Zero and Counting (Open Thread)

By Bridgette



WHAT Prima Facie Evidence Does Obama Have to Prove He is a “Natural Born” Citizen?


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  1. Does this look like the Left is being told what to write? Lots of Fear – they must mirror each other now. These are just a few with the identical title to their article!

    Trump Insists Obama’s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement To Obtain …
    Think Progress By Andrea Nill at 11:55 am

    Trump Insists Obama’s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement
    It’s not the birth announcement that proves Pres. Obama’s birth in HI, it’s the official state issued certificate, validated by the state. …

    Trump Insists Obama’s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement
    Trump Insists Obamaâ ™s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement

    Trump Insists Obama’s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement
    Trump Insists Obama’s Grandparents Planted His Birth Announcement To Obtain …

    • Yes, under orders from above. They do as ordered, like good little fascists. March in lockstep. Whatever you do, do NOT think for yourself. Do NOT question the great and powerful O. Pay no attention to that naked emperor behind the curtain.

    • Creepy Bridgette, reminds me of articles I’ve read about Hitler and “his” rule under dictatorship.

  2. Obama Calls out the “Big Dog” to protect his good Birth narrative! Ha! The spin master …”The Flim Flam Man,” David Plouff represents Obama and says Trump has Zero chance to win! Where’s Alexrod to assist?

    David Plouffe: Donald Trump Is a “Spectacle” and a “Sideshow” (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft
    April 10, 2011

    Those birther attacks must really be taking a toll. Obama’s Senior Adviser David Plouffe blasted Donald Trump today for investigating the president’s birth certificate. Plouffe told Christiane Amanpour on ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” that questioning the president’s birth certificate gives Trump “zero chance” to becoming president.

    Those birther attacks must really be taking a toll.

    Obama’s Senior Adviser David Plouffe blasted Donald Trump today for investigating the president’s birth certificate. Plouffe told Christiane Amanpour on ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” that questioning the president’s birth certificate gives Trump “zero chance” to becoming president.

    Nice try, Plouffe. [Speaking of Zero –Plouffe!]

  3. Breaking news – US Appeals Court – 3 judge court in California rules against AZ Immigration Law.

  4. Unraveling of Barry Soetoro: the sequel
    Monday, April 11, 2011

    The real issue simply explained. Despite what you’ve heard in the media, the real issue behind the controversy is whether Obama is legally and constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president of the U.S.

    You become the detective. At this point, we ask you, the reader, to become the investigator. Put aside everything you’ve heard, read or seen about this issue, and start at the beginning. How would you verify the eligibility of a U.S. presidential candidate if it was your responsibility? Allow us to walk you through the process, and feel free to check our work as you proceed. First, you would look at what the U.S. Constitution, adopted into law on 17 September 1787 has to say about the matter….

    • My problem with that article is that they cite the 1790 and 1795 NATURALIZATION laws and state that they define natural born citizenship. They don’t. They’re laws about naturalization. And the 1795 act was passed specifically to solve the conundrum THAT a natural born citizen CANNOT LOGICALLY become a natural born citizen as a result of any law or resolution passed by Congress.

      • you know what bugs me the most, Miri?
        Article 2
        the clause, itself = what we mean about Natural Born Citizen vs Citizen. The distinction is the Law. It would be moot and extraneous , not needed. The 14th Amendment does not amend Article II in any way shape or form. It does not pertain to the Office of POTUS and qualifications to be CIC.

        It stands.

        The new Immigrants will thank us one day, in Chinese.

  5. The Arizona Presidential Eligibility Bill

    by Joe the Blogger

    Apr. 11, 2011) — I have copy/pasted the approved amendments to produce the current version of one of the two Presidential eligibility bills going through the Arizona state legislature. This bill, if further amended, could fix the Presidential eligibility problem once and for all.

  6. Governor Scott Walker: Unions Won’t Pull a ‘Franken’ in Wisconsin Election
    Monday, April 11, 2011, 6:58 AM

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told Newsmax this weekend that Republicans won’t allow unions to pull a “Franken” in the state’s supreme court election. Impartial conservative Justice David Prosser leads his far left opponent after he picked up 7,500 votes from Brookfield in a review after the election on Tuesday.

    MinnPost reported: …the Republican governor says there is no way any legitimate recount would result in a victory for Prosser’s liberal opponent. But that doesn’t remove the threat. Under Wisconsin law organized labor can get a recount if they’re working to pay for it. Walker says unions hope to replicate in Wisconsin ‘what was pulled off with Senator [Al] Franken in Minnesota.’ He promises, though, that Republicans will be on guard against any post-election ballot shenanigans.”

  7. Another member of the Jacka@@ Party speaks.

    Republicans Are Trying to Destroy the Whole Wide World: Democrat Congressman Edward Markey’s (D-Massachusetts) Unhinged, Greedy, Pollution-Loving, GOP Attack
    April 9, 2011

    Republicans brought a bill to the House floor to repeal EPA’s ability to regulate green house gases and they passed a resolution re FCC’s ability to insure the openness of the internet..

    We are going to Organize, mobilize, and get energized.. to fend off these assaults…

    GOP used to stand for Grand Old Party, now it stands for
    GOP = Gang of Polluters
    GOP = Greed Over Principle
    GOP now it stands for the Gas and Oil Party

    Republicans are trying to pass legislation to destroy the world wide web, and also passing legislation to help to destroy the whole wide world, ….they are trying to mess with the blogosphere…on to rant of going after mother warming tirade

    H/T Blaze

    • Yes right. It must be the GOP they point at (Even though GOP candidates have birth certificates) cough, cough…ok….whatever you say..LOL !
      It cannot be that the DEM party stands for :
      Man ?


  8. Obama to raise taxes and will announce it in his Wednesday campaign debt reduction speech. He’s going after the rich of which he is one now because of the sale of his fake books. Still would like a class action suit by the purchasers of that book that claims he is the author for false advertising. Anybody have a copy of the book to see if he thanks Ayers for help? Is Obama the sole author? I wonder if by examining his personal check book if there are payments for royalties going to Ayers on a monthly or quarterly basis. Is money being sent to an off shore checking account so it can’t be discovered? Will Geithner or Holder investigate? Do I think Ayers was going to write a book out of the goodness of his heart or was it done for the good of the collective?

  9. Obama’s Approval ratings by Liberals going down, down, down.

    A year ago Liberals approved of their Messiah by 63%. Today it is 37%!
    My, what could possibly be going wrong? Those 37% are in the government or in the media, I think!

    Another poll, only 19% of Americans now approve of the Liar. Will he apply for unemployment soon? Can Obama’s money buy him the presidency once again?

    I think the 19% perhaps represents the enemies of the USA and are members of the Socialists, Communists, Marxists and Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups!

    Can that number get to ZERO!

    Numbers per Judge Napolitano/FOX

    • The Where is the Love Poll.
      Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
      Monday, April 11, 2011

      The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 19% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing [ACTING] his role as president. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20.

      Today’s numbers reflect the lowest level of Strong Approval yet recorded for this president. There has been a sharp decline in enthusiasm among liberal voters.

      Currently, just 37% of liberals Strongly Approve of the president’s performance. That’s down from 63% a year ago, 57% at the beginning of 2011, and 52% a week ago. Some liberal commentators have expressed disappointment with the president over the extension of the Bush tax cuts, the military action in Libya, and, most recently, the budget deal to avert a partial shutdown of the federal government. While liberal enthusiasm may be declining, 57% of voters believe the president is more liberal than they are.

  10. great post! bwahahahahahaa!

    and tutie fruitie, too.
    what a farce. those purple lips, tell all. bogus

    Wish he’s abscond already.

  11. Glenn Beck Endorses Allen West For Presidency
    Brandon K. Thorp, Mon., Apr. 11 2011 @ 5:31PM

    ​Glenn Beck has endorsed Allen West for the presidency. Also, Michelle Bachman for veep, Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary, and “Rambo for everything else. [This was stated during] a Saturday appearance in Tallahassee.

    • WOW! its getting interesting.

      West will clean up the fake Racsim thingy in a jiff whilst he inspects our Armed Forces from head to toe.

      Trump, Paul Revere 21C. He can run the Staff.

      Michelle Bachmann?

      Yep, the beauty of America. Race and sex out the window with the Military under Command and the Economy being audited. hmmmm and Hollywood will be kissing the Donald’s feet in no time. and we can breathe, if they get somebody like Jesse Ventura on the chemtrails and the constant milky, murky clouds obliterating the Our Real Sky… Climate Control? That’s in the Federal Budget what the frick is it? Who’s in charge of distributing the funds, for starters. … and…

      Great Post Bridgette!

      China is key.

      • I’m listening to Coast to Coast AM where Jesse Ventura is a guest. He just now said he’d be in favor of a benevolent dictator because everything would get done, bridges built etc. Before that he said that a one world government might not be a bad thing.

  12. We need more than a President. We need to build a Cabinet.

    We need a Federal Attorney Fraud Office to take our complaints, too.

    We need to build a plank.

    • Now that’s funny! Overseers for the overseers. Or overseers for the oversea-ers. They built bridges for turtles, perhaps a giant plank is part of the Stimulus bill that we haven’t read yet. Would you consider that an infrastructure?

      Are you thinking something like certain perps taking a long walk off a short pier? Line ’em up! Dead men walkin’, walkin’, walkin, swimin’!

  13. You know things are heating up when they have to pull Auntie Z out of the Section 8 Housing, that we pay for, to make appearances on Boston TV! Fluff and the African illegal alien Auntie Z called out to talk on the same day!

    C’mon Donald Trump! Give ’em your worst!
    By Howie Carr
    April 10, 2011

    You know Trump is scoring when Auntie Zeituni shows up on at least two local stations Friday night to claim that unlike herself, her nephew is in fact an American. When I first saw her, I assumed it was a human-interest piece on how the impending government shutdown was going to affect illegal aliens on welfare.

    But no, Auntie Zeituni was saying Trump should save the money he’s spending on private detectives in Hawaii because “they won’t find anything.”

    Which is exactly the point, Auntie Zeituni!

    • i read somewhere this story where they said she was 88!!! bwahahaha

      Bring out the pix! She’s our age. LIARS!

      nancy pelosi and gloria allred got together on that one for sure ~~ yeah and that botoxed Esterline thing. i forgot her name since all her scalping. what is her name? that bogus feminist with the gruff voice? Not Baden’s new wife Linda, no not Jill the JO BidenS miss prissy… she’s a DNCommie. OJ fame.

  14. Fukino and Wisch may have conspiracy charges filed against them..but then they might be promised pardons…if it all works according to plan. I wonder how long Wisch has been with the Justice department in Hawaii. We keep having to deal with the underbelly of society. Low lifes all.

  15. Wow, Coulter is totally discounting the “birther thing” Everyone, all conservatives have already shot it down! Supposedly, it is the liberals that are pushing it and it is only on the internet! It is the liberals that keep asking the questions! All conservative outlets such as Human Events, conservative outlets, conservative anchors, have dismissed it. The birth certificate was on the internet, and he showed it. The people in Hawaii verified it! Those two announcements appearing..

    They looked into it..sure they did Ann.

  16. I have a question, maybe a question that has already been answered, but I do not seem to remember reading any answers to it. When Obama was an unknown running for Senator of Chicago, ILL he was basically an unknown, absolutely no excuse for him not to be vetted and have a background investigation done. This information should be available under the FOIA, was this information part of the records he had sealed? anyone know beyond a doubt? Im just wondering if we are making assumptions this information was sealed and are letting something slip through the cracks. Yes, one would think in all the lawsuits this information would have been requested but was it? anyone know for sure? hubby brought this up to me tonight and I coulden’t give him a positive answer, because I do not remember for sure if we have ever gotten an positive answer regarding this.

    • Seriously guys, this IS Illinois — vetting a candidate? You must have forgotten the bru ha ha over the Lt. Governor primary race candidate.

      Scott Lee Cohen, Democrat, won the primary race to be put on the ballot with Quinn. Days after the voters chose him, it came out that he had a questionable past.

      See, his ex-girlfriend came forward right after the primary to announce that he had threatened her with a knife. ( The charges against Cohen were dropped because she never showed up in court. ) Her statement about the knife incident and why he shouldn’t be our Lt. Governor came out after the primary, via her attorney, Gloria Allred!!!! Yes, that Gloria, you know, the one that represented Meg Whitman’s illegal alien housekeeper.

      Scott dropped out of the race, the Democrates named their candidate that would run with Quinn, and Scott ran as an Independent for Governor. He ended up getting 3.6% (135,705) votes.

    • The scrubbers did a great job on the newspapers out of Chicago. All his senate papers were lost..he has no idea what happened to them. His voting record was present. Didn’t it take a year for Debbie Schlussel’s investigator to get a copy of his Selective Service application? That was an FOIA request, I believe. People looked into his bar application and Michelle’s – sealed information. So people were trying to get information out of Chicago. Wasn’t it Trevour Louden that found articles about his New Party affiliation? His work at the state was also covered up. I remember that legislation that others were working on and hadn’t gotten passed, was given to Obama to work on so he could look like he had done something. He got the recognition, those that did the work did not. There was some young reporter that was finding information about him. Obama and his handlers took the same corrupt tactics to D.C. No doubt something was missed and should be requested.

      I only hope that his usurper /presidential library is located in a specially reopened Joliet State prison or at Stateville Correctional Center. Joliet could hold all those who have participated in this charade of the usurper. They even had a women’s prison on the grounds. Think of the new jobs created and a country saved.

  17. Obama is losing the black vote. This is a great article. Be sure to read the comments as well.

    • From article above, “It’s time for black America to answer the questions the Atlanta pastor wouldn’t. What’s more important? Stopping the foreclosures, ending war and mass incarceration, reining in the banks and corporadoes, saving the public education and the environment, creating jobs and doing justice? Or protecting and prolonging the career of one man, a man who doesn’t protect us?”

  18. Hummmm…..I wonder if OReilly will be working for Soros on this one? He doesn’t know how to investigate. He is too busy kissing a$$ trying to get interviews!

    O’Reilly Investigates Obama’s College and Selective Service Records tonight!

    • I just heard that advertised for the Factor tonight and laughed, then I got angry. O’Reilly did such a great job of investigating Obama’s BC.. his crack researchers are sure to be on the mark! Will they find Debbie Schlussel’ s work showing the fake selective service application? This will be a show and tell tonight to see how in the tank O’Reilly really is for Obama. If we remember, it was FOX that sent people to Columbia and interviewed 400 people and found no one that knew Obama. That is when they really did a job. Since then they have done nothing. Wow, finally talking about vetting Obama 3 years later! Isn’t Bill on the cutting edge of the news!

      The only benefit is that Obama is finally getting his dirty laundry exposed. But are these new revelations protecting the anchor for not having done his job previously? It’s not like they haven’t had this information sent to them before. Do they see Obama coming apart at the seams, so they need to protect their integrity of being a real news source? Are they finally looking out for us when they haven’t for 3 years? We’ll see if O’Reilly’s information is picked up by the other opinion people like Hannity and Gretchen.

      • Funny you mention this Bridgette, I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering about a question for all these talkers of LATE. My question to ALL of them is:


      • Seems hard to believe that Fox will now come out with a real investigative report after putting Ann Colter on to restate the fact that Fox’s position is that BO got vetted……… She even made a point of there being Two newspaper reports of his birth…..O’reilly made the exact comment the other day… ( could be that there is more information as to the validity of the announcements…
        Combat troops seem to be out in force…. Ann, O’Reilly, Auntie,

  19. This is a great clip from Trump.

    Trump Video 4/7/11 – About Today Show Interview

  20. Don’t miss listening to Coulter on Hannity. Posted twice because I thought it might get buried. This is probably what we can expect coming from the people that are “looking out for us.” The Left loves this video and already has it posted as a slam against the constitutionalists..those pesky people who are keeping the Obama eligibility “conspiracy” alive and who are following and supporting Trump.. who is outing Obama!

    She obviously drank a full poisonous potion of the Obama Kool Aid! She used every Obama/Lame Stream Media/RINO/ FOX “Protect the Usurper Talking Points,” while discrediting Trump. She wants Christie to run.

  21. Wal-Mart Goes ‘Back to Basics’: A Cautionary Tale for the Left
    April 11, 2011

    Leslie Dach, former senior aide to Al Gore, was the impetus behind Wal-Mart’s failed shift to “green,” upscale items that fit the progressive agenda for what Americans should be buying.

    After suffering seven straight quarters of losses, today the merchandise giant Wal-Mart will announce that it is “going back to basics,” ending its era of high-end organic foods, going “green,” and the remainder of its appeal to the upscale market. Next month the company will launch an “It’s Back” campaign to woo the millions of customers who have fled the store. They will be bringing back “heritage” products, like inexpensive jeans and sweatpants.

    Few may recognize it as such, but this episode should be seen as a cautionary tale about “progressives” and social engineering experiments on low-income Americans. This morning’s Wall Street Journal article is blunt: That strategy failed, and the Bentonville, Ark., retail giant now is pursuing a back-to-basics strategy to reverse the company’s fortunes.

    The failure, in large part, can be pinned to Leslie Dach: a well-known progressive and former senior aide to Vice President Al Gore. In July 2006, Dach was installed as the public relations chief for Wal-Mart. He drafted a number of other progressives into the company, seeking to change the company’s way of doing business: its culture, its politics, and most importantly its products. Dach constantly pushed Democratic Party health care and environmental agendas inside the giant company.

    Dach convinced the company to steer away from founder Sam Walton’s core values. At the core of Dach’s campaign was to prove that Wal-Mart was “going green.”

    • Another Zero..Anything Green and Progressive! Getting back to customer demands, imagine that! Thinking about the GM’s Volt..another failed idea of the usurper! So much for “you should listen to us, we know what is best for you!” America isn’t buying it! Organic foods aren’t working for Walmart either..sorry Mrs. Arugula Obama.

      Can anyone name anything, any program, that has really worked and been accepted by main street that this couple in our WH have initiated?

      • Gas is getting so expensive, too! Someone wrote a letter to the editor, implying that Barry had his “Marie Antoinette moment” recently. When someone complained about the price of gas, Barry just laughed and said, “You may want to think about a trade-in.”

        Spoken like a true out-of-touch elitist. If somebody can’t even afford to fill his gas tank, how the heck will he afford a NEW CAR, even if he has one to trade in? Does this man have a freaking CLUE? Let them eat Wagyu beef.

    • If Wal-Mart was infested by progressives, then why did the left continue to bludgeon the company? That has been their favorite target for years. What’s up with that?

  22. Pakistan is telling the US CIA to stop all drone attacks! Will we tell them, then return the cash for aid? There were 118 drone strikes last year. Who is Pakistan protecting?

  23. This is frightening!

    Beck Was Right She is Dangerous:
    Cornel West & Piven Admit RIOTS & Social Chaos Was What She Was Writing About After Denying in Dozens of Interviews.


  24. Tea Partiers can’t carry signs because they are dangerous! They are trying to pass this legislation in California and Michigan.

    It is in Coldwater, Michigan. Someone complained about it to the city so the city had to take action and banned all signs in a city park. The park is where many large gatherings take place. The MI AG won’t talk about it. A lawsuit has been filed on the part of the Tea Party against the city. If those backward idiots who protest funerals can carry signs, then tea party people sure can. What about Union signs? Is there any common sense left?

    They uncovered the video of Francis Fox Piven and West and are talking about it too.

    – Beck radio.

    Streaming Radio


    Trump says he’ll “probably” run as independent

    “I think the Republicans are very concerned that I [may] run as an independent,” Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “I could also possibly win as an independent, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I’m not doing it for any other reason. I like winning.”

    • Amazing…and I heard ALOT of unsatisfied Dems AND Repubs may be switching to independents too….hummmm…stuff happens when you poke people too many times, ignore them, fraud them, steal from them, lie to them…..looks like they did it to themselves…
      Why don’t the filthy ones just excuse themselves now, and save alot of trouble for the rest ? No honor at all ?

  26. I guess O’Reilly is finally getting with the program …and Beck had discussed this! Important to know about!
    STUNNING – O’Reilly Confirms Leftist Effort to ‘Collapse the System’
    4.11 20111

    Soros wants to collapse the system
    They want to recast the entire economic system.

  27. Breaking News – Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak suffered a heart attack while being interrogated by a prosecutor. He is in his 80’s.

    • OMG. Are they trying to kill that poor guy? Did you hear the wonderful news that the great new democracy in Egypt has just sent a blogger to prison for 3 years for criticizing the military? Now that’s what I’m talking about. Freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

  28. I just want to say that the day Natural Born Citizen as respects the United States of America – and also known as America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is obliterated so not to be deemed an Inherited status by blood and soil, youse immigrants are screwed.
    The Constitution Article II is not extraneous crap. There is a Law there that has never been amended, changed or discussed… Natural Born American Citizenship is birthright. A gift, a Blessing, Heritage, something you pass on; not acquire; even tho you just want to pass Go and collect $200… You Lose if you let this Invisible Man set precedent. (Sayanora is on the outs as we speak. Gone.)

  29. rut roh, Astro. George! Judy! Elroy! Jane, his wide.

    remember when you had children that you college educated and married off…


    bye. bye. Miss American Pie. Got yours? Once upon a time…

    i never owned a slave or lived on a plantation. just for the record.

  30. Was revisiting some old articles this a.m. and came across this one from ’08. You probably have all of this information, but just in case there’s something in here you haven’t seen:

  31. Breaking News … more news to follow


    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    • Did the bill that passed have those “outs” that one of the legislators wanted to put in? Meaning, the option for other types of “evidence” such as baptismal records, census records, affidavits, etc? Does anybody know?

  32. I knew this was coming:

    “Miki Booth has just reported via telephone to The Post & Email that a man born and currently residing in Hawaii went to the Department of Health this morning and requested a copy of his long-form birth certificate. He was refused, told that it was no longer available and that all he could obtain is the short-form document.”

    Just last month, however, a friend of Miki’s got a copy of a long-form. So this is a sudden change, to correspond with the claim that Obama cannot get a copy of his long form BC, even if he wants to. They make it up as they go along and it appears that this set of individuals in Hawaii will be as complicit as the last set.

  33. From across the pond! Rachel is probably sitting in D.C.
    Note to candidates, bring your circumcision certificate: Arizona passes ‘birther’ bill
    By Rachel Quigley 14th April 2011

    Days after its main sponsor met with Donald Trump, Arizona’s ‘birther bill’ has passed the state Senate. The bill requires presidential candidates to prove they are U.S. citizens before they can be included on Arizona’s ballot and receive any votes from the state.

    Candidates who don’t have a long form of their birth certificate are also given the option to show two alternative documents, including a baptismal or circumcision certificate, a hospital birth record or a post-partum medical record.

    The bill approved would make Arizona the first state to pass such legislation. Democrats say it exceeds the state’s authority. It now goes to the House for a final vote. The bill was approved only by Republicans at 20-9.

    Though the president released a certificate to prove that he was definitely born in Hawaii, Trump has set out to uncover what he believes is the truth, citing missing information such as the hospital Obama was born in or the physician in attendance.

    • That’s what I was afraid of. So now they’ve made sure that Barry can’t get a “long form” so he can use the two “other” pieces of evidence, which of course have a much lower standard for authenticity. Who vets a baptismal certificate? Ya think he can find a minister in favor of “social justice” who might be willing? But wait! All they need is a conveniently deceased minister from, say, that Little Red Church that SADOS attended with Stan and Mad in Seattle. How convenient! SADOS too baby Barry there when he was an infant. A great place for a baptism. A hospital birth record? Obviously, the peeps at Kapiolani are already on the hook, so . . .

      BUT isn’t this just the Senate version that must be reconciled with the House version? Some senator put that in; the reps in the House can take it out. It’s useless to even do the bill if they’re NOT going to make it loophole free.

      Hoo, boy. And Rachel makes the typical “mistake” that’s not a mistake because their goal is to CONFUSE the issue: She says “The bill requires presidential candidates to prove they are U.S. citizens before they can be included on Arizona’s ballot and receive any votes from the state.” No mention of NATURAL BORN citizen. No mention even of BORN CITIZEN. So by Rachel’s standard, Arnold Schwarzenegger could be our next POTUS. NOT! And also the usual LIE that Obama released his birth certificate already. WHAT HIS CAMPAIGN RELEASED WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED AS PROOF OF IDENTITY OR BIRTH BY ANY GOVERNMENT ANYWHERE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. AND WHAT HE RELEASED SAYS ON ITS FACE THAT IT’S NOT VALID!!!

      They’re either stupid or they’re liars. You be the judge.

  34. Tancredo says Obama eligibility will be issue in 2012 campaign
    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin still being ignored by Greeley Tribune and all main stream press.
    Jack Minor • April 13, 2011 Snips

    Former Congressman and candidate for Governor Tom Tancredo said he believes the eligibility issue will play a part in the 2012 presidential campaign but the issue will come from the alternative media rather than any of the candidates.

    Tancredo said he wishes he could make a definitive statement on the president’s eligibility but cannot since the administration has been reluctant to release information that could resolve the issue.

    Gov. Mike Huckabee has also said the media is responsible for vetting the president’s eligibility. On Aaron Klein’s WABC radio program Huckabee said he did not feel there was a need to verify a candidates eligibility. “For the most part, Aaron, I don’t even think it’s necessary, we pretty much have our biographies.” He went on to say “the news media is going to delve into everything imaginable. I think that sometimes that piece of legislation might look like a swipe at Obama.”

    • Oh, yeah, Huckster. We can depend on the media to vet the president’s eligibility. “We pretty much have our biographies.” ROFLMAO! Earth to Huck: We don’t all pretty much have bogus biographies written for us by unrepentant, still-unindicted domestic terrorists and we don’t all pretty much publish our biography with a disclaimer at the beginning basically admitting that, well, it might be pretty much ALL MADE UP!!!

      So, yes, while this may look like taking “a swipe at Obama” that may be because he’s the ONLY person so far to NOT get the figurative proctology exam by the lamestream media and who will not RELEASE A SINGLE BIT OF EVIDENCE to prove his eligibility but instead spends MILLIONS and sends people to PRISON to avoid showing his so-called evidence.

    • This part of the article is exciting:

      Dean Singleton, Denver Post publisher and owner said the president’s eligibility was a valid issue. In an interview on the Peter Boyles show, Singleton said while it is a valid issue to cover he did not want to argue over it. “Asking the question is certainly fine to do.” He went on to say “There are questions, why hasn’t the president released his college transcripts. Those are valid questions, and probably should be asked until he does.”

      If it were GWB or Sarah Palin or Trump or any other non-progressive candidate, the lamestream WOULD ask over and over until they got their answer.

  35. Rush: Obama Speech ‘Sales Pitch’ for Govt Expansion
    13 Apr 2011 Snips

    President Barack Obama’s plan to cut the federal deficit is nothing more than a “sales pitch” for the expansion of government and a rewrite of history to prove America’s greatness stems from the redistribution of wealth, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh charged.

    “So basically what we’re getting from the regime is a sales pitch and history revision,” Limbaugh said. “We are hearing that America’s greatness only began with the redistribution of wealth; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid … and a sales pitch to can this government and get even bigger because he is now defining economic prosperity as more and more government involvement in everybody’s lives.”
    He added that “if we don’t succeed in stopping this, and the next real opportunity to stop it obviously is the 2012 election, if we don’t succeed the country is going to unravel.”

  36. ROTFL! I bet he does! He probably misses being Barry, Steve, Soebarka..

    Obama’s Lament: ‘I Miss Being Anonymous’
    Monday, 11 Apr 2011 12:27 PM
    By Andra Varin

    He’s not quite Greta Garbo, but sometimes Barack Obama just wants to be alone. In a recent interview with editors and publishers from Hearst Magazines, the president complains that he doesn’t get much privacy. I just miss – I miss being anonymous,” Obama said. “I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. “I can’t take a walk.” [We are going to fix that for you! Speaking of planks!]

    Not that the White House is so bad. In the Hearst interview, Obama says he likes life at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, very much. He said he’s just frustrated by the “kabuki dance” routinely performed by political partisans in Washington before they can get down to serious business.

    • Awwww. Don’t you just feel so sorry for him? Living in a huge mansion on everybody else’s dime, eating Wagyu beef and having every music group at his beck and call? Golfing? Personal jet to fly him anywhere in the world he cares to go? Awwww.

  37. An Elaborate Hoax and Conspiracy
    by Arnie Rosner April 14


    QUESTION 1: Why, after including the legally-required language for previous Democratic candidates in elections past, did chairperson Brian Schatz, acting on behalf of the Democrat Party of Hawaii, refuse to include the legally-required language upon submitting it for the approval of that state party’s 2008 Official Certification of Nomination when they submitted it to Kevin B. Cronin and the Hawaiian Election Commission?

  38. Conservative Leaders: No More Czars for the President

    Senators Schumer & Alexander plan to reduce number of Presidential Appointments subject to Senate confirmation process undermines Advice & Consent role and weakens Congressional Oversight responsibility.

    No More Czars for the President—It is a Bad Deal!

    RE: A proposal by Senators Schumer & Alexander and others to eliminate the confirmation process for hundreds of political appointees and basically create more executive branch “CZARS.” Eliminating the confirmation process removes the only check the legislative branch has over many Presidential appointments.

    Here are seven reasons this Schumer proposal (S.679) is a bad deal for the American people:

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