Look at all the photographers! It’s like Princess Di and her followers. Staged? You be the judge. When there’s so much going on, how did those many photogs just happen to be where the action is? ASTROTURF.

    But if we’ve learned anything from the Kenneth Gladney affair, it’s that TRUTH and even VIDEO proving the truth, is meaningless to the lamestream. They won’t let truth get in the way of the propaganda story they want to spoonfeed America.

  2. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/10/emails-prove-ows-organizers-want-to-derail-free-societies-and-the-capitalist-system/

    Now there’s an INCENDIARY story. Email PROOF that these are anti-capitalists intended to destroy the economy and capitalism. Big Government to out a treasure trove of emails soon.


    Ties to JIHADISTS!

    “On August 10, 2011, the hacker group “Anonymous” announced that it would join the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. That’s what sparked my interest in monitoring #OccupyWallStreet.

    I reached out to a colleague and asked if he would be interested in studying the protest with me. At first, it seemed disorganized, and we believed it would only be a few hundred protestors.

    As we engaged in monitoring its growth, we recruited other people to help us begin the collection of data available via social media. We began mapping out key players, and monitored Anonymous’s efforts to organize protests in the San Francisco Bay area public transportation system (#opBART) in order to detect patterns and key influencers.

    Then, at the end of August, we were alerted by a fellow researcher that information about USDoR (U.S. Day of Rage, to which Occupy Wall Street is connected) had been posted on Shamuk and Al-Jahad, two Al-Qaeda recruitment sites. We began to take the “Occupy” protest more seriously, and dedicated more time to research and monitoring.

    Days later, Anonymous announced that it would be releasing its new DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) tool. Because of the Al-Qaeda posting, we contacted the New York Field Office of the FBI so they could investigate the potential threat. From that point on, we decided we needed to include the Human Element of Intelligence (HUMINT), and to infiltrate the protestors to map their ties to Anonymous, and to the postings on Shamuk and Al-Jahad….

    We are sharing the email archive because we believe the public needs to know the hidden agendas behind the Occupation–the socialist, anarchist, and other agendas that have not been reported in the mainstream media.”

    • Rats, my win zip isn’t working so I can’t read the emails. If anyone reads them, please post a couple of them. So they aren’t hidden..from me!

      These people should be arrested if we had a lawful society and weren’t trying to be politically correct and offer these anti-Americans free speech!

  3. Heard on the radio. Poopstockers in Dallas have taken over a park and poopers and city negotiations between the two say they have to move to another park. A judge was involved in the negotiations. The call is now out for a thousand protesters to arrive at the original park because “the cops can’t arrest all of us! ” In other words, they were told to leave and go to a park where they could pitch a tent, and they aren’t moving! They plan to have an altercation with the cops. All planned. No word on how many are participating right now as they twitter their need for bodies willing to be arrested. They arrested 800 in NY, why do they think the police won’t do it in Dallas? Who is paying for all these kid’s arrest tickets? They won’t be cheap…tickets are no longer inexpensive.

    If they want to make sure they never get a job, this is the way to do it! How many companies want to hire a radical or revolutionary…if they have a record?

    As Forrest Gump says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2011/10/union_workers_join_occupy_st_louis_for_march.php

      Dana Loesch reports that these Poopstockers don’t have anything–no permit, no insurance, nothing.

      WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD? THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. IF Poopstockers don’t need a permit, WHY did Tea Partiers?

      Apparently there were 6 arrests yesterday that the paper didn’t bother to report. http://www.ksdk.com/news/article/280094/3/Police-arrest-Kiener-Plaza-protesters-overnight-

      NO Tea Party arrests. NO police scuffles with Tea Partiers. But these Poopstockers are the ones praised as real Americans, speaking out and exercising their First Amendment rights.

      Turns out, no riot.

      Russel Kinsaul (who famously reported about the “Obama Truth Squad”) CLAIMS they were peaceful and got “legitimacy” from the number of unions joining in. He claimed they were criticized for being “smelly” but only because they had camped out for so long (illegally, without a permit). Their huge march, he says, numbered 300 or 400. It looks sparse on TV. There’s a webcam for Kiener Plaza, but it’s conveniently pointing towards the Arch and away from the “campsites”.

      They claim they’re protesting for the rights of the “middle class” and that “this is what democracy looks like.”

      But we’re not a democracy for a reason. Democracy is mob rule. Majority rule. Tyranny over the minority. We have a representative Republic to PROTECT everyone and ensure that the government is FAIR and that all voices are heard and no LOUD minority gets all the attention, either.

  4. We are entering a new phase in this Poopstockers protests. This is getting dangerous! Fire this guy! Start sending messages to MSNBC! Can you believe this…a Kent State moment! What is a Kent State moment when nobody gets killed! Promoting more violence!

    MSNBC Analyst Cheering Violence:
    Donny Deutsch ‘Repulsed’ by the Tea Party, Hopes for a ‘Kent State’ Type Moment so the Occupy Wall Street Movement Can Really Resonate With the American People

    This is what they need…somebody doesn’t need to get killed.But something will play out to show the clash! Some imagery is needed! We are a visual society…


  5. Protesters to overtake Times SQ. Sat 15
    (Address/Phone of Leader)
    Internet | 10/14/11
    Friday, October 14, 2011 9:58:41 AM by

    The punk twit that is organizing the occupy wall street protesters to come to times square on saturday the 14th of Oct is a big leftist from San Francisco that is also a big socialist and rat. Just like his false idol obama, this guy is half black/half white, dad from Ghana, etc.:

    William Etundi
    301 West 113th St. #4b New York, NY 10026 US

    William Etundi (william@etundi.com) +1.9174494094 Fax: 342 Broadway #367 New York, NY 10013 US


    • A Dangerous Mind: Chatting With William Etundi, Jr.

      Daniel Pinchbeck: Thanks for joining us, Will. Tell us a bit about your background. Where are you from?

      William Etundi, Jr.: I’m from the Bay Area in Northern California, and Sacramento. My mother is white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Like, white, white. And my father is African, from Ghana. They met in college in the seventies, and I was born in 1979 — 32 years old, now. Yeah, I basically grew up in California with my mom. I spent some time during the summers with my dad, who lived in Houston.

      My upbringing was very progressive in Northern CA. A degree of “coming of age” happened for me there, mostly in San Francisco, giving me new outlooks and perspective. Specifically, my mom went to seminary and became a Methodist minister when I was nine years old. That’s when I lost religion — when it was taken off the pedestal for me. I began looking at it more deeply and was privy to more theological discussions. I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was eleven, and that changed my life.

      She became a liberal, progressive minister? Are Methodists very progressive?

      Not in the south. In the west, yes, especially in the Bay area. She interned at a church in the Castro when I was about twelve years old. I spent a lot of time in the Castro district, seeing this culture that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to — this really proud, gay culture, very progressive. It was transformative for me. It taught me the value of gathering for the pure cause of celebration, creating community and identity, as well as the cultural and political opportunities that can stem from that. I moved to New York City when I was eighteen, still holding those ideals, and the rest is history.

      Snip ~

      Were you still working in design at this point?

      No, I’d left advertising and started working for a leftist tech group called the May First Technology Collective. We worked with Brooke Lehman to help people find housing and put meetings together to get people plugged in. I’d dedicated my whole being to that.

      We had a huge party in the summer, and at that point, it was the biggest party I’d ever done. About 3500 people came and we raised $50,000, which seemed like a lot of money for a protest movement.

      When the convention finally came, we just got fucking destroyed. We had better funding, better communications, and better infrastructure than ever before. Major funders like George Soros and other big “respected” names were behind us. The Dursts gave a huge space for our independent media center. I mean, it was insanely well organized. People from around the world came to protest, and the police just hammered us.

      Cont’s @ link –


  6. Out of the Chicago Poopstockers..comes the reknown anarchist..stirring it up…but anarchists aren’t violent! She blames the bank for firing her mother so now her father won’t get the medicine he needs. (Cobra not in effect now?) Therefore, the banks are killing her father. Community organizer logic at work here: blame the banks.

    Meet #OccupyWallStreet Leader Anarchist Lisa Fithian
    October 14, 2011 by velvethammer

    Behold a dyed in the wool enemy of the state.

    Infamous anarchist, Lisa Fithian led Thursday’s events, attempting to disrupt the Mortgage Bankers conference at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. The protest was one of 5 feeder allies that eventually led to the Art Institute, where protesters threw vulgar comments and screams at families entering the Art Institute.


  7. We knew “Reverend” Al Sharpton would have to get into this…after all the people that follow him are his paycheck!

    ‘We Can Not Sleep Through the Revolution: Al Sharpton Tells Black Community to Join the Revolution Because Those Kids on Wall Street Are Right About Redistributing the Wealth!

  8. Julian Assange Joins Protestors as Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

    Black Book Magazine ^ | October 15, 2011. | Mara Siegler

    Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011 12:21:48 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

    The Occupy Wall Street protests have gone global today, reaching from Canada to Asia to Europe. People are denouncing centralized wealth in Hong Kong, marching under the banner of “Indignants” in Spain, asking for an end to nuclear power in Tokyo, rioting in Rome, and bringing a host of other concerns to the forefront on the streets of hundreds of other cities with thousand of stories and images trickling out. The questions of what this means and what it will lead to are huge and overwhelming so instead, we bring news of a highly recognizable name in attendance.

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, out on bail and fighting extradition to Sweden, showed up to Occupy London Stock Exchange and addressed the crowd at St. Paul’s Cathedral where, according to reports, he discussed crimes at Guantanamo Bay and money laundering in the Caymen Islands and in London.

    “This movement is not about the destruction of law, it is about the construction of law,” Assange said. “I just wanted to say, we are all individuals.”

    Assange didn’t stay long, presumably exiting after his speech to make it home for his 10pm curfew. Here’s hoping he joins Kanye West on a future track rapping about the experience.

    UPDATE: Here’s video of part of his speech from Mediaite:



  9. A great find by cripplecreek at FR. The troop’s have now been called in.

    The nazis didn’t get to power by promising to kill the Jews. They used the disaster of the Wiemar Republic to get people out in the street calling for fairness for all and punishment for the greedy rich.

    Workers of all lands, unite — to smash the rule of English capitalism! You young upward-striving nations of the earth, combine to annihilate the old English dragon who blocks the treasures of the earth and withholds from you the riches of the world.

    -Robert Ley, German Labor Front leader. (Hitler’s Trumpka)


    Occupy the world: Rome burns as Wall Street protests spread across the globe and America prepares for ‘day of rage’

    More than 950 demonstrations held in more than 80 countries around world
    Violence erupts in Rome as Occupy Wall Street protests spread
    60,000 people protest in Madrid’s central square
    Thousands march through New York before plan to occupy Times Square
    Former NYC mayor Giuliani says he would stopped protesters sleeping on street

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 8:41 PM on 15th October 2011

    Demonstrators today rallied across the world accusing bankers and politicians of wrecking economies as the global ‘day of rage’ erupted into violence in Rome. Protesters in the Italian capital smashed shop windows and torched cars as violence broke out during a demonstration.
    Black smoke billowed into the air in downtown Rome as a small group of violent protesters broke away from the main demonstration.

    The violence came as thousands gathered in Washington DC and New York ahead of a mass rally in Times Square tonight.


    • Snipped from above link –

      They carried signs reading ‘Your Money is Our Money’, and ‘Yes We Camp’, an echo of the slogan ‘Yes We Can’ used by U.S. President Barack Obama.

  11. Protests All Over the Globe!
    Protests go global, rampage, tear gas in Rome
    October 15, 2011 updated 1 hour 21 minutes ago Snips

    Rome – Hundreds of hooded, masked protesters rampaged through Rome in some of the worst violence in the Italian capital for years Saturday, torching cars and breaking windows during a larger peaceful protest against elites blamed for economic downturn. Police repeatedly fired tear gas and water cannon in attempts to disperse them but the clashes with a minority of violent demonstrators stretched into the evening, hours after tens of thousands of people in Rome joined a global “day of rage” against bankers and politicians.

    In the continental Europe’s financial capital, some 5,000 people protested in front of the European Central Bank, while in London, around 500 people marched from St. Paul’s cathedral to the nearby stock exchange

    A website called 15october.net urged the people of the world to “rise up” and “claim their rights and demand a true democracy.”

    About 2,000 people, including representatives of Aboriginal groups, communists and trade unionists, protested outside the central Reserve Bank of Australia.


    • 2,000 people, including representatives of Aboriginal groups, communists and trade unionists………………………………………..

      I am sorry. I am trying really hard not to howl with laughter here……
      Are you kidding ?
      Aboriginal groups
      trade unionists
      Do they date each other too ?
      Quite an interesting party….

  12. H/T to Nancy Pelosi who made sure that everyone knew that the Tea Partiers were carrying signs with swastikas. One of her smaller lies. Or does she stand in solidarity with them?
    Will she call out the real Nazi Party this time? Oh that’s right, she said, “God Bless the protesters!” I guess we know where anti-American Nancy really stands.

    Tweets: The ‘American Nazi Party’ Stands in Solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet

    October 15, 2011 by velvethammer


  13. Occupy L.A. Protester: Run the Jews Out of This Country
    Oct. 15

    “I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government, they need to be run out of this country,” said Occupy LA protester Patricia McAllister. She identified herself as a Los Angeles Unified School District employee.

    Folks, this woman is spewing the same hate-filled LIES as Himmler, Goering and Hitler in the 1930′s and 1940′s! Notice also she hates the
    Jews because they “run the banks and Federal Reserve.”

    • Exactly. And the NAZI party supports them, too! So there’s a story you WON’T see on the lamestream. They can’t even decide how many got arrested in NYC yesterday. It was either 19, 42, or 70. So much for FACTS. The paper today reported that “tens of thousands” joined in protests around the WORLD yesterday. Tens of thousands? There were HUNDREDS of thousands of Tea Partiers at one rally on the Mall. One rally. In one city. Not around the WORLD. But so far coverage of these Poopstockers far outweighs the coverage given to the Tea Partiers. Who were nearly universally insulted and criticized. Seldom if ever praised, and actually called racists and potential domestic terrorists.

      Bill Clinton ALERT! For the 4th day in a row, Bill on the front page of Yahoo! I’m not making this up.

  14. Journolist 2.0: OccupyDC Emails Show MSM, Dylan Ratigan, Working With Protesters To Craft Message

    Big Journalism has learned that the Occupy Washington DC movement is working with well-known media members to craft its demands and messaging while these media members report on the movement. Someone has made the emails from the Occupy D.C. email distro public and searchable. The names in the list are a veritable who’s who in media.

    Journolist 2.0 includes well known names such as MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Rolling Stone’s Matt Tiabbi who both are actively participating; involvement from other listers such as Bill Moyers and Glenn Greenwald plus well-known radicals like Noam Chomsky, remains unclear. The list also includes a number of Occupy organizers, such as one of the Occupy Wall Street main organizers Kevin Zeese.


    • I happened across this while looking for something else. The NY Times involved in advising teachers how to “teach” students about the Poopstockers. How to spread lies about what the “movement” is (poop movement?), how it began, how it’s funded, what its goals are? http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/11/who-are-the-99-ways-to-teach-about-occupy-wall-street/

      On cue, a socialist professor gives students extra credit for attending Poopstock, but they MUST carry a sign:

      • After reading all the stories about Poopstock, it becomes obvious that the reason for the “movement” is to promote Obama’s specific socialist goals and to get him reelected. Now the kids taking part don’t know they’re tools, but they’re beginning to find out, which is a good lesson for them. They were fooled in 2008. They’re still learning their lessons. The reason they don’t have jobs after taking out ruinous loans to pay for college is THAT OBAMA’S POLICIES ARE DESIGNED TO ENSURE THEY DON’T HAVE JOBS. He isn’t FOR them. He’s FOR them being eternally wanting and dependent. Jobs will come WHEN the free market returns. In any case, here’s what the now-occupied by unions/Soros/obots/Sharpton Occupy “movement” is promoting:

        1. Obama’s jopsss program, aka Stimulus II (see Sharpton’s speech)
        2. Obama’s desire to get rid of the SCOTUS decision that allows corporate money in campaigns (see the emails exposed by Dana Loesch, especially the one where the MSNBC host takes a Poopstock petition directly to DICK Durbin for action; also, Poopstockers suggest that any bank that got bailouts should be FORBIDDEN to lobby. No mention how long the moratorium should last. The banks paid back the money, unlike Poopstockers, who don’t want to pay back their college loans.)
        3. Free houses for all people who took out a loan they couldn’t pay back and are now in foreclosure. (see the video at the P/Oed Patriot link. They refer to the homes that are NOT paid for as BELONGING to the people who owe the money. In my universe, you don’t OWN something until it’s paid for. In ACORN’s universe, it’s the person’s home, even if he didn’t pay the bank back. Free houses for all. Whoopee! Paid for by the evil banks, which just happen to be YOU and ME. Where do banks get their money? From the REAL 99% who deposit it there, after WORKING to EARN it.)
        4. Free college for all. (If you don’t have to pay back your loans, then college is free. But they prefer for the government to pay for their educations. In full. Free for all!)

        Basically, when any of them ever do espouse a cause, it parallels Barry’s policies, which caused the situation they’re whining about.

        Except today I read that one Poopstocker says that we need to get the CORRUPTION out of government. And CORPORATE influence out of government. He should start with getting Obama out of the WH, because this is one of the MOST CORRUPT, CORPORATE-INFLUENCED administrations in history. But no doubt, this kid voted for Obama in 2008 and plans to vote for him again next year. AGAINST HIS OWN SELF-INTEREST. If he’s serious about his goals, then he needs to JOIN US or the Tea Party. We’re for the Constitution, for FREEDOM, for the FREE Market, and AGAINST EVIL SOUL-ROBBING COMMUNISM.

        Gateway Pundit has a good round up about anti-Semitic rhetoric at Poopstock. I believe one of the kids in the video is the person I talked about before–the one who called a man a “JEW” and imitated his “Jewish” accent. Believe he tells him to go back to Israel. Nice, huh?

        Obama started using the 99% meme in his speeches over the weekend. So he’s now on record making common cause with incipient NAZIS.

        • http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=355461

          A story about vote fraud.

          “Minnesota Majority notes that in 2008, the Minnesota U.S. Senate race was decided by just 312 votes.

          “Never in our state’s history did the words ‘every vote counts’ ring so true. However, a cloud of doubt still hangs over the results. Post-election analysis showed that hundreds of ineligible felons voted in the election. Over 17,000 more ballots were counted than voters accounted for as having voted in our Statewide Voter Registration System. Over 23,000 addresses provided by Election Day registrants could not be verified. Voter rolls contained the names of non-citizens and deceased individuals,” the organization reported.

          What that means is that Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., may not have won, although he has been casting votes from his U.S. Senate seat ever since. … “While numerous other states have launched investigations of voter fraud by ACORN, Minnesota government officials have done nothing. To this day, our top elections official, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, has failed to satisfactorily explain the irregularities uncovered after the 2008 election. Our top law enforcement official, Attorney General Lori Swanson, has refused to investigate allegations of election irregularities. Could this be because both Ritchie and Swanson were endorsed and supported by ACORN when they were elected to office?” the group asked.”

          Of course they won’t investigate because they know what the result will be and what the remedy would be. Removal from office. SAME REASON they won’t investigate Barry’s ineligibility. And the feds won’t help either:

          “… [An] organization tried to get some assistance from the Department of Justice and presented information about evidence to the FBI.

          The agent who reviewed the information suggested there was enough to open an investigation, but “when he got back to his supervisors, the case just disappeared,” McGrath said.”

      • Now they’re threatening to occupy courts:

        If arrested and charges aren’t dropped, they’re asking for trials and say they will “march into” courtrooms.

        Pam Geller has some interesting photos http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2011/10/obama-endorsed.html
        that you’ll NEVER see on the lamestream news.

  15. Costs of the Occupiers
    October 16, 2011 by Michelle Malkin – Snips

    The trash generated by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests keeps piling up. So do the bills. Liberal media outlets claim the anarchic, anti-capitalist movement is more popular than the tea party. But wait until Americans across the country get a full picture of the costs of the aimless occupiers.

    In New York City, government officials estimate the month-long siege of Zuccotti Park has now imposed $3.2 million in overtime police costs on the public. On Thursday, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office pressured left-wing activists to vacate the park for cleaning, Occupy Wall Street urged sympathizers to flood the city’s customer services lines: “Call 311 and tell Bloomberg not to evict us!”

    In Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter told the press that demonstrators outside city hall have incurred $164,000 in overtime public employee costs and $237,000 in regular time. “At the current rate, if Occupy Philly continues to the end of the month, the city would spend another nearly $690,000 on police overtime alone,” the local NBC affiliate reported.

    In Seattle, police have so far billed $30,000 in overtime, and the parks department racked up nearly $4,000 in additional costs related to the protests there.

    Their T-shirts and speeches glorify Marxist radicals Che Guevara, Emiliano Zapata and Chairman Mao. They lionize convicted death row cop killer Troy Davis and WikiLeaks collaborator Bradley Manning. They condemn “Nazi Bankers,” Jews, Fox News, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, the Koch family and the New York Police Department (“Pigs!”). They promote the illegal alien DREAM Act and 9/11 Trutherism. They spout bumper-sticker profanities and inanities: “F**k banks.” “Unf**k the world.” “Fuuuuu*k.” “Free education.” “Smash nationalism.” “People not profits.” They flash peace signs while celebrity supporter Roseanne Barr calls for beheading financial industry workers and fellow marchers call explicitly for “violent revolution” or for Obama to “Send SEAL Team 6″ to Wall Street.


    • I’m afraid the people across the country won’t get a full picture of ANYTHING having to do with Poopstock. The media already hide the anti-Semitism, misogyny, RACISM, pooping, sex, drugs, TRASH and calls for VIOLENT overthrow of the country. Why would they bother to report the COST? IF they do report, it’s local news that’s never picked up by the national news.

      I read one of their lists of demands. So far, I agree with one whole-heartedly:

      “Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.”

      I do agree with sex and race equality, but seems to me we have that already in the Constitution as well as laws. Maybe they need to study more history. http://occupywallst.org/forum/proposed-list-of-demands-for-occupy-wall-st-moveme/

      Check out the minimum wage of $20 an hour regardless of whether person has a job! MINIMUM wage of $20 an hour. Why stop there? Why not $200 an hour, or how’s about whatever Barry makes an hour? They scoff at jobs paying $15 an hour. They want, some of them, at least $75,000 a year, right out of college. They want a HOME, right out of college. The Entitled Generation. They WANT. WE OWS THEM.

      • Wait, wait, wait! Quick. Those of you like myself who AREN’T in debt because you were schooled by your sensible elders to “pay as you go,” HURRY NOW! Take out a million dollar loan from BofA. Check out this “demand”:

        “Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.”

        I hope nobody owes that guy any money. Sorry, Charlie. Debt forgiven! Seriously, I need to go get in debt so I can cash in, too. What a fool and a tool I am to have worked for 30 years to pay off my mortgage. Who knew that in 2011, the bank would just GIVE ME A HOUSE!

  16. Would he now? Who really thinks that MLK would associate himself with the Communists and Nazi’s? Now they are trying to change what MLK stood for…The black community should put a stop to this now. Obama is an insult to Black America and what MLK stood for. The only thing he has in common with black America is his coloring.

    Obama: MLK Would Have Approved of Occupy Wall Street Movement
    October 16, 2011

    “If he were alive today, I believe he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing all who work there,” Obama said, according to the Washington Times. “Those with power and privilege will often decry any call for change as divisive. They’ll say any challenge to the existing arrangements are unwise and destabilizing. Dr. King understood that peace without justice was no peace at all.”


    • I saw that. I wondered myself. I can imagine him being somewhat sympathetic to communists, but NAZIS? No way.

      I suspect that MLK was FOR the AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL. There’s no American DREAM when the American system that creates it is destroyed.

      But Jesse Jackson was one of MLK’s peeps, wasn’t he? Jesse is quasi-capitalist in the sense that he’s ALL FOR a shakedown of the rich. He’s done it enough times already. Perfected the extortion technique. I often wonder what MLK would think of what’s become of his legacy. Is THIS what he wanted?

      Racial divisiveness? A racial spoils system? Special treatment always at all times for “persons of color”? A caste system? Reparations to people for crimes committed against distant ancestors, paid for by people who themselves and whose ancestors share NONE of the guilt? Shakedowns based on fear of litigation or of being called bigots?

      WTH does “peace without justice was no peace at all” mean? Is that some kind of code phrase? Is he signaling that violence is sometimes necessary to get justice? What else does he mean by saying “peace without justice” is not PEACE?

      This echoes the “No justice; no peace” chant, which of course is a THREAT. But MLK was for PEACEFUL demonstrations. Not threats of NO PEACE unless he gets what HE considers to be justice (simply put, other people’s money).

      Obama coopts MLK’s persona and following but turns his philosophy on its head. MLK followed Ghandi, didn’t he? That’s what they try to tell us.

      Did you see the photo of Barry standing with his back to the camera, looking up at the MLK statue? All I could think of was how envious Barry must feel, longing for it to be a monument to HIMSELF. Remember when the Taliban blasted away the statues at Bamiyan? I couldn’t help but see the plans going round in Barry’s mind–how to modify that MLK face and turn it into his own, once he establishes himself as supreme leader of the world, that is.

  17. Proof! Wall Street protests no ‘spontaneous uprising’
    Major demonstration directed by leftist shadow organization

    October 16, 2011 Snips

    A public relations firm closely partnered with the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation represented last week’s anti-Wall Street march past millionaires’ homes in New York, WND has learned.

    Fenton Communications has been behind the public relations strategy of a who’s who of far-left causes, organizations and activists, from Soros himself to Health Care for America Now to crafting strategies for MoveOn.org and a litany of anti-war groups. Fenton, which works closely with Tides, first made its name representing communist dictatorships in the 1980s.

    Fenton’s founder is tied to President Obama and to a slew of Saul Alinsky-style community organizing groups directly involved in recent U.S. street protests, including in Wisconsin and New York. Fenton’s fingerprints on promoting and organizing the march bring further evidence suggesting the anti-Wall Street movement is a well-planned campaign and not the spontaneous uprising its leaders claim.

    Fenton Communications was founded in 1982 by David Fenton, an activist who served as a photographer for Bill Ayers’ domestic Weather Underground terror group. Fenton Communications works in conjunction with the Soros-funded Tides Center that funded Adbusters, which was reported to have started the concept of Occupy Wall Street. Fenton used the Tides Center to set up Environmental Media Services in 1994. Tides reportedly originally ran EMS’ daily operations.

    David Fenton serves on the board of numerous Tides-funded groups, while his firm represents more than 30 Tides Center grantees, as well as Soros himself and the billionaire’s Open Society Institute. Fenton helped to craft Moveon.org’s attacks on Gen. David Petraeus. [Called General Betrayus!]


    • While David Fenton first photographed Ayers in the 1960s, he later served alongside both Ayers and Obama on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago nonprofit which channeled money to a slew of progressive groups, including the Tides Center and the Alinsky-style Midwest Academy training outfit. Obama served as a paid director on the Woods Fund board from 1999 to 2002.

      WND recently reported Midwest’s founder, Heather Booth, has been training unions on how to use the economic crisis. Citizen Action of Wisconsin, an arm of Booth’s Midwest Academy, is part of the Moving Wisconsin Forward movement, one of the main organizers of the major Wisconsin protests in February, as WND first reported.


    • Bill Ayers had his own photographer? You can’t make this stuff up.

      I take back the previous misguided good things that I ever said about Kucinich. This Fenton VP (Gordon) was his aide for years?

  18. What a lucky, lucky group – all their needs are being met! How will they keep warm? Winter is fast approaching in NY City. Are their laws about fires in the park? No fires allowed…then they will say they are being discriminated against and its inhumane to take away their heat! Those type statements must be in the works! Bloomberg was a fool to let this continue! I hope it bites them all in their collective @sses!

    Occupy Wall Street protesters have amassed $230,000 and supplies
    Leaders: How do we spend all this?
    October 17, 2011

    The Wall Street protesters have amassed a $230,000 war chest and a warehouse full of supplies for their long-haul campaign. And the money continues to pour in — through online donations, money orders and about $1,000 a day dropped in a plastic jug and paint buckets in Zuccotti Park.

    Occupy Wall Street has also been flooded with goods — everything from peanut butter to tampons — at a rate of about 100-400 new packages a day that has overwhelmed the local UPS branch.

    Most of the supplies are being stashed in a United Federation of Teachers storage facility near the park.


    • The Pure Irony of those protesting against the banks!

      Despite the group’s harsh stance on banks, they still take their cash to two of them — the Lower East Side People’s Credit Union and an Amalgamated Bank branch near the park.

      Amalgamated, a union-owned bank, offered to waive all fees and service charges, said Ed Needham, a member of Occupy Wall Street’s media outreach group.

      Meedham said none of the donated money has gone toward legal fees for arrested protesters

      Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/ny_occupy_war_chest_at_zlGvDo1AiD48PwCmAPJnRI#ixzz1b4SgPYHi

    • I envision looooong extension cords, hooked up to space heaters, in their little tents. This is beyond ridiculous. You’re right. Bloomberg must be out of his mind to allow this to continue. Why does he? That’s what I want to know.

      “any expenditure greater than $100 requires a vote by the hundreds who gather for daily “general assembly.” The spending decisions occur during rituals called “temperature checks” — where raised hands mean “yes” and hands pointed down signal “no.””

      I’m confused. Temperature checks? Do they mean “up twinkles” or “down twinkles”?

      They sound like Congress. Can’t they just get along and compromise? How about MetroCard swipes for the giant puppets?

      Michael Moore gave money. How generous of him. A crummy $1000 when he has MILLIONS. I wonder how his plea for the police to JOIN the Poopstockers went over in NYC? Supposedly, they’re organizing a “take your money out of the bank and put it in a credit union” day. Nov. 5, iirc.

      The first comment I saw said, “Time to use the water cannon!” 🙂

  19. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/66259.html

    “After the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent a recent email urging supporters to sign a petition backing the wave of Occupy Wall Street protests, phones at the party committee started ringing.

    Banking executives personally called the offices of DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and DCCC Finance Chairman Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) last week demanding answers, three financial services lobbyists told POLITICO.
    “They were livid,” said one Democratic lobbyist with banking clients.

    The execs asked the lawmakers: “What are you doing? Do you even understand some of the things that they’ve called for?” said another lobbyist with financial services clients who is a former Democratic Senate aide.

    Democrats’ friends on Wall Street have a message for them: you can’t have it both ways.

    President Barack Obama and other top Democrats are parroting the anti-corporate rhetoric running through the Occupy Wall Street protests, trying to tap into the movement’s energy but keep the protesters at arms’ length.

    But many bankers aren’t buying the distinction. And some financial services lobbyists and industry insiders say the liberal line will make swing givers think twice before opening their checkbooks this year.” …
    Meanwhile, Obama and other Democrats are still cashing in on Wall Street. Last month, Obama’s campaign held a fundraising dinner hosted by Warren Buffett at Manhattan’s Four Seasons restaurant, the Los Angeles Times reported. Obama has hauled in $3.9 million from the finance, insurance and real estate sector so far this year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But he’s been outpaced by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has received $7.5 million from the sector.

    Goldman Sachs employees – who contributed more than $1 million to Obama in the 2008 election cycle — are now spending more on Romney than Obama, according to CRP. Goldman Sachs employees, along with their spouses, have contributed $352,200 to Romney. That’s more than seven times the $49,125 they’ve given to Obama.”

  20. We can add another to the list of epithets describing the Poopstockers: RAPISTS!


    “An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

    Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

    According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

    The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.”

    My, they are reliving the Bill Ayers/Weatherman scenario, aren’t they? Complete with the sexist behavior, oppression of women, rapes, sex assaults. When will there be forced “wife” swapping? No wonder Muslims and Communists get along so well. Both groups like to oppress women. Do check out at the bottom of GP’s story how another Poopstocker was arrested in Seattle for exposing himself to children. Now we can add FLASHER to the list.

    And Barry is still supporting these groups. I can see the campaign ads now, if ROMNEY has the GUTS to run them. They just write themselves, don’t they?

  21. Gateway Pundit is doing yeoman’s work on this story. Here’s another: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/10/felon-with-rifle-ammo-arrested-at-obama-endorsed-occupy-seattle/

    A FELON walking around the park in Seattle, carrying a RIFLE and AMMO.

    “Bicycle patrol officers who were assigned to the Occupy Seattle protest overheard the man who was carrying a rifle case over his shoulder tell someone he was carrying a Ruger, in reference to the gun manufacturer, police said. The officers stopped the man, looked in the case and found a short-barreled rifle with a pistol grip. When they asked the man if he had any ammunition, he showed them an ammunition box that contained about 16 rounds.

    A computer check revealed that the man was a convicted felon and police arrested him on a felony weapons violation, police said.”

    But gun control works, doesn’t it?

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