Were Seal Team Six Members Executed?

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Ann writes what many of us suspect and believe:   that there is a connection between the death of Osama bin Laden by Seal Team Six and the  dozens of Seal deaths in the last few days, and how the Obama Marxist regime is more than likely responsible for their deaths.

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2)

 Ann Barnhardt – August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011:   A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6.   Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.

In the past, DEVGRU men and other SPECOPS men have been killed in action, but their missions were so secret and so crucial to OPSEC that their deaths were covered-up by the government and attributed to such things as “training accidents” and the like – and I have no problem with that. These men understand going in to intense units such as DEVGRU that OPSEC is paramount, that they will never be publicly acknowledged for their heroism, and that if they are killed or captured in action, the government will lie about that in order to protect OPSEC and to prevent the enemy from gaining a propaganda and morale coup. Compare that reality with what happened today. The Obama regime distributed this information, and the Obama regime’s lapdog press instantly splashed headlines declaring this as the Taliban’s “REVENGE” for the “death of Bin Laden.” As I write this now, the Drudge Report headline in bright red reads, “REVENGE: SEALS WHO GOT OSAMA KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN.”

I’ll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say. The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. The time, location and most especially, the PASSENGERS in the Chinook were passed to the Taliban.   Additionally, you can’t take out a Chinook with small arms fire or even standard RPGs such as the Taliban use. The Taliban needed serious weaponry to take this helo down, and that serious weaponry needed to be in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, ready to fire.

Why would the Obama regime kill Americans? I think the question is, why WOULDN’T the Obama regime kill Americans? The Obama regime is composed of Marxist-Leninist psychopaths. A glancing, superficial survey of 20th century history shows one glaring fact above all others:   MARXISTS MURDER PEOPLE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION.  Marxists also hate Americans, by definition.   Three tacks:

1. The men on board the Chinook may have been some of the same men who participated or had direct knowledge of the staged Bin Laden raid and were killed to permanently silence them.

2. These DEVGRU men were killed to send a signal to the surviving DEVGRU men who carried out the Bin Laden raid to keep their mouths shut.

3. Certainly, the release of the unit identity of the dead within hours – before even family notification could have been made (which requires an IN PERSON visit to the family, remember) was an obvious bow to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the entire muslim world. This event was INSTANTLY propagandized by the Obama media as “revenge” exacted for Bin Laden’s death. And remember, Bin Laden has been dead for many years. The raid of May 2 was pure stagecraft to distract the world from the release of the forged Obama birth certificate.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I can’t stand Alex Jones or any 9/11 truther. I have turned down dozens of interviews with such types. In fact, I am a huge believer in the Lex Parsimoniae, which is sometimes called “Occam’s Razor”, which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. I teach this as part of my job, namely that the cattle markets are neither manipulated nor impossible to operate within at a profit. The reality is that the cattle industry participants do not make money because they are functionally incompetent. It is very, very simple. True conspiracies are very rare.

This entire Obama situation is a conspiracy, and I say that without the slightest hesitation. Obama is not a citizen of the United States, he is a puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Leninsts including Soros, Ayers, Dohrn, Strong, Jarrett and many, many others. These people are enemies of the United States. These people are deeply psychologically damaged, and are capable of ordering people murdered in order to protect themselves and increase their own power. The three dead homosexual black men from Trinity United Church of Christ, Young, Bland and Spencer, all of whom were sexually linked to Barack Obama, were probably the first people specifically murdered by the Obama regime. The hundreds of Mexicans and the two American agents Terry and Zapata were murdered by Operation Fast and Furious in order to advance and increase the power of the Obama regime. These SEALS and the others on board that Chinook today were almost certainly betrayed and murdered by the Obama regime.

Why did the Obama regime immediately reveal the unit identity of the SPECOPS forces involved in the first place, despite the fact that DEVGRU was highly classified? Why was the personnel composition of the Chinook released IMMEDIATELY today after the helo went down – before even family notifications could be made? WHY? Why would you hand your enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, a massive propaganda coup? WHY?

I’ll tell you why.    Because the Obama regime IS THE ENEMY. They are Marxist tyrants who hold the lives of Americans not just cheap, but in scathing contempt. They will say anything, they will do anything, and they will murder ANYONE in order to protect themselves and consolidate and increase their power. Please, I beg you, for the love of God and all that is good in this world, read the history of the Soviet Union. Read about Lenin and Stalin and how they murdered people without any hesitation. Read about how Hitler was constantly ordering the murder of his own officers. Read about Communist China. Read about Mao and the millions upon tens of millions of murders he ordered. Read about the killing fields of the Communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia led by Pol Pot. PLEASE. Marxists MURDER PEOPLE. That is what they do. The Obama regime is MARXIST to the bone. If the Obama regime is not stopped, the 30 Americans murdered today in Afghanistan will be just the beginning. I promise you that.

Here, again, is the clip of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s. The Weather Underground was founded by Obama’s political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of “Dreams From My Father”, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn.

In this interview, taped in 1980 while Obama was still just an unknown undergrad foreign scholarship student at Occidental College, Grathwohl describes the leadership of the Weather Underground (which is Ayers and Dohrn) discussing what will be done with the “unreformable, diehard capitalists” once they have overthrown the government of the United States. The answer is extermination in camps in the Southwest. The estimated total that would need to be killed? 25 million, which was 10% of the population at the time.   Ayers & Dohrn already have overthrown the government of the United States via their puppet protégé, Barack Obama. They have guaranteed that the economy will collapse. The only thing left for them to do is suspend the Constitution and open the camps.   I’ll see you there.

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The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 1)  By Ann Barnhardt

Photo Source:  e-news4u.com

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  1. Our conversation about the Seals started on the following post:


    Information abut Osama Bin Laden’s death and discussion are on the following two posts.

    Osama Bin Laden Dead, Body In US Custody, Obama Makes Statement, Interrupts Sunday Night TV


    No Proof of Osama Bin Laden’s Final Moment (Open Thread)

  2. If you’re going to post images of our nation’s honored dead, at least get the photos right. That picture is of the men who were on the tragic Operation Redwing. Go here and scroll down:


    • You’re absolutely right, Alo. Welcome. These honored dead and heroes, pictured above:
      From left to right:
      Sonar Technician — Surface 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew G. Axelson, 29, of Cupertino, Calif;
      Information Systems Technician Senior Chief (SEAL) Daniel R. Healy, 36, of Exeter, N.H.;
      Quartermaster 2nd Class (SEAL) James Suh, 28, of Deerfield Beach, Fla.;
      Hospital Corpsman Second Class (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell;
      Machinist Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Eric S. Patton, 22, of Boulder City, Nev.;
      LT (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y.

      From the link, “with the exception of the lone survivor, Luttrell, all were killed June 28, 2005 by enemy forces while supporting Operation Redwing 050628-N-0000X-001”

      We honor and pray for these heroes. God bless them, their families, and the United States of America. I’ve heard Corpsman Luttrell on the radio many times. His story points out how amazing these men are, how brave, how decent, how honorable. We’re lucky to have them “on that wall” defending us and our freedoms.

    • Thanks Alo. The caption on the photo reads, Obama says “Job well done” Seal Team Six (ST6), Osama killing team, Source: http://www.e-news4u.com. I added the photo, but not the caption. Mainly because I found it strange that a photo would show up of the team, when their names were kept secret, and they are black ops members. When Obama went to give them awards, there were supposedly no photos taken and names weren’t released. Google Seal Team Six, and you will see it among others. So someone added the caption that is totally misleading and wrong.

      • agree Bridgette. You never see photo ops with these guys.What good are they if identified?? I thought that soon as I saw that photo. In fact, I thought it odd at the time of Osama’s killing that so much attention was given with spokepeople rallying these guys all over the news. Even O’s awards speach to them seemed staged to me, but then I am a skeptic.
        Maybe with most all of them supposedly dead now, the matter is put to rest…..no Osama, no special forces guys to be questioned either. How succinct.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Bridgette. I knew you cross-posted this and figured that if you added the photo, it either came from her article or you used that one because it’s “free to use or share.” I found it on the Web, captioned only “Navy SEALs”. Since the men were killed in action, and Luttrell is well known, I imagine their identities need no longer be kept secret.

        That’s the most compelling point that author makes: That these are supposed to be COVERT operatives and operations, so why did the administration and the lamestream media jump so quickly on reporting exactly who they were? A huge coup for the Taliban. A huge propaganda win for them, and then, to add insult to injury, these brave ones’ deaths were summed up in our media as “revenge” for the Taliban. I repeat what I said yesterday–I have one word for them, which is what should be done when they come upon these meetings of high-level enemies–GLASS.

        Nobody with an ounce of common sense and regard for OUR NATIONAL SECURITY AND THE SECURITY OF OUR BRAVE TROOPS would so willingly give the enemies such a propaganda coup. Think in these terms: Obama inherited a war that was nearly won. The Soviets were defeated by the Taliban, but our troops proved more competent. Obama took command and over the past few years, the number of deaths among our brave troops is up by 200% (if my math is correct. 2/3 of the deaths have happened since he took over.) Obama has the troops “fighting” with one hand tied behind their backs. All politically correct tactics, at best. At worse, we don’t want to contemplate. So Obama immediately said he’d pull those troops out of Afghanistan in his first term. A war that was being won is now being lost. When the troops leave, the Taliban will be back and it will be as if all was for nothing. The women will again be oppressed. All the people will again be oppressed. They say now that the people in that very region where our SEALs were lost have gone back over to the Taliban because the Afghan government is useless. So when we leave, the Taliban will be able to say, as they said after the Soviets left, that they have defeated “the Great Satan”. Who handed them that coup? Not our brave troops.

        Divided allegiances. That’s our problem. That was always the problem and why this man should have been vetted. Blood is on the hands of EVERY COMPLICIT ASSHAT IN CONGRESS, THE JUDICIARY, AND BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.

  3. Bridget, I’m posting the following links. I’ll let you format and decide what to post for each.

    On condition of anonymity
    August 7, 2011
    “Nothing about this is making sense again, just as the murder of Sheik bin Laden, and every gut instinct I have tells me this is about Obama setting up a murder spree again, getting his ass caught in the slaughter of SEALS who were tagged for elimination in some odd Obama related quid pro quo with terrorists by the sympathizers,and when it all blew up in Obama’s 2012 campaign, that Panetta, Plouffe and Jarrett dreamed up blaming the Rangers as in the fog of war who the hell is going to figure this out, as in two months time when the story starts leaking as it did with the murder of bin Laden……….well Obama can chest thump about something else.”


    SEALs killed in Afghan crash on rescue mission
    Aug 7, 12:27 PM (ET)

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – The U.S. Navy SEALs and other troops whose helicopter was shot down in eastern Afghanistan had rushed to the mountainous area to help a U.S. Army Ranger unit that was under fire from insurgents, two U.S. officials said Sunday.

    The rescue team had completed the mission, subduing the attackers who had the Rangers pinned down, and were departing in their Chinook helicopter when the aircraft was apparently hit, one of the officials said.

    Thirty Americans and 8 Afghans were killed in the crash, making it the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. The Rangers, special operations forces who work regularly with the SEALs, afterward secured the crash site in the Tangi Joy Zarin area of Wardak province, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) southwest of Kabul, the other official said.

    Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the event, as the investigation is still ongoing. The SEAL mission was first reported by CNN

    Obama’s Chest Thumper Killing Fields
    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    There are many excuses in this in putting a twin rotor Chinook into that situation, but I will point out that it appears that Obama’s Taliban were waiting for that CH-47, and that means someone tipped them off. You know the same someones in the CIA who keep terrorists around Karzai’s brother to assassinate him.
    Not making any accusations in the payback game, but there is more to this than what is being reported….…..and the most damning of this is Obama sent in special ops again for a mass murder political event, and Obama got Americans murdered instead.


    • Kathy, all sites you posted….read em. Verry, very, very well done Lame Cherry! This isn’t even the special ops style of modus operandi….. Now if it is true O. wants a reason to keep some forces in Afghanistan so he can launch attacks later in Pakistan….whoa,,,just thinking out loud……what’s next with this guy?

  4. Reposted from Bin Laden story.

    Is The New Yorker’s Navy SEAL Cover Story Fake?

    Saturday, August 06, 2011
    Joel B. Pollak Snips

    Georgetown University professor C. Christine Fair has written a post at Registan.net alleging that Nicholas Schmidle’s New Yorker cover story detailing the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound may be a fraud. At the very least, Fair alleges, Schmidle failed to interview the Navy SEALs involved in the operation–which is not mentioned anywhere in the article, but is apparent from a close analysis of the text.

    If Schmidle did fake all or part of his story, Fair says, that could complicate relations between the U.S. and the Muslim world:

    ….As Mr. Schmidle’s is the first (and so far only) account of the drama, these problems cast a pale of doubt upon the events that transpired that evening…

    Second is the simple fact of Mr. Schmidle’s parentage. His father, as noted above, is the deputy commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. Given the conspiratorial propensities of many within and beyond the Muslim world, Schmidle’s ties to this organization by virtue of his father would recast any serious inaccuracy in his report as a U.S. military psychological operation to deliberately misinform the world about the operation

    Fair’s post:


    • While that’s a well-written article and I have no argument with the facts presented, opinions given, or implications derived, I do find these paragraphs strange and somewhat troubling:

      “Finally, whether or not the shooter actually said “For God and For Country” is another important question that affects the way in which the United States and is [sic] citizenry are seen across the world. The conflict with Bin Laden has been waged in lamentably civilizational terms focusing upon the clash of Islam and the presumably non-Islamic west. Since 9/11, countries with Muslim minorities have been gripped by Islamophobia with some states outlying [sic] headscarves and minarets and others seeking to restrict the erection of new mosques. Anti-immigration concerns in Europe are thinly disguised efforts to deter future Muslims from migrating. Success in the war of terrorism seems to be equated with success in turning back the spread of Islam. Several states in the United States have even introduced ludicrous and shameful bills to outlaw Sharia.

      How would a proclamation that Bin Laden was killed “for God and for country” be read in a place like Pakistan where the war on terror has been largely seen as a war on Islam and Muslims? If this was in fact uttered, as an American, I am saddened that eliminating the world’s most notorious killer was done “for God” first and country second. If it wasn’t uttered, such a gratuitous detail hardly helps the United States make its case that it opposes terrorists not Muslims. Whether Americans and our allies like it or not, Pakistan and Pakistan’s populations are critical to U.S. interests. This will be true for the foreseeable future. Journalists have an important function: informing our publics. Journalists’ reportage shapes how Americans see their country abroad and understand the countries with which the United States engages. It shapes our support for war, for foreign aid, for particular bilateral relations. The U.S. experience with the Iraq war illustrates the extreme limits of how a supine and incompetent press became the vehicle to mobilize an angry public for an ill-conceived and unjustifiable war of choice. The United States will long pay the price for strategic error.

      Journalists have an equally important, if less appreciated, role in shaping how the outside world sees us. With the internet, the entire world reads our press, watches our television and hears our radio broadcasts. Media hype and hysteria, xenophobia, Islamophobia and more quotidian issues of inaccuracy and incaution with handling sensitive pieces of information are for the whole world to see and to judge us.

      With stakes this high, should not the standards of journalistic integrity be even higher? I should think yes. The New Yorker should immediately right this wrong by publishing an editor’s note disclosing the simple fact that he never interviewed the SEALS in involved in the raid.”

      Here’s a link to the article she discusses. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/08/08/110808fa_fact_schmidle?currentPage=all

      Interesting that this woman criticizes Mr. Schmidle’s father for arguably being involved in US propaganda, via cyberspace, and YET she herself seems to believe that the MEDIA, as a standard of journalistic integrity, OUGHT TO ENGAGE IN PROPAGANDA THEMSELVES.


      Is this why they won’t report on Barry’s fungible “facts”? I saw a hilarious program on the news last night, talking about all the forgeries that banks made when they couldn’t find ownership documents for tranferred/bought/sold mortgages. If only they put as much effort into proving the WH forgeries to be FORGERIES. o/t, sorry.

  5. In the months after the raid, the media have frequently suggested that the Abbottabad operation was as challenging as Operation Eagle Claw and the “Black Hawk Down” incident, but the senior Defense Department official told me that “this was not one of three missions. This was one of almost two thousand missions that have been conducted over the last couple of years, night after night.” He likened the routine of evening raids to “mowing the lawn.”snip!

    That comes from the New Yorker article. I imagine after this recent “milk run” or lawn mowing, that man wishes he’d characterized these nightly raids differently.

  6. That New Yorker piece indeed reads like propaganda. Decide for yourself. I heard an excerpt read on radio the other day, but didn’t catch the source. Here’s what the conservative talk show host spotlighted:

    “The Americans hurried toward the bedroom door. The first SEAL pushed it open. Two of bin Laden’s wives had placed themselves in front of him. Amal al-Fatah, bin Laden’s fifth wife, was screaming in Arabic. She motioned as if she were going to charge; the SEAL lowered his sights and shot her once, in the calf. Fearing that one or both women were wearing suicide jackets, he stepped forward, wrapped them in a bear hug, and drove them aside. He would almost certainly have been killed had they blown themselves up, but by blanketing them he would have absorbed some of the blast and potentially saved the two SEALs behind him. In the end, neither woman was wearing an explosive vest.”

    While I have no doubt that our brave troops do heroic things like this on a daily basis, I wonder how this non-reporter reporter knows all these specific details, if he didn’t interview the SEALs. In addition, he implies that some who monitored the communications might have leaked details to him, without him having to interview the players. But how would radio communications (which, remember, were even supposedly sketchy for those watching in real time from the WH) have such details? Just read any sentence with the word Obama in it, and you’ll realize the point of this story.

    • heard Brittish writer of some new book out (?) on the radio talking about CIA ops and the mistrust the Amiericans and others have now for them, seeing as how,for instance, they had set up(staged a fake) a vaccination clinic in Pakistan awhile back in order to get DNA from some of Bin Laden’s kin. Did you ever hear anything on that? And it wasn’t the first time….

      • I did hear that somehow they duped the bin Ladens into giving DNA by pretending to give them vaccinations or maybe blood tests for something else. I say, way to go! Gloves are off when dealing with these TRUE TERRORISTS. I don’t mistrust our CIA ops. I mistrust the people who rule them.

  7. “The President was “in awe of these guys,” Ben Rhodes, the deputy national-security adviser, who travelled with Obama, said.”


    That says it all. Obama is “in awe” of NOBODY but himself.

  8. Changing to Panetta was no coincidence.

    • What I meant was that Petraeus had to go, probably, because he fundamentally disagreed with the plans Barry had for “fighting” this war. Or losing it. It’s all the same, with Barry. Some say Petraeus is out lest he run against Barry in 2012, except I fail to see how that theory works when Petraeus is now over at CIA. Leading the CIA ops in the Middle East.

  9. No Miri I agree. Is it not very special how his name fits in too ?

    I keep finding the Etta -Atta name alot too sooo..

  10. Mission Accomplished Dutiful Soldiers

    by Patra Minocha, ©2011 Snips

    Mission accomplished “Dutiful Soldiers”!
    Be at Peace, Your Mission is done.
    You’ve been deployed up to Heaven,
    to spend Eternity with the Son!

    Mission accomplished “Dutiful Soldiers”,
    for fearlessly defeating Tyranny’s friend!
    We thank you for restoring America’s honor,
    for defending freedom ’til the end!

    Your strength made Patriots stand proud!
    Your boldness brought deliverance & peace.
    Your valiant sacrifice abroad,
    turned “9/11’s” Tragedy to Victory!


  11. Former SEALs reflect on crash that killed so many brothers in arms
    By Geoff Ziezulewicz
    August 8, 2011 Snips

    Attrition during SEAL training is huge, Yatch said, and the men lost on that Chinook carried years of experience with them.

    “If you do the math backwards as to the percentages lost at each step of that process, you’re looking at needing to field almost 2,000 candidates” to make up for those lost, Yatch said. “Being able to replace those SEALs as a weapons system — not as a person — that’s going to take a long time.”


    • We lost 10% of them, with one incident. Barry is all for weapons reduction. He’s made that abundantly clear, ever since he was a radical at Columbia University. Unilateral disarmament for the USA. By any means necessary. Use their own system against them. This is how Reagan defeated the Soviets–by bankrupting them. This is probably the ONLY thing that Barry applauds Reagan for–successfully pulling off the “bankruptcy as war” tactic. Barry will destroy America via bankruptcy. Destroy from the inside out. By any means necessary, as proposed by every one of his radical Marxist/communist mentors.

      “Obama said the deaths were ‘a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families, including all who have served in Afghanistan.'” http://www.ksbw.com/news/28791443/detail.html#ixzz1UXk0b8uB

      Would all who have served in Afghanistan include OBL? Who exactly does Barry consider “our military?”

  12. Now al-Qaida claiming credit for downed chopper
    Largest loss of life in single incident since start of Afghan conflict
    August 07, 2011

    Now al-Qaida is getting in on the action in Afghanistan today, claiming responsibility for the downing of a troop-carrying helicopter and promising more “revenge” for the U.S. assassination raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
    Already the Taliban claimed credit for yesterday’s chopper attack that killed 38 in the largest loss of life suffered by foreign forces in a single incident in 10 years of war.

    “The shooting of the U.S. aircraft is one of the first Jihadiya Salafiya reactions to the murder of Sheikh Osama bin Laden,” stated Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadiya Salafiya in the Gaza Strip, in a brief telephone interview with WND. Saqer said more such attacks will take place. Jihadiya Salafiya represents al-Qaida in the Gaza Strip. The worldwide Jihadiya Salafiya umbrella group includes al-Qaida in its leadership. Indeed, it functions largely as a branch of al-Qaida.


  13. Arron Klein Investigative Radio..
    John Bolton on collapse of U.S. superpower status

    Klein – Obama communicating with the Taliban.. trappings of a coordinated assault. The Taliban became aware of the the flight.


  14. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/08/06/breaking-news-bin-laden-troops-probably-murderered-to-keep-them-quiet/

    “Some Possibly Killed in Abbottabad Helicopter Crash Months Before

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Today 31 NATO troops, 20 of them Navy Seals from the Osama bin Laden operation died in what is reported as a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

    The chances of this story being true is almost nil. The chances of this being a staged coverup is over 80%. We believe these people were murdered to silence them. This is why.

    We have solid information on two areas:

    1.Osama bin Laden died in 2001 as an active CIA employee and his body was recovered in Afghanistan and taken to “the sand box.” We were told it was frozen. We have so much verification from this, CIA, ISI, US military and top officials. I have a direct confirmation from Bin Laden’s CIA handler who I grilled mercilessly on this.
    2.The Abbottabad operation involved numerous American deaths, witnessed, bodies all over, a helicopter crash. (suppressed translated TV interview below) These bodies were recovered by land vehicle from Islamabad and there was NO “successful” bin Laden operation of any kind. There was and has been a CIA safe house in Abbotabad where terror suspects were stored for years.”

  15. The above appears to be a 9/11 conspiracy theory blog, so take with a grain of salt. Never hurts to hear all sides and to know what people are saying.

    • Very disturbing if any truth. They say possibly these SEALs died months ago, in the bogus Osama killing. The crash of the helicopter. So now they’re faking this one, to explain the deaths. Don’t know what to think. Isn’t it a shame that we have to question this? That we have to question everything?

      • If that’s true, it may be why they had to come out so soon and say that it was SEALs killed in the crash. Because Biden blabbed that it was SEALs who took out OBL.

  16. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/08/taliban-set-an-elaborate-trap-to-kill-seal-team-six/

    This story says that an Afghan official, speaking anonymously, said that the attack and killing of the Navy SEALs was a trap, a set up. The Taliban leader planted false info about a meeting of Taliban leaders, then waited for the SEALs to come in. They knew the route the helicopter would fly. For what it’s worth.

    Do you think anybody will ever learn the truth? Remember that diver who’s going to go looking for OBL’s body.

  17. Obummer makes me sick!

    Maureen Dowd: Hollywood Using SEAL Team 6 to Boost Obama’s Reelection Prospects?
    Big Hollywood ^ | August 08, 2011 | John Nolte

    Posted on Tuesday, August 09, 2011 6:42:46 AM by FlyVet

    Our utter failure of a president is looking to Hollywood for an October 2012 Surprise to save his hopes for a second term. Maureen Dowd says out loud what we all knew the moment the movie’s release date was announced:

    (Excerpt) Read more at bighollywood.breitbart.com …


    • This explains the fawning New Yorker piece, too, where the guy won’t give his sources for the “facts” he knows about the SEALS within OBL’s compound. [Did Bill Ayers write THIS SCRIPT, too?] This is in tandem. A huge propaganda project. To be summed up in October, just in time for the election. Well, I just went to Dowd’s story and guess what? She admits that Schmidle’s piece had Barry’s imprimatur and so IS likely part of the charade. Just as the fawning pieces about Barry’s fab family in 2008 were all propaganda put out by complicit so-called “journalists”.

      “He has told people what a thrill it was to meet Seal Team 6 — and the dog Cairo — which pulled off the hit, noting that the men looked less young and fearsome than he expected, and more like guys working at Home Depot.

      But while Obama takes the high road, his aides have made sure there are proxies to exuberantly brag on him.

      The White House clearly blessed the dramatic reconstruction of the mission by Nicholas Schmidle in The New Yorkerso vividly descriptive of the Seals’ looks, quotes and thoughts that Schmidle had to clarify after the piece was published that he had not actually talked to any of them. [Does it appear that even the fawning Dowd is beginning to feel discomfort with this shameless propaganda?]

      “I’ll just say that the 23 Seals on the mission that evening were not the only ones who were listening to their radio communications,” Schmidle said, answering readers’ questions in a live chat, after taking flak for leaving some with the impression that he had interviewed the heroes when he wrote in his account that it was based on “some of their recollections.”

      The White House is also counting on the Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal big-screen version of the killing of Bin Laden to counter Obama’s growing reputation as ineffectual. The Sony film by the Oscar-winning pair who made “The Hurt Locker” will no doubt reflect the president’s cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds. [Don’t they mean Panetta’s? Barry was on the links.] Just as Obamaland was hoping, the movie is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, 2012 — perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher.

      The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history from an administration that has tried to throw more people in jail for leaking classified information than the Bush administration. [Whoa! That’s pretty powerful coming from Dowd. Or is she just jealous that she’s not among the chosen ones, after all the hard work she’s done for Barry?]

      It was clear that the White House had outsourced the job of manning up the president’s image to Hollywood when Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently — to the surprise of some military officers — at a C.I.A. ceremony celebrating the hero Seals.

      Just like W., Obama is going for that “Mission Accomplished” glow (without the suggestive harness). At least in this president’s case, though, something has been accomplished. [Has it? If it’s true that Bush already took out OBL but kept it secret for whatever reason, then it’s perfect taqiyya for Barry to USE this stunt to be in Bush’s face, because he knows nobody will call him on it.]”

      So much for the secrecy when Barry’s political career is at stake. FAR more important than the safety and security of our brave troops. Just give filmmakers unprecedented access to facts that remain opaque to the public. Allow ONLY the filtered, censored, Barry-approved version of these “facts” to come out, in 3-D? Hollywood will pull out all the stops. The families of the SEALs ought to be outraged. The people of this country ought to be outraged at a president who politicizes the deaths of our brave troops. Who uses their deaths like trophies to prop up his image (in his own mind) as a “big Kahuna.”

      Don’t you love this quote:

      Barry “has told people what a thrill it was to meet Seal Team 6 — and the dog Cairo — which pulled off the hit, noting that the men looked less young and fearsome than he expected, and more like guys working at Home Depot.”

      How would Barry know? Has he EVER been inside a Home Depot in his life? What for? Can you see Barry lifting a screwdriver (other than one with OJ in it? Oh, wait. Muslims don’t drink.) Can you see Barry as a DIY-er? Hardly. Girly man. Passing judgment on the fearsomeness of the SEALs, for goodness sake! Look at the photo above, do these look like anybody you’ve EVER seen at Home Depot, WORKING there?

      He didn’t meet any dogs. Dogs are unclean animals. ALL taqiyya. But the money quote is him dissing the SEALs. They’re not fearsome; they look like guys who work at Home Depot. Spoken like a true believer. Dishonor your enemies at every opportunity. Disrespect them. He cannot help himself. A snake doesn’t change its scales.

      • This also explains the deaths this week. All must be well so there’s nobody to take issue with the propaganda, come Oct. 2012.

      • Third article, ALSO from the UK and not from our complicit, asshat, lying, fawning, ex-PRAVDA-like “journalists”:

        “10 August 2011
        Peter King queries Bin Laden film White House access

        A senior Republican has called for an inquiry into reports the White House fed secrets about the killing of Osama Bin Laden to Hollywood film-makers.

        Peter King, chair of the House of Representatives homeland security committee, cited a report suggesting the White House hopes the film will boost President Obama’s election bid.

        New York Times writer Maureen Dowd said film-makers had “top-level access”.

        The White House called that report – and Mr King’s claims – “ridiculous”.
        In the aftermath of the raid, senior US military officials decried media leaks of information to the news media, saying they jeopardised future operations.

        On 6 August, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that Sony Pictures [FINANCIERS?] had begun producing a film about the Bin Laden raid by Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, the Oscar-winning director and writer of The Hurt Locker, which portrayed a squad of US bomb-defusers in Iraq.

        “The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history,” Ms Dowd wrote, adding that the film would “no doubt reflect the president’s cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds”.

        Ms Dowd said the film was due to be released in October 2012, “perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher”.”

        This article quotes Carney differently:
        “He said the White House press office makes an effort to ensure that news articles, documentary films and Hollywood productions about the president are accurate, and aims to accommodate film-makers who seek interviews with White House officials.

        “We do not discuss classified information,” Mr Carney said.

        “And I would hope that as we face a continued threat from terrorism, the House Committee on Homeland Security would have more important topics to discuss than a movie.””

        Maybe Carney “clarified” to limit who they’d accommodate. Well, Sharon Rondeau writes NEWS ARTICLES and theirs is not a blog but a real NEWS company, therefore, Sharon ought to be accommodated by the WH so she can get to the bottom of the REAL FACTS. Perhaps about Barry’s CT SS#? As above, can anybody tip Sharon to Carney’s allegation about the WH accommodating researchers so the FACTS are true? Maybe Sharon’s news corp. would like to make a FILM about Barry? How about “Growing Up Barry”? Double meaning, too. Give his TRUE history and also illuminate the probability that he will never grow up.

        Here’s a link to Rep. King’s letter: http://homeland.house.gov/sites/homeland.house.gov/files/08-09-11%20King%20ltr%20to%20DoD-CIA%20on%20bin%20Laden%20Mission%20Film.PDF

        In the letter, King points out that the SEALs themselves firmly desire to REMAIN in the shadows because it’s crucial to their “continued operational success” as well as to our “homeland security”. Which, unfortunately folks, appears to be exactly why this administration has “leaks”.

        Taqiyya. Note who are FORMER military leaders and why. We know who Panetta is.

    • Three articles about this movie. First from American Thinker:


      “Representative Peter King (R-NY) read New York Times writer Maureen Dowd’s latest column and quickly penned a letter to Gordon S. Heddell, Inspector General at the Department of Defense. Dowd’s no stranger to controversy but with her latest New York Times article she seems to have placed “Cool Hand Barack” in a rather awkward position.

      Dowd outed the administration’s cozy arrangement with Oscar-winning couple Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal. The pair has a movie in production on the hunt and killing of Osama Bin Laden set to be released 3 weeks before voters head to the polls in 2012. Representative King has asked for an investigation into the “attendance of filmmakers at a meeting with special operators and Agency officers at CIA Headquarters.” … In a May 10 column entitled “Old Man With Clicker” Dowd suggested that the “The Hurt Locker” team was already on the administration’s radar.

      ‘The inside track goes to director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal … [They] began working on a movie about the hunt for Bin Laden in 2008 — at a time when President Bush and Hollywood suits had put the terrorist leader on the back burner. … And about a year ago, Boal learned that the hunt for Osama had intensified. [HOW DID HE LEARN THIS?] Then the Navy Seal Team 6 dropped from the Pakistan sky. And now the duo, planning for a 2012 release, have an exciting ending and excited financiers. [WHO ARE THE FINANCIERS?] “We’ve certainly been getting more calls from studios,” Boal says wryly. “We were charging ahead with a movie that ended in Tora Bora with Bin Laden still alive. Now we have a definitive ending.”‘

      Did team Obama envision a 2012 pre-election movie before, during and after the capture and killing of Bin Laden? Is New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd moonlighting as a Hollywood agent?”

      My guess is that these moviemakers originally planned a piece SLAMMING Bush but opportunity knocked with Barry’s amazing adventures.

      • White House on politically timed film about Osama death: We didn’t provide extra help

        It is “ridiculous” to think that White House officials are providing extra help to Hollywood producers working on a movie about President Barack Obama’s successful killing of Osama bin Laden, spokesman Jay Carney declared today. We do our best to accommodate them to make sure the facts are correct,” he said at his midday press conference. “That is hardly a novel approach.”

        The response came after New York Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, urged an investigation into reports the administration granted Sony Pictures director Kathryn Bigelow “high-level access” for a movie about the killing of the Islamic terror chief.

        The move is slated to open in theaters one month before Election Day 2012, “The White House is also counting on the … big-screen version of the killing of bin Laden to counter Obama’s growing reputation as ineffectual,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote on Saturday. “ [Reputation?]

        King sent a letter Aug. 9 to the Pentagon’s Inspector General, Gordon Heddell and to CIA Inspector General David Buckley, suggesting the administration’s cooperation may undermine secrecy and the military’s ability to conduct future clandestine strikes.

        Carney, however, [arrogantly] dismissed King’s concerns. “I would hope the Homeland Security Committee would have more important topics to discuss than a movie,” he told reporters on Tuesday. “We do not discuss classified information.” [unless it is with the Taliban or other enemies of the US! Tell us about the Seals and who told the Taliban!]


        • Obama’s successful killing? He did it his ownself? Right. Whenever they say “ridiculous,” that’s a sign that not only isn’t it ridiculous, it’s TRUE.

          Alinsky tactical rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

          • Don’t react. Ridicule in return. Barry is ineffectual. Stupid is as stupid does. He’s a clueless moron. It’s a wonder he can tie his own shoes. Does he or does Reggie do it for him?

          • Oh, I did see a photo of him taking off his own shoes when he was attending the mosque. But the Left swore he wears sandals and walks on water.

    • Second article, from the UK, of course. My newspaper reporter Rep. King’s investigation only by citing Jay Carney as calling it ridiculous. It most certainly is NOT:

      “Officials from the department of defence have been advising Kathryn Bigelow, the director of The Hurt Locker, who is dramatising the May raid on the al-Qaeda leader’s compound in Pakistan.

      Her film is due for release less than a month before next year’s presidential election, raising suggestions that it will boost Mr Obama’s popularity by reminding voters of his first term’s high-point.

      Miss Bigelow was reported to have been given “top-level access to the most classified mission in history”.

      Peter King, a Republican congressman for New York and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has written to the inspectors general of the defense department and the CIA to express fears that classified material could be released.

      “The Administration’s first duty in declassifying material is to provide full reporting to Congress and the American people,” said Mr King, who called for an inquiry and for the CIA to screen the completed film.”
      Now that could get interesting. They probably moved Petraeus to CIA because he disagreed with how the way Barry wants to run these wars. But now he’ll be in charge of vetting and approving this movie, if King prevails.

      I like King’s point–that if inside information is to be exposed to moviemakers, it ought to FIRST be exposed to We the People, WHO TRULY RULE HERE AND WHO PAY FOR ALL.

      • OMG, my favorite part of that article:

        Carney “assistance was politically-motivated as “ridiculous”.

        “When people are working on articles, books, documentaries or movies that involve the president, ask to speak to administration officials, we do our best to accommodate them to make sure the facts are correct,” Mr Carney said.”

        GOT THAT FOLKS? We’re people and we’re working on articles that involve the POTUS, so according to Carney, they’ll do their “best to accommodate them and make sure the facts are correct.”

        THEREFORE, MR. CARNEY, please give We the People IMMEDIATE access to those two certified long-form birth certificate copies that Judith Corley carried back to the WH. Please give We the People IMMEDIATE access to the paper document that Savannah Guthrie copied on April 27, in the WH map room, if I’m not mistaken.

        Anybody with a way to contact Corsi and Taitz, please forward to them Carney’s public quote about accommodation and access. He wants to MAKE SURE that FACTS are correct. The only way to satisfy us about the FACTS is to SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. THE REAL ONE!

    • Peter King on White Houses Response to His Questioning Their Role in Feeding Bin Laden Raid Info to Hollywood
      August 11, 2011

      (Politico) — Rep. Peter King begs to differ with White House press secretary Jay Carney’s jab that it’s “ridiculous” for the congressman to suggest the Obama administration could be endangering national security by cooperating with filmmakers working on a movie about Osama bin Laden.

      “Obviously, I hit a sensitive nerve,” the House Homeland Security Committee chairman [Peter King] told POLITICO on Thursday morning. “What he said was nonsense — there has been so much classified information released over the last 90 days” since bin Laden was killed in a raid on his Pakistan compound.

      But King shot back on Thursday, saying, “It’s ridiculous for [Carney] not to realize how much sensitive information there has been disclosed . . . he doesn’t know how the enemy analyzes this inside out, how Al Qaeda or the Taliban might use something.”


      • They’re stupid or pretending to be stupid. But stupid is as stupid does, and what they DO is stupid; ergo, they’re stupid.

  18. “Two Pentagon officials told McClatchy Newspapers on Monday that an investigation into a helicopter crash that killed 30 American troops will probe whether it’s a mistake [somebody’s, but not Barry’s] to send the large, lumbering Chinook helicopter into a Taliban firefight, where it’s a target for insurgents.

    “The helicopter was reportedly fired on by an insurgent rocket-propelled grenade while transporting the U.S. service members and commandos to the scene of an ongoing engagement,” said a statement released by the International Security Assistance Force.

    The Pentagon announced that the return of the servicemen’s remains, in flag-draped coffins, to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware possibly as early as Tuesday won’t be open to the news media, although family members will be allowed to attend. [how kind of Barry to ALLOW the families to attend] The ceremony will be closed to the public because there were ‘no identifiable remains,‘ said Marine Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.’ [this makes no sense because the public never sees the contents of the flag-draped coffins, anyway]”


    Three important points:

    1. This contradicts earlier reports that said that the SEALs were called in to rescue the Rangers, that they ACCOMPLISHED that, and that they were flying BACK to base when hit by the RPG.

    2. As with OBL’s funeral, no public ceremony. No “identifiable remains”. [Which, of course, means the family won’t be able to view the bodies to confirm they are their sons.] Aren’t leftist progressives the VERY ONES who DEMANDED that America SEE flag-draped coffins so that, for disgusting political reasons, despite causing enormous pain to heroes’ families, Americans might turn against BUSH’S wars? Now, when the sight will damage Barry politically, no public display. No flag-draped coffins at all, except that the news story says there will be flag-draped coffins containing unidentifiable remains. How does that work, btw?

    3. This denies Americans the opportunity to honor these HEROES of the war against Islamic jihad. Why? Your gut will tell you the answer. A coup for the Taliban. A denial of honor for the enemies of the Taliban.

    • No identifiable remains..are they saying that the helicopter exploded along with the humans inside?

      I also read that the commander of the Seals over the Bin Laden raid was given a raise in rank.

      • Who knows what they’re saying? How can there be flag-draped coffins if remains are unidentifiable? Don’t they use DNA? Do they just fill up as many coffins as required? Or do they bring empty coffins, with flags but no remains? Why would they not allow media because remains are unidentifiable? Nobody can see through the flags and the coffins. They just don’t want public outrage at the spectacle. They prefer to deny Americans the opportunity to honor our fallen troops, to instead protect Barry’s image.

        Didn’t the libs complain about some movie that came out, slamming Hillary before the last election? Yep. http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2008/11/14/hillary-the-movie-goes-to-high-court/

        “Back in January, we blogged on the lawsuit over the legal question of whether a 90-minute movie excoriating Clinton constituted a campaign advertisement or not. James Bopp, the lawyer for Citizens United, a conservative group, argued that the movie should be considered “issue-oriented” speech, not a political spot (even though Clinton was a presidential candidate at the time). But Bopp failed to convince a three-judge panel that viewers aren’t urged to vote for or against the Democrat. The result: the movie must contain a disclaimer and face restrictions on its broadcast.”

        It’s all tied up with that SCOTUS decision that the progressives HATE, when it doesn’t favor them, that is:

        • No Media Access for Return of Service Members to U.S.
          August 08, 2011 Snips

          “Because the remains are unidentified at this point, next-of-kin are not in a position to grant approval for media access to the dignified transfer. Therefore, in accordance with DoD policy, no media coverage of the arrival and dignified transfer is permitted. Families will however, be given the opportunity to be present for the arrival,” Capt. Jane Campbell, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said.

          “Campbell add[ed] that the bodies will be positively identified by the Armed Forces Mortuary Affairs Office at Dover. “

          In 2008 former Defense Secretary Robert Gates helped lift a Bush-era ban on media access at Dover that prevented the public from seeing images of fallen troops returning home. Until then, the ban had been widely criticized for being politically motivated with the intent to cover up the so-called “cost of war.”


          • Until then. So they came up with a technicality to prevent “dignified transfer” to be approved by the families. I wonder if the families can approve even without positive identification? They KNOW who was killed. They KNOW who was on the chopper. They KNOW who didn’t come back. This is disgusting. But it all depends on what the meaning of “next-of-kin” is.

  19. From a link I gave above:

    “Tangi village elders reported that insurgents shot at the craft when it was returning from an operation that left eight insurgents dead, according to Janan.”

    RETURNING FROM, not going to.

    They can’t even get a simple fact straight: Were they on the way or coming back? Did they “save” the Rangers or not? Lame Cherry made a great point–that the Rangers won’t appreciate the meme that the SEALs had to come in to rescue them. So is this why the sudden change to the story? They were just on the way?

    That story also quotes the grandmother of one of the SEALS killed. She said he “told her” something in JUNE. How? By email? By phone? By Twitter? In person? OBL supposedly died in May, so was her quote put out there to tamp down speculation that perhaps these SEALs actually died during a failed attack on that compound, when another helicopter crashed in OBL’s alleged compound? It’s curious, is all I’m saying. Of course, KNOWING how Carter’s FAILED hostage rescue played out, IF the OBL raid similarly failed and resulted in the loss of American lives, OF COURSE BARRY would cover it up. There’s absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that he would. http://www.ksbw.com/news/28791443/detail.html#ixzz1UXpVyIiN

  20. http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2011/08/obamas-chest-thumper-killing-fields.html

    Now that Lame Cherry story, that Kathy linked above, says the helicopter was downed DURING the raid on an insurgent meeting.

  21. The minute I heard the reports of this incident on FoxNews, I knew they were executed by our government because they know too much. Also, they are strong, secretive fighters and 0 doesn’t want them around. Add to this the hiring of more radical attorneys in Holder’s injustice department and the picture is not longer loose dots, but a well-orchestrated plot to take us down. Mosques are going up all over the South and right up the middle of the USA. When God said “perilous times” He wasn’t joking. Finally, 0 has sworn to “destroy” his opponent in the 2012 election. He destroyed anyone in Illinois who ran against him, so I don’t doubt he will do it again. If we don’t start praying and bowing a knee before God, that man and his minions, along with a cabal of muslims will destroy “we the people” and this great nation.

    • I agree with you Jelly. Interestingly, the news reports are being specific and saying that those Seals that were involved in the Bin Laden affair were NOT killed in this latest catastrophe.

      • Obama honoring US forces killed in Afghan attack
        8/9/2011 11:41 AM Snips

        Forced into the grimmest role of his job, President Barack Obama on Tuesday prepared to privately honor the remains of fallen returning home from war, this time the troops killed in a helicopter attack that claimed more American lives than any other incident of the Afghanistan war.

        Obama arrived at Dover Air Force Base to preside as the remains of U.S. forces were carried off a military cargo plane in flag-covered cases. His unscheduled afternoon trip here was kept secret to ensure the security of his helicopter flight to Delaware. Members of the media covering the trip agreed in advance not to report on it until he had landed.

        Obama is now honoring the U.S. forces killed in Afghanistan Saturday when their helicopter was shot down by a Taliban insurgent using a rocket-propelled grenade. A total of 30 U.S. troops, seven Afghan commandos and an Afghan interpreter died.

        They had been packed into a twin-rotor chopper, en route to help coalition ground forces in a battle with insurgents. Many of the Americans who died were members of the Navy’s SEAL Team Six, the elite unit that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in a raid in Pakistan three months ago. None of the SEALs killed in the crash took part in the bin Laden mission.

        Three days after the downing of the aircraft by insurgents, the Defense Department has not released the troops’ names. Officials said it is taking time because there were so many killed. Others said privately there is hesitancy to release the names because the majority were from secretive special operations forces.

        The Pentagon ruled there will be no media coverage at the Dover base because the badly damaged remains from the horrific crash are mingled and still being identified.


      • We the People have to do some SERIOUS praying. Have y’all noticed what’s going on in England? The riots in the black neighborhoods? How about in Israel? The “tent cities” and the supposed bipartisan demonstrations against their government, demanding “social justice?” All those Arab Springs, orchestrated by community organizers and unions, including the AFL-CIO? This is indeed an attempt to remake the entire world, to create their communist NWO, unless We the People can get our act together enough to stand against this tide.

  22. When Barry Soetoro was sworn in and took office, the enemy became Commander in Chief of our entire military. I didn’t voice my thoughts about this at the time, but in my heart I fully expected that the activities of our military’s best would be sabotaged and betrayed. I fully expected something like this to happen. I fully expect that more of our country’s best will die in 4 years under Obama than died in 8 years under Bush.

    • I believe that they have already died. God rest their souls and may God bless and keep the USA.

    • Honestly, I didn’t think the military would succumb to his directives or that our generals would listen to someone with no knowledge and no experience. I find it difficult to believe they would cover for him too. I will never understand the mentality of those that voted for him with his total lack of credentials.

  23. Jake Tapper from the daily Press Report August 8…Does the press ever get straight answers on anything???? Although, Carney’s answer is the answer. Should we expect the usurper to say anything consoling to the country or to the families of the fallen. Not unless it can benefit him in some way. Common decency he lacks.

    TAPPER: And then lastly, has the president reached out to any of the surviving families of the Navy SEALs who were killed? I know you reached out to commanders on the ground, but has he — has he talked to any of the surviving widows or —

    CARNEY: I don’t have any information on that. We didn’t, I think, offer a readout of the calls that you mentioned to the commanding officer and — but at this point I don’t have any more details on —


    • Carney doesn’t have any information yet because Bill Ayers is tied up elsewhere and wasn’t able to write an appropriate script for him.

  24. Deaths of SEAL Team 6 Exposed!
    Aug 6, 2011
    Alex Jones

    The government is covering up..

    • Per above video: Infowars is on the record reporting that members of Seal Team 6 died in the so called OBL raid. The government admits that a super secret helicopter did crash during the OBL raid but says no one died, our intel is different. We predicted that the spin doctors would stage a crash or when a real crash took place that they would say the SEALs died then. This is a old trick that governments all over the world have been caught pulling in the past. Some speculate that Obama had the team killed to cover up what really happened; however our intel does not point that way. The Pentagon may have blown the helicopter up on the ground on the night of the raid and we cover that in the above video. Lastly the globalist MSM is reporting that terrorist have taken credit but that is notoriously filled with disinfo, like in the Norway attack when a fake terrorist group took credit and the media ran with it.

  25. http://nationaljournal.com/obama-cancels-schedule-to-meet-returned-bodies-of-fallen-troops-20110809

    How heartwarming. Barry never lets a crisis go to waste, so he makes a big show of canceling his other plans and taking a huge delegation to meet the bodies of the SEALs. Of course, he must have been SO TORN that he banned media, so there can be no photos of himself looking presidential and grieving. Maybe there was an exception, though. Maybe Savannah went along to snap photos of Barry. Ya think? He met with the families, too. I do feel for those people to have their grief imposed upon. Whoops. I was right and wrong. I just noticed the link has video of Barry ARRIVING for the “PRIVATE” ceremony. Just photos of Barry, of course.

  26. The Pentagon has opened an investigation into the crash that killed the Seals.

  27. NATO strike kills Taliban behind downing of helicopter
    Reuters By Paul Tait | Reuters – 47 mins ago

    KABUL (Reuters) – An air strike by NATO-led forces in Afghanistan killed Taliban fighters, including a local leader, who were responsible for a weekend helicopter crash that killed 38 troops, the worst single incident in 10 years of war.

    “The strike killed Taliban leader Mullah Mohibullah and the insurgent who fired the shot associated with the August 6 downing of the CH-47 helicopter, which resulted in the deaths of 38 Afghan and coalition service members,” the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in a statement.

    The statement did not say explicitly that the Taliban fighters had shot the helicopter down, although it was the clearest indication yet that was the likely cause.

    The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan also announced the same news.

    “We dealt with them in a kinetic strike,” General John Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, told reporters at the Pentagon.


    • Well, they should have made them glass last week and saved the lives of our brave SEALs. Do we believe this? I’m, as they say in the UK, sceptical. VERY convenient, given the growing questions about everything connected to those deaths. The investigation. All of it.

      Earlier news reports said the guy who fired the RPG escaped. Tell me how they KNOW who fired it and how they KNOW they killed him trying to flee the country? Dead men tell no tales, btw. It gets pretty bad when you have to start believing what the enemy’s reporters say versus what your own government says. Which story sounds more plausible? That’s the problem.

    • I am sure a Taliban ‘snitch’ came to them and said it was the leader Mullah and his crew who fired the rocket and this is where you will find them! The story is now back to it being the Taliban that downed the chopper, not Al Queda.

      A cover-up story?

  28. Pentagon to release names of troops killed in helicopter crash
    By Craig Whitlock
    12:00 PM ET, 08/10/2011 Snips

    The Pentagon said Wednesday that it will release the names of 30 U.S. troops killed in a catastrophic helicopter crash in Afghanistan on Saturday, but it made the decision only after some senior military commanders lobbied to keep the identities a secret.

    Officials from the U.S. Special Operations Command, which oversees such units as the Navy SEALs and the Army’s Delta Force, had asked Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta not to publicly identify most of the 30 service members who died Saturday when their Chinook helicopter was shot down by insurgents in eastern Afghanistan.

    Panetta considered the request but decided to order the disclosure of the troops’ names, rank, age, unit and hometown anyway, in keeping with past practice, Marine Col. Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters Wednesday. Lapan said the information would be released “within 24 hours.”


  29. http://news.yahoo.com/happened-night-afghanistan-helicopter-crash-111914547.html

    Answers given in this story are a little TOO PAT for my taste. Excerpts:

    “Little, if any, information was available soon after the crash, mainly because “a cone of silence had been ordered from the top,” one senior military official said.” [No surprise there, Anonymous.]

    “Unless identified, all spoke on condition of anonymity because investigations are still being carried out. [So is it true or is it propaganda?]

    The disaster unfolded after an ISAF Special Operations Command (SOC) team that included at least some U.S. Rangers [Remember speculation about why SEALs had to “rescue” Rangers?] began a raid in the Tangi valley in central Maidan Wardak province under darkness late Friday. Typically carried out in conjunction with Afghan soldiers, “night raids” anger ordinary Afghans who complain they do not respect their privacy or Islamic culture. However, they are one of the most successful tactics used by foreign troops hunting insurgents who hide among Afghan civilians.” [Although an airstrike would be more successful AND would have spared our troops. But it was a CAPTURE operation. Why, pray tell? PR?]

    “Friday’s mission targeted Mullah Mohibullah, who led a network of 12 fighters in the Tangi valley.

    It was a capture operation, a standard night operation,” one senior [anonymous] ISAF official said.”

    Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, that means the extra force called in to assist the ground team was not sent on a “rescue” mission. Neither was it caught in any kind of elaborate Taliban trap.” [So you say, Mr. Anonymous.]

    “A group started breaking away and fleeing,” the second [anonymous] military official said. “That’s when they called in the IRF, to come in and get those guys.” [So now they weren’t on a capture and weren’t on a rescue, the helicopter was called in to “get those guys” who were getting away.]

    “That’s when the helicopter coming in got hit,” one [anonymous] said. Several [anonymous] military and diplomatic officials have said it appeared the devastating death toll — 30 U.S. troops, seven Afghan commandos and an Afghan interpreter — was the result of nothing more than a lucky shot.” [I WOULD CALL IT AN UNLUCKY SHOT, BUT THAT’S JUST ME. WHO AM I TO ARGUE WITH MILITARY AND (OBVIOUSLY UN)DIPLOMATIC OFFICIALS?]

    “While it is not unusual for rocket-propelled grenades — normally an anti-tank weapon — to hit helicopters, it is extremely rare for them to actually bring one down. Coalition officials have effectively ruled out that the helicopter was brought down by anything more sophisticated than an RPG launcher.” [I seriously doubt that, so now we are left with wondering why they even brought THIS up? Was it perhaps a ROCKET, a MISSILE, and not an RPG?]

    “The shot could have come from a low angle, or even from above the helicopter,” one military official said. [How would that work? Were they shooting from on top a mountain, or what?]

    What is not known for sure now is whether the helicopter caught fire or exploded, or whether it fell from any considerable height. [Anonymous] Officials acknowledge that the destruction was devastating, something supported by the fact it took about four days to gather all of the wreckage and remains.”

    “It now appears Mohibullah and his remaining fighters then escaped. Mohibullah and the unidentified man who fired the shot at the helicopter attempted to flee the country, ISAF said, most likely to Pakistan, but were tracked to a wooded area in a nearby district. Both were killed by an air strike Tuesday, ISAF said. [Which they could have used that night, and spared our troops.]

    Questions have been asked in the United States why the second unit — which consisted of 25 members of the Navy’s Seal Team 6 — was traveling in a U.S. Army CH-47 instead of a more sophisticated MH-47 more commonly used by special forces.

    Part of that explanation might lie in the fact it was not the primary unit used in the raid and was only on standby.” [Oh, yes. It “might lie” in that “fact” but is that a fact and how does Reuters know that “fact”. It might lie in the “fact” that none of this ever-morphing story rings the least bit true.]

  30. One of our readers commented at the article below and referenced this blog and the article. The Fox moderator has now removed it.

    U.S. Military Says Taliban Who Shot Down Helicopter Have Been ‘Killed’
    August 10, 2011


  31. Commandos criticize call for SEALs
    Rangers’ danger, single helicopter among questions

    Aug. 10 Snips

    Some in the special operations community are privately criticizing the wisdom of Saturday’s failed rescue mission in Afghanistan, saying commanders should have sent more than the one Chinook helicopter that was shot down, killing 30 American troops, including 23 elite Navy SEALs.

    They also questioned whether the quickly assembled mission was necessary to rescue a band of Army Rangers reportedly under fire from Taliban militants. “I squarely blame whoever planned and authorized the mission for the deaths,” said a Special Forces soldier who served in Afghanistan. “It was simply uncalled for unless Rangers were being overrun and the ground situation required this much operational risk.”

    They also questioned the type of aircraft dispatched for the mission. The NATO command in Kabul identified the downed helicopter as a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, not the modified version, the MH-47.



    Fatal SEAL mission was not a rescue
    Aug. 10 Snips

    The top NATO commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday that the doomed SEALs mission that claimed 30 American lives was intended to stop fleeing Taliban fighters and not necessarily on a rescue mission as first reported.

    But U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, told Pentagon reporters via a teleconference from Kabul the mission was to stop fleeing enemy in the Wardak Province’s Tangi Valley.

    “As this mission unfolded, we saw some significant success occurring on the objective itself, but there were elements that were escaping,” Gen. Allen said. “And in the course of their attempt to depart the objective, we committed a force to contain that element from getting out. And of course, in the process of that, the aircraft was struck by an RPG and crashed.”

    Instead being pinned down, as NATO officials first said, the Ranger unit was actually winning the fight and wanted more troops to stop the enemy retreat.

    • That’s good. People need to listen and contact Congress to demand an investigation, just as he says. The military is supposedly investigating, but who heads the military?

      Trento’s argument is that leaking that Seal Team Six was involved in any of these actions and being on that helicopter is NOT beneficial to the USA. So why the leaks? He did mention that it gave Barry a bump in his poll ratings. He asks how anybody could possibly think leaking this information is beneficial to us. What’s more sinister and why these “leaks” MUST be investigated thoroughly BY CONGRESS, is because these “leaks” AREN’T beneficial to the USA, but they ARE beneficial to our enemies, who got “revenge” and a MAJOR public relations coup when the SEALs were killed. In addition, the “leaks” SERVE to DEMORALIZE OUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST TROOPS. YET ANOTHER COUP FOR THE ENEMY, COURTESY OF WHOM?

  33. I live in an area near sevral military bases. We have alot of activity from these helo’s, expecially lately. These things are huge and very loud. Even with the noise of the city, you can hear these things comming from MILES away. They are so loud that they cause objects to rattle in your homes at times. Whoever is responsible for sending them into a combat situation ,where there was only one way in, should be COURT MARSHALLED. If this was not a rescue mission and only one to try to prevent escapes, it is even more unforgivable.

  34. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/08/afghan_helicopter_attack_is_obamas_fault.html

    As only Pam Geller can say it,

    “I blame the president.

    I believe the loose lips of this reckless, incompetent fraud cost this group of elite Navy SEALs their lives. So obsessed was this poseur with taking credit for something that he didn’t have the stomach for (and didn’t want) that he ensured a U.S. sacrifice of incalculable proportions.

    There were Navy SEALs from SEAL Team Six, the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden, among those who were lost in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Back in May, Defense Secretary Gates said that releasing information about the raid in which Osama bin Laden was killed would threaten the safety of the Navy SEALs who were involved in that operation and their families. They would become targets for jihad terrorists.

    So why was this information released? Why did the Obama administration leak and name this SEAL team?

    We should not have been told. Obama should have released the pictures of that jihadist monster and moved on. Instead, he gave him a proper Islamic burial and held back on proof for fear on insulting Islam.

    Was this payback for Leon Panetta’s revelation that the Navy SEALs, not the president, made the decision to kill Osama bin Laden? Who is taking revenge? The ISI?

    These are the questions that must be asked and answered by the Obama administration. But do not expect him to do it. I revealed the truth about this socialist internationalist in my book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America. Everything he has done since he has become President has confirmed how right I was about him.

    In a characteristic move, Obama has banned the media from the return of the remains of these Navy SEALs to the U.S. Clearly, the visual of a parade of coffins, the images of the worst day in recent U.S. history, would not be an opportune Obama photo-op. Cold-blooded calculation.

    And do not expect the press, whose job it is, to get to the truth of this matter. The mainstream media is nothing more than an activist propaganda machine that is actively working against the American people. It is the enemy’s number-one arsenal in its war on America.

    It is all but surrender, my friends, all but surrender.

    The loss of these extraordinary warriors cannot be described. The pain and suffering are beyond mere words. Weep for the loss for the families and for our great and noble country.”

    Read the rest at the link.

    • Ground Control to Major Tom………… who posted the site where the 20 dead were listed. There’s a problem. I double checked…..20 dead listed ,but the name and story of a local guy in my area was on our local news. Problem……he is not one of these 20????????? I will not be giving his name, but it’s true he is not on that list, so who is really dead. Were there 21? What?????? I smell something and I can’t detect what it is yet.
      I promise you I am not making this up…..Did they leave my local guy off accidently? I just don’t think so and besides that would change the number.Let’s see there were 20 and flipping through them there were a couple with more than one flip, but I still think there were 20, and beside if there was a local story published on the news , then why didn’t they include this guy on the ones here.

      • Oh!, 30, but still aren’t the six mentioned. This guy I am talking about was of the six but he’s not mentioned.

      • Alfy, Online news reports that “secret” talks with Talban were leaked so talks have ended now. The leader that was involved in these secret talks is now missing so I wonder if there is some connection here ? All very odd.

        • i’ll try and stay abreast and see if I hear anymore about the guy I know of too. Missing”””? Hmm…

          • Alfy, This story above is here;
            Omar aide negotiating with allies goes missing without a trace in Afghanistan | World News
            Islamabad, Aug 8: A Taliban official mediating with the Americans has reportedly gone missing, frustrating US attempts to hold another round of talks to settle the negotiating parameters for the decade-old conflict in Afghanistan, officials have said.

            Former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had confirmed late June that the US was holding ‘outreach’ talks with members of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and it was confirmed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai later. However, they avoided disclosing the name of the Taliban leader involved in the reported talks.

            The media, however, reported that US officials met Tayyab Agha, a close confidant of Taliban supreme leader Mullah Muhammad Omar. Agha, an ethnic Pashtun from Kandahar, also served as Omar’s spokesperson and the first secretary in the Taliban-led Afghan embassy in Pakistan during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, The Express Tribune reports.

            An Afghan leader familiar with the negotiation process said that the US has made frantic efforts to contact Agha for further talks, but there has been no success so far.

            “Agha has not yet been traced and is believed to have gone either to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates,” he added.

  35. http://afpak.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/08/11/daily_brief_taliban_who_shot_down_seal_chopper_reported_killed

    That site, although an offshoot of Slate, apparently, has some good facts and links.

  36. Pentagon releases names of 30 Americans killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash
    August 11, 2011

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Thursday released the names of the 30 Americans who were killed when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan over the weekend.

    Those killed in the crash include 22 sailors — 17 of them Navy SEALs — assigned to East Coast and West Coat-based Naval Special Warfare units. Two soldiers assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment, three soldiers assigned to the 7th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment and three airmen assigned to 24th Special Tactics Squadron of Pope Field, N.C., also died.

    The Americans’ CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan, apparently by a Taliban-fired rocket-propelled grenade. The helicopter had been part of a mission targeting a Taliban leader.

    The Pentagon announced Wednesday that it planned to release the names of the Americans who died in the crash. The announcement came after military commanders from the Special Operations community requested that the Defense Department review its policy of releasing names because of potential security implications for the families of those killed.

    Names follow..

  37. http://mobile.nationaljournal.com/mission-unnecessary–20110811?page=1

    “The military initially said that the troops — including 22 Navy SEALs — who died on Saturday were on their way to rescue a contingent of Army Rangers who were pinned down by insurgents, only to drop that account on Wednesday. Now officials say the troops were sent to apprehend fleeing militants, a far lower-level mission that could have been carried out by smaller numbers of conventional forces. The Rangers had been sent to Wardak Province, a violent and sparsely-populated region of the country, in pursuit of a local Taliban commander thought to control a small network of local fighters.

    The target escaped, and an array of current and retired Special Operations personnel believe the wanted militant was simply not a significant-enough Taliban leader to justify risking the lives of so many highly trained forces.

    A former SEAL commander with extensive recent combat experience said he didn’t know who the Taliban leader was, but there was no way he was worth losing 38 men.

    In separate interviews, three active-duty Special Operations personnel leveled an additional critique. They told National Journal that the Rangers who’d asked for the reinforcements were ultimately able to push back the militants and secure the crash site on their own — and without suffering any casualties. That was clear evidence, they say, that the SEALs hadn’t been needed in the first place.”

  38. http://news.yahoo.com/white-house-photo-sparks-protest-223835400.html

    ” A White House photographer was allowed to take and widely distribute a photo from the ceremony Tuesday for the return of the remains of 30 American troops killed in a weekend helicopter crash in Afghanistan despite the Pentagon’s claim that any public depiction of the scene would violate the wishes of bereaved families.

    News media coverage of the ceremony had been banned by the Pentagon over the objections of several news organizations.

    Pentagon officials had said that because 19 of 30 of the American families of the dead had objected to media coverage of the remains coming off a plane at Dover Air Force Base, no images could be taken. In addition, the Pentagon rejected media requests to take photos that showed officials at the ceremony but did not depict caskets.

    President Barack Obama attended the ceremony, called a “dignified transfer,” for those killed in the worst single loss of the nearly 10-year war. An official White House photo of a saluting Obama was distributed to news media and published widely. It also was posted on the White House website as the “Photo of the Day.” It showed Obama and other officials in silhouette and did not depict caskets.

    Doug Wilson, head of public affairs at the Pentagon, said the department did not know the White House photographer was present and had no idea a photo of the event was being released until it became public. He said the photographers who routinely travel with the defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were not allowed to go to the event, and no official Pentagon photos were taken or released.

    The Associated Press did not transmit the White House photo to its customers, in accordance with its policy of refusing government handout images of events it believes the media should have access to.

    When asked about the photo Wednesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the picture was carefully taken so that it did not show the cases containing remains.

    “The White House routinely releases photos taken by the White House photographers in specific circumstances where it would be inappropriate to include members of the media,” Carney said. “In this case, the White House released the photo, in the interests of transparency, so that the American people could have as much insight as possible into this historic and sobering event.””

    Barry had to have his photo op.

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