“No Evidence…No Birth Certificate” per Abercrombie

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Mike Evan’s Backtracking Video!

UPDATE 24 Hours Later:

The Regime FORCES him to publically say “I MISSPOKE!”


“Uh Oh,  Someone is in HOT Water in Hawaii!”


This information was found in the  comment section of another article this morning, and to see if it was true, I located the You Tube of that broadcast because the URL provided didn’t work.    While searching for additional information,  and having rewritten the copy left in the comments from listening to the video, I found that the full article was on American Thinker  but it  wasn’t cited by the person in his comments.  So rather  than writing my own article, this is the original.

Friend says Abercrombie told him,

There is no birth certificate!’

Jack Cashill
January 25, 2010

During an interview on the KQRS morning radio show on January 20, Mike Evans, a long-time friend of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie, shared a conversation he had with the governor the day prior.  The reader is advised to judge for himself the credibility of Evans’ account, but he sounds convincing.

Evans, Honolulu born and now a Hollywood-based celebrity journalist, claimed that Abercrombie had promised him that he when he became governor, he planned to find absolute proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

When Evans spoke to Abercrombie on January 19, Abercrombie reportedly told him that he searched the relevant Hawaii hospitals using his powers as governor, and concluded, according to Evans, “There is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii, absolutely no proof at all that Obama was born in Hawaii.” After Abercrombie made such a fuss about finding the birth certificate, Evans concluded of his friend that he has “got some egg in the face.”

Curiously too, when Evans asked Abercrombie when he first encountered the young Barack Obama, Abercrombie reportedly said, “I remember him playing in a T-Ball league,” when he was roughly five or six years old.

The reader may recall that Abercrombie had told the Los Angeles Times just before Christmas, “Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.'”

A few days later, Abercrombie clarified to Mark Niesse of the Associated Press that he didn’t exactly see Obama’s parents with their newborn son at the hospital, but that he “remembers seeing Obama as a child with his parents at social events.” Of course, Obama Sr. had left for Harvard four years before young Barack was T-Ball eligible.

In the Obama rabbit hole, things do seem to get progressively curiouser and curiouser.


Writing at WND, Jerome Corsi features a sworn affidavit from former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams “swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities.”


From WND, Adams was employed at the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division from May 2008 through September 2008.  His position was senior elections clerk, overseeing a group of 50 to 60 employees responsible for verifying the identity of voters at the Absentee Ballot Office. It was in this capacity that Adams became aware of the search for Obama’s birth-certificate records.”

Tim Adams Affidavit

Queens Medical Center nor Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in  their medical facilities.






This is the broadcast:  “Obama story about Hawaii past and lost birth certificate.”  Anyone know how to save a You Tube?   I don’t think this will be on line very long!  Listen to it now!


Yes, the URL above was already removed, but Pill found another version.   It is the same.    I guess  our friends were smart enough to copy it and repost another one.    It might get deleted also, so Listen Up People.

Abercrombie Admits There Are No Obama Birth Records In Hawaii


Anyone Else Seeing Tread Marks?

Jan. 27  Backtracking Video!


Neil Abercrombie and Mike Evans



Make a copy please!


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  1. The whole excercise can be summed like this:

    There Is No Birth Certificate On File That States The Facts As Presented.

    Pretty damn evident when they to keep making laws. This one is the proof we have been waiting for. Plus, you know barky’s behind it when it calls for cash.

  2. A witnessed signature and notary stamp on the bottom half of a sheet of paper. I do not see a “Sworn affidavit” anywhere.

    Does WND think we are THAT stupid?

    Unless there is an upper half containing his statement, we basically have ZIPPO.

    Even if Timmy Boy has a sworn statement, does it say that he “heard it from another person?”

    That is HEARSAY, and it is inadmissible in a court of law, unless the person who told Timmy agrees to appear and back him up. If none come forward to do so, bye-bye.

    Strike one

    Does anyone else have a problem that the story about Tim Adams originally was posted on STORMFRONT, the neo-Nazi website?

    Or, that we have not heard from Adams since his statement, until now, so that he can have the attention diverted back to him?

    I smell TROLL.

    Strike Two

    A sworn statement does not mean that he would show up in court, unless he is subpoenaed, and even then he can decline to appear for any number of legitimate reasons, assuming that he even is called.

    Strike Three, yer out.

    • Dr Ron, Addams, Adams all over my digs….

      • Yeah, Adams in mine too, but then so is Renee! Here you go Renee, you guys might have to type or copy this into the address bar but I want to try to give you something . If you don’t get anything let me know I’ll tell you another way to get this. Then from here there are many new adventures. Just a new beginning.

        • I found Renee name alot too, after I chose my blog name..I found it funny. Irenee too as in Dupont.

        • Alfy, it’s is blank. What information are we supposed to type in?

          • thanks Kathy, but if that is what you got then I realize we are screwed over better than I thought. I will try to post and then maybe I can explain what you got as opposed to mine which was simply a….people smart page comes up after you search someone originally. Ok. Then over to the left you have search options for first name , last name, ect. going down left side. Try the name again and in city try overland Park , Kansas. See if you get a Marcus T Dunham and his relatives in Overland Park Ks, or Kansas City MO. See if that works.

          • Alfy, I tried again and nope it didn’t work. I then searched for Marcus Tate Dunham and again for Marcus T Dunham and I got the response too many results both times.

          • I do notice in your long list you pulled up Kathy, at the bottom ,last name of Marcus Terrell Tate .it also has Pate which is interchangable with Marcus Tate. Here is the twist. If you found that,the name Terrell, is the obfuscation. When I first found Marcus Tate at Madelyn’s and Stanley Ann’s Hawaii address it was with James P. (like in Pate) Dunham , and MarcuseTateDunham, and listed again in the same list was marcus Tate Pate dunham,So I assumed Maybe James P. dunham was James Pate Dunham.Never find them often anywhere completely the same,but stumbled somehow to Marcus tate Dunham with Brooks P.(p again so I presumd the name Pate possibly), and Stanley anne, and Mad. and Stanley, and James P. Dunahm in Kansas city MO, and Overland Pk. KS. Thing is I have found Marcus Pate Tate and James P.tate together in OKlahoma and Kansas before. Now to make matters more confusing for ya, After coming across These same people again (Madelyn and the rest of em) with Brooks P. Dunham and Marcus T. Dunham I was amazed to find them again. Of course I tried cross referencing by looking for a Brooks Pate and on and on. But of course now it goes off to Pamela or Patricia Brooks Dunham and so on, but when I get to these people the Sullivans, stanleys, and Stanley Scott, Shirley Annes, James P. s all appear again but never quite reverting back to an original inquirey. Some of these people will have several alias name listed but when some have as many as 10 aliases and they haved died, it looks a bit odd.The last names will even become distorted to the point that Dunham becomes Denham, dunniham and so on. When finding Patricia Dunham with mostley A. or L with the middle intial, out of roughly 650 Patricias forty or fifty listed as dies. The funny thing is out of those only about 6 o7 were over 69 years old. Seems Patricias all die around 33- 50 years old.I just hope others will find out who the real Marcus Tate Dunham Pate person is because I think it would go a long way into solving some things.I made some remarks about a Marcus Tate that worked for O.s campaign and also a Marcus Tate that is mentioned somewhere on Freerepublic discussion. I have found Marcus that worke for O. and he is a youn black student from Furman College in Greenville SC. . Who is paying this kids tuition, or did he get scholarships, what? I would love some input.

          • or even try just marcus dunham, don’t use the T.

          • http://www.intelius.com/results.php?ReportType=1&qf=marcus&qmi=&qn=dunham&qs=&trackit=74&focusfirst=1
            Kathy, Miri, or Renee this should work. This is another page with them. Look over this real well. You will always find a cynthia, a kimberly and of coursr other things that began to look obvious.And then it’s off to the WOW ZOne IT GOES. gOOD luck. Don’ forget you can use Pate intertwined, as well As Jill, or Gil, Gilbert, Jillian, Burt, Bert. If anyone actually can deciphor what is going on or is interested I can give you some other names to see how I got to some other ones.

          • Someone, who’s not getting out of moderation, advised you all to check Facebook for Marcus T. Dunham and Brooks P. Dunham, who are associated with Pamela Tate-Dunham through their friends list.

            Didn’t check into it; just giving it to you for what it’s worth. Informant can look to her own blog postings and our comment rules to discern why she’s not being approved.

        • Alfy, what information should be typed into the form so we can check what you’re trying to tell us? Better yet, just copy and paste what you found into a comment.

          • that’s what I thought I did. Will keep trying. Trouble is time I do it, this is just a snipet to lead to something else. Let’s see if you go back to the website I posted that ended up empty and Put in Marcus Tate in Oklahoma. Try that first. If you can show it ,do ,..then from there, maybe I can lead you where I went with that. There is not a good way to show this stuff but i am trying.Honestly, I am not trying to waste your time.

          • Here you go Alfy…Which one?


            1. Marcus W Tate
            Marcus Tate
            45 Mcalester, OK Eugene M Tate
            Sabra S Tate
            Wade Tate

            2. Marcus Tate Tulsa, OK
            3. Marcus Alonzo Tate
            Marcus A Tate
            2 name variations… Marcus A Tate JR
            Marcus Tate 76 Edmond, OK
            El Reno, OK Betty Annette Tate

            4. Marcus Jared Tate
            Marcus J Tate
            Marcus Tate
            26 Tulsa, OK Laura Lee Tate
            Marie Tate
            Mark Andrew Tate

            5. Marcus D Tate 44 Chicago, IL
            Cicero, IL
            Tulsa, OK Charles E Tate SR
            Darrick J Tate
            Judith Tate
            Sandra N Tate

            6. Marcus W Tate Shawnee, OK
            7. Demarcus Anto Tate
            Demarcus A Tate
            2 name variations… Demarcus Tate
            Marcus A Tate 37 Oklahoma City, OK
            Norman, OK
            Moore, OK Caressa W Tate
            Dusty Dawn Tate
            Eric L Tate SR
            Eric Tate

            8. Marcus Jerom Tate
            Marcus J Tate
            Marcus Tate
            44 Tulsa, OK

            9. Marcus Tate Died in 1972 (68) Oklahoma City, OK

            10. M J Tate Died in 2006 (88) Beggs, OK That’s The One!
            11. Mary L Tate
            Mary Tate
            M Tate
            Oklahoma City, OK
            Midwest City, OK Bridgette Marie Tate
            Carree L Tate
            Demarco Dewayne Tate
            Inell J Tate

            12. M A Tate Shawnee, OK
            Tecumseh, OK Kenneth J Tate
            Phyllis Jo Tate
            Troy A Tate

            13. Theobell Tate
            M T Tate
            Bartlesville, OK Paul W Tate

            14. Michael Dewayne Tate
            M D Tate
            M Tate
            Broken Arrow, OK
            Tulsa, OK Tamara Sue Tate
            Tammy Tate

            15. Modell N Tate
            Madell Tate
            2 name variations… Odell Tate
            M Tate 51 Oklahoma City, OK
            Atlanta, GA

            16. Mark Lee Tate
            Mark L Tate
            3 name variations… Mark R Tate
            Mark Tate
            M Tate 33 Stilwell, OK
            Pryor, OK

            17. Marquita M Tate
            M Tate
            Tulsa, OK Anthony C Tate
            Billy Joe Tate
            C T Tate
            Helen Louise Tate

            18. Mark A Tate
            Mark Anthony Tate
            6 name variations… Mark Anthony Tate SR
            Mark S Tate
            Mark S Tate SC
            Mark Tate
            Mark Tate SC
            M A Tate 52 Dewey, OK
            Tulsa, OK
            Bartlesville, OK Betty Ann Tate
            Daniel Wayne Tate
            Katherine Ruth Tate
            Larry Joe Tate II

            19. Markyeta L Tate
            M Tate
            Oklahoma City, OK
            Midwest City, OK

            20. Mary Tate
            M Tate
            58 Tishomingo, OK
            Durant, OK Mary Tate
            Michael Allen Tate
            Michael A Tate

            21. M Tate Picher, OK

            22. Marcus Terrell Pate
            Marcus Pate
            22 Muskogee, OK

          • Try Marcus Dunham in Missouri or Kansas. Possibly Oklahoma. You should get Brooks dunham, James Dunham, Madelyn Lee dunham, Mary Ann Dunham, Stanley Ann Dunham with Marcus T dunham AKA dunaham. age 36 inOverland Park, Kansas or Kansas City Missouri. Well from there well, it depends which routes you take. The name associations are boundless, but Stanleys ,Sullivans, Scotts, Adams shirley ann abound into the abiss,but common denominator are these and mostly in OK, MO, Ill.,KS. and a bit In Hawaii. James P. and MarcusT and a Cynthia are who I found long ago in Hawaii at Madelyn’s adress yet you are not likely to find them any old way. The P and T intials like all the Middle intials is what helps to hide what is going on with these names and why they are in hundreds of search pages I have done I don’t understand. The intials get interchanged to aid in the cover. Haven’t figured it out,but I will.

          • Alf, Miri, I searched and it is on the Zone from early today. I think…if I understood the info properly..you may want to check.

          • These names are jumping off the screen at me….I have to think on this one…a while…they are ALL in our names….amazing…

          • Mir, check out what I just posted above. This should work satisfactorally.

    • “The Daily Pen” website posts the full affidavit. I am not familiar with Stormfront or nazi websites.

      Third Hawaiian Official Denies Existence of Birth Certificate: ‘Obama Not Born In Hawaii’

      Former Hawaiian Senior Elections Clerk, Tim Adams, Provides Sworn Affidavit Indicating Obama was Not Born In Hawaii – And Joins Hawaiian Governor and Former DPH Chairman, Brian Schatz, As List of Eyewitnesses To Shocking Roster of Mounting Evidence Against Obama Grows

      by Penbrook Johannson
      Editor, The Daily Pen



      • wasn’t sure to post this but newssleuth threw something out for me so here is what he should be looking at. Fact is newssleuth, if you took that Zapa search and did some serious digging you would see that many of the marcus tates on that on page are the same person in many states with .For instance Marcus B. tate is Marcus Bion Tate and he is also Marcus D. Tate and Marcus E. Tate and Marcus L. Tate. While many of these are probably legit people something is still not quite right . This is for you.


        • This is important as far as I am concerned. Marcus Tate/Pate dunham and James P. Dunham were connected to Madelyn Paynes Hawaii Apt. That is where I found them first, so why don’t we know these people and I thought Madelyn lived alone. These people are also in Oklahoma listed with Madelyn and Stanley and the motley crew.
          I also have found a Cynthia Dunham a couple times listed with them .
          One reason The Tate name seems signifigant to me is B. Obama stayed in Hawaii in a posh expensive condo the summer of his campaign. He visited his grandmother (or somebody at that apt) every day. The condo he and family stayed in was owned by a Jill TATE Higgins. Her husband’s Name is JAMES P. Higgins. He claimed their were not affiliations to the people , that she owned realestate and was just leasing to the Obamas, but I think that is hogwash. She was the largest share holder and CEO of Ashley Tate which at the time supplied the defense department and who knows who else , all th IT eqipment. A huge software supplier up there with Bill Gates. She was of the Board of Environmental Entrepenuers, as well as other important invironment defense organizations. Joe Bidens son and a family member of Nancy Pilozi’s also were associated with this womans endeavers. I have been trying to understand what signifigance the Tate people have with the Obama family and why they are hidden. A Richard Ayers also is a member to her various endeavers. The Tate name is important.

        • and as a matter of fact some are prabably dead marcus ‘s

    • “That is HEARSAY, and it is inadmissible in a court of law, unless the person who told Timmy agrees to appear and back him up. If none come forward to do so, bye-bye.”

      I don’t see that it would ever come to this. For reasons unknown to us (the general public), it appears our government wants obama in the whitehouse.

  3. “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

    Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

    Why should it be so that the vast majority of the people cannot “believe that others could have the impudence (the audacity?) to distort the truth so infamously?” Because the vast majority of the people are not EVIL and cannot comprehend the sort of evil that was second nature to the likes of Adolph Hitler

    • Yes, Mein Kampf. Hitler got the idea from Lenin about endlessly repeating a lie, but Hitler’s addition – the one most important to the Left – is to create a colossal lie and then use it to hide a colossal fraud.

      The Left cannot judge the worth of a statement on its own merits – they rely solely on the perceived credibility of the messenger, vis-a-vis, their understanding of the world. The Left are totally incapable of independent, critical thinking , and is the reason why they engage in “group speak.”

      Added to that deficit is an active decision, as much as it is subconscious, to seek out and find information that supports their views, and in turn, to ignore any information that runs counter to it, including “Killing the messenger,” of which your truly has suffered the “Death by a 1,.000 papercuts.”

      As soon as Ben Smith coined the term, “Birther,” on March 1, 2009, he and the rest of the 400 Joiurn-o-list losers pounced in it and gave all of Leftyville the opportunity to coalesce their own cognitive dissonance into a visible, tangible, and politically vulnerable hate group.

      To put it simply, the Left do not think outside the box – they cannot even identify the box.

      So, the colossal lie in the case of Obama and his regime is that he is the product of a colossal conspiracy to put a Marxist Muslim in the White House whose sole purposes are the destruction of Israel and the transformation of the United States into something beyond description. More or less the Manifesto of Marx meets the Strategic Plan for North America of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      In reality, this is an even bigger conspiracy than anyone could have have imagined because it pulled people on board who would have never done anything wrong before, would never even think of acquiescing to outright fraud and lawlessness on their own.

      Ailinsky’s Rules, particularly that “These particular ends justifies these particular means” has been the guiding principle behind the plot to put Obama in power to implement their plan for the transformation of America.

      The only problem that his handlers did not anticipate is that no amount of forethought, of training and education, of indoctrination, could have made up for his almost congenital stupidity! That’s the up side. The folks that have been pulling the strings behind his back have also had to yank his chain quite frequently.

      Without a teleprompter and a script, he is no more Presidential than Ted Williams would be in the same situation. Apparently, and unfortunately, half of the country still thinks he is as good as he was advertised in 2008.

      In 2008, people were more than willing to sell their souls to put Obama into the White House – and a lot of them did just that. With such a singular goal in mind, any information running counter to it was dismissed out-of-hand, or worse, engendered violence towards it source.

      After eight years of the Left’s death fantasies for Bush and Cheney, and countless manifestations of “Bush = Hitler,” it is no surprise that the Left would be as vitriolic against us as they have been (and continue to be) towards the prior administration.

      But, you know what scares the living stuffing out of liberals? What keeps them up at night? What would throw them into a panic should it come to pass?

      That the “Birthers” were right all along!

      When that happens, they will switch from drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid to drinking Jim Jone’s Kool-Aid, metaphorically-speaking.

      The absence of a genuine birth certificate has been a key to this mystery, but it is not the key that unlocks Pandora’s Box. That is not far behind.

      There are relatives of Zero who know the truth but who have been either wise enough not to mention it or have been threatened not to mention it. Mark Ndesanjo is one of those whose disgust for Zero is hard to hide – in a TV interview, when he was asked for his opinion of Zero, you could read it on his face.

      Virginia Goeldner’s disgust for Zero was expressed with a middle finger aimed at a photo of Stanley Armour Dunham – a subtle hint that he is not a part of the Dunham clan at all.

      Neither is Madeline/Madelyn/Kelly or however many aliases she had (or still has. There is still no death certificate for her, or Ann) as I see you’ve explored here. I have not been following the thread, however.

      Miri, your blog has explored many of the phony photos that have been constructed to support the false narrative of “Dreams From My Father,” a book that the media accepted, prima facie, as his historically-accurate biography. The author acknowledges that some of its characters are composites. In reality, ALL of its characters are composites in one way or another, starting with the author himself, and his so-called Parents.

      The problem has been trying to use “Dreams” as a starting point for serious research into Zero’s life and the lives of his friends and family. The problem that this created is an implicit assumption that the narrative has some grains of truth to it.

      I decided to go in the opposite direction and not believe any of it. Wherever and whenever there are people, places, and events mentioned, I treated them as fiction first, and fact a distant second.

      Sharon Rondeau will be publishing a two-part article I wrote, “A picture is worth a thousand lies,” in which – as you may have guessed – I explore and expose the wide wide world of photo fraud that the Obama conspiracy has produced in a feeble attempt to add flesh to bones, so to speak. To create a visual substance to go along with the auditory emptiness of “Dreams.”

      I commend the work that you and your readers have contributed here in “debunking” (I hate the term) the various images produced by the Obamanation. You and they will recognize a lot of photos familiar to you, but what I’ve done is to add the techniques used and the rationale behind their creation.

      What I’ve done is to take a step beyond pointing out the numerous anomalies in the photos by categorizing them according to their modus operandi, the reason for their creation, and the methods used in their implementation – along the lines of my video, “alias Barack Obama, Portrait of a Presidential Fraud.”

      Yet, the answer to the Big Lie is what I have waiting in the wings. It is the evidence for who really is Barack Obama, where was he born, who are his biological parents, who raised him, where did he get his education, and who are the people that made this monstrosity possible.

      Stay tuned.

      • Why Dr. Ron Pollard, if you have this information, would you withhold it. Can’t you see the urgency here? Can’t you see how he is destroying our Country and the World? If you truly have this information, I urge you to expose this fraud for who he is ASAP!

  4. Here’s an interesting comment that I shamelessly swiped from Free Republic. Sven Magnussen said:

    “Obama left Indonesia as an Indonesian National and came to America as a refugee. An American Refugee Assistance Organization located in Connecticut helped Obama clear customs and transition back to America. Remember, Obama came back to America alone and his grandmother was named as his legal guardian. In the mid-70’s, the Federal Government passed a law requiring AFDC recipients to have an SSN to continue receiving benefits.
    The Connecticut Refugee Assistance Organization applied for Obama’s SSN on his behalf so his grandmother could continue to receive AFDC benefits for him; thus, the Connecticut SSN. In the early 80’s, Obama transitioned from a Greencard holding legal immigrant to become a Naturalized American citizen.”

    How does this bear up with what we know? It fits pretty well and might logically explain that Connecticut SS#, except for the fact that it belongs to somebody else. Doesn’t it?

    • Now you are getting somewhere. Old Steve is thinking along the same lines I have been trying to find proof of since about day three(fictional day three). this is why my interest in society of Friends committees, or groups like the one you just mentioned, such as refugee assistance. The Quakers seem to have had license for years to do that sort of moving people around. There is a headquarters not far from the University of Hawaii even. The connecticut thing is much more complex and would require me to devulge what I think is truly an evil portion of this whole thing. Now think , who and what groups of people used to make it their business to forge and use false identies and had the capacity and tools required for this undertaking.

        • I assume you answered CIA and yeah, forgot I could be insinuated them, but I am talking about people who had the capacity illegally to do this. And in 1970’s ,this group was quite adept at cleverly using stolen identities and using dead people identies. remember when that soc. sec. # was created; not when O. was a child but around was it 1971? Also do you remember people trying to figure out the Ndesandjo name and some people thought this name derived from an americanized version of the name NidZon (and other various spellings). the name found to be associated with people from Johanesburg S. Africa, but getting their soc. sec # ‘s issued in New Jersey much later(1990’s ?what year,don’t remember) Bayonne New Jersey as a matter of fact, and there are addresses for Mark ndesandjo in Bayonne N.J.. Enough though about that.I may confuse the issue.

          • Elieshi Ndesandjo, A Flame of Tanzania

            Tanzania, as you know, is right below Kenya, but you would think that more information about Ruth’s “Tanzanian” husband would be available. Other than the possible name of “Samuel,” I have found nothing. How about you?

            Also, there is no info on “Jael,” the 2nd wife of Samuel, or Ruth’s “Tanzanian” ex-husband.

            But, what have you learned about her “maiden name,” NIDESAND?

            I don’t believe that it is a name at all.

  5. http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/c/m/Patricia-Mcmillan/BOOK-0001/0065-0002.html
    In reference Miri what age is Marcus Tate. The site where I found him with mad. , stanley ann, and the rest says he’s 36. That would put this person born around 1974, but I see this person in a range from 30’s to 440’s. The most age 44.But see, I wouldn’t have a clue if this name is just a name that is used to fit a variety of people or if Marcus (or any of them for that matter) is a real flesh and blood person .I just know there is alot of weird stuff going on surrounding his name, just like the rest of em.

  6. btw, it came out that Abercrombie forced Palafox (HDOH director) to withdraw his name from the nomination to the post. I wonder why. Too honest?

  7. miri, you’ve got mail

  8. Two WND articles about Barry’s ineligibility. First, the bogus SS#:

    “An attorney who has aggressively pursued the release of President Obama’s Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate filed a complaint in federal court yesterday to force the release of Obama’s Social Security files.

    ‘I’m not asking for Obama’s Social Security number,’ Attorney Orly Taitz told WND, acknowledging that the Social Security Administration will not release the number of a living person. ‘I want related information, including information about deceased individuals that will help us prove whether or not Obama has committed Social Security fraud.’

    Taitz filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to force the Social Security Administration to respond to her Freedom of Information Act request seeking information on Obama’s Social Security number.

    At the heart of Taitz’s complaint to the court is the suspicion that Obama has engaged in Social Security fraud by using a number initially issued to another person.”

    Next a story about the Hemenway/Hollister case:
    “A veteran attorney who has pursued a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility since he was elected is telling the U.S. Supreme Court that if its members continue to ‘avoid’ the dispute they effectively will ‘destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system.’

    And he asks whether the justices still are committed to the principle of considering the Founders’ intent when ruling on constitutional issues.

    The warning comes from attorney John D. Hemenway, who is representing retired Col. Gregory Hollister in a case that alleges Obama never was eligible under the Constitution’s requirements for a president to occupy the Oval Office.

    ‘We have not exaggerated in presenting the question of the constitutional rule of law being at stake in this matter,’ Hemenway wrote in a petition for rehearing before the high court. ‘A man has successfully run for the office of president and has done so, it appears, with an awareness that he is not eligible under the constitutional requirement for a person to be president.'”


  9. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=261901

    “And then there were 11.” Add Tennessee to the states that want to force candidates to prove eligibility for office. 11 down, 46 to go. 🙂

  10. There’s another ineligibility article at American Thinker: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/the_birther_card.html

    “(We can only speculate why, if the former Governor Linda Lingle asked the previous Health Director, Chiyome Fukino, to ‘go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health,’ couldn’t Abercrombie authorize himself to do likewise.) … At any rate, it appeared the chips were down for the ‘birther enemies,’ so when it was back around the table last week for Chris Matthews’ turn, he admitted that Obama has the ‘new kind’ of birth certificate ‘which is this digital thing printed out’ and apparently no long form. (Leaving the rest of us to wonder exactly what this newfangled one was the short version of.) And anyway, according to Matthews, people only ask to see the old-fashioned kind and put Obama under ‘this kind of assault’ because…

    Obama has a funny name, and he is black.

    Matthews resorted to playing the trump from his standard liberal repertoire — the race card, and swooped up all the chips while implying that the birthers aren’t playing with a full deck and all their fuss is a bunch of ‘malarkey.’

    But Matthews isn’t the only pundit playing this type of game — conservative talkers have politely turned a blind eye to the birther story, and instead of dealing us any real investigating or reporting, play silently along and slap the hands of the birthers clamoring for a spot at the table. Birthers, unperturbed with all the eye-rolling and name-calling, stubbornly continue to interrupt the game anyway, and are not, as Matthews lamented, ‘shamed into non-existence.‘”



    We the People can and will be AS SHAMELESS as your lying messiah.

    Where’s the birth certificate? FREE LTC LAKIN!

  11. More from that American Thinker story:
    Dual citizenship, a divided allegiance that experts contend the Constitution’s framers sought to avoid for the Presidency, is a status created when the country of a child’s birth (documented by a birth certificate) and the country of citizenship of the parents are in conflict. Obviously the Arizona and Nebraska legislators concerned themselves with crafting laws supporting the Constitution’s finer points of eligibility rather than the sensational search for the missing long form.

    Unless Obama pulls out a certificate listing a birth father other than the one Abercrombie remembers seeing him with as a child, or reneges on the assertion on his “Fight the Smears” campaign website that he had, until age 23, foreign citizenship from his Kenyan father, he won’t qualify for the ballots in these two states.”

    AMEN to that.

    It bears repeating, if it’s been linked before. Here’s a good roundup of stories about the Abercrombie crusade: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/02/hawaiis_governor_manipulates_b.html

  12. Red Pill, check it out: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/02/10/mr-senator-show-me-the-proof/

    The final paragraph from now Senator Roy Blunt to a constituent: “On July 17, 2009, during my time in the House of Representatives, H. Res. 593 passed with my support. This resolution recognizes and celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s entry into the Union as the 50th state and honors President Obama’s birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.”

    As you said, they think that somehow one of their resolutions “resolves” any conflict with the clear and concise requirements in the Constitution. It does not. A resolution CANNOT change the Constitution. ONLY a Constitutional amendment can change the Constitution. Congress “honoring” a bogus “fact” does not make it so. NO PERSON CAN BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, BY DEFINITION, IF IT TOOK ANY TYPE OF LAW TO MAKE HIM SO. That includes resolutions from a complicit, cowardly Congress.

    • H. Res. 593 passed with my support. This resolution … honors President Obama’s birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

      Grrrrrrr…. They never inspected any primary source, hardcopy document sent to them under seal from the State of Hawaii. They delegated that responsibility to the politically-motivated, Obama-connected, unelected, and unaccountable “Politifact” and “FactCheck”.

      They have NOT upheld their sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We the People have every right to be angry at them for this dereliction of duty and borderline treason.

      • You were just SO CORRECT with your analysis that they believed that that resolution gave them the “out” they were looking for. It will be interesting to see if/when any state REQUIRES the POTUS candidates in 2012 to present a long-form, original birth certificate. Will Barry try to present that resolution as proof of his birth? My guess is they will play the race card and also try to run out the clock by challenging all these state laws in court.

  13. A 20yo Obot nephew of mine, a Poly Sci student at American University in Washington DC currently attending college in Tokyo as a foreign-exchange student. recently asked me via email: “Which type of birther are you? The type that believes Obama can’t be President because he wasn’t born in Hawaii? Or the type that believes he was born in Hawaii, but still isn’t eligible because he has a British father and therefore he doesn’t qualify as “Natural Born” citizen?”

    I replied “I am the type of “birther” who believes: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” — Barack Hussein Obama, 8/21/2010.

    • Good answer Jim !

    • That’s great! I feel your pain. I have young obot relatives, too. Have you noticed the new meme among progressives that young people can’t be held responsible for their actions because their brains aren’t yet fully formed? Well, that could also be put forward as a plausible explanation for obotness amongst the younger set. They don’t think; therefore, they are obots. 🙂

    • How many birther categories are there? Do we have to choose or is it all for one and one for all? I am for the category that says, Get the lying, squattin’ SOB’s out of our White House!

  14. If you wanted to get angry at O’Reilly re his no take on the NBC issue ..tonight would be the night. I hope this take makes it to You Tube. Besides calling everyone, and I mean everyone pinheads for asking about Obama’s eligibility, he went off on John Boehner for not putting the issue to rest. Bill said if he were Boehner in responding to David Gregory’s questions about the BC recently, he said, ” If I were Boehner, I would have told Gregory, it’s not my place to stop insanity!” And furthermore, all those representatives who are starting legislation to make sure the next president is truly NBC qualified, “they are Pinheads! Those guys are just appeasing the crazies!”

    Now we are insane for questioning Obama’s eligibility according to O’Reilly! And those legislators who are penning legislation are just doing it because they need some sort of recognition ! He also said that the issue is getting no traction! Really? We should just accept that Obama said he was born in Hawaii, that Hawaii said so, and that Obama says he is a Christian too! Besides that accept Obama as our president because we have huge issues to overcome and his status doesn’t affect any of those issues!

    Personally, I am livid right now. O’Reilly has done no research on the issue nor has Boehner. They are willing to “believe” the lying, purple lipped, usurper! Bill needs his own REALITY check!

    What does Traction look like people? What does a non-issue look like? Ignoramuses! Who is afraid of finding out the truth? When Clinton was lying through his pants…did our country fail? Are there so many people involved in this cover-up that our country would fail if someone finally took a stand against Obama and demanded answers? Is our country that fragile? NO, IT IS NOT! Questions regarding sexuality of the president are okay, but questions about a president’s ineligibility is not allowed? No, I did not have sex with that woman is okay for the president to answer the people…a total lie! Yet Obama gets off the hook for looking black? Let the White side answer the damn question!

    Also, why is NBC getting in on this issue now and questioning the Republicans? Are they trying to frame them or push them into a corner so they can destroy them by whatever they say?

    • Thanks for writing about this Bridgette. I got a phone call and came in at the end. Then I watched Casablanca instead of the replay of O’Reilly. 🙂 I heard just enough to figure out that Bill the Toady O’Reilly was doing the job for Barry, once again.

      The time is NOW for We the Insane to punish O’Reilly, big time, and that means by boycotting his show unless or until he gets a freaking clue.

      You know, maybe Barry fed Bill a line of bull that Bill could swallow–like “my mother was an unwed mother; I can’t allow her memory to be besmirched.” A Catholic boy like Bill would swallow that one. Dear Mother.

      But you can count on it being a lie because everything coming from Barry’s lying purple lips is a lie. He is NOT protecting his mother, his father, or ANYONE else. If he’s lying (and he is because he’s hiding something and, as he himself says, people don’t hide things unless there’s something to hide)–so SINCE he’s lying, you can be certain of one thing: He’s protecting NOBODY BUT HIMSELF. It’s always all about Barry and about NOBODY else. Even Bill Maher doesn’t think Barry’s a Christian.

    • This is the Dick Gregory interview with Speaker John Boehner on Meet the Press.


      • NBC’s David Gregory Worries about Legitimacy of Obama Presidency
        Feb. 14 Snips

        NBC “Meet the Press” Host David Gregory berated House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday because members of the public and the Congress have doubts about President Obama’s professed Christian faith and alleged birth in the United States. Gregory wondered if all the doubts about Obama were undermining his legitimacy as President. He wanted Boehner to denounce these questions and concerns as “ignorance.” Boehner refused to do so.


    • This is the video that inflamed me so last night. The birthers are getting no traction! “The issue doesn’t matter..sane, clear thinking people understand that Obama is not a Muslim and wasn’t born in Indonesia, or whatever they are putting out there,” says Bill. “So why does the media take up valuable media time..it is not an issue,” says Bill, laughing! He tells Juan, “You are getting caught up in the minutia of it all.” It is a bunch of bull that people are making up! It is a grand stand play by people that want attention!” They are trotting out this ridiculous stuff!

      “The Issue doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.” Got that patriots! The Constitution and the requirements for president don’t matter!”

      Bill O’Reilly & Juan Williams Bash Birthers – 2/14/2011

      • I find it interesting listening to him again that he mentions Indonesia and not Kenya like he has done before.

        This was over the top for O’Reilly! Does he need the attention that he is saying that the legislators want? Bill has an ego problem himself and he ought to get that crack research staff to do some real work on the issue!

  15. Bill O’Reilly is being paid to play or it would be open for discussion and would be poll via his request.

    He’s a Hard Copy Extra Edition Egomaniac.

    His ratings are high because WTP keep our enemies close. We’re not stooopid. Pinhead? Lets sue him class action style. He can prove he’s not in on the scheme under deposition.

  16. A Valentine from American Ex-Pat in SE Asia:

    He calls Barry the son of SADOS and Lolo and says it was never necessary for Lolo to adopt his son. I do remember us discussing Barry’s resemblance to Lolo and also Sasha’s resemblance to Lolo. It’s entirely possible that SADOS met Lolo before she claims; he was in the US as early as the mid-1950s. However, I also believe that there are too many similarities–physical as well as personality/demeanor/body language–between Barry, Mark, and even George to totally discount BHO Sr.’s “contribution,” shall we say?

    Interesting that Am Expat says he was “visited” in August 2008 and told to STF up. “The die is cast,” he wrote, but in Latin.

    God help us; I hope that is NOT true. Long live the Republic. Free LTC LAKIN.

    • He was visited in S.E. Asia.. scary isn’t it? He said he was writing about Barry Soetoro in 2007. There is no Barack Hussein Obama.

  17. Three Republicans Kill Arizona Birther Bill That Would Require Presidential Candidates Show A Long-Form Birth Certificate For Arizona Ballot
    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, Connecticut and Missouri are pursuing legislation that will require presidential and vice-presidential candidates prove their Constitutional Eligibility to be placed on the ballot. The Arizona Bill was defeated today with the help of three Republicans.

    Update: Via Give Us Liberty; Here is the latest on the Arizona Eligibility bill, which began winding it’s way through the Arizona state house today(Monday).

    Arizona’s House reps passed the bill on the first reading, then sent it to the Senate side where it was voted down 5-3 by the Judiciary Committee. Two republicans flipped, including Rick Martin a co sponsor. ????? Nevertheless, the bill finds itself in the Senate Rules Committee which will vote shortly, most likely this week, in order to determine whether or not to send it to the floor for the consideration of the full senate.

    This bill should pass, it passed 4 readings in the 2010 session, but for a pocket veto by the senate president, a republican, it would have been given to Gov. Jan Brewer last August for her signature. Arizona’s statehouse has turned redder, rather than bluer, another plus for our camp.


    • “I think it’s inappropriate for the state of Arizona to establish its own criteria for a federal office that goes beyond what the (U.S.) Constitution requires,” said Sen. John McComish, R-Phoenix. And Sen. Adam Driggs, R-Phoenix, said this could create a situation where each of the 50 states would be screening presidential candidates using different standards.
      -snip- –

      Source; http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/arizona/article_3b599e10-388e-11e0-9ea6-001cc4c03286.html

      • That’s Barry’s argument that was force fed to the RINOs. This is so discouraging but in a way is a good thing because it outs ALL the traitors in the Republican Party. If they think this is a way to win in 2012, they’re sadly mistaken. I don’t think any of these bills mean a thing because I do believe that citizens can challenge his placement on the ballot so long as they do it within the given deadlines. I may be wrong. I’m not a lawyer but We the People have to be ready to scream at the top of our voices. We will NOT be silenced. A person who wants to bury the truth has something to hide. That’s probably the ONLY statement to come from Barry’s lying purple lips with which I agree.

    • Link to the Video..the writer of the AZ bill explains NBC, Jeff Lichter – 2/14/2011…even though the moderator is trying to misdirect him. –


        • Same group again…It is all in the names…

          John McComish, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, graduated from Colgate University in 1965. He spent the next 24 years climbing the corporate ladder with several Fortune 500 companies. McComish was named National Sales Manager with Johnson & Johnson at the age of 35.


        • Clerk, Law Firm, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

          Political Experience:
          Senator, Arizona State Senate, 2010-present
          Representative, Arizona State House of Representatives, 2006-present

          Leader, Boy Scouts
          Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity

          Banking and Insurance, Member
          Commerce and Energy, Member
          Judiciary, Member
          Veterans and Military Affairs, Chair

  18. From ObamaReleaseYourRecords: “Democrat Senator Kirsten Synema had incorrectly stated in what was about 8-10 minutes that she got to speak from the bench. She spoke extensively against the 2 citizen parent requirement as part of the natural born definition and also falsely read off a list of some 6 or more actual Prior Presidents who she stated would not have ever been President because they had a foreign born parent. The truth is that you are still natural born if that foreign born parent became a US citizen prior to the future candidates birth. I never got a chance to rebut this as I was stopped just after explaining this 2 citizen parent verbage as part of John McCain’s Senate Resolution 511 and Nancy Pelosi’s two different Nomination Forms sent to the State Secretary of States on the same day.”

    • I guess Senator Kirsten Synema knows the NBC requirement of 2 citizen parents! She gave herself away while adding more misinformation to her speech.

  19. The birther issue had been waning Byron? Obama born in Hawaii Byron? Slom met Madelyn and worked closely with her?

    In Hawaii, a dispiriting glimpse of one-party rule
    Byron York 02/14/11 8:05 PM Snips

    HONOLULU – In Hawaii, there are 25 members of the state Senate. Twenty-four are Democrats. And then there is Sam Slom. Slom, the lone Senate Republican in the state of President Obama’s birth, has represented East Honolulu since 1996. He hasn’t always been the only GOP senator; in the last session, there were two. But Republicans fared poorly at the polls in November, and Slom was left alone. Which means that Democratic bills to increase state spending, to impose new regulations and mandates and to create new government departments are often passed on votes of 24-1.

    Slom, 68, is originally from Allentown, Pa., and has been in Hawaii since he moved here to attend college in 1960. He seems to know everybody. For example, he was for many years an economist at the Bank of Hawaii, where he worked closely with Madelyn Dunham, Barack Obama’s grandmother. He also met the future president when Obama was a teenager.

    Slom has also known Hawaii’s new Democratic governor, Neil Abercrombie, from the days Slom represented the conservative Young Americans for Freedom at Vietnam War demonstrations and Abercrombie was with the leftist Students for a Democratic Society.

    Like a lot of Hawaii pols, Slom was mystified by Abercrombie’s short-lived effort to make public Obama’s original, long-form birth certificate, which the president has never given permission to release. The birther issue had been waning in recent months, but Abercrombie’s announcement re-ignited it. “I think it was part ego,” Slom says of Abercrombie’s motive, “and it might have been part anger that this [birther] thing was still going on. It was dying down, so to bring it up was inappropriate.”


  20. No news on that new but old Director Palafox from the DOH? You know the guy I am referring to..the guy that probably didn’t want to “pay to play” the Hawaii birth certificate game so they falsely accused him of other charges to ruin his reputation and teach others a lesson. Has he been replaced by Abercrombie yet? What about Mike Evans, a best buddy of Abercrombie, the one who said there is no birth certificate in Hawaii according to Abercrombie, has he shown up again with any new information that he was going to get?

  21. Glad to see that the birther issue is getting no traction! Ha! There are some right wingers telling the LA Times to stuff it!

    Reader opinion: Team Boehner vs. Team Obama
    February 15, 2011 Snips

    In an editorial on the subject, our [LA Times] board suggested…

    At the very least, Boehner should have added: “Even if it’s preposterous.”


    No one would argue that Boehner single-handedly can extinguish these political urban legends. But he is in a powerful position to preach reality to his own partisans. That, Mr. Speaker, is your job.

    On our comments board, ChuckMayhew doesn’t agree.

    The word, ‘preposterous’ perfectly describes this ‘editorial’. Mr. Boehner answered that question about 10 times. Each time clearly and completely. The only problem with Mr. Boehner is that he is not a left-leaning political hack.

    Nor does Sericm, which you can tell from all the caps.

    Another left wing radical article from the LA Times.

    No sirs, it isn’t Boehner’s place to TELL the American what to think. Neither is it Obama’s place or the left wing rag called the LA Times. When Tim Russert died any objectivity on NBC’s Meet the Press died with him. NBC and it’s clone MSNBC would like nothing better but to TELL THE CITIZENS OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY, What they should believe or do.

    Unfortunately for them the main population of this country are GOD fearing, conservative, USA LOVING individuals.

    continues…on with the typical leftist rants of accusations of racism etc.

    Backing us up, however, are such readers as tom921.

    John Boehner reaction to Presidents’ Obama’s birth place is a typical reaction of Republicans who can’t accept in their mind the fact that an African-American is the president. His response is a disgrace to the American people, unworthy for the position that he holds, but this man has no shame.



  22. Do read butterdezillion’s most recent and all inclusive post:

  23. This guy can’t decide what he believes; he mixes the spin with the reality in a peculiar time line. He picked up the left’s points and mixes it with the questions we ask. His facts are the left’s “facts.” He is using the word “evidence” when there is none.

    Earth to birthers: the facts about Obama’s birth certificate
    By Jonathan Strong 02/16/2011 Snips

    A new poll shows just over half of likely Republican primary voters question where President Obama was born. What’s up with “birtherism” and why does it have such staying power?

    The evidence shows Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama released a “Certification of Live Birth,” a document produced by the state of Hawaii certifying the state holds records that a person was born there. [Blah, blah, blah,]

    Though the evidence of Obama’s Hawaiian birth is ample, many wonder why he won’t just release the long form birth certificate, since so many voters continue to have doubts.

    Under a Hawaii law, only someone with a “direct and tangible” interest can be issued a copy of a birth certificate. Those automatically considered to have such an interest include the person whose record it is, their spouse, and several other categories.

    Abercrombie’s office did not respond to e-mails from The Daily Caller asking whether Abercrombie sought Obama’s consent to release the documents of persons.

    Four days later on Jan. 26, Dr. Neal Palafox, interim director of the Hawaii Department of Health, which holds the state’s birth certificates on file, resigned at Abercrombie’s prompting. Abercrombie declined to state why he asked Palafox to resign. Newspapers alluded to rumors of an investigation into medical reimbursements. A lobbyist who vetted Palafox for Abercrombie said Palafox had a sterling reputation.

    Feb. 15, Palafox’s lawyer Brook Hart told The DCaller, “Dr. Palafox has no idea why he was asked to resign….there are claims that somebody is investigating something, but nobody has made any accusations against him.”

    Abercrombie was known in Washington as a free spirit, someone who “thinks with his mouth open,” as one politico put it. Still, the chain of events is puzzling, even if no clear pattern emerges from it. There’s no reason to connect the embarrassing flub by Abercrombie over the birth certificate and the state official whose jurisdiction it is suddenly resigning, but neither is there an explanation for what happened. It’s a mystery.

    We know Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, but not why he won’t release his long form birth certificate. Neil Abercrombie’s embarrassing flop on “taking care of that” is perplexing, if only because it’s amazing a veteran politician could fail so visibly. There is no explanation of why his health director resigned.


  24. What Happened To Doctor Neal Palafox?
    Wed, 16 Feb, 2011 12:59 AM EST –
    KITV – Honolulu 2:57 | 1,074 views


  25. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=264897

    SCOTUS to look at eligibility issue again. Hemenway case.

  26. How many times can WND rehash the same stories without pointing out the huge holes in it?

    The Heminways are going to blow it again, just like they did with Lakin, because they refused to tackle the elephant in the room: Obama’s identity fraud. Obama provided the American public with a fake, fraudulent, and forged birth certificate as proof of his citizenship.

    Which means he has provided NO PROOF WHATSOEVER of his identity and committed multiple acts of criminal fraud to illegally get his name on the ballot.

    Let’s grant Charlie Manson a pardon, new identity and run him for President. He’s already a natural-born citizen. I mean this is no more ridiculous than allowing a total unknown to run for President.

    Why can’t someone make a case on the fact these records have been withheld for the past seven years while he has an unknown Senatorial candidate in 2004, an unknown Presidential candidate in 2007, and now, after two years of occupying the White House, he still refuses the records that would confirm whether or not he is the biggest imposter in political history:

    1. Occidental College records — Not released
    2. Columbia College records — Not released
    3. Columbia Thesis paper — ‘not available’
    4. Harvard College records — Not released
    5. Selective Service Registration — Not released
    6. Medical records — Not released
    7. Illinois State Senate schedule — ‘not available’
    8. Law practice client list — Not released
    9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate – – Not released
    10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released
    11. Harvard Law Review articles published — None
    12. University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
    13. Your Record of baptism– Not released or ‘not available’
    14. Your Illinois State Senate records–‘not available’

    This is the short list.

    The Right has let the Left bully them into submission over the birth certificate issue. If all of the Republicans in Congress pushed back and forced this issue to the forefront.

    Convene a Congressional hearing – a new Commitee on Un-American Activities – and drag in everyone responsible for this fraud: Fukino, Okubo, Lingle, Jackson, Adair, the Journolist members, and the Seattle Slew – the people in the Seattle/Mercer Island who have been lying about his family.

    There is no way they can keep their stories straight. It would all come out in front of the world how they conspired to put a Black man in the White House whatever the costs and irrespective of his incompetence.

    To quote former CNN commentator, Fareed Zakaria:

    “They would not be saying this about the President is he was an elderly, white guy.”

    We may need a Cairo-style demonstration to get this message across

    • I was at the Lakin Trial.

      They would not permit the eligibility issue to be a part of the proceedings pushing the charges. They did, however, play his Video for the conviction phase. he was grilled for nearly two hours on it. The military Prosecutor told The Court, Lakin had no business defending Constitution during the closing arguments. He pointed to the audience and with disrespect and disdain. He used us, Society, as the Enemy and Cause for LTC’s Lakin’s misbehavior.


    • No case has been able to get past and through the “standing” phase, not one . Nobody in the U.S. has standing to question the usurper. If the lawsuit had anyone else’s name on it such as George Bush…it would probably sail right through.

      Who is doing the threatening of judges now that Rahm is gone? Is it Holder or Robert Bauer? Who are the White House thugs?

  27. I don’t have a lot of faith in that rehearing of the Hemenway case. Something stinks about it. But so far, Hemenway is the only one who seems to have arguments that stand.

    Did you see that Hawaii is backtracking on the $100 birth “something”? http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/hawaiinews/20110218_Birth-records_bill_dies_after_failing_to_advance.html

    “The bill died when it didn’t get a hearing before today’s deadline for bills to advance to their final committees. House Health Committee Chairman Ryan Yamane said yesterday he will not consider the legislation because he does not think it is appropriate to sell private information to the public — even if it is the president’s birth documentation. ‘We shouldn’t take knee-jerk reactions. Just because there are these people who want this information, that doesn’t mean we should change our state statute so a private, personal record could be accessible for $100,’ said Yamane, a Democrat. … Republican Rep. Kymberly Pine said efforts to reveal Obama’s birth information fuel unfounded suspicions that he was not born in Honolulu. ‘It’s just opening a whole new can of worms again,’ said Pine, the minority floor leader. ‘We should just let this die. People have presented as many facts as we can.’ … Rep. Rida Cabanilla, who introduced the bill, said she will drop the issue after she learned that requests to the state for Obama’s birth documents have declined to just a few per week.”

    My guess is that the Attorney General’s opinion was that the state can’t SELL something with the state seal on it attesting to something that may not be true. They aren’t about to put their imprimatur on a lie.

    Just like Abercommie, who backtracked when he found out it doesn’t exist. They’re lying, in any case, when they say that they can’t release the information. They can and they know it.

    If all they were going to send out is a letter saying Obama was born there, with the state seal on it, then why would they backtrack? It only makes sense if it’s NOT TRUE, because they wouldn’t be revealing ANYTHING that’s private. NOTHING. He’s already said he was born there. The U.S. House has already said he was born there. The HDOH has already said that their records “verify” that he was born there.

    So if it WERE true, why not send out a letter with the state seal on it, attesting to that fact?

    The only reason not to: It’s NOT TRUE. They know it. They would be breaking the law, big time, to put the state seal of Hawaii on a lie. And sell the lie. WND has a story, too:

  28. Speaking of his ineligibility. Did you see George Stephanopoulis grilling Michele Bachmann this week, trying to force her, over and over again, to say that Barry’s a “citizen” and that he’s a Christian? Why the heck would Stephanopoulis be aping Gregory’s meme, unless under orders? It’s especially amusing when you recall that Stephanopoulis is the very guy to whom Barry famously said, “MY MUSLIM FAITH” and who had to CORRECT Barry, reminding him that he’s SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT HE’S CHRISTIAN.

    ROFLOL. Michele, though, wouldn’t bite. But you know they are put up to this charade. To push the Republicans any chance they get. Michele reminded Georgie Porgie that there are important issues to tackle, like the freaking deficit, the budget, the economy, so why is George wasting precious interview time on that? I wish, however, that she would have turned the tables on George and asked him HOW HE KNOWS that Barry’s a citizen or that he’s a Christian, since “reporters” are supposed to vet their “facts” and since NOBODY KNOWS the truth about Barry.

  29. Palafox Should Be Publicly Cleared, Back at Health Department Job, if He Has Been Wrongly Accused
    Friday, February 18th, 2011

    Dear Governor Abercrombie: I am writing out of concern for your initial Department of Health director nominee, Dr. Neal Palafox. I did not know him previously but had had a good courtesy visit with him prior to his withdrawal.

    According to media reports, Dr. Palafox stepped down from his position because you asked him to do so. Again, reportedly, this was because of your learning of an alleged pending federal investigation against him for medical reimbursement fraud. Media reports say Palafox knows of no such investigation and was surprised by the accusations. To date you have not submitted another nominee.

    KITV reported that the accusations against Dr. Palafox may have been false and driven by two DOH employees he was about to lay off. Information I have confirms that the Federal Government does not view Dr. Palafox as one under any investigation.

    As a member of the Health Committee who would be considering his or another nomination, I am requesting additional information to determine whether or not he was falsely accused. It would be unfortunate to have these allegations hanging over him if they are not true. In addition, it would be disappointing if he lost his job because he was retaliated against by his own employees for following your direction to downsize the department.

    If he is indeed innocent, let’s clear this matter up and allow the senate to consider him for the position. The Health Department has a number of problems and strong leadership is required.


  30. Los Angeles Times Editorial
    February 15, 2011

    The tongue-tied speaker
    By refusing to preach reality to constituents who maintain Obama is a foreign-born Muslim, House Speaker Boehner insults the president and encourages the denialists.

    When it comes to President Obama’s policies, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) is happy to tell the American people what to think. But he draws the line at asking his constituents and others to abandon the belief that the president is a foreign-born Muslim. Boehner’s selective tongue-tiedness insults the president and encourages the denial industry.

    In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Boehner was willing to concede that he believes Obama is both a native-born citizen and a Christian…..

    No one would argue that Boehner single-handedly can extinguish these political urban legends. But he is in a powerful position to preach reality to his own partisans. That, Mr. Speaker, is your job.


    • The media and left wing are really pushing this diatribe..going after anyone regarding Obama’s ineligibility except for the person they should be asking..their quasi Marxist leader. I want to see a listing of Speaker Boehner’s job responsibilities and see if “preaching reality to constituents” is listed!

      To Los Angeles Editors…why don’t you check on that..try doing the research yourself for a real change! By the way, have you looked at releasing that video of Obama with Kalidi at that party in Los Angeles that you are keeping in your safe? Or would it prove embarrassing for the squatter in the WH?

      • I haven’t forgotten about that video either. We’ll never see it…they may, someday, throw out something else in its place…its hollywood, where everything is make-believe….lol life is but a mirage (“kind of like” the mystery of o).

      • Was doing a search for an old interview video of o — could only find the article, not the video. Reason for the search was your question to ron asking about placing o’s head on another’s body — in that (ron’s ?) tape, it appears to be the same talking head I’d seen before (the vid I can’t find).
        Anyway, during that search I came across this blog discussing that “Jew-Bashing” Party attend by o in L.A.


        Here is the link discussing the old interviews.


        Another old article

        • A 1986 story about Obama? “Other rarely seen video on this DVD is a 1990 clip of Obama at a Harvard Law School rally on diversity, and a 1986 story about Obama broadcast on Chicago television station WMAQ. (I wrote earlier this week about the new HBO documentary “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama”)”

          WTF? What was Barry doing in 1986 that deserved a TV story? Oh, yeah. Gamaliel. Right around the time all the other Obamas begin to descend on the good ole US of A.

    • We might also ask if it’s the job of the lamestream media, even in editorials, to TELL the Speaker of the US House of Representatives what to say.

      Is it their job to tell ANYONE what to say? Where do these asshats get off?

      How about they show some respect to the people that We the People democratically elected to oppose Barry’s policies? I just can’t get over this. How elitist can you get, writing that it’s Boehner’s “job” to “preach” to anyone?

      No, his job is to enact legislation and policies that conform to the WILL of We the People. More and more often, that “will” is coming down on the side of “Where’s the birth certificate?”

  31. A Short Personal Story: I lost my driver’s license in San Francisco somewhere last week so I needed a replacement. I found out it was gone when I got to the airport. I had my SS card, Visa card, voter’s card, and my BC with me. ..but nothing with a photo on it. United didn’t use any of those, they wanted to see a check of mine! That was my I.D., a check. The check name matched my ticket! At least I was able to get on the plane and back home.

    Friday, I went to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to get a replacement driver’s license. Luckily, I had my Original CERTIFIED Birth Certificate with me because a COPY IS NOT ALLOWED. During the 2 hour wait, I saw four people refused because they wanted to use a copy of their BC for I.D. I needed to use the original BC plus my SS Card which is now used for identification. ( Mine is old enough that it says not to be used for identification!) With those, I did have to provide my voter’s registration too. They told me all I.D. has to match now. (Impossible for women, if you are married and your name is changed from your B.C.) So even though I renewed my license one year ago, this year I had to go through the whole process again and this time it included thumbprints and a new photo. They gave me a temporary and said it will be about 10 weeks for my new one to arrive!

    So I think it is interesting how things are changing and they are requiring so much identification in Texas. I wonder if all states are cracking down. I paid $11 for a replacement license which is really a new one since they required a new picture too. The whole point of relaying this story was having to show my original, verified, certified, with a seal.. long form Birth Certificate to get a Texas Driver’s License!

    I wonder when Obama’s license will expire? What are Illinois’ requirements? Did he keep renewing his license so he didn’t have to show any documents? How did he get that passport?

    • Thumbprints! What I wouldn’t give for his BC with thumbprints. Or footprints.

    • I needed to add an update to my story. I need to get a passport, so was told I needed two passport photos. I went to get the pictures. I had my hair perfectly coiffed for the photo, and my now short hair fringes my face. I got there and to my dismay, my EARS must show. The hair must not cover ears; hair must be tucked behind the ears. I was told that the passport office would refuse a photo of me with my normal look and send me back for a redo. Of course, this ruins the “look” that I like, but I did as told and allowed the photos. Also, a semi-smirk is allowed, but not a full smile! I just wanted others to know that now your ears are identifiers! What is next folks?

      Luckily, I have ears that are normal and are close to my head…unlike POTUS who has ears that are like Dumbo’s one day, and closer to his head the next. I wonder what his secret is….does he attach invisible tape to his scalp behind his ears to pull them closer to his head?

  32. Hawaii to keep Obama ‘birth certificate’ secret
    WND ^ | February 18, 2011

    What is there to hide? Born female? Had a tail?
    What could be so secret?

    An opposing big toe on each foot.

    Could it be that there is no long form birth certificate at all?


  33. ‘No evidence’ of problems with Hawaii health chief
    Explanation sought for governor’s removal of department director

    February 26, 2011 Snips

    There is no evidence that there were problems with the work of Dr. Neal Palafox, who had been chosen by Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie to replace Chiyome Fukino, the woman best known to the rest of the nation as the guardian of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

    That’s according to an attorney representing Palafox, Brook Hart.

    Sen. Sam Slom, the only Republican in the state Senate, said he is convinced Abercrombie asked Palafox to withdraw because the nominee dismissed two health agency workers who were politically connected. Hart also said Abercrombie’s decision has nothing to do with Abercrombie’s search for Obama’s birth records.

    “Neal has no information on Obama’s birth records,” Hart said.
    where he is chief of the Family Practice and Community Health division.

    Fukino, who became the face of Hawaii’s claim that Obama’s original birth records remain on file in the state’s archives, resigned in December.

    The latest development comes as well-connected sources in Hawaii are warning that certain government officials in the state have been contemplating releasing fraudulent birth records for Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election. At least 11 states are currently considering legislation that would require future presidential candidates to prove constitutional eligibility by proving they are “natural born citizens.”


  34. Creating ‘Government’ Bank Not in Best Interest of Hawaii Residents
    Monday, February 28th, 2011
    House Minority Leader Gene Ward Snips

    BY GENE WARD – A bill being considered by the Hawaii State Legislature could potentially put taxpayer funds in jeopardy and could hurt local banks in Hawaii.

    HB 853 would create a State run Bank, diverting millions of tax revenues from our local banking institutions and hurting their ability to loan funds into the community.

    This State run bank would be governed by persons without a banking background including Governor Abercrombie and the State Director of Labor. I cannot see how Governor Abercrombie, who would be designated as Chairman of the Bank, and three of his political appointees could operate this bank while also managing the entire State.


  35. Not sure where you want this but I think it’s worth a read:

    Some snips:

    The past few years have been a real riot. Depending on your ideological orientation, your riot of interest has stemmed from a variety of causes. Arizonans rioted against immigration reform. Iranians, Egyptians and Libyans are rioting against deranged leaders. Wisconsinites are rioting against financial accountability, and the liberal, pro-Obama media is rioting against the truth.
    Now, in what can only be characterized as a thinly veiled attempt to downplay the severity of a politically fatal scenario, Barack Obama is attempting to incite laughter over his lack of proven eligibility to be president.
    Perhaps, instead of making a horse’s ass of himself to the whole world by trivializing the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama should take responsibility for his identity and his fallow legitimacy by simply providing access to the original, attested, verifiable documentation about his natal history, education, travel, voting records, residency, parentage, medical history and citizenship. Then we can all sit back and yuck it up about what a joke this whole issue has actually been.

    On the other hand, when your own lies entrap you, the only option you have in your vanity is to use thin jokes to cover your fear and blame of others for having the audacity to tell the obvious truth about your deception.

  36. Governor Abercrombie’s Bogus Quest to Prove Obama Was Born in Hawaii
    Saturday, April 2, 2011
    Mario Apuzzo Snip

    We will know what the underlying evidence is about Obama’s alleged birth in Hawaii only if we can examine Obama’s contemporaneous birth certificate from 1961, the long-form, hospital generated birth certificate, which should be readily available since Obama claims he was born in Kapi’olani Medical Center in 1961.

    That root document will tell us the name of the hospital in which he was born and the name of the doctor or midwife who delivered him. Those pieces of information are highly corroborative of the place and time of birth, for they provide a whole other dimension of contemporaneous facts that would support Hawaii’s or anybody else’s bare statement as to the place and time of Obama’s registered birth.

    Governor Abercrombie, you really need to do better for the majority of American people who want and are entitled to see credible and convincing proof of where Obama was born.


  37. Hawaii governor slams Trump, saying he met baby Obama
    Apr 20, 2011

    An exasperated governor of Hawaii slams Donald Trump over the latest birther flareup, saying he first met the infant Barack Obama with his parents in Hawaii only a few days after he was born — and for years thereafter.

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat, was responding to Trump’s latest birther charges to NBC: “The governor of Hawaii said he was there when he was born. Now do you really believe that the governor of Hawaii was there when he was born? I don’t.”

    A testy Abercrombie, referring to Trump as “a serial bankrupt,” tells Hawaii News Now, the online news outfit for KGMB and KHNL, that he was in Hawaii at the time, and knew Obama’s parents as students at the University of Hawaii.

    He says Obama’s parents introduced the newborn Barack to him and other friends a few days after he was born. “We not only saw him and were with them, but were introduced to him of course at our gatherings, our student gatherings,” he tells Hawaii News Now.

    Abercrombie also calls the latest Trump birther eruption “simply reprehensible” and an insult to Obama’s late parents.


    • Now Neil Abercrombie, the lying governor of Hawaii, was there a few days after Obama was born? Interesting..was that at the hospital? Which hospital? People stayed in the hospital for a week or more in the 1960’s…where are the records governor? You must get your story straight. Before your story was, “I remember him playing in a T-Ball league,” when he was roughly five or six years old. So now you saw him as an infant when he was introduced to you by the happy parents? Do you remember who the other friends that were there with you? Would you swear to which statement in a court of law? Knowing that perjury might send you to jail? What will his next story be when he gets so frustrated and is outed by someone else or again by Mr. Trump?

      • You’d think he’d remember which hospital, wouldn’t you? I mean, SAD and BHO Sr. bring baby Barry to the college to show off their newborn, only days old. Wouldn’t it come up in conversation? All about Ann’s very recent 3 to 4 day stay in the hospital? What doctor delivered him? These types of things are talked about all the time, with regard to newborn babies. I wonder if he knew that Ann was living with mom and dad and her so-called husband was living elsewhere? Why in the world were they living separately (remember, other college friends don’t even REMEMBER ANN OR ANY WIFE) but they supposedly brought the baby to campus to show him off? I’d think that would make ALL his friends remember that he had a wife and remember that her name was Ann (or Stanley) and that she’s barely 18 and that he’s black and that he supposedly already has a wife and kids back in Kenya. Talk about gossip material!

        He’s prevaricating. To be nice about it.

  38. Trump, Abercrombie spar over “birther” issue
    Posted: Apr 19, 2011 Updated: Apr 20, 2011

    HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – There is evidence to refute the claim that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, and therefore is not eligible to be president of the United States, but “birthers” persist with their claims that Obama is in office illegally. Donald Trump is the latest to question the president’s birthplace.

    Former state Health Director Chiyome Fukino has said several times she has personally inspected President Obama’s birth certificate twice. In an interview earlier this month she said claims Obama was not born here are “ludicrous” and “silly.” Both the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser ran announcements in August, 1961 saying Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama had a son on August 4 of that year.

    But Trump and others continue to demand Obama make his birth certificate public. “If he has a birth certificate he should release it,” Trump told NBC News. Trump exudes confidence. He is so sure of himself he says he may run for president in 2012.

    “First of all, my successes, and I think you will attest to this, have been vast,” he told NBC’s Michael Isakoff. “I have built a great company. I’ve done a great job. I’ve put a lot of people to work,” Trump added.

    When Isakoff asked Trump if he thinks officials in Hawaii are lying about the birth certificate, Trump answered, “The governor of Hawaii said he was there when he was born. Now do you really believe that the governor of Hawaii was there when he was born? I don’t.”

    Hawaii News Now caught up to Governor Neil Abercrombie and asked him to clarify what he meant when he said he was “there.”

    “Of course here in Hawaii,” Abercrombie said.
    “Not in the room?” we asked.
    “Let’s be serious. It is simply reprehensible to have this kind of conversation. Insulting someone’s mother and father speaks about the person who is doing it,”
    Abercrombie said.

    Abercrombie said Trump is questioning Mr. Obama’s birth place because Trump has a political agenda. Abercrombie questioned Trump’s credibility and said Trump has ruined lives by spending investors’ money on failed real estate ventures. “It is really difficult to accept inquiries from a serial bankrupt like Donald Trump,” Abercrombie said.

    As for Obama’s roots in Hawaii, Abercrombie told Hawaii News Now he first laid eyes on baby Barack Obama a few days after he was born. Abercrombie said Obama’s parents introduced their newborn to friends at the University of Hawaii where Abercrombie was going to college with the president’s father.

    “We not only saw him and were with them, but were introduced to him of course at our gatherings, our student gatherings. And of course over the years then as he was raised by his mother and his grandparents we of course saw him frequently because he was with his grandfather all the time,” Abercrombie added.


    • Trump was interviewed by NBC’s Michael Isakoff? The same guy that did the interview with Fukino? I haven’t seen that story ….

      I think Neil should keep on talking …. credibility is at zero already.

    • FORMER HDOH official Fukino said claims Barry wasn’t born in Hawaii are “ludicrous” and “silly”, but one thing she did NOT say is that they’re false.

      I think I did see a clip of Isikoff interviewing Trump. See if this link works: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/42670940#42670940

      • In that link I gave, Isikoff says Trump didn’t answer his question about whether or not the Hawaiian officials are lying. But Isikoff sounds like he’s lying when he misstates what Fukino said about Barry’s COLB, implying that she said the information on it is the same as is in their files. Why did he report his questions with Trump about the “birther” issue instead of showing the video? But there might be other video and I didn’t find it.

    • hey all,……. let’s see ,so Abercrombie must have met little B. just as he was taking off for Seattle with Ann.She was supposedly registered for a political science class by Aug. 19th at U. of Washington. So exactly when, Mr. abercrombie would Ann and B. Sr. been able to attend, together with little B., any social events if she wasn’t there?

      • Alfy ! Long time no read. I think the Gov. may have just pulled that baby out himself like a medical drama show. Right in a flower patch. I have decided that must be it.Llike a cross between Hawaii 5-0 and E.R. Who owned all of those flowers ? (Hawaii 5-0 theme playing in the distance)
        As soon as that baby came out, the wind started blowing all the coconut trees and one fell down and left a scar. I have thought this all out….

  39. The Governor is digging quite the hole for himself. I would love for Trump to show the proof of Ann’s registration for school in Washington to the media. Then, we can show that the story of how Wichita Ann divorced Obama, Sr. after HE left her for Harvard, is a lie.

    I read somewhere that Obama, Sr. came back to Hawaii in ’71 to attend a Christmas party of Abercrombies, not to see Barry, and also read where Abercrombie went to Africa to see Obama. I’d love to know more about the relationship of those two.

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