Happy Father’s Day (Open Thread)

Happy Father’s Day to All Our Patriot Dads Across America!



Whether we call them Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Pa, or Pops;

Without our dads, we wouldn’t be here today!


And Let Us Not Forget Our Founding Fathers!


USA Founding Fathers

Celebrate and Say Thanks for All They Have Done and Do!


110 responses to “Happy Father’s Day (Open Thread)

  1. Breaking Story: Cantor Walks out of Biden Budget. Statement from Cantor
    June 23, 2011 at 10:56am Snips

    Twitter broke that Eric Cantor will not be attending the Biden Budget meeting today. The Richmond Patriots contacted his staff and they confirmed the story and gave us the statement from Cantor that will be posted shortly.

    Biden-Led Budget Talks Reach Impasse

    WASHINGTON—House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Thursday said he was pulling out of the bipartisan budget talks headed by Vice President Joe Biden for now because the group has reached an impasse over taxes that only President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) could resolve.

    He said the Biden group had already made significant progress and had tentatively identified more than $2 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. But he said there could be no agreement on an overall package without breaking the impasse between Republicans’ refusal to accept any tax increase, and Democrats insistence that some tax hikes be part of the deal.


  2. Dutch populist Geert Wilders acquitted of hate speech
    Jun 23, 2011 8:16am EDT

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of inciting hatred of Muslims in a court ruling on Thursday that may strengthen his political influence and exacerbate tensions over immigration policy.

    The case was seen by some as a test of free speech in a country which has a long tradition of tolerance and blunt talk, but where opposition to immigration, particularly from Muslim or predominantly Muslim countries, is on the rise

    The presiding judge said Wilders’ remarks were sometimes “hurtful,” “shocking” or “offensive,” but that they were made in the context of a public debate about Muslim integration and multi-culturalism, and therefore not a criminal act.


  3. Drafting Rubio
    June 22, 2011

    The Republican nomination for president is completely up for grabs, but there’s a lot of agreement on who the vice presidential pick should be: Marco Rubio, the freshman senator from Florida. My contacts in the Mitt Romney camp are boasting: “Doesn’t a Romney-Rubio ticket sound great?” One senior Romney advisor told me: “We think that could be a dream ticket.” Operatives from the pack of other wannabes are thinking ahead to the same Rubio marriage with their candidate.


  4. John Bolton predicts nuclear Iran ‘much sooner than later’

    John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, sharply criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the Middle East while testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Thursday morning.

    Bolton focused on Iran and Syria, laying out steps the United States should take to prevent the two governments from acquiring nuclear weapons. He also had strong words for current US policy toward Israel.

    “And America’s disdain for Israel, its truest ally in the region, can hardly be comforting to those who have never enjoyed such close relations,” Bolton said in his testimony. “If this is how the United States now treats close friends, how will it treat mere allies of convenience when convenience disappears?”


  5. I guess we have a new emergency; Obama’s dropping poll numbers! Deplete our oil reserves..why? What emergency is in play now? Perhaps we can purchase Brazil’s oil instead. Don’t we want to be their best customer?

    Obama Decides to Tap Strategic Oil Reserves, Will Release 30 Million Barrels
    June 23, 2011

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Wary of a new surge in gas prices, the Obama administration has decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from the country’s emergency reserve as part of a broader international response to lost oil supplies caused by turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly Libya.

    The government is wary of dipping into the petroleum reserve, releasing oil from it only in extreme cases, such as hurricanes, that affect oil supplies.


    • IEA announces emergency oil stockpile release; crude plunges
      Bloomberg News

      June 23, 2011, 8:17 a.m.

      The U.S. and 27 allies will release emergency oil stockpiles through the International Energy Agency for the third time in more than three decades as the war in Libya chokes global supplies.

      The release of 60 million barrels, or 2 million barrels a day of oil over 30 days from the end of next week, will be coordinated by the IEA, the Paris-based agency said today in a statement. Crude prices plunged. The move comes 15 days after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries failed to reach an accord on production increases at a meeting in Vienna. Iran’s OPEC governor said the IEA is “interfering.”


    • US Opens Reserves to Release 30M Barrels of Oil
      23 Jun 2011

      The price of oil plummeted by nearly 5 percent on Thursday after Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the U.S. will release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

      But Republicans in Congress lined up to slam the move, linking it to the need for more drilling in the U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, said, “I am appalled but not surprised that the president views his falling poll numbers as a national crisis.”And committee chairman, Rep. Fred Upton said, “It’s hard to believe that the Administration would rather tap into our emergency supply than support legislation to produce and develop North American supplies, which will create American jobs.

      “Releasing our reserves to calm the market is emblematic of an Administration whose energy policy is irrational and counter-productive.” Upton said 30 million barrels is exactly what could be produced in a month from Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf.


      • Boehner called it for what it is: Politics, playing with our national security. Of course, this will KEEP us dependent upon Mid-East oil. Just what Barry and the sheiks want. His priority is saving THEIR position. They’re running out of fuel. The news is that Saudi Arabia is looking into nuclear power because in a short time, their own energy demands, within their “kingdom”, will use up all their oil. So there will be none to export. That’s why the focus on developing alternative energy systems that we can give the Saudis so they won’t have to eat sand. Barry also gets to keep it out of Americans’ minds how much this year’s vacation cost them, on account of the high price of oil. What will he do next summer? Probably release the rest of the reserve. That way, we’ll be out of reserves and at the mercy of OPEC right when Barry will need to pull off another election-time crisis.

  6. The release from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve will amount to half of a 60 million barrel international infusion of oil planned for the world market over the next month.

    planned for the world market ?

  7. IRS awakes! Media darling suddenly loses tax-exempt status
    Terror-linked group withheld past 3 years of donor records
    June 22, 2011 Snips

    The IRS has stripped the embattled Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] of its tax-exempt status after the nation’s most prominent Muslim group withheld donor records from the government.

    The gross delinquency raises new suspicions that CAIR – identified in a recent terror-finance case as a front group for Hamas – is concealing from the American public details about its already shadowy financial activities.

    The Washington-based group receives millions of dollars in donations, pledges and other support from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other terror-tied Arab states.. CAIR’s grass-roots fundraising from Muslims in America has all but dried up in the wake of allegations the group is fronting for terrorists. CAIR in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal scheme to funnel millions of dollars to Hamas suicide bombers and their families, prompting the FBI to cut off all outreach to the group. [But it hasn’t stopped Eric Holder from being their keynote speaker!]


    • Now all they need to do is pull Media Matters’s tax-exempt status. Yep. That’s right. Supposedly they’re a not-for-profit that serves the public interest by exposing media bias. Saw this on O’Reilly last night. They said somebody needs to make a complaint to the IRS and they SHOULD lose their status on account of their partisan activities for Soros and others.

      • Sorry, Bridgette: Just saw that you commented on this below. It’s worth repeating, though. SO CORRUPT they are.

  8. Barry Finally Finds His Balls
    June 18, 2011

    He had them made!


  9. Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D – CA) Chants Anti-Israeli Slogans and Says She Is Very ‘Proud’ of the Anti-Israel Activist Who Tried to Stop Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey has aligned herself with CodePink.

  10. WHEELER – Interesting name and timing…………..


    Son Of Murdered Tulsa Businessmen Reacts To Mobster’s Arrest
    Jun 23, 2011 5:07 PM CDT Updated: Jun 23, 2011 5:56 PM CDT

    David Wheeler speaks about Whitey Bulger’s arrest Thursday.
    David’s father, Tulsa businessman Roger Wheeler, was murdered in 1981.

    The car where Roger Wheeler was found shot to death in 1981.

    David Wheeler and Retired Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Huff testify at a Congressional hearing. [File photo]

    Picture of Whitey Bulger

    Lacie Lowry, News On 6
    UNDATED — The family of prominent Tulsa businessman Roger Wheeler say they’ve been through hell since his murder thirty years ago. They went from a happy family of four to a heartbroken threesome searching for answers.

    News On 6 spoke with David Wheeler, one of Roger Wheeler’s two sons, on Thursday. You may be surprised at his reaction to the arrest of Whitey Bulger, who was on the run for 16 years before his arrest Wednesday night.

    6/23/2011 Related Story: Mobster Connected To Infamous 1981 Tulsa Murder Arrested

    “The timing is curious at best. What’s going to come out of it? I don’t know,” David Wheeler said. It’s been three decades since David Wheeler’s future with his father was stolen from him. That was just the start of the suffering.
    “I have been lied to and my family has been lied to so many years, so many times over so many years, it is unbelievable,” he said.

    Wheeler says those lies came from the FBI and for that reason, he never thought Whitey Bulger would be caught alive.
    “In thirty years, I have seen so much FBI corruption that, why would they arrest a guy that can expose them to even more corruption?” David Wheeler asked.

    Wheeler has been intimately involved in his father’s case, testifying alongside retired Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Huff at a Congressional hearing and speaking on his family’s behalf through each twist and turn of this decades-long story. And all that time, he has maintained that Bulger and the other “major” players really weren’t major at all.
    “Bulger was just a two-bit hood save for the power that the FBI granted him. They’re the ones that gave him power,” he said.

    So all these years later, when Bulger is finally arrested at age 81, Wheeler can’t really say he’s relieved. He’s disgusted that the FBI is handling the Bulger case file.
    “That’s like asking a bank robber to handle the investigation into the bank robbery. What do you think is going to be the answer?” he said.

    Wheeler and his family believe this is a massive conflict of interest and true justice isn’t possible with the FBI involved. “It has to be taken out of the hands of the FBI, because they have dirty hands,” he said.

    David Wheeler has been working on a book for about eight years now on what he calls the FBI’s embarrassing involvement in his father’s murder and how it’s affected his family. David’s brother and mother did not want to comment on this story.

    What do you think?
    Johnny 33 mins ago

    I believe him. I just retired from the OHP and their leadership is a criminal joke.

    • Click on the link to read the article and view photos. Also, click on links in the article for more information and timeline of events.

  11. Heard on O’Reilly’s that Moveon.org gets money from the US government to run its hatefilled site! I believe they said they were running as tax exempt status..hmmm Soros gave them a million and they are nonprofit? I didn’t hear how much they are getting from the taxpayers. The man who was reporting this said that taxpayers need to write to the IRS and have them investigate. Their original mission when they applied during the Bush years is not what they are now doing..they were investigating media bias. More information might be on O’Reilly’s website. How do you like hearing that your tax money is supporting the Far Left?

    How many other organizations associated with the democrats are getting our money? They certainly have learned how to “game” the system…CAIR was just caught by the IRS, and ACORN has been caught. Those are just the tip of their iceberg. I wonder if there is a list of all organizations, and then we would have to figure out how to decipher the good from the bad.

    • By accident, I looked for the story, but instead found this. Moveon.org is now working as a political organization so their nonprofit status is a joke. Advertising for “donations” to further their political agenda.

      MoveOn.org upset with Obama, launches campaign to drive liberal agenda on its own

      Left-wing MoveOn.org isn’t happy with President Barack Obama. In a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters on Monday, the group hinted that Obama has abandoned it in political fights in Washington and across the country. “It’s pretty clear by now that we can’t wait for Barack Obama, or the Democrats, to save us,” MoveOn.org said in the e-mail to supporters. “But the one thing that might turn things around is an honest-to-God mass movement—something on the scale of the civil rights movement or the antiwar movement—built around a vision of an economy that works for all of us, not just the top 2%.”

      The group is trying, apparently, to raise $1 million “for one of the biggest things” it says that it has ever done: “joining with dozens of other progressive organizations to lift up a new, grassroots movement to rescue the economy and bring the American Dream within reach for all Americans.”


    • Taxpayer-Subsidized Website Attacking Fox News

      Why does Media Matters, which admits it’s in business to hurt FNC, receive tax-exempt status?


    • Do you know where your usurping president is tonight? Might he be at this fundraiser in NY sponsored by Moveon.org where Van Jones is staring and starting his answer to the Tea Party..called his “contract for the American dream.”

      Can liberals start their own tea party?

      06/23/2011 Snips

      Former White House environmental official [COMMUNIST] Van Jones is hoping to change that with a new political effort dubbed “The American Dream Movement.”

      Jones’ “Dream” movement will launch Thursday night with a rally in New York City. The Roots are performing; MoveOn.org, a well known liberal advocacy group, is co-sponsoring the gathering.

      However, should their efforts succeed, MoveOn.org’s executive director Justin Ruben says that the movement will push back against Democrats who don’t adhere to its [PROGRESSIVE] goals.


  12. Read how this Leftist shreds the Constitution and its meaning…the guy wrote this for the ubber left Time Magazine. It was mentioned by Glenn Beck. How far off base can he be? He doesn’t get it and his analogies are ridiculous. He is one that is putting the Constitution under siege! Fanatical focus?

    One Document, Under Siege
    By Richard Stengel
    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    A new focus on the Constitution is at the center of our political stage with the rise of the Tea Party and its almost fanatical focus on the founding document.

    If the Constitution was intended to limit the federal government, it sure doesn’t say so.


  13. Seized bin Laden cellphone provides possible link to Pakistani spy agency
    June 24, 2011

    A cellphone used by Osama bin Laden’s courier contained contacts for commanders in a Pakistani militant group that has long been mentored by Pakistan’s spy agency.

    A new report heightens suspicion that Osama bin Laden may have been protected on behalf of, or at least with the knowledge of, Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

    The cellphone of bin Laden’s courier, seized in the US raid on his Abbottabad compound last month, contained contacts for commanders in a militant group with close ties to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), The New York Times reported today.

    By tracing calls made with the courier’s phone, American analysts deduced that commanders from the Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen militant group were in contact with Pakistani intelligence, US officials told the Times – though how they deduced that is unclear.

  14. Religion of Sacrilege: Muslims Keep Smashing Graves in J’lem
    06/23/11 Snips

    More than a dozen graves at Mount of Olives [Jerusalem] were desecrated at the Mount of Olives in the last fortnight in what has become a routine of sick vandalism.JTA reported that on June 14, some 14 graves were damaged by Arab youths wielding sledgehammers, according to private security guards stationed at the cemetery. The report does not say why the guards were unable to prevent the desecration.

    At least five of the damaged gravesites are those of Americans buried in the cemetery,

    There are an estimated 150,000 graves on the Mount, where Jews have been buried since Biblical times.


  15. Yeah…they have just started to lay the FOUNDATION to destroy our nation. Give me a break..if you listen to the video. ..gag me with more arugula.

    Michelle Obama Sees Personal Stake in 2012 Election, Wants Second Obama Term
    June 23, 2011

    First lady Michelle Obama today said her global advocacy on behalf of women and young people gives her a personal stake in her husband’s re-election, and that she eagerly awaits the coming campaign.

    “I think there’s so much more work to do. We’ve really just begun to lay the foundation,” Obama told ABC News’ David Muir in a wide-ranging interview in Cape Town, South Africa, where she’s on a weeklong trip to promote youth leadership, education and political and cultural exchanges. “I’m passionate about these issues. I want to make sure there’s a footing in them in the same way that my husband does,” she said.


    • He’ll hand Afghanistan back to the Taliban, who will OPPRESS AFGHANI WOMEN ONCE AGAIN. No school for you! No driving for you! No freedom for you! Wear that blanket over your head, and you’d better like it!

      That’s how much MO and Barry care about women. She said a mouthful, though, about “just begun to lay the foundation.” We need to knock down that foundation asap.

  16. Sure the Feds can hire 14 million!

    Nancy Pelosi Says She Wants to Amend America‘s ’Sacred Documents‘ for ’Ever-Expanding Freedom’ of Jobs…as Dems Line Up to Call for the Federal Government to Hire Unemployed!

  17. Video: Obama’s Jared Monti Gaffe
    June 23, 2011

    Obama at Ft. Drum today speaking to the Army’s 10th mountain division tells the story of how a comrade of theirs “came back” and received the Medal of Honor, and “wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” “I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously”

    One problem, SFC Jared Monti was killed in Afghanistan June 21, 2006. He was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor by President Obama. Here’s video of Obama with Jared Monti’s parents at the White House in 2009


    • Amazing. One would think a person would remember awarding a medal to parents versus the hero himself. Embarrassing.

    • Question:

      Was the teleprompter on? Was he reading his remarks?

      Carney, the lackey, said he was speaking off the cuff…but his eyes are floating back and forth as he speaks.

      This along with the House defeat of barky’s powers to interfere in Libya have me wondering if something is going on – on the “Inside”.

      And Wasserman-Shultz stating last week that “we own the economy”…

      And Farrakhan talking to Christians about Jesus and declaring barky an assassin (though “they turned him into one”)…

      And Jerome Nadel (ugh) calling barky an absolute monarch…

      And what else? hmmmmmm

  18. More proof that Barry wants as many government dependents as possible AND that he intends, as Alinsky taught, to bring this country to its knees (so it can be fundamentally transformed) by bankrupting it: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304657804576401412033504294.html?KEYWORDS=food+stamps

    “Millionaires are now legally entitled to collect food stamps as long as they have little or no monthly income. Thirty-five states have abolished asset tests for most food-stamp recipients. These and similar “paperwork reduction” reforms advocated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are turning the food-stamp program into a magnet for abuses and absurdities.

    The Obama administration is far more enthusiastic about boosting food-stamp enrollment than about preventing fraud. Thanks in part to vigorous federally funded campaigns by nonprofit groups, the government’s AmericaCorps service program, and other organizations urging people to accept government handouts, the number of food-stamp recipients has soared to 44 million from 26 million in 2007, and costs have more than doubled to $77 billion from $33 billion.

    The USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service now has only 40 inspectors to oversee almost 200,000 merchants that accept food stamps nationwide. The Government Accountability Office reported last summer that retailers who traffic illegally in food stamps by redeeming stamps for cash or alcohol or other prohibited items “are less likely to face criminal penalties or prosecution” than in earlier years.”

  19. That’s how that lottery winner is able to keep getting food stamps, despite his winnings. He doesn’t have a “monthly income” because he took a lump sum payment, so even though he has tons of money to buy his own food, We the People are supplementing his “nutrition” and he doesn’t care. He intends to keep letting us feed him and this administration won’t do anything about it.

    So far.

  20. U.S. aid funneled to al-Qaida?
    Shock accusation as jihad group shows unexpected gains

    June 23, 2011

    JERUSALEM – A Palestinian Authority investigation last week has accused one of its own top leaders of funneling money to al-Qaida-linked groups in the Gaza Strip.

    Dahlan, a leader in PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, coordinates security closely with the U.S. His security agencies have been the direct recipient of over $300 million in U.S. financial aid and scores of U.S. weapons transfers for over a decade. Also, the U.S. has provided training for Dahlan’s forces since the early 1990s. Fatah is considered moderate by U.S. and Israeli policy. Dahlan had been backing the al-Qaida allies in a bid to destabilize the rival Hamas’ leadership in Gaza, the informed Mideast security sources told WND in 2008.

    Now, as part of a Fatah investigation, Dahlan last week was directly accused by the PA of funneling millions of dollars in aid and weapons to the Gazan Islamist organizations, including al-Qaida ideologues.


  21. Peter Falk, Rest In Peace
    June 24, 2011

    One of our great actors has passed away.
    Actor Peter Falk, known to millions as the rumpled star of television crime drama “Columbo,” has died, KTLA.com reports. The actor was 83.


  22. From the Leftist Site Salon… Their sarcasm is quite evident.

    Friday, Jun 24, 2011 15:01 ET
    War Room
    Shariah law instituted steps from the White House!

    There is a giant real estate development happening in downtown Washington, D.C., near the White House, on the site of the old convention center. Boring news for non-D.C. residents. But I’m willing to bet that the CityCenterDC complex — office space, retail, condos, your standard massive downtown “revitalization” project — will soon be very interesting to a lot of people who don’t live in the area. Not because anyone cares about urban land-use issues, but because of one of the project’s investors: Muslims.

    The Washington City Paper noticed a bombshell buried at the bottom of a New York Times piece: Even before the Qatari investors became involved, Hines and Archstone determined that leasing to banks would not help them create lively shopping streets, Mr. Alsup said. But as it happened, their hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest. Restaurants will be able to serve liquor, but retailers whose primary business involves selling alcohol will not be allowed, Mr. Alsup said.

    That’s right: Shariah law, a stone’s throw from the U.S. Capitol. I am assuming the Times just neglected to mention that in addition to banning bars from the complex, all women will be required to wear the niqab, and obviously all infidels will be murdered, while shopping at the Apple store or whatever ends up there. And no dancing!

    What’s astounding is that as far as I can see, Matt Drudge hasn’t picked this up. Pamela Geller hasn’t written a lengthy screed about it. Robert Spencer has not weighed in. No one at the Corner has mocked liberals for mocking the threat of creeping Shariah. Get on it, guys! SHARIAH LAW HAS BEEN IMPOSED IN WASHINGTON!

  23. Florida Lawmaker Faces Ethics Review
    JUNE 22, 2011 Snips

    WASHINGTON—A congressional ethics panel is investigating allegations that Florida Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings sexually harassed a member of his staff, according to people familiar with the matter. The investigation of Mr. Hastings is being conducted by the Office of Congressional Ethics, the House’s independent ethics investigative arm, and it is at a preliminary stage

    It began at least a month ago after Judicial Watch, a conservative group, filed a lawsuit as the legal counsel for Winsome Packer, a staffer on a commission Mr. Hastings headed. She alleged that she had been sexually harassed by the congressman and that he retaliated when she tried to report it.

    Tonya Robinson, Mr. Hastings’s attorney in the lawsuit, said he “in the strongest terms, denies the charges. He is confident that he will be fully exonerated. [Famous last words!]

    http://online.wsj.com/article /SB10001424052702304887904576400053258305010.html

  24. America’s Life-Threatening Disease – Liberalpox!
    (Jun. 24, 2011) — “When a lot of remedies are suggested for a disease, that means it can’t be cured” – Anton Chekhov, Russian Playwright

    Liberalpox is not a disease of the flesh, it is a disease of the mind. It affects the centers of the brain that control common sense, logic and objectivity and it distorts the inputs from the five senses. It forces the infected person to refute the laws of physics, chemistry and economics. To the diseased person, up is down, right is left, night is day and hot is cold. The disease of Liberalpox interrupts the normal electro-chemical functions of the brain such that synapses between neurons fire in the wrong direction, or not at all. It forces the brain to rationalize theft by taxes to satisfy the person’s irrational desire to be compassionate, no matter what the cost. There seems to be a direct correlation between Liberalpox and irrational compassion.


  25. Congressman Charles Rangel and Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ ethics charges have brought interest in the webofdeception.com investigation that resulted in former Speaker Nancy Pelosi putting property that she owned back in her name after nine years in campaign contributor Joseph Seagram liquor company’s name and daughter Alexandra’s condo mortgage with Countrywide Home Loan while her brother Paul, Nancy’s son, was an officer of Countrywide

    First email that started the inquiry by the District of Columbia

    Read the emails from the District of Columbia switching the property from Joseph E. Seagrams back to Pelosi after 9 years

    Our analysis and research into the land ownership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband was revealed that the Speaker and her husband bought two pieces of property from Joseph E. Seagrams and Sons, the liquor company on March 25, 1999. The records from the District of Columbia showed that one of the properties went back into campaign contributor Joseph E. Seagram’s name but the address Seagram’s was using was the address of the Paul and Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation and the Paul Pelosi Family Trust.

    The accountants and tax preparers for both Pelosi and Seagrams (a contributor 5 months before the property sale) did not notice there was an error for nine years. The Pelosi’s received a statement that showed another owner of their property for nine years. Conversely Seagram’s did not receive statements from D.C. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Speaker Pelosi is prohibited from deducting the property tax for any of the last nine years which requires amended tax returns

    Cont’s @ Link


  26. Greg Beauchamp

    John Adams should be in that portrait of the founding fathers.

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