Blackberry Brambles: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part Two

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In part one of my analysis, A Tangled Web: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, I introduced you to Savannah Guthrie, who remains, so far as we know, the only member of the media who claims to have actually seen, touched, and photographed the original paper document that is said to be a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s original long-form certificate of live birth (LFCOLB).  No other member of the media has come forward to say she or he has examined the document.  In addition to logical inferences anyone can derive from the back-and-forth conversation during the news gaggle, Jake Tapper of ABC News later wrote,

At an off-camera gaggle with reporters this morning, [White House Communications Director Dan] Pfeiffer held up a certified copy of the President’s original Certificate of Live Birth. A copy is now on the White House website. [Emphasis added.]

This further evidence backs up my assertion that other reporters saw the certified copy only when Pfeiffer held it up and flashed it from a distance at the press conference. The copy posted on the White House (WH) website, in Portable Document Format (PDF) form, is referenced below.  Being a digital image, it is insufficient.  In fact, it’s useless as evidence because no citizen could possibly use an image on a website as proof of identity or citizenship, much less natural born citizenship.

Reporters were given one-sided copies of the LFCOLB, printed out on what looks like white paper.  No reporter but for Guthrie says he or she was allowed to view the original up close and personal, or to photograph it.

Savannah Guthrie, lawyer and NBC journalist–who attended Georgetown University Law Center and probably knows very well the incoming White House Counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler–claimed that she photographed the LFCOLB and even felt the “raised seal” on it. Below are her photographs:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Click to enlarge.

Guthrie said that on April 27, 2011, “today,” she took two photos.  In the White House?  She didn’t specify.

Unfortunately, the metadata from the photos contain no date/time stamps. Below is a transcription of the EXIF data for the second photo (the one showing the full LFCOLB):

Flash: No flash function
File: 450 x 600 JPEG 92,237 bytes
Image compression 88% (versus 113,506 bytes; compression 86% for photo #1)
Camera Model Name:
Orientation: Horizontal (Normal)
Software: Rim Exif Version 1.00a
Y Cb Cr Positioning: Centered
Exposure Time: 0
Exif Version: 0220
Date/Time Original:
Components Configuration: Y, Cb, Cr, –
Exif Image Size: 600 x 450
Modification Date:
Subject Distance: 0 m
Light Source: Unknown
Flash: No flash function
Color Space: sRGB
Device Setting Description: (0 bytes binary data)
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
File type: JPEG
MIME Type: image/jpeg
Exif Byte Order: Little-endian (Intel, II)
Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample: 8
Color Components: 3
File Size: 90 kB (versus 111 kB for photo #1)
Image Size: 600 x 450
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling; YcbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
Shutter Speed: 0

Software: Rim Exif Version 1.00a apparently means that the photo was taken with a Research in Motion Blackberry–the same device Anthony Weiner used to snap photos for his most unfortunate tweets.

The first photo raises several questions:  Why is it cropped just above where the alleged raised seal should be seen on the document?

The seal is cropped out of view in the only photo that’s a close up.

Why is the color of the paper so off? It should be bright green security paper, but looks gray-green, at best. Don’t Blackberries capture color accurately? Or does this happen because there’s no flash function?

The first photo indeed appears to be a photograph of a paper document, because the paper seems distorted by the angle from which the photo was taken. That is, what should be parallel straight lines are not parallel. Would or could any other method of imaging produce that result?

One of our ever-helpful commenters, bdwilcoxreported that the photos were downsized, with reduced resolution, and the EXIF data was modified. Any reader with expertise in “metadata” is welcome to interpret the data transcribed above. (Share it in comments, below, or use the contact box at the top, for a private message.) My own research shows that there are many software programs available for changing or removing what was originally captured in EXIF data, including dates.

The second photo, the photo of the full document, also raises questions: Why is it so dark?  Too reminiscent of the infamous FactCheck photos of the questionable Obama short-form certification of live birth (SFCOLB).

Again, why is the green paper so gray? With ordinary room lighting, would a photo taken by a RIM Blackberry look so–let’s face it–bad?  But it, too, appears to be of a paper document because the paper seems bent in places, from being handled.

Take a look at that photo again, after modification of the contrast and brightness:

Now you can see that the document appears to be placed on a wooden table, next to a stack of other papers. An oriental-style rug is visible in the lower right-hand corner, beneath the table (again reminiscent of a FactCheck photo).

Zoom in and look closely at the papers in the stack to the left of the document. Do they not also appear to be pages of green, cross-hatched security paper, or do my eyes deceive me? Odder still, under magnification, the table itself appears to have a pixelated, cross-hatched pattern, quite like the pattern on the security paper.

Judith Corley, Obama’s personal lawyer, hand-carried two certified copies of his original LFCOLB back to the WH (if you believe the story). But there appears to be more than one (other) page of security paper in that stack on the left. How could this be? Does the WH staff keep a stock of green, cross-hatched security paper on hand?

I’m open to other explanations.  Is this a photographic anomaly? Can colors bleed over onto other objects within a digital photograph? Can patterns?

The document in Guthrie’s photo is wider than the image in the WH PDF, which is cropped on both sides. Guthrie’s photo of the document is not actually a full view of the paper (again reminiscent of FactCheck) which can be seen by comparing it to the WH image, below. She cut off the top and bottom of the document (if she photographed the same item represented by the WH PDF).

WH PDF in JPEG form

A question for technically savvy readers: Does that paper actually rest upon the table, or does it look more as if it was superimposed upon a photograph of a wooden table? I ask because to me it looks as if it’s floating in space, perfectly straight, above the table.

Now look closely at the edges of the “paper” in Guthrie’s image. They are very, very sharp. The stack of papers casts quite a shadow. Zoom in to see how the edges of the document itself do not pixelate.

Why are there flares of light along the edges of the paper, especially on the right side? (See full image above.) The light comes from which direction?

Going by the shadow thrown by the stack of papers, the document looks as if lit from the left; but there’s light along the lower right side as well as the lower left.  Granted, these effects appear only after the brightness and contrast are changed, but something looks strange.  Notice the bright light on the table surface, which does not seem to extend across the paper itself.  Notice how the light that falls along the lower right-hand edge of the paper seems not to strike the table.  How strange.

Refer to the full image:  Does the perspective look right? Does the paper look too large? Closer to you, the viewer?

Now let’s look at that “raised seal,” which becomes apparent only when the contrast and brightness on the image are radically changed.

See it? Right there!

You can indeed see something that looks like a seal on that image, but merely a hint of the outside circle of the seal, not any of the details that are crucial for proving whether or not it’s a legitimate embossed seal of the state of Hawaii.  That’s a cropped section, enlarged by 230%. The “seal” looks more like a ring left by an errant coffee mug!

If this is truly an embossed, raised seal that Guthrie could feel, then why did so little of the embossing catch the light? Just that ring. Very little of the center. No way to compare it to the official seal of the state of Hawaii. Convenient.

As usual, our friend and fellow blogger butterdezillion has done an excellent analysis of that darned seal.  butterdezillion points out that the seal is a different size than the seal supposedly embossed on the FactCheck SFCOLB. And so it is. Easy to see. Just count the crosshatches between the top and bottom of each seal. Different size.

Surely the Hawaiian Department of Health (HDOH) uses uniform seals when they emboss, even if there are multiple embossers, in order to be official.  Surely there are uniform specifications for the seal.

The “raised seal” is practically non-existent in the WH PDF and it is truly non-existent in the copy posted by the AP, replicated from the one-sided papers handed to the media.  (See images above for comparison.)

Guthrie’s photograph could be a photo of a printout made from the WH PDF; and the WH PDF itself could have been put together from scanned images, at least one of which was a scan of an actual piece of paper that contained an embossed seal, but not necessarily any document belonging to Obama.

In other words, she may have taken a photograph of a printout made from a PDF that came from a scan of a document that had a raised seal on it. It does appear to be a photograph of a paper document, because of the dimpling that appears on the page, from handling. The process may have gone like this:  PDF created, printed out, then the printout was photographed by Guthrie. In which case there was no raised seal to feel, unless somebody put one on it at the WH.

However, since Guthrie says she felt a raised seal, perhaps the process was reversed. She may have photographed a document with a raised seal (but not necessarily the seal of the state of Hawaii, especially since the entire center of the seal is missing in her photo.  A circular “seal” is there, but barely embossed.)

Whatever that piece of paper was, perhaps it was scanned (before or after the photo session) to create the WH PDF. If so, the embossing must have been very light indeed, since the scanner didn’t pick out any details.

The image, for some reason, was cropped in the WH PDF from the full width evident in Guthrie’s photo; and Guthrie’s photo, for some reason, cut off the top and bottom of the document, evident by looking at the WH PDF.

Does Savannah Guthrie have a clue what the official seal of the state of Hawaii looks like? Miss Tickly, another fellow blogger, asked her; but so far she has not responded.

Anybody can go to a stationary supply store and buy a contraption that will emboss paper with an official-looking seal.

What do you make of that stack of paper sitting on the table, next to what Guthrie claims is the official, certified LFCOLB? Paper that looks like the security paper used for COLB’s, (unless my eyes deceive me).

butterdezillion has shown that the seal on Guthrie’s LFCOLB is a different size from the seal on the FactCheck blog SFCOLB, when logically, they should be the same size. (btw, the FactCheck “seal” does not match the official seal of the HDOH, either.)

But there is one similarity between Guthrie’s LFCOLB and FactCheck’s SFCOLB:  There seems to be a lighter impression along the bottom of the circle on each seal.

Guthrie seal – bottom only

FactCheck SFCOLB seal – bottom only

From these facts one can conclude that

  • the embossing machine at the HDOH has a problem, meaning that it always fails to completely indent the seal right along the bottom edge (in which case there ought to be other examples we can compare to) and somehow it can also emboss two different size circles; or
  • the “seal” was cut and pasted from another document and in the process mistakenly was enlarged or made smaller (LFCOLB versus SFCOLB); or
  • perhaps the embosser with the problem is the one purchased for this purpose alone. Used perhaps twice. To deboss rather than to emboss. See Miss Tickly’s post about the issue of debossment versus embossment.

Based upon butterdezillion’s experiments, as well as images of other Hawaiian COLB’s extant on the Internet, if the seal of the state of Hawaii was indeed impressed upon the paper in Hawaii, by Hawaiian officials, to certify its authenticity, and later on photographed by Guthrie, then the full image of the seal should be readily apparent in her photograph. But it’s not apparent.

During the news gaggle, Pfeiffer was asked whether or not the LFCOLB he held up had a stamp on it. Instead of answering that question, he spoke about the seal. Did he intend to focus reporters’ attention on that seal so they would believe that it proved the document’s authenticity?

Sleight of hand?  A magician’s trick?  Pay attention to the seal, not the stamp.  (Was the stamp missing, too?)

Obviously, the reporter who asked the question was looking at the reverse side of the LFCOLB, where Onaka’s stamp should have been, or at least would have been on a SFCOLB. (Onaka’s stamp was allegedly placed upon the reverse side of the SFCOLB that was released in digital form to partisan blogs in 2008. The reverse side of that document, despite WH disinformation, has never been seen in its entirety by the media or the public.)

Even if Guthrie felt something (besides a tingle), that something doesn’t make it the official seal of the HDOH registrar.

A very important point, in my opinion, is that Obama’s lawyer used the fact that they were going to make a certified copy of the long-form available to the public in order to obtain a waiver.


A commenter at Citizen Wells’s blog stated his belief that the WH PDF was made by scanning the document that Guthrie photographed:

Sadly those pictures Guthrie posted online prove that all the analysis of the PDF on the WH website are USELESS because that PDF is a poorly done scan of the Document she held in her hand and photographed. … The real question is WHY was such a horrible scan done and published? A two year old could have done a better job. Was it to keep it from being studied too closely or was it done to keep the controversy going? … the only way to determine if there is an original is to have experts examine the real paper document in Hawaii. 

jerome introduces speculation that, if true, says much about the character of the people in this administration.

Of course, Obama supporters would explain that certainly the WH PDF was made from the document Guthrie photographed, because Guthrie photographed one of the two official, certified LFCOLB’s that Corley hand-carried back to the WH.

Except the document she photographed cannot be one of those two LFCOLB’s, because WHAT the document SAYS and what it does NOT say makes it an obvious fake.  See Bridgette’s take on the LFCOLB.  Many other blogs and news articles document its inauthenticity. Most notable is the statement by much-decorated, retired Major General Paul Vallely, regarding the Obama LFCOLB:

We’ve had three CIA agents, retired, and some of their analytical associates look at it, and all [10] came to the same conclusion, that even the long-form was a forged document.

It’s BOGUS.  At this point, does anyone but a rabid Obama supporter believe otherwise?  It’s almost like beating a dead horse to write this (promised) analysis of the LFCOLB photos, but I did it, anyway.

There’s no official seal of the state of Hawaii on that LFCOLB that Guthrie photographed.

If there were, it would show up as clear as day. It would also be the same size as the seal on the other “real” Obama birth certificate–the SFCOLB.   But it’s not the same size, which fact cannot be explained, other than perhaps it was computer generated or copied and pasted from another image. 

WorldNetDaily (WND) asked the governor of Hawaii whether or not the documents given to Judith Corley were exempt from the embossing rule; Governor Abercrombie did not respond.

Similarly, the HDOH wouldn’t answer WND’s questions about whether the vital records on file at the HDOH match what was released to the public and the media by the WH . . .

and allegedly photographed by well-connected Savannah Guthrie.

210 responses to “Blackberry Brambles: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part Two

  1. What a dog and pony show.
    Even the most ardent Obot knows he’s a fraud.
    But the Republicans want him to stay right where he is there to clear the way for Karl Rove’s next Mannequin—Rick Perry.

    • Ace,
      You made me think on this comment mentioning Rove so I checked….LOL ! Found this so much before….amazing.

      Soundex Code for rove = R100
      Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

    • Most obots are afraid of Perry, for good reason ;). He has a record to run on, not a record to run from. The administration of which Karl Rove was a part didn’t do too well in the dept. of economics either. However, under the leadership of Gov. Rick Perry, well over 1/3 of all new jobs created in the USA in the past year was in the Great State of Texas under the leadership of Gov. Rick Perry. Karl Rove has never been a part of Perry’s staff or on any board of advisors in any way shape form or fashion. Is there some reason why you are afraid of Perry? ;), Besides, what has Perry to do with the Obama LFCOLB? Oh yeah, I forgot, somehow Obama’s LFCOLB (lack thereof) is to reflect badly on the one man the obots fear, Gov. Rick Perry? Perry has not even yet announced he will run for the presidency, yet you have announced he is the mannequin of another fellow who helped best the upcomming socialists’ pick of the year, Al Gore, in 2,000. No cigars here. Move on.

  2. I don’t understand how they can give reporters a copy on plain paper if the original was on safety paper. The copy should include the marks from the safety paper.

    The administration ought to be able to explain that and address the other questions about the authenticity including kerning, lack of curvature of typing, multiple typewritten fonts, etc. They should explain what they got from hawaii, how it was made, and what they did to produce the copies put on the internet and handed to reporters.

    Obama spent years and $$$$ fighting the release then suddenly demanded its release? If he is going to act suspiciously then it becomes his responsibility to convice people he isn’t trying to pull a fast one.

    I’ll be convinced its authentic when the white house is willing to discuss the questions and give answers. If they rely on ridicule to defend him from accusations I assume they don’t have the facts on their side.

    • Agree with you 100%.

      If you look REALLY close, you can see a hint of the pattern from the security paper on the copies handed to the press. But they were nothing more than Xerox (or equivalent) copies on computer paper. butterdezillion proved that when she found parts of other pages showing through the papers handed to the press. Meaning that when the image was scanned, the bright light and thin paper caused pages behind the one being imaged to show through. So that means they just put a stack of papers on a copier and ran off as many versions of the entire stack as needed for the press conference. They only got two original certified copies, but you know, they could have got 100 if they wanted to. They could have given a certified copy to every member of the press. They could have made one certified copy available for any member of the public to examine up close and personal, if they wanted to. So why didn’t they want to? Because what the press saw isn’t a true, complete, unmodified COPY of what the certified copies look like.

      It’s possible Obama did get two copies of his certified original birth certificate, but nobody but his personal lawyer, if even she, saw them.

      You’re correct. This LEAST transparent administration in history should show the people the original, certified document or allow the public to see it in Hawaii (all he has to do is give permission), especially since the waiver was supposedly granted on the excuse that he wanted to make a certified copy available to the public, which he has NOT done. Instead, they continue to stonewall. The spokesperson only flashed the original (if it was the original) to the press, from the podium. He took it with him before Obama arrived to speak. NO cameras were allowed in the press conference, probably because even from a distance, cameras could take an image of the paper which could then be EXAMINED and compared for authenticity. They didn’t want to risk even long-distance examination. Savannah Guthrie, then, was the only member of the media allowed to supposedly look at the “real” document up close. Why only Savannah? Why not one of the least biased members of the press corps? Somebody like Jake Tapper. I wouldn’t expect them to let Lester Kinsolving of WND to examine it, but why not? Wouldn’t you ask your harshest critic to vet your stuff, if you really were on the up and up?

      Of course they SHOULD explain. But they haven’t explained anything in more than 3 years. I doubt they’ll start now. Because why? Because there’s NO explanation. Not at this point. The web is too tangled. The brambles too pointed. The hole is too deep. They’re treading water, hoping to make it through 2012, fooling most of the people, all of the time.

    • We aim to please, Anonymous. 🙂


    FOX News reported that a Canadian document expert declared Obama’s LFCOLB authentic. The expert himself takes issue and says FOX News won’t allow him to correct their misreport. He told WND that he doesn’t consider FOX News to be trustworthy, since they won’t return his calls or correct the inaccurate report.

    • It is understandable why the Canadian, Jean Claude Tremblay, is upset if he has been put on the carpet and having his reputation smirched by attributing words to him that he didn’t speak. I think he is the only one that supposedly said Obama’s LFCOLB was not a forgery. Interesting that FOX won’t change their article or retract it.

      The controversy traces to a Web story by Fox News reporter Jana Winter two days after the White House released the birth certificate, titled “Expert: No Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate is Legit.” What do we know about Jana and her agenda?

  4. Leo Donofrio has found a SCOTUS PRECEDENT that proves Obama (if you believe his biography) is NOT a natural born citizen and therefore is INELIGIBLE:

    “‘It is sufficient for everything we have now to consider that all children born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction are themselves citizens.’

    This class is specifically defined as ‘natural-born citizens’ by the Court. The other class – those born in the US without citizen ‘parents’ – may or may not be ‘citizens’. [This is WITHOUT DOUBT the class to which Obama belongs.] But the Minor Court never suggested that this other class might also be natural-born citizens.

    It’s quite the opposite. The Minor Court makes clear that this class are not Article 2 Section 1 natural-born citizens. If this other class were natural-born there would be no doubt as to their citizenship. … This is so very evident by the fact that the Minor Court specifically states that the “citizenship” of those who have non-citizen parents was historically subject to doubt.”

    I must apologize to readers for the cursor positioning (or lack thereof) on the blog today. Also the other problems, such as having to hit “post” multiple times before a comment posts. WordPress has been “updating” their system and in the process, much has been (let’s face it) screwed up.

  5. More from Donofrio’s post:

    “The Minor case has been severely misconstrued in the Ankeny opinion issued by the Indiana Court of Appeals. That court quoted Minor’s natural-born citizen language, then stated:

    ‘Thus, the Court left open the issue of whether a person who is born within the United States of alien parents is considered a natural born citizen.’

    False. The Minor Court did not leave that question open. Nowhere in the Minor opinion does it state that the class of persons who are natural-born citizens is an open question. The Ankeny Court has it backwards.

    The Supreme Court in Minor stated that the “citizenship” of persons who were not natural born citizens was an open question.

    That is the most important sentence I’ve ever written at this blog. So please read it again.

    The ‘citizenship’ of those born to non-citizen parents was a question that the Minor Court avoided. But they avoided that question by directly construing Article 2 Section 1. In doing so, the Supreme Court in Minor defined the class of persons who were born in the US to citizen parents as ‘natural-born citizens’.

    Since Minor, no Amendment has been adopted which changes that definition, and no other Supreme Court case has directly construed Article 2 Section 1.”

  6. charlesmountain

    What are we doing? We don’t need more proof of the forgery or NBC ineligibility. We need coordinated action. Blogging is not helping. Get this story into the mainstream! There is nothing going on with this. Nothing! I am so frustrated and tired of reading the same thing over and over. We need to raise a big stink and peoplehave to be willing to get locked up. Why can’t we community organize on this? Hold a 3 day birther convention!

    • Charles,

      Indeed, we share your frustration and angst. You are screaming what we have been “yelling” about for 3 years..but we have no clout! If the media won’t investigate and are silent, all we have left is blogging.

      The Tea Party was one part of the answer, WND did their best to get the information out, and the rest was left to bloggers who have done one heck of a job! Citizens called, faxed, mailed, their Congressmen and all they got were cut and pasted talking points from both sides. Citizens got state congressmen to write legislation that has gone nowhere. Others have filed lawsuits that have gone nowhere…no standing. Patriots rose to attend Glen Beck’s rally in Washington, D.C., and as much as he has done to advertise the radicals and revolutionaries in this corrupt administration, he along with other Fox anchors didn’t want to touch the issue or really investigate…not that they weren’t aware of the issue. Yet they chose or were forced to lie about it. The complicit Left media ridiculed anyone broaching the ineligibility subject. They are the ones blurring the definition of natural born citizen.

      What does it come down to? I saw this paragraph and think it speaks for the silence.

      Congress would never cover-up a felony, which might have been committed by a President because all of its members would then be guilty of “Misprision of felony”, which is an offense under U S federal law 18 U.S.C. § 4:

      “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

      Next question, where to put them after their trials and CONvictions? Gitmo is not yet overcrowded. Where is our McCarthy?

  7. We’re frustrated, too. If you notice, I did say it’s like beating a dead horse. If you don’t want to read the same thing over and over, then don’t. I thought what I wrote was somewhat new.

    Maybe it’s useless to blog. Maybe not. There’s such a thing as a tipping point. A critical mass. We’re trying to get the story into the mainstream and have been doing so, along with Dr. Kate and others, for nearly 3 years now.

    Trump did better job of it, because, well, he’s TRUMP.

    And then there’s the conspiracy of silence in the lamestream media.

    Even so, why do you think so many people continue to doubt his eligibility? I think blogging is part of the reason why. The American people aren’t used to being spoon fed “news.” We the People don’t take it kindly when our (they think) “betters” make it clear that they believe that just because we didn’t all go to Harvard, we’re STUPID.

    Why do you think Trump resonated so well with the people? Because Americans are beginning to see through the joke that is Obama.

    Welcome, charlesmountain. Sometimes just being able to air your frustration helps.

  8. charlesmountain

    Obama needs to be removed. Corsi’s book has crapped out for whatever reason. Farah is nowhere to be seen and WND is putting out one or two lukewarm articles a week. I am telling you that if I was Farah,
    I would have had a 3 day birther convention organized at the Watergate Hotel already with all the names and evidence! That’s all it takes to get it mainstream. We need to consolidate and coordinate! Think like a leftist!

  9. Miri,

    You have the unique ability to “zero” in on the details of documents. Yours is an excellent analysis and the way it is written I can “see” things that otherwise I wouldn’t notice. Your astuteness shows in seeing the details such as the stack of security paper sitting next to the document, and a seal that can’t be read even with magnification, and noting that Ms. Guthrie (most likely an Obot stooge) was the only one that saw and felt this latest fraudulent forgery.

    It is admirable that you can see things that others can’t, and are able to describe the abnormalities so well.

    As far as beating a dead horse, can we change that to beating a dead donkey or Jacka@#? And I will second the beating and whipping that jacka@# until he is but a sorry blip in history books. (Yet if we can change the history books, like the progressive Marxists have done, we might be able to mitigate the entries to him as being not only a criminal, but the most dishonorable, and worst conman to ever have have usurped the presidency! May they all (he and his minions and supporters) be forever marked and branded as traitors to our great country. That is what history will write. They will not get honorable mention, for they have no honor.)

  10. anonymous – Two good comments; yet we are sorry we can’t publish them because you left no verifiable email address. Phony email addresses go directly to spam via WordPress.
    Pick a name, any name from the thousands available, anonymous is overused.

  11. “Phony email addresses go directly to spam via WordPress.”

    Oops, then I’ll try a mailinator address….

    The odd thing about Trump situation is that he was frustrated that the media latched on to his birther comments and ignored the other parts of his message about his possible candidacy. It shows the media can be made to cover the story. You have to understand the honorable journalist’s code of ethics. They will betray their political agenda and cover the story only if someone famous enough gets involved so that it becomes a sensational story.

    If someone famous like Trump or Madonna or Peewee Herman would hold a press conference and go over all the information about why Obama isn’t eligible, the problems with his social security number etc. and how he actually got into office without proving his eligibility and why that is suspicious, that would be a big help and might induce the media and the house of representatives to investigate the matter.

    But, I’ve heard all sorts of reasons why congress is covering it up – they don’t want to enrage blacks who would riot or carry a grudge at the ballot box, or the republicans don’t want obama to resign because they think they can beat him in 2012 more easily than …. probably hillary Clinton who would likely be the democratic nominee if Obama resigned. Maybe after the 2012 election there will be a different atmosphere.

    But, remember flight 800? Hundreds of eye witnesses said it was hit by a missile. Yet, the government transferred the investigation to a partisan agency and covered it up and suppressed that evidence. If they covered that up they can cover up obama’s ineligibility.

  12. To rule the world with violence
    Is their one and only goal;
    Terror is their method;
    They want complete control.

    We’ve seen it all before,
    And we could not let it be;
    We gave our lives for freedom,
    For the world, and for you and me.

    We fight all forms of oppression,
    Helping victims far and near,
    To keep the world from chaos,
    To protect what we hold dear.

    America’s the only country
    That gives with its whole heart,
    And asks so very little;
    We always do our part.

    So let’s unite again
    To subdue our newest foe,
    Whatever we must do,
    Wherever we must go.

    Let’s show the world once more
    That America is blessed
    With people who are heroes,
    Who meet each and every test.

  13. OCR theory on Obama Birth Certificate’s 90° rotated elements
    Jun 16, 2011

    I’m changing the description after doing some more research on this topic. First of all, there is still absolutely no doubt in my mind that Obama forged his BC. You don’t need to look further than the fact that it’s impossible for his BC to have the number 151-61-10641. That alone should tell you that Obama MUST have forged his birth certificate. Don’t trust anything that the MSM, including Fox News, tells you. The most trustworthy and reliable source on this topic is still Read this posting on WND and decide for yourself:

  14. charlesmountain

    We need a 3 day Birther Convention in Washington now! Reposting regurgitated words and videos doesn’t excite me anymore and is not leading anywhere. It’s time for action! Get off your butts and start hounding Corsi, Farah, Kerchner etc.. to organize a Birther convention!

    • Charles,

      You are preaching to the choir here. You seem very passionate so you and others might be interested in what citizens are now doing to bring the issue to a head. A brand new site opened within the last month or so. The URL is in the sidebar. “One Nation Under Fraud.”

      Why not present your ideas there? They are looking at all ideas, and give normal everyday citizens ideas and action items on how to help and participate.

  15. Launch an independent, non-partisan investigation into the matter, We might be able to call 1787 back, and let them know that we found their Constitution

    1787 Called. They Want Their Constitution Back
    Dean Haskins, June 20 Snips

    When asked what type of government had been created by the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Well, Ben, apparently we didn’t keep it. The First Amendment guarantees American citizens the right to petition for the governmental redress of grievances (a “minor” issue that factored heavily in the Revolutionary War)

    I have now sent a letter to the congressman and senators who represent me in Washington, asking them to answer why they are not guilty of misprision of felony.

    Dear Sirs:

    On May 31, 2011, I sent each of you a letter in which I reported to you, as required by law (Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, § 4), that I had witnessed the commission of felony fraud by Barack Obama on April 27, 2011.

  16. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This is FAR FROM a useless blog. Underrated. You all are researchers extraordinaire!

  17. The post was picked up a little while ago at Free.

    Blackberry Brambles: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part Two

    • This part is sooo interesting no ?

      WorldNetDaily (WND) asked the governor of Hawaii whether or not the documents given to Judith Corley were exempt from the embossing rule; Governor Abercrombie did not respond.
      Similarly, the HDOH wouldn’t answer WND’s questions about whether the vital records on file at the HDOH match what was released to the public and the media by the WH . . .

  18. Oh, my!

    Time asks:
    “Does It [the Constitution] Still Matter?”
    (with a picture of the Constitution being shredded!)

    • Someone rebutted the entire article from Time. Has anyone else read it? I forgot to post it and now don’t know where it is.

  19. Found: Congressman Who Has Read More than Maskell’s Memo!
    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) in which he appears to know more about the issues than has been indicated by the letters written by his cohorts.

    As you know, President Obama recently released to the public the long-form version of his birth certificate. Since then, concerns have been raised about the validity of the birth certificate as well as the claim that the President has been using a Social Security Number previously issued to another person. These concerns have been raised with the relevant oversight committees in the Congress and if there is enough evidence and more experts reach the same conclusions then these claims will lead to an investigation.


    As you stated, “The United States is a nation based on the rule of law;” and I concur with you. But, as I have pointed out, your response to me seems to imply that you perceive the rule of law to have applied to our past, and you desire the rule of law to govern our future, but you appear quite ambivalent toward it’s being enforced in the present.

    In my last letter to you, I cited Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, § 4 a law that applies equally to all American citizens (which includes the members of Congress). Because your response didn’t seem to indicate any specific action on your part against the crimes that have been committed, I must again ask,

    “Why are you not guilty of misprision of felony?”

  20. Stunning numbers want Congress to probe Obama’s eligibility
    Analyst says ‘birthers’ can’t be marginalized, as 28% of Democrats agree

    June 26, 2011

    Half of Americans would like to see Congress investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and nearly that many believe the definition of the constitutional term “natural born citizen” means both parents must be U.S. citizens, according to a new scientific poll.

    “There’s no marginalizing those who want this matter investigated by Congress,” said Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies, who conducted the WND/Wenzel Poll telephone survey June 16-19. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.85 points.

    “Even among Democrats, more than one in four – 28 percent – said they now want an inquiry, as do 43 percent of independents and 77 percent of Republicans. Interestingly, men are much more skeptical than are women about the question of eligibility – only 42 percent of men said they think Obama proved his eligibility by releasing the electronic birth certificate, compared to 59 percent of women.”

    The poll indicated 43.5 percent of Americans believe that a Hawaii birth would make no difference in Obama’s eligibility, as the Constitution requires both parents of a U.S. president to have been U.S. citizens – and Obama’s father was not a citizen.

    The figure included 56.9 percent of the GOP, 40.2 percent of independents and 32.9 percent of Democrats.

  21. Say what? That’s AMAZING. I wonder, if they did “investigate”, whether it would be a (can I say this?) whitewash.

    • That 38% weren’t bothered at all by allegations that his documents are forged is a huge and truly STUNNING statistic. “‘…More telling is that 57 percent in this national telephone survey were either greatly or somewhat troubled by assertions that the electronic birth certificate appears to have been either forged or tampered with. Another 38 percent said they were not troubled at all by such assertions,’ Wenzel said.”

      38% aren’t troubled by the fact that our POTUS, using resources funded by We the People, put out a “document” that is “forged or tampered with?” 38% see no problem with that? We may be lost. Seriously. That’s too scary. By any means necessary.

  22. Another and different look at the LFCOLB… We all agree it is a forgery ..and yet new eyes keep finding interesting abnormalities. See some new ones. Such as the ? on the left hand side of the form. Not close to being as detailed as our Miri’s.

    • Bridgett, you know I just had a weird brainstorm. I don’t see real well sometimes so I was Looking at that Ukele Lee name again and the way that longform site had stuff blown up. That word is V I C K E or VICK Lee. I of course am not looking at it now but I’ll try to explain. I feel pretty certain this is what it is. The V of course is that weird looking U , then I, then, C, then…..I kept looking at the Lee and downward stroke of the L. I see the next letter beside VIC looks so similar to the L in Lee but with a little dribble off to the right. I know I am not explaining it well, but with it blown up and with out my glasses it looks like someone just makes their V’s with a quick curve stroke. What do you think?

    • Does it seem like this person maybe spent a lot of time and energy on this analysis starting with a wrong premise? I assumed (and still do) that the lines that go into the bend are on the left side of O’s certificate, not the right side of the one bound next to it.

      • SEO, my comment with regard to this is down below. I hit the wrong reply place. Anyway, I know what you mean. I assume that the lines that bend are on the left of O’s certificate, too. I assume the guy is suggesting that the certificate before Barry’s (to the left of his) is ALSO his. My contention is that if both of those certificates, whoever they belong to, are bound into a book, there’s no way you’d see anything but letter-free space between the two certificates. How else do you bind documents unless there are clear margins?

      • SEO, I am peering in a bit on this across the hall also.

  23. Duh, OK, I see I am many days late and quite short on the Vicke Lee name.Where was I? Hey but I do find a Vicke L. Lee in Hawaii. Trouble is this person (and I am very good at this part) is known as many other alias and in many other states( but her age stays at 66 pretty consistantly). So to track her down I would need money to get the good stuff. But one address for a women named Michelle (which becomes Miguel)Lee Rosario(age around 44-46) that I find her with in many different states has an address in Hawaii. If anyone thinks she’s worth pursuing more, guess I could . Michell’s address is 95-1191 Kukui Rd.,Naalehu ,Hawaii. Have any of you looked for this Vicke person?

  24. alfy, I looked briefly for a Vick Lee when an obot on another blog suggested that as the name. As with Mr. Ukulele, I could find nothing. Victor Lee, either. Didn’t look for a woman. It seems to me that someone, by now, should have found the elusive registrar, if the person existed. It ought to be public record somewhere.

    As for that new analysis of the longform, it’s interesting about those forms lining up on the lefthand side (or not). The author proposes that what’s seen on the left, next to the bend in Barry’s LFCOLB, is another part of Barry’s record, maybe his original prior to amendment, or prior to supplemetary information being supplied to take it from a pending state to a completed state. Possible. One would expect that if Barry had more than one birth certificate, they would be bound together in that book, not interspersed with other people’s documents.

    However, it doesn’t look to me AS IF it’s a copy made from a bound book. Open up a book and look where the pages bend into the binding. You don’t see letters from the previous page right up against the letters on the page you intend to copy. You see blank space where the margins of the two documents meet. How can you copy right over the “crack” between the pages in a bound book?

    Of course, it may be, as that writer suggests, that the two documents flow one right into the other because they were printed out that way. (Cut and pasted next to each other and then printed?) If so, why is there a bend in the first place? Merely to simulate a copy from a book?

    It occurs to me that maybe the bend is from a roll of microfilm, where the “documents” are aligned one right after the other. Documents on microfilm don’t exactly match up, but it’s interesting that Barry’s document seems to match up with the previous one at certain points but not at others.

    We don’t know WHAT we’re seeing. Could they have printed out Barry’s records on a long sheet of paper and then bent the paper down on the left-hand side, to obscure the previous birth record, whether Barry’s or not? If so, then they took that image and put a nice little green frame around it.

    As I said, since we don’t know what we’re looking at or how they created this, it’s hard to definitively state one way or another whether that’s evidence of anything.

    I do think that the PDF was made from what Guthrie photographed, or vice versa; but whatever it was, it wasn’t THE certified copy hand-carried by Obama’s lawyer (although it may have been PART of what was copied for the lawyer. Now that I think about it, if he made an amendment that they accepted after Abercrombie became governor and appointed Fuddy, then the final part of the entire set of “vital records” might be what we see on that PDF; but it wouldn’t be evidence of anything without the COMPLETE history of the document with all affidavits and authenticating evidence included, especially the before and after information and date modified–like 2008.)

    So maybe somebody put a “raised seal” on something they printed out. After printing out the PDF for Guthrie to feel, they may have created another PDF from it and cropped the image. (Or she may simply have prevaricated, having seen and felt nothing. Why won’t she answer Miss Tickly’s questions, if she’s on the up and up?)

    I’m still waiting for other opinions about whether or not that “document” is actually ON that table or superimposed over a photo of a table.

    There may be more than one PDF. If that’s truly a stack of green security paper on the left, in Guthrie’s photograph, then maybe multiple paper versions were created until they got one they liked (or they were prepared to keep printing until they got one they liked).

    • I have a reguest in with the Hawaii state library for copies of the Polk city directory for Honolulu 61-62, just the pages with the name Lee and first names starting with T-Z and C. I don’t think it’s a C; I don’t think it’s a V either though, it looks most like UKL to me when you compare all 3 of the certificates it’s been shown on. That’s just my opinion (and eyes) though

      • Do let us know what you find! Wasn’t it Dr. P that thought the first name began with a C?

      • Miri, SEO, thanks, I’m sick of looking for something in reference to it anyway. While I did find some interesting relationships to that Vicke L. Lee in Hawaii , it scatters out in too many scenerios and the name changes to Vicki Leau at some hematology clinic in Honolulu. Believe it or not I do find that this Vicke Lee has numerous aliases, which is the only thing that kept me wondering if this name was worth exploring.And like SeO says, in some of the BC’s the UKL stuff doesn’t look as much like a V. Oh well. Maybe later.

        • OK, got it. Alfy, you were right, it is a “V”.
          The entry in the 1961/62 Polk directory reads

          LEE Verna K L Mrs. clk State Dept of Health r1228 a 16th av

          • Way to go SEO! So the strange signature is now known. Mrs. Verna K. L. Lee!

            This might be the woman. She is the only Verna Lee in the SS Death Index for Hawaii. Although the real Verna Lee might not be dead yet.

            Verna LEE
            Birth Date: 10 Nov 1929
            Death Date: 3 Oct 2010
            State Where Number Was Issued: Hawaii
            Death Residence Localities
            Localities: Mililani, Honolulu, Hawaii

            Oct. 3, 2010 – This shows her with a middle initial of C., so it might not be the right woman.
            Verna C. Lee, 80, of Mililani, a Waianae Elementary School teacher, died in Honolulu. She was born in Caldwell, Idaho. …

            Further research shows her to probably be Verna Cawdery Lee.

          • Hey SEO, I am glad you came back to this and maybe it is something we can all say is a tidbit resolved (yea, a little victory of sorts in this Cabal).Just so happens I came across where I was looking at that stuff,maybe a night or two ago. I might can actually find it to support this and that she also had some alias names. I printed some stuff out and ,of course, as always I scribble all over the stuff,upside down and all around the margins. It’s awful,but The U ke lee stuff sort of stood out. Glad you followed up.

          • Great work, SEO! Odd that “Verna” signed her name with initials and that she made the first look like a U. People playing games with forgeries again? There’s supposedly a “real” BC out there for an Edith Coats with the same signature on it, but that one doesn’t look like a V, either. Just like half of a U.

          • Another obit, another possibility:
            “Clayton Yuen Tong Sue
            May 19, 2007
            Clayton Yuen Tong Sue, 77, of Honolulu, a retired Air Engineering employee, died. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Violet; daughter Lynette; brothers Benjamin and Norman; and sisters Florence Zane, Verna Lee, Mildred Hoo and Jeanette Yoshinaga. Mass: 11 a.m. Friday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Call after 10:30 a.m. Inurnment: 12:45 p.m. at Diamond Head Memorial Park. Casual attire.”


      • Great! Keep us up to date. Are they stalling?

        • I don’t think they are stalling, although i haven’t heard from her since I put in my final order sometime last week. I’m hoping that just means she didn’t need any more info and is mailing it.

        • There was another Verna in the list and she worked for the Dept of Education, so that was probably the one who died

          • I think the one that died was Verna Cawdery Lee 81 Mililani, Hawaii

            Just as an aside, there is a Verna Lee that graduated from Punahou High School | Honolulu, HI in 1993. Might she be related?

            This could be wong or right..She could be a Wong.
            Lorrie Tin Lock Wong
            Aug. 6, 2010
            Lorrie Tin Lock Wong, 79, of Honolulu, an Air Force veteran, died in the Queen’s Medical Center. He was born in Canton, China. He is survived by wife Mineko O. “Nancy,” stepmother Margaret, stepsons Mike and Richard Zane, and sisters Verna Lee, and Sandra and Wendy Chun. …

            Another obit…for Florence Sue Zane names Verna Lee as a sister.
            Sept. 22, 2010
            Florence Sue Zane, 96, of Kaneohe, …. died in Aloha Nursing and Rehab Centre….She is survived by son Lynn; daughters Winona Oato, and Laurie and Gloriette Zane; brothers Ben and Norman Sue; sisters Verna Lee, Mildred Hoo and Jeanette Yoshinaga.

          • there’s also two victoria Lees that have died with a ss#. That would be Victoria B. Lee Born Nv. 1927,died july 1,2003 ss# issued in HI. 576-22-2126. then This Victoria C.I. Lee (v) of Honolulu, born Feb 15,1924,died nov. 6 1997 ss# 575-16-2007.
            I got a bit frisky with the ss#s. Did you know the George Henry Obama Kujenga Buckner guy from Palou Hawaii(died 2001) who was originally from Indianna must have had his name officially changed to Obama Buckner. I find it strange that he was issued his SS# in Indianna,(too bad I can’t see when his # was issued)yet his real name is not how I find him listed. I find him listed as Obama Buckner in the SS geneology archives. Darn ,don’t know where I put his #, but I had checked earlier and I thought I had already found him listed as George Henry or Henry G Buckner, issued Indianna, died Hawaii. I need to see if the numbers are repeated or what. Anyway, I just find it odd that if that was Buckner’s nickname he took after meeting someone (says a spiritual leader) with the Obama name while in Hawaii would become a real name on a Ss# index unless he had his name legally changed. I could see it identifiying him and then maybe in parenthesis show a nickname. Then of course I find two more Obama people dead with a ss#. One is rather interesting,well both are interesting. One is just like Abena Renee L. Obama in that this person,just like Abena,is born, then dies about 3 months later. His name is Obama Miguel Aquilar, born Feb.2009 and dies May 20 2009. (could be Miguel Aquilar Obama.) ss#637-19-4754.
            Another interesting fact on Obama Buckner is that his wifes name was Paula Buckner. Now I am asuming that his wife Paula might be dead now beacause I see where a Paula K. Buckner has just died June 20 of 2011. Now isn’t that a coincidence. But when I check out all for ss# Paula Buckners it is still sort of weird. Paula K. Buckner ,born oct14 1971 with a ss# issued in Indianna and dies 2001 there is no place listed where she dies. Note she is born 1971 (AGE 39) Two Paula Buckners die August 4th 1971 . I just find it a bit odd there is no obituary for Paula Buckner that I can find and there is no place of death. I also find it odd that a person with this name association to an Obama person suddently shows up on SS indes just last month. Does anybody follow me? ssuming that his wife Pau

          • High ^5 SEO, and Alfy great job! Bridgette, I’m “kinda sorta” thinking that the KL in Verna’s name, possibly may be a Administrative Code. I’m still looking into it.

          • Leza
            Could the KL stand for a political affiliation?
            Ka Lahui
            Ka Lahui Hawaiʻi was formed in 1987 as a grassroots initiative for Hawaiian sovereignty. The Trask sisters, attorney and U.N. Representative Mililani Trask and University of Hawaiʻi professor Haunani-Kay Trask, were prominent in the effort. Mililani Trask was elected the first kiaʻaina (governor) of Ka Lahui.[6] Native Hawaiians, as well as non-Native Hawaiians, may sign up as citizens of Ka Lahui. One of the group’s goals is to bargain with the United States government for recognition, land, and restitution, while lobbying at the United Nations for decolonization relief. Their model shares some similarity to certain Indian reservations of the U.S. continent, which have increasingly become self-governing. Many thousands of Native Hawaiians, along with many non-natives, have signed up as members. Ka Lahui has attracted many critics; many of these critics question the degree to which Ka Lahui citizens actually participated in the affairs of the group after signing their name.
            Ka Lahui opposes the “Akaka Bill” proposed by Senator Daniel Akaka that recognizes Native Hawaiians as a first nation on par with Native Americans and Alaskan tribes, as the group (along with most other sovereignty organizations) sees it as a poor compromise, and believes that the ramifications in terms of international law outweigh the bill’s benefits. Although Ka Lāhui may oppose the Akaka Bill, its founding member and first governor, Mililani Trask, supported the original Akaka Bill and was a member of a group that crafted the original bill.[7] Trask withdrew her support for the bill later, when changes were made to the Akaka Bill under the Bush Administration.

          • SEO: Did you get the image from Polk?

  25. thanks everyone for responding,just saw the rest of the posts.

    • Paula Buckner dies june 2011(I made a mistake typing, not 2001 on her).

      • Please forgive me , I made an error ,now I can’t find the Aug 4th date. Where I got that from I don’t know. But all the rest is correct.

    • there would not be any political affiliation on a birth certificate. And it’s doubtful it’s anything other than her or his name. I still say it’s Vick or Vicki ,Vickie. Don’t really feel like Vera works. Go back and look.

    • Ka Lahui – will look into it AOne, ty.

  26. Click to access Obama_LFBC_Report_final_draft.pdf

    I wish whoever wrote that report would address my questions about the photos Guthrie took. It’s a long read but an education!


    I had this same question: Whether the Bond case would give us standing. The WSJ says we will have standing to individually sue over the mandate in Obamacare. One would think that this case also gives any citizen whose state passed a bill requiring vetting of candidates (did any?) or enforcing laws against illegal immigration the standing to sue if vetting’s not done or illegals aren’t apprehended. This was a huge case, apparently, that upholds the 10th amendment. I’m not a lawyer, but wish I were so I could understand this issue better. I wonder what Leo Donofrio thinks of this ruling?

  28. News Conference re Corsi’s book and their lawsuit against Esquire. They bring up the fraudulent document and have the expert computer woman present as well as the lawyer explain the lawsuit. Joseph Farrah also speaks and well as Corsi.

    Part 2 of 5 of the Washington news conference regarding the Obama eligibility issue and Corsi’s book and lawsuit against Esquire.

    Computer expert calls Obama document ‘obvious fake.’Meredith is showing on a screen the differences in the BC and the problems that she shows. This is an obvious fake document. This is an edited document. The birth certificate issued by the WH is an obvious fake.

    Part 3 says that the computer expert is a life long Democrat and was a Hillary supporter.

    Part 4 WND suing Esquire for $30 million.
    Layers are not in a scanned document. There will be only one layer, the original.

    Whoa…now they are talking about Donald Trump…and what Corsi said to him in multiple phone calls. The phone calls were recorded. His (Trumps) computer expert told him that the document was a fraud! Corsi said that Trump never asked for the conversations to be off the they were recorded. (Around 12 min.)

    Part 5 The news media appears not to have asked a single question to verify the authenticity of the document.
    Has any news organization critiqued Corsi’s book?

    Corsi is going to write about Dr. Conspiracy in the next couple days and will show his credentials or lack thereof! Apparently Dr. Con wrote a rebuttal to the information in Corsi’s book. They will show how he fits into the Obama conspiracy.

  29. Birther issue resurfaces, but now Democrats are the ones raising it
    July 7, 2011 1:22 PM

    Three months after President Obama moved to end what he described as “the silliness” of the controversy over his birth certificate, the issue is back. But this time it is the Democratic National Committee raising the issue in a pitch for campaign money.

    The envelope is to potential donors is stamped “HELP US COUNTER THE GOP’S DIRTY TRICKS.” A red-letter alert reads, “ENCLOSED: President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.”Recipients will indeed find a copy of the official State of Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth.”

    A letter from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz describes Republicans as “the masters of dirty politics.” “Some even went as far as to join the ‘birthers’ in their effort to throw doubt upon President Obama’s birthplace,” the letter added. Donors who send at least $44.00 are promised a “Made in the USA” President Obama coffee cup with a copy of the birth certificate printed on the side. [Whoohooo…get your mug here printed with a forged document!]

      • From the report ~ click on the envelope

        barky sez:

        …He also noted that some people would continue to question whether he was really born in Hawaii “no matter what we put out.”

        yo, we don’t care where you were born, mkay. you claim to have been a dual citizen at the time of your birth. So “no matter what YOU put out” is never going to qualify you to be an American President and the Commander in Chief as you are not a Natural Born American Citizen, Mr. Carnival Barker.

        • No matter what they “put out.” Odd way to say it. Makes it sound as if they’re making it up as they go along. You know, “Yeah, that’s the ticket.” Let’s try this lie and see if it flies.

    • Democratic National Committee Uses Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate for Fund Raising–A Huge Mistake
      By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
      Friday, July 8, 2011 Snips

      The DNC letter is signed by DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The envelope to potential donors is stamped “HELP US COUNTER THE GOP’S DIRTY TRICKS.” A red-letter alert reads on the front of the envelope reads, “ENCLOSED: President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.” Recipients will find a copy of the official State of Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth.”

      Dr. Conspiracy in his web article says: “Is it payback time? More accurately it’s ‘pay up’ time because the letter is just another typical fund raising letter. Get the donor angry, and ask them for $44.”

      They are soliciting from the public political contributions based on a forged government document. This is clearly fraud of great proportions. We have seen countless expert reports (including from world-renowned computer and software expert, Mara Zebest, and according to retired Major General Paul E. Valleley, even from former CIA officers) that the April 27, 2011 birth certificate image is a forgery. We have not seen one credible response to this plethora of experts who have convincingly shown that Obama on-line Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery. Private citizens should immediately report this great fraud, including CBS’s aiding and abetting of it (note CBS derides the “birthers” and does not report on all the evidence showing that the birth certificate is a fraud), to their local FBI offices and to the Federal Election Commission.

      Should these law enforcement officials continue to disappoint us and not take any action, then private citizens, who should not let the fear of ridicule silence them, can also file legal actions in their respective states for an injunction against such fraudulent fund raising activities. During the legal proceedings, surely the defendants will be compelled to prove that the birth certificate document is in fact genuine or if a forgery that it at least conveys accurate information regarding Obama’s place of birth.


      • WND gets in on the story…

        Dems’ ‘fundraiser’ may have side effects
        Mailing of ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ called ‘solicitation based on forgery’

        July 09, 2011

        A new Democrat fundraiser has been launched with an envelope that purports to contain “President Obama’s Birth Certificate,” and a letter making the plea to donate lots of money to stop “the Republicans” and their “dirty politics.”

        But an attorney who has argued about Obama’s eligibility all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court says the campaign, as documented by CBS, may have some unwelcome side effects. “They are soliciting from the public political contributions based on a forged government document,” wrote Mario Apuzzo in a blog posting.

  30. I wonder if people on Ebay are still selling those Obama plates..At one time they were the rage. I was going to write a story on it once, and lost it when my computer crashed. It was hilarious. Those darn plates with his face on them were going like hot plates during the election…and at outrageous prices with gilded gold on the edges..$195 and up. When I checked on them, they were down to a measly $4.95 and the seller was paying shipping! If I recall, one seller still had 295 left! I wonder what he paid for them initially! I thought I would suggest that he contact the business in LA where you go in and get rid of your aggression by throwing plates at a wall.


    “Unless the typewriter used to type Barack Obama’s purported Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” in 1961 was magically capable of producing different size and shaped images with the exact same key, the document released by the White House April 27 is a forgery, says a professional typographer with 50 years experience.

    “Steel-stamped letters do not expand to larger sizes and morph into different styles of type,” retired New York City typographer Paul Irey told WND.”

    Oh, yes. In the Obamanation, they do. One pill makes your type larger and another pill makes your type small. Apologies to Grace Slick, who’s a gun-toting mama herself. 🙂

  32. Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery
    Evidence points to cut-and-paste sham, not actual copy of 1961 birth document.
    July 21, 2011 Snips

    A close examination of the state registrar’s stamp on the Obama birth certificate released by the White House indicates the document is forged, according to the preponderance of Adobe experts consulting with WND.

    There are two different registrar stamps evident on the Obama birth certificate: The date stamp, indicating April 25, 2011, and the text and signature stamp containing registrar Dr. Alvin Onaka’s signature.

    Both registrar stamps appear to have been applied by a rubber stamp inked from a blotter. The registrar stamps appear to be external objects that were imported into the document. The stamps were not impressions copied whole, the experts believe, but were created uniquely for the Obama document by a cut-and-paste process.

    Moreover, the area around the date stamp indicates the image is not a scan of a paper document but a PDF file created electronically. Moreover, the area around the date stamp indicates the image is not a scan of a paper document but a PDF file created electronically.

  33. Comparison of Barry’s BC to an authentic, certified copy of someone born a couple weeks later by Paul Ivey.

    How does Obama’s document stack up against genuine BC?
    Volunteer produces Kapiolani form from same time period as president’s

    September 11, 2011

  34. Acronym Definition
    UICH University of Iowa Community HomeCare
    UICH Union International des Concierges d’Hotels (aka Les Clefs d’Or International)
    UICH University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital

    Ok, this is going to sound obsurd, but that name ya’ll kept arguing with me on his certificate. Ya’ll all decided it was that lee lady in Hawaii. I still believe ya’ll were wrong. If that person on there that looked like uKeleli
    Someone , it seems could inquire if and when this person worked there. I still kept thinking it looked like uich lee or uich li. I can’t remember now, but is this not too funny that that would be the Initials for this up above. Course the lee could be you know who don’t you? Nah , just way too weird. Or is it their little joke?


    h/t Papoose. I will comment on this in a moment.

    First he says Guthrie photographed “the real thing.” I would argue that perhaps she photographed a piece of paper, but there’s no proof it was “the real thing.” He mentions the grayish-ness of the paper, but doesn’t explain why it’s gray. I asked this in the beginning–don’t Blackberries capture TRUE color? Photos friends send me from Blackberries sure look like true, living color to me. He says you can correct the color with photoimaging software. But why would that be necessary? Did Guthrie first mess with the color before posting the photos? I commented on his original story here:

    I’m still waiting to hear if that’s a real table underneath the amazing floating “real thing.”

  36. Mission Accomplished, Obama; Operation Sideshow Is A Success, Part One
    April 12, 2012

    I only found one briefing that Jay Carney required no audio or video recording present, on April 27, 2011 for the release of the Presidents recently acquired “Certificate of Live Birth” from the day before.

    The transcript also looks as if it has been edited with statements stopping mid sentence, words replaced with “–” then continues with another thought or continuation. Who talks like this? It was not a literal transcription. Did White House personnel make this transcript from a recording?

    What are the missing and vital words spoken to the press corps that morning and only allowing them to take notes “old school” with pen and paper? In the examples shown above, the edits appear deliberate as the edit comes at crucial points and does not lend itself to a transparent process, much less clarity.

    • Why does this writer believe that Perkins Coie is misspelled?

      “(Note: Perkins Cole is misspelled as “Perkins Coie”)”

      He corrects his correction in part two. 🙂

      My post on the same subject:

      He makes some of the same points I did. Good luck expecting the press to come forward with more information. Interesting take on the use of keywords and parroting. (Shouldn’t it be called “honking”, given this was a gaggle?)

      “Reinforcing words give credence to the press corps own prejudices on this matter and build rapport with them to accept the premise of “sideshow” being presented to them.”

  37. Obama Operation Sideshow Is A Mission Accomplished – Part 2
    April 16, 2012

    Couched Phrasing & Misdirection Accompanied the Discussion During the Press Gaggle on Why Obama was Releasing his Long-Form Birth Certificate

    A careful reading of the transcript is lacking some important details about why they were actually dealing with the issue of president Obama‘s long-form birth certificate at this time. Jay Carney passes out their press packets moments before the briefing starts:

    “You can read the paperwork we just handed out in a minute.”

  38. Obama’s Operation Sideshow Is A Mission Accomplished, Part 3
    April 17, 2012

    A concerted effort was used to convince the press corps that special legal methods were necessary to acquire Obama’s long-form birth certificate from Hawaii

    Bob Bauer, White House Counsel, went to extraordinary efforts to persuade the assembled press corps that receipt of Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Hawaii Department of Health was a special “waiver”; he also alludes to special legal analysis and process to make this request. The following is from a transcript of the press gaggle held on the morning of April 27, 2011 before Obama spoke the immortal words “sideshows and carnival barkers.”
    In the end, the complicated “legal analysis” and “special waiver request” process described by Bob Bauer was nothing more than a simple letter that Obama had to sign. I guess that counts as extraordinary efforts in the White House these days; our President had to sign another letter, ugh.

    The legal diatribe and mambo-jumbo was necessary to give cover for the posting of the forged long-form birth certificate on as they were about to stifle any debate about this issue before it could even happen. Last but not least, it was the warm-up act for Obama‘s infamous “sideshows and carnival barkers” comment he would deliver right after the press gaggle to a waiting nation, a fawning press corps, and worldwide news media to send the message home.

  39. Is Obama Disowning Online Birth Certificate?

    “At least, that’s what then-White House Counsel Robert Bauer told us last April 27 at a White House press briefing called to unveil the new, certified document. Multiple copies were passed out to the press, while NBC’s Savannah Guthrie became the one witness I know of to touch the certified document. (She reported she “felt the raised seal.”) A computer image of this Obama long-form birth certificate appeared on the White House website, where now you and I can download it for ourselves as proof of the president’s bona fides.

    Or is it?

    It is this same Internet image that the Cold Case Posse, a group of lawyers and former law enforcement professionals assembled by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio to vet Obama’s identity documents, has concluded is most likely a forgery. At its March 1 press conference, the posse further explained that it believed the online image originated as a computer file. In other words, a paper document did not exist before the image appeared on the White House website.

    If the posse’s mind-blowing findings are correct, what is it that Judith Corley couriered back to Washington? And what is it that Savannah Guthrie touched?”

    Assuming she touched anything, my guess would be a document that was printed out from that pdf file and then embossed with an embosser picked up at Office Depot.

  40. Another analysis that seems to indicate that the computer document on the WH blog was printed out for Guthrie to photograph, instead of her photographing anything actually sent in paper form from Hawaii.

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