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Top Secret”  Investigation by New Congress

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Obama’s Birthplace Probe!

Will the GLOBE take the honors away from the MSM once again?  The GLOBE as well as World Net Daily are the only two publications  that have covered Obama’s eligibility issue.   Their exposure of Obama’s in-eligibility and not meeting the Constitutional requirement for the presidency have helped keep this issue from being buried.   The multiple bloggers who have covered the issue appreciate their  dedication to finding the truth and exposing the   people involved in the conspiracy of the century. These are the ones that will really deserve a Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer for their tireless work.

The National Enquirer exposed the Democrat’s last rat who had the audacity to run for president knowing that someone other than his wife was carrying his child.  The DemoRat, John Edwards, finally told the truth that his mistress was the mother of his illegitimate child.  All the secrecy, pay-offs, lies, and betrayal to his cancer stricken, now deceased wife,  and  U.S. citizens can land him in prison for a very long time.    Lack of  honor, morality,  character, and integrity runs deep in the democratic party.  Edwards is just one example.

We have evidenced corruption run amok in the Obama administration, the  Democratic party and their affiliated organizations for the past 2 1/2 years. The biggest fraud of all time who has been masquerading as president  may shortly face the same fate as Bill Clinton.  Although there is no comparison in their crimes,  Obama and his administration and supporters are still guilty of  conspiracy, cover-ups, lies,  treason and assorted other crimes.  The Democrats have robbed the American people of a qualified, vetted, and eligible person to run our country.  For that, the Democratic Party will suffer and have to endure the wrath of the people when the truth finally comes out, and it will.   Their progressive Marxist/Communist agenda has  blemished them  for years and years.

The Democrats won’t be able to re-brand themselves this time around;  for the people are aware of their methods, activities, and operations.    They have lost the trust and respect of Americans, and it won’t be easy to get it back.  Their pro Marxist/communist ideology is being exposed on a daily basis.    Those now supporting the Democratic party are the revolutionaries, radicals, and the anti-Americans! They are the ones causing chaos across our nation, and want our country transformed into their vision of a utopian socialist/communist society.

We herald GLOBE and World Net Daily and dedicated bloggers for keeping the issue  alive and in the public’s eyes!   They and we have done the job that the major newspapers, and the MSM refused to do. Obama is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

The left tries to blur the definition of a plain vanilla citizen with the requirement for the president of being  a natural born citizen.  If you still have questions as to its meaning, further reading on your part is required.   Clarity can be reached by reading newspaper articles from the 1880’s, ” Natural Born Citizen Discussions in the Late 1800′s,”  as well as in Mario Apuzzo’s blogs.  One that is informative is “Obama May Be a Born Naturalized Citizen but Not a Natural Born Citizen.”

GLOBE has put Obama and the eligibility issue on their front cover over 5 times in the last few months!    Again, in November,  Obama’s eligibility problems shared the front page.   In that issue,  Obama appears with Natalee’s killer, the deranged  murderer Joran van der Sloot and a couple others.    It is said, that van der Sloot knows he is a “dead man walking.”    We can assume that Obama and his minions know that their time is almost up as well.  Dead Party Walking!

Inside the newest publication  is a copy of Obama’s  African birth certificate that was first revealed by Orly Taitz and not the one that Lucas Smith  has stated is the real  one.  Additionally, they show Obama’s fake COLB that was online and say that it has been “blasted” as a fake.   Perhaps they need a copy of the one that was sent to all  Congress members, and a copy of the “Memo” that was used as a blueprint to respond to constituents regarding Obama’s eligibility.    Although they might not have the correct documents, we pray that their other information is correct and that the new Congress will investigate and expose this cover-up.

A Previous Edition

We hope you will pick up a couple extra copies of that  issue to leave at your dentist’s office, or the doctor’s office.  Let’s play it forward!  Don’t forget to keep these issues  for their historical significance years from now.   Thank the GLOBE by buying a few copies!   Subscriptions are also available online  for $1.98 and for  $3.00 at a news stand.

The November  issue:

President fighting for survival as new Congress vows to expose cover-up!

Find President Barack Obama’s REAL birth certificate!

Globe - November Issue

That’s the stunning secret order newly elected federal officials have issued to hand-picked investigative teams and the probe could spell doom for Obama’s troubled presidency, sources tell GLOBE in a blockbuster world exclusive.

Under orders from a new Congress controlled by the President’s political enemies, investigators will fan out all over the world to find proof that Obama was born in Africa and is therefore in office illegally, the sources reveal.  “This investigation is going to rock Washington and the nation,” declares one Beltway insider.  “It’s going to make Watergate look like small potatoes.” The American people have spoken, handing Republicans a mandate to dig out the facts about Obama’s hidden past and the REAL story of his birth.  The truth of his birthplace will be the first item on the GOP agenda –and the new members of Congress are not going to be deterred.”

Although the newly elected members of the House and Senate won’t be sworn in until Jan. 3, 2011, word is out that secret witnesses are already being lined up to testify in explosive hearings that will decide Obama’s fate.

Many people think the handsome Democrat is not a “natural born” American citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution.  His critics charge Obama was really born in his father’s homeland of Kenya –not Hawaii as he claims.  But until the recent elections gave the Republicans a commanding majority in the House, the President was able to stonewall probes by sealing his records.

Now, sources say, the truth will finally be exposed.

“This is Obama’s worst nightmare come true,” notes the insider.  “The Republicans have already laid out plans for an all-out blitz to find his real birth certificate.  It could be curtains for him and his presidency.”

As GLOBE reported exclusively in its Aug. 2 issue, a certificate surfaced that shows Obama was born at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.  Some of his enemies say the document is “the smoking gun that finally answers the question of where Obama comes from” and are eagerly waiting for it to be authenticated.

Obama’s team tried to squash early questions about his origins by releasing a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth during the presidential campaign in 2008.  That document, which is not the state’s   full-form birth certificate, indicates he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961.

But many political leaders insist it is a fake –and use the President’s refusal to release his official long-form birth certificate as proof he is hiding the truth and engaging in  a shocking cover-up.

A Previous Edition

“The only possible reason he wouldn’t have released his official birth certificate by now is because it doesn’t exist,” says the insider.

And that’s exactly what a former government official in Hawaii claims.

As GLOBE reported in its July 12 issue, Timothy Adams, who served as senior records clerk in Honolulu in 2008, said he had direct access to  numerous government databases — including Social Security, driver’s licenses and passports — and found no record of Obama being born in Hawaii.

Adams said he also contacted two Honolulu hospitals trying to locate Obama’s birth certificate and neither had a document that a doctor had signed.  “In my professional opinion Obama definitely was NOT born in Hawaii,” concludes Adams.  “There is no legal record of him being born here, and I don’t mind testifying about it in court.”

Adams may get his chance to testify – not in court, but in Washington, D.C. where the halls of Congress are buzzing about the pending investigation, says a source.

Florida Rep. Bill Posey has already proposed a new law requiring a presidential candidate to provide a birth certificate when filing for his run.

And Rep. Steve Pearce of New Mexico says that if the birth certificate issue gains steam, “I don’t mind being in the fight.”

As the issue hits full boil, some legislators are determined to leave no stone unturned to uncover the truth.  That would include getting a look at Obama’s records from Occidental College in California, New York’s Columbia University, and Harvard Law School – as well as his Hawaiian elementary school files, which sources say are required to contain a birth certificate.

“Obama has fought to keep his school records sealed for no apparent reason,” says the insider.  “Why on earth would he be so secretive — unless they contained damaging evidence?”

Even South Carolina Democrat James Clyburn, the current House Majority Whip, says he expects to see subpoenas everywhere now that the Republicans are in control.

“The White House will be full-time responding to subpoenas about where the President  may or may not have been born,”  Clyborn reveals.  “That will define the next two years of the President’s administration.

Meantime, Floyd Brown, president of the Western Center for Journalism, says that his organization has been looking into the issue and would be happy to turn over the evidence it collects to a congressional committee.  “This potentially the greatest fraud every perpetrated on the American people, “ Brown tells GLOBE.

Adds the insider, “Republicans are fighting mad, and they want Obama out!   This birth certificate issue is heaven-sent for them, and they can’t wait to start pushing buttons on it.

“They’ve already got subcommittees lined up and are going to hit the ground running.  If Obama’s got something to hide, they’ll find it.

“This could be the beginning of the most shocking presidential fall in American history!”

UPDATE:  Jan. 13, 2011  H/T Miri

Obamas Shocking Weight Loss Jan. 2011

Globe Magazine on ‘stressed-out’ Obama: Obama’s birthplace cover-up takes terrible toll on Prez; the phony birth certificate that haunts him…

Via Globe Magazine;   Stressed-out Barack Obama has lost a whopping 30 pounds amid fears that shocking new investigations into his REAL birthplace will bring down his presidency, say sources.  Plus, the phony birth certificate that haunts him.    Find out who is turning up the heat in a bombshell world exclusive.

43 responses to “Investigations, investigations!

  1. Fantastic post Bridgette! You and Miri truly ought to be highly paid professional journalists.

  2. Britain Saw Obama’s Kenyan Roots as Threat To ‘Special Kenya-UK’ Ties
    December 5 2010 at 22:06
    Patrick Mayoyo Snips

    Britain feared that the election of Mr Barrack Obama as US president could hurt London’s relations with America because of the way Mr Obama’s grandfather was treated by the British, according to leaked secret diplomatic documents.

    Britain feared that its so-called “special relationship” with the US would come under strain because of Mr Obama’s history, his relative youth, which gave him no historical experience with World War II or the US cold war alliance with London.

    Britain was also worried about its colonial forces’ treatment of Mr Obama’s grandfather, Mr Hussein Obama who was actually jailed before Kenya gained independence.

    Britain’s worries were contained in a cable dated February 9, 2009, which was among more than a quarter of a million secret diplomatic documents leaked by the whistleblower website, Wikileaks.

    “The atmospherics surrounding the relationship with the United States are always under intense scrutiny in Britain, but UK media, pundits, and parliamentarians have openly worried over the last several months that the Obama administration might downplay relations with the (Gordon) Brown Government because of a “perfect storm” of factors,” the cable said.

    Those who have seen the cables have reported that every page is “dripping with disdain” for the coalition government and quotes an embassy official describing Kenya as a “flourishing swamp of corruption”.

    • I find it interesting that this news about the released cable hasn’t been seen elsewhere. The last paragraph is one that has publicized. Did this writer publish information to assist Obama with his faux history?

  3. Excellent post and review of the ineligibility issue.

    Yes, WND and the Globe and a plethora of blogs have covered Obama’s birth certificate situation for years now. When will the tidal wave crash? When will this topic reach critical mass?

    Leno is making jokes about it. A patriotic and sensible baseball player is talking bluntly about it. Thank goodness for that, despite the Orioles’s lame comment that they aver that Barry was “elected.”

    That’s debatable. Can an ineligible person BE elected? He can certainly be impeached.

    On the most recent open thread, I posted a fab video of patriot Gen. Thomas McInerny standing tall for Lt. Col. Lakin, who will probably soon become a political prisoner, on account of Barry’s conceit and deceit.

    This is a travesty of justice and the lamestream will probably studiously avoid reporting on the imprisonment of the patriot, Lt. Col. Lakin. Pray for him everyone. Pray that TRUTH will finally out.

    “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!” So said Emperor Claudius in Robert Graves’s most excellent work, “I Claudius”, which was based upon the noted historian and court gossip Tacitus.

    It’s far past time for the TRUTH to out. Whatever Barry’s hiding, it’s time to man up and save the Lt. Col. from destruction. This man’s fate will be a mark on Barry’s soul for all time, unless he comes clean. Bad Karma does tend to catch up with a soul, as Barry, a student of world religions and acolyte of Hanuman, should well know.

    Full Disclosure. Where’s the freaking birth certificate, Barry? Tell the truth, for once in your miserable life. Or do we have to give him a pass because he simply cannot TELL TRUTH FROM FANTASY?

    Does he truly believe his fictional, fabulous “auto”biography? It’s a lie. All lies.

    • This story explains that the owners of the Orioles are big Dem fans:

      “The comments came from an employee of Orioles owner Peter Angelos, a lifelong Democrat. USA TODAY checked the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics website, and it turns out that Angelos personally gave $2,300 each to Obama and Joe Biden during the 2008 presidential campaign. In all, Angelos and members of his family contributed $11,500 to Obama and Biden. The Orioles quickly released a statement Wednesday saying Scott’s comments don’t reflect the organization’s views. Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail weighed in Thursday from the winter meetings in Orlando, according to a tweet from Sports Illustratred’s Jon Heyman. ‘It’s goofy,’ MacPhail is quoted as saying. ‘And we’re here in Disney World.'”

      Methinks he doth protest too much. 🙂

      • Your post about the Orioles reminded me that Hannity talked about Luke Scott last night, saying, ‘He’s a birther!” I was going to write a letter about how infuriated I was that he disparages those that question Obama’s eligibility. Others may want to let him know too. Hannity should take a beating. Spread it around.


        Or twitter, blog, facebook, etc…. find the connection you want to use at

  4. Clinton takes over podium today at W.H. Standing behind O on Bush Tax Cuts. Bill trying to help the dilema of our economy he is explaining….They said they had this meeting at the last minute. Clinton said he was willing to make some phone calls.
    Looks like these so called rivals had a meeting. Clinton backs Obama’s tax cut deals.They are trying to calm the screaming Dems it seems. Maybe others too. I wonder how this will work out.

      • This is becoming a habit. He’s got Condi Rice writing editorials in the WSJ in support of his Start treaty and George Bush the elder coming out in favor of it, too. Poor Barry. What I’d like to know is why these people think they need to prop him up?

      • Obama left the room after Clinton had been at the podium for 10 minutes with Obama looking on admiringly. Clinton kept on talking for another 20 minutes. What was so important that he didn’t stay to learn something? (He had to meet Michele.) Obama called on Clinton to help out again, because he has no experience in bringing people together. Did I say, rank amateur?

        I think the others are trying to help our country..not necessarily Obama. They can surely see the mess the amateur has us in.

        How many people has Obama consulted about START? Yet he still hasn’t answered the questions that were posed to him by Congress …that does have the authority to either accept or reject it. Add him using Colin Powell for approval of the Start treaty also. Who knows if what they got was a “real” copy of the treaty he proposed.

        • The others may be trying to help the country, but I wonder. Now George the first, I trust. Mostly. 🙂 But Condi I’m beginning to wonder about. Is this why she went to the WH to meet with Barry prior to his overseas junket? She did say in the WSJ that the treaty has problems that must be fixed. But I’m wary of this thing. I don’t see how unilaterally disarming ourselves of a lot of weapons, with nothing set up to verify that Russia complies, and with clauses in there that seem to prevent us having missile defences, is a good thing. There’s the other part of the equation where Condi, Powell, the Bushes, and the entire lamestream media don’t want to see the first African-American POTUS fail. Wouldn’t it be a real bite in the rear, though, if it turns out that he’s not AA after all?

          btw, did you see the news? He’s kicking the habit. Oh, I believe it. Don’t you? Maybe that’s why he’s so testy. Nicotine withdrawal.

          • He still is chewing the gum..according to his mouthpiece, Gibbs. He hasn’t “seen” him smoke in months. Would you believe a word out of Gibb’s mouth?

            I think the people that reviewed the treaty found a number of things that needed fixing too…that is why they wrote the long letter and wanted their questions answered. Giving the Russians all our nuclear information is one thing they questioned.

        • I guess lots of people had things to say about this scene.

          Obama installs Clinton alone at the podium, leaves him to it; Obama gone, Clinton still there. 196 comments.

          The darnedest thing just happened on TV. Still happening. Obama takes Clinton to the White House press briefing room. Turns the podium over to Clinton, and leaves the room. If you didn’t have the sound on your TV, it looked like Obama resigned and handed over to Clinton. Clinton still talking, setting up dueling filibuster with Bernie Sanders. Clinton at that podium is bad deja vu.

    • “Evidently, Obama needs a little help from time to time…”

      Hat tip to jrgdds

  5. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yes, y’all here at WTPOTUS *are* the best. And you’re nice people too. Some may chide those of us who are well mannered, but in an age of incivility, I believe manners are important….as well as quite telling 🙂 Not that I can’t get down in the gutter with the worst of them when required to, but I’d rather avoid it, really. One should never mistake manners for weakness. Just sayin’ And for the um, er, uh…record, FWIW 🙂

    I used to like George I as well, but that New World Order comment he made on 9/11/91 is a bit…curious. And for the record, I am NOT… repeat am NOT a truther!

  6. Bridgette,

    That is a wonderful write-up on BO, and it’s the best and most promising that I have read in some time.


  7. A couple days ago I read that LTC Lakin will plead ” not guilty.” Perhaps it is said in the videos accompanying this article. He supposedly said it on a radio show, but I didn’t locate the video to verify the information. Don’t expect Obama or the others listed to expose themselves or step-up to the plate. CYA is the name of the game now.

    Five Days to Infamy
    Dec. 10

    The United States Army, and in particular, its Chief of Staff; the U.S. Department of Defense; and the Congress of the United States have less than six days to demonstrate that they have intention to follow their oaths of office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. All signs point to cowardice, misprision of treason, and dereliction of duty, all offenses whose consequence is immediate court martial, removal from office and prison.

    See videos of Neil Puckett, Lakin’s attorney

  8. Obama isn’t black at all. If anything, he’s Mulatto. I have nieces who are Mulatto, and they are completely white, but it’s their hair that is different. Otherwise, they are considered white.

    Another thing, I’ve seen pictures of BO to where he is way lighter skinned. Personally I think that they do touch-ups on him to make him look a little darker, but what I saw, he has light skin.

  9. Outlaw
    Dec. 10, 2010 Snips

    I really am moved by the Terry Lakin situation, as here you have an American Hero as much as Mario Apuzzo is in risking all to expose the undocumented status of B. Hussein Obama, and the Courts one and all protect the crimes of Barack Obama and literally destroy and smear those Patriots who give all to protect their America.

    This is distressing as much as the Rod Blagojevich trial which basically ordered the Governor to admit on the stand he was a crook and denied him of defense. Terry Lakin had every avenue for defense barred from him from Col. Denise Lind in the greatest kangaroo court Stalinist sham outside of China, Russia, North Korea, Syria or Iran.

    The very reason Terry Lakin refused to submit to Obama orders is because Obama is undocumented, and yet the Obama regime so narrowly focused those orders to be viewed as only, “Terry Lakin didn’t obey his direct order” and nothing to do with the National Socialist who illegally gave them.

    Make no mistake there is no difference in this at the root of the law. Nazi’s were convicted for blindly following orders in Germany from a National Socialist and Terry Lakin is convicted FOR NOT FOLLOWING NATIONAL SOCIALIST ORDERS BLINDLY.

  10. Gulf Oil Conspiracy is on right now..BP Spill and the attempt to depopulate the Gulf coast. This leads to Obama. BP knew the rig was going to blow. Jessee Ventura.

    Tru TV

  11. “Many people think the handsome Democrat is not a “natural born” American citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. ”


  12. The mobile site is not working

  13. Good story at the Post and Email News:

    By Wrotnowski, with quotes from Kerchner, and anonymous letter from troops.

  14. The researcher Butterdezillion has done some excellent research on the eligibility issue. These are worth reading to understand many of the issues that surrounded the election of Obama and the irregularities of his nomination. These articles show inadequate vetting, lawless behavior, ignorance and intentional blurring of the constitutional requirements, and corruption that led to a usurper now pretending to be the president. We the People are fully aware how Congress and the Supreme Court have refused to investigate the issue and follow the Rule of Law.

    “The Summary CNN Doesn’t Want You to See” at – a summary of how we know Obama did not “qualify” by January 20, 2009.

    “Red Flags in Hawaii” at main post linking to evidence that Obama’s birth certificate has no legal value

    “The Whopper That Got Away” at that the Passport Office didn’t destroy passport applications from 1920-1967, as they claimed in an affidavit.

    ”Certificate of Nomination Summary” Nancy Pelosi and Alice Travers Germond signed a different certificate of nomination for Hawaii than for other states.

  15. McInerny: Congress will review Lakin case
    3-star general: Physician ‘is not going to get a fair trial’

    December 10, 2010

    Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney predicts the incoming Republican-controlled House of Representatives will launch an investigation if Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is convicted in next week’s court martial.

    • That’s the video I linked yesterday. There’re two parts. If WND doesn’t have both, then they’re at YouTube.

      • Ooops , I missed that it was already posted. I knew I had seen it and watched the video but I didn’t know I did it on our blog. I should have checked the Lakin post. You were way ahead of me.

  16. This is one of the best writtten post I’ve read. Great job!!!! Yes I will be buying a bunch of these mags and leaving them all over Docs offices, ect.

  17. From an African idiot board. The tape where Sara says he was born in Kenya was edited..the writer has found NO evidence and doesn’t think Obama should show his BC. Obot comments. ..who follows African news?

    What evidence suggests Obama was born in Kenya?

    “While I agree the easiest thing for him to do would be to just show it and make everyone stfu, I agree with his decision not to show it. If he gives up on this, he will have to answer to every beckon and call of all the whackjobs & conspiracy theorists every other week, making his presidency a living hell.”

    What money has he spent on concealing records? sources please

    His presidency is already a living hell! We would be pleased to have him sent to Africa permanently. Let him “lift up” the African population like he has ours! Do some research re that money source! Oh..they have already!

  18. Bad news for anybody who hoped Issa would look into Barry’s ineligibility:

    “Mine is not the committee that asks where the president was born,” Issa said in an interview. “It doesn’t ask what ministers that he went to think. All that stuff is a distraction. I’m not the overseer of the president.”

    He’s not? I thought that Congress exists to be a CHECK on the other branches of government. I thought that Congressmen swear to defend and uphold the CONSTITUTION. Nice use of the racially charged word “overseer.”

  19. Hey, everybody! The Globe is back at it, again:

    They say Barry lost 30 pounds, worrying about the birthplace controversy. SNARK.

    • Photo of the GLOBE cover added as an update.

      I had looked for the GLOBE yesterday and this one wasn’t at Walgreen’s..I want to know WHO is “turning up the heat!”

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