In Memoriam: Remembering the Victims & Heroes of September 11, 2001 — NEVER Forget

© Miri WTPOTUS  September 11, 2011    

Today we remember the atrocity of September 11, 2001, when Muslim jihadist terrorists attacked our beloved homeland, murdering in cold blood 2,977 innocents from more than ninety countries. Thousands more were injured.  Thousands of families will never fully recover from their losses. America will never fully recover.  Nor will Americans ever forget. 

Let us vow to never forget what happened that day.  Let us remain forever vigilant in defense of our homeland and our way of life.  Remember who our enemies are; but always, too, remember the heroes who showed the world, once again, the indomitable spirit of the exceptional American people.

 of the United States of America will NEVER FORGET.

New York City–World Trade Center

The Pentagon

Shanksville, Pennsylvania

American heroes–our bulwark against cowardly attacks. We shall ever endure. 

Real American Leaders                        

The enemy–murdering cowards. May they rot.


WTPOTUS invites you to share your comments, photos, stories, and videos, below.  Here is a poem written for us by a member of the “Greatest Generation”, Jack Buck.

Jack recited his poem For America before the first Cardinals game after the cowardly act of war committed against our Nation:

Since this nation was founded under
God, more than 200 years ago,

We’ve been the bastion of

The light which keeps the free world

We do not covet the possessions of
Others, we are blessed with the
Bounty we share.

We have rushed to help other

War is just not our nature…we
Won’t start, but we will end the fight.

If we are involved we shall be
Resolved to protect what we know is

We’ve been challenged by a
Cowardly foe, who strikes and then
Hides from our view.

With one voice we say there’s no
Choice today, there is only one
Thing to do.

Everyone is saying the same thing
And praying that we end these
Senseless moments we are living.

As our fathers did before, we shall
Win this unwanted war.

And our children will enjoy the
Future, we’ll be giving.

Jack Buck another true blue American hero.  Jack is no longer with us, but we will never forget him, or any of the hundreds of thousands of other patriots who gave their all, some of whom continue to give their all, to preserve and defend the United States of America.  God Bless America.

Jack Buck’s 911 Speech

Clydesdale 911 Tribute

21 responses to “In Memoriam: Remembering the Victims & Heroes of September 11, 2001 — NEVER Forget

  1. Thank you Miri, What a lovely tribute.

    I watched the service for Flight 93 at Shanksville today with prayers and all. President and Mrs. Bush were there, along with VP Biden and his wife. Bill Clinton was alone. All three spoke. There was an invocation and benediction, Pledge of Allegiance, well known songs by Sarah McLachlin, and the unveiling of the marble or granite wall of engraved names of those that died on 9-11.

    There had been lots of problems prior to he service because it had rained for days, and the field was so muddy. It appeared the rain stopped especially for the service and the sun shone. Flowers could be seen rising high in the field.

    President Bush and Laura looked like they belonged there. As Pres. Bush spoke, I wept for the people that died on 9-11, and for the man who saw us through the worst tragedy in our lifetime. The memories from that terrible, frightening day came flooding back. I felt the fear all over again. I had forgotten how soft spoken, yet so comforting his voice was. There is no comparison to the one that occupies the WH now. Only one is/was a true president worthy of respect.

    Amazingly, Joe Biden praised Pres. Bush for “standing tall through it all.” He said, “Your voice and leadership helped us find our way, and for that you deserve our gratitude for a long, long time.” Amen Joe, Amen.

    Joe gave a very nice speech, and it was the best I have ever heard him say. Bill Clinton spoke, but it wasn’t even close to being as good as his normal speeches.

    God Bless those that died on 9-11, and their family and friends who suffered from their unexpected loss. Thanks and blessings to all the brave people that responded with such bravery and courage when our country was attacked by men of pure evil. God Bless America, Land of the Free and the Brave. We will never forget.

    • President Bush’s Speech.

      On 9-11, “The most lives lost on American soil on a single day since the Battle of Antietam.”

      “One of the lessons of 9-11 is that evil is real and so is courage.”

      “At the moment American democracy was under attack our citizens defied their captors by holding a vote. The choice they made would cost them their lives. And they knew it. Many passengers called their loved ones to say good-bye. Then hung up to perform their final act.”

      “The Flight 93 heroes led the first counter attack in the WAR ON TERROR.”

      • Transcript of Pres. Bush’s Speech…
        When the sun rose in the Pennsylvania sky ten years ago tomorrow, it was a peaceful September morning. By the time it set nearly 3,000 people were gone. The most lives lost on American soil in a single day since the battle of Antietam.

        With the distance of a decade, 9/11 can feel like a part of a different era. But for the families of the men and women stolen, some of whom join us today, that day will never feel like history. The memory of that morning is fresh and so is the pain. America shares your grief. We pray for your comfort and we honor your loved ones.

        September 11th, 2001, innocent men and women went to work at the World Trade Center. They reported for duty at the Pentagon. They boarded American Flights 11 and 77, United 93 and 175. They did nothing to provoke or deserve the deliberate act of murder that al Qaeda carried out.

        One of the lessons of 9/11 is that evil is real, and so is courage. When the planes struck the World Trade Center, firefighters and police officers charged up the stairs into the flames. As the towers neared collapse, they continued the rescue efforts.


      • Can I be political? Just a little? Looking at his face, I can’t help but wish that he’d ended with “Miss me yet?” But President Bush, unlike his critics and successor, has class, humility, honor, courtesy, courage. In short, he’s a gentleMAN.

        The newspaper today had the most disgusting editorial commentary I’ve ever seen.

        On this day of national remembrance, when we’re supposed to honor the memory of the victims and try to get back the feeling of unity that we all felt that horrible day and which progressives blame the Tea Party for ruining, the editorial board of this rag that calls itself a newspaper wrote, instead, to blame President Bush for all that they believe went wrong afterward that horrid day–the economy, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the Iraq war, missing WMD, broken Geneva Conventions, waterboarding, Islamophobia, and even FOX News.

        We’re to excuse them because they began their screed with, “With due respect to the families and memories …”.

        As if that makes all that follows okay on this day of remembrance. They knew what they were about to say was dishonorable, but they could not help themselves.

        The most despicable thing they did beyond dredging up tired old partisan lies and obfuscations was to claim that 9/15 (the day Lehmann Brothers went under) was more “damaging” to American than 9/11.

        As if that astounding claim weren’t bad enough on the 10th anniversary of the worst terror attack on the USA in history, some deluded person, speaking of Bush’s response to the attack, then wrote, “More than 6,000 American troops have given their lives to avenge fewer than 3,000 deaths.”

        Avenge? Is that why they fight for us? I see it otherwise, and so do our brave troops and their families.

        They just don’t get it, do they? They never will because they choose to be blind and to continue to live in their imaginary world.

        In the same vein, the disgusting Paul Krugman followed the meme by today writing that Bush and Giuliani were “fake heroes.” After saying that the response to 9/11 was “deeply shameful”, this coward closed comments on his blog, “for obvious reasons.”

        So he, too, knew how despicable his words were on this day. I’m not going to link to THAT rag. Gateway Pundit carried the story, too, and expected the NEW YORK Times to pull it, but they haven’t yet. But if it does get pulled and you care to see, it’s at GP:

    • I didn’t see it. Actually, didn’t know it was yesterday instead of today. I saw clips on the news and loved what President Bush said about the heroism of those aboard Flight 93. Clinton and Boehner together pledging to complete the memorial. (I hope it’s been modified from the formerly Muslim-oriented layout.)

  2. Long Live America, The Beautiful, The Most Generous Country in the History of the World.

  3. NYC mayor blows off request for permission to speak
    Bloomberg doesn’t respond to letter seeking 1st Amendment equity for Christians, Jews
    September 10, 2011 Snip

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on the weekend that the nation marks the 10th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, has declined to respond to a written demand for Christian and Jewish clergy to be represented at the city’s memorial for the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks.

    “No response from the mayor,” attorney Larry Klayman, who founded Judicial Watch and now is of FreedomWatch, told WND. “No surprise. He thinks he is above the law and has little to no respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage, let alone people of true faith, as opposed to those who practice Islam and Shariah law. It’s likely the mayor is bowing down to Muslims given his business interests in the Arab world. One can also assume he is working with the Obama administration and that President Obama himself had a hand to play in this latest affront to Christians and Jews and the families of 9/11 victims.”

    Klayman noted that Bloomberg originally had invited the controversial imam Feisal Rauf, who is connected to the planned Ground Zero mosque in New York, to the event, but was forced to cancel because of negative reaction. Bloomberg then disinvited all clergy, Klayman said.

  4. Just found this. Flash Singing instead of Flash mobs! It would be beautiful!

    Twitter ….MUST GO VIRAL ...Ground Zero Memorial FLASH SINGING of Amazing Grace When Bloomberg Speaks. and let’s follow this up with an “Our Father” and “God Bless America”!……to be repeated until he steps off the podium….Let’s bring some first responders to the podium instead.

  5. Ferocious Love
    Ann Barnhardt – September 6,

    This is a video of Major Heather Penney, who was one of the fighter jet pilots scrambled from Andrews AFB on September 11th. Fast forward to the 20:00 mark and listen to Maj. Penney calmly describe how she and her wingman were prepared to ram United 93 because there wasn’t enough time to mount missiles onto their respective aircraft.

    Understand that a willingness to sacrifice your life in order to save the lives of others is one of the highest manifestations of CHARITY, for which we use the word “love”. Love isn’t always warm-fuzzy, touchy-feely kissy-face. Many times it is ferocious, fearsome, awesome and terrible. Yes, terrible. As in causing one to tremble in reverence. That is why God is frequently described as “terrible” in scripture. Because He is. Pure love is terrible to behold. Angels are also terrible to behold on those rare occasions when they appear to people. That is because angels are fearsome, powerful, beautiful warriors who are able to stand in the full presence of God’s love. This is also why the first thing out of their mouths to people are the words, “FEAR NOT”. They are telling people not to be afraid because they are a fearsome, terrible sight. Love is a fearsome and terrible thing.

    If these fighter pilots had NOT been willing to sacrifice themselves in order to take out United 93, that would have been self-centered cowardice – the exact opposite of love. This is why the arguments of pacifists are so monumentally off-base and frankly, intellectually shallow. To sit and watch evil run free and unchallenged over others in order to prop-up some perverted, self-serving notion of your own moral superiority is the antithesis of love.

    “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

  6. Tell me how this happens?

    A truck bomb attack in Afghanistan wounds 77 of our brave troops on the anniversary of 9/11. Our troops are made to “fight” with one hand tied behind their backs. They’re not ALLOWED to fight. They’re made to be sitting ducks and THEN, although we do a wonderful job locking down NYC and DC for Obama’s speeches, SOMEHOW jihadists can get a truck bomb onto a base (Forward Operating Base Edi in the Helmand Province of southern Afghanistan) to maim 77 of our troops (and kill 5 civilians, too).

    God bless them, heal them, be with their families. Semper Fi.

  7. A comment from CitizenWells.
    James | September 11, 2011 at 4:03 pm |

    “Never Forget” Hold onto your,”hats”. This really is another order from the usurper. “God have Mercy, on us”.

    • He truly is out of his mind. What sort of advisors does he have and which one of them thought this was a good idea? Besides which, isn’t there already a grandparents’ day?

    • I thought it was a really isn’t a joke. The TWAP really did declare 9-11 Grandparents Day. There is nothing to say that would equal the disdain I think and feel about this conman who squats at the WH. I hope people send a message to the creep and tell him what you think.

      The most tragic day in recent history is now to be painted as a celebration of Grandparents? How low can these creeps go? Did the press release go out late Friday, Sept. 9 so that no one would notice and wouldn’t be picked up by the media? Another Executive Order to by pass Congress and eliminate the ridicule that he so deserves!

      Did the media report or were they to embarrassed to do so?

  8. Question of the day? Who wrote Obama’s 9/11 speech at the Kennedy Center for him? Peggy Noonan is my guess. Can you believe that he said that America defeated communism? With a capital C? Seriously! He did. I promise. See Breitbart:


    See how 9/11 was remembered in London, and who burned our flag today. Islamization of the UK. Our future, too? Disgusting, I wonder what happens if someone burns a Koran in London?

    Does anybody know? Did they sing Amazing Grace when Bloomberg spoke?

  10. Says the crowd was silent when Obama took the stage, but cheered for GWB. 🙂

  11. Lest anyone think that Barry wrote his own speech, Gateway Pundit pointed out how he mistook the word “bow” as in bow and arrow for “bow” as in “to bow and scrape before the Saudi king.”

    Had he written it himself or even reviewed it before reading it off the teleprompter, he’d have KNOWN how to pronounce the word. As a Christian, he would have known the Psalm that he was quoting, too. Wouldn’t he? Listen to it; it’s as if he doesn’t even know he made a mistake. What he says sounds like, “he breaks the bough and cuts the spear into ….” Into what? He gets a puzzled look on his face, but just goes on.

    This morning on TV, the news anchors reported that the crowd chanted “USA, USA” AFTER Barry spoke. But they didn’t mention that in between, GWB spoke. Figures, doesn’t it? They cheered GWB and not Barry.

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