Of Hypocrisy, Arrogance, and Mendacity; Open Thread


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Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.

 Drudge is reporting that in today’s presser, President Barack Hussein Obama II criticized Congress for taking vacations during this debt crisis.   (Warning, don’t stay there too long or you’ll hear his annoying voice, comparing Congress to his own school-aged children, in one of his usual, finger-wagging, preachy anecdotes/metaphors, as if Congress has “homework” that he assigns.  Talk about respect for co-equal branches of government.  Somebody ought to remind Obama that the Founders considered Congress the most important of these co-equal branches, because they represent We the People, who in this Republic RULE, not the POTUS.)

Obama, according to that Politico story,

took some shots at the Congressional calendar that leaves lawmakers ample time to leave Washington and return to their home states and districts.

Where they have jobs to do–getting in touch with their constituents, not flying off to Hawaii for a round of golf.

Obama telegraphed, Eddie Haskell smirk on his face, that he will try to keep them in session and ruin their vacations, if possible (in essence, keeping them after school):

[I]f by the end of this week we have not seen substantial progress then I think members of Congress need to understand we’re going to have to start cancelling things and stay here until we get it done. They’re in one week. They’re out one week. And then they’re saying Obama’s got to step in – you need to be here, I’ve been here, I’ve been doing Afghanistan, bin Laden, and the Greek crisis. You stay here. Let’s get it done.

Oh, we see how hard Obama’s been working! 

He’s  been “doing Afghanistan?”  Surely he must have meant our brave troops.  What has he done, on the day after the Taliban staged a brazen attack on a hotel in Kabul, in a show of force to prove they’re ready and waiting when our troops go home prematurely?  Will he lose the victory they’ve forged?  Will the women of Afghanistan go back into their Taliban-imposed chains? 

He’s been doing “Bin Laden?”  Again, surely he must have meant our brave Navy SEALs.  Wasn’t he called into the situation room off the golf course? 

He’s been doing the Greek crisis?  What has he done?  Help foment riots?  I’m only half joking.  SEIU and ACORN have international affiliates.  Failed socialism is a root cause of this rioting. Obama wants a European-style socialist state for America (fundamental transformation).  Just ask Joe the Plumber. 

Arrogance, thy name is Obama. 

Obama also had choice words about what the American people “NEED TO UNDERSTAND.”  Got that? We’re stupid. We NEED to UNDERSTAND what he, in all of HIS omnipotent wisdom, understands.  That’s our problem. We’re stupid.  How can Obama, godlike, possibly think we could ever grok what he KNOWS?  But the Lecturer in Chief will try to condescend and talk down low enough to get through our stupidity. 

Wait!  What?  He’s planning his  OWN vacation (and probably his 76th game of golf soon, if not today).  They’re going to Martha’s Vineyard in August!  Don’t forget that Michelle Obama, the kids, their cousins, and the “friends of FLOTUS” just got back from safari in Africa–a trip that set the taxpayers back, during this debt crisis, by nearly $1 million.  The artificial deadline for raising the debt ceiling is August 2.  Just in time for the Obamas to take off for Martha’s Vineyard. 

Listen up, Children (and that includes you, Congress): DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO. 

Matthew Jaffe wrote on Politico that the press “corpse” laughed along with Obama; but something tells me that at least some of them must have been squirming at his tone and his smirk.   (My mamma would say, “Wipe that smirk off your face!”)  When will they sicken enough of this arrogant, tin-pot dictator wannabe and start asking the hard questions?

Isn’t this the SAME GUY who ridiculed McCain for going back to DC during the crash of 2008, while he blithely and coolly stayed on the campaign trail?  Isn’t this the same press who ridiculed McCain for doing the same (leaving the campaign trail to return to DC)? 

Mendacity, thy name is Obama.

In the presser, he said that what he’s done in Libya does not violate the War Powers Resolution.  No?  Why not?  Because it all depends upon what the meaning of “hostilities” is. Apparently, it doesn’t mean lobbing missiles into another country without Congress declaring war.

This is an open thread.  Feel free to weigh in on any topic.

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  1. Somebody ought to remind Obama that the Founders considered Congress the most important of these co-equal branches, because they represent We the People, who in this Republic RULE, not the POTUS.)

    Good point Miri.

    • What an arrogant “little” dictator wannabe Obama is! But, don’t for a moment think he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is deliberately and systematically trying to destroy this country. He must be stopped. What I don’t understand is why these traitors aren’t impeached or whatever and then charged with treason and sedition? They also all lied when they took their oaths of office. Serve and protect the Constitution and the u.S. was never on their mind. Nor did they take their oath without ulterior motive! So, what gives?
      This POTUS is dangerous and evil!

      • I agree. First, someone has to acknowledge that they are doing something wrong. It appears Congress doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, otherwise, we would see more coming out about the investigations of more than one thing. Fast and Furious is now the hot ticket. Perhaps they need a second and third committee to investigate themselves, and Issa can only do so much with his workload. Issa is getting stonewalled by those he questions in his investigations also. Yet, they are all “cooperating”..and in their world, their idea of cooperating must have a different definition. Being nonresponsive to requests for documentation now appears to be cooperating. The CYA game is in full swing.

      • I don’t know if anybody linked Leo Donofrio’s latest post yet, but I’m linking it here because of an update to it. Leo says that Justia.com (a legal website) is removing all cases that use Happersett as precedent for citizenship. If so, it’s more CYA because that case is the one that Leo argues persuasively PROVES that Obama (if his birth facts are as presented) is NOT a natural born citizen and so IS INELIGIBLE for the presidency. http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/the-express-lane-to-natural-born-clarity/#comment-18616

        • Leo used the web archive to show that they removed references to the case by name sometime between Feb. 2008 and Oct. 2008. Hmmm. So they must have been trying to confound people who might search on “Happersett” to keep them from finding persuasive arguments to use when arguing with idiots.

        • Now the bots are going so far as to change citations and information in Supreme Court cases! What the heck… tyrants all…and is this not more evidence of a coup?

          Something led Leo to notice this, and thank goodness he did. This is huge and is far worse than just Google scrubbing all information.

  2. doing Afghanistan?

    I was under the impression that that’s a deadly no no under Shariah.

  3. Well said Miri! Audacity personified! Did you know that one of the ships that is trying to go along with the Gaza Flotilla is named Audacity of Hope? You’ll love the connections. It is supposed to be flying under the American flag! This is an outrage for all of the US supporters of Israel and that is a majority of the US!

    ‘The Audacity of Hope’ to set sail
    07/26/2010 Snips

    US ship aimed at running Gaza blockade named after Obama’s book. An initiative is under way to add an American ship to the effort to break the IDF blockade of Gaza. The vessel, to be named The Audacity of Hope after US President Barack Obama’s best-selling book, is being organized by an American group calledUS Boat to Gaza.” It is expected to sail in the fall.

    The links to Obama do not end there. Prof. Rashid Khalidi, director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a friend from Obama’s time in Chicago, is among the supporters of an appeal launched by the group last week. “We must raise at least $370,000 in the next month,” a statement on US Boat to Gaza’s Web site read. “These funds will be used to purchase a boat large enough for 40-60 people, secure a crew, and cover the licensing and registering of the boat…together we will contribute to the great effort to end the blockade of Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.”

    The Lebanese-Saudi Arabian- Palestinian-American Khalidi, an outspoken critic of Israel, garnered attention in 2008 when his friendship with Obama became a point of controversy during the US presidential campaign. Sen. John McCain, Obama’s opponent, portrayed Khalidi as a Hamas sympathizer.Khalidi’s involvement in this new project is already a popular topic among rightwing bloggers and media personalities in America. “Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian arm.

    Others supporters of US Boat to Gaza include author Alice Walker, activist Angela Davis, and Cindy and Craig Corrie, the parents of International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed by an IDF bulldozer in Rafah in 2003. While Khalidi will help raise money for the initiative, he said he does not plan to sail on the ship.

    Khalidi wrote in an e-mail over the weekend that while he had not known that Obama’s book would be the inspiration for the ship’s name when he signed on as a sponsor, he does not view it as a potential embarrassment for Obama.But if the name is a problem for the administration, it can simply insist publicly that Israel lift the siege: end of problem, end of embarrassment,” Khalidi wrote in the e-mail. “That of course would require it to respond to the systematic mendacity of those in Congress and elsewhere who support the siege, and indeed whatever else the Israeli government does.”


    • From Hillary’s favorite newsgroup…

      Gaza flotilla ship ‘sabotaged by divers’
      Activists say Swedish ship due to join attempt to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza has been damaged in Greek port.
      28 Jun 2011 Snips

      A Swedish ship due to join an upcoming Gaza-bound aid flotilla has been sabotaged in the Greek port of Piraeus, organisers say. In a statement, they said “hostile divers had destroyed the propeller house and cut the propeller shaft” of the vessel Juliano on Monday.

      The ship is part of the 10-vessel Freedom Flotilla II that is expected to set sail from Greece and elsewhere for the Gaza Strip in the coming days in a bid to break Israel’s blockade of the Palestinian territory. About 350 pro-Palestinian activists from 22 countries are likely to participate.

      Israel insists the latest flotilla is a “dangerous provocation” and has vowed to intercept it.

      Determined organisers – Organisers of the flotilla, however, remain defiant and said the Juliano would be ready to sail within one or two days after being repaired….
      “We will not be frightened by Israel, and we are going to continue. Our friends from all around the world are with us, and we are all going to Gaza.” Mattias Gardell, a spokesperson for Ship to Gaza Sweden, also condemned the act of sabotage.

      Israeli newspaper Haaretz quoted senior Israeli officials as saying that “radical elements” among the flotilla activists had stated an intention to “spill the blood of Israeli soldiers”.According to Tel Aviv daily Yedioth Aharonoth, military sources said participants of the flotilla were planning to pour chemicals, such as sulfur, on Israeli soldiers.

      A number of journalists [CNN] are among those taking part in the bid to break Israel’s five-year naval blockade on the Gaza Strip, which is home to 1.5 million Palestinians.

      Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary-general, and several international leaders have urged the flotilla not to set sail, and the US has warned its nationals not to join the attempt to break the embargo.The UN has called the blockade illegal and repeatedly demanded it be lifted.


    • I wish Khalidi would sail on that ship, but he’s too chicken. Cowards, all. They pay for it but they won’t do it. It reminds me of the cowards who used that 8-year-old girl as a suicide bomber. Khalidi is the guy who had dinner with Barry and Michelle, where there were dancers celebrating jihad, and the LA Times filmed it but is STILL hiding the video, unless I’m mistaken.

    • It doesn’t say why he was arrested.

      Greece arrests captain of Gaza-bound flotilla ship
      07/02/2011 19:24 Snips

      Greek port authorities on Saturday arrested the 60-year-old captain of the US-flagged vessel Audacity of Hope, one of the ships participating in the Gaza-bound flotilla. The American skipper was being held at Piraeus police headquarters and he will remain in custody until a court hearing Tuesday.

      The Greek Coast Guard intercepted the boat carrying US activists soon after they set sail from Greece on Friday to join a pro-Palestinian flotilla to Gaza, activists said. Late Friday evening, the US boat turned back to a Greek port after it was intercepted by Greek commandos earlier on Friday evening, organizers said through their Twitter feed. The boat was brought under Coast Guard escort to a closed Coast Guard base in Greece.

      Also on Saturday, Foreign Ministry officials said Israel was not behind the engine damage caused to an Irish ship participating in the Gaza-bound flotilla. The Foreign Ministry added that activists must feel they are in a “James Bond film.”

      On Friday, the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection issued a statement saying that the Minister, C. Papoutsis, decided to prohibit the departure of ships flying either Greek or foreign flags “to the maritime area” of Gaza.

      • Captain of “Audacity of Hope” Gaza Flotilla Ship Arrested After Leaving Port Without Permission
        July 3, 2011

        Code Pink communists and Obama supporters Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin confront Greek authorities after the ship was apprehended off the coast of Greece.

        Greece’s coast guard said the captain of the “Audacity of Hope” faces charges of trying to leave port without permission and of endangering the lives of the boat’s passengers. The latter charge is a felony. The “Audacity of Hope” was carrying 36 passengers, four crew and about 10 members of the media. Its attempt to sail Friday night from the port of Perama, near Athens, was thwarted by coast guard speedboats.

        The pro-Hamas Islamo-leftists are now fasting outside the US embassy in Athens and calling on the US to defend their right to break the Gaza blockade.


  4. * During the trial, Blagojevich got himself in trouble for texting photos of his hair.

    * Anthony Weiner is back in the private sector now. When he was a congressman from New York, I think it was his private sector that got him in trouble.
    — David Letterman

    Whitey Bulger’s brother was a politician. So one brother was operating in a world with no morals, dealing with the lowest of the low, and the other one was a
    –Craig Ferguson

    A hot dog company in Chicago is suing a rival for stealing its secret recipe. Just what we need — another weiner scandal.
    –Jimmy Fallon

  5. You’re gonna love this one, considering how the media “piled on” Michele Bachmann this week for her arguable “gaffes.”

    In the presser today, Obama mentioned his girls, as I reported above. He made one huge gaffe, according to Sean Hannity: Obama said his daughters are 13 and 10. They’re 12 and 10. The man not only doesn’t know how many states are in this Union, he doesn’t know how old one of his daughters is.

    Now you just know that the next time he’s interviewed, the reporter, first off, will ask him if he’s a “flake” and ask him why he didn’t know Malia’s age. (He used TOTUS (teleprompter of the USA). I saw it on a news clip.)

    In addition, Brent Bozell said that Politifact has a page on Obama’s gaffes. Far more than Michele Bachmann’s. Although Hannity showed a montage of lamestream media reporters throwing Politifact’s allegations about her “lies” in her face this past week (every chance they got), Bozell says nobody has ever done the same to Obama. So I’m waiting for his next interview. I want to SEE Bob Schieffer or George Stephanopoulis show that report on Obama’s lies from Politifact to him and demand him to respond/explain them all. And ask him if he’s “a flake,” too, while they’re at it.

    Will NEVER happen. They’re sexists. That’s why. Afraid to look racist; not afraid at all to look sexist.

  6. Obama Messes up His Daughter’s Age
    29 Jun 2011 09:41 PM AP

    WASHINGTON (AP) — They grow up so fast. But not that fast, Mr. President.In a news conference Wednesday, President Barack Obama twice referred to his oldest daughter, Malia, as being 13 years old. Not quite. She’s 12. Perhaps the president was already thinking ahead to Malia’s approaching birthday: She turns 13 on July 4. [Or perhaps he doesn’t know or perhaps he can’t count!..Thinking 57 States]

    Obama spoke about both of his daughters as he characterized congressional Republicans as procrastinators who only get work done at the last minute. The president is prodding Republicans to reach a deal on raising the national debt limit before the government taps out its borrowing ability on the expected date of Aug. 2. “You know, Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time,” Obama said. “Malia’s 13, Sasha’s 10.” [The inference being that the Republicans aren’t focused on the problem..but the Democrats are? The Democrats, who haven’t produced a budget in two years, are right on top of things! What a crock… TWAP! ]

    • See how they “report” this? They know that factcheckers will point it out so they run interference for him. He doesn’t even have to supply the rationalization. They do it for him. He must have been thinking about her birthday this week. Well, if so, he’d REMEMBER that she’s not 13 yet! He’d say, “she’s almost 13”. Or “going on 13, this coming 4th of July!” It’s a BIG DEAL when kids turn 13 and are teen-agers. If he were paying attention, he’d know she’s still only 12. No way does this explanation FLY.

      Will they ask him if he’s a flake for not knowing her age? Or did they have it wrong on TOTUS and he can’t even edit on the fly? I don’t buy it. He’s a flake. They’re sexist and racist for cutting HIM slack but not Bachmann.

  7. Ron Paul: US Should Declare Bankruptcy
    29 Jun 2011 05:12 PM Snips

    Presidential candidate Ron Paul believes the answer to the U.S. financial crisis is simple – the country should just walk away from its debt and declare itself bankrupt. And if the Obama administration is unwilling to take that drastic step, it should disband the Federal Reserve, so it doesn’t have to pay back $1.6 trillion it owes it, The Republican presidential hopeful said.

    “They’re nobody; why do we have to pay them off? Why don’t we just take that away from them and reduce the debt?”


  8. Gaffes: A Bipartisan Dilemma A Gaffe Table: Bachman, Obama, Biden
    29 Jun 2011


    • Be Sure to Share With All Your Friends in All 57 States!

      UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion

  9. Obama dismisses ‘fuss’ about Libya conflict
    Defends authority for mission
    June 29, 2011 snips

    Facing the press for the first time since a bipartisan congressional rebuke, President Obama on Wednesday defended his handling of the conflict in Libya, dismissing as “noise” legal and constitutional questions about whether he should have sought congressional approval to extend the U.S. military mission enforcing a no-fly zone over the North African nation.

    “A lot of this fuss is politics,” he added.


  10. Miri ..Ha! I just read the articles above and it appears you and I are channeling each other!

    • bwahahahaa Bridgette!! looks like I am responding to you up there.

      for the Record: doofus is the lying creep who broke his oath to defend the Constitution, viz., Durbin the Urban Turban.

      doofus, cuz he ain’t getting over. fraud, liar, traitor.

      In Your Dreams, Stoopid.

  11. yea, no kidding doofus.

    Take a look at your TV and you’ll see one squatting, presently.

    bogus potus


    • Papoose and I are channeling, too. I put this on the other thread. Worth repeating. Durbin is a flake. He isn’t smarter than a 5th grader, who knows the requirements for POTUS. No naturalized citizens. No illegal aliens.

      NATURAL BORN citizen; born in USA to TWO US citizens.

      • just another attempt at duping and brainwashing… exactly the same thing Chuckie Schmukie did in stating there are 3 branches of government: the Senate, Congress and Presidency (“the individua”l)… purposely and purposefully wiping out the terminology of executive, legislative and judicial. as a matter of fact, he jettisoned the judicial altogether and no one called him on his deliberate intent to deceive as a sitting senator… fraud, liar, traitor.

        • Chuckie Schmuckie! I like that. 🙂 Goes with Barack the d**k. And of course Anthony and Humma Weiner.

          • ROFLLLL

            barack the crock, because I’m trying to be nice.

            omigosh, you captured Dumb, Dumber and Stupid all in one comment.

    • I heard that this morning on the radio, Renee. Halperin thought the mike was off and he said that Obama acted “like a d**k” like “kind of a d**k” yesterday, which he did. This confirms what I wrote above, how I figured that some of the media must have been squirming about Obama’s tone and smirk during that presser. Yes, they were. At least some of them, apparently. Figures that Halperin will be suspended but nothing happens to SEXIST pigs who attack Michele Bachmann and thus offend over half the population of this country.

      NOTE: I replayed the tape and those are his exact words. Earlier, he said he wanted to “characterize how he behaved.”

      • Renee, it sounds as if they duped Halperin. They told him it was on tape delay and it wasn’t. Joe said he’d “catch him” and he didn’t. Fo shizzle. It’s amazing. Halperin apologized. He shouldn’t have been suspended for speaking his mind. Isn’t free speech and freedom of the press still in force? What’s offensive to me is Mika’s cheerleading for Barry. She says the word Halperin used is what “EVERYBODY wants from him.” Hardly. Do we want a POTUS who smirks, lectures, chastizes, acts like an ass? I’ll say it. Like a ass. Like Eddie Haskell. It’s embarrassing. Hypocrite. Arrogant. Mendacious.

      • Loved hearing that on the tape! He acted like a d##k! Finally, finally, TRUTH from someone at MSMBC! Having to apologize to the usurper too!

        My gosh, I just realized that Halperin is the Times magazine Editor! Now that is even funnier!

        • He probably won’t be for long. Barry will not take kindly to this and the word will come down: SHUN HIM. HE SINS AGAINST THE ONE.

          The worst sin ever: Saying the Emperor has no clothes.

      • he should have said he was limp one if he was being candidly honest.

        I think he was set up having heard the audio this afternoon.

        smug mika and dopey joe cool were just as guilty in there feigned astonishment and guffaws. the guy planned to say it and he did.

        what’s the diff whether he was bleeped or not?

        they probably are looking for ratings, free, national advertising. the libtards are off campus right now and the bogus potus needs their undivided attention. contrived.

      • Proof – they knew what he was up too.

        here’s the video


        btw, I would just like to comment on Mika’s implants. they look swell.

        • Swell?! You are on a roll, Papoose. Swelled, fo shizzle.

          My guess is they had it in for Halperin for some reason OR they wanted a “distraction” to replace all the comments on the Web about how Barry behaved like a d**k at the presser, which he did!

          I think they punked Halperin. I think he must have already said something to that effect, and they tricked him into saying it again. (Has he been hard on Barry lately? There or in Time magazine? Maybe the WH wanted to get rid of him for trying to be fair and balanced?)

          Or maybe he was in on it. Why would they say it was on delay, pan to the technicians supposedly putting it on delay because Morning Joe told them to, and then tell him they’d catch him, and then after he speaks his mind, they tell him it was “a joke”. Nobody would think that was a joke. It was deliberate. The only thing we don’t know is WHY?

          To make Barry seem the victim? I can’t even guess. If you ask me, it will call more attention to his behavior at the presser. He DID “behave” like a d**k, just as Halperin said.

          Anybody who goes back and watches Barry AT the presser will see how he behaved like a spoiled, PETULANT CHILD (which he is, mentally and emotionally, obviously). This may be why they’re changing what Halperin said.

          My paper today said that Halperin “called the president a profane name.” No, he didn’t. He said Barry BEHAVED like a d**k. He didn’t call him one.

          Characterizing someone’s behavior isn’t the same as saying the person IS that characterization.

          For example, If I say Robin Williams behaves (or acts) like a flake, that doesn’t mean I’m saying that he (the actor/comedian) IS a flake. There’s a difference and they know it. They just want to deflect.

          If this was a ploy, it backfired because now they’ve called attention to the FACT of Barry’s behavior (which, of course, Mika recharacterized as “leadership” when it was actually “spoiled, preachy, arrogant, know-it-all BRAT behavior, which the media didn’t even report about, anyway).

      • Cynic…

        You have got to be kidding me… who could be complaining? The White House perhaps? Puff the magic marketer? Their sycophants aren’t praising him enough and they need to find more followers who drip the ideological blood and speak in terms of social justice and what is best for the collective ? We see more of the pro bots than anything else..and then we get to see the usurper almost daily. I don’t watch that station of jerks who have shown they have nothing in their heads but sawdust for brains (and that is pushing it!). I wonder what the demographics are for the people that watch that station… and the percentage of high school drop outs, etc. and ages. They are probably the same ones that find Bill Maher funny.

        • I guess Mika hasn’t figured out “astroturfed, community organized, SOROS-paid, electronic flash mobs” yet. Who does she think she’s kidding?

          • msnbc is running a stealth campaign to make msnbc the story…

            they are promoting themselves so to be in the news; they are probably trying to increase ratings to vie against fox and friends.

            the whole thing stinks. commiecast probably came up with big idea.

            mika’s not kidding me. she’s comes across just as she appears. sly

            • You may be right, Papoose. If you look at the video again, right at the start, Mika looks as if she’s in on a little secret and can’t wait to get that Kabuki Theater going. I do think they sandbagged Halperin, for whatever reason. If he’s fired, watch to see who replaces him.

        • Comcast (parent company of NBC) Executive Vice-President, David Cohen, hosted 120 people in his home. Each attendee gave at least $10,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign.

          I hope that everyone watches the link at Newsbusters on the “Morning Joe” story this a.m. It is just astounding that they have a 10 – 1 ratio of Dems to Republicans on their show, and that they are getting pressure to invite MORE pro Obama guests on.

          Then, you see that a Comcast Ex. VP is having a fundraiser. Doesn’t this all smell funny? Is this legal?

    • Exec at NBC parent company Comcast raises $1.2 million for Obama
      Fri, Jul 1, 2011

      Over the last year and a half, particularly since the labor dispute between the state of Wisconsin and its public employees, there has been a lot of effort at MSNBC aimed at casting the Koch brothers as billionaires trying to interfere with the democratic process. But a case could be made that MSNBC isn’t so far removed from money influencing the democratic process either.

      A Washington Post story by Perry Bacon Jr. and Cecilia Kang reports $1.2 million was raised for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign at the home of Comcast’s Executive Vice President David L. Cohen. MSNBC is a unit of Comcast’s NBC Universal.

      The timing is curious because on Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney directly intervened on the president’s behalf with MSNBC management after Time magazine editor-at-large Mark Halperin called Obama “a dick” while appearing on the network. That intervention is believed to have led to the immediate indefinite suspension of Halperin.


      • When the truth gets you fired…Ask Halperin! How often can we call Obama a dick? Apparently he can call other people names, but no one can call him names! So a leftie calling Obama a dick gets him tread marks! Obama drives a big bus! Looks like there won’t be much change coming from NBC with Comcast as the owner..just more of the same. The White House INTERVENED…the teenagers are still in control. What a pathetic lot. George Bush should have gone after all those that called him names, but he had class and ignored the insolent kids. I wonder what Halperin is calling him today?

        Future ads should say that Obama is a Weiner! That’s two birds with 4 words.

  12. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2741733/posts

    Apuzzo answers my question about how the Bond SCOTUS decision might allow a citizen standing to sue over Barry’s ineligibility.

  13. Adobe Expert Mara Zebest & Jerome Corsi: Derek Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate? – 6/30/11

    • There’s a black radio commentator and blogger named Kevin Jackson. I heard him this morning. He joked about the birth certificate “with layers.” I was amazed to hear it! This story is not going away.

  14. Saw a lawyer on FOX the other night. She said Obama DEFINITELY broke the law when he filmed that video asking for $5 donations IN the WHITE HOUSE. Crime.

  15. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kera/news.newsmain/article/1/0/1821949/North.Texas/Native.Americans.Gather.For.Ceremony.Naming.White.Buffalo.Calf

    “DALLAS, TX (KERA) – Native Americans from the country across traveled to a ranch near Greenville Wednesday for the ceremonial naming of a white buffalo calf. KERA’s Shelley Kofler has more on the importance of Lightening Medicine Cloud’s birth.

    Chief Standing Strong: This is a commemoration of the white buffalo which is very sacred in Native American history. This is the third one that has ever been born. According to Lacota Sioux history, Whope, the goddess of peace, once appeared as a white buffalo calf. When four specially marked white calves are born she will reappear, uniting nations and ushering in a new age.

    Chief Standing Strong: When the fourth one is born according to Indian Legend it’s the beginning of the end time.”

    Let’s hope the fourth White Buffalo is a long way off. Well, Wikipedia says we’re way beyond four. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_buffalo

  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2009562/John-Lennon-closet-conservative-fan-Reagan.html

    John Lennon a fan of Reagan? Is that why he was killed?

    “He is still revered around the world as a peace-loving working class hero. But by the time he died, John Lennon was a closet conservative embarrassed by his radical past, according to his former personal assistant. Fred Seaman claims that the former Beatle was a fan of Ronald Reagan, who went on to become America’s Republican president in 1981 and forged a close political alliance with Margaret Thatcher.‘John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on [Democrat] Jimmy Carter,’ he says in a documentary film.
    Seaman worked for Lennon during the year leading up to the star’s death in December 1980 aged 40.”

    This makes me like John Lennon more.

  17. Okay. Here’s my rant of the day. In the presser, Obama also used despicable scare tactics (what’s new?) by asking if we want to do without the Weather Service or food inspections so rich people can have private jets. (Just try to wrap your brain around that juvenile logic. And he thinks WE’RE stupid. I mean, just HOW stupid does he think we are?)

    At first I was puzzled. Weather service and food inspections? Then I remembered that people died from E-Coli in Europe and terrible tornadoes in Joplin. So, PLAYING ON PEOPLE’S FEARS (why not? By any means necessary.) the scold in chief speaks AS IF this is what will happen IF we don’t tax private jets. Say what?

    Yes. He will have to cut out the weather service and food inspection if we don’t tax private jets. Again, how stupid does he think the average American is?

    Is this man truly proposing to cut the weather service and food inspection RATHER than to PRIORITIZE? This is what average families do when they’re short of money. Right? They cut their children’s food or clothing, INSTEAD OF CUTTING CABLE TV OR INTERNET ACCESS OR DINNERS OUT ON THE TOWN. STARVE THE KIDS. That makes sense.

    I have some suggestions for Obama, since he can’t think of anything to cut other than the weather service, college scholarships, food inspections, “education”. CUT OUT TOTALLY:

    * Limousines for “public servants”
    * Jets for “public servants”
    * Unnecessary trips by “public servants”
    * Safaris by the FLOTUS
    * The entire staff of the FLOTUS; why does she need one? Why do we NEED a FLOTUS in the first place? If Sarah Palin ever becomes president, will Todd be sent on safaris?
    * Wagyu beef in the WH
    * The WH chef; FLOTUS can cook instead of taking safaris
    * Wednesday evening soirees and command performances in the WH
    * The Congressional GYM (do they have paid trainers, too? Cut them out, too)
    * Illegal wars not declared by Congress
    * Defending Europe (that will save a bundle!); let the ungrateful socialists defend themselves
    * Planned Parenthood grants
    * PBS grants
    * The Dept. of Education (it’s a LOCAL function)
    * TSA (let the airlines handle their own security)
    * Support for the United Nations (save a bundle and we won’t be annoyed by them anymore)
    * Close every bureaucratic agency and commission created since January 2009
    * Fire ALL “czars” and their staffs
    * Fire everyone hired since January 2009 into a job that didn’t exist before Obama’s swearing in
    * Get rid of every agency that duplicates another (they number in the hundreds)
    * Cut out speechwriters (let Barry write his own speeches; it will keep him off the golf course)
    * Cut out ALL catered lunches paid for by taxpayers
    * Cut out ALL meetings held by federal employees ANYWHERE but in government buildings; why do we build buildings they don’t use?
    * Get rid of the FLOTUS hairdresser, if there is one that we pay for

    That’s off the top of my head. Can y’all think of any other cuts that ought to come before public SAFETY? Huh?

    I can’t believe my ears when I hear this guy say this ridiculous stuff. Class warfare. It’s embarrassing. Truly.

    • Wow, what a list. You said this off the top of your head? I will have to think about what else we could do. How about we just go to Washington and start firing the anti-Americans first…now that would be a list!

      You didn’t remove AF one from the list…how about he can’t make trips for campaign purposes. If he had done a good job, he wouldn’t need to campaign at our expense. I wonder how that auction of having a meal with him is going? I wouldn’t be able to sit across from him without spitting food.

      Butt as long as FLOTUS is there, could we fire half her staff but hire a dresser for her instead? Then perhaps the fawning, lying fashion editors could tell the truth about her fashion sense. (The butt was intentional). Meow.

      Add organizational grants..like the one that Moveon.org or Media Matters gets. All those grants can go away immediately.
      I wonder what grants the new ACORN gets and under how many names are they listed.

      • Well, I wrote them down on a list while I was reading the news about the presser, with my morning cuppa Joe, and I don’t mean “Morning Joe”. Just me and my little old newspaper. But they came into my head while reading, so I think that counts. Didn’t spend a lot of time thinking on it. There’s SO MUCH waste in government and we’re supposed to believe that if we don’t tax private jets (like the Claire Witch’s?) then people will die from tornadoes and E-coli. As if we’re stupid enough to not see through that INSULTING line of crap. As if we’re TOO STUPID to come in out of the weather or cook our hamburgers and wash our sprouts. Please. My guess is that without the weather service, the TV stations and the universities will, thank you very much, buy their own doppler radar and make their own forecasts. The local areas are the ones that blow the sirens. Barry doesn’t. We don’t NEED you, scold in chief and daddy/nanny in chief. Step aside and let adults balance the budget (if you can FIND any in DC).

      • Butt as long as FLOTUS is there. 🙂 GOOD ONE!

        * Organizational grants; all of them. I thought of that but couldn’t figure how to phrase it. Thanks. Here’s another:
        * Any money spent for “diversity”

    • Wow ! ROTFL ! Nice list.

  18. Rush Limbaugh: U.S. has no chance with Obama
    ‘His record is so God-awful. It’s miserable. It’s depressing. It’s stifling’

    June 29, 2011

    Even as President Obama was holding a news conference today on economic matters, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh declared the U.S. simply cannot recover financially as long as Obama remains in power.

    “As long as Obama’s in the Oval Office or on the golf course or in some diner eating greasy hamburgers or in charge of the executive branch, as long as his party controls any part of Congress, this nation cannot recover,” Limbaugh said on his program. “We do not have a chance. This country does not have a chance with Barack Obama remaining in the Oval Office.”


  19. Presidentially, Perry urges U.S. to halt Gaza flotilla
    Urging punishment for American participants, potential 2012 hopeful weighs in on support for Israel

    June 30 Snips

    AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry, highlighting his affinity for Israeli causes as he contemplates a presidential run, has urged U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to aggressively work against a planned pro-Palestinian flotilla aimed at Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

    “As an American citizen and governor of one of its largest states, I write to applaud your recent efforts to warn and discourage those who have supported or plan to support a flotilla intended to interfere with Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip,” Perry wrote in a June 28 letter released on Wednesday.

    “More importantly, I write to encourage you to aggressively pursue all available legal remedies to enjoin and prevent these illegal actions, and to prosecute any who may elect to engage in them in spite of your preemptive efforts,” Perry wrote.

    Perry asked that the Justice Department “take immediate steps” against those found to be violating U.S. law, including bans on participating in a naval expedition against people with whom the United States is at peace and providing “material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization.”

    Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7632833.html#ixzz1QnOr70ui

  20. Don’t let that door hit ya ..and don’t wait, do it now Timmy …can’t wait to see who is chosen for a replacement. Can it get worse? What new job has he been offered, I wonder. Typical storyline from the Dems…family. Sounds like tread marks to me. WAPO prints what the WH tells them…Will someone give him a new and updated Turbo Tax as a going away present? Just noticed this was in a Thursday publication and not a Friday dump.

    Geithner considering leaving his Treasury post
    Thursday, June 30, 3:40 PM Snips

    Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, an architect of the Obama administration’s economic strategy, has told President Obama that he may seek to resign but won’t make a final decision until later this summer, according to people familiar with the matter. [Bill Daley?]

    Weighing on Geithner are family concerns. Speaking Thursday at the Clinton Global Iniitiatve in Chicago, Geithner acknowledged he had to tend to his family and that his son would be moving back to New York to finish high school. Geithner said he would commute. “I’ve never had a real job,” Geithner told his interview. “I’ve only worked in public service. I live for this work.”

    [Where have all the fine economists gone? Add in the departure of the guys in the Budget department.. ] His potential departure follows the recent exit of Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, and Jared Bernstein, VP Biden’s chief economist. Geithner is the last remaining member of the president’s original economic team.


    [And such a fine team it was.. snark! Need a job? Check the want ads..“Needed one Marxist economist to help destroy the US. Compensation dependent upon lack of experience and accomplishment. Ideology required. Harvard or Columbia references required. No Bus pass.”]

    • he may be considering leaving his post, but he’s not really going anywhere.

      he’ll just retreat to that slimy rock they all live under.

      will the new person actually staff the department?

    • Tread marks! Bailing out before the upcoming disaster; doesn’t want to take the flak.

      Did he really say, “I’ve never had a REAL job; I’ve ONLY worked in PUBLIC SERVICE?” What a Freudian slip. Of course he’s right. Who thinks “public service” is a REAL JOB?

    • I knew it..they had to keep the money flowing somehow. Laws mean nothing to the Obama corrupt crew! Who heads up that agency? Who will be on this to get the money returned? No doubt there are hundreds more of these same grants going to other agencies associated with ACORN now with assumed names.

      “This week a JW probe uncovered that Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently awarded a $79,819 grant to an ACORN reincarnation called Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). Incredibly, the government’s federal expenditure website openly describes the recipient as ACORN Housing Corporation Inc. and lists the group’s New Orleans address at 1024 Elysian Fields.”

    • a turd by any other name …

  21. Now why would the radical left-wing AG want to release a left-wing bomber terrorist? What could she possibly have in common with Obama or the AG?

    Shocking new documents detail DOJ’s reasons for releasing Marxist bomber
    July 1, 2011 Snips

    Newly released documents show that the Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed for the release of Marxist radical and domestic terrorist Marilyn Buck from federal prison because officials believed she learned her lesson and had “expressed a dramatic change from her previous political philosophy.”

    These new documents, obtained by investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid’s America’s Survival organization, shed more light on why Holder’s officials decided to release Buck, a convicted radical left-wing domestic terrorist.

    “Incredibly, Buck’s attorney, Soffiyah Elijah, [of Harvard Law School’s Criminal Justice Institute] cited Buck’s ‘Master of Fine Arts in Poetics,’ completed behind bars, as evidence that she deserved parole. It’s a fraud and a racket,” Kincaid said…

    Citing her “superior program achievement,” Holder’s DOJ agreed to move Buck’s presumptive parole date up to Aug. 8, 2010.


    • How thoughtful of Holder…

    • http://www.afrocubaweb.com/elijah.htm

      About DOCTOR and PROFESSOR JILL Soffiyah Elijah, activist, lawyer to the radical stars, who thinks Cuba’s prisons are better than ours. A Harvard grad: http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/clinical/cji/staff/elijah.htm

      • and bfd if she thinks so. we’re not Cuba. and she’s nobody special.

        she should take up that country’s causes and get outta here.

        Yo Dr. Case On Yourself, who cares what you think? Get lost.

    • Did you see that Elijah offered to put Buck up at her apartment? CONVENIENT. Elijah was Chesimard’s lawyer, too. I’m having trouble finding her age and when she was at Harvard.

      Holder’s DOJ made the ultimate decision that Buck met the criteria for parole. On Sept. 4, 2009, U.S. Chief Probation officer Eileen Kelly wrote to Buck’s case manager that officials had visited Elijah’s apartment in New York and deemed it a suitable location for Buck to live post-release.

      After discovering in early summer 2010 that Buck had cancer and her life expectancy was less than three months, [Sounds like the Lockerbie bomber. Can’t they come up with new stories?] Holder’s officials released her even earlier, on July 15, 2010. She died of cancer less than a month after her July 2010 release.”
      ““Amazingly, the DOJ took Elijah seriously despite her being an advocate for Fidel Castro,” [J. Christian] Adams said in an email. “Elijah is a notorious far left pro-criminal activist despite her position at Harvard. In previous administrations, Elijah’s views would have been afforded no weight. But in the Eric Holder Justice Department, crackpots like Elijah seem to have the power to release black panther terrorists.” [I think it’s far more than that. Maybe Buck did change. Maybe she was ready to come clean.]

      Another thing Adams points to with Elijah’s letters is that they’re written on Harvard letterhead. One of President Obama’s law school professors, Harvard Director Emeritus Charles Ogletree, appears on the letterhead. Adams said Ogletree has lots of pull with the president.

      “The letters from Harvard with Charles Ogletree in the letterhead are telling,” Adams said. “Ogletree is a personal friend of President Obama and having his name on a letter seeking Buck’s release is like sending Buck the keys to open her jail cell.”

      Holder’s DOJ officials admitted Buck was considered a “domestic terrorist that participated in violent crimes while part of several ‘radical’/anit-government [sic] organizations including the Eldridge Cleaver faction of the Black Panther Party, The Family black revolutionary movement, Revolutionary Fighting Group, Armed Resistance Movement and Red Guerilla Resistance.””

      • could be wrong miri, but the lawyer could be a grad of Radcliff, and her father a professor at Harvard. I may have her name wrong in my head, but she may have later become something with Harvard, but not a grad and its assumed she was a Harvard grad. This may be why you don’t find her.

        • And while we are on Cuba, sorta, did you know that the old ousted leader of Cuba ,Batista’s grandson was a Superior Court judge somewhere in Florida. Evidently a well respected judge. Found it long ago.

          • Did you know that Chavez now admits he has cancer? Nobody knows how serious. I wonder what the people of Venezuela think now? I wonder if their media just accept the new story and, as in Orwell’s 1984, simply accept the rewritten history? I mean, he had another diagnosis. Denied cancer. Do their media point out the LIE? All these tinpot, two-bit, third world dictators LIE to their people, all the time. Sound familiar? Marco Rubio is absolutely correct.

        • The links, I believe, say she went to Harvard. She’s a professor there, too. I probably don’t find her because, as you said, she got the Black Muslim name after graduation. Maybe. There’s very little background to find on her. But her lovely photo is at one of those links I gave.

      • AND, Elijah is probably not her given name either, like all the old Black pantherish Moslem folk.

  22. No Worries…She won’t be on the good ship Audacity with her fellow Weathermen. She didn’t last a month on the outside. Do you know of anyone else that bombed the US Capitol? Who could her friends be?

    There’s a special place in hell for her and her comrades…
    Radical jailed for role in deadly heist dies in NY
    By DAVID B. CARUSO (AP) Snips

    NEW YORK — Marilyn Buck, a violent leftist incarcerated for 25 years for her role in some of the most notorious radical acts of the 1980s, including the bombing of the U.S. Capitol and a deadly armored car heist, has died in Brooklyn. She was 62. Buck had been paroled July 15 from a federal prison hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Her death Tuesday was confirmed by federal probation and parole agencies. Friends and supporters wrote that the cause of death was uterine cancer.

    Buck belonged to a clique of anti-war and civil rights activists who took up arms in the 1970s and became involved in a series of politically motivated attacks on government and corporate targets. On Oct. 20, 1981, she was part of a group of Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army members who ambushed a Brink’s armored car carrying $1.6 million at a mall in Nanuet, N.Y. One guard was killed at the scene. A second was badly wounded. Two police officers were subsequently killed after they pulled over one of the getaway cars. Buck accidentally shot herself in the leg during the gun battle with police, but she escaped and remained free for four years.

    During that time, she was involved in a series of bombings that included a 1983 nighttime blast at the Capitol that didn’t hurt anyone but damaged Senate offices. The bomb was purportedly placed to protest the U.S. invasion of Grenada. After her 1985 capture in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., she was convicted in the Brink’s robbery and a string of other crimes.

    Citing privacy rules, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Parole Commission declined to say why Buck was released from prison. It was clear, however, that she had been gravely ill at the time.

    • There’s that fall-back diagnosis again. Uterine cancer. Are they sure it wasn’t ovarian? Or maybe it was uterine/ovarian sarcoma?

      Another conveniently deceased person who may have known a LOT about some interesting times when a certain person was “whereabouts unknown.”

      • Why was she paroled? Hard to get to somebody in a federal prison. They probably can’t tell us about why she was paroled because of “privacy.” We’ve heard that one before, too.

        • Miri,

          They always release “reformed” poets…didn’t you know? Kincaid said the poetry was crap…not his words, but the meaning was clear. I wonder why Kincaid’s group was investigating this specific case. Connections perhaps. Well, we sure can see them.

          • I never knew that Maya Angelou was such a radical. Friend of Malcolm X, too. In with all these types. No surprise that she’s SO FAWNED over by the Clintons, for two. I’ll never forget the Inauguration, “A rock, a river, a tree.”

            A load of crap.

            Was she ever in prison?

    • Did anyone see a death certificate? Or do you only need to produce one if your incarcerated! Otherwise it invades the privacy of ….. Who again?????

      • Funny thing about Marilyn Buck who died in 2010 and was 62, so she was born in 1948. I couldn’t find her name in the SS Death Index at LDS. Was that a married name or one of the borrowed names the Weathermen used? She just might end up on the Flotilla.

        Doesn’t this remind you of Lori Starfelt?

        • I’ve been thinking about the Sarfelt story for days now. Right at the time that Trump started talking about the birth certificate, the writer for the blog Texasdarlin started blogging again. The last entry (around the end of April), told the story of someone that was present when Obama was born. The person in the delivery room went home to announce that Stanley had a baby. (Her father’s name was Stanley.)

          Nothing else was written on the blog after that story, and now the blog has gone private.

          It almost seems to me that this sight was purposely set up for Obama. Think about it. First you have a blogger that doubts the birth certificate. Then, you have someone (Lori Starfelt) come forward with proof.

          American’s aren’t believing the birth certificate thing, so Trump comes out with his doubts, giving Obama the opening to come out with “more proof”.

          Don’t forget the Lori “died?” right around the time that Trump starts the questioning. Can this all be one elaborate scheme? Is Trump (who works for Comcast/GE), Lori, & Texasdarlin all in this together?

          Am I rambling? Does any of this make any sense? Don’t forget that Lori lied about her age, and she is linked to 60’s radicals!

          • I think Texas Darlin was blogging again for a while. Red Pill might remember. It was a while before Trump started talking about the BC. Red Pill and others might have been keeping up with TD’s blog. I haven’t been. Does anybody remember a story about somebody being in the delivery room? There was the totally debunked Babs (Barbara) Nelson fable about how she remembered a doctor (NOT the delivering physician) talking at dinner to her about how “Stanley” had a baby and it was something to write home about. Why, who the heck knows? Babs claimed she wrote the name Barack Obama and his mother Stanley on a napkin and wrote to her father about it. We’re supposed to believe he cared because his name happened to be Stanley, too. How ridiculous. Mind you, we’re also supposed to believe she remembers this 50 years after! About people she would have no reason TO remember, given that they weren’t “famous” at the time. I can’t remember things people told me about people I don’t even know LAST WEEK! That might be what they were talking about at TD’s.

            A lot of what you say makes sense, although nothing about Barry makes sense, does it? At least not the stories they expect rational people to swallow. I’m not sure what Trump’s angle is. If he wasn’t for real on that BC story, he sure is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. I think he truly is outraged about it. Whether or not he really believes this LFCOLB is real, I can’t say. I doubt it, though. He may know there’s no percentage in pursuing it anymore.

          • Don’t worry Cinic and Miri too, Texas Darling, I always had a strange feeling about, as if she connected, but there was always an odd feeling that too much feely info put out. Can’t explain it. I am happy to realize that when you guys read things that match what you want to hear or make the story more intriguing (so to speak) that your brain does back flips too. It is hard to know when we are being sucked in, Ain’t it? Some of this comes from us thinking to hard and trying to encompass too much. Would yu Agree? Hey, I notice that I am perhaps out of sinc a bit with my posts. Sorry.

            • Texas Darlin was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I believe she may still be, because there were Hillary ads on her newer blog (I admit to peeking, when people told me she was back). Fair enough. I don’t support Hillary, but anybody who wants to is welcome. I did, however, completely agree with all the PUMAs about how SEXIST Obama and the Democratic party were, in their treatment OF Hillary. That doesn’t make me support Hillary or believe that she’s not complicit in her own way. But sexist is sexist. I stand with all my sisters when they’re victimized by sexism. Us girls gotta stick togetha. Ya know?

              I’m happy to realize your brain does back flips, too. It means you have an open mind and are considering all the angles. Skepticism is a good thing. That way, you won’t get fooled easily.

          • I think Lori Starfelt is Lomax-Lori Black. Daughter of Shirley Temple Black. Just a hunch I have for some reason. Look up the rockers called the Melvins for her.

          • I don’t think Texas Darlin (TD) was “in” on anything pro-Obama, but I do think that she was conned by “Lori Starfelt”.

            TD wanted to be fair and balanced about everything, and when “Lori Starfelt” brought forth “evidence”, TD shared it. And then “FactCheck.org” used TD’s site as the reference for their so-called fact-checking!

        • I know Bridg, I thought about that, but I really think she was very sick. Even when I hear cancer with these people, I think, what’s the connection? That’s how sick Ive become. My friend, an activist, community organizer (written that way in her obit) died of the same cancer. There was no body, it was to be donated to science. Even her mom never saw her in another state, for a funeral. Then Stanley Ann. It makes you wonder. But she was sick. I want to say there is an interview with Marilyn in the prison hospital, just like the lady that killed Sharon Tate who died like this. I feel so cynical, when I think like this, but hey, these people give us reason to wonder to what depth they will go. Does anyone get where I am coming from?

          • IPIll, you could be right about TD. I was just never sure. Very early she and I were almost sincipated in our discoveries, so I related with her, although I never responded to any blogs, our information was looking so much similar, that I thought she must be tapped in to me someow. Later as I trusted her she sort of disappeared. Then I didn’t follow her that much. I figured the Starfelt husband guy was using TD as his venue (piggybacking)and didn’t trust that story either(what I can remember of the story).

        • Bridgette. Thanks. I meant to go looking for her there, but forgot. Yes, very like Starfelt. Buck should be there by now, right? When did she die? The funny thing is that I recently read about how there are three different SSDI searches. Only the one at Rootsweb, supposedly, reads the SSDI field for how the record was verified. The article was emailed to me and I’m going from memory, but seems as if they said 80% of the records don’t have a verification like, “death certificate viewed”.

          If you look at Starfelt’s record, which showed up very early on Rootsweb, it says confirmed by death certificate. I looked just a few days ago and she’s still not in the LDS search. I didn’t check Ancestry. Is she there? I don’t know why there’s a time lag at the LDS site. We’d have to find another person we know died around the Ides of March (but not Julius) and see if that person’s there already. Did Buck have other names?

          • Miri, I don’t have it in front of me, but I think Marilyn was let from prison in July 2010 and died August(15th 17th or23)2010.I

        • And it is very possible that Marilyn Buck didn’t have a real SS#. Born in the forties, these people went from high school to college , then, by this time many of them were using stolen ss#s. Even if they worked it would have been scant and many of these kids were from very prominent wealthy families who didn’t need jobs. Not all, but I think Marilyn came from a prominent family.

          • Oh, sorry. I see you thought of that already. I’m working from the dashboard, which is what administrators can use to see comments in last in, first out order, so I don’t see the comments nested in the post. We get to (sorry) use this comment box which is far better than the “new and NOT improved” one WordPress is annoying us with at the moment. You’re right. Too many of them are from wealthy families. Also part of the disease of liberalism: Guilt over their race and/or being wealthy. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the media excoriate Newt Gingrich for his wealth while IGNORING the extreme wealth of guys like John Kerry, all Kennedys, the Rockefellers, etc.? I’d love to see the percentage of wealthy House and Senate members by party. Do you notice how they come in poor and leave millionaires? Funny how that happens.

        • Her name was Marilyn Jean Buck. Parents Virginia and Loius Buck, and episcople minister,so she was a middle class kid, I guess. These people consider themselves political prisoners, not terrorist.There is much written to further notion, that these criminals were striving to make this world a better place.By the time our kids grow up most of them will only hear that.

    • The trouble with Marilyn Buck and the rest is no one will know who all was part of the Capital Bombing completely….EVER….because that is the nature of the serious clan of radicals. They upheld to never testify or tattle on each other for the cause and to this day even some still in prison are working on the inside in their own way to continue the revolution. It exudes from the tip of their toes to every Marxist hair on the little PeaBrained heads intellectual college graduate heads. They win the prize for holding out.That’s how suckered they are.Sisterly and Brotherly love of the 60’s my friends. Unless we were there it might be hard to understand the depth of their comradery. David Horowitq does get it and when he left the communists, he gets a taste everyday of how insidious and tight knit they were and still are.

      • The timing and the fact that some were never caught: That’s what is interesting about this whole topic. Who would ever think that someone like Barry would be in a position to “help” them? Watch for pardons at the end of his POTUS career. It will make the FALN terrorists (bombed in Chi-town and NYC) and Mark Rich look like child’s play.

        • Clinton pardoned many of them in his term, just before leaving office, I think. Bush set up for Marilyn to go, by 2012. She had a long prison term. She probably wasn’t still dangerous to society anymore in the sense that she was too old to be making bombs! But her political rad views hadn’t changed; but there are plenty of people on the outside like that, so she was scheduled for a particular type of early pardon.Can’t remember what it was called. Holder was involved with the earlier terrorist pardons as well.

        • Here’s another one pardoned; the very one that harbored Marilyn Buck when she was a fugitive:


          look at the crimes — omigosh

          and the Hanoi expedition resembles the Gaza flotilla

          something is not right

          • More:

            its disgusting — the same old elected officials holding office today


          • Evans…Like Jodie Evans of Code PINK ?

          • On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States, mostly in New York City and Chicago. There were convictions for conspiracy to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as firearms and explosives violations.[3] The 16 were convicted of conspiracy and sedition and sentenced with terms ranging from 35 to 105 years in prison.


          • From Papoose’s citation above.

            Hours before his successor was sworn in, Bill Clinton granted clemency to a pair of longtime terrorists from the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans. These women are less well known than the glam figures Bernadine Dohrn and Kathy Boudin, but they are deadly enough.

            Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans were the kind the authors dub “radical airheads.” These were white women, brought up in privilege, who placed themselves in the service of more unflinching killers, usually black. They were support players in the Underground: drivers of getaway cars, haulers of weapons, securers of safehouses. They let others pull the trigger, but were always faithful abettors. In the 1970s and ’80s, Rosenberg and Evans participated in a string of armed robberies and other crimes, leaving corpses, mayhem, and fear in their wake.

            The two belonged primarily to the Weather group, but all such outfits worked together, in an alliance of terror: the May 19th Communist Organization, the Black Liberation Army, the Red Guerrilla Resistance, the Republic of New Afrika, and so on. Collectively, they were known, in positively bourgeois fashion, as “The Family.”

          • There’s an awful lot that’s not right. So much coming at us from every angle. It’s back to the blitzkreig technique. The overwhelm caper.

            Get them watching this hand while the other is doing a multitide of dastardly deeds. Use these last two years for a full court press, ramming through as much of the Marxist agenda as possible.

            Not only has Barry politicized the Justice Dept, DHS, ICE, Corps of Engineers, Education Dept., and most other executive branch agencies, but he’s also community organizing for the Dream Act (to buy votes from illegals and all their kin); campaigning out of our White House; lying about Operations Fast and Furious and Gunrunner (to appease Mexico and Mexicans, to buy more votes); pushing for SCOTUS to stay the execution of a murdering rapist from Mexico, even though they LOST that argument in the courts when they tried to let him go before; persuaded (politicized) the U.S. Sentencing Commission to let convicted CRACK FELONS out of prison early, http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2011/0630/US-prisoners-sentenced-under-strict-crack-cocaine-laws-get-relief , against the express wishes of CONGRESS (to buy votes from illegally voting felons and their families, and to appease his “black base,” as if blacks aren’t most often the victims of violent drug crime perpetrated by crack loonies and as if blacks are more on the side of felons than of peace in their communities); and planning to push the gay marriage issue hard so he can give social security benefits to gays, thus inflating the debt that much more and creating more dependents upon government largesse, while buying yet more votes.

          • And I almost forgot the recent Appeals Court ruling in which a Republican-appointed judge gave the margin of victory to PROPONENTS of race-based college admissions, EVEN THOUGH THEY LOST THAT ONE IN THE SCOTUS, TOO, thus bringing back–AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!
            Hooray. What more could a race-card playing progressive want? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304450604576420050265373820.html?KEYWORDS=michigan+affirmative+action

            Michigan voters had amended their state Constitution to ban favoritism for certain classes of people. The federal appeals court decided to call their Constitutional amendment unconstitutional.

            “Plaintiffs argued the ban unfairly discriminated against taking race into account while other considerations—children of alumni and the disabled among others—were allowed. Supporters of the ban insisted the measure allowed for an even playing field without special preferences for race. Several of its backers couldn’t be immediately reached Friday.”

            Of course, this will go up to the Supreme Court, but in the meantime proponents of special treatment for the elite classes of supposedly oppressed minorities are doing a happy dance. They want to enshrine it into the Constitution that all of us are equal, except certain elite groups are more equal than most of us, by virtue of them being “of color”, or whatever other kind of distinct characteristic they can think of to divide Americans by.

            Jennifer Gratz, the woman who campaigned for passage of the amendment because she herself was a victim of race-based admission policies said, “This court is saying that we place a burden on minorities by treating them equally with nonminoritiesthat we have to treat people unequally in order to treat them equally,” Gratz said. “That is insane.”

            Gratz, an honors student from Southgate Anderson High, was denied admission to the University of Michigan in 1994, a decision she said was influenced by the university’s use of aggressive affirmative action for minority applicants. The Supreme Court ultimately struck down the UM policies in place at that time but in a separate case involving the UM law school said the university could continue to take race into account. … ACLU of Michigan, which filed its own lawsuit that was consolidated with the BAMN suit, applauded the decision, saying it is a “tremendous victory for equality.”

            “Through this lawsuit, we set out to level the playing field so that racial identity is not treated as irrelevant or meaningless in this state,” said Kary Moss, the Michigan ACLU’s executive director.

            She said Proposal 2 [the subsequent Michigan constitutional amendment] discriminated against students of color by removing race from consideration in admissions while allowing consideration of virtually all other nonacademic factors.”

            Quotes above from http://www.stltoday.com/news/national/article_58553fae-7b50-5ef0-be07-63faa58d997c.html

            Try to wrap your brain around the sheer stupidity of that argument. The sheer lack of logic.

            They are ‘leveling the playing field’ by making sure that race is NOT treated as irrelevant or meaningless.

            Wait, not race–racial identity.

            In other words, they want to “level the playing field” by ENSURING that people who IDENTIFY as being of a certain race (regardless of history of discrimination, apparently) will be given FAVORABLE treatment SOLELY ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR RACE. FOREVER, APPARENTLY.

            So it’s discrimination to NOT discriminate in FAVOR of certain favored groups of individuals because there might be other discriminations that give other groups a leg up in admissions. Are people and judges in this country losing their freaking minds?

            Where is there any consideration of the discrimination and LACK OF EQUALITY for persons like Ms. Gratz, who unfortunately apparently doesn’t fall into any of the favored categories?


            THIS, BY DEFINITION, VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION. Are we going the way of the Hutus and the Tutsis in Africa, where one tribe consisting of about 10% of the population RULED ABSOLUTELY AS AN ELITE CLASS OVER THE DISFAVORED TRIBE? Will “people of color” become the elite classes while the majority whites become the untouchables, as in India?

            They have gone totally off their rockers. Totally. But it will buy votes for progressives and keep them in power so, by any means necessary. Which, btw, if you read the story closely, you’ll see is enshrined IN THE NAME of one of the supporters of affirmative action forever:

            Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

            Fight for equality. What a lie! They want special status and special treatment. If they wanted equality, they’d apply for admission on their merits and win admission over Ms. Gratz by being more qualified than she. What equality is there to deny a more qualified person admission simply because of the color of her skin?

            The solution to this entire situation, however, is for every student who applies for admission to any university in Michigan to self-identify as an African-American. We are ALL descended from African ancestors, or so anthropologists tell us. Therefore, we are ALL African-Americans. Since they allow people to self-identify, I would dare them to try to disprove that a person is African-American. What standard will they use? Will it be “one drop of white blood makes you white?” What percentage? Huh? Back to the Racial Integrity Act, but this time in reverse?

            These people disgust me.

          • Papoose: I seem to remember us doing an awful lot of research on this Brinks robbery case, back at TD’s. Tracking down the names. Nathaniel Burns (Sekou Odinga). Remember him? Trying to figure out WHY his Black Muslim name was Odinga.

            “After fleeing the scene, the robbers drove to a parking lot where a yellow Honda and the U-Haul truck, manned by members of the May 19 Communist Organization, were waiting. The robbers quickly threw the bags of money into the car and truck and sped away. In a house across the street, an alert college student spotted the robbers as they switched vehicles and called the police.

            Meanwhile, police units from all over the county were converging on the mall where the shootout occurred and attempting to cut off all possible escape routes. Soon police officers Edward O’Grady, Waverly Brown, Brian Lennon, and Artie Keenan spotted and pulled over the U-Haul truck, with David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin in the front seats, along with the yellow Honda at an entrance ramp to the New York State Thruway off of New York State Route 59. The police were not sure if they had the right truck, since it had been reported that the robbers were all black-skinned, while the occupants of this vehicle were white-skinned (a deliberate part of the original plan by the robbers, hoping to fool the police). But since the truck matched the description of the getaway vehicle they were looking for, the officers pulled it over and approached with guns drawn.”

            And now we know, don’t we, that a certain person who was supposedly at college in NYC 1981 didn’t show up for class until 1982.

  23. 1 + 1 = 11 in Maryland, if the teacher says it does.


    this will surely help future employees to get to work on time


    will they put a rooster in every bedroom?

  24. It will take a lot to fill Beck’s shoes. 5 personalities to fill his big shoe! What a mixture of personalities. Glad Colmes isn’t one of them.

    Glenn Beck Replaced By ‘The Five’ on Fox News
    Friday, 01 Jul 2011 01:56 PM

    Glenn Beck is being replaced on Fox News by a new show featuring five pundit personalities: Greg Gutfeld, former NPR correspondent Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera and Monica Crowley, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

    Entiled ‘The Five,’ the show will fill Beck’s 5 p.m. time slot starting on July 11.


  25. How about investigating Kagan’s involvement as Solicitor General and not letting eligibility cases go forward?

    49 House Members Demand Probe of Kagan, Obamacare
    Friday, 01 Jul 2011 09:29 AM

    Almost 50 House members want the House Judiciary Committee to investigate Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s involvement in formulating President Barack Obama’s healthcare law while she was his solicitor general. Rep. John Fleming, R-La., is leading the effort, alleging that evidence shows Kagan should recuse herself from court cases involving Obamacare, according to CNSNews.com.

    “Regrettably the Justice Department has been uncooperative to date with repeated FOIA requests that seek the full body of relevant emails from the Office of the Solicitor General that would reveal the scope of Kagan’s involvement in PPACA defense activities.”

    “As you know,” they wrote, “Section 455 of Title 28 of the United States Code establishes unambiguous conditions in which federal judges must recuse themselves from proceedings in which their impartiality might reasonably be questioned,” the lawmakers wrote. “According to the law, a justice should recuse themselves in cases ‘where he has served in governmental employment and in such capacity served as counsel, adviser or material witness concerning the proceedings or expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy.’

  26. Bachmann Lived on Kibbutz, Staunchly Pro-Israel
    Friday, 01 Jul 2011 09:50 AM

    For Rep. Michele Bachmann, staunch support for Israel is a personal matter: Teenage Bachmann spent a summer working on a kibbutz in Israel.

    …went to Israel in 1974, immediately after graduating from high school. Her mission was sponsored by Young Life, a Christian ministry. The Israel she found in 1974 was “pretty grubby,” she recalled — brutal heat, soldiers with guns at the airport, customs officers at card tables on the tarmac, chickens everywhere.

    The youth housing where Bachmann — then Michele Amble — lived on the kibbutz was called the ghetto. Lizards climbed the walls. She rose at 4 a.m. and rode to work on a flatbed truck pulled by an old diesel tractor. Her job: pulling weeds from cotton fields


  27. Rubio…Obama uses the language of a third world dictator! He is disappointed and alarmed at Obama’s speech especially him bring up class warfare.

    “It’s class warfare, and it’s the kind of language that you would expect from the leader of a third world country, not the President of the United States,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said on the Senate floor.

  28. I don’t get it.. why is this a problem that he spends lots of money on jewelry for his wife? Wealthy people can spend their money any way they want, they have earned it. Jewelry or cars..who cares? I am impressed and a tad envious that he gives his wife wonderful things. They have written books, made films, given speeches, and earned their wealth in multiple ways. Why should they be attacked for this? It appears they earn it and put it back into the economy. They don’t send it to a foreign country to support the country and relatives that live there. I would like to see the judging criteria they are using.

    Gingrich Staffers Fretted About Tiffany Fallout

    Friday, 01 Jul 2011 13:43 PM Snips

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich s habit of dropping thousands of dollars at luxury jeweler Tiffany Co. drew the attention of staffers, who feared it could become a political liability.
    [They spent money on employees gifts…now that is a bad thing…in whose mind?]


    • I don’t even think he spent all that money. He had a line of credit there. It’s like the limit on your Visa card. It all depends upon how much they hope you spend and how much they think you’ll be able to pay them back if you do spend that much. I’m with you, Bridgette. Think of all the people Tiffany’s employs. If not for women like Calista (and I dare say Michelle Obama), a lot of Tiffany workers would lose their jobs (not to mention the poor people in third world countries who mine the diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, cut the stones (many of these are women), and make the end product.) I WISH I could afford anything from Tiffany. It’s the old class warfare crap. You won’t see the media, however, pointing out the MILLIONS that the OBAMAS have and which they got by selling books, too (among other things that the media won’t look into).

  29. BEWARE – Indoctrination of children will occur at July 4th parades. Your kids could turn into Republicans or patriots! When Harvard talks, we listen! Did we pay for this study of nonsense? Screws are coming loose!

    Harvard University Warns Democrats Not To Take Their Kids To 4th Of July Parades!

    July 1, 2011 Snip

    It seems Harvard University did a study, no doubt funded with taxpayer dollars, and came to the conclusion that kids under the age of 18 who attend Fourth of July parades are more likely to identify themselves as Republicans. Wonder what this august university would find if they studied kids who were taken to those May Day celebrations? Would they identify as hard core communists, or just European style socialists?


    • I should shudder ,just hearing those words” Independence”; NOT!!!! It’s a derogatory term in Harvard’s intellectual minds. They can’t seem to wrap their warped noodle around that term anymore. Wonder why? where did they do their study,Starbucks?

    • It’s a study that we probably paid for. I’m not kidding. Another to add to my list of things to cut now:

      * any study done by Harvard or other “progressive” universities

    • “The report continues: ‘The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols during the 20th century.‘

      ‘Survey evidence also confirms that Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats.”

      APPROPRIATING? Appropriate means, according to an online dictionary, “To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission.”

      I have never read such biased bullsh** in my life. Who have Republicans APPROPRIATED the symbols and patriotism FROM? Nobody. American symbols and patriotism for AMERICA are there for ALL AMERICANS. Actually, I know Australians and Brits who love America and are more patriotic about her than too many of my fellow countrypersons. Daniel Hannan comes to mind. But I digress …

      This is like when they criticize Palin or Bachmann for saying “take back our country” when it was fine and dandy for THEM to say it for 8 years under GWB.

      Just because someone who happens to be conservative uses American symbols and is patriotic, it doesn’t mean that they deny that right to others or have “appropriated” them solely to and for themselves.

      Of course, it’s all in how they phrase their questions and characterize the responses. (Have fun trying to find the original data and the questions asked. If we did fund it, they all should be available.)

      Do Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats?


      Do more Republicans consider themselves patriotic, compared to Democrats?

      HUGE difference. I’ll bet the answer is the second sentence. More Republicans admit to (are proud of) being patriotic.

      Why? Because DEMOCRATS, even IF patriotic, are ASHAMED TO BE SEEN BEING PATRIOTIC. Or won’t admit to it, even to themselves. They equate patriotism with jingoism or hatred of other countries. You know how it goes: If I’m proud of my country that means I think other countries aren’t as good. Same as with American exceptionalism. We’re not supposed to be patriotic, although it’s well and good if Mexicans wave Mexican flags and love their country and consider it tops.

      This is like when a parent won’t praise one kid for an accomplishment as if to do so diminishes another kid.

      That’s part of the disease of liberalism.

    • Many university studies are worthwhile for scientific research, but others are pure nonsense. This was as important as a study as one that would study why birds wings flap. The grant givers need a common sense lesson and should be held accountable for what they approve. I wonder how many layers of folks a decision about grants goes through when it gets to the US Grant dept.

      I bet there is a study that is trying to figure out where wind comes from or what makes it blow. Alas, it is probably related to climate change or whatever they are calling it this year..global warming or global cooling. Guess it depends on which way the wind blows or the green flows.

      • If you read any of the psychological journals, you’ll see the trend in these studies and their goal, and it’s not pretty. It’s to define conservatism as a psychological disorder that needs to be cured. Conservatism is dangerous, so it must be rooted out. I am still trying to find the original study. When I do, if I do, I’ll give an update.

      • You’re right, Bridgette. I have to change that:

        * any study done by progressives at Harvard or any other university.

        How’s that? btw, these universities have tons of money. Why do We the People have to fund their research in the first place? Where’s that written in the Constitution?

    • I can’t let this one go, Bridgette! Another excerpt:

      “‘Fourth of July celebrations in Republican dominated counties may thus be more politically biased events that socialize children into Republicans.’

      The study found that for youngsters under the age of 18 attending the parades, the likelihood of them identifying as a Republican goes up by at least two per cent.

      It also raises the possibility of parade watchers voting Republican by about four per cent.”

      This is the story they link to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2010013/Die-hard-Democrat-Dont-children-July-4th-parades–Harvard-claims-theyll-grow-Republicans.html#ixzz1QtfzHr85

      Wow. Those results are truly impressive. Raises the likelihood the kids will “identify” as Republicans by 2 to 4%! Wouldn’t you love to see a study of “politically biased” atmospheres in schools where the faculty is Democrat or Liberal “dominated” and the resulting likelihood that the children exposed to those schools and teachers identify themselves as Democrat or liberals BECAUSE THEY’RE “SOCIALIZED” THAT WAY!

      This is what’s called correlation without causation. IF the county is Republican dominated, then yes, it follows that more Republicans will be at the parade with their kids and it’s more likely that their kids would identify as Republican, since their parents are Republican. Going to the freaking parade doesn’t “socialize them” to be conservative. LIVING WITH AND BEING BROUGHT UP IN THEIR PARENTS’ VALUES SOCIALIZES THEM. THANK GOD! But this is the kind of study that liberals create, distort, report, and then USE to what? Why, to create a REMEDY. This calls for MORE use of patriotic symbols by progressives and more INDOCTRINATION (AKA SOCIALIZATION) OF CHILDREN INTO “NON-BIASED (MEANING LIBERAL) VALUES.”

      Don’t you love it that the left has to report such crap right near the Fourth of July? What’s the point? To ruin everyone’s fun? To make Republicans feel ashamed to be patriotic?

  30. Gen. David Petraeus was unanimously confirmed by the Senate as the next CIA director.
    June 30, 2011

    In another solid endorsement of President Obama’s new national-security team, the Senate on Thursday voted 94-0 to approve Gen. David Petraeus to be the next director of the CIA. The Afghan war commander will take over the agency from Leon Panetta, who starts his new job as defense secretary on Friday.


  31. KUHNER: Obama, the LBJ of our time
    Ambitious adventures marked by no plan for victory

    June 30

    Mr. Obama was never serious about winning. This is his most reprehensible and immoral act as president, one that will haunt him and America for years to come. Under his command, more than 1,000 U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan. They were sacrificed to bolster his political standing at home. Mr. Obama did not want to be seen as weak in the war on terror. But he never had a clear strategy for victory, and he refused to listen to his commanders on the ground. Now that the tide of public opinion has turned against the failed campaign, the president seeks to reposition himself as a responsible dove. He has been driven by one overriding impulse: cheap expediency.

    The consequences will be disastrous. Our departure will be celebrated by Islamists everywhere; the Taliban will triumphantly claim they outlasted – and defeated – the “Great Satan.” Our prestige as the world’s remaining superpower will be dealt a severe blow. We will be seen as an unreliable ally and a weak adversary, a paper tiger that can be bled to death by a band of primitive fanatics.

    “My soul, and the soul of thousands of Taliban who have been blown up, are happy,” Taliban leader Jamal Khan told the Daily Beast of his reaction to Mr. Obama’s announcement of a U.S. troop pullout.


    • The Daily Beast is in contact with the leader of the Taliban????

    • Ha! When you wrote the Daily Beast, I thought you meant Hillary. I did!

      Their blood is on Barry’s soul. How will the progressive feminists in this country feel when the women of Afghanistan are back in chains?

  32. also miri, why was she paroled. There are three or four criterea. No longer threat to society, she is ill too, and I don’t remember the rest. I am out of sinc here, but somewhere I told you she died between Aug 15th-23 2010.
    Wickipedia has her dying Aug 3, 2010. guess what , there is argument she died in 2009. Go Figure!!!!! Maybe Cinic is right……!!!!!

    • 2010 is good enough. If she died then, she should be in the SSDI. Of course, it’s possible she never had a SS card and never worked a day in her life, so wouldn’t show up there. Do prisoners get SS cards to use to pay taxes on the meager wages they get making license plates?

  33. Another way to buy Hispanic votes, he thinks:


    “The Obama administration took the unusual step Friday of asking the Supreme Court to stop Texas from executing a Mexican citizen convicted of raping and killing a 16-year-old girl.

    The administration said the court should delay the planned July 7 execution of Humberto Leal for up to six months to give Congress time to consider legislation that would directly affect Leal’s case.

    The 38-year-old native of Monterrey wasn’t told he could contact the Mexican Consulate after his arrest in the murder of Adria Sauceda. His lawyers say police violated an international treaty by not telling Leal he could have consular assistance.

    Legislation pending in the Senate would allow federal courts to review cases of condemned foreign nationals to determine if the lack of consular help made a significant difference in the outcome of their cases. Last week, a federal judge refused to delay the execution.

    The Supreme Court has previously ruled that states can’t be forced to comply with the provisions of treaties without some intervening federal legislation.

    The federal government rarely intervenes in state death penalty cases. The thrust of the administration’s legal argument deals with the government’s international treaty obligations, not Leal’s guilt or innocence, or even whether he should ultimately be executed.

    “This case implicates United States foreign-policy interests of the highest order,” including protecting U.S. citizens abroad and promoting good relations with other countries, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. said. Verrilli, the administration’s new chief Supreme Court lawyer, has long represented death row inmates free of charge in his private practice.

    State Department legal adviser Harold Koh separately has written Gov. Rick Perry and other Texas officials asking them to step in and put off the execution.

    The administration’s legal filing was provided by Leal’s lawyers. The Justice Department did not immediately comment Friday.

    The Mexican government and other countries have joined the legal fight to grant Leal a reprieve.

    Police discovered Sauceda’s nude body on a dirt road in San Antonio in May 1994. Evidence showed she had been raped, bitten and strangled. A large stick that had a screw protruding from it was left in her body.

    Among other evidence, the bite mark was matched to Leal. Her bloody blouse was found at Leal’s home. She and Leal had been attending a party not far from where she was found.”

    WAS HE HERE ILLEGALLY? Wanna bet? It’s unusual to intervene, but Barry will do so if he thinks it buys him credit from his “base” of illegal alien voters.

  34. Yeah…5 1/2 years to go to hell and prison!… Such a B.S.er
    Obama at his fundraiser …(he was working once again..oh, working the crowd..!)

    “And, Philadelphia, I know there are some of you who are frustrated because we haven’t gotten everything done that we said we were going to do in two and a half years. It’s only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go. (Applause.) And there are — look, there are times where I feel frustrated. But we knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We knew a journey like this one, there were going to be setbacks, like there were setbacks during the first campaign. There are going to be times where we stumble, just we stumbled sometimes during the first campaign.”

  35. 11/12/09
    can anyone find a news story on this?

    is the fix in, Michael Smerconish? hypocrite

    Will Wesley Cook be pardoned?

  36. Obama’s 20-Year Spiritual Mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Tells Church Youth “All Whites Are Liars”…

    You would have to be brain dead to believe Obama never heard anything like this and his views were in no way shaped by such racist rants as he claims.


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