Obama, Fool Us Once, Fool Us Twice, Don’t Think So!

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Obama Released Another Computer Generated Version of a Document purported to be his real, authentic, verified Birth Certificate.  I guess the DOH had time to make up a computerized version because  the new director, Fuddy, couldn’t get access to the ORIGINAL VAULT COPY  even for the president!  Instead of releasing a copy of the ORIGINAL vault copy of the birth certificate, they manufactured another one.

How does the new Certificate compare to the old Certification?  How does it compare to Miki Booth’s  document that was received in March..only a month ago?  Who will call the President’s newest bluff?   The media complex heralded the release of this document, but it certainly is not what can be called the Original Long Form Vault Record of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

Graphic artists are already calling this document  a layered product where information appears and disappears when examined.  Why would Onaka’s signature appear and disappear?    In other words, it was a creation of multiple layers and not even a copy of a document nor a digital record of an original.    It appears this document is as poorly done as are the photo-shopped family photos.   It probably might be very difficult to find a forger that could keep his mouth shut if asked to make such an important document that  would undergo forensic analysis.  That will happen to this document or won’t it?

This is the BLUFF they are trying to pull over citizens with the release of this newly “created” document.   They want citizens to pay attention to the birth certificate and not mention the real issue which is that Obama is still NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.  He is not eligible now nor was he ever qualified according to the Constitution.

No, Mr. Trump, this document is not going to check out beautifully!    We know you won’t be duped!

The Media believes this is over, Is it?

Miki Booth’s Son’s Certificate of Live Birth

Miki Booth's son.. Alan Booth Certificate of Live Birth

Certificate of Live Birth, March 15, 2011, Miki Booth


Certificate of Live Birth Dated March 15, 2011 from Miki Booth

Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth 

(which was a Certification previously)

Obama's "New" CERTIFICATE of Live Birth

Obama’s CERTIFICATION of Live Birth

The first version

Obama's CERTIFICATION of Live Birth

Nordyke Twins  Born the Day After Obama

Susan Nordyke

Susan Nordyke Certificate of Live Birth 1961

Gretchen Nordyke

Gretchen Nordyke Birth Certificate

Barack Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate

Barack Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate - Lucas Smith

 Tim Adams’ Affidavit stating there is NO original birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii.

Tim Adams Affidavit


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  1. The conversation about the new document started on “The Bluff by the Media, Pundits, and Government Officials Won’t Work.” We can continue it here where there are documents to compare and contrast. Don’t miss some of the excellent commentary there.

  2. On one of the articles I read, they compared the date 8-7 or 8-11-61 on the Nordyke BC to Obama’s new one and they match identically. How could that possibly happen?

    • I couldn’t find an 8-8-1961 date on the Nordyke BC.

    • Here is one example, yet I saw a better one.


      • I wonder if the person at the hospital who took the birth forms to the new moms, filled in the signature dates for them?

        After I had my son, a nurse came to my hospital room to fill out the birth certificate form. She asked me questions , took down all the information, I signed my name and she filled in the signature date.

        • I did a post with that same thing earlier today. The weird thing that caught my eye is the -61 on Susan’s and “obama’s” is identical.

          Even had a nurse written it in, which I question – it’s a hospital doc. and there may be legal issues unless the date field was initialed, so I’m inclined to think it was required that the signer also date the form.

          Regardless -lets say the nurse did do it. The handwritten date between the two Nordyke twins is not nearly as similar or close a match as that between Susan and 0.

          • I saw that too. You know what else is unusual..the time of birth on both the Kenyan and the new and old Obama document is the same: 7:24 pm. Maybe we noticed it before, but I didn’t.

            Someone pulled together another exact copy of a date from one document to another, and I can’t find where I saw it. It is the date with the 61 in it and is much better than the one I posted above.

          • I didn’t date my signature on my kids birth certificates, a nurse did. And I didn’t initial the dates either, so it wasn’t required for me to initial my signature date in either Illinois or Oklahoma, when I had my kids. I can tell because the dates are not in my writing and there are no initials on the dates. On my California birth certificate, my mom’s signature date isn’t in her writing, either, and there is no initial on the date.

            If you think there would be “legal issues” if the signature date isn’t initialed, then practically everybody in the whole state of California has a problem because the signature dates are not initialed on their birth certificates. And how about Illinois and Oklahoma?

            When most documents are signed, and the signature is dated, the date doesn’t have to be initialed because it is right next to the signature. The signature has, right next to it, the date when it was signed, and sometimes, the time at which it was signed.

      • That 8-7-61 is one of the first things I noticed when I realized that this admittedly “computer generated certified copy” is nothing more than a cut and pasted representation of all the CURRENT “facts” on Barry’s MULTIPLE vital recordS, on file at the HDOH in accordance with their (former) policies and procedures (sometimes waived for special people). It’s not so much the 8, but the 7-61 looks like an exact clone from the second Nordyke cropped image posted by Bridgette from Free Republic. The slanting hyphens, especially and the sloping 1 at the end. If you look at the 8 on the example supposedly of Ann Dunham Obama’s date of signature, it seems more consistent with the cramped writing style of Eleanor Nordyke.

  3. H/T AOne…From Free..
    “I’d hate to have an authentic Hawaiian long form birth certificate that was issued within a week or so of the Kenyan’s birth, he desperately needs an available serial number. Probably used this one :

    Deaths in the Newspaper..
    Virginia Sunahara
    Born August 4, 1961 – Honolulu
    Died August 5, 1961 – Honolulu


    • Virginia Sunahara Compact Disc #146 Pin #2103695 Pedigree
      Sex: F
      Birth: 4 Aug 1961
      Death: 5 Aug 1961
      Father: Tomio Sunahara Disc #146 Pin #2102729
      Mother: Living

      Father Tomio died at the age of 44. Child is probably buried next to dad. (She isn’t). There should be an obit for Tomio in 1968.
      Tomio Sunahara Pedigree Male
      Birth: 13 OCT 1924 Wailua, , , Hawaii
      Death: 26 MAR 1968 Waiewa, , , Hawaii
      Burial: MAR 1968 Milileni Cem, , , Hawaii


      Update May 13, 2011:
      Birth: Oct. 13, 1924
      Wailua (Kauai County)
      Kauai County
      Hawaii, USA
      Death: Mar. 26, 1968
      Wailua (Kauai County)
      Kauai County
      Hawaii, USA

      Dates from FamilySearch.org.
      IGI shows another guy that died born on this date in 1967.
      His daughter Virgina was born on AUG 4, 1961 and died on AUG 5, 1961.

      Mililani Memorial Park
      Honolulu County
      Hawaii, USA

      Created by: Beaurega
      Record added: Apr 29, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 69089304
      Mililani Memorial Park
      Honolulu County
      Hawaii, USA
      Created by: Beaurega
      Record added: Apr 29, 2011
      Find A Grave Memorial# 69089304

      • Infant Virginia buried at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
        National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
        Honolulu, Honolulu County,Hawaii, USA
        Plot: U, 966F

        Imported from US Veteran’s Affairs? (Doesn’t make sense)
        Record added: Mar 04, 2000
        Find A Grave Memorial# 3793627


        • She was buried in the national cemetery but when her veteran father died (I believe he was a hero in WWII), they moved her body to be buried next to him.

      • Not “probably,” but DEFINITELY. I and my fellow researchers (which includes Butter) have not spilled the beans on this one just yet because Sunahara is not some random name pulled out of a list of death certificates of people born on Aug 4, 1961.

        Virginia’s certification number WAS 10641 and it was swiped to put on Zero’s Photoshop birth certificate(s) – compliments of co-conspirator and inveterate liar, DOH Director Chiyome Fukino, and a member of the Sunahara family tree, which intertwines with four other prominent families, who all share a common goal.

        It will get bigger mention in my e-Book which will expose the massive fraud to put Barry X on the political fast track to the White House. The first part, “A lie is born,” focuses on the birth certificate scam and the people who made the forgeries, disseminated it, and covered it up.

        The perpetrators and collaborators, big and small, span every corner of this country, from Seattle to St. Petersburg and from Pennsylvania to Hawaii. You can also throw in one or two Middle Eastern countries as well because this fraudulent enterprise is, after all, a “family thing.”

        The PDF put on the WH website was made by someone who wants to expose Obama. He or she set him up by creating an easy-to-prove forgery that even a 5 year old can do:

        In my blog, http://fraudintheusa.blogspot.com, I show how to do it. You simply highlight the image in the PDF, press Control-C to copy it; open a blank word document, or any image editor, and press Control-V to paste it.

        What you get is a whited-out form with a partial signature of Stnaley Ann Dunham Obama – one that was copied from her forged signatures in the two divorce decrees – one for Obama Sr and the other for alias Sutoro. Even the “last-minute” insertion of “Stanley” in the signature matches the aforementioned divorce decree.

        There are other clues in the PDF forgery, and I have been predicting for a long time that someone would do something like this to blow the whistle on Zero.

        • Thank you, Dr. Polland.

        • Dr. P. Thanks for your input. Looking forward to learning more about the Fukino/Sunahara connection. I haven’t had time yet to look at those signatures but I planned to compare the SADOS signature to all the others we’ve seen on the passport and divorce records. You saved me the trouble, but I’d still like to have them side by side, which I’ll try to do when I have time, if somebody else hasn’t done it yet. I’ve been offline for a day and a half, and haven’t yet caught up with everything everyone says. BUT I did think that I recognized that “Stanley” in parentheses from some other document. Now I know to look for it in the divorce records. Thanks.

      • Note that two days after posting information above, additional information was added to the Find a Grave for Tomio.

    • Research Summary on Hawaii Birth Certificate Number 151-1961-010641:
      May 13, 2011
      a. Born the morning of August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital, Wahiawa, Oahu, HI.
      b. Due to complications, the infant was transferred to hospital in Honolulu. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children is the most likely; however, Queens Medical Center is also a possibility.
      c. Died at Kapiolani the morning of August 5, 1961.
      d. Death notice appears in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on August 8, 1961 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on August 14, 1961 for Tomiyo Sunahara; no birth announcement was published.
      e. Interred at National Cemetery of the Pacific, aka Punchbowl in Sept. 1961.
      f. One researcher requested verification from the Veterans Administration that Virginia Sunahara was interred in plot U-966F (Sunahara listed as buried here. See: http://www.interment.net/data/us/hi/oahu/natmem/hawaii_stosv.htm) and was informed that there were no records responsive to her request. The gravesite in question was allegedly occupied by James T. Sawamura.

      m. In the meantime, the research team member contacted the mortuary and confirmed that Virginia was indeed buried there with her father, Tomio as was her brother Stephen who passed away in 2002. According to mortuary, Virginia’s remains were dug up at the National Cemetery October 1968 and placed with her father’s, Tomio Sunahara.

      …her brother Stephen who passed away in 2002. [Not listed with Virginia or father on Findagrave.]

    • I never played chess, but I believe this is called a check-mate. Order by judge Wilkinson from Hornbeck v Salazar and evidence of forgery of Obama’s BC is in front of judges of the 9th Circuit.

      On May 11, 2011 Judge Joseph Wilkinson in Eastern District of Louisiana issued an order granting leave of court to file my Reply to opposition to intervene in case 10-1663 Hornbeck v Salazar. (Exhibit 1)_Reply and exhibits were filed. Decision regarding motion to intervene was issued on May 12, 2011. (Exhibit 2) This order and exhibits bear vital importance in the case at hand and show the following:

      1. Other courts and districts refrain from deciding the issue of Barack Obama’s legitimacy for US presidency, relying on the 9th Circuit to make a determination in this matter.

      2. Exhibits provided in Hornbeck v Salazar, particularly sworn affidavit of typographic and scanning machines expert, Mr. Douglas Vogt, provide irrefutable proof that Mr. Obama indeed posted on the official site White House.gov a forgery and not a true and correct copy of an original birth certificate, issued in 1961.

      3. This fraud and uttering of a forged birth certificate, along with invalid Social Security number, by an individual occupying the position of the President and commander in chief of the US military, is so egregious and represents such a clear danger to US National Security, that this issue needs to be decided in the most expedient matter and appeal should be granted expeditiously.

      4. believe that the forgery, submitted by Mr. Obama, possibly included a birth certificate number, originally issued to one Virginia Sunahara, born August 4, 1961 in Wahaina hospital and transferred to Kapiolani hospital, due to medical complications, and deceased at Kapiolani and around August 5, 1961. In addition to vital records for Mr. Obama, previously requested in this complaint, I am requesting a court order of discovery of vital records of deceased Virginia Sunahara, as well as birth certificate for Mr. Obama’s half sister, Maya Soetoro, believed to be issued under statute 338-17 for a foreign born child of a Hawaiian resident.

      Respectfully submitted:
      Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ


    • This is a rehash of the information provided at Post and Email. They even name the Post & Email and ladysforest blogs. Birth and death indexes are also provided for Virginia Sunahora.

      The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery
      Researcher who suspects forgery finds possible reason for Obama registration number

      May 17, 2011 8:28 pm Eastern Snips

      Sunahara grave marker at Miliani Memorial Gardens in Waipahu, Hawaii (Courtesy My Very Own Point of View)

      NEW YORK – Amid questions about the authenticity of Obama’s posted birth records raised by the registration number, a researcher has discovered a possible explanation. The Post and Email blog, which has focused on the Obama eligibility controversy, features a report by an unnamed researcher who discovered the record of a girl born the same day as the president who died a day later that could have been the source of Obama’s birth certificate. The find is significant because of questions about the plausibility of the registration number indicated on the images of short-form and long-form birth certificates for the president posted on the Internet.

      WND contacted Virginia’s mother Clara, 83, who is living in Wahiawa on Oahu. Clara told WND by telephone she did not have Virginia’s birth certificate and she was not interested in applying to the Hawaii Department of Health to see what birth records might be on file regarding her daughter.
      A death announcement for the girl, under the name of her father, Tomio Sunahara, appeared in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Aug. 8, 1961, and in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on Aug. 14, 1961.

      With an Aug. 4, 1961, birthdate, it’s possible Virginia Sunahara’s birth registration was filed as late as Aug. 11, 1961 – the same day the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates were filed by Kapi’olani hospital with the Hawaii Department of Health local registrar and registrar general.

      Susan Nordyke, the twin born first, received birth certificate number 10637; Gretchen Nordyke, the second, received number 10638. Barack Obama’s birth certificate was issued the number 10641, even though it was registered three days before the Nordykes’ certificates. However, if the birth certificate number 10641 was first assigned to Virginia Sunahara, the apparent conflict could be explained.

      Is it possible that if Obama’s birth records were forged, the perpetrator used Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number, knowing the girl was long dead and the family was unlikely to know or complain?


    • HDOH Funny Business Regarding Virginia Sunahara: 1960-64 Birth Index Includes Legally Invalid Records For Adopted Children; Two Different Versions of 1960-64 Birth Index…

      1960-64 Birth Index Includes Legally Invalid Records

      The 1960-64 birth index includes the birth names of at least 2 adopted children. Those records are required to be sealed, and their inclusion in the public list indicates that the list has been manipulated by the HDOH.
      At this point we have no way of knowing whether any name listed in the birth index represents a legally-valid record.

      Source: Research embedded in Scribd document. Butterdezillion

      1960-64 Birth Index Includes Sealed and Legally Invalid Records
      The 1960-64 birth index includes the following birth records:
      Asing, Nathan C. and Asing, Norman

      I have a copy of the divorce records for the parents of these 2 children. They were both adopted by their step-father after their birth father signed off on allowing them to be adopted. I will not post the divorce record or say what their adoptive name is, out of respect for their privacy. What is important for us to know is that the names in the birth index are their BIRTH NAMES. They now use their stepfather’s last name. After an adoption, a new birth certificate is created under the adoptive name, listing the adoptive father as the father. That new certificate “takes the place of ”
      the original birth certificate; the original birth certificate is no longer legally valid because the person with that name and father no longer legally exists. The original birth records are legally required to be sealed.

      See 338-17.7 at http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol06_Ch0321-0344/HRS0338/HRS_0338-0017_0007.htmand HRS 338-20 at http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol06_Ch0321-0344/HRS0338/HRS_0338- 0020.htm

      The original birth certificate can be reinstated if an adoption is set aside, and I believe the original birth certificate can be accessed by the adoptee for personal reasons, but the certificate itself is only LEGALLY valid if the adoption is set aside and the legal status is once again reflected by that original birth certificate– at which time it is restored “to its original place in the files”. The birth index is a printout of records from a database. Sealed records have a flag noting them as sealed. There are also other classifications flagged in the database that are alluded to in the “For Office Use Only” section of the request for a birth certificate. Office workers have to search the different types of records and mark off which type of index they have searched because it requires a different search parameter to be able to see those records. The distinctions/flags are meant to keep legally valid records separate from legally-invalid records such as late, altered, incomplete, or sealed records.The “place in the files”referred to in HRS 338-20 is the flag status of the record. After an adoption the original birth record in the database is marked with a “sealed” flag that is supposed to prevent any public disclosure of that records existence. If the adoption is set aside the “sealed” flag is removed, thus restoring the record to the status of a legally-valid, disclosable record. In order for sealed records (such as the birth records for Nathan and Norman Asing) to be displayed in a birth index printout one of three things has to occur: either the individual records need to have their “sealed” flag removed, the parameter of the printout has to be changed to include sealed records, or the printout has to include the normal parameters PLUS those specific names.

      I have tried to get more information which would reveal which of those 3 things happened in order to allow these birth names to appear, but the HDOH is refusing to respond to my requests for simple index data. The last I heard, the HDOH was saying it would take 6 months for them to get to my request because they are so short-staffed and because my request is such a low priority. I am not to contact them about my request until that time frame is up and then we can start the process of me giving them 10 days to respond, they can ask for more time or say my request isn’t clear enough, and then I can appeal to the OIP who won’t do anything about it as long as the HDOH has ever e-mailed me back. So they are not about to let me scrutinize their birth index. Nobody in Hawaii that I have access to is willing to stick their neck out by actually looking at the public records at the HDOH office for me – possibly because the HDOH now makes a person sign in on a public list so everybody can see who has looked at the 1960-64 birth index. I understand the hesitancy. It is a sad, sad state of affairs when people have to be afraid that somebody knows they looked at public records. That underscores why this lawlessness is not just a distraction but downright DANGEROUS. It is undermining the whole foundation of this country and turning it into a thugocracy.

      Copy courtesy of http://www.ObamaReleaseYourRecords.comhttp://www.BirtherReport.com via butterdezillion.wordpress.com


      • HDOH Has Two Different Versions of 1960-64 Birth Index

        The HDOH sent me the exact same page from the 1960-64 Birth Index Book, 2 months apart. One had the 1960-64 date range in the heading; the other didn’t. Either the HDOH has 2 different versions of their 1960-64 Birth Index or they are altering the pages at will.

        This supports Tsunamigeno’s contention that what he saw in the 1960-64 Birth Index in early March 2010 is different than what is in the 1960-64 Birth Index that is shown to the public in the HDOH office today. This immediately raises 2 questions:

        1. Why is the HDOH messing with the 1960-64 birth index book?

        2. If they are changing it to add or delete the heading, what else are they adding, deleting, or changing? Stay tuned for something very critical that we know they changed… Source: Research embedded in Scribd document below…

        Hawaii Department of Health Has Two Different Versions of 1960-64 Birth Index
        HDOH Funny Business Regarding Virginia Sunahara

        Summary: The HDOH has Virginia Sunahara in their 1960-64 birth index but claims they don’t have a birth record for her.

        They want me to believe nobody has asked for her record rather than telling me they didn’t even search to find out.

        The base record for Obama’s forged long-form appears to be from somebody who matches Virginia Sunahara – a girl born at Wahiawa Hospital who has an R as the third letter of her first name.

        Virginia also meets the criteria for Bill Ayers’ preferred method of identity theft, since she died as an infant.

        Two months ago the HDOH director changed the policy to ensure that the original copy of Sunahara’s birth certificate will never see the light of day without a court battle, which would give her time to forge a BC for Virginia (like the HDOH forged Obama’s long-form). All she would have to change is the BC#. Like she apparently temporarily changed the database’s BC# for Stig Waidelich, whose BC# on the COLB (which he requested for a CNN report) is so far out of sequence with other known BC#’s that it cannot be genuine (more on that in another post hopefully).

        There will be more on the illegal activity of the HDOH.
        Source: research embedded in Scribd document below..

        HDOH Denies Having Birth Record for Virginia Sunahara

        Virginia Sunahara was born on Aug 4, 1961 and died the next day. Her death was announced in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin. Her name is in both the 1960-64 birth index and 1960-64death index.But when I asked for a non-certified copy of her abbreviated birth certificate the HDOH told me that they have no records responsive to my request. On previous requests for other COLB’s I had been told that I could not get a copy because I did not have a direct and tangible interest. But in this case they flat-out told me they don’t have a birth record for Virginia. Even though their birth index says they do. (See the birth index page at http://myveryownpointofview.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/attention-whores-moles-and-morethe-thief/ ).

        Either the HDOH lied about having no records for her, or they queried her name and the computer no longer has that record under her name, even though it was under her name when they printed the1960-64 birth index sometime around March of 2010.What happened to Virginia’s birth record? Was the name on it changed to Barack Hussein Obama II so he could have her BC#? The HDOH needs to be audited, to find out what has happened with Sunahara’s birth record. Here is the HDOH’s claim that they have no birth record for a girl listed on their birth index.

        More fantastic reports from Butterdezillion posted at her site:
        NEW: If the COLB Seal Is Nickel-Sized… The seal on Obama’s COLB is a significantly different size than the seal on Obama’s long-form. Companion to “Obama BC Seal Contradicts Factcheck“

        NEW: Did Factcheck Help Forge the COLB? Just like some of the items on the long-form forgery, the seal on the Factcheck COLB doesn’t distort properly for the bend of the paper it’s on. That seal could not have been on the COLB when Factcheck photographed it …Go here for more details: http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com


        • She is ONE SMART COOKIE! Way to go, butterdezillion. I saw that same video concerning the “R” as third letter in the first name and immediately thought BaRack and ViRginia. Now I don’t have to bother to write about that. Just see butterdezillion’s most-excellent analyses.

        • http://www.allfreerecords.com/federal-index.htm Some may have forgotten that some of this may apply now…. Are any of Obamas records sopenaed by the courts. I mean all that has been going on, who knows. And the department would not talk about that. Just thought this would help. Here also is the typical lingo on what are public records.

          • http://www.nist.gov/admin/foia/foia.htm Section 4 and section 7 I tried to tell ya’ll before about this but I was cut short… basically that information given was good info.. Too bad I mentioned this in not so explicit terms a month ago. I am trying to tell you all that if anything exists in a certificate record that is flagged , that you cant’t see, does not mean you would ( if you have physical access)not be able to find all sorts of other records showing what took place. There would be other records available. Mentions of court proceedings with their names, notations in court proceedings for name changes, records indicating a request to change a document. The fact is usually a person can’t find their adoptive parents or missing documents is usually because they have very little to go on. Some people don’t have a last name or a maiden name even to go on. Or just one of those things. A person looking for their parents say may only know that their mother or father, was a certain age or lived somewhere near a certain town so it is hard to begin a search for records. They may have a name not givent them by birth, so again it is hard. BUT, HERE, that is not the circumstances , unless Barack is lying so much his balls hurt. There should be some records, like divorce recordings in the county of marriage or the county of paperwork. If a lawyer signed it or if a name change took place by the court at that time, there would be a record of it in either the register of deeds office or the clerk of court or this a registrars office. If there is no record of a divorce then we can assume that Ann got one just to satisfy the passport office,and the lawyer may even know that. I told you that the lawyer’s name on her divorce paper still exists in Hawaii(don’t have it in front of right now so don’t remember the name). I found him though with an address in Honolulu near by.
            The fact that this birth certificate has been looked over and put before the public makes this record an available public electronic record by law, should be quickly available. If their are other records, and there must be or the department would not need a length of time to meet this request, that is another matter but would be proof there is something pertinent to the interest of the public good, pertaining to OUR personal security. The fact is if something is flagged by federal statute an agency must give a state to show why this document cannot be made public and they can’t site FOIA right of privacy..

      • Well, that explains why records for people named Asing were inexplicably posted on researcher blogs. Was that a leak?

        • His name was listed next to Obummers in the birth announcements.

          • I know. Talking about Polk Directories. Was that a leak?

          • No. Read Ladysforset blog and P&E article. Be sure to read the comments.

            • I read those blogs thoroughly on a regular basis. If you’re referencing a particular comment, then please link to it.

              Have you answered my comment in response to your allegation that I know the person who leaked whatever it is you think was leaked about Sunahara? And that I (or we) here at this blog have been taken in by someone who’s not who he or she pretends to be?

  4. This was certainly FAST! And they noticed the Signature on TV too!
    Family of doctor who delivered Obama ‘honored’
    By Associated Press
    09:59 a.m. HST, Apr 27, 2011 SNIPS

    The family of a Honolulu doctor whose signature appears on President Barack Obama’s birth certificate woke up to the news Wednesday that the late obstetrician had delivered Obama. Relatives of Dr. David Sinclair told The Associated Press that they were “blown away” and “honored.”

    On Wednesday, the White House released a copy of the original birth certificate. Below Obama’s mother’s signature was one which appeared to read: “David. A. Sinclair.”

    Sinclair had an obstetrics and gynecology practice in Honolulu and delivered babies all over Hawaii when Obama was born in 1961, said his son Karl Sinclair, 55, of Kailua. The doctor retired in the late 1990s and died in 2003 at 81. “What a shocker,” said Karl Sinclair, one of six children. “It’s amazing. I’m blown away by it, quite honestly.”

    They found out because one of their relatives was awake at 3 a.m. watching the news and saw the signature, said Dawn Yoshimura-Sinclair, who is married to another Sinclair son, Dr. Brian Sinclair, a neuroradiologist. “We can attest to the fact that it is indeed dad’s signature,” Yoshimura-Sinclair said. “It’s not a common name over here. There’s no confusion that it was dad.”

    Brian Sinclair graduated from the same high school as Obama but didn’t know him personally. The Sinclair family includes Obama supporters and those who didn’t vote for him, they said.


    • I believe that Miki Booth said, at Post & Email yesterday, that that doctor delivered her child. On the other post, I linked to a story that says his wife was and still is connected to the depts. of health and education in Hawaii, despite being elderly. It’s likely true that that is his signature.

      They admitted that this is “computer generated” and it’s been shown to be a layered computer creation, so cut-and-pasted information, specially placed upon a special, one-time-0nly-for-persons-of-presidential-“status” manufactured REPRESENTATION of what’s supposed to be authentic or “verified via affidavit” on those multiple vital records on file in Hawaii.

      Did you hear Barry’s entire press conference? I wouldn’t have except Greta Van Susteren played the entire thing last night, along with Trump’s entire conference. Somewhere within all his bloviating, he made a Freudian slip because while talking about the officials who vouched for his COLB (which NOBODY did–another LIE), he said, people “signed affidavits.” NOW, WHO signed affidavits other than Tim Adams, who signed one that specified that everybody in the HDOH, where he worked, KNEW that Barry had NO ORIGINAL LONG-FORM BC? Thus, the need for a “computer-generated certified copy”–an ABSTRACT of a long-form, a new instrument created ESPECIALLY for Barry alone.

      But Barry slipped and said the important word–AFFIDAVIT. That’s what’s behind the information we now see on this rigged up CGCC (computer-generated certified copy) that ONLY Barry will receive. AFFIDAVITS by someone. AFFIDAVITS attesting that the “facts” we NOW see on this fake impression of a long-form BC are “true”, in the legal sense of being verified via sworn statement. By Granny in 2008? That’s my guess.

      They won’t provide an EXACT copy of his original long-form bc, if there is one, because it likely will show that embarrassing information that both his lawyer, his supporters, and one of the judges alluded to. The very same “embarrassing information” that the State Dept. investigation proved was the reason that John O. Brennan’s peeps had to “cauterize” Barry’s passport file only days after the creation of the COLB. Where’s that embarrassing information now? It’s been modified via affidavit, amendments, delayed or reissued bc. The original paper document, iirc from researchers’ findings over the past years, would have been written upon to indicate the changes and the original would CLEARLY state that it was amended/changed, as is every certified copy or abstract issued by the HDOH supposed to do BY LAW. Despite being proved to have been amended, the COLB didn’t show the amendment, which is one reason why it was known to be bogus.

      IF there truly is an original (incomplete?) long-form bc for Barry in that Hawaiian vault, it’s likely written all over. Name crossed out and replaced. Father’s name added and dated. Perhaps the entire thing recreated upon an adoption that was perhaps later rescinded and the original “re-upped”, with the history clearly noted on the documents (aka the vital records). They cannot provide an exact copy of that document because then we will KNOW the history of his early life and will know for certain what that “embarrassing (eliminating?) information” is.

      • There is no long-form BC – otherwise Barry would have brought the actual, two-sided document, and displayed it, live, on his press conference. Did anyone in the audience ask him why he did not do that?

        Let’s get real. The media are in on the scam.

        If there is an affidavit, it is there to support Barry’s bogus birth information. There are no affidavits that disclose the truth about Barry X, except the ones I’ll sign attesting to the fact that he is an imposter, his “Dreams” biography is a fairy tale packed with lies and invented people and events.

        Barry X’s real father is not Obama Sr.; his real mother is not Stanley Ann Dunham, even if O’Senior and SAD had actually met each other in Hawaii – which they did not do.

        His real birth place is neither Kenya or Hawaii, but a country in the Middle East.

        You can take it to the bank that his birth name was not Barack Hussein Obama II, or anything close to it.

        • Thank you for the information, I followed your last piece of work.

          However I do wonder how long you have been reading this blog? As you seem to treat the researchers here, and this research blog, as if they don’t know anything. I think you should read more, for example, before you say to anyone here ‘get a clue, the media are in on it’. Hello?

          When you do come forth with your new research on the death certificates, I hope you attribute your sources properly, as there are many people here and in other places that knew it long before you did. And in that same vein, perhaps you ought to hold off in case the knowledge that precedes yours is greater than yours. Don’t blow it and let Obama cover up more records. Stick with your expertise on document forgery or you could lose that credibility and compromise your earlier sterling research.

  5. I heard from one source that if they scanned the original with OCR software, the software could cause the layering, which wouldn’t be illegitimate cobbling. That doesn’t answer the other questions, though.

    Anyone have an opinion on the OCR possibility?

    • I saw a discussion on OCR at Free and I know nothing about OCR..but they did. They believe that the person who was creating the document left the OCR on so all of the layering shows. So they could decipher the different layers and creation of the document. There are now two videos I’ve seen showing it. One is on the other thread, “The Bluff.”

    • My opinion is that this sounds exactly like an obot rationalization, aka a plausible-sounding LIE to throw off anybody who only gives a cursory glance to evidence or who doesn’t know much about technology. I have already seen these fake “birthers” on Free Republic, pretending to be “experts” with a lot of work history related to these things. They are fakes and phonies, just like their messiah. We are not amused. Nor are we stupid. Bryan, I’m not saying this to you, I’m saying it for the benefit of those who might buy into this theory. Thanks for asking and thanks for pointing this out.

      If they left the layering on, then they did it to keep the issue alive because it pains them to have to give up something that they can use to play the race card. Except that doesn’t work with us because we’re not racist. We’re prejudiced against PHONIES and FRAUDS, no matter their skin color.

      • The birth certificate is the proverbial elephant in the room because of what it hides and the lengths that some people have gone to keep it a secret.

        I got Fukino, every which way but Sunday, on this forgery, and she knows it. That is why she told MSNBC that

        “No matter what state officials release on the issue, the “birthers” are going to question it, said Fukino. “They’re going to question the ink on which it
        was written or say it was fabricated,” said Fukino.

        “Fabricated” is my word and I am the one who started calling the COLB B a fabricated forgery going all the way back to June 2008. I specifically used the term in my video, “Obama Bombshell, Blue Hawaii.”

        Was that statement a precursor to the release of this PDF, or a hat tip in my direction?

        Maybe both because Fukino is the DOH insider whom I said was necessary to pull off this birth certgificate fraud. At the time, I did not think it was Fukino. That changed when she made her first “press release” (BTW, all of her press releases go directly to the AP).

        The birth certificate fraud is also FBO the Kerschners and other eligibility advocates who have tunnel vision on the British Citizenship non-issue to the exclusion of everything else.

        If Obama was born a British citizen, it was not because his father was Obama Sr. because Obama Sr. is not his biological father.

        So, yeah, that would be the distraction because Zero knows the British citizen shtick is DOA.

        OK, what happens if he has the perfect, long-form BC waiting in the wings? What person or persons would be hired by the states to authenticate the original BC’s that have to be shown? What are the odds that one or more of those “document examiners” are working for Obama?

        My advice is to ignore the trolls everywhere. They will offer every possible excuse they can will pull out of their butt to explain away the forgery just like they did with my proof of it.

  6. Not sure if this helps but I saw it posted in a few places:

    Steve Cooper wrote:
    MORE – Evaluation from reader on Savage’s page (“Alana”): Graphic artist for 25+ years. No, the layers are not legit. There’s a mixture of bitmap (sharp-edged) and rasterized (fuzzy edged) pixels. The bitmap pixels are most of the “typewritten” text. They are dense mono-color black, with no shades of gray surrounding them. Note the distinctive white halo artifacts around everything. But the signatures are all rasterized into a multitude of different colored pixels, which is what scans of documents look like to retain the appearance of realness (256 levels of grayscale and/or color).

    A scan should produce only rasterized, fuzzy-edged multi-toned colors and grays, and no sharp edged pure colors. In this document, we see a mix of multi-toned pixels and mono-color bitmap pixels. That’s one glaring telltale it’s a fake. The commonly available ‘security paper” is rasterized multi-toned pixels, with poorly executed anomalies. Why does the paper look so perfectly pristine and clean? Just as it did the day it came out of its package from Office Depot or similar retailer. The point? If this were a scanned physical document, there would be no white halos around the text, and the entire image would have a uniformly multi-colored/toned appearance, i.e., all of it being fuzzy edged pixels. Zoom in really close on the text.

    Other image professionals are looking at this and will chime in soon. This is not just a fake, it’s a government-produced fake, which means it was done very poorly.

    What does it mean that the White House would put this out as a genuine scan of an original? It means they are about to get caught in one of the most blatantly corrupt, deceitful, criminal frauds ever perpetrated on the American people, just like the one that got this president into office in the first place.
    “Oh what tanged webs we weave when first we plot to deceive.” – Wm. Shakespeare

    I think I would need more explanation on this layering. There are some more images over at ORYR under the AP article. A lot of those dates look cobbled together.


    • Thanks for this tdr, the more explanations the better. See the videos on the “Bluff” article about layering. They show it happening. It makes sense after watching it or it did for me.

    • Here is a discussion of the OCR relative to Alana comment above:

      Alana, you’ve nailed it also. I’ve ben doing image manipulation, scanning, restoration, graphic design, OCR, document publication, and more for going on 19 years now. This document was not a product of some hyper-intelligent OCR program. OCR doesnt create “hidden elements” like the underlying “halo” areas beneath the black monochrome text. That had to have been done manually, or semi-manually. This document was “handled” by someone for “some” reason. There is no reason they couldnt have released a clean scan, and also a RAW file which would include source meta-data and an editing history.

      • one more on layering:

        Sure there is. If you use an OCR tool such as ABBYY Finereader it will do it. It tries to recognize all the text. Everything that it can recognize it imports as text. The rest it creates an image to handle. This is why it appears layered. It happens all the time on my signed contracts. All of my contract comes out as text but the signatures and other elements come out as an image in the PDF.

        • Perhaps so, but there’s nothing to prove WHAT the source document for each individual LAYER was. It could be cobbled together text and images of signatures from multiple “vital records”. All put together to create a plausible (perhaps even accurate AT THIS POINT IN TIME) representation of what’s on file in all those vital records that exist. This does not answer the questions:

          Who were his BIRTH parents? The BIOLOGICAL parents.

          When was each item of information on this CGCC put into the “vital records”?

          Why is his birth certificate number IMPLAUSIBLY AND IMPOSSIBLY sequentially higher than the bc numbers for the Nordkye twins?

          Could it be that whoever he is, he was born to someone in Honolulu that week, and his paper work was filed, but not yet accepted; but later on, after the Nordykes were registered and accepted, Barry was adopted and his long-form was finalized and given that BC#?

          All this CGCC does is to confuse the issue further. Which, of course, suits Barry just fine.

    • But they didn’t put it out as a “genuine scan of an original.” That’s what they WANT everyone to believe it is, just as they wanted everyone to BELIEVE that the COLB was produced and certified by the HDOH when it demonstrably was NOT. They LIE and say the HDOH vouched for the COLB when they DID NOT. But in the case of this “document”, they also posted on the WH website the letter from Fuddy of the HDOH in which SHE ADMITS THAT IT’S A “COMPUTER-GENERATED CERTIFIED COPY.” Which could exactly conform with what we see. It’s a HDOH cobbled-together representation of what they NOW certify is ON FILE at the HDOH, probably “verified” by affidavits (that Barry referred to yesterday).

      It remains to be seen whether (and I suspect NOT) Fuddy will tell anyone in the media that she personally vouches for every item of information on that document. As with their failure to address the COLB, one way or the other, specifically, in official capacity, in clear language, I suspect they will disavow what’s been presented to the media.

      This can play out no differently than the COLB fiasco. Something may have been sent to the Obama campaign in 2007, but it’s not what showed up on the Web and the HDOH NEVER said that the items of information on the digital image are truthful representations of what’s on file in Hawaii.

      • You are right about the FR trolls telling WND that the layers in this PDF are “Normal.” Bullshit. The partial signature of “Ann D” would not be separated into its own layer. Neither would the “1” on 10641.”

        Why not make a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG like the rest of the scans? People do not create PDF’s

  7. His statement, Obama was “bemused” at this issue..oh, how funny. ” We” posted the “certification” on the internet, so he takes responsibility for the first one and this new one. Yes, there will be huge consequences Obama.

    Why aren’t the two certificates identical? When did the CERTIFICATION change to a CERTIFICATE? The status changed; when and why?

    • That’s what they’re hiding by creating this very first ever “something” only for Barry. All the changes and amendments are not indicated on this new CGCC. It’s a special thing just for Barry, because of his status as POTUS.

      Fuddy has given herself the power to modify the “process” by which certified copies are produced. Just like a COLB (a computer-generated short-form ABSTRACT) of what’s in their files, she has created the CGCC (a computer-generated long-form ABSTRACT (no birth weight, e.g.) just for Barry).

      Hawaiian law does say that all certified copies must show if a BC was late, delayed, amended. But it also gives the HDOH director the power to determine the “form” of what’s released, as well as the process for creating what’s released, so this can, perhaps (under a new Abercrombie Attorney General) give her enough wiggle room (conflicting laws) to put aside that requirement and to create a new item–the CGCC–just for Barry. MINUS any EVIDENCE of changes over time from the original long-form birth certificate OR whatever was filed upon his birth.

      The FactCheck photo, which CNN most recently put on TV to show the embossed seal, CLEARLY does not have a father’s name on the supposed COLB, the source document that they said they photographed. This must have been added at some later point, after 6/2007, if A COLB was sent to Obama’s campaign after he VERY RELUCTANTLY signed the request, according to his ex-campaign worker who remains anonymous.

      But the new CGCC has the father listed, to conform with Barry’s bogus autobiography. No father’s name is visible on the photograph that FactCheck claims is of the source document for the COLB.

      That means that some time since June 2007, the vital records in Hawaii were amended to add BHO Sr. as the father, perhaps by affidavit from now timely-deceased granny.

      When they completed the amendment, then his COLB went from a certification to a certificate (but they also changed their laws or policies about this after 2007, anyway).

      • It’s very clever of them because, if anybody does contest Fuddy’s power to create this new type of document, this “something,” just for Barry, by the time it’s adjudicated and decided, the CGCC will have been out there for months, if not years, and any “correction”, if even reported, will be buried. But the CGCC will have done what it’s intended to do: that is, to get this issue out of the media and to fool enough of the people, enough of the time, so that the number of people who doubt (sensibly) his provenance doesn’t keep rising.

        Barry alluded to this himself yesterday: He says there will be some who won’t accept it (rightfully so, because it’s bogus) but he WANTS IT OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. That’s the purpose. To get it off the front page. To keep the media from asking Trump about it. To drive it off the news. This is also why, if you notice, they buried it in the newspapers. In my local paper, it’s on page 26! BURIED. And there was NO image of the BC in the story.

  8. Reality TV Star Trump Forces Obama’s Hand on Birth Certificate
    April 27, 2011
    Rush SNIPS

    Obama’s presser was basically a snore fest. And Trump’s was alive and filled with vigor and a lot of energy. So what do we have? We have a reality star that has forced Obama’s hand on the birth certificate. Now, maybe that’s the key. ‘Cause even Trump took credit for it, said it was one of the proudest days of his life. (laughing) He started out, “I’m really proud of myself.” Everybody thought that Trump was gonna be eating crow. He starts off by saying, (paraphrasing) “It’s the proudest day of my life. Look what I did. Only I was able to do this.” I mean for a while I thought, my gosh, I’m watching myself here. (laughing) Biggest kick out of it. So a reality TV star ends up forcing Obama’s hand on the birth certificate.

    After Trump finished speaking, Blitzer said that he has seen all of Obama’s grade transcripts from college and that they were excellent. Now, how did that happen? So we need a reality show to tell Wolf Blitzer to tell us how he’s seen ’em, ’cause they’re sealed. Every reality show should take on an issue now and get themselves publicity that can’t be purchased. And, of course, there’s Obama at his own presser today saying, “We don’t have time for this silliness. We got serious things happening.” What does he do? He leaves and gets on a plane with Moochelle to go to Chicago to tape Oprah! And after they finish taping Oprah in Chicago today, a very serious interview, I’m sure, then they’re gonna fly to New York for a rush hour series of three fundraisers. They’re gonna shut down the FDR, they’re gonna shut down the Upper East Side during rush hour. So this is Obama demanding that we get back to seriousness now, enough of silly season, he flies off to do the interview with Oprah.

    Trump has another catchphrase to be remembered by. He’s got “You’re fired” and now he’s got “I won.” And Obama thought he had the trademark on that.

    “Trump does not eat crow. He eats other people’s lunches. He does not eat crow.”

  9. Obama’s new “long Form” birth certificate is a certificate manufactured from a digitized image or from a composite of images. I think that the stamp is also digitized, not really stamped on the document, but added to the document digitally, right before it was printed. That way a fully certified document comes out of the printer with the stamp already on it.

    • I’m afraid that might be true, in which case: IS it REALLY certified as authentic by the OFFICIALS at the HDOH? Remember that just a day or two ago, Anderson Cooper’s investigators reported that the HDOH will NO LONGER CERTIFY copies of the long-form. A person can get a copy for historical purposes, I suppose, but it won’t be CERTIFIED and the only OFFICIAL bc will be the COLB. So is this special CGCC, created just for Barry, vouched for by the HDOH? Is it PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE of the FACTS of his birth? Is it official? Will anybody ask Fuddy?

      Remember how they excoriated Trump yesterday on the technicality that he said his investigators told him the long-form was missing or non-existent? They asked him, then, if he’s going to NOT PAY them because they’re wrong or, in effect, does he no longer have faith in what his investigators tell him? So, does Anderson Cooper no longer have faith in what HIS investigators tell him? Is he going to not pay or fire the guy who FALSELY stated that nobody can get a CERTIFIED long-form BC from Hawaii?

      I know why Trump said this about the missing long-form. FOX News reported that in FEBRUARY, they were told that Onaka had the book containing Barry’s vital records put into a special vault where he alone will have access to it. You can guess why this happened: So that no clerk with a camera phone is tempted (perhaps paid by wealthy people) to photograph the vital records for Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama or whatever his name is/was/shall be. They knew it was in the works to create this CGCC. They didn’t want anybody to EVER be able to compare the ACTUAL documents to what they were preparing to put out.

      Any investigator would probably learn, somehow, that the BOOK containing Barry’s records were “missing,” in the opinion of workers who would know where it WAS but not know where it IS NOW.

      They moved it out of the reach of any employees, perhaps surreptitiously, so as not to arouse suspicion, and put it where nobody but Onaka can ever access it. Not even whoever is Fukino’s successor. Fukino says she saw it. Will she now be asked whether what’s on the Web is WHAT SHE SAW in actuality? Or will she be asked if what she sees on the Web is the END RESULT of all the modifications made over time to that record?

      The very FACT that they moved the original to a special vault is suspicious. The very FACT that a lawyer flew out there to pick this thing up and bring it back to the WH is suspicious.

      So NOW his records ARE being treated differently than other people’s, unlike when Lingle was governor. WHY?

      They hid the real documents so nobody can ever prove they don’t match what’s on the CGCC. Maybe in a hundred years, if ever, we’ll find out. Unless a judge orders them released.

      Last night, Monica Crowley said something on O’Reilly’s show about Barry withholding the document. But toady O’Reilly was quick to interrupt and “correct” her. He said that Barry wasn’t withholding it. He “couldn’t get it.” Until, according to the bogus meme, this new HDOH official Fuddy came up with her waiver to make an exception. But this, too, is a LIE.

      Barry could have gotten every damned document by simply letting his lawyers allow discovery. A judge in any of the ineligibility cases would have subpoenaed them and they WOULD HAVE BEEN PRODUCED, even if sealed by adoption. INSTEAD, BARRY FOUGHT DISCOVERY AND AS A RESULT, LTC LAKIN WAS SENT TO PRISON.

  10. NY TIMES Editorial..The Big Dog of the Left and their view…
    A Certificate of Embarrassment [They ain’t seen nothin’ yet!]
    April 27, 2011 Snips

    With sardonic resignation, President Obama, an eminently rational man, stared directly into political irrationality on Wednesday and released his birth certificate to history. More than halfway through his term, the president felt obliged to prove that he was a legitimate occupant of the Oval Office. It was a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life.

    The disbelief fairly dripped from Mr. Obama as he stood at the West Wing lectern. People are out of work, American soldiers are dying overseas and here were cameras to record him stating that he was born in a Hawaii hospital. It was particularly galling to us that it was in answer to a baseless attack with heavy racial undertones. [Race card!]

    The fuller document that Mr. Obama had to request contains some extra information, including his parents’ signatures and the name of the hospital where he was born, but it was unnecessary to show his legitimacy. [A true statement, because he has never been legitimate!]

    Finally, his taunting and the questions of television correspondents obliging Mr. Trump got on the president’s nerves. Mr. Obama was tactically smart to release the certificate and marginalize those who continue to keep the matter alive. It is tragic that American politics is fueled by such poisonous fire. Mr. Trump quickly moved on to a new fixation, questioning Mr. Obama’s academic credentials. Mr. Boehner, and other party leaders, have a new reason to call a halt to the politics of paranoia and intolerance. [Anyone feel marginalized? Paranoia ..where?]


    • History will be the judge and it will not be kind to either this POTUS (whatever his name) OR to the complicit idiots in the lamestream media, with special consideration to the NY Times.

  11. Anyone see the trailer of Obama talking to Oprah? Michelle almost fell off the couch clapping and saying he was born in the US!

  12. Obama will have more problems after Corsi’s book hits the stands in a couple weeks too!

    What took him so long?
    April 27, 2011 by Jerome R. Corsi Snips

    Yesterday, Barack Obama blinked – releasing birth records he has hired lawyers to prevent the public from seeing, even at the expense of allowing U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin to be court-martialed and sent to prison for having dared ask questions the White House until now has resolutely dismissed with ridicule and distain.

    A key problem for Obama is that birth certificates issued to twin girls born one day later at Kapi’olani hospital, the Nordykes, are the Rosetta Stone of deciphering both Obama’s previously released short-form Certification of Live Birth and the newly released purported copy of his long-form birth certificate.

    The problem since the short-form certificate was released during the 2008 presidential campaign has always been this:

    * As WND reported, the long-form birth certificates issued by Kapi’olani to the Nordyke twins have certificate numbers lower than the number given Obama, even though the president purportedly was born at the same hospital a day earlier than the Nordykes.

    * Note, Susan Nordyke, the first twin, was born at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

    Moreover, no records for Dunham having been a patient at Kapi’olani in 1961, or of Obama having been born at the hospital on Aug. 4, 1961, have been released by the hospital.


  13. Why spend millions to keep this from happening and then release it now? And why not get a decent forgery, since we know that ever since Mike Wallace’s fiasco, documents can and will be scrutinized?

    And not even on a Friday….the usual doc dumping day?

    I guess when you *think* you are so brilliant you find out that there are other more brilliant people around you.

    Or perhaps just hubris…

    • Why send a decorated serviceman, a doctor, to PRISON and destroy his family rather than to release this document and save his career and his family’s future? Why? Because it’s as fake as the paper that it’s not printed on. He couldn’t release this to ANY court, because it’s not legitimate. It’s not prima facie evidence. A court of law would require more. Instead of being transparent, he destroyed LTC Lakin’s life and his family’s future.

  14. Judith Corley the person that supposedly went to Hawaii to pick up the new birth certificate. She works as Obama’s personal attorney since Bob Bauer went to the White House.

    Judy Corley – Perkins Coie

    Judy Corley is a partner in the firm’s Political Law practice. She has more than two decades of experience with federal/state campaign finance law, political and business ethics, white collar crime, tax-exempt organization law and lobbying regulation.

    Judy’s clients include candidate and political committees; EMILY’s List; American Hospital Association; and America Votes. In the wake of former Perkins Coie Partner Bob Bauer’s departure to become White House Counsel, Judy has also taken on responsibility for President Obama’s personal legal affairs, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

    Professional Leadership
    * America Bar Association, Standing Committee on Election Law Advisory Commission
    * American Bar Association, Standing Committee on Election Law
    * National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, participant in international delegation investigating elections in Haiti and international election observation delegation in Czechoslovakia
    * American Bar Association, Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, Election Law Committee, Vice Chair

    Related Employment
    * Office of the Democratic Leader, Richard Gephardt, U.S. House of Representative, Special Counsel, 1995 – 1996
    * Federal Election Commission, Washington, D.C., 1975 – 1981; Chief of Public Communications, 1978 – 1981


  15. Deconstructing the new Obama Certificate of Live Birth
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show today pointed out an interesting factoid about the so-called “long-form” birth certificate, which the Obama White House released today. The file is an Adobe Acrobat “.pdf” file, which can also be opened by Adobe’s other graphics programs Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Opening the document in Illustrator shows that it was clearly “assembled” from different graphic elements. It obviously had to be in order to give the appearance of a single document with a stamp at the bottom, when it was also obviously a scan from a book or ledger, where the original resides, presumably.

    By disassembling the various elements (by un-clicking the “eye” button on the Layers floating toolbar) we can see that the date stamp and certification at the bottom were added as were other various elements of the certificate including partial dates and tick marks here and there. What’s more, the president’s mother’s signature was also pieced together.

    Don’t forget, political operatives aren’t high end graphic designers.

    [Screen Prints.. of the problems with the documents.]


  16. BO is creating another diversion from the real issue that he is not constitutionally qualified because his father was a British/Kenyan Subject (Citizen).

  17. Why did BO release an obviously forged BC?

    Is he attempting to divert attention from the fact that he is not a Natural Born Citizen because his father was a British/Kenyan Subject (Citizen)? Or has BO been set up by people within his regime?


    Our investigation of the purported Obama birth certificate released by Hawaiian authorities today reveals the document is a shoddily contrived hoax. Infowars.com computer specialists dismissed the document as a fraud soon after examining it.

    Check out the document released by WhiteHouse.gov for yourself.

    Upon first inspection, the document appears to be a photocopy taken from state records and printed on official green paper. However, when the government released PDF is taken into the image editing program Adobe Illustrator, we discover a number of separate elements that reveal the document is not a single scan on paper…

    yo | April 28, 2011 at 7:26 am |
    Every one of these issues besides the two citizen parents could be a disqualifier to being in the office of president.

    The supreme court could go against us on a 5-4 vote on the two citizen parent issue. They’ve perverted the constitution before. They could easily do it again.

    So stay on top of EVERY issue. We don’t know which one bring the house down. People who say they do know which issue will do the trick and the others are “distractions” are badly mistaken.

  18. Hawaii elections clerk rips ‘overall filth’ in Washington
    ‘These people must be held accountable, must be punished, removed from power’
    April 27, 2011 smips

    The former Hawaii elections clerk who has claimed he was told by his superiors a long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama did not exist in the Aloha State says the release of what is purported to be the president’s original birth record does not resolve the main issues surrounding Obama and the “overall filth” in Washington.

    Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for Honolulu in 2008

    Concerning the actual image of what is claimed to be the president’s original long-form birth certificate, Adams said, “If this document is indeed valid – and I’m not going into the questions of validity – it proves what I said before, that the so-called COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth) that were posted online over the last three years are in fact forgeries and not State of Hawaii issued documents.”

    • Do you understand his point? How does this CGCC, if valid, prove that the COLBs are fake? I must have missed something.

      Is it the date accepted by the general registrar date?

  19. Widow of Obama ‘birth doctor’ advises Hawaii Health Dept.
    Deceased physician’s name appears on document released today
    Posted: April 27, 2011
    1:08 am Eastern

    The widow of the physician listed on President Obama’s purported birth certificate works on a state taskforce that advises the agency that released the document, Hawaii’s Department of Health, WND has learned.The certificate bears the signature of David A. Sinclair, a retired physician who died Aug. 20, 2003, at the age of 81.

    Sinclair’s wife, Ivalee Mae Sinclair, 82, works for the state of Hawaii’s legislature. In January, she was elected chairman of the Special Education Task Force of the Department of Education, a panel she has been on since its founding by the state legislature in 2007. According to its founding documents, the task force advises the legislature on issues of special education to be developed and implemented jointly by the Departments of Health and Education.

    Like Obama’s mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, Ivalee Sinclair was born in Kansas. She reportedly came to Hawaii in 1945 on the first ship to allow civilians after the war. A profile on her in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin from May 2008 says she met her late husband in a pre-med class at the University of Hawaii. In 1947, the couple departed for the University of California-Berkeley then returned to Hawaii in 1960.


    • Wasn’t Stan at U of CA Berkeley around the same time? Strangely enough, or not, so were relatives of Mary Toutonghi.

    • hold it a minute Bridgett, in your post where you said something about the Sinclair couple: In 1947, the couple departed for the University of California-Berkeley then returned to Hawaii in 1960.
      So couldn’t they have possibly already met the Dunhams while at Berkley, and Stanley and Mad and Stanley Ann said, we’ll see ya in Hawaii,…. we’re going there too……. Just food for thought. Course the Dead Dr. Sinclair can’t tell us how that really went down can he?

  20. Taitz Thrown Off MSNBC For Bringing Up Obama’s Social Security Number
    April 28, 2011

    What a nasty, slimy guy on MSN! Orly says “Obama is a Liar.” This is another Keith Olberman and what a jacka@@! Lawrence somebody. He brought her on the show to say that she now believes the new BC is valid and that after 3 years of working against Obama that he is now vindicated. She wouldn’t do it. He kept getting more vile and she kept on talking.

    • What a hateful person. You see how angry they get just because someone won’t knuckle under and let them put words, thoughts, FALSE beliefs into their bodies? This is how NAZIS behave. OR Islamic jihadists. You did notice, didn’t you, that Larry used the word “crusade?” You will submit. You will think as we tell you to think. You will say what we tell you to say. You will believe what we tell you to believe. Orwellian to the max. What a despicable man. If Orly is so crazy, then why does she make Larry SO ANGRY? Is it because it’s not apparent to the rest of thinking people that Orly’s not so crazy as he’d like us to think? Who looks like a rabid insane person? Not Orly. She looks sensible and calm.

    • He looks like the crazy person and looks desperate to bully over her.
      Desperate. What a hot temper. Not biased reporting at all, nope. Just a fair and balanced, rabid person on tv. That has to be it.

  21. MSN is going all out to attack anyone that was wanting Obama to prove his eligibility. I never watch these people, but it is an education on the nasty vitriol of the Left and attacks seem to be their MO. What they want are people to say, oh, we believe the new BC, and we were sooo wrong about his eligibility and he is now qualified.

    Joseph Farah on MSN stating the issue about NBC. MSN is calling it the Crazy Train..

  22. Great posts, Bridgette/Miri…hats off to both of you..and to Monica Crowley. She actually brought up “natural born citizen” issue on Eric Bowling’s show on Fox Business last nite:

    • TY Atpf!

      From the URL. THIS IS THE DOCUMENT WE WANT TO SEE! Why didn’t Obama release THIS ONE?

      “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school. It’s a short piece, with a photograph of him. No mention is made of my mother or me, and I’m left to wonder whether the omission was intentional on my father’s part, in anticipation of his long departure. Perhaps the reporter failed to ask personal questions, intimidated by my father’s imperious manner; or perhaps it was an editorial decision, not part of the simple story that they were looking for. I wonder, too, whether the omission caused a fight between my parents.”

      From “Dreams From My Father” (Pg. 26 last paragraph)

  23. Maybe that’s been linked before, but it’s an easily understood explanation.

    Here’s the problem, as I see it: When and where did this pdf get assembled? We’re told that the lawyer flew to Hawaii, supposedly to pick up the two certified copies of a DOCUMENT. That would be a paper, not a pdf. Or, did she also pick up a disk with a pdf on it? Or did somebody email the pdf to the WH? How did this source pdf for the printed and embossed (did Wendell Goler say the media were shown a certified, embossed paper?) certificate end up on a WH computer? Or did the lawyer take the pdf on a disk to the HDOH, where it was printed out and certified? Which came first, the pdf or the document; and where did the pdf come from? If, as Fuddy says, it was computer-generated, then by whom, how, and when?

    • Each one of these I see makes me just shake my head that this would be released as an authentic document! Let the lawsuits begin! Obama is a complete fraud! Who will stand up in Congress and say so?

      People are you sending documentation like this to your Senators and Reps?

      Do not let this issue die! They must investigate and have a forensic investigation of his documents..we see it on these videos, but Congress must see it. Email addresses up above in the Header. Use them! Bombard their offices! The media is complicit in this fraud and are supposedly going to let the issue rest. The real issue is the Natural Born Citizen but that Obama puts out a fraudulent document is a crime! We must not be silent no matter how many pundits are saying Obama proved himself. He proved he is a criminal!

      • I’m hoping that Trump will double down and not let Barry call the shots and drive this out of the media. Trump did say that forensic people will look at it. HE will look at it. We have to not give up and we have to hope that Trump will keep pushing it. Corsi’s book will be another nail. Farah pushing it, too. He’s on TV and even if the print media is going along, certainly MSNBC and other networks aren’t. We the People are not as stupid as they think we are. And we are much more savvy about spotting fakes than they think we are. In fact, only the progressives seem to be as fooled as Obama thinks that WE are. We’re not fooled. We see right through him and always have. He’s the carnival barker.

    • Has anyone addressed this question: When you download the layered pdf from the WH website, the date and time in the properties say: created 4/27/2011 12:09:24 PM;
      modified 4/27/2011 12:09:24 PM;
      application: Preview; PDF producer: Mac OS X 10.6.7 QuartzPDF Context; PDF Version 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x)

      Why would the date and time be later than when the pdf showed up on the WH website? I’m sure I downloaded it before noon, yesterday. How about you? Does it matter?

      • Miri, I have about the same information except Check out CREATED:
        Name of File: 002-BEG-1859-07-15-01-SINGLE.PDF

        Created: Monday, August 30, 2010, 12:22:20 PM
        Modified Yesterday, April 27, 2011 2:42 PM
        Accessed Today, April 28, 2011 1:30 PM
        2nd page PDF – or 2nd TAB that is part of Properties
        Modified Wednesday, April 27, 2011 6:08:45 AM
        Application: Preview
        PDF Producer Mac OS x 10.6.7 Quartz PDF Context
        Fast web View: No
        PDF Version 1.3
        NO Summary – unusual

        Anyone else have different information in the Created category?
        Right Click on the file name, click on properties, and the information comes up.

        Dr. Pollard are you around?

        • Really? When did you save that? Right away yesterday morning? I wasn’t able to get online as soon as the story broke and by the time I thought to save the file and the properties, it was later in the day, but BEFORE the date/time on those properties, which puzzled me. I just remembered. I didn’t download and then copy the properties. I went to the WH site and displayed the properties and that’s what I got. Nothing about August 2010, but I swear I saw a reference to 2010 somewhere today, maybe at FR, and I thought it was just a typo. Anybody else seen this 2010 date?

          • Pagination: Next Page Obama Birth Certificate Scam? 2011-04-27 Obama.mp4
            Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:56:03 PM · 29 of 82
            remaxagnt to bigbob
            no the 54k question is that obama wrote in his book that he found his original in his bible and if thats a case why the need to get a document that was generated april 25 2010 why not use the document that he found in his bible.
            He says April 25, but 2010?

          • Modified is when I saved it to my computer yesterday The same time, 2:42 shows on my computer as to when I downloaded it. Assessed is when I got the information to share today. Created is when the documents were initially created! Miri, I downloaded after you did. We need a couple other people to weigh in.

        • http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2010/08/obama-birth-certificateeligibilityobama.html

          Look what was happening in late August 2010. The big rally announced. And around the same time, he made his bc plastered on the forehead comment. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0810/41575.html

          And Corsi pointed out no bc in the passport files: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=188769

        • The thing is that I don’t have Adobe. Just the free reader. So if you can create and do other fancy stuff with Adobe, then you must have bought their programs. I used to have them when I got the machine, but they expired. That’s another thing we can thank our government for. In the name of consumer protection, they prevent computer companies from giving us FREE software. Now it expires, when it used to be free. I can’t see any other dates than what I gave you. But now we have two different people saying the Bridge software shows a creation date of 2010. Do notice what I posted above–about how Beck and Corsi and some others were talking about the lack of a BC. And they were in Barry’s head because that’s when he made his “joke” about walking around with a bc taped to his head. So did his document czar start creating this thing last August?

          • We do need others to weigh in. Please, if you have a download of this pdf, check the creation date and let us know. Before the WH catches on and changes the properties, like FactCheck changed the exif data and resolution of their bogus photos.

        • Bridgette, if you know, what is 2nd page? As I said, I saved the properties of the photo of the document on the WH website. I also clicked and saved the image. That has the date/time I saved it. The image properties, that I copied off the display screen, are as above: Created yesterday around noon time. The pdf, however, says created 7:09 a.m. yesterday. But that’s page 1, I think. There’s a disclaimer that says the pagination properties may differ in Windows files. I don’t know what all this means. Any tech whizzes out there?

          • 2nd page is the Second Tab of the Properties..where additional information is, and the 3rd Tab is the Summary that is empty.

            • That’s the tab I looked at. Copied from the properties of the image on the website, I got that noon yesterday date. On the pdf, I got yesterday around 7 a.m. The expert on the Gateway Pundit link suggested that it was first created in photoshop and then copied to Adobe. Maybe that’s where the 2010 date came from. I don’t see it. Anybody else?

          • Miri, In the Washington Times video, the guy says it was up then taken down a couple times with changes made each time. I sure wish someone else who has saved the WH copy would look at theirs and give us some input. I asked at Gateway Pundit and got an answer from Mike. It is as I believed. The file was created in August, 2010. Nobody else has picked up on this.


            “[Regarding two vastly different dates for Created and Modified times,] can you clarify why this file purporting to be made by the WH the day they released the information is dated this way?”

            The Created date means just what it says: the date the file was initially created. The Modified attribute is updated any time there is a change to the file. This may have been something as simple as changing the compression or any other harmless attribute. It’s not really proof of much, as simply changing any attribute of the file and re-saving would cause this.

            “Also can the summary be erased so that this file shows none? Anyone else have different information?”

            For most documents, the summary field is empty, and it is empty by default. It CAN be filled out, but I’ve never actually seen a PDF with any information in this field.

            I hope this information is helpful.

          • Aug 2010…Last summer..hummm…

          • Thanks, Bridgette. I wonder why nobody else thinks this is significant. WHY would the document of the long-form birth certificate be CREATED in August 2010, months and months ago, and significantly around the time Obama talked about how he can’t walk around with his long-form pasted to his forehead? This is a big deal, if you ask me.

            The so-called EXPERTS disagree but one thing they all ought to be able to agree on–the CREATION date OUGHT to be at least THIS YEAR, not LAST year. Why would the WH be CREATING a long-form BC last year?

          • I don’t think anyone thought of it yet.. I usually look at things like that mainly in photos though. But no one picked up on it at Gateway. If you hadn’t asked, I might not have looked either. I thought Dr. P. might tell us, but he hasn’t seen the question I guess.

            Why August? Pre planning..always, pre-planning. They must be ready. Think of the Stimulus plan and its 2,500+ pages that came out of nowhere. Then Obamacare was pre-pared and available immediately.

          • Bridgette, I just checked at Gateway Pundit and somebody did mention it after you did, but seems they were rationalizing that maybe the Hawaiian DOH was preparing the bc release for him back then, when he talked about the bc on his forehead. Somebody else named sf mentioned, as we said here almost immediately, that Fuddy ADMITTED it’s a COMPUTER-GENERATED object; therefore, all photoshopping may have been done by the HDOH. However, it seems from WND’s story that they asked the HDOH and they claimed that they photocopied the long-form. Of course, they may have “neglected” to mention step two–manipulating the CGCC so it would eventually match the info on the COLB and ALSO the info in their NEWLY AMENDED “vital recordS” for Barry Obama.

            I have two more questions, not to beat a dead horse, but why not?

            1. Has anybody YET located the mysterious Mr. U. K. L. Lee? Ukulele, cute, huh? Local registrar in Hawaii in 1961? Ya think?


            It’s interesting that Osama was killed a week ago, they say. Only a day or two later, Barry releases his supposed real BC. Then shortly after, they announce Osama’s death. To take the analysis of the bogus BC out of the public eye? To drum up support and sympathy for Barry, our new savior, the one who got Osama? Actually, the 25th of April is when the bc was stamped by Onaka (supposedly), so is the 25th the date of death for Osama? Just asking. I haven’t read the new post about Osama yet. Next on my to-do list.

            Midnight, at Gateway Pundit, had this to say:
            “I’ve worked as my profession with them for 17 years. The list of 2 dozen actions are Photoshop actions are as follows for various element layers:

            Opacity 60% (transparency), Opacity 40% with Screen calculation (lightens), Apply Default Style, Export As Photoshop 5, Export As SVG, Save For Web GIF 64 Dithered (64 is bits, this is the 1st save), Save For Web JPG Medium (this is compression for 2nd save mod), Save For Web PNG 24 (this is the 3rd save modification), Simplify, Simplify Straight, Revert, Move Dialog, Scale Dialog, Rotate 90 CW, Shear Dialog, Rotate 90 CW, Shear Dialog, Reflect Horizontal, Style/Brush/Swatch Cleanup, Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Minus Front, Rasterize, Gausian Blur Filter.

            The preceding has nothing to do with automatic functions. They are the list of manipulations done to the art. There’s just no way around it.”

  24. Oh yeah….do you believe this crapola?
    Obama demanded detailed birth certificate after continued questions
    Thursday, April 27, 2011
    Anne E. Kornblut –

    Obama had grown incredulous at the overall debate. . . . Finally, on April 19, in a meeting with White House counsel Bob Bauer, the president asked about the feasibility of getting his long-form birth certificate [what was wrong with the one in his possession?] at last. . . . Last week, it was Obama who made the call to proceed. “He was the driving force,” the official said. “It wasn’t one specific thing” that tipped the scales, a senior administration official said. But Trump was a major factor, by the White House’s own admission, as the real estate mogul’s near-constant interviews extended a discussion that the president found “frivolous.” Last week, it was Obama who made the call to proceed. “He was the driving force,” the official said. [Or was it Trump and the public?]

    The swift action that followed — in less than 10 days, Obama’s lawyers were able to obtain the legal waivers necessary to bring copies of the certificate back to the White House – raised questions about the timing. [Legal waivers to get his BC? Oh give me a break!]

    ….officials said they wanted to release the paperwork as quickly as possible after receiving it,to pre-empt any further conspiracy theories about whether it had been doctored. [What a joke! It is a fake document!]

    Officials denied there were any more complex political considerations at play. And from a legal standpoint, there appeared to be no question that Wednesday’s announcement was the culmination of several days of secret, intense maneuvering. [Like can’t the ‘designer’ work faster?]

    diatribe continues

    • About that: “Obama’s lawyers were able to obtain the legal waivers necessary to bring copies of the certificate back to the White House.”

      Could the waivers be from Obama’s lawyers to the Hawaii officials absolving them from all responsibility with the creation and/or certification of that CGCC? Legal waivers from the Hawaiian AG so Fuddy could create a COMPUTER certified CGCC that looks official but isn’t? Legal waivers to unseal something sealed for certain purposes but not to be released to anybody for any other reason? The possibilities are endless. They will imply it’s to get around the lie that Hawaiian law wouldn’t allow copying the long-form, when obviously it does and did just last month and in fact, it requires it. But what’s the real reason for the waivers? We’ll never know because they’ll say it’s privileged. Won’t they? Or is it? Any lawyers know?

      • “officials said they wanted to release the paperwork as quickly as possible after receiving it, to pre-empt any further conspiracy theories about whether it had been doctored.”

        Who are they trying to kid? If they didn’t want accusations that the paperwork was “doctored” then they wouldn’t have had a lawyer fly out to pick it up. No, they’d have it generated, certified, and sent via certified mail directly to somebody like Brian Williams, so he could announce the truth to the world. Right? Why have a lawyer go outside the bounds of the usual? Who flies out to Hawaii to pick up copies? They could have sent the media to the HDOH and let them receive the certified document hot off the presses. IF they didn’t want accusations of doctoring, they would have released a scan exactly like the one you see on the AP. Not that layered questionable pdf you see on the WH website. This commenter says it was opened, changed, and resaved in October 2010. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/265767/pdf-layers-obamas-birth-certificate-nathan-goulding#comment-140443

        Do you know what Adobe Bridge is?

    Posted by Helen
    April 28, 2011 Snips

    Dear Mr. President:

    Dude, you’ve been punked! And by your very own “Official Document Maker” Czar at that!

    Sir, you just played right into the hands of the “birthers”? Yes you did, and sadly, you don’t even know it!

    I mean look at what you said to Oprah yesterday “live” on air — you were “driven to release [your] long-form birth certificate so that the nation could move on and focus on a “serious conversation” about solving its problems.”Yes, America has “serious” problems and they are all of YOUR making along with your donors, your masters and your congressional pals. We the people have nothing to do with the ugly mess we’re in! No Sir, you do along with all of those elitist New Socialist World Order snots you “think” are your friends thank you very much!

    But you couldn’t stop there, no siree, you just had to show your petulance toward Americans by digging an even deeper hole by belittling nearly 70% of the voting electorate when referring to us as “sideshows and carnival barkers”. And you wonder why we the people want you the hell out of our White House! Well, wonder no more, Sir.

    It is precisely this kind of anti-American acidic tongue of yours that the people find disrespectful, disgraceful and not fit for the leader of our country. And no Whoopi, our disrespect for your man has nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. So, shut the hell up already!


    • Helen

      Well done! Thanks for citing us and our readers as “Carnival Barkers” who are calling Obama a fraud and his document a fake as well!

      Read Wayne Madsen’s report on her site as it is a subscription only. (we aren’t followers of Wayne because we found so many errors in his writing..but this report is worthwhile) Snips

      April 28, 2011 — World intelligence agencies: Obama’s long form birth certificate a rank forger. From intelligence agencies around the world, the verdict on President Obama’s newly-released certificate of live birth from Hawaii is in: the certificate is a rank forgery on the same level as the Niger “yellow cake” uranium and Iraq Oil Ministry forged documents.

      Within 24-hours of the release of the long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, intelligence agencies from Britain and China to Germany and Russia examined the document and concluded it was a forgery based on the fact that Barack H. Obama Sr.’s race, listed as “African,” was a monumental error, considering that not only the United States, but other English-speaking nations described Africans and those of African descent as either “Negroes” or “blacks” in 1961.

      The consensus among intelligence agency experts is that the Obama long form Certificate of Live Birth was hastily manufactured by an amateur who never thought of using the standard race designation of Negro in Barack Obama, Sr.’s racial designation block on the form either due to ignorance or an attempt to be politically correct in 2011 by refusing to use an accepted term from 1961.

      • Gee, is it June 2008 all over again? The first thing people spotted was AFRICAN – even the trolls had issues with that.

        The ability to self-identify one’s race did not exist in 1961, so the claim by Factcheck and Hawaii that Obama Sr. had the choice to do so was BS.

        It was BS then and it was BS now. Just like the forged COLB.

        It does not matter what Zero produces NOW because he used a false government identity document (FELONY FRAUD) to get elected President (FELONY FRAUD) that was sent across state lines to his campaign supporters and the media (FELONY FRAUD).

        Can you spell, “RICO?”

        This charade has to end now, not for eligibility reasons, but for identity fraud, election fraud, wire fraud, interstate commerce fraud, finance fraud, Internet fraud, influence-peddling, bribary, extortion, racketeering, and also treason.

  26. http://beyondthecurtain.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/new-obama-birth-certificate-is-a-forgery/

    Maybe that’s been linked before, but it refutes some obot rationalizations about the layers. This writer also points out differences between Obama’s and the Nordykes’. For example, abbreviating August and Honolulu, Hawaii versus Honolulu, Oahu.

  27. Did anybody notice that Trump said that in three weeks he’ll announce something that will surprise the media? I took it to mean whether he’s running or not. But what else happens in three weeks? Corsi’s book comes out. Doesn’t it?

  28. You go Girls,
    This is what you are so very best at
    Q D
    You need some help.
    Don’t waste your time with Fox News, they are in on it.
    Best possibilities is to contact Michelle Malkin and Pamela Geller.

    I hope you succeed,
    Our whole country needs you to succeed.

    God speed.

    • Thanks, Dave M. Kiss, kiss. 🙂

      Hey, everybody, look at this comment from an NBC site, by another Dave. Dave P in Seattle:
      “The problem with this “new” birth certificate is that it’s well….new. It lists his birthday as August 4, 1961, then list his fathers native country as Kenya. The problem with that is Kenya didn’t exist until 1963, it was British East Africa or East Africa Protectorate until then. It also lists the hospital of his birth as Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, which didn’t exist until 1978. Prior to that time it was Kauaikeolani Children’s Hospital. It’s is also dated April 25, 2011 with Dr. Alvin T. Onaka signing to the stamp of ” I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii Department of State Health”. Being an abstract does not mean it real or official, it means it matches what is in the electronic system, which would have been put in some time after 1978 because of the hospital name, and as recently as April 25, 2011 because of the date, or any time in between.” http://www.nbcbayarea.com/blogs/press-here/Facebook-Updates-Every-Second-About-Obamas-Birth-Cert-120805099.html

      • Actually, if you go to Barack, Srs. Immigration files, they did list Kenya as his native country. They did, however, on a couple of forms state that his Country of Citizenship was Great Britain and British.

        • Cynic, I don’t think I ever saw those records before. That one blew right by me. Thanks for the link. Who got these?

          • I found the link through this blog:


            I posted the link early this a.m., but I put it under the article about Obama, Sr. One thing that I came away with is that he reported that he married Stanley A. Dunham, and they had a son on 8-4-61. I guess I can quit thinking that Barry was born before Hawaii became a state.

          • Wow. Unitarian Universalists. They sure do get around. Isn’t that what Starfelt or her family are?

            So what’s the provenance? Why did these suddenly appear? William Wood II writes about Baby Barry?

            His wife living in the Philippines? Which wife would that be? A wife who traveled to London? Which would that be? So much to read; so little time.

        • I know, I have a page of notes! Don’t you love how he only lists ONCE that he has a child, and puts down Roy! I felt dirty after I read it all. No wonder Barry has issues! So much instability.

  29. Chronwathch Gone!

    Now Orly Gone

    Error establishing a database connection

    This get serious

    • Orly was just on MSNBC today or yesterday where she brought up Obama’s fraudulent Social Security Numbers and Selective Service. Even though the anchor was talking over her, she kept on talking. Hopefully, it was another attack on just her website and she is okay. I got the same message clicking on her website.

    • Her site was back up. I didn’t see any notice of her saying she was hacked or that there had been a problem.

  30. http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theticket/20110428/ts_yblog_theticket/obama-jokes-no-one-checked-his-id-at-the-door

    The carnival barker seems to be enjoying his little joke. He’s being so “serious” and not paying attention to “silliness”. So much so that he flew off to hobnob with Oprah and then went to three fundraisers. So, you see, he’s getting on with the business of being the POTUS and taking care of the economy and all those other serious things, like the deficit and the budget, that he chastised the media about yesterday. Carnival barker, indeed. Pot calling the kettle.

  31. See how serious he is whilst talking to Oprah?

    “And so, at that point I said to my team, look, even though this is not usually what the State of Hawaii does. Even though the Republican Governor of Hawaii, the Democratic Governors of Hawaii, all the various officials had confirmed that I was born here, let’s ask them for a special dispensation where they will go ahead and provide us with the original to see if we can put this to rest. We can’t be distracted by sideshows and, as I said at my press conference, carnival barkers who are going around trying to get attention instead of actually solving the problems. … Can I just say? I was there, so I knew … that … I knew I had been born. I remembered it.’’

    Isn’t it clever of him to use the Christian terminology about a “special dispensation?” He’s lying of course because just last month Hawaii, in their USUAL procedure, issued a certified copy of a long-form to a citizen. A normal person who needed no special dispensation. He doesn’t like it when OTHER carnival barkers get attention. Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room. Just like Sarah Palin does. That’s why Barry hates them. Because all eyes and ALL attention must be on HIM. I do notice that this is a repeat of his riff at the presser, except this time he left out the part about “affidavits” that people signed. Hmmm. As I said, Freudian slip. The Imp of the Perverse strikes again.

  32. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/apr/27/birth-certificate-isnt-obamas-only-secret/

    A good piece in answer to the fawning ones in the lamestream press.

    “Mr. Obama’s hostility to openness drives the public’s curiosity about the most basic facts of his life. For example, he has refused to release his college and law-school transcripts, information recent presidential candidates have openly shown the public despite some embarrassment over decades-old bad grades. What is there for this president to hide? Maybe he flunked government classes or got busted for dope. He has openly discussed his past drug use, but is there more to it? Secrecy breeds speculation. The list of hidden Obama documents includes medical records from his annual physical – which other presidents have made public – and first lady Michelle Obama’s law-firm records. Is she covering up a Hillary Clinton-type Whitewater case?”

    • can’t help it but every now and then it creeps over me that BARRY WAS around somewhere near the famous 1981 Brinks robbery,where some folks were killed. Chesa Boudin’s (named for JoAnne Chesimard, Toupac’s aunt)mom and dad were part of that as well as several involved of various ages. Some ran and were never identified. Can’t help it. Course that isn’t something to hide cause no one knows who all of em were,but I do pause and imagine. There was an amazing amount of bank robberies back in 70’s and early 80’s. Not just stealing money to pay for revolutionary activities but there was also drugs on those currier trucks and a major drug hospital rehab program in New York ,run by the radicals. Think Bernardine Dhorns sister worked there along with the black Panther Islamic dude Jamal something, who is still in prison and a couple Dr./revolutionaries and various shady characters. I can just picture B. in that type scene, maybe as a squirrely “look out” and “wanta” be for his favorite idols .Seems he does lean against large buildings quite well. This was going on all over Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, PA.,all up the eastern seaboard and they made out with millions. Yeah, these are the types now that join all the philanthropic foundations . But , that’s not what he’s hiding I guess.
      Would someone explain or tell me if that Scribd Site ever screws up there computor or do any of you get dangerous virus warnings. I almost always do. Cynic , I read your post for it this morning. There is always something juicy and new, like Miri says , she hasn’t seen this stuff before.But it is one place that always bites me. Just got to the letters about Barak Sr. and his likely new wife. What was the rest? Really wanted to see if any jibed with other info, but had to shut down and get out my trusty spy bazooka.
      Like someone has said, this issue with the b certificate is really maybe his safest piece of dingy laundry. He keeps this out in front of something far more incideous . Like money laundering, full scale voter fraud, maybe racketeering relatives , or aiding and abetting foreign crooks of all colors and sizes. Or if this issue is the tell all issue, that he is a foreign plant of some sort then why do such a poor job on this long form certificate. Don’t get it yet???

      • I hate Scribd. It always acts screwy on my computer. I don’t know if it’s my browser or what. But I hate it. It takes forever to load the pages. When I scroll, it’s acts goofy. I simply can’t stand it and I wish people would put documents somewhere else. ANYWHERE else but there.

        It’s interesting that the hillary44 site says this was released today via FOIA, but to whom and who posted it at Scribd? Is there any provenance? I do see the envelope with 4-cent stamps, which lends some credibility.

        Did you see the part about how he was playing around with a lot of girls, while supposedly married to two women? Also that the school was alarmed at his marriage to Ann while he had a wife in Kenya? Wasn’t it the school? I just scanned it. No time to read the entire thing that closely today. Curious timing, though.

        So even if we accept that he had a son born in Hawaii in August, 1961, how can we be sure that son is this person who now is POTUS? We can’t.

        I did see BHO Sr.’s fingerprints! Wow. If only fingerprints could be inherited and compared.

        I’m still not finished analyzing SADOS’s passport. All I need is his immigration files, too. Did anybody get similar documents for Lolo? Or is that what those Lolo files are? Are they immigration or passport files?

        alfy, I remember us speculating years ago about that Brinks robbery and the identity of the ones who got away. They would, presumably, be friends with the Ayerses and possibly still dependent upon them, even if it’s a co-dependency of snakes who each knows too much about each other to keep at more than arm’s length. Know what I mean?

      • Alfy, after I read the Immigration reports, I had to “let go” of the birth certificate thing. We also have the Scribd info on Lolo. There was reference to a child, Barack Obama.

        What amazes me with Lolo and Barack’s Immigration files is how things weren’t filled out completely, and they both extended their stays. There was even the Investigation where Barack was called an Abscondee!

        • So if it’s a given that a child was born to BHO Sr. and A wife in August 1961, how do you know WHICH son it was and whether or not this person who’s in the WH IS THAT son? Let it go if you wish. Even these Scribd docs could be faked or modified. Where does that AZ writer link to the Scribd documents and where does it say who obtained them? And why? And when they were received?

          They couldn’t figure out how many wives he had. He had girlfriends in Hawaii, too. We already knew that because someone talked about several blondes, neither of which could have been SADOS. I have to go over all those documents. Will get back to everyone when I’ve done so.

      • Alfy, did you find the info that you were looking for on Frank Marshall Davis/Frankly Speaking? I came across this today.


        • Actually, someone else was looking for some writing s of Franks. I just posted some of what I had on him. Now I can’t remember who asked. They were a regular though.They’ll be back . I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.
          Last night scribd had Lolo’s immigration files and it showed letters of request for extension. Also Ann’s. Got little ways thru hers when the file turned to jibberish , then blank. Did see a Phillipines passport request for Ann. forgot the year. This however is all to corroberate(sp) the story. Sorry ,but I am not taking the bait . Oh I am nibbling at the possibility that some of this stuff is copies of the real deal with some spit shine on it. I noticed two things that if someone were baiting to see what I could connect. But they didn’t drop the hook and I’m not waiten for the sinker. I think it is useful for the little bit they throw our way but I do my own hunting as well. Like you said Miri, where did this all come from and why now we can get all this info. suddenly on them. I just think someone has been busy. It does really bug me that I can’t trust what is for real and not real. The facts about this girl who took off for London and Kenya are telling . It is of course ,trying to put Ruth into the story and if one looks closely , like I said long ago, Ruth was not exactly a student of Harvard and there are some tell tell facts aluding that this may be Ruth, yet enough disinformation there as well. The same with dates and facts for O. sr.. Enough credibility to seem true and yet the dates don’t add up. And what about Ann going to school in Seattle a week or two after B. is Born. Why at one point when Ann is not even in Hawaii, does B. use an address for her as: in care of HI University? another thing of note is this. The fact that this women with the visa who is going to Kenya is asscociated with Newton Ma. or Auburndale Ma. is an astonishing point ; I feel it was a point meticulously put in. If you notice most places and names are deliberately left out of the letter parts , however her whereabouts and places are slightly left in. I am cynical, I know but you do realize that out of the thousands (I really mean thousands) of names that I have researched only Ruth Ndesandjo and a possible Alias for her is listed in Auburndale, Ma. which is near or in Newton Ma. , the two areas associated with this women who goes to Kenya . My theory (mine alone) has been for a long time that the woman in kenya now who says she is Ruth Ndesandjo is someone who stole a persons identity long ago. The other woman in a photo with B. Sr. and the two darker children( the photo with O. Sr. in his white clothes and the lady in the trench coat and pocket book) may be this is the woman referred to in these documents, but most likely she has been dead or quiet for a long time, at least since the 1980’s. Notice now we have Barack Sr. as a drunk, a horny womanizer, an abscondee,a wife beater, one who loved exspensive liquor, yet Mark says he reeeeeked of Pilsner beer, who didn’t finish school in the usual sense . Why if you were B. junior would you be bitter your dad got kicked out of school at Harvard ,would you want to go to Harvard? I mean , if I was a pompous kid with an attitude like B. junior, Harvard wouldn’t be good enough for me after all that. Seems to me the only really bad treatment B. Sr. has gotten is post mortem from the likes of his children. They get to use this guy. The more he is made out to look bad, the more we feel for little O. and the more we think we are getting the truth. I think B. Sr. had a sponsor family when He went to HI. U. and that family was the Dunham family. Why I don’t know. Remember the African Student services recommended that students seek local people’s help. Some families took these students into their homes and helped them financially. Maybe that was where the Dunham’s came in. Where does little B. fit in is still the mystery and that is why I think all this info may be once again to establish more camoflage. So appropriate that all these documents come out along with his new certificate. We will prevail I think.

          • Oh wow, it didn’t even dawn on me that some of these items could be falsified! And my name is Cynic! I did wonder why on the one Immigration form there was a name scratched out (thoroughly) and then the name Ann Dunham was written in.

            Do you think Barry even knew any of this? The Freedom of Information Act happened after he attended school there. I am surprised at the timing of the release of this information, however. I can’t believe that no one in this country thought to request Barack, Srs. Immigration info sooner.

            I assumed that Barry came out with the Birth Certificate because of the release of Corsi’s book.

          • Sorry, my last post has an error. I should have done my research first! The Freedom of Information Act was signed in to law on 7-4-66 by President Johnson!


          • Jack Cashill, over at “American Thinker” has a interesting article about Obama, Srs. Immigration file. He checked with the editor. “They are legitimate documents.”


          • maybe the documents are legit . but don’t think if someone has access to them they couldn’t have had parts removed or fiddled with.It wouldn’t be the first time. Seems Sandy Berger hauled a whole bunch out in his pants from somewhere. Let’s see ,and of course mysterious post mortem suicide notes,like from Vince Foster. Remember, in B.s book he just didn’t have the nerve to know the truth about his mom’s marriage to B. Sr. and those various types of things, yet he runs all over Africa to trace his Father’s roots and writes a book solely on this “idea” of a father. If he was really this in love with this guy and his mother Ann, wouldn’t he have perused some of this info?
            Some of the correspondence is from The Kenyan woman’s sponsor( of Unitarian Universalist director) and the Kenyan woman’s mother , and then to the director at Harvard and it notes- these things be kept with his file. But while we are led to believe here that this was B Sr.’s only problems with the universities,I don’t buy that. We may not be privy to other info. Why does Harvard already not want him there? Is there perhaps some other possible political activist dalliances B was involved in ? Remember this guy was coming from a war torn country, just getting over Mau Mau. Myboya with his union ideas had just toured the universities. We may never really know B. Sr’s motives that Harvard or others were worried over. This guy was issued a form (I-20) and I think that allowed him to come and go if need be. We don’t really know where else he travelled or when. Lots could be left out here.

          • alfy –that was me trying to find a link. Still haven’t found it. What Miri had did have s few things that was on the link I was looking for but not the same as the other. There was some books and articles named that I wanted to search for in the OCLC ebooks and Journals.
            I was reading another page several months ago and the thing just suddenly disappeared and I got a 404 error message and that was it. But this one, I had put in book marks and when I went back to look at it all I could get was that 404 thing which later turned into wicki links about every thing except what I was looking for. Thanks anyway

          • skeeter: If you still have the links in your bookmarks, then copy them to a comment, exactly as they are in your bookmarks, and I’ll see if I can find them somewhere. Anything else you have about what you’re looking for might help. Sometimes, if I have a quote from an article, I can find the article by searching with that quote, even if it’s a long string.

    • Miri, just to give you an idea of unitarian universalist world service and I repeat the similarities to would be quakers is repleat with the same ideologies,,,, here is something . The reason I chose this is because if you scroll down to 1967 on this Rev. Dana E. Klotzle is associated with this Humanist site.. read briefly, at least over the rest.Dana Klotzle is the director mentioned in the letters to Harvard alluded to on B. Sr.’s immigration papers. http://churchofhumanism.org/en/content/section/8/30/ Harvard library has archives of all the work of this religious group. They are closely related with divinity school there. Wish I had a Harvard student pin #, because there are many archived photos in Kenya and their work there in 60’s. Just might find a photo of B.’s girlfriend .Maybe Harvard’s African archives is where B. got his research and the photo of his african grandmother. Just thinking outloud if you don’t mind.If you type in Rev. Dana E. Klotzle you will get Harvard related sites for this person.

      • I’m just bloviating here, too, but somehow I don’t think it’s coincidence that Starfelt died the same week Trump started researching the BC and the ANNOUNCEMENTS. Nor that she’s connected to CA, universities there, FILM, photography, and now the same church that BHO Sr. and, iirc, the Seattle Dunhams are linked to. I read in her biography that she had a child that she gave up for adoption. I wonder if this humanist church was also connected to adoptions, domestic or foreign.

  33. Quite an interesting post about how Obama stalked Pelosi at a coctail reception and yelled at her, bringing her to tears. Seems he’s losing the title “No Drama Obama”.


    • HEY! I must be snake-bit I can’t even get that link, Cynic. All I get is NOT FOUND!

    • The link does not work for me either.

    • Ditto..he took it down. Did you keep a copy Cynic? Or tell more about it.

      • Sorry, I just came inside after 7 hrs. of gardening. I found the link via Gateway Pundit. When I went to John Smart’s blog, it was gone. I googled a sentence and it showed up there, but then when I clicked, the article was gone. I went back to Gateway Pundit, and a commenter put the link AND the article. This was it:

        “More in-depth eyewitness reports from President Obama’s recent San Francisco campaign fundraiser make it ever more clear that the President is stark-raving mad, and is more and more acting like Nero and Hitler in the bunker. According to several eyewitness accounts, President Obama was absolutely furious at the singing disruption of his recent San Francisco fundraiser, and arbitrarily accused Nancy Pelosi of engineering the scene. Not only did Obama reach across several people seated at the head table to glare at Pelosi and ask her if she was behind the disruption.

        The second part is even more compelling: At a private, smaller cocktail reception right afterwards, Obama reportedly stalked Pelosi, yelling at her and almost bringing her to tears, according to one of her close friends. Obama ranted about how Pelosi double-crossed him on the budget deal with Congressional Repub.

        And this: We are getting other similar reports of vindictive and petty acts of insanity on the part of Obama from all across the country. According to a senior Democratic Party source, the reason that Obama killed the funding to rehire firefighters, even after the Republican-majority House passed the amendment by a wide margin, was because he wanted revenge against the union’s president, who had been a critic, and an ally of Machinists Union President Thomas Buffenbarger, Obama’s leading opponent in the AFL-CIO. Because Obama got pissed at Harold Shaitberger, the firefighters president, half a billion dollars, that would have paid to rehire most laid-off firefighters for the next three years, was torn from the budget. How many Americans are going to die because of Nerobama’s act of vengeance?

        Another report from Democratic Party officials indicated that Obama spent an entire meeting with a former Democratic elected official, telling stupid stories about his choose-up basketball games with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, until the official cut him off and said, “Mr. President, I don’t give a f__k about basketball. How are we going to solve the problems of this nation, which are killing us?” Obama stood up and stormed out of the meeting.

  34. BO’s sister Maya admits BO adopted by her father Lolo


    She wrote, “I did not say my brother was a Muslim. I did say that I was more philosophically Buddhist. I told you that you were upsetting me. You said that you were not trying to upset me but wanted to know the truth about (Raila) Odinga (a Muslim for whom Barack Obama campaigned in the 2007 presidential race in Kenya). I told you I didn’t know who that was and had never met him. You mentioned the adoption laws of Indonesia that you saw as related to my brother’s legitimacy (you were suggesting that because my father, his stepfather, had adopted him, that my brother was no longer American) and I said that I had no idea about Indonesian adoption law.”

  35. Cynic @ 8:37
    Found an article ‘Even Pelosi Knows: Obama is Stark-Raving Insane’ that referenced that incident and more here:


  36. FOX still reporting that Obama’s Poll numbers are at an all time low for the second week in a row even after releasing his fraudulent birth certificate.

    His poll numbers are probably the reason he is in Alabama touring the tornado damaged areas. At least he went this time..how many days did it take for him to talk about the Gulf spill and to go there.

    • Does he choose which disasters he visits based upon the race of the victims? Did they really scrub the shuttle launch because of technical difficulties OR was it because Wills’s and Kate’s wedding took all the media attention away from Barry’s big day at the launching? First time ever, they said, for a First Family to watch a launch. I think he didn’t want to compete with the wedding and come up short of viewers. Can you imagine the headlines? Americans would rather watch Brits marry than Barry.

  37. thought FR did a good short bit here on when educational and cultural affairs began. Thought this was good to match up with Mrs. Sinclair, the Doc’s wife. Hope I just posted the snipit and not the whole page. Here. Someone else who knows her credentials may find this interesting. It was posted 2010/FR . Interesting condensed history of this agency:

    The State Department first established a Division of Cultural Relations in 1938. In 1944, it was placed under the direction of the first Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. What is now known as the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs was formerly established on April 17th, 1960, after previously being labeled the Bureau of International Cultural Relations in 1959. The Bureau functioned as part of the State Department until 1978 when its functions were transferred to the International Communications Agency (later the US Information Agency). However, the Bureau was transferred back into the State Department when the USIA was merged into the Department of State in 1999.

    When this “document” was produced, the department was called “The Bureau of International Cultural Relations”.

    • I’m looking at the article at WND, does anyone know where the 1959 BC he has posted came from? It’s signed by Dr. Rodney West and UKL Lee? Just wondering, I don’t think I had seen that one before.

      • That’s a link to the photo SEO’s talking about. I haven’t seen that bc before, either. WND NEVER says where they get images from, which is actually somewhat amateurish, imho. Yes, interesting. Rodney T. West delivered that baby and there you have Mr. Ukulele as the registrar.

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