Theodore Roosevelt, in 1907; Open Thread

By Miri

Someone emailed this to me today, and it seems quite pertinent, as the lameduck Congress appears poised to ram through the Dream Act (cost to taxpayers, approx. $20 billion).  The Dream Act, aka backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens, against the express will of the American people. 

The following is from a speech by President Theodore Roosevelt, with emphasis added:

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who COMES HERE IN GOOD FAITH becomes an American and ASSIMILATES himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is PREDICATED UPON THE PERSON’S BECOMING IN EVERY FACET AN AMERICAN, AND NOTHING BUT AN AMERICAN. … There can be NO DIVIDED ALLEGIANCE HERE. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but ONE FLAG, the American flag. … We have room for but ONE LANGUAGE here, and that is the English language. … And we have room for but ONE SOLE LOYALTY and that is a loyalty TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

In light of the fact that our current POTUS had dual citizenship AT BIRTH and is thus arguably ineligible to be POTUS under the Constitution; bows to foreign potentates; willfully misquotes the Pledge of Allegiance; mistakes the Motto of the USA; doesn’t even know how many states comprise this Republic; seeks to unconstitutionally redistribute the wealth of private citizens; professes a desire to fundamentally transform America into his image of what the country should be; does not respect the Constitution because, in his words, it’s a “flawed document;” and too often seems to place the welfare of other countries, even despotic ones, ahead of the welfare of America, the country he is sworn to SERVE (see ) Teddy Roosevelt’s words remind us that sometimes even progressives “get it.”

Bridgette, the ever alert, posted this same quote once in a comment; but it bears repeating and, besides, we need a new open thread.

So now I read this:

“Lawmakers are still hammering out a compromise on the Bush tax rate extension, but the White House Tuesday [today, Dec. 7] pressed for REPUBLICANS to help pass another controversial piece of legislation – the DREAM Act.”  This is the third call he’s made to try to twist arms on this issue.  I have news for the Republicans.  If they sell us out by horse-trading the “compromise” on the Bush tax cuts for this travesty, We the People will be on them like white on rice.  They are on probation.  They had better remember why they were given a second chance in 2010–not to “compromise” with this ineligible POTUS to ram through unpopular amnesty for people who BROKE OUR LAWS.

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    • By DAVID ROGERS | 12/14/10 4:03 PM EST Updated: 12/14/10 9:50 PM EST
      Defying the political odds, Senate Democrats rolled out a year-end, governmentwide spending bill Tuesday that cuts more than $26 billion from President Barack Obama’s 2011 requests even as it holds firm to thousands of the appropriations earmarks so adamantly opposed by critics of Congress.

      Filling more than 1,900 pages, the $1.1 trillion measure represents an increase of less than 2 percent in annual spending but makes for an easy target of ridicule — a last stand by the Senate’s old bulls before the tea party takeover. In a scene reminiscent of the movie “Casablanca,” top Republicans expressed shock, shock that there was gambling still in Rick’s Cafe even after their own members have been quietly working to write the bill and gather GOP votes for passage.

      Read more:

  1. Breitbart hits on one of my hot spots…Those lovely cameras everywhere.. Just like The Matrix you know …The citations are not even legal as they were not hand delivered thus not legit..They are so up to date on the laws…
    I wish he would cover this subject more, like how the yellow lights are set to let about 2.5 cars through before going red…. that poor 1/2 car.., or how these cameras are actually a crooked way to make city money…. or how taxpayers are on the hook for the bills….They do not even put these ugly things in the areas that have high accident numbers. They put them at the areas that have high USAGE, thus more income…. That is a twist of logic no ? Follow the money as usual.

  2. New Open Thread

  3. Want a laugh ? We can’t just leave food choices up to the parents Michelle ? Oh really ? Who would need to have that power ? The Government ? Her ? Over OUR kids ? FAT chance.. Her butt is ummmm…very, very wide… so does this mean someone needs to start making food choices for HER kids too since she obviously cannot see the size of her backside ? So her kids will not have a huge butt like her ? She needs a rear view mirror maybe. She is obviously not a healthy food specialist.Maybe Barbara Bush could help out, after all, she is in good shape. A better poster child for diet I think…
    Do as I say, not as I do comes to mind here….Maybe someone needs to send approved menu plans to Michelle’s kids. Wondering how she would like that ? Her words are rude and offensive to parents and children.This is NOT the way to do things.
    Someone send this person a full view mirror for Christmas please so she will stop talking. It makes for too many water cooler jokes in America.We are already floating in those jokes globally. Are WE funny ? Is SHE funny ?
    Maybe she could tackle our foreign terrorist problems instead ? Just saying..
    She is NOT a good poster child on good nutrition. Just ask the full view mirror….HER kids are cute, but FAR from slender. Maybe someone would listen to her more if she and her children were, but they are NOT. Can someone help her out with a HOBBY ? She has too much time on her hands to meddle in politics. Oh, and by the way, there are many more things worse then being a bit fluffy…like being a liar, or being a thief, or worse…Get off the gilt crap. Get real. Maybe a more effective phys. ed. program in schools would be the better way to go Michelle, work on that. Some schools can only afford P.E. every 2-3 weeks. Nice spending of tax dollars no ? Work on that Michelle. That is the way to go. Or how about trying to make the streets safer for kids to play outside…arrest the freaks and child molesters, kidnappers etc…Target the proper problems Michelle. This cutting down the parents is crude. Look again in that mirror before the mouth moves again please. No one is going to be instructed by the Government on how to raise their kids. I hope that point is well taken. BUTT out.

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