Weiner’s Wife Tied to the Muslim Brotherhood!

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Hillary with Huma in Abu Dhabi June 9, 2011 AP Photo


Mother of Secretary of State’s Closest Adviser is an Official Member of Muslim Brotherhood!

Brother Tied to al-Qaeda Godfather!

WebToday Exclusive
June 14, 2011
Former Muslim and PLO member Walid Shoebat has uncovered EXPLOSIVE information about the family of Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Abedin is also the wife of Congressman Anthony Weiner.   Abedin’s mother, Saleha,  is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and her brother is the Head of Development for an organization filled with Brotherhood members!

Was Mrs. Weiner (Huma Abedin), the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Did western media miss what has been REVEALED in several Arab newspapers, which remained SECRET in American government circles?

Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list, which was partially published by Al-Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers. The detailed list included Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, as belonging to the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division known as the Muslim Sisterhood or what is known as the International Women’s Organization (IWO).

Egyptian Al-Dostor revealed that the Sisternood included 63 International members that span 16 different countries; it’s also confirmed by the Arab Centre for Studies, headed by researcher Abdul Rahim Ali.

Neither Huma nor any major western media outlet even mention what is common knowledge in the Arab world. Yet, confirmed by Arab sources – is that Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan Abedin who works at Oxford University.

What is significant is that Oxford University, which has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), has Huma’s brother listed as a fellow and partners with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including al-Qaeda associate, Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi ; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board Chairman.

In 2009, Qaradawi’s role within Oxford and the Muslim Brotherhood was championed by the notorious Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi of Al-Nahda – a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate now active in Tunisia.   OCIS has even presented an award for great scholarly achievement to Brotherhood member Shaykh Abd Al-Fattah Abu Gudda, whose personal history goes back to the Brotherhood’s founder, Hasan al-Banna.

Even the Sunday Times acknowledges that the cradle of Islamic Jihad – Al-Azhar University – actively attempts to establish links with OCIS, where Huma’s brother serves.

Was Huma unaware of all this as she accompanied Hillary Clinton to the Dar El-Hekma women’s college in Saudi Arabia? Huma’s mother is the co-founder and a Vice Dean at the college and an active missionary on issues regarding Muslim women. The “Women’s Division” can be found at the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website; an excerpt from its goal, translated from Arabic, states:

“The Women’s Organization’s goal in accordance with the Muslim Brotherhood rules, is to gain and acquire a unified global perception in every nation in the world regarding the position of women, and the necessity of advocacy work at all levels in accordance with the message of the Brotherhood as written in Women in Muslim Society, and the rearing of women throughout the different stages of life.”

True to this cause, another member listed as belonging to the Sisterhood mentioned by Al-Jazeera is Suheir Qureshi.   She spoke alongside Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was brought in due to her connection with Huma. All three women spoke on issues of Women in Muslim Society.   An Arabic news report of what happened during Hillary’s visit stated:

“Suheir Qureshi spoke of how elated she was of Hillary’s historic visit… Saleha Abedin spoke after Suheir Qureshi and beamed in the presence of Secretary Clinton. Saleha’s speech preceded the former First Lady’s. Then Hillary stood. She donned a broad smile as she approached the podium… Clinton started with a strong word and she spent a long time complimenting Dr. Saleha Abedin regarding her daughter.   Hillary explained that Huma holds an important and sensitive position in her office. She ended her speech by speaking of Saleha Abedin’s daughter (Huma), that a person must be happy if mentioned in a positive light but there is no happiness that equals the compliment given to children in front of a parent.”

It is sacrilege in Islam for Huma’s mother to accept the reality that her daughter is married to a Jew.   Yet, neither Saleha nor Huma’s brother Hassan denounce her marriage to Weiner, especially when it was considered null and void by some of the highest authorities on Islamic Sharia rulings.

Huma’s brother has been key in furthering the Islamic agenda and has worked with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal on a program of “spreading Islam to the west.”    A detailed report from 2007 shows that Naseef was identified as the likely force behind the Abedin family’s departure from Kalamazoo, MI to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia circa 1977 – the same year that the Muslim Sisterhood was established.

In 2008, Dr. Mumen Muhammad wrote about why Huma vowed to stay with Hillary even if the latter were to lose the presidential nomination to Obama:

“Abedin assures in press releases of her continuance on the path with Hillary Clinton, even if Clinton failed as a candidate. The candidate’s aids and other influential figures in the Democratic Party assure that they do not disregard Abedin running for election or taking her position in the political arena with the help in successive political administrations of the Clinton family itself.”

Indeed, the “Clinton family” played a key role in promoting the extremely powerful Turkish Imam and notorious Islamist conspirator Fethullah Gülen, as he fled Turkey for the United States after attempting to overthrow Turkey’s secular government, a charge over which he was indicted in 2000. In 2008, the former president heaped praise on Gülen, giving him a clean slate. Gülen is given refuge and has even had his sermons aired on Turkish television, during which he explained to his followers how to best seize power from the Turkish government:

“You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers… until the conditions are ripe… Until that time, any step taken would be too early – like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside.”

Gülen expressed this sentiment in another sermon as well:

“The philosophy of our service is that we open a house somewhere and, with the patience of a spider, we lay our web to wait for people to get caught in the web; and we teach those who do.”

Serving with Huma’s brother as an Oxford Centre Trustee is Turkey’s president – Abdullah Gül  He considers himself a follower of Fethullah Gülen (Gülenist) according to Wikileaks.     It was also Hillary Clinton who signed a document less than one month prior to her trip to Saudi Arabia with Huma that lifted the ban on Tariq Ramadan, allowing him entry into the United States. Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna and has ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

Huma Abedin’s charm, family connections and access to highly sensitive State secrets as admitted by Hillary herself, can have significant consequences. What absolutely must be known is if this circle of public servants was made aware of all these ties to potential enemies of the State.

NOTE:  Shoebat is the Author of God’s War on Terror. He has accurately translated and exposed much of the doublespeak by Islamists and was key in exposing the Ground Zero Mosque Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf by translating what the Imam truly believed as stated in the Arabic language.  Shoebat.com


Why Is Weiner’s Muslim Brotherhood Wife Not Resigning?

Huma Abedin Weiner and Hillary Clinton Photo: http://www.lukeford.net

Arnold Ahlert
Jun 17th, 2011

Anthony Weiner resigned yesterday, unable to withstand the relentless pressure put on him for his sexting extravaganzas. Yet if an article written by former PLO terrorist-turned-Christian and Israel supporter Walid Shoebat (along with KTEM radio host Ben Barrack) is any indication, it may very well be that the wrong member of the family resigned.

According to Arabic sources translated by Mr. Shoebat, Huma Abedin’s mother and brother are both associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ms. Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmoud Abdeen, is reportedly part of a special woman’s unit known as the Muslim Sisterhood or the International Women’s Organization (IWO) which, according to a counter-terrorism report obtained by the Terrorism Committee of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, operates within the Brotherhood in Egypt and possibly other Arab nations as well. The Egyptian newspaper Al-Dostor confirms that the Sisterhood includes 63 international members in 16 different countries.

The group is being portrayed by Western media in a benign fashion, as noted in Der Spiegel and on its Facebook page. But a report by the Egyptian opposition newspaper Al-Liwa Al-Arabi paints a far more ominous picture.

It reveals that these women, who are “the wives of some of the highest-ranking leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood” are being recruited to:

[S]muggle secret documents for the members since women go undetected by security surveillance…to spread the Brotherhood’s ideology by infiltrating universities, schools and homes…to lay the plans for the Sisterhood to work at the state level…[and]…to fulfill the interests of the Brotherhood and also to benefit from international women’s conferences and unify all efforts to benefit the Brotherhood globally.

Furthermore, the Sisterhood’s mission includes:

[O]rganiz[ing] projects which will penetrate its prohibited ideology into the decision making in the West and in an indirect way under the guise of “general needs of women”…through the university and the state capitals and institutions and is done in accordance to the project Al-Islam Huwa Al-Hal (Islam is the solution).

The newspaper then lists the names of the women who belong to the organization on a country-by-country basis. There are a dozen members of the Sisterhood from Saudi Arabia.   Saleha Mahmoud Abdeen (Abedin) is one of them.

It has also been revealed in the Arab media that Huma Abedin’s brother Hassan is a fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) at Oxford University in England. A number of Muslim Brotherhood members sit on the board, including Qatari cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has incited violence against Jews and Israel on numerous occasions. In 2009, Qaradawi’s role at Oxford and the Muslim Brotherhood was supported by Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi, one of 90 Muslim leaders who, in the same year, signed a pact in support of Hamas and for military action against the British Navy if it stopped an arms shipment headed for Gaza. Another member of the OCIS is Abdullah Omar Naseef, who founded the Rabita Trust, which was included in the first post-9/11 list of al-Qaeda supporters whose financial assets could be frozen. Naseef is chairman of the board of OCIS.

Continues at link.




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  1. We taxpayers pay the pervert’s pension? They need to be denied this type of payment especially when resigning due to behavior unfitting their position..there surely must be laws preventing this from happening. Did Massa get a pension too?

    Weiner’s Pension Worth a Whopping $1.2 Million
    Friday, 17 Jun 2011

    With a career in tatters and a pregnant wife, most people would be facing a financial crisis, but Anthony Weiner still has his pension to fall back on — and it’s a pension the rest of America would love. After just 12 years in Congress, Weiner’s benefits add up to $1.2 million, reports The Wall Street Journal, and he doesn’t have to worry if the Stock Market keeps dropping.

    Weiner was on the standard congressional salary of $174,000 before announcing his resignation on Thursday, three weeks into his humiliating Twitter sexting scandal. He was covered under the Federal Employee Retirement System, to which he contributed less than 1 percent of his pay. The Journal’s Smart Money section says the 46-year-old New York congressman has two choices. He could take discounted payments of around $25,000 a year starting when he turns 56 in 2020 or he could wait another six years and get around $35,000 a year.



    • How very fitting…he should feel right at home..perversion to perversion.

      Anthony Weiner offered Internet job by Hustler’s Larry Flynt
      June 17

      Anthony Weiner may have resigned from Congress in disgrace, but hours after the news conference at which he made the announcement, he was offered an Internet job with a raise, moving expenses, health benefits equal to what he has been accustomed to, and a fancy office in Beverly Hills working for an internationally known publishing company. On Friday, porn magnate Larry Flynt reached out to Weiner in an open letter to “sincerely” offer the former congressman a job in the Internet group of Flynt Management Group.

      ” … I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C.,” the 68-year-old Flynt wrote.


    • Wow! I had only seen a couple of lighter versions of this story that breezed over everything and offered few details, but this article is a real mind blower.

  2. Great articles. Gee, you think this has something to do with money, power, infiltration and deceit? Again?

    • Nahhhh…they would never do that Sleuthie would they ? The global power family. Just taking over as usual…nothing to see here…

  3. The Left is responding to the information presented by Walid Shoebat re Huma…

    Witch-Hunt Against Huma Abedin
    June 17, 2011 by Richard Bartholomew Snips

    Following widespread ridicule of the suggestion that Anthony Weiner may have secretly converted to Islam as part of a socialist plot to orchestrate a Muslim takeover of the USA, the conspiracy-mongerers are now settling on the idea that Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin – who works as an aide to Hilary Clinton – may be a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood. The inspiration for this has come from Walid Shoebat (whose views I overviewed here) and Ben Barrack; as they explain:…

    The theory is that because these relatives haven’t condemned Huma’s marriage to a non-Muslim, this may be a sign that they’re in on the conspiracy. Given this, we apparently do not need to dwell on the fact that there is no evidence that Huma has ever abused either her own or her husband’s professional position in any way.

    Saleha Abedin appears to be a respectable academic and a moderate: she’s a co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, and, according to her profile there:…

    But even if Shoebat’s claim turns out to be correct, it’s a rather big jump from identifying a “member” of the Muslim Brotherhood to showing that that this person’s daughter is therefore a spy working against the USA.

    The “SECRET Connection” regarding Huma’s brother is even more tenuous: the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, where he’s based, has some troubling names on its board, but the notion that this is somehow the key to understanding the OCIS as an Islamist conspiracy is excessive.

    There is no evidence that Huma Abedin has been involved in any wrongdoing. …


    • How did Huma pass a background check? Or did she?

      • It certainly appears that vetting hasn’t and doesn’t occur in this democrat’s administration. Didn’t we find out that vetting was discontinued by Obama? Also didn’t he get rid of his WH legal counsel for not vetting properly..or so they said (he wanted Robert Bauer in there to handle his eligibility issue. I can’t imagine how much secret information has been passed on to our once “known” enemies by these non vetted radicals.

        • Yes. He made an exception for Bauer and also for some of the lobbyists who got cushy jobs. Also, he made an exception for Hillary herself. Remember? Can’t remember the details.

          It’s a good point: Huma may or may not have been vetted when she worked for the Clinton WH, but now she’s part of the Obama administration, so she should have gone through another round of vetting, imho.

    • Fools like that will get us all killed. Witchhunt? If the shoe fits, throw it.

  4. Lesbian Lovers ~ Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Weiner – Really???
    Jun 10, 2011

    Dr. James David Manning speaks about the “alleged” lesbian affair between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Weiner. The Globe, Time and others have raised the question and they say they are involved in a gay affair. Rumors and innuendos have also appeared on Drudge.

    Maggy Williams, first chief of staff for Hillary from Arkansas, was Hillary’s first affair. She went from AR to Washington, D.C. She has fled the country.

    Who first outed Anthony Weiner…were they an enemy of him or of Hillary? Dr. Manning thinks it might have been Bill. That is why the story has broken, it wasn’t about Anthony. If it wasn’t Bill, then it was Obama.

    For more info go to http://atlahmedianetwork.org

    • I think the story was “outed” by Weiner himself, unfortunately for him; and it explains why the Clintons were reportedly “furious.” One-letter typo and this is the result. A fortunate typo for us if it exposes the wife’s curious connections. What strikes me is the timeline: 1977 Huma’s family moves to Jeddah. 1977, Barry gets a CT SS#. Mid-1990’s, Huma becomes an intern for Hillary Clinton (w/o a background check?), the Muslim Brotherhood perfects their plan for infiltration, and Barry has terrorist Bill Ayers write his seminal biography, which introduces the bogus identity of Barry Soetoro to the USA. Same timeframe for the death of Barry’s “mother” and the exodus of Obama relatives to the DC/MD/VA area. All so very coincidental, huh?

      • And let’s not forget his cousins who live in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, isn’t it? Daughter of Auntie Eleanor, iirc. Her husband a connected guy over there. Another coincidence, I’m sure.

  5. Hillary’s Mystery Woman: Who Is Huma?
    4/02/07 Snips

    “I don’t really know much about her history,” said Mr. de la Renta, “because Huma is not such a talkative girl.”

    Other political players with Clinton connections were just as effusive—and just as vague on the personal details.

    The Huma Story

    The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2. Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college. She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora. Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.

    Ms. Abedin recently bought an apartment in the vicinity of 12th and U streets in Washington, D.C. When she comes to New York, she stays with her sister, who has an apartment in Manhattan—not, as one popular rumor has it, in Chappaqua with the Clintons. She has no children and has never been married. She’s single.

    Ms. Abedin began working for Mrs. Clinton as an intern for the then First Lady in 1996. She was hired as a staff assistant to the First Lady’s chief of staff, Maggie Williams. For several years, she was the backup to Mrs. Clinton’s permanent personal aide, Allison Stein, and she officially took over as Mrs. Clinton’s aide and advisor around the time of the 2000 Senate race.


  6. Interesting: During a White House internship in 1996, Abedin was mistakenly assigned to the first lady’s office when she had requested to be in the press office. She has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton ever since.

    Huma Abedin was an intern that was “mistakenly” assigned to then first lady Hillary Clintons office. Was she ever “fully vetted” as an intern? It’s very doubtful. It’s also very interesting how Huma in 1996 working as an intern was somehow mistakenly assigned to Clinton. Also interesting that Huma Abedin is a powerful figure not only for the Clintons, but amongst “movers and shakers in the Democratic Party.” REALLY? I wonder why that is? sarc/

    Huma Abedin: Anything But The ‘Good Wife’
    Jun. 9 2011

    Snip ~

    Normally when a politician is caught with his pants down, on or offline, the media’s attention wanders over to the wife: Will she or won’t she stand by his side as he weeps for forgiveness at the podium? And then, of course, the inevitable question is whether or not she will leave him.

    But Weiner’s wife is no ordinary political wife. Abedin’s parents were both academics from India and Pakistan. A practicing Muslim born in Michigan, Abedin moved to Saudi Arabia as a young girl, and returned to the U.S. to attend college at George Washington University.

    During a White House internship in 1996, Abedin was mistakenly assigned to the first lady’s office when she had requested to be in the press office. She has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton ever since. From traveling chief of staff to deputy chief of staff, to her current senior aide position in Clinton’s State Department, Abedin is never far from the Secretary of State, and is often dubbed as “Hillary’s shadow” and “secret weapon.” Last year former President Bill Clinton, who refers to Abedin as a daughter, officiated her wedding to Weiner in Long Island.

    Huma Abedin is a powerful figure not only for the Clintons, but amongst “movers and shakers in the Democratic Party.” That was once seen as an asset for Weiner’s political future. Ironically that very asset could contribute to his downfall:

    Now that she is the victim of the congressman’s indiscretion, the Democrats are furious at this guy. [Weiner] is married to one of the most popular people in the Democratic Party.


    • “secret weapon?” Now that’s an interesting choice of words. I’m worried that’s exactly what she is. She, among too many others.

  7. During a White House internship in 1996, Abedin was mistakenly assigned to the first lady’s office when she had requested to be in the press office. She has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton ever since. From traveling chief of staff to deputy chief of staff, to her current senior aide position in Clinton’s State Department, Abedin is never far from the Secretary of State, and is often dubbed as “Hillary’s shadow” and “secret weapon.

    mistakenly assigned to the first lady’s office
    um hum…yeah right…
    Convenient mistake. Snaked right in there. Saudi connection. The Clintons got used.

    • That’s just cover for the implication that she infiltrated. Just pretend she wasn’t even supposed to be on Hillary’s staff. Riiiiigggght.

      Of course, it may be that after someone got a look at her gorgeousity (which I don’t see), strings were pulled.

      Bill had his intern. What’s good for the goose …

      Taqiyya, based upon known weaknesses. The marriage is also a sham. For show. So now there’s yet another story talking about the possibility of Huma running for political office. I wonder if it’s really TRUE that she was born in Michigan? It sounds vaguely familiar. Born in the USA to foreigners. Raised overseas. Barry, Huma, Valerie. How many other global citizens want to run OUR country?

      So many people in this administration with no verifiable background: Little was known about Huma. She’s quiet. (Secretive?) Little known for CERTAIN about Barry. Very little known about Anita Dunn, a true backgroundless person. When a Republican hits the news, the media gives the person a virtual proctological exam, including rummaging through their trash. But almost 3 years in, there’s still no background on Anita Dunn. (Last I looked.)

  8. Weiner’s mother-in-law a member of Muslim Brotherhood
    Tasked with advancing movement that aims to establish Saudi-style regime in U.S.

    June 18, 2011 Snips

    The mother-in-law of disgraced Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia, according to Arabic news sources cited by a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative.

    One of the Sisterhoods aims, reportedly, is “to spread the Brotherhood’s ideology by infiltrating universities, schools and homes.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood, launched in Egypt in the 1920s in response to the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, is the parent of most of the major violent, jihadist organizations in the world today, including al-Qaida and Hamas. Brotherhood leaders have established front groups in the U.S., including the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR], to help fulfill its long-term aim of establishing Islamic law in America,


  9. This connects into my digs NOTE* I will start a second MEM post to continue the research there. Alot is covered on the first post also but it is too long.

    Renee | June 17, 2011 at 8:28 am
    Hassan Abedin himself has expressed an interest in spreading Islam in the West, meeting with billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Alwaleed is one of the largest shareholders in both Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Citigroup. He is also the same prince Alwaleed whose $10 million dollar check for post 9/11 disaster relief was rejected by then-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani when the prince suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the attacks.

    Renee | June 17, 2011 at 8:35 am | Reply
    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Alwaleed

    I find him too much.

  10. fyi, Leza began a discussion on this thread https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/obama-lost-it-we-found-it-open-thread/comment-page-3/#comment-57167

    where we put other links that may or may not have been captured here, in total. So there’s more food for thought over there. Just come back here to comment.

  11. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/trapped_by_her_dirty_rat_l0eblqojbh4rr1spXdJ9QI

    “Anthony Weiner’s pregnant and publicly humiliated wife feels hopelessly trapped in her marriage to the disgraced pol, whose online antics have completely disgusted her once-supportive family, a source close to the couple told The Post.

    ‘He could be having sex live on TV for the whole world to watch and she’d still feel like she’d have to stay with him for now, the source said.

    Those closest to Huma Abedin — nearly 36 and about three months pregnant — are furious with Weiner but keeping mum out of respect for her fragile condition, said the pal. ”

    Why on earth would she feel compelled to stay with a Jewish guy who did something so disgusting and humiliating to her family (isn’t family honor a huge deal in strict Muslim families?), especially given that she’s supposed to be an orthodox Muslim? Is it just me or do you suspect the sudden pregnancy was invented as the excuse for why she’s staying in the marriage? Is the reason more political than romantic? How could her family have once been supportive, given all the facts and the fact that he’s not a Muslim? Makes no sense. As Judge Judy say, “if it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true.”

  12. Hillary Clinton’s Top Confident Huma Abedin Is Assistant Editor Of An Islamic Journal

    March 22 2008 | jveritas

    Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2008 9:10:53 AM by jveritas

    Huma Abedin the top confident and closest aide for Hillary Clinton is an assistant editor to an Islamic Journal called “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs” http://www.imma.org.uk/editorialboard.htm

    In fact the “Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs” and its “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs” were founded by Huma Abedin father Syed Z. Abedin was a famous Islamic scholar but died when Huma was 17, and now both the Islamic institute and its journal are headed by her mother Saleha Mahmood Abedin also known as Saleha S Mahmood a famous Islamic scholar and deputy dean of an Islamic school in Saudi Arabia called Dar Al-Hekma College for Women . http://www.amritavarsham.org/profiles/saleha.htm. That is Huma mother in the picture shown in the link wearing the islamic Hijab.

    According to the New York Observer Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo Michigan but her parents took her at the age of 2 to Saudi Arabia where Huma Abedin lived in Jeddah Saudi Arabia until her return to the US for college education. From the New York Observer article on April 1 2007:

    “The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2. Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college. She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora. Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.” http://www.observer.com/2007/hillary-s-mystery-woman-who-huma?page=0%2C1

    Huma Abedin is not only an assistant for Hillary Clinton but she is her top confident, her secret weapon according to a quote from an aide to Hillary Clinton in the New York Observer article: “No one knows anything about her,” said one political aide. “She’s like Hillary’s secret weapon.”

    In fact now we know something about Huma Abedin the top confident for Hillary Clinton, we know that she is an assistant editor of an Islamic journal headed by her Islamic scholar mother and founded by her Islamic scholar father.


  13. I posted a comment with to many links and it went to moderation…please free me, TY 🙂

  14. June 2, 2008

    Huma Abedin’s Family & Its Ties To Saudi Arabia

    Syed Zainul Abedin

    VARIATIONS: Syed, Sayed, Zainul, Zainal, Zaiunul, Abedin, Abed?n, etc

    Huma Abedin’s father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was born in India, in 1928 [prior to the partition]. It is possible that he was named for the fourth Imam, Ali Ibn el Hussain, Zainul Abedeen, also known as Zayn al-Abidin.

    Syed Zainul Abedin’s undergraduate education was at Aligarh Muslim University, and his graduate education was at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his PhD, in American Civilization, in 1974:

    Franklin Library, University of Pennsylvania: Syed Zainul Abedin

    He seems to have been living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and working at Western Michigan University, for several years before he was awarded his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania; from the library catalog at WMU:

    Communal violence in India : a case study
    by R.A. Schermerhorn, edited [by] Syed Z. Abedin
    Kalamazoo, Mich. : Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims, [1976?]

    The Muslim minority in India
    edited by Syed Z. Abedin
    Kalamazoo, MI : Muslim Students Association, Western Michigan University, [1972]

    The future of South Asia
    edited by Syed Z. Abedin
    Kalamazoo, Mich. : Muslim Students Association, Western Michigan University, 1972

    The Muslim minority in India
    edited by Syed Z. Abedin
    Kalamazoo, MI : Muslim Students Association, Western Michigan University, [1972]

    The World of Islam [videorecording]
    Lecturers: Dr. Visho Sharma, Mr. Salam Khadduri, and Prof. Sayed
    [Kalamazoo, Mich.] : WMU-TV, [1971]

    Professor Abedin then abruptly uprooted his family [to include his wife, Saleha, and his 2-year-old daughter, Huma], circa 1977, and headed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Thereafter he founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, with offices in both Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and London, England.

    In addition, he was a counselor of the Râbitat al-’Alam al-Islâmî, also known as the Muslim World League, during the 1980′s.

    Syed Zainul Abedin died in 1993.


    Saleha Mahmood Abedin

    Huma Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, was born in [what is now known as] Pakistan, probably in 1940.

    She received her PhD, in Sociology, from the University of Pennsylvania, in 1977:

    Franklin Library, University of Pennsylvania: Saleha Mahmood Abedin

    There is also a copy of her PhD dissertation, on microform, at Western Michigan University [which lists her year of birth as 1940].

    For many years after the family resettled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saleha Mahmood Abedin was a Professor in the Department of Sociology, at King Abdul Aziz University.

    More recently, she has been part of the administration of Dar Al-Hekma Women’s College, which she helped to create.

    Saleha Mahmood Abedin also serves as the director of her late husband’s Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, and as the editor of its Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.


    Much more at Link –


    • From FR 2007

      Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton – Abedin Family Ties to Al-Qaeda

      FREE REPUBLIC WORLD EXCLUSIVE | November 11, 2007

      Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2007 3:49:04 PM by KayEyeDoubleDee


      • Bridge & Miri, please be sure to read the above FR link above and all the research done there on Huma and Hillary.

        • Leza, I’ll read it as soon as Free Republic becomes available again. Been trying to get on it all day but it comes back with “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.” Can you get into it? I don’t know if they’re doing maintenance or under attack. Let me check something else.

          • Got in finally and I don’t like what I’m reading. So her dad’s close, scary-looking colleague was Abdullah Omar Naseef, about whom this is said, “The internet is replete with stories of young Muslim scholars and activists who were funded & encouraged by Naseef in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when he first left geology and became a fixture in the Wahhabi proselytization movement.” Proselytizing connected to Kalamazoo, Chicago (?) and Gary, Indiana. Am I reading that right?

            YOUNG Muslim scholars and ACTIVISTS who were FUNDED AND ENCOURAGED BY NASEEF IN THE 1970s and 1980s. Hmmmm. 1982 perhaps?

            Check out the very first comment. The list of stories is amazing. And this is yet another Muslim-connected story that the LA Times sits on? (About Hil and Huma.) I do hope that the reason Free Republic is overloaded today is because of the sheer number of people reading this story. It’s a blockbuster, IF reported in the “news”, but I’m not counting on it.

  15. A Washington Times article that was scrubbed. I found it through a search, unfortunately its on a pdf saved by Dailykos.

    Washington Times
    June 12, 2011

    Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin: Married to a Muslim Agenda?


    • Leza, The scrubbed article might be the same one that this article is mentioning in their article. Date and newspaper mentioned are the same.

      Was Anthony Weiner An Unwitting Pawn Of An Islamic-Socialist Plot?

      Brian on June 13, 2011

      Did Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, marry disgraced New York Rep. Anthony Weiner to usher in an Islamic, socialist, Alinskyist plot to takeover America? So says conservative Washington Times blogger Eliana Benador, who posits (in an article since pulled from the website) that the power-hungry Abedin may have married Weiner to advance the “pro-Muslim political agenda” backed by President Obama, George Soros, and her close friends Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose actions “signal their socialist agenda, which includes domination of the U.S. by a Muslim ruled world.” But their nefarious plans could be ruined by the congressman’s recent scandal.

      Benador believes that Weiner may have even converted to Islam to marry Abedin, noting that no one can trust anything they say anyway because “an element of sharia that states there is a legal right and duty to distort the truth to promote the cause of Islam.” Good thing that Benador is asking the question everyone’s been thinking, “has Huma been groomed to access leading political movers and shakers to advance the cause of Islam in America, including a politically positioned marriage to Congressman Anthony Weiner?”


    • Did Weiner Secretly Convert to Islam to Marry a Muslim?
      Floyd Reports ^ | 6/9/11 | Ben Barrack


  16. It’s not even funny in the least that they are scrubbing information about Huma. Just like they scrub information about Barry. They praise both for being gorgeous, intelligent academics. NOT FUNNY in the least. Actually, quite frightening.

    • Frightening and it means they certainly don’t want anyone finding information they don’t want the public to know.

      It appears the paragraphs quoted at Kos are the same as in the article you found Miri. I added the Kos paragraphs above to Leza’s citation. Then I compared the paragraphs from Kos to the article you found and the ones they quoted were identical. I will remove them from above so there are no duplications. I thought they might have quoted the missing paragraph.

  17. “WASHINGTON, June 12, 2011 – We are confronted with another symptom of 21st century American decadence. Politicians, from John Edwards to Dominique Strauss-Kahn to Anthony Weiner are surreptitiously undermining such traditional values as marital fidelity, honor, patriotism and the religion that once united us. A licentious politician usually brings shame only to himself/herself and family. Politically, they are the news of the moment, forgotten when they slink away to the obscurity of private sector jobs or become talking heads. Congressman Weiner‘s indiscretions, however, might end up inconveniencing the present Administration’s plans. “How?” you might ask. The clues may be found in the marriage of Huma Abedin, a devout Muslim, and Anthony Weiner, a Jew. The marriage is interesting in that Abedin’s family obviously approved of the match. This is highly unusual for what appears to be a traditional Muslim family. Having worked for several years, and in various capacities, in the Muslim world of the Middle East, I have seen first-hand the structure and functioning of the respectful nuclear families that are the cornerstone of the Muslim faith. There is always absolute respect and surrender to the established authority of the royal families of the region. In the Muslim world, there is no such thing as the disrespect of parents that is generally accepted in our society. Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and is therefore an American , however she and her family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was barely two years old. Her father, an Islamic scholar of Indian descent, died when she was 17 years old. Her mother, Pakistani-born Saleha Mahmood Abedin, PhD, is an associate professor of sociology at the Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. When looking broadly at the Anthony Weiner–Huma Abedin union, we have to wonder if the coupling of a Jewish American man and a Muslim woman of her pedigree was fostered by love or by a socialist political agenda. Looking at Ms. Abedin’s mother and her relationship to the Dar Al-Hekma College, it is interesting to note that the college was founded in September, 1999, on the advice of the Austin based Texas International Education Consortium. The TIEC, an international, private, non-profit corporation founded in 1985, works with 32 public universities in Texas and is very influential in the development of cooperation programs between international universities. Since its inception, Dar Al-Hekma College has counted on the blessing of Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite. The King, the crown prince, and one of King Fahd’s wives, Princess Al-Jowhara bint Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, attended the school’s graduation ceremonies in 2005. Arabic-speaking Huma returned to the US to attend George Washington University, earning an internship at the White House, a coveted and prestigious position for the children of the powerful and the rich in America. Her internship put her to work in the office of the First Lady. That internship lead to Huma’s present position, working at the U.S. State Department for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. There she is often singled out not only as an employee, but as a trusted friend of the powerful Clinton family. Less than a year ago, in July 2010, Huma Abedin married Jewish U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Attesting to the strength of her relationship with the Clintons, former President William J. Clinton officiated at the ceremony. Not unlike President Obama, the Clintons, as well as powerful politicos such as George Soros, are devotees of Saul Alinksy, who is considered “the founder of modern Community Organizing.” From my position, I clearly see that the actions of this group signal their socialist agenda, which includes domination of the U.S. by a Muslim ruled world. Which begs the question of whether Huma Abedin been groomed by family and political leaders to carry this agenda forward? It’s noteworthy that Time Magazine listed Huma Abedin in its “40 under 40” list of the new generation of civic leaders and “rising stars in American politics.” That certainly puts her in a position to move the Alinsky-group agenda forward. All of which brings us back to the prurient indiscretions of her husband and how that plays exactly with her devote Muslim family and fits in with her solid Muslim values. An clue to that is that in the Muslim world, a mosque’s Imam is the great counselor. The Imam of New York has stated: “I would tell her [Huma] to be a little bit patient. In our book, if you think your wife, or husband, is doing something unacceptable, you start by counseling her.” Counseling? For whom, Huma or Anthony? The Imam’s statement seems to state that Huma is in need. Regardless, those are words of compromise offered by a leading Muslim Imam trying to make us forget that the Koran actually advocates stoning wives for adultery while turning a blind eye toward the sexual mis-deeds of the husband. It is also important, when looking at this situation, to remember that observant Muslims practice Taqiyya , an element of sharia that states there is a legal right and duty to distort the truth to promote the cause of Islam. (Correction: Paragraph removed for inaccuracies. Apologies are issued and we regret the error. The Communities) Given the defense articulated by the Imam, which would be offered only for a Muslim man, we must believe this opportunity to remove this Muslim woman from a union with an non-believer would be quickly taken. Therefore we must consider that Mr. Weiner *may* have converted to Islam, because if he did not, we have to consider the unlikely, that being that Ms. Abedin has abandoned her Muslim faith, even while she still practices. However, we should also bear in mind that any who are Jewish by orthodox standards will always remain Jewish, even if they have converted to another faith. This may explain rumors that Mr. Weiner went to his synagogue looking for moral support. The question that begs to be asked, however, is, has Huma been groomed to access leading political movers and shakers to advance the cause of Islam in America,[YES! YES! YES! IMHO. Miri] including a politically positioned marriage to Congressman Anthony Weiner? If that is so, Anthony Weiner may be proven to be the weak link in a pro-Muslim political agenda. And the final test of that may be in Huma Abedin’s reactions to her husband’s lack of moral principals.”

    Written by Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison
    End of article

    I would love to know what the excised paragraph said.

  18. The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner
    June 19, 2011 Snips

    Far more disturbing than the salacious details of Weiner’s dalliances is the fact that apparently his mother-in-law is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan, “is listed as a fellow and partner with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members.” Hassan works at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) at Oxford University. The Egyptian Al-Azhar University, well-known for a curriculum that encourages extremism and terrorism, is active in establishing links with OCIS.

    Which should now raise even greater concerns since Huma Abedin-Weiner is the deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State. Did any vetting occur by Clinton’s people concerning Huma Abedin, her brother Hassan, or her mother Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, and any connections with known Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood?

    But then again, would it have troubled Mrs. Clinton? After all, during her husband’s time as President, she warmly embraced Suha Arafat the wife of Yasser Arafat, arch-terrorist, right after a speech during which Suha Arafat falsely accused Israel of poisoning the Palestinian water supply.

    Couple this with the Clinton family playing a key role in promoting Fethullah Gulen who has worked assiduously to overthrow Turkey’s secular government. Gulen, who currently resides in Pennsylvania, has told his followers that in order for “worldwide Islamic domination to succeed, every method and path is acceptable, including lying to people.”

    In March of this year, the FBI was investigating the more than 120 charter schools in the United States that are linked to Gulen’s movement. These schools, funded with millions of taxpayer dollars, promote Gulen’s worldview that is both anti-Israel and anti-America. In fact, in 2010 it was reported that Bill Gates had given almost 11 million dollars to the Cosmos Foundation, which is a Gulen enterprise.


    • I know Papoose mentioned Gulen on another thread..

    • This would be unsettling enough if it were not also for Obama’s latest appointee. The 44th president has just appointed Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Al-Hibri believes that sharia law is superior to American law. Yet, al-Hibri is only one of the pro-sharia adherents that Obama has placed in influential positions since he became president. Dalia Mogahed was one of the earliest appointees and as Nonie Darwish has written, “[t]he empowerment of Radical Islam under the Obama administration” is extremely disturbing.

      Last year, Obama appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security. Obama’s record concerning Islamic terror was alarming from the beginning of his term and it has only become more entrenched. Congressman Keith Ellison aka Keith Hakim, who converted to Islam, is already in place in Congress. His connections to CAIR are troubling.

  19. Abedin/Weiner: A Marriage Made by Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood?

    June 21, 2011

    Jamie Glazov

    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch and the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.

    Frontpage: Robert Spencer, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

    I would like to talk to you today about Anthony Weiner’s marriage to his Muslim Brotherhood wife, Huma Abedin.

    How is it exactly that a Muslim woman connected to the Muslim Brotherhood is married to a Jewish man? Something is not fitting here, right?

    Spencer: Jamie, Islamic law prohibits a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man. A Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim woman, but not the other way around. This is yet another manifestation of Islamic supremacism: the idea is that a wife will become a member of her husband’s household, and the children will follow the religion of the father. Thus, Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women ultimately enriches the Islamic community, while the non-Muslim community must forever be made to diminish.

    Consequently, when a non-Muslim man begins a relationship with an observant Muslim woman, he is usually pressured to convert to Islam, and such conversion is made a condition of the marriage. Of course, laws are often honored in the breach, and this is not always true. So while we know that Huma Abedin’s parents were devout and observant Muslims — indeed, her father was an imam — we don’t know what exactly is going on with her marriage to Anthony Weiner.

    Certainly the most likely scenario is that Weiner did convert to Islam, as Abedin’s mother, a professor in Saudi Arabia, would almost certainly have insisted that he do so. Weiner has made no public statement of this conversion, but since it would almost certainly have cost him politically if he had announced it, this silence is not any indication that he didn’t actually convert.

    Snip –
    FP: So, just to crystallize the matter then, there is a remote possibility that Abedin is actually being deceptive in her marriage to Weiner to follow Muslim Brotherhood instructions and to infiltrate the U.S. government, correct?

    Spencer: Certainly. That is a very real possibility, and it should be investigated. But the only ones who have the means to do so are mainstream media journalists who are either clueless or complicit.

    FP: The other scenario is that Anthony Weiner converted to Islam but just kept it on the low-down, right?

    Spencer: Indeed.

    FP: Is there a chance that Weiner’s life might be in danger from the Muslim Brotherhood for having done what he just did and been caught for it — and for having humiliated his Muslim wife in this way?

    Spencer: I think that is unlikely. If he is a Muslim, his wife is his possession and his humiliation of her is not all that important. If he is a non-Muslim and the marriage is a sham, the sham has blown up in the faces of all concerned, but Weiner is so high-profile that I think he is more likely to be cast aside than to be physically threatened. In any case, I haven’t heard anything to the effect of any threats to Weiner, but I will be monitoring the situation.

    FP: Omar Abu-Namous, the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in New York, is encouraging Huma Abedin to stand by her husband. Why would an imam support a Muslim wife to stand by a Jewish husband who has disgraced her?

    Spencer: Only if he is a Muslim.

    Snip –

    FP: Ok, let’s get back to Huma Abedin. Don’t you find it a bit concerning that we have someone with close associations to the Muslim Brotherhood advising our Secretary of State and having access to sensitive information? How come no one in the media is talking about this?

    Spencer: Definitely. According to published reports, Abedin is still an observant Muslim, and given her mother’s established ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within,” that is a matter of grave concern. If the mainstream media were actually interested in reporting the news, journalists would be asking Abedin tough questions not so much about her marriage to Weiner, but about her family’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They should also be asking Clinton about her knowledge of these ties, and examining Clinton’s record for indications that this influence has been a determining factor in her policy decisions.

    Imagine if the personal assistant to the Secretary of State had a personal assistant whose family was deeply involved in the Ku Klux Klan. Do you think the media would be as indifferent to the implications of that?

    FP: I’m a bit baffled; what do you make of it all?

    Spencer: The questions involved in the Weiner/Abedin case are obvious, but the answers are not. And so above all, this is a glaring example of how the mainstream media is not doing its job, and is, in fact, failing the American people in neglecting to get the facts about a matter that could have serious implications for our national security. As it is, a woman with extensive ties to an organization dedicated to destroying the United States is the most trusted aide of the Secretary of State — and no one cares. If a fiction writer had turned in a manuscript containing that scenario, it would have been rejected as unbelievable.

    • Thanks for that link, Leza. You’re doing the job the lamestream media won’t.

      So now we have yet another stealth Muslim, only at least this one is no longer IN government, although Weiner probably still enjoys access to Clinton, through his wife Huma Weiner, and Schumer, because Chuckie has always been Anthony’s “mentor”.

      The last line bears repeating, if only because there’s a WORSE example of the same lack of interest by the media that allowed an even more dangerous potential infiltration, “If a fiction writer had turned in a manuscript containing that scenario, it would have been rejected as unbelievable.”

      And yet not only was Bill Ayers’s biography of changeling Barry Soetoro accepted and published, it was and is still BELIEVED by virtually all of the lamestream media, Congress, the courts (apparently), and at least half the populace of this country and probably 80% or more of the population of the world.

    • It’s been speculated that the Bloomberg campaign threatened to reveal Anthony Weiner’s flirty ways as a way to get him to jump out of the mayoral race in 2009, and now “Page Six” says it has proof. According to the gossip column, Bloomberg’s former political mastermind Kevin Sheekey has been going around boasting that he used his knowledge of Weiner’s “kinky ways” to persuade him to exit the race. Sheekey has reportedly been telling people he’s been onto Weiner since he was a City Council member. A spokesman for Sheekey denies the claim, but one can’t forget the suspiciously well-timed stories about Weiner and a bunch of young foreign models that hit the Post within weeks of his withdrawal from the race.

  20. I cannot help but laugh here. People in our gov are flashing their *$^$’s on phones to young girls and acting like perverted whores and then this ? Excuse me but should they not clean out their own stables and leave college aged kids alone ? After all, these kids do not have high profile careers, taxpayer funded salaries and WIVES at home….. what a joke…


  21. Bill Clinton: Fethullah Gulen’s Contribution to the …

    Sep 30, 2008 … Bill Clinton is speaking about Fethullah Gulen in his video message for the Third Annual Friendship Dinner at Waldorf Astoria Hotel,

  22. The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin
    Jamie Glazov on Jun 24th, 2011 Snips

    Shoebat: Huma’s mother is the co-founder and a Vice Dean at the college and an active missionary on issues regarding Muslim women and is considered by the Egyptian security services as a dangerous member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    We did the research which we shall release shortly; so many of who are on the list are official members or wives/daughters of members ranging from spies, Nazi-style propagandists, Nazi affiliates from the Brotherhood’s inception, Hijab advocates in Europe, and prominent theory conspiracy advocates with a span of influence over several international organizations from the United Nations to women advocacy groups worldwide.

    All these are not without a central direction and seem to follow the same agenda shown on the Brotherhood’s official website.

    Keep in mind the Muslim Brotherhood is Egyptian and so is Huma’s heritage. The Sisterhood List includes wives/daughters of top Brotherhood leaders mostly from Egypt. We have Najla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Mohammed Aidalmrsi, who is a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood and the current leader of the Justice and Freedom Party, (the new name for the Muslim Brotherhood). No one can deny his affiliation and his wife is definitely following his footsteps.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was in bed with the Nazis. Hassan Al-Banna was well connected and collaborated with Haj Amin Al-Husseini the Muslim Nazi who was Hitler’s henchman in the Middle East. In fact, and just in case one might think that this is an old issue and that the Muslim Brotherhood no longer takes pride in this dark history—think again—the Muslim Brotherhood takes pride in their Nazi connection, it’s all over their websites


    • Siemens

      Siemens AG (German pronunciation: [ˈziːməns]) is a German engineering conglomerate, the largest of its kind in Europe.[2] Siemens has international headquarters located in Berlin, Munich and Erlangen. The company has three main business sectors: Industry, Energy, and Healthcare; with a total of 15 divisions.

      Worldwide, Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 420,800 people in nearly 190 countries and reported global revenue of 76.651 billion euros for the year of 2009.[3] Siemens AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since March 12, 2001.

      Snip –

      World War II era

      Preceding World War II, Siemens was involved in funding the rise of the Nazi Party and the secret rearmament of Germany. During the second World War, Siemens supported the Hitler regime, contributed to the war effort and participated in the “Nazification” of the economy. Siemens had many factories in and around notorious concentration camps[8][9] to build electric switches for military uses.[10] In one example, almost 100,000 men and women from Auschwitz worked in a Siemens factory inside the camp, supplying the electricity to the camp.
      Siemens businessman and Nazi Party member John Rabe is credited with saving hundreds of thousands of Chinese lives during the Nanking Massacre. He later toured Germany lecturing on the atrocities committed in Nanking.[11]


      • Judul Menerjang Harapan Dari Jakarta Menuju Gedung Putih
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        Jenis Cover Hard Cover
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        Translated –

        Indonesian – detected to English translation

        Crashing Title Hopes Of Jakarta Towards White House
        No. ISBN 9791238344
        Writer Barack Obama
        Publisher Ufuk Press
        Date of issue April – 2007
        Number of Pages 528
        Heavy book –
        Cover Types Hard Cover
        Dimensions (L x P) 155x235mm
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        bonus –
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        Publisher’s warehouse stock location


        • Ufuk T. Eren

          Siemens A.Ş. – Siemens Turkey – Press Releases – Ufuk T. Eren is …
          Ufuk T. Eren has been assigned as the Director of Siemens Medical Solutions Division, offering products and solutions aimed at improving the diagnosis- …

          http://www.siemens.com.tr/ web/1247-11728-1-1/siemens_turkiye_-_en/ siemens_turkey/press_releases/ufuk_t__eren_is_appointed_as_director_of_siemens_medical_solutions_di vision

      • Oh yes, and have I found them ALOT. XRAY….

      • What is this connection of Siemens to the Weiners Leza? I don’t see it.

  23. Rumor has it that Anthony Weiner is going to run for president.
    He has chosen attorney general Eric Holder as his running mate.
    Get your Weiner-Holder bumper stickers early,
    before they are all gone.

  24. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/crime-scene/post/marine-reservist-charged-in-dc-area-military-shootings/2011/06/23/AGZ5CMhH_blog.html?wpisrc=al_national

    Remember the guy who got caught recently in Arlington Cemetery? The one who parked his car outside the Pentagon? The guy who got arrested on suspicion of terrorism and turned out to be a Muslim immigrant, naturalized citizen who was in the U.S. military? He’s the SAME GUY who shot at the Pentagon and Marine Corps Museum 8 months ago! Talk about infiltration. Talk about political correctness. They don’t want to discuss his religion. Don’t know if it’s motivation, although he carried around an Al Qaeda how-to and shouted “Allahu Akbar!”

  25. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/hillary-us-ambassador-instrumental-seali

    This story seems apropos here. Hillary and the State Dept. grease the skids so Lady Gaga can appear at a Gay Pride rally overseas.

  26. U.S Ignores Hillary Clinton’s Powerful Aide Huma Abedin at Its Own Risk
    by Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
    06/30/2011 snips

    Whether it’s the CIA or the military, sophisticated surveillance is proving inadequate, and proper background checks of Middle Easterners aren’t being done.

    Even more disconcerting than Mohamed and Balawi is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, who has been with Clinton since 1996. She was never properly screened, this will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.


  27. Yes, we already recognize them as friggin’ terrorists who want to destroy us!!

    Muslim Brotherhood Recognized by Obama Administration
    Thu, Jun. 30 2011 11:00 PM EDT Snips

    The Obama Administration has formally reestablished ties with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood group – which in turn does not recognize Israel. The decision will likely further alienate some Jewish voters who have criticized the White House’s failure to protect Israel from opponents of the small nation.

    “The political landscape in Egypt has changed, and is changing … it is in our interests to engage with all of the parties that are competing for parliament or the presidency,” said a senior government official who requested to remain anonymous, to Reuters.

    The group’s rise in political power came after the departure of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The U.S. decided a relationship with the group would be in the U.S. government’s best interest.


    • Now this is a big surprise…and we are having lots of those lately. Does anyone see any connection here? Perhaps? Who best to know about who to talk to in the Muslim Brotherhood when we need to make “friends.” I can’t imagine that Huma could influence this connection in the least! Now Obama and his ilk…Hillary etc. want to sit down with the deadliest group and chat…after all the skyline is changing over Egypt since they helped oust the last president. Egypt hasn’t chosen a new president yet, and we recognize the Muslim Brotherhood and give them a platform? Therefore, legitimizing them! We are legitimizing and advertising this and they are enemies of Israel and the US! Who can stop this runaway train?

      Do we need any further evidence of treason by this administration. These slimebags are killing our troops! Yes Hillary, whose side ARE YOU ON?

  28. Need to find out more about the writer of that article…Paul Stanley | Christian Post Reporter. Apparently he knows little about the Muslim Brotherhood when he uses the term conservative.

    “Founded in 1928, The Muslim Brotherhood promotes a CONSERVATIVE version of Islam. Several members of the Egyptian Parliament are Brotherhood members and the U.S. has instructed their diplomats to only deal with members in their role as Members of Parliament.”

  29. US, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in contact: Clinton Snips
    The US has been in “limited contacts” with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
    Hillary Clinton said.
    June 30, 2011

    The United States reached out to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday in a move welcomed by the once-banned Islamist group, reflecting the new political landscape in post-revolution Egypt.

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a visit to Budapest that Washington has been in “limited contacts” with the Muslim Brotherhood. “The Obama administration is continuing the approach of limited contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood that have existed on and off for about five or six years,” she told journalists in Budapest. “We believe that given the change of the political landscape in Egypt, it is in the interest of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful and committed to non-violence,” she said. “This is not a new policy but it is one that we’re re-engaging in.”

    The Brotherhood welcomed the move, telling AFP it was open to contacts with the United States as long as its “values are respected,” but said there had been “no direct contacts” in the past. “We are willing to meet in a context of respect. If the US is truly willing to respect our values and support freedom as it says it does, then we have no problem,” spokesman Mahmud Ghozlan said after Clinton’s statement.

    Some, including a large part of the country’s Christian minority, fear that having the elections before the constitution would give the Islamist groups too much influence in drafting the charter.

    The United States had insisted as recently as February that it was not in contact with the Islamist group, with Clinton warning against any one party or ideology hijacking the democratic transition in Egypt.


  30. This is very disconcerting….. You have Hillary with ties to Huma Weiner who connects to the Muslim brotherhood..
    Then Obama arranging “formal talks” with the Muslim Brotherhood….

    Then we have the “freedom flotilla” getting ready to set sail to crash through the blockade to Gaza.  Obviously looking for a fight and a reason to CLASH with the West outright…

    All these organizations claim that their main goal is the Islamization of the world and the destruction of Israel and the West….

    What is there to talk about????


    “Even the leftist tools exploited by Islamic jihad can see it is what it is. Considering how blinded they are by their own delusion, this is pretty remarkable….”

    “The presence of Amin Abou Rashed suggests there is something to hide. He, too, sailed last year to Gaza with the flotilla, and he was arrested by Israel. According to various media, he is Hamas’ top figure in the Netherlands. He is also affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. …..”

    Photo of these two leaders together
                Amin Abou Rashed side by side with sjeik Yusuf al Qaradawi 


  31. I agree,
    All these organizations claim that their main goal is the Islamization of the world and the destruction of Israel and the West….

    What is there to talk about????

  32. I saw this in a comment about Huma taking a leave from her job, to get away from her husband and going to an undisclosed location. (back to mama, perhaps to get or deliver information to the Sisterhood?) Meanwhile, he is going to “intensive” rehab.

    “Hillary Clinton continued with Bill despite Monica Lewinsky. But it looks like Hillary’s pregnant assistant -Huma is having second thoughts about continuing with hubby Weiner. Weiner is lucky he wasn’t married to a Lorena Bobbitt type wife.”


    • Hmmmm ….did Hillary ever get over the deception and humiliation she got from the American public??? Just wondering what scars she carries and whom she blames…….. Bill…..??? Probably not!

    • Good one! I forgot all about Lorena. Isn’t it odd that his name was “bob it” (and she did) and Weiner’s name is, well, weiner (and he is one, too).

  33. Weinergate 2: Huma mom tied to boomin’ bombers
    You won’t believe sordid links to congressman’s mother-in-law

    July 13, 2011

    The mother of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Clinton’s chief of staff, has represented a Saudi-funded Muslim charity accused of terrorism financing and ties to al-Qaida. Abedin has reportedly represented the Muslim World League, or MWL, a Saudi-financed charity that has spawned Islamic groups accused of terror ties. One of the groups was declared by the U.S. government to be an official al-Qaida front. Saleha Abedin has been quoted in numerous press accounts as both representing the MWL and serving as a delegate for the charity.

    Al-Qaida links

    The MWL, meanwhile, was founded in Mecca in 1962 and bills itself one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations. But according to U.S. government documents and testimony from the charity’s own officials, it is heavily financed by the Saudi government. The MWL has been accused of terror ties, as have its various offshoots, including the International Islamic Relief Organization, or IIRO, and Al Haramain, which was declared by the U.S. and U.N. a terror financing front.

    Indeed, the Treasury Department, in a September 2004 press release, alleged Al Haramain had “direct links” with Osama bin Laden. The group is now banned worldwide by United Nations Security Council Committee 1267.
    There long have been reports citing accusations the IIRO and MWL also repeatedly funded al-Qaida.

    In 1993, bin Laden reportedly told an associate that the MWL was one of his three most important charity fronts.

    “Its [MWL’s] ideological backbone is based on an extremist interpretation of Islam and several of its affiliated groups and individuals have been linked to terror-related activity.” In 2003, U.S. News and World Report documented that accompanying WML’s donations, invariably, are “a blizzard of Wahhabist literature.”

    “Critics argue that Wahhabism’s more extreme preachings – mistrust of infidels, branding of rival sects as apostates, and emphasis on violent jihad –laid the groundwork for terrorist groups around the world,” the report continued.


  34. Dismantle and Stop Muslim Infiltration of America
    14 July 2011

    This Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin affaire has served as jumping board to a further issue.

    It has been found that the majority of connections around Huma Abedin take us closer to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudi Royals and that their activities expanding towards the Western world most likely are part of the so-called “dawah” or “the propagation of Islamic religion throughout the world,” most especially in the United States as well as to ambush our ally Israel in the Middle East as the Muslim world gives place to a more radical existence.

    lawfare1Needless to say that the privileged position Huma enjoys as Deputy Chief of Staff of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and, by some accounts, her confidant, makes her also privy to potentially important and classified, sensitive, affairs of state of this American Administration.

    A look at the list of Muslim, Islamist organizations, associations, mosques or masjid [pronounced: ma-djid] throughout each one of the 51 states, will show the magnitude of the threat and how far have they gone –and how much Americans have been kept ignorant.

    This is not a religion of peace that’s being implanted in our midst. We are speaking here of stoning, honor killing, mistreatment of women, abuse of children, mutilation, beheading and persecution of Christians, Jews and whoever will not convert to Islam.

    It’s a political ideology of terror and bestiality that could take America to a Middle Age that was never known in our History.


  35. Walid Shoebat is the former terrorist that revealed the information about Huma Weiner’s mother being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    CNN’s ‘gotcha’ hatchet-job on terrorism fighter
    Confronts security adviser at conference, suggests his work
    a ‘scam’
    July 16, 2011

    The “gotcha” reporting of the Anderson Cooper program on CNN may have backfired, as a ministry organization in the United States now is going public with a long list of accusations that the AC360 employees lied about their “investigations” and actually used propaganda from a terror-linked organization for their story.

    The recent programs concerned the work of Walid Shoebat and his foundation and related groups.

    Reporter Andrew Griffin traveled to Rapid City, S.D., where Shoebat was speaking to a conference to confront him. He publicly accused a Shoebat associate of running a “scam.” “I gotta ask you because I do a lot of this type of reporting on charities, organizations that collect money… Everything is not very transparent. Are you running a scam?” Griffin asked.

    Shoebat’s associate, Keith Davies, refused to answer, instead suggesting Griffin look at the required government filings for the organization. Griffin also tried to grill Shoebat on exactly where his funding that is allocated to help Christians in the Middle East goes. Shoebat refused to answer. “If you disclose who you’re helping, it ends up biting them,” he warned.

    The gist of the CNN report was to suggest that all was not as it should be in a legitimate ministry, with accusations that Shoebat was improperly accepting federal funding for his lectures – as a former terrorist – on terrorism, and other misbehavior. Cooper and Griffin discussed how something “doesn’t seem to add up” and how they were unable to confirm parts of Shoebat’s biography by contacting officials in the Middle East.

    As a result, Shoebat’s organization confronted the network with: “If CNN is serious about the integrity of its news gathering some questions need to be asked concerning the agenda regarding this story as well as verifying for yourself as leaders of CNN News, the integrity of these journalists. If they lie about us then how can they be trusted with other important stories.”

    We have also learned [through] unimpeachable sources that CAIR operatives secretly worked with CNN in carrying out this political assassination of Mr. Shoebat.

    Continued. [Whose side is CNN on?]

    • “Cooper and Griffin discussed how something “doesn’t seem to add up” and how they were unable to confirm parts of Shoebat’s biography by contacting officials in the Middle East.”

      Just chew on that one for a while. Something doesn’t SEEM TO ADD UP! They were “unable to confirm parts of Shoebat’s biography!” SHOEBAT’S BIOGRAPHY! At worst, he’s allegedly (according to Cooper) “running a scam”.

      HOW ABOUT COOPER VERIFYING THE BIOGRAPHY OF SOMEBODY WHO CAN AND DOES DO FAR MORE HARM TO THE US THAN SHOEBAT? Namely, Barack Hussein Obama II (aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr., aka Soebarkah, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barry Dunham, aka Steve Dunham, aka Barrack Houssein Obama II, aka Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, aka Baracka Hussein Abu Amama, aka Barak Mounir Abayd (or Ubayd), aka the alleged POTUS).

      CNN would truly do We the People a huge favor if they would sincerely investigate the “biography” of this person, given that it cannot be CONFIRMED! We’ve been trying hard for over three years. Please, Anderson Cooper. We beg you. Put your vast resources to work for once and do the job you’re supposed to be doing. VET the POTUS, not Walid Shoebat.

  36. Hillary Clinton snagged in web of ‘Weinergate 2’
    Secretary of State praises ‘pioneering work’ of congressman’s terror-tied mother-in-law
    July 17, 2011


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