Nasal Reconstructive Surgery for Obama? (Open Thread)

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Obama’s Schnazola



Obama was actively flying from one country to the next during the last year.  Some of his last trips around November 2010 were to the Middle East, Indonesia, India, Poland and S. Korea.  It is unknown if his trips to any of these countries led to the malady that he is suffering from  today.   Unfortunately, a major protrusion has replaced his once semi-dignified nose.  As of this writing, the question remains as to  the contaminate that is infecting him, causing such distress and angst, and changing his appearance.

This malady might be the result of dealing with afflicted  leaders in the countries mentioned or by being exposed to  someone with this aliment, a “carrier.”      He may have been contaminated by an air-borne virus in  one of the other countries, perhaps after going to Indonesia where volcanic ash  filled the sky.    It is difficult to pinpoint the place, incubation time, or specific  infection as the malady came on quickly and with no warning.    Other leaders  that attended the  G 20,  where everyone was in  close contact,  were called and no one is suffering from the same disability.   No one in Tucson nor in any other state has been affected according to the CDC.

It was suggested that this might be a latent side effect from the Swine Flu vaccination  he received during the Big Scare.   Yet,  no one else is suffering from this condition. Continued drug or cocaine use might also have contributed to the problem.    Blood tests are in process and the lab results will be forthcoming, although tests maybe inconclusive according to physicians who were questioned.   He has caught something, but what?   Physicians  are stymied, and many are on record that they have never witnessed this problem in their practices.   There appear to be  so many theories, and so few answers.

Michelle has called all of the ENT and plastic surgeons in the Washington D.C.  and  Chicago areas.  Unfortunately,   she  found that there are no plastic surgeons  willing to correct Barack’s rapidly growing schnazola.    It seems  physicians are not taking any new patients at this time due to  substantial increases in  malpractice insurance,  decreased Medicaid payments,  decreased insurance payments, increased overhead, increased taxes, fewer patients,  and other unknown and unexpected upcoming regulations and changes because of Obamacare.

Some physicians also stated that they are unwilling to use their expertise to help or contain the  growth of his proboscis  or surgically remove the schnazola and then be sued by one of Obama’s  friends, like Eric Holder or Robert Bauer.    They don’t want to risk their  reputations and their practices with such a high-profile case, and then turn around and have their practices threatened by  lawsuits.     They just aren’t willing to put their name on that schnazola!

A few people suggested that he return to his home country of Indonesia or his birth country of Kenya and have the extensive facial surgery  done there.   If a new nose is warranted, it will be easier to purchase one in those countries.   Some countries  see nothing wrong with removing and selling body parts, and indeed a new nose  may be required.  Will they be able to find a willing match?  Who will want to give up their nose for Obama?

Michelle was assured that in foreign countries their  surgical waiting lists would be shortened  if Barack chose to travel to either country where he has roots.     In a call to  Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya,  that Grandma Sara recommended,  Michelle was told that it was primarily a pediatric hospital.  She was informed that even though Barack had been a patient previously, he was no longer  eligible to receive services there.

The intake nurse was thrilled to talk to Michelle as she’d seen recent photographs of her when she was  visiting Indonesia months ago.   The nurse inquired if she was pregnant.    Michelle was speechless, but the nurse continued on.  She assured her they would hold a bed for her if she was pregnant.    As decorum isn’t one of  Michelle’s best traits, she cursed and hung up on the nurse.

Michelle called other facilities for information.   She was told that there are other fine hospitals and physicians in Nairobi, but again,  he must prove citizenship to gain admission to those facilities.    She was told that no matter his status  as the leader of the free world, he could not be admitted to a hospital there unless he was an African citizen; foreigners are not seen.   Michelle said this wouldn’t be a problem, but the information provided would need to be kept strictly confidential.

One dead-end after another, Michelle consulted her Rolodex and called Raila  Odinga, Kenya’s prime minister and Barack’s cousin.  He stated that because George Soros caused such chaos in his country,  and because he is  Barack’s puppet master, it would be preferable that Barack ask George to recommend a physician  somewhere else  to handle his problem.  Raila stated that it would be best if Obama did not have surgery in his country because they did not have the security apparatus to handle a stay there.    Additionally,  he  wanted Michelle to thank Barack for the last $25 million that was sent a few months ago; they were putting the money to good use.    Also, he said he would appreciate knowing when the next installment would be sent as they would like to complete the new school  and community center that is named after him.


So, those are the real explanations for the African physicians  denying him care.   Odinga did mention that the Kenyans were still a little upset that Obama  was decreasing  US aid  given to their country by former President Bush.   After all, according to Pres. Odinga, if Grandma Sarah can have electricity, running water,  cable TV, and a new road,  then Barack  must spread his wealth around and provide those luxuries for the rest of the Kenyans.   His home town certainly helped him more than  any other persons have done.  After all, they gave him the necessary family validation he required.  Raila suggested that Barack  should use some of the money that he gets for his book, “Nightmares from My Father”  that he and another guy dreamed up to continue the payoffs to the Kenyans if  Congress refuses to continue the aid.

Michelle may have been calling contacts in Hollywood to locate plastic surgeons,  and if so, that could explain  a statement by Jay Leno recently on the Tonight Show.  “President Obama’s foreign trip has been such a disaster that people in Kenya are now claiming he has an American birth certificate.”  It was more than likely a member of Journolist that leaked the story about Obama’s schnaz to Leno.

Physicians viewing the picture of Barack offered their own diagnoses.  The root growing from his face might disappear  over time  if it was environmentally caused by swimming in the oil infested waters in Florida,  wading through the muck in the Louisiana bayous, or showering at Boy’s town in Chicago.     Some have suggested that the infection might have occurred from playing around with oily [tar] balls.

One has to ask if it is the result of an infected mole?    Until there is an answer to this, this case of “pinocchiotis” will continue to rob Obama of his looks,  self-esteem, and self-confidence.

The physicians  have  stated that his suffering will include, post NATO drip, sniffles, congestion,  increasing length and breadth of the schnazola, and could include a  metamorphosis of his face.  A resulting cigar-shaped nose is not out of the question.  Antihistamines and Kleenex supplies are warranted and may provide some relief, not much, but some.

This malady, pinocchiotis,  is a real example of the words “transforming” or “fundamentally changing”  that he has used so often.


UPDATE #1: A  retired FBI officer was contacted about Obama’s peculiar disease,  affliction or whatever it is.  He has contacted a man from Italy that he knows  who may be able to help.  Mr.  Geppetto, a famous wood-carver,  lives  in a small Italian village  and once knew someone who suffered a similar affliction.   Geppetto is considered a holistic healer, and if chosen, Obama may not need  surgery, and instead could opt for therapy.   If long-term “therapy” is necessary, Geppetto, may be  hired as a consultant to the White House.

UPDATE #2: Geppetto has agreed to move to the U.S. and will become the White House “Integrity and Ethics”  Czar.    His position will start immediately and will  end on November 2, 2012.  At that time, this project will be complete and he will have done as much as he could do.  Geppetto was assured that there are no consequences for not being able to heal POTUS in the time frame allotted.    In his stead, he suggested the Dali Lama be contacted for continued therapy.   Reverends Wright,  Sharpton, and Jackson were rejected as replacements for himself.  He believed any one of them would lengthen recovery rather than shorten it.   In fact, they may be carriers of the disease.

UPDATE #3: Geppetto still has not arrived in the U.S.    Obama’s  twin is making all the public appearances for him.   Obama  is staying out of the limelight, and no one seems to notice the difference between the two men, and if they do, the media is not reporting.   His nose causes a major  problem at meals because he has to lift it a little to eat!  It also jets out across the room at unusual times and then  retracts.  The nose is very unpredictable.   There is one benefit,   Michelle stated that his sense of smell is greatly enhanced.

UPDATE: #4: His proboscis  has grown another inch in the last three weeks and seems to be maintaining a normal 7 – 8 inch protrusion on a good day.  It has reached lengths of 20 feet.

Physicians are still baffled, but Geppetto is not.


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  1. Obama Approves First Deepwater Drilling Permit Since Gulf Oil Spill
    February 28, 2011

    Four and a half months after “ending” the unnecessary and arbitrary moratorium on deep water drilling for oil and gas, the Obama administration has finally issued its first permit.. the permit was issued to Noble Energy.

    The White House technically lifted its moratorium on deep water drilling on October 12, 2010, but has deliberately refused to issue any deep water drilling permits since then. The resulting “permitorium” added to the unnecessary economic hardship that the administration placed on the energy industry, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, where states like Louisiana rely heavily on oil and gas production as the lifeblood of their economy.

    The permit approval comes a week after a federal court found the Obama administration’s approach to offshore drilling “unreasonable, unacceptable, and unjustified” and gave the administration 30 days to act on pending permits. The judge also found the administration in contempt of court for acting with “determined disregard” of previous judgments finding the Obama moratorium to be afoul of the law.

  2. LOL….Good one!

  3. Cornstalked: As the 14 Wisconsin Democrats run, meet the numerous Illinois Tea Party activists giving chase

    To say that 14 Wisconsin Democrats are “on the lam” in Illinois is an understatement. Relentlessly hounded by Illinois Tea Party members, they are truly, on the run.

    No matter which podunk border town the senators try to hide in, they are running all the time thanks to highly effective efforts of conservative activists who have streamlined their “search party” by utilizing Facebook, email blasts and quick video posts. Who knew the Tea Party would be so good at bounty hunting 2.0?

  4. ‘Appalled’ Code Pink Leader Defends ‘Boogeyman’ Muslim Brotherhood From Attacks by Congress
    March 1, 2011, 5:38 AM

    Susan “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the terrorist support group Code Pink, vigorously defended the Muslim Brotherhood from Congressional critics, saying in an interview that she was “appalled” by opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Egypt.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is considered by experts to be the father of Islamic terrorism with the goal of establishing global Islamic domination through the imposition of sharia.

    Code Pink, which markets itself as a feminist “peace and social justice movement,” has worked since its inception in late 2002 with Islamic radicals and terrorists in a queer alliance against America, Israel and the West.

    As Big Government reported one year ago, Code Pink advertised on the English language version of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Web site seeking the help of jihadists to “join us in cleansing our country!” by kidnapping former President and Mrs. George W. Bush and leading members of his administration. (Code Pink has since backed off its call for kidnapping Bush, et al.*)

    • Code Pink led a two-year effort to subvert the Mubarak government through the group’s campaign on the ground in Cairo to undermine the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza while at the same time acting as a messenger between Hamas and President Barack Obama. Benjamin said in a February interview with Grit TV that many of the same Egyptian groups that worked with Code Pink to aid Hamas were the leaders of the successful effort to overthrow Mubarak.

    • Code Pink led a two-year effort to subvert the Mubarak government through the group’s campaign on the ground in Cairo to undermine the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza while at the same time acting as a messenger between Hamas and President Barack Obama. Benjamin said in a February interview with Grit TV that many of the same Egyptian groups that worked with Code Pink to aid Hamas were the leaders of the successful effort to overthrow Mubarak.

  5. Bridgette, that is SO funny that I forgot to laugh. 🙂 Be sure to copyright this one! Oily tar balls. That’s good!

    It occurs to me that Coast Provincial might give them a two for the price of one deal: Proboscis reduction for Barry coupled with bum reduction for MO (aka big-a** reduction). Is that mean? I don’t care. I read an editorial today calling Rush Limbaugh mean for mentioning how MO chows down on ribs whilst advocating carrots for school children, so I’m in good company.

    Since this is an open thread, I’ll use it to weigh in on some items I missed last week.

    First of all, one of our commenters suggested that WTPOTUS return to using “snapshots”, which was a service that provides previews of webpages when someone positions the cursor over a link. Unfortunately, this service has been discontinued by WordPress, so we can’t have it anymore, sorry to say. It was a useful feature.

    I read an amazing editorial in the Washington Post. Can’t believe it actually was printed there. It concerned Barry’s decision to have the Dept. of [In]Justice stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Excerpts follow:

    “President Obama’s announcement Wednesday that he will refuse to do his job when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is part of this stunning pattern of rejecting the democratic process. Obama said that his administration would not defend the law in legal challenges because it is unconstitutional but that it would continue to enforce the law selectively. This is incomprehensible and incoherent, except in nakedly political terms. … Obama could not get Congress to repeal DOMA. He could not get Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, designating ‘orientation’ a protected class under federal law. So he and his Department of Injustice have made up their minds to do what they want. What do we call a leader who acts as though he is neither accountable to Congress nor bound by court precedent?”

    I’ll answer that: We call him a dictator–one who should be, as Newt Gingrich says, IMPEACHED. A President is bound by his oath; by this act, Obama has broken his oath. The House must act. NOW.

    Here’s a feel-good story about a man who fought THE MAN (Obama and his peeps) and WON!

    Remember way back when, when they screwed so many Chrysler dealers out of their livelihoods? Well, this guy fought back and he won, against all odds. His dealership is now open for business again. If only all the others had fought back. I wonder if he is/was one of Leo’s clients?

  6. Prostitute-patronizing Democratic Wisconsin state rep. to female GOP colleague: ‘You are f*cking dead’

    Keep calm and carry on, right? Only if you’re on the right and are a member of the Tea Party movement. Otherwise, there’s a whole other set of rules to play by.

    On Monday, Milwaukee AM 620 WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes detailed an encounter between Democratic State Rep. Gordon Hintz, who had previously been busted in a prostitution sting, and Republican State Rep. Michelle Litjens, in which the rules of civility were completely ignored after a vote to “engross” a state budget repair bill.

    “After the vote to engross, he turns to a female conservative Republican, who is also from the Oshkosh area, looks at her and says, ‘You are f—ing dead,’” Sykes said. “He didn’t say ‘f—ing,’ he said the whole thing. He says to a female colleague, ‘You are f—ing dead.’”

  7. Your choice to read or not.

    Warning..a Horrific, disgusting story. This made me sick. This practice is sanctified by our usurper in the WH. You haven’t heard about it..because there was a media blackout. The democrats promote this, but are ashamed to report it. Remember they took the side of “Tiller the Killer”’s another millionaire who practiced genocide, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Philadelphia.

    A Chilling Peek at Our Abortion Culture
    By Stephen Flurry Snips

    In February of last year, federal agents raided a West Philadelphia abortion clinic on the suspicion it was distributing prescription drugs illegally. What started as a routine drug bust ended with a nauseating tour through a disgusting scene one might expect to find in a Third World country—but certainly not in Pennsylvania.

    In January, a grand jury finally charged Gosnell with eight counts of murder following the wrongful deaths of one woman and seven newborn babies.

    • Another story. With video. We talked about this before. If you Google his name for images, you will see, perhaps, another reason for the news blackout, coverup.

      I heard on Laura Ingraham’s show today that Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehner are already beginning to backtrack on defunding Planned Parenthood. They pretend it’s only an interim step to get Barry to sign off on the temporary funding bill, but it will apparently fund Planned Parenthood through September.

      These asshats need their feet held to the fire. The so-called, pro-life conservatives, I mean.

      The media are downplaying it for the usual reasons but also because they know how it will inflame people, even those who are pro-abortion. Stuff like this can change hearts and minds, which is something the pro-choicers cannot abide.

      It’s terribly horrific; this is the same reason why the progressive media, among others, don’t want women to see 3-D ultrasounds prior to abortions and why there’s a media blackout on photos of the “products of abortion”, as they call the mutilated bodies of the little innocent ones.

      I saw somewhere that this AFRICAN-AMERICAN “doctor” catered to the lower classes as well as to wealthy women. But for the wealthy ones, he had a separate entrance where they wouldn’t be seen and presumably didn’t have to associate with the riff raff. I was going to say with their “worsers”. There’s no equivalent word for their “betters”. Isn’t that odd?

  8. This sounds like maybe Huckabee this he is David!
    He’s no birther, but Huck claims Obama raised in Kenya
    Huckabee Questions Obama History, Claims He Was Raised in Kenya

    • Huck is playing to/for the o team.
      Re those davey hairline photos — I’ll take it to the continuing fab fam saga post.

    • Really, Kathy. That IS quite strange, isn’t it? Huckabee knows so much that he’s sure Barry is eligible, and yet he somehow believes that Barry grew up in Kenya with his Kenyan father AND grandfather, learning all about the Mau Mau and Brit persecution. So either Huckabee is totally clueless OR perhaps he does know something that we don’t know. That he really IS David, but WAS born in Hawaii. To whom? To Ruth and BHO Sr.? The Mr. and Mrs. of the birth announcements? And Huckabee believes that even if he grew up in Kenya, he’s still a NBC? WTF? And Huckabee thinks he himself is a viable candidate for POTUS when he is so freaking clueless?

      That writer at The Blaze said, “While there has been much speculation surrounding Obama’s upbringing, most believe he was born in Hawaii in 1961 and spent his youth in Hawaii and Indonesia. Obama visited his father’s homeland in Kenya in 1987, well after his father’s death.”

      Consider how ridiculous that is. Most (but not all) BELIEVE? BELIEVE that he was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia? Believe that he was born in 1961 in Hawaii? And then she writes that Barry visited Kenya first in 1987. Is that a belief on her part, too? Evidence says otherwise, but whatever. This is what passes for journalism these days.

      The update quotes Huck’s spokesperson, “Governor Huckabee simply misspoke when he alluded to President Obama growing up in ‘Kenya.’ The Governor meant to say the President grew up in Indonesia.”

      So he somehow meant to say that BHO Sr. and HIS father were also in Indonesia, helping to raise little Barry and teach him about the evils of British colonialism? Guffaw! Misspoke. Don’t you love it?

  9. Holder confirms paybacks are in order. Justice is a retrospective issue going forward as we all progress.

    Proof of conspiracy inside the DOJ.

    “my people” yeah, we knew you were being represented.

    • Eric Holder upon learning that Barbados is not in Africa:

    • JONES……………..

      Holder noted that his late sister-in-law, Vivian Malone Jones, helped integrate the University of Alabama.

    • From that story: “Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Philadelphia, said the Black Panthers ‘should not have been there.’ But he said the GOP was making too much out of a fleeting incident involving a couple of people. ‘The most unethical thing a person can do is make allegations based on absolutely nothing,’ Fattah said. ‘The only issue of race is singling out this particular decision…That this rises to national significance is bogus on its face.'”

      With this kind of critical thinking, I suppose that if the BP’s had murdered some white people that would be bogus and insignificant, too, because it would have been “fleeting” and involved only a “couple of people” and couldn’t compare to the many [blacks] who were lynched in the South.

      btw, did Rep. Fattah think that Barry was making too much of the baseless allegations that Mr. Gates made against that poor policeman who was only doing his job? Did he think it was merely a fleeting incident involving just one person whose rights might have been stepped upon by the cop (but which weren’t)?

      Some people are apparently “more equal” than others and some people, apparently, will have their Constitutional rights protected by this government, by this administration, better than others, based solely upon RACE. This is a crime. For this, they deserve to be removed from office.

      One would hope that Congresspersons like Fattah would honor their oaths and protect the Constitutional rights of every individual American, regardless of race.

      One would hope that Justice in the person of Atty. Gen. Holder WOULD truly be blind and would protect the Constitutional rights of EVERY individual American, regardless of race, regardless of whether or not the potentially disenfranchised voter is one of his “people.”

      btw, shouldn’t Atty. Gen. Holder consider EVERY AMERICAN his people? Is he only black or is he an American like the rest of us?

  10. Wonder how Holder views this since his people are not concerned.

    This guy needs to censured in public. he’ll probably be invited to the next rave at the White House, though. Fist Bumps in his honor – all around.

    • Compare that to the incessant bullcrap they put out there about Sarah Palin after Giffords was shot, as if Palin was somehow responsible.

      Compare someone’s graphics staff making a map with a target on it, as do so many others on both sides of the aisle during campaign planning, to a man, a Democrat, who actually pointed his finger at a female Republican colleague and told her, “You’re f**king dead.” Why? Because she didn’t vote the way his thuggish constituents who were rioting in the building wanted her to vote.

      That’s a direct threat. Not only should he be censured, he should be arrested. I thought it’s a serious crime to threaten a public servant. And on public property, too.

      One might call this a hate crime, since he used an obscenity directed at the woman. Notice that he didn’t call her to apologize for days, and only after the incident was publicized on blogs.

      I don’t recall seeing this in the lamestream, but maybe I’m mistaken. Gee, it if were Sarah Palin or Marco Rubio or Chris Christie, imagine the outrage and the non-stop coverage.

      What did Rachel Maddow have to say? You’re probably right–fist bumps all around. So much for Barry’s call for civility.

  11. Cute spoof, Bridgette 🙂 well done

  12. Yeah, let’s thank Morgan Freeman — for what? oh whatever.

    I guess Abraham Lincoln was a one man band and did it all by his lonesome.

    Who do they think they are kidding? Talk about biting the hand who fed you and fought to the death for you. Who has continued to pay through the teeth all through the decades only to be denigrated and charged with the incessant label of racist. Look in the mirror.

    I am so sick of this bullcrap.

    Have you noticed over the past three years how poorly educated and disenfranchised black people are? Yeah, ironic, ain’t it.

    Users + Abusers = Losers, deliberately.

    I have had enough of this crap. Its getting old and moldy.

    The inner cities should be paved with gold by now.

    • He sure got rid of that mic fast when they started singing. Morgan Freeman. Yeah, right. Maybe Barry thinks because his name’s Freeman he must have done something.

      They threw Joan Baez in there for “diversity”. Did he want Morgan next to him so he’d look at least “high yellow” with his purple lips?

      I suppose no white people did anything during the Civil Rights Movement, huh? Not Dylan? He’s still alive. He was singing about freedom. There were many more in the folk movement. Even Elvis, as I recall.

      Music of the civil rights movement. Right. It’s ALL ABOUT RACE with them, though. Even when it comes to handing out credit. ONLY AA’s fought the good fight. No whites helped. No whites marched at Selma. Nope. And thousands of whites didn’t give their lives during the Civil War to free his people (if they are his people).

      Half the people on that stage weren’t even alive during the Civil Rights Era. And those who were, like Smokey–what was he singing about at the time? Civil Rights? I don’t remember anything of the sort.

      • Yep, I caught the token Latino Baez.

        It’s about supremacy. Its anti-American.

        Though none of them would have dollar 1 if it were not for American’s funding their “art” all through these years.

        It makes me sick. HYPOCRITES.

      • I agree. NEVER in my life was I a racist…..but I feel I am becoming one as a result of THEIR RACISM! I so resent what they are doing to innocent americans who had absolutely NOTHING to do with slavery. Our country has institutionalized racism against people who are white — people who were not even born, people whose only “crime” is that they happen to be white! What in the hell is wrong with these racist “black” people! How is it justified that innocent americans should have to suffer?! It is wrong…and these racists know its wrong…but they don’t care if they hurt innocent human beings. They don’t care if innocent human beings face discrimination…they are what they claim to hate.

        Its truly a shame. Barack COULD HAVE been a beacon of light, but instead he chooses to be a prince of darkness. So sad. What a waste.

        • You’re so right. This is how genocide begins. I know, that sounds extreme, but it’s true.

          A person who talks about “my people” when his job is to represent, serve, protect the rights of ALL Americans, when his “people” (by his own admission) include ONLY those of HIS RACE, those who share HIS skin color, well, that’s racist. That’s the definition of a racist. He divides people by skin color and then acts accordingly and differentially, depending upon which group any person falls into. He thus abuses the power of his office and so should be removed. If he were white and acting this self-same way, he would be LONG GONE. Instead, the lamestream media gloss over his RACIST comments.

          These racists gin up the separation of Americans into favored and disfavored groups. Into victims and victimizers. They work hard to demonize “the other”. They foment resentment within certain groups against ALL “whites”. The resenters are the “people of color”, a category that’s growing exponentially as people realize that it’s becoming far better to be one of the favored “people of color” than to be “white”. Now even European Bosnians, Turks (among the original Caucasians), Mexicans (who historically were categorized as white on census forms), Pakistanis and Arabs consider themselves to be “people or color”.

          I suppose “whites” (no matter their actual genetic or ethnic makeup) are now “people of NO color,” which in a way is just the reverse image of categorizing African-Americans (or anyone with dark skin) as “coloreds”, a despised term because it pigeon-holed an individual into a lesser caste, so to speak, negating the person’s individuality, making him or her nothing more than objectified skin color.

          When you add segration by skin color alone to RESENTMENT of an entire group of people who are branded guilty simply by virtue of descent from people who may or may not (in all probability WERE NOT in any way involved in the transgressions–slavery, or whatever grievance people of color imagine) then you set the stage for retribution, revenge, violence, theft of their assets, genocide.

          They intentionally ignore the FACT that many “whites” descend from people who emigrated to America long AFTER any of these events took place. Some of their ancestors (German immigrants, in particular) actually were the first to stand against the practice of slavery in America.

          They also ignore the FACT that “whites” consist of many different ethnic groups, each with its own history, some with a history of victimization, some of whom were themselves enslaved by “people of color”, many of whom came to America to escape persecution because of their religion, race, or ethnicity.

          It’s dangerous for this Republic and it should be stopped in its tracks. Yes, Barry could have been what he promised, what he PRETENDED to be until he got power–a uniter, not a divider. But he’s a divider, a deliberate divider, as his actions and his appointments prove. He wanted power in order to exact retribution on the imagined enemies of “his people.” Eric Holder is doing nothing less than Barry’s bidding.

      • Morgan Freeman is some how involved with Barry, or was it Barry’s daddy? Renee, you remember?

        • I was just checking on the Morgan Freeman connection and I came across this, Does it it not say DAVID Obama?

          Obama turns the page of America’s history with 2008 nomination

          The historic dateline of Tuesday June 3, 2008 is being etched into the collective history of Americans, Africans and the entire mankind as a worthy milestone. On that day, Senator Barack Obama, the savvy, hardworking son of a Kenyan immigrant and White mother, shattered the iron-gates of what Without any doubt, the June 3, 2008 affirmation of Obama as presumptive flagbearer of one of two dominant political parties in America, when set against the fitting background of the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I’ve a Dream’ speech dedicated, certainly adds to what I call the ever renewing story of the global brand USA, the refreshing dynamic of America, The Beautiful!

          Snip –

          Sixth, the June 3 event showed the common human interest and pulling for the underdog. As one who loves to cover rugged but lawful political conflicts, it was interesting for me to follow, daily, the tick and tock of America’s presidential politics where a previously unknown David (Obama) respectfully but resolutely defeated the favored, hard-charging, relentless opponent, former American First Lady New York Senator Hillary Clinton and the entire bare-knuckle Clinton machine.


    Here’s a good man helping his people. He even has his own park in Albany Georgia. Gotta love a 60’s radical helping out hisself. Pigfood.

  14. Rosemary Woodhouse

    This is the only blog I read regularly that hasn’t been infiltrated and overwhelmed. I would say this is a “RW” moment, but I’m not laughing because there isn’t anything funny about it.

    • We sure do appreciate regular readers like you, Rosemary. Maybe we haven’t been infiltrated and overwhelmed because, as we were once called, we’re an “obscure blog.” 🙂 But we do ban and send to the trash can any obots we can identify, so that may be it, too. With five of us moderating, they can’t slip much past us.

  15. The SCOTUS upheld the right of those insane “religious” people to continue disrupting our brave troops’ funerals.

    Nearly unanimous. Alito the only dissenter.

  16. Recently someone posted two links to community organization groups in Africa linked to Obama and Soros groups. I’ve been trying to find them with no luck. Would someone point me in the right direction with the appropriate thread? Thanks

  17. Hillary Cat Pidgeons


    Tehran’s hands-off threat to Riyadh incites Saudi Shiites to revolt
    DEBKAfile Special Report March 3, 2011, 11:09 AM (GMT+02:00)
    Tags: Hillary Clinton Iran Saudi Arabia Shiites
    Saudis brace for first protest demo

    Ahead of the first Day of Anger planned in Saudi Arabia for March 11, a senior Iranian figure close to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Riyadh Wednesday, March 2, against launching preventive security measures against, or cracking down on, the kingdom’s two million Shiites who live and work in the oil regions of the east.

    The world’s biggest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia covers 40 percent of the world’s oil needs.

    Saudi and other Gulf security sources called the Iranian warning unprecedented interference in the domestic affairs of Saudi Arabia and a call to the Shiite minority to rise up against the throne under the shield of Iran’s protection. It also struck the match for reigniting Shiite riots in Bahrain, fomenting the Shiite minorities in other Gulf emirates and further complicating the explosive situation in Yemen.

    In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came forward for the first time in the three-month wave of Arab uprisings to accuse Iran of using its Lebanese surrogate Hizballah to shape events in the Arab world. Addressing the Senate Budget Committee Wednesday, March 2, she said “They are doing everything they can to influence the outcomes in these places,” she said, citing Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the Palestinians, though not Saudi Arabia. “They are using Hizballah to communicate with counterparts. … in (the Palestinian movement) Hamas who then in turn communicate with counterparts in Egypt.”

    debkafile’s Washington sources note that the allegations she leveled against Iran contradicted the position taken by the Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who has said repeatedly in the last couple of weeks that the uprisings had domestic origins and Iran was not stirring the pot.

    Clinton’s words also countered the view presented by Defense Secretary Robert Gates on March 1that the unrest in Arab countries was a major setback for Iran and al Qaeda.

    The Obama administration is clearly divided on its reading of the upheavals in Arab countries and the role played in them by Iran, indicating that as the disturbances go into their third month, a consistent policy has yet to be formulated in the White House.

    The warning to Riyadh came from Iranian parliament Mohammed Dehgan, one of the closest and most influential members of the Ahmadinejad circle. It was couched in stark and brutal terms: “The Saudi leadership should know that the Saudi people have become vigilant and do not allow the rulers of the country to commit any possible crime against them,” said Dehqan. “Saudi Arabia should account for the suppressions of the Shiite and Sunni people in the country for numerous years.”

    He went on to threaten that Saudi Arabia, whose Shiite minority accounted for at least 15 percent of its population, could be the next target of the revolution engulfing the Arab world. The Iranian lawmaker went on to warn Saudi Arabia against interfering in the course of events in Bahrain and Yemen.

    Dehqan and other senior Iranian officials have also warned Saudi Arabia to stop taking the fingerprints of Iranians entering the kingdom – or face reprisals.

    debkafile’s Gulf sources find three major implications in the harsh Iranian warning to Riyadh:

    1. Tehran is for the first time taking an overt stand on the Arab uprisings, using their Shiite minorities as levers of manipulation.

    2. Iran is flexing muscle for the first time in the role it covets of regional superpower which calls the shots for the oil states and challenges US supremacy.

    3. Iran wants Riyadh to call off the preventive measures Saudi security and intelligence have been conducting for some days to offset a Shiite uprising on the Day of Anger, including the arrests of political and religious activists.

    • dave m, No fingerprinting to enter ? Then do not travel to that country. If the Saudi’s want fingerprints for travel it is their right. I agree w/ Hillary. Iran is starting trouble. Almond Joy is a nut. What is Iran doing meddling in other countries with a backyard full of poop to attend to of their own ? Almond Joy’s own people are sick of the supressed life so why does he move his lips about others ? He needs to work on his own country. Half of his population at least would leave tomorrow if they only could. What he is going to get, is all of his people back, let go from jobs in Arab countries. They will return to Iran unemployed….is this what he wants or MORE ?

  18. Obama’s nose suffering from Malcomus Littlitus – an extremely rare disorder of which there is only one other document case – in which the person’s proboscis curves off to the left, and before reaching the nostrils, bends back to the right.

    Unfortunately, since the malady is inherited, it is questionable whether any plastic surgery will correct the direct familial connection.

  19. Correction: Malcolmus Littlitus is the name of the syndrome.

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