New Year’s Weekend Open Thread Party

Let The Good Times Roll With the WTPotUS Gang


That Communist Party doesn’t look like

a very good party to me!!


Review all the happenings in 2010 and make your  predictions for 2011 here, with us, at the WTPOTUS Blog.

Happy New Year’s to you! May the next year bring good fortune and God’s blessings to you and yours. Happy New Year!!

248 responses to “New Year’s Weekend Open Thread Party

  1. NPR Director, Ellen Weise, is stepping down 2 1/2 months after the Juan Williams firing! The CEO will not be getting her bonus this year, but will keep her job. Ellen was the hatchet woman!

  2. Packages explode or ignite in two government buildings in Maryland, 2 different cities. The buildings where the packages ignited are the TSA and Homeland Security. FBI has been called in. Dribbles of news and it appears to be conflicting. At first, there were injuries, now everyone’s safe. Now one person was injured not seriously.

    All packages in the buildings are being isolated and quarantined. Mailrooms across the state are closed down. This is an act of terrorism.

    Messages with the cushioned envelopes aren’t being devulged.
    Targets were the Governor of Maryland, O’Malley, and someone in the TSA.

    Flash of fire, burned people’s hands when the package was opened. Smell of sulfur.

    Similar packages sent recently in Greece and Rome. Anarchists? Piven’s call to revolution starting to work?

    • Anarchists…I wonder if someone is paying them ? Like Helter Skelter type people ? Scary people. I just cannot get past the why ? part. I do not get the angle. Never did.

  3. William Daley is now appointed to replace Rahm as O’s Chief of Staff. When will the shake-ups end?

    William Daley is the brother of the corrupt democratic mayor of Chicago – well known as the Daley machine!

    Works for Chase Bank too. Was in the Clinton administration. Chamber of Commerce is happier about this guy being appointed. Don’t get too happy. Leftists won’t mention that he is the brother of Mayor Daly. Another Chicago guy in the WH! Exit one or two Chicago thugs, enter another.

    It’s all in the FAMILY!

    Gangsters Masquerading as Politicians – Mayor Richard M. Daley

  4. someone in the gallery started shouting

    I still love this line the best ! Someone needs to put a post up on this !

    The room was crowded and subdued. All that one’s ears noted was the hum of a fan somewhere in the distance, and the careful reading of very important words.
    All of a sudden, from the rafters of the gallery a form stood….
    Someone in the gallery started shouting !
    Panic soon followed. The shouter was taken away….

  5. I saw Brian Williams (don’t ask) interview the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner. It was ridiculous. At first he was respectful but then he turned the interview to the issue of the shouter in the gallery. He prefaced by saying he wanted to ask Boehner if HE FEELS ANY RESPONSIBILITY for what happened. How so? Talk about a straw man. Then he said that it was about people continuing to question Barry’s “American citizenship.” NOT! He said it twice. Then he pressed Boehner, asking him, in essence, if he plans to lean on the “12 congresspersons” who seem to be asking similar questions and expressing similar doubts and possibly planning legislation of some kind. So you see, this is going to be the plan. To try to force the Reps. into humiliating, blackmailing, extorting, pressuring the few congresspersons who have the guts to ask the question and ACTUALLY respect their oath to the Constitution, into dropping their questions. Boehner was good, although he did say that “The state of Hawaii has said he was born there and that’s good enough for me.” Well, it AIN’T good enough for me or for a lot of other people, including brave patriot Theresa. Williams continued to press Boehner and he flat out said that this is a Congress with many diverse people with diverse beliefs and it’s NOT HIS JOB TO TELL OTHERS HOW TO THINK! I nearly cheered! That may be the best we can expect, but at least he didn’t bow to Williams’s pressure.

    I forgot that now Boehner is third in line to the presidency. Imagine that!

    Have you ever noticed that Boehner talks like Humphrey Bogart? Watch his upper lip. Reminds me of Woody Allen in “Play It Again, Sam.” 🙂

  6. New open thread!

  7. ^^^ Bridgette, there’s not reply button up there:

    It wasn’t planned, it was an outburst.

    Truth is, barky is not a natural born citizen and has a dozen siblings that were not born in America but have found away to make a living off Her bounty in one way or another. He lied to people about where he was born depending on who he was trying to impress at the moment and his granny Sarah was late in getting the memo halt.

    Yo Grans, whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?


    It was just an outburst though, not as dignified as last year when Alito said, “not true”.

    This bogus potus situation is serious. The freak’s are setting precedent. In ten years the POTUS will need a translator if we do not stand up now and maybe even get arrested.

    I am so proud of TC . She is only one person, not a faction like Code Pink.
    She doesn’t get letters of introduction from Kerry. And like Jodi Evans, she doesn’t get hugs and a kiss from bogus potus on stage in public when she hands him her report.

    I am so proud to be able to post a comment on WTPOTUS in being able to say that I know TC and we were represented well today.

    • See new thread with more on T C. – The House Crasher.

      It is keeping the issue alive and getting media attention..whether negative or positive. A week ago it was Abercrombie, and today TC.

      Luckily WND interviewed her. She got the story out in her interview. She needs a copy of herself on that video – She made history.

  8. This takes the proverbial cake.

    This on the record.

    Kerchner was dismissed. Kagen was not recused. There was no statement.

    Robert Bauer is the personal attorney and then shows up as Executive Council before the SCOTUS.

    super glue for super fly

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