A Preemptive Strike by Sunstein? Open Thread.

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A scholarly paper published January 15, 2008, by Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, both of Harvard Law School, addresses “conspiracy theories” and what governments can do about them.  One might be forgiven for wondering why “governments” should think that they ought to do anything about them. Or perhaps I should say, why someone who now works in OUR government thinks the government should do anything about what free people think.  This is, after all, the United States of America, founded upon the idea of freedom of speech, and by implication, of thoughts and beliefs, no matter how esoteric or wild. However, Sunstein and his co-author write,

Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law.

This, presumably, is their justification for believing that sometimes a government must intervene.

Considering that “birthers” were nearly immediately labeled “conspiracy theorists” by Obama supporters, members of his campaign (later his administration), and most of the mainstream media, and considering that they were (and are) derided, in Alinsky fashion, as mentally impaired beings, it might be instructive to ask whether Sunstein’s goal with this paper was to advise how to counter conspiracy theories promulgated by Islamic terrorists overseas or whether Sunstein’s goal was to launch a preemptive strike against those who might, very shortly, question whether or not presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama II is a natural born citizen of the United States, as his admittedly fictional autobiography suggests.

(An aside:  The analysis linked in my previous sentence, itself links to a 2008 NY Times story by Janny Scott, who is currently in the news as the author of a new book about Obama’s (alleged) mother, which was previewed recently in NY Times magazine and discussed in Business Insider.  You may want to read both of Janny’s articles to compare and contrast, and for perspective on the likelihood that the new book from this Obama apologist will differ in tone and accuracy from her older Obama book review.  Look for a quote by Cass Sunstein on page 3 of the book review.)

Sunstein and Vermeule define a conspiracy theory as

an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.

While taking care to state that conspiracy theories that are supported in fact, meaning that there truly IS a conspiracy, shouldn’t be “undermined,” they warn that

… the mechanisms that account for conspiracy theories overlap with those that account for false and dangerous beliefs of all sorts, including those that fuel anger and hatred.

Now consider the labels that have been put on Tea Partiers by politicians, Obama supporters, and many in the media who falsely call Tea Partiers violent, racist, even potential domestic terrorists.  Consider also those who argue that if Obama, the first (alleged) “black” president, should be proved ineligible, then we may have riots the streets, such as we saw after the murder of MLK.  Keeping these considerations in mind, now imagine the possibility that this administration might justify taking action against “conspiracy theorists” because “false and dangerous beliefs” could “fuel anger and hatred.”

One particularly interesting contention these authors make, in light of the extreme lack of objectivity currently displayed by our mainstream media when they cover Barack Hussein Obama II [emphasis added]:

In a closed society, secrets are not difficult to keep, and distrust of official accounts makes a great deal of sense. In such societies, conspiracy theories are both more likely to be true and harder to show to be false in light of available information. But when the press is free, and when checks and balances are in force, government cannot easily keep its conspiracies hidden for long. … Much depends on the background state of knowledge producing institutions. If those institutions are generally trustworthy, in part because they are embedded in an open society with a well-functioning marketplace of ideas and free flow of information, then conspiracy theories will generally (which is not to say always) be unjustified. On the other hand, individuals in societies with systematically malfunctioning or skewed institutions of knowledge – say, individuals who live in an authoritarian regime lacking a free pressmay have good reason to distrust all or most of the official denials they hear.

Ask yourself whether we still have a free and open press, an objective press that is trustworthy and not skewed, a press with checks and balances.  We the People “have good reason to distrust.”

These are Sunstein and Vermeule’s suggestions for “possible” governmental responses to “conspiracy theories” [emphasis added]:

What can government do about conspiracy theories? Among the things it can do, what should it do? We can readily imagine a series of possible responses:(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing.

(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.

(3) Government might itself engage in counter-speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.

(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter-speech.

(5 Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.

 Each instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions.

However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).

My admittedly kneejerk responses to these alternatives:

(1) Ban conspiracy theories? Not possible in the US, at least not yet. How would this be accomplished? Censorship of the media and the Internet? Orwellian thought control?  Speech control?  Mind control?

(2) Tax those who promulgate conspiracy theories? Can you imagine?  This is a twofer for Marxist, thought-control Nazis–TAX them into submission while you make them submit!

(3) Counter-speech.  Okay, if you grant that the government even has the Constitutional authority to spend the taxpayers’ money to combat “conspiracy theories”, then this might pass muster because at least it doesn’t infringe upon OUR free speech, free thought, or free beliefs (with an emphasis on “free”, meaning not subject to taxation).  Counter-speech is what the Founders envisioned, when they wrote the Constitution.  A marketplace of ideas, although I doubt any of them ever considered that our government might use our money to counter our own speech.

(4) Hire “credible private parties” to provide the counter-speech? Ponder this one, peeps.  Are We the People paying for the asshats (h/t Pam Geller) at FactCheck, Media Matters, and obot war-rooms, where bogus bloggers set out to use Alinsky tactics against us–we who want only for our candidates to prove eligibility, under the Constitution, to serve us, not to rule us, as POTUS?  Is our government, is this administration, already taking Sunstein’s suggestions to heart?  How do we find out if we are paying for this astroturfed “counter-speech”, which has been so readily apparent to all of us since 2008?

(5) Informal communication with “credible private parties” to ask them to “help?” Can you say, JournO-list? Paid for by We the People?  In this country, the government is (or is supposed to be) The People, which means that if taxpayer dollars are going towards such efforts, then we are paying for governmental attacks against ourselves!  Again, how do we find out?

Sunstein and his co-author present this scenario:

If Albert and Barbara say that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy, Cynthia might not contradict them publicly and might even appear to share their judgment — not because she believes that judgment to be correct, but because she does not want to face their hostility or lose their good opinion.

This is what Obama’s true believers try to accomplish when they label and denigrate anyone who merely wants Obama to prove his eligibility.  They call them “birthers”, ridicule them, call them kooks, mentally challenged, ignorant. Or worse–racist bigots.  Hostility?  You better believe it.

Here’s an amazing suggestion, straight from these authors:

Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action. …  In another variant, government officials would participate anonymously or even with false identities.

 Yes, they might, and they may already have.  Have you ever suspected, over the past few years, that this happens right now? Some bloggers believe that they have proof that this indeed occurs, because they have traced the IP#’s of commenters to government agencies and government computers.

Reading between the lines of Sunstein’s research paper, I believe it’s “justified” to ask whether the Obama administration took Sunstein’s “main policy idea” and put it into practice.  If so, then We the People may likely pay for bureaucrats to engage in “counter-speech and marshall arguments” against us.  We may pay, directly or indirectly, for “credible private parties to engage in counter-speech” (FactCheck, Media Matters, Snopes, public relations firms, progressive operatives who appear on CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC and call into talk radio show, minions who write op-eds and letters to the editor, or “obots” who comment on blogs).  Or we may merely pay for “informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to “help.” Did we pay for the secret meetings wherein someone organized media groups like JournOlist?  We certainly paid for those organizing phone conferences between administration staffers and the NEA, which aimed to recruit artists to “help” promote the Obama agenda.

According to Wikipedia, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs , which is currently headed by none other than Cass Sunstein, “develops and oversees the implementation of government-wide policies in the areas of information technology, information policy, privacy, and statistical policy.”

Could the policies Sunstein develops and oversees in the area of “information policy” include developing policies for debunking “conspiracy theories”?   If so, it’s PROPAGANDA.  Where in the U.S. Constitution is our government authorized to use taxpayer money to engage in PROPAGANDA against the people of this country?

But ARE they using our money?  How do We the People find out whether or not our tax dollars are being spent against us?  There has already been at least one example of this administration issuing a contract “for the development of Persona Management Software which would help the user create and manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online [emphasis added].”  While this is software intended for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, who can assure us that, once developed, it won’t be used within the United States as well?

What say you? This is an open thread, so feel free to add your two cents about this subject or anything else on your mind.

h/t CanaGuy at Free Republic, who recently reminded me of this paper by Sunstein.  We’ve written about or commented about Sunstein often, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, for example.  While Sunstein’s research paper has been analyzed on other blogs, as well as here, I thought it worth discussing yet again, because of what’s happened to Tea Partiers and so-called “birthers” at the hands of the complicit media and Obama’s supporters.

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  1. RENEE! if you have the time search
    Frank Marshall Davis10 posts – 3 authors – Last post: Aug 4, 2009
    by FM Davis – 1940 – Related articles
    Frank Marshall Davis: Black Labor Activist and Outsider Journalist: Social Movements in Hawai`i, by Kathryn Waddell Takara, Ph.D. …
    forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=123481.0 – CachedGet more discussion results
    I have been looking at this for a couple of days and now it seems to have been scrubbed. I would like to have it . It is a combination of history poems and profile of Davis’ early and latter years and some things in between————————– thanks

  2. Excuse me but I should have said I only get Wicki returns today. I believe it may be about Ann living with —– someone?????????????? the
    “White Bitch and the N—r –and I want my rent back! Or it may in fact be about FMD and his white wife and a complaining vacationer. I think we would all like to know. I am still trying. Thanks

    • skeeter: We have created a new blog that will contain research like this. If you follow the link Renee gave, you’ll go to the post over on that blog where she’s discussing FMD. You might want to bookmark the new research blog. I left a link there that might be the article you’re looking for, but I’m not completely clear what it is you’re trying to find.

  3. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=291009

    Joseph Farah reports a quote by Barry from last week: “A lot of you got involved when the prospect of electing Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office was slim. None of you asked for my birth certificate. It was a complete leap of faith.”

    A lot of his true believers are still leaping right over that cliff. Again with the talking about himself in the third person. IS he Barack Hussein Obama? One begins to wonder. Maybe nobody HAS asked for his birth certificate, but many have asked for Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate. We’d ask for Barry’s (the POTUS) if we KNEW WHAT HIS REAL NAME IS.

    Farah writes, “And some Americans still don’t understand why the questions continue to be asked. Some Americans, mostly in elite circles in the media and politics, still ridicule those asking them. Some Americans vilify those who insist the Constitution itself is being demeaned and marginalized by Obama’s unprecedented arrogance.

    All of that is about to change very soon. ”

    I do hope Farah is right!

    Senator Slom is making international news:

    What’s interesting is the concise history this writer puts in a blue sidebar. For the first time in my memory, a journalist says Barry was “supposedly” born in Hawaii. He spells Barry’s middle name as Hussain.

  4. Renee you are close but that isn’t it. FMD did write a column called “Frankly Speaking” . What I am talking about is SOME history of FMD. He was one wierd sob and so was his son. You can’t erase digital data. I will find it , just may take a while ——————– THANKS

  5. From Alfie’s link 2 above it says that even while married to Thelma Boyd, a black woman Frank worked with, he had a deep, spiritual relationship with Frances Norton Manning. She was a white socialite and inspired his poems. Davis returned from Atlanta to Chicago and Thelma stayed in Atlanta and then took a job in Washington.

    • I think Frank (as stated in the biography)was married to Thelma Boyd for 13 years. Helen Canfield married Davis after a divorce from two years of marriage to a Douglas Kline. It is puzzling to me that no more is found on Thelma. I think she ends up in Wa. d.c. Way back I did find a Thelma Boyd whose father was Jamaican(light skinned black) and mother very white. She had a sister Jan Boyd who had a baby in 1961. Believe me , I have searched every way I know how to find the information again. There were all sorts of photos of this whole crowd and family history (like one of the ancestry sites would have.)At the time all was so new I didn’t even put it together with the whole story. Lots of the family was very black and others in this Thelma Boyd family were hard to distinguish their race. Has anyone ever found anything or even looked?

      • I am moving this to the research blog again. Let’s please move this discussion over there to not clutter this post here. Thank you. We need to keep this all in one place. Good catch Alfy.

        • Renee it is fine you say you are moving stuff to the research blog, only trouble is if you click on research stuff at top of page you get nothing when you go to the different topics and I still can’t find anything I have researched and sent you. I am beginning to think anything that might be of help is being confiscated. I’ll wait it out and see, but after a while that is going to be my final conclusion.

          • alfy, what you have to do, unfortunately, is go to the research blog and then use the search function up at the top of the page. It should show you the posts where the information you’re looking for might be. Or if you go down to the categories of posts and pick the one that you think might apply, it will then show you all the posts related to that category. For example, “exotic places and transportation” brings up the Africa posts. I’ll try to figure out an easier solution, if you give me some time. Like days or weeks! 🙂 I have to put my thinking cap on. And find time to mess with it. Sorry it’s so hard to find where you want to go, but in the meantime, try those searches. Nothing has been deleted, just moved. If you must, you can always go to the research blog and find where Renee is posting and just ask her in a comment where to find what you’re looking for. She might be able to point you to it.

          • Thanks, I did find Where Renee was researching and the Africa stuff and I read threw the intire Africa stuff, which was a good refresher and got me thinking so many more connections, but the things I posted a few days ago which , other than this BC stuff, answered and verified some very important issues. I added a couple brief comments there but of course no response, but anyway the stuff is nowhere. Miri, one piece of info almost proves with little room for error that the lady on the cover of Baracks book all dressed in white is a Kikuyu, not a LUO. I think this says(I had posted info to show you) a lot because I find other things that make me think they are using a mixed bag of disinformation and that the Koinange family is still involved or connected to O.’s strange plot.The fact that I pointed out Barak Sr.’s passport says NY port of entry is important as well. You don’t typically come to Hawaii via New York. And if you came to Hawaii by way of New York it would not have been an out of the way route. The route from Soviet Union, Africa usually was London or Paris then Hawaii. He had to have had a reason to come to that port first. Was it to recieve money or something. Or Speak at a Union Dock somewhere? Mboya was being watched all over the place, by the Brittish inteligence and the US. He was the CIA’s man yet we are supposed to believe There is no intelligence on a close friend with an alien visa. The ideas of B. Sr. is all hogwash,created. When are we going to get to the bottom of that? It would help to figure why he is even mentioned with Ann Dunham on anything cause for sure he’s not B’s daddy. Mboya was in US in 1959 and before. he visited NY. and I think again in 1960. If he and B. were the buddies like all the latest journalism says they were ,why can you not put them together anywhere? Guess we’ll get a photoshopped photo of that next.History does not support Myboya sending him as an airlift student or as an important figure at all in adminstration in Kenya. Subversive activity by any students especially at the Socialistic Communistic dealings of the East West Center would have been monitored big time at that time. Mboya was a Kenyan Luo elite surrounded by Kikuyu elites and by the time of Barak Sr’s supposed death he was a low on the toltem pole Luo, even if his father had been a chief of some sort.The Moi (a Kalenjin)coup attempts were in August 1st 1982 and again August 8 1982.Thought to be done by low on the totem pole Kikuyus and Luos like O.Sr., who wasn’t getting his share of land and wealth the Kalenjin and old Kenyatta elites were getting. More likely he was rounded up by Moi’s regime and imprisoned or killed in the attemp.But he’s not even mentioned as so many of that time are.An Otieno Mak Anyango was arrested and I am going to check his MO out when I get the chance.
            Also I find in an old Kenyan Gazzet paper where a DAVID KOINANGE Karauka dies Dec. 1984 of a motorcycle accident…….in reference to Peter Mbiyu Koinange’s settlement of his estate. Does that sound weird or what?????

    By Dick Morris

    So let’s use his column “Handicapping the 2012 Presidential Odds” as a starting point for my own assessment of the current field.

    Charles begins by dissing Donald Trump and dismissing Michele Bachmann. Sorry Charles but wrong and wronger. Trump will run as a Republican with a damn good chance of winning the nomination. He appeals more to moderates and Independents than to stalwart Republicans but he captures the hearts and minds of the outside-of-the-beltway crowd with his blunt outspokenness and a raft of experience deep enough to show up a former community organizer.

    Bachmann is also a front tier contender. She wows them on the stump, has a lead in fund raising, appeals to the Tea Party folks, and stood up and voted against the phony Boehner-Reid-Obama budget deal. She’s the real deal.


    • I’m only just now catching up. Did you see that Krauthammer is going to be on O’Reilly tonight, to talk about a phone call he got from Trump after the Hammer dissed the Donald on some show? The Hammer said he expected bombast but Trump was polite, friendly, made his case well and tonight Hammer’s going to talk about this on O’Reilly. I know. Hate to tout complicit asshat’s show, but it may be worth tuning in to see the Hammer possibly eat crow. It would be hard to believe that these people never saw the evidence Trump may have, but after hearing Breitbart say that he deliberately doesn’t look at the EVIDENCE, anything’s possible.

      Morris was great at defending Michele Bachmann. He said she’s intelligent, a LAWYER, ran a business. All of which is true and I’m happy Morris repeats it because the lamestream does their usual SEXIST dismissal of all attractive, smart, CONSERVATIVE women candidates by portraying them falsely as airheads. Apparently, in the lamestream, only women who are liberal and more closely resemble MEN are intelligent. Can you say, Reno, Kagan, Napolitano, etc.? Must they all be quasi-men (or have a same sex orientation) to be equal to men, in the eyes of progressives and the lamestream media?

  7. Shep just said with great emphasis that “FOX NEWS CONFIRMS that Obama was born in the United States and has presented his birth certificate” as they flashed the forged COLB from the internet on the screen!

    So there you have it! Confirmed Shep speaks and Liberals listen.

    This came after a report and video of Franklin Graham talking to Amanpour saying that Obama could clear this up quickly. He said, you could go to his hospital for his records..etc. Now apparently the WH is attacking Franklin Graham. Would you expect anything else from this usuping pRresident?

  8. Now Trump wants to see Obama’s College Records!
    Trump: How did Obama get into the Ivy League?

    Monday, April 25, 2011 Snips

    Donald Trump on Monday suggested he had broadened the scope of his investigation regarding President Obama’s background, arguing that – in addition to making inquiries into Mr. Obama’s citizenship – he was “looking into” the president’s college career. [Enter Dr. Manning!!]

    In an interview with the Associated Press, Trump alleged that Mr. Obama had been “a terrible student,” and wondered how he could have been accepted to prestigious schools like Columbia and Harvard Universities. “I heard he was a terrible student, terrible,” Trump told the AP. “How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it, I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.”

    Yada yada….Mr. Obama received an undergraduate degree in political science from Columbia University in 1983, after transferring from Occidental College in 1981. He went on to study law at Harvard Law School , where he was named the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

    Trump provided no evidence of Mr. Obama’s “terrible” marks, but did offer the fact that “I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.” “We don’t know a thing about this guy,” Trump said. “There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.” [Now they want evidence from Trump when they have none from Obama??? Disprove him yourself!]

    Trump, who says he is seriously considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, has made waves in recent weeks by reviving the thoroughly-debunked “birther” claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States. The business magnate has also stepped up criticism of Democrats on policy-related issues.


  9. Hawaii Open Records Law Thrown Overboard
    4-25-2011 by Butterdezillion Snips

    Summary: The “vexatious requestor law” is being interpreted to mean that ANY request can be ignored, because ANY request can be called “duplicative” even when it is clearly not. The law gives total discretion to lawless bureaucrats who can ignore the clear wording of the law. Anybody surprised? One more example of lawlessness to cover for Obama. One more reason the Hawaii government comes out of this smelling like a sewer.

    Mark Niesse said in an AP report that anybody can see the public 1960-64 birth index. Sorry, Mark. The HDOH won’t let me see specific pages from it, and the OIP is saying they don’t have to hold the HDOH accountable for showing it to me. I guess some people are more “equal” than others, huh, Mark?

    The OIP and HDOH pulled a “vexatious requestor” determination on me. I sent a snail-mail with self-addressed stamped envelope, requesting copies of pages from the 1960-64 birth index book where several specific names are or would be – names I have never asked for before and which SHOULD BE unrelated to Obama (such as Mae Obado).


    • The HDOH responded on April 8th :

      Ms. Nellie,

      The Department of Health is unable to provide a page of index data where a name would be. We cannot provide index data for an individual without the correct spelling of the name associated with that data. Index data is stored electronically.

      Janice Okubo

      I e-mailed Okubo back to say that I didn’t request index DATA but a PAGE from a book, and unless she could give me a citation in UIPA where it says that birth index PAGES are not public government records, she needed to send me the copies of pages, to which I am legally entitled. No response.

  10. hey, anyone,…..I am looking for somewhere to ask a question. Could someone tell me where Ann Dunham obama’s passport was posted. Also, is there just one passport or more than one? I would like to look at it again. I know I should have saved it. I am just thinking over some scenerios.What year was it she had on her passport ? Also what year was it that Lolo was needing to get back to Indo?

  11. Use Search above on the right for passport or passportgate and the article where the information is will show up. For Lolo, check the O timeline, or are you asking for the information in his letters where he was trying to stay in the US? Use the Search function above also for the document, and it might be with Ann’s information.

  12. You will have to verify this, but I was just told that Trump just told Anderson Cooper that he was told 2 days ago that the Birth Certificate was MISSING!

    • Of course, because they never had it so it has to be missing! What a joke, and they think the US will fall for that? Watch for an Anderson Cooper after the show chat room, they should talk about it there. Otherwise it should be on You Tube tomorrow.

      Was it on the show for Anderson tonight? It must be since I turned on CNN and Trump is still talking.

      Anderson says he just went to Hawaii and took a guy there and got a certificate of live birth.

      Trump, “I heard it is missing,”…how could the governor see it and now it is missing?

      Finally, someone is over talking Cooper!
      Cooper says there is no way of knowing how much has been spent on lawsuits. That issue to be covered on Tuesday night.

      Anderson says, Trump says, The birth certificate is now MISSING! An expert says he talked to someone today in the Health department and they say it is still in the vault.

      There are so many lies being told on CNN!! Trump told him not to edit out the conversation.

      I just remembered they showed the COLB and the Certification Number was NOT redacted..in other words the black line covering the numbers in the online version had disappeared in CNN’s COPY. How did they do that?

      • By the attorney, TOOBIN,…Most people are crazy and bigoted that believe in this conspiracy. They are showing the fake photo-shopped photos now, plus the baby picture of O on the blanket, next shown, BO, Stan, and Madelyn on the park bench. They are stating nonsense while showing these photos.

        Anderson: Couldn’t Pres. Obama file an FOIA for his own BC because they only offer the short form?

        The attorney brought up that McCain had a bigger issue for being born in Panama..he was the guy with an issue. Obama is the one with NO issue.

        There were too many lies to keep up with from that entire segment and the after chatter with Anderson’s experts!

    • This is how CNN is handling the issue.
      Birther Myth Lives On..CNN


      • That woman is a lying asshat, too. Unless she’s simply STUPID, to borrow a phrase from Mr. Flynn, who insults us as stupid. Been there; debunked that already.

    • Kathy, I’ve been expecting them to CLAIM that the original long-form that FORMER official FUKINO SAW with her very own eyes has suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared. They have made it a point to say, over and over, where exactly it’s supposed to be. They’ve claimed that many times people have tried to steal the infamous bogus Kapiolani letter, which is why the hospital had to lock it up. So now that they’ve said where the supposed long-form is stored, they can plausibly (in the eyes of the gullible) say, “OMG! Somebody STOLE President Obama’s birth certificate! Was it Trump? Was it somebody working for him? Was it a Tea Partier? Was it a Birther? Call in Holder and the FBI.” Guess what? It will never be found. BECAUSE it doesn’t exist unless it was recently created. Like in 2008, after Granny Dunham signed an affidavit and they made it up all nice and shiny and put it in some book somewhere. And then Granny died.

      • We must all have ESP as we knew their ending years ago. That vault record disappears, but there are still those student records to get, but those have been created already too. Unless..Were there break-ins to high school and college records offices that went unreported because they were unimportant at the time..and they didn’t notice that it was Obama’s records that were stolen..if there were any?

        • Yes! Remember. The kindergarten records (only his) are already mysteriously missing. The Indonesian records were, sadly, EATEN BY BUGS! It’s amazing the string of bad luck that records associated with this POTUS have, but far worse, the string of REALLY bad luck that happens to people who knew him, were supposedly related to him, or don’t keep their traps shut. No wonder SADOS’s high school friends are staying MUM.

  13. The White House Wants a List
    Want a federal contract? Show politicians the money.

    APRIL 25, 2011

    Here’s another reason to think the 2012 campaign is underway with a vengeance: If a company wants a federal government contract, from now on it will first have to disclose if the company or its executives gave more than $5,000 in political donations.

    This latest federal rule comes courtesy of a new executive order now being drafted in the White House. The order would implement parts of last year’s Disclose Act, which failed to pass Congress but was a favorite of Democrats because it would deter political contributions by business after last year’s Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision. White House press secretary Jay Carney confirmed last week that the order is in the works after former Federal Election Commission official Hans von Spakovsky obtained a copy of the draft.

    The draft of the executive order describes the rule’s purpose as a way to ensure the federal contracting system is free from the influence of “political activity or political favoritism.” Hmmm. Last we checked, government contractors were already required to disclose contributions to candidates. The new twist here is the disclosure of donations to independent groups, a category in which conservatives outspent liberals for the first time in the last election cycle.

    This latest federal rule comes courtesy of a new executive order now being drafted in the White House. The order would implement parts of last year’s Disclose Act, which failed to pass Congress but was a favorite of Democrats because it would deter political contributions by business after last year’s Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision. White House press secretary Jay Carney confirmed last week that the order is in the works after former Federal Election Commission official Hans von Spakovsky obtained a copy of the draft.


    • More rule by executive order. More power grabs by unelected, unaccountable CZARS. When will the Congress and the Courts put a stop to this? The POTUS is NOT a dictator. The executive is just ONE of THREE CO-EQUAL branches of this government and in actuality, the Congress was intended to be the most powerful of the three because they are the representatives of THE PEOPLE. It is far past time for them to begin impeachment.

      About CNN: It is TRULY frightening the extent to which this complicit corrupt PRAVDAesque media will go to protect Barry and their own failure to vet. If that’s all it is. And I do hope it is because the alternative is TRULY frightening.

  14. Were You Circumcised? New Passport Questionnaire Baffles Many With Absurd Info Demands
    April 26, 2011

    Who was present when you were born? Can you remember every address you’ve ever had? How about every place you’ve ever worked? Were you circumcised? What if I told you that those were some of the queries the State Department is proposing for a new “biographical questionnaire” as part of the passport application?

    Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It’s true. Take a look:

    According to BoingBoing, the form is meant for those who, while applying for a passport, can’t produce a birth certificate. “But as the FA suggests,” the site notes, “the circumstances in which people unable to provide a birth certificate will be given this form (rather than the traditional bureaucratic investigation) are not spelled out; further, the form itself remains a Kafkaesque impossibility for most people to complete.”


    • This will affect about 75,000 people. Why not make the documented undocumented? Why are we attacking our real citizens of this country or are we trying to catch the undocumented who are pretending to be USA’s citizens? What is Cass Sunstein up to with this proposed new questionnaire? What is the government up to? What database will hold all of this new information that is presented to the government?

      If you don’t have a passport now, you better get one before Big Brother — Obama and his totalitarian minions –get this new form authorized and put into use. Can’t you see the BC forgery operations gearing up across the country. Awww, maybe Factcheck or Snopes can reveal who did Obama’s.

  15. I can’t even guess. It’s almost like the AZ legislators used this as a template for their “birther” bill. Remember Brewer saying it’s beyond the pale to ask for circumcision proof? Speaking of Jan the Quisling Brewer (h/t a Freeper), she really is intent on helping Barry:


    “I think we really just need to move on,” Brewer suggested. “Everybody’s had two years to prove, if they wanted to, that he was not born in Hawaii. They haven’t come up with any of that kind of proof.”

    Somebody needs to remind Brewer that a job applicant PROVES HIS ELIGIBILITY AND IT’S NOT THE EMPLOYER’S JOB TO PROVE HIS RESUME IS A LIE. We the People don’t have to prove he’s not born in Hawaii; he has to prove that he was. Is she going to get a cushy job in O’s next administration? Or some high-paying job at GE? One has to wonder what was discussed in that WH private meeting with Barry and Jan. This is ridiculous. Of course, she’s term limited out as governor. Some say she’s trying to help the next person in line for the job.

  16. Tonight, Anderson continued the Lies when finishing the interview with Donald Trump. ( To many lies and disinformation again to record. ). CNN sent 5 investigators to Hawaii for 5 days to try to vet Trump err Obama. They couldn’t find that Trump’s investigators had talked to anyone they talked to! They had Gov. Abercrombie almost in tears saying to respect the president, respect the Obama family..oh the emotion. I tell you I was so Not taken in by his act.

    They are pressing the issue that the long form is no longer available although Miki Booth published hers that was obtained only one month ago!
    I noticed they didn’t show the top portion of the guy they took to get his BC…is that because it says Certificate and not CERTIFICATION? I sure would like to see that one put online.

    Next up as an expert on something, Cornell on CNN.. Birthers can’t be trusted so the judgment of someone that believes in this conspiracy won’t be elected (Trump). (Racism brought in)..The first black man as president ..that makes these people not want to believe the truth. Because he is black they are trying to make him illegitimate and it is very visceral and ugly. No matter what you do, this element of society, because he has a strange name, aren’t going to believe he is legitimate.

    Anderson..Birthers can’t be satisfied with the truth..and that includes Trump who is now asking for Obama’s college records. He has left the birth certificate issue and so is changing the goal posts.

    Ha..what fools they are. He is bringing up more for them to investigate since they didn’t do it before. Yet CNN is saying they can’t get those records and that other presidents records were leaked, they didn’t authorize their release. He has them in a dither to cover their a@@, and then hits them again showing their incompetence in having vetted Obama.

  17. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/04/26/is-this-person-employed-by-the-hawaii-department-of-health/

    Is This Person Employed by the Hawaii Department of Health?
    by Sharon Rondeau

    (Apr. 26, 2011) — The following was left as a comment at The Post & Email this morning:

    Jimmy Z

    Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:44 AM | In reply to cbms.
    Bring it on b****… We have a deadly and BLOODY surprise waiting for you the MOMENT you try to FORCE your way on this.

    • The Left’s desperation is starting to show its ugly, evil head. Alinsky tactic, use fear and intimidation when all else fails. Their lies are catching up to them and people are listening. His IP is out of Port Angeles, Washington not Hawaii. Glad he was reported to the FBI. He is an extremist from the Left. Obots are becoming unglued as if they weren’t before.

  18. Ode to Obama…..

    Hey Barack Hussein Obama, Whose your daddy, whose your mama,
    We need to see your long form birth certificate!

    Click on Play..Ray Stevens New Hit! Fantastic!


  19. This summer, CIA Director Leon Panetta is expected to replace retiring Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and General Patreus will return from Afghanistan to assume Panetta’s post as CIA Director. An announcement from the President could come as soon as tomorrow.

  20. Bill Fletcher, Jr. – Leading Socialist Calls for Mass Actions, Law Breaking, to Re-Elect Obama in 2012
    April 28, 2011 By Trevor Loudon Snips

    Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a Senior Scholar with the far left Institute for Policy Studies and a member of both Democratic Socialists of America and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. In 2008, Fletcher co-founded Progressives for Obama, with veteran activist Tom Hayden, leftist actor Danny Glover and fellow DSAer Barbara Ehrenreich.

    Writing in The Rag Blog, Fletcher explains what “progressives” must do, to secure a victory for Barack Obama in 2008. It is a grassroots vision, taking focus off the President and instead using mass action and the people’s movements to unseat and defeat Republicans and centrist Democrats.

    It is a revolutionary vision, in that it calls for law breaking and “masses of people making a situation untenable.” It is an internationalist vision, looking to revolutions abroad, both for inspiration and solidarity. This is a “people’s power” strategy, owing not a little to recent events in the Middle East.

    Comrade Fletcher says “progressives” must: …..

    Consequently, the US left from Democrats to socialists, to Marxist-Leninists, will throw every thing into this election. Look for mass protests, street violence, intimidation and mass law breaking as the US left mounts a do or die, last gasp, “Thet Offensive” against Middle America and its values.


    • He needs to be arrested. He is calling for violence…He is saying cheat to win and cause revolts… ??? kidding me ? Desperate…the only way some can WIN ? That is not a real “I won” moment…getting used to this from other places so he starts this garbage here too ? Bananna Republic planning ? Modern humans are evolving backwards ? Yay..

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