Top Fourteen Signatures of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Doe

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Alleged to be Stanley Ann Dunham Note the tell tale neck covering. Photo:NY Times


Below is a compilation of Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham’s, many variations of her signature.   Like anything else having to do with this fabricated family,  there are just too many inconsistencies in provided information to say any of them are biologically  related to each other or that they even exist.   The felonious crimes of the cabal involved in these crimes are getting too numerous to mention. The apparent forgeries of many documents are being examined by experts in various fields, and the exposure of these fraudulent documents and the crimes of those involved are beginning to reach a fevered pitch.

It is unfathomable to me how so many documents for this family that were completed for the government can raise so many questions,  i.e., social security cards, social security applications, passport applications, petitions, written notes, letters, marriage licenses, birth certificates, school records,  alien documents, and photographs.

Applications are incomplete, blank spaces occur where questions were supposed to be answered, dates referring to specific events are different in various documents, forms are used that were never in use by the government, and form numbers or revisions are erroneous.

Applications contain writing that is noticeably written by different hands on the same page and within the same file of documents.  Handwriting signatures aren’t identical when compared to other examples supposedly written by the same person.  Signatures occurring on the same page for the same day don’t match either.

As you will see below in examples of Ann Dunham’s signatures, the slant of the writing is either to the left, right or straight up and down.  The cursive signature varies in the amount of pressure applied to the paper; it is heavy to extremely light.  When the signature is written it is exactly on the baseline or way above it.  The written letters are either angular or rounded and vary.  Her signature is clear or sloppily written. As her name changes from Dunham to Obama to Soetoro, her first name is written either as Stanley, S., or Ann. Along with her name changes, her cursive handwriting style also changes.  The discrepancies are quite obvious when they are laid out together and seen.

How can these abnormalities be explained away?  The obvious answer is they can’t.  Someone has forged these government documents.  It has been done by those who have conspired to cover-up the usurper and his less than illustrious family. They try, but their deceit has gone too far.  Their forged documents and the information presented are being dissected and examined page by page.

As your eyes can see, Ann’s name as well as her signature varies from document to document.  Which, if any, is the real signature of Stanley Ann Dunham?  In reality, is there a real Ann Dunham that is the mother of Barack Obama or is she a fabrication?  I added the legal term of Doe to indicate another name she may have used but is unknown.

Let’s compare and contrast Ann’s signatures. These are arranged from the earliest dates to the latest. If you have other examples that are missing from this list, please let us know the source and they will be added.

Will a handwriting expert please weigh in!


Signature Variations of

      Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Doe



Stanley Signature from High School Photo





Stanley Ann Dunham Obama as written on BHO’s LFCOLB in 1961. Recently presented to the US by the White House on April 27, 2011


Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature from Petition for Lolo, page 70



Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature Passport File Page 5


S. Ann Soetoro Nov. 30, 1965 Affidavit, Lolo Petition File, page 117



Stanley Ann Dunham Passport File, Page 3, August 13, 1968



Stanley Ann Soetoro Signature Page 6 Passport File



S. Ann Dunham Soetoro, Passport Application, January 4, 1972


Mrs. S. Ann Soetoro May 1, 1974 Letter, Lolo Petition File Pg 165


S. Ann Dunham Soetoro, June 197? Passport Application, Page 11



Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro Signature from Marriage Certificate – Lolo Soetoro Page 73



Stanley Ann Dunham Signature April 9, 1986 – Note Trip to Philippines Delayed



S. Ann Dunham Passport Application Signature April 27, 1987?



Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Passport Application – Strunk v Dept of State.

White House Long Form COLB for Barack Obama on April 27, 2011

Lolo Soetoro Petition , Obama Sr. – Ken Allen FOIA Release – Department of Homeland Security

Update/Addition 02/02/2014: Below are two additional signatures; these are from the divorce paperwork for Stanley Ann and Lolo Soetoro.

Signatures from Stanley Ann and Lolo Soetoro divorce papers.  First signature from July 1980.  Second signature from November 1980.

Signatures from Stanley Ann and Lolo Soetoro divorce papers. First signature from July 1980. Second signature from November 1980.


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  1. Great job, Bridgette. SEO, here it is! Bridgette had started this a while back and you gave the incentive for it to be finished. In the meantime, other examples came to light, so we have a better group to compare. It helps a lot to see them all together, in date order.

    Now it’s so much easier to see how her writing changed over the years. I’m no handwriting expert but it’s curious, especially, how her capital S changed between high school (1) and when she signed that petition to allow Lolo to stay (4). In high school, the capital S stood alone, unconnected to the following t. Yet when she applied for the SS#, suddenly she connected the S to the t.

    Also, check out the small y–in her teens (1 and 2), she ends the letter y with a straight tail. Thereafter, there’s a loopy end.

    In 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, the capital A has a loop on the right side. It’s a straight line with no loop on the other examples.

    Below, for comparison, are two examples of handwriting on the birth certificate OF Stanley Ann Dunham, so CANNOT be her handwriting. One of our commenters pointed out HOW VERY SIMILAR the handwriting on “Ann’s” birth certificate is, compared to handwriting that is supposed to be hers. We don’t know if Ann’s birth certificate is legitimate, but it came to light via a FOIA request, as did most other examples of what’s purported to be her handwriting above, EXCEPT for (1) and (2). The first example came from a high school friend, who claims SADOS signed her yearbook. The second example, is said to be a FORGERY by many experts. In the example below, we don’t know whose handwriting this is. It could be Madelyn Dunham’s, Stanley Armour Dunham’s, or a clerk or nurse at the hospital.

    • Look especially at Stanley on the first signature. And the capital D. Does it not appear that THIS writer wrote VERY like the young Ann? Or did whoever signed Stanley Ann Dunham’s birth certificate ALSO provide some of the other signatures that are supposed to be the child herself’s handwriting, later in life?

    • Kudos Bridget…………Great job!

    • if you hold your cursor on the photo sometimes it say something about Stanley hated working at the US Embassy (NYTimes I assume). How did she teach English in a stock room of what lookes like some sort of supplies? I think her mouth is sewn shut in this photo. (joking)

      • I meant to ask Bridgette if she has a link for that photo. I wondered where she is, too. Here ya go, alfy. It’s an “interactive” media feature on the NY Times Magazine story about Janny Scott’s fawning biography:

        Do check out the pic of SADOS in a dashiki sans pants. 🙂

        • Yes Miri, I checked out that interactive time line and in that photo of the storage room/mabe shipping room., you can see a little better that that is a person in the background. In the larger photo you posted, when I put my cursor on it ,it says SAD hated working at the Embassy . Did you try it. I wonder if that’s the bags of grain that President Jonhnson promised Indonesia. And maybe that’s other supplies, medicine, bandages ie/ seeing as how a whole lot of people are geting massacred right about then.

          • like I said while ago, she was supposedly teaching English at the Embassy, or was she?

          • What the background looks like to me is one of those stores that sell locally-produced crafts. Or maybe it’s a grocery. I see jugs on the top shelf and what looks like loaves of bread on the right.

            I didn’t post that larger photo; Bridgette did. I think what you see when you put the cursor over the photo is a text description that Bridgette typed into the WTPOTUS media libarary. It’s what she named that photo. Likely, she took it from the text of the story. You can ask her, or maybe she will weigh in when she reads this comment. I tried to “fix” the photo so we could see the background better, with no luck. If anyone has better software, then please give it a try for us.

          • Bridgette might have found the photo somewhere else. I found it on that timeline. They claim it was supplied by the family and that it was 1975, when she went to Indonesia (again) without Barry to work on her “village industry” PhD.

            Bridgette: If you’re looking at this photo, take a closer gander at that darkish line running right across her forehead, under the hairline. They do seem to always mess with her hairline. If you look at the top of her head, the line of her hair looks modified, too. Where’s that light coming from that reflects back off her rings? Yet the light in the background comes from that large window or door on the left. It doesn’t seem to me that light from that source would catch that ring on her right hand, especially, given how she’s shading that hand with the other and her arm, body, and the chair should also shade that hand. The gunny sacks on the right show no sign of a light source coming from in front of “Ann”. She’s photoshopped into that picture. She wasn’t there. Look how unnatural her right arm looks, when there should be bright light on the arm. Note how sharp the edges of that entire arm are. It just doesn’t look “right”.

          • onw more look. The light is filling the room from behind and a little from one side, but this is normal. All the objects and she are blocking the light, thus you get some light on the bags. She is not in shadow , she is just in front of the light . Notice objects farther away from light filled room , they become a bit deeper also. I don’t think this is all photo shopped. Could be wrong. The main thing is, that timeline sorta prooves she was hardly ever a mother for Barry,Barack,huzhismama, Obama, doesn’t it. And then the photo where it says little barack is born is a dam three year old. I always thought that picture where shes holding him on the fence that she was on the outside and he had just come from the other. I’ve looked all over to see what the army barracks looked like back then, because the angulat roofed building reminds me of that. There are people barely visible in front of the builing in shadow. Was it the coffee shop which had been an old army building (Remember the article/obituary I posted of a Lee guy that graduated Punahou in 1965. It said something about him working at the old army something as a coffee shop in the 60’s while in school. )See if you can find it.

          • What you are seeing is how I identified the photo and what was said in the article by the NY Times. I didn’t add that information to the article as it had nothing to do with the signatures.

      • Oh I see, it shows her marriage as 1965, but still, if she was Indo. cit., then she wasn’t American cit. No dual, especially in Indo.

      Although this is not about signatures for Ann I think it’s the best place to inject this history of what else would have been occurring during even the first of the 1960’s on into the present with regard to Inonesia and the mineral rich island of Papua New Guinea ( western Papua especially). The CIA, General Suharto as early as 1960 and later, The Dutch (remember the anthropologist Rene Wassing, in the Clark Rockefeller story was of the Netherlands). Then, there’s General Dag Hammerskjold with the UN( I didn’t realize his plane crash was this period of time and involving Western Papua’s independence from Dutch and Indo.. This was when Ralph Bunch replaced Hammerskjold pretty much and of course the bitter course of events in the Congo with Patrice Lumumba. Seems massacres were going on all over the place. And Mr. Nelson Rockefeller, Ford Foundation ect. were heavily at this time in relations with Australia(anthroplogical museum and W. Papua), Africa, Indo. and Hawaii …..on and on it goes. Rene Wassing, Clark Rockefeller’s boat buddy just died this year in April. Wonder what information he took with him to his grave. I just thought this bit of history would broaden the perspective of what was taking place in Indonesia when Sukarno was losing face. Remember he was big in the non-aligned countries. The UN probably couldn’t get anywhere with him.

      I just thought it was important, mainly to see that for Ann to be running about Indonesia seems odd unless she was working closely with gov. or CIA or Rockefellers? ……during any of the years from 1960 into the 70’s, or to stay and raise a daughter there seems extraordinary as well, unless there were some connections. If she were writing on work she did in Java, just when would that have been seeing as how they were being massacred too? Just WEIRD. I wonder how close Rockefeller and Sen. Inouey(sp), with the justice department and immigration , were at this time. Maybe Ann rarely signed anything, someone else signed her traveling papers whenever needed.????

      This is a good read as far as some brief history, and it’s not too long.

    • Guess what ,you guys…..there’s no way Stanley Ann was a citizen of Indonesia, as it says above in #5. One does not become a citizen overnight. She would have had to be in Indonesia before 1965 for ,I think two years or more to be able to make that claim. Number 5 is a false statement or a false document. Am I right? Anyone remember the prerequisite for obtaining Indo citizenship? I’ve forgotten now,but it may even have taken longer.

  2. Example 2: Very suspicious because the writer appears to be writing on a very straight line that doesn’t even exist!

  3. Where is this photo said to have been taken? Notice no ring on her ring finger. Also, it looks like there is someone in the background on the left. I wonder if a photo expert would weigh in and cleanup the background for us?

    • There are men in the photograph. That part of it looks photoshopped, as in the photos of Breivik where they took out the background and left the funny haloes around him. SADOS looks photoshopped into this picture. How come that bright light doesn’t hit her at all? Why doesn’t she look at the photographer? If you play with it with software, it’s next to impossible to lighten up those guys. But SADOS ends up popping out of the photo as if she was pasted in there, including the chair. I think that’s what happened. Good point–rings on two fingers but neither the wedding ring finger.

  4. there is just a bit of light on her hair, not much. But why is someone taking a picture here anyway? Weird. And just a bit earlier with baby Maya she has no rings.

  5. sorry about the spelling,hope it still made sense.

  6. Bridgette: Zoom in on her face and take a look at that “square” around her right nostril. The entire background is so pixelated that it obviously has been manipulated. What’s that up at the very top, far right corner?

    • there’s almost always something wrong with her nostril; sometimes to the point of deformity. That’s when I want to think she is a culmination of peoples faces and her mouth and nose are always dropped in on top of someone elses face (like maybe Maya’s) .

      I know I am writing this at a time when you guys are looking into stories about “terrorist Teapartiers and US. special ops SEALS are being shot down.
      I am just looking back through, scanning for some bits and pieces , seeing what I might have missed. Also looking for somewhere to add a trivial piece of info about “Toot” Dunham. Any suggestions where to put it?

      • I don’t think we have written an article just on Madelyn. So add it to the following link. This is easily found in “Links” in the header at the top of the page if you forget.

        “Obama Family Saga Continues”

        • thanks bridgette, but where is “Obama Family Saga Continues”? I’ve looked, but cant’t find that. I know, sometimes I’m inept, but I have really tried to find where to put it. We really should do(when there’s time if ever) one solely on Madeline. It might end up quatitatively compelling.???
          I’m still looking….

          • Look at the We the People banner at the top of the page. See the word links…click on it and you will see links that are used all the time. That is where you can click on the link for Obama Family Saga Continues.

  7. Back to the topic of this thread: What do you think about the various signatures and the differences in the handwriting, especially, how do you explain that Stanley Ann’s handwriting looks nearly identical to whomever signed Stanley Ann’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

    This is impossible, unless she were an infant prodigy who emerged from the womb holding a felt-tipped pen.

    • I am curious if any feel that pelosi’s signature on the DNC certification for Hawaii looks odd? I think it looks very odd. I am not an analyst and mine looks different also at times, but given everything we have seen on documents, one could also question this one also. I actually though the analysis by the daily pen was credible regarding the scenario of why the local chairman did not sign the certification.

      • I don’t remember Pelosi’s signature..but I do remember reading the article by the Daily Pen and found it a reasonable analysis.

  8. omigosh, over on the left side upper corner I think I see Popeye.

    mystery solved. Montel! Maury! Is barky Sweet Pea?

  9. She looks like she’s going to burst out in song any second up there. ^ ^

    over the rainbow, way up high,
    my chin will point upward
    where all the Blue – bird$ flllllyyyyyyyyy~~~~

  10. What a “Great Caption This” foto find. seriously, this is the best one yet.

    On topic, the signatures are all fabricated. That one “To Max” is the prototype. Your pal, Stanley. bwhahahahaa

    S u r r e n d e r
    S T A N L E Y

  11. Surrender, Stanley! That’s funny, Papooski.

  12. Handwriting expert here.

    First off, I have three other samples of the same handwriting:

    On Shirley Lee Applebee’s SSN# application

    On Stanley Armour Dunham’s SSN# application

    On Stanley Ann Dunham’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

    Secondly, some of the signatures of SADOS are traced and not freely written; e.g., the divorce papers.

    SAD, at least the earlier samples, are those of a left-handed writer, and I have a suspect in mind.

    The signature: “To Max…from Stanley” was written by Maxine Hanson Box who also Photoshopped SAD’s 10th grade Isla photo. Box is the “classmate of Stanley Ann” whose comments appeared in several articles about SAD’s years on Mercer Island. Box is one of the five “Seattle Slew” – my name for the slew of conspirators in Seattle who invented the saga of Stanley Ann, 1960 MIHS graduate.

    Since MIHS was a THREE-YEAR high school, and since SAD could not have graduated from MIHS in 1960 (1961, if at all), then SAD was AWOL between 1956 and 1958 when she would have started classes at MIHS (if at all)?

    IMPO, SAD are two people and I have said that repeatedly. Whomever was supposed to be SAD in the 1960’s is not the SAD of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.

    In a KETV video interview 9the one for which I provided a link), Virginia Goeldner, the half-sister of SAD, said that she died in 1975.

    Then, in a story appearing in Tulsa Today,, we learn that she and her husband, Cecil (who had worked in Saudi Arabia), went to Hawaii in 1982 to visit her brother Stanley Armour, his wife, Madelyn, grand-daughter Maya, and Barack. According to the article, “everyone was there, except Barack, who was at Columbia.”

    The KETV interview was in Nov 2008. The Tulsa Today article was on June 27, 2009.

    IIRC, SAD was working for the Ford Foundation in Jakarta in 1982.

    In the Tulsa Today article, we learn that Virginia’s daughter, Debi, is a linguistics professor whose “main emphasis was the Arabic language. She moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband after graduation, where she lives today with their five children.”

    Muslim, perhaps?

    Anyway, I digress.

    The cursive and block lettering should be treated separately. The block lettering is a more reliable comparison than is the cursive. SAD’s “E’s” and “N’s” are idiosyncratic and distinctive. I found them on the three SSN# apps (one for her, one for Shirley Lee, and one for Stanley Armour).

    On all of the earlier samples, the loops in the cursive “t’s” are tight and pointed. The latter samples are wide open and curved. It appears that more than one person has been signing in as SAD, or SADOS or S. Ann. Dunham Sutoro, depending on what year and document you ID.

    I call her SAD #2 because she replaced SAD #1.

    Forged signatures go hand-in-hand with forged photos of SAD and the State Department has created some doozies.


    SAD’s alias on the SSN app is SHIRLEY JEAN APPLEBEE.

    I think that she also used the Shirley Lee Applebee, also.

    • Dr Ron…
      I assume you are aware of what you get if you put Shirley Applebee’s SSN into the Social Security Death index database? (You get Shirley Dunham (who was born in Nov, 1941 and died in 1975).
      Probably that is why you requested that number in the first place…it was just a bit of a shock when I just did that, but maybe I haven’t paid close enough attention to what you have written already about this.

      • I did the same thing and got the same results using Stanley Ann’s SS number only at two different sites.

        U.S. Social Security Death Index
        Shirley DUNHAM
        Birth Date: 4 Nov 1941
        Death Date: Jan 1975
        Social Security Number: 539-38-1493
        State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Washington

        Your search for Shirley Applebee did not match any items in Social Security Death Index.

        • This just got me thinking…I was about to point out that the SSDI always lists people by the name they were using when they died…so, with women, you are not likely to find them under their maiden names. Except that, despite two marriages, SAD was still (again) SAD when she died…just an interesting (or maybe not so interesting 🙂 observation.

          • Might explain why early stories called her SHIRLEY. Whoops! Did someone accidentally tell the truth?

            DUNHAM, SHIRLEY
            Birth: 04 Nov 1941
            Death: Jan 1975

            For comparison, from familysearch:
            Stanley DUNHAM
            Birth Date: 29 Nov 1942
            Death Date: 7 Nov 1995
            Social Security Number: 535-40-8522
            State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Washington

            Death Residence Localities
            ZIP Code: 96826
            Localities: Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii

  14. Wasn’t the Stanley Armour application for a SSN filled out by a Woolworth’s employee? At least that is how I read it (???)

  15. Following are other instances where Shirley Lee Applebee was discussed for reference.

    Dr. Ron Polland | February 2, 2011 at 8:23 am
    According to, the semi-official blog of Wichita, KS, it was also Shirley Ann Dunham.

    I also have two SSN applications: one filled out as Stanley Ann Dunham and the second one as Shirley Lee Applebee – in the same handwriting. There is also a third SSN – this time it’s for Stanley Armour Dunham, but it, too, is written by the same hand.

    On the birth certificate for SAD that was supplied by the State Department in response to Chris Strunk’s FOIA for SAD’s passport files, her birth name is Stanley Ann Dunham.

    There is just one problem.

    The handwriting on it matches both the sample on SAD’s SSN application, as well as her signature and handwriting on what is alleged to be SAD’s 10th grade photo – the one that Maxine Box displayed in a WaPo article.

    Then, we have the two different signatures on the two different divorce decrees, both of which do NOT match the previous exemplars.
    Then again, her passport photos sent by the State Department are Photoshops.

    Nice, don’t you think?

    The name, “Shirley,” did not require the ridiculous birth narrative about “Stanley Armour wanting a boy so much that he named her Stanley,” so why invent it?

    Maybe because STANLEY ARMOUR DUNHAM never existed. At least not by that name.

    Miri | February 2, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Dr. P. Thanks. Lots of food for thought there.

    btw, the Kansas Prairie blog was the link I provided above, where I said it’s been scrubbed already (Shirley became Stanley at some point after I saved the original text) but it’s also the same blog where skeeter posted and pointed out that Shirley was her name, at least at some point

    Dr. Ron Polland Submitted on 2011/07/11 at 7:24 am

    I did the handwriting analyses for three of Taitzss SSN apps: one for Stanley Ann Dunham, one for Stanley Armour Dunham, and one for Shirlee Lee Applebee.

    They are identical.

    Don’t look at the signature – there is no reference sample. It has appeared on SSN apps, passport apps, divorce decrees, and even her own birth certificate!

    Whomever is signing it is obviously NOT SADOS – then again SADOS is NOT one person.

    Miri Submitted on 2011/07/20 at 1:55 pm

    Speaking of that comment by Dr. P. (aka Dr. Ron, aka Polarik), do I dare play the name game and bring up that other name he mentioned there? Shirley LEE Applebee. There are several Shirley Lees on that Polk Directory page. Could Lee be a maiden name instead of a middle name? But I thought Shirley Applebee’s middle name was Jean, but now I don’t know where I heard that.

    Social Security Death Index: Shirley Dunham
    SS#: 539-38-1493
    Born: Nov 4 1941
    Died: Jan 1975
    SS# issued: Washington (1958)

    Wait, I remember now. Orly Taitz mentioned Shirley Jean Dunham Applebee. Or maybe it was Shirley Jean Applebee Dunham. Maybe Dr. Ron would care to elucidate?

    Speaking of SHIRLEY. Remember SHIRLEY Ann Dunham?

    • Thanks, Bridgette!

    • Has anyone here sent away to california for the death certificate for Shirley Ann? According to the CA vital records website anyone can get an “informational” copy.

      • I haven’t. Good thought. iirc, California did have an online death index. I wonder if I can find it again?

        • From……..

          California Death Index, 1940-1997 California Death Index, 1940-1997
          Name: Shirley J Dunham
          Social Security #: 539381493
          Sex: Female
          Birth Date: 4 Nov 1941
          Birthplace: Washington
          Death Date: 16 Jan 1975
          Death Place: Sacramento

          • Anyone here have access to Sacramento newspaper archives? Look through obituaries for Shirley Dunham for period from Jan 16 to about 23, 1975. An obit should show maiden name, spouse and children, maybe also parents and grandchildren. Location of funeral and burial site.

            There is usually a fee for death certificates but it would show cause of death, name of spouse, place of birth and also parents’ names and places of birth.

      • Yes, they used to have a free index, now you have to pay to see it for any death after 1939.

        Found this in the Wayback Machine. Don’t know if I had it in my Shirley post, but it was posted online by a professional genealogist.

        “Second Generation (Parents):
        2. Barack Hussein OBAMA Sr. was born in 1936 in Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya and died in a car crash in Nairobi, Kenya in 1982, leaving three wives, six sons and a daughter. All but one of his children live in Britain or the United States. One of the brothers died in 1984. He is buried in the village of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya.

        3. Shirley Ann DUNHAM was born on 27 November 1942 in Wichita, Kansas and died in 1995 of ovarian cancer.

        Barack Hussein OBAMA Sr. and Shirley Ann DUNHAM were married in 1960 in Hawaii and had the following children:

        1 i. Barack Hussein OBAMA, Jr.”

        That’s how it read in Feb. 2007. It remained SHIRLEY through Feb. 2008 and by March 2, 2008, had been changed to STANLEY Ann.

        btw, the incorrect year of their “marriage” remains. They supposedly married in 1961–the same year Barry was born. Supposedly born.

        It occurs to me that whatever source she originally had for Shirley Ann might have actually READ 1975 and somebody misread it OR CHANGED IT TO READ 1995. How hard is that to change 7 to 9? btw, aren’t professional genealogists supposed to cite documentary proof and sources?

        • OMG, I nearly missed this one. At that first link from the archive from Feb. 7 2007:
          “First Generation:
          1. Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas. His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student. When Barack Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father moved to Connecticut to continue his education before returning to Kenya.

          When Obama was six, his mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian oil manager and moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born after the family moved to Indonesia. Four years later she sent him back to the United States to live with his maternal grandmother.

          Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson. They have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.”

          May 10, 2008:
          “First Generation:
          1. Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas. His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student. When Barack Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father moved to Connecticut to continue his education before returning to Kenya.

          When Obama was six, his mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian oil manager. In 1967, when Soetoro’s student visa was revoked because of political unrest in Indonesia, Dunham and Barack, then in first grade, accompanied him to Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born after the family moved to Indonesia. Four years later she sent him back to the United States to live with his maternal grandmother.

          Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson. They have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.”

          By May 2008, Shirley was Stanley, as noted above, but the mistake about BHO Sr. being at school in CT and Barry being born at Queen’s remained until Feb. 2009, when the archive ends abruptly. TODAY, it reads,

          “First Generation:
          1. Barack Hussein OBAMA was born on 4 August 1961 at the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein OBAMA, Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Stanley Ann DUNHAM of Wichita, Kansas. His parents met while both were attending the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where his father was enrolled as a foreign student. When Barack Obama was two years old, his parents divorced and his father moved to Massachusetts to continue his education before returning to Kenya.

          In 1964, [1964!!! If true, she’s a bigamist.] Barack Obama’s mother married Lolo Soetoro, a tennis-playing graduate student, and later an oil manager, from the Indonesian island of Java. Soetoro’s student visa was revoked in 1966 because of political unrest in Indonesia, breaking up the new family. After graduating with a degree in anthropology the following year, Ann and her young son, Barack, joined her husband in Jakarta, Indonesia. [THIS WOULD BE CONSISTENT WITH BARRY ONCE SAYING HE AND ANN STAYED BEHIND FOR A YEAR, WAITING FOR PASSPORTS AND VACCINATIONS. HER MISSING PASSPORT WAS ISSUED JULY 1965; PASSPORT RECORDS RELEASED SAY ANN WENT TO JAKARTA IN OCT. 1967, BUT WAS THAT RELEASED TO MEET THE LEFT BEHIND 1 YEAR MEME?] Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born after the family moved to Indonesia. Four years later, Ann sent Barack back to the United States to live with his maternal grandmother. [not grandPARENTS?]

          Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson. They have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.”

        • Now here’s an interesting other genealogy that was on the Web back in June 2005, first listed, so around the time maybe they began grooming That One:

          Ancestry of Barack Obama
          1 Barack (“Barry”) Obama, Jr., US Senator from Illinois, b. Kapiolani Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 4 Aug. 1961
          2 Barack Obama, Ph. D., b. Alego, Kenya [on the shores of Lake Victoria], … 1936, senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance, d. Nairobi, Kenya, … 1982, bur. Alego
          m. … 1960, div. … 1963
          3 S[tanley] Ann Dunham, b. … , Kansas, 29 Nov. 1942, d. … 7 Nov. 1995 [SSDI 535-40-8522]
          4 Onyango, later “Hussein Onyango Obama”, b. … [Luo-speaking village], Kenya, … 1895, d. … 1979, bur. Alego
          m. … , sep. 1945
          5 Akumu, b. … , d. …
          6 Stanley Armour Dunham, salesman, b. … , Kansas, 23 March 1918, d. … 8 Feb. 1992 [SSDI 514-03-4824], bur. Punchbowl National Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii
          7 Madelyn Lee Payne, bank vice president, b. … , Kansas, … Oct. 1922

          “Ancestry of Barack Obama
          1 Barack Hussein Obama II, U.S. Senator from Illinois, U.S. President from 2009, b. Kapiolani Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 4 Aug. 1961,
          m. at Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, 3 Oct. 1992
          Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, b. Chicago 17 Jan. 1964, dau. of Frasier Robinson and of Marian Shields. Further details of her ancestry can be found here.
          2 Barack Hussein Obama, Ph. D., b. Alego, Kenya [on the shores of Lake Victoria], … 1936, senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance, d. Nairobi, Kenya, … 1982, bur. Alego
          m. Maui, Hawaii, 2 Feb. 1961, div. filed Honolulu, Hawaii Jan. 1964
          3 S[tanley] Ann Dunham, b. Wichita, Kansas, 29 Nov. 1942, d. Straub Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii, 7 Nov. 1995 [SSDI 535-40-8522]
          4 Onyango, later “Hussein Onyango Obama”, b. … [Luo-speaking village], Kenya, … 1895, d. … 1979, bur. Alego
          m. … , sep. 1945
          5 Akumu, b. … , d. …
          6 Stanley Armour Dunham, salesman, b. Wichita, Kansas, 23 March 1918, d. Honolulu, Hawaii, 8 Feb. 1992 [SSDI 514-03-4824], bur. Punchbowl National Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii
          m. Eldorado, Kan., 4 May 1940
          7 Madelyn Lee Payne, bank vice president, b. Peru, Kansas, 26 Oct. 1922, d. Honolulu, Hawaii, 2 Nov. 2008 [SSDI 558-20-7458]”

          William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services

          SO ANOTHER professional genealogist, with no sources cited [see below]. This man died in 2010 and another person took over his webpages.

          “The following material on the immediate ancestry of Barack Obama should not be considered either exhaustive or authoritative, but rather as a first draft.

          Christopher Challender Child, Robert Battle, and Michael Hurdle contributed to this report. In addition, corrections were provided by Joe David Bellamy, Judy Barry Strangfeld, Gratia Dunham Mahoney, Fred Chalfant, P J Evans, James Quinn, James R. Kuttler, Brian Casto, Jay Webber, John M. Cogar, William Walling, Sven Indra, Loretta-Marie Dimond, Karen Helwig, Pat King, Marvin Wellborn, Tom Brown, Emily Holloway, Brian Valco, and Warren Forsythe.”

          Wait! Go to the very end of the page and you will find some of his sources! Barry’s book and the FTS bogus SFCOLB! La. That’s what I call accuracy.

          He does, however, say “S. Ann” wasn’t Cherokee. One point for ACCURACY there, Bill. His is a good site to save because he has the census records transcribed at the very bottom, for the Dunhams in Kansas.

          He never calls her Stanley, but lists her a S(tanley) Ann, which makes me suspect that all they originally had to go on was S. Ann Soetoro. I still suspect that someone saw her signature somewhere and misread “Stanley” as “Shirley” because they EXPECTED a woman’s name. Which means that S. Ann never told people her first name, perhaps even her own “son.” IF he were adopted by her at some time after she became S. Ann Soetoro and if he never spent enough time with her (likely) to ever know or learn her name, then perhaps this explains the “confusion.” But there may be many other explanations. He cites this now-disappeared webpage:

          I’m looking for that one now. Ooooooh. They warn the info’s copyrighted, so you’ll have to go see for yourself that in 2004, they listed no descendants for Stan and Mad:

          But Virginia Goeldner is there.

          Here’s another link:

  16. At the risk of repeating myself “Deja vu, all over again.”

    Thanks, Bridgette,

    PS: this is what happens with fourteen signatures

  17. As usual the information regarding the form numbers and revision numbers aren’t readable. I typed the information as I saw it from the two applications. Someone else may see some of it differently than I did. But when I enlarged the numbers on both applications, both look like they were different numbers prior to being changed to what are seen. I still don’t understand where the card for Shirley Applebee came from that shows the same Soc. Security number as for Ann Dunham. Dr. P..did you order the SS card for Ann and they sent Shirley? Or did you order a card not using the name but the SS number and that is what was sent?

  18. Shirley Jean Applebee 539-38-1493
    702 N. Lee ? 24 (City and state?) Shirley Jean Applebee
    Age 15 Nov 11 4 U2 [42?] Place tomosket ? Wash
    Clifford Applebee Stella Applebee Gordon
    White Female
    2/16/58 Shirley Applebee

    Treasury Department Internal Can’t read Revised T-

    Enlarged numbers are on the same line and it appears the second 3 and 8 were some other number
    When number is enlarged, it looks like the 48 and 4 (4824) are revised from something else.

    Form – C? U.S. Social Security Act 514-03-4824
    Treasury Department Application for Account Number
    Internal Revenue Service

    Stanley Dunham
    STANLEY (who reprinted the name?]
    F. W. Woolworth Co. 205 E. Douglas Wichita Kansas
    Male White
    7-6-37 Employee left my service March 20 , 193 7 without filing application for account number.
    F. W. Woolworth Co. Employer by Goldie Aue??

  19. So, the SSDI has Shirley’s DOB as 11-4-41, she wrote 11-4-42, which matches her age at that time.
    Can anyone read the Form number at the bottom of her application?

    • Boy, I tried and it becomes so blurred that I can’t read it. It is fuzzy to begin with. I don’t have great software to decipher it either.

  20. Information from the bottom of Shirley Applebee’s form. Why wouldn’t the word Treasury be easy to read? Or the words Internal Revenue Service?

  21. The number from Stanley’s application 514-03-4824

    • When number is enlarged, it looks like the 48 and 4 (4824) are revised from another number. Also the 3 in 03 has been altered. The 4 in 514 looks like it was a 511.

  22. The number from Shirley Applebee’s Application

  23. this woman is alive and she is committing fraud and God knows what else.she and her son needs to be arrested.

  24. You might find your answer here…(not claiming it’s true, just putting the info out there!) CBS affiliate, at that!

  25. Have we seen this video before? It’s about Barry/Barack at Occidental, filmed by a Boston reporter. It begins by saying that you’d never know if from his official campaign biography, but Barry went to a liberal college in CA. They interview people who allegedly knew him there. The very first fellow student, Kathy Cooper-Ledesma, who claims to have known Barry, called him Barry, which is interesting because didn’t the meme go that he’d given up that nickname and settled on Barack before he went to college? The second guy, professor Eric Newhall (too young looking to have been Barry’s teacher), talks about what a team player Barry was in basketball (implying he’d be the same in politics. RIGHT!) Then the next guy, another student, Ara Najarian, talks about how Barack was quiet, intelligent, and didn’t get involved in extracurricular stuff like SPORTS or political activity, which means the guy right before was lying or he himself didn’t know Barack very well. Then they go back to the professor, and he starts talking about Barack’s political activities with regard to South Africa. That guy twitches so much it makes one wonder if he’s making it up as he goes along. See more at comment 47, this link:

  26. Dr. Ron Polland

    Shirley Dunham died 1975 – that jives with Ginny Goeldner’s comment on KETV/KATV and with the story in Tulsa Today.

    Anyone do any more research on Shirley Dunham? She may be my SAD #1.

    IMO, SAD#2 did not die in Nov 1995 but is living somewhere out-of-sight.

    • We have looked into and have researched extensively the name of Shirley as Ann. Miri wrote an article earlier this year.

      Shirley, We Hardly Knew Ye. Open Thread! (Updated, twice) Stanley Ann Dunham was first known as Shirley.

      • No medical records were found regarding Ann being in a hospital, although in the fictitious Dreams, she was in the hospital with cancer (different cancers in different reports) and dying. Her son listened to her squabble about payments with the insurance company as well. The stories are always misleading. There was no verification for her death even though Stanley Ann Dunham appears in the Social Security Index. Multiple aliases have been found but they have led nowhere. No obits in newspapers have been found either and there is no cemetery plot as she was supposedly cremated.

  27. “Stanley Ann Dunham’s birth certificate

    has the sex of the child covered up.

    Maybe originally it was for a male child, Stanley Armour Dunham Junior who died when young? And his birth records have been co-opted for an “adopted” daughter. Did it start out as Jo Ann, then morph into J Ann, then S Ann, then Shirley Ann, then Stanley Ann?

    Was the Jo Ann the mother of Malcolm X’s child?

    • Welcome Mysterion. Well, I have never considered that option that a male child was born as Stanley and perhaps died. You are right the sex of the child does not show on that BC. Good theory though and it could explain all the photo-shopped pictures of a person that never was. We can’t really tell if that BC is real anyway from the way it was received. It was enhanced in order to be able to read it.

      Is the second BC what the Kansas Birth Certificate is supposed to look like? I don’t remember seeing that before, but my memory is filled with debris from the last 4 years. Maybe others will know.

      Thanks for your ideas. Do stay and comment often.

    • So apparently that alteration that the sex line was removed wasn’t noticeable when you were trying to decipher what was written on that terrible, black, “noisy” copy. I am amazed you were able to make it legible at all. Once again, it was done intentionally to fool people.
      Well isn’t that a huge, huge wrinkle in the story.

      Anyone willing to bet that the whole thing was created and the noise added to obscure details and make it appear authentic. That originated from the State Department through an FOIA request I believe where everything that is sent out is “approved” by a selected person whose only job is to delay or determine what information is disseminated to the requesters.

      Way to notice the absence of sex on that form Mysterion! Thanks Dr. P. for revisiting it and confirming the alteration too.

      • There is something to the left of the box for single, twin, or triplet birth. It is so badly copied that it can’t be made out, but I swear that it looks to me as if it says “ralph” instead of female. I’m totally serious. It’s in the SAD passport files.

    • I have said this hundreds of times Dr P…remember the statement ” I don’t have to get married to have a baby” as well as FMDavis’ story of wishing to be able to give as well as get pleasured at the same time ?

  28. ya’ll have done awesome research on shirley dunham – did ya’ll have any luck finding anything on a marriage certificate for anna and barack sr.? thx

    • As far as I know, no one has found that marriage certificate. The only reference that they were married was the mention of it in her divorce papers and I think there was a date in a passport application too. If I am wrong, someone will correct me.

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