Happy Independence Day! Open Thread

John Adams to Abigail Adams

July 4, 1776

It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations, from one end of the country to the other, from this time forward forever more.

Happy 4th of  July to all of our authors, readers, commenters, and friends.  Remember our troops today, without whom there would be no freedom for us to enjoy barbecue, games and fireworks.  Pray for them and for our Republic.  May God bless the United States of America.  Long may she endure. From this time forward forever more.

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  1. Bridgette, the scribd you posted yesterday – http://www.scribd.com/doc/59560239/Ken-Allen-FOIA-Release-Obama-Sr-Lolo-Soetoro-Records-Department-of-Homeland-Security (I can’t remember where you posted the comment/Link) The two pictures in the FOIA file, are the pictures supposed to be of Lolo and Barack Sr? Im sure they must be, being in the FOIA file. Can you clear up the pictures and repost them here?

    • I sent an email to you. I can’t post from a Scribd file. I don’t know who it is supposed to be, except it was the first page of the information re Lolo in Ken Allen’s file.

    • Ok the second one is on page 64. Looks more like a Lolo than the one Miri posted above from page 182.

      • Leza, that’s the best I could do with it. Maybe somebody else can do better. This was in one of the links Bridgette gave us. As I recall, the earlier release of Lolo’s files didn’t have his passport photo. It looks more like Lolo than BHO Sr., yet he looks rather old. If they Xeroxed the photo, that’s why it looks so BAD. I have only rudimentary photo handling software, so maybe somebody else can lighten it without losing his face?

      • That’s a totally different photo Miri …where is that one from?

      • Doesn’t the darker guy resemble Lolo, but older? The younger one with glasses looks more like Barry. Look at the chin and ears. The glasses look bogus. Did he wear glasses? Have we seen him in glasses before? Were they photoshopped in? Did he wear a mustache?

        • Years ago when these photos were supposedly copied, the science wasn’t up to making a copy like these alleged ones. There were rolls of paper in a copier or duplicating machine and the copies were thin sheets of paper almost like onion skin that fade to almost unreadable over time. I was working in offices in college in the 70’s and that is what was used, along with mimeographed sheets called dittos that teachers used to make handouts for students. So I don’t believe these are real photos of anyone.

          If you recall, or don’t know, even letters that were typed said cc for a reason; it meant carbon copy. To make a copy, there had to be a piece of carbon paper behind the letterhead stationary in the typewriter to make a copy onto another onion skin paper.

          Also if anyone was behind in technology, it was the government and still is. Remember the staff at the WH complaining about how outdated the computers, etc. are, and even Obama thought he was walking into a high tech White House which it isn’t.

  2. Just try starting here and rolling back until you see that double photo. I swear, at first glance, it looks like Barry in glasses and a mustache!

    I do remember the photos from the 70s. All of mine have faded to putrid shades of chartreuse and yellow.

    That double photo especially looks bogus. Was it taken in a curtained-off cabinet in a Kresge’s store or what?

    We’ve seen lots of photos of Lolo but none that I recall of him wearing glasses. His face is thinner in the passport photo, too.

  3. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/industries-lobby-against-voluntary-nutrition-guidelines-for-food-marketed-to-kids/2011/07/08/gIQAZSZu5H_story_1.html

    Anita Dunn joins a food industry lobbying group that opposes (supposedly) Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity guidelines. So is this another case of infiltration or just proof that even Mao-lovers can be capitalists if you offer them enough money for “access”?

    From the story, “One of the main players is media giant Viacom. It owns the Nickelodeon television network, whose animated characters — including Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants — are featured prominently on food products marketed to children. Viacom’s corporate parent spent nearly $1 million a month on lobbying in the first three months of this year, mostly on media and technology issues.

    The coalition declined to release its budget for the campaign, which is being managed by Anita Dunn of the firm SKDKnickerbocker. Dunn served as White House communications director under President Obama in 2009 and is married to Robert F. Bauer, the former White House counsel.

    Her work on behalf of foodmakers is surprising to some because first lady Michelle Obama has made childhood obesity her signature issue. In a speech last year to food manufacturers and retailers, the first lady urged them to curb the marketing of unhealthy foods. …

    Consumer groups say the food lobby is aiming to capitalize on Dunn’s connections, particularly among Democrats more sympathetic to nutritional guidelines. The Center for Science in the Public Interest said Dunn and her firm ‘should be ashamed.’

    Dunn dismissed the criticism.

    ‘Without resorting to personal attacks, everybody should be able to work together towards a common goal here,‘ she said. “At the end of the day, combating childhood obesity is not a question of what gets advertised but a matter of more exercise, healthier eating habits and working together.’”

    For once she appears to be correct, but for the wrong reasons. Combating childhood obesity is the business of parents and nobody else, although there’s no harm done to offer better food in schools or to get kids off their rears to run around and play like kids should play at recess; but “at the end of the day”, it’s not DC’s business what Americans put into their mouths or the mouths of their own kids. Nor is it the job of DC regulators to control advertising by private companies.

  4. Here’s a story from the beginning of the Tea Party. Remember Mr. Gladney who was beat up by union thugs outside a Russ Carnahan event, because he was black and selling Tea Party stuff? He gets his day in court today, but Gateway Pundit reports that half the jury has union ties! Sounds like a jury of his peers to me. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/07/breaking-naacp-and-union-thugs-harass-kenneth-gladney-outside-clayton-mo-courthouse/

    NAACP and union thugs showed up outside the courthouse to harass Mr. Gladney AGAIN, showing once again that it should be renamed the NAAPCP: National Association for the Advancement of Progressive Colored People.

    Or maybe NAAPPC: National Association for the Advancement of Progressive People of Color. Such Neaderthals. Don’t they know that “colored people” is offensive?

    • Justice denied for Kenneth Gladney: SEIU Purple People Beaters get off scot-free
      July 14th

      Or as The Other McCain put it: They Told Me If I Voted For McCain, Minorities Would Be Thrashed And Denied Justice, And They Were Right!

      Despite there being video evidence of Kenneth Gladney being beaten viciously by SEIU goons, and the fact that they admitted to beating him up in open court, a jury took only 40 minutes to declare them Not Guilty.

      I am beyond disgusted by this. If the political affiliations were reversed, there would be riots in the street and the national media would be setting up camp there.

      Gateway Pundit has the whole story, including an interview with Kenneth Gladney, who said afterwards: “I couldn’t beat them; I didn’t have the resources they had. They had all the money in the world and the backing… I’m just an average man.”

      • BREAKING ON GLADNEY TRIAL: SEIU Dragged in Bogus “Witness” Who Wasn’t Even at Scene of the Crime
        Jim Hoft on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 9:46 PM


        After a health care town hall meeting in August 2009 St. Louis native Kenneth Gladney was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Rep. Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters. Gladney spent the night in the hospital after the beating.

        Yesterday the two SEIU goons who beat Gladney were found not guilty of any wrongdoing.

        Yesterday I wrote about the SEIU’s “surprise witness” from left field. This surprise witness, who is also an SEIU activist, testified on Tuesday that she witnessed Kenneth Gladney “starting the fight” with two SEIU goons who were twice his size.

        The SEIU “witness” was not at the scene. She came walking up with a cane after the fight was already broken up.


        • Wow! I read in the paper yesterday that the goons were acquitted, but forgot to update you all. And I forgot to check GP for the TRUTH, which the media of course didn’t report. The entire thing was staged in the first place. SEIU went there to create an incident to damage the reputation of the Tea Party. It’s a miracle that they managed to get charges filed against the thugs. Where are the hate crime charges, btw? So they brought in an allegely lying “witness”? No shame. I wonder if they used the video in court? If not, why not? I wonder if Gladney has any recourse? Can he appeal the results of the trial? Can he get new charges filed against this liar, based upon the truth shown in the videos? Can they take the proof of HER (apparent) LIE to the court so she’s prosecuted for perjury? This guy asked the same question: http://www.24thstate.com/2011/07/gladney-assault-trial-is-this-the-defense-witness.html

  5. ObamAcorn update:http://biggovernment.com/mvadum/2011/07/11/breaking-it-turns-out-obama-gave-acorn-541k-this-year-not-80k/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+BigGovernment+%28Big+Government%29

    Big Government reports that ACORN got over $500,000 from We the People DESPITE a LAW against giving them money. Will Congress act?

    “I discovered Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave ACORN another $461,086 in January. The funds were earmarked for ACORN Housing Corp. in January under HUD’s Self-help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP), according to the government website USAspending.gov.

    In order words, the Obama administration gave fraud-ridden ACORN nearly a half million dollars to be used on housing development.

    The administration isn’t even trying to conceal the fact that it gave this money to ACORN.

    USAspending.gov identifies the recipient as “ACORN Housing Corporation Inc.” even though that nonprofit entity filed papers last year legally changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA).

    The website also provides the address of record for ACORN Housing as 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s the renovated funeral home that until recently served as headquarters for ACORN’s 370-plus shady affiliates.

    This means the Obama administration has given at least $540,905 in taxpayer money to ACORN this calendar year alone.

    The money was given to ACORN apparently in defiance of Public Law 111-117 which spells out in pretty clear terms that ACORN shouldn’t be getting any government funding.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. More grants to ACORN are bound to surface.”

    • Here’s a PERFECT example for Ed the obot to prove how Barry IGNORES the LAW and RULES BY FIAT OR EXECUTIVE ORDER. Since when does the executive branch NOT have to FOLLOW THE LAW?

  6. The public has to worry about how many peas are on their plates; politicians are paid to allocate one for you and twenty for me, one for you and twenty one for me…one for you…oops that one’s his, next round, you’ll get two…


  7. Interesting…………….Fox News is talking this morning about children born in the US to Diplomats have been getting some sort of super citizen status. They say that hospitals and states have no way of knowing that they are diplomats and issue birth certificates automatically. They are saying that this is wrong and that they can be a citizen or have diplomatic immunity, but not both. I find this discussion very interesting. Why now? Does anyone know how to get a list of diplomats for let’s say late 50’s thru early 60’s? It looks like something is up here to me.

    • I took the liberty of adding emphasis to parts of Kathy’s comment as well as inserting my own comments. I hope Kathy doesn’t mind. Miri

      Report: Children of Foreign Diplomats Enjoy U.S. ‘Super Citizen’ Status
      By Elizabeth Robichaux Brown Published July 11, 2011

      EXCLUSIVE: The Founding Fathers and drafters of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution may just turn over in their graves if they read a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies that says foreign diplomats are obtaining U.S. birth certificates and Social Security numbers for their newborn children – effectively becoming U.S. citizens. On top of their new status in the world, these children carry an additional perk that most Americans do not have – diplomatic immunity.

      Just like their parents, most are immune to criminal jurisdiction of the United States, creating what CIS describes as a “super citizen.” “Children of diplomats who receive U.S. birth certificates and SSNs have greater rights and protections than the average U.S. citizen,” says Jon Feere, the author of the report called “Birthright Citizenship for Children of Foreign Diplomats?” (link to the full report at the website.)

      A State Department spokesman told FoxNews.com that under the law, children of foreign diplomats are entitled to these records. “Persons born in the United States, including a child of foreign diplomats, are legally entitled to an official birth record issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the state in which the child is born.” The spokesman added, “whether a child born in the United States to a foreign diplomat acquires U.S. citizenship at birth pursuant to the 14th Amendment requires a fact-based analysis.”

      [NO, it requires NO analysis. Children of diplomats are and have always been born into the allegiance of their home country. They aren’t even US citizens or dual citizens. They’re citizens of the country from which their parents came. This has NEVER been in doubt, unless I’m crazy. Of course, State Dept. “spokes”men may not know what they’re talking about.]

      “If the child enjoys full diplomatic privileges and immunities, the child would not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth.” However, the CIS report highlights how easily a foreign diplomat’s child can indeed go from U.S. guest – to U.S. citizen.

      How Could This Happen?

      Most states have adopted the same birth certificate request form established by the National Center for Health Statistics’ Division of Vital Statistics. Hospitals present this form to parents requesting a birth certificate. A foreign diplomat or his wife, who has just delivered a child at a U.S. hospital, would get this same form. On the form, there is a section that asks for each parents’ Social Security number, but parents can skip that detail if they do not have one or have forgotten it, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

      Foreign diplomats would not have that nine-digit number, [why do foreign students?]so they would more than likely leave it blank. Also included, a slot asking if parents would like a Social Security number for their child. It’s a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

      Nowhere on this form does it ask a person to check “no” if they are a foreign diplomat. According to the CIS report, “state agencies do not instruct hospitals to differentiate between children born to foreign diplomatic staff and those born to U.S. citizens or temporary or illegal aliens. [THUS our problem with BHO Sr./Jr.] Birth certificates are issued to all persons born on U.S. soil and requests for SSNs are generally forwarded to the Social Security Administration without being second-guessed.” [All the better to bankrupt you, my dears!]

      The CIS report goes on to say, “the Social Security Administration does not investigate whether SSN requests are for children of foreign diplomats. Although the agency does recognize that U.S.-born children of foreign diplomats are not eligible to receive SSNs, there is no mechanism in place for preventing such issuance.”

      Immigration attorney Toni Maschler says while it is possible this is happening, it is probably rare. [Yep. Just like vote fraud is rare.]

      It would be proper for them to apply for a green card, but in most cases that child doesn’t stay here long enough to be eligible to naturalize as a U.S. citizen because their parents would more than likely transfer to a different post,” says Maschler. Palma Yanni, immigration attorney and former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, echoes Maschler’s statement and questions if these children would even ever consider becoming an American. “This is a tiny number and involves high-level diplomats who usually return to their country. This group would strongly identify with their nationality,” says Yanni. [EXACTLY the point of the FOUNDING FATHERS!]

      Is it an Easy Fix?

      With so many agencies involved in the road to citizenship – five mentioned in the CIS report – which would be best tasked to solve this potential problem?

      Feere points to Congress. “I think Congress is the entity that needs to step up and provide guidance to the top agencies, which are the National Center for Health Statistics and the Social Security Administration,” says Feere.

      Feere has a quick-fix recommendation: “requiring foreign diplomats to note their profession on birth certificate forms under penalty of law should be considered. [How about asking for citizenship status under penalty of perjury? This would cover ALL situations–illegal aliens, foreign students, diplomats.] This would necessarily require state vital statistics offices to forward information on parental occupations to the Social Security Administration so that a determination on citizenship can be made by federal authorities.”

      In the past, the National Center for Health Statistics has talked about adding a section for parental occupation but says “it was a financial decision in the 2003 birth certificate revision to not include it because states didn’t have the money to code the information.”

      Some may be quick to characterize what is happening as a type of loophole, but Feere says, “it’s a matter of law, and despite Congress’ clear intent to not create a completely universal and automatic birthright citizenship policy, the current application of the Citizenship Clause is so lax that the United States has a de facto universal birthright citizenship policy that denies U.S. citizenship by birth to no one, including children born to foreign diplomats.”

      The 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause reads: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

      As the report points out, there is heated debate over who is entitled to claim citizenship, in particular illegal aliens or temporary visitors, but Feere adds, “there is one thing that everyone engaged in the debate agrees on: children born to foreign diplomats are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States and are not to be granted U.S. citizenship.” [Well, apparently one State Dept. spokesman doesn’t agree.]

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/11/children-foreign-diplomats-enjoying-us-super-citizen-status-says-report/#ixzz1RuYZZKBX

      • Good catch, Kathy. I think this is part of the beginning of a meme for WHY they have to address birthright citizenship in Congress. Probably part of the Dream Act/Amnesty push to buy Hispanic votes for Barry. I heard somewhere that his poll numbers among Hispanics have dropped 20 points. The Social Security Number issue is interesting. Who would imagine that they’d give SS#’s to EVERY kid born in the USA? Well, it helps inflate those dependency rolls. Redistributes wealth. Just like there’s no mechanism to catch usurpers who aren’t natural born citizens, now there’s nothing to stop creating “super citizens” or citizens out of people who have NO allegiance to the USA.

        • In the FOIA file page 130 Lolo states when requesting to have the two year foreign residency requirement waved he states –

          ” With my strong ties in the United States”

          Page 131 of the FOIA file, Lolo then states –

          “Due to my former compulsory association with the Indonesian army while still a student”

          My question – When Lolo arrived in the U.S. was he under some sort of Diplomat status?

          Remember in the last FOIA file released how he was able to go over the top brasses heads at the East-West Center and go directly to Senator Fong for a extension of stay on his visa to continue to stay in the U.S.

          Is this the “loop-hole” in the Constitution Eisenstein was so concerned about, and our Government is stuck in a “loop hole”.

          Long shot, BUT all angles need to be explored – right? 😉

    • Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Feb. 26, 1888

      This is the modern, contemporary American doctrine on the subject. There is today no serious claim of “a double nationality.” Reciprocally, the courts of last resort in the United States have held that the children of aliens born in the United States are aliens by birth; and they can only become citizens of the United States by complying with provisions of the law of the land. In the Slaughter House Cases (15? Wallace, p. 36) the Supreme Court declared that the qualification, subject to the jurisdiction in Section 1, Fourteenth Amendment, was intended to exclude “children of ministers, consuls, and citizens of other countries born in the United States.” As to those the accident of place of birth exercises no influence. They are born citizens of the country of the parents

      We also wrote to the author of the work quoted from Alexander Porter Morse, Esq., Washington, and received a very courteous and prompt reply as follows:

      Undoubtedly he would; [be eligible to the Presidency] provided the father was (as I infer the question in the shape in which it is put assumes), 1. a citizen of the United States, and 2., is not within the exception of the Act of February 10, 1855 (10 Stat. at Large, 604) which is “that the right of (American) citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers never resided in the United States.


  8. Alert: Obama and his fine administration are now using their well known fear and intimidation tactic to scare all Social Security recipients. This incompetent leader says if Congress doesn’t increase the debt limit by August 2 that checks won’t go out on August 3rd! “I can’t guarantee that checks will go out on August 3rd.”

    He also said that those on disability, and the military may not get their checks.. I wonder how many people that equals that he has scared… what a jerk off!

    Of course, it is a lie.

    But will all the elderly people living on Social Security know that? Instead of reassuring the public he always takes the low side. He is such a creep and lacks any comprehension of how his words affect everyone that believe this usurper. This is as big a lie as the swine flu scare and the one that they used to tell the military they wouldn’t get paid or wouldn’t have medical insurance.

    If you think about it, this problems won’t go away, but no one would have to deal with this jerk if just one person started an investigation..we need one! Just starting it a few months before the election would do the trick! They wouldn’t have to put up with any more of his incompetency if they started the investigation now!!

  9. He’s a thug and that’s what thugs do. He doesn’t care what kind of horror and fear he inflicts upon old people or the disabled, so long as he KEEPS and RETAINS POWER. It’s always and ever about BARRY. He cares not how much he hurts people so long as it helps himself. Does he care if he’s scaring “his people”, too? I doubt it. Politics of fear. That’s all he knows. Who is putting a gun to the heads of the American people? It’s Barry. Not the Republicans.

    If people don’t see through this, then we’re finished as a country. Like Michele Bachmann says, there’s plenty of money to pay the interest on the debt FIRST. Then prioritize. Most people would figure: pay the interest, then Social Security and other entitlements, and find cuts elsewhere, for example–eliminate all the CZARS hired over the past two years. Now they’re essential, aren’t they?

    Barry, in less than 3 years, has added $4 trillion to the debt. Now the “deal” Barry wants is a reduction of $4 trillion in the debt OVER 10 years. So that WOULD seem to be the status quo (NO REDUCTIONS) except that nothing gets cheaper over time, so in 10 years, even after his so-called reduction, we’ll be further in debt.

    But even that’s not all because he wants to INCREASE the debt by over a trillion, when they raise the debt limit. If you hand Barry a trillion, he will spend it. So even if they reduce by $4 trillion, but they raise the debt by over a trillion, we’re at least THAT trillion behind before we even begin our 10 years worth of reductions.

    THIS is DC Math. It’s insane. Will the people fall for it? Probably. Will the RINOs cave? Probably. Will Barry get his fundamental transformation of the USA into a socialist state? Only time will tell. But I fear, probably. Unless more of the RINOs grow a titanium spine, like Michele Bachmann.

  10. http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2011/07/12/2011-07-12_christian_lopez_fan_who_handed_over_derek_jeters_historic_3000thhit_ball_will_ow.html#ixzz1RtX9OVHZ

    “No good deed goes unpunished – the fan who handed over Derek Jeter’s 3,000th-hit ball will owe the IRS thousands, tax pros said Monday.

    Christian Lopez, 23, will probably be on the hook for $5,000 to $13,000 because of the luxury seats the grateful Yankees gave him, the accountants said.

    “He’s a great guy,” says Terry Ganer, a die-hard Yankees fan and accountant for Ganer Grossbach & Ganer in midtown. “But I’m pretty sure the tax man, unfortunately, is not a Yankee fan and will not look at this so sympathetically.”

    Lopez says he’ll pay – but he wouldn’t mind a little help.

    “Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to pay the taxes,” he told the Daily News on Monday. “I’m not going to return the seats. I have a lot of family and friends who will help me out if need be.

    “The IRS has a job to do, so I’m not going to hold it against them, but it would be cool if they helped me out a little on this.”

    Lopez, a Verizon customer sales rep, caught the home run ball on Saturday and gifted it, no strings attached, to Jeter.

    In return, the Yankees gave him luxury suite tix for every remaining home game as well as any postseason games the Yankees may play in – a gift valued in the neighborhood of $32,000.

    He also received some autographed bats, balls and jerseys.

    The IRS declined to comment, but accountants say the agency will view Lopez’s reward from the team as income.”

  11. I knew it was coming. And here it is: The Dems call for the US to investigate and possibly prosecute News Corps (Rupert Murdoch, FOX News) because of the allegations that News of the World hacked cell phones:

    I was beginning to wonder if it was a hit job on Murdoch. Given the developments, I wonder even more. What a coup if they could shut down FOX News by next year and before Barry’s re-election run! The woman who’s accused maintains her innocence. So, was this a set up by infiltrators who wanted to create something to bring down his empire? Consider Lulzsec and Wikileaks and other hacking organizations, mostly progressives who believe sincerely “by any means necessary” and who have NO MORALS OR ETHICS. What’s the REAL story?

    • And Soros via Think Progress is in the act too. Rockefeller and Spitzer are making the airwaves now too. Remember Rockefeller wanted FOX closed down permanently. They are demanding an investigation by Holder’s corrupt group…what a laugh.

      They have made FOX a target ever since Obama usurped the office. I would think that World News would just be a subsidiary and be a totally separate holding so that it won’t affect the main company.

      We noticed how deep the Wikileaks investigation went..it didn’t. And that was far graver than this. Where were those progressives then?..silent. Instead, they backed a really treasonous person and his actions.

      • Yes, no surprise. They are jumping on the bandwagon and think that somehow they can impose “severe consequences” on Murdoch and his News Corp if they hacked 9/11 victims’ cell phones. Can you imagine how ridiculous this it? As you say, they don’t investigate Wikileaks, instead they seem to applaud them. And these Lulzsec hackers? Nothing.

        But rumors in the UK that somebody hacked 9/11 victims’ cell phones gives them the opportunity to “investigate”. (How transparent is that? How insulting. This is typical progressive theater. Who to pick as the victims? Well, let’s say they hacked 9/11 victims. That will whip up the outrage among the little people, who stupidly cling to guns, religion, yadda yadda yadda.)

        How will they get to the bottom of it? Would they care to tell us? How can there be ANY proof? Anybody can hack anything, if they have the will to do it. And anybody can be anonymous while doing it or pretend to be someone else or hack into someone else’s computer (News of the World, e.g.) and then use THAT computer to hack something and pin it on that person. And that’s IF you don’t have complicit Internet providers who can just create the “evidence” out of whole cloth. They really do think we’re stupid.

        News of the World IS and WAS a separate entity. That’s just basic business sense. If even we know it, could Murdoch not know it? One is not the other. One is not all. The woman who they’re trying to pin it on says she knew nothing about it. That it was done by lower level people. To that I say, yes, and how do you know THEY weren’t progressive infiltrators? WHO THE HELL ELSE KNOWS HOW TO HACK STUFF? The only people I see with the INCLINATION AND the ability (meaning, NO MORALS) are PROGRESSIVES, like Julian ASSange and all his peeps. Murdoch is AS HATED in Europe, maybe more so, than over here. First of all, because he provides BALANCED news instead of BIASED news, like BBC and Al Jazeera. And then because he’s a SUCCESSFUL CAPITALIST. If there’s anything Euro-socialists dislike, it’s a capitalist. Especially such a successful one. Rockefeller thinks his “severe consequences” will be to pull the licenses for FOX News. Let him try. It won’t stop Rush Limbaugh, who has the dough to replace them. Or Glenn Beck, who’s quickly gathering the dough to replace them. Or Andrew Breitbart, ditto. There will be a vacuum and it WILL be filled BECAUSE fair and balanced OR even unbalanced CONSERVATIVE news SELLS. Why? Because it’s THE TRUTH and Americans VALUE THE TRUTH, not lamestream LIES or progressive LIES.

        • http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/07/13/us.hacking.fcpa/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

          How’s this for unbiased?

          Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-West Virginia, told CNN Tuesday he may start his own investigation.

          My bet is we’ll find some criminal stuff,” Rockefeller said. “This is going to be a huge issue.”

          Now, about the 9/11 hackings:

          “Their concerns appear to be traceable to a story published Wednesday by the Mirror, a British tabloid that includes a section it describes as ‘gossip gone toxic.’

          Will Murdoch’s empire be damaged? The newspaper cited ‘a source’ [ANONYMOUS] who referred to a former police officer who now works as a private investigator. ‘ [SO, SECOND HAND GOSSIP in a tabloid.] The investigator is used by a lot of journalists in America and he recently told me that he was asked to hack into the 9/11 victims’ private phone data,’ the investigator reportedly told the newspaper.

          ‘He said that the journalists asked him to access records showing the calls that had been made to and from the mobile phones belonging to the victims and their relatives.

          ‘His presumption was that they wanted the information so they could hack into the relevant voice mails, just like has been shown they have done in the UK. The PI said he had to turn the job down. He knew how insensitive such research would be, and how bad it would look.

          ‘The investigator said the journalists seemed particularly interested in getting the phone records belonging to the British victims of the attacks.'”

          So what is this? Gossip, labeled as such. Second hand. In a tabloid. From a guy who SAID that somebody asked him to find records about CALLS made, which would be phone records like come with your bill. He TURNED the job down. So what does he know? Did it happen? He PRESUMED their motivation, but does he have any proof? And they wanted info on BRITS, not Americans. So where does the US Congress come in? But the DEMS will WASTE taxpayer money on a politically motivated witch hunt because they want to shut down FAIR news coverage, by any means necessary.

  12. KUHNER: Obama’s Waterloo
    By overreaching, the president has positioned himself for defeat

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 snips

    Republicans have a golden opportunity to break Barack Obama’s presidency, ensuring he will be a one-termer. Mr. Obama has backed himself into a corner on the debt-limit talks; the GOP can smash his re-election prospects if they have the will – and intelligence – to do it.

    Mr. Obama has asked that the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling be raised, and he knows that cannot be done without support from House Republicans. Moreover, along with Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, Mr. Obama warns that fiscal Armageddon is coming unless the ceiling is lifted before Aug. 2 – the date Mr. Geithner claims the United States begins defaulting to its debtors.

    In fact, the debt-limit talks represent the culmination of a Machiavellian strategy that Mr. Obama has been pursuing since he entered the Oval Office. The president’s goal has been to erect a Franco-German welfare state.

    Either way, it will be his Waterloo – the effective end of his presidency. Ambition cost Napoleon his empire. For Mr. Obama, the “big package” strategy is the moment of colossal overreach. He wanted too much, too soon. Now comes the long, humiliating and fatal retreat.


    • The thing is: Never underestimate the Gumby spines, the weak wills, or the sheer stupidity of your average RINO who FEARS the lamestream media more than they fear We the People (or Al Qaeda, for that matter).

      • Gosh, I had totally forgotten good old gumby! He was so cute too. Green, flexible, and skinny as I recall.

      • I didn’t realize he was on TV for 35 years! Gumby made a successful debut on the Howdy Doody Show in August 1956.

        Gumby is a green clay humanoid figure who was the subject of a 233-episode series of American television which spanned over a 35-year period. Gumby’s principal sidekick is Pokey, a talking orange pony.


        • Thanks, Bridgette. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is as old as I. btw, I absolutely HATED Gumby, and his little horse, too. Sorry! I just noticed that you thought he was cute. He creeped me out. Can’t say why. Just didn’t like him.

  13. Obama and the anti-colonialist doctrine
    by Seth Grossman
    13 July 2011

    “Barack Obama,, Sr., became an important figure in the independence movement of the African nation of Kenya, but his greatest influence was not in Kenya. . . He was able to transmit his ideology to his son now living in America who is today the president of the United States.”
    – Dinesh D’Souza, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, (2010)


  14. U.S. Favorability Ratings Remain Positive
    China Seen Overtaking U.S. as Global Superpower

    July 13, 2011

    In most regions of the world, opinion of the United States continues to be more favorable than it was in the Bush years, [no doubt the sentence was written by a bot] but U.S. image now faces a new challenge: doubts about America’s superpower status. In 15 of 22 nations, the balance of opinion is that China either will replace or already has replaced the United States as the world’s leading superpower. This view is especially widespread in Western Europe, where at least six-in-ten in France (72%), Spain (67%), Britain (65%) and Germany (61%) see China overtaking the U.S.

    In most countries for which there are trends, the view that China will overtake the U.S. has increased substantially over the past two years,

    Among Americans, the percentage saying that China will eventually overshadow or has already overshadowed the U.S. has increased from 33% in 2009 to 46% in 2011. [yet, opinions are more favorable of America in Obama’s two years? There seems to be a discrepancy here. Why would countries think that China is overtaking the US and the percentages jump so much since Obama got into office? This trend in the US thinking is because of Obama’s policies and what he is doing to our nation! Obama’s policies make the US look weaker.]

    See chart.


  15. Our Petulant Child President
    July 13th at 8:36PM EDT

    WASHINGTON — …Obama stormed out of tense debt-limit talks Wednesday with his top Republican foes after declaring he was ready to stake his reelection on the outcome, a Republican aide said. After Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor proposed to raise the US debt ceiling in more than one catch-all vote, Obama got “heated” and insisted on one comprehensive deal, said the aide, who requested anonymity.

    Obama said he would not be “afraid to veto” a short-term approach or “defend it to the American people” and warned that a US debt default would amount to “a tax increase on every American,” said the aide. Obama said “I have reached the point where I say enough,” and added “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this,” according to the aide.

    This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been playing attention to our child president over the past three years. The Obama administration has been a veritable Mecca for narcissism and incompetence from the time Obama took the oath of office.

    Now, for the first time since taking office, Obama is forced to make a decision that entailed personal risk. It isn’t a pretty sight.


    “Eric, don’t call my bluff,” the president said, warning Cantor that he would take his case “to the American people.” He told Cantor that no other president — not Ronald Reagan, the president said — would put up with the treatment he was getting from the House majority leader. (lifted from Politico…)

    • Dear Mr. Speaker
      Erick Erickson (Profile)
      Thursday, July 14th at 5:00AM EDT Snips

      Last night the President engaged in off Broadway theatrics trying to scare the Republicans into folding on debt ceiling negotiations. Playing the role of Hollywood President, not the real President, the President said he didn’t care if this brought down his Presidency and he would not yield. He then dared Eric Cantor to call his bluff.
      You see Mr. Speaker, we know Barack Obama is thin skinned and we know he is mindful of his legacy. This is why Barack Obama stormed out of a meeting with Republicans last night when they confronted him with the fact that his supposed spending cuts are accounting gimmicks.

      Barack Obama, for the sake of his legacy, cannot afford to be the President under whom America’s credit tanks and under whom America defaults on its debts. History will not blame Congress. History will blame Barack Obama for not doing what it takes to lead and for failing to do what it takes, no matter the cost, to keep the U.S. solvent.

      Obama knows his history. Obama knows default would be his, not Congress’s legacy. He cannot afford, for the sake of history, to be the guy who collapsed the United States.

      Mr. Speaker, you can win this fight. Don’t blink. Bring Cut, Cap, and Balance to the floor. Hold the freaking line. You can do this Mr. Speaker. And if you can’t, we’ll find someone else who can.


    • Thanks Barack… Moody’s Threatens to Drop Aaa Bond Rating For First Time Since 1917
      Jim Hoft
      Thursday, July 14, 2011, 5:12 AM

      Barack Obama picked up his toys and abruptly walked out of debt talks yesterday.

      Moody’s warned that the US credit rating could be reduced from Aaa to Aa if Obama does not work out a debt deal with Republicans.
      It would be the first time since 1917 that the bond rating dropped below Aaa.


      • Is it a smart move when playing poker to admit that you’re bluffing? Obama, after bringing up the (staged, Tim Geithner-organized) warning/THREAT from Moody’s, told Cantor, “Don’t call my bluff.” Before he stormed out like a child.

        So Obama ADMITS that he’s BLUFFING? He’s a Chicago thug who uses terror tactics (or Mob tactics, take your pick) on OUR representatives, in OUR house. He thinks this will fly in DC and with the AMERICAN PEOPLE. He puts a gun to the heads of old people, by coldly threatening and terrorizing them with the FALSE threat of withholding the Social Security checks they depend upon (ILLEGALLY, btw, because the money’s in a trust fund that can be used only for SS checks).

        When that is exposed for the callous tactic that it is, he (in all probability) has Geithner to get his peeps at Moody’s to issue this THREAT. Moody’s issued a similar threat when the Dems didn’t make a budget. Did they follow through? Nope.

        This was more staged Kabuki theater for the lamestream, in order to give them an excuse to push the “threatens old people” story off the front page to be replaced with the new meme of Barry “dressing down” the Republicans. ACTING like a leader, when he’s a crybaby.

        Ann Coulter says McConnell’s ploy got under Barry’s skin BECAUSE it’s cold politics, just like Barry plays, no matter who he hurts (actually he tries to hurt people because then they’re more vulnerable and malleable). McConnell’s ploy (his last ditch plan) is sheerly political but it will work because it puts the ball squarely back in Barry’s court.

        The DEMS run the show. They are 2/3 of this government. They hold ALL the cards. But they don’t want to play them because then they’ll have to do the “hard work” of ACTUALLY governing AND owning their decisions, when they’re ALL a pack of immature babies who believe in an unreal world where you can have anything you want and you never, ever have to work for it or pay the price to get it.

        btw, the media says Barry “dressed down” the Republicans. Which only goes to show HOW OUT OF TOUCH these people are. Who the HELL is BARRY to dress down anyone? He’s NOT the supreme ruler here. He’s not even first among equals. WE THE PEOPLE RULE THIS REPUBLIC.

        When he insults one of OUR representatives, he insults US. He’s not Cantor’s boss. He’s not Cantor’s better. He’s not Cantor’s DICTATOR. He has no place “dressing down” any representative of the people. Barry has no respect. He believes he’s the supreme ruler when he’s not. It’s time for OUR SO-CALLED REPRESENTATIVES to give Barry a lesson in the Constitution and the US government, as envisioned by our Founders.

        CONGRESS holds the power of the purse. It is solely the job of CONGRESS to decide when and how money is spent. It’s not Barry’s job, except he has the power to veto appropriation bills. Write the freaking bills. Pass them in the House. Send them to the Senate and Barry. IF the DEMS don’t do their jobs and default happens, then it’s ON THEM. The Republicans alone cannot solve this crisis.

        BARRY and the DEMS CREATED THE CRISIS. It’s their job to solve it. They rammed through the stimulus and Obamacare. Now THEY can figure out what to sacrifice to pay for their unrealistic dreams.

        The deficit when Barry took office was less than $500 billion. Today, it’s $1.6 TRILLION. BARRY AND THE DEMS (with RINO help) INCREASED THE DEFICIT BY OVER 300%!!!!

        Now he wants to increase the debt limit by ANOTHER $2.4 TRILLION, in return for less then $2 trillion in cuts. BUT if you give Barry another $2.4 trillion, will he spend it? You better believe it.

        Just the other day, he griped that he had to deal with such peas-eating problems as debt, deficits, and budgets when he’d far RATHER be talking about (he really said this) NEW PROGRAMS!!! Does he “get it”? NO, he doesn’t. OBAMATH.

        How I wish we had his school transcripts. I’m positive he didn’t study economics, not even HOME economics.

        • Clapping loudly here! Well said! What a way to start your morning!
          OK, you’re hired…run for office!

          • Thanks. Rant of the day. I’m like that Santelli guy. I’ve heard several new rants by him on the radio lately. He’s on a roll. Yesterday, he “dressed down” his own boss, Immelt, who owns CNBC.

  16. hummmm….

    josefa obama obono

    Canadian mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


  17. An interesting read and short summaries of major cases this year. The Mexican that was recently put to death in TX was mentioned and how the Court said because there was no international law that was passed by Congress, then the treaty was moot. Patrick Leahy quickly was trying to get a law passed and that is why they wanted a stay. The court said we judge on the present laws not what might be.

    July 13, 2011, 9:30 pm
    A Supreme Court Scorecard


  18. From Judicial Watch. President Tom Fitton will appear in a taped interview with Jim Angle which will air on Fox News Channel tonight during Special Report with Bret Baier. Tom will be discussing the latest findings in the Judicial Watch investigation into the White House’s exclusion of Fox News Channel from a series of October 22, 2009, interviews with Kenneth Feinberg, the Special Master for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Executive Compensation.

    In email exchanges obtained by Judicial Watch, the Obama White House Director of Broadcast Media Dan Vega told the Treasury Department that “…we’d prefer if you skip Fox please”, which clearly contradicted the Treasury Department’s official position that “There was no plot to exclude Fox News.” Further emails show that there was a clear culture of anti-Fox News Channel bias, and the “willingness and ability to exclude Fox News from significant interviews.”

  19. No wonder they want to redirect the stories by making FOX and Murdoch out to be hackers of 9/11 victims’ cell phones. Way to go Judicial Watch.

  20. Wali Karzai Memorial Service Bombed
    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    (KANDAHAR, Afghanistan) — A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing four people among those who had gathered for a memorial service for the president’s assassinated half brother, the government said.

    Among those killed in the explosion in Kandahar city was Hekmatullah Hekmat, the head of the clerical council for the province, the Interior Ministry said. At least 13 people were wounded, said Zalmai Ayubi, spokesman for the provincial governor.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing, which has threatened to create a power vacuum in the south.


  21. Rubio: Obama Competing For “Title Of Worst President In American History
    July 14, 2011

  22. My gosh..These guys appear to have that steel spine we’ve been waiting to see! Well, hallelujah! They are starting to get vocal..just like Allen West above in asking Holder to resign!

    GOP Freshmen Lawmakers Take on Obama Over Debt Deadline
    July 14

    Tea Party freshman Rep. Joe Walsh, R-I.L., has strong words for President Obama in a video posted on his website. “President Obama, quit lying. You know darn well that if Aug. 2, comes and goes there is plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all Social Security obligations,” says Walsh in the video.

    The Treasury Department has estimated that the U.S. will go over its’ debt limit on Aug. 2, and Walsh is angry that President Obama has said that Social Security checks may not go out if there is not a debt limit deal by then. Walsh contends it is not true.

    That’s a message echoed by all Senate Republican freshmen, who sent a letter today to the president, making the argument that there still will be enough money coming in to the government to cover Social Security checks. “I think the President should apologize for politicizing Social Security, for threatening not to send out checks,” said Sen. Rand Paul, R-K.Y., also a freshman Tea Partier.

    GOP House and Senate freshmen may be the new kids on the block, but they aren’t shrinking violets. Many of them were elected to office by vocal, passionate Tea Party voters, and the lawmakers see themselves on a mission, in part, to rein in big government spending and prevent tax increases.


  23. The Black Code: Why Obama Still Owns The Black Vote
    Lloyd Marcus on July 14, 2011 Snips

    Despite an unprecedented 39% of Americans believing our country is in permanent decline and Obama’s approval rating down in the 40’s, Obama still owns “the black vote”.

    I am not submissive to “The Black Code”. Most blacks grow up adhering to an unspoken subliminally understood, Black Code.
    1. You must kick the butt of any white person who calls you the “n” word.
    2. You NEVER let a white person beat you in a fight.
    3. Relationships with whites must be kept at arms length maintaining a silent “us against them” mindset. Blacks who appear too friendly and comfortable around whites are viewed with suspicion; their “blackness” in question.

    The Obama Effect has been amazing, baffling and frustrating. Why do many of my intelligent black family members, friends and associates bow in worship of this man even though most of his policies clash with their Christian faith, principles and values?

    Then, it dawned on me. The Black Code.


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