Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

By Miri

Read all about it.  News that caught my eye today:

U. S. Attorney Richard Callahan appointed Zia Faruqui, a Muslim-American, to the position of “outreach coordinator” to the Muslim community in the St. Louis area.  He’s not involved in terrorism investigations; no, his job is to make Muslims feel less put upon (my characterization).  They’re put upon; not the families of 3000+ murdered in cold blood on 9/11.  One would think that as fellow Americans, they would be more than happy to help identify anyone who they may know who seeks to murder more fellow Americans, in cold blood. 

The Libyans are debating whether or not to ask the UN to call in airstrikes on Gaddafi’s peeps; apparently, such strikes would be A-okay with the UN and be perpetrated by the US or maybe a “coalition of the willing,” with US participation.  This takes me back to a time when another tinpot dictator in the Middle East, by the name of Saddam Hussein, ignored 17 UN resolutions, was economically boycotted, was subject to a UN-approved “no fly zone,” and wasn’t just suspected of killing his own citizens, but was proved to have used weapons of mass destruction (chemical weapons) against his own people, committing GENOCIDE against the Kurds. 

At a certain point, when enough was enough, our then-POTUS decided that for the good of American national security as well as for the safety of our brave troops and the fundamental human rights of the Iraqi people, it was time to consider military strikes.  The rest is history. Keep in mind that John Kerry, Barry Soetoro, and Code Pink, among other myopic, progressive loons, went bonkers, calling GWB the next best thing to a war criminal, an invader, a conqueror, JENG-iss Khan, ad infinitum.  Flash forward to 2011 and Libya.

Now their very own Barry Soetoro is considering a no-fly zone for Libya, UN sanctions and resolutions (which will be similarly useless), and military action, which Barry says (after a long delay) is very much “on the table.” 

Where’s Code Pink now?  Where’re Kerry and the progressive anti-war eejits?  Why, they’re pushing this “revolution” in Libya, aka the overthrow of another government.  Didn’t progressives oppose CIA involvement in overthrowing South American dictators?  Gee, how times change!  Now they’re all for THIS invasion of a sovereign nation.  They’re all for the overthrow of THIS dictator, among others like Mubarak.  Consider the irony.  And the hypocrisy. 

Dateline, Clayton, MO:  A man makes war upon the police in order to start the revolution: “An unmailed letter found in Todd Shepard’s hotel room after he was arrested in the killing of a University City police officer said, in part, ‘Now it is finished. At least that part anyway,’ according to testimony Tuesday at his trial. It was intended for his fiancée, Melody Newsom, who with others testified Monday that Shepard talked for years about starting an anti-government revolution with the killing of police. They said they had dismissed it.”

Oooh.  Sound like a Tea Partier, huh?  Not on your life. 

“Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Andrew Bell testified how he pulled over Shepard’s car on a traffic violation about 30 miles east of Kansas City. A patrol car video shows Shepard, appearing calm, sitting in the passenger seat of Bell’s car; Shepard did not resist arrest.  University City Detective Fred Lemons testified of sitting in a car with two other officers as they brought Shepard back from the Kansas City area. It was the day of the 2008 presidential election, and he said Shepard made several unsolicited statements about revolution. Lemons said that Shepard referred to civil rights activist Malcolm X and said, ‘The only way to start a revolution was the ballot or the bullet.’” 

Or maybe both?   Bet you didn’t hear about this perp, about this revolution, in your neck of the woods.

We’re told that we evil, hoggish, greedy Americans have to stop burning coal in the USA for the good of the world.  We the People of the United States of America MUST wean ourselves away from all greenhouse-gas-producing, global-warming-causing fuels.  During the campaign of 2008, Barry bragged that he planned, via regulations, to make it so expensive and onerous to utilize our coal reserves (even if it meant that the USA would be more energy independent) that he would put coal companies out of business.  But wait!  Instead, he’ll allow companies to send our coal to China, where presumably it won’t cause global warming or pollution.  There must be something special about China that makes it exempt from the laws of  physics

“Peabody Energy’s plan to ship 24 million metric tons of thermal coal per year out of a new terminal planned for Washington state would boost U.S. exports by nearly a third from current levels.”

A new terminal in Washington state?  That can’t be payback for votes, could it? 

If only Barry were a corporation.  Or could this be good news on the transparency front?  Might this ruling apply to any corporations or non-profits or foundations for which he or his mother worked?  One can be forgiven for hoping.

“The US Supreme Court Monday ruled that corporations do not enjoy the same rights to privacy as individuals, rejecting claims by AT&T that it should not have to disclose the contents of embarrassing documents.

In a unanimous 8-0 decision, the court ruled that the ‘personal’ exception to the Freedom of Information Act, did not apply to corporations, despite being labeled as ‘persons’ under the law. A ninth justice, Elena Kagan, rescused herself from the case.”

Oh, those crazy Russians!  Vladimir’s final resting place is already being planned, despite that he’s such a vigorous hunk of a fellow. 

Dateline: Moscow:  “Not wanting to wait until the last minute, Russian officials Tuesday announced plans to open a new cemetery to house the remains of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, 58, upon his death.”

News on the Second Amendment front: The Illinois Attorney General has decided that the names of all Illinois gun owners are subject to release under open records laws.  Naturally, gun owners are outraged, not the least because it makes them targets (can I say that?) for thieves and intimidation at the hands of anti-gun demonstrators/bullies/thugs.  If only Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan were as diligent about seeing that other state records are as open and transparent–like anything to do with Barry Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, aka Barack Hussein Obama II, or his “lovely” wife. 

Now for the “Non Sequitur of the Day Award”:  The prize goes to Georgia State Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown who spoke about the proposed bill in the Georgia Legislature to require candidates for office to present documents to prove eligibility.

“It is unfortunate that some people continue to fight the Civil War,” said Senate Minority Leader Brown. “We should learn from history that this kind of behavior is bad for business. It’s bad for the image of the state and at the end of the day, it doesn’t accomplish anything.”

Oh, my dear, sir.   It could accomplish so very much.  Perhaps it may even save our sovereign Republic from wrack and ruin.  (I might have also given him the “Tired Cliche of the Day Award”.  At the end of the day?  Please.)

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  1. I mostly wrote this post because I wanted an excuse to publish that photo. Don’t you love it? The Dead End Kids!

  2. Good Post Miri!

    Not mentioned was the removal of Gaddafi from the UN’s Human Rights Council by a unanimous vote! Wow, what a sanction! The UN was showing its real muscle there! They certainly sent him a message! He is shaking in his high heels or his boots! He was elected to the top “Human Rights” Council last year. He must have been doing something right then to become such an example to other countries. Yet, now he is in disfavor. “The council is controlled by a bloc of Islamic and African states, backed by China, Cuba and Russia, who protect each other from criticism” according to Wiki. It is the despicable judging the despicable.

    This is the same group for whom Hillary Clinton wrote a report about our human rights problems..Arizona being mentioned.

    This group is as respected as the UN’s Commission on Women’s Rights who elected Iran’s President Ahmadinejad to a 4 year seat. A man representing a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged immodest. And who can forget they believe that women who wear revealing clothing are to blame for earthquakes! It certainly makes sense that Admadinejad should hold a top seat on this Commission!

    We send taxpayers money for these jokers to do nothing, absolutely nothing. Defund the UN! That should save some billions!


  3. Did they really remove him? What a joke. What a joke that he was there in the first place. Now, according to them, he’s SUDDENLY a terrible guy. Yet he was okay with them for years.

  4. Did you hear that there was a terror attack in Frankfurt that killed two US airmen and wounded two others? http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/142639

    “In an apparent Muslim terrorist attack, a gunman opened fire on a U.S. Air Force bus outside Frankfurt airport Wednesday, killing two airmen and wounding two others. A source told Fox News that the shooter yelled “Allahu Akbar” – the Muslim battle cry – as he began firing.

    Kosovo’s interior minister told The Associated Press that German police have identified the suspect as Arif Uka, a citizen of Kosovo from the northern town of Mitrovica.”

    Now, this is from an Israeli news outlet, so let’s guess that the US media won’t call it a “MUSLIM terror attack” and won’t, for goodness sake, report what he shouted.

    Oh, yeah. And Barry’s “outraged.”

  5. Thank you for that news round-up of the day, Miri 🙂

  6. GREAT post Miri.

  7. Today’s news tells us that it’s the Associated Press which is trying to get hold of the names of registered gun owners in IL! They’re using the open records laws to make the request and force the ruling by Lisa Madigan, state attorney general.

    Would that the AP, part of the lamestream media, had as much interest in getting hold of something far more crucial to our Republic–that being ANY evidence whatsoever that would prove that the POTUS is actually eligible for the job he holds.

    One would think they’d at least go after, say, his records as a senator in the State of IL. Those ought to fall under the same IL open records laws. As a matter of fact, his US Senate records should be open, too. (But he claims they’re lost or were never stored. That in itself would seem to be a violation of law, but whatever. He’s apparently exempt from all laws.)

    If the Atty. Gen. of IL thinks that the names of all gun owners should be public record, then certainly the records of a state senator, who works FOR the people of IL and to whom those papers BELONG, since they paid to produce and continue to pay to archive them, should be open and available to the press as well as the public.

    The AP operates in Hawaii, too, so you’d think they’d be filing appeals there to gain access to the birth certificate. They have a compelling interest in the records, after all. It’s their job under the Constitution’s freedom of the press to find and provide information to the people.

    As for the right of gun owners to remain anonymous, the AP argues that the FACT that thieves and anti-gun advocates might attack them isn’t compelling enough reason to keep their names secret. But the SCOTUS has already ruled that a person has a right to anonymity when exercising the right of free speech; therefore, it follows that a gun owner, when exercising the right to keep and bear arms, has a similar RIGHT to anonymity, regardless of the reason why he or she wishes to remain anonymous.

    It would be interesting to know WHY the AP is so intent on learning the names of gun owners. In the free speech case, part of the rationale that the court gave for their ruling in favor of anonymity is that a lack of anonymity would have a chilling effect on people availing themselves of their right to free speech. Even Thomas Paine wrote anonymously.

    It follows then, logically, that one reason why the AP and gun advocates want the names published is because they KNOW it will have a chilling effect on people who own or even consider owning guns.

    This is an infringement on a Constitutional right, so it’s unconstitutional to allow or require publication of the names of individuals who seek only to exercise their freedom to keep and bear arms.

    • Miri,

      They did try to locate and asked for his state Senate records, diaries, calendars, etc. He gave them to the Senate and doesn’t know what happened to them. Lost, disappeared, burned. He leaves no tales behind. Ever. Conspicuously gone. Handwriting probably wouldn’t match other records. Now that would be different for this family of liars and thieves.

  8. Did you hear that U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka (D) of Hawaii is stepping down? It’s been suggested that former Gov. Linda Lingle (RINO) may run for his seat. Do I smell a deal in the air? A payback of some sort? I wonder if Lingle will run as a Republican or will she, too, switch parties?

  9. Sirhan Sirhan was denied parole.

    In other Muslim terrorist news, of course, today’s lamestream media report about the Islamic terrorist attack yesterday and murder in cold blood of two US airmen and wounding of two others was relegated to a two-inch blurb on page 9 of my local newspaper. The story, as predicted, did not mention the jihadist’s shout of “Allahu Akbar.” In fact, they went out of their way to falsely say that the German police did not at first consider it a terrorist attack. Supposedly, it’s still under investigation. Barry is still sad and outraged, and he’s going to get to the bottom of it. That means, that he’s going to see to it that the investigation ends up like the investigation of Hasan. Nothing to see here. No terrorism involved. No religious motivation. No jihadist sentiments. NOT an Islamic jihadist terror attack.

  10. Who is Barry Soetoro?

    The U.S. Supreme Court has an opportunity to grant certiorari on THAT QUESTION tomorrow, March 4, 2011.

    Will they?

    I don’t know. But I think it is worth following the example of our Founders of fasting and praying for the next 24 hours.

    SATURDAY, March 16, 1776.

    IN times of impending calamity and distress; when the Liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an insidious and vindictive Administration, it becomes the indispensible duty of these hitherto free and happy Colonies, with true penitence of heart, and the most reverent devotion, publickly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him; and to supplicate his interposition for averting the threatened danger, and prospering our strenuous efforts in the cause of Freedom, Virtue and Posterity.

    The Congress therefore…

  11. Beware anonymous (commenters) or whatever, (spell, the letters have worn off my keyboard). Janet Napolitano or some Kenyan judge has just ruled that newspapers and blogs must reveal the names and addresses of “Anonymous” (spell ;)) OMG does that mean I am no longer a skeeter, but a lady bug? Or does that mean skeeter has to declare a name or have the lady –ummmm, slut– Napaolitano find me–you— in contempt of homeland security–? How can I be a lady bug when I am a he? or vice versus? My name is anonymous by virtue of screw you I don’t want to give you my name. I demand my civil rights and the protection of the Black Panthers.

    • http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/forum/2011-02-22-column22_ST_N.htm

      That story talks about the issue. They CANNOT infringe on anyone’s right to free speech by forcing them to reveal their identity. If Napolitano thinks otherwise, she’s mistaken. You may be thinking about DHS being allowed to get records with IP#s from service providers IF a judge issues a warrant and they show need to know. Even so, even with an IP#, they’d be hard pressed to prove who was writing, unless they have a photo of the person sitting at the keyboard, with a clock and a calendar in plain view, or maybe a copy of the latest issue of the NY Slimes.

      I’m already in contempt of a whole sh*tload of people, Napolitano included. It’s my God-given right and it’s not hers or anyone else’s to take away.

  12. Now the McClatchy Newspapers report that poor Barry is under increasing pressure at home AND abroad to take military action in Libya. Amazingly, Sen. Kerry has reared his Kennedy-esque head (did I ever tell you that Kennedy means “hideous head” in Gaelic?) to prod Barry to take military action! This from the most infamous anti-war Senator in the history of the USA. He, who supposedly threw his own undeserved medals across the WH fence and testified that his fellow soldiers were cold-blooded murderers. He, who opposed GWB’s “invasion” of Iraq. Now we are treated to the most implausible Kabuki drama imagined. Here are the reasons given by reporter Jonathan S. Landay why Barry’s being pushed to intervene:

    * OIL PRICES ARE SOARING. Pinch me, please. Are these same progressives who excoriated GWB NOW arguing that the USA should trade blood for oil?

    * The Libyan unrest is a threat to the US economic recovery.

    * Food and medicine shortages will negatively effect the Libyan population. (As if Iraqis under Saddam, and many others who today live under Muslim dictators don’t suffer the same, including, or especially, in Africa.)

    * To prevent mass starvation and ensure medical care for Libyans, we should send ARMS to Libya as well as institute a no-fly zone, which will first require airstrikes on the Libyan bases, to protect our airmen who will have to enforce the no-fly zone. This is one step beyond GWB’s no-fly zone. Did we supply ARMS to Iraqis? (Remember the accusations of arms for hostages in Iran?) Kerry himself is “urging” Barry to do this.

    * Extremists, including Al Qaeda, could find safe haven in Libya. OMG. Didn’t these same people scoff at GWB’s similar argument about Iraq and go out of their way to LIE and say there was no connection between Saddam and Osama?

    Consider, consider the freaking irony. I’m waiting to see the protesters gathered outside the WH, screaming and hollering about Barry invading Libya, a sovereign nation. I’m waiting to see how they shadow Barry and MO, following them to their vacation spots, to demonstrate against them, ad infinitum. Well, of course, now the shoe is on the other foot.

    Wag the dog. Barry needs to demonstrate some cred. He needs to prove he’s not a Muslim sympathizer to put to rest those “Internet rumors” and put the lie to those “conservative talk radio” shows that say he’s a Muslim himself. In short, he needs something, anything, to get re-elected because. . .


    NOW he cares about oil prices. NOW he cares about the economic recovery. WHY? Because $5 a gallon gas and higher unemployment and another stock crash means–He’s toast. NO second term, no matter how hard he lies.

    • Hey Miri. Did you read where and when Ted Kennedy rented an entire brothel in Chile for the entire night? Meanwhile Barry Obama is worried about the price of gasoline? Yep, he needs his high octane to get it up and Moochelle can’t boost it anymore LOL!!!! If OB Y-NO-Kan-KOO can’t do it then the planet is doomed. Leastwise until Scott Walker gets his dems like ducks in a row lined up in wis.

    • It figures that The Hammer Krauthammer can say it better than I can. He always does: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2011/03/04/charles-krauthammer-libya-feels-the-force-of-the-bush-doctrine/

      “Voices around the world, from Europe to America to Libya, are calling for U.S. intervention to help bring down Muammar Gaddafi. Yet for bringing down Saddam Hussein, the U.S. has been denounced variously for aggression, deception, arrogance and imperialism.

      A strange moral inversion, considering that Saddam’s evil was an order of magnitude beyond Gaddafi’s. Gaddafi is a capricious killer; Saddam was systematic. Gaddafi was too unstable and crazy to begin to match the Baathist apparatus: a comprehensive national system of terror, torture and mass murder, gassing entire villages to create what author Kanan Makiya called a ‘Republic of Fear.’

      Moreover, that systemized brutality made Saddam immovable in a way that Gaddafi is not. Barely armed Libyans have already seized half the country on their own. Yet in Iraq, there was no chance of putting an end to the regime without the terrible swift sword (it took all of three weeks) of the United States.

      No matter the hypocritical double standard. Now that revolutions are sweeping the Middle East and everyone is a convert to George W. Bush’s freedom agenda, it’s not just Iraq that has slid into the memory hole. Also forgotten is the once proudly proclaimed ‘realism’ of Years One and Two of President Obama’s foreign policy — the ‘smart power’ antidote to Bush’s alleged misty-eyed idealism.”

      I could barely believe my eyes when this evening on the lamestream news there was a segment about how foolish it was to make nice with Gaddafi. They showed Barry shaking hands with and bowing to Gaddafi and Hillary beaming as she stood next to one of Gaddafi’s thuggish sons who visited DC.

      On a related note: Kudos to Jennifer Lopez, yet aanother “person of color” who was invited to sing for Gaddafi. She turned down an even cooler TWO million dollars, refusing to go sing for a dictator. Good for Jennifer!

  13. In Tunisia, a prominent opposition leader quit the government because he’s not sure where the country is headed. Here’s a clue: The Islamic terrorist party known as Ennahdha is growing in popularity. Islamic Republic of Tunisia. That has a scary ring to it.

    Egypt released two members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had been imprisoned for 5 years under Mubarak. Who could have seen that coming? They got out for “medical reasons.” Speaking of medical reasons, now Mubarak is in Saudi Arabia, being treated for colon or pancreatic cancer. Like Louie, the Prefect of Police in Casablanca, they haven’t yet decided on the cause of (future) death.

  14. OMG again, I didn’t know the word “Kennedy” means “hideous head” in the gaelic. I gotta get back to my uncle Albert on this one–OMG, uncle Albert is dead. That’s about right. To hell with uncle, I would like to prod Obama myself— UH OH! On second thought –FORGET IT!

  15. With Mexican Pres. Calderon, Barry is going to address the huge problem of Mexican drug cartels, which are such a threat to our border towns, our citizens, and our border agents. Yes, indeed. He has the solution: Congress needs to give $10 billion (more) to fund (yet more) programs to reduce drug use! Now that’s the ticket.

    Blame the victims. Calderon already does. He claims it’s OUR FAULT that his country is so corrupt that it can’t police its own territory and can’t protect its own people. The devil, in the guise of the US citizen, MADE THEM DO IT. We “fuel the violence” because we buy their drugs.

    Here’s a better solution, Barry, and it’s a two-fer (or a three-fer or a four-fer): SHUT DOWN THE FREAKING BORDER. That will stop the flow of drugs, the flow of guns (either way), the flow of illegal aliens, AND the flow of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WHO LEARN SPANISH, GET FAKE MEXICAN ID’s, AND COME HERE, PRETENDING TO BE MEXICANS, BUT INTENT ON ATTACKING AMERICANS VIA JIHAD.

  16. I got a better idea. Plant land mines 2 miles wide inside the US border. If they get past that –Bienevidos!

  17. That’s a good one, skeeter! I like it. Kind of like that video game Frogger. 🙂

    Here’s sad news. More and more Hollywood types are souring on Barry. http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theticket/20110303/pl_yblog_theticket/matt-damon-joins-the-growing-list-of-celebrities-unhappy-with-president-obamaa

    They think he’s not extreme leftist enough. Whaddaya say? Is this all Kabuki theatre, too? To make us falsely believe that Barry’s a “moderate” UNTIL he gets that second term when all hell will break loose? That’s my guess. They think We the People are as dumb as Matt Damon, but WE’RE NOT.

  18. Hey MIRI what is this thing about 2012? What is everyone expecting? Any Ideas? I’m from Texas, but talked to an attorney in Flagstaff Arizona who is building a bunker for an invasion type assault, storing food stuffs in an underground storage inside a cliff in one of the steel shipping containers. My son has a dirt moving operations that is building these things. What gives?

    • I wish I knew. We the People have been talking about buying up one of those old missile silos in the Dakotas to live in. Short of that, maybe a nice cozy cave. There was one for sale not long ago near where I live. People are afraid of a coming huge recession and food shortages. I’d say, save your money. Just get the address from that lawyer and tell your son to keep a list of where all the bunkers are. That way, you can be a drop-in guest. 🙂 Or just keep the names of any Mormons you know. They always have food stocked up in preparation for the Armageddon. So all ya need to know is where they live. Ha! Ha!

      Are you talking about the people who believe the end of the world, as foretold by the Mayans, is near? That’s bunk, imho. People misread the calendar, for one thing. It’s like ours, in a way, just longer. Does our world end every Dec. 31? No, the calendar just starts over again.

      • No its not the end of the world thing, otherwise I would have been gone long ago–my BD is 12/30/1936. My son doesn’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot, so he is useless and a democrat. But how about this thing:
        Another OMG, if Obama doesn’t get me the aliens will. OMG can I make another thirty years? Doubtful, since I am now 80? Hey! I went to the VA last month and guesse what? The lady doctor says I am updating all your records. I say okay. S o she asks, how old are you? I told her and she said no you are not that old. What has happened is for the last twenty years I have let my wife fill out all my forms. Now since she has told me I am 75 this last year I believed her. The VA has discovered I am now 74. I said G—-D—– it I am 75, they said NO! Your wife has said you are 75 but you are now 74! I said leave it up to the VA to screw things up– now I have to divorce my lieing wife? naaah we have been married 42 years.

        • Wow. Those are some cool photos. Did you download those files? OK. I’m not very good at math but if you’re 80, then you weren’t born in 1936. I think you’re 75, until your birthday, so your wife is right. The VA is wrong. I hope they aren’t going to ask you to pay back a year of benefits. 🙂

  19. Hey I have seen those old missile silos. Cold, cold, very cold. Besides the Souix Indians in the Dakotas could be worse than the USSR or even Red China. Those people not only cut off your hair. It was reported they were even bringing in scalps that had holes in the middle of them back in the 1950s. Just saying.

    • You’re right about those Sioux. If they don’t know you, they can get downright surly. Drove through the res once and they flipped me off!

  20. White Children who were not Emancipated.

  21. Did you hear about the dustup with music stars (most of whom are “people of color”) who performed for the Gaddafi family, collecting MILLIONS from those wealthy, thieving thugs?

    Nelly Furtado (who actually is a Portuguese-Canadian, but in keeping with the “I don’t want to be white” trend probably considers herself “brown”) collected a cool million. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/mar/01/nelly-furtado-gadaffi-concert-fee

    Others named by Rolling Stone were Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Usher and 50 Cent. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/mariah-beyonce-usher-face-calls-to-donate-qaddafi-money-to-charity-20110228

    Perhaps they felt no solidarity with the probably predominantly white people who were murdered over Lockerbie. Or maybe THESE CAPITALISTS are exempt somehow from progressive Marxist disdain.

    But now that they’re exposed, they’re scrambling to save face and donate the money to charity. What? Muslim “charities”?

    Beyonce also got a cool mil, but the others ain’t talking. Also at the bashes were Jay-Z, Kevin Lyles, and Russell Simmons. My guess is that his wife Kimora was there, too.

    “R.E.M. agent [Buck] Williams wonders why such prominent artists accepted the gigs in the first place and, like other music-business sources contacted by Rolling Stone, suggests some stars may not have known who they were playing for. … ‘But the majority of my artists, if they knew something was funded by Qaddafi, they would not play it, and morally it would not rest well with them.’ … ‘I don’t think most artists go into [performing at a party like this] with that kind of in-depth focus, [of] how each country is governed and what goes on inside each country,’ says Dennis Arfa, agent for Metallica, Billy Joel and Stewart. ‘Not every artist is a humanitarian. In more cases than not, for people, greed rules.'”

    Gotta hand it to Rolling Stone for calling them out. Deservedly so.

  22. An update on the Shepard case, that I wrote about above. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/article_6118fdd1-04fb-539c-8919-ef6b51cfba6e.html [The story’s been updated since I read it in hard copy.]

    Shepard was convicted of murder after an unexpected courtroom confession. In his testimony, he admitted that he chose Officer King because he was white. What was the tipping point that set him off to start his revolution? He saw Barry on TV that day; Barry said that he would NOT ask for an endorsement from Screwy Louie Farrakhan. So there you have it–I suspected this guy was a Black Muslim follower, but of course the media bent over backwards to hide that fact. Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of ISLAM.

    Shepard said that after seeing Barry turn his back on Screwy Louie, he tore up his voter registration card and flushed it down the toilet. When prosecutor Bob McCulloch (of MO Obama Truth Squad fame) asked how he could HAVE a voter registration card, being a known FELON, Shepard answered that, nevertheless, he was a REGISTERED VOTER IN MO, doubtless put on the rolls by the infamous ACORN, noted for their shenanigans in MO.

    Another interesting point about McCulloch–his own father was a police officer who was murdered in the line of duty.

    On the stand, Shepard again referred to Malcolm X, a real “revolutionary” as opposed to those who only, apparently, give lip service to revolution. So that evening, he set out on his “reconnaisance mission” into “enemy territory.” He saw a cop, but she was black, so he passed her by. He saw a white male cop, but couldn’t find a parking place in time. Eventually he happened upon another white male officer and shot him in cold blood.

    Shepard “described the shots, yelling, ‘Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’ The defendant’s voice was so loud that virtually everyone in the courtroom visibly flinched. Some friends and relatives of [Officer] King sobbed in the gallery.”

    Later, Shepard told the courtroom that he “prayed” that King had died. He was hoping for a homicide to chalk up next to his name.

    The news report included the fact that Shepard’s brother is “special assistant to St. Louis Aldermanic Board President Lewis Reed.” The death penalty is on the table.

    From the updated story, “A day after confessing murder as a witness in his own murder trial, Todd Shepard was back to testify in his death penalty hearing this afternoon that he had no remorse for killing University City police Sgt. Michael King in 2008.

    ‘None whatsoever. I felt good. It felt like justice had been done. I felt good. No, no, no, no, no, none,’ he told St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch.”

    Yesterday I talked about how this is how genocide begins. Terror and genocide. This is also a HATE crime. But since it’s black on white, it doesn’t count. Apparently.

    Consider how the lamestream media tried to blame Sarah Palin for what happened to Gabby Giffords and how progressives as well as the DHS and Napolitano have falsely accused peaceful Tea Partiers of being potential domestic terrorists, all the while that our own DOJ, in the person of Eric Holder, looks the other way when the Black Panthers intimidate WHITE voters, and while thuggish union flunkies in Wisconsin mob legislators who are trying to do their jobs, and while a Democratic legislator points at a Republican legislator and tells her that she’s effing “dead”. And while the lamestream on a national level hides stories like this cold-blooded murder of a brave police officer by a militant, Black [probably] Muslim, self-described revolutionary follower of Malcolm X.

    But nobody took him seriously. They say now.

  23. More Middle East news: Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who’s been missing and presumed dead in Iran has been shown to still be alive, after 4 years. He was investigating cigarette smuggling in Kish, when he got picked up by the Quds Force (Revolutionary Guard) of Iran. While investigating, he linked the money laundering to the RUSSIAN mob. Who knows what, if anything, Barry will do to get him back safely to the USA?

    Many terrorist associates in the US smuggle cigarettes and sell them on the black market, sending the proceeds overseas to support terrorism. My guess is that you’d find connections to the Native American reservation “smoke shops”, too.

  24. And now an update on the no-fly zone situation: After flying that no-fly zone trial balloon yesterday, suddenly Barry’s backtracking. He doesn’t want to be seen as attacking an Arab country. Robert Gates decries the “loose talk” about a no-fly zone, which will require an air strike on Libya. Hillary now says they can’t be seen as trying to “invade for oil.” Even so, John Kerry of the Kennedy-eque hideous head says we shouldn’t be “on the sidelines” while Gaddafi attacks his own people. I didn’t know this: The Senate passed a “nonbinding” resolution calling for the UN to institute a no-fly zone. When challenged to explain the about face and the contradictory messages coming from various members of this disorganized, amateur-hour administration, one anonymous “official” said they’re just trying to get Gaddafi’s aides to see that continued support for their particular dictator is futile. They are leaning towards preferring the UN or NATO to take action, not the US. Well, of course they are. Barry always needs his six degrees of separation. The gist of most stories I read about this proposal concerns political calculus on Barry’s part. The factor that’s of PRIME importance is HOW it will impact on his reelection. There’s little if any talk about the human rights of Libyans. Most stories concern how Barry’s peeps are skipping and dancing as fast as they can to figure out how to pretend to be tough with Muslim dictators while at the same time bowing to them and appeasing them. After all, they are who they report to, aren’t they? La, what to do; what to do.

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