Obama, Chrysler, Fiat and Gaddafi

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Article from June 16, 2009      What You Need to Know About Barack Obama

Burqa Clad Obama Supporter

This is an article from June 16, 2009, before the revolution in Libya, which explains O’s deals with Chrysler and Fiat and his relationship with Gaddafi’s Libya.

Courtesy of the June 2, 1986 Time Magazine article: “Fiat’s Silent Partners”

“…the company has been unable to escape an increasingly embarrassing problem: about 15% of its stock is owned by Libya, and two representatives from the land of Muammar Gaddafi sit on Fiat’s 25-member board…Fiat became entangled with Libya in 1976. The company was short of cash, and Gaddafi, who was piling up petrodollars, was not then generally viewed as a bankroller of terrorists. Fiat welcomed Libya’s investment of some $400 million…As Fiat has prospered, the value of Libya’s stock in the company has multiplied to an estimated $2.5 billion.”

Courtesy of the may 12, 2009 townhall.com article: “Obama – Qaddafi Coincidence?”

Obama – Qaddafi Coincidence?
Scott Wheeler
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whose interest was President Obama serving when on March 30 he ordered Chrysler to either conclude a merger with Italian automaker Fiat within 30 days or lose federal bailout funds? That untimely announcement placed Chrysler in the untenable position of accepting whatever Fiat offered, literally cutting the legs out from under the struggling American carmaker’s negotiating platform. Some financial analysts had already determined that what Fiat was offering was a very bad deal for Chrysler. “The steal of the century,” Forbes columnist Jerry Flint wrote of the deal back in January, “Fiat gets Chrysler for next to no money, and American taxpayers must throw in $7 billion to make it happen.” By most accounts, Chrysler was in real trouble, but by announcing to the world that Chrysler had no other alternatives Obama effectively told Fiat that Chrysler would accept whatever they offered, eliminating Chrysler’s ability to cut a better deal.

Why would President Obama undercut a US company, involved in a heated negotiation, in favor of a foreign company’s interest? Clear answers are not available, but there is one very curious shareholder in Fiat that raises some interesting questions. The African nation of Libya owns at least a 2 to 3 percent stake in Fiat and thus makes Muammar Qaddafi, who controls the wealth of Libya, a direct beneficiary of the deal favoring Fiat.

Does Obama owe Qaddafi? That is a tough question to answer, but Obama’s record-shattering 700 million dollar presidential fundraising operation and a revealing speech made by Qaddafi nearly a year ago seems to undress Obama’s inexplicable sabotage of Chrysler’s negotiating position with Fiat. Before anyone was suspicious of the sources of Obama’s campaign funds, Qaddafi made a speech that was carried by al Jazeera on June 11, 2008 and translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man. They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.”

Is Qaddafi revealing his knowledge of something that no one else even suspected at the time? Since Qaddafi’s June 08 speech other evidence has surfaced suggesting that Obama raised significant sums from dubious sources in Qaddafi’s neighborhood including tens of thousands of dollars the campaign was forced to return once it was revealed its origins were in Gaza, the Middle East. So far there has been very little interest in the sources of Obama’s massive fundraising, and with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress it is unlikely that there will be an investigation into what many believe is the most prolific fundraising abuse ever.

Qaddafi’s prescient speech didn’t end with his apparent knowledge of Obama’s sources of campaign funds. MEMRI’s translation also included Qaddafi’s foreknowledge that Obama’s campaign rhetoric about supporting Israel was just a head fake also.

“But we were taken by surprise when our African Kenyan brother who is an American national, made statements [about Jerusalem] that shocked all his supporters in the Arab world, in Africa, and in the Islamic world… As you know, this is the farce of elections – a person lies and lies to people, just so that they will vote for him,” Qaddafi stated in his speech that got no coverage from the main-stream American media. Since his election, it has been pro-Israel Americans who have been shocked at how quickly Obama’s policies turned hostile toward Israel, such as the 900 million in aid headed to Gaza after they attacked Israel with mortars late last year, and forcing Israel to negotiate with Hamas.

With the precision of a campaign insider, Qaddafi also predicted a recently announced Obama policy regarding Israel nearly a year ago:

“We thought he would say: ‘I have decided that if I win, I will monitor the Dimona nuclear plant, and the other WMDs in Israeli’s possession.”

Last week, a state department official announced that the Obama administration would pressure Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty that would allow Obama to inspect Israel’s nuclear weapons program, something the Israelis have kept secret since its inception.

What is most amazing is that the propaganda arm of the Middle East, the anti-American al-Jazeera network, has proven more informative about Obama’s Middle East policies than the sycophantic American media.

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  1. Shouldn’t this have been a priority when Obama decided to get the US involved in Libya? Do they have a check list of things to do or are these thought of after the fact?

    US says terrorists seeking missing Libyan missiles
    AP October 14, 2011

    BRUSSELS — Terrorist groups have expressed interest in obtaining some of the thousands of shoulder-launched missiles that have gone missing in Libyaand the issue has become a priority for the Obama administration, a senior US official said Friday.

    Andrew J. Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, said Friday the missiles “could pose a threat to civil aviation.” “We know that terrorist groups have expressed interest in obtaining these weapons,” he said, adding that the issue issue of securing the weapons was a priority for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The US warned Friday that terror groups want the shoulder-launched missiles that went missing in Libya.

    Libya was believed to have about 20,000 such missiles in its arsenals before civil war began in March, Shapiro said. Although many were destroyed by NATO air strikes, thousands are missing

    The State Department had sent 15 specialists to Libya to track down the weapons and plans to increase the number to 50 soon, Shapiro said, adding the US has allocated $30 million to the effort.

    He said vast majority of the missing missiles were Soviet-made SA-7 Strela (Arrow) with infrared homing.
    Weighing just 31 pounds and only 4-feet long, the 1960s-era missile can reach an altitude of over 10,000 feet.Thousands have been used in wars in the Middle East, Latin America, Central Asia and former Yugoslavia. Civilian aircraft as well as US and allied warplanes and helicopters have been damaged or downed by the missiles in Afghanistan and Iraq.


    • I wonder how many of those Libyan missiles ended up in mexico…

      h/t Renee (I think someone else had posted this also on another link)

      Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker
      Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner
      Posted: 10/10/2011 11:07 AM

      Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker. Today, however, new evidence has surfaced indicating that not only was Hillary deeply involved in the scandal but was one of the masterminds behind it.

      According to investigative citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh , sources close to the development of the Gunwalker scheme state that early on, Hillary and her trusted associated at State, Andrew J. Shapiro, devised at least part of the framework of what would later become Operation Fast and Furious. It was Shapiro who first described the details of the proposed scheme early in 2009 just after the Obama Administration took office.


      • Well , perhaps it was another of Hilary’s and Obama’s gun runner,but now missile runner situations. OK, so those missiles were meant for the terrorists and they probably have tracers on em which if they don’t get em back and out of the hands they probably put em into, they’re toast. What’s the best thing to do, but put out a search. If it goes down like everything else has been going down lately. We’ll shoot the terrorists first ,confiscate the weapons, and get rid of the evidence.Wonder why it’s just happened to coincide with Lybia’s so called freedom,and the killing of Gaddafi.

    • Yes, remember how they blamed GWB for not securing the freaking Iraqi MUSEUMS during the war? 20,000 missiles that can down aircraft. Nice. Sounds like a plan, unfortunately.

  2. Gaddafi dead, eyewitness recounts final moments
    Rebel fighter claims to have witnessed Muammar Gaddafi’s final moments.

    James Foley October 20, 2011 09:01

    PHOTO: An image captured off a cellular phone camera shows the arrest of Libya’s strongman Moamer Kadhafi in Sirte on October 20, 2011. A Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) commander had told AFP that Kadhafi was captured as his hometown Sirte was falling, adding that the ousted strongman was badly wounded.

    SIRTE, Libya — Imad Moustaf, a rebel fighter, said he witnessed the capture and killing of toppled Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi Thursday in Sirte, the ruler’s hometown.

    Moustaf said Gaddafi had been shot in the head and close to the heart on the outskirts of the western roundabout of Sirte, where he was hiding in a hole surrounded by bodyguards. Moustaf claimed to have been in the ambulance with Gaddafi when he died. The BBC, who spoke to another Libyan rebel, also reported that Gaddafi had been hiding in a hole. The BBC also reported that Gaddafi yelled, “Don’t shoot,” before he was killed.

    Other rebel fighters said that Gaddafi’s body, along with dozens of loyalist prisoners, was being taken to Misrata.

    Motassim Gaddafi, the fifth son of Gaddafi and a Libyan Army officer who is believed to have been directing the final stand in Sirte, was also said to be killed. His body was spotted at a local field hospital. But Al Jazeera later reported that he was captured alive.

    UPDATE: 10/20/11 12:10 PM

    CBS News has a video reporting to show U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responding to news on her Blackberry that Gaddafi was captured. She looks surprised but then says she’s skeptical that the news is real. She received the message during a series of press interviews in Kabul, Afghanistan.


    UPDATE: 10/20/11 11:55 AM

    NATO member states will meet tomorrow to decide an end on the military campaign in Libya, a NATO official has told The Guardian.

    “A military assessment of the current situation in Libya and a recommendation for the wrapping up of the Nato operation on its way to Nato HQ. This will most likely prompt a special meeting of the North Atlantic Council tomorrow to consider the recommendation and decide on the future of the current mission,” the note to the Guardian read


    • What do Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi have in common. Both were hiding in a hole! Isn’t that a coincidence!

      The “Mad dog of the Middle East” is dead. Was it Gadaffi or one of his body doubles? Is the press giving us pictures of him just because of all the uproar over no pictures being released of Osama Bin Laden?

      The cheering of the people says it is true, and now we will find out find kind of “democracy” these revolutionaries really want. Then again, we may find out who the real fighters were.. as in factions of Al Queda. Who did the US recognize as the new leaders? After 42 years of rule, how will these people handle their freedom? They know nothing other than Gaddafi.

      Which tribal faction will rule Libya? Where are those missing missiles?

      I do hope that the people are free and that they make good choices in their choice of leaders and government.

      • It will be interesting to see how much money we spent on Libya for the war that was never a war in Obama’s world.

        Obama will somehow turn the rebels victory into one of his own. When he gives a speech, and we know he needs another photo op, how many “I’s” will be said.

        • FOX just announced that Obama will give a speech from the Rose Garden at 2 pm. I must be clairvoyant.

        • I guess AT LEAST 20 “I’s” with a few “we’s” thrown in to make him look magnanimous. Before he rejoices, he needs to wait about 6 months and then we’ll see how the WOMEN of Libya are doing.

        • Obama can’t claim it ,since he claims not to have made war on anyone, but it’s a sure fire way to give NATO more glory and power to do your dirty work for ya.
          I agree, though Bridgett, somehow he won’t be able to resist the “I” momemt will he? Someway this will be O’s victory.

    • Earlier, Jamal abu-Shaalah, a field commander of NTC, told Al Jazeera that the toppled leader had been caught.

      “He’s captured. He’s wounded in both legs … He’s been taken away by ambulance,” Abdel Majid, a senior NTC military official said.

      Wounded in both leg’s, and now he’s dead? How did it go from being wounded in both leg’s to being shot in the head and close to the heart, and dead? This article is from Africa –

      Muammar Gaddafi killed in gun battle
      By staff 5 hours 19 minutes ago

      Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a NTC military chief, has confirmed that Muammar Gaddafi has died of his wounds after being captured near Sirte.

      The body of the former Libyan leader was taken to a location which is being kept secret for security reasons, a NTC official said.

      “Gaddafi’s body is with our unit in a car and we are taking the body to a secret place for security reasons,” Mohamed Abdel Kafi, an NTC official in the city of Misrata, told Reuters.

      Earlier, Jamal abu-Shaalah, a field commander of NTC, told Al Jazeera that the toppled leader had been caught.
      “He’s captured. He’s wounded in both legs … He’s been taken away by ambulance,” Abdel Majid, a senior NTC military official said.

      A photograph taken on a mobile phone appeared to show Gaddafi heavily bloodied, but it was not possible to confirm the authenticity of this. The news came shortly after the NTC captured Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, after weeks of fighting.

      Former spokesman captured

      Another NTC commander said that Moussa Ibrahim, former spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi’s fallen government, was captured near Sirte.

      Abdul Hakim Al Jalil, commander of the 11th brigade, also said he had seen the body of the chief of Gaddafi’s armed forces, Abu Bakr Younus Jabr. “I’ve seen him with my own eyes,” he said and showed Reuters a picture of Jabr’s body.

      “Moussa Ibrahim was also captured and both of them were transferred to (our) operations room.”

      NATO and the US state department said it cannot confirm any reports. Meanwhile in Benghazi, crowds gathered in the streets to start celebrating the reports of Gaddafi’s death.

      The photo above purports to show Gaddafi’s capture


      • Muammar Gaddafi killed in Sirte
        – October 20, 2011

        Libya’s former leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been killed after an assault on his home town of Sirte, officials from the transitional authorities have said.

        Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam said fighters on the ground had told him they had seen Col Gaddafi’s body.

        Other officials also said he was killed during the assault on Sirte.

        The claims have not yet been independently verified, and other reports said he was captured alive

        The colonel was toppled in August after 42 years in power. The International Criminal Court has been seeking his arrest.

        Nato, which has been running a bombing campaign in Libya for months, said it carried out an air strike earlier on Thursday that hit two pro-Gaddafi vehicles near Sirte. It was unclear whether the strikes were connected with the reports of Col Gaddafi’s death.


        Image –

        • Gateway Pundit has video that I didn’t watch. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/10/gruesome-video-gaddafi-captured-alive-beaten-bloody-and-shot-dead-by-militants/

          A lesson to all dictators. He who lives by the sword …

          If that guy’s Muammar and not one of his body doubles. Body doubles. Hmmmm.

          • I watched the video, so he was alive when captured. So they assassinated him after capturing him alive. A lesson to all dictators. He who lives by the sword, and I agree…

            BUT….bottom line, let us not forget the relationship that (was) between Obama, Odinga & Gaddafi. And now Gaddafi has been permanently silenced.

            • Good point. Gateway Pundit has another story, reminding everyone how Gaddafi said Obama was his friend. He probably was, until he wasn’t and it was time for Muammar to get some treadmarks. Permanently silenced. Unless he had tape or something. That is almost too good to hope for.

          • Add in the “honorable” Louis Farrakhan (AKA Screwy Louie) who was his good buddy too! Let’s not forget that Grandma Sarah Obama was also a good friend!
            Good place to hide at Granny’s house, it is guarded really well, so well that she can’t talk to outsiders without special permission. Odinga might be next on the kill list. We did just send special forces to Uganda …really, really close to Kenya. Odinga, the holder of the real BC?

            So many stories …as usual. Never a definitive death. Hiding like a rat in the drainage sewer, they pulled him out at gunpoint, and shot him..and someone whisked him away to a secure place. So he was first wounded badly, and an ambulance just happened to be in the convoy!

            How many stories is that so far? Yes, again I am a cynic and I don’t believe any stories out of Washington. The fact that Hillary had a video taken of her when she read the news on her blackberry…just happened that the photographer was close by. Why would she have been suspicious at the news of his death? Perhaps because there is another story?

            Will Louie and his followers turn on Obama now? Remember he called Obama a murderer and assassin for going into Libya.

            VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan: ‘That’s a Murderer in the White House’ Jun 15, 2011


            • All very good points, Bridgette. We have become so used to the Kabuki theater and staged events that it’s impossible to tell truth from reality. Did the guy in the snuff video look like him? He looked bald, but that might be why he always wore a hat. Yet somebody with his money could afford hair plugs, couldn’t he? I forgot all about Granny Sarah being a particular friend of Muammar. How sweet. I wonder what she’s thinking today? We’ll never know. She’s under house arrest. I mean, protection for her own safety.

              The Hillary photo op. Just like when Osama was killed. How they think this will help Barry’s reelection is anybody’s guess. But WHY DID Hillary say she doesn’t believe it? Curious.

          • Luo will their wives. Maybe Sarah got willed and close to him more then we know…See, I think Mark looks like him.

      • “He’s captured. He’s wounded in both legs … He’s been taken away by ambulance,” Abdel Majid, a senior NTC military official said.

        Wounded in both leg’s, and now he’s dead? How did it go from being wounded in both leg’s to being shot in the head and close to the heart, and dead?

        You gotta be kidding me ? Again ? The same old crap again ?

        Too many faked deaths…

        • This film looks pretty real;

        • Renee, forgive me. I did not mean in anyway to imply Gaddafi’s death was faked. I believe Gaddafi is dead, they obviously assassinated him.

          Go back over our research on the Africa, Auma, and other thread’s, (Oil) refresh….I will mail you later.

          • Oh I know. I just have trust issues with fake drama so I try to look well these days.

          • Leza, I just heard that he had survived an air strike and was hiding in a drainage pipe when they found him. That part sounds right to me.

          • right, I believe this is a very oily situation. Don’t forget to look up the Peak Oil situations. Fascinating….
            Hey Renee, while you’re at it Charles Valentine and the oil reserve he bought in Haiti in 1962. What became of him?
            If it’s really Gaddafi,then that guy that grabs him by the hair probable took his ear.Muslims will recognize that. If they didn’t take some parts , then that’s not the real deal. I know, squeamish, but it’s true!

          • How gross Alf, are you serious ? I was just watching on tv and it is really horrible to see. I sit here shaking my head not understanding how this human could be so cold and how sad it is that he chose to end like this. I think it is a true tragedy. His cruelty passed to him. A waste of life. What he could have been instead and been adored. Just too sad.

          • Charles Valentine and the oil reserve he bought in Haiti in 1962. What became of him?

            Alf, I have work on him somewhere. Along with Hart, Baby USA, Valentino etc…let me look.

  3. Who is more evil , a Gaddaffi type, or one who steals , lets people suffer in squalor, while they set up false hopes for countries like Haiti, Africa, Uganda,and sell their riches out from under them? Haiti is just one place that comes to mind and Clinton and Bush going down there like they care. Or Henry Kissinger and his war crimes ,colluding in asassinations of good men, with little care for man kind or any consequences. Kissinger controled the CIA and many operations from Indonesia, Cirsis, and there are many more. He partook in the asassination of important people, Ramah and his entire family and 50 of his relatives.
    All we know of Gadaffi is what the media portraits of him. While he may have been a perverted,weird dictator in our eyes,we also have a slanted perspective of him. He has done what all dictators do in order to control a regime for 42 years. When he became the sponsor for some of the early terrorism,and Reagan bombed him and took out a step son, it wasn’t long after there were some small indicators that he was less terrorist oriented, or had that been hype too? He had a hit out on Oliver North, so was Ollie doing some medling or drug for arms deals again, or what? Libya had the best water system in the world, and it’s main thing is it’s location between some of the territories that all the Powerful want control of. He has always been a stubborn irritant. We have helped put people like him in power all over this planet. No, getting rid of Gadaffi right now,is a plow. We’ve just learned how to get the bad guys to do it for us and we can wash our hands of the situation and still get what we want. That’s what this is.
    Watch now what becomes of Africa, Ethiopia. I don’t know but this is scarey. This is just the beginning of something coming, I just feel it.

  4. that article is talking about Dodi Fayed’s father who swindled Charles Valentine and Haiti. The weird thing is When Valentine lost out USAID had some suspicicious connections legally.When Valentine was thrown out of the country literally, he was met by a US ambassador. How did they know? Anyway, like Libya, Haiti has oil and other minerals, and when that earthquake errupted ,someone said it was caused by some drilling. The earthquake was right where the oil in question runs.

  5. And the ones we’ve help prop up ,some have been as brutal and bloodier than Gadaffi. So we kill some dictators and prop up others. We’ve kept Aristede from his own country for several years now, and won’t let him back,because he may actually take some control of the people he cares about.

  6. Fantastic Win for Libya…thanks to NATO and Obama, Libya’s Transitional government has now stated that Shariah Law will be the law of the land! That is their form of democracy! Laws of the rebels that we helped with our support! What a picture ..Obama’s form of foreign policy!

  7. Dreams of a liberal Libya
    October 24, 2011 by Scott Johnson

    In his statement marking the death of Muhammar Gaddafi last week, President Obama inserted a mystifying passage: “[T]he Libyan people now have a great responsibility — to build an inclusive and tolerant and democratic Libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to Qaddafi’s dictatorship….”

    “An inclusive and tolerant and democratic Libya.” Can we mull that over with a glass of wine at the faculty club?

    Obama added this — it would be wrong to call it a demand, more of a request or an imprecation, yoking heterogeneous ideas by violence together, like metaphysical poetry: “And we call on our Libyan friends to continue to work with the international community to secure dangerous materials, and to respect the human rights of all Libyans –- including those who have been detained.” Now Obama must have known what we were thinking, so he also added this somewhat self-refuting observation: “We’re under no illusions — Libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy.”

    “A long and winding road.” Isn’t that a Beatles song? “Why leave me standing here? Let me know the way.”

    No sooner had Obama read his statement than Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de facto president, announced that Libyan laws would have Sharia as their “basic source.” Just to get the ball rolling, he immediately lifted one law from Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia — the law banning polygamy. Happy days are here again.

    He went a step further. He announced that in future bank regulations would ban the charging of interest, in line with Sharia. “Interest creates disease and hatred among people,” he explained.

    Obama foresaw that “[t]here w[ould] be difficult days ahead.” But did he think they would come quite this soon?

    Let’s see. There is precisely one Middle Eastern country that answers to the description of inclusive, tolerant, democratic and free. One of these days Obama might even get around to saluting it.


    • I know what he meant by his phrase, “inclusive and tolerant.” It’s part of the bogus meme that when Muslims ruled half the world, illegally occupying Spain, for example, they were “tolerant” of other religions (so long as the non-Muslims SUBMITTED to being second-class citizens) and they were “inclusive.” Again, so long as non-Muslims knew their place. Dhimmitude. Coming soon, to a country near you. The lamestream audio and video reporters aren’t spinning this as much as the print media do. I heard on TV this morning the phrase “hard-line Islamic state“. On radio, they talked about how many of the rebels that Obama supported in his usual knee-jerk fashion are radical Islamists. Well, he did say he’d always stand with the Muslims. And the radicals get to vote in Obama’s “democracy”. Then it’s so long TO democracy. And hello to subjugation for all the women.

      • I knew this was coming when I heard that we pulled our ambassador out of Syria. Remember Obama is pulling the troops out of Iraq:

        “US Senator John McCain raised the prospect Sunday of possible armed intervention to protect civilians in Syria where a crackdown on pro-democracy protests has killed more than 3,000 people.

        “Now that military operations in Libya are ending, there will be renewed focus on what practical military operations might be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria,” McCain told a World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan.

        McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s “regime should not consider that it can get away with mass murder.””

        How long before Soros calls his troops to action, to incite violence, to cause a reaction, so then the UN, NATO, Europe and others can INTERVENE militarily in OUR COUNTRY to
        “protect peaceful protestors and civilians?” NWO. A DANGEROUS precedent. McCain, complicit RINO shill, as usual.

  8. I feel such sadness now for the women of Libya. Back to the harem…

  9. Here’s a good photo op. NOT! Hillary in a GM plant. In Uzbekistan!

    Gee, the autoworkers union should be very happy about that. Taxpayers, too, since we BAILED OUT GM.

  10. Gateway Pundit reports that the wonderful freedom fighters in Libya sodomized Gaddafi with a stick before murdering him.

      • No way Redpill…Animal behavior for entertainment and they say man has evolved ? Yes, but into what ? Did this man not deserve a trial like other human beings ? Disgusting…

        • But remember! The U.S. violates human rights. Isn’t that what they accuse our disciplined, moral troops of doing? I can’t get over the idea of people taking their CHILDREN to look at his rotting corpse. Or is that corps?

          • I can’t get over the idea of people taking their CHILDREN to look at his rotting corpse. Or is that corps?

            I know…yuck. They had surgical masks given to them in line…I guess to hide the rotting smell. I was about to throw up…watching it I could not believe it was human beings…more like hyenas in clothing. I am sorry, but this is truly base.

    • He was offered a way out of his country and but he vowed to stay fighting until the end. I guess he got what he wanted.. death in his own country. What an awful one though. But we don’t know how many he killed and how they were killed either. Once again, the Muslims show they are still barbarians.

      I wonder if that Lockerbie guy is still living..the man released from Scotland because he had cancer and a few months to live. Miracle cure it was …oil was the anti-cancer tablet! Last I read, he was still living far beyond his death date of 3 months. With his pal Gadaffi gone, what is his prognosis?

      • I agree he deserved what he got. Died as he lived. But wanted to show how barbaric these people are. Not that we don’t have barbarians here. Look at Poopstock. I do think the Lockerbie guy is still alive. Didn’t hear he died, but not long ago they showed photos of him in a bed, with tubes and wires. He didn’t look good. I remember thinking at the time that it was staged. If so, he’s probably spirited out to a sympathetic country, which would be probably any one in the Middle East (except Israel) and most of the rest of the world, too. Unfortunately.

      • That was a timely question. Found this story: http://news.yahoo.com/clinton-presses-libya-lockerbie-bomber-170835155.html

        “..US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Sunday on Libya’s new leaders to make sure the convicted Lockerbie bomber serves out the rest of his life sentence for the 1988 attack.

        Libyan agent Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi is the only person convicted over the bombing of a Pan Am jumbo jet over the Scottish town, which killed 259 people on the plane, most of them Americans, and 11 people on the ground.

        Cancer-stricken Megrahi was released by Scotland on compassionate grounds in 2009 after doctors said he had three months to live. He returned to Libya to a hero’s welcome and is still alive.

        “We want to see him returned to prison, preferably in Scotland, where he was serving the sentence,” Clinton told ABC News.

        “But if not, elsewhere, because we thought it was a miscarriage of justice that he was released from the sentence that had been imposed for the ghastly bombing of Pan Am 103.””

        Hillary’s everywhere, it seems. What’s up, do you think?

        • this is called running interference, nothing else. Why now is it an outrage that he not getting the justice he deserves. Let’s see, how long ago was that.? almost two years? Maybe that little clapping dance she did over Kadaffi was her saying , OK, Mubarek, out, Egypt, Now Libyia, just like we planned, hoo rah!

          • And surely she’s been hiding since fast and furious broke till now.

          • Correct! Suddenly, they’re outraged about Megrahi. Syria’s next. Hoo rah! And then the Caliphate will be nearly complete. Spain next? Europe?

            Look how all this took Solyndra and Fast and Furious right out of the news.

  11. Gaddafi buried in unmarked grave in Libya desert to avoid creating shrine

    Bodies of dictator, his son and a general are given full Islamic rites and washed by relatives and sheikhs before secret burial

    Tuesday 25 October 2011

    The belated finale for Muammar Gaddafi began on a marble slab in a car park and ended with a lonely burial in the desert far from the reach of
    family or foe.

    After his body spent five days on gruesome display, Libya’s new rulers finally decided late on Monday night to put Gaddafi to rest, capping a week of uncertainty about what to do with the slain despot’s remains and closing an era of fear and infamy.

    Snip –

    Images were also circulating on the internet apparently showing Gaddafi being sodomised with a stick or metal rod. The footage was shot on a
    video on a mobile phone and includes sounds of gunfire and shouts of “Allahu akbar.”


  12. Gadaffi may be gone but look what is in his place! Congrats Obama on a job well done for Al-Qaeda terrorists! Be proud of the USA’s taxpayer money that was spent to “save” Libya from Gadaffi! Hillary ..this is a fantastic accomplishment for you and your SOS department!

    Thanks To Obama, Al-Qaeda’s Flag Now Flying Over Libya
    Nov. 4 Snips

    The Al-Qaeda flag has been flying high over Libya and the governments of the western world that helped remove Gaddafi from power don’t seem to mind at all. The flag, which contains the phrase “there is no God but Allah” with a full moon underneath, has been photographed flying beside the new national flag of Libya at the courthouse in Benghazi.

    The courthouse in Benghazi is where the “rebels” established their provisional government, and it is where the “media center” for communication with foreign journalists was located during the fight against Gaddafi. So it isn’t as if the al-Qaeda flag has been flying over some insignificant building. But this should be no surprise. It has been known all along that al-Qaeda was very heavily represented in the army of “the rebels” and among the leadership of “the rebels”.

    Now, thanks to Obama, they have taken over Libya and they intend to impose a brutal form of Sharia law on the entire Libyan population.


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