Declaration of Independence from the UN!

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Americans, This is a Must Read!


Tom DeWeese, president of  the  American Policy Center  has  been the nation’s watchdog for over thirty years on education, public policy, and laws that will endanger if not revoke our liberties and freedoms.   He sent out the following appeal.

If it were 1776 would you stand with our Founding Fathers?

Would you have signed the Declaration of Independence to tell the world’s most powerful force that its tyrannical control was over?

Well, now you have your chance! Today, right now, you can sign the “Declaration of Independence from the United Nations.”

You see, many of the exact offenses that our Founding Fathers fought against are now threatening us through the UN.

The fact is the UN is driving to enforce global policies that would:

* Tax us without representation and set up a global IRS.

* Create an international police force that would threaten the independence and security of our nation.

* Create its own court system with no right to trial by jury of our peers.

* Interfere with our Constitutional form of government through a series of international treaties.

When King George did these things to the colonies, our Founding Fathers took action to stop him.

Now, to preserve the freedoms secured for us by our courageous founders it’s urgent that you and I take the same action.

The fact is the United Nation is the root of all the threats we face. It is the most dangerous force on Earth and no moral nation should ever be a part of it.

We must get our nation out of the UN!

Here’s why it’s so urgent that the United States withdraw from the UN.

The United Nations is driving toward making itself the central government of the world. It has declared the entire earth a “Global Commons” under its rule.

Using the world economic crisis as an excuse, the UN has now put a very specific plan together to gain control over the world economy, including:

* UN control of the sea, space and air
* UN tax authority.
* UN financial regulatory authority
* UN authority over world commerce
* Creation of a world (UN) Monetary Board to create a UN currency.

Every single UN program is based on one thing – redistribution of wealth – your wealth.

The UN’s Commission on Global Governance issued a report saying,

“Mankind’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is a World Government.”

That means that our unique Republic with our Constitution that limits government power and our Bill of Rights that guarantees our right to speak out, and our unique court system that guarantees a trial by a jury of our peers – and so much more will be thrown out – and UN-appointed bureaucrats will decide how we are to live. You would have no vote – no say.

This is a terrible threat to our lives. In the past, American presidents have resisted such UN plans. But today, Barack Obama is working hand-in-hand with the UN to bring these plans to reality.

At the recent “UN Conference on the World’s Financial and Economic Crisis,” Susan Rice, Obama’s UN Ambassador told the meeting that “The United States has placed the highest priority“ on the UN plans for global control.

Many of these plans are already in place through international treaties, Agenda 21, and the already-established UN Criminal Court.

That’s why it’s urgent that you sign your own “Declaration of Independence from the United Nations” in support of legislation that would remove the United States from the UN.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1146) has been introduced by Rep. Ron Paul.

This bill demands that the United States:

* Completely withdraw from the United Nations.

* Completely withdraw from ALL United Nations Programs.

* And that the United Nations LEAVE AMERICAN SHORES!

That is exactly what Thomas Jefferson would have done with the UN!

The  goal is to send millions of petitions to Speaker Boehner to show that Americans nationwide want us out of the UN, and demand that he take action to support H.R. 1146.

Will you now stand for our nation just like Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock? Will you join them and sign your “Declaration of Independence from the United Nations” to demand a free and independent United States?

Rep. Paul says he believes that H.R. 1146 is a test. It makes Congress answer the question – does it support American sovereignty — or not!

Your signed “Declaration” is your opportunity to force Congress to take that test and make the UN threat a national debate.

We can stop the UN assault on our freedom now – if we demand it!!


Declaration of Independence from the United Nations

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it…”

The History of the United Nations “is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

We oppose the United Nations:

1.For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent;  Committees of the United Nations have proposed global taxes, including a tax on fire arms purchases. Taxation without Representation.

2. Because it has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power. Committees of the United Nations have proposed the establishment of a permanent standing UN army with the ability to enter any nation. Currently, soldiers of the United States, who have pledged allegiance to their native land are being forced to serve UN military missions, under foreign officers, wearing UN insignia.

3. For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury.  For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretend offenses.  The United Nations Criminal Court allows American citizens to be tried for violating UN treaties. No jury of peers is provided, no bail is set, no appeal is permitted. Trials are held where the UN declares them to be, judges are chosen at UN discretion, even from nations hostile to the United States.

4. For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.” “Mankind’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is a World Government. Direct quote form the United Nation’s Report on Human Development of 1994, page 88.


WE, THEREFORE, the citizens of the United States of America, appeal to the Congress of the United States to recognize that this nation is sovereign, Free and independent, that we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the United Nations. In recognition of this fact, we further call on the Congress to defend our sovereignty and Independence by enacting “The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1146) which will withdraw the United States from membership in the United Nations and remove it from our sovereign shores.

Go to this LINK now and sign. The petitions will be sent to Speaker John Boehner!

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  1. Check out this guy… he and his ilk have been around for a long time and they are everywhere, sitting in high places, of course.

    • Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Bill Clinton by EO signed into law “Sustainable Development.” Highlights…

      An end to national sovereignty.
      Abolition of private property
      End of the family unit
      Irrigation, Commercial farming, pastures, grazing of livestock
      Human Settlement Zones
      Wildlife Development Map. Red areas where humans can’t live
      Children cared for by the state
      People will only be allowed to live in certain areas.
      They will live in stacked up units in allowable areas built by approved contractors
      Transfers loyalty from the family to the government
      Attitude training starts in 2nd grade – from individual to global citizen
      They found that More education increases the THREAT to is deliberate. Thus the intent to dumb down students. It is being used now. See math course books.
      ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

      What about our constitutional rights….Individual Rights Must Take a Backseat to the Collective!

  2. Is the Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government? (Yes, Only it Is Not Hidden)

    Jun 14, 2011 – What is Agenda 21? If you do not know about it, you should. Agenda 21 is a two-decade old, grand plan for global ‘Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations. George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to it back in 1992, and in 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #12858, creating a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable Development.’ This effectively pushed the UN plan into America’s large, churning government machine without the need for any review or discussion by Congress or the American people.

    ‘Sustainable Development’ sounds like a nice idea, right? It sounds nice, until you scratch the surface and find that Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are really cloaked plans to impose the tenets of Social Justice/Socialism on the world.

  3. UN Agenda 21 – Coming to a Neighborhood near You
    By Scott Strzelczyk and Richard Rothschild
    October 28, 2009

  4. Obama Signs Agenda 21-Related Executive Order

    Jun 22, 2011 –President Obama signed his 86th executive order (13575) on June 9, which established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). According to The Blaze, the Executive Order seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21, as it is designed “to begin taking control over almost all aspects of the lives of 16 percent of the American people.”

  5. Freedom Advocates exposing how Agenda 21 Sustainable Development ignore and violate our Unalienable Rights.

    ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom Threatened
    By Freedom Advocates
    04 August 2009

    **Now easy read format USA ICLEI member list included** Right now, in your town and neighborhood, policies are being implemented that will ultimately eliminate your freedoms and destroy your way of life. You need to know what’s going on to stop this process. Many town officials are selling us out to global regional development with help from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI): Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI is used as one of the mechanisms to undo the political recognition of unalienable rights.

    ICLEI uses the false premise and outright lies of anthropogenic global warming to change our way of life, for the worse!

    ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability promotes Local Action 21, Local Agenda 21 and other United Nations programmes implemented through local town councils, planners, mayors and local governments.

    • Is ICLEI running your town or coming to a town near you?

      Are your elected officials being lured into enacting ridiculous rules and regulations in exchange for funding? Do your elected officials know that there are long term consequences to their irresponsible actions?

      Currently there are more than 550 communities in North America paying membership dues to ICLEI. Upon becoming a member of ICLEI, members become governed by ICLEI Charter. If your community is one of these, you are paying for the loss of your unalienable rights.

      Has your town, city or county signed on with ICLEI? Find out here. USA member list and easy read list. Click member list, then on your town to learn more.

        • Yes, and Agenda 21 and ICLEI are part of the Global governance scheme. This was all part of Barry’s job to get these policies into law. It is part of the socialist/Marxist/fascist ideology for how they think our country and the rest of the world should operate. Although they can’t find one country where the policies they espouse work; they think that if the whole world follows them, somehow miraculously they will work.

          “Let there be no mistake – Americans are already at war for the future of freedom and liberty in America – they just don’t know it yet. And, the enemy is not only within — it is on both sides of the political aisle.

          If you don’t believe me, read this Federal Report on Global Governance originated during the Clinton years but left intact throughout the Bush years.”

          Global Governance 2025 at a Critical Juncture

          Click to access 2025_Global_Governance.pdf

          Anyone know what happened to those UN soldiers that were brought to the US?

      • I checked the cities listed, and my town is surrounded by cities that are members of ICLEI including Dallas, Denton, Coppell, Grapevine, and Irving TX! I am completely astounded! I doubt any of these cities know what they have really signed on to, or did they? Who knows who talked them into becoming members. They were trying to go along with some environmental proposals, and solve some. They probably were talked into joining by other city’s officials also.

        There is a letter on the site above to send to the officials in the cities telling them what and to whom they have pledged their allegiance by being a member of ICLEI, the UN. It also tells them that it is treason under our constitution to accept the UN as the governing body under any circumstances.

  6. This article is about Obamas sister, and I was wondering if you have any more information.

  7. Who is in charge of this and whats the big secret?

    Geoengineering [climate control] is going on everywhere everyday.

    • among other things, specifically

      from the wiki link:

      Effect on sunlight, sky and clouds

      Managing solar radiation using aerosols or cloud cover will change the ratio between direct and indirect solar radiation. This may affect plant life[80] and solar energy.[81] There will be a significant effect on the appearance of the sky from aerosol projects, notably a hazing of blue skies and a change in the appearance of sunsets.[82] Aerosols may affect the formation of clouds, especially cirrus clouds.[83]

  8. of course, Global Business Network (The Monitor Group) is involved


    But the climate challenge will force us all to think the unthinkable. Some years ago the Global Business Network, which Brand co-founded, predicted that the melting of Arctic ice would lead to massive releases of freshwater into the Atlantic, triggering abrupt climate change, with the result that by 2020 much of Europe would endure a climate like Siberia’s. Back-to-the-land policies and renewable energy won’t save us if the climate starts to go haywire. Instead, Brand insists, we must embrace solutions that transform our culture. Foremost among these, he says, is a radical acceleration of urbanisation.

  9. a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, perhaps

    • Great catch Papoose

      Elieshi Ndesandjo, A Flame of Tanzania

      Written by Nasra Aldawi of Oman & Amias of USA
      Oman, May 2007

      There are many types of “everyday heroines”. They come from all walks of life. Some go unnoticed by most, and others are recognized by many. Every woman is an everyday heroine, whether they are field workers, maids, mothers, business owners, or a president of large corporations, or just everyday women helping others because they care.

      Today, the sisterhood of takes great pride in giving honor to Ms. Elieshi Ndesandjo, who clawed her way to the top in the business world of men, by sheer will and talent. She became a very successful business woman and a very unique mentor for her fellow sisters.

      My first encounter with Elieshi was by telephone. I was on my way to Dar es Salaam Tanzania to meet her. I felt comfortable with her from the moment we spoke. It was if I had known her for years. What was even more amazing is that neither of us had to cross the bridge of awkwardness; where two strangers meet for the first time. We bonded straight away.

      Elieshi Ndesandjo is a proud Tanzanian Lady. She is the seventh child in a family of nine, where only eight survived. She has three sisters, and four brothers. Her father died when she was five years old and she was raised by her mother.

      “We were brought up by a strict mother (stick & carrot disciplinarian) but a religious and faithful one too,” said Elieshi. “With my mother a child was a child. A boy should cook, wash, and clean up dishes and house, iron and wash clothes just like a girl. This made me competitive with males all my life. I used to tell men anything you can do I can do it ten times better because I am an African Woman. These were not just words I meant them.”

      Elieshi is a fifty-eight year old divorcee with four children; two daughters and two sons.
      “I was good in school and in life, but not as a wife. Sometimes to be a wife you have to go down (this is what I know now) but I do not regret being a divorcee. A harmonious life is better than to live in pieces.”

      Elieshi once worked for the National Bank of Commerce and afterwards with the State Mining Corporation in the Accounts Department. Elieshi said, “I started my own business early because the salary I was getting was not enough for the up bringing of my children, I started with making Tie and Dye clothes which I sold to friends and colleagues with whom I was working.”

      In 1984, Elieshi received hair dressing training in Nairobi, Kenya. She was the first local black woman to dare to enter into this profession within her community. She became a pioneer for other women, and when she opened her shop, she hired other black women that use to work for the European hair dressers. Her clientele consisted of executives, wives of court leaders; wives of senior government leaders and mostly women whom she said desired change.

      Cont’s @ Link –

      • A window Within Myself: September 2006

        Dares Salaam – Mzizima in Tanzania Ms. Elieshi Ndesandjo have been telling me that we have to promote reading.

        • Whoop’s…I don’t remember Dr Ron posting about Elieshi Ndesandjo! good catch by Dr Ron and Papoose!

          Dr. Ron Polland | February 2, 2011 at 8:08 am |

          Elieshi Ndesandjo, A Flame of Tanzania

          Tanzania, as you know, is right below Kenya, but you would think that more information about Ruth’s “Tanzanian” husband would be available. Other than the possible name of “Samuel,” I have found nothing. How about you?

          Also, there is no info on “Jael,” the 2nd wife of Samuel, or Ruth’s “Tanzanian” ex-husband.

          But, what have you learned about her “maiden name,” NIDESAND?

          I don’t believe that it is a name at all.

          • actually, it was a good find, Leza.

            I came across the WTPOTUS link on the web and found it to be Dr. P’s comment buried in the article.

            wondering now if the second d in ndesandjo is a tool and its actually ndesanjo as that is more common surname — the only ndesandjo’s in the world are The One’s “family”… how in the world, is Ruth’s husband such a mystery when its supposedly his very own Tanzanian surname.

            also, wondering if the flame above is the husband’s sister or what.
            she has 7 surviving siblings, and was 58 in 2007 (62)=(1949); claims to be a CEO of Tanzanian Global Business Network (?); Father died in 1954; divorcee with 4 children… you’d think there would be lots of info – but there isn’t. Linkedin does have a few ndesanjos and of course the are all experts in the field of economics, education and information.

            Is ndsandjo her maiden name or married name? She has 2 sons.

            a prominent woman working for of course, “women’s issues”, yet obscure.

            they are all into “women/ children issues” aren’t they.?

            This little group does a lot of global charity among other things…


  10. This is comforting. I feel so secure, don’t you?

    • Is this brother Joey’s company? Oh, I’m sorry. He say’s that he is not related.

      • Yes it is. And, It has changed since we first found it… but aren’t we glad he’s been hooked up with DHS since 2002 — and crazy that he has the exact same cheek lines and smile as barky… you’d think that Ruth is the Mom or something…

        Joey was entrepreneur of the year not so long ago, American Entrepreneur at that! But cannot find it…. also 360 integrated used to boast all its women/children affiliations, but lost, again! Still looking though.

        • Yes, it is such a coinkidink. And didn’t brother Mark work in computers, etc.? And Malik. What can we say? A former State Dept. employee, who currently does stuff for the UN, just HAPPENED to found Malik’s BHO Sr. charity in his own living room in 2008!

      • from this link.

        Hardware, Software and Related Services for Surveillance, Security and Monitoring

        * 3MB Interior Plus
        * 3 Sixty Integrated – DHS Security
        * 4G Custom Technology
        * 911 Security Cameras, Inc
        * ATO Solutions Corporation
        * Accu-Tech Corporation
        * ADT Security Services, Inc
        * Advanced Security Contractors, Inc
        * Alarm Integrations, Inc
        * American Security Solutions – HSA Technology
        * Anixter, Inc
        * Applied Network Security LLC
        * Associated Time & Parking Controls
        * Asset Protect
        * Audio-Video 1 Corp.
        * Avrio Group Survelliance Solutions – Security Solutions, LLC
        * Bass Computers, Inc
        * BL Technology
        * Calence Physical Security Solutions, LLC
        * Communication Concepts
        * Convergint Technologies, LLC
        * Cothron Security Solutions, LLC
        * D-Link Systems, Inc
        * Database Security & Optimization Solutions, LLC (DBSOS)
        * DataVox, Inc
        * Diebold Incorporated
        * DMI Technologies, Inc
        * Entech Sales & Service
        * Enterasys Networks, Inc
        * e-Watch Corporation
        * FMW Distributors, Inc
        * Fisk Electric Company
        * Graybar Electric Company
        * Hard Target Systems, Inc
        * HBMG, Inc
        * Henry Bros. Electronics, Inc
        * HSP Systems, Inc
        * IdentiSys, Inc
        * INX, Inc
        * Johnston Technical Services, Inc – JTS
        * Josh Transportation Systems
        * Kerberos International, Inc
        * Knight Security Systems
        * Kratos Southwest LP
        * LenSec LLP – Progressive Systems, LLC
        * Logical Choice Technologies, Inc
        * MCA Communications, Inc
        * MCS Fire & Security & Metroplex Control Systems – MCFSA
        * MicroAge College Station
        * North American Video – Halifax Security, Inc
        * One IT
        * Preferred Technology Solustions – Medwed Enterprises, Inc
        * Preferred Technologies, Inc
        * Red Hawk
        * Red Moon, Inc
        * RX Technology – Major, Inc
        * SAS Security Alarm Service Co. Inc
        * Southern Computer Warehouse, Inc
        * STS 360, LLC
        * Satellite Tracking of People, LLC – STOP
        * SecureNet, Inc
        * Securetech Systems, Inc
        * SecureWorks, Inc
        * Security Specialists, Inc
        * Stanley Convergent Security Solutions
        * Sensys Networks, Inc
        * Sology, LLC – Sology Solutions
        * Strand, Inc – Strand Integration, Inc
        * Suntera Security, Inc
        * Supercircuits, Inc
        * TechCenter Design, Inc
        * Teleste Video Networks
        * Tess Inc – Internal Control Systems
        * Technology for Education LLC – TFE
        * Troubadour LTD
        * Turnkey Security, Inc
        * Twincrest, Inc – Twincrest Technologies
        * VCS Security Systems, Inc
        * Voice Products, Inc
        * Video Insight, Inc

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    • I wonder if his company works in conjunction with Mark’s computer company.

      • Hummmm…..


        SPECTRE INTERNATIONAL LTD Raila Odinga is a leading Entrepreneur. Among his companies, SPECTRE INTERNATIONAL is one of his flagship
        business in which he has even worked …

        • Spectre Agency Security international Ltd. – Wilmington – USA … **
          Trolley Square, Suite 26C, Wilmington, Delaware, 19806, USA. Products by this company. Airport Security Equipment. Airport Security Equipment Sourcing and Procurement.

          X Ray Security Equipment – US (United States) – Suppliers of … *
          Spectre Agency Security international Ltd. – Wilmington, Delaware, USA


            The following is an excerpt from a 10KSB SEC Filing, filed by SPECTRE TECHNOLOGY CORP on 4/2/2007.

            Item 1. Business



            The Company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada on December 30, 2004. The Company owns a proprietary merchant solution provider called Gateway Express and rebranded GlobalPayNET IP Gateway as of September 2006. By using Spectre’s GlobalPayNET IP Gateway, clients are able to process their credit card transactions with a processor who provides all data center functions relating to transaction processing services, including electronic credit card authorizations, electronic fund transfers management, and the development of the Internet software and related communication networks that are involved in providing transaction processing services


            Spectre is a software marketing and development company and as such does not have a large fixed plant or associated overhead cost. The Victoria, B.C. office serves as the headquarters for the Company. It carries the direct overhead of the Company’s operations. All operational functions of the business are executed from the Company’s Victoria headquarters. Currently, The Company intends to grow its business by executing a defined marketing plan and by hiring professional sales associates who have industry experience.

            Spectre Technology Corporation has developed and currently markets a fully integrated software solution. Spectre facilitates credit card processing services for credit card based transactions of small to medium sized companies worldwide through its GlobalPayNET brand. The Company’s software solution functions as a gateway allowing clients to seamlessly process credit card transactions (purchases, sales and refunds) over the Internet. The Company’s GlobalPayNET provides an interface through which data is captured electronically, transferred through to the processor and back to the client. Every Spectre client can view all transaction details (including historical details) through a personal account that stores data specific to a client’s transaction activity. With a feature-rich user interface and numerous reporting features, all aspects of a client’s account history are at their fingertips and accessible from any internet browser.

            Spectre’s GlobalPayNET is a credit card processing gateway that currently facilitates continuous online credit card transaction processing for merchants in the United States and Canada. The Company’s online e-Commerce merchant gateway operates under the name GlobalPayNET and can be found on the Internet under the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of Spectre’s gateway processing system is capable of processing credit card transactions for VISA, MasterCard and American Express, worldwide. In November 2006, GlobalPayNET became PCI/DSS compliant in accordance with the rules and regulations of all major credit cards. This ensures that Spectre’s GlobalPayNET real time electronic gateway processing is using the highest levels of security in encrypting data and is now certified by the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard. GlobalPayNET is tested regularly to make sure it is in constant compliance with PCI regulations worldwide.

            Cont’s @ Link –


        • Do these companies – Spectre – make the body scanners at the airport? Does this mean that Odinga is in bed with some Americans at Spectre?

          Didn’t we look into who in Congress was investing in body scanners?

        • NDIA
          Homeland Security

          Executive Board
          Mr. George Spiczak, Spectre Group International

      • let’s ask Joe Biden.

  11. Here’s a condensed version… now onto PIDES

    • I’m missing something, I don’t know what PIDES is.

    • LIVE from the offices of Joseph Ndesandjo’s DHS Security, the capture of O.B.L. (Live feed even!) amazin! do daa do daa…..

      I put NOTHING past these people…

      2002, very interesting Papoose.

      • Leza, I am thinking that he used the initials DHS to set up his company and that it was to imply his expertise…

        looking through stuff and it appears to me that it was a company name and not associated with national security.

        false impression, runs in that family

      • To get info you must put the entire name in quotes
        “dhs security llc” ( otherwise only the department of homeland security comes up!!
        They still use DHS name…….
        See below:

        • Great work, AOne. $4 million dollars! Guess connections don’t help.

          • Miri
            It’s called hiding in plain sight!

            How absolutely brilliant—- hiding behind the DHS

            • Yup. Interesting because in 2008, they supposedly changed the company name from DHS to 3sixtyintegrated. What did DHS stand for, anyway? Democrat Home Security? Dora Home Security? 🙂

          • “3sixtyintegrated”
            360 degrees = global. ?

          • Great finds AOne. I was able to trace this also by your information –

            8(a) Sources
            DHS SECURITY LLC
            11950 Starcrest Ste 207 B
            San Antonio TX 78247-4120
            Contact: Dora Zepeda Ndesandjo  210-545-1770
            Fax: 210-545-7348
            Industry: NAICS 238210
            Electrical Contractors
            Website URL:
            SBA certified this company as of 5/24/2006 . The company’s graduation date for the 8(a) program is 5/24/2015 . SBA case number: 301110.

            I do not have time right now to look it up, but I believe they are registered under a hub Zone, which in San Antonino I’m not sure how they fit into a hub zone.

          • Just as I thought, Joseph and Nora are NOT located in a Hub Zone!!

            11950 Starcrest, San Antonio TX, 78247 is located in Census Tract “48029121114” which IS NOT HUBZone qualified.

            The map below shows the relationship of this address (marked with a star) to qualified HUBZone areas. Below the map, you may find information on why the address was found not to be in a HUBZone Area.


          • Leza
            Are they claiming to be in a hub zone when they are not?
            (do they get benefits or preferential treatment if they are in a hub zone?)
            I saw that on one form they claimed to be black American … On another they claimed women status.

          • AOne –

            Are they claiming to be in a hub zone when they are not? – Yes

            do they get benefits or preferential treatment if they are in a hub zone? –

            HUBZone Certification

            The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. These preferences go to small businesses that obtain HUBZone certification in part by employing staff who live in a HUBZone. The company must also maintain a “principal office” in one of these specially designated areas.


            AOne, good to see you back. You have been missed.

          • no way!

            oh,so he naturalized? and is a black American? The American part again being through a caucasian woman who hasn’t lived or worked in her country for 55 years… do tell, about the black American part. yeah, and your roots are?

            Weapons? not discernable?

            41 contracts?

            when exactly did he naturalize and become an American?
            ripping off the true Americans, once again… not a drop of Black American in his entire body.

            Minority, my ass. Opportunist, most likely.

            These people really know how to use our African Americans, don’t they?
            Not even related. zip zero nada.

            Kenyan claiming a Tanzanian father.

            • Ya know what? I said a hat trick–black, hispanic, female. But he’s JEWISH, too! A four-fer and if he claims the “hub zone” part, that’s five special “ins”, not counting (not) being related to Barry, which of course brings all kinds of special treatment. Whoo hoo! America is on its way to becoming just like an African nation, where corruption and nepotism rule. Where minority elite castes rule. Where thugs rule and payola is the coin of the realm.

          • There are two different address’ for DHS….Is either one in a hub zone?

            Dhs Security LLC – 103 Adobe Dr Castle Hills, TX, 78213

            DHS Security LLC, 11950 STARCREST DR, SAN ANTONIO, Texas (TX 782474120

          • Aone, it doe’s not matter if they have DHS SECURITY listed under 10 different addresses. They were certified through SBA under the DHS SECURITY LLC 11950 Starcrest Ste 207 B San Antonio TX 78247-4120 address.

            “Someone” pulled some big string’s for them to get the SBA certification, which is MAJOR fraud.

            • Malik got a special deal on his unregistered fraudulent “charity”, too. It’s all in the family. They can do whatever they want because they know Barry will protect them and the media et al will protect Barry. Great racket they got going. Makes Madoff look like an angel.

          • Aone –

            Dhs Security LLC – 103 Adobe Dr Castle Hills, TX, 78213

            DHS Security LLC, 11950 STARCREST DR, SAN ANTONIO, Texas (TX

            103 Adobe Dr, Castle Hills TX, 78213 is located in Census Tract “48029191101” which IS NOT HUBZone qualified.
            The map below shows the relationship of this address (marked with a star) to qualified HUBZone areas. Below the map, you may find information on why the address was found not to be in a HUBZone Area.


            11950 STARCREST DR, SAN ANTONIO TX, 78247 is located in Census Tract “48029121114” which IS NOT HUBZone qualified.
            The map below shows the relationship of this address (marked with a star) to qualified HUBZone areas. Below the map, you may find information on why the address was found not to be in a HUBZone Area.



            This is the link to check whether an address is a eligible HUB ZONE –


          • wonder how much he received in Fiscal Year 2011

            and how much is allocated for Fiscal Year 2012

        • Why would they need an SBA loan with all the business they get from government contracts?

          They are considered electrical contractors?

          • Why would they need an SBA loan – Exactly Bridgette.

            Industry: NAICS 238210 – I found this under their NAICS Code –

            238210 Electrical Contractors

            Definitions for North American Industry Classication__System categories:__238210 Electrical Contractors__


          • They’ll work the system and take any money they can get. They get the hat trick of minority status–hispanic, african-american, female. Set asides. Currently, minority contractors are picketing a new bridge going across the Mississippi, even though there’s already diversity in the subcontractors as well as the employees beyond what’s set aside by law. It’s interesting because the unions are in the crosshairs because the seniority rules in the unions keep the old timers on the job and the newer people coming out of the MINORITY training programs (more affirmative action, more special deals and set asides and “legs up” for the new elite caste (persons of color))–those people get laid off first because they lack seniority. So now, apparently, what they’re picketing for is that older white people get thrown off the jobs and the minorities be given the jobs instead.

            In a nutshell, they’re “smooth operators” who know how to grab hold of the proverbial government “hind tit.” To put it crudely.

          • I found this comment by Renee on the Obama’s 2009 Jokers post –


            Renee | December 27, 2009 at 3:46 pm | Reply


            Minority Tech Firm of the Year
            Joesph Ndesandjo
            Owner and President, DHS Security, LLC

            Joseph Ndesandjo is President and Owner of DHS Security, LLC, a leading security systems integrator based here in San Antonio. The core business for DHS is enterprise level surveillance, alarm and access control implementation and service. Under Joseph’s leadership and assistance from the UTSA – MBEC, DHS has successfully earned SBA 8(a), HUB and SCTRCA certification. He has however successfully implemented sales strategies and tactics, developed with UTSA – MBEC consultation assistance, to have established a well diversified base of public and private sector clients.

            Joseph was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He represented Kenya across Africa as a member of the Junior National Tennis Team. In 1997, he came to the United States as a freshmen enrolled at Trinity University.

            Comment cont’s @ the above WTP link

            [The core business for DHS is enterprise level surveillance, alarm and access control implementation and service.]

            And this guy is doing major contract work at our miliatry installations…I dont know about you all, but that thought bother’s me.

          • Does the Black Caucus know about this Minority?

          • Was any stimulus money awarded to any of these 41 contracts?

    • “Joseph Ndesandjo established DHS Security, now 3Sixty Integrated, in 2002 from his apartment modestly equipped with a computer, phone and one contract technician. Empowered by an unrelenting entrepreneurial drive, Joseph has succeeded from his humble beginning and taken 3Sixty Integrated from zero to 25 full time employees. As President and CEO, he assumes overall responsibility of the company’s vision and direction. In 2007, Joseph was recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements with 3Sixty Integrated and awarded Minority Tech Firm of the Year by San Antonio’s Minority Business Development Agency. [Succeeded all on his lonesome on his entrepreneurial power, with a little help from US and Texas taxpayers? Wanna bet? No family connections involved. Course not! He’s not related to Barry. 🙂 Momma’s money didn’t help, either, did it?]

      Originally from Kenya, East Africa, Joseph attended Trinity University where he graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In 2006, Ndesandjo also graduated from the nationally renowned Tuck School of Business Minority Business Executive Program at Dartmouth University. He has been active in the San Antonio chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), San Antonio Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he was selected as a member of Leadership San Antonio’s 2009 Class. In addition, Joseph is proud to serve on the board for PIDE, Partners for International Development and Education, a non-profit organization developed to provide humanitarian services in developing countries.” [If he’s not related to Barry, he must use Barry’s biographical ghost-writer. “empowered by an unrelenting entrepreneurial drive” “humble beginnings” “cum laude” “nationally renowned” Please stop! Gee, I’m so impressed. He gets by with a lot of help from his friends and rich mom and all her connections. Sorry to be SO cynical.]

  12. He’s originally from Kenya…. so much for Tanzania /ndesandjo


    • Say, you think she’s any relation? Puts wifey on the payroll. What do they call that? Nepotism? I’m sure there’s a Kenyan or Tanzanian word for it:

      Dora Zepeda Ndesandjo joined 3Sixty Integrated in 2008 and quickly immersed herself in renovating the company’s marketing platform through a complete transformation of the branding strategy, image and positioning. In her role as Marketing Director, Dora leads all marketing initiatives including advertising, community outreach, partner programs, and online presence. In addition, Dora spearheads office management, human resources and assists in the deployment of service personnel.

      Dora brings more than eight years of public relations and advertising experience to 3Sixty Integrated. Prior to this position, Dora led national as an account supervisor at the full-service advertising agency, The Cartel Group. She serviced an impressive portfolio of clients like U.S. Army, Nextel, Western Union, Cricket Communications and Army National Guard. Earlier this year, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce selected Dora as a member of their 2009 Alex Briseno Leadership Program. Originally from Palacios, Texas, Dora graduated from Texas State University with honors earning a double bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Spanish.”

      Can you say, “another who grabbed hold of government ‘minority set aside’ hind tit?”

      Nextel? Refresh my memory. Didn’t Mark have a connection to Nextel?

  13. PIDES how do you say sweet in mexican?

    there’s a ton of information here….

    I liked this link in particular

    do you see the UN laurel /logo here or is just me?

    wow, this is deep….

    we even have a Youth Union…. no wonder we need that PASS IT NOW ripoff

    • PIDE – Partners for International Development & Education Inc.

      About PIDE

      Partners for International Development and Education (PIDE) was incorporated in the state of Texas in 2003 and certified as a 501 (3) c organization that same year. PIDE was registered in Nigeria in 2003 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). PIDE has collaborative agreement with the Nigerian Government.

      PIDE was founded by Mr. Oluagba and Mrs. Ann Omosowofa with the purpose of providing humanitarian services in HIV/AIDS preventive education, enhancing academic achievement through monetary and scholastic awards, and livestock management education to developing countries.

      Since its establishment, we have successfully implemented services in the following areas:

      a. HIV Prevention/impact mitigation
      b. General Healthcare
      c. Educational Enhancement
      d. Community Development and
      e. Economic Empowerment and Poverty Eradication

      To effectively deliver these humanitarian services, a Board of Trustees was created to provide general guidance to a management team, composed of diverse group of experts from Nigeria and the United States of America.

      The Board of trustees develops PIDE’s mission, and provides general policy guidance. The Board meets at least once a quarter to analyze PIDE’s programs and procedures and to ensure that operations are congruent with the organization’s mission. There are five board members, Mr. Oluagba and Mrs. Ann Omosowofa, Dr. Dana Wiltz-Beckham, Professor Lamar Odom, Mr. Steve Ison, and Mr. Joseph Ndesandjo.

      Snip ~

      Joseph Ndesandjo is President and CEO of 3Sixty Integrated, one of the region’s leading security system integrators. In Joseph Ndesandjo2007, was recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements with 3Sixty Integrated and awarded Minority Tech Firm of the Year by San Antonio’s Minority Business Development Agency. Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Ndesandjo attended Trinity University where he was All-American on the varsity tennis team and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In 2006, Ndesandjo also graduated from the nationally renowned Tuck School of Business Minority Business Executive Program at Dartmouth University. He has been active in the San Antonio chapter of EO, Entrepreneur’s Organization, and the San Antonio Chapter of Big Brother’s Big Sisters. Raised in East Africa, Ndesandjo is proud to sit on the board for PIDE as he recognizes the positive power of global outreach and awareness.

      • Members of the Board of Trustee

        Mr. Oluagba Omosowofa, M.B.A. is the Founder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Partners For International Development and Education (PIDE). He separated from the United States Army as a Major where he served in various leadership capacities to include Operations Desert
        Shied and Desert Storm in the first Gulf war. Mr. Omosowofa has extensive work experience in contract management. He has managed various projects overseas, including Africa, for the U.S. Government and the World Health Organization. Mr. Omosowofa is also the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The OMO Group, Inc. (a Department of Defense Contractor in healthcare); 24/7 Home Care, LLC (providing healthcare to home-bound patients); and OMO BizLink, LTD (specializing in real-estate and development). Mrs. Ann OmosowofaHis vision, wisdom, leadership, and commitment have given life to this organization.


        About Omo

        The OMO Group, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the purpose of providing the public and private sectors quality services in healthcare, veterinary and education. Since its establishment, the company has grown from strength to strength, acquiring and administering a growing number of contracts with the U.S. Government, and employing professionals nationwide in the medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, education, clerical/administration, veterinary technology and animal caretaker fields.

        The OMO Group, Inc. has been certified as a participant of the Small Business Administration, Section 8(a) program since 1996.

        Our primary focus is to furnish health care providers to multiple medical treatment facilities; to manage single or multiple hospital departments; and to provide professional educational consultancy services.

        • As a side note for later reference –

          Oluagba Omosowofa’s who is Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Partners For International Development and Education (PIDE), Oluagba’s wife Ann Omosowofa who is the President of PIDE also goe’s by – Ann Doreen Mitchell

          PIDE – News and PR – PIDE – Partners for International

          While in school, he met Ann Doreen Mitchell, who would become his wife. (The two have been married 22 years and have three children.

  14. Now I completely get the American presidential candidate world tour in 2008…

    we’re doomed.

  15. Don’t get fooled again,
    Perry is the chosen by Bilderberg candidate now that they
    realize Obama can’t deliver.

    OK, don’t believe me,

    Perry and iSLAM


  16. In December of 2007, the residential division was sold to accommodate for exponential growth in the areas of physical security integration and convergence with IT systems for commercial clients.This reorganization and expansion of core services led to a renovation of the company’s name and branding approach, and in May of 2008, DHS Security began doing business as 3Sixty Integrated.

    • Will Duke
      Director of Business Devlopment at 3Sixty Integrated

      San Antonio, Texas Area
      Security and Investigations
      Will Duke’s Overview
      Current •Vice President at 3Sixty Integrated
      •Director of Business Development at 3Sixty Integrated
      Past •Director of Operations at Diamondback Golf Academy
      Education •St. Mary’s University
      Connections 93 connections
      Websites•Company Website

      • Technology is helping secure firm’s future

        Last Modified: Monday, August 9, 2010, 3:49pm CDT

        [Will Duke and Joseph Ndesandjo of 3Sixty Integrated]

        The demand by corporate customers for better security is helping entrepreneur Joseph Ndesandjo carve out a niche in the industry.

        Ndesandjo and his San Antonio-based 3Sixty Integrated is meeting the
        needs of clients by providing access security integration services for large corporate customers.

        In the years since 9/11, access security has grown and expanded in the business world to incorporate a wide range of services and new technologies. Ndesandjo has capitalized on that growth and now focuses on four main areas: physical access control; intrusion detection; video surveillance; and critical communications. Each area requires special technology that can then be integrated into a single system for better protection and more efficient management.

        Cont’s @ Link –

        Capitalizing on 9/11…it’s a “family” thing.

        • Entrepreneur my rear. Without a little help from his “friends” where would he be? Pays to have a wealthy mother, too. Just sayin’.

    • You are welcome AOne. Papoose deserves all credits for bringing this forward…you and I just helped her along solving another family fraud.

  17. Joseph Kimaru Ndesandjo – Kimaru?

    Joseph Ndesandjo – Email, Address, Phone numbers, everything …

    Joseph Kimaru Ndesandjo (age: 31) … Related Searches: Ruth Ndesandjo Photo, Joseph Ndesandjo, David Ndesandjo, Mark Obama, Obama …

  18. Safaricom Marathon and Half Marathon

    Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, N. Kenya


    35610 Maureen Ndesandjo CorpSafaricom 2.20.35

    • That includes the photo of David Ndesandjo that I found before ( RH side with blue white flag) His photo is in Photos above. Kimaru is a different name.

      Also didn’t Joseph say he wasn’t related, and now it shows Mark as a relation.

  19. You honestly just can’t make this stuff up…

    Look up by Name – Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department

    NDESANDJO, KENNETH 8/31/2011 10:08 Photo: Charges: 99439482 RENE, JAVAAR DA SHAWN 8/31/2011 10:44 88381573232 Photo

    99409371 NDESANDJO, KENNETH 8/31/2011 10:08 88381584686 Photo Charges

    • Booking Number Last Name First Name Middle Name Image Data
      2011398845 NDESANDJO KENNETH

      Image –

      Booking Number Warrant# Code Section Statute Fel/Misd Traffic/Hold Description Bond Bond Type Order Status
      2011398845 L45889 L42-8-38 LAW T Violation of Probation 0 NB Cleared 88381584686
      2011398845 L45889 L42-8-38 LAW T Violation of Probation 1318 FI Active 88381584686
      2011398845 S11-02901 17-7-90 OCGA F FAILURE TO APPEAR 0 NB Active 88381804221

      Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department
      Records Section
      2900 University Parkway
      Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

      • Org. link – NDESANDJO KENNETH ID# 99409371

        Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department Inmates

        The following individuals were brought to the Detention Center by the Lawrenceville Police Department during the last three months.

        • Wasn’t Mark in GA for awhile, hint’s of Jael?

        • This could be one of the missing sons. Miri found an article from the past that said there were more sons than we knew about.

          • In 2000 then until Mark got EMBA from Goizueta Business School, Emory University, he was in Atlanta, GA. But he also was listed at addresses in Florida. In March 2002 Mark O. Ndesandjo was listed at 15925 FREEMANVILLE RD, ALPHARETTA, GA 30004 per Zabasearch; it appears to be a gated community. I seem to remember looking into that area and there was a mosque nearby? It occurs to me that we have forgotten more about the extended Obama clan than most lamestream media “reporters” ever knew. 🙂 Is Gwinnett County anywhere near Atlanta or Alpharetta? He’s cute, ain’t he? 🙂

          • Gwinnett County (Lawrenceville, Georgia) is 32.33 miles from Atlanta, GA and 22.32 from Alpharetta… respectively 🙂

            • Interesting! So close. Ran across this story just now where the writer notes the resemblance between Joseph and Barry:
              “Nidesand had another son, Joseph Ndesandjo, owner and president of DHS Security in San Antonio, Texas. Joseph Ndesandjo may have a resemblance to Obama, but the campaign says they are of no relation, though he is Obama’s half brother’s half brother.” Maybe “Ken” is, too.

          • No, not cute by any means. I got the icks when I lightened his photo to see what he looked like. It was a chalk crawl feeling.

          • Alpharetta, Georgia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Government
            Alpharetta is governed by a city council composed of six members and a mayor. The mayor and council members serve staggered four-year terms.


            Arthur Letchas 2001–Present
            Chuck Martin 1995 – 2002
            Jimmy Phillips 1979 – 1994
            George Wills
            Randall Moore
            Sindey Dees

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