Dominique Strauss-Kahn Head Of The I.M.F. Arrested For Sex Assault

By Renee

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

It looks like all plans to run for President of France have been dashed for Dominique Strauss-Kahn who is now  head of the International Monetary Fund. He has been arrested amid charges of  a sexual assault of a hotel maid in his room. Mr Strauss-Kahn was removed from an airplane he had quickly boarded after the incident. He had fled his hotel room without his cell phone as well as personal belongings. Do honest men run from a crime scene? Is this story correct?

This is not the first unflattering incident for Dominique. It seems unbelievable that a man in a  highly visible position would throw it all away for a forceful sexual encounter.

Sometimes power makes some individuals believe they are above the law and proper standards. They have no boundaries for their behavior. How do these types of characters get these leadership positions? Truly amazing. I guess the term “Lead by example” is a thing of the past?

Dominique has a wife (his third) who also has a high profile position . I guess she was not on his mind in his hotel room, though. I feel sorry for her humiliation.

I have written on Dominique previously, and I will add an in depth story on him also on the research site. This is not a sweet story. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it looks like Dominique will probably be updating his resume very soon as well as writing checks for legal fees. I am sure some fast explaining to the Mrs. is on the agenda also.

His wife;

NY Post article here:

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  1. The Great Seducer ? Really ? I thought to seduce was with consent….he must not really be that great if he has to force himself on a hotel maid no ?
    Sounds very desperate to me. Pervert. Not such a hot seducer at all…I hope this is not some dirty set up though. I just cannot imagine a man being this stupid.

  2. That could be the side show to ask us to look away from the real start:

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    DEBKAfile Special Report May 15, 2011, 7:27 PM

    Not enough Israeli troops guarded Syrian border fence

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    The Majd al-Shams invasion followed by violence by masked Paletinians in Jerusalem and a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. It was synchronized with mass incursions from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. This round is not over. It will not be stopped by military restraint.


    But what is the tie-in?

    Easy: This is the islamist in the WH

    Remember the red and black victory celebration?

    Next step?

    Osama condemns Israel at the U(nholy) Nations.

    Just watch.


    This is a good one, Renee. So many angles. So much sleaze. So many tawdry details. This guy now says he was set up; maybe he was. He was expected to run against Sarkozy in the next French election. He’s a SOCIALIST. (Not Sarkozy, this sleazy guy.)

    “Dominique Strauss-Kahn feared that one of his political opponents would pay a woman more than $1million to say he raped her, [why would he “fear” that and how does he know how much it would take?] it emerged today. The extraordinary revelation emerged in Paris as the International Monetary Fund head remained in a New York police cell accused of launching a sex attack on a hotel maid. A writer in the French capital has also come forward to say that the 62-year-old attempted to rape her a decade ago.”

    The details are really disgusting. They knew his “weakness”. Ha! This story claims that somebody in Sarkozy’s party broke the news before it was announced by the NYPD.

    Imho, just because gossip flies at the speed of light in cyberspace, doesn’t mean that this person with inside info set the jerk up. My guess is that considering who he is, lots of phone calls were going all over the place before they arrested him hours later. Hey, if he didn’t have that “weakness”, it wouldn’t be possible to set him up. Would it?

    Even if it were a “trap”, nobody made the sleaze ball bite. (Ooh, poor choice of words, considering the details of the allegations.)

    As for me, I like Sarkozy and I don’t like Marxist socialists, nor do I like sleazeballs who can’t keep it in their pants. And who prey upon women trying to do their jobs. Creepo.

    I read that they tricked the guy into not flying the coop by having someone at the hotel pretend to have his cell phone. He gave away his location and the cops caught up with him there at the airport. They won’t give him bail because he’s a “flight” risk. Pun intended.

    “Police said a 32-year-old cleaning woman accused Mr. Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her in the Sofitel Hotel near Times Square. The alleged victim, a native of Guinea and mother of two, said she entered room 2806, a $3,000-a-night luxury suite, around 12 p.m. on Saturday to clean it, thinking it was empty, according to a law-enforcement official with knowledge of the case.

    According to the narrative she gave investigators, Mr. Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom nude and approached her from behind and touched her breast, then threw her on to the bed, the official said.

    She told police she broke free but was then pushed into a rear hallway of the suite near the bathroom. Mr. Strauss-Kahn allegedly caught up with her and sexually assaulted her, the official said, before allowing her to leave.

    The accuser informed hotel security officials, who showed her a photo of the suite’s occupant. After she identified Mr. Strauss-Kahn as her attacker, hotel officials then called police, the official said. The alleged victim was taken to a hospital where she was treated for trauma, tested for sexual assault and later released, the official said.

    The official said detectives have recovered DNA evidence at the scene.

    Mr. Strauss-Kahn checked out of the Sofitel at 12:28 p.m., police said. But it was his call from JFK airport to the hotel in search of his phone at 3:40 p.m. that identified his whereabouts. Police were then able to locate him and escort him from the plane. Later in the night, Mr. Strauss-Kahn was formally charged with sexual assault and attempted rape, the department later said in a statement. On Sunday, the woman picked the IMF chief out of a lineup at a Manhattan police station, the official said.”

    Checking out of the hotel so precipitously and right after the incident sure doesn’t look good. They got him off the plane! More details to come, I’m sure.

  4. Like the Marxist leaders on this side of the Pond, Strauss-Kahn was one of those socialists who says, “do as I say, not as I do.” He lived in luxury, like some other Marxist socialists we know who regularly dine on Wagyu beef, send their kids to the toniest of private schools, and vacation frequently in the most luxurious of locations, driving around in 20-car motorcades:

    “Last week, the press caught DSK, as the local press calls him, and his wife tooling around in a borrowed $150,000 Porsche, which reinforced his image as wealthy playboy. In 2008, Strauss-Kahn barely survived a widely publicized affair with one of his IMF employees, and in the wake of the New York incident, another woman has stepped forward claiming a rape in 2002.”

    I like this part, “The latest outrage leaves voters to feel that elites, regardless of professed party identity, serve mainly themselves, their own megalomania, tawdry materialism and sense of invulnerability.”

    Except coming from Huffpo, I doubt they see the irony that we do: “serve mainly themselves, their own MEGALOMANIA, TAWDRY materialism, and sense of INVULNERABILITY.” Sound like somebody we know only too well?

    OMG, check out the last paragraph. How blind can people be? Seriously? It never ceases to amaze:

    “You still see Obama bumper stickers in Paris, where the U.S. president remains highly popular. Barack Obama not only still stands for hope, but he represents a striking contrast to both Sarkozy and Strauss-Kahn in his irreproachable personal behavior. But with the world still in financial crisis, that’s also a low bar. By itself, personal rectitude does little to rally public support of to solve deep national ills.

    I suppose we Americans can take pride that our president has never been accused of assaulting a chamber maid in a luxury hotel. Now, if he would just assault the financial barons.”

    I wouldn’t use the words personal rectitude in any paragraph referring to Obama. (RECTitude? Please. That joke writes itself.) Now, Barry hasn’t been accused of assaulting a chamber maid, but he has been accused of far worse, although not reported by the lamestream media. See: Sinclair, Larry.

  5. I trashed the link because it looks ridiculous, like an ad for Amazon. The quote below comes from the review of his book that’s for sale on Amazon.

    This gives a little insight into the author of that piece at Huffpo. I can see that Huffpo is really going out of its way to be fair and balanced. Here’s more about Kuttner from Wikipedia:

    He wrote a book about Barry’s presidency, decrying that Barry didn’t do an FDR, so now he needs to do a Truman.

    From the Amazon review, “Kuttner argues that Obama ignored the template for economic recovery set by Roosevelt during the Great Depression, preferring to seek consensus on all fronts and failing to adopt more radical measures to restore the economy to health. Since it’s already too late to “seize a Roosevelt moment,” Kuttner sees Obama’s best hope in a Harry Truman-style resurrection by finally taking on obstructionist Republicans, remaking himself as a “plainspoken man of the common people,” and opening himself to proposals from the left wing of his own party.”

    He thinks what Barry did wasn’t RADICAL enough!

  6. Dominique Strauss-Kahn ‘acted like chimpanzee on heat’, woman claims
    May 16

    A 31-year-old writer who claims Dominique Strauss-Kahn ripped off her bra and acted like a “chimpanzee on heat” nine years ago is considering filing a criminal complaint against the International Monetary Fund chief.

    Tristane Banon alleges that after the 2002 attack she was dissuaded from filing charges by her mother, a regional councillor in Mr Strauss-Kahn’s Socialist party.

    Miss Banon said the alleged incident took place when she went to interview Mr Strauss-Kahn, a former French finance minister, in an apartment.

    She gave a graphic account of the alleged attack in a 2007 television programme, currently posted on the internet.

  7. This is still unfolding like a bad soap opera, but the players are quite interesting. We have the chimp-in-heat, so dejected was he that he was on suicide watch at Riker’s, where he had an entire wing to himself, TV in his “cell”, access to a dayroom with another TV, and could go outside for exercise, except it was raining. 😦

    We have the victim, right out of central casting: A 30-something, single-mother (a widow), from Guinea, so probably black, and a chaste, devout Muslim, to boot.

    Chimp, nicknamed in France as the “Great Seducer”, has a 3rd wife and daughter who attends, wait for it … Columbia! Alleged alma mater of BHO Jr. (or II, whatever).

    Right on cue, a la the Clinton affaire, the French media, ever sympathetic to randy men, attacked the victim. Well, she is only a woman, after all. Sexism, racism, elitism, and dare I say it? Anti-muslim sentiments, all rolled into one.

    We learn that said chambermaid allegedly lives in a building in the Bronx, supposedly rented solely to AIDS/HIV victims. (Isn’t this discrimination?)

    Is this poor woman tripley victimized? Once by Chimp, again by the media, and also by a deadly virus possibly passed on to her in the same way that far too many African women get that particular virus? Given to them by men who are too macho to use protection and who care more about their own virility and pleasure than the lives of their partners?

    Hypocrites that leftist/Marxist/Euro-socialist “journalists” are, of course they pointed out how vastly superior the French are because they, unlike Americans, honor the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” Therefore, in France there’s no such thing as that primitive, humiliating, Scarlet-Letter-like “perp walk”, which in their snobbish opinion characterizes Wild West justice, American style.

    In fact, so sophisticated are they that these hypocritical French “journalists”, whose national motto, incredibly enough, is “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”, complain that had this occured in France, Chimp wouldn’t even have been charged, given WHO HE IS–a man of SUCH genius and importance–and especially considering who the victim is!

    The French media actually camped outside the victim’s apartment building. So much for sophistication and equality. Liberty and fraternity. Oh, wait! Fraternity. Brotherhood. That excludes women, doesn’t it? So backward.

    So this chimpish perp has a presumption of innocence, but the victim is GUILTY until PROVEN innocent.

    Aren’t they such an advanced, modern, civilized nation that so honors equality?

    No, in reality, women there are still subjected to what was long ago, thank God, excised from our justice system: The presumption that every victim of sexual assault MUST HAVE “asked for it.”

    Our media got in on the act, too:

    That story suggests that poor Chimp might have gotten more than he bargained for, meaning HIV. AS IF a “great seducer” may not already have it. Just sayin’.

    So now the Chimp is out on bond. Supposedly living in an apartment recently rented by his loving wife. Under surveillance, wearing an ankle bracelet. May he enjoy his stay in beautiful NYC. May the Euro-snobs get a REAL lesson in the meaning of liberty, equality, fraternity/sorority.

  8. Reading around today that his case is falling apart. It seems the maid may have lied to police regarding her background of possible money laundering and drug dealing. Political asylum info questioned;

    • The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on the verge of collapse as investigators have uncovered major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper who charged that he attacked her in his Manhattan hotel suite in May, according to two well-placed law enforcement officials.

      Although forensic tests found unambiguous evidence of a sexual encounter between Mr. Strauss-Kahn, a French politician, and the woman, prosecutors do not believe much of what the accuser has told them about the circumstances or about herself.

      Since her initial allegation on May 14, the accuser has repeatedly lied, one of the law enforcement officials said.

      Senior prosecutors met with lawyers for Mr. Strauss-Kahn on Thursday and provided details about their findings, and the parties are discussing whether to dismiss the felony charges. Among the discoveries, one of the officials said, are issues involving the asylum application of the 32-year-old housekeeper, who is Guinean, and possible links to criminal activities, including drug dealing and money laundering.
      FR link above.

  9. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Bizarre story…Lots of holes in this story.

    Is Strauss-Khan sex assault case about to collapse? Former IMF chief could walk free after maid ‘lied to investigators’
    1st July 2011

    The sexual assault case against ex-IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Khan is reportedly close to collapse. The New York hotel maid who accused Strauss-Khan of raping her in his $3,000-a-night suite lied to investigators, law enforcement sources claim.

    Despite a wealth of forensic evidence against the 62-year-old, prosecutors have dismissed a lot of what the maid said about the alleged encounter. There are also issues involving the asylum application of the Guinean maid as well as her possible link to the criminal world.

    Senior prosecutors met with Strauss-Khan’s legal team today. The parties discussed whether to dismiss the felony charges, according to the New York Times. According to officials the woman told investigators her application included a previous rape but it was not found on the application itself. She also told them she had been subjected to genital mutilation, but her story was different to what she wrote on her application.

    The 32-year-old was allegedly recorded talking to a jailed man a day after her alleged encounter with Strauss-Khan, discussing what she could get out of pursuing the case, the Times reported. The man in question had previously been arrested on possession of marijuana charges. He is just one of the people who made multiple cash deposits, totalling $100,000 into the woman’s bank account over the last two years, according to reports.

    • Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy
      Jim Dwyer, William K. Rashbaum and John Eligon.
      June 30, 2011

      Although forensic tests found unambiguous evidence of a sexual encounter between Mr. Strauss-Kahn, a French politician, and the woman, prosecutors now do not believe much of what the accuser has told them about the circumstances or about herself.

      Since her initial allegation on May 14, the accuser has repeatedly lied, one of the law enforcement officials said.

  10. its all making perfect cents now:

    Lagarde is currently under investigation for settling with Bernard Tapie out of court and authorizing very large payments in his suit with the Crédit Lyonnais, which was publicly owned.[19] Lagarde said on June 28, 2011 that she felt “completely unconcerned” by the legal case.[5]

    Lagarde worked as an intern at the United States Capitol, as William Cohen’s congressional assistant.[7]

    Lagarde joined Baker & McKenzie, a large Chicago-based international law firm, in 1981. She handled major antitrust and labor cases, was made partner in just six years and was named head of the firm in Western Europe. She joined the executive committee in 1995 and was elected the company’s first ever female Chairman in October 1999.[13][14][15]

    • Woodrow Wilson would be so proud of this global citizen

      In 1994, Cohen investigated the federal government’s process for acquiring information technology, and his report, Computer Chaos: Billions Wasted Buying Federal Computer Systems, generated much discussion. Cohen retired from the Senate in 1996; Susan Collins, who had worked for Cohen, was elected to succeed him. (Maine’s other current senator, Olympia Snowe, had also worked for Cohen, while he was in the House.)

      On January 3, 2007, William Cohen appeared on CNN to support John Shalikashvili’s OpEd in support of ending the policy known as ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ saying, “The vast majority of service members are personally comfortable working and interacting with gays and lesbians, and there is only so long that Congress can ignore the evidence”.[8]

    • So she is the new IMF Chief. Never heard of her before and yet “In 2009, Lagarde was ranked the 17th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.” Doesn’t she look like a pleasant personality in her photo?

      I wonder if she is related in any way to the David L. Cohen, Comcast Exec. VP, who hosted about 120 people in his home for a dinner, each of the attendees giving at least $10,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign.”

      How do we know Baker & McKenzie in Chicago?

      Michelle Obama serves on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs – with Marcel J. Molins, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP.

      Kill the bailout: Dodd makes me gag
      By Michelle Malkin • October 1, 2008

      The Chicago CFR = a branch of the Fabian – Incrementalist scumbag crew running the country into the ground. The first lady is on the Board of Directors along with Marcel Molins.

      Marty R. Castro, Commissioner, United States Commission on Civil Rights, as of January 26, 2011. is currently the President of Castro Synergies… He also held partner positions at…Baker & McKenzie,

      How Michelle Obama laundered money through United 93
      May 27, 2010
      Belief Michelle Obama laundered money through the vaporization of United 93 on 9/11 by extorting or corrupting her co-directors on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Marcel J. Molins, exec. committee.


      • Business comments from Obama-Medvedev summit
        Tue Jul 7, 2009
        Following are remarks by Russian and U.S. policymakers and company executives about business ties between the two countries during President Barack Obama’s two-day trip to Moscow.

        “There are hurdles (in Russia-U.S. business relations). What is good is that we are having this kind of dialogue (between Russian and U.S. businessmen. “The right people are going to be there … government and business working together to make sure that hurdles, whether they are massive or challenging, are addressed.”

        UBS has Closed 14,000 American Accounts, Still Opposes IRS Probe
        March 5, 2009 (USA TODAY) Separately, answering questions from subcommittee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., Branson said he had no knowledge of a 2000 UBS memo in which Baker & McKenzie, a Chicago-based law firm, appeared to advise the bank about tactics that could help its American clients avoid IRS reporting requirements.The law firm on Tuesday declined to comment on the memo, saying it does not identify or discuss its clients.

        [Sen.]Levin, frustrated by what he described as international regulatory gaps that facilitate federal tax evasion, said he will seek congressional approval of new legislation that would tighten IRS reporting requirements. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner signaled Obama administration support on Tuesday.

  11. Advised clients how to avoid IRS reporting requirements? Reminds me of ACORN advice.

    Maybe I see conspiracy around every corner, but doesn’t it seem awfully odd that the case against Strauss-Kahn is SUDDENLY being shot full of holes, supposedly based upon a jailhouse telephone conversation that was only just now translated from whatever African language they spoke into English? How faithful is the translation? (Like the Granny Sarah tapes?)

    The prosecutor said on the record that he STILL BELIEVES SHE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. If so, then why not take it to the jury and let the jury decide who’s credible?

    This woman is from another culture altogether. She’s Muslim. Considering how raped women are BLAMED for their dilemma in Muslim countries and how a rape victim needs 4 witnesses to prove rape in a Muslim country, does it sound that bizarre that she finished her shift before reporting the incident? Especially since she was traumatized and women in those societies are socialized to obey authority (even if only the duties of a work shift)? All of this is the kind of thing the prosecutor could easily present to a jury to explain her words and actions, but even so: The victim is not on trial; the perpetrator of the crime is on trial. As he SHOULD BE.

    There was no doubt by the investigators that she was raped. They say they still have no doubt, only that suddenly (after French investigators Palinized her) they say she lacks credibility.

    They SAY she falsely reported being gang raped in her native country. False, or UNPROVEN by Muslim-country standards? Gang rape is unfortunately rampant in Muslim countries in Africa. Were their witnesses OTHER than the perpetrators? If so, would they testify on HER behalf? So upon what is the claim that she falsely cried rape based? What’s HER side of that story? Is this incident WHY she came to America in the first place? To avoid such persecution? All things the people have a right to know and which would come out at the trial.

    Whatever happened to the feminists who say (rightfully so) that no matter who the woman is, no woman deserves rape and no man should get out of jail free just because he can smear the victim.

    Whatever happened to this kind of dirt not being admissable? Oh, how times have changed, especially when a big muckety muck from the NWO is the perp.

    Is it a coincidence that the case suddenly begins to fall apart when Strauss-Kahn is being replaced at the IMF? Who pulled strings in this case?

    I was angry when I read how the French said, basically, that even if true, in France he would never have been arrested on account of who he is versus who the victim is. I was proud of my country because in this country, we are all equal under the law.

    What does this say about our justice system now if the prosecutor drops this case and the victim NEVER has her day in court, to face her alleged rapist, simply because the prosecutor (he says) doesn’t think a jury will believe her word instead of the perp’s?

    Let the woman have her day in court. Did the lack of credibility of that woman in the Duke rape case stop them from putting those kids through the wringer? Nope. Why is Strauss-Kahn any different from those boys?

    If this prosecutor believes a crime was committed, then it’s his job to continue with the case. If he doesn’t, then my next question is: How much money will change hands to buy the victim’s acquiescence and from whom will it come?

  12. Savage predicted IMF-chief case would unravel
    May 16: ‘I don’t know why you’re rushing to judgment and crucifying the guy’

    July 02, 2011

    “She could have made the whole thing up. I don’t know why you’re rushing to judgment and crucifying the guy,” Savage said at the time.

    Savage wondered aloud if the maid was working double-duty as a prostitute – which is precisely what the New York Post reported this morning.

    Savage said May 16 that the Kahn affair sounded like a scene from the “The Godfather” in which a senator is setup by the Corleone family with a dead prostitute in his hotel room to blackmail him into doing the family’s bidding.

    • This is no surprise, the part about prostitution. Does this mean, then, that in our justice system, men are free to RAPE any woman who can be shown to be a prostitute? I think not. I hope and pray not.

      “Did she ask for it? Did she make it up? Is she a slut?”


      So now Savage is citing a NOVEL, to prove what? That Strauss-Kahn was set up, as if there’s not ample evidence that he is indeed a sleaze ball who’s been accused of this before? You can’t be set up unless you’re apt to take the bait.

      In Savage’s world, then, should sleazeballs who fall for those TV network traps where they think they’re meeting up with 13-year-old girls for sex be let off because they were “set up” by journalists? How about all the guys caught in stings by law enforcement, where it’s a policeman or policewoman on the other end of the Facebook message or the tweet or cell phone, when the guy thinks it’s a child? Should they be prosecuted or let off because it was a setup?

      Let the woman have her day in court.

      • I sort of have to agree with bridgett. Khan may be a sleezeball,ex socialist party would a been in the run against The French pres. what his name, till he got IMF appointed to get him out of the way. So this muslim lady finished her rounds and then cried rape….but she was taken out in an ambulance is what I heard on the radio. Miri, you would have made a good case for the poor girl in the Duke Lacrosse case. this lady in my mind was never supposed to go to court, regardless of what really happened. Khan’s reputation is already poo pooed and they can get him out of the way for a new appointment. I am not sure of anything in this story, but it smelled funny to me from the beginning. If there was a grand jury prior to anything going to court , we’d never know the details anyway and we would all be guessing from now on what really took place. I understand where you’re coming from on her behalf ,,but there is still something stinky about this

        • alfy, I don’t believe that Bridgette disagrees with me. I don’t know what you’re saying.

          I don’t believe he was set up but if he was, he still “bit”, if you know what I mean. He gets what he deserves. It’s called poetic justice.

          I’m not on that woman’s side except to point out the hypocrisy of feminists who are notably absent in this case. Not to mention leftist progressives who typically will support a black Muslim victim in any situation. Isn’t this also a “hate crime” as the Duke men were accused of?

          Our system is that a person gets his or her day in court. Absent a trial, we’ll never know the truth.

          This “dirt” dug up by whomever and leaked illegally in order to smear the victim should be examined in court, under oath, where the lawyers and the victim have the opportunity to explain the truth of every allegation (when in all fairness there ought to be NO allegations against a victim, or so the progressives always tell us).

          I pointed out that cultural relativity, in this instance, is important to examine. Think of the place of women in Guinea. Think of the culture there, in which scamming and corruption is like apple pie to Americans. Scamming is about the only way women can get any kind of power in such societies. That doesn’t mean that she lied in this case, or that she’s not a victim of a man who thought he could get away with it because she’s “just” a housekeeper.

          Maybe it “smells”, as you say, and I think it does, too; but there’s stink coming from all sides and what we need is disinfectant in the form of a trial, with subpoenas, oaths, risk of perjury. Expose all the truths out there. It’s not as if there’s no precedent for him doing what he did.

          I read that many women in France are disappointed if he gets off because they saw this as a way for sexual equality to move forward over there. The “boys will be boys” syndrome is alive and well in France. But get this: One of the women who let him off before, when he allegedly sexually assaulted her, says that if he comes back, free as a bird, SHE’S going to file charges against him in France. Then we’ll get a chance to see how fair their justice system is. This woman is not a black, Muslim woman from a poor African country. She’s in the elite class, along with him. I believe she’s in some way related to him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Isn’t it interesting that WND has this story AND there’s no byline? WHO WROTE IT and WHY?

  13. Read the story in the NY paper.

    These are mostly anonymous sources. There’s a union for prostitutes or what? What the heck are they talking about? Her lawyer says these statements were “leaked” by the DA. Check out the very end of the story. It does a “FactCheck”-like montage. Her statement and then, “TRUTH: yadda yadda”. Suspicious to me. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Too coincidental.

    If she indeed recanted her story about being gang-raped by members of the military in Guinea, under questioning, is that a surprise? Is Guinea a place known for not being corrupt and for treating women fairly? We’re going the way of these third world countries. The elite and the powerful can do whatever they please. Where’s justice for the weak and for women?

    • Basically, if she is both a liar and a “proven” prostitute then the IMF guy is set free. What does the information about being gang raped in Guinea have to do with this story..nothing. They have all of the forensic information, her hotel friends vouch for her, but to have the story change so much show what money pays and can buy. Did they set her up in jail and have someone talk about it and tell her how much money she could make..and she responded? Ooops, caught on edited tape! Which person was really set-up… the IMF guy or the raped woman? If no money changed hands…she wasn’t a prostitute. They show bank accounts with money entries in her name. Is her supposed account in a bank that supports the IMF?

      The stories above from the NY Times made no sense at all, and when they don’t make sense, we have found them to be inventing the story line. Isn’t it strange how much the story has changed from those in the beginning? Who is covering for whom?

      • Good points, Bridgette. Who was really set up? Due to the original story versus the new story, the fact that the French and others were investigating the victim, and this new LEAKED “evidence” AGAINST the VICTIM, I suspect she was set up. Great thought! A set up by the prison guy. And an edited “translation” of what she supposedly said. It just grows every day, too. First it was just that there was money in “her” bank account that was unaccounted for (like to see them account for all Strauss-Kahn’s dough). Now she’s a prostitute (which is possible, but so what)? Prostitutes are free game for rapists? I bet that’s news to them. Yep. I wonder what bank owns the account where “her” money is.

        None of it makes sense. All suddenly upon the IMF picking a new person. He wanted to be president of France. Too connected. Too suspicious. We’ll probably NEVER know the TRUTH of this. But I bet he gets off. Another black eye for the USA because it will go down that we persecuted this poor wonderful guy.

        • Sorry Miri, I didn’t see your reply here. so we aren’t too far apart really. Do you know much about Khan’s wife? sort of like Anthony Weiner’s if I recall.

          • Sorry, alfy. I don’t know much about his wife. If we did look into her, I forgot her connections, but I suspect they’re deep and wide. Probably a political marriage, like far too many of them. Do they have the requisite two lovely kids?

  14. This is a real circus. Did she call the guy in prison or did he call her? What did they really say? WSJ is calling for an investigation into the source of the money in her bank account. Necessary, for sure. Not only could it be “simple money laundering”, it could be stumbled-upon-accidentally terrorist money laundering. Or it might be, as the French want to believe, the pay off for her to set up DSK. Or it might be proceeds from drug dealing or prostitution, which wouldn’t exactly matter in this case. If he’s a rapist, he’s a rapist, regardless of the victim’s honesty. Now they’re saying she was COACHED/ENCOURAGED to lie on her asylum application in order to help her get in, to AVOID female circumcision for her daughter. Good enough reason for asylum, if you ask me. Encouraging someone to lie to get in sounds familiar. Like the work of ACORN and other immigrant advocates. Anything to swell the public dole. Wanna bet she was also encouraged to lie to get public housing, like Auntie Zeituni? So many interesting angles here, but the bottom line is that nobody can set somebody up unless they’re prone to take the bait. The French socialists still want DSK to run for their presidency. Feminists in France are still outraged. The victim over there says she will press charges against him for sexual assault and now DSK says he’ll sue her for slander if she does. btw, the WSJ ALSO said that in essence his defense lawyers called the DA earlier and told them that they had proof that the victim was lying and they’d release it to the media. When the DA asked for the information, which I believe by law they must be given, under discovery, DSK’s peeps wouldn’t comply. Then later on the information WAS leaked to the media, by someone. The victim came in voluntarily to confess about her lies on the asylum paperwork and scamming for public housing and IRS fraud where she claimed somebody else’s kid as her own. But she didn’t recant her story about DSK raping her.

    It’s interesting to me that DSK’s lawyers sound as if they were threatening the DA, going to embarrass him in the media by leaking information to the media instead of sharing it with the DA, as they’re supposed to do. Sounds as if they were blackmailing the DA to drop the case on the sly. Shouldn’t some repercussions ensue for those lawyers?

    Did you see who the DA is? Cyrus Vance, Jr. More nepotism. More political dynasties. His father worked for LBJ, Kennedy, Carter. Oh, the progressive connections. They’re saying Vance Jr. jumped too quickly on this case before he had the facts. But the facts are the facts and the ones presented were good enough for the Grand Jury. She did have bruising and there is no question of his DNA being on her body (or clothes). And he was running out of the hotel with toothpaste on his face, post haste, and trying to flee the country. SOMETHING UNTOWARD went on. She says/he says. But even if it were consensual, it’s a Bill Clinton deal. A powerful man taking advantage of a less powerful woman. She’s in her 30s, but look at her background. Used to being submissive to men. I’d say.

    We need sunshine on this case. At this point, the people have a right to know all the facts. About that money in her bank account. Where it really came from. Who she was talking to in prison. I assume they routinely record prisoner phone calls. If not, then why this one? Did they have a warrant to record her calls? If so, on what basis?

  15. The latest is that the victim is suing the media for slander–for calling her a prostitute.

  16. Story today says that the victim, her lawyer, and another interpreter listened to the telephone conversations between the victim and her friend in prison. She DID NOT say what DSK’s people allege. It was the friend who said something to the effect that DSK is a rich and powerful man. This was, I assume, a warning to her to be careful because of how such a man has the means to victimize her twice over! In addition, one of the first things she told him was about DSK’s attack on her and how he was larger than she and violent. Sounds as if DSK’s supporters will use any means necessary to try to force the prosecutor to drop the charges. So far, they’re not being dropped. The hearing has been moved to next month.

  17. NY Judge Dismisses Strauss-Kahn Charges
    Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 11:55 AM

    NEW YORK — A last-ditch effort to keep alive the sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn was rejected Tuesday, ending the sensational case against the former International Monetary Fund leader.

    An appeals court rejected the request for a special prosecutor made by the hotel maid who accused Strauss-Kahn of sex assault. That allowed a judge to officially issue his order that dismissed the charges of attempted rape and criminal sexual act against the French diplomat.

    The decision to drop the charges in a case that has attracted global attention as a cauldron of sex, violence, power and politics had been widely expected. Prosecutors filed court papers Monday saying that they could not trust the word of the hotel housekeeper accusing the French diplomat of attempted rape.

    “Our inability to believe the complainant beyond a reasonable doubt means, in good faith, that we could not ask a jury to do that,” assistant district attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said in formally recommending the case be dismissed.

    Strauss-Kahn arrived at the courthouse in a six-car motorcade and was greeted by protesters wielding signs carrying such messages as “DSK treats women like property” and “Put the rapist on trial — not the victim.” The shouting could be heard inside the courtroom.

    He appeared resolute in the courtroom, wearing a dark gray suit, blue shirt and striped tie. He smiled and shook hands with his biographer as his wife, journalist Anne Sinclair, sat nearby. The couple left court without speaking to reporters but issued a statement in English afterward.

    “These past two and a half months have been a nightmare for me and my family,” he said. “I want to thank all the friends in France and in the United States who have believed in my innocence, and to the thousands of people who sent us their support personally and in writing. I am most deeply grateful to my wife and family who have gone through this ordeal with me. …

  18. Flashback: I Can’t See The Forrest For The Trees

    Albert Eugene Kahn (May 11, 1912 – September 15, 1979, also known as Alfred) was an American journalist, photographer, author and nephew of modernist industrial architect Albert Kahn. Albert E. Kahn’s father, Moritz Kahn, was senior engineer in the firm who set up the Kahn brothers Soviet Union operation in conjunction with Gosproekstroi. He was the American Labor Party candidate in the 1948 elections for New York’s 25th congressional district.

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