Uncle Sam Reincarnated As…. (Open Thread)


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  1. Gov. Perry’s Call to Prayer and Fasting for our Nation!
    Event: The Response
    Saturday, August 06, 2011
    10am–5pm Central – 11-6 Est – 8-3 Pacific
    Reliant Stadium, Houston Texas

    Live Stream: Watch the Event Saturday
    Click Here Link Below to Watch

  2. Jihadists infiltrating U.S. military?
    You won’t believe sordid ties of armed forces chaplain program

    August 06, 2011

    The U.S. military’s Muslim chaplain program was founded by a terror-supporting convict while the Army’s first Islamic chaplain, who is still serving, has been associated with a charity widely accused of serving as an al-Qaida front.

    Following a plot uncovered last week to target Fort Hood’s Army base – one year after the same base was the subject of a shooting massacre by a Muslim army psychiatrist – closer scrutiny of the military’s Islamic chaplain program may be warranted.

    Terror supporter founded chaplain program
    The military’s Muslim chaplain program was founded in 1993. It was guided by Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, an Islamic cleric who served as an Islamic adviser to President Bill Clinton. Al-Amoudi currently is serving a 23-year sentence for illegal terrorism-related financial transactions with the Libyan government and for his alleged role in a Libyan conspiracy to assassinate then-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.

    Al-Amoudi reportedly handpicked the army’s first Islamic chaplain, Imam Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad, who serves until today. Al-Amoudi was instrumental in selected several other of the military’s six Islamic chaplains.

    Army’s first chaplain tied to ‘al-Qaida front’
    Muhammad is a convert to Islam. In 1974 he joined the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, a Black Muslim group that espoused racial separatism and Black Nationalism.

  3. Food-stamp use rises to record 45.8 million
    USDA: Number of Americans on assistance 34% higher than 2 years ago!

    August 4


    • Didn’t the lamestream jump all over Newt Gingrich for calling Barry the “Food Stamp President”. This is what he meant, but the lamestream tried to make it sound as if Gingrich was saying something racist. Yes, indeed. The more dependents you can get under your boot, the more power you will have over them.

  4. Jackson Prison, MI is awaiting your arrival! Why he thinks there has been no publicity elsewhere is amazing. I wonder who his lawyer is.

    Accused Underpants Bomber Wants Trial Moved
    Aug 5, 2011

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of the 2009 Christmas day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane with explosives hidden in his underpants, asked to have his trial moved out of the state of Michigan. Abdulmutallab, 24, said in a filing yesterday in federal court in Detroit that there has been an extensive amount of pretrial publicity, including coverage of all pretrial hearings, in local media that has created hostility toward him in Michigan and preconceived notions of guilt.

    He faces eight criminal counts, including conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. The indictment also says he has ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist network. He has pleaded not guilty and faces a possible life sentence if convicted.


    • why isn’t he being tried in Washington D.C. or in the Pentagon?

      He should have been tried in 3 days… and don’t let it slip your mind ~there is a Scandinavian couple who are lawyers and witnessed the ENTIRE trip. They also told the Entire story when it happened. They were interrogated thoroughly. What are their names? We should know in an instant.

      Maybe there will be a Casey Anthony sighting soon and the world will live as one.

      this whole thing is ridiculous.

      • I’d totally forgotten about that couple that gave their reports of how the guy got on the plane and the men that were with him.

  5. China Tells U.S. It Must ‘Cure Its Addiction to Debt’ (China calls for “int’l supervision” of US)
    Saturday, August 06, 2011

    SHANGHAI — China, the largest foreign holder of United States debt, said Saturday that Washington needed to “cure its addiction to debts” and “live within its means,” just hours after the rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded America’s long-term debt. The harshly worded commentary, which was released by China’s official Xinhua news agency, was Beijing’s latest effort to express its displeasure with Washington.

    Beijing’s reaction to the downgrade was the harshest among foreign leaders. Japan — which held $882 billion in United States Treasuries at the end of last year, making it the second-biggest overseas holder of American debt — did not release any official statement about the downgrade. A Finance Ministry official said he could not comment.

    Though Beijing has few options other than to continue to buy United States Treasury bonds, Chinese officials are clearly concerned that the country’s substantial holdings of American debt, worth at least $1.1 trillion, are being

    “The U.S. government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone,” read the commentary, which was published in Chinese newspapers.

    Beijing, which did not release any other official statement on the downgrade, called on Washington to make substantial cuts to its “gigantic military expenditure” and its “bloated social welfare” programs.

    The commentary serves as a sharp illustration of how the United States’ standing in the world is sliding and how China now views itself as ascendant.

    “International supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars should be introduced, and a new stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country,” the Xinhua commentary said.


    • Well, if he won’t listen to the Tea Party, maybe he’ll listen to Mao’s Party. Anita Dunn can advise him on that.

    • China wants to be looked upon as the new “Super Power”. No wonder other countries are looking at them as such. They are giving directives to the USA…!!
      Maybe Barry will fly the Chinese flag above the WH once again!

  6. Something is not right.

    A helicopter filled with the elite Seals and they were not prepared to get shot down while flying to an active fight site – on a mission… no drones, either?


    and what ever became of the “pinned down” unit?

    Why isn’t this the top story in our Nation today? Are people so conditioned that this is just another sound bite? a blip, news filler? Our Country should be in a State of Mourning Today. Bells should be tolling throughout the Land. Who are these “Heroes”?

    • This was a tremendous loss to their families, their units, and to the American people. Our elite troops. Investigations MUST take place. We need to know how they knew where the helicopter would be and when. I smell a HUGE RAT.

    • It is LONG past time for them to let slip the dogs of war. I have one word for them–GLASS. Avenge our brave SEALs.

      Under Bush, mission was very nearly accomplished. Taliban nearly vanquished. Banished to Pakistan.

      Under Barry, they’re regrouping, reconstituting, being made part of the culture and GOVERNMENT of Afghanistan, being met on equal terms and negotiated with by OUR GOVERNMENT, when they are ENEMIES of this country, not to mention of EVERY WOMAN in Afghanistan.

      Take off the gloves and let our men and women FIGHT. This is WAR. It’s not a game and soldiers don’t fight with one hand tied behind their backs.

      MORE OF OUR TROOPS HAVE DIED UNDER BARRY THAN DURING ALL THE YEARS OF THE WAR BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED. Why is that? Because they’re made to be sitting ducks. Why? Best case scenario–political correctness. Worst case scenario–taquiyya and leaders with divided allegiance.


    • Little news…because the media is leftist and they don’t want to hurt Barry’s image. Remember for 8 years we heard the death count daily and now hardly a blip. This administration and its supporters are sickening. Who knew where this chopper was going and who was aboard ? May those responsible go straight to Hell.

  7. h/t Gateway Pundit

  8. “Obama left the West Wing around 3:40 p.m, [Friday], waving to a crowd as he boarded his helicopter. Valerie Jarrett, Reggie Love and Pete Souza are tagging along.”

    While depression looms on the horizon after S&P downgrades the USA and as 30 brave troops give their lives for our freedom, the person who calls himself president goes golfing. But Jarrett says he deserves a rest because he’s earned all those gray hairs. What a surprise! BFF Reggie “LOVE” goes along. Where’s MO?

    Souza is chief WH propagandist/photo-op creator: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Souza

    Those will be inconvenient optics, all things considered.

  9. Stocks are falling fast again.

  10. It Continues: S&P Now Downgrades Fannie and Freddie
    Posted on August 8, 2011 at 10:46am by Jonathon M. Seidl

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials at Standard & Poor’s are downgrading the credit ratings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and other agencies linked to long-term U.S. debt.

    The agency says it has also lowered the ratings for: farm lenders; long-term U.S. government-backed debt issued by 32 banks and credit unions; and three major clearinghouses, which are used to execute trades of stocks, bonds and options.

    All the downgrades were from AAA to AA+. S&P says the agencies and banks all have debt that is exposed to economic volatility and a further downgrade of long-term U.S. debt.

    Officials at Standard & Poor’s say they will also indicate shortly how local and state governments will be affected by their decision on Friday to lower the long-term U.S. debt from AAA to AA+.


    • Is this necessarily a bad thing? To downgrade Freddie and Fannie, I mean? Will this keep them from once again making loans to people who can’t possibly be able to pay them back? Will it keep Barney Fwank from blackmailing them into giving loans to people who can’t afford homes?

      • I agree Miri. Usually scammers have very bad credit soooo….if the shoe fits…

      • Investigating them would be the right step…perhaps Mr. Johnson, head of the Obot crew, should be number 1 on their list, next good old Rahm…both walked away with millions from F & F. Fwank and Dobbs as well..who said there were no problems. How much have the taxpayers put into F& F this year and last year to bail them out? Rep. Issa…this would be a good one to make a priority.

        I say let’s use some of that leftover stimulus money and hire more people to work with Issa. They have their hands full!

        • Johnson again ? hummm…Which JOHNSON is THIS one Bridgette ? I guess I missed this one. Lot’s of Johnson swirling these days….O said his name was Johnson too a while back right ?

          • From across the hall. Guess where Johnson Air is ?
            Ghana no less..Connects to Douglas, Smith at American Airlines too.
            Planes, Trains and Automobiles | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | August 8, 2011 at 10:24 am | Reply
            A comment today at Citizen Wells;
            Carolina Kennedy has just consented to releasing her mother’s (Jackie) voice tape which blame Lyndon B. Johnson in the death of her husband, JFK in November 63 in Dallas.

            I was saying the same thing shortly after JFK was killed while I was stationed at Fort Hood as a 1st Lt. of Infantry in November 0f 63. It didn’t take a college graduate to figure out LBJ was involved. But the dumbest of soldiers knew that Oswald was set up as the fall guy.

            After all, who stood to benefit? LBJ talked JFK into going to Texas and he was one of the people who had the strongest “horse in the race”, and a lot to lose when Kennedy was sure to drop him at the next election.

            But, LBJ wasn’t the only one with sticky fingers……A hard look needs to be taken at G.H.W. Bush, who also has a horse in the race. I hope her tapes get into that area

            Renee | August 8, 2011 at 10:29 am | Reply
            Johnson ? Again from above so you remember this connection;
            Renee | August 8, 2011 at 6:29 am | Reply
            Again, the founder of American Airlines;

            Renee | August 8, 2011 at 6:30 am | Reply

            Renee | August 8, 2011 at 6:33 am | Reply
            NASA Dryden DC-8 airborne laboratory refitted with CFM56 turbofan engines
            Role Narrow-body jet airliner
            National origin United States
            Manufacturer Douglas Aircraft
            McDonnell Douglas
            First flight May 30, 1958
            Introduced September 1959 with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines
            Status Limited cargo and VIP transport operations
            Primary users Air Transport International
            Astar Air Cargo
            Johnsons Air
            Produced 1958-1972
            Number built 556

            NOTE* DOUGLAS*
            wiki link above.

          • And this has what to do with Fannie and Freddie?

          • It has to do with the comment you made on JOHNSON above. It is not so difficult to connect and this is an open thread right ? Have you bothered to read ANYTHING on the research thread Bridgette ?

  11. Stock market in free fall..what a distraction and nightmare. Someone at Citizen Wells had a good one- Debt Man walking. I hear Debt Man will be talking today too. CW has this comment also and I agree with him;
    I believe that the Colin Powell challenge is bigger than many may realize.
    This is a lot like playing poker.
    An ace was just played. Other generals have responded proactively in a patriotic way.
    This is a matter of defending the US Constitution and a treasonable offense.
    I have been challenging congressmen & military officers for some time.
    I am personally prepared to challenge Powell face to face.

    • Gateway Pundit and others have been pointing out that it’s 3 days since the downgrade and Barry’s said zip. He was vacationing at Camp David and golfing, as usual. So now, on cue, he has to come out and speak. Yuk. Not listening, Barry. I doubt anyone is.

      • The WSJ today hinted that because there were rumors about the downgrade early in the morning of the day it happened, insider dealing might have happened. They said Treasury learned of the downgrade from S&P about 1 in the afternoon that day. So did somebody at Treasury leak that news so preferred ones could make a profit? I hope they investigate to answer that question. Oh, yeah. Tax dodger Geithner is staying.

        • Would you be at all surprised Miri ? Insiders make a pot of gold you know….

          • Soros. I’m torn on this S&P deal. I wouldn’t put it past Barry and Geithner to be behind orchestrating this, in order to pressure the gang of 12 (to be named later) into raising taxes. And yet, that would tank the economy even more. Which Barry would like, but not S&P. So then I think (forlorn hope?) that perhaps S&P is providing cover for the gang of 12 (to be named later) so they will cut as much as the Tea Party wants. In that sense, then maybe this is the Tea Party downgrade, but only because S&P are on the same side. Maybe the Republics (RINOs, et al) have connections in S&P and are using them politically, to push back against what Geithner and Barry are doing to the US and WORLD economies. Kabuki theater on somebody’s part, that much I do suspect.

          • NYSE now down 501 Miri.

          • Closes today at 634 down.

  12. http://www.infowars.com/pollster-americans-are-pre-revolutionary/

    Now this is some good news.

    “Amidst riots in central Europe that have now spread to London and a debt downgrade that threatens to plunge the United States into a double-dip recession, Americans’ lack of confidence in their leadership is so crippled that they are now “pre-revolutionary,” according to pollster Pat Caddell.

    A new Rasmussen poll shows that just 17 per cent of Americans believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed, an all time low. This dovetails with a record low for Congress’ approval rating, which stands at a paltry 6 per cent, while 46 per cent of Americans think most members of Congress are corrupt, with just 29% believing otherwise.

    “The number of voters who feel the government has the consent of the governed – a foundational principle, contained in the Declaration of Independence – is down from 23% in early May and has fallen to its lowest level measured yet,” according to Rasmussen. … “This conclusion follows Caddell’s observation last November that a sea of anger is churning” amongst Americans who “want to take their country back and that the nation stood on the brink of a “pre-revolutionary moment”.

    Caddell’s conclusion that Americans are on the verge of rising up against a system in which they have lost all trust cannot be easily dismissed as partisan rhetoric. Despite working for numerous Democratic presidential candidates, including Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden, Caddell has been a vociferous critic of both Democrats and Republicans on several issues.”

    • Also bad news, it what they say about US troops being trained to deal with social unrest in 2011 is true. What’s good news is that the people appear to be waking up to the fraud that is Obama.

      • Someone is itching to do the Marshall law trick ? That sure would put a hold on elections as we have discussed for a long time now like alot of others watching things carefully have thought of too. So sad Miri no ?

      • It would be par for the course:

        “August 08, 2011
        Did Soros Make $1B Betting on U.S. Downgrade?
        Who made a billion dollars on 10/1 bet that U.S. credit rating would be downgraded?
        By Mark Duell, The Daily Mail

        A mystery investor or hedge fund reportedly made a bet of almost $1 billion at odds of 10/1 last month that the U.S. would lose its AAA credit rating.

        Now questions are being asked of whether the trader had inside information before placing the $850 million bet in the futures market.

        There are mounting rumours that investor George Soros, 80, famously known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’, could be involved.

        He made more than $1 billion on currency speculation when the British pound left the Exchange Rate Mechanism on Black Wednesday in 1992. … The bet also raises questions of whether President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner knew that a downgrade was on the cards.

        Mr Geithner said in April there was ‘no risk’ of a downgrade – but the government now appears annoyed, not surprised, by last week’s decision. He has since slammed S&P for showing ‘terrible judgment’ in their decision and a ‘stunning lack of knowledge’ of U.S. fiscal budget maths.”
        If there were to be an investigation, this might explain why a certain person might decide to hang on to influence events. It’s far past time that the world dealt with Mr. Soros, destroyer of economies and currencies.

        Maybe if a person knows he may be on the way to losing power, he’ll do anything necessary to build up a golden parachute for himself, before retiring to the Dark Continent to perhaps become that continent’s ruler for life.
        The full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023809/Did-George-Soros-win-10-1-return-S-Ps-US-credit-rating-downgrade.html#ixzz1UTIG7miL

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023809/Did-George-Soros-win-10-1-return-S-Ps-US-credit-rating-downgrade.html#ixzz1UTHxiPdR

        • Isn’t this the same type of betting that caused the financial crisis Miri ?
          Now if you bet your neighbor his tree will die by Christmas and then poison that tree in the middle of the night then……?

          Smells bad.

  13. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/august_2011/fewer_voters_than_ever_believe_u_s_elections_are_fair

    “With faith already lacking in the government and the economy, U.S. voters now have less confidence than ever in the fairness of elections.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national survey finds that just 43% of Likely Voters believe American elections are fair to voters. That’s the lowest finding to date. Almost as many (42%) now say elections are not fair to voters, the highest finding since surveying on the question began in 2004. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.”

    Never underestimate the intelligence and perception of the American people. 41% say that people chosen randomly from the phone book would do a better job for the people. 🙂

  14. Forgot to give you this gem from Geithner, who said,

    Geithner said Congress owns the credit rating because the Constitution gives Congress the power to tax and spend.

    Congress ultimately owns the credit rating of the United States. They have the power of the purse on the Constitution. And they’re going to have a chance now to … to earn back the confidence of investors around the world and of course they’re going to have to do that.””

    The blame game returns. Did it ever go away? Suddenly, they care about the Constitution. But you know the game they’re playing. They’re snarking at the Tea Partiers and anyone else who honors the Constitution, as they do NOT.


  15. Dow Jones now 4.32 down

  16. Do they have the capability to do this?

    Iran says U.S. ‘will be taught the mother of all lessons’
    Editorial warns of pending cyber attack on electrical grid

    August 07, 2011 Snips

    Iran is planning to retaliate against the United States for the sabotage against its nuclear program, according to an editorial in the Kayhan newspaper, the mouthpiece of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    The U.S. has all of its infrastructure connected to the Internet, the editorial says, and as a result, “it is constantly worried about an unknown player, who they will never be able to identify … sitting in some corner of the world who would launch an attack on a sector of (the Americans’) foundations. They will be taught the mother of all lessons.”

    Specifically, Iran is looking into launching a cyber attack against U.S. electrical grid systems.

    Iranian officials are furious over the July 23 assassination of nuclear scientist Dariush Rezai-Nejad, who was working on electric detonators for the Iranian nuclear program, which can be used on missiles or nuclear bombs. He was the third Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated since 2009.


    • I thought originally they blamed Israel’s Mossad for the latest assassination. Now they are blaming us? I guess we are one in the same to them.

    • I thought Israel pulled that one off. I doubt that Barry would have done it. Sounds like Mossad to me.

  17. Newsweek’s Bachmann Cover Sparks Outrage
    Monday, 08 Aug 2011 01:36 PM

    Conservatives reacted with anger on Monday after Newsweek featured a “wild-eyed” picture of tea party favorite Michele Bachmann on its cover, over the line “The Queen of Rage.”

    The news weekly “barely struggles against its bias towards conservative women to view them with anything other than contempt,” wrote Dana Loesch, editor in chief of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism.

    See the cover..

    • We know Michelle Bachmanis still an attractive, good looking woman even though they put the worst photo they could find with an even more outrageous headline. Newsweek in the tank still? How’s that circulation? Who do the democrats have in their ranks to compare to the beauty of conservative women like Sarah and Michelle? Debbie Wasserman-Shultz? The airplane tax cheat from Missouri, Claire? Good old Pelosi? Anita Mao Dunn? MO..what does Lame Cherry call her..horse’s…? Bernice Johnson..the I gave all my relatives college scholarships and didn’t know it was wrong? I just can’t find a comparable comparison in the demorat party that equal the beauty and brains of Sarah and Michelle or the S. Carolina governor.

    • Unbelievable…NOW came out to defend Michelle Bachman…that has to be a first that they are finally defending a conservative woman!

  18. Surprise: Senate Banking Committee to probe S&P’s decision to downgrade
    August 8, 2011 by Allahpundit

    Alternate headline: “Feds leave dead fish on S&P’s doorstep.” And if you think this is shady, check out how Italy handled its own threat of a downgrade from S&P. Good lord. What happens if they downgrade Egypt? Does David Beers end up in the cage with Mubarak?

    Note to Fitch from the Senate Banking Committee: Choose wisely.


  19. Bumper Stickers Galore!

    • That makes my day, Bridgette! Thanks for posting it. God bless America. This gives me renewed faith in our People, the greatest people on the face of God’s green earth.ROFLMAO

      “Does this Ass make my bumper look socialist?” I love that one! WTPOTUS could make a fortune selling these, but somebody beat us to that idea. American entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned capitalism will save our asses once again. Capitalists like Kenneth Gladney can make tons off of Obama next election. Get those printing presses running, Ken!

      They should end this with Farah’s “Where’s the REAL birth certificate?”

      Alinsky turned against THEM:

      “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” “The most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule.”

  20. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/08/sarah-palin-im-excited-to-try-some-famous-fried-butter-on-a-stick-in-honor-of-those-whod-rather-make-us-just-eat-our-peas/

    “I’m excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried Twinkies, etc. … I’ll enjoy [the fried food] in honor of those who’d rather make us just ‘eat our peas,'” said sassy Sarah.

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