Those Pesky Birth Announcements and Open Thread

By Miri

BREAKING NEWS: Read carefully butterdezillion’s latest post, addressed to Bill O’Reilly. She found very interesting FACTS about the provenance of all versions of the supposed “contemporaneous” birth announcments posted on the Web. (Note to Mr. Leonard (I’m a racist toady) Pitts Jr.: we know the definition of the word contemporaneous, because we’ve used it in conjunction–in quotes, of course–with those announcements for nearly 2 years. So We the People don’t need a racist toady like you to school us on the English language. Click that link to his latest column if you don’t understand my reference.)

butterdezillion writes, “With new information emerging now, O’Reilly may be interested to learn that the announcement images that were posted online cannot be from the microfilms we were told they were from. This article documents that the stories we were told were a well-orchestrated lie, which raises serious questions about the microfilms O’Reilly says he has found, since those lies back in 2008 would not have been necessary if the microfilms O’Reilly relies on today had actually been in the libraries in 2008.”

Fitting that butterdezillion chose today, the day Barry announced that he wants to be reelected, to announce these cleverly discerned facts about those bogus “contemporaneous” birth announcements.


By request, I’m “nutshelling” butterdezillion’s main points.  More detail will be in the comments, below, for those who are interested.  Then do go to butterdezillion’s to see her illustrations and her arguments that prove her contentions.  butterdezillion’s main points:

* The Lori Starfelt and Infidel Granny Honolulu Advertiser (HA) images came from the State Library, via email.

* koa at Free Republic and a commenter at Prius Chat both implied that their images from the Star-Bulletin (SB) came from the State Library, obtained by personally copying the image from the microfilm at the library.

* What Really Happened received both the HA and the SB images directly from the newspapers themselves via email (not from the library).

* Up until ladysforest obtained fresh images of the announcement from the State Library in Honolulu, ALL of the images on the Web from the HA were identical, despite that they were reported to have come from different films stored at different locations.

Up until ladysforest obtained fresh images of the announcement from the State Library in Honolulu, ALL of the images on the Web from the SB were identical, despite that they were reported to have come from different films stored at different locations.

This is an impossibility. They cannot logically be identical if they came from different films at different locations.  Films are subject to wear and tear and the damage would be DIFFERENT from film to film, location to location. In addition, the images were identically cropped, even though this would also logically seem impossible for different individuals to accomplish.  ladysforest’s image from the SB is a perfect example.  She has posted the entire page, not just a cropped image without a date and without the last 25 or so births that were announced that day, but for some (nefarious?) reason were cropped from the SB images first released on the Web.

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  1. The Unified Theory of Obama
    By Clarice Feldman, American Thinker

    For as long as I can remember scientists have been trying to put together a Theory of Everything which would explain and connect all the knowledge we have of physical phenomena. So far they haven’t been successful, but they keep trying. I wondered if it would be possible to explain the many contradictions of Obama and the mystery of his origins and incomprehensible nature of his domestic and foreign policies to better understand him and predict why he seems to be steering the ship of state onto the shoals

    I think I’ve finally got it, though a night of watching old movies — “The Man in the Iron Mask” and “The Prince and the Pauper” — helped me along.

    Barack is not one person. The man we know as Barack Obama is really two people, identical (possibly conjoined at the head Janus-like but later separated) twins. Don’t laugh. I’ll explain.

    The Mystery of His Birth

    As Donald Trump is reminding everyone, we have no proof that Obama was born in the United States, where, when or to whom. People have offered up a variety of theories to explain why he has spent so much time and money trying to prevent us from seeing his birth certificate, something apparently only he can get released from the Hawaiian birth records sealed vaults. But I believe that the clue we need to unravel the mystery has been hiding in plain sight all along:

    Why does he have this incredibly long scar that covers the sides and back of his head?

    We’ve never seen his medical records, to my knowledge, and he’s given no explanation for this phenomenon that I can see, but see for yourself. Something most odd has caused a scar from one side of his head to another curving up over the crown:

    Let’s suppose that he was born a conjoined at the head twin and the surgery left its mark, that in fact one twin got the rhythm and cool — let’s call that one “Candidate Obama” — and he was the one who so charmed people who should have known better like Peggy Noonan and David Brooks. The other was thicker witted and needed folks like Bill Ayers and his own smarter twin to pull him through. Let’s call that one “President Obama.”

    Continue reading:

    • David Opiyo. Barry’s “half-brother”; Mark’s full brother (but Mark calls Barry his “brother”, no half). The Luo name pertains to some factoid about the birth. Opiyo means “elder of twins.” Something else we’ve pointed out many times before.

      That is a totally creepy image. Mirror twins? Might that explain the moveable mole? I never thought of that explanation before. We also have many posts about that scar. We need to link them here. Or just search the blog for “scar”. They’ll turn up.

    • To see close-ups of the scars and even a theory there might be twins:

      Obama’s NASTY Scar

      Obama’s Movable Features …His Newest Scar! (Open Thread)

      Scarhead Open Thread!

      • Thanks for doing that, Bridgette. I didn’t intend to make an assignment, but I’m so far behind on today that I’m more than happy that you did it!

        Excellent posts, too, I might add.

        What IS up with that scar? Remember that horrible old term, “waterhead baby?” Could that be it? Oooh. I can’t get that creepy image out of my brain. Thanks, Sleuth. I didn’t need that. Yuk.

        • That is really a creepy photo!

          This theory of being conjoined doesn’t explain the new scar that runs down his neck either. (I think they were making robotic adjustments to his internal programmer. You know the one that says, campaign mode, golf mode, etc. ).

        • I’ve got a question about BO’s mole. Maybe I should type it BOs’ mole for plural possessive, I don’t know.

          Now let me get this straight, in some pictures he has a mole on one side of his nose, then other pictures he has it on the other side, right?

          • That is true. Some suggest that they reverse the photos. But you will see on other photos he has no mole! Did you see the different sized hands in photos? Fat hands, skinny hands. Hair dark one day, graying the next? Larger body size, and slimmer in another? A real gummy smile (showing gums way above teeth) and then not? Widows peak and none? See some additional Photos in Header above and in Articles in the category Mugshots on the sidebar.

          • B.O.’s’ moles! You got it. And in this day and age there shouldn’t be any negatives TO reverse, so that ain’t the explanation. Mirror twins. I’m telling you. One with a mole on the right; the other with a mole on the left. Or a host of doubles, like Saddam had. Maybe one gets mixed up some days and pastes the phony “beauty spot” on the wrong nostril. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a host of doubles, like Saddam. Remember how paranoid Saddam was about security? And MO is on record as being paranoid about Barry’s security. It’s possible to use photoshop or some other software to flip a photo, but why? Somebody would have to do it deliberately. What would be the explanation? There are many discrepancies. The hairline. The nose (differing widths). The smile. The teeth. Oh, the teeth. Now one could say that at some point he had braces, but how do the teeth go back to being crooked after they’ve been straightened already? Two, two, two mincing fools in one.

      • This theory also explains the moveable scar, from one side of the head and neck to the other! And it explains how this self-proclaimed genius can forget from one day to the next what he has said. And what he has promised. Might also explain the “fact” that he doesn’t color his hair or that it, too, changes from one day to the next. And that appearing/disappearing/reappearing pencil mustache!

  2. Well, if you would like to see more images from the Star Bulletin I posted on Friday, they show the damage on the Aug. 01-15-1961 microfilm even better. I believe the image of the damaged film that Butter posted is from my collection.

    The post has six images, and you will see that the damage is very noticeable until the page before the one obama’s announcement is on. That page, by the way, was imaged twice – I did not put the second image of it up though. You will notice the significant difference in the condition the page with obama’s announcement.

    Now, although there are compelling indications that the films might have been altered, I can say if it had been done – swapping a original film with an altered film at the library would be a snap. You could even use the original reel to “rewind” the altered “replacement” film onto.

    The older films that were acetate based films, while no longer in production, are still easily available.
    A print master film is used to create service copies, and generally speaking, will produce ten top quality copies.
    We know that they are a very limited number of these particular date reels out there. The numbers that we have **confirmed** to exist would be fit nicely.

    • Thanks for your link, ladysforest. We recognize and applaud you for being on the cutting edge of this research. Indeed, we’ve discussed here before how SIMPLE it would be to switch out a microfilm, even in an archives. After all, look what Sandy Burglar was able to pull off at the National Archives. I’ve been in a state archive before, where I was allowed to be ALONE in a huge room, with 3 banks of microfilm readers and walls full of drawers of film. I had to sign in and put my purse and coat in a locker, but nobody searched my pockets, which could easily have held a roll of film. No security cameras, either. I could have EASILY switched out a roll of film. Same for public libraries. If anybody watches that genealogy program on NBC, they have shown people being allowed ALONE (of course, in this case being videotaped for the program) in similar archives. Easy peasy. If anybody says otherwise, they’re blowing smoke.

      The FACT remains that nobody has seen the actual newspaper. Somebody, among all those families who had births announced that day, MUST have saved a copy. The newspaper itself MUST have saved a copy. A copy of the actual newspaper. Not an image or microfilm. The real deal.

      If there appears to be evidence of tampering, and there may be, and/or the people who initially supplied the images to bloggers on the Web lied about where the images came from, and it appears some of them either did or were misled by the person who sent them to them, then an actual newspaper from 1961 is the only way to resolve this.

      Bottom line, which I’ve said many a time: The announcements don’t name the “son”, don’t name the “Mrs.”, and don’t specify a birth location.

      We have been told and it appears to be true, that BHO Sr. had at least 3, if not 4 or more wives. We know also that he had many sons. So these announcements prove nothing because they are based upon assuming a “fact” NOT in evidence.

      Only IF the information on the bogus online COLB is true, would these announcements (even if real) prove he was possibly born there. Why? Because there is NO EVIDENCE for his birthdate. He says that’s when he was born, but where’s the PROOF? Nobody else has EVER come forward and said they KNOW for a FACT that he was born when, where, and to whom he claims. NOBODY.

      Obama himself hasn’t said it, so far as I know. He prefaces his bogus Ayers-written biography with a warning that characters are composites, conversations are recreated, and the TIMEFRAMES are deliberately changed. So he may say when he was born in the book, but he warns us first that it might be a prevarication. He thinks he is too clever by half. But we SEE through him. Don’t we?

      • He thinks he is too clever by half.

        “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

        – Bill Clinton

        • History is not a science but a continuing investigation into the past; a person’s conclusion is based on “What”their own bias “Is”. What is “is”?
          Definition of IS
          present 3d singular of be
          dialect present 1st & 2d singular of be
          dialect present plural of be
          Origin of IS
          Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German ist is (from sīn to be), Latin est (from esse to be), Greek esti (from einai to be)
          Next Word in the Dictionary: IS
          Previous Word in the Dictionary: IRS
          All Words Near: is
          Seen & Heard
          What made you want to look up is? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). LOL!!!!!

          The old song “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby” –Louis Jordon, 1944? Prophetic lyrics for Bill Clinton, and he, B.C., said “I knew she would tell”, and Lewinsky told the the entire story as did Tripp! And the world asked: “What do we tell our children?” Today there is a usurper ten times worse than B.C., and we can only ask ,what does that say for America?

  3. Lady, you and Butter are great at seeing these details that are shown for the birth announcements. Would you please tell me what has been proven. My attention span for looking at those different ads is limited. What is the point? Was there really a historical microfiche with Bo’s information on it or was it planted not once, but twice? Planted by Hillary bots (with TD’s complicity?). I see the differences that are pointed out, but I am unsure of Butter’s and your final conclusion.

  4. I have no “proof” it was forged and replaced. I collected the copies to study them for any anomalies, and yes there are many. But I am a very literal person, so as I have no “absolute proof” they are altered, I will not make the claim.

    My “feeling” on these is that it is very likely they were altered and replaced. It would have been very easy to do. Forrest Gump easy.

    Butter seems to feel the same, and seems to indicate that she has proof of some sort. I don’t know anything about that. For the most part the material I post online is to provide a resource for people that have questions or who want to do their own research. When it comes to the newspaper copies-I actually have tons more that are not posted online-I only post those that are most relevant to what ever post I am working on.

    I am notorious for not establishing a conclusion. I know that people do like things wrapped up in neat packages, but as I don’t have all the answers, I don’t feel comfortable guessing. When it came to the Index Data book images – well those are terribly important in my opinion. They clearly show that the index book with obama’s entry has been treated differently by excluding the official date range from the entire book.

    I do not draw conclusions with that either, but I do think it indicates fraud.

  5. What really shows are the differences in the the “old” birth announcement and the ones sent to TD to be put online that appears to be a clean and clear copy. Also it appears that two different people really got their copy from the same place and not from two different places that they stated. The one guy said he didn’t remember where he got it? Since their microfiche photos match they had to get them from the same place.

    I remember when that Lori person posted that at TD’s and how she seemed to disappear too.

    On a different thread, I asked Donald Trump to offer a reward in Hawaii for a copy of those original pages. I said they might line old drawers or shelves in someone’s home if those pages really were printed. Make it worthwhile for people to go through garages or wherever it might be. ( I found old newspapers in my grandma’s house underneath jars of canned goods, and at my mom’s too.). That could cause a problem for the O camp.. but then again, Abercrombie probably would find it at his house!

    • Only thing is the tropical environment there.

      The other thing is that the announcements were generally cut out and pasted in a baby book – so that wouldn’t be helpful. I know my mother kept a baby book for me, but it’s long gone. Same with the ones I kept for my boys-I have no idea where those ended up. Shameful, but true.

    • Lori was a member of PUMA Movement, her full name was Lorenda (Lori) Starfelt (aka Basement Angel), and married to Brad Mays. Sadly, Lori passed away on 3/16/11 from uterine cancer.

      Lori, Brad, and Steve Yaeger made the movie “Audacity of Democracy”.
      I would go hummmmmm, since she is involved in making movies (works with film?), but it doesn’t fit that she would be a Hillary fan and want to put out anything that would benefit Obama.

      • Very weird – isn’t that what obama’s mother died of also?

        What’s to have stopped her from being a mole anyway? Easy enough to pull off. She virtually disappeared, for whatever reason, right after the “discovery” of the announcement.

        • SADOS died either of uterine or ovarian cancer. As with everything Obama concerned, the stories vary.

          It is extremely odd and disconcerting (and sad) to hear that Lori Starfelt is (rather conveniently) deceased. God rest her soul, if true.

          I might also go “hmmm” because that is an easily detectable cancer in this day and age. Anyone see an obituary?

        • Odd. Not in the SS Death Index and no funeral. Just a memorial service.

          • Another faked death ?

          • Lorenda Starfelt 1955-2011
            basement angel Lorenda Starfelt
            Sat, 03/19/2011 – 4:38pm — basement angel
            My name is Brad Mays and I’m the husband of Lorenda Starfelt, AKA Basement Angel. I just wanted to let Lorenda’s friends know that my beautiful wife passed away on Tuesday, March 16, 2011 at roughly 8:00 PM. Her death was the result of uterine cancer, which ultimately spread to her liver. She and I were in pre-production on a new feature film, “Beginning Blue,” for which Lori wrote the story. We will continue work on the film without her physical participation, while honoring all of her intentions. A memorial service will be held for Lorenda sometime in mid-April.

    • My Space for Lorenda Starfelt

      What a fake web page. Somebody posted 4, 5 years ago and one year ago.

      I’m not going for the death story yet. Same photo on My Space as at Wiki.

      UPDATE: “In a 2011 web radio interview with Priscilla Leona, [16] Ms. Starfelt discussed a new comedy web series, Customer Diss-Service, that she and her husband Brad Mays were currently engaged in.”

      # LA Talk Radio with Priscilla Leona, interview with Lorenda Starfelt & Brad Mays January, 2011.

      Notice of her death from her blog by her husband.

      • Has anyone actually found Lorenda’s obituary? Her Wikipedia page has the date of her death on 3/15, not 16.

        Brad stated on a blog that she was diagnosed in September. What a horrible disease.

        • Do you have a link to that blog posting? One would think that being a Hollywood person, there would be more news about her death. And an obituary. I’ll go check the CA newspapers.

          • Her husband posted on riverdaughter.wordpress the following:

            Brad, on March 21, 2011 at 7:52 pm said:
            Thank-you, katiebird. Lorenda always spoke very well of you. I’ve cared pretty much nonstop for Lori since she was first diagnosed in September. And while our relationship has always been strong and fulfilling, these past months have been intensely enriching. She was the love of my life, and I’m grateful for every second. This site once meant a great deal to her, so I appreciate the affection and respect she’s being shown.

            • Cynic, I just found that and came to post it. Interesting commentary, huh? “Lori intuitively understood the people who defected the Democratic party for the Tea Party. She knew that racism had very little to do with it. She knew that the Tea Party is rallying its supporters with false messages but at least it gives them answers.”

              No mention anywhere of Lori’s role in first supplying the Honolulu Advertiser birth announcement. Her friend is too kind in her characterization. The words Lori herself wrote on her own blog, calling people “Teabaggers”, hardly fit the claim that she “intuitively” understood Tea Partiers and didn’t think they were racist. Reading between the lines, she (like most elitists in the Hollywood left) believed that Tea Partiers are gullible folks too dumb to do anything but be led around by the nose “with false messages” that at least “give them answers.” Poor, pitiful idiots. Just give us an answer and we’ll follow you anywhere. Because we have no brains.

      • Do read her blog. It’s informative.

        • I guess I was looking for a newspaper obituary. (ya know, proof…….it was in the paper)

          Usually, when someone dies, the newspaper will announce it and then state that a memorial will be held at a later date.

          • Yeah, usually. But not when people are connected with Barry in any way. Then the “usual” becomes very unusual. I saw on some blog somewhere that the memorial will be in mid-April. Yes, most people have an obit. I can’t find one. The only mention of her death is on blogs. Very unusual.

          • A real obit, like a real bc seem to be missing alot these days…..
            She calls people teabaggers ? She would raise red flags for me-no thanks-whoever she is-was. This smells.
            Too fishy for me.

          • Cynic, The riverdaughter posting is a little more convincing.


          That’s another message about her death, this time on facebook. But look what the person wrote: Sunday, which would be March 13. So now there are three different dates. What I said. Nothing even remotely connected to Barry EVER is documentable fact. Of course, this person may have simply misunderstood what was said.

          • Was she a regular poster on Texas Darlin? Isn’t that the first place that she went to with the info? Remember, she is a supposed Hillary fan, but this info was presented months after Obama stole the primary from Hillary. The PUMA’s were angry and still are. They are definitely not Obama fans. She knew that this was something that would help Obama……….hmmmmmmmmm……….


    MSNBC Guest Explains: Burning a Koran is ‘Much’ Worse than Burning a Bible

    • I heard that, too, Plains Girl. What a load of piggy poo.

      Even IF they believe that their “holy book” is holier-than-thou, how do they make the illogical leap that if some unnamed person in some tiny congregation somewhere in the USA is said to have burned a Koran, that makes it morally correct to murder in cold blood innocents who had nothing whatsoever to do with said desecration?

      Isn’t God Himself perfectly capable of judging and dealing with anybody who offends Him by burning aforemetioned alleged “holy book”?

      • I can’t say what I REALLY THINK about the musbros’ koran. I don’t want to get any of us beheaded by the “disciples of the “religion of peace” and the ObamaMonster.


  7. Well, well, well, Holder is going to announce that those 9- 11 terrorist creeps who are imprisoned at Gitmo will finally be tried after 10 years. They will be tried by a Military Commission AT GITMO. Strange that Holder is making this announcement today..a day before major hearings are to take place. I guess Holder got the message they weren’t going to be allowed in the US and that the citizens weren’t going to allow a criminal trial. Or was it because that last criminal trial was such as fiasco?

    • Nudging themselves to the right to pretend they’re “moderates” until reelection and then, Barry Unplugged.

      Perhaps that scar is the access for an electrical plug! That’s it. Barry is the first fully Green POTUS. He’s got a rechargeable battery in his head. It powers the TOTUS reader that translates the words from text into words that then come out of his lying purple lips, so long as all’s going well. When it’s not going well, then it’s like when the antenna on your TV starts stuttering, “Uh, uh, uh, well, uh, yes, I am wonderful, uh, uh, . . . “

    • Holder stands by his original belief that these terrorists (KSM) ought to be tried in Federal court in NY, but that Congress tied their hands. He blamed his reversal of his decision on where to hold these trials on Congress when the decision should have been left up to the Executive branch. His arrogance and hateful way of speaking showed he didn’t like being told what to do. His comments were shocking to listen to. Let us hope there is a video so everyone can see Holder in action. His tossing out blame was unbelievable. Holder tried to hold that trial in NY and the nation said no.

      The Subcommittee hearing is tomorrow.

      Let me be clear, (he used the term too) he came across as an jacka@@.

      I know better than them..I have read the file, I know the file, I have talked to the people involved, I’ve worked on this, I’ve lived in NY! This from the guy that won’t uphold DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), gives the Black Panthers a free pass to intimidate voters, is using taxpayer money to back the Muslim gal who quit her teaching job after 9 months because the school district wasn’t going to give her 19 days off to go to Mecca, (think it’s a political move?), and who pushed President Bill Clinton to grant clemency to 16 members of FALN (domestic terrorists from Puerto Rico). Yeah, and addressing CAIR in Detroit. The epitome of upright integrity is Eric Holder. I hope the Subcommittee hearing puts him on such a hot seat that he will resign. (Yet who knows what slimy worm Obama would nominate in his place!).


    MSNBC Guest Explains: Burning a Koran is ‘Much’ Worse than Burning a Bible

    By Plains Girl on April 4, 2011 at 11:38 am
    Rush now talking about “Bible burning ok but koran burning not according to musbros.”

    • Unless I missed something growing up, I’m pretty sure a synonym for the Bible is the “Word of God,” is it not?

      Garbage foams out of another idiots mouth…

    • The Muslims trust that Moses was/is a man of God. However, Moses broke the tablets of stone on which, it is written that, God himself wrote the Ten Commandments with his own fingers. The Musselmen don’t seem to mind that one bit. I mean like, hey! Moses broke God’s Laws that were inscribed on a couple of bricks. But of course Moses knew the stone tablets were just so much baked clay and there is not a thing holy about dry mud. It was the words inscribed in the clay that is holy. Same thing with the Christian bible. The words are holy, not the paper the words are written on Nor the ink used to write those words. Else Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville. Camden. New York, and ETC ETC ETC would be holy too, because their names appear on the inside cover of the “Holy Bible” of the New King James Version just the same as the publishers appears in all bibles.
      Problem with muslims is they do not realize that some old korans as well as bibles may wind up as recycled paper in toilets. Holy Toilet Paper Batman!!!

  9. And the Hillabots expect us to believe the HillaMonster is not running in 2012? Give me a break!

    Top of the Ticket
    John Phillips: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary, against her will, is “drafted” because, gosh darned, there’s just nobody else to run against Barry. So why is he announcing his reelection campaign? Dough, dough, dough. Collect all the dough possible, using his fab charisma, and then pass it on to the next annointed one. Don’t believe that he’s running again. Or that Hillary’s not. Both are proved prevaricators. Soros will decide who will be the next Dem POTUS candidate, as he has decided in the past and may ever decide in the future.

  11. Ditto!


    With regard to the Leonard Pitts Jr. column that insulted US. I was going to respond in detail to Pitts, but our friend and colleague Citizen Wells did it so well. Pitts is not worth any more of our time. He’s an Alinsky acolyte, doing the bidding of his messiah. Enuf said.

  13. Toyota -Due to a lack of auto parts out of Japan, 25,000 American Workers may be affected by a layoff at the end of the month.

    • Whoops. There goes the lower unemployment figure that the lamestream is touting will pull Barry’s cojones out of the fire. Not. They really do think we’re stupid.

  14. Here, for Mr. Pitts’s consideration, is an example of a fair and balanced reporter who gives facts without casting aspersions:

    This writer calls us “reasonable.” And so we are. And we also know what two-bit words like “contemporaneous” mean, too.

    Mr. Pitts suffers from the delusion that we Constitutionalists are stupid, uneducated, white dolts. In other words, he likes to stereotype those with whom he disagrees.

    Mr. Pitts would have us treat Barry differently than other presidents simply because he is, allegedly, black. So ill-informed, perhaps by choice, is Mr. Pitts that he outright lied in his column, by falsely stating that “It is telling that the white candidate who was, in fact, not born in the USA (Sen. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, if anyone is interested) did not face these questions, while the black one who was born in Hawaii has been unable to escape them.”

    Mr. Pitts must have missed those New York Times stories about McCain’s birth certificate and his arguable eligibility to be POTUS.

  15. ROBYNLEWISTX.Never argue with a Liberal IDIOT. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

    • Hi Skeeter ! How are you ? long time no comment..busy ? We missed you here.

      • Hi Renee! Busy? Yes. I went to the store a couple of weeks ago to buy a box of beer and the worm-hole closed up before I found my way back to sanity????? Thanks, but I seriously doubt anyone would miss this most abject creature. I have been traversing the universe-uhh, well really the cyber universe asking these questions:
        (1) where did Adam come from? There are two theories, the “Out of Africa” or the “Multiregional Hypothesis”.
        (2) That is to say, I was asking asking where did the Obama come from?, “Where is the Birth Certificate”, where in hell did you come from?
        The christian bible says “The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man”. But the lord god does not say where the man was before he (Adam) was put in the garden. Sort of like Obama. Where was he before the lord god put him in Hawaii?
        SO, maybe with all your research skills you can find where the Lord God found the Obama and the wife he calls Michelle, the lady who deceived the serpent. Wishing you–in advance–Good luck. Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field the Lord god had created. So is Michelle.

        • Love your analogies Skeeter. Snake or serpent, either noun is descriptive of them. Cunning the perfect adjective, and may I add pure evil. I guess we needed these real life examples to show the differences between good and evil.

  16. From Life… unseen photos.
    RARE: Eva Braun’s Private Photos (Adolf Hitler’s mistress/wife). Very attractive young woman. She looks like she was his playmate, fun and vivacious. She chose to take the pill and ended her life.

  17. “According to Fox News”–yep, really–and Fox news is the holy grail of news? Depends, doesn’t it? Did Martin Luther kick Jesse Jackson out of his movement? Was Jackson a self serving race baiting thug from Greenville South Carolina? Well, you just never know.

    • Funny you should mention Jackson and MLK. I saw a retrospective the other night. About James Earl Ray and the assassination. Something made me wonder who made sure that MLK was out on that balcony at that exact time. Jackson was with him.

      • Jackson was taking a chance on being the target. Was he not?

          • Andrew Young was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Daisy Fuller Young, a school teacher, and Andrew Jackson Young, Sr., a dentist. Young’s father hired a professional boxer to teach Andrew and his brother how to fight, so they could defend themselves. From that, Andrew decided that violence was not the path he would choose to follow.[citation needed]

            [edit] EducationAfter beginning his higher education at Dillard University, Young transferred to Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1947, and received his Bachelor of Science in pre-dentistry degree there in 1951. He originally had planned to follow his father’s career of dentistry, but then felt a religious calling. He entered the Turner-Boatright Christian ministry school and earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1955.

            Young is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first inter-collegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African American students.

            Young was appointed to serve as pastor of a church in Marion, Alabama. It was there in Marion that he met Jean Childs, who later became his wife. Also while in Marion, Young began to study the writings of Mohandas Gandhi.

    • just crusing through old stuff. Saw Skeeter and Miri you both mention MLK and Jackson. I just saw that Reverend Manning from Harlem make the extreme accusations on Jackson….you guys should watch it. It should still be available. Just search Atlah and check out his website for it. He seems pretty up on it.


    Vote on Glenn‘s ’Amazing’ Prediction: Will Hillary Run for Prez in 2012?

    Mark his words: Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2012. That’s what Glenn Beck facetiously, yet emphatically, said on radio today during an “Amazing Predictions” segment, much to the disbelief of co-hosts Pat and Stu.

    “I want to make sure that I’m clearly on the record with this prediction. Are you ready? Hillary Clinton is going to reluctantly get into the race for 2012,” Beck said, drawing instant disbelief from Pat and Stu.

    “No way,” Stu said, “I don’t believe it.”

    “Oh, she’s circling him [Obama],” Beck responded. “She’s circling him right now.”

    “If Hillary Clinton’s primary voters and President Obama had their relationship status listed on the Facebook pages, it would be changed from married to it’s complicated,” Beck quoted a Los Angeles Times piece calling for Hillary to run. “To be fair, Hillary voters never fell in love with Obama. They just fell in line.”

    After saying that George Soros would back Hillary, saying he has “used Obama‘s radicals for all they’re worth,”
    Beck continued reading: “Why are 1 out of every 3 Hillary lovers giving Barack Obama bad marks? Will they stick with him in November 2012? And most importantly, if she senses enough blood in the water,” Beck interrupted with shark music, “will Hillary quit the administration and launch a primary bid against Obama?”

    “Yes. Yes, she will,” Beck responded. “Yes, she can. Yes, she will.”

    Pat and Stu weren‘t convinced considering Beck’s luck with political foretelling. See the prediction, as well as their reactions, below:

    •

      What do you think?

      Thank you for voting!
      No, she’ll stand by her commitment to step away from politics 12.08% (353 votes)

      Yes, she won’t be able to resist 69.16% (2,021 votes)

      She’ll test the waters, but won’t run 18.75% (548 votes)

    • I really hope she doesn’t run. I liked (past tense) both Bill and Hillary clinton from the beginning. Then I read the history of Hillary and she is the spitting image of Barack Heussein Obama. I still like Bill Clinton, but just like Eve , he wants to please his wife and he goes along to get along and all is BS!!!!

    • No one “reluctantly” gets in the ring to run for Prez… and…do we WANT someone that reluctantly runs ? Like a prom date that really does not want to take you out ? No thanks. The reluctant part is BS. FAKE.

  19. A more detailed analysis of the main points that I deduced from butterdezillion’s post. If I made errors, let me know and I will certainly correct them.

    1. Lori Starfelt said that she was the FIRST person to ask the State Library in Honolulu for a copy of the birth announcement from the Honolulu Advertiser. The image was taken from microfiche, allegedly by the librarian, and emailed in digital form to Starfelt, who says she forwarded the image to Texas Darlin’, who posted it on her blog in July 2008.

    2. A week later, Infidel Granny said that she got a copy of that same image from the same librarian, who still had it in her folder. [I had thought previously she meant a folder on her desk; I now realize that the librarian likely meant an email folder.] Infidel Granny in turn emailed the image to Pam Geller, who posted it on her blog Atlas Shrugs. In March 2009, roughly 8 months later, Infidel Granny told Geller that she was referred to the library by a woman at the Honolulu Advertiser; in other words, the newspaper itself would not supply her with a copy.

    3. In August 2008, koa claimed at Free Republic that s/he personally copied Obama’s other birth announcement, from the Star-Bulletin, but koa claimed to have accidentally cropped off the edition date. koa implied but did not explicitly state that the image was personally copied from microfilm at the State Library. koa also cropped off the bottom of the list of births, making the list appear identical to the list in Starfelt’s copy of the Honolulu Advertiser, although it was not, as later revealed when ladysforest got an image of the entire page. In October of 2008, someone writing at Prius Chat Forum [sounding exactly like koa], again implied but did not explicitly state that s/he got the Star-Bulletin image from microfilm at the State Libary in Honolulu. This poster made an error when describing the label on the box of microfilm.

    4. Michael Rivero, at What Really Happened, to which Politifact linked to show both birth announcements, told butterdezillion via email that he does not “believe” that their images came from the State Library, but instead from the archives at the newspaper itself. He said the images were sent to him from the newspapers. What Really Happened posted both images in October 2008. This is the same timeframe as koa’s post on Free Republic about the Star-Bulletin image. The WRH article accompanying the announcements says similar things (as koa said) about how one can find the address on Google Earth. Comparing the Honolulu Advertiser images from Starfelt (from the library) and from What Really Happened (from the newspaper), butterdezillion shows that the images are IDENTICAL and they logically could not BE identical, even down to the exactness of the cropping, if they truly came from two different microfilms at two different locations (library versus the newspaper’s archives).

    5. ALL of the images of the announcement allegedly from the Star-Bulletin are IDENTICAL, even though koa and the poster at Prius Chat said the image came from the library, while Rivero at WRH said the image came from the newspaper office itself. Therefore, until ladysforest posted a new image of the entire page, there was only ONE image of that birth announcement from the Star-Bulletin, although poster koa claimed to have personally “copied” the image, implying it came from the library microfilm, while Rivero said he was emailed his copy from the newspaper office.

    6. ladysforest dispatched a researcher to Hawaii, who obtained copies of both announcements from the State Library’s microfilm. butterdezillion proves that neither the image of the Honolulu Advertiser birth announcement posted by Starfelt nor the copy posted at WRH could have come from the film at the State Library. The Starfelt/WRH image is far cleaner and the library image is not only more degraded, it has no damage where the Starfelt/WRH image had damage.

    • Yep, you pretty much have it straight.

      Thing is, 🙂 I posted about the Lori Starfelt and Koa copies not being on the up and up more than a year ago on “Extra’Extra Announcing Obama’s Birth”..where I did a quickie breakdown on the background of the first published announcements. Butters does go into more detail about all of the “original” discoveries.

      As soon as I did my first set of copies at the Lib of Congress I was suspicious, after I got the rest of the copies from TsunamiGeno’s trip to HI, I had the PROOF. But, I decided to go at it in a different direction – and to show a broader range of anomalies. LOL – not all of them of course, but stuff like the pic. of the film box, and the first comparisons between the images that were posted on WND and the real copies collected in person by myself and TsunamiGeno. And how the printing of the announcements in exact descending order was indeed NOT the normal procedure. In fact, in the two month span of copies I have, it only occurred like that in the dates that have obama’s announcements.

      • I’m glad I got it straight. I do remember your previous posts and discoveries and in no way want to fail to credit you. I did, however, want to honor and respect that you don’t like to speculate, assume, or make allegations without absolute proof. Without your copies, we’d have nothing to compare to. Thanks.

      • “exact descending order?” I missed that. Can you explain further?

      • Gee, I can’t believe that their newspapers would print births more than once. I came across on the following:

        In fact, the conspiracy would need to be even deeper than our colleagues realized. In late July, a researcher looking to dig up dirt on Obama instead found a birth announcement that had been published in the Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961:

  20. Yep-the papers obama is in the announcements begin with the same couple in both papers. And the announcements match in exact order, name by name in both of those papers printed one day apart.

    The one paper had a longer list, but no one knew that at first because the “copy” that was released was only of the partial page. I did full page copies.

    Anyway, it was first claimed that the fact the two papers printed the announcements in exact matching order lent weight to the “proof” that these were legit announcements of baby obama.

    Other researchers soon discovered that the papers didn’t “always” print in exact order, beginning with the first announcement. What I did was to just establish that as a fact, and show proof of it. I collected a much bigger sample than anyone else had. The few others that had looked at more than just the dates obama is on only had a couple of weeks of announcements MAX, and that was usually just from one paper, generated from one location. I got ’em from both papers/three locations/two months. Overkill baby!

  21. I WANT TO DO MORE !!!!

  22. Package Containing Severed Pig’s Foot Intercepted on Way to Rep. King’s Office
    April 04, 201

    The U.S. Postal Service intercepted a package Monday containing a severed pig’s foot and an anti-Semitic note addressed to Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, sources tell Fox News. A spokesman from King’s office says Capitol Police have opened an investigation into the matter.

    “The package never got to the office,” Kevin Fogarty, King’s chief of staff, said. “All congressional mail is screened before it gets here.” Fogarty said King’s office is cooperating with the investigation.

    In March, King held high-profile congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization in the U.S., saying he aimed to confront the threat of homegrown extremism.

  23. Our economy is in the pits and we are revamping the WH and England tells the story? Four years to complete the project?

    Is a secret lair being built under the White House? West Wing vanishes behind a fence in $86 million ear-splitting project
    April 4, 2011

    Officials describe the job as an overdue upgrade of underground utilities. That includes water and sewer lines, electrical conduits, pipes for chilled and hot water and steam heat systems, and storm sewers. Heating, air conditioning and fire alarm systems are being replaced. Some systems are getting backups.

  24. Bernie Goldberg just announced that Donald Trump will run for president. His source told him that it was decided today. Bernie had broken the other story that Katie Couric would be leaving.

    • Hhummmmm…..then he better start unloading the wheelbarrow….it is full…
      We are listening Donald and we have been working on this for 3 years to learn the truth….let’s hear it. The teletubby is waiting. Oh, I forgot. He can speak by himself. Refreshing after 3 yrs of :
      hummm click left, hummm click right and again and again until seasick.
      hummmm. left. hummm right.humm…key control words….hummm…pause…hummm again…
      You are getting sleepy….

    • I can’t see how this can be true when Trump just started working at FOX as a contributor. Huckabee and Gingrich dropped out of FOX as contributors because they might run. Well, maybe he means after Trump gets a ton of publicity on FOX, then he’ll leave FOX and announce his run.

    • From link above;
      Former president Bill Clinton said today he expects successor Barack Obama to fire back at those who claim he was not born in this country — though he added that the so-called “birther” issue will hurt the Republicans more than Obama. “I think he will fight back, but I think one of the elementary rules of combat is you don’t want to get in your opponent’s way if he’s shooting himself in the foot,” Clinton said on ABC’s Good Morning America. Clinton also said of the Republicans: “If I were them,

      “I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people.”
      Yes he is so credible.

  25. Attorney General Eric Holder “Angrily” Announces the Use of Military Tribunals at GITMO for 9/11 Conspirators. [It was not his was Congress that stopped all funding for a trial in the US].

    • Holder grumpy about having to try KSM in military tribunal
      April 4, 2011 by Allahpundit

      They woulda coulda shoulda had a slam dunk against Mohammed in federal court, but that darned legislative branch just won’t cooperate.

      In that context, Holder took to the podium on Monday not only to announce the new decision — that KSM will be tried in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay — but to blast those who criticized the notion of a federal, civilian trial. “Those unwise and unwarranted restrictions undermine our counter-terrorism efforts and could undermine our national security,” Holder said of the ban imposed by Congress.

      Congress, in essence, doesn’t know what it’s talking about, he went on to say…

  26. In case you missed this on another thread. Penbrook’s research took him a different direction than that of butterdezillions or ladysforest. Note: We remarked that he shows no evidence for his findings. We questioned, others are taking it at face value.

    FINAL REPORT: Obama’s Birth Announcements Fail To Indicate “Natural Born” Status
    The Daily Pen ^ | April 2, 2011 | Penbrook Johannson

    A new investigation of Obama’s birth announcements appearing in Hawaii’s two primary newspapers in August, 1961 shows, conclusively, they were the result of a registration record taken by the municipal health authority, not a medically verified “Live” birth documented as occurring at a Hawaiian hospital, per an officially defined “vital event” by the U.S. Department of Health, National Vital Statistics Division protocols.

  27. Satire..but The Doctor does bring up a good idea.

    Where’s the [1961] Delivery Book from the hospital?
    Resolving the Birth Certificate Issue

    By F. Owen Smith, MD is an OB/GYN.
    Satire – Snips

    You see, Sir, shortly after you were born, a Kapi’olani hospital clerk went to Labor and Delivery where she used your mother’s chart and maybe even interviewed her to gather the information to send to the State of Hawaii that became officialized as your OGCOB. But since there’s no way for the State to know if the original information was accurate or even if you were actually born at all, and since even official records can easily be “edited,” an OGCOB is not good proof of anything outside of its own existence.

    Which is where the delivery book comes in, as every maternity unit in every hospital in the country keeps a hand-written ledger like an old-time accountant’s book, which is filled out immediately after a birth and documents the mother’s full name, date and time, your birth weight and gender, delivery type (vaginal or Cesarean), etc. Now the important thing for you, Sir, is what the delivery book does not document and that is the name of your father (or even your own name, for that matter) so that information is safe. But the original Kapi’olani 1961 delivery book will be the proof you need that a woman with the name of your undisputed mother in fact delivered a baby of your undisputed gender, on the undisputed date you stated you were born, at the place you stated were born. So with that delivery book, Poof! your whole birthing problem vanishes into thin air.

  28. butterdezillion wrote on Free Republic:
    “I don’t know what more could be done to show that the stories we were told were false.

    One media person suggested that maybe the online posters were just confused about where they got the images from. But with Starfelt and Infidel Granny having such synchronized stories involving the HSL librarian having the image handy for IG because Starfelt had asked to see it a week earlier… that just seems impossible that both women AND the librarian would be “confused” – particularly since IG said she had asked the Advertiser office and had been told to contact the HSL.

    And no matter how you slice it, that HSL librarian sent to Starfelt and IG an image that could not have come from the HSL microfilms. I have seen the e-mail that Starfelt got from the HSL librarian. I know the librarian’s name. Where did she get that Advertiser image from, since it wasn’t from the library’s microfilm? It is identical to the image that Rivero at WRH got from somebody at the Advertiser office. Now why would an image that originated in the Advertiser office get to the librarian at the Hawaii State Library?”

    So that sums up better than I can what looks to be going on.

    • Why do we know Basement Angel’s name (Starfelt), but not Infidel Granny? Does Infidel Granny have a blog?

    • I had forgotten this, but I got a copy of the Aug 13 HA directly from the HSL, (mine looks like the one ladysforest got), and I asked them if they could email it but they wouldn’t. I’ll have to go back and read my correspondence with them. They acted like they didn’t have the technology to do that and had to mail it.


    Forgot to give the link. There are other interesting comments there. Such as, the State Library ordinarily CHARGES money for copies (of course they do, most libraries make people pay for research time and copies) and they also put a copyright statement ON the copies. Someone also noted that Trump started talking about the BC and birth announcements on St. Paddy’s Day. That’s an important point, considering the timeframe for Lori’s death.

    What say u, people? What might be going on here?

    • Yea, I wondered that as well, and Googled around yesterday. The closest that I got to Trump Obama birth certificate and Lori’s 3-16 (?) death, was one day. Maybe you came up with a sooner date. I found Trump on CNN talking about it on 3/17.

    • hmmmmmm. my tinfoil hat is buzzing.

      Seriously, look thataway! in case a celebrity dies suddenly or something.
      thats the way they operate… Blago is coming up and the case is being construed as we are saturated with crap. So much for Japan and The Gulf of Mexico… blip

  30. I am wondering here. Why would cutting ss benefits for seniors even be on the chopping block ? I cannot fathom how private jet trips, exotic vacations, 300 dollar dinners and lavish hotels, booze, benefits or salaries would not get chopped off the budget FIRST can you ?
    Can someone ask Nancy please ? There are others we should ask too. I would love for them to live on what seniors in this country live on. Watch the old clothes unravel, feel the feeling of having 50 bucks to last 2 weeks. For a long, long time. Would that resonate ? We are keeping our senior parents afloat you pompus idiots. We are. With our few hard earned dollars. And you want more ? Please get over yourselves. This is sickening.
    Here is what I read:

    • Renee…you got hooked on Pelosi’s talking points! Exactly what the democrats are trying to do. Scare everyone with lies.

      Read further and listen to Ryan. I heard him talk about his budget.

      This budget takes action where others have ducked. But because government should not force people to reorganize their lives, its reforms will not affect those in or near retirement in any way.

    • FOX – O’Reilly questioning – Pelosi now on the news spreading the fear that 3 million seniors will starve and not get meals if the budget passes. It is a total lie says John Stossell. He called her office and no one can tell him where she is getting her information or her numbers. She is using fear to garner support for democrats who are doing nothing and are unwilling to work on the budget.
      I find her despicable and really scaring people who don’t have access to other kinds of information.

      • They’re also lying that if government shuts down, soldiers won’t be paid. They LIE. That’s ALL THEY DO. Because they’re LIARS.

  31. I tried to post this near the comments about Lori Startfelts obit (or lack of) but can’t find those posts now. I found that her given name is apparently Lorenda Peters, but you probably know that. I did try an experimental SSDI search using only the parameter of a March, 2011 death and got NO results. Feb, 2011 got 123,000+. SO, maybe the March deaths are just not yet entered in the database?

    • SEO: When a relative of mine died last year, she was in the SS Death Index within 3 days. This is weeks ago. She’d be in there. One thing you might do, look for any death in that index from that week.

      • Hmmmm, well I actually looked for the whole month of March, with no other parameters and got nothing.

        • Strange. I wonder how that works then? Is there another SS Death Index search? Other than I know I looked up my relative and was amazed how fast she was listed. Curious. Well, we can just keep an eye out.

          • I use this one usually:
            The advanced search options let you put in just a birth date, just a death date, the ss#, etc. You would think the SSA would have an official one but so far I haven’t found it.

          • As of yesterday the SSDI appeared to be updated to March 4; This morning there were entries up until March 18, but I don’t know if it is complete. I put in the first name Lorenda and the death dates of March 15 or 16, got one Lorenda Stephensen who was 34, in Iowa. This is the best SSDI search thingy I have found btw, with the advanced search you can find just about anything.

          • SEO, And she still is not there….

      • And still not, as of today. I don’t know what last name she is/was going by, but I put in both Lori and Lorenda as a first name, put in 1955 +/- 5 years as birth year, and March 2011 (not specifying a date) for death, and nothing (well, except one Lori who died in michigan)

        • SEO, Maybe she lied about her year of birth. Happens alot. Maybe she is actually older.

          • I figured the 5 +/- years should cover some fibbing but I will try with a 10 year swing.

          • Other Peters in history that may connect SEO;
            Frank-ly Speaking Again | We the People of the United States#comments#comments Renee | April 11, 2011 at 8:34 am | Reply
            In 1870 on a recommendation of building contractor John C. Peck, Hanniball Kimball purchased a lot near the Union Depot where the Atlanta Hotel had been before being burned in 1864 during the American Civil War.[1] He gathered the financing for the endeavor through a confusing (and later a scandalous) combination of bonds, mortgages and subscriptions.[2]. The original estimate for the hotel was $250,000, though it eventually cost $650,000, 1/15th the total assessed value of Atlanta real estate at the time.[1] The unusual funding scheme resulted in Kimball filing for bankruptcy and losing control of the building by the next year.[2]

            Kimball hired William Parkins as the architect while Peck served as the construction manager for the project.[2],[1] Construction began immediately on March 28, 1870, the day after Kimball received his lease from King.[1] The lot, primarily owned by Joseph Thompson, was located on Pryor Street between Decatur and Wall.[1] Thompson sold his portion of the land to Kimball through his real estate agent George W. Adair.[1] The rest of the land was leased to Kimball by Richard Peters and John P. King.

            Renee | April 11, 2011 at 8:36 am | Reply

            Renee | April 11, 2011 at 8:37 am | Reply

            Renee | April 11, 2011 at 8:38 am | Reply

          • New Peters names too…
            soundcheck | members of the northwest music scene Dan Peters (drums)
            Feast, Fastbacks, Bundle of Hiss, Love Battery, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Sad and Lonelys, Valis
            Darren Peters (bass)
            H-Hour, Willard

          • Are you psychic, Renee?? 🙂 I found her name (as Lorenda Starfelt) listed as a notable person from Belleville, IL; Then I just found her as “new” member on (as Lorenda Peters) from belleville township h.s., where it says she attended from 1966-1970. So, yeah, if she were born in 1955 she would have started h.s. at 11 y.o.

          • 11 year old 10th grader ? Nope, she is 4-5 yrs older then reported. Good catch SEO.

          • Still no record of Lori or Lorenda Peters/Starfelt or Mays or anyone with the birth dates and death dates given by her husband in the SSDI. I did just find this new biography of her though

          • SEO, thanks for following through. Still, more discrepancies. Didn’t you find it interesting that she was linked to Tom Hayden? We can’t forget that Bill Ayers is a buddy of Hayden back to those radical 60’s. Hmmmmmm

            • Yes, that did jump out of the biography, didn’t it? One might suspect that Trump would have been sending investigators, say on or about St. Patrick’s Day, to interview all the people associated with those announcements. Wouldn’t you think? I mean, if I were he, Lori’s one of the first I’d want to talk to.

          • Did you also notice that they didn’t give her maiden name, and they still say she was born in 1955.

          • Oh, and now the classmates page says she graduated in 1973

          • STRANGE….the names in the link jump out at me too…
            Very STRANGE….

  32. SEO;

    key-bingo. You win a clock radio. Hat tip to you. Thank you. This is not good.

  33. I could use a clock-radio!!! But, I don’t see the connection with Bernadette Peters?

  34. CW gimmeabreak | March 29, 2011 at 3:31 pm |

    Trump not only contributed to Democrats, he also did business with Soros.

    Developer Leslie Dick Worldwide Ltd., New York, filed a RICO complaint against 17 parties, including Donald Trump, financier George Soros, Fortress Investment Group and Cerberus Capital Management, over the 2003 sale of the General Motors Corp. Building in midtown Manhattan.

  35. Because this is an open thread,
    remember that I warned of many stupid murders that have already happened and are yet to come,
    This is a lame cherry article. and I believe he has got it “right on” as they used to say,

    Obama Bullseye 2012

    Why would B. Hussein Obama put a bullseye on his 2012 restealing of the White House?

    You well remember how Democrats put bullseyes on GOP races, and how Sarah Palin in doing the same thing, was crucified over this after Gabrielle Giffords was shot.

    A divergence here to remind readers:

    Where is the second reported shooter in Tuscon who delayed ambulance help?

    Why did bullets which appear rubber, were they bouncing off of Democrats?

    Why has no one brought AMA charges against Gifford’s medical staff for making her open her eyes for an Obama miracle for his 2012 presidential theft par dux?

    Nuff said there……….

    Back to Obama, Jarrett, Plouffe and Axelrod putting a bullseye right on Obama?

    Does this hint that Obama is going to self abort in his suicidal psychopathy, as he has lusted in his heart about being aborted instead of abandoned by his mum for his entire adult life…….in this is why he is trying to destroy the world as his inward outward venting?

    Does this hint that mummy Val-erie Jarrett is having a post Obama birth aborticide?

    Does this mean that Obama’s Rothschild cartel benefactors are going to martyr the secular Islamist B. Hussein as Obama is exterminating the Muslim population of the world?

    How does the plagiarized Pepsi logo of 2008 in hopey changey thing, become the Obama bullseyey targety thing of 2012?

    Is this just another Obama political ploy, calculated by his teleprompter in someone will be shooting rubber bullets at hisself at an event, holding a Sarah Palin book, a US Flag, a Ron Paul Constitution in his pocket and a Bible tattooed on his body?

    Children, you just remember the Murrah Building in OKC, how there was a John Doe there, how the bomb was inside the building along with that thing McVeigh constructed with Terry Nichols who proved the FBI provided him with ordnance……… Hutatree was a sham set up by the Obama regime…… Obama swept into Tucson with his order out of chaos which Alex Jones has yet to make a video of……….how in 2008 YOU WILL RECALL THE SET UPS using a few idiots by the BATF tried to make Obama a target of racism for crackdowns and political gain.

    Now you recall the past 3 years of this regime in not one white person in any form has attempted what this regime tried to state was out there against Obama…………….in knowing all of the above factual information, well documented by outside MSM sources………… tell me if Obama’s federal police do not have Sirhan Sirhan with rubber bullets out there named Average Joe, ready to unleash as dozen times over in an event to gain sympathy for Obama.

    That ZERO with a Pepsi logo in center was designed, vetted, shown to poll groups, and yet no one seemed to note in assimiliated triggers that this looks like a bullseye. There is in every average group, majority and minority group comprehension in forensic psychology. People “see” what is there. Some might see candy stripes, some might see a Pepsi logo, some might see laundry in the breeze, some might see nothing, but in the fringe minority.
    Others would see a bullseye, who are the same Obama types who saw bullseyes on Dick Cheney and now Sarah Palin.

    Presidential campaigns note all of this psychology. It is why the Clintons tried to look older with faux grey hair. It is why Obama wore for 2 years that wrinkled white shirt to show he was a union working man. There are no details lost in this as Dick Morris and James Carville will attest to.
    So why is it that a segmented part of society is being triggered inside the Obama regime with this bullseye manifesto?

    The psychological aspects are explained above in that answer, some in satire and some in reality.

    Obama has made Obama a target. The Obama folks know the reason for this and that political reasoning will take place before that Tuesday in November 2012.

    They could have put 2012 as one of the red stripes for a melodic flowing appeal of sea to shining sea. Instead they have chosen militancy.


    I place this here so if they initiate Operation Rubber Bullet, tie it to Sarah Palin and the GOP with Karl Rove’s help, that this operation has already been exposed, so perhaps that fraud Darrell Issa will have to do a criminal investigation in what this Obama logo is really about in conditioning the American mind………..

    You don’t get it that gun owners are the marginal voting block key to elections, and that Obama is setting the stage to neutralize them with intended gun control policy he already had White House meetings on……….

    Now you do comprehend it, as this 2012 logo is telling the mind something? Why the bullseye as no sane mind would target themselves, unless they already knew the FU reason.

    more to be said……….


    subtle sarcasm not withstanding,
    I maintain he has not yet surrendered

  36. Here are two must-see videos done by Ann Barnhardt in response to Lindsey Graham:

    Part 1

    Part 2

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