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  1. What part of the country, region, or perhaps ethnicity uses the term “Eat your Peas?” Since Obama said this off the cuff or without the use of his teleprompter, we can assume it has to do with his real origins. So it is a reasonable question. Anyone know? Was this said in your family?

    • I found a series of books about mother/daughter relationships and other cutesy mommy/kiddie stuff that Barry might have been using to drive home his stupid point while at the same time getting “cred” with WOMEN, who he’s losing in droves, according to polls. Never let any advantage go to waste. Use any message to get in some subliminal perks. http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=eat++your+peas&tag=mh0b-20&index=stripbooks&hvadid=45738329&ref=pd_sl_4xcijx2oaj_e

      There’s also this link: http://www.strategy-business.com/article/11205?pg=all that describes a way to “change culture” by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who’s trying to address obesity (think Michelle Obama) and to get people to eat more healthy food.

      “When the well-known British chef and television reality show host Jamie Oliver arrived in Huntington, W.Va., in early 2009, he had a daunting goal in mind: to alter eating habits. Just a year before, Huntington had been dubbed the unhealthiest city in the United States by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The community of 50,000 led the nation in rates of heart disease and diabetes. Half of its adults were considered obese. Oliver had chosen this small city for an initiative (and subsequent TV program) branded Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, with the idea of having a broader impact. If people could make themselves healthier here, they could do it anywhere.”

      Oliver went into ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS in WV to change their “culture.” The person who wrote this article used Oliver’s experience to promote how his TACTICS could be used anywhere to effect cultural “revolution.” Oliver, no surprise, has a FOUNDATION: http://www.jamieoliver.com/us/foundation/jamies-food-revolution/about

      Look at the “revolutionary” and “obama-like” symbology. On his website, http://www.jamieoliver.com/tv/jamie-s-food-revolution , he uses terms like “MINISTRY of food”. See all his lefty, progressive, celebrity supporters.

      So you know that the usual suspects are lurking right in the center of that tangled web. “Who we work with”. Click that link to see: TED, which includes GE and the Knight Foundation. http://www.knightfoundation.org/ which sponsors the “Global Youth Action Network” and “Technology for Engagement” because:

      “To help sustain healthy communities in a democracy, Knight aims to increase the ability of individuals to engage in change. Knight fosters initiatives that develop in people a strong sense of belonging and caring, timely access to relevant information, the ability to understand that information, and the motivation, opportunity and skills to take sustainable action on a range of issues throughout their lives.” http://www.knightfoundation.org/funding-initiatives/tech-engagement/

      Whoops! There she is! http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/20113071/ and so we come full circle. Barry may have been helping to promote MO’s pet project, too.

      I can’t find a source for that expression, but I’ve found places where people say that Barry just made it up, substituting “peas” for “spinach” or “vegetables”.

    • I’ve got it! I finally figured it out!


      PEASANTS. That’s what We the People are to him, Mendacious Big Daddy, who orders us to eat our peas. We’re peasants, but not only that–we’re ALSO ANTS. That’s how he sees us. Like a kid stepping on ants, he has no more concern about the value of OUR lives, OUR individuality, OUR right to self-determination, OUR purpose in this world. No, we’re nothing more than ants who exist to serve him and his dreamed of new world order.

      PEAS and ANTS. Peasants. Eat your peas, peasant ants.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Kindersley
    Eat Your Peas
    By; Nick Sharratt and GRAY
    pub by Kindersley above and Dorling. Part of Penguin group
    DK Publishing

  3. Intriguing information..such a close relationship that Panetta has with the Soviets. So in the new book, written by Kessler, he reveals why those 10 spies went back to Russia and got out of the country scot free. Panetta’s communist connections go way back..and even with warnings given to Senators and Reps. (Trevour Loudon), .he is now heading up the Dept. of defense. Makes one feel so safe. Russia isn’t an enemy now, the real terrorists are members of the Tea Party.

    Russia Tried to Swap Spies Hanssen, Ames
    Monday, 01 Aug 2011
    By Ronald Kessler

    Just after the FBI’s June 2010 arrests of 10 Russian spies, CIA Director Leon Panetta called his counterpart, Mikhail Fradkov, the head of the Russian intel service (SVR), to propose a spy swap. Panetta had been dealing secretly with Fradkov, who was appointed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2007, and had developed a good relationship with him. Over the course of a week, they exchanged more calls and worked out a deal.

    What never came out is that during the negotiations, the Russians tried to include Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames in the swap. The U.S. firmly rejected that idea. [Who are they?]
    excerpt from the book…

    • I saw on FOX last night (scroll at the bottom of the screen) that even PUTIN had the gall to criticize the US for endangering the world economy. Now, I suppose, because we Tea Partiers endanger the entire WORLD, the UN might think it’s justified to wage war on us? Just sayin’.

      “The Russian prime minister told a youth summer camp in Moscow that the U.S. is “living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar,” Reuters’ Lake Seliger reports. “They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy.”

      YOUTH SUMMER CAMP? You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Robert Hanssen

      Robert Philip Hanssen (born April 18, 1944) is a former American FBI agent who spied for Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States for 22 years from 1979 to 2001. He is currently serving a life sentence at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Administrative Maximum facility in Florence, Colorado, a “Supermax” federal penitentiary in which Hanssen spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.


      Aldrich Ames
      Charge(s) 18 U.S.C. § 794(c) [1] (Espionage Act)

      Aldrich Hazen Ames (born May 26, 1941) is a former Central Intelligence Agency counter-intelligence officer and analyst, who, in 1994, was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia. Until the arrest of Robert Hanssen seven years later, Ames compromised more CIA assets than had any Soviet mole in American history.

      In October 1982 Ames began an affair with Mara del Rosario Casas Dupuy, a cultural attaché in the Colombian Embassy and a CIA informant.


    • Bridgette, I have found the name Etta and Atta alot. I wonder about the connections….
      Etta ?
      Very odd.

    • Buried in the Bill…B U R I E D !!

      Buried in the details of this bill is the automatic debt limit increase proposed a few weeks ago. The second installment of the debt ceiling increase is initiated by the President automatically and can only be stopped by a two-thirds vote of Congress.

      This shifts the Constitutional check on borrowing from Congress to the President and makes it easier to raise the debt ceiling. Despite claims to the contrary, none of the triggers in this bill include withholding the second limit increase.

    • Senate Approved Deficit Reduction Plan it now goes to the usurper for his signature.

      It passed 74 – 26.

  4. Blast a politician? It could mean jail. What does this mean for all of the Cabalist members and for Joe Biden who false defamed the Tea Party? Class action suit for calling tea party members terrorists which is false and its intent is to cause injury? I guess it is okay for them to do it because the Tea Party isn’t a candidate. I guess that gal that ran from Maine could go after those that attacked her.

    Obama judge’s ruling says defamation claim lurks for those criticizing ballot candidates
    August 01, 2011 Snips

    A federal judge who owes his lifetime appointment to Barack Obama today concluded that a pro-life organization whose leaders criticized a politician for supporting Obamacare for funding abortions just might be guilty of defamation.

    The ruling comes from Judge Timothy S. Black in Cincinnati, who refused to dismiss a case brought by former U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus against the Susan B. Anthony List organization, which had criticized the congressman’s vote for Obamacare.

    “In a Supreme Court case called N.Y. Times v. Sullivan, the court established special rules for the type of speech that can be considered defamatory of public figures like elected officials. In order to be defamatory, the speech must obviously be false and cause injury, but it must also be made with actual malice,” he continued.

    “This ruling means that anybody criticizing a candidate is in danger of a defamation claim,” he warned.


    • This is outrageous but it’s typical DemocRAT behavior. Slap suits? Threaten? Talk about malice. The speech must be OBVIOUSLY false, but then this judge goes on to say even he can’t clearly tell if Obamacare funds abortions. So it’s not OBVIOUSLY false, then, is it judge? The Constitution protects FREE SPEECH and ESPECIALLY POLITICAL SPEECH. That judge knows it. He’s just trying to intimidate people who oppose Democrats and progressives into NOT SPEAKING for fear of being sued or imprisoned. I guess we can be accused of defamation if we say Barry’s Muslim or not natural born. You know, it’s OBVIOUSLY not true! Can Sarah Palin sue everybody who made so many disgusting false claims about her when she was governor of Alaska and running for VP? Of course, this guy’s ruling won’t stand any chance BUT it will serve to have a chilling effect on people running ads in the next election. Don’t you think? All orchestrated. Just like the jerks who said Barry should illegally raise the debt limit, claiming that the 14th amendment gives him the power to do so, even though it OBVIOUSLY does not. Then just run out the clock, having it litigated. It’s far past time to clean house in DC and in the judiciary across this country.

      • Miri, I am wondering about this super congress stuff. They were not elected by us except for the duties they now hold so is this even legal ? I find this to be unnerving to say the least. Sliding this in as a piggyback, control thing on this new debt ceiling crap too ?

        • Judge Napolitano addressed that issue yesterday and said it was not constitutional. There should be a video of it today. It is in the article below.

          Judge Napolitano: ‘Super Congress’ Is NOT Constitutional (Duh, More Tyranny…What’s New?)
          August 1, 2011


          • Frightening. I hope Michele Bachmann is watching this and decides to challenge the constitutionality of this bogus scheme. It’s so obvious when you consider that they’re voting to disenfranchise OUR REPRESENTATIVES, including any who didn’t even vote for this debacle. And it gives Barry so much more UNCONSTITUTIONAL power. Not that any of them care about the Constitution because if they did, Barry would be out on his bum.

            • Supposedly Rep. Paul Ryan says the Bush tax cuts will not go away and this deal will not raise taxes in any way. Remains to be seen. Guess we’ll have to read the fine print. I hope Rep. Ryan did.

              Now, Biden is taking a cue from his master and just lying: http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20110802/NEWS/110802019/1003/RSS01

              He didn’t call us terrorists. Best case, he just sat there and let others do it. Being the VP, you’d think he would have spoken up and defended the patriotic Americans that belong to the Tea Party and who, BTW, have a God-given right to free speech, free association, and freedom to choose our political beliefs and to VOTE that way, too. It’s the CONSTITUTION, Joe. You ought to READ IT. He’s a disgrace, no matter how you look at it. It’s too late to act outraged now that Sarah Palin has called him out. (Michele Bachmann did, too.)

              He should have made the news himself by standing up to his cronies and calling them out for what they were saying about fellow AMERICANS. It’s not going to wash. I don’t accept the apology that he didn’t tender.

              • In a lame attempt to explain, it sounds as if NOW Biden’s comparing the Tea Party to NUCLEAR TERRORISTS! Here’s what he said to CBS:

                “What happened was there were some people who said they felt like they were being held hostage by terrorists … I never said that they were terrorists or weren’t terrorists, I just let them vent. I said even if that were the case, what’s been happening when you now have taken and paid the debt and move that down so we can now discuss, the nuclear weapon’s been taken out of anyone’s hands.”

  5. Obama Facing Landslide Defeat – Dick Morris



  6. I hope Morris is correct. Watch for Barry to do more emailing with S&P and then watch for them to downgrade us anyway. They’re setting it up to blame the downgrade on Republicans and the Tea Party and then to use this to hammer Republicans and the Tea Party for the double-dip recession that was coming anyway, for the low unemployment, and for ANY adverse effects Barry’s profligate spending has on people’s investments, etc. I saw this meme developing in today’s paper–that this deal still doesn’t guarantee that we won’t be downgraded. Remember that Congress got subpoenas for email between the administration and S&P before they made the first threat. There WAS contact and it’s still not clear why. But today Geithner “told ABC News that he didn’t know whether the debt-limit fight would cause America’s AAA credit rating to be downgraded. ‘It’s not my judgment to make,’ he said. [RIGHT!] Geithner also said he fears world confidence in the United States was damaged by ‘this spectacle.'” http://news.yahoo.com/obama-signs-debt-bill-final-senate-vote-180918112.html

    Well, I’ve heard that world confidence in BARRY was damaged. They can see now what Sarkozy saw the first time he met Barry. Isn’t Geithner supposed to leave? The sooner, the better. Watch for them to monitize the debt some more, too.

  7. In his typical graceless, blaming, scolding way, Barry went out to lisp again:

    “‘In the last few months, the economy has had to absorb an earthquake in Japan, the economic head winds coming from Europe, the Arab Spring and the rise in oil prices, all of which have been very challenging for the recovery. But these are things we couldn’t control. Our economy didn’t need Washington to come along with a manufactured crisis to make things worse. That was in our hands. It’s pretty likely that the uncertainty surrounding the raising of the debt ceiling for both businesses and consumers has been unsettling and just one more impediment to the full recovery that we need and it’s something we could have avoided entirely. So, voters may have chosen divided government but they sure didn’t vote for dysfunctional government. They want us to solve problems, they want us to get this economy growing and adding jobs,’ President Obama said in the Rose Garden Tuesday afternoon after the debt ceiling deal passed in the Senate.”

    This is sociopathic behavior. To ACCUSE the other of what you yourself have done, and then to sit back and snicker about it. MANUFACTURED CRISIS is his GAME. It’s what he’s done since the day he was elected (and even BEFORE he was elected). He knows all about manufactured crisis. What a passive/aggressive sociopathic turd. Do you hear the echoes of the campaign rhetoric? The voters chose divided government, so hey! They asked for dysfunction. Next time, they ought to eat their peas know better and just hand Barry absolute power. Then there’d be NO “uncertainty”.

    OMG what a tool fool he is.

  8. Is Rahm invited? Is he in charge of providing security? Who is paying for the security? Chicago is bankrupt. Maybe they will charge the US govt instead..in other words the taxpayers. I guess this is a good time to tell Obama to Eat Cake.

    What does President Obama want for his 50th b-day? Money.
    Aug. 1

    Now that the debt ceiling debate has been settled (at least for a while), Obama’s plan to return home to Chicago on Wednesday for his birthday celebration is back on, according to the Chicago Tribune. Part of the party will be a special dinner for some donors who will fork out $35,800 each. The money will be split between Obama’s reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee


    • He wants those tax increases, too. Doubling down. Says now’s the time to “invest” in education and job training–all stuff the progs want. Does it sound as if Barry is swerving to the center and giving up his fundamental transformation coupled with redistribution? No, he can’t. He’s actually talking as if he can do stimulus two. That’s the only way to get jobsssssss.

      • Gateway Pundit writes, “The unemployment rate is 9.2%. If the Obama Administration is REALLY wanting to create jobs why is Labor Secretary Solis speaking to anti-capitalist rallies?

        Secretary of Labor Solis spoke at the anti-capitalist, corporate-hating NPA in March. … The NPA is a radical anti-capitalist community organizing group linked to the SEIU. The group holds radical rallies against US businesses and business owners. The group also terrorizes children. The group is also directly linked to Barack Obama.

        The White House was so proud of the fact that Secretary Solis spoke at this socialist rally that they posted the news on their blog.


        “Yesterday the radical group disrupted Congress. 20 members were arrested.”


    • Hey, lets’s see if Obama even remembers his birthday. If the 4th is his birthday.

  9. Bridgette, You just mentioned the head scar as a comment. It may indeed be a scar from Ashura. Self flagulation called Motam. It is part of 12 Imam Shia religion. I have posted quite graphic information on this across the hall on Middle East Mystique 2.
    Warning* Quite graphic*


    Another day, another Obama Justice Department lawsuit against a state trying to control their illegal immigration problem. The latest victim of the Eric Holder assault? Alabama. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit this week against the state for its new illegal immigration law. The new law allows police to inquire about legal status after an individual has committed a previous crime. The legislation also requires employers in the state to use the federal E-Verify system to determine if new employees are in the country legally.


    • Justice Department Sues Alabama Over Its New Immigration Law
      August 2

      Here’s a statement from the DOJ announcing the litigation; the department earlier filed suit to block Arizona’s get-tough-on-immigration measure.

      “Today’s action makes clear that setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility that cannot be addressed through a patchwork of state immigration laws,” Attorney General Eric Holder said in the statement announcing the Alabama suit. “To the extent we find state laws that interfere with the federal government’s enforcement of immigration law, we are prepared to bring suit, as we did in Arizona.”


      • How does the state of Alabama enforcing its own laws interfere with the federal government’s (NON)enforcement of immigration law? Alabama will turn the scofflaws over to the feds. They have the choice to follow through and enforce FEDERAL LAW or not. And let the chips fall where they may. The (in)Justice Dept. under Holder wants to NOT enforce the laws BUT they don’t want any solid evidence that they’re NOT enforcing the laws. Alabama, as a sovereign state, I would think, has a constitutional right to decide who is inside their state. If a person is not a citizen of the USA, then I think Alabama has a right to decide under what circumstances that person will be allowed to travel through, live within, or work within (or not) that state. Two lawyers on O’Reilly tonight agreed that Alabama’s law is constitutional. Holder and Obama just want the “right” to NOT enforce the law. A state can’t interfere in something that’s not happening.

  11. Obama to attend 9/11 anniversary events
    8/2/2011 | APNews

    The White House says President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will attend events in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington in September to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    Vice President Joe Biden will help dedicate a memorial at Shanksville to the passengers of Flight 93 on Sept. 10. That United Airlines flight crashed in a southwestern Pennsylvania field after passengers confronted their terrorist hijackers.

    • Maybe Biden will be able to make the distinction between 9-11 terrorists and those citizens in the US who oppose the regime. Will he recognize real destruction? There is Something chilling about having them go to the 9-11 observance when they wanted to rename the day (National Day of Service) and have everybody do community service instead, and they want to chat with the enemies, and are giving them a home in our country. (Embassy for Libya).

      • Hannity said that Biden also made some joke to the effect that Giffords belongs to the cracked head club. They need a muzzle for that guy. He just digs the hole deeper and deeper. What a statesman! Did he get conked in the head with a golf ball on one of his outings with Barry? Or perhaps did Barry accidentally (on purpose) conk him in the head with a club? Biden always was quirky but he never seemed THIS far gone before. Clown.

        Did anybody see Sarah Palin on Hannity tonight? She said something that was TOTALLY priceless, in response to the left calling Tea Partiers and all fiscal conservatives TERRORISTS.


        She brought up Bill Ayers and how fond Barry’s always been of domestic terrorists like him.

        It was GRRRRRRREAT! She said she’s not going to take this anymore. I’m glad we have a pitbull with lipstick like Sarah to defend us.

        Sarah probably gave Barry heartburn as he broke his fast this evening. 🙂

  12. My gosh…he was set up! Aren’t they all? Has the DNC sent out notices on how to make apologies for lewd behavior when caught with their pants down? Who is next?

    New Jersey Democrat resigns after nude photos circulated
    August 2 Snips

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – After an online sexting scandal brought down Congressman Anthony Weiner, the last thing a politician would even consider is sending a nude self-portrait over the Internet. Apparently not.

    Cumberland County freeholder Louis Magazzu, 53, stepped down on Tuesday after nude photos he sent to a woman with whom he had a long online relationship were posted on the website of conservative blogger Carl Johnson, said Magazzu’s lawyer Rocco Cipparone.

    “Unfortunately, in my personal life, I did not always demonstrate the wisdom and balance that I expected from myself, and that the people of Cumberland County deserve and have every right to expect,” Magazzu said in a statement. [Ya-da, Ya-da, Ya]


  13. Tim Groseclose says what we have been saying for the last 3yr’s. He explains how Mc Cain would be president today if it were not for media bias.

    UCLA professor’s new book empirically demonstrates liberal media bias [VIDEO]

    Published: 12:09 AM 08/01/2011 | Updated: 7:44 AM 08/02/2011

    Tim Groseclose is the author of the new book, “Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind.”


  14. http://af.reuters.com/article/egyptNews/idAFL3E7J135P20110801

    Now there’s a strange story. HALF of European men share a common ancestor with KING TUT! Don’t tell Barry; it will upset him so. King Tut was a Caucasian. Seriously.

    “Up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland said.

    Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre, iGENEA, reconstructed the DNA profile of the boy Pharaoh, who ascended the throne at the age of nine, his father Akhenaten and grandfather Amenhotep III, based on a film that was made for the Discovery Channel.

    The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.

    Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent, according to iGENEA.

    “It was very interesting to discover that he belonged to a genetic group in Europe — there were many possible groups in Egypt that the DNA could have belonged to,” said Roman Scholz, director of the iGENEA Centre.

    Around 70 percent of Spanish and 60 percent of French men also belong to the genetic group of the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt more than 3,000 years ago.

    “We think the common ancestor lived in the Caucasus about 9,500 years ago,” Scholz told Reuters.”

  15. http://www.breitbart.tv/majority-leader-calls-election-of-tea-party-members-unfair-to-american-people/

    After saying that he welcomes the new members of Congress who were elected by the Tea Party, Reid goes on to say that their REPRESENTATION OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS is “unfair to the American people.” Since these guys apparently represent the Tea Partiers, then logically it must follow that Reid doesn’t consider Tea Partiers to be among “the American people.”

    I wonder if it’s FAIR to the AMERICAN people that so many of the leftist progressive representatives and senators from border states seem to believe that they represent ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO BY DEFINITION AREN’T AMERICANS! Indeed, our POTUS behaves that way, too, when he speaks to La Raza and talks about “them” (meaning any AMERICAN opposed to the goals of La Raza) and calls HIMSELF La Raza’s president. “YOUR president,” as if he’s NOT the president of anybody who opposes La Raza’s goals–which mostly represent and promote the welfare of ILLEGAL ALIENS in the USA. btw, can you imagine any president, especially Obama, addressing an organization of white Americans, who call themselves Der Rasse?

  16. Miri, Look at what Germany has to say about our situation as well as the debt ceiling;


    • Germany says;

      A ‘Civil War Atmosphere’ in Washington

    • What I like about that article is that Der Spiegel gives EVERY point of view. Left, center, right, and business. Of course, that’s not how they entitle them. They say, “center-left” and “left-leaning” and “center-right”. I do notice a distinct absence of “right leaning,” which is probably what would be called conservatives in this country. Look how extreme the “left leaning” commentary is. I’d call them the communists.

      An excerpt with my commentary:

      “What is happening in Washington is nothing less than a culture war. On President Obama’s side are supporters of a national concept, like one known in Europe, namely that the state should take care of a certain amount of social equalizing, and if necessary, intervene with regulations. For his opposition, even Obama’s idea of expanding health insurance coverage equals the birth of communist totalitarianism.” [‘Cause that’s what it is. See his history.]

      Anyone who raises taxes or increases the debt ceiling, and therefore unleashes the Leviathan of ‘big government,’ is, according to their logic, threatening the highest ideal that the American revolutionaries fought for: freedom. [Note the snide superiority they evince when they ridicule what our patriots fought for. Freedom is a BAD thing?]

      “Those who do it will be pursued by these self-named patriots with virtually pathological hatred, [Do these guys also get the Cabalist talking points? Seems so.]

      even when the infrastructure or social benefits would profit from their undertakings. [No mention nor UNDERSTANDING of the FACT that redistribution and equalization of wealth is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION, THE SUPREME LAW OF OUR LAND. Germans apparently don’t understand the rule of law, however, although we already know that from history. Remember that HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST.]

      “Illogical? Patriotism is possibly the only thing that many uncertain American citizens have left. The crisis has not only cost them their jobs; it has also threatened their country’s hegemony. [How ridiculous. The REASON that Americans are uncertain is the path that Obama’s taking this country on–his fundamental transformation into a Marxist/communist state like those that have FAILED in Europe.]

      “And a solution for none of these problems seems apparent.”


  17. A stamp in Russia for a birthday gift ?

  18. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

    * President Obama will turn 50 on Thursday. Congress has agreed to raise his age ceiling.

    * After the debt vote, Sen. Chuck Schumer said it’s time for jobs to move to the front burner. They’re only worried about our jobs when they’re about to lose their jobs.

    * A new report has found that adults in Washington, D.C. are among the top users of cocaine in the country. All this time, we thought the problem was government waste, but it’s actually that the government’s wasted.

  19. Wild Bill has it All Right! God Bless America!
    The “To Do” List for the New President in 2012!

  20. Rubio: “This Debate Will Continue.”
    Aug. 2, 2011

  21. The Left isn’t worried about the poor who can’t vote, they are mad because voter ID’s are being required to vote. Those ACORN voters who duplicate them or vote for Mickey and Minnie Mouse are being stopped! So they are calling racism as usual. Look at the rhetoric they are using. “assault on their rights,” Ha! Even the poor have to have identification, who are they kidding. Blaming the “racist” tea party too.

    NAACP President Says Voting Rights Under Assault Because Of Racism Against Obama

    The day after NAACP Chair Roslyn Brock warned against “forces of regression” trying to roll back civil rights, NAACP President Ben Jealous came with a second warning – that voting rights is the most viable weapon against enemies of justice and they are under attack because of the first Black presidency.

    “If we are going to stop and turn back the assault on our rights, we must be crystal clear that there is nothing more important to be fighting for than restoring, expanding and protecting our voting rights,” Jealous told the audience of thousands in his home town of Los Angeles during the NAACP annual conference last week. He announced that this fall, a major push by the NAACP, the National Urban League and Black media will aim to register thousands of new voters.

    “Our voting rights are under attack because we had a great break through—the election of a Black president,” Jealous said. “It was followed by a great backlash —represented by not all, but definitely by the worst and most racist elements in the Tea Party. And now we are reaping what those seeds of hate have sewn—the greatest rollback of voter access and voting rights since 1896.” [Give us a break!]

    “In 47 states, Voter ID bills have been introduced. We and our allies have beaten them back in more than a dozen states, but they are now law in 30 states,” he said. “These bills, which have been compared to poll taxes, are a viciously effective way to disqualify voters. [That is true, it gets rid of those who aren’t legal!] In Wisconsin alone, fully half of Black adults and half of Latino adults are ineligible to vote right now because they do not have a current state-issued ID. [Guess they better get one! Illegals need not vote!]


    • I understand that elderly people need ID’s to get Medicare. I understand that people on Medicaid need ID’s. I understand that people on any type of welfare (food stamps, AFDC, etc.) need ID’s. So they already HAVE government ID’s. IF they’re poor and that’s who these jerks pretend to care about and represent. If we remember correctly, it was WHITE PEOPLE who were intimidated at polls last time around, by black THUGS. The so-called Attorney General of the USA decided to look the other way because the thugs are “his people” and he thinks (and has so ordered) that civil rights laws and voting rights laws don’t apply to whites. Only to blacks, apparently, in his warped racist mind. They don’t want people to have to identify themselves because they want to continue to allow people to vote multiple times, under many different names. It’s bad enough that most of these laws will allow somebody to simply show a utility bill with an address or a driver’s license, that illegal aliens, felons, and non-citizens can have but still not be eligible to vote. The bills ALSO allow the person to cast a provisional ballot, meaning that nobody gets turned away and everybody gets to vote. They don’t like the provisional part because it means that after checking the identity and SIGNATURE of the person, the ballot might not be counted BECAUSE IT’S BOGUS AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CAST. The DemocRATS want to allow ineligible people to vote just like they have no problem with an INELIGIBLE president.

  22. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/exclusive/debt-deal-hand-geithner-quit-154825697.html

    Do we dare hope that Geithner will soon be gone? Or will he just go elsewhere to continue his mischief (and tax evading)?

    “Although it is unclear when Geithner plans to leave, many financial industry representatives and analysts said his exit has been expected once the debt-limit fight was resolved. Such a vacancy of a core cabinet position would come at a trying time for the economy and the financial system but would also provide fresh opportunities for President Obama to reinvent his image on the economic front before the 2012 elections.

    Given the fragile fiscal and political dynamics, analysts said Obama would need to nominate a successor with seasoned experience who could inspire market confidence and easily attract enough Republican support to clear the Senate, where a number of Obama nominees have been blocked by the GOP.”

    Now who might they have in mind? SOROS? 🙂

  23. Miri…as you so rightly predicted!

    Obama Issues Statement Marking Ramadan, But No Easter Statement This Year
    Tuesday, August 02, 2011

    President Obama hosts a Ramadan iftar at the White House in August 2010. (AP Photo)

    (CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama on Monday issued a statement marking the start of Ramadan, the month devoted to prayer and fasting in the Muslim religion. “As Ramadan begins, Michelle and I would like to send our best wishes to Muslim communities in the United States and around the world,” the statement reads. “Ramadan is a festive time that is anticipated for months by Muslims everywhere.

    Obama did not issue a statement marking Easter this year, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked about it during a press conference on April 25. …[read the quizzing by the reporters…my, they are asking some questions. ]

    Another reported interjected, “Wait a minute. The highest Christian holiday and you don’t know if he put out a statement?”


    • That’s funny. I thought I posted a link about this yesterday. Several comments that I thought I made disappeared. Oh, well! Anyway, glad you caught it and glad CNS News covered it. I thought I saw it at Gateway Pundit or on some other blog yesterday. I really did think I linked it, but it must have got lost in cyberspace.

      • You have mentioned it a couple times in relation to his upcoming vacation, but I didn’t see a link above so I put it here.

        • Well, I figured that mystery out! It wasn’t I who gave the link, it was Bridgette; but when she provided the link to the particular site, the Ramadan story wasn’t on it yet. It’s there now, though, and that’s where I read it and then I commented below Bridgette about how Barry congratulated Muslims on Ramadan but Barry the bogus Christian has NEVER since he was elected issued a similar message to Christians on Easter. Here’s the link to Bridgette’s link: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/guns-and-no-roses/comment-page-2/#comment-60033

          It’s on a blog that I never saw before, so that’s why I couldn’t find it again. I thought I was losing my mind or else that WordPress is losing comments. Not to worry. It was me, not WordPress. The other comment I thought I lost, happened when my browser crashed before I hit to post the comment. No hay problemo, paisanos.

  24. Anyone know anything about Lankin withdrawing his appeal?

    Lakin withdraws his appeal

    Thursday, August 04, 2011 8:05:41 PM by El Sordo

    Link to PDF at CAAFLOG: http://www.caaflog.com/wp-content/uploads/Lakin-order.pdf


    Appellant, after consultation with his appellate defense counsel, requests withdrawal of his case from appellate review.

    NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED: That withdrawal of this appeal pursuant to Article 61(b), Uniform Code of Military Justice, is granted. The record of trial is returned to The Judge Advocate General for action pursuant to Rule for Courts-Martial 1112.

    DATE: 28 July 2011

    • remember , Obama has an Executive Order concerning rules for courtmartial. Don’t know if it pertains specifically to Lakin but it would be interesting to understand the specifics and see if it does effect him in any way.

  25. U.S. Congress Commits Treason, Turning the Nation into a “Third-World Marxist Dump”
    August 4 Snips

    I never, in the worst nightmare of my 68 years of life, thought I would see America brought to her knees from the inside out with Congress as willing accomplices. Congress has been neutered by the illegal regime and the best Congress can do is to perform a little Kabuki Theater to make the masses believe a, “difficult decision”, was upcoming when the outcome was preordained……..more of the same spending into oblivion mentality that has brought us to the brink.

    The Obama regime apparently has total immunity from adhering to the Constitution or the rule of law, Congress has been reduced to a minor technicality by the Executive branch of government, and now we have a new, unconstitutional , “Super Congress”, which has been formed to move decisions of government ever further from We the People.


  26. Second Update: Health Care Bill and Eligibility Challenge Stalled by Third Circuit Court of Appeals

    August 3

    (Aug. 3, 2011) — Nicholas Purpura and Donald E. Laster, Jr., both plaintiffs and appellants in the case of Purpura v. Sebelius, have asked the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia to convene an en banc panel of judges to review alleged “judicial misconduct.”

    The plaintiffs’ lawsuit claims that the health care bill signed in March 2010 is unconstitutional and its signatory ineligible to hold the office of president, rendering the bill and all others he has signed null and void. The case was dismissed from the U.S. District Court in April 2011 but appealed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, stating that they had not received proper due process.


  27. Yikes! Look who just endorsed Obama for 4 more years
    Accuses GOP of ‘racism, lies, economic sabotage’

    August 03, 2011

    It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election.

    While noting he is disappointed with “some aspects” of the Obama administration’s domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama’s re-election bid.

    Continued Webb: We are keenly aware of the fact that the agenda of the far right is to bring this administration and country to its knees, with a heavy dose of racism, lies and economic sabotage, setting the stage for a full blown return to power of the most reactionary, racist, anti-labor, anti-women, homophobic and militarist grouping in U.S. politics.

    Last November, the Communist Party USA was caught scrubbing its website of references that stated it “actively supported” President Obama’s election, as WND reported. An article posted on the party’s official website on Dec. 30, 2007, previously stated, “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election.”


    • Ruh, oh. What we said! 🙂

      Maybe we should screen shot that before they scrub it again. Thank you, CPUSA. The ads just write themselves.

    • Continuing in their annoying habit of never linking to the stories they cite and quote, WND has once again made me waste time searching so that we can read the ENTIRE story in context. This appears to be the story Klein quotes, and yet it wasn’t written “last week”, it was published June 29:


      It isn’t exactly a RINGING endorsement. It’s of the “hold your nose” variety.

  28. Dr Ron, They took your fake BC ? Really ?
    Dr. Ronald Polland: White House posts copy of birth certificate I forged!”

    “Dr. Ronald Polland: On April 27, 2011. Obama and his White House held a press conference in which they gave reporters a copy of his “long-form” birth certificate and a copy of his “short-form” birth certificate.” That copy, now posted on WHITEHOUSE.GOV, came from the image I created and stored in my Photobucket account – they did not make a copy of his short-form because there is no short-form (the COLB).

    The “scan” images that his Campaign and Administration posted online are forgeries that were sent to them. They never sent out any “scan image” of Obama’s COLB because Obama never had one to scan or photograph.”


    • Do you understand what he’s talking about? He said this on our blog, too–that the WH put on their website an image that HE created. Dr. P, I mean.

      I thought that I traced that image to SNOPES. Unless SNOPES got it from Dr. P, which is possible if they swiped it off the Web.

      Clarification, please!

    • Proof that “Alias Barack Obama” released not one, but TWO forged birth documents on the Whitehouse webserver, on April 27:

      **BREAKING** White House posts copy of birth certificate I forged!

      by TheDrRJP — Aug 5, 2011 … 5:45 – Dr. Ron Polland

      Dr. Ron J. Polland

      • Miri,

        He shows some information from the WH pdf that might be interesting to compare with the information you gleaned.

      • This is interesting because if you look at Snopes now, they (of course) don’t link to Dr. P.’s image anymore. They have a different one in their own media library. Here’s what is VERY suspicious. The Wayback Machine has excluded the Snopes URL from their files. Now when did that happen and WHY? Hmmm? This answers the questions Renee and I asked Dr. P. Thanks for posting this. I wrote about the Snopes connection here: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/obama-long-form-gaggledygook/comment-page-2/#comment-58433

        I hope Dr. P. has saved complete screenshots so he can prove that what he says is true. The fact that the Wayback Machine has EXCLUDED Snopes from its archives seems particularly damning.

        This relates to Snopes and their political connections: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/birthers-correct-factchecks-false-claims-about-trump/comment-page-1/#comment-54036

        When exactly did the Wayback Machine begin to exclude Snopes?

        • Miri,

          Did you know that the Wayback machine is part of Google or run by Google? I read that somewhere and forgot to post it.

          • I was just looking into them. They say that a site can choose to be excluded from their archives, which is what Snopes probably did, so we can’t prove their mendacity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayback_Machine They say this is a not-for-profit. I read they’re connected to Alexa, the National Archives, and the Smithsonian. Of what use are they if they don’t “crawl” everything and if they let sites opt out? Then all they are is partial, censored history.

      • That’s the link to the green image they now have on that Snopes story. Here’s some of the exif data associated with THAT image, which seems to indicate that it might be Dr. P’s image or it might be the one that was at Daily Kos. Only he can say for certain:

        Basic Image Information

        File: 1,000 × 1,024 JPEG (1.0 megapixels)
        113,118 bytes (0.11 megabytes) Image compression: 96%
        18% crop of the 2,427 × 2,369 (5.7 megapixel) original
        Color Encoding: WARNING: No color-space metadata and no embedded color profile: Windows and Mac browsers and apps treat colors randomly.

        Images for the web are most widly viewable when in the sRGB color space and with an embedded color profile. See my Introduction to Digital-Image Color Spaces for more information.
        Image URL: http://www.snopes.com/politics/graphics/birth.jpg

        EXIF — this group of metadata is encoded in 206 bytes (0.2k)

        Orientation Horizontal (normal)
        Software Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
        Modify Date 2008:06:12 08:42:36 3 years, 1 month, 25 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes, 40 seconds ago
        Color Space Uncalibrated
        Exif Image Size 2,427 × 2,369
        Resolution 300 pixels/inch


        JFIF Version 1.01
        Resolution 300 pixels/inch

        File — basic information derived from the file.

        File Type JPEG
        MIME Type image/jpeg
        Exif Byte Order Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
        Encoding Process Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
        Bits Per Sample 8
        Color Components 3
        File Size 110 kB
        Image Size 1,024 × 1,000
        Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)

        Update: I got the exif off the Daily Kos image and it matches, so Snopes has changed to link to Daily Kos, the original obfuscators, instead of (how ironic!) to Dr. P’s forged image. They confused forgeries! 🙂

        • WELL DONE MIRI! Did you compare theirs to what you have of the same image? Isn’t this what we did on another thread?

          Miri | April 28, 2011 at 12:54 pm


          I am still confused, was the one the WH used and Snopes used of Dr. P’s the SFCOLB from 2008 or the LFCOLB issued on April 27 2011?

          Calling Dr. P. where are you? Please verify!

          • I know. It’s confusing. What Dr. P is saying is that when the WH decided to hand out those packets of information along with the “new” long-form, original (bogus, forged) birth certificate on April 27, they included a black and white version of the supposed short-form COLB that’s been on the Web for over two years–at Daily Kos, Fight the Smears, FactCheck blog, etc. THAT document image was supposed to have been REAL. Supposed to have been made by scanning a certified short-form COLB that the Obama campaign bought and paid for, from Hawaii, in 2007. This is the image that everybody has been calling bogus for nearly 3 years.

            In order to prove how that bogus DIGITAL IMAGE was created, Dr. P created a short-form COLB that looked exactly like the image on Daily Kos. By so doing, he proved how they created the DIGITAL IMAGE of a short-form COLB because NO ACTUAL CERTIFIED SFCOLB EXISTS. Not in that form. Not reading as that SFCOLB reads. Dr. P. put that image in his photobucket. At some point, Snopes, while trying to prove that the SFCOLB at Daily Kos is real, LINKED TO DR. P’S FORGERY, instead of to Daily Kos or Factcheck blog, or anywhere else the image existed. When the WH decided to include a copy of the short-form COLB with the long-form COLB and the lawyerly correspondence on April 27, they printed out the image that Dr. P created. Note: This paragraph and the next continues my interpretation of what Dr. P. is saying. I’m writing a new post about this topic.

            They didn’t just scan the original document that for over three years they have claimed exists in three dimensions. No, they went to Snopes and printed out the image from Snopes. But that image is (or was, on April 27) the forgery created by Dr. P. to prove that it’s possible TO forge a SFCOLB and show how it probably was done.
            What I SAY: The bottom line is: IF the WH and Barry actually have his SFCOLB, produced by and certified by Hawaii, then why didn’t they just copy and print THAT document? Why instead did they go trolling for a digital image on a blog–a blog which had accidentally taken a forgery from Dr. P?

        • Went back today to the June 14, 2008 version of the SFCOLB at Daily Kos. Here’s the exif for that:

          EXIF — this group of metadata is encoded in 206 bytes (0.2k)

          Orientation Horizontal (normal)
          Software Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
          Modify Date 2008:06:12 08:42:36 3 years, 2 months, 2 days, 1 hours, 30 minutes, 40 seconds ago
          Color Space Uncalibrated
          Exif Image Size 2,427 × 2,369
          Resolution 300 pixels/inch


          JFIF Version 1.01
          Resolution 300 pixels/inch

          File — basic information derived from the file.

          File Type JPEG
          MIME Type image/jpeg
          Exif Byte Order Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
          Encoding Progressive DCT, Huffman coding
          Bits Per Sample 8
          Color Components 3
          File Size 508 kB
          Image Size 2,427 × 2,369
          YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)

          So it appears to me (not an expert) that the file was reduced in size after June 14, 2008. For what it’s worth. Here’s the link at the Wayback Machine:

  29. http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate.pdf

    Is this the image you’re talking about, Dr. P.? How do you know that came from the image you made? Can you give us a hint, please? It’s hilarious! Share the joke, please!

  30. http://www.wnd.com/index.php/index.php?pageId=329509

    This is freaky. Last night, as I lay awake unable to sleep with thoughts of usurpers dancing in my head, I wondered why somebody doesn’t start a billboard campaign, “Where’s the REAL birth certificate.” Synchronicity. Now that’s EXACTLY what Farah at WND is doing! 🙂

  31. Congrats Obama…you were able to destroy America’s credit rating! Standard and Poor downgraded the US from a Triple A rating to a double A! In two and one half years, you’ve done what you were installed to do..destroy the US Economy.
    Your legacy now includes this along with being a conman who usurped the presidency.

    S&P Downgrade U.S. Debt Rating, First Time in History
    Friday, 05 Aug 2011 08:49 PM

    The U.S. had its AAA credit rating downgraded for the first time by Standard & Poor’s. S&P dropped the ranking one level to AA+. “The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics,” S&P said in a statement late Friday.


    • Full Text of S & P’s Downgrade of America’s AAA rating to AA+ – Outlook Negative
      Posted by Helen

      United States of America Long-Term Rating Lowered To ‘AA+’ On Political Risks And Rising Debt Burden; Outlook Negative.

      We have lowered our long-term sovereign credit rating on the United States of America to ‘AA+’ from ‘AAA’ and affirmed the ‘A-1+’ short-term rating


    • Eating those words aren’t you Tim! All in a couple years work to cripple the economy. Your job is done. What will his pension be? Aren’t we tired of supporting these guys after they leave voluntarily or with cause? Meanwhile, Obama is hiding out at Camp David soaking his dancing feet in Epsom salts. He has other things to worry about, and the economy isn’t one of them. Fore!

      April 19, 2011 the Secretary Treasurer Geithner had this to say: there is ‘No risk’ the US will lose its top credit rating.” Famous last words before the downgrade!

      Bachmann Calls for Geithner to Resign

      August 5, 2011
      Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann​ called for the resignation of the Treasury Secretary in the wake of Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the U.S. credit rating.

      President Obama​ has destroyed the credit rating of the United States,” the Minnesota congresswoman told reporters Friday. “I call on the president to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.”


      • Bridgette, I happened to catch this last night. Words escape me, at this point I am numb.

        White House Pressuring Geithner To Stay At Treasury
        Thursday, August 4, 2011

        Just about a month ago when the debt ceiling negotiations where starting to heat up, rumors started to circulate that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would be leaving shortly after the debt ceiling issue were resolved. While Geithner quickly denied those rumors, they continued to persist and, as recently as yesterday, there were rumors that Obama was considering naming former New Jersey Governor and Goldman Sachs executive Jon Corzine to replace Geithner.

        Now, though, it looks like the White House is doing everything it can to convince Geithner to stay:

        WASHINGTON — Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary and dean of President Obama’s economic team, is expected to stay through the president’s term after intense White House pressure, according to officials familiar with the discussions.

        But Mr. Geithner has not yet notified the White House of his intentions, and family considerations could still win out, advisers say.

        Speculation from Washington to Wall Street has intensified because Mr. Geithner, the only holdover at the center of Mr. Obama’s original economic circle, said a month ago that he would decide on his future after the White House and Congress reached a deal to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. Mr. Obama signed that deal into law on Tuesday.

        Mr. Obama and his chief of staff, William M. Daley, have been urging Mr. Geithner to stay, administration officials say, not only for continuity when the economy has weakened and to avoid an all-but-certain confirmation fight in the Senate over a successor, but also because Mr. Obama has developed a close rapport with Mr. Geithner.

        Whether the president persuades Mr. Geithner to stay will be a central development for the White House as it girds for a re-election race expected to turn on the economy and the continuing battle of the budget with Republicans.

        Mr. Geithner has been considering an exit since early this year, administration officials say. None would speak directly on what Mr. Obama has said to his Treasury secretary because the two men have private meetings alone once a week.


        • Has developed a close rapport? Don’t they know that Geithner and Barry were childhood chums? I read that Geithner and Daley were telephoning bankers and other Wall Street bigwigs, trying to persuade them to call Congress to LOBBY for the administration’s point of view during the debt limit imbroglio. Does that sound kosher? Not to worry–ethics, laws, even the Constitution do not apply to this administration. Apparently.

        • you Know, just like Hermit Crabs, they don’t come crawling out of their shell till they find a bigger shell to go crawling back into. This , I can think of nowhere right now that anyone would want the likes of Geithner,but time will tell.

    • Isn’t this just great? Not.

      S&P’s Chambers: 1-in-3 Chance of Further US Downgrade
      Sunday, 07 Aug 2011 10:16 AM

      WASHINGTON — Standard & Poor’s Managing Director John Chambers said Sunday there is a 1-in-3 chance of a further U.S. credit rating downgrade over the next six months to two years. [Under Obama!]

      “We have a negative outlook . . . from six months to 24 months,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.. And if the fiscal position of the United States deteriorates further or if the political gridlock becomes more entrenched, then that could lead to a downgrade. The outlook indicates at least a one in three chance of a downgrade over that period.”

      The former Fed chairman [Greenspan] said the downgrade “hit a nerve” and is damaging to the psyche of the country. But he said he can’t foresee a scenario in which the U.S. will default on its debts. [Ya think?]


    • I didn’t know that these agencies were political…

      Steve Forbes: S&P Action Political, ‘Outrageous Move’
      Sunday, 07 Aug 2011

      Publisher Steve Forbes says S&P’s downgrading of U.S. credit was a political and “outrageous move.” However, Forbes said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that, if other credit rating agencies don’t downgrade, the effect of S&P’s action on U.S. stock markets will be minimal.

      Appearing on the same show, former economic adviser to President Barack Obama Larry Summers also condemned S&P’s move but blamed the credit rating agency’s rationale behind the downgrading on the House GOP majority. [Not the Tea Party?]


      • They’re not supposed to be political, but everything in the Obamanation is NOW political. Those asshats Axelrod and Kerry call it the “Tea Party downgrade”, which shows you just how stupid they are. S&P said they downgraded because Congress and the POTUS didn’t do ENOUGH cutting to bring down the deficit. S&P knows that raising taxes will just tank the economy more. They specifically said that it’s because they didn’t cut enough, expecting at least twice what the “deal” cut, which is why they downgraded us, anyway. What did the Tea Party accomplish? That at least half as much as S&P wanted cut will be cut (if they follow through with the cuts). Without the Tea Party, there would have been NO CUTS and just spending as usual. Gateway Pundit published a great graph (to go with Algore’s hockey stick graph, only this one’s not lying):

        The spike in spending since Barry got power over the economy.

      • this is somewhat crucial, as Summers criticizes S&P. Lets you know , he’s not intirely in the tank with Obama. I’m sure O. is happy as a Lark with this. If Summers isn’t comfortable(unless he’s just pretending),that lets you know things aren’t good.Maybe he’s starting to see the light and knowas that S&P shouldn’t be the dictators of our standards.They are just a tool of the big banks control.Bet Lame Cherry could comment on this.

  32. Ron Paul Comments on Obamacare Birth Control Announcement
    August 4, 2011

    LAKE JACKSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, 2012 Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul commented on an announcement this week by the Health and Human Services department that under the Obama administration’s new healthcare law, health insurance plans will be forced to provide coverage for birth control. See comments below.

    “The Obama administration’s decision to mandate coverage of birth control and morning-after pills is payback to Planned Parenthood and big pharmaceutical companies for their support of Obamacare.

    “This mandate violates the conscience of millions of pro-life Americans.

    “In Congress, I have introduced H.R. 1099, the Taxpayer Freedom of Conscience Act, which removes all federal funding for domestic and international family planning.

    “As President, I plan to defund Obamacare and all federal programs that use tax money taken from the American people to promote abortion.

    “I pledge also to veto any bill with funding for Planned Parenthood or any other international family planning regimes.”


  33. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these gallant soldiers.

    Dozens of U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Chopper Attack
    August 06, 2011

    Kabul – A helicopter crash in Afghanistan’s eastern Wardak province killed 31 U.S. special operation troops and seven Afghan soldiers, the country’s president said Saturday. It was the highest number of American casualties recorded in a single incident in the decade-long war.

    “A NATO helicopter crashed last night in Wardak province,” Karzai said in the statement, adding that 31 American special operations troops were killed. “President Karzai expressed his deep condolences because of this incident and expressed his sympathy to Barack Obama.”

    The Taliban claimed to have brought the helicopter down with a rocket attack, but they have been known to make exaggerated claims in the past.


  34. Forget That. The Left Will Not Abandon Obama
    August 5, 2011 Snips

    Everyone is entitled to a mistake just as everyone makes poor decisions. And make no mistake about it, America made a mistake and exercised poor judgment when it elected President Obama. However, most people tend to learn from mistakes and grow wiser from bad decisions. It is those sorts of people who will work against Obama next time around, and not his liberal base. The flirtation with hope proved to be a fallacy. The platitudes were far different than the policies. The media image was nothing like the man. Because of those realities, many will take a look around and realize they were duped.

    Liberals are a low minority in this country. They can’t win any national election on their own. Conservatives and Independents far outnumber them. And the opportunity for Obama to win back independents has closed. The one group he must have the majority of to win. He has been bleeding independent voters for over a year. Judging from the president’s track record while in office, there will be no great turn around to win them back between now and Election Day.

    As a natural consequence, independents will end Obama’s disastrous era.


  35. Birthers apparently still exist [No Kidding Luke..crazy as we are!]
    August 05, 2011 By Luke Broadwater [Keeper of the Lie! ]

    Remember when large portions of the country believed a fantasical conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States? And remember how they (and, in particular Donald Trump) were spectacularly embarrassed for believing in something so dumb?

    Well, brace yourself. They still believe it!

    On her show last night, Rachel Maddow [a woman in the know!] celebrated our president’s 50th birthday by showing us the persistent staying power of this not-so-rational theory.

    Jerome Corsi (author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”), Orly Taitz (who runs the “World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Website”), and now the lovable fuzzball Rush Limbaugh are all still advocating this insane theory.

    You would think with a struggling economy, outrageous debt and three unresolved wars, Obama’s opponents would have fact-based arguments to make against him. Instead, this birther thing still inexplicably exists.

    It all goes to prove this one undeniable fact: No matter what, crazy people will always be crazy. [And the commies will pretend and think they are normal!]


    • For a qualifier of the truth, Luke added this to his opinionated article. Luke, you are so passe. Maddow’s diatribe for Obama’s alleged B-day.

    • Huh. I wish I were as crazy as at least two out of three of those named, especially Limbaugh. I’d love to have 1/10th of his dinero. How about you? Seriously, was Rush talking about Barry’s bogus birth certificate?

      You’d think that Obama’s supporters would have FACTS, ANY FACTS, to prove what they BELIEVE is true.

      If there ARE facts, then why doesn’t Barry present them to Orly Taitz or ANY of the judges in the ineligibility cases, instead of spending money, fighting to prevent ANY documents from coming out? The REAL documents, that is.

      My guess is they’ve caught wind of the August 8th trip to Hawaii. Any update on that situation?

  36. Isn’t this special..Obama getting out to meet the folks! He doesn’t have enough to do at the White House. Following in Sarah’s footsteps or behind her bus’s gas fumes!

    White House claims Obama’s bus tour is presidential, so taxpayers will fund it!

    Somehow, from somewhere, a bright political strategist on the president’s reelection team has come up with the idea of sending Obama out in a bus on Midwestern roads in two weeks, just like real Americans, or real Americans who can still afford a short summer road trip.

    The spectacle of a passing politician’s bus and waving citizens provides grand visuals for TV during the usually slow summer news days. The president of the United States might even happen upon a curbside lemonade stand operated by surprised children who deserve the kind of future he has in mind for all Americans. And more of that.

    Not so good visuals of the trailing motorcade of press buses, Secret Service SUVs, SWAT team vans and communications cars. Nor the angry motorists stalled nearby because the highway and every on- and off-ramp has been closed by uniformed motorcyclists wearing large guns.


    • Wow. That was in the LA Times, folks! Amazing. Will wonders never cease? Can you imagine the lamestream’s reaction if ANY Republican politician tried to pull this off? Making the taxpayers fund what is OBVIOUSLY a political trip?

  37. State Fair/Raw video
    Witnesses describe mobs, some people claim racially-charged attacks

    Aug. 5, 2011 Snips

    WEST ALLIS, MN – Witnesses tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ and TODAY’S TMJ4 of a mob of young people attacking innocent fair-goers at the end of the opening night of State Fair, with some callers claiming a racially-charged scene.

    Milwaukee Police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair.

    Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night. Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks.

    “It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ. He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis. “They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.” “It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car.


  38. The Super Congress: A Soviet-Style Politburo
    August 5, 20 11

    But in this [debt ceiling increase ]bill is the creation of a Super Congress/soviet politburo which runs counter to our Constitutional Representative Republic. This new Congress is perhaps the single greatest leap to totalitarian government that we have seen during the reign of the current administration.


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