Obama’s Movable Features …His Newest Scar! (Open Thread)

By Bridgette

Here a Scar, There a Scar, Everywhere a New Scar!

Or Does Obama Have a Twin?  A Double?

Barack Obama and Michelle December, 2010


The Latest Scar on Obama’s Head. But this time it appears on his left side and extends from the top of his head down to his neck.  Does this explain the loss of  30# that some people are reporting?   Did someone go for his jugular? Does he change scars like he changes his hair color?

Obama goes to get a kiss from Jill Biden, as Michelle watches Jan. 24, 2011 (AP)


TD Blog

A Brand New Scar or Is This a Different Person? January, 2011 (TD Blog)


Photo Flipped to be in line with the original scar.


This original photo could be a negative reversed to show his scar on his left side when it appears to be an extension of the scar appearing here on his right side.  But it does not explain the new scar that extends to his neck!   There must be more to all  those vacations!

Note the double lobed ear at the bottom.

Obama's Scar - Enlarged Photo from December, 2010


When will those Medical Records that were “Sealed” be Opened?  Those records would shine a light on who Obama is and if these photos are of one or two people .

Barack Obama 2008 (cropped from a photo with Blago)


Can Medical Records Explain His Two Sized Hands?

Skinny, long fingers and its opposite a flat club hand. Photo was cropped to  show hands. Who plays Obama’s double?


Frontal View-Steely Eyes, Mole, Slender Mustache, Bushy Brows, and Purple Lips (Times Magazine)

Compare the Ears Above and Below

Ears Protrude, Indentation in neck doesn't show. (Newsmax)

The Nose Sans Mole

The Left Ear

He has gums that show?

Who Wants an Explanation?

We the People Do!


Additional WTPOTUS Reading:

Obama’s Nasty Scar
What Say U? Same Person or Not?

H/T New Scar – Papoose
H/T Hand Photo Lame Cherry

187 responses to “Obama’s Movable Features …His Newest Scar! (Open Thread)

  1. I was looking at the video on Breitbart a little while ago that has Obama being interviewed and confusing Iraq with Afghanistan in talking about the US troops leaving soon. Anyway, in the closeups I noticed how thin BHO is. His face seemed just slathered in some sort of makeup and eyeshadow and this catches the light making his facial bones really stick out, something I have noticed in people with anorexia. Seeing the pictures of him in Hawaii over Xmas when he was eating a “shave ice” cone, I thought he should be having a hot fudge sundae instead, his legs looked like toothpicks in shorts.

    • I think anything is possible Ron, when someone grows up in a petre dish and then possibly separated ,maybe three ways. The genetic predisposition possibly to revert back to whatever it is he came from could be what we are witnessing. Could be some inferior genes popping up here and there. Think of that cool Movie of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hive.,was it Arty Feldman or Gene Wilder that played the character. Renee what was that movie? Wasn’t that a hoot? Wonder what will pop up next with Mr. Big Stuff. Couldn’t help but think of that Song, Mr. Big Stuff, who do you Think You Are. Maybe he was joined at the head with Mark and David. Maybe that is why Mark likes to wear bandanas around his head and David had to totally disappear and there are no photos of the poor guy. I would expect that petre dish birth is still in it’s practice stage. Sure O. looks O. K. right now but he may be shrinking back to what he originated from. That would suit me if Nancy Pelosi gave him one more kiss and HE turned back to the salamander or little frog that he started out as.

    • So true! He’s sickly looking. The lamestream pundits call Boehner “yellow” and make fun of his skin color, saying he uses tanning beds or spray on tanning (which he denies). Isn’t it wonderful how they ridicule a “white” man about his SKIN COLOR? However, at the SOTU speech, the contrast between the pale pink Biden, tanned and healthy looking Boehner, and the sickly yellow Barry was striking. Off topic, but I saw on FOX that Schumer thinks that the 3 branches of the US government are the House, the Senate, and the President. No wonder they don’t pay any attention to the Constitution.

    • Sorry Dr. Dre, I called you Ron, my bad.

    • Ok so not that I am huge “conspiracy” guy but I do believe that their is something off about the President’s appearance and I’m going to explain what I think is goin’ on in as little space as I can. The scars may be a result of numerous plastic surgeries, this would explain the weird state of his skin and constant changes appearance wise. I have heard the term “shapeshifters” applied to people such as the Queen, GW Bush, etc. I do NOT believe that these are green lizards from another planet shifting between lizard and human form. I believe the term originates from the CIA and is used for people like “TIM OSMAN” who are capable of portraying various public figures like President Obama and say, Osama Bia Laden or any other political figure the CIA would like to this person to create or replicate. People like this are called chameleons and they have a knack for impersonation, characterization and mannerisms. They are given training in speech therapy, dialect and body language from experts at the CIA. The “shapeshifter” will be given a makeover between gigs, which could include plastic surgery, skin coloring or bleaching, hair implants, hair removal, lipo, body contouring, etc. These CIA sleeper agents are then placed in positions of power throughout the world. I know it sounds like a good novel, but that is also what they want you to think, “Nah, that’s just too outlandish” and not give it a second thought.


    Read this story….Something does not add up….Look at what their jobs where….I only copied part of the article….Very Sad!


    Report: Mom hit teen daughter before shooting

    Florida woman accused of killing her 2 teenagers ordered held without bail
    Investigators found her soaked in blood Friday on the back porch of the family’s upscale home. Later that day, at a county jail, Schenecker shook uncontrollably, her eyes wide.


    Schenecker was ordered held without bail Monday during a brief court hearing. She did not speak — though she did cry and hold a tissue, her hands bound by handcuffs.

    Neither Schenecker nor her husband, Parker — an Army intelligence officer who was working in the Middle East when the shootings happened — had a criminal record.

    ..Parker Schenecker served in Munich from 1986 to 1990; his wife worked there from 1987 to 1992 as a Russian linguist involved in military intelligence, wrote an author identifying himself as Parker Schenecker on an online forum for military personnel.

    The family moved to Tampa in 2008 when Parker Schenecker was transferred to U.S. Central Command headquarters, which oversees the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and is housed at MacDill Air Force Base.

    Friends and neighbors recalled a perfect family, whose Facebook photos showed a radiant foursome posing in Santa hats and decked in white near a pier.

    On Nov. 6, though, trouble arose.

    Calyx called police, telling officers her mother hit her as she drove home in the family car, according to a Department of Children and Families report. The teen also told officers that her mom had hit her about a month and a half before.

    Two days later, Schenecker was in a car crash not far from her Tampa home. Officers on the scene wrote that Schenecker “showed signs of drug impairment,” including dilated pupils with no reaction to light and “mush-mouthed speech.”

    • Where did everybody go? Is this another John Wheeler or another Tuscon?

      • I am hoping everyone left to do a little snooping. Sorry the info I gave did’t take you anywhere. Here ‘s a little more info and probably not the proper place to put it.Found this on Roots Web but again couldn’t throw up the address, but here is what it said. Miri or Renee may remember I mentioned the many names that show up in my searches in Stone Mountain Georgia. Well Anyway someone might can make this out.

        Welcome to RootsWeb.com Sign in
        PAYNE-L Archives
        Archiver & PAYNE 2000-01 0947166786
        From: Wally Smith
        Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC
        Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 08:53:06 -0500
        Hello folks,

        This Moses Payne of Surry County NC is of much interest to me. The
        document cited would put his birth at about 1878. I have estimated the birth of my Moses at about 1886 from census records. Knowing how unreliable they can be for dertirmining ones age, could this be him? Ya,ll let me know your thoughts on this. I have all but eliminated the Moses who was sheriff of Franklin County and the Moses who was in Tennesee.

        The US Census Dekalb County Georgia 1850 shows listed on page 160 Moses Payne 63 farmer born in South Carolina, with Winnie E. female 37 born in South Carolina, William J. 15 male born in South Carolina, Margaret C. 13 female born in South Carolina, and Moses M. 8 male born in Georgia. Next door was Joseph Payne and Phobe.
        Also listed in the Stones District DeKalb 1850 is Elizabeth Paine on page 165.

        Payne Alexander DeKalb 98 Stone Mountain
        The above seems to indicate that Moses came to Georgia between 1837 and 1842.

        The US Census 1860 Campbell County Georgia shows Mosses Paine age 76, with Winnie age 46, Margaret age 18, and William age 25.

        The US Census 1870 Campbell County Georgia shows Moses Paine age 87, with Magie 36 and Jane 10.

        Death Certificate of William Joseph Payne gives his father’s name as Moses Payne.

        Does anyone out there know about this Moses Payne, stepson of Moses Ayers?

        —-Original Message Follows—-
        From: “McCreary, Dennis & Barb”
        Reply-To: “McCreary, Dennis & Barb”
        To: “David Payne”
        CC: “Sue Dinse”
        Subject: Re: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC
        Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 17:49:05 -0800

        You need to forward this to the Payne Discussion list. There are several folks looking for Moses Payne in Cherokee County, NC about the same time as the rest of our group. This is amazing. Payne Mountain near Suit, NC is purported to be named after a Moses Payne. We have tired to establish a connection between him and the descendants of John and Nancy Payne, but have been unsuccessful.
        Regards, Barb
        Visit my website at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hollow/9401/
        —– Original Message —–
        From: David Payne
        Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:57 PM
        Subject: Fwd: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC
        Hey you guys, what do you think of this?
        —-Original Message Follows—-
        From: rayers@webtv.net (R. Wayne & Deborah Ayers)
        To: otime@hotmail.com
        Subject: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC
        Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 20:50:25 -0500 (EST)

        I’ve have turned up some info regarding Moses that may add yet another twist to the Abiqail question.

        From the “Surry County, North Carolina County Court of Pleas and Quarter ; Sessions, 1790-1795″ compiled by A.M. Wells and I. M. Harvey, the following is found for the session of court meeting Fri. 16th May, 1793:

        Moses Payne, aged 15 years the 28th of November last, a stepson of Moses Ayers is bound unto Brice Jackson until he arrives to the age of twenty-one, who agree to learn him to read,write, and cypher, as far as the rule of three, also give him f10 worth of tools, also to learn him the art of a carpenter and give him f10 worth of cloathes at his freedom. no fee paid.”

        This Moses Payne would have been the son of Abigail, right? Was she
        married to a Payne and thus widowed when she married Moses Ayers. Or was Moses Payne an illegitimate child of an unknown father prior to her marriage to Moses Ayers. Does a will exist for the Moses Payne of Franklin County GA or any records which would confirm his paternal lineage? If so that may be the answer to the Abigail question.
        This thread:

        •Fwd: Re: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC by “David Payne”
        ◦Re: Fwd: Re: Moses Payne. Surry Co. NC by Wally Smith

        Miri will put it to the proper place.

    • She is in Intensive Care…Why?

  3. I can hardly stand to hear the news anymore!

    It’s Official, MSNBC Declares Bill Clinton ‘President of the World’


    • I always did think Clinton was preping himself to be another Kofi Anan, if he didn’t get another try at Pres. It is a sad state of affairs when he and Hillary right now are the only replacements anyone can find to replace Obummer.

  4. This guy has bad ads coming out on him I read.

    There are more but I forgot to save them. One man missed his swearing in…
    Do they let you show up for a new job on day 2 if you miss the first day ?

  5. At least we can celebrate something. Judge Vinson ruled that Obamacare is not only unconstitutional, but also, since the individual mandate is not severable, the entire bill is null and void. Now all we have to do is hope that the SCOTUS sees it the same way. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=258221

    Quoth the judge: “It is difficult to imagine that a nation which began, at least in part, as the result of opposition to a British mandate giving the East India Company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sold in America would have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place.”

    He alluded to the original Tea Party!

    btw, check out that photo of Barry. What’s up with those SUNKEN temples? Not looking good there, Barry.

  6. The Questions Remain Unanswered
    by David LaRocque, CDR, USNR (Ret.) Snips

    Now the scars clearly visible on Obama’s head have raised a new and troubling question.

    Has Barack Obama had brain surgery? And if he has, what was the reason for such surgery and how does it affect his suitability for high office?


    • In comments from above. Anyone know anything about this?
      Robin says:
      Friday, April 8, 2011 at 9:59 PM

      There is a holiday which Shiite Muslims celebrate called Ashura, during this holiday the parents will use a dagger to make a cut on the scalp of their young child from the ear to the top of the scalp. The bleeding has a religious symbolic meaning that has something to do with a special blessing for the child by an imam.

  7. I didn’t find this tradition mentioned at Wiki of cutting the scalp. Anyone know?

    Long ago, I was told by a friend that she was in the Middle East during some celebration when they walked through the streets in mass and beat themselves on the chest. They held razor blades or something sharp in their hands and cut their chests as they beat themselves. The blood was everywhere and the stench unbearable from the heat of the day, the blood, and the unclean people. I wondered about this sentence in Wiki and if this is what was done on this Day of Ashura.

    “Participants congregate in public processions for ceremonial chest beating (matham/latmiya) as a display of their devotion to Husayn, in remembrance of his suffering and to preach that oppression will not last in the face of truth and justice.”

    It would be interesting to know if what I was told is a custom and if it occurred on this day or if it was another holy day. I remember being horrified by the story and is probably why I remembered it.

    Day of Ashura

  8. What they do to their chldren there and in the streets we call child abuse.We have jails for these types of parents here-Thank God.

  9. Media Anderson Cooper Tackles Obama ‘Brain Surgery’ Theory: ‘Scar Gazers’
    April 12, 2011

    On his show last night, Anderson Cooper tackled a story we featured on The Blaze last week — the new theory that says pictures suggest Obama may have had brain surgery. Pictures like this…

    A sarcastic Cooper called the theory “really restrained” and “well-thought out.” He went on to mock it by discussing the theories surrounding his own hair, the ones that say he wears a toupe. They’re not true, just like ones about Obama’s brain surgery:

    “As for President Obama maybe it’s bad angels weird lighting, photoshop. Those things lie like crazy. Come on, right this minute you can go online and find pictures of Big Foot, the Lochness monster, the chupacabra. You can find a potato chip the looks like Jesus. Here’s the photographic proof that Dick Cheney is a robot. It’s right there. All of which are just as convincing as the cries of, ‘Obama has a scar and it really really means something.’”

    Watch the “RidicuList” segment below: Presidential SCARgazers


    • The Daily Caller called the White House about the Scar, and they said it is ridiculous.. As we now know, if the WH says it is ridiculous, there is something to it.

    • Isn’t it interesting? Now a member of the media seems driven to label another set of people “SCARgazers”. Just like Weigel invented “birthers”. All Alinsky tactics. All obvious. We’re on to you former Journo-listers. When you can’t argue with the message, attack the messenger. For them to feel the need to “tamp this down” via ridicule indicates, perhaps, that somebody struck a nerve.

      What made me laugh out loud was when Cooper spoke about “photoshop”. Yes, Anderson, what we’ve been saying. PHOTOSHOP. Check out how nearly EVERY photograph of Barry’s life before running for office is PHOTOSHOPPED! But especially those that show him with his supposed “family”.

      Check out those photoshopped digital images of Barry’s “real, authentic, certified, invalid-on-its-face” COLB. Check out those photoshopped photographs of Barry’s “real, authentic, certified, seen-only-by-unnamed-FactCheck-staffers, one-sided-but-supposedly-three-dimensional, paper” COLB. We know ALL ABOUT photoshop, Anderson. That’s WHY REAL JOURNALISTS should ask for REAL, ADMISSIBLE-IN-COURT EVIDENCE.

  10. OK….I need help…Bridget….Miri…..I can’t copy the photo. Please post it for me.

    Check out this photo shot of the top of Obummers head!


  11. Renee where is it on the blaze?

    • Maybe it is a new style or design with a razor ? Like hair art ?

      • Renee, not sure what Kathy is referring to? maybe that the “rows” in his hair line are because of the scaring? Kathy?

        The style of cut, corn rows? isen’t that what they used to call it? maybe they still do. Not sure if the effect is by design or scaring.

    • Braid lines, corn row lines, a pattern of some sort? Weird. Spider legs. A triangle of sorts at the back of the head. A disease of some sort, mutts suffer from mange. Is it a fat V in the triangle? The two legs of the V look like worms.

      • Concentric rings as his head grew, like a tree? No wonder he keeps his hair so short. How would it look grown out? Unfortunate pattern of waves.

        It still doesn’t explain the scar on the side of the head or neck.

  12. What utter nonsense! Many people with that hair type have natural parts that may be mistaken as result of scarring. I am a female of mixed heritage, and all my life have had the problem of my hair separating in the back of my head no matter what I do. Hairspray, bobby pins, etc. are my closest and dearest friends, but don’t always work. I have had strangers come up and ask me if I had brain surgery or a bad accident … I have had neither.

    • Moon, which photo are you referring to? I think most people can have some natural parts in their hair no matter what their race. Obama just seems to have some very unusual ones. His latest scar goes down the side of his neck. No explanations for it either. For as short as he keeps his hair, it is amazing in photos that sometimes it is there and other times it isn’t.

      • Moon’s not going to respond. It’s the implication of racism that was behind that comment. Ain’t gonna fly here, Moon. You don’t know us, so you don’t know that many of us are mixed race, too. And we’d be asking the same questions no matter what color he is. I bet you don’t KNOW what color he is, either, because NOBODY does. I seriously doubt that THIS man is 1/2 Kansas Caucasian and 1/2 Kenyan Luo. Just sayin’. In his own words, he’s a “desi”. Look it up; he accidentally may have told the truth there.

  13. Bridgette, can you post the photo of Obama at this link?


  14. I just watched “Morning Joe” on MSNBC this a.m. They showed a clip of Obama shaking hands with NY fire fighters. I can’t seem to find a clip to link to, so you may have to tune in to that station at the top of the hour to see if they post that video again. It is worth watching.

    In it, you see the right side and part of the back of Obama’s head. It really does look like a scar (I was thinking it was a suture.), and it is VERY OBVIOUS. I don’t think that I have seen a video of him where it was this obvious.

    • I found the clip. It’s not as clear on a computer screen as opposed to HDTV, but after he shakes hands, there is a spot where he is talking, and he turns his head and you can see it slightly.

      It was very clear when I saw it on the t.v.

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Kathy | January 31, 2011 at 7:56 pm | Reply

    I can hardly stand to hear the news anymore!

    It’s Official, MSNBC Declares Bill Clinton ‘President of the World’



    ms. helga from “USURPERVILLE”

  16. For more aberrations regarding Obama’s body…see the EARS pictures now in Photos in the Header of the blog.

    Originally found at FR:

  17. The scar is from a explosive device planted in his head. In one of his public speaches if he says the wrong thing like the truth for one minute it will be detonated and made to look like an assasination with an exploding bullet.

  18. His scars are nothing but birth mars from his feeding tubes. They have spent too much time and money on Cloning of animals with DNA why not a human that does exactly what what he is told to do and what not to do…. That would work to fool many people for the time being. A Robot per se.

    • Hey, Lyn. Nice to hear from you. Your theory is as good as any other. We’ve toyed with that one over the years, too. It would explain so much–like no birth certificate. 😉

  19. Hi Bridgette

    I read your story re. Obama’s scar with great interest. I love conspiracy stuff but there are some basics one needs to consider before jumping to conclusions. In no way do I wish to trash your story but please consider the following:

    1) the mirror image of Obama’s head with the scar …

    – Let us assume that the picture titled “Barack Obama and Michelle December, 2010” is indeed the real right side of Obama’s head, ie. not a mirror image. (That is the assumption you made too.)
    – Let us also assume that the picture titled “A Brand New Scar or Is This a Different Person? January, 2011” is really the left side of Obama’s head. (Also the assumption you and I share.)
    – It makes sense that this is so, seeing that the scars, as you rightly pointed out, are different.
    – Now you take the 2nd picture referred to above and flipped it as a mirror image “Photo Flipped to be in line with the original scar”.
    – Here, if I may, is a flaw on your side: Just because you flip an image on a pc-screen doesn’t suddenly make that the other side of his face … just like when you turn your one side to the mirror, you see exactly the same side of your face in the mirror (just in mirror image) … you don’t suddenly see the side that is facing away from the mirror. It’s a common error made.
    – In a court of law your take would have absolutely zero traction … it is an incorrect application of what a mirror image is.
    – Were I a judge, who would have to be neutral in all matters, I would propose that, based on your evidence, the scar goes all the way around his head, from left to right … and not identical (after all, if it were 100% identical on both sides the surgeon would have been an absolute master of note …

    2) I think the above argument would also take care of the ear!?

    – Just because you take the mirror image of the left ear, doesn’t make it the right one … it’s just the mirror image of the left one! I don’t know whether there is a single person on the planet that has two identical ears. But I may be totally wrong.

    3) Regarding the length of Obama’s fingers:

    – Just take a pen between two fingers on one (bottom) end and hold it pointig upward vertically about 10 inches away from your face … about on level of your eyes. It is long … it can not be longer than that because that is its actual length. Now tilt it towards your face at an angle of say 45 degrees. You will see that the pen has become about half it’s original length and thus “clumsy”. Now, your brain is an amazing organ as it is able to compensate for this because it knows how to register depth in a 3D environment. If your brain doesn’t allow you to see this, take a photograph in both positions (vertical and at 45 degree angle) and measure the “observed” length. You will find the 45 degree measurement about half as long as the vertical one.
    – Ok, so what!? Have a look at the photos of Obama waving … in the first instance his hand is almost 100% vertical, in the other it is at an angle (and in its own shadow (dark eating depth)… so, from an optical (illusion) point of view (talking physics here), this cannot be proof of any sort that they are two different hands.

    4) Regarding his gums showing:

    – Ok, got me on tat one seeing that this is a genetic trait that cannot be overwritten. I’m glad I’m not a judge who has to decide on this 😉

    As I said, I’m not here to trash your work, I’m just an unbiased observer who found your work quite fascinating. What you think?

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