Obama’s House of Cards is Collapsing!

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Card by Card by Card  …

Obama's House of Cards

We recently reviewed Obama’s multiple Social  Security numbers that investigators uncovered  in the article “Whose Identity Did Obama Steal?”.   Additionally,  they found that he used different social security numbers within a couple of years of each other.  Investigators associated social security numbers with addresses where he lived across the United States,  and where he didn’t live.   His  most flagrant use  of a card  is one that wasn’t issued to him and that he is using today.   Orly Taitz has uncovered new information that adds even more evidence proving  Obama’s family, history,  and  integrity are seriously fraudulent.  Lies about family associations, friends, college, travels, and work are being exposed with rapidity.   The cards in question include his  social security  card,  selective service card, and even his student report card!   Evidence is mounting that his life is one of deceit, lies, and more lies.

Recent revelations are highlighted in Orly Taitz’s First Amended Complaint that was just filed.     Below are the explosive allegations that were added to her amended lawsuit as well as the evidence to back up her allegations.   (The entire lawsuit is available here).

Now it appears Obama lied about his attendance at Columbia!  He was only there for 9 months NOT 2 years that he has stated! Where did he go for that other year and what was he doing?  Was he taking courses in person at Columbia or was he enrolled in an overseas   program?   If he traveled overseas what name did he use?  How did he get the credits to attend Harvard with only 9 months attendance at Columbia?  Was it a Freudian slip when Obama said he went to  Pakistan or  is that one of the only truthful statements to come out of his mouth?  Below if verification of Obama’s limited attendance at Columbia.    Perhaps there will be apologies made to Dr. Manning?

Both of the photos below are Exhibits in Orly’s lawsuit.  One  is evidence garnered from the U.S. Government’s own Social Security Verification System.  Obama’s social security number that he stole and uses was entered into the database.  The results show ” FAIL”!   This means that the number and his name do not match!  The number was not issued to him!  Obama, you have a major problem!  Identity fraud comes to mind.

Let’s not forget that he also used the same social security number on the forged Selective Service Application.  That is two counts!   Shall we go for three?

Following are excerpts from her amended lawsuit.

Emphasis is mine.


26.   In this First Amended Complaint Taitz provides additional information, specifically Exhibit 1 Selective Service Application for Barack Obama, showing that he uses SSN 042-68-4425 and Exhibit 2  SSNVS Social Security number Verification System, which shows that this is not a legally obtained Social Security number for Barack Obama.  This is a prima facia evidence of  Social Security fraud and Identity Fraud obtained from the official records of the United States Government, which coupled with the age of 121 years old of the original applicant (date of birth 1890) justify release of at least redacted SS-5 information requested, such as gender, race and age of the SS5  applicant for SSN 042-68-4425 and the zip code, where the original SSN card was mailed by the social Security administration.  Concealment of such data will constitute aiding and abetting Social Security Fraud and Identity Theft.

27.   Further records from the Student Clearing House show even more shocking evidence. In his memoirs and multiple speeches Obama wrote that he studied for two years at Columbia University September 1981-May 1983.  He admitted that in summer of 1981 he traveled to Pakistan to visit his friends, but repeatedly claimed that from September 1981 until May of 1983 he resided in New York and studied at Columbia University.  Taitz ran a check of his  years of attendance at Columbia university and found out that Columbia official records show him attending Columbia university only for nine months September 1982-till May 1983 (Exhibit 3),  which means that the President of the United States lied to the whole nation about his whereabouts for a whole year September 1981 until September 1982. One year absence is the best case scenario, as he could get his university credit by reciprocity or through extern studies.

28. As there is no record of Obama residing anywhere else in the United States from September 1981-September 1982,  or attending any other university, by way of simple deduction it becomes clear that his visit to Pakistan lasted not a month or two, as he claims, but over a year.

29. In 1981-1982 Pakistan was ruled by a ruthless radical Muslim leader general Zia Ul Hac, who came to power as a result of a military coup, announced himself as a Chief Martial Law Administrator and ruled the country via the system of iron fist terror.   Supreme court of Pakistan, apparently afraid for their lives found such rule to be acceptable due to a “necessity” doctrine.   Based on verification of Columbia university records, Taitz found that Obama spent at least a year within the regime of general Zia Ul Hac. This revelation adds urgency in processing this complaint, as it shows that we have today an individual usurping the position of the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the whole US military, while using a stolen social security number, not possessing a valid long form U.S. birth certificate and defrauding the nation and concealing a whole year of his whereabouts.


Evidence is mounting against Barack Hussein Obama as not only a liar and the ultimate con-man,  but a person who has perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of the United States.  Obama and  his fellow globalists, supporters, and associates have perpetrated these crimes against the people in our nation and have duped people throughout the world.    They have played their cards, and as the evidence mounts, this House of Cards will collapse.   Card after card after card.  There will be no Royal Flush.

Kudos once again for Orly Taitz’s tenacity and perseverance!

Patriots — it is time  to send this information to your Senators and Representatives and DEMAND that they investigate!  This is a national security issue!  We must put the pressure on them to act!  Their email addresses are in the Header at the top of the blog!

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Social Security Administration Verification for Obama = FAIL

Columbia University Student Verification for Barack Obama

Columbia Verification for Barack Obama

312 responses to “Obama’s House of Cards is Collapsing!

  1. I will be forever grateful to The Donald for getting out there and taking the heat for us. He does GET IT (mostly). I wish he’d bring up LTC Lakin. The people at large have no clue about LTC Lakin’s fate.

  2. I heard someone on Dana Loesch’s show this afternoon. They covered Trump and the BC issue. For the first time, Dana did NOT dismiss the issue, perhaps because this regular guest of hers was taking it seriously. He said this IS getting traction. He also said that The Donald “was a ‘birther’ before ‘birthers’ were cool.” Now, I had to use the word, although I have unilaterally banned it, in order to publish an accurate quote. But isn’t that something? It’s now COOL to ask for Barry’s BC. Who knew? 🙂

  3. 🙂

  4. TRUMP: Maybe Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate Says He’s A Muslim
    From today’s Laura Ingraham show:

    “I have a birth certificate. People have birth certificates. He doesn’t have a birth certificate. He may have one but there is something on that birth certificate — maybe religion, maybe it says he’s a Muslim, I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t want that. Or, he may not have one.”


    “I grew up with Wall Street geniuses. What they do in terms of fraud, and how they change documents — and I’ll tell you something, if you notice, those dates were three days later. And here’s what I ask people — who puts announcements? Two poor people, a man and a woman with no money, they have a baby. There’s announcements in the newspaper? Nelson Rockefeller doesn’t put announcements in. I’ve never seen one.”


    • Laura Inghram’s interview with Donald Trump…Do listen.

      I see so much fraud in this world. This [birth announcement] could have been computer generated not then, but 5 years ago, 8 years ago, or 2 years ago.

      I don’t know why he is getting a free pass. I don’t know what is going on.

      How he got away with Rezko, ..people would be in jail if they did what he did. Because if you were involved with Rezko you’d be sitting in a prison right now. He is teflon.

      He doesn’t have a birth certificate. I don’t think he has a birth certificate.

      I am proud to be a birther..I think the term is demeaning to people.

      He is a disaster. He is a total disaster. This is not a man that should be president. This is not a man that is equipped to be president.

      • I heard that this afternoon. Trump really is on a tear. Gotta hand it to him. Thank you, Donald. He’s embracing the issue! So have we been, for a long time. It’s nice to have some recognition. I guess he doesn’t consider us “apprentices” but masters of our domain. 🙂

        • It is interesting that the write-up from Business Insider didn’t include his comments about Rezko! I have to listen again to get the full comment. I wrote blips as I was listening – thus no direct quotations.

          Every time he talks he adds new information in the interview. He is a quick learner.

          Which interviewer will hear him talk about Natural Born Citizen?

        • Thank you The Donald. I love it. He didn’t like Bush either. We need an anti-establishment candidate that is not a loone. We need a We The People candidate.

  5. Bill O’Reilly Interviews Donald Trump – 03/30/11

    O’Reilly To Trump: “I Don’t Think You Believe” This Birther Stuff
    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:27

    Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate Worse Than Obama’s – 4/1/2011

    • O’Reilly changes his story from his original one. He first said that they had researched the birth certificate. This time he says it was the birth announcements and because of those he TOTALLY DISMISSED the issue. Arrogant and uninformed O’Reilly kept trying to hook Trump and it didn’t work. Trump wasn’t going to be put in a corner, have a dunce cap put on his head or be sent to the principal’s office by the teacher!

      Thank you Donald from all of us Patriots who are trying to get to the truth!

      • Here’s an example of a true capitalist. For Barry’s sake, as a toady, O’Reilly didn’t cover the BC issue and, in fact, he TRIED to discredit it by lying that they thoroughly researched it, which they didn’t. They couldn’t because all they did was “find” the COLB and the announcements (all bogus) on the Internet.

        But now that Trump is getting lots of interest and pulling in lots of viewers, these asshats will have him on and actually discuss the issue because it helps their own ratings.

        O’Reilly ridicules Trump to his face, like a bully, but with Trump he gets back as good as he gives. Trump’s obviously a REAL street fighter. O’Reilly does the same to Beck. It’s classic passive/aggressive behavior. O’Reilly has a huge ego problem.

  6. O’Reilly was praising Marco Rubio for saying that the BC is a non-issue and there are more important issues. Well, of course Rubio would feel that way. There are questions about whether or not HE is eligible to be POTUS. Did you hear Hannity predict that one day Rubio will be POTUS? Well, not so, unless his parents were naturalized when he was born in the US. Too bad, Marco. You wanna be POTUS? Get that Constitutional amendment passed. That’s the RIGHT way to do it. Not via an end run around the Constitution. Not via fraud.

  7. In a comment to Pawlenty, I told him among other things, since he is running for president he should know the 3 requirements! I gave him Apuzzo’s website for his education, and described NBC. Obama’s father was not a citizen..thus his son was ineligible to run. “As president, we would expect you to uphold the Constitution. How about doing it now? Prove to the American people that you will stand up for the Constitution and its laws or lose the votes..and you will!” (Check the poll numbers to see if the Eligibility issue is important to Americans!). By the way, since when does a Republican listen to left leaning CNN for their news?

  8. Popcorn Please! Wow! He puts them on the line for their lies! They laugh, they bait, and he keeps on going strong.

    Donald Trump Thumps MSNBC Hosts On Obama’s Birth Certificate:
    I’m Embracing The Birther Issue; Obama Doesn’t Have A Birth Certificate…

    Note to Mr. Trump: Almost time to play the Social Security Card against these commie scum.. ORYR…

    Trump…”It would be the greatest scam in this country if he wasn’t born in this country!”

    Do you believe that the Clinton and McCain campaigns would have contributed to this great conspiracy? There is a huge difference between a Certificate of Birth or Certification of Birth. He explains.

    50% of the Republicans don’t believe he was born in this country.

    • Play the SS# card. GOOD IDEA. Can that possibly be his next move in this chess game? He’s demolishing them. As with O’Reilly, they were laughing at him but the audience, I believe, was laughing at the anchors. Trump made fools of them.

      That woman says Trump’s obsessed with the issue of the BC and he throws it right back and says, in essence, No, you’re the ones obsessed because the first question you asked was about the bc. Then he asked them why they didn’t ask about China, Iraq, the economy, whatever THEY THINK is more important. (After all, they’re the ones who pooh pooh the bc issue because “there are so many more important issues.”)

      It was GREAT! And he defended “birthers” again. Not using that word. It was wonderful to hear.

  9. “Michele Bachmann; Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility Is Probably The Least Important Issue In The United States Right Now…”

    • Another “stupid” remark. And she thinks she has a chance at Prez ? Like we want more of this….no thanks.

      If this is the least important thing in the USA then what do we not know ?
      Does NOT add up.

    • That’s annoying. I get her point, and we could spin this as her answering that the question of whether SHE can produce a BC is less important; but it’s not if she can’t produce one but wants to be POTUS. This is the typical media bull. They allow candidates like Bachmann on their programs, but then they eat up the entire segment with attempts at making the Republican candidates pass the media “litmus test” and kiss Barry’s bogus bc. This serves two purposes for them: They can try to make the candidates look like crazed (banned b-word) racist, bigots AND they can claim that they cover candidates like Bachmann, when all they have her on for is to ridicule her as a racist idiot. Bachmann wants to get her message out to as many types of possible voters as she can, but they want her to talk about Barry and only Barry because they don’t have her on to serve their viewers. Their goal isn’t to inform viewers and give them as much fair and balanced information as possible so viewers can make up their own minds. No, their purpose is to serve as toadies for the Obamanation AND to tell viewers what to think and who to vote for. They’re just the propaganda arm of the Obamanation.

    • Michelle Bachmann,
      95% of what you do is great, but I will tell you the same thing I told Tim Pawlenty:

      I will not support a primary candidate who does not support and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  10. March 29 on ABC with Diane Sawyer.. Obama says, “I get on my knees every night and pray. ”

    And at 5 times during the day, I pull out my secretly stored Persian rug, take off my shoes, and kneel.

  11. The guy I heard on the radio yesterday, the one who said Trump was a “birther” (banned b-word, sorry) before it was “cool”, also said that people don’t know that Trump is an avid reader and that he reads everything, including by inference blogs about this issue. So he probably knows some of this from reading, but I do wish he would bring up LTC Lakin. That would resonate with people, IF THEY KNEW about him.

  12. Herman Cain is saying Obama should Prove his eligibility too! Herman said he really hasn’t studied the issue but if he were president, he’d pull out his own birth certificate.

  13. Birther Issue Goes Mainstream
    John Ellis Mar. 31

    The challenge for journalists today is to somehow get the “birther” issue into their copy (because it generates a ton of hits) without alienating the good opinion of their colleagues, all of whom in New York-Washington media circles are resolute in their belief that “birthers” are insane!

    Back to the old dodge! Don’t talk about the issue. Talk about the politics of the issue.


    • In the above article, it is Weigel to whom they are referring and his article.
      David Weigel of Slate [the slime bag weasel who was fired and went to Slate. He posed as a conservative writer, but all his articles proved he was in the toilet with Obama. He is claiming birthers are insane.

      Checking the JournOlist above, he is #140. Dave Weigel – Washington Post, MSNBC, The Washington Independent

    • It’s interesting to note that the Headline of that story is:
      Birther Issue Goes Mainstream

      But if you look at the title bar of your browser, it reveals what I believe must have been the original headline:
      Birthers now part of the mainstream

      So, it’s not just the issue that is now mainstream… it’s the “birthers” themselves that are now mainstream. Why? Because the issue has gained mass acceptance. Those who realize that we can’t trust Obama on any other issue now refuse to trust him on the birth certificate and eligibility issue.

  14. BREAKING President Obama’s Birth Certificate: The Debate May Be Over, But a New One Begins

    • An ad hominem (Latin: “to the man”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attempt to link the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of the opponent advocating the premise. The ad hominem is a classic logical fallacy…

      … when you can’t attack the argument (that Obama is legally required to submit hard copy documentation along with a completed I-9 form, that Obama himself claims he was born a British subject, etc.), instead attack the man…

    • Bridgette,
      Have you checked the site stats?

    • The notion that Obama would run for POTUS was always ludicrous, too. So why not Trump? At least he accomplished plenty in his life.

  15. Hopefully, the infamous American nanno-second-attention-span won’t waiver come election time, and we will remember all the facts about Obama that we do not like, when we vote.
    G-d help us.

  16. And verification is step 1 of 2…

    Step 1: Verification. Seeing the original, certified vital records to determine the truth of Soetoro/Obama’s birth.

    Step 2: Reponse.

    A) If the “Obama birth narrative” is 100% true, then he is a usurper because he does not meet the Natural Law definition of “natural born citizen”.

    George Washington, John Jay, and the Natural Law Definition of “Natural Born Citizen”

    A usurper should be immediately removed from office, all of the usurped actions (including Obamacare and judicial nominations) voided and stricken from the record, and the usurper sent to Gitmo .

    B) If the “Obama birth narrative” is not 100% true, then he is guilty of forgery, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc., so even if he is a natural born citizen of the United States, he would still be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, and should be impeached, convicted, removed from office, and sent to Gitmo.

    • The former Hawaii elections official who maintains there’s no long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama in the Aloha State is now saying the president and his aides have been “caught fibbing” about Obama’s background, and the “embarrassing” situation is making it difficult to fess up to the truth.

      Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 campaign, made the statements in a two-hour interview with a group looking to disprove claims made by so-called birthers, those challenging Obama’s legal qualification to be president.

      “I think people believe there’s been some kind of cover-up. And I don’t think it’s some big nefarious conspiracy. I think it’s politics as usual,” Adams said March 31 on Reality Check Radio, an Internet program on BlogTalkRadio.

      “Barack Obama’s official autobiography was put out to the public for the public’s consumption and we all know politicians – they have a public persona, it’s created for consumption by the electorate – and I think that they’ve been caught fibbing, and it’s embarrassing.”

      But Adams, who described himself as “pretty much a liberal” who backed Hillary Clinton in the campaign, thinks the president should produce a long-form birth certificate if he has one, even if it contains information that does not go along with the narrative proffered so far by Obama and his surrogates.

      Read more: Hawaii elections clerk: Obama ‘caught fibbing’

  17. Vote !!! Put some egg on O’Reilly’s face who thinks this is a non-issue. He dismissed it when his crack researchers saw the Forged COLB. That was before his brilliant, fantastic, best in the business, researchers saw the birth announcement.

    Is Donald Trump smart to raise the birth certificate issue?
    74.3% Yes 19,313 votes
    21.33% No 5,538
    4.3% Not Sure 1,116


  18. Trump on What U.S. Should Do in Afghanistan – With O’Reilly.
    April 1, 2011

    Would ‘President Trump’ withdraw troops from country?

    To Pakistan… If you don’t give us Osama bin Laden…there is no more money for you.

    When I see the gross incompetence running this country, I can’t believe it.

    I’m not Attila, I have a big heart.

    We take care of everyone else and we don’t take care of our own and that is going to change.


  19. Jimmy Fallon, “Today, possible presidential candidate Donald Trump released his birth certificate. It lists his eyes as blue and his hair as ridiculous.”

  20. republican, democrat, liber or independant……unfortunately we all are just sheeple now……but it would be nice to see barry at the helicopter (like nixon) waving good-bye…..but even if he resigns it is too late. He has put too many lefties in power throughout the gov. WE GOT THE CHANGE THAT AMERICA VOTED FOR. GOD HELP US

    • James…

      People were conned! This is not the time to lay down and let them run over us. This is not the time for silence. Everyone must remember “they” are the MINORITY. The MAJORITY does not think like the sick, evil Marxist criminals. They have a megaphone in the media, but we pushed them back in the elections last November and we must do it now. We are opposing them in every corner and we must not stop. We have a nation to save!!

    • It’s so interesting that you post this link for us to read. It gives us yet another reason to ridicule and expose Snopes for the partisan obfuscators that they are. So thanks. Here goes the debunking of the so-called debunkers:

      Snopes CLAIMS that the claim is that Obama uses the SS# of a man born in 1890. Then they cite some UNATTRIBUTED, ANONYMOUS email, which cannot be verified, that alludes to CT resident John Paul Ludwig. (First debunked HERE, btw. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you ALREADY know that Bridgette and the rest of the krewe here at WTPOTUS debunked this Ludwig red herring LONG AGO. In a moment, if I remember, I will link the comment. Here ya go, debunked: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/whose-identity-did-obama-steal/comment-page-1/#comment-48453 It would be worth your while to read the entire thread, on background, as the spies say.)

      Next, Snopes states that “this fantastical tale” [objective, unbiased language?] is easily debunked. They then use the SSDI database to prove that Ludwig’s SS# wasn’t the one Barry Obama uses.

      Fair enough. It’s the same thing that we did! As I said above, we debunked this long ago and, in fact, one must wonder whether the entire Ludwig RED HERRING was a plot by obots to distract everyone and then to ALLOW Snopes to fool people into believing that Obama’s use of a CT SS# IS NOT TRUE and is just another conspiracy theory believed by stupid people.

      However, IT REMAINS TRUE that the SS# that Obama DOES use WAS issued in CT on or about March 1977, when Obama was living thousands of miles away in Hawaii. DO NOTICE THAT SNOPES LEAVES OUT OF THEIR ORIGINAL PREMISE THE FACT THAT I JUST RELATED: OBAMA’S NUMBER WAS ISSUED TO A CT RESIDENT.

      This is a CLASSIC Alinsky tactic–respond to the WRONG allegation. A straw man they set up and then knock down, but NEVER respond to the REAL allegation. That Obama’s appears to be using someone else’s SS#.

      It is TRUE that unless he was a resident of CT, he couldn’t HAVE a CT-associated SS#. Therefore, either he’s lying about where he lived at the time OR he’s using someone else’s SS#. It is also true that some public databases have the date of birth for the owner of that SS# as 1890. Obviously, Obama wasn’t born in 1890.

      That being said, Snopes again proves its bias, after proving that Jean Paul Ludwig’s SS# was not the same as the number Obama uses: They add a gratuitous final rationalization, stating the “premise is flawed” because Obama is a natural born citizen of the US and “there would be no reason for his grandmother to appropriate someone else’s Social Security number for use by him.”

      First of all, they are WRONG about him being a natural born citizen, based upon Obama’s own admissions, as well as his two (bogus, but he claims they’re true) birth certificates (SFCOLB and LFCOLB). His father was a non-resident alien, foreign student. Therefore, Obama was BORN a British subject who happened to also have US citizenship through his mother (if she’s really his mother, which remains in question because circumstantial evidence points to an adoption, in which case nobody knows WHO his biological parents were.)

      If you accept as his parents those he admits to, then he has simple US CITIZENSHIP, NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP. So THEIR analysis is based upon a “flawed” premise.

      Whether or not his grandmother helped him get that CT SS# is neither here nor there. HOW he got it is less important than the FACT that he IS USING A CT-ISSUED SS#, which he could not logically have, IF one accepts his own statements about his life history.

      SNOPES has not debunked this FACT. They’ve only debunked what has already been debunked long ago–that Mr. Ludwig’s SS# differs from Obama’s. True. But OBAMA STILL USES A DIFFERENT CT-ISSUED SS#. That fact has neither been explained nor debunked.

      There is discussion on other blogs which alleges that IF Obama was registered in US schools as a foreign student, when he wanted to get a SS#, he might have had to go through an agency in CT that handled such things. This may or may not be true, but it deserves further research. Will Snopes dare to investigate and debunk that possibility?

      So far, they haven’t explained HOW IT IS THAT OBAMA’S SS# is traced to Connecticut residency, when at no time has he EVER stated that he lived in CT.

      In fact, we debunked ANOTHER obot lie (from Snopes,iirc) which actually was repeated by Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly: That Obama’s father went to school in CT, and he applied for and received Barry’s SS# from CT. FALSE.

      BHO Sr. NEVER went to school in Connecticut. He went to school in Hawaii and Massachusetts. This is another “plausible” rationale posited by Alinsky-loving obots to distract people from the truth. It’s like when a mother hen pretends to have a broken wing, so the fox chases after her instead of going for the easy marks–the chicks in the nest.

      We the People are not as STUPID or as easily led as Snopes-loving obots seem to believe.

      Again, thanks for alerting us to this risible “debunking” by Snopes. They have always been, and remain, RIDICULOUS. We see through them and we hope that you do now, too.

      • fyi, here’s the claim that some say explains the CT SS# (but it doesn’t explain the 1890 “mistake” on the dob): “When he returned from Indonesia, alone, Obama became a ward of the State with his case managed by an American Refugee Resettlement Organization located in Connecticut. His Connecticut case management adviser filed Obama’s SSN application.”

        from http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2735484/posts?page=9#1

        So far, although I haven’t looked for long, I find nothing on the Web about this organization, except posts by this same person or blogs that cite his posts. There are many refugee resettlement agencies, interestingly enough, some sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist churches. Even in CT. But they’re all over the country, so it’s a stretch to assume Barry, if he was considered a refugee, would have had a sponsor in CT. That is, without some kind of EVIDENCE.

    • Couldn’t have said it better Miri! Snopes is a paid for by Soros inc. fact checker for Obama..and when the facts don’t add up and are proven lies, they make up their own lies, and eliminate any information that might lead to truth. The couple that supplies the “facts” for the left are bought and paid for. If someone uses Snopes for their facts, they are clearly an Obot and very misinformed. Snopes has ruined whatever creditability they ever had during the last three years by aiding and abetting a Marxist conman and his cronies.

      • Thanks, Bridgette. I added to my comment since I posted it. Kept thinking of other arguments.

        I hope that Debunked actually reads and considers our arguments. We’re always glad to have new readers and commenters, so long as they follow our rules–be polite, don’t lie, and don’t personally attack others. Just state your arguments fairly and respect other opinions. And respond to the actual allegations, instead of trying to deflect and take the argument off point in order to muddy the waters.

  21. As an official county recorder, I know “African” was not used in Box 9 during 1961 as displayed on Oboma’s birth certificate. Not until 1991 was “African” used in Box 9.

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