Happy Father’s Day (Open Thread)

Happy Father’s Day to All Our Patriot Dads Across America!



Whether we call them Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pa, or Pops;

Without our dads, we wouldn’t be here today!


And Let Us Not Forget Our Founding Fathers!


USA Founding Fathers

Celebrate and Say Thanks for All They Have Done and Do!


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  1. Happy Father’s Day to all of our readers and commentators! Wishing you a great day!

    Today I honor my own patriotic dad’s memory and wish he were here. I planted a live oak tree in his memory.

  2. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/06/house_homeland_security_commit.html

    The TSA is accused of racially profiling. Nope, not Muslims–Hispanics.

  3. What’s the rule? If they say it’s true, it’s not true. If they say it’s not true, it IS true:

    The obfuscating Jay Carney says Barry didn’t know about gunrunning escapades by the ATF. Nope. He didn’t know about or authorize Fast and Furious. Riiiiggght.

  4. Pakistanis tip off militants again
    June 19 – 2 hours ago AP sources

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In another blow to Washington’s relationship with Pakistan, U.S. officials say Pakistan failed another test to prove it could be trusted to go after American enemies on its soil by intentionally or inadvertently tipping off militants at two more bomb-building factories in its tribal areas, giving the suspected terrorists time to flee.

    The two sites’ locations in the tribal areas had been shared with the Pakistani government this past week, the officials said Saturday. The Americans monitored the area with satellite and unmanned drones to see what would happen.

    In each case, within a day or so after sharing the information, they watched the militants depart, taking any weapons or bomb-making materials with them, just as militants had done the first two times. Only then, did they watch the Pakistani military visit each site, when the terror suspects and their wares were long gone, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.

    The Americans suspect that either lower-level Pakistani officials are directly tipping the militants off to the imminent raids, or the tips are coming through the local tribal elders. that Pakistan insists on informing of the raids.


  5. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304453304576392023631543738.html?mod=WSJ_WSJ_US_News_5

    Melson soon to go under the bus. Getting crowded under there! “Yeah, mister, you’re taking the fall!”

    From the story: “Despite the Justice Department’s internal probe, the hearing helped cement the view among top Justice Department officials that Mr. Melson needed to be moved out before pressure from lawmakers grew more intense, according to the people familiar with the matter.”

    I hope that Issa continues the probe, even if Melson is tossed. We the People demand to know how high up the chain this went. As I said, if they deny it, then you know it’s true. Fo shizzle.

  6. NBC apologizes for omitting ‘under God’ in Pledge
    Sun Jun 19, 11:10 pm

    BETHESDA, Md. – An omission in the Pledge of Allegiance had NBC issuing an on-air apology Sunday during the U.S. Open.

    The network opened its broadcast with a montage that included children reciting the pledge, but the words “under God” and “indivisible” were omitted.

    The backlash on social media was quick and harsh, with some tweets calling for a boycott of NBC.

    “We began our coverage of this final round just about three hours ago, and when we did it was our intent to begin the coverage of this U.S. Open championship with a feature that captured the patriotism of our national championship being held in our nation’s capital for the third time,” announcer Dan Hicks told viewers. “Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance that was in that feature was edited out. It was not done to upset anyone, and we’d like to apologize to those of you who were offended by it.


    • How can part of the Pledge of Allegiance be edited out? Accidentally on purpose edited out? Who taught the children that recited the pledge how to say it without the words under God and indivisible? Apologize to those that were offended…OFFENDED? It should be OUTRAGE! Note that NBC doesn’t mention the omitted words were “Under God” and “indivisible”!

      NBC continues to carry water for the Marxists, communists and socialists who are wanting to destroy our traditions and culture! I boycotted them long ago. Surprisingly the media caught the omission..

  7. Panetta Report 3: Leon Panetta and the Santa Cruz Socialists
    June 18, 2011 – 3:37 am EST

    It is now fairly well known that President Barack Obama enjoyed a close relationship with the socialists, Trotskyites and “former” communists, who made up the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

    It is less well known that while a California Congressman, Obama’s Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta also worked closely with Santa Cruz based members of the US’s largest Marxist organization. A key point of contact was Hugh DeLacy, Panetta’s friend and correspondent from at least 1976, until his death in 1986. DeLacy was a long time Communist Party USA member who worked closely with members of the California Communist Party splinter group, who then went on to form the pro-Chinese New American Movement, which in turn joined with the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in 1982 to form Democratic Socialists of America.


  8. Panetta’s War on Reagan’s Defense Policies – A Time for Choosing
    June 20, 2011 Snips

    Senate conservatives proudly call themselves “Reagan Republicans” because of Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” military policies. But in Leon Panetta, whose nomination comes up for a full Senate vote for Secretary of Defense on Tuesday, they are being asked to endorse a man whose Congressional career was dedicated to fighting Reagan’s defense build-up and anti-communist policies. That is why the unanimous vote in favor of Panetta in the Senate Armed Services Committee is so mystifying.

    When the Senate approved Panetta’s nomination as CIA director, Senators were denied important information about his relationship with Communist Party figure Hugh DeLacy and DeLacy’s ties to Soviet and Chinese intelligence operatives. It is not clear if Senate investigators or the FBI, or both, failed to investigate Panetta’s background.


    • There is also the matter of Panetta dramatically changing his position on the War Powers Act. He recently told Senator John McCain that “I believe very strongly that the president has the constitutional power as commander in chief to take steps that he believes are necessary to protect this country and protect our national interests. And obviously, I think it’s important for presidents to consult, to have the advice of Congress. But in the end, I believe he has the constitutional power to do what he has to do to protect this country.”

      This was in response to McCain’s question: “Does it worry you if the Congress begins to tell the commander in chief as to exactly what the president can or cannot do in any conflict?”


    • Send copies of Trevor’s articles to your Senator TODAY! Senate Armed Services Committee Members are listed above in the Header under Senate…they need to see these articles.

      It is tragic that the Senate has not been made aware of Panetta’s record. The record even shows that Panetta was so far to the left that he praised a pro-Soviet “peace activist,” Lucy Haessler, and asked President Jimmy Carter for clemency for Leonard Peltier, the radical American Indian activist serving life in prison for killing two FBI agents.

      There is still time, however, for the Senate to do the right thing and get the facts before taking a reckless vote. A vote on his nomination as Secretary of Defense is scheduled for Tuesday. Any member of the Senate can place a hold on the nomination until the questions about his relationship with DeLacy and his opposition to Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” policies are answered. It is a “Time for Choosing,” as Reagan once famously said.


    • Obama’s DoD nominee caught in 1-world scheme
      Co-leader of initiative to cede oceans to U.N.-based international law

      June 21, 2011

      CIA Director Leon Panetta, President Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense, co-chaired an initiative to regulate U.S. oceans and cede them to United Nations-based international law.

      Panetta’s oceans initiative was a key partner of an organization, Citizens for Global Solutions, that promotes world government.

      Also, the group’s parent organization, the World Federalist Movement, promotes democratized global institutions with plenary constitutional power. It is a coordinator and member of Responsibility to Protect, the controversial military doctrine used by Obama as the main justification for U.S. and international airstrikes against Libya.

      As WND reported, billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect, the main organization pushing the doctrine. The center includes the World Federalist Movement as one of its members and coordinators.

      Panetta faces a Senate vote tomorrow on whether to confirm him as defense secretary.

      Until his appointment as CIA director in 2009, Panetta co-chaired the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, which is the partner of Citizens for Global Solutions in a push to ratify U.S. laws and regulations governing the seas.



  9. Mourning in America
    Jun 27, 2011 [probably supposed to be June 20] Snips

    Trying to stay upbeat? Avoid the business section. Unemployment stands at 9.1 percent. Growth is narcoleptic. The housing market hasn’t hit bottom. Fears of a Greek default are roiling markets. The deficit is running more than a trillion dollars for the third year in a row and won’t be shrinking anytime soon. A U.S. fiscal crisis may be only a few years (or months) away. President Obama, meanwhile, seems to think our problems would be solved if only we banned ATMs and built solar-powered bullet trains. His “propellerheads”—Geithner, Bernanke, Sperling, et al.—are spinning to the ground. Alert the authorities: Stop these men before they stimulate again.

    Normally, America goes into overdrive as it exits a recession. This time we’ve been limping along. Why? Because the president is more concerned with tax-and-spend politics than aligning incentives to promote innovation, productivity, efficiency, and debt reduction


  10. Hallelujah! But, Why is there still a court case if they disbanded? Were they still trying to get funds under their old name? What name are they using to get funds now?

    Court won’t hear ACORN lawsuit over gov’t funding

    Monday, June 20, 2011 Snips AP

    The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from ACORN, the activist group driven to ruin by scandal and financial woes, over being banned from getting federal funds. The high court on Monday refused to review a federal court’s decision to uphold Congress’s ban on federal funds for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

    Congress cut off ACORN’s federal funding last year in response to allegations the group engaged in voter registration fraud and embezzlement and violated the tax-exempt status of some of its affiliates by engaging in partisan political activities.


  11. Just as well Bill didn’t hire her! Porn star revealed to be former Hillary Clinton intern
    20th June 2011

    In 2006 she was suited and booted, appearing alongside Hillary Clinton as the then Senator’s summer intern. Fast forward five years and Sammie Spades has swapped the pantsuit for panties and a career in porn.


  12. Medvedev says wants to see Obama re-elected
    Jun 19 snips

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday he wanted his US counterpart Barack Obama to win re-election next year, fearing that the two men’s efforts to improve ties may lose steam under a new administration.
    “I can tell you directly — I would like Barack Obama to be re-elected president of the United States maybe more than someone else,” Medvedev said in an interview with the Financial Times whose full transcript was released by the Kremlin early Monday.

    “If another person becomes US president then he may have another course, he said. [YES INDEED!]


  13. By the way, the NY Times isn’t biased either according to Jon! He is just a comedian, he says! It was the liberal mindset in full view!

    Jon Stewart Tells Chris Wallace Fox News Is Biased — But Rest of Media Aren’t
    June 19

    Transcript of Sunday’s interview.

    He told Chris Wallace: “I think that you are here in some respects to bring a credibility and an integrity to an organization that might not otherwise have it, without your presence. So, you are here as a counterweight to Hannity, let’s say, or you are here as a counterweight to Glenn Beck, because otherwise, it’s just pure talk radio and it doesn’t establish the type of political player it wants to be.”


  14. Republicans Flicker On Light Bulb Ban Repeal
    June 20, 2011 Snips

    The Republican House is flinching on passing the simplest and most symbolic piece of legislation this term: repeal of the incandescent light bulb phase out. Amidst great fanfare and promises to restore limited government, the new majority is proving it isn’t much different than the old majority.

    No doubt Congressional Republicans who aided and abetted the 2007 light bulb ban, are now feeling sheepish, unwilling to admit they were bumfuzzled and bamboozled.


    • Gosh, maybe I can stop buying and hording normal light bulbs now! I foresaw a black market beginning for them too. Hope your states are enacting similar laws.

      Texas could soon be in a position to turn the lights off on a federal plan to phase out certain light bulbs.
      June 14, 2011

      State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with. The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration, lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas – and sold in that state – avoid the authority of the federal government or the repeal of the 2007 energy independence act that starts phasing out some incandescent light bulbs next year.

      “Let there be light,” state Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, wrote on Facebook after the bill passed. “It will allow the continued manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs in Texas, even after the federal ban goes into effect. … It’s a good day for Texas.”

      The Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental group, is calling on Perry to veto the bill.

      Perry has until Sunday to veto bills, sign them into law or let them become law without his signature.


      UPDATE: Perry signed it into law today!

  15. Outspoken Gates defends Libya action, criticizes defense spending cuts
    06/20/2011 Snips

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates is officially leaving his post on June 30, but he’s not going gently into that good night. Gates has recently been outspoken in opposing defense spending cuts and supporting U.S. military intervention in Libya.

    In an interview with Newsweek published yesterday, Gates said he was troubled by the United States’ slipping position as a world superpower. “I’ve spent my entire adult life with the United States as a superpower, and one that had no compunction about spending what it took to sustain that position,” Gates said. “It didn’t have to look over its shoulder because our economy was so strong. This is a different time.”

    “To tell you the truth, that’s one of the many reasons it’s time for me to retire, because frankly I can’t imagine being part of a nation, part of a government … that’s being forced to dramatically scale back our engagement with the rest of the world,” Gates continued.


  16. Gates’s Guidelines: 7 Rules for Managing the Pentagon
    June 20, 2011


  17. Gates interview yesterday on FOX was interesting until he said that Obama was analytical and decisive! He only has a few days to go. I think he had tears in his eyes, when he said he was just in Iraq and Afghanistan and was choked up that he was leaving those brave soldiers behind.

    The problem now…not terrorists..but no bi partisanship in Congress. We only win wars with bipartisanship.

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ Exit Interview; Jon Stewart Talks Politics, Media Bias

    The following is a rush transcript of the June 19, 2011 edition of “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace.”


  18. Out of the Sewer comes this commie and now he wants to talk to Beck …Say pre election time! Remember Jone’s idea of the American Dream is not the ORIGINAL idea of the American Dream…it is his communist idea..redefined.

    Van Jones Stars In MoveOn Ad Challenging Glenn Beck To Debate

    At last week’s Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, a gathering of progressive activists and bloggers, he challenged Beck to a debate. On Monday, he parlayed that challenge into a 30-second television ad, sponsored by MoveOn.org, in which, speaking directly to the camera, he again targets Beck:

    Glenn Beck has spent a lot of time repeating lies about me. I can handle attacks on me, but last week Beck attacked the American Dream itself. Now that’s an attack on millions of hard working Americans who just wanna give their kids a better life. So today I’m issuing a challenge to Glenn Beck to debate anytime, anywhere, about our nation’s future. I want the American Dream to be real again for all Americans. So Glenn: you ready to talk this out?

    MoveOn is launching its Rebuild the Dream campaign this week, designed to direct the national political narrative away from deficit reduction and on to job creation.

  19. Yeah, we will get right on that Bobby! Sorry, there is no respect for a Lying Usurper! The article is written by a Leftist…but the important part is this paragraph.

    Bobby Jindal: Attacks on Obama Hurt the Right
    Jun 20 2011

    When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke to the Republican Leadership Conference over the weekend, he argued that the right should oppose President Obama without hating him. “We as Republicans are Americans first — we have to have respect for the office of the president. We need to be serious about this debate, it’s an important debate about the future of our country. We can’t be distracted by ad hominem attacks,” he said. “I think it’s hypocritical to say, well, it’s not patriotic when they do that to President Bush but it’s okay for our side to it to President Obama.”


  20. How weird is this…Abercrombie calls for MASS Resignations! Transformation is on its way to Hawaii! What might his “vision” be?

    Gov Abercrombie oversteps with resign-board call
    Jun 20, 2011 Snips

    Change can be a positive thing — especially when the entrenched ways become an obstruction, rather than a help, to good public policy. But the chief executive officer needs to have a sound, articulated vision of what those good public policies are beyond a message of “it’s my way or the highway.”

    That’s a main missing ingredient as the political drama unfolds over Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s call for resignations from a raft of appointed state boards: the Aloha Stadium Authority, the state Public Utilities Commission, Land Use Commission, Public Housing Authority and the Board of Land and Natural Resources.

    The reason for this unprecedented call, according to letters sent last week by the governor to sitting appointees, is that he wants to transform these boards and commissions to align with his “A New Day in Hawaii” blueprint.

    Talk about hubris.

    Most, if not all, members of these panels are appointed to staggered terms solely or jointly by the governor, and confirmed by the state Senate.


  21. Union lawyer: Boeing shouldn’t move to the unskilled, uneducated South
    June 20, 2011

    Oh no he didn’t? Oh yes, he did. His name is Thomas Geoghegan, and writing in the Wall Street Journal, he rips companies that move manufacturing to the South.

    Why is Boeing, one of our few real global champions in beefing up exports, moving work on the Dreamliner from a high-skill work force ($28 an hour on average) to a much lower-wage work force ($14 an hour starting wage)? Nothing could be a bigger threat to the economic security of this country. …

    We should be aghast that Boeing is sending a big fat market signal that it wants a less-skilled, lower-quality work force.

    Hm. If Boeing really wants a “less-skilled, lower-quality work force” to build AIRPLANES, yes, that would be a problem. But given the importance of Boeing to making sure the airplanes it builds are quality products, something other than seeking cheap, stupid workers (basically, that’s what Geogheghan seems to think of Southern workers) may be motivating Boeing to go south.


  22. The SAFE SCHOOL CZAR Kevin Jennings cleans out his office! Another Hallelujah! He wanted to force his value system re sexuality on kindergartners and elementary school kids. Queering was his agenda and I am glad the sucker is gone! No need to replace a Czar. Wonder where the money for that non profit will come from?

    Kevin Jennings To Critics: ‘You Completely Failed!’
    From Media Matters’ Press Secretary Jess Levin

    I wanted to pass along our interview with outgoing Department of Education official Kevin Jennings about being the target of a right-wing smear campaign in fall 2009. Jennings, who was falsely accused of, among other things, “covering up” statutory rape and being a “pedophile,” wants his critics to know that they “completely failed.”
    Kevin Jennings has a message for the people who tried to destroy him: “I’d like you to know that you completely failed.”

    At one point, 53 House Republicans signed a letter to President Obama claiming that Jennings had “played an integral role in promoting homosexuality and pushing a pro-homosexual agenda in America’s schools.” They demanded that Jennings be fired.

    I’d reached Jennings last week as he was cleaning out his office on his final day as the head of the Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools — a position from which anti-gay activists and conservative media outlets had tried unsuccessfully to oust him.

    Now that Jennings is leaving on his own terms — next month he’ll become president and CEO of the national nonprofit group Be the Change — he wants to make sure his detractors understand that they didn’t keep him from carrying out his job.


  23. This Smart Grid crap reminds me of SkyNet in the Terminator movies. The machines will control us, with Barry at the helm.


    “The Smart Grid was not the Brain Child of the Obama Administration, it is a concept that has been pushed forward by every President since Bush #1 (albeit slowly pushed). But the Obama Administration have gone through great pains to not only fund it’s advanced development (3.4 Billion Dollars) but to twist it in such a way, with the help of useful idiots in the industry, that future administrations can utilize it as a tool to control the populace for the sake of Global Warming.

    If the Smart Grid comes to completion as envisioned, every time you walk in your front door, turn on a light, take a shower, make ice or even throw away a piece of garbage the utility company and even possibly the Government, will know.

    If that isn’t disturbing enough for you, think of it this way…

    If it wasn’t for the technology, then in order for this amount of detailed information about your private actions in your own home to be collected, it would require a platoon of utility or government employees following you around 24/7 recording every thing you do, how long it takes you to do it and what device you are doing it with…

    It appears the Progressives’ Idea for the Future is All About Control.

    And they Spell Control…..

    S-M-A-R-T G-R-I-D”

  24. The Shady Bunch

  25. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/57389.html

    Barry might be in trouble (right!) for violating the Hatch Act by using the WH to hit up big shot donors. The event was sponsored by the DNC at the WH, but of course the WH mouthpiece claims it wasn’t a problem. Nothing ever is when Barry does it. Issa might investigate during a hearing today.

    “Two attendees at the event who spoke with POLITICO on condition of anonymity said the event was clearly related to the campaign.

    “It was policy-focused, but everyone knew why they were there,” said one attendee.

    Asked whether fundraising came up at the meeting, the participant said: “There may have been a question about the campaign, but it was much more policy focused. No one was under any illusions that he wasn’t hoping to get our support, but there was never any ‘ask’ or discussion of expectations.”

    The same attendee said he was invited to the event by DNC finance official Brad Thompson. The DNC referred questions about the event to the White House.

    At least on the surface, Obama’s Blue Room event seems to have parallels to dozens of so-called coffees President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore held in 1995 and 1996. Most of those events also were organized by the DNC. Clinton aides initially said the events were not fundraisers, and there was no specific donation required for admittance. Documents later emerged showing the DNC had fundraising goals for some events and that some donors were told they could get invited for $50,000.”

  26. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=313413

    “In his weekly address from the White House Saturday, President Barack Obama publicly repeated the nativity fraud on which he built his persona and his 2008 candidacy.

    ‘I grew up without my father around,’ Obama said in the second sentence of his videotaped address. ‘He left when I was 2 years old,’ he said in his third.

    This continues the fiction Obama spun in the first paragraph of an exclusive Father’s Day essay for People magazine this past week. There, too, he claimed his father, Barack Obama Sr., ‘left when I was 2 years old.’

    In reality, Obama Sr. ‘left’ Hawaii for Harvard well before Obama’s first birthday. This did not much matter anyhow as Obama and his mom, Ann Dunham, were living in Seattle by the time Obama was 1-month-old.

    Even before leaving Hawaii, Obama Sr. claimed that he and Dunham were leading separate lives. Recently posted INS documents note that the newborn Obama was ‘living with mother’ and she in turn was living ‘with her parents.’ Obama Sr. meanwhile was living at another address altogether.

    The INS officials took Obama Sr. at his word about the whereabouts of the baby. The future president’s first verifiable sighting is in Seattle at the end of August 1961. How he and his mom got there we do not know.

    In his Father’s Day address, Obama continued the fiction that formally began with the 1995 publication of his acclaimed memoir, ‘Dreams from My Father.’…

    With the emergence of Obama Sr.’s INS documents and the evidence that WND has been amassing the last several years – the Polk Seattle Directory for 1961-62, the University of Washington records and more – it is clear that the story is profoundly and provably false.

    The May release of the Janny Scott biography on Ann Dunham, ‘A Singular Woman,’ should have straightened the story out for mainstream observers, but it did the opposite.

    Although Scott, a New York Times reporter, spent more than two years researching the book, she can tell us no more than that Dunham and Obama Sr. married ‘reportedly on the island of Maui.’

    Reportedly? Scott adds nary a detail to an otherwise fully undocumented wedding. She also fails to comment on Ann Dunham’s whereabouts from the end of her fall semester at the University of Hawaii in January 1961 to Obama’s birth in August 1961.

    Scott offers not a single word on this period, not a single photo. As to the birth, Scott provides no details at all other than what was available on the birth certificate. No baby pictures, no tales of fretful grandparents, no trips to the hospital.

    Scott concedes Ann did go to Seattle without Obama Sr. but plays games with the timeline. She has Ann and the baby visiting a friend there in August 1961, the month of Obama’s birth, but does not place her at the University of Washington until spring 1962. In fact, Ann was taking night courses in the fall of 1961.

    Ann, as Scott admits, would stay in Seattle at least through the end of the spring semester but glosses over the fact that she did not return until after her presumed husband left for Harvard in June 1962.

    All of this matters because, unless I am mistaken, there has been some controversy about Obama’s birth.

    Happy Father’s Day, kids. Welcome to an America where the truth is whatever the media let you get away with.”

    What I said! https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/obama-lost-it-we-found-it-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-56737

  27. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303823104576391794276380486.html?KEYWORDS=%22fast+and+furious%22

    The Operation “had two major flaws. First, it assumed that it didn’t matter who got murdered with those weapons before they were recovered. Second, it was built on the theory that the operation could haul in the big fish. According to the report, the feds were wrong on both counts. … One agent described his frustration: ‘Every day being out here watching a guy go into the same gun store buying another 15 or 20 AK-47s or variants or . . . five or tenDraco pistols or FN Five-seveNs . . . guys that don’t have a job, and he is walking in here spending $27,000 for three Barrett .50 calibers . . . and you are sitting there every day and you can’t do anything.’ Agents say that their concerns, expressed to supervisors, were rebuffed. There was even a threat of dismissal if they didn’t get with the program.

    At the same time, violence was spiking in Mexico. In an email dated April 2, 2010, the group’s supervisor reported that in the month of March ‘our subjects’ had purchased 359 firearms and that 958 people were killed in Mexico in drug violence. It was the bloodiest month since 2005 and included 11 policemen in the state of Sinaloa. As another agent interviewed for the staff report said: ‘We were all sick to death when we realized . . . what was going on or when we saw what was going on by the trends. We were all just, yes, we were all distraught.

    Well, not all. The agents interviewed say supervisors viewed the bloodshed with chilling indifference—or worse. As the report summarizes, ‘An increase of crimes and deaths in Mexico caused an increase in the recovery of weapons at crime scenes. When these weapons traced back through the Suspect Gun Database to weapons that were walked under Fast and Furious, supervisors in Phoenix were giddy at the success of their operation.’”

    This was another man-made crisis that would need a Marxist solution: Gun control. A priority for the NWO and the UN. They HATE that the US Constitution enshrines the right to keep and bear arms. As EVERY potential dictator knows, an armed people cannot be easily subjugated, which is EXACTLY why the FOUNDERS wrote the amendment protecting our right to keep and bear arms. This is exactly why one of the first things Hitler did was to disarm the German populace.

    Our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Not by the UN. Not by Marxists. Not by infiltrators.

  28. trup, we belatedly found your message. Thanks for the tip. We’ll check into it. WordPress has been messing with the system, so we hope that’s all it is. If it continues, please let us know.

  29. This is just too delicious and ironic not to share. The media has analyzed WEINER’S signature and found it means he’s a loon (my word). One analyst actually said, “While not an indicator of deception in itself, the person who chooses a symbolic signature normally does so because of excess demands for his signature (salesperson, department head, politician, and celebrity). People who choose a symbolic signature tend to have a cluster of traits in common: excessive ego, secretiveness, need for privacy, arrogance, and high self-confidence in their area of expertise.” http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/21/handwriting-experts-weigh-in-on-weiners-signature-and-psyche/

    Okay. So here’s Weiner’s signature:

    And here’s Obama’s to compare and contrast:

    I wonder what the experts would say about Barry’s signature, IF the media would even ask them and REPORT what they said if they did ask.

    What is it with these guys? Is it the narcissitic personality they have in common or is it something else? Perhaps religion?

    Piggy tail. That’s what Obama’s signature looks like. I’m reminded of this brilliant analysis by our own Newssleuth: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/news-links/comment-page-3/#comment-56252

    We need to go to work to analyze the symbols in Weiner’s signature.

  30. http://www.examiner.com/immigration-reform-in-national/obama-issues-dream-act-by-executive-order-press-ignores

    Another arrogant act by the imperial POTUS. Obama uses executive order to rule. Congress won’t pass the Dream Act, so he issues a dictatorial fiat.

    “On Friday, the Obama administration issued a memo announcing that federal immigration officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, or even if they are pregnant or nursing.

    This new policy of ‘prosecutorial discretion’ was quietly announced on Friday afternoon, and completely ignored by the mainstream press.

    Author of Arizona’s SB1070 and Kansas’ secretary of state, Kris Kobach, told the Daily Caller: ‘They’re pushing the [immigration] agents to be even more lax, to go further in not enforcing the law. At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, this is more bad news coming from the Obama administration… [if the administration] really cared about putting Americans back to work, it would be vigorously enforcing the law.’”

  31. Senate Plans to Abdicate its Confirmation Duties
    The Obama Czars will trump the constitution.

    Daniel Horowitz

    Tuesday, June 21st

    In recent years, the job of United States Senator has evidently been added to the list of ‘jobs that Americans won’t do.’ Harry Reid’s Senate has categorically shirked its core constitutional responsibility by refusing to pass a budget for over two years. Concurrently, the Senate has been preoccupied with feckless, unconstitutional legislation that fails to deal with any of the paramount public policy problems facing the nation.

    Today, Chuck Schumer, with the help of Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander, plans to vitiate one of the Senate’s few remaining constitutional duties; advising and consenting to presidential appointees.

    The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act (S.679), which was never reported out of a committee, would eliminate the confirmation requirement for 200 presidential appointees. This bill would completely abrogate the safeguards against tyranny that were established in the “Appointments Clause” of the constitution. [The Heritage Foundation has a useful primer on the bill.]



  32. Senate Republicans Are Trying to Stop the IMF from Bailing Out Foreign Countries With Our Money
    June 21

    U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-SC), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), David Vitter (R-LA) and John Cornyn (R-TX) have offered an amendment to the Economic Development Revitalization Act end the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) ability to use $108 billion taxpayer dollars to bailout foreign countries.

    It’s about time that folks in D.C. are doing something about this.

    The Obama Administration urged in 2009 that the IMF be provided access to taxpayer funds of up to $108 billion for the purpose of bailing out foreign countries. The Anti-IMF Bailout Amendment proposed by DeMint, Hatch, Cornyn, and Vitter would stop the IMF from having access to this money.


    • Is this the same bill that tries to make a balanced budget amendment? It’s something the US needs. They’d HAVE to balance the (non-existent at this point) budget or break the law/Constitution. When I saw them on Greta Van Susteren’s show, talking about this, all I could think was: This is supposed to stop Barry and the socialist/Marxist Dems and progressives who support him?

      They already ignore the Constitution (Barry’s ineligibility, Obamacare). They already ignore laws passed by Congress (rule by executive order fiat, ignore the War Powers Act, illegally take over companies and steal some investors money in order to favor unions and other connected people). They reinvent what words mean (like “is” or “war) and do what they want to do, the law and the Constitution be damned–daring the lame Republicans and everybody else to stand up to them.

      They litigate, litigate, litigate, running out the clock so they can keep their power as long as possible and build the foundation for THEIR “fundamental transformation of America,” hoping that by the time anybody manages to slow them down it will be too late for conservatives. They’ll have everybody under their thumb–bankrupt, jobless, dependent upon government largesse so much so that their continued survival depends upon them keeping in power the hand that feeds.

      I hope it’s not too late. I hope DeMint and the others, after allowing the precedent of Barry’s ineligibility to STAND, don’t find that the precedent of ignoring the Constitution means that anything else they try to do, via laws or even Constitutional amendments, is FUTILE because the laws and the Constitution have no teeth anymore. It was a slippery slope and now we’re sliding down further and further. They need to wake up soon and find a way to stop this slide or it’s the end of our Republic.

  33. USDA gay-sensitivity training seeks larger audience

    U.S. Department of Agriculture activists want to impose their intense brand of homosexual sensitivity training governmentwide, including a discussion that compares “heterosexism” – believing marriage can be between only one man and one woman – to racism.

    If accepted by the Obama administration, that move could mean more sessions for military service members already undergoing gay-sensitivity indoctrination. Critics fear additional gay-oriented training would add an unnecessary burden for combat troops and encourage some to leave.

    USDA officials have asked the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which oversees all federal employee policies, to impose its gay-awareness programs on all federal departments, according to an internal newsletter. The training includes a discussion of “heterosexism” and compares it to racism. It says people who view marriage as being between only one man and one woman are guilty of “heterosexism.

    The push for the training is coming from Agriculture Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack, former governor of Iowa. The Democrat has launched a departmentwide “cultural transformation” that includes a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Special Emphasis Program.


  34. Where is Larry Sinclair to chime in? What does Odinga (Obama’s supposed cousin) know? What a strange sentence to put into this article.

    Shun tribalism, Raila and Uhuru tell leaders
    June 21 2011

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga and deputy premier Uhuru Kenyatta have identified tribalism as the country’s biggest threat to development. The two leaders urged politicians to shun tribalism and instead unite Kenyans.

    “If (US President Barack) Obama had vied for a seat in Kenya he would probably not have won because you might have said he is a Luo, or an uncircumcised boy,” Mr Odinga said.


    • Hmmm. Yes, Sinclair might be able to clarify that. What is it about Democrat presidents? Now we’re back to having to wonder about details of their privates? Remember how the women who accused Bill had to be speaking the truth because they could, ahem, describe the member in question?

    • You know, one thing about this. If true, if it’s not just a figure of speech peculiar to Kenyans, then it adds further weight to doubts about Barry’s place of birth. Circumcision was usual in American hospitals in the 60s. Muslims do circumcise, like Jews, for religious reasons but hospitals in the US did for health reasons. Didn’t they? Maybe disinformation to make us think Barry’s not Muslim.

  35. I guess the taxpayers are now paying for relatives to take vacation trips with MO. I thought they were going on a safari too..but I don’t see this mentioned. Glad she could spend 20 minutes giving a speech to prove this is a good will tour. To bad we don’t need a million dollar trip to Africa to show our good will. What is a disadvantaged student in Africa?

    Mrs. Obama To Youth: History To Be Made In Africa
    by The Associated Press
    JOHANNESBURG June 22, Snips

    Mrs. Obama is halfway through a week long goodwill mission to South Africa and Botswana, and is promoting youth leadership, education, health and wellness, and closer relations with Africa. She also is steeping herself and her family in South Africa’s racist past.

    The first lady is on her second international trip without the president, but for company she brought along her two daughters, Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10; her mother, Marian Robinson, and a niece and nephew, Leslie and Avery Robinson, 15 and 19, respectively. They are the children of her brother, Craig.

    In her remarks, Mrs. Obama told Africa’s youth….She said she was thinking about the young activists who met at the American Library in Soweto during the apartheid era to read Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches and about students on U.S. college campuses, including her future husband, who planned boycotts to support students in South Africa. [I think this story is a new one!]

    Her schedule Thursday included a ferry ride to Robben Island, where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison for leading the anti-apartheid movement; a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, another leading apartheid opponent; and a discussion with disadvantaged students who are spending the day at the University of Cape Town.


    • From another story..she is following Barack’s itinerary to Africa in 2006 … when he was a senator. I wonder why. Is there any reason for MO to be visiting Kenya now? Is she making sure that information about Obama is kept secret? Is she delivering cash to those that can keep a secret or ensure that no more information is leaked?

      Michelle Obama in 2012 retraces part of Sen. Obama’s 2006 South Africa trip
      By Lynn Sweet on June 22, 2011

      Obama left Washington on Aug. 18, 2006, to fly to Cape Town on an official congressional visit that would end Sept. 3 in Chad.

      Mrs. Obama, with her entourage are or will be in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, the same cities Sen. Obama visited.


      • Have you noticed that the lamestream media is kinda downplaying this trip by MO and her family? I think they know, courtesy of Laura Ingraham, for one, that this EXPENSIVE excursion is ridiculous, considering the economy and deficit, and they also know it will resonate with out-of-work people who see Marie Antoinette Obama partying like it’s 1999.

    • I think they are supposed to be “nation building” on this goodwill trip. The Obamas and their associates have been so successful in their nation building in the US and with all of our allies ..so why not spread “it” around to another country.

      Is Mo paying for her relatives on the trip or is it on the taxpayers..out of the goodness of our tax monies?

  36. Luckily the US was saved from Al Gore as president. What a whack job! More kids mean more pollution! Save the environment..don’t have kids! So this is his new ploy combine his climate change scam with family planning.

    Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution!

    June 22, 2011

    On Monday, former Vice President Al Gore discussed climate change and pollution control at the Games for Change convention in New York City. Aside from his usual litanies of environmental advice nuggets, the 2000 presidential candidate delved into…family planning.

    Curiously, Gore said that couples need to learn to “feel comfortable having small families” so that pollution can be curbed. When asked about what could be done to address population growth, he said: “One of the things we could do about it is to change the technologies, to put out less of this pollution, to stabilize the population, and one of the principle ways of doing that is to empower and educate girls and women. You have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management so women can choose how many children have, the spacing of the children.


  37. This is a must read…

    Is the FBI Investigating Obama?
    Wednesday, 22 June 2011 14:06 Cliff Kincaid

    In a front page story [link below] about a major FBI terrorism investigation, The Washington Post has reported that the targets include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.” The implication is that the trail could lead to the White House.

    This is an unusual investigation that does not primarily involve Islamists. Instead, it is focused on elements of the old international communist networks that many people mistakenly thought had faded away with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those under investigation are suspected of providing support to foreign terrorist organizations such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Middle East, a Marxist group. The Post called them “Colombian and Palestinian groups designated by the U.S. government as terrorists.”

    Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the Senate voted 100-0 in favor of Panetta’s nomination as Secretary of Defense. It was a classic case of “head in the sand” politics, ignoring not only Panetta’s long-time relationship with Communist Party member Hugh DeLacy but his record as a congressman in undercutting then-President Reagan’s pro-defense policies at every turn.


    Activists cry foul over FBI probe
    June 13, 2011

    • Here Bridgett and everybody, here is Obamas stand on the School of the Americas. Just typical of Obama, he criticized America,Bush and the usual, but he never says one way or the other on his true stand on the issue of closing down these training facilities. He campaigned at Fort Benning, the area facility related with the probe you mention. Here is just an example from one of SOA’s websites in 2008 and Obama’s positioning.
      or on this site:
      Read the one : News Release thousands gather at Fort Benning Georgia to say:Yes we can, stop the torture and close schools of Assasins. This is Obama’s typical stance , yet we see that SOA assumes he will close them down or stop funding to it. It would be interesting to check Obama’s votes throughout his time in the senate to see how he really voted. I had followed this some back in 2008 because some other people of interest I found in the Obama saga were peace activist,Quakers that attend these demonstrations fervantly. I’ll tell ya who later, but an interesting Chicago connection, truley.

  38. Now why and I suddenly feverish red with pincers? Isn’t this someone elses identity?

    • You misspelled your name in your email address so it went to spam. When you saw it, it was giving you a new avatar because of the mistake.

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