Undue Influence by an Obot in Lakin’s Court Martial?

Posted by Bridgette

Was Lt.Col. Lakin Conviction Influenced by Radical Obama Supporter?

Blogger claims Greeley officer’s commanding general a “close personal friend”

Frank Arduini’s Facebook photo

By Jack Minor • August 4, 2011

An Obama supporter, who is a frequent commenter on “birther” stories and other forums, may have unduly influenced the general who approved Lt. Col. Lakin’s sentence following his court-martial.

Radical Obama supporters known as OBOTS, actively monitor the internet for stories on President Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility and often post comments on websites, including the anti-birther site TheFogbow.com.

One OBOT named Frank Arduini, a prolific commenter on Obama eligibility issues, reportedly uses the screen name “HistorianDude” when posting comments on the Gazette website and the screen name “Epectitus” at TheFogbow.  “HistorianDude” has been an especially harsh critic of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the Army surgeon who refused to deploy until President Obama publically proved his eligibility.

Arduini has also been commenting on the eligibility issue using his real name at WorldNetDaily.com, the internet’s largest independent news site.  In a recent comment Arduini states he works for a company named CareFusion.

Arduini’s LinkedIn page states he is the IT Business Partner Director with CareFusion, a multi-national health care corporation that has numerous contracts with the federal government. CareFusion bills itself as “serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve patient care.”

CareFusion has done remarkably well in the health care industry recently. In May, company earnings reversed from a $9 million loss in the previous quarter to a $45 million profit. The company recently signed a five-year agreement with ResMed granting CareFusion the exclusive right to distribute the Stellar 100 and 150 non-invasive ventilators and accessories to the U.S. healthcare industry.

CareFusion also has multiple contracts with Federal Government agencies; including the Department of Defense, The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Health & Human Services, and Homeland Security.

The Gazette contacted CareFusion, and asked them if they endorsed Arduini’s statements and if the company had a policy regarding employees using the company name in internet postings.

Suzanne Hatcher, Public Relations Director at CareFusion responded by e-mail saying, “The company takes no position on personal views that employees may choose to express outside the workplace.”

Following the inquiry, Arduini sent an e-mail to Dr. Jerome Corsi, senior staff writer with WorldNetDaily, claiming the reference to CareFusion in his postings was due to WND’s Facebook widget automatically using his employer’s name. Arduini then went on to say, “I want to clarify, now, that my comments and my opinions are mine and mine alone, and not those of my company or my company’s management.” Arduini has since removed the reference to CareFusion in his postings.

Questions have arisen regarding what role Arduini may have played in the court-martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin last year. Arduini has stated that he was a classmate and close friend of Major General Karl Horst, Lakin’s commanding general at Ft. Meade, Maryland and the General that signed off on Lakin’s prison sentence.

Lakin first expressed doubts about the President’s eligibility in 2008. However, after Lakin made  inquiries about Obama’s eligibility to several legislators, he was transferred to the Pentagon in July of 2009 and placed under Horst’s command.

In October of 2009, Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, recommended Horst for promotion to Major General. That same month, Lakin submitted an article 138 request against Army chief of Staff, Gen. Casey.

On December 16, 2010, Lakin was convicted of missing a movement and disobeying a lawful order. He was subsequently sentenced to six months in prison at Ft. Leavenworth.

Following Lakin’s sentencing, it was Horst’s responsibility to sign off and approve the sentence. As commanding general, Horst had the option to approve the sentence, reduce it and even grant clemency. Horst did not sign off on the sentence until April 22, four months into Lakin’s six-month sentence.

Shortly after signing off on Lakin’s sentence, Horst was again promoted this time to Chief of Staff, U.S. Central Command.

A video posted at  LiveLeak.com, by an individual who goes by the name “Tracy” and “KenyanBornObamAcorn” suggests that Horst’s promotions may have been quid pro quo for his role in the Lakin affair

In an e-mail sent to retired Navy Commander Charles Kerchner that was posted on Fogbow, Arduini said,

“I am a 1978 graduate of USMA, but did not make a military a full career. Ironically, MG Karl Horst (to whom many letters have recently been written regarding LTC Lakin) is a classmate and dear friend of mine.”

Arduini graduated from West Point in 1978, the same year as Horst. The e-mail was dated Dec. 29, 2010, shortly after Lakin’s sentencing.

It remains unclear what correspondence, if any, Arduini may have had with Horst during the time of Lakin’s court martial.

If Horst was under pressure or used his authority to ensure Lakin’s conviction, it could have represented what the military refers to as “Undue Command Influence.”

“Undue Command Influence” (UCI) is frequently referred to as the mortal enemy of military justice.   UCI occurs whenever senior personnel wittingly or unwittingly have acted to influence court members, witnesses or others participating in military justice cases.

Lt Col. John Eidsmoe, a retired Air Force JAG officer, who currently works with the Foundation for Moral Law, said if Arduini influenced General Horst’s decisions it could be problematic.

“It is unclear whether Arduini’s relationship with Major General Horst may have caused him to exert ‘undue command influence’ during the court-martial proceedings, but it is certainly something that should be looked into.”

Major General Horst and Frank Arduini both declined requests for comment.


In response to the article, Frank Arduini, pleads his innocence as a radical.  Of course, those that swim with the sharks don’t consider how they are recognized by normal citizens.   Who is to believe anything an obot says, especially those that frequent the leftist vile site of Fogbow, where integrity, morality, decency, and trust are non existent.  May knowledge of these obot sharks continue to be exposed..they have so enjoyed doing the deed on others.  Now is the time they should reap the rewards of unwanted publicity, as well as revealing the company that employs such a pathetic, radical person.  May that extra negative publicity that CareFusion receives let them think about the person they have employed named Frank Arduini.  You might want to send CareFusion a note about improving  their hiring practices and doing background checks on the people they employ.

“Doing unto them as they have done to others,”

Thank you Jack Minor!


Frank  Arduini [the Obot]: His  Response to the article.

August 5, 2011  7:50 a.m.

This article, rife already with falsehoods and innuendo (such as the claim that I am a “radical Obama supporter”), ends with a blatant and absolute lie.

Jack Minor claims that “Major General Horst and Frank Arduini both declined requests for comment.”

While I cannot speak for my classmate Karl, I can assert that Minor made no effort at all to contact me for comment on this story. I received no phone calls, no emails, no Facebook messages… no request from Minor or anybody representing the Greeley Gazette for comment.   Jack minor never even tried to get in touch with me… a trivial exercise had he actually wanted to.

What is even worse, the collaboration between Jack Minor and WND
propagandist Jerome Corsi (proven here by Minor’s publication of my email to Corsi) should have included knowledge that Corsi and I have spoken about this and I absolutely did comment when requested.

Since Minor’s journalistic integrity is proven nonexistent, I will voluntarily provide my comments here.

I have never spoken with Major General Horst about anything having to do with Terry Lakin, with Birthism, with President Obama or with politics in general. The last time I had any opportunity to speak with Karl was at our 30th Class Reunion in April of 2008… before there was any such thing as “Birthers.” If we even spoke at all I do not recall, but if we did it would have been about the sad state of Army football, and not politics.

I have had no contact of any kind with Karl Horst for more than three years.

One additional point must be made regarding the despicable collusion between Jack Minor and Jerome Corsi represented by this article. Jack is also lying when he claims that in a recent comment I named my employer. In point of fact, I have never once mentioned the company I work for in any comment on any issue I have ever posted on-line. The fact that Facebook makes such information available when its widget is used by third parties is unfortunate…. but it does not  constitute any “mention” on my part.

My comments and opinions have always been mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of my company or its leadership.

And yet Corsi and Minor have used that connection in what appears to be nothing less than an attempt to silence Constitutionally protected free speech on the part of somebody who has proven inconvenient to them. The calls to my company are nothing less than a barely concealed effort to get an ordinary American citizen fired from his livelihood as retribution for understanding the law and defending the eligibility of our President.

Most of us can reflect back on history and recognize other times when political propagandists used the power of their pen to intimidate and punish ordinary  people who spoke out for truth. Jack Minor should be ashamed.

I demand a retraction of the lies and an apology from the Greeley Gazette for participation in the attempted politically motivated punishment of an ordinary American citizen for practicing their rights to free speech. Anything less exposes  the Gazette to far more severe judgment than they attempted to inflict on me.


 Giant  Whatacrock Tears here!  When will  the obots retract all their lies?  Oh sorry, Frank only speaks truth from his forked tongue.  Reminds me of a song, ” How Does it Feel?”

9 responses to “Undue Influence by an Obot in Lakin’s Court Martial?

  1. So carefusion ““The company takes no position on personal views that employees may choose to express outside the workplace.”

    Keep in mind that Cisco has just fired a guy that took a position against homosexuality on his own personal time. Cisco claimed that they have the right to do so.

    Both of these companies would no doubt take the exact opposite position if the circumstances were reversed and the carefusion employee was an obama hater on the internet and if the guy at csco was a christian hater on the internet. Is there any doubt?

    That’s the world we live in and it is not going to turn out well. They think lying cheating and stealing has no consequences, but it surely does.

    Hell is coming for breakfast.

  2. I missed this article where Dr. Conspiracy, who we call Dr. Con, was named. Aptly named, “Dr. Con” is the Chief Liar for the Obama regime who spreads the lies that Obama is eligible. Yes, he has helped con his readers! Great hobby …conning people and undermining the Constitution.

    Experts say Obama certificate not scan of original document
    2 new reports cast further doubt on image White House released

    August 02, 2011 Snips

    Frank Arduini, an OBOT who works at CareFusion and frequently posts argumentative pro-Obama comments on WND forums, made the charge in a recent WND-published article, as seen in Exhibit 1.

    Arduini’s LinkedIn.com profile lists him as an IT Business Partner at the health industries company CareFusion, headquartered in San Diego.

    Kevin Davidson, who posts under the alias “Dr. Conspiracy,” wrote the article referenced by Arduini, entitled “The Doc got layers,” posted July 9 on Davidson’s blog, ObamaConspiracy.org. Davidson is retired from Netsmart Technologies, an information technologies company whose business includes providing assistance in vital records management to state organizations.

    In an email to WND, Davidson professed that he never worked with the state of Hawaii and his former employer never had a vital records contract with the state.
    He further stated that his Obama Conspiracy blog is “a personal hobby” that “was never connected to my employment.”

    Neither Arduini nor Davidson have demonstrated an ability to replicate what is observed in the Obama birth certificate PDF by scanning a document and utilizing optimization techniques.


    • Yeah, I missed it, too, and heck. We were looking for it! I don’t know how we missed this, but glad you found it. Finally. So very interesting. Yep. No CONTRACT with that state but seems as if a person might volunteer expertise in a cause he believes in. Don’t you think? I’m amazed at Arduini’s prolificness. (Is that a word? It is now.) I mean, he’s got this career and at the same time he had hours and hours to spend, monitoring and commenting on “birther” blogs? This is one of the anti-birthers who I came to believe is a member of a committee of paid obots. Some of them have visited us here, too. Maybe there was a committee. Maybe they work for those companies, too. It would behoove CareFusion to see what their employees do on company time with company resources.

  3. Is Kevin Davidson, Dr. Con, related to the Marxist activist Carl Davidson of the Socialist New Party with whom Obama was involved?

    More evidence ties Obama to socialist party

    Founder recalls Obama in New Party
    October 21, 2010

    In August 2009, a former top member of the New Party recounted in a WND e-mail interview Obama’s participation with his organization. “A subcommittee met with (Obama) to interview him to see if his stand on the living wage and similar reforms was the same as ours,” recalled Marxist activist Carl Davidson.

    “We determined that our views on these overlapped, and we could endorse his campaign in the Democratic Party,” Davidson said.


  4. Yes, HOW DOES IT FEEL? Good one, Bridgette. Did you read this link that was in the WND story?


    What’s extremely interesting to me is that this person specializes in vital records and his article appears to be about flagging duplicates in vital records database. I remind everyone of the curious “duplicate Mae” in the 5-year birth index that the HDOH so unkindly provided to requestors who wanted to see if BARRY’S name was in the 1961 birth index. Now this is the index that butterdezillion (and perhaps Miss Tickly and ladysforest) have written about. butterdezillion especially has proven that it contains the names of adoptees (their birth names) when that index SHOULD NOT contain such names, as adoptee records are sealed.

    WHY did the HDOH feel it had to refuse giving out a copy of ONLY the 1961 birth index, after they told a reporter that such an index WAS available for about a hundred bucks? WHY did the birth index contain the birth names of adoptees? And WHY is the name immediately above Barry’s flagged as a DUPLICATE?

    So much synchronicity. So many strange and inexplicable coinkidinks.


    Oh, lookeee here! See who closely followed and commented at butterdezillion’s blog: HistorianDude. Who? Frank, that’s who.

    Why would he closely follow that blog, unless where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Read all butterdezillion’s posts on this topic: http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/

    Notice who keeps popping up in comments. Oh, the history some of us have with HistorianDude, looking into history back.

  5. Take note everyone: You see how you can now log in on Twitter and Facebook? This is a “service” WordPress supplied, so be careful if you don’t want your Twitter or Facebook identities connected to your WordPress identity. Don’t be logged into all at the same time, would be my advice. This has already caused one commenter to request we change a comment, because another identity was exposed. This is what “Frank” implies happened with his comment at WND (or something similar).

    As for the person who asked how to change his log-in on WordPress, try editing your WordPress profile.

    At the top of the page, after you sign in, there should be a tab that says, “Me”. Click the arrow and select “edit my profile”. Take it from there.

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