“No Person except a natural born Citizen”

From Article Two, Section 1 of the US Constitution

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Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com:

I never thought I’d long for the days of Robert Byrd and his “pocket Constitution,” but alas, Dick Durbin has managed to eke out that much nostalgia after his DREAM Act gaffe yesterday. Real Clear Politics and Doug Powers at the Boss Emeritus’ site caught this tender moment from Durbin as he addressed school-age “undocumented” aliens and promised that his DREAM Act would allow them to become tomorrow’s Congressmen, Senators, and … Presidents?

“When I look around this room, I see America’s future. Our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, our scientists, our soldiers, our Congressman, our Senators and maybe our President.”

Ed Morrissey continues…

I know that reading the Constitution has fallen out of fashion on Capitol Hill; Democrats pitched a fit when the new Republican majority in the House wanted to start the 112th Session by reading it aloud. But Durbin might want to read Article II, Section 1 of the founding document, as it’s pretty clear on eligibility for the nation’s top executive position:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Durbin’s Constitutional illiteracy explains a lot, including his DREAM Act.

Ed Morrissey, Allahpundit, Doug Powers, and Michelle Malkin might want to read how the U.S. Supreme Court construed Article II, Section 1 of the founding document in the case of Minor v. Happersett.


What they will find is that the U.S. Supreme Court construed the Article II, Section 1 term “natural born Citizen” as:

born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction of the United States.

By his own birth narrative, the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II (also known as Barry Soetoro) is not a natural born Citizen of the United States.

Why? Because his father was not a U.S. Citizen at the time of his birth.

By his own birth narrative, Soetoro/Obama:

1) Was born a citizen of the United States, under the 14th Amendment.

2) Was NOT born a natural born Citizen of the United States, under Article II Section 1 as construed by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett.

3) Was born a natural born British subject, under both the Laws of Nature and The British Nationality Act of 1948… a fact that his own campaign admitted:

When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

If Obama had been born a natural born Citizen of the United States, under Article II Section 1, then he never would have needed the 14th Amendment to claim U.S. citizenship.

… And yet he did claim he his citizenship was based on the 14th Amendment!

The Obama campaign initially claimed Obama:
“became a citizen at birth under the first section of the 14th Amendment”:

The truth about Barack’s birth certificate

Obama Is Not a Natural Born Citizen

Senator Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, after it became a state on August 21st, 1959. Obama became a citizen at birth under the first section of the 14th Amendment

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”


But then they scrubbed that text and replaced it with this:

The Truth About Barack’s Birth Certificate

Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate aren’t actually about that piece of paper — they’re about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen.

The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.

Next time someone talks about Barack’s birth certificate, make sure they see this page.


Why did the Obama campaign take a “14th Amendment” defense, but then scrub all references to the 14th Amendment?

Perhaps because they realized that claiming “Obama became a citizen at birth under the first section of the 14th Amendment” OUTED HIM AS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

I quote the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v. Happersett:

“The Fourteenth Amendment did not affect the citizenship of women any more than it did of men. In this particular, therefore, the rights of Mrs. Minor do not depend upon the amendment. She has always been a citizen from her birth and entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizenship. The amendment prohibited the state, of which she is a citizen, from abridging any of her privileges and immunities as a citizen of the United States, but it did not confer citizenship on her. That she had before its adoption.”

Someone who is a “natural born citizen” does not need the 14th amendment to claim U.S. citizenship.

The only reason for the Obama campaign to claim that “Obama became a citizen at birth under the first section of the 14th Amendment” is because he was not, and is not, a natural born citizen.





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  1. If the stated and well known purpose of the natural born Citizen requirement was to prevent foreign influence, then how can Obama, admittedly born British, of a British Subject father, be a natural born Citizen, eligible to be POTUS?—- The Kryptonite question.

    • Corruption pure and simple. To say as truth that Obama was born in Hawaii as Pill does above in that quote from the Obama regime is showing acceptance of a fraudulent document that was presented by the White House. I don’t accept it.

      In reality, we have no idea from whence he came and how he got to where he is. There are no verifiable links of Obama to the Obama family…only what he says to be true. There are no real documents showing his name as a child or even from the schools he attended. The family photos are all photo-shopped. The photos when put and seen side by side could be of any child or multiple children. The background story is a fantastic novel of a pretend person. No one has as many inconsistencies in their background information. Nothing adds up. He was installed but by whom and where did he come from?

      • Bridgette: It occurs to me that we can use that primer by the document expert on WND as a guide to showing exactly HOW all his photos are photoshopped.

        • Yes, it would be fun to show the removal or addition of a leg or an arm or two. From the basketball picture, we could show how the heads can be turned upside down too. Why should only two players hold a basketball in the photo? In that same photo, we could put a basketball in several players laps as well. I always liked the giraffe length necks on so many in the photos.

          Dr. P did a great job of showing us how it works with the bench scene of Grandma Madeline and Grandpa Stan and BHO. He easily moved BHO from the middle to the end and then out of the photo completely. He showed that BHO was never in that photo to begin with.

          • If we really can go by what this expert says, then we should be able to see the “cut and paste” lines in the pixels. Like if the colors don’t bleed into each other, as she says they should. But if the photoshopper was an expert, too, he (and I’m willing to BET it’s a he) might have used the “add noise” option to make it look legit.

      • In reality, we have no idea from whence he came and how he got to where he is. There are no verifiable links of Obama to the Obama family…only what he says to be true. There are no real documents…

        Oh, I’m with you Bridgette. Where are the “acceptable documents”?

        Who is the “employer” of the President of the United States?

        Is it not “We the People”?

        Obama has never complied with the legal requirements of the
        Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which requires that:

        All employees, citizens and noncitizens, hired after November 6, 1986 and working in the United States must complete a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

        Obama has never publicly released a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

        Obama has never publicly released anything that would be considered “Acceptable Documentation” by a Form I-9.

        Where is the Form I-9 that Obama was legally required to complete?

        Where is the “Acceptable Documentation”?

        URLs, JPGs, and PDFs are NOT “Acceptable Documentation” for a Form I-9.

        Does the Rule of Law still matter?

        Are we still a Republic (governed by the Rule of Law), or have we morphed into a Democracy (governed by the Rule of the Majority)?

        Winning the majority of votes in an election does not make one above the law. If one wins a democratic election, but is not legally qualified to hold the office, then they should be removed as a usurper and have their record expunged.

        Will even a single member of Congress honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States?

        Will even a single member of Congress support and defend the Rule of Law?

        Where are the federal I-9 employment eligibility forms for Barack Hussein Obama?

        The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has this to say about Examining Documents

        If an employee

        Provides documentation that reasonably appears to be genuine, relates to the employee, and is on the List of Acceptable Documents

        Employer should

        Accept the documentation

        Take a look at the List of Acceptable Documents.
        Nowhere in there will you find that URLs to JPGs and PDFs are considered “Acceptable Documents”.

        “Let me be clear”… URLs to JPGs and PDFs are NOT considered “Acceptable Documents”.

        Even if we overlook the Form I-9 and accept an electronically altered “Certificate of Live Birth” in a multi-layered PDF, the Obama birth narrative makes him constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of President.

        The Obama birth narrative includes that he was born a natural born subject of the British crown.

        The Obama birth narrative does not fit the definition of “natural born citizen” of the United States, AS DEFINED BY SUPREME COURT PRECEDENT.

        • redpill, Now we know Obama was flung from the bowels of Derek’s PDF. The video was quite good,soon as that guy said how you get that it registered with me,because that is why I haven’t been able to send many of my documents I have saved because they lie on “my personal computor files” so if I send them here they wind up showing my identity. I did it once and that was a mistake. While Derek may not be the creator , someone created it and sent it to his computor where he copied it to his files, or of course he had a hand in creating it and saved it there. I’m thinking where ever it was worked on, the main thing is it was kept there till time to break it out and send it, not realizing that even if he hid the surface id. the origination of it being on his personal files would be there. A friend showed me how to take these files and move them out of there and recreate one so as to hide that ID, but I can’t remember how. I am one that has to go through the steps and see for myself what I did in order to see the steps she showed me. There is only one other thing, but not likely, since we see how poorly this whole thing was created; that someone used this guy’s personal files so as to hide who really created it(like I said, not likely). I think this is way cool.

  2. The intention has been to blurr the meaning of the requirement for the president to allow Obama to remain in the office and to have been elected. They have shortened natural born citizen to just citizen as a requirement by totally ignoring the most important part of the Amendment, natural born.

    In part, this problem was exacerbated by WND in their asking where is the birth certificate. Because by only asking that, without the natural born requirement and definition, people who hadn’t been taught the real meaning of blood (2 American parents) and soil, were led to believe that Obama only needed to be born in the US to qualify.

    The Supreme Court, by not defining the term natural born and accepting one of the multiple lawsuits requesting clarification, has also been a partner in this confusion. The Supremes and other judges are a disgrace to their robes and have shown a total indifference to the Constitution that they swore to uphold.

    When is Durbin’s term up?…he should be bounced out the door by his constituents who still believe in this nation and its laws.

    • IF there wasn’t a difference between natural born citizen and citizen at the time of this article, it would be moot and the distinction wouldn’t be made within one sentence.. IF the intent was that anyone born on American soil is eligible to be president regardless of their person’s parents nationality at the time of one’s birth, it would say that plainly. there would be no need to beat around the bush. IF it wasn’t of such great import that a person be a natural born citizen it wouldn’t rank as high as Article II of the Constitution.

      IF the queen had balls, she’s be king. they lose.

      Natural Born Citizen means just that – naturally born as a full blooded American on American soil at the get go in founding our Country and in establishing its citizenry as Americans. Its a status that is inherited and not obtained and with good reason, preservation.

  3. https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/obama-and-ice-circumvent-the-people-and-congress/comment-page-1/#comment-58008

    We began a long conversation about this issue at that link. There are many connections listed there that people should become aware of. How this entire issue of ICE looking the other way is connected to the community organizer in chief who appears to have politicized ICE and the Dept. of Homeland Security to appease a base of ILLEGALS who should not even been represented by OUR representatives and POTUS. They should be arrested and deported, along with Jose Antonio Vargas, criminal illegal alien. Criminal because he admits to document fraud, which is a crime. As is being in this country illegally. Every citizen has standing to sue the government over this, because of the recent Bond decision in the SCOTUS. We are ALL harmed by illegal immigration when money is extracted from our wallets to support benefits for illegal aliens. This farce yesterday is a travesty of justice because the entire Kabuki Theater event was on our dime.

    Durbin is up to moving the bar and changing the Constitution without changing it at all because he and the other progressives KNOW that We the People will NEVER pass a Constitutional amendment allowing people without PROVEN LOYALTY TO ONLY THIS COUNTRY to be POTUS. This is as the Founders envisioned. SOLE ALLEGIANCE TO THE USA.

  4. Excellent post, redpill! One question that I have always had is what would happen to all of O’s signed bills, appointments, etc.? I have read the constitution many times, and such a situation is not addressed that I can see. The Founders assmed that the government would always follow the law, and did not lay out what should be done in this or a similar instance.

  5. From Drkatesview:

    attilasdaughter June 30, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    the name, a caller of the radio show found in the document, belongs to this guy:
    Derek Douglas


    Who is Derek Douglas?

    What is the Office of Public Liaison?

    get a load of this crap


    • The name of Derek was found embedded in Obama’s birth certificate. This just might be the forger of the document that was released by the White House.

      • Larger view

        From ORYR via Patriot’s Heart:

        You can see this yourself if you:
        1. Add “.doc” to the end of the WH document name.
        2. Open it with Microsoft Word 2003 Viewer
        3. Select encoding of “US-ASCII” (or “Western European IAS”)

        • Ok I tried the above, but don’t have Word so used Open Office, and it doesn’t have #3…so I used another one of the Western European codes. Western Europe (IS)-8859-1) and Western Europe (ASCII/US) both show the same information. Does the name Nordyke seem strange to occur on the WH birth certificate?

          ÿØÿà##JFIF#####x#x##ÿá#¢Exif##II*##### #########z###########˜########### #######t###¨###
          (###################################i‡######L####¤##############LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01#Þ`#######`#######3?634395177847031250?162043?0?1?0?C:\Documents and Settings\NewUser\My Documents\Downloads\real1961 Nordyke
          #########ÿ#######€#######ÿ#######€#######ÿ##########�######0220#‘########### ######0100# ########Öú# ########### ######Á#######ÿÛ#C########### #

          • Esquire’s Blunder « drkatesview
            Regarding “%Derek’s PDF”, I did some searching around for Dereks in Hawaii associated with the Department of Health from whence this may have come.

            I found this file, that has the exact same “%Derek’s PDF” signature.

            Click to access orgchart.pdf

            No idea what it means, but the associated Derek is, I believe, Derek Inaba.

            The pdf came up after I searched on Derek Hawaii “Department of Health” and found a few Derek’s, then searched on their first and last names plus pdf. Derek Inaba was one of them. A search for pdf and his name came up with this file. Just wanted to report this here, so that it could be investigated further. No idea how much or little to read into this.

          • June 30, 2011 at 10:21 pm
            The “Derek’s PDF” tag is a red herring.

            I checked 2240 PDF files of various origins, and found the “Derek’s PDF” tag in 81 of them.

            The “Derek’s PDF” tag always appears on the second line, under “%PDF-1.3″ (PDF version 1.3) — such as in the Obama LFCOLB.

            The 81 PDF files having a “Derek’s PDF” tag were from a total of 485 “PDF-1.3″ files — which is one-in-six (or 16.6%) of this sample set.

            Apparently the newer “PDF format standards” versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 (etc.) NEVER include the “Derek’s PDF” tag — I didn’t find a single example outside of the version 1.3 files.

            Perhaps “Derek” was a program manager or worker at Adobe software?

            ( Note: – I searched for the encoded “Derek’s PDF” tag, copied from Obama’s LFCOLB, using a search program configured to only search all of the PDF files. )

          • Bridgette,
            I was able to open the .pdf in Word as a .doc file, and I can find:
            %Derek’s PDF

            But I am not able to find Nordyke when I search for it. Is this something you were able to find in the document? I think that finding:

            C:\Documents and Settings\NewUser\My Documents\Downloads\real1961 Nordyke use.jpg

            would be absolutely HUGE! … It would be evidence of using a scan of a “real1961 Nordyke” birth certificate in order to create a fraudulent one for Obama.

            However, since I have not yet seen it with my own eyes in the PDF I downloaded from the whitehouse.gov site on April 27th, I’m erring on the side of caution with this one…

            Where exactly did you find this? Are you sure it’s from the PDF that was on the whitehouse.gov site on April 27th? There could be obfuscators out there intentionally planting false leads, so if you got the PDF from somewhere other than the whitehouse.gov site on April 27th, I’d be cautious/suspicious about it..

          • Pill, I am positive that I downloaded this file from the WH. The file says I downloaded it on 4/27 at 4:17 pm as a jpg.

            Can you email your file to me and let me do the same thing I did with my file to yours. Miri, also has Open Office ..and she can see what her file does. I made another copy and marked it Test and added the doc to the end, so I wouldn’t lose the original. That doesn’t change it in any way.

            I have sent my file to you, Miri, and News. Please see if you get different results.

          • Bridgette: I can’t get this to work. I have the same program as you. I chose the format you did, but I can’t figure out how to change it to a .doc file. Any hints? When I do this, I get 1400plus pages of stuff with only a line or two on each page. I scanned for “derek” and “nordyke” but nothing. What am I doing wrong?

          • Bridgette: I must really be dense (Ed, no comment, please.). How did you download the WH PDF as a jpg? I can’t even figure out how to change the PDF I have into a jpg. Help!

            Renee: Those comments about how supposedly all PDFs say “Derek” in them sound a lot like obot rationalizations/disinformation to me. We’ll see. If I can figure out how to display this, I’ll look at other old PDF’s I have.

          • Miri
            To change it to a doc. file, first make a copy of the file you have but give it a new name so you know it is a test file. As you Rename it, at the end of it change it to .doc (period doc).

            I most likely took a screenshot of it and put it into Paint.
            Was it originally a pdf file? We are talking about the same thing right, the WH long form birth certificate?

            I have the letters and attachments in a pdf file.

          • I think I understand what the guys at Dr. Kate’s were talking about. It says Derek IF you’re using a version of Adobe that’s of a certain age. Am I reading that right?

        • Douglas name as well as Derick …..hummm….

          • about the conference – Embassy of Hungary – Magyar …
            Jun 10, 2010 … Special Assistant to President Obama Derek R.B. Douglas. Assistant Secretary of State Michael H. Posner spoke of his appreciation of this …


          • The Inaba family from Hawaii | People with the last name Inaba …
            Looking for the Inaba in Hawaii? 54 free listings on PeekYou, where you can find their photos, links, … Derek Y. Inaba 49 yrs. Derek Inaba, from Hilo HI …


          • UW A&A – News Archives
            Sep 10, 2009 … Derek Inaba, BS’02, also participated in the mission, as a a test engineer at Lockheed Martin. Annual Spring Banquet 5/9/2008 …


          • [PDF] Incorporation of the Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma …
            Hillary Cummings,† Mike Ross,* Daren Welsh,* Paul Choe,* Derek Inaba,* Chris Kachel,*. Katherine Ready,* Elspeth Suthers,† Ben Warrick,† Luke Winstrom,† …


          • OK, so this may not make a whole lot of sense, seeing as how I can’t get to this stuff myself, but are you seeing Derek sometimes and Derick or is that a typo ? Also are you finding Douglas separate from Derek PDF’s. It may help to explain what took place. For instance, Derek (whoever) may have used his old person laptop for retrieving, say the Nordyke BC. And say his old 1.3 version documents is where he did some of his work. But then maybe another part of his fraudulent work was done on another personal computor under Douglas registered doc. files. Wherever they were stored last was back in his Dereck registry. What file doc. Had the name DerekPDF Farro? I am trying to understand why all the variations. It would make sense that whoever in the whitehouse was creating this stuff at least thought they shouldn’t use government’s computors.

  6. I think I went to spam == linked a comment with a link

    and then added a link with a video…

    the plot thickens.

    • Joe Farah, Jerry Corsi and WND.com, now have the unique opportunity to present to the world the evidence that the document is in fact a fraud. And there is nothing Esquire or Obama can do to stop it. Since Obama will not be mentioned as a defendant, he has no cause to have his wonderful government lawyers intervene, in fact his personal lawyers can not do anything. The fact is Obama simply will be told what we have been told, he has no standing. Divine justice is not only just, it is sweet.

      What can Esquire do? The only option they have is to settle out of court, but that requires all parties to agree and for some reason I do not think Joe is going to settle out of court for any price. Perhaps all those nasty things the left been saying about him are true, you know that he is (OMG) a Christian! And you all know the motto of those pesky Christians, “and the truth will set you free.” I think Joe will go for the truth instead of the money.

      Joe will establish that he has reasonable doubt of the April 27, 2011 release of the so-called long form birth certificate and have those experts that he has published testify to this fact. Come to think of it, thanks to Esquire this action will give WND the right to get a federal court order for the original birth certificate on file with the Hawaii Department of Health to have it examined to substantiate their claim that the document produced on April 27th is in fact a forgery and that Esquire is intentionally lying about it to damage the reputations of Joe Farah, Jerry Corsi and WND.

      Saul Alinsky said ridicule is the best weapon, and this is what Esquire Magazine tried to do to Farah, Corsi and WND, but it only works on those with no or little courage.

      Esquire made a blunder with the initial article, and perhaps all Joe Farah had to sue them over is trying to restrict the sale of Jerry Corsi’s book. Okay at best that might cost Esquire a couple of million, but then they screwed the proverbial pooch and said Joe was intentionally lying about the birth certificate being a fraud to scam the WND audience. This just cost the media their blackout on the facts, this is priceless.

      Esquire, on behalf of all the Birthers nationwide all I can say to you is, THANK YOU!

      Amazing-thank you Papoose.

    • Derek R.B. Douglas

      Derek Douglas serves on the White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC) as Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, where he leads the DPC’s work on urban and metropolitan policy issues. Prior to working in the White House, Douglas served as Washington Counsel to New York Governor David A. Paterson and Director of Governor Paterson’s Washington, D.C. Office. In this capacity, Douglas served as the Governor’s chief architect for federal policy and oversaw federal policy development and advocacy on domestic, economic, and urban policy issues for the State of New York.

      Prior to his appointment in 2007, Douglas served as Associate Director of Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress where he founded and served as Director of the Economic Mobility Program. Prior to joining the Center, Douglas was a Counsel at O’Melveny & Myers LLP and an Assistant Counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Douglas graduated from the University of Michigan with Highest Honors in Economics and from the Yale Law School.

    • Note that the pink line did not move much. In fact, it went down.

      It should have gone up – a lot – because the “Trust Funds” (you know, Social Security and Medicare?) that you folks on the left keep bleating about being “money good” and “actual debt” had a coupon payment from Treasury due yesterday.



      That’s a default, and it instantaneously destroys both the claim that such activity is not “selective” or, if you prefer, “strategic” and it also destroys the argument that Medicare and Social Security Trust fund “debt” – not just public debt – is subject to the 14th Amendment and thus is “protected” against the Treasury choosing to blow it off.

      By the way if you’re curious about how much this should amount to (~$90 billion, more or less) have a look at the June 30th, 2010 DTS statement.

      Have a nice day.

  7. My computer went completely black for 30 seconds after I tried to access this lamecherry article

    see what you think


  8. For some reason Drudge report all in red tonight

    • Maybe he’s trying for a patriotic look–red (letters), white (background), and blue (lines under the text)? It’s hard to read. Isn’t it?

  9. New requirements for U.S. birth certificates now law to determine citizenship
    July 4, 2011 Snips

    WASHINGTON (July 4, 2011) — If you plan on obtaining a passport, better check your birth certificate, as new rules for proving U.S. citizenship may make your certified copy obsolete.

    A new law, effective April 1, requires all U.S. citizens seeking a passport to provide the “full names of the applicant’s parent(s) to be listed on all certified birth certificates to be considered as primary evidence of U.S. citizenship for all passport applicants, regardless of age.”

    In addition, the birth certificate “must be signed by the official custodian of birth records, bear the seal of the issuing office, and show a filing date within one year of the date of birth.

    Most states that used the short-form birth certificate already provided the names of both parents, if it was known. However, many people have the old short-form that does not meet this new requirement.

    Besides having information about the parents, the following must also appear on the certified birth certificate: full name of the applicant; date of birth; place of birth; raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal of issuing authority; registrar’s signature; and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office (must be within one year).

    According to the U.S. Department of State, the new law (22 CFR 51.42(a)) will not affect applications already in-process that have been submitted, or accepted before the effective date. So those who have the old style birth certificates and received their passports before April 1, will not have to get the new birth record to renew existing passports.

    The law was changed due to the birthers’ debate about President Barack Obama’s short-form birth certificate he used to prove his citizenship. MANY IN GOVERNMENT and the public felt strongly that in order to prove actual birth, a full birth certificate, containing information on the child’s parents was needed. So to insure that a person is not a naturalized citizen, information about the parents must now be on the official record.

    However, if you are unable to provide information about your parents, the law allows you a number of different options to prove your U.S. citizenship. They are outlined below. See URL.


    New Law

    • Wow. That’s in line with a comment I posted somewhere, swiped from another blog. It’s probably on one of the open threads. The commenter said that when he (or she) was getting passports for the kids, they had to have birth certificates with the parents’ names. I don’t know how this will prove that a person is not a naturalized citizen. It’s whacky. If the person was born in the USA, the person is a CITIZEN of the USA, no matter who the parents are or what their citizenship was (which looks like it’s not required).

      Look at this paragraph:

      “(b) Secondary evidence of birth in the United States. If the applicant cannot submit a birth certificate that meets the requirement of paragraph (a) of this section, he or she must submit secondary evidence sufficient to establish to the satisfaction of the Department that he or she was born in the United States. Secondary evidence includes but is not limited to hospital birth certificates, baptismal certificates, medical and school records, certificates of circumcision, other documentary evidence created shortly after birth but generally not more than 5 years after birth, and/or affidavits of persons having personal knowledge of the facts of the birth.”

      And/OR affidavits.

      Isn’t that the language that some states were planning to insert into the bills, where people were pushing legislation to require proof of POTUS qualification from candidates? Certificates of circumcision? Please. What is this? FactCheck part two? Remember how FactCheck tried to equate State Dept. requirements for a passport with POTUS qualifications? NOT EQUAL. NOT the same thing.

      I do love that grandfather clause. So Barry better hope he never has to re-apply for a passport. But wait! He can just submit “Reverand” Wright’s baptismal certificate. Or maybe Babs Nelson will swear out an affidavit for him.

      How about these provisions:

      Ҥ 51.44 Proof of resumption or retention of U.S. citizenship.
      An applicant who claims to have resumed or retained U.S. citizenship must submit with the application a certificate of naturalization or evidence that he or she took the steps necessary to resume or retain U.S. citizenship in accordance with the applicable provision of law.

      § 51.45 Department discretion to require evidence of U.S. citizenship or non-citizen nationality.
      The Department may require an applicant to provide any evidence that it deems necessary to establish that he or she is a U.S. citizen or non-citizen national, including evidence in addition to the evidence specified in 22 CFR 51.42 through 51.44.”

      Claims to have resumed or retained citizenship. Interesting. Whatever this is, it’s probably designed to somehow cover for Barry, whose original passport files, remember, were “cauterized” by employees of John Brennan, before the election. Hmmm. Did they cauterize that evidence of “steps necessary to resume … citizenship in accordance with the applicable provision?”

      So does it seem to you as if a Chinese baby girl, born there, adopted into the US, will not only get a US passport but will also be eligible for the presidency?

      • Wow, glad you could get to that law. It just kept loading and loading for me. Did you note that this passed in April, 2011. I wonder who the ” many” were at the State Department that wanted this to be clarified. I wonder who made the changes.

        Amazing that “certificates of circumcision,” are now in the US Govt. law..yet Gov. Brewer, AZ, refused to sign a bill into law because of that very requirement!

        Would this cover Obama “affidavits of persons having personal knowledge of the facts of the birth?”

        Remember, I told you the story of my trying to get a driver’s license in Texas and how they were turning people away because of a short form BC or other inadequate information.

        • Yep. And now, even though AZ wouldn’t put the stupid circumcision certificate into the state law, they’re putting it into requirements to get a passport. Did some of the states equate POTUS eligibility with passports? I mean, did any state allow a passport as proof of eligibility? It would be good to know who authorized this (as if we can’t guess). Have you ever in your life SEEN a certificate of circumcision? Well, is he or isn’t he? That’s the Weiner question of the day. We know he ought to have a baptismal certificate from “Reverend” Wright, although that’s been hidden. (btw, Bridgette, I still see NO scroll bar on the side of the comment box. Does WordPress ever intend to fix this? And why’d they take posts off the dashboard? I digress.)

          I do remember you telling us that story about your driver’s license. Now we have proof from multiple sources that the State Dept. now requires parents’ names, too, as if that proves anything. It certainly doesn’t prove natural born citizenship unless the rules also state that the parents’ citizenship status be noted on the document, too. If any state intends to make Barry produce a LFCOLB (or even Hawaii’s SFCOLB), then they’d better be prepared to ask for one to be produced, certified, and PICKED UP in HAWAII by an unimpeachable representative of that state. It’s useless for them to accept anything Barry gives them without provenance. If they can fool Savannah Guthrie (if they did), then they can fool election officials in the many states.

          • Miri..I swear the scroll bar was there and you are right it isn’t now! I don’t know what you mean about posts are off the dashboard.

            • I did see it once and I can’t figure out why it was there but it disappeared almost as soon as I used it. I don’t know if this is my browser or what.

  10. http://obamasgarden.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/orly-taitz-call-for-information/

    Miss Tickly’s newest post. Better late than never. I don’t know if this has been linked before, but Miss Tickly has some compelling arguments and a new one to request Obama’s original vitals from Hawaii. Clever Miss Tickly! Here’s the money quote:

    “Disclosure and access is authorized to me as a member of the public under HRS§92F-12(15) which says disclosure is required for:

    ‘Information collected and maintained for the purpose of making information available to the general public;’

    First, I refer to the fact that President Obama and/or his lawyer representative(s) collected a certified copy of his long form birth certificate for the purposes of making it available to the general public. The HDOH and White House provided a link to that correspondence here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-correspondence.pdf.

    Furthermore, I refer to the press release and public statement issued by Dr. Fukino on 7/27/2009, in which she says she viewed the “original vital records” that prove President Obama is a “natural-born American citizen.” This information is not ‘index data’ so the public has every right to the information she viewed to make that statement to the general public in the form of a press release.

    To support this argument further, I direct you to OIP Opinion Letter No. 03-16. This opinion was written in response to requests for the contract of the Head Football coach at the University of Hawaii, in 2003. In part, the OIP was of the opinion that because information from the contract was already released by a state agency and by the coach in question, the legal exceptions of the UIPA which protect information from disclosure were waived. That same situation applies here because President Obama has already released information from his vital records to the public himself and, again, Dr. Fukino did too on July 27, 2009.

    Moreover, the UIPA Guideline Manual indicates on page 15 that the information collected for the purpose of making information available to the public is not required to be maintained for that reason, too, in order for disclosure to be authorized by this law. The public has an interest in understanding the U.S. Constitution and the HDOH told the general public that President Obama is a “natural-born American citizen.” There is absolutely no doubt that it is in the public’s legal interest to disclose the information collected for use in drafting Dr. Fukino’s statement expressly written for the general public.Furthermore, it is absolutely unacceptable that only the Hawaii Department of Health, President Obama, and the privileged few in government understand the ‘accepted’ legal definition of the term “natural-born American citizen.” Both Congress and the State of Hawaii have recognized President Obama as a “natural-born American citizen” and have recognized his oath to the Office as legal. Therefore, the public has a right to understand this legal term, as well. The evidence to this right can be found easily in the controversy surrounding President Obama’s eligiblity. For Hawaii to keep this information from the public is exactly contrary to our best interest and our legal rights. You have no right to do such a thing – the information I request belongs to the public according to the laws of the UIPA.”

    Hoist on their own petard. Not only did his lawyer use public disclosure of the CERTIFIED document as the excuse to get a waiver for release of the document (WHICH THEY RENEGED ON AND NEVER DID RELEASE), they inadvertently gave Miss Tickly a reason, under Hawaiian law, WHY they now must disclose the information TO the public.

    I might add that it’s even more crucial for the public to see his vital records in order to ascertain his natural born citizenship status since, going by what he says about his parentage and what the HDOH has allowed to be released about his parentage, it’s obvious, because of SCOTUS PRECEDENT, that Obama NEVER WAS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES. He never was and so there is no way that Fukino could possibly declare him a natural-born American citizen (whatever THAT is), unless he’s lying about his parentage and she knows it, in which case both are allegedly and apparently guilty of fraud upon the American public. The sunshine laws exist to PROTECT the public, not the perps.

  11. Who or What caused this:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

    Quote by Edmund Burke

    -The above quote is from the title page of http://www.columbiassacrifice.com that I have linked to at the bottom of this page.

    Note from Phil – Please look up the link at the bottom of this page to an amazing web site with an enormous amount of information on it about the Columbia disaster – I strongly recommend you view it – It has links on it that in turn will leave you spell-bound. This person has spent a lot of time and effort to look into matters that most of us have not even thought about. The person behind this web site really knows what he is talking about – believe me – the information is first rate and has been double checked for error.

    February 1st. 2003.

    What happened to the Columbia Space Shuttle

    A Scientific Explanation

    The picture above shows PART of ONE of the Arrays. It’s probably about 5% of the total Array area ! Remember this is a 3 Gigawatt transmitter – That’s 3 Billion Watts (No – not a misprint – Billion not million – this is serious stuff folks)

    The partly-university and partly-military HAARP facility has very lax security, as shown by the pictures and text on their own website. ( their early 2000’s website ). It is only just a very large shortwave radio transmitter in Gakona, Alaska used for university research, isn’t it? That’s what they say. In fact the official HAARP web site goes to great lengths to appear to be open in all things – there are pictures galore – virtual tours of the place – technical data – personnel – all sorts of things – you would think that it’s all above board. And let’s face it – it IS a valuable research tool – AND it is good that it can be used for Submarine communication – and Defence of the USA (and the allies of the USA) from missile attack.

    BUT just imagine what this tool can do. It’s absolutely awesome. It’s like ( not comparing exactly ) Tesla Technology at it’s finest. But like Tesla The potential for mis-use is horrendous. Like Nuclear Technology. It can be mis-used. AND in a very big way. ( think nuclear electricity / bombs. ) This tool can modify weather all around the world – and many other things as well. It’s like playing with god. As this project began in the early 1990’s it has grown. I mean the size of the Arrays have grown – the Power of the transmitters has grown – the covert use of the project has grown – since the 9-11 attacks on the USA this project has assumed awesome proportions. It is like a giant – and god help anyone who crosses the USA as this project can and has the ability to cripple any nation who launches a missile attack on the USA and it also has the potential to modify weather and stop any attack on planet earth by any other outside source – meteor or otherwise. No nation in the world has a facility like this – except for the United States – They are now the Number One Superpower. It’s come down to what the U.S. has said recently – you are either FOR or AGAINST us. The choice is now black and white.

    H.A.A.R.P. Stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project.

    Part of what is written comes from Marshall Smith – Who is the Editor of the Brojon Journal. His website is very interesting as Marshall is a qualified technical engineer – and has spent a lot of time researching the HAARP system. he is personally convinced – that HAARP was transmitting – in the Air Force mode – on the morning of the Columbia disaster. Visit http://www.brojon.org for full details.

    For several years, beginning about 1998, HAARP is normally turned on during the summer months, starting several hours before midnight. They are doing atmospheric auroral zone research for several hours each night when the sky is very dark, during that part of the month when the bright moon is below the horizon. That is the “University Research” mode. The shortwave transmitter pulses may have both long and short pulses with about equal-length spaces in between, and the pulse lengths may vary, depending on the academic research experiment, from 3 to 30 seconds.

    During the “Navy Deep-Sea Communication” operational mode, the shortwave radio pulses are all, with military precision, exactly 6.25 seconds long with either exactly 15 or 30 second spaces between pulses. Those long and short binary spaces in between the pulses are actually the coded message. Something like the dits and dahs of very slow Morse code. In this mode, the power is usually at maximum. Unlike the research mode, which mostly runs at night, the US Navy communication mode can be at any time of the day or night, any month of the year. The transmissions may run continuously for about 10 to 30 hours, or from one to several days.

    These communication pulses interact with the earth’s magnetic field near the northern auroral zone. These very slow interactions, taking hours to send a short message, can be sensed by special magnetometer receivers in the US nuclear submarines miles deep below the ocean surface. This HAARP communication mode can operate far deeper into the ocean than any other nation can penetrate, so only US submarines are capable of long-term full-stealth mode, out of reach far below all other nation’s submarines. All the while, still staying in communication with US Navy command headquarters.

    Following the 9-11 World Trade Centre attack, and just minutes after the President declared the highest Defence Condition Four (DefCon4), HAARP began transmitting at highest power for 18 hours in “deep-sea communication” mode. This is the only way to communicate the DefCon4 condition and updated battle commands to the US nuclear submarines on station miles deep in the ocean.

    The “Air Force Missile Defence Shield” mode is usually heard as 4 or 5 second pulses about 20 seconds apart. The pulses also are modulated with circular polarisation, changing in tone slightly faster or slower than the 1 Hz base frequency. This results in hearing sounds, which I ( Marshall Smith – Editor of the Brojon Journal ) call repeated “zoo-eel” sounds going upward or “zoo-oownd” sounds going downward. This causes very fast relativistic electrons or ions to be sprayed into outer space arcing from north to south magnetic pole, from the ionosphere, either upward to the magnetosphere, or downward from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere.

    These particles, moving at nearly the speed of light, stay only in the vacuum of space and are stopped whenever they hit the atmosphere. The focused fast moving particles can penetrate and damage the electronics of an incoming nuclear missile warhead and cause the missile to spin out of control and burn up as it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere.

    The damage effect is similar to the strong radiation from a nearby nuclear explosion. Thus the “missile shield” mode can quickly destroy incoming missiles almost anywhere in the world even before they re-enter the atmosphere. The graduate student technical research reports on the HAARP website for the summer study programs of 1999 and 2000 reveal they have succeeded in producing particle flow along “certain magnetic field lines.” This is a secretive or obtuse way of saying that they have finally implemented a “focused missile Defence shield” mode.

    The staffers at HAARP are several full time professional radio electronics operators and a number of part-time professors and graduate research students. They all have access to the facility which is the key to the back door of the small cafeteria/control room building. The HAARP facility does not even have a fence around it.

    HAARP is likely not to be the Primary Ionospheric array in Alaska.

    At 3 Billion Watts there may be a second secret and hidden FIPA Array at (nearby) Poker Flat.

    In reviewing information disclosed through the Freedom Of Information Act concerning the initial concepts and bidding on HAARP (High – frequency Active Auroral Research Project), We came across relevant information that HAARP was not the best choice for the Project, this was to be the F.I.P.A. (Frequency Independent Phased-array Antenna) FIPA patent # 5,274,390.

    The executive summary of HAARP indicates the best place for the Array was Poker Flat and not Gakona, Clear AFB was the optional choice for the HAARP location and has the power facility on site to supply a heater array of these proportions. Prime power at Clear Air Force Station is obtained from the station’s coal-fired power plant, which is capable of producing 22.5 megawatts of power. (Clear AFB is a large D.O.D.) (Department of Defence) area located west of HIPAS [High Power Auroral Stimulation], and is almost an equal distance from HIPAS as HAARP is to HIPAS. HAARP is run by U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate – while Clear Air Force Station is under U.S. Air Force Space Command Control.

    HAARP/HIPAS work in conjunction – However two arrays are not enough to steer the signal. The HAARP web site in 2001 discussed successful moon bounce experiments (done since the 1960’s by HAM radio operators) In order to target the moon you need a steerable array and three arrays minimum are required.

    For those that think the HAARP array network is just a research program, think again. HAARP is 3 gigawatts of power (3 billion watts ! ) Note to adversaries of the United States and recent saber rattling; you may not want to provoke this bear with a stick.

    HAARP array is second choice to FIPA array, The HAARP site near Gakona was initially chosen to house the Imaging Riometer for HAARP, Now Poker Flat is operating the proposed HAARP Imaging Riometer and was the initial choice for the HAARP location, and you require three ELF/VLF arrays to steer the signal. This information means THERE IS AT LEAST ONE HIDDEN ELF/VLF array in the southern area of Alaska, it is likely in Poker Flat region and is likely the FIPA array.

    In order for targeting, HAARP’s other arrays must be used to steer the signal, this is why HIPAS is in the region, with the present set up. If Clear AFS, and Poker Flat were also positioned with ELF/VLF arrays then HAARP is capable of a 360 degree steerable target area.

    The newly installed Missile Defence System at Fort Greely is not there to protect North America from ballistic missiles but to protect the HAARP network of Arrays in Alaska as the arrays are the first line of Defence. Provide enough power to the atmosphere and the resulting drag and EM Pulse should fry the electronics of any missile, one exception are new missiles designed by the Russians that may be able to fly under HAARP’s umbrella.

    Fort Greely is like a phalanx system on a ship, anything that gets too close to it would be destroyed.


    CAUTION ! : What follows contains speculative material !

    The name “Mustava Grufti” is a fictious name. It may well be “John Doe” or “X” (but for want of a name Marshall Smith of http://www.brojon.org has selected this name) It may well be that the authorities knew what was going on – and did not stop it – OR it may have been a “set up”. We will (maybe) never know. Like JFK. Years later it may come out – maybe. One thing seems (almost) sure – HAARP was transmitting on that night – despite official denial.

    Anyway .. Here is the story ..

    One of the HAARP graduate students, “Mustava Grufti”, gets up in the middle of the night, and goes to work all by himself at 4:00 AM on a very cold Saturday Alaska winter morning. They usually don’t work on the weekends, especially not in the frigid mid-winter. He turns on the cold diesel generators which produce the electrical power for the large radio system and starts up the transmitters. He plugs into the transmitter control computer the old research program he had worked on for testing the Air Force missile shield mode.

    This fires a narrow cloud of relativistic particles into space from Alaska, above the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean along the western coast of the US, to the opposite magnetic mirror site just above the southern auroral zone near New Zealand. He leaves the transmitter running for 3 hours. Then, “Mustava” turns everything off and goes back home to sleep, in the dark of the long Alaska arctic-winter night. It was a very cold Saturday morning.

    The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where “Mustava” is a research associate assigned to the HAARP project, knows that he is in the US on a temporary F1 student visa from Pakistan. They do not know that he also is a member of Al-Qaida. “Mustava” was only told to turn on the transmitter to knock out a bothersome US communication satellite which had been broadcasting anti-Muslim TV programs and propaganda. “Mustava” doesn’t follow the news and knows nothing about any space shuttle flight. He was only told the time and direction to transmit. It was 4:15 AM PST Saturday morning, Feb 1, 2003, just about 90 minutes before Columbia enters the atmosphere over California. “Mustava”, knowing he might be doing something wrong, makes no entry into the HAARP transmitter logbook.


    What is written below is logged as notes. It’s fact that the US Air Force has denied any HAARP transmission before, during, and immediately after the Columbia landing.

    Later, the US Navy, which administrates all HAARP operations, when asked about HAARP possibly transmitting while shuttle Columbia was landing, only says, “It wasn’t us. We weren’t even on the air.” They check their logbook and show proof: there is no record of any HAARP transmissions on Feb 1, 2003.

    (Note: There have been some people monitoring and logging all HAARP transmissions since about the year 2000. HAARP was, in fact, transmitting from about 4:15 AM to about 7:20 AM PST in Air Force mode on Saturday Feb 1, 2003. That was the first HAARP transmission since late 2002. Columbia re-entered the atmosphere over California at 5:53 AM PST, in the middle between those two times.) ( from http://www.brojon.org )

    (Anyone with a shortwave receiver eg. a ham radio operator can receive the Haarp signal. They can’t decode the signal but can determine what type of signal it is.) ( If they know what type the signal is.) ( And MOST Ham operators do know what is going on !)…And there are Thousands of them out there !…The HAARP signal has been picked up by Ham Operators since it started transmitting. At first no Ham Operator knew what to make of it. They are NOT stupid and over the years have figured out what is going on. People DO TALK. (Note from Phil)

    The coded signals sent to the US Nuclear Submarines are; naturally; secret. No one knows what is sent as the Submarines have special receiver units; that cannot be decoded by any other means. (Note from Phil)


    What is written below is pretty much what happened. We can never be 100% sure because NASA will not give the full story – and all communications were lost during the re-entry period. It’s a guess as to how bad things became inside the cockpit. There appeared to be a desperate attempt to manually ride Columbia down and this would have only happened as a last ditch attempt.

    It’s a cold Saturday morning over the dark Indian Ocean as Columbia fires its rockets to drop from orbit and begin its path into the atmosphere over California. About 5:40 AM, over the eastern Pacific Ocean nearing California, while still in space, Columbia enters into an invisible cloud of extremely high radiation spewing southward from Gakona, Alaska. The cloud of relativistic electrons penetrate deeply into Columbia, instantly causing strange heating on the northern or left side of the spacecraft toward Alaska, both on the left wing and even on the upper left side of the craft near the left cargo bay door. Because the radiation cloud is coming from the northern side, not from below, only the left side of Columbia is seriously affected at first.

    Columbia’s commander reports the anomalous low-level gradual heating of all temperature sensors on the left side of the craft to the NASA ground communicator. The NASA communicator acknowledges that they received the messages about the heating on the left side. And Commander Rick Husband, responds, “Roger, bu…”

    Suddenly his voice and all radio communications with the shuttle are broken off in mid-sentence. The cloud of radiation shooting from Alaska continues to penetrate into Columbia. Over central California, numerous left wing temperature sensors all suddenly stop working. Just before they failed, the semiconductor temperature sensors did not show extreme high temperature or indicate burning up. They all suddenly went off-scale as if high radiation had simply shorted them out.

    Minutes later, somewhere over Nevada, now safely below the radiation cloud above the atmosphere, the effects of the short but severe radiation exposure are now becoming apparent. The attitude control computer, which positions the spacecraft to glide like an airplane to a safe landing, starts showing signs of over-correcting. The control computer and its backup can no longer calculate a proper flight path. The data in the computer memories was corrupted by the severe radiation.

    Shortly afterwards the Columbia lost all automatic flight control including it’s ability to maintain it’s “angle of attack” (re- entry angle) of 40 Degrees. It fell to 0 Degrees and began a slow negative yaw to the left. After about 8 minutes – someone shut down all the automatic pilot functions and swung the control stick to the right for 8 seconds. This placed the ship at 90 Degrees positive Yaw which meant the ship was placed in a position that the whole left side was facing the re-entry (Hypersonic Mach 18 flow). When the control stick was swung to the left there was no correction – only error messages were displayed. After about 60 seconds in this position of re-entry the ship could not take it anymore and disintegrated.

    It’s a very scary thing but – and this is a big question – did the crew panic and attempt a manual landing because of a “burn through” in the cockpit ? If so it explains why and how desperate the situation had become. Imagine. No communication with earth. The cockpit wall heating – possibly badly – What to do ? It would have been obvious that most if not all equipment had malfunctioned by this time. There would have been desperation and a last ditch attempt would have been made to manually fly the shuttle down.

    Over eastern New Mexico, Columbia is no longer soaring as a glider to a welcomed soft landing at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It is morphing into a flaming meteoric, billion-dollar fireball, streaking ever swiftly downward toward destiny in east Texas with seven human beings inside.

    Later, based on the US Navy assurances, NASA closes any investigation into possible HAARP-Shuttle interactions. Investigators continue to pursue numerous other possible theories, such as damage to the shuttle heat shield tiles during take off. Or possibly even some pieces of the shuttle or tiles reportedly falling off over California, or strange electrical discharges around the shuttle as it enters the atmosphere — something some California observers reported. But that was something no one could have ever observed, since, according to NOAA weather satellite images at that exact time, most all of California and Nevada were covered with thick cloud cover at 5:53 AM just as Columbia passed overhead. No California observations, videos or photographs were possible.

    Other groups investigate the possible impact of newly discovered extremely high altitude air turbulence, which may have damaged the 23-year-old airframe of the aging Columbia as it entered the atmosphere. The investigative results are inconclusive or misleading. Nothing is resolved. The Shuttle program is shut down for over a year, because of the unclear results and the loud public clamour to cease the dangerous and costly NASA shuttle missions.

    American concerns about the ongoing hot war on terrorism now predominate the evening news. Columbia is forgotten.

    Without NASA Space Shuttle support, the two astronauts and lone cosmonaut on the International Space Station are brought down in June 2003, using the Russian space lifeboat landing craft. No replacement personnel are sent up to relieve them. The International Space Station is left abandoned in its partial shutdown remote-control mode. The ISS was built under control of the US military and still has several operational space monitoring and weapons guidance systems, and were under remote control.

    (as at 2010 the ISS is now fully manned)

    And who were the remote controllers? They were in both the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National labs, Space Weapons Systems divisions.

    These two groups are comprised primarily of Chinese nationals, also in the US as graduate students on F1 or H1B temporary visas to study at the University of California at Berkeley. Based on the post-Cold War “Immigration Act of 1991”, beginning in the early 1990’s, tens of thousands of Chinese college students entered the US on temporary visas. From 1991 to 1996 the number of Asian engineering students, mostly Chinese and Pakistani, in all of California’s engineering colleges had grown from 2 percent to well over 35 percent.

    From the year 2000 US census data, and University of California annual reports, by the year 2000, Asian students predominated in all California engineering and computer science colleges. Many thousands become students at Berkeley and later become research assistants at both Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos Labs. Both of the national labs had been operated for the US government by UC Berkeley since World War II.

    Using post-Cold War thinking, similar to the 1985 “Glasnost” or USSR “openess” program, the Clinton Administration in 1993 relaxed all the costly security requirements at the top secret labs. There are now no security background checks, no picture badges, no sign-in books, no security guards at the doors or gate. The labs have been wide open for 10 years. Many of the employees at the top secret national labs are foreign nationals with temporary visas or even no visa at all.

    This has all been changed after 9/11 and tough measures are now in place (as at 2010)

    >Click< on the picture below to be taken to this incredible web site. Very highly recommended. I suggest you examine the links on his site to other sites. The author of Columbias Sacrifice has some brilliant link-sites to visit. I sat up all night viewing some of this stuff – I am recommending you visit His Webpage for a completely new angle on the Columbia Disaster. This note from Phil.

    If you want to go back to my home page click on link below – ( but I suggest you click on my link (picture) above – It's great – Phil )

  12. Senator: Constitution doesn’t define presidential eligibility
    Republican claims State Department sets requirements

    July 04, 2011 Snips

    One member of Congress suggests it actually is the U.S. State Department that sets the eligibility requirements for presidents, not the Constitution, and another says anyone with concerns about the heated dispute should go to court, where not a single judge has been willing to hear arguments on the merits. The comments are just the latest is a series of statements on which WND has reported coming from members of Congress, who have been advised by their Congressional Research Service on how to dismiss such concerns.

    WND reported how Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group of the CRS, issued a memo to prepare members of Congress to rebut and defuse questions constituents were asking regarding Obama’s presidential eligibility under the natural-born citizen requirement of the Constitution.
    Attached to the memo was an attack piece published by FactCheck.org to dismiss claims that Obama’s short-form Certification of Live Birth, originally published during the 2008 presidential campaign by DailyKos.com, was a forgery.

    Many of the previous statements from members of Congress apparently based on CRS material obfuscate the difference between “citizen” and “natural -born citizen” and simply make assumptions about Obama for which the evidence is lacking.

    According to an e-mail forwarded to WND by a constituent, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., explained, “I believe that President Obama has met all the requirements of citizenship as set forth by the U.S. State Department, and therefore is eligible for the office of the presidency.” The comment attributed to Sessions didn’t recognize that the Constitution clearly uses “natural born Citizen” to define a president, which is different from other references to “citizen,” and those requirements are from the Constitution, not the State Department’s bureaucracy.


  13. American Constitution faces ‘progressive’ threat
    Look what Obama’s buddies plan for founding document

    July 03, 2011

    Still more White House officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have ties to an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution.

    President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, maintained extensive ties to Soros’ funding, particularly with regard to a movement that openly seeks to create a “progressive” consensus on what the U.S. Constitution should provide by the year 2020.

    Now, it has emerged that Lisa Brown, Obama’s staff secretary, served as executive director of the Soros-funded American Constitution Society, ACS, a progressive legal organization that was behind the Constitution scheme.Brown’s White House responsibilities include managing the flow of information, advice and decision-making between staff members and Obama.

    Also, Holder has been closely tied to the ACS, serving on the group’s board of directors and even keynoting their 10th anniversary national convention earlier this month. In 2008, Holder also keynoted their convention. At that event, he reportedly urged young lawyers to get involved in the liberal legal network, saying America would soon be “run by progressives.”

    “The pendulum is starting to swing. America run by progressives. Really. It’s about to happen. So we’re going to be looking for people who share our values,” he stated, as captured in a YouTube video.

    In April 2005, Sunstein opened up a conference at Yale Law School entitled “The Constitution in 2020,” which sought to change the nature and interpretation of the Constitution by that year.

    The event was sponsored by Soros’ Open Society Institute and the Center for American Progress, which is led by John Podesta, who served as co-chair of Obama’s presidential transition team. Podesta’s center is said to be highly influential in helping to craft White House policy.

    The Yale event on the Constitution was also sponsored by the ACS, which has been described as a group meant to counter the work of the Federalist Society, which has been at the forefront of the push for a more conservative judiciary since its launch in 1982.

    The ACS is the main organization behind the movement to ensure a more “progressive” Constitution. It has received more that $2.2 million from Soros’ Open Society since 2002. Brown, Obama’s staff secretary, wrote an entry on the blog for the “Constitution 2020” conference at Yale Law School in which she decried conservative interpretations of the Constitution.

    She wrote: “Conservatives have captured the intellectual initiative in popular and even much elite discourse. Their success in framing and communicating fundamental conservative principles has contributed to real legal and political change over the last two decades. Will we allow narrow and sterile conservative interpretations of our Constitution’s vital principles and protections to reshape our national character and control our daily lives? Our answer, on this weekend and on every day of the coming years, is a resounding No.”

    Like Holder, Sunstein, meanwhile, has spoken at numerous ACS events. For example, he was a speaker at a November 2003 symposium by the American Constitution Society of the University of Chicago School of Law, where Sunstein was a professor.

    But it was the 2005 Yale event led in part by Sunstein that has been described as jumpstarting the movement for a “progressive” constitution.



    • All this and more is contained in Sunstein’s 2004 book,The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever.”

      In the work, Sunstein advanced the radical notion that welfare rights, including some controversial inceptions, be granted by the state. His inspiration for a new bill of rights came from President Roosevelt’s 1944 proposal of a different, new set of rights.

      In his book, Sunstein laid out what HE WANTS to become the new bill of rights, which he calls the Second Bill of Rights:

      HIS MANDATES include the following:

      * The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;

      * The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

      * The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return that will give him and his family a decent living;

      * The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

      * The right of every family to a decent home;

      * The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

      * The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident and unemployment;

      * The right to a good education.

      On one page in his book, Sunstein claims he is “not seriously arguing” his bill of rights be “encompassed by anything in the Constitution,” but on the next page he states that “if the nation becomes committed to certain rights, they may migrate into the Constitution itself.”Later in the book, Sunstein argues that “at a minimum, the second bill should be seen as part and parcel of America’s constitutive commitments.”

      Read more: American Constitution faces ‘progressive’ threat http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=316621#ixzz1RHE0NLZt

    • We have discussed the ACS and the dangers of this organization of progressive lawyers multiple times on this blog.

      Bridgette 2010/11/09 at 7:10 pm
      I voiced my concern with Neal Katyal being the Acting Solicitor General of the United States with the eligibility lawsuits. His name appears and is referenced so many times by the The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) which is a progressive legal organization. Holder, Biden, and Hillary were found to be members.


      Bridgette | November 7, 2010 at 4:56 pm
      Indeed, from Beck’s information, Soros’ Open Society Institute initiated and funded the ACS!

      “Grants disclosed on George Soros’ Open Society Institute’s Form 990 tax filings to American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) going back to 2002 (with the exception of the 2005 filing which could not be searched electronically). Open Society’s 2002 filing referenced that the grant was designated for start-up of ACS. Adding all the totals from each year below (excluding 2005) comes to $14,602,850.

      2008 funding: $3.65 million
      2007 funding: $4.5 million
      2006 funding: $5,025,000
      2004 funding: $676,800
      2003 funding: $251,050
      2002 funding: $500,000″


    • Holder : Keep America Safe: Who Are The Al Qaeda Seven?
      Mar 1, 2010

  14. Leo,

    I “connect the dots” like this…

    By altering the historical record at Justia, it became possible to feed deceptive information to members of Congress.

    As I mentioned in a comment on July 3, the Congressional Research Service memo mentioned you by name twice, Wong Kim Ark nine times, and Minor v Happersett ZERO TIMES.

    It appears that the game plan was to bury Minor vs. Happersett, elevate Wong Kim Ark, and claim that being born a citizen under the 14th Amenment was sufficient for Obama to be considered a “natural born citizen”.

    Remember that Obama’s own “Fight the Smears” campaign web site initially claimed his Presidential eligibility was based on the 14th Amendment (“Obama became a citizen at birth under the first section of the 14th Amendment”), but that was later scrubbed.

    • Ha! And I remember obots criticizing and ridiculing me because I “banned” mention of Wong Kim Ark on this blog (unilaterally, I might add). I said it DOES NOT APPLY. And that was before we even knew about Minor v. Happersett!

      I do wish that I knew more about this programming issue and their supposed “defense” that it was just an error in software programming. Why, then, did it ONLY HAPPEN on the cases that HAPPENED to cite the ONE CASE where the SCOTUS RULED on the DEFINITION of “natural born citizen?” There ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN THE OBAMAVERSE.


        The “coding error” theory was first alleged as an innocent answer to JustiaGate by Alec Rawls at his “Error Theory” blog…

        Alec posted a comment here at my blog asking me to reply to his report. My response is embedded with his question. Our dialogue continued here. And Alec finally became convinced that the innocent coding error theory was bunk when he found a screenshot I posted back in July. Alec has updated his report with a full retraction, stating:

        “Justia has been deleting politically inconvenient facts from its online Supreme Court record, which as Leo points out is actually a criminal offense: misrepresenting state documents.”

        Please see Leo’s latest post.

        • Thanks. I haven’t read it yet, but I will. I remember back in July, arguing with idiots (obots) about this false meme that it was just a simple programming error. At the time, they didn’t say programming, they said “software” error, as if there was no human intervention at all. Now sounds like they’re trying to pass it off as one innocent programmer’s mistake (that just happened to hit every case that would put into question Barry’s eligibility). I do recall that somewhere, they cited another, unconnected case, and said it had the same “error”. I did go back and check and on THAT case, yes, it looks as if this same “error” existed. However, any CLEVER sneak would know to create “plausible deniability” in order to make it appear as if it were simply a error. Yet, out of all the thousands of SCOTUS rulings, how did the obots SO QUICKLY identify that other case with the “error”?

  15. Stanley, Stern, McDermitt-Mc Dermott ? Conections, connections, connections…..oily and fishy…..

    • I do wish that I knew more about this programming issue and their supposed “defense” that it was just an error in software programming. Why, then, did it ONLY HAPPEN on the cases that HAPPENED to cite the ONE CASE where the SCOTUS RULED on the DEFINITION of “natural born citizen?” There ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN THE OBAMAVERSE

      REALLY ? ROTFL here….

      • I do wish that I knew more about this programming issue and their supposed “defense” that it was just an error in software programming.

        Please see my comment above re: “THE DEBUNKED CODING ERROR THEORY”

        • Will do. On my list. I was commenting on comments in the order posted and didn’t see your comment about the debunking.

        • I’m repeating something I wrote in July:

          Any citizen, I would imagine (LTC Lakin?), can arguably show damages from these actions, especially since the BOND decision speaks to the 10th Amendment and also because ballot placement is a function of STATE government. Had it been known that SCOTUS precedent showed that Obama was not eligible for the presidency, would states have put his name on the ballot? I think not. Somewhere, it’s to be hoped, there was a Sec. of State who would have stood up for the CONSTITUTION. It would at the very least have become an issue in the election. We the People had a right to know. Justia apparently tried to obfuscate a fact of which they must have realized the significance. Although it’s true that other resources had accurate rendering of the decisions.

          As with the lawsuit by WND against Esquire, lawyers like Leo (imo) might be able to sue Justia for its apparent mendacity.

          If this was not deliberate, then how do they explain it? The WayBack Machine doesn’t lie. The timing of the changes are too specific to be accidental. A jury can well decide what’s coincidence and what’s evidence of something worse.”

          My next comment: “It occurs to me that that CRS Memo also censored references to the one SCOTUS PRECEDENT that proves that Obama is and always was ineligible for the presidency. It misled Congress at a crucial point in time when citizens, en masse, were contacting their representatives about this dangerous violation of our Constitution.” https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/orwell-meets-supreme-court-precedent/comment-page-1/#comment-58297

          LTC Lakin?

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