Obama Lost It, We Found It! (Open Thread)

By Bridgette

Getting to the Truth of  his Gray Matter!

Bought and Paid for by George Soros

Medical Records….Sealed.

Wattage Unknown.  

Amperes Unknown. 

Voltage Unknown. 

Ohm Unknown.

So, What’s New?


Newly discovered and leaked records reveal the medical diagnosis and the resulting Puppet show.  He suffers from   Exploding Head Syndrome.  Wiki states that it causes the sufferer ” to experience a tremendously loud noise as originating from within his or her own head,   usually described as the sound of an explosion,  roar, gunshot, loud voices or screams, a ringing noise, or the sound of electrical arcing (buzzing).”  Consequently, he often feels zapped or charged as the case might be.   This now makes sense when he yells the words, “all charged up.”   The timer in the contraption works intermittently, and a few “shorts”  have been observed.

One prevalent short circuit that hasn’t been located  causes him to give the finger to those who are causing him distress or somehow prompting an overload in his internal circuitry.  Flipping the so-called “bird” is believed to be  intentional  wiring by the programmer.

Scientific Notations:  The Obama Death Stare is still under observation.    The giggle and huge toothy smile are in total sync.   Neck scars and deep indentations are being injected weekly with botox.    Melanin is being injected into the scars on the head to hide the incision lines.  Hair growth is being increased  to 1/2 inch while the additional pigment darkens the scar tissue.  Facial mole was removed, but reappeared on the opposite side of the nose.   No cause was recorded.  The incessant uhhhs and snakey  ssss’s in words are set to be deprogrammed.

Allegiance sequence was reset;  he will attach flag pin to attire daily and will put hand over heart when the “Pledge of Allegiance” is being said.  Still trouble shooting the faith sequence;  “God Bless America” is now programmed to occur at the end  of all speeches.   When battery power is low, he is buzzed to leave all meetings,  conferences, or meals without warning and by using an innocuous excuse.   The time necessary to fully charge circuits is determined by amperes and wattage available; hook-ups and plug-ins are carried in a modified cup in his shorts so as not to be noticed.  The noticeable flipping the bird gesture appears to be deeply embedded in the original design and attempts to locate it have failed.


My Background Research on “Flipping the Bird” from the Above Report:  This Flipping the Bird was first noted when he addressed Hillary in April, 2008.  Again the middle finger went up when facing John McCain in November,  2008, and then in July 2010, John Boehner was the recipient.    It was also noted on Feb 17, 2011, Arrogant Obama Gives Finger  To Federal Judge.”  The judge, US District Judge Roger Vison had just ruled Obamacare to be unconstitutional.

There seems to be no one or nothing  that is off limits when his circuitry is pinged and his middle finger salute is offered. The gesture by Obama shows such a lack of class and is so unpresidential and obscene that article headlines  often use the term in association with him.   Writers who report the news  give Obama the same courtesy of respect that he shows for others.

Examples of Obama’s disregard and disdain  for others  are exemplified in these now historical headlines: “President Obama Gives Fox News the Finger!”;   Obama Gives John Boehner the Middle Finger Salute in Racine” ; “Obama Give Dalai Lama the Finger”;    Obama Gives the Finger to Our Fallen on Memorial Day”;  “Obama Gives the Middle Finger to Israel“; “Obama Gives the Finger to our Allies Again”; “Obama Salutes Ryan“; “Obama Gives Poland the Finger “; “Obama Gives Middle Finger Salute to Black DC Families“; “Obama Gives the Finger to Our Great Ally to the North“;  “Obama Motors Gives the Finger to GM Bondholders“;  “Obama Gives the Finger to 9/11 Responders“; “Obama Gives the Finger to Veterans“;  “Obama Gives Trump the Middle Finger”; ” Obama Gives Arab Democracy the Finger”;   “Obama Flips Off GOP House Members at Speech in Baltimore”;  Obama Flips off the American Worker for “Cheap Labor Illegals”; “Obama Gives Economic Team the Finger”;   “Obama Gives America the Finger” and “OBAMA FLIPS OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE again!”   This is certainly not an inclusive list, but the finger wagging usurper has certainly made his Middle Finger Salute  a significant part of history.  As you can see,  Mayors, Heads of State, Governors,  States, Countries, the Supremes,  Judges, Citizens, nor Congress are  immune to his blindsided assaults and flippin’  the bird both literally and figuratively.   From these examples, there does appear to be a continual and disgusting pattern of behavior.

From the  Post Op Records:

Chief Robot: [speaks in a booming voice into a microphone while viewing self in a mirror, moving head side to side, and beating his chest…]

“I am the One. I am the great and powerful…”

Then, realizing that it is useless to continue his masquerade, he moves away from the teleprompter and his mirror, and speaks in his normal voice.

“I haven’t got a brain..”

Observations by We the People:  “So Noted.”


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  1. High court weighs in on citizenship rules, copyrights
    By Bill Mears, CNN Supreme Court Producer
    June 13, 2011 2:27 p.m. EDT Snips

    Washington (CNN) — A Mexican-born man who contested a federal law on citizenship that treats men and women differently, has lost his appeal at the Supreme Court.
    The justices split 4-4 on Monday to uphold the criminal conviction of Ruben Flores-Villar. When these rare ties occur, the lower court ruling is automatically upheld, but no national precedent is set.

    At issue is whether his equal protection rights were violated by what he claimed was gender discrimination. Flores-Villar was born in Mexico to an American father and Mexican mother. The couple never married and the child was brought to the San Diego, California area at age two and raised by his father and grandmother, both U.S. citizens. As an adult he was convicted of smuggling marijuana and illegal entry, and after a prison term he was deported to Tijuana. The man tried to avoid deportation by claiming he was a U.S. citizen. The case turned on a federal five-year residence requirement, after the age of 14, on U.S. male citizen fathers — but not on U.S. citizen mothers — before they may transmit citizenship to a child born out of wedlock abroad to a non-citizen.

    The 1940 law states if the child’s mother is a U.S. citizen, the child will automatically be a U.S. citizen at birth, so long as the mother previously had lived in the United States for one year, at any age. But if only the child’s father is a U.S. citizen, the law mandates that the father have resided in the United States for 10 years prior to the child’s birth, at least five of which must be after the father was 14 years old.

    Because the man’s father was only 16 when his son was born, he did not meet the five-year time frame before Flores-Villar was born. So if the nationalities of Flores-Villar’s parents were reversed, he would be a citizen. His lawyers called that an unfair double-standard.

    The law has since been revised to make it easier for biological fathers to transmit citizenship in such cases. A federal appeals court in San Francisco last year had ruled against Flores-Villar, who remains in Mexico.

    • Interesting, huh? Citizenship, I remind readers, not NATURAL BORN citizenship. I remember this case and in Barry’s case, people cited that rule about the MOTHER having to live so long in the US after a certain age. Is this a different law? If it was changed in 1940, why would anyone think it applied to SADOS and Barry in 1961?

      So if Barry was born abroad to an unmarried US citizen mother, then he’s a CITIZEN. Not necessarily a NBC. NO LAW made by Congress can override the requirements of the Constitution. I wonder how the Founders would decide a case where the father is a British subject, if the parents weren’t married and if the child was born in another country?

  2. http://nation.foxnews.com/president-obama/2011/06/13/obama-jokes-jobs-council-shovel-ready-was-not-shovel-ready-we-expected

    Imelt and Barry joke while millions are out of jobs; hundreds of thousands applying for unemployment every month, but it’s funny to Barry and Imelt. This should make all hard-working blue-collar union workers proud. Don’t ya think?

    Whose side are these fat cats on, SEIU? I ask you seriously. Do you like it that they believe that your low wages and disappearing jobs are jokes?

    Do you think they really are on your side? Or are they just USING YOU?

  3. It’s time we put Barry out of a job. And with him, Imelt, too, who now also works for US in this administration. Wake up, America. It’s One Bad Ass Mistake, America.

    2012: Nope and change. Nope to Obama. Yes, to change: restore the vision of the Founders.

  4. LTC Terry Lakin Releases New Video Concerning the Future of our Country
    Monday, June 13, 2011

    In his new video LTC Terry Lakin discusses issues concerning the trial, his imprisonment & release, his future, his book, and the future of our country.

    In 2010 LTC Lakin, a highly decorated army doctor, invited his own court martial in the hope that the facts concerning Constitutional eligibility for the office of the president would be forthcoming. Instead he was denied all discovery and sentenced to six months in Fort Leavenworth with loss of his pay, his pension, and a discharge from the Army. In this video he shares some thoughts about the future of our country. Learn more at: http://www.terrylakin.com

    Watch the video at the Terry Lakin Action Fund Website

    • I’m glad CW reminded everybody of those emails. So much we knew, so much we’ve forgotten, so much still to learn, most of it bad news for Barry. No wonder he runs the least transparent administration in history.

  5. Can someone catch this and post the 20 names ? I will be out.


  6. Im Posting this Information on this thread because this is where we have commented most Re: Rep. Anthony Weiner.

    June 14, 2011
    WebToday Exclusive:

    Former Muslim and PLO member Walid Shoebat has uncovered EXPLOSIVE information about the family of Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Abedin is also the wife of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Abedin’s mother Saleha is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and her brother is the Head of Development for an organization filled with Brotherhood members!
    Was Mrs. Weiner (Huma Abedin), the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Did western media miss what has been REVEALED in several Arab newspapers, which remained SECRET in American government circles?

    Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list, which was partially published by Al-Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers. The detailed list included Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, as belonging to the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division known as the Muslim Sisterhood or what is known as the International Women’s Organization (IWO).

    Egyptian Al-Dostor revealed that the Sisternood included 63 International members that span 16 different countries; it’s also confirmed by the Arab Centre for Studies, headed by researcher Abdul Rahim Ali.

    Neither Huma nor any major western media outlet even mention what is common knowledge in the Arab world. Yet, confirmed by Arab sources – is that Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan Abedin who works at Oxford University.

    What is significant is that Oxford University, which has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), has Huma’s brother listed as a fellow and partners with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including al-Qaeda associate, Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board Chairman.

    Cont’s @ Link –



  7. Revealed: Weiner’s In-Laws’ Secret Muslim Brotherhood Connections
    How deep do the ties go?

    June 16, 2011 – 11:14 am

    Was Huma Abedin — wife of Anthony Weiner and deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton — unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Did Western media miss what has been revealed in several Arab newspapers and left secret in American government circles?

    Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list, partially published by Al-Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers, that includes Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, in the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division — known as the Muslim Sisterhood or International Women’s Organization (IWO).

    Cont’s @ Link


  8. Anthony Weiner Praises Mayor Bloomberg in Mosque Debate
    Published on: August 7, 2010

    New York, NY – Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s eloquent and at times emotional speech in defense of a proposed mosque at near ground zero this week is already being called the most stirring of his career as a public official.

    Even so, nobody expected this: a personal letter to Mr. Bloomberg, effusively praising the address, from Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a persistent critic who openly covets the mayor’s job.

    Mr. Weiner, who seriously weighed running against Mr. Bloomberg in 2009, and afterward boasted that the billionaire’s aides “were afraid of me,” quietly dashed off the letter [pdf] on Aug. 5.

    “Dear Mayor Bloomberg,” it began. “I honor you for your powerful statement about the proposed cultural center with a mosque in Lower Manhattan.”

    “Your remarks on Tuesday put this controversial issue into context,” he continued.

    Mr. Weiner, a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens, has said little about the planned Muslim community center, even as controversy engulfed the project, and it became a hotly debated political issue across the country.


  9. From our old files, and a good time to repost this as to WTF is happening to our Country!!!


    Terrorist attacks that involve bombings and shootings are just one component of the jihad, or holy war, that Islamists are actively waging against infidels all over the world. Another component of that jihad consists of nonviolent initiatives which can be classified as stealth (or “soft”) jihad, whose goal is the imposition of Islamic law, Sharia, over every region of the earth by non-confrontational means. Under the banners of “tolerance” and “civil rights,” stealth jihadists introduce, in piecemeal fashion, elements of Sharia into Western societies and then demand that non-Muslims make allowance for those elements. Moreover, stealth jihadists smear those who dare to discuss the negative aspects of Sharia (and Islam) as “racists” and “Islamophobes.”

    Some examples of how stealth jihad has made inroads into U.S. and Western culture include the following:


    Ultimately, stealth jihadists seek — by exploiting the West’s respect for minority rights and cultures — to transform pluralistic societies into Islamic states and to gradually sweep away Western notions of legal equality, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and more. Giuseppe Bernardini, a Roman Catholic Archbishop in Turkey, notes that Saudi “petro-dollars” have been used “not to create work in the poor North African or Middle Eastern countries, but to build mosques and cultural centers in Christian countries with Islamic immigration.” This “program of expansion and re-conquest,” says Bernardini, was given voice by a Muslim leader who had candidly told him: “Thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you. Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.”

    The stealth jihad plan for the West was enunciated by a top Muslim Brotherhood operative in the United States, Mohamed Akram, who explained that the Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”
Akram’s directive came in a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum from May 22, 1991, entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.” In that document, Akram laid out a plan to conquer and Islamize the United States — as a stepping stone toward the larger goal of ultimately establishing “the global Islamic state.”

    In America, Akram explained, it would be extremely difficult to promote Islam by means of terror attacks. Thus the Brotherhood’s priority would be to “settle” Islam and the Brotherhood movement in the United States — by way of Islamic organizations posing as civil-rights groups — so that the Muslim faith would be incrementally accepted and “enabled within the souls, minds and the lives of the people of the country.”


    Taqiyya and kitman: Role of Deception in Islamic terrorism
    Snip ~
    During the Spanish inquisition, Sunni Moriscos attended mass and returned home to wash their hands of the ‘holy water’. In operational terms, taqiyya and kitman allowed the ‘mujahadeen ‘ to assume whatever identity was necessary to fulfill their mission; they had doctrinal and theological and later jurisprudential sanction to pretend to be Jews or Christians to gain access to Christian and Jewish targets: ‘the mujahadeen can take the shape of the enemy’.


    • I have to wonder whether a jihadist-minded woman would assume the identity of a complicit lesbian if it meant she got power at the highest level of our government.

  10. Did Anthony Weiner Convert to Islam?

    WebToday ^ | June 8, 2011 | WebToday
    Wednesday, June 08, 2011 3:41:24 PM by geraldmcg

    WebToday (June 8, 2011)– The New York Times reports that Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife – Huma Abedin – is a “practicing Muslim” who was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2007, the New York Observer wrote – article no longer available but cross-posted at Free Republic – that her mother is a professor in Saudi Arabia and that her father was an Islamic scholar before his death.

    Islamic law forbids any Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man. Weiner was raised Jewish but admitted to growing up in a non-religious household. If Abedin remains a practicing Muslim and her religion forbids her from marrying a non-Muslim, isn’t she failing to practice Islam? Wouldn’t that be the case unless Weiner converted to Islam?

    Known as the Shahada, the Islamic testimony of faith is very short. Weiner would have been required to say it according to Islamic law. Otherwise, Abedin would have violated a primary tenet of her religion. Here is what Weiner would have had to say in order to be able to marry Abedin according to Sharia law:

    “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

    Curiously, the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (ICC) – of which Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a trustee – is a man named Sheik Omar Abu-Namous. He is calling for Abedin to stand by Weiner. Why would an imam encourage a Muslim woman to remain married to an unfaithful Jewish man?

    Compounding this matter further is the fact that Abu-Namous was quoted in 2001 as saying:

    “A unified Muslim state would be the ideal instrument to convince the world that Islam is the last version of God’s word. God meant his word to be obeyed.”

    In 2007, Abu-Namous spoke alongside the director of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at the First National Summit of Imams and Rabbis. Abu-Namous is on record as having said there was no conclusive evidence that Muslims were responsible for the September 11th attacks. Ironically, Abu-Namous’s predecessor at the ICC blamed the Jews for 9/11. ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood group.


    • “The very fact that she spent 15 or 16 years in Saudi Arabia [from roughly the age of 2, until roughly the age of 18], and then showed up in the Clinton Whitehouse, as an intern, in 1996, at roughly the age of 21, is, in and of itself, a massive security breach.

      That she then spent another five years in the Clinton Whitehouse, and, for most of the last seven years, has been wedded at the hip to Mrs. Clinton, night and day [whether or not they are engaging in acts of sodomy], is an unthinkable compromise of national security.”

      But maybe Bill, considering his own proclivities, gave Huma a pass. He was in charge then, of course. That link has some AMAZING stuff, considering it was accumulated BEFORE the nomination was even decided in Obama’s favor. Warning signs all there; few saw or took notice.

      • Miri, Its been awhile since I’ve done any research on the Clintons, its here though, somewhere! Also, have you ever read – Betrayal : How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security, written by Bill Gertz ? Gertz, explains in excellent detail how Clinton’s policies have compromised our national security. After finding the information regarding Huma that I posted here, to find out that Bill and Hillary look at Huma as a second “daughter” …….has me floored, to say the very least! What else is left to be said?

  11. Why Is Weiner’s Muslim Brotherhood Wife Not Resigning?
    Arnold Ahlert

    Jun 17th, 2011

    Anthony Weiner resigned yesterday, unable to withstand the relentless pressure put on him for his sexting extravaganzas. Yet if an article written by former PLO terrorist-turned-Christian and Israel supporter Walid Shoebat (along with KTEM radio host Ben Barrack) is any indication, it may very well be that the wrong member of the family resigned. According to Arabic sources translated by Mr. Shoebat, Huma Abedin’s mother and brother are both associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Ms. Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmoud Abdeen, is reportedly part of a special woman’s unit known as the Muslim Sisterhood or the International Women’s Organization (IWO) which, according to a counter-terrorism report obtained by the Terrorism Committee of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, operates within the Brotherhood in Egypt and possibly other Arab nations as well. The Egyptian newspaper Al-Dostor confirms that the Sisterhood includes 63 international members in 16 different countries.

    The group is being portrayed by Western media in a benign fashion, as noted in Der Spiegel and on its Facebook page. But a report by the Egyptian opposition newspaper Al-Liwa Al-Arabi paints a far more ominous picture. It reveals that these women, who are “the wives of some of the highest-ranking leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood” are being recruited to:

    [S]muggle secret documents for the members since women go undetected by security surveillance…to spread the Brotherhood’s ideology by infiltrating universities, schools and homes…to lay the plans for the Sisterhood to work at the state level…[and]…to fulfill the interests of the Brotherhood and also to benefit from international women’s conferences and unify all efforts to benefit the Brotherhood globally.

    Furthermore, the Sisterhood’s mission includes:

    [O]rganiz[ing] projects which will penetrate its prohibited ideology into the decision making in the West and in an indirect way under the guise of “general needs of women”…through the university and the state capitals and institutions and is done in accordance to the project Al-Islam Huwa Al-Hal (Islam is the solution).

    Cont’s @ Link –


    • Wow. You can’t infiltrate better than to finagle a job as US Secretary of State’s aide. Huma was everywhere on Hillary’s latest trip, even though her husband was going through the most existential career nutgrinder of a crisis that’s possible. She chose to be at Hillary’s side instead of with her husband. (Not that I have an ounce of sympathy for the Weiner.)

      What’s galling is that the news articles all moan: how will Weiner support his family now, without a career? How the heck much do We the Taxpayers pay Ms. Huma Weiner? Plenty, I’m guessing. More than enough to support 2 adults and one baby. I’m sure we have more than adequate maternity benefits for higher up State Dept. muckety mucks. I’m guessing that Ms. Weiner’s salary is at least 10 times what my dad made, to support a family of 8.

      Did the lamestream agonize in newsprint about what would become of the family of Representative Chris Lee, who resigned for sending a shirtless photo to a woman? Nope. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/10/us/politics/10lee.html

      Compare and contrast that story to the story in the same newspaper, about Weiner. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/17/nyregion/anthony-d-weiner-tells-friends-he-will-resign.html?_r=1

      Isn’t it special? He’ll still be able to collect his cushy pension, courtesy of the taxpayers. That means you! His resignation conveniently puts investigation off the table, although some authorities still should investigate to see if he illegally used government resources for his escapades. Who owns that Blackberry, for example? He did photograph himself in the WH exercise facility. It’s hilarious to compare the two NY Times stories, BOTH WRITTEN BY THE SAME GUY. Look how sympathetic he is to Weiner, but with the Lee story, it’s just nuts and bolts.

      Here’s how he opens about Lee: “Representative Christopher Lee of New York abruptly resigned on Wednesday night after a shirtless photo of himself, which he had e-mailed to a woman, was published on the Internet. … The resignation came hours after Gawker, a gossip Web site, published an e-mail exchange that Mr. Lee, who is married and has a son, had with a 34-year-old Maryland woman he had met through Craigslist.”

      Now Weiner: “Representative Anthony D. Weiner, a once-promising politician whose Brooklyn roots and scrappy style made him a leading candidate to be the next mayor of New York, resigned his seat on Thursday, ending a three-week scandal over his lewd online behavior that startled his constituents and alienated many of his colleagues. Mr. Weiner made the decision after long and emotional discussions with his political advisers and his wife, Huma Abedin, whom friends described as devastated by the behavior of her husband of 11 months, and worried about the couple’s financial future.

      The rest of the Chris Lee story is written in the same cut and dried method. Here are a few choice excerpts from the Weiner story, with emphasis added:

      “Mr. Weiner reached his decision late Wednesday, and seemed at peace with it, after days of appearing frazzled and torn, a person who spoke to him said. He began telling his most trusted advisers on Wednesday night, then held a conference call with his entire staff, informing them that it no longer seemed fair to his constituents and his colleagues for him to remain in office.”

      “The scandal that upended Mr. Weiner’s career …”

      “… during an emotional news conference on June 6, he admitted that he had lied…”

      “As the story engulfed him …”

      “… described Ms. Abedin, who appeared composed and poised on the trip abroad, as devastated and shocked … she is very loyal.”

      Neither Ms. Abedin nor Mr. Weiner earn lucrative salaries, and Ms. Abedin is worried about her husband, who has been in politics much of his adult life, finding work.,,,: (Ok. Challenge of the day, what does Huma make? It should be public record. Ask.com says rank and file Congresspersons make $174,000. That’s not lucrative?) Of course, he just lost that income, along with the benefits like health insurance (maybe?).

      “It has been a precipitous fall for Mr. Weiner, a media-savvy politician ,,,”

      “Despite his successes, Mr. Weiner could be abrasive ,,,”

      “… some constituents stayed loyal to him…Mr. Weiner’s wife was ‘very smart,’ …”

      Human beings make mistakes,” [a constituent] said, “but they learn from their mistakes.”

      ” the circuslike atmosphere continued after he had left the podium. … had heckled the congressman.”

      Consider the emotional tone. Doesn’t Weiner sound like a victim? Don’t you have so much sympathy for his loyal, worried wife? Aren’t you worried about her, her unborn child, and what will become of them? Isn’t it cruel because she has to suffer from her husband’s “mistakes”?

      Now here’s how he closed his story on Lee:

      “In Congress, Mr. Lee had a reputation as a social conservative, opposing, for example, a recent measure signed into law that allowed gays to serve openly in the military.

      Nothing in the story makes Lee sound sympathetic. Details, in fact, make him sound sleazy. His wife isn’t named. There’s no mention about how Lee will support his wife and son, now. Wife not named; nor any quotes from his constituents about how people make mistakes, but learn from them, or from friends who tell us how devastated Mrs. Lee is and how LOYAL and smart she is. No concern about what she and her son are facing. No multiple references to what a “rising star” Mr. Lee was.

      Enuf said.

      • Huma’s title is “Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations” right there in the Secretary of State’s office. http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/112065.pdf

        So far, I can find little on her salary, but “executive salaries” for the foreign service range from $145,000 to close to $200,000. http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/134927.pdf

        I would assume somebody who’s that close to the Sec. of State, right in the office, would make far beyond what an executive in the foreign service makes. It may be that her staff doesn’t even fall under civil service so can make whatever she decides they’re worth. I saw a comment on Lucianne’s blog where someone stated that when Huma was part of Hillary’s campaign, the first two years of what was raised via HillPac (or whatever it was called) went for Huma’s salary. Good pay for a body woman.

    • Amazing. I just mentioned this to someone and their comment was this:

      How could a person with ties in their family to the Muslim Brotherhood work for a person so high up on the political stage ? That is impossible, they vet these people for major security reasons. They would not allow her to work for Hillary if her family connects to the MB. That is impossibly ignorant……

      Point taken…

      • http://www.observer.com/2007/hillary-s-mystery-woman-who-huma

        This is an AMAZING old story about Huma. There are rumors that she and Hillary were/are “an item” which could explain why Huma was with Hillary instead of Anthony. I don’t enjoy rumors but THIS IS OUR COUNTRY these people are ruining. Bill Clinton “presided” at Huma’s wedding to Weiner? How old is Huma? How old was she in 2007?

        More: http://nymag.com/news/politics/nationalinterest/35541/ This one has some nasty rumors but also a lot of good links and points: http://www.lukeford.net/profiles/profiles/huma_abedin.htm

        Huma is much beloved by Oscar de la Renta, but she doesn’t have a “lucrative salary” even though you never see her twice in the same designer outfit?

        Quoted from Free Republic: ” How does the child of two university professors [one of them deceased], who is single, never married, and living on a clerical salary, in one of the most expensive cities in America, afford to “never… wear the same outfit twice”? Much less purchase from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Catherine Malandrino, Charles Nolan, Prada, and Marc Jacobs? Not to mention Yves Saint Laurent? How does the child of two university professors [one of them deceased], who is single, never married, and living on a clerical salary, in one of the most expensive cities in America, afford to buy her own “apartment in the vicinity of 12th and U streets”? What would such an apartment cost? $500,000? $750,000? $1,000,000? Where is she getting that kind of money? Who is the co-signor on her loan?”

        I wouldn’t worry about poor Huma.

        • Is she Hillary’s version of Barry’s Reggie Love?

          I think this is serious, folks. I don’t like the sexual aspect of these rumors but this is serious in that this makes TWO Democrats who are running our government “in bed” so to speak with far too many Muslims when we’re AT WAR with Muslims. WTF is going on here? Is it simply naive progressive outreach or is it something else?

          btw, I don’t think she’s “gorgeous”. I’m sick of hearing that she is, as if it matters. What does Rep. Lee’s wife look like? If she’s not gorgeous, does she suffer less? Or does she just deserve less of our sympathy because she’s not rich and gorgeous or one of the elite?

          OMG. This story talks about how Huma could run for office. Is she being GROOMED for it? Is that why the DC wedding? Huma was single during Hillary’s campaign. Suddenly, after being single into her 30s, she marries. The Clintons are “furious” about Weiner’s imbroglio. Why Weiner, when people say a devout Muslim would not be allowed, culturally and religiously speaking, to marry a Jew? Sham marriages and requisite 2 children. All the gay men in Congress are married. Are they all phonies? Did the media talk about Huma’s need for privacy to warn off people who might look into just who she is?

          Leza: I’m still catching up with all you wrote last night. That story I linked (gag alert!) is the one that you said has been scrubbed. Apparently back up, for now.

          • Let’s not forget that this makes TWO Democrats (both were candidates for POTUS, only one won but the other got a HUGE influential job) who were subject to blackmail for the same reason. Alleged gay sex exploits. Did taqiyya-minded Muslims infiltrate, by any means necessary, and successfully achieve their goals? Just askin’.

          • Miri, I just got home a couple of hours ago..Its been a verrry long day for me. Im going to be busy most of this weekend also, but I plan on doing alot more research into all of this as soon as I am able. Thank you for all the help, very much appreciated!

            • Help? No need to thank me. Thank YOU for bringing this up. We need to publicize this widely, because they just may be setting Hillary up for another run at the WH. No way, Jose. Same song, second verse. She’s complicit and has been complicit all along. Now SHE has questionable associations that need to be FULLY vetted, as wasn’t done for Barry. Why is her “shadow” so tight with the Muslim Brotherhood and why was this FACT hidden (or downplayed) for all these years?

      • Hey Renee, I am following you guys . I might add you guys needn’t any of my help these past few days anyway. I’ve been off reading thousands of pages of archives till I am archived out. Wow, seems there will be some new ones addes by the time this summer winds down. From Weiners to Humas to Hilary and a “gall durn” BC. What’s next.??
        But another matter, Renee this is where I find you so I wanted to ask you if you have a photo of Yolande O. Jackson ? I know, way off topic but where do I put it? I have one.

        • Thanks Alf. Post it on the research blog-comments and we will post it. Let me find the place.

          • Alf, We do not have a contact us link like this side has. We need to add one over there. Just send the pic to this side-contact us at top of this page. I will have our art fairy add it in across the hall. Thank you again.

      • This person does realize their current Resident in chief was NEVER vetted …..Right?

        • Re: comment

          Renee | June 17, 2011 at 9:34 am |

          Amazing. I just mentioned this to someone and their comment was this:
          How could a person with ties in their family to the Muslim Brotherhood work for a person so high up on the political stage ? That is impossible, they vet these people for major security reasons. They would not allow her to work for Hillary if her family connects to the MB. That is impossibly ignorant……

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