Whose Social Security Number Did Obama Steal?

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The Tip of the Iceberg!

Obama’s Social Security Number from Connecticut?

The engine that could just keeps keepin’ on!  That mighty engine is Attorney Orly Taitz.    Against all odds, and multiple roadblocks, she moves ahead in her quest for truth and exposure of Obama’s ineligibility. Orly received  a page of hard to read information  instead of a  legible numident from her FOIA request regarding Thomas Louis Wood whose social security number is one less than Obama’s.

Thomas died at age 19 and the information was available to the public, yet  it has taken over a year for the Social Security Administration (SSA)  to release the information.  Why did they stonewall her request?  Orly had to file a lawsuit to have the information released.  Finally,  the original application arrived along with a letter from the SSA.   She has  posted these to her site.  The first photo below is what the SSA initially sent to Orly.   Thereafter, are the new numidents for Thomas who was a resident of New Britain, CT…a state and place that Obama never lived.   So how did Obama get a social security card from that state?

From these forms, she states they can pinpoint the date  when the  SS-5 was filled out for Obama’s CONNECTICUT Social Security Number 042-68-4425 that he started using around 1980. Obama’s number is one number after deceased Thomas Louis Wood’s number that ends in 4424.

The application date for Obama would be between March – April, 1977 when Barack Obama states he was in Hawaii and nowhere near Connecticut.

Following are copies of the information for Thomas Louis Wood who died an early death. Yet his death is providing information that shows when Obama’s apparent identity theft of a social security number occurred, or when someone got the number for him.

Click to enlarge these forms for viewing.

Numident - The first version received from the SSA with redacted information

SSA's Certification Letter for Thomas Louis Wood's information

Thomas Wood Application for Connecticut Social Security Number - Numident

It is interesting to note on the 1977 application above the government asks for “Your Color or Race.”   The choices were “White, Negro, Other.”   There was no designation, “African.”   (Of course I am referring to the forged internet version of  the Certification of Live Birth that Obama put online where they used the term “African”  for the designation of race.  We all know that the term  means a nationality, and is  not a race.)

The above shows that Thomas’ mother applied for his Social Security Number on March 21, 1977  when he was 14 years old, and the number given to him was 041-68-4424.    In logical sequence the next person would be issued the next number.  Who really owns  Social Security Number 042-68-4425?   If this number was issued in 1977, what number did Obama use when he was allegedly working at Baskin Robbins in Oahu, Hawaii in 1975?

Thomas Wood - Numident - Dated 3/28/77

Thomas Wood Numident Dated 4-15-77

Why are there two different Numidents issued 18 days apart?   The first is a day after the  date of application.   The second was prepared  18 days later.

In my own research,  I used the LDS Genealogy site.   Their Social Security Death Index lists Thomas Wood as born in 1962 and dying in 1981. The SS# is the same number as indicated.  His social security number 042-68-4424  is still listed as belonging to him.  It has not been reassigned.

Social Security Death Index

Thomas WOOD
Birth Date:     15 Jul 1962
Death Date:      Jul 1981
Social Security Number:  042-68-4424
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Connecticut

ZIP Code:     06111
Death Residence Localities
Localities: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Hfd, Hartford, Connecticut
Htfd, Hartford, Connecticut
Maple Hill, Hartford, Connecticut
Newington, Hartford, Connecticut

Another search by social security number on  Genealogy Bank produced  Thomas Wood’s name.  The search for numbers preceding Thomas produced no results nor were there any results for numbers after Thomas.  In other words, the people that own those numbers have not died.

042-68-4423  none
042-68-4424  Thomas Wood
042-68-4425  none –  The number Obama uses
042-68-4426  none
042-68-4427  none

If you remember there were two different investigators that researched Obama’s use of different social security numbers for Orly.  Both Susan Daniels, an Ohio licensed private investigator and  John N. Sampson, a Colorado private investigator signed affidavits of their findings in an eligibility lawsuit.   In a statement to WND,  Ms. Daniels said, “There is obviously a case of fraud going on here.”   She said, I am “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s use of this Social Security number is fraudulent.”

WND reported that  even more suspicious  is that the databases that the investigators used showed ” the date 1890  indicating the year of  birth of the number holder, along with Obama’s birth date of 08/04/1961.    A third date listed is 04/08/1961, which appears to be a transposition of Obama’s birth date in an international format, with the day before the month.”  How can this be if the Social Security Administration never reissues social security numbers?  Why would there be different information in different databases, unless someone was scrubbing and changing it?   Who had access to the databases?

The real owner of the number that Obama confiscated may still be living. Is there an individual that is 121 years old today? It is interesting that the number hasn’t been recorded by the SSA as a death.   So who issued Obama the number and buried the real owners name?

So We The People:  We have a fraudulent and forged Certification of Live Birth for Obama, a forged or fraudulent Selective Service record,  birth announcements that aren’t duplicated anywhere else in the US in any library,  inserted pages into a  birth index in Hawaii,  hospitals that don’t claim him,  falsified documents by the Democratic Party, a  State record stating that Obama is a natural born citizen, photo-shopped family and self  photos,  professors stating they never saw him at Columbia University,  a phony book that was written by Bill Ayers, no living “real”  blood relatives, no records from his Illinois Senate days, no medical records, and multitudes of sealed records.    How many of your friends have no documented background?   Are they in witness protection?

What else could we think other than this is a man whose ideology is foreign because he is foreign.  He can’t relate to us because he isn’t one of us.  Anyone that can’t produce a simple document has lots to hide.  He said it himself.   But when there are multitudes of the same document associated with his name…we have a conman, a thief, and a liar.   How many social security numbers do you have?    Obama has no less than  four dozen!

Oh,  this is  one report that we do have.  This was previously located by another investigator for Orly and  was reported in “Obama’s Lying Blue Lips.”This report was from another government database, “Intelligator”.    I guess they missed this one when they were scrubbing passport records,  manufacturing selective service records,  doctoring college records, and inventing  and creating a family history that has so many holes, it reeks like Limburger Cheese. 

Background Report 11/16/2009
Barack Obama   STATE IL
Barack H. Obama
5046 S. Greenwood Ave. Chicago IL 60615
County: Cook
DOB: 08-01-1961 Age 48      Not August 4, 1961
Gender M
Education: Graduate School
Occupation Group: Professional/Technical
Occupation: Unknown
Ethnic Code: Equatorial Guinea
Ethnic Group F
Language Code E
Possible Relatives MICHELLE OBAMA age 45

We are talking multiple criminal charges. Who will investigate the Fraud in the White House? What are they waiting for?  What more do they need to do their jobs? How many citizen requests do they need?

Does Congress know that  “Undocumented, alien, illegal”  workers purchase and use fake social security cards?   Tell Obama to Prove his Eligibility and produce the documents to Prove it! He won’t because he can’t!

Thanks to the “Engine that Could” for her perseverance and tenacity in locating and fighting for  the truth!


Selective Service - Full Document - Orly

Selective Service – Orly

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  1. Barry’s BC# was assigned after the Nordyke twins, though he was born before them. But since there are only 3 numbers between his and theirs, then how would this indicate that his registration was made at another location?

    If the number was assigned at that ancillary location, then how could the various locations assign numbers without duplication? There wasn’t an Internet back then. The only way would be to call a central location for the next number. Not likely. How could it be done? It sounds like supposition, not proof or evidence. Just sayin. Not disputing the other information he gives about process, but a string of assumptions isn’t evidence.

    It suffices to say that not only doesn’t that announcement give a birth PLACE, it doesn’t NAME the child (says only a son, when BHO Sr. had many sons), and it doesn’t NAME the “Mrs.”, either (says only Mrs., when BHO Sr. had at least 3 if not 4 or more wives). We’ve said this from the beginning, so how can it possibly prove ANYTHING? It can’t.

  2. Besides, there was no announcement in the actual newspaper. It’s as real as the COLB. There is no actual paper document that underlies that COLB, just as there is no actual newspaper that underlies those announcements. They were created because even after the COLB came out, people still wanted proof. They couldn’t produce the paper COLB because it’s fake. They couldn’t produce an original BC because there is none, or if there is, it’s not from Hawaii. Or if there is one from Hawaii, what’s on it wouldn’t match the COLB, which would prove the fraud. So they came up with another type of “proof” that was “contemporaneous” and which they could use to discredit people who wouldn’t accept the COLB. They cauterized the original microfilms and prayed that nobody has a copy of the 1961 newspaper. They probably made sure to cauterize any copies that would be stored in paper form at the newspaper archives. Easy to do when friends of person in question used to work for the newspapers in question. And when the entire state, basically, consists of supporters. Poof! No more original versions of that newspaper. Not needed, if they’re on microfilm. Conveniently spliced microfilms. Cauterized in all locations. Plant the bogus announcement on an opposition blog and presto! The media has something to bludgeon everyone with. The ridicule was dripping from their keyboards, just like to this day it drips from O’Reilly’s lips.

    Do you really think back in 1961 there was a conspiracy to plant those announcements in the newspaper because some day he might want to be POTUS?

    No, the conspiracy took place in 2008, not 1961. There is no newspaper with an announcement in it. They’re digital images on the Internet and the microfilms were tampered with to insert his announcement. Unfortunately, it was imperfect proof because the format didn’t allow them to give his name or his mother’s name or state the place of birth.

    • Well said. When the Left talks about the conspiracy ..they try to make people think that the conspiracy occurred in 1961 so they can say it was conjured up 40+ years ago and laugh. That diverts attention from the fact that the birth announcement was manufactured just for Obama. The game played out that it was found by a “researcher,” (Lisa? who disappeared) and then dropped off at an opposition’s website. (TD’s) It had to be acknowledged by the opposition because if the Obots found it and published it, then it wouldn’t be considered ” real.”

      Can’t someone in Hawaii come up with a yellowed copy..one that has lined a dresser drawer for years or has been used for shelving paper? You’d think one copy would have survived. Lets see a real one.

      Donald would you do this? Put an ad in an Hawaiian paper and offer a huge reward for a copy of those two ad sheets so everyone will search for it. Lots of garages and cupboards would get cleaned out! No worry, you won’t lose any money.

      • Lori Starfelt, whoever she is, is the person who supplied the “announcement” (the first one revealed) to Texas Darlin’. That was a PUMA/Hillary-supporter blog (originally). So that made that blog “opposition” enough without involving Republican or conservative blogs, which might have actually investigated the provenance of the “document.” Does anybody remember whether Lori supposedly got an actual paper document from Hawaii or just a digital image emailed to her? I think TD got digital images. I forget how, when, and where the second announcement was produced. It’s all fishy.

        MOST CERTAINLY! One would think that any of the parents of other kids whose births were announced those days would have saved the paper. But if anyone did, would any of them have the GUTS to go against not only Barry but also the entire lamestream media as well as the Democratic Machine in Hawaii?

        In addition, newspapers ALWAYS save paper copies of their editions. Even libraries sometimes save paper copies. I’ve seen them bound into huge books at libraries I go to. So why wouldn’t the state archives in Hawaii have originals? Or the newspapers themselves? Disappeared? That would be my guess. Burned like a Koran.

        Even if a person had a copy, the obots probably already have a ready excuse if Barry’s not in it. Let me guess: They will say there were several versions printed (you know, like one star, two star, final daily edition), so anybody who has an actual paper must not have the edition that Barry was in. See? It’s a web of lies but they can always “SPIN” out a new false thread for everyone to follow. btw, is that why it’s called spin?

  3. Barack Obama’s favor to George Soros
    April 03, 2011

    Editor’s note: Ed Lasky, American Thinker’s News Editor, has an op-ed in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on a favor the Obama administration has given to InterOil, a foreign oil company that is a major holding of George Soros’s hedge fund.

    The column is based on an earlier American Thinker column that outlines how our government is spending our tax dollars to help develop the oil and gas resources of Papua New Guinea, where InterOil has the vast bulk of its assets.

    George Soros has a huge ownership interest in a company called InterOil, whose one major asset is reportedly a huge reservoir of natural gas in New Guinea. He has been increasing his ownership interests in recent months and, as of last November, showed an 11.9 percent ownership stake. His InterOil holding is the third-largest stock holding in his hedge fund.


  4. Need help with Obama’s Selective service info
    Monday, April 04, 2011 12:12:57 PM by RWGinger

    About a month or so ago there was a thread in here on 0dumbo’s selective service application which showed he used what we now know is a Conn SSN. We were able to go to the gov’t selective service site, put in his info and see the entire form which showed the fake SSN. 042-68-4425

    Back then I used the link and sure enough his name and information about then he applied came up. NOW when I go to the site it tells me I have used all the attempts I have that day, even though it is the first attempt.

    So please someone try it and see if you get the Obama appl. If you get the used all your attempts message and you have a SSN for someone who has registered please try that the site


    SSN 042-68-4425 birth date 08041961

    I think the gov’t has blocked 0dumbo info


    • If by clicking on this, it doesn’t enlarge, I added it up above to the article. Previously, the photo I found was only half of the picture.

      This shows the Selective Service Information as well as Obama’s usage of the fake Social Security Number in the bottom right box.

    • I just tried to get the Obama application and got the same error message.

      Apparentle HAL (2001 A Space Odessy) has blocked Obummer’s phoney info.

      • I remember that happening before when WND told the story about his SS# or his Selective Service #.

      • HAL…LOL ! Good one Jim !

      • I wrote to the “help” address at the selective service website and got this answer:

        It’s a safeguard we added to our online verification after an attempted hacking of our system several years ago.
        I will ask you to wait 24 hours and try again. The system will reboot by then. We regret the inconvenience

        So, i tried it again today and the same result. I put in other names and had no problems. I complained again and this time they told me to call

        Please call the Data Management Center directly at 1-888-655-1825, between 8 am and 330 pm., Central Time (the earlier the better).
        The system otherwise seems to be functioning normally.

        • smells……
          The system otherwise seems to be functioning normally.

          • I admit, I don’t have the guts to call. Anyone else here is free to use that phone number if they want 🙂

            • Don’t blame you, SEO. People have done this before. Sat up until midnight to try to be the first. It’s not true what they say. You can do other individuals over and over and over and it won’t lock you out.

    • I ran the name and number and got a confirmation for an Obama, born on that date with that ssn. When I got to work I ran the name Woods, with his DOB and the same ssn and no results were found. I know Woods died at age 19 and you must register within 30 days of of your 18th b-day. Can someone look into this.

  5. Did Obama ‘miss’ 1 year of Columbia classes?
    Discrepancy appears in sparse records documenting attendance

    April 06, 2011 Snips

    What’s this? Did Barack Obama only attend Columbia University for nine months? That was the suggestion of a report obtained from the Student Clearinghouse by eligibility gadfly Orly Taitz, an attorney who has represented a number of clients in legal challenges pertaining to Obama’s bona fides.

    But according to information obtained by WND, it appears Obama did indeed attend Columbia for two years.

    But she explained she got information that suggested he wasn’t there during that time.”Columbia official records show him attending Columbia university only for nine months September 1982-till May 1983 (Exhibit 3),” she wrote. The document states clearly that Obama attended “09/01/1982 to 05/31/1983.”


    But according to information provided by the clearinghouse to a WND source, Obama attended from “09/1981” to “05/1983” and finished with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

    School spokesman Robert Hornsby told WND that federal law prohibits the release of much of the information about a student, but he could confirm that “Barack Obama applied for and was granted admission to Columbia College as a transfer student in 1981. He enrolled for the fall term of that year as a political science major. With the conclusion of the spring semester of 1983, Obama completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and graduated with his class.”

    He said the school had no other comment.

    Taitz told WND that the school’s statements were “nonsense.”


    • WND is painting Orly as a eligibility gadfly? Now this School Spokeman, who has no title shown, Hornsby, says he can’t release information due to federal laws, but does? How many other people have contacted Columbia..such as Dr. Manning and could get no information? Now all of a sudden Hornsby becomes a spokesman?

      The reason the Columbia dates were important was because Orly got information that no one else had been able to do! Right after her information is made public, Columbia quickly has a spokesman!

  6. AKA Obama – We’ve Got Your Number – 042-68-4425
    Update: just to make things more obscure look at this:

    It is only one number off from AKA Obama’s (or Ludwig’s) number and was applied for on 3/21/77 in
    Hartford CT.

    The record shows an 87 year old man applied for a second SS# when he already had one issued in 1951-1952. Four years later he is dead and now AKA Obama uses this number 042-68-4425 on his selective service application. The original Ludwig number 045-26-8722 was never reported as deceased and thus he is 121 years old on the records. Conveniently, as Obama needs a number, Ludwig dies in 1981 and his 4 year old SS# is deactivated..


    We question much of the information presented.

    • I’d like to know EXACTLY where/how these researchers got the information that Ludwig HAD 2 SS#’s, and that one of them was Barry’s.

      Remember, Bridgette, that you debunked this claim before? You found his number wasn’t anything like Barry’s. So where do people come up with the claim that Ludwig got ANOTHER SS# in 1977? It drives me crazy. FACTS. EVIDENCE. PLEASE!

      These kinds of unsubstantiated claims are what makes it so easy for people to discredit us all as crazy “birthers”. We’re not, because, as an example, we NEVER accepted that Lucas Smith BC as real. We kept open minds about it. Same with this Ludwig issue. If something doesn’t add up, we say so.

      So these researcher say that Ludwig had two death records but he didn’t. SS reports the LAST KNOWN RESIDENCE. Ludwig apparently DIED in California but had at some point lived in Hawaii and that was the last residence on file for him. Maybe he lived with relatives when he got too old to live alone. Maybe he was in a hospital there.

      Although, it sure is suspicious that he was in Hawaii, Connecticut, AND California–all states associated with Barry. But they were looking for men born in 1890 who lived in those states, so that’s what they found. Where’s the proof that Ludwig had two different SS#’s and that one is the one Barry uses today?

      If anyone knows a source for the information that Ludwig used two SS#’s, one the same as Barry’s, please tell us. I’ve never seen anything that proves that Mr. Ludwig used that number ending in 25.

      Woods’s mother filled out that form, so she’s the neurotic that Dr. P diagnoses. I’d hate for him to see my handwriting.

    • I am reposting here Miri, so you can delete my post I made earlier today.
      And I am adding this short how to on some pertinent info some weird dude has on changing Identity. It will give everyone a bit more food for thought in thinking on these social security # issues. Now siting just what was just said here above this may be of help. This man’s discussion on this issue are a bit odd at first but do read on. You will probably get why I said what I did this morning which is below. I’m editing a bit now that this is being moved….Here read this please, by John Q. Newman …..It starts out talking about changing ID because of aids rendering people in financial woes…..but keep reading….it’s priceless.

      since your caption today is Flouting the Law, I got another tidbit. I am
      following “yalls” posts but I am doing a little research; which has led me to believe thus: The Reason for all those parking tickets while at Harvard.
      I’ve been reading some interesting facts and even a HOW TO take on new identies. With a bit of practice or learning from the masters of deceit, one can Kooley get away with a new ID.
      Some time or other I will post a brief discription on the matter,,,,,,but for now…..one way to properly establish proof of a new name identity (say like, from Barry….to Barrack) you need a bit of legal proof ……so that you are now with the identity of Barrack in the state of Ma.(not the state you got your stolen ID from) that you are who you are. So you leave this old rust bucket car parked all the time in illegal parking …..you get lots of tickets with your new ID on them. …..it’s safe and effective(just a silly ticket,but you now have proof that you are Barrack H. Obama. Of course you had previously done all the other stuff….this is just the validation.
      Remember, he’s someone else before we hear of him as Barrack for certain ,in Boston.
      This is just a little part of it…….Now the Obama Buckner one is another interesting concept….I won’t labor anyone yet with that one, but it is now beginning to make sense.
      When one changes an ID, using a deceased person ,it is best to move away from the state where the SS# and ID’s were issued.(Think about Ann’s too)
      Then of course we all know about the dead baby trick for ID theft (I didn’t realize that’s an old trick). ANYWAY……..I am working on some stuff, like Ruth’s parents (which again, quite interesting,but nothing conclusive).I Do Believe that Ruth happened to use Nides as her last ID……and there are two Shirley Nides who are deceased. There are only two Nides people in Massechusettes and the only woman in Mass. was born in 1882, thus being a bit old to be her mom…..The other a male born in 1901 and odds are that’s not her father. Neither of these two people died or recieved death benefits from Ma.,but in NY.
      Chances are that Ruth may have used Nides from a SS death ,but eventually changed her ID to Ruth, and there are not many Nides individuals that even fit the description to be her parents.
      If you feel you must put this somewhere else, that’s fine, I just thought it fit,while not a current topic it is an important one.

      • Woops, I didn’t edit out some of what I said this morning, but I think you can still get the idea. Feel free to make this better, if it isn’t too much trouble.

  7. Peter Boyles Radio with Mario Apuzzo
    Tuesday, April 12, 2011
    April 12, 2011 7am

    Whose Social Security Number is Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro using? Full Page ad taken out and put into the Washington Times and appeared today. Focusing on the fraudulent issue of Obama using the Social Security Number. His selective service application uses that social security number. There is a lawsuit by Orly against the Social Security administration.

    1977 issued when Medicare was just started. Obama was 15 working supposedly in Hawaii. The number became known to someone in the Obama family. He has never been domiciled in Connecticut. Investigator will not not say that the number belonged to John Paul Ludwig. His draft registration uses that social security number.

    Now the Social Security Administration is changing their laws for passport.

    [audio src="http://www.khow.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=fullshow_boyles&selected_podcast=04122011PETE7A.mp3" /]

  8. Peter Boyles Radio with Mario Apuzzo
    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Trump should demand to see that original COLB and have it forensically investigated.

    Full page Ad is in the Washington Times today regarding Obama’s multiple social security card numbers. Kerchner and Apuzzo are both guests.

    News this morning, out of Hawaii. Interview done by Michael Ish for NBC, contacted former director, Fukino; they are doing this because Trump is calling Obama out. Why are they calling a former director, and of course, this person is giving new information. If you analyze what she says, she is the only one that has ever seen it. Only one person and it is her that has seen it. Someone went with her, but the only evidence there is has only been seen by this one person. She was very careful to say where it is, and it could be gone if someone goes there today.

    Abercrombie found nothing.

    • This is really concerning if they’re setting it up that Fukino says she saw it, knew where it was but then it “disappears.” Not Barry’s fault. It WAS there. So then Fukino can come make an affidavit. Right? Where’s the danger if it’s all safely disappeared? They got away with the Sandy Burglar affair. They got away with the passport cauterization. They got away with the fake (it says it’s invalid!) COLB on BLOGS. Will they get away with this now, too? I hope Trump has a trump card to play.

    • The only evidence has been seen by this one person. She was very careful to say where it is, and it could be gone if someone goes there today.

      it could be gone if someone goes there today

      WHAT MANURE ! Oh boy what a spin ! What a childish game this all has turned into. Arkansas has oceanfront land for sale too.

      Does she WANT someone to go there ? Like now ?

  9. That’s a good point about how it could be disappeared. Why say where it’s located? We’ve already seen the Sandy Burglar affair. And the cauterization of the passport files.

    See my comment on the FactCheck post about what Sharon Rondeau is reporting: HDOH no longer will give out copies of long-forms, although they did only weeks ago, right before Trump started questioning Obama’s birth AND they’ve removed the parents’ birth places from the SHORT-forms.

    All convenient for Barry: He will only be able to get a short-form to give Secretaries of State. Sorry. And it won’t say his parents’ places of birth. Sorry. And he just can’t get the long-form. Sorry. So you’ll just have to take somebody’s word for it. Maybe Maya can sign an affidavit. Or maybe “Reverend” Wright can provide a baptismal certificate. This is beyond ridiculous. It would be funny if it weren’t so blatantly corrupt.

  10. Peter Boyles Radio with Mario Apuzzo
    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Nordyke twins. talking about the numbers on the BC’s.
    Looking for the death certificates of infants that died in Hawaii?

    Two possibilities.. One that he is registered in Hawaii, but not born there. Two, He was registered and born there, but there is something on it ..if adopted, birth and place of birth stay the same, but the parents named change. No religion is on the birth certificate.

    Fukino said there was a doctor’s name on it. But she didn’t name the hospital. She left off the hospital. She is in a nest of lies.

    This campaign worker said in 2007, Obama was testy about his birth certificate..there was no issue then. Why was he testy then?

    Donald Trump can blow this wide apart. He has the smarts, the recognition, to do this within two months.

    The new Ad was sent to Trump, an all members of Congress re Social Security Number. Identify theft and fraud. I think we are dealing with an illegal alien in the WH. The White House is sweating bullets now is what they think! This could be the Al Capone on Obama. [Capone was arrested on tax evasion!]

    Tim Adams said there was no birth certificate for Obama.

    One of them thinks he looks like the younger brother, the drug dealer.

    • 2007 was quite a year. Isn’t that the year butterdezillion says there is evidence that the records were amended?
      It is also the year that the form for the selective service registration that is dated 1980.

  11. Atty Mario Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner (Ret) were on the Peter Boyle Radio Show on KHOW 630 in Denver CO – Tuesday 12 April 2011 @ 9 a.m. EST.

    Who is this guy..it is a secret identity. A guy named Barry.

    Why are Ann Coulter, O’Reilly, Carl Rove etc. all saying they have seen something? On Thursday, they will play things being said by the top conservatives.


  12. The Three Straws That Break AKA Obama’s Back
    (with a little help from Congress)

    1. There is enough evidence to seek a federal indictment against AKA Obama for Social Security fraud
    2. AKA Obama has admitted that he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” which is a requirement for the Office of President under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution
    3. AKA Obama has never been properly vetted as being born in the United States, and many other aspects of his history have been hidden from the citizens of the United States.
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    Let’s take a closer look at each of these three “straws”:


  13. Since a SSN is necessary for a passport and the POTUS moved out of country in 1965, why is all this discussion about a ssn given out in the 70’s when he needed a ssn on or before 1965? Why is there no draft registration for Woods who died at 19? Registration must be filed no more than 30 days after the 18th b-day (https://www.sss.gov/RegVer/wfVerification.aspx)?
    I don’t care either way. Just sayin

    • Jess,
      You are saying that the number that Obama uses is now listed in his name? If so, that is amazing that his name would show. The SSI is a death index.

      Thomas Wood never used the same number. He was the number before the one Obama was illegally using. The number for Thomas Wood was only used to determine a date range when the next consecutive number would occur. I don’t know if anyone looked to see if Thomas signed up for a selective service number and I don’t see any relevance or reason to check it.

      042-68-4424 Thomas Wood
      042-68-4425 none – The number Obama uses

      I will check your URL when it is up, it is down for maintenance.

  14. Update: “IT’S THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, STUPID!” w/Susan Daniels
    Posted by helen
    June 6, 2011 Snips

    Back on April 13, 2011, the T-Room predicted that President Obama would soon post a scanned version of what his inner circle would designate as his “Official” long-form birth certificate.

    With both sides seemingly taking a short pause in the battle for reality, we thought it a good time to provide you with an update on the “It’s the Social Security Number, Stupid!” front. A lot has been happening with some detail already being reported while other detail has not.

    We first caught up with Susan Daniels, ….

    Two documents – One embarrassingly ridiculous and the other tightens the window

    Daniels brings our attention to two new documents with the first being an official response from the Social Security Administration to Ms. Daniels request for an investigation into how a legal Hawaiian resident, then Barry Obama, age 15, secured a Connecticut issued Social Security Number. A Mr. Frank Biro, Acting Associate Commissioner, Office of Public Inquiries, Social Security Administration, issued the formal reply by stating the following “after reviewing the information you provided, we disagree with your conclusion that a person’s Social Security number depends upon the address of a residence.”

    The next document Daniels highlights is a Social Security Certification of a deceased applicant named Paul Michael Graziano. Mr. Graziano filed his SS-5 application (scroll to page 2) with a Connecticut Social Security office on March 16, 1977. His residential address then was 38 Yorktown Circle, Trumbull, Conn. 06611.

    Why is this significant? Well, Mr. Graziano’s SSN is five numbers AFTER Obama’s Connecticut SSN and, again, was filed on March 16, 1977. You may recall in our April post Daniels explaining a Mr. Thomas Wood’s SS-5 Certification form, which immediately preceded Obama’s Connecticut SSN, being applied for on March 21, 1977. Therefore, it is now conclusive that the Connecticut Social Security number Obama secured at the age of 15, and has been using for the last 25 years, was secured in March of 1977 and more narrowly, sometime during the week of March 16 – 21, 1977.

    Timeline – Wood/Obama/Graziano
    042-68-4424 March 21, 1977 Thomas Louis Wood Newington, CT
    042-68-4425 March ??, 1977 Barack Hussein Obama Honolulu, HI
    042-68-4429 March 16, 1977 Paul Michael Graziano Yorktown, CT

    Daniels then goes onto explain, “his location in March of 1977 is a quandary because the Social Security regulations, as codified then and today, clearly states ‘If you are age 12 or older and have never received a Social Security Number, you must apply in person.‘


  15. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    OMG he is committing Social Security Fraud and Identity Fraud. So many crimes, and nobody is holding him accountable.

  16. Obama’s real name is Tim Osman.

  17. Q: Why doesn’t Obama help his brother in Kenya? A: Because he ISN’T REALLY HIS BROTHER BECAUSE FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS IS REALLY HIS FATHER!!.. Obama is using a STOLEN birth certificate (Virginia Sunahara), STOLEN Social Security number and FALSIFIED Selective Service Card.

    Q: Why can’t Virginia Sunahara’s (deceased) brother Duncan get a copy of her ORIGINAL birth record?? Hawaii will NOT let him see it or have it. WHY NOT? Because 0bama STOLE her birth record and is using it. Obama wasn’t even born on Aug. 4th, 1961. Didn’t Obama say at a speech before a black audience that Rosa Parks inspired his parents to have a baby?? Rosa Parks sat on that bus in 1965, not 1961!!!!!!

    • Welcome, John. Your comment about why Barry doesn’t help his “brother” George is certainly possible. It may also be that he’s a totally selfish, narcissitic jerk. He also didn’t bother to really visit his “grandmother” Madelyn, when she was dying. He went there only (probably) to get her to sign an affidavit for a late BC for him and also to make sure her house arrest was working well. He also wasn’t at his “mother’s” side as she lay dying. That’s what I call “devotion”. All of it adds up to the fact that either they’re NOT his family, or he totally HATED them because they’re white, or he’s just a sociopath. Take your pick.

      As for the Sunahara BC, there’s SOMETHING rotten in Hawaii on that one. Duncan (another Shakespeare-like coinkidink) can’t get that record so, fo shizzle, they’ve messed with it. butterdezillion’s blog lately indicates that it’s far more complex than that they simply took HER number for his. She thinks it was like a game of dominoes falling. I believe her latest theory is that Stig Waidelich’s number is really the one Barry has and then they bumped the numbers along, from BC to BC, ending with Sunahara’s, so none of those people whose numbers have been changed will be able to get real copies. Maybe I’m wrong about her theory, but that’s what I took from the post. That they are moving the numbers around to make it APPEAR as if they didn’t assign them the way we KNOW they did assign them, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for Barry to have that number that’s higher than the Nordykes’ numbers.

      Obama has told so many lies about his background that even he doesn’t know how to keep the lying fable straight. He said the marches in Selma inspired his birth, if I remember correctly. That was off, too. His so-called babysitter’s original memory would put his birth in late 1960/early 1961, not in August.

    • Well, at this point I could believe the Pillsbury Doughboy is Obama’s father. But…..when I saw George interviewed in the movie 2016 and how he sat on the bench, his form, and mannerisms, well……. for the first time I actually thought their were brothers. The entire thing is quite the goose chase but eventually that goose is gonna be caught — and cooked!

  18. my ss number —684425 issued in 1954 why is that sob using my numberi can tell you I was born in wash dc in 1954, odont know what all this is about but I am going to find out

    • That’s an interesting allegation.

      • Wow, it sure is….can you provide some evidence? No need to hide part of your SS number if you’re alleging it is the one BHO is using is there? I mean, the whole number is available to anyone who cares to search the internet. Or, this site: 042-68-4425

      • Sure is. I didn’t know any infants that were employed and had SS#s back in the mid-fifties.

        It was customary for people to get SS#s when they were seeking employment as the main purpose was “old age retirement and survivor insurance.” What a coinkydink, for sure.


        and by the way….
        Area Numbers

        The area numbers are assigned to geographical locations. They were originally assigned the same way that zip codes were later assigned (in particular, area numbers increase from east to west across the continental US as do the ZIP codes). Most area numbers were assigned according to state (or territorial) boundaries, although the series 700-729 was assigned to railroad workers regardless of location (this series of area numbers was discontinued in 1964 and is no longer used for new SSNs). Area numbers assigned prior to 1972 are an indication of the SSA office which originally issued the SSN. Since 1972 the area number in SSNs corresponds to the residence address given by the applicant on the application for the SSN.

        In many regions the original range of area number assignments was eventually exhausted as population grew. The original area number assignments have been augmented as required. All of the original assignments were less than 585 (except for the 700-729 railroad worker series mentioned above). Area numbers of “000” have never been issued.

        001-003 NH 400-407 KY 530 NV
        004-007 ME 408-415 TN 531-539 WA
        008-009 VT 416-424 AL 540-544 OR
        010-034 MA 425-428 MS 545-573 CA
        035-039 RI 429-432 AR 574 AK
        040-049 CT 433-439 LA 575-576 HI
        050-134 NY 440-448 OK 577-579 DC
        135-158 NJ 449-467 TX 580 VI Virgin Islands
        159-211 PA 468-477 MN 581-584 PR Puerto Rico
        212-220 MD 478-485 IA 585 NM
        221-222 DE 486-500 MO 586 PI Pacific Islands*
        223-231 VA 501-502 ND 587-588 MS
        232-236 WV 503-504 SD 589-595 FL
        237-246 NC 505-508 NE 596-599 PR Puerto Rico
        247-251 SC 509-515 KS 600-601 AZ
        252-260 GA 516-517 MT 602-626 CA
        261-267 FL 518-519 ID 627-645 TX
        268-302 OH 520 WY 646-647 UT
        303-317 IN 521-524 CO 648-649 NM
        318-361 IL 525 NM *Guam, American Samoa,
        362-386 MI 526-527 AZ Philippine Islands,
        387-399 WI 528-529 UT Northern Mariana Islands

        650-699 unassigned, for future use
        700-728 Railroad workers through 1963, then discontinued
        729-799 unassigned, for future use
        800-999 not valid SSNs. Some sources have claimed that numbers
        above 900 were used when some state programs were converted
        to federal control, but current SSA documents claim no
        numbers above 799 have ever been used.

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